1. Resin finish is meant for __________ the crease recovery of cotton fabrics 2. Differentiate between chemical and mechanical finishes? 3. Give the advantages and disadvantages for resin finishing 4. Give the advantages and disadvantages for acid wash finish 5. Give the advantages for garment wash 6. Write the merits and demerits of sand blasting wash 7. State the mechanism of wrinkle free finish 8. Write the merits and demerits of enzyme wash 9. What is wash-n-wear finish? 10. Mention the process details required for enzymes wash 11. What are the uses of stenter? 12. State the importance of anti crease finish? 13. Give the concept of compressive shrinkage? 14. How do you classified for finishing process 15. mention the type of cellulose used in enzyme wash

16. Briefly explain about enzyme wash, sand blasting, stone wash, peach finish
17. Explain the wrinkle- free finishing of cotton fabric 18. Explain the different method of application in garment finishing

UNIT – V EFFLUENT TREATMENT 2 Marks 1. List the impurities that may be found in a typical dye house 2. Write down the standard for the characteristics of effluent discharged from a textile chemical process house? 3. What do you understand by the term BO and !O ? ". What are causes of water pollution? #. What are causes of air pollution? $. What is meant by acid rain or state about acid rain %. What are the en&ironment affect due to acid rain

Explain the source . 1%. Give examples for primary and secondary air pollutants 14. Briefly explain the principle of wor+ing of a re&erse osmosis plant? 1'.What are the methods of remo&al of colour from dye house effluent? *xplain them. 2. What are point and non-point sources of water pollution? 13. and their source and effects 11. escribe the &arious +inds of effluents produced by a textile chemical process house. Explain the various methods of controlling air pollution. .. Explain the source . Mention causes and effects of acid rain 12 Marks 1#. Name any four air pollutants. 24./0 21. and their source and effects 12.Briefly explain about different ingredients used in printing paste? 1(. causes and control measures of water pollution 22. )ow would you effecti&ely control the water pollution? 10.'.*xplain with a neat line s+etch the function of each unit in effluent treatment plant-*. causes and control measures of air pollution 23.*xplain the operation in&ol&ed for the treatment of the effluent from a dye house? 1$. Explain the various methods of controlling water pollution. Name any four water pollutants. What is meant by green house effect (.

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