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Med Mantra -Hospital Management and Information System



Scientific breakthroughs and advancement in medical knowledge have helped to treat conditions which were not curable even a few years back but we are far from our goals of improving the quality of life and to save all the lives that could be saved. Hospitals are striving towards these goals but are challenged to effectively use all their resources - financial, human, information and materials for providing better care, at all times, at affordable costs to all. Med Mantra which is a result of constant innovation, goes beyond hospital automation to enable transformation in patient care, resource management and information management leading to a better patient outcomes and healthier operations.

A Few Key Success Factors for a hospital that Med MantraTM enables to achieve.
n Patient Care and Satisfaction n Patient Health Management through EMR n Lower Cost of Operations n Effective Decision Making n Capacity Utilization n Resource Optimization n Physician and Staff Productivity n Integration with External Systems n Statutory Compliance

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The TCS Advantage

With more than four decades of technology expertise and global operations that serve the top insurers around the world, we are the leader in providing the state-of-art services to the industry. With significant successes delivered through proven processes, deep technology expertise, operational excellence, people focus, and control and compliance, we have the track record and exceptional qualifications that help industry players select us as their partners. We have extensive experience in supporting healthcare customers and our pool of professionals bring diverse healthcare experience and strong domain knowledge. In addition, we bring to the solution our:

Med MantraTM

Comprehensive Solution for Healthcare Providers

Administration Patient Care Third Party Interface
ERP & Backend Systems Biomedical Equipments

Clinical Care

Billing & Claims

Admissions & Transfer


Material Management & Pharmacy

Enterprise Scheduler


HR & Payroll

Patient Registration

Barcode & RFID


MIS Dashboards

Operation Theatre




Blood Banks


Diagnostic Centre


Overview of the Solution

The key features of the Med Mantra Solution are

n Clinical focus with EMR: The EMR feature n Robust & Scalable Architecture using latest


together with strong clinical functionality makes for a comprehensive solution for the hospital.
n Fully Integrated solution: Comprehensive

Technology: Provides investment protection for the future, while enabling collaboration and enhancements with modular plug and play capabilities. Conformance to International Standards: n Compliant with healthcare standards such as HL7, ICD 10, ICD 9CM, LOINC, HIPAA and many more. Business Intelligence and Performance n Management: Advanced Business analytics is designed towards enhanced performance by facilitating better and timely decisions.

coverage of all hospital functions with integration with external systems like PACS Systems, Lab Auto analyzers, Bar Code, Smart Card, RFID, Biometric, ERP Systems etc.
n Modular design: Enables modules to be

implemented in a selective and stand alone manner, providing for greater flexibility to meet your needs while protecting investment and minimizing the impact of change.

With TCS Med MantraTM, we have been able to further integrate and streamline our operations. The information provided by the system has also increased the effectiveness of our decision making. Its facilitating us in our mission.
Dr. K. Hari Prasad, M.D CEO of Apollo Hospitals, Central Region

TCS Hospital management solution has made our lives easier and has enhanced patient care. Digital health care is the future and the future is here right now.
Dr Arvind Narayan, Sr Registrar, O&M - Surgery & Dentistry Bramwell Hospital (ABH) Mauritius

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