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7-C/W, New Satellite Town, Sargodha

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Ameer Bakhsh Islam Pakistani 33201-1592144-3 Jhang (Punjab) Single April 5, 1981

I consider myself a conscientious, adaptable and hardworking individual, confident and committed to succeed in my profession. I am a fast learner in diverse environment that enables me to accomplish assigned tasks within deadlines using my acquired skills, drive, initiative and team work.


To enhance my abilities, skills and capabilities through working with professional, dynamic, progressive and reputable organizations like yours.


2000 to 2003 University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore B.Sc. Civil Engineering 1997 to 1999 Superior Science College, Sargodha HSSC (Pre-Engineering) 1996 Govt. Comprehensive High School, Sargodha SSC (Science)

Research Work My research work includes my final year project on the topic “Review of Cross Drainage Works of Ghazi Barotha Hydro-power Project”. Skills Technical and Business Report Writing, Managerial Skills, Inter Personal Communication Skills, Skilled at MS Office and Web Browsing, Working Knowledge of AutoCAD, MS Project and Prima Vera Project Planner (P3) Work Experience


Jan 2008 to-date: Working as Planning and Cost Control Engineer with Associated Technologies Limited for Pakistan Earth-quake ReConstruction and Rehabilitation Program funded by United States Agency for International Development (US Aid).


a) Preparation of Construction Schedule for 10 No’s. Basic Health
Units and 01 No. Govt. Girls High School

b) Preparation of Payment Terms for the above Projects
c) Bi-Weekly Progress Fore-cast d) Bi-Weekly Progress Review e) Daily Progress Reports Review f) Control and Monitoring of Resources Utilization g) Management of Resources Sharing h) Look after of Contractual Issues with the Employer i) Preparation of Claims for Extension of Time (EoT) j) Coordination with the Head Office and the Employer k) Preparation of Cost and Time Proposals for Requests for Proposals (RFP’s) and Negotiation for the same with the Employer l) Prepared Technical Proposal’s for Tenders of Schools and BHU’s (for 05 Different Projects which scored about 90% marks each) m) Prepared Summary Construction Schedules for the above said Tenders n) Prepared Initial Stage Technical Proposal for Arabian Sea Wind Form Project (500 MW) for Civil Infra-structure Worked as Construction Quality Control Manager with Associated Technologies Limited for Pakistan Earth-quake ReConstruction and Rehabilitation Program funded by United States Agency for International Development (US Aid). Responsibilities: a) Established Material Testing Lab at Project Office

b) Supervision of Quality Tests for both Coarse and Fine Aggregates c) Supervision of Concrete Mix Design for using OPC and SRC
d) Supervision of Cylinder Crushing Strength Testing e) Preparation of Construction Methodologies f) Preparation of Health and Safety Plans g) Preparation of Quality Control Plans h) Implementation of Quality Control Plans i) Implementation of Health and Safety Plans j) Over-all Quality Control of Construction Works k) In-house training of Quality Control Inspector l) Submission of Submittals and maintaining Submittals Records m) Coordination with Client (CDM Constructors Inc. USA) for Quality related Issues


Jun 2007 to Jan 2008: Worked for ZOMA (Pvt.) Limited Islamabad as

Manager Technical at Head Office Responsibilities: a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) Coordination with Clients/Consultants at Higher Level Pre-bid and Post-bid Negotiations with Clients/Consultants Preparation and Submission of Prequalification Documents Preparation and Submission of Documents for Enlistment with Governmental/Non-Governmental Organizations/Agencies Detailed Studies of Tender Documents of Lump-Sum Rate Tenders Preparation of in-House BOQ’s and Verification of Clients/Consultants provided BOQ’s for Lupm-Sum Rate Tenders Preparation and Submission of Bidding Documents Supervision of Preparation of Rate Analysis and VO’s Preparation of Technical Proposal for Submission with Tenders Preparation of Construction Schedules for Submission with Tenders Construction of Construction Schedule for actual execution and its implementation on site Over-all Monitoring of Under-Progress Projects Prepared Documents for Registration with Pakistan Engineering Councils as Contractor Over-all Engineering Office Management

j) k) l) m) n)

Project Manager on Construction of New Junior Wing Army Burn Hall College for Boys Abbot Abad (Estimated Project Cost Rs.140.8 Millions) Responsibilities: o) Scheduling of the project p) Mobilization for the project q) Source Investigation for Procurement of Direct Materials r) Supervision of Survey Work of the project s) Supervision of Construction Activities t) Over-all Internal Quality Control and Quality Control Management u) Material Consumption Forecast v) Coordination with Client and Consultant at Higher Level w) Checking and Pointing out Deficiencies in received drawings x) Arrangement, Negotiation and Coordination with Sub-contractors y) Staff Management z) Supervision of Administrative Matters of the project aa) Supervision of Financial Matters of the project bb) Supervision of Site Store cc) Design and Supervision of Temporary Facilities at Site dd) Preparation of Bar Bending Schedules ee) Preparation of IPC’s/Running Bills


Dec 2005 to Jun 2007: Worked for M/S Echo West International as Monitoring Engineer/Deputy Project Manager for Dualization of Lahore – Kasur Road Kahna – Kasur Section (Estimated Project Cost Rs.1998.722 Millions)


a) Internal Quality Control and Quality assurance both for Earth
Work and Structures Work b) Planning and preparation of Weekly and Monthly Working Plan c) Setting Daily Progress Targets for Site Engineers and Monitoring of Progress against the set Targets d) Monitoring and Reporting of daily Site Progress in terms of Financial Achievements e) Keeping Check and Balance on Materials Consumption and Keeping Record of consumption of Direct Materials f) Preparation of Monthly Budget for the Project g) Coordination with Head Office and Client for all kind of Project related matters h) Design and Preparation of Drawings for Structures as per Design Standards of Client (Communication and Works Department, Govt. of the Punjab) i) Quantity Estimation of Materials required for the Structures for procurement j) To provide Technical Advice/Assistance to Site Staff and Project Manager on basis of Standard Specifications of Client k) Cross Verification of Rental Machinery, Suppliers and Cubcontractors Bills for approval by Project Manager Completed 03 No’s. 02 Span 10 Feet each & 01 No. 8 Feet Span, Slab Culverts within a record period of 20 days from Layout to Deck Slab under short period plan Coordinator for Dualization of Lahore – Kasur Road Kahna – Kasur Section (Estimated Project Cost Rs.1998.722 Millions) and Lahore Ring Road Package IV (Estimated Project Cost Rs.888.9 Millions) Responsibilities: a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) k) Coordination with Site Management and Senior Management for Site related Issues Coordination with Client and Consultants regarding issue of Site Management Maintaining Whole Record of the Projects and Related Activities Analysis of Working and Fuel Consumption of Machinery at Site Analysis of Daily Site Progress regarding set targets and Achievements Analysis of Daily Site Progress regarding Financial Achievements in terms of Progress of Work Keeping Check and Balance on Material Utilization at Site Coordination with Procurement Department for Procurement and Purchase of Materials/Equipments Coordination with Account Department for Procurement related Processes Re-checking and Analysis of Sub-Contractors/Supplies Bills Coordination with Site Management and Accounts Department for processing of Payments at Site, to Sub-Contractors and Supplies


Keeping Check and Balance on utilization of Daily Wagers at Site and Issues related to Payments to Daily Wagers m) Coordination with Clients for IPC related issues n) Preparation of Escalation o) Preparation of Claims and Study of Tender Documents to support the Claims Senior Site Engineer/Site Coordinator on Lahore Ring Road (Package IV) Responsibilities: a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) k) l) m) n) o) p) q) r) s) t) u) v) w) x) y) z) aa) bb) cc) dd) ee) ff) Preparation of Bar Bending Schedules for Culverts, Subways, Road Barriers and Piles Preparation of Proposals for Pile Load Test Arrangements Preparation of Proposals for Diversion of Drain Supervision of Preparation of Bed, using Select Fill Material, for Brick Masonry Retaining Wall and Subway Site Management and Arrangements for Blinding Concrete (ClassB) for Brick Masonry Retaining Wall Supervision of Blinding Concrete (Class-B) for Brick Masonry Retaining Wall Layout Demarcation for Brick Masonry Retaining Wall Supervision of Brick Masonry for Brick Masonry Retaining Wall Supervision of Cutting, Binding and Fixing of Reinforcement for Reinforced Earth Wall Panels Supervision of Concreting of Reinforced Earth Wall Panels Supervision of Excavation for Removal of Unsuitable Material Supervision of Structural Excavation in Common Material to attain Required Level as per design Supervision of Natural Ground Compaction Supervision of Formation of Embankment Supervision of Dismantling of Exsiting Pavement Asphalt and structures Supervision of Scarification of Existing Pavement Supervision of Sub-Base Layers Supervision of WBM Base Course Supervision of Prime Coat and Tack Coat for Asphalt layers Supervision of Asphalt Base Course Quality Assurance in association with Material Engineer Arrangements and Supervision of Dewatering for Rain Water Coordination with Consultant/Client Coordination of on Site Progress Maintaining Coordination Data Preparation of Daily Progress Report Preparation of Daily Working Schedule/Report Submission/Receiving of Check Requests to Consultant Maintaining Check Requests Data Maintaining Daily on Site Material Consumption Record and comparing it with Theoretically required Quantities Occasional Preparation and Verification of Sub-Contractors Bills Active Participation in IPC Preparation.


Dec 2004 to Nov 2005: Worked as Site Engineer on the Project “State Life Tower”, Blue Area Islamabad for M/S Moinsons (pvt.) Limited.

Responsibilities: a) b) c) d) e) f) Demarcation of Plot and Marking of Grids Contouring of Site Supervision of Excavation for Basement Layout of Foundation Preparation of Bar Bending Schedules Supervision of Foundation Concreting like Pile Foundation and Raft Foundation g) Management and execution of a successful Foundation Test h) Preparation of Dewatering System Scheme and its proper execution as per Design i) Preparation of Running Bills j) Preparation of Extra Work Claims k) Study of Contract Documents, Drawings and Specifications to support the Claims of Extra Work and Preparation of Suspension Losses Claims l) Supervision of Formwork, Steel Fixing and Concreting Work of Structural Members like Columns, Beams and Slabs on the Development Project (Aladdin Apartments, G-11, Islamabad) owned by M/S Moinsons (pvt.) Limited


Nov 2003 to Nov 2004 Worked as Junior Design Engineer with M/S KOFICON Computer Aided Design, Lahore.

Responsibilities: a) Structural Design of Housing Units b) Structural Design of Retaining Walls c) Bar Bending Schedules for Structural Members d) Supervision of Drafting Works e) Verification of Survey Data f) Coordination with Clients g) Office Management References Available on Request

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