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Detailed Estimate for the Proposed Additional works to the existing Building belongs to Smt. H.R.

Saroja W/o Late D.K. Hanumanthappa, Situated Near S.V.M. School, 2nd Cross, Laxmipuram Extension, Hassan. Applicant Smt. H.R. Saroja Location Near S.V.M. School, 2nd Cross, Laxmipuram Extension, Hassan. . Property. ID No. 15-1-505-91 S.A.S No. 131 Katha No. 3381/3063 Ward No. 15 Plot Area. 2310.00 Sft Name Of Works. Compound Wall, Showcase & Wardrobe, Concrete around The Building, Kitchen Plat Form Kitchen Glazed Tiles, Surki, Back side grill, Sl. No 1. Description of items No L B D Quantity Unit Rate Amount

Earth work excavation for foundation and removing the excavated earth to a distance not exceeding 50m and with a lift up to 1.50m in hard soil. Compound 1 98.00 0.76 0.76 = 56.60Cmtr. @ Rs.90/5,094-00


Providing and laying granite or basalt or trap jelly concrete using 40mm and down size jelly for foundation laid in 15cms. thick layers and well compacted including curing etc., complete in CC 1:4:8. Compound 1 98.00 0.76 0.15 = 11.18 Smtr. @ Rs.1560/17,440-00

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-23. Providing and constructing granite or trap or basalt size stone masonry stones, hammer dressed in courses not less than 20cms. high with bond stones 2m apart in each course including curing etc., complete. as per specifications for foundation in C.M 1:6. Compound 1 1 1 98.00 0.75 98.00 0.65 98.00 0.55 0.2 0.2 0.2 = = = 14.70 12.74 10.78 -------38.22 Cmtr.

@ Rs.1260/-



Providing and laying granite or basalt or trap jelly CC using 20mm and down size jelly including mixing, laying, tamping, curing and finished for exposed faces with necy. centering and form work etc., complete for basement in CC 1:2:4. 1 98.00 0.45 0.10 = 4.41 Cmtr. @ Rs.2250/9,922-00


Providing and constructing brick masonry with approved quality modular bricks of size standard size with necy. Scaffolding and Curing for basement and superstructure in CM 1:6. 1 1 98.00 0.13 1.83 0.13 1.22 1.22 = = 15.55 0.29 ------15.26Cmtr.

Compound Wall Ded. of Gate

Net Quantity of BBM 6.

@ Rs.2500/-


Supplying and fixing of steel gate made out of pressed steel 100mm x 65mm of 18guage for frame with or without sill and shutters made out of 25mm x 25mm x 6mm MS angle with 75mm C.R. plain panels welded to the shutters frame two numbers of 20mm x 6mm flats to be welded behind the shutters at 1/3 from the top and 1/3 form the bottom, one number M.S. flat 32mm x 4mm to be welded horizontally at the center of the shutter frame, entire frames to be fixed in the masonry with hold fasts 6Nos. of 25mm x 4mm 40cms. long embedded in CC 1:3:6 with granite metal of size 20mm and down size jelly. The hollow section of the door frames to be filled with CC 1:2:4 compact fully. The sections should be cut to lengths, joints mitered and welded and electrically grinded all the corners to neat finish. All the section shall be pretreated for removal of dust and rust. The entire surface of the gate should be painted with two coats of anticorrosive paint. 1 1.83 - 1.22 = 2.23 Smtr. @ Rs.2500/5,575-00


Providing Stucco plastering to walls in two coats consisting base coat of 12mm thick with CM ( 1:4 ) and finishing with additional coat with pebble dashing using graded pebbles of 4mm to 8mm in CM (1:3) including curing with necy scaffolding etc., complete 2 1 98.00 1.22 98.00 0.13 = = 239.12 12.74
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Ded of Gate 1x 2.23 =


249.63 Smtr. 8.

@ Rs.90/-


Providing emulsion painting to walls or ceilings over the primer coat of appd. make & colour after scrapping the original surface and rubbing with sand paper of zero size & with base coat of plastofix primer and two coats of plastic emulsion painting of appd. colour successively after drying each coat and finishing as per specification and direction. Same Qty. of Plastering 249.63 Smtr. @ Rs.70/17,474-00


PAINTING ON GATE Synthetic enamel painting of appd. make and colour, two coats over one coats of wood primer. Painting on Gate 4.46 Smtr. @ Rs.60/267-00


Kitchen Plot form 2 4.23 0.61 = 5.17 Cmtr. @ Rs.3000/15,510-00


DADDOOING WITH GLAZED TILES Daddooing with glazed tiles for walls with borders set in CM 1:3 and pointed with plaster of paris and white cement., complete with colour glazed tiles of size 20cms. X 10cms. Kitchen 2 Bath 3 6.41 7.78 1.06 2.14 = = 13.59 49.44 ---------63.03 Smtr.

@ Rs.950/-



WEATHER PROOF COURSE OR SURKI Providing and laying weather proof course 10cms. thick average chip jelly concrete 1:2:4 including cleaning the surface and beating the mixed and laid concrete finishing the top surface smooth and plastering with CM 1:2 and covering the surface with sand or hay and kept damp for not less than 7 days etc., complete. 11.59 10.67 = 123.66Cmtr. @ Rs.540/66,776-00


Concert around the Building 45.48 1.52 = 69.13 Smtr. @ Rs.500/34,565-00


WARDROBE & SHOWCASE Providing and fixing Showcase with 32 X 125mm size teak wood framework around Plastering the walls extra 28mm thick with cm.1:6 proportion wherever necy. to bring the wall surface inline with the frame surface and the entire plaster surface is covered with 4mm thick plywood to look like a plywood box and shutters of 25mm thick particle board with ISI certification and factory pre-lamination appd. colour on one side &
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-4balancing lamination of white on the other side. The Showcase should be bifurcated in three horizontal compartment with 19mm black board with 15mm thick steel pipe fixed in the center portion of the ward robe as per appd. drawing with necy. hinges and iron oxidized fittings such as handles etc., and providing necy. locks. Wardrobe Showcase 4 2 3.05 1.52 2.14 1.83 = = 26.10 5.56 ------31.66 Smtr.

@ Rs.5000/Total


4,99,574-00 426-00

Miscellaneous & Rounding off Grand Total (Rupees Five Lakh Only)


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