Writing a Concept Paper

It is often useful to develop a concept paper before deciding to write up a full research proposal. The title of my project is: _________________________________________

Background Section (1/2 - 1 page) • • • • Describe the question, problem or need that needs to be addressed. riefly provide supporting documentation for the importance of addressing this question, problem or need. !ou may include supporting statistical data in this section, but it should be brief. "umbers are always convincing. Indicate why anyone should care. It is easy to forget that everyone does not understand the situation as well as you, especially when you are so close to a particular topic. #a$e sure that you cite or refer to what others have accomplished relative to your project or research so that you convince the reader that you are an e%pert on this particular issue and more needs to be done. eware of stating that you are the only person who has ever proposed such a project&idea. 'ven the most innovative concepts are based on the wor$ of others from related fields.

Project Description (1 – 1/2 page) • • • This section includes a description of what you plan to do, why this is a unique approach, and who will benefit. riefly describe your basic goal&s and objectives or state your research questions. Note: goa! is state"ent descri#ing a #road or a#stract intent$ state or condition% n o#jecti&e is a state"ent o' "easura#!e outco"es t(at re!ate to t(e goa!% n o#jecti&e inc!udes )*(o$ *(at$ and *(en+ in'or"ation% ,t is not a state"ent a#out )(o*%+ riefly describe any theory or framewor$ which is relevant to your project. (ive an overview of your methodology))how the project will be carried out))and any innovative approaches, techniques, or processes that will be used. #a$e sure that the goals, objectives, and methods relate to each other. Include a brief description of you what you e%pect to learn from your project and how it will be assessed. Include general timelines for what you hope to accomplish.

• •

• •

you should be able to answer the following questions: . The goal of this project is: ___________________________________________ -. scientific terms and technical jargon may be acceptable. pages. The procedures for determining whether the project goals and objectives have been accomplished are: __________________________________________ 3. e positive and definite. The anticipated outcomes resulting from this wor$ are: _______________________ 2. concise.. If your concept paper is going to be reviewed by those in your field. Don5t overwhelm the reader with detail. The theoretical model upon /or conceptual framewor$ within0 which the project is based is: ___________________________ 1.*fter writing your +roject Description. The population served is: ________________________________________ -ips 'or *riting a success'u! concept paper: • • • • Try to be brief.7indicate that the objective 6will be accomplished7 by a certain time. and clear. if your proposal is being reviewed by generalists or those outside your field. 4oncept papers should not be longer than . but avoid sounding vague or unsure about what you want to accomplish. The objectives this project will achieve to accomplish that goal are: _______________________ . 4onsider your audience.. . this type of language will not communicate your ideas effectively. Instead of saying an objective 6may be accomplished. 8owever.

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