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The Tesla Science Foundation is proud to present 2nd Annual Tesla Memorial Conference 2014: Let’s Build a Tesla

Curriculum and Tesla Spirit Awards

“The Tesla Memorial Conference" & “Tesla Spirit Awards Benefit” January 11, 2014 @ New Yorker Hotel, New York City The world’s brightest minds, scientists, engineers, alternative energy entrepreneurs, innovation experts, artists and a myria d of Tesla enthusiasts will gather for this one day Tesla extravaganza to honor Tesla’s life and legacy. This unique Tesla forum will include a diverse array of Tesla-related lectures, presentations, discussions and documented evidence of growing interest and recognition of Tesla’s contribution to the 20th and 21st Century. Designed to include benefactors, sponsors and willing contributors supporting the Tesla Science Foundation’s vision, programs and projects are committed to "Building the Tesla Curriculum”. Thank you very much for your interest. We look forward to your attendance and support. Regards, Nikola Lonchar Marina Schwabic President/Founder Executive Director/Event Char Tesla Science Foundation Tesla Science Foundation Phone: (484) 955-0545 Phone: (857) 417 8719 The Tesla Memorial Conference Saturday, January 11, 2014, 9 am - 12 am 7:30 - 9:00 9:00 - 9:15 Registration, Coffee, Networking LETS BUILD THE TESLA CURICULUM FOR THE FUTURE  Marina Schwabic, Exec. Director, Tesla Science Foundation, Event Chair

9:15 – 9:30 9:30 - 9:45 9:45 - 10:00 10:00 - 10:15 10:15 - 10:30 10:30 – 11:00 11:00 – 11:15 11:15 – 11:30 11:30 – 12:00 12:00– 12:15 12:15 – 12:30 12:30 – 12:45 12:45 – 2:00

Ljubo Vujovic, M.D., Tesla Memorial Society Ph.D. Bernard Carlson - Using Yesterday's Technology to Solve Tomorrow's Problems Today Harry Oung - Tesla Single Wire Energy Transfer Joel Garbon - Why We Need Standardized New Energy Testing Protocols Russell Anderson - Tesla Magnetic Waveforms and Searl Technology Francis McCabe – Gyrodynamics: The Hidden Secret of Physics Coffee Break Jason Matozzo – Tesla & One Symmetry For All Implosive Collapse Dr. Hector Guevara - NuEnergy Technologies Version of the Boundary Layer Turbine Rachael Z. Miller - Tesla and Robotics: Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean Daniel & Erica Nunez: Vortex Based Technologies: Tesla’s Wireless Energy Transmission Dr. Vladimir Vujičić – System for Elimination of Non-Technical losses of Electrical Energy Ashley Redfearn- Neswick, Principal, Tacony Academy Charter School Ph.D. Svetlana Dimovski - Bright, Bold Future and Power of Imagination Brown Bag Lunch Break: Tesla's Burger w/Carla Lee Johnston - Food is Energy Video presentation: "Tesla Way", "Past present Future", "Tesla Through Art" Milosavljevic AFTERNOON SESSIONS Aleksandar Protic – Nikola Tesla: The History of Future

  

Samuel Mason, Program Director, Tesla Science Foundation Nikola Lonchar, President & Founder, Tesla Science Foundation

by Filip

2:00 – 2:15 2:15 – 2:30 2:30– 2:45 2:45 - 3:00

Prof. Phillip Baldwin – Emotional Topography: Using Brainwaves to Structure Architectonic Reality Ravé Mehta - Teaching Tesla: Reimagining Education for a Hyper-Visual Culture Brian Yetzer & Zvezdana Scott – Tesla Through the Arts

3:00 – 3:15 3:15 – 3:30

Jane Alcorn – Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe Joseph Sikorski – Fragments from Olympus: The Vision of Nikola Tesla

The Tesla Science Foundation is proud to present 2nd Annual Tesla Memorial Conference 2014: Let’s Build a Tesla Curriculum and Tesla Spirit Awards

3:30 – 3:40

James Jaeger – Poet of Electricity

3:40 – 4:00

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Tesla Collection Memorial Society of New York – Marko Vujovic & Iwona Rudinska Zoran Pilot – Nenad Stankovic - Tesla Magazine Frank Taney Esq. & Dr. David Pokrajac - Legal and Business Implications of Innovation

4:00 - 4:30

Mark Passio – Who Was That Influential to Take Tesla Out of Schools Making Tesla Curriculum for Schools - Assembling Classes Panel Moderator – Ravé Mehta

4:30 – 6:00

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Ashley Redfearn- Neswick, Principal, Tacony Academy Charter School Ph.D. Bernard Carlson Aleksandar Protic Brian Yetzer New York Hall of Science Ph.D. Svetlana Dimovska Howard Lipman & Assoc. Dr.Živojin Stevanović

Tesla Spirit Awards Fundraiser Event The New Yorker Hotel, Grand Ballroom Saturday, January, 11th, 2014 PROGRAM 9:00 – 9:05

9:00 pm - 12:00 midnight

Mayor LaGuardia Commemorative Speech  Mano Davina of the Divine Hand Ensemble (Tesla Video in the background) + Gusle Tesla Science Foundation (TSF) Opening Statements  Marina Schwabic, Event Chair, Exec. Director, TSF

9:05 – 9:15

 

Nikola Lonchar, President & Founder, TSF Dr. Benard Carlson

9:15 – 9:30 9:30 – 9:35

Musical Performance: “I Will Rise” Performed by Radha Mehta of RENAISZANCE Keynote Speaker: Dr. Benard Carlson Tesla Spirit Awards Ceremony & Thank You Notes of Recipients  Tesla Science Award: TBD

9:35 – 10:35

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Tesla Education Award: NEW YORK HALL OF SCIENCE for Tesla Exhibition Tesla Education Award: "The Inventor" by Ravé Mehta Tesla International Award: EXIT FESTIVAL for Tesla Main Stage Tesla Digital Information Award: TESLA COLLECTION Marko Vujovic & Iwona Rudinska Tesla Art Award: “TESLA” off Broadway Tesla Media Award: TESLA Magazine & TESLAVISION Tesla Memorial Award: Djordje Stanojevic for 120 years of electricity in Europe Tesla Memorial Award: Michael Vucelic, for TESLA legacy Tesla Future Icon Award: Joseph Sikorski & Marina Arsenijevic

The Tesla Science Foundation is proud to present 2nd Annual Tesla Memorial Conference 2014: Let’s Build a Tesla Curriculum and Tesla Spirit Awards

10:35 -11:05 11:05 – 11:30 11:30 – 11:40 11:45 – 12:00

Tesla Spirit Award of the Year 2013

BAJAGA - a special celebrity tribute to Tesla Vladan Mijatovic & Sofija Knezevic Dimitrije Vasiljevic, “Wardenclyffe”, solo jazz piano Music and networking

NOTE: The organizer retains the right to modify schedule of the event without prior notification to guests and participants due to speakers cancelation or any unforeseen circumstances including but not limited to inclement weather. The Tesla Science Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the life, legacy, and scientific innovations of Nikola Tesla. Today, our Foundation is the most active Tesla related organization in United States having successfully hosted numerous lectures, seminars, forums, to include our annual Energy Independence Conference. Through its dedicated efforts, TSF has attracted large numbers of scientists, engineers, artists, students and other Tesla enthusiasts worldwide. Visionary and scientist, Nikola Tesla was voted one of the 100 most influential Americans of the 20 th Century and is included in the UNESCO Memory of the World register.

Marina Schwabic Executive Director Tesla Science Foundation Event Chairperson

Marina Schwabic, MPA is the Executive Director of the Tesla Science Foundation where she heads the organizational and fundraising efforts for the Foundation and is responsible for Tesla related events in New York State. Last year she chaired the 1st Tesla Memorial Conference and Tesla Spirit Awards at the New Yorker Hotel, Tesla Wonderful World of Electricity exhibition at the New York Hall of Science, and the inauguration of the Nikola

The Tesla Science Foundation is proud to present 2nd Annual Tesla Memorial Conference 2014: Let’s Build a Tesla Curriculum and Tesla Spirit Awards

Tesla Monument at the Tesla Wardenclyffe Lab, patronized by the President of Serbia, H.E. Tomisla Nikolic. Schwabic is a 15 year development, marketing and public policy executive with experience in working with

Fortune 500 companies both in the US and in her native Serbia. She holds a Law degree from Belgrade University and Masters in Public Administration Degree from Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

Samuel Mason Vice President New Earth Tesla Academy Board Member Tesla Science Foundation Samuel Mason is a futurist, board member and special projects coordinator for the Tesla

Nikola Lonchar President Tesla Science Foundation

Nikola Lonchar is a Pennsylvania licensed Private Detective. Lonchar is a member of the National Association of Investigative Specialists. In 1986, Nikola began his career in security by opening a security company in

Science Foundation. He has conducted Tesla technology demonstrations for students and educators ranging from early education to college level. Under the leadership of Mr. Nikola Lonchar, Mason was a featured demonstrator at the Advanced Energy Conference in New York City where he gave high level government officials and captains of industry lessons on the nature of wireless transfer of electrical energy as it pertains to the legacy of Nikola Tesla. In addition to being Vice President of the New Earth Tesla Academy, Mr. Mason works as an Innovation Specialist for and he is active member of Tesla’s Ambassadors, Team Searl and the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement. Philadelphia. He holds over 30 patents. His invention received the Benjamin Franklin Technology Center Grant, State of Pennsylvania Grant, and the Gold Medal of Nikola Tesla, an annual inventor's award. Mr. Lonchar has since become the premier figure of the continuation of Tesla’s legacy as he orchestrates countless global public engagements around the revival of the science, life and legacy of Nikola Tesla though all modalities our advancing society. Decades of service to Tesla has resulted in the establishment of Tesla’s recognition around the world in pursuit of a better understanding of Tesla’s Past, appreciation of his Present contributions, and the Future implications of Tesla Technology.

The Tesla Science Foundation is proud to present 2nd Annual Tesla Memorial Conference 2014: Let’s Build a Tesla Curriculum and Tesla Spirit Awards

Dr. Ljubo Vujovic M.D. President Tesla Memorial Society of New York Dr. Ljubo Vujovic is the President of the Tesla Memorial Society of New York. He is one of the

leading figures of the Tesla Movement in America. In 1979, the Tesla Memorial Society was established to honor and perpetuate the memory and ideals Nikola Tesla. Dr. Vujovic coordinated activities with various Tesla societies in America and Europe. The Tesla Memorial Society is the oldest and most active Tesla society in America today. As a result of the work of Tesla Society members like Dr. Vujovic, Nikola Tesla’s name is now more recognized in America. He dedicated many year of his life to Tesla research and promotion.

W. Bernard Carlson Professor at the University of Virginia W. Bernard Carlson is a Professor at the University of Virginia, with appointments in the Department of Science, Technology, and Society (School of Engineering) and the History Department (College of Arts and Sciences). He received his Ph.D in the history and sociology of science from the University of Pennsylvania and

did his postdoctoral work in business history at the Harvard Business School. He has held visiting appointments at Stanford University and the University of Manchester. Professor Carlson is an expert on the role of technology and innovation in American history, and his research focuses on how inventors, engineers, and managers used technology in the development of major firms between the Civil War and World War I. His publications include Technology in World History, 7 volumes (Oxford University Press, 2005) as well as Innovation as a Social Process: Elihu Thomson and the Rise of General Electric, 1870-1900 (Cambridge University Press, 1991; paper reprint 2002). With support from the Sloan Foundation, he is currently completing a biography of the inventor Nikola Tesla.

The Tesla Science Foundation is proud to present 2nd Annual Tesla Memorial Conference 2014: Let’s Build a Tesla Curriculum and Tesla Spirit Awards

Harry Oung Electrical Engineer and Tesla Science Foundation Scientist

Harry Oung is an accomplished electrical engineer and Tesla Science Foundation scientist who has utilized his technical skills to craft replications of Tesla experiments for numerous foundation lectures and conferences. His years of experience with high energy physics and community outreach have contributed greatly to the academic development of students, educators and DIY inventors throughout the foundation and beyond. Oung’s work was recently featured at Evolvefest 2013 in Pennsylvania. research and development of break-through energy technologies, and was presented to the United States Congress. Joel received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Science from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. He has worked for nearly 30 years as an international industrial science consultant and educator within the chemical, pulp and paper, water treatment, and building products industries. He is the inventor and developer of several successful commercial technologies used within these industries. Joel also co-authored, with investigative journalist Jeane Manning, the award-winning book Breakthrough Power: How Quantum-Leap New Energy Inventions Can Transform Our World, which chronicles the challenges, opportunities, and progress in the new energy technology field. The authors make the appeal for a “tidal wave of wisdom” and the concurrent evolution of energy technology and human consciousness as foundations for a new era on planet Earth.

Joel A. Garbon President of the New Energy Movement In addition to serving as New Energy Movement’s President, Joel A. Garbon is a founding member of New Energy Congress, which maintains a publicly-viewable database of the most promising break-through energy technologies. Joel is the author of a historic legislative draft titled Energy Innovation Act of 2007, which serves as a template for new energy legislation on the federal, state, local, and international levels. The legislation’s provisions call for urgent and serious public support for

Russell Anderson CEO Searl Aerospace Inc.

Russell Anderson holds a degree in Software Engineering from the Chubb Institute. He has lectured on non-conventional energy and propulsion systems since July, 1990 at the International Tesla Society Conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He has been building and operating non-conventional energy and propulsion systems since the late 1980s. He has presented a three-meter diameter (full-scale) mockup model of a Searl Inverse Gravity Vehicle and lectured alongside John RR Searl at

The Tesla Science Foundation is proud to present 2nd Annual Tesla Memorial Conference 2014: Let’s Build a Tesla Curriculum and Tesla Spirit Awards

the TeslaTech2010 conference and exposition. He has lectured on antigravity, the Searl Effect Generator and Tesla Technology every year since 2009 at the Tesla Days Tesla Foundation

conferences in Philadelphia and has given a lecture and demo of antigravity propulsion for MUFON. Anderson has since been appointed to Chief Executive Officer of Searl Aerospace Inc. Francis McCabe is an experienced inventor specializing in gyroscopic research. He has lectured on unconventional physics/mechanics for years. He was a featured presenter during the summer Tesla Science Foundation conference and participated in the Million Volt March for Free Energy at the Energy Independence Celebration. As a technical investigator, McCabe continues to teach the world through riveting demonstrations of Tesla inspired technology.

Francis McCabe Independent Researcher/Inventor

Jason Matozzo Fractal Water Vortex Magnetic Systems Rep. Jason Matozzo has experience with computer imaging, hydrodynamics and phase conjugation. His independent studies of implosive torsion fields have led him to work with acclaimed

implosion pioneer, Dan Winter. Matozzo’s work in hydroponics has provided evidences of accelerated plant growth and may other benefits accredited to the structuring of water in conjunction with the use magnetic fields. An IT Professional by trade, Matozzo has worked as a Systems Administrator in corporate arena. Meanwhile he strongly campaigns for the preservation and enrichment of fresh water sources, while educating people on their scarcity. He sees the need for water and its life giving properties to become a critical issue to all consumers.

Dr. Hector M Guevara President, CEO & CTO Nu Energy

Dr. Guevara has devoted over 35 years to the design and supply of hundreds of sustainable energy systems throughout the world. He founded Alternate Energy Industries Corp. in New York City, and in 1976 developed an international market in solar products that reached $5 million in revenues annually. In 1979

The Tesla Science Foundation is proud to present 2nd Annual Tesla Memorial Conference 2014: Let’s Build a Tesla Curriculum and Tesla Spirit Awards

he installed the first solar system in the White House for President Carter, and then designed and supplied the first industrial process solar heating system for Mitsubishi (Shinagawa Iron Works) in Japan. Dr. Guevara later founded Hytech Industries Corp., which achieved millions of dollars in annual revenues and received numerous awards and recognition for

the solutions provided in photovoltaic and renewable energies for Amtrak, Newark International Airport, and others. Dr. Guevara is a patent and co-patent holder in various sustainable energy and propulsion technologies, and the recipient of various grants from NASA/SATOP, DOE (SBIR), UNICEF, and others.

Rachael Miller Co-founder/Director of the Rozalia Project

Rachael Miller is the co-founder & Director of the Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean whose mission is to develop and implement solutions for a clean and healthy ocean through innovation, education, cleanup and research from aboard American Promise a Ted Hood 60’ and dockside locations across the country. Rachael holds a USCG 50 ton Master's license, trains ROV pilots for VideoRay, is a member of the US Sailing Training Committee and been featured at various educational community outreach programs such as the Philadelphia Science Festival.

Daniel and Erica Nunez Co-Founders of What began as a "sustainable night light project," became a life long journey to reshape

the way electricity is generated and utilized on a fundamental level. After closely contemplating the efficacy of solar, wind, water, and other renewable energy sources; it became apparent to them that these options relied on finite sources of energy and couldn't possibly create an 'end all' platform for energy independence. This initiated their quest to develop a type of energy generating system which could truly sustain and balance energy in a new way. They commenced by creating simple energy efficient motor/generators based on open source information attainable through internet searches

The Tesla Science Foundation is proud to present 2nd Annual Tesla Memorial Conference 2014: Let’s Build a Tesla Curriculum and Tesla Spirit Awards

and published data. Shortly after, their interest led to the Vortex Based Mathematics works of Marko Rodin, which were later refined by Randy Powell. The entire VBM premise is based on universal 'natural pathways' or 'flow paths' that exist in the 3-D space we inhabit. This understanding has also been verified by Dan Winters, Nassim Haramein, Nikola Tesla, CERN researchers, and many others working in the field of platonic solids and resonance. They developed custom framework to control and ensure geometric precision in toroidal space.

The Nunez family began testing different wiring algorithms and creating custom circuitry to understand and replicate our own findings for both on and off grid uses. Through testing and observations of Nunez Vortex Technologies in actions, they have been able to note many anomalies for demonstration. Through their technical investigation the Nunez family has presented new anomalies in electromagnetism which they presented at the Energy Independence Celebration in Philadelphia.

Dr. Vladimir Vujicic Professor at the University of Novi Sad

Dr. Vladimir Vujicic is a Professor at the University of Novi Sad. He is member of the Faculty of Technical Sciences and specializes in various fields related to Tesla Research. A noted international figure, Dr. Vujicic has provided many around the world with a wealth of information on optimizing energy usage. As a veteran educator he has helped many to build a significant knowledge base on energy related matters and has presented at the 17th International Symposium on Power Electronics.

Ashley Redfearn- Neswick Principal, Tacony Academy Charter School Ashley has received her BA from the University of Maryland, MA from Arizona State

University, and M.Ed. from Temple University. Ashley is working on implementing an inventions curriculum at her elementary school. She is interested in an academic partnership with those seeking to pass along the inspiration of Tesla to the next generation of young inventors. Ashley is a highly supportive member of the Tesla community and a veteran educator. Her admirable public service is embodied by her pursuit of advanced education provided by the realm of Tesla technology. Her commitment to bringing Tesla into her school is nothing short of epic. She has joined her expert team that is showing that Tesla was a creator of our future.

The Tesla Science Foundation is proud to present 2nd Annual Tesla Memorial Conference 2014: Let’s Build a Tesla Curriculum and Tesla Spirit Awards

Recognition Shares and several Power of People, Power of Agility and Power of Minds awards. During her active scientific career, Dr. Dimovski published 11 peer-reviewed scientific papers, 8 conference proceedings, and a book chapter on carbon materials in Nanomaterials Handbook (CRC Press). The chapter was reprinted in two CRC Press spin-off books: Nanotubes and Nanofibers and Carbon Nanomaterials. Her work on carbon cones has been featured on the cover of Carbon journal for over a year. Svetlana is the Amelia Earhart Fellow (Zonta International), Dragomir Nikolitch Trust Scholar (Studenica Foundation) and Serbian Ministry of Science and Technology Young Talents Research Fellow. Dr. Dimovski is passionate about innovation, and she speaks about it frequently at various national and international meetings. She occasionally acts as grant panelist/reviewer (NSF, USGS) and research paper reviewer (Carbon, Applied Physics Letters, Nano Letters, Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry, Applied Physics Letters, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, and the MRS Proceedings.

Ph.D. Svetlana Dimovski Manager of Open Innovation & Science Relations at BASF North America

Svetlana Dimovski is Manager of Open Innovation and Science Relations at BASF North America. Svetlana holds BS/MS in Mechanical Engineering, University of Novi Sad, Serbia, and PhD in Materials Science and Engineering, Drexel University, USA. Dr. Dimovski started her industrial career at Procter & Gamble in Cincinnati as an R&D Materials Scientist, where she managed central Analytical Discovery Electron Microscopy Lab and contributed on several major product launches across Health, Beauty and Household Care business. Significant projects/products include: Tide and Ariel with ACTILIFT, Vicks Fist Defense and Venus Breeze. She later moved to P&G Global Business Development Organization, where her responsibilities included strategic landscape assessment, innovation ecosystem management, needs, leads and innovation partnerships management and liaison with P&G North America Technology Council. She was a frequent contributor in various P&G’s innovation & creative problem solving sessions, and was trained in innovation facilitation. She is a recipient of P&G

The Tesla Science Foundation is proud to present 2nd Annual Tesla Memorial Conference 2014: Let’s Build a Tesla Curriculum and Tesla Spirit Awards

Carla Lee Johnston Founder of NutBurgers & President of OneTeam Humanity Foods, Inc. Carla Lee Johnston is the founder of NutBurgers and President of OneTeam Humanity Foods,

Inc. Her experience as an evolutionary health expert has turned her into a renowned humanitarian in the fight against poverty and hunger. She is Managing Member for The Truth Movie, LLC, She is a visionary media personality, author, speaker, film director and Producer. Carla’s guest is to bridge “the gap” for the carnivore, little one, vegetarian, vegan and flexitarian alike, by creating “craveable” nonmeat cuisine that takes natural eating to a whole new paradigm by offering a diverse line of internationally-themed innovative gourmet meat alternatives.

Aleksandar Protic Federal Counselor at Federation of UNESCO Clubs

Aleksandar Protic was educated at Sorbonne, Oxford, Harvard and Cambridge. He is currently a Federal Counselor at Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centers and Associations of France and lecturer at several prestigious educational institutions. President of UNESCO Club at Sorbonne University and the director of Intercultural Forum, Aleksandar is also a founder of Tesla Memory Project in 2009, aiming to increase awareness of the life and work of Nikola Tesla by organizing high-level lectures, designing educational programs, exhibitions and artistic programs that concern the work of Nikola Tesla.

The Tesla Science Foundation is proud to present 2nd Annual Tesla Memorial Conference 2014: Let’s Build a Tesla Curriculum and Tesla Spirit Awards

Phillip Baldwin Professor of Design & Digital Media Stony Brook University Phillip Baldwin is a Professor of Design and Digital Media, specialized in telecommunications technology and pedagogy with institutional architectural and urban projects. He teaches at Stony Brook University, NY; and works on interactive media and

scenography projects/teaches abroad in South Korea, Italy, Singapore, China, India, and Japan. He also maintains a Design practice in New York City and has worked on many Theater, interactive installations, Opera, Music Videos, Film, Interior Design, Graphic Design, and Television Projects, including off Broadway Productions. In Korea he has worked for over ten years with festivals, spectacles, and construction companies to design interactive and immersive environments within large housing complexes. He has won numerous grants and award in the US and abroad such as the Japan Foundation fellowship, and the Rome Prize. Phillip is an MFA from Yale University, FAAR from the American Academy in Rome.

Ravé Mehta Graphic Novelist, Music Producer, Tech Entrepreneur Ravé Mehta is the author of THE INVENTOR, a graphic novel based on the true story of Nikola Tesla as he battled his mentor-turned-rival Thomas Edison in the AC/DC Wars to invent the 20th century and create the Electrical Era. Since its release, THE INVENTOR has become the bestselling non-fiction graphic novel and is

now being used in schools as part of a new and innovative approach to visually engage kids to read while inspiring them to learn about history, art, science, literature, STEM, and entrepreneurship. Ravé is also an engineer, artist, music composer/producer for the electronic-dance/pop group RENAISZANCE, and CEO of Helios Entertainment, an awardwinning creative-technology firm that develops socially empowering content to artistically engage kids and adults into learning through graphic novels, music, games, film and digital media. Ravé and his work have been featured in WSJ, Bloomberg, Wired, Washington Post, Huffington Post, Venturebeat and numerous other media outlets.

The Tesla Science Foundation is proud to present 2nd Annual Tesla Memorial Conference 2014: Let’s Build a Tesla Curriculum and Tesla Spirit Awards

Brian Yetzer CEO of Yetzer Studio, LLC. Brian Yetzer is an Artist, Designer, and Educator. In 2010, Nikola Lonchar from the

Tesla Science Foundation in Philadelphia introduced him to the world of Nikola Tesla and his amazing inventions. Since that time, as a member of the Board of Directors, he has been producing educational and promotional content for various Nikola Tesla organizations. Brian is passionate about using interactive and digital content to educate and inspire people. He is Principal and CEO of Yetzer Studio, LLC.

Zvezdana Stojanovic Scott Secretary Tesla Science Foundation Zvezdana Stojanovic Scott has been involved with the Tesla Science Foundation from the

second year of its existence. She has a degree in economics from the University Of Belgrade, Serbia. She serves as a Secretary of the Board of the Tesla Science Foundation and is in charge of Tesla Art Projects. Zvezdana owns and runs an art gallery, Mala Galleria in Kennett Square, PA. Mala Galleria is the first official Tesla Art Gallery in the world. Zvezdana also runs the non-profit organization based in Washington DC, dealing with the humanitarian and cultural events tied to Serbia and Serbian people all over the world.

Jane Alcorn President of the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe Jane Alcorn is an experienced educator and philanthropist that has taken up the mantle of restoring Nikola Tesla’s laboratory at Wardenclyffe in Long Island. Together with her

amazing team, they work towards the preservation of this timeless monument dedicated to an advancement of education and innovation. The Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe, also known as Friends of Science East, Inc., a non-profit organization incorporated by the State of New York, was established with the specific purpose of developing a regional science and technology center on eastern Long Island. It is the hope of Friends of Science East, Inc. to be able to establish this center at the site of the former Peerless Photo plant in Shoreham, New York. In the end this quest was an outstanding success which led to the final closing of the property last year and the establishment of the Tesla Science Center.

The Tesla Science Foundation is proud to present 2nd Annual Tesla Memorial Conference 2014: Let’s Build a Tesla Curriculum and Tesla Spirit Awards

Joseph Sikorski Director of Fragments from Olympus: The Vision of Nikola Tesla Joseph Sikorsky is an accomplished film director, writer and producer that contributed

substantially to the establishment of the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe and the overall betterment of Tesla’s legacy. This integral member of the Tesla community is doing brilliant work behind the scenes to create content that will exist as timeless educational tools to improve the understanding of Tesla technology. He is a highly proactive and supportive of all the various Tesla societies and international initiatives. His mission has been to vindicate the struggle of Nikola Tesla, inspire an interest in science & innovation, and continue his research preserve the historic Wardenclyffe site.

James Jaeger Director of the film “TESLA” James Jaeger is a Telly Award-winning filmmaker with over 25 years of experience writing, directing and editing features, documentaries, TV commercials and multiplecamera live events. As a producer, he has experience developing and packaging screenplays, private placements, public offerings and network licensing arrangements. Mr. Jaeger is also a pioneer in broadband distribution of motion pictures over the Internet and a founder of Pay-Per-View.Com. In late 1981, Mr. Jaeger founded Matrixx Productions to continue goals set forth by Lee Garmes and Academy Artists,

Inc. and the Independent Screen Producers Association (predecessor to the AFMA), of which Mr. Jaeger is a founding member. The company began modestly by producing TV commercials, public service announcements and eventually live events. Currently in development is the film TESLA, based on the life story of Nikola Tesla. After graduating from The Haverford School and The Cinema Institute, Mr. Jaeger majored in Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania and graduated summa cum laude in filmmaking class of 1978 at Los Angeles City College. In 1976 to August 1978 he worked personally with Academy Award winning cinematographer-director-producer, Lee Garmes. Mr. Jaeger holds a management degree from Celebrity Centre in Hollywood and has written and published 5 books (as well as a 98volume set of training manuals) on motion picture production and operations. Jeaeger currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Tesla Science Foundation.

The Tesla Science Foundation is proud to present 2nd Annual Tesla Memorial Conference 2014: Let’s Build a Tesla Curriculum and Tesla Spirit Awards

Iwona Rudinska & Marko Vujovic Founder of the Tesla Collection w/ Technical Director Iwona Rudinska has directed several documentaries on Nikola Tesla. Years of her

research has led to the creation of the Tesla Collection. A talented artist and linguist, her efforts to increase awareness of Nikola Tesla have attracted international attention. The organizations Technical Director, Marko Vujovic, received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from SUNY New Paltz. Marko was responsible for converting the "Tesla Collection" from a print media into a digital platform where users can search by publication, author, subject and date.

Nenad Stankovic Chief Editor of Tesla Magazine Inc. Zoran Pilot Founder of Zoran Pilot is a TV/VIDEO and documentary producer. He is an entrepreneur holding three US patents for manufacturing with two trademarks. In addition to being a writer/selfpublisher of children and novel books, professional pilot and flight instructor, Zoran is the host of the popular podcast He has interviewed many notable figures of the type 2 alternative energy community. Working in collaboration with Tesla Magazine and the Tesla Science Foundation, Zoran has contributed greatly to the expansion of Tesla Science Foundation and Nikola Tesla Club in Southern California. Nenad Stankovic of Belgrade, Serbia is a journalist and publisher, with a career spanning a period of 35 years. He started publishing Mi MAGAZINE, (The North American Serbian Language Magazine) in 1999 and is currently its Chief Editor. Nenad is very active in organizing cultural and art exchanges between North America and South - East Europe. He is the founder and Director of the Toronto Serbian Film Festival. In the past few years Mr. Stankovic has been researching Tesla's legacy in a project titled, Tesla: History of the Future. Mr. Stankovic is the director of the Toronto branch for the Tesla Science Foundation, Philadelphia. In 2013 he started Tesla Magazine, published by Tesla Magazine Inc.

The Tesla Science Foundation is proud to present 2nd Annual Tesla Memorial Conference 2014: Let’s Build a Tesla Curriculum and Tesla Spirit Awards

Frank Taney Esq. Vice President Tesla Science Foundation In addition to being Vice President of the Tesla Science Foundation, Frank Taney Esq. is a high level legal professional who focuses his practice on complex commercial litigation in the areas of information technology, intellectual property, antitrust and construction. He has successfully tried many arbitrations and bench and jury trials to verdict. Frank also negotiates IT-related transactions for clients, including software licensing agreements, IT outsourcing, web hosting, software development and other IT service contracts and provides dispute avoidance and business counseling. Frank is a guest lecturer on legal topics at The Pennsylvania State University and Widener University School of Law. Frank has been published and quoted on IT-related topics in InformationWeek, Technology Times, Computer World, IT Professional and SmartBusiness Philadelphia. Frank has also appeared on CNBC’s “Power Lunch” and Fox Business Network’s “Money for Breakfast.”

Dr. David Pokrajac Prof. Delaware State University Board Member Tesla Science Foundation Dr. David D. Pokrajac is a Professor of Computer and Information Sciences at Delaware State University. He has BS in electrical engineering, MS in telecommunications, Masters of Business Administration and holds a PhD in computer science. Dr. Pokrajac is author of a number of scientific papers and one patent. As a member of the Board of Directors of the Tesla Science Foundation, Dr. Pokrajac champions the integrity of the Tesla legacy with his expertise.

The Tesla Science Foundation is proud to present 2nd Annual Tesla Memorial Conference 2014: Let’s Build a Tesla Curriculum and Tesla Spirit Awards

Mark Passio Freedom Activist and Tesla Technology Enthusiast

Mark Passio is a member of the Nikola Tesla Club. Through his site and various presentations around the country, he informs the world of various controversial matters. Through his presentations, videos and podcasts, he takes his guests on a journey of self-exploration, examining human consciousness and the way it relates to the universal problems humanity is facing. Having successfully begun my work as a presenter of the message of spiritual awareness, I am now taking a pro-active approach to the task of spreading this significant information to others. This has resulted in What On Earth Is Happening, a penetrating analysis into the realm of human Consciousness. Phone: (484) 955-0545

The Tesla Science Foundation is proud to present 2nd Annual Tesla Memorial Conference 2014: Let’s Build a Tesla Curriculum and Tesla Spirit Awards

The Tesla Science Foundation is proud to present 2nd Annual Tesla Memorial Conference 2014: Let’s Build a Tesla Curriculum and Tesla Spirit Awards