3-2-11 AIB Radio at talkshoe.com Marie's assembly. Guest Jean eatin! "hy "e don't "in in court. J # $hy you !

uys aren't "innin! in court. All these courts are %ri&ately o"ned tradin! com%anies. 'he united (tates district courts are all o"ned...those are your article one courts. 'hey're all o"ned by the united (tates attorney's e)ecuti&e o**ices out o* $ashin!ton +, "hich is a %ri&ately o"ned cor%oration. 'hey're article one le!islati&e tribunals. 'hey're not courts. 'hey ha&e a +-.( number/ they ha&e a %it code/ si% code/ .AI,( number 0.orth America Identi*ication (ecurity ,lassi*ication1. 2ou ha&e to ha&e that number in order to trade internationally. All these courts are re!istered "ith the +3+/ +e%artment o* +e*ense. 'hey ha&e a +-.( number "hich is +ata -ni&ersal .umberin! (ystem. 'hat's a +un 4 Bradstreet. 2ou ha&e to be re!istered "ith ,,R/ ,ontractors ,entral re!istration under the +3+. 'hey ha&e another de%artment called the +5I(/ +e*ense 5o!istics In*ormation (er&ice. 'he +5I( issues a case code that's s%elled ,AG6/ ,ommercial And Go&ernment 6ntity "hich corres%onds to the bank account. 'hey ha&e a bank account. 'hey take e&erythin! that you *ile into the court and they securiti7e it. And these banks 8 9 and all these banks are re!istered/ they ha&e a de%ository a!reement/ a security a!reement and an escro" a!reement. And most o* them are re!istered "ith the :ederal Reser&e bank o* .e" 2ork city. And they use "hat they call....orth ,arolina uses a c ircular 16/ they use as their de%ository a!reement. 'hey take %ublic *unds and they de%osit them under a...its called a de%ository resolution a!reement. And they ha&e a security a!reement "hich the clerk o* the courts si!ns "ith the bank. And they ha&e an escro" a!ent that acts as the !o-bet"een the *ederal reser&e bank that they ha&e the account "ith...so all these courts are takin! your money and *unnelin! it into an escro" account. Most o* them are in .e" 2ork. There's 60 trillion dollars of your money in the federal reserve bank of New York city. And they'&e told the courts not to rule a!ainst the banks on these *oreclosure cases. 'hey're all in bed to!ether. And "hat these la"yers are doin! is actin! as %ri&ate debt collectors. And under the +ebt ,ollectors ;ractices Act/ its called the :+,;A and its title 1< section 1=>2. In order to be..."hen you're a %ublic debt collector you ha&e to be re!istered "ith the !o&ernment/ and you ha&e to ha&e a license and you ha&e to ha&e a bond in order to collect debt. $ell these attorneys are "hat you call %ri&ate debt collectors and they don't ha&e a...the attorneys are e)em%ted by the BAR association on that %ro&ision/ but their *irm is not. 'he *irm they "ork *or has to be re!istered and they ha&e to ha&e a license and a bond and they don't. And all these court cases that you're in&ol&ed in/ these attorneys are actin! as %ri&ate debt collectors. And "hat they're doin! is collectin! money *rom you as %ri&ate debt collectors and they're not licensed or bonded to do that. And they do this throu!h "hat they call $arrant o* Attorney. Black's la" dictionary o* 1?<= de*ines "hat a "arrant o* an attorney is. Its like a "rit o* e)ecution. Its like a %ut or a call. $hen you do a marchin! call that means they use it to buy e@uity securities. ,ause they securiti7e e&erythin! that you *ile into court "hich means they turn it into a ne!otiable instrument. 'hen they sell it as a commercial item. 'hey call them distressed debt/ these debt collectors/ that "hat -ni*und is/ they come in and buy u% all these court Aud!ments as distressed debt. 'hen they %ut them into hed!e *unds and they sell them to in&estors !lobally. And o* course "hen you !et into sellin! debt instruments you're creatin! a security risk. Anytime you !et into risk mana!ement you ha&e to ha&e re-insurance. 'hat's "here 5uer Bermes comes in. 'hey're an under"ritin! com%any. And they're a sub di&ision o* Alliance (6 out o* Munich Germany. And they're the -( a!ency that acts as a bond holder *or Alliance (6 is ;IM,3 bonds "ho takes all your securities/ they %ool them/ and that's "hat they do on these mort!a!e loans/ !o to their "eb site and it'll tell you that's "hat they do. All o* your mort!a!e loans are securities. 'he notes ha&e a maturity o* more than > months so they're a security by de*inition. I* you !o to title 1< section CC A b 1 it tells you that any note "ith a maturity o* more than > months is a security by le!al de*inition and an in&estment contract. (o "hen you si!n and indorse these notes as the dra"er and the maker you're in an in&estment contract. And you !a&e them a security. 'hey tale the security and they securiti7e it. As soon as they securiti7e it and indorse it *or %ayment/ they'&e securiti7ed it. 'he loan is no lon!er secured. They've collapsed the trust and there's no corpus in the trust under probate law. And "hat they do is sell it as a mort!a!e backed security. $ell ;IM,3 takes the mort!a!e backed security %ools o&er and sells them as bonds. (o bonds actually come *rom %ooled securities. And they sell these on the 'BA market !lobally. And all these courts are in&ol&ed in that. And the only time you can stop them is when you make them liable and that's "hat I'&e been doin!. I do a letter rogatory "hich is a letter o* instruction under the Ba!ue con&ention. And its under title 18 section 1 81 and !ederal "ules of #ivil $rocedure % believe its &8 ' . And you tell them "hat you "ant them to do. 2ou make a contract "ith them. $hen you !o into these courts you contract "ith them. And they run the court room. $hen I !o into court I make them contract "ith me and then I control the contract. And I tell them "hat to do because in ,ali*ornia its in article = section 1 all these courts are courts o* record and the courts o* record "ere made *or the so&erei!n/ *or "e the %eo%le. 2ou'll notice "hen you !o into court on a criminal case the ca%tion they ha&e/ in ,ali*ornia/ the %eo%le o* the state o* ,ali*ornia &ersus "hoe&er the de*endant is. 'hey do that in a criminal case. $ell its the %eo%le %rosecutin! the de*endant. 'he %eo%le are the so&erei!nty. $e the %eo%le are the %eo%le. And "hat they're doin! is usin! our courts *or commercial enter%rise. But i* you contract "ith them on the %ri&ate side then you can run the court and tell them "hat to do. And that's "hat I do. And I'&e been success*ul. I'&e "on mort!a!e cases and cases in&ol&in! car loans. But you ha&e to kno" ho" to do it and you ha&e to understand commercial la". You have to understand what a conditional acceptance is under ()##* +,-0&. 3nce you challen!e their authority to make a %resentment/ and that's "hat these attorneys are doin!. These attorneys are coming into court and they're making a

its *iled "ith the International Monetary :und. Its all commercial. 'hey ha&e to %resent the document. $hat they do. (o I said to the -( attorney "here's your 1F>> 3I+E I made him read the indictment into the court record and he "ouldn't do it.. I* they're not re!istered "ith the (ecurities 6)chan!e .ot some/ all o* them. 'hen i* you'&e !ot a claim a!ainst me I "ant you to %roduce the 1F>> 3I+ sho"in! me as the reci%ient o* the *unds i* I'm the one that's bein! indicted.ommission they're ta)able. Be doesn't like to talk about it because "hat they're doin! is "ron!. $ell nobody e&er does that.. Another thin! that you're not makin! them do/ when you make a presentment on a mortgage foreclosure case they have to present the note in order to demand payment.. In order to !et the ta) e)clusion they ha&e to be de%osited or trans*erred to the R6MI. And you have drawing rights. And its says that all *orei!n a!ents ha&e to be re!istered. 'hey de%osit the (+R's/ they de%osit these court Aud!ments "ith the International Monetary :und. I* you em%anel the Aury you ha&e a ri!ht to cross e)amine the Aury as to their ri!ht to @uali*y as a Auror. They're not charging you. /o read +. (o they're not de%ositin! any o* these notes in the R6MI. $ell you o"n all these *unds that they're %uttin! into these R6MI.( "hich is a real estate in&estment trust. I make them %ro&e that they ha&e the authority to make a %resentment on behal* o* somebody else and the authority to do it. 'hey'&e e)%atriated *rom the united states. Because "hen they take these instruments. I'&e shut em do"n. 'hey ha&en't %aid the ta). All securities ha&e to be re!istered...redit on the !i*t side. 2ou kno" "hat an indictment is0 its a true bill. To make you liable they have to charge you. . And you ha&e a ri!ht to em%anel the Aury under criminal rule = and C. 'hat means you're !i&in! testimony. My brother is a Aud!e on the su%erior court bench and he says I'm absolutely correct. 1?D32 (o "hat I did "as I challen!ed.. rule. I'&e !ot a case ri!ht no" in *ederal district court. %f they're not presenting the instrument they're not making a valid presentment and you don't have to accept it. .allerD (o that's "ho you :3IA ri!htE 'hat's "ho you :3IA. 'hey're settin! u% . An em%loyee o* . $hen they re!ister them they're su%%osed to trans*er them/ trans*er the notes/ to the R6MI.allerD +oes that hold true in criminal tooE (ure it does. . 1sk them if they filed the ta2 return if you want to see how fast they get rid of your case. . (o I don't acce%t their %resentment. (o no" you !ot a ta) issue !oin! on in the court room.(. 'hey don't !o be*ore a !rand Aury. And all o* these B< %ros%ectuses. But they're not doin! that.o" you'&e !ot a ta) issue."hat they're doin! is they're mono%oli7in! "hich is a &iolation o* the anti trust la".presentment on behalf of somebody else. Go read 3-3F<. 'hey're mono%oli7in! commerce. And nobody challen!es them.. %f they don't present the instrument they're not making a presentment. 'hey're in %ossession o* contraband cause they're holdin! *unds that they ha&en't %aid the ta) on.. 'hat's "ho they're "orkin! *or. !o on the internet and ty%e in H2H B<. Its called s%ecial. 'hey ha&e an oath o* o**ice but it isn't. And so they're in %ossession o* ta)able income that they ha&en't %aid the ta) on.. Its either rubber stam%ed or si!ned by the -( attorney "hich means the -( attorney has a %ri&ate claim. I* you read criminal rule = and C they ha&e to !o be*ore the !rand Aury *or a %erson that's indicted/ it has to !o be*ore a !rand Aury and !et testimony. 'hat's "hy they ha&e to be re!istered.ountry"ide came into court and testi*ied that none o* these notes are bein! trans*erred to the R6MI. 'hey ha&e one but they don't %roduce it because its "ith the International Monetary :und.because they're doin! it under title 1= "hich is. I sho" them as the reci%ient o* the *unds. And they're doin! it on these mort!a!e loans. And that's "hat all these criminal char!es are/ are ta) issues. 'hey ha&en't *iled the ta) return. But I do. (o no" they're in %ossession o* contraband. Internal Re&enue la"s calls that contraband. 'hat's "hy they don't ha&e an oath o* o**ice. 'hat makes him an unre!istered *orei!n a!ent.."hen they do a court Aud!ment a!ainst you its called a distressed debt instrument. 'hey're an em%loyee o* the International Monetary :und under Inter%ol.I looked at the indictment "hich "as si!ned by the -( attorney. I !ot a co%y o* the head o* the united states attorney's o**ice is. $ell/ i* it in&ol&es you/ you ha&e a dra"in! ri!ht and you have a right to the proceeds. Go try to !et a district court Aud!e's 3ath o* 3**ice... 'hey "ont %roduce the 3I+ so I do an 3I+ on them..all these courts ha&e an account at the IM:/ the International Monetary :und. Its a re!istration rule. 'hey're !ettin! *unds and de%ositin! them in the *ederal reser&e bank o* ne" york and they're not re%ortin! the income. 2ou ha&e a de*ense in recou%ement and under 3-3F= you ha&e a %ossessionary and %ro%erty ri!ht in the instrument andGor its %roceeds. 'hat's because these -( attorneys rubber stam% these indictments. Inter*erin! "ith the course o* commerce by brin!in! %ri&ate claims into a court room. (o you're dealin! "ith unre!istered *orei!n a!ents under title 22 section =?= and I think its 2?=.. 'hey're *leecin! the %eo%le because the %eo%le don't kno" "hat's !oin! on..(+R's. And they "ont do it. And its a C2F1 o* title 2= &iolation "ill*ul *ailure to *ile "ith the intent to e&ade the ta).. (tereoty%in! court cases by callin! them ci&il or criminal but its all ci&il.. They have to present the instrument. You can't do that. 'hat's not my o%inion I can %ro&e it. 2ou are the donor and the !rantor settlor. 'hey ha&e to sho" you the authority.-0&. 1 true bill is a negotiable instrument. . And i* you read %ublication ><F you ha&e a three million *i&e hundred thousand dollar -ni*ied 'a) . And i* they !ot one they'&e rubber stam%ed it.!ot an oath *iled "ith Inter%ol. 2ou kno" "hat they do on these criminal casesE 'hey rubber stam% them. And brin!s them under title 1= "hich is un*air trade %ractices and all these attorneys are doin! this.redit on the estate side and a one million dollar -ni*ied 'a) .. All these -( attorneys "ork *or Inter%ol. And the reason it has to be re!istered is to !et the ta) e)em%tion.. 'hat's because there's no claim on the %ri&ate side. I* you read title &6 section 8-10 8-&0 861 and 86& it says that in order to get ta2 e2emption they have to pay out 304 of the ta2able income as interest in dividends to the investors .one o* these indictments are si!ned by a !rand Auror. 'he reason you ha&e s%ecial dra"in! ri!hts is because you'&e de%osited your *unds.. Its called a (6.

these bo!us trusts to a&oid %ayin! the ta) on the insourcin! and outsourcin! ta). 2ou need to !o into your county and tell them you "ant a co%y o* the de%ository resolution a!reement under circular C. 3CD)) Its all commercial.atriot Act they ha&e to sho" "here the *unds are comin! *rom other"ise they can be called. 'he . 8o the real borrower is the servicing company not the borrower. 'hat's "hy they're not. 'efore you ever signed any loan documents they put up capital..-(I.ri&ate Money In&estment account.11 o* the . 'he .. Its there by o%eration o* la".:R 1F3.e&en i* its not in the credit a%%lication its there i* you read >-HFH subsection d.& they took it sub6ect to your defenses and claims. Go ask the clerk o* the court.. The investors put up capital into a trust fund. you ha&e a security. Be's suin! Bank o* America under the . I* its included in the de*inition o* a security its e)cluded *rom the de*inition o* a note.allerD (ome %eo%le ha&e contacted their state treasurers "ho sent them back to the county "ho says they ha&e nothin! to do "ith those .eil Gar*ield has this on his "ebsite/ they do "hat they call a %ay *or"ard. And i* you ha&e a court case you can !o to the state treasurer's o**ice and !et the . And they ha&e to *ile . And they ha&e to %roduce them because under the .-(I. number is the . And its the same thin! "ith your county. number on all these *oreclosure cases. 'hat's a ma)im o* statutory construction. I can sho" you the !o&ernment code sections "here they ha&e to do that. 2ou're not dealin! "ith ne!otiable instruments. 'hey do ha&e somethin! to do "ith it because they're sellin!. Not the person that borrowed the money on the deed of trust. 'he clerk o* the court is de%ositin! money into the *ederal reser&e bank. 2ou could *ile a case in court and make the clerk %roduce the documents. But you ha&e to kno" "hat your ri!hts and remedies are. 2ou ha&e to ha&e 2 %arties to a contract. 2ou can make them %roduce the accountin!.50+ and 3. Its !onna sho" that the *unds came *rom you i* they %roduce them. 'hat's title 31 section <311. Because i* you use a Real 6state In&estment 'rust they don't %ay any ta)es on the insourcin! and outsourcin! side o* the R6MI.MI/ . And you !et nothin!. And that has to be. 'itle 1? section 3231 only district .-(I.that's "hy its called the holder in due course rule. And you can make them %roduce the accountin! on that under the . Any time you ha&e a security its been sold on the (ecurities 6)chan!e . %f you don't file the counterclaim you waive it.atriot Act.<%# has your note in it .. (o they ha&e to sho" that.section 8 c a 10 if a note has a maturity of more than 3 months its a security by legal definition . 2ou're talkin! about trillions o* dollars. I* you can understand that then you can understand "hy you're not "innin! in court. number. 'hey ha&e an in&estment. $ell if you file a claim as an investor then they have to pay that out to you0 the interest and dividends. And you can do a :3IA re@uest/ :reedom 3* In*ormation Act. Remember BJR 1>2 as %assed under the 'radin! $ith the 6nemy Act. 1nd when they do that0 that means you have a right to a counterclaim. 'hat's because there ne&er "as a loan. It tells you its there "hether its in there or not. 'he only %erson "ho si!ns any o* the documents is you and a notary to &eri*y your si!nature. 'hey did "hat they call.o"ers Act.. By statutory de*inition. 8o they did an unauthori9ed loan modification at closing.MIR's "hich are . 'hat statement has to be on all credit a%%lications because you're doin! a %urchase home loan to %urchase the home. You have a mandatory counterclaim in recoupement under +. And the re!ulations that !o&ern the Bank (ecrecy Act are 31 . $ell if its not a note its not a negotiable instrument. Read title 1. $ell they mi!ht be !ettin! contraband *rom the enemy "hich can be con*iscated.urrency Money Re%orts sho"in! "here the source o* the *unds came *rom.. And i* you read 16 #!" 5++. Its not criminal its ci&il.they could be comin! *rom the 'aliban under the 'radin! $ith 'he 6nemy Act. Its a class action la"suit.and a possessionary right and a property right in the proceeds and the instrument on the loan. And then they take the %roceeds and %ut it in their bank account. 'hey're not a holder in due course cause they took it subAect to your de*enses and claims at closin!. I* you look at your note/ all notes/ all mort!a!e loans/ all notes on mort!a!e loans ha&e a maturity o* more than > months.-(I. $hat you're dealin! "ith is securities. . And you ne&er *iled a claim so they take it and sell it as a mort!a!e backed security.-(I. 3ther"ise you don't ha&e any. 'hey ne&er si!n any o* the loan documents. /o read 3. I* its included in the de*inition o* a note its e)cluded *rom the de*inition o* a security. 'hey're doin! electronic trans*ers under circular C "hich is a de%ository a!reement. 'he bank ne&er si!ned the deed o* trust and they ne&er si!ned the note.atriot Act/ cause they're under the +3+ under the emer!ency bank act the "ar %o"ers act o* June <th 1>33. Any time you ha&e a . 1nd they did this before they ever had any mortgage loans.ode o* :ederal Re!ulations.. 1nd what the servicing company did they borrowed the capital to buy your loan from the investors. 'hey ha&e the ..atriot Act and that's "hat Mitchell (tein is doin!. 2ou think you're in&ol&ed in a criminal case. numbers. because they %ay out the interest and di&idends to the in&estors. 'he Aud!e has ordered them to %roduce the currency re%orts. 1nd if your counterclaim arises from the same transaction occurrence as their claim then you have a mandatory counterclaim under rule 1+. They made you an undisclosed third party to their pooling and servicing agreement and you can prove that if you get the #)8%$ number you can find out which trusts fund has your note. 1nd you are not a party to that contract. Because you ha&e to ha&e a contract bet"een the borro"er and the bank in order to ha&e a loan.ommittee on -ni*orm (ecurities .rocesses.505.ali*ornia they're usin! circular .+0. 2ou can make them %roduce 8the number9 under the ..atriot Act "as %assed under the $ar .. Its called . :hich ".ommission "ebsite as an in&estment contract. Mitchell (tein has 1<FF %lainti**s.here in . That contract is called a pooling and servicing agreement. Bo" do you ans"er that obAection. %f its not a negotiable instrument how can there be a loan7 2?D1C 2ou'll notice that the bank ne&er si!ns any o* the loan documents. 'hey kno" "hat's !oin! on. 'his thin! is !oin! to Aury trial. Its called the Bank (ecrecy Act.

E 'hat's the %arent com%any *or all these su%erior courts in the states. Be's testi*yin! on behal* o* a dead %erson. I'&e actually done this and sto%%ed anythin! *rom !ettin! into the court record. Bere in .ali*ornia the ori!inal constitution "as 1?H> then they amended it in 1?<F. Its not a district court o* the united states 0an article three section one court1 its a united states district court.allerD 'hen "hat's the su%erior court o* $ashin!ton +. And Ro!er 'a"ny used to ride the circuit as a circuit Aud!e. Be doesn't ha&e %ersonal kno"led!e under =F2 and he's incom%etent to testi*y.. I* you are dead can you come into the court and testi*yE Go read your dead man statutes.i* you're a com%any/ a cor%oration/ an association and you're insol&ent or bankru%t you're civilly dead. And here's another you're doin! that's "ron!. And i* you're ci&illy dead you're naturally and le!ally dead. $hen these attorneys come into court and start testi*yin!/ they're testi*yin! on behal* o* the decedent.larence is attem%tin! to do. $ell i* you !o in there and read these ta)in! statutes/ your cha%ter 11 and 12/ they talk about a decedent/ a dead %erson. H<D)) 'he united (tates doesn't o"n anythin!. 'hat's "hat that all ca%ital letter name.i* you study rule 1C A "hich is standin! to come into court and rule 1> A "hich is Aoinder.that's not a stra"man/ that's a le!al estate. And there's no yello" *rin!ed *la! in any o* the court room..olumbia. 2ou !otta ha&e the ta) la"s alon! "ith trust la" and %robate la". Attorneys are substitutin! themsel&es *or the in&estors because you're not obAectin!. I ha&en't documented it. 3ri!inally they had =HF increments. 'hat's another reason you don't "in in court. 2our deed o* trust has your meets and bounds land descri%tion/ not a %ro%erty descri%tion. 'hat's an article three section one court. Be "as lookin! *or the national court/ the national seat o* !o&ernment/ the common la" court *or the national seat o* !o&ernment/ its the district court o* the united states *or the district o* . $hen these attorneys come into court I tell the Aud!e I don't "ant this %erson testi*yin!. And they issued a land %atent *or the acrea!e and they desi!nate them by lot and section number and to"nshi% and ran!e number. 'his is "hy you !otta challen!e subAect matter Aurisdiction. H1D)) 6&ery state has a 5and .. . . I'&e actually done this. 'hat's "hy the Aud!e says I'm not !oin! to let you re%resent yoursel* because you're incom%etent. Go into 3?> o* . 'hey're all in a declared state o* bankru%tcy. 'hey %assed the dead man's statutes and the courts ha&e ado%ted that under rule =F1o* the *ederal rules o* e&idence/ com%etency to testi*y.allerD (o you !o in and identi*y yoursel* other"iseE 2eah. And unless you obAect to it under rule =F1 they !et a"ay "ith it and they allo" their testimony as e&idence.there "as a %resum%tion o* death.allerD Bo" do you break thatE 'y identifying yourself as the e2ecutor. 5and is described in meets and bounds "hich is distance and direction. All these cor%orations are entities/ indi&iduals or arti*icial %ersons and they're all decedents. Read title 2= section 3F3. 'hey're all debtors in %ossession. And I use the "ord decedent. And 12 b = is *ailure to state a . . 'here's a di**erence bet"een land and %ro%erty. %f you 6oin the real parties in interest the court cannot rule on the case because the real parties in interest aren't before the court which are your investors under the pooling and servicing agreement. .rior to that it "as called the circuit court o* the united states *or the district o* . 12 b 2 is in %ersonam Aurisdiction. And I think its HF . 'he constitution says the su%erior courts are courts o* record. Go to the secretary of state's web site and look under definitions it will tell you that an individual is a decedent.. . And i* you !o into the Blanch*ord and McArthur re%orts it re%orts all these common la" cases. .hris (ummers says. I* you !o into your state constitution. Read the cestui @ue II6 Act o* 1===/ i* you "ere missin! at sea *or more than C years you "ere declared. The only court that has 6urisdiction to foreclose on land is the county court under the organic constitution. (o i* you ha&e an estate that e)ists and there's no bene*iciaries or heirs to that estate then the %resum%tion is there is no heirs or bene*iciaries because its intestate. I* you si!n any document "ith blue ink/ you are si!nin! a dead man's si!nature. (o ho" can they e&er brin! a claim a!ainst somebody in a court o* la" "hen they're all debtorsE Bo" can a debtor brin! a claimE 'hey can't. 'hey're all debtors in %ossession under a cha%ter 11 reor!ani7ation actin! as trustees to the bankru%t estate.courts o* the united states ha&e criminal Aurisdiction 8district is s%elled "ith a small d9. I did the research *or senator $ayne (tum%.. 'hey're all bankru%t. Because the real %arties in interest. 'hat's "hy the court doesn't ha&e subAect matter Aurisdiction. (o they do a %resum%tion o* death under title < section <<=<.:R section HHF a %resum%tion o* death issues because there's no bene*iciaries or heirs to the estate. 'hat's "hat . #orporations are decedents because they're individuals and 01 persons0 corporations0 companies0 associations and trusts are all decedents .olumbia and it "as s%elled "ith a small s Aust like in article three section one. 'he %ro%erty descri%tion is described by to"nshi%/ ran!e/ section/ lot number "hich is "hat they do in a land %atent. 'hat's "hat +a&id . 2ou ha&e a le!al estate in "hich there's no declared bene*iciary or heir to the state and you're comin! into court under the all ca%ital letter name "hich is a le!al estate.. 12 b 1 is subAect matter Aurisdiction.olumbia. In 1?=3 it "as called the su%reme court o* the united states to the district o* . And this is %rior to 1>33.allerD But I am in district court.olumbia. Be's correct but he doesn't understand the ta) la"s. I'&e !ot su%reme court decisions that says i* you're bankru%t and insol&ent. (o the article three court at the national seat o* !o&ernment under article ? section one clause 1C is/ today its called the united states district court *or the district o* .ali*ornia code o* ci&il %rocedure it talks about rule 1> A.eo%le ha&e been lettin! them !et a"ay "ith this. Identi*y yoursel* as the bene*iciary and e)ecutor to the le!al estate o* the decedent. $ho's the dead %erson he's testi*yin! on behal* o*E 'he cor%oration.ommission and they can determine land boundaries "hich is your meets and boundaries.

You show me a person who makes wages in e2cess of ?+-00000.allerD Bo" *ar back can you !o on somethin! like thisE It doesn't make any di**erence. 'hat's "hy you're losin! these court cases on mort!a!e *oreclosures. Its identical. Bo" many times did you *ile %a%er"ork into the court and the Aud!e "ould say I'm dismissin! your %a%er"ork because it *ailed to state a claim u%on "hich the court can !rant relie*. (ho" you the %oolin! and ser&icin! a!reement "hich is *iled "ith the +'. 2ou "ant to brin! u% &enue. "ebsite.that's called the local &enue..ational .. 'y%e in I+R( s%ace A+. :or!et the note.. .allerD %f we receive the donation we don't have to pay the ta2 on it0 right7 Yeah0 the donor is supposed to pay it.roduce the credit a%%lication. Robert Bro"n is the chie* %rosecutor *or the .. You're paying all their ta2es for them.gift and estate ta2es.ommercial . "ead &00& of title &6.allerD +oes that include your military retirement and your social securityE . In 2-C thru 2-11 it says all :&'s0 all :5's0 all 1033's0 1036's and 1038's are all class . 'hey're a bunch o* %irates. Be said that's *or o**icial use only. .. 2ou can !o in there and claim all o* these *unds *rom this credit card account. 'hey say I'm 1FFJ correct. I did a letter ro!atory/ "ent into the (6. There's no statute of limitations on a 1033 =%>. 6&erybody makes them %roduce the note. 'hese are not land courts. 'hey re*er me to the com%le) issues committee cause they don't kno" anythin! about gift and estate ta2es which are capital transfer ta2es and that's what you're involved in. It doesn't talk about credit."e start these classes I'm !oin! to sho" you a treatise "ritten by a %ro*essor that talks about the local &enue rule. You have a ?+-00000 e2clusion. It says they can only loan money. I called u% Ale)ander Bo&e "ho "rote the com%lete book o* "ills/ estates and trusts. @e paid you which is a gift so the donor had to pay the ta2.ali*ornia/ Robinson. $here did they !et the credit *romE I* they "ant to ar!ue credit I'll say okay "hat "as the source o* the creditE $here is the source o* the credit under the . . :iled it "ith the county recorder and did a @uiet title action in court and they !a&e her title to the %ro%erty. I ha&e a treatise. Be's in %ri&ate %ractice no". Be says "hat's your @uestion. 3nly a land court has Aurisdiction to hear. And the courts don't ha&e Aurisdiction. "ebsite and %ull a credit card trust.I+ o* the Internal Re&enue (er&ice. o"ns both sides o* the credit card account. I can sho" you the B< %ros%ectus on a credit card. 'hey did the same thin! on credit cards that they do on mort!a!e loans.. 'hat's "hat I did on one o* my students/ on a car loan. You're not involved in income ta2.years ago can you go back and get the money you were due7 8ure.claim u%on "hich the court can !rant relie*. .he&ron credit card trust account.urrency Act o* June 3rd 1?=H. I ha&e a 1>FC decision that came out o* . I said yeah that's "hy I read it. (he "ent in and !ot an abstract o* title *rom a sur&eyor/ a meets and bounds land descri%tion.allerD %f you sold a house 1. (o ho" did they do a loan. Read :A(B re!ulation number >< cash *lo"s. $hen they !o to a trustee sale do they e&er %ut u% any moneyE +id you kno" you can't sell a %ro%erty on an unla"*ul detainer unless they %ut u% a cashier's check or moneyE $here's the money they %ut u% to %urchase the landE (o they're not a @uali*ied %urchaser *or &alue are theyE 2ou can't %urchase anythin! unless you're a @uali*ied %urchaser *or &alue under the -ni*orm . <3D)) 'hese courts don't ha&e &enue to issue *oreclosure on land. 1nd they have your )nified Ta2 #redit or e2clusion built into the form. . %'d make a claim on it. Be says you're not su%%osed to be readin! that.gift and estate ta2es have to be reported on a 06 or a 03 ta2 form. 2ou ha&en't %resented a claim or de*ense under 3-3F= and 3-3F<. :ho's the donor7 The person who paid you. 6&erythin! is a donation.ot %ro%erty descri%tion.atriot ActE 2ou're claimin! you loaned me creditE (ho" me the credit a%%lication. 06 is generation skipping transfer ta2es. 'he +'.. The 1>$0 1utomated >ata $rocessing manual.ause you didn't %ut u% any money. 'hey not only moneti7e your note or 8rather your9 security they moneti7e your recei&ables and your %ayables "hich are accounts. Be started lau!hin!. (o I asked him the @uestion and he says ho"'d you *ind that out. And its codi*ied in title 12 section 2H %ara!ra%h C.. 'hey a%%oint an indenture trustee and the indenture trustee does the card %ayments "hich are your %ayments you're makin! on the credit card !o to the bene*iciaries because you didn't claim it. And you're lettin! them steal all your land. I can !o to the (6. "ebsite/ %ulled a B< %ros%ectus "ith a %oolin! and ser&icin! a!reement/ incor%orated the %oolin! and ser&icin! a!reement "hich sho"ed that they sold all ri!ht/ title and interest in the recei&able. Go to the +'. 'hat's "here your credit came *rom. . (o I call u% Robert Bro"n and say I ha&e a @uestion about !i*t and estate ta)es. 'hey moneti7e the credit a%%lication. 1sk em where your damn receipt is on the payables that they deposited to write the check to the seller to pay for the loan. 1nd you can demand this under the $atriot 1ct. $hat are they !onna sayE . . Its abandoned %ro%erty. 'his is ho" I learn. #lass . 03 is for gift ta2es. (o you ha&e 2 recei%ts and 2 %ayments. 'hese %eo%le don't o"n anythin!. 'hey turn me o&er to the com%le) issues committee.aller# And there is no money. I called him. And there is no money. :ho's the donor7 Your employer. Read title 12 section 1?13 5 1..ode. 2ou can make them do it any time. You talk about a0 pardon my french0 a fucked up system.read section ? o* the . I said I read the 16&03 decoding manual on the %"8 website.. Inte!rated +ata Retrie&al (ystem. I call the IR( all the time. 3nly the land court has the Aurisdiction to do that. It says "hen a loan is made and the note is de%osited in a demand de%osit account it becomes a %ayment to the de%ositor and a recei%t to the bank and a recei%t to the de%ositor and a %ayment to the bank. Read title 2= section 2<12 b.

<3 =FF o* the . . That's the first thing % ask them when % go into court is where's your bond to indemnify the ta2 liability as the recipient of the funds from the decedent7 You've acAuired funds from a decedent under 1015 of title &6 and you haven't paid the ta2. . Because there is no heir or bene*iciary or e)ecutor on the court record o* the de*endant "ho is the le!al estate/ the court does a constructi&e trust in e@uity to !i&e restitution and reimbursement to the . Read &0+& 1 e 11 of title &6 it talks about a Aualified heir under section 1015 of title &6. . KI* there is no administrator or e)ecutor been a%%ointed then "hoe&er had actual or constructi&e custody o* the estate %ro%erty is actin! as the e)ecutor or the administrator. Read =>F1 B. 'hey %ut their %arachute on and Aum% out the "indo". 6&ery county has an administrator. You have to file a bond with the secretary of treasury to cover the ta2 liability.L 2ou !o into court/ "ho has actual and constructi&e custody o* the estate %ro%ertyE +oesn't the Aud!eE Isn't he administratin! or actin! as the estateE . Title &60 that's the rules and regulations that they operate by and so % use that on them. . Read =F23 . (o none of your titles one through fifty are positive law. It de*ines "hat an e)ecutor is. HF= and HFC says you can do a trust orally. +o you kno" "hat a constructi&e trust is in e@uityE +o"nload this case# Goo!enheim & -( e)%loration com%any. %f you really want to shake them up tell them you want a copy of their depository resolution agreement with the federal reserve bank of new york .allerD And they sent me to Aail *or 1H months *or "ill*ul *ailure to *ile. 'he Aud!e has his o"n set o* books and so does the clerk. It says e)ecutor andGor administrator.o) as a su%reme court Austice o* the real su%reme court and I ha&e a co%y o* the s%eech he !a&e on the house *loor. $alter . 'itles one throu!h <F ha&e not been enacted into la". (o "hat I do is I make them %ay it e&en thou!h I'm the donor. 'he administrator is actin! as the e)ecutor because there's no beneficiary established on their record. Its in an escro" account. Tell the 6udge you want him to settle and close the case and you're authori9ing it..2. 'he donor has to %ay it. % tell them %'m the e2ecutor of the legal estate of the decedent0 the all ca%ital letter name/ "hich is the le!al estate. It tells ho" to %ut a trust to!ether. 'he court "as actin! as a backu% "ithholdin! a!ent *or the Internal Re&enue (er&ice. And under +. They're taking all your funds and investing it all and getting all the proceeds and you're not getting a penny.allerD Are you sayin! title 2= o* the Internal Re&enue . Bere's "hat they're doin! in the court room. They put you in 6ail on a ta2 charge.ali*ornia !o&ernment code. 8o % could go back and sue them. I did a criminal IR( case and "hen I *iled the declaration o* trust they dismissed the criminal char!es and "ent ci&il "ith it.ode and read sections HF1 and HF2. I can sho" you the !o&ernment code section that !o&ern that. 1DFC 'hese %eo%le are !ettin! a"ay "ith murder because nobody understands "hat's !oin! on in the court room. That's why % appoint them as trustees. /o after your interest. . 'hese %eo%le don't o"n anythin!/ they're bankru%t and they're controllin! your assets and you're lettin! them cause you're not claimin! them.2es.allerD $hich meansE $ell you don't have any law. %nterest accrues to principal. Be ne&er a%%ro&ed it. #allerB 8o there's no statute of limitation on fraud.one o* the titles one throu!h *i*ty ha&e been %assed into %ositi&e la" because they "ere ne&er %resented/ and I can sho" you in the con!ressional record/ "here they "ere ne&er %resented to the %resident and si!ned into la".e&erybody talks about redem%tion and i* you don't understand ta) la"/ trust la"/ commercial la" and accountin! you can't understand anythin! that's !oin! on. Go into 22F3 o* title 2=. %'m gonna have the %"8 come out here and sei9e all your property. And i* the donor doesn't %ay it the donee has to %ay it. You're in possession of contraband. It "asn't until I started studyin! all H di&isions that I understood "hat "as !oin! on in the court room. 'hey sat do"n *or 1< minutes a*ter "e ser&ed the %a%ers on them/ they %ut the %a%ers do"n and I !ot this *rom the %rocess ser&er/ they ran out o* the court room/ shut the court do"n/ the district attorneys and the Aud!es ran out o* the court room/ shut the court do"n *or 3 months/ hired attorneys to try and !et out o* this and they couldn't get out of it. +o"nload -ni*orm 'rust .. A lien attaches until the ta) is %aid. They're regulations.ri&ate Money In&estment Account. I made the Aud!es and attorneys trustees. 'hat's "ho they're brin!in! the claim a!ainst because that's "here all the money is. 'hey're %robatin! your estate. 2ou don't ha&e to be a%%ointed to be an e)ecutor. 1D1H I* you kno" < or = key statements "hen you take it into the court system they "ill run a"ay *rom you. $hen its abandoned %ro%erty and the estate is intestate then it escheats back to the state by o%eration o* la"/ under %robate la". 2ou're !oin! to be *orced to deal "ith this issue "hether you "ant to or not. Be says "ithout any le!al authority "hatsoe&er/ there "as three attorneys/ and I kno" all 3 o* them/ "ithout any le!al authority at all they did their re&ision o* the re&ised statutes o* the united states "hich are "here titles one throu!h *i*ty came *rom. %f you're a Aualified heir and you're the recipient or the receiver of funds from a decedent you are a Aualified heir. 1nd so they were spending your interest while they put you in 6ail as the principal. 'itle 2= "as ne&er %assed into la". And "atch the look on his *ace. And %eo%le that are doin! redem%tion.IMA. And that's "hat co&ers the . :ell why don't you go get the money. You have to assess the ta20 make them return the interest back to you so you can do settlement and closure. )ntil interest is returned back to the principal you can't have settlement and closure.601 of the )niform $robate #ode % made em put up a one million dollar fidelity bond to guarantee their fiduciary trustee duty as a fiduciary trustee .ode is ille!alE $hat's ill ea!leE 'hat's a sick bird.allerD yes/ "ell "ho !a&e him %ermission to do thatE $ell because its abandoned.

9 . %ts all administrative.com Maria talks about the %re&ious (aturday ni!ht %ri&ate lesson "ith Jean eatin!. Now they're the trustees. Its called :I. 1D2C I %aid M3<F to ha&e a trust ser&ed on the court and the ser&er said they ran/ not "alked/ out o* the court room.RA.10. :I. ./ under the (I.. . Im !oin! to *ile "ith ne*ra *inra.A/ they're the a!ency under :I.RA :inancial Industry Re!ulatory Authority. 'he so&erei!nty is still in the %eo%le. 'itle 2? section 1=F1 throu!h 1=1F. 'hey took me out o* their system. ..aller# 'his is Aust to !et back the money %eo%le ha&e already %aid in to mort!a!esE J D 2eah. % want the security0 the proceeds. . 1D33 file an adverse claim 8.. 'hey use the 11 th amendment because you don't use it.10&0 8.. %'ll give you the classes and show you how to fill out the form. 1ll these investors are going to have to give you back all your money they've been taking.com."hy do you *ile the claimE Because you're an in&estor. 11th amendment didn't chan!e chisom & !eor!ia. I don't e&en !et into the loan thin!. . I* it ends u% in court the (I.allerD 2ou're *ilin! a claim "ith an a!ency that's !oin! to ensure you !et %aid other"ise the other %arty is ultimately bein! a crook and they !et *ined/ %enali7ed.and 8.. . chisom & !eor!ia/ they cannot sue you under the 11th amendment.RA re!ulates the (6.6:RAE J D . :I. kenickesN!mail.RA so %'m gonna file the case with !%N"1.-08 tells you how to do it.allerD Its not . I'm an in&estor.and 8.. (o "hat I do is I !o in there and they Aum% out the "indo". 'hat's "hat . I can !i&e you my name/ birth date and social and I do not e)ist.10& with nefra (its !%N"1* (to get paid off mortgage money back* you file because you're an investor its administrative you dont go into court. J D 'hat's "hy these courts aren't %ayin! attention to your ar!uments on a loan. "ebinar classes saturday at =%m.eil Gar*ield said.FF a month. $hat's the %ur%ose o* a trusteeE 'o run the trust *or the bene*it o* the bene*iciary "ho is the %lainti** on all these cases/ ci&il or criminalE (o they make the state the bene*iciary and you ha&e to !i&e all your money to the bene*iciary under a constructi&e trust. 2ou do. Now they have to run the court case for the benefit of me. $ebine) M1FF.you ha&e to *ile the claim.RA re!ulates the (6. (ecurities In&estment .%lainti** and a%%oints the de*endant as the trustee. 86&ery $ednesday ni!ht on AIB Radio at talkshoe.rotection A!ency cor%. 'here is no loan.RA *irst but you need back!round *irst/ do you kno" "hat security entitlement is/ do you kno" "hat entitlement holder isE Maria# "e ha&e to !o thru each de*inition slo"ly so e&erybody can learn "hat they are J D you need to understand "hy you ha&e a claim. Be says by o%eration o* la" you ha&e the same ri!hts but he doesn't tell you ho" to do it. cause they don't o"n them.o its :I. % don't care about the note.com Jean in subAect line 8only audio9 con*erence I+ 1C?>? at =%m %aci*ic time (aturdays :I.6:RA is.allerD +idn't they 8 9 on the international marketE J D I don't care "hat they did "ith it. I "ant to kno" "here my %roceeds are. Its M1FF a month to Aoin $ebine) to &ie" eatin!s "ebinar lessons and its M2< %er lesson. % have a form for filing the claim then you can ask for the proceeds. As o* =-1-11 he still has not !one into detail about the CF= and CF> *orms that I kno" o* but I ha&e not si!ned u% *or the %ri&ate lessons. to get your money back on a paid off mortgage7 1D31 file an adverse claim under 8. % appointed them as the fiduciary trustee. % have the form for filing a claim. $e ha&en't done this yet because I "ant to make sure "e're doin! it ri!ht that's "hy "e're doin! all this research. 'hou!h not in detail/ the $ednesday ni!ht calls are recorded and can be do"nloaded at talkshoe. :orei!n (o&erei!n Immunities Act.-0.. $hat I'm doin! is teachin! you ho" to do it..they don't trans*er 8 9 to a R6MI. They're gonna have a heart attack when you do this because they owe you all this money. But you can't go in there and ask for the proceeds until you file the claim. Go on the internet and look at it.

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