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It gives me great pleasure to exchange a few words about the 4Fox Industries 4Fox continued its journey of success based on our strategy of serving clients better. a company agile enough to take advantage of its uni ue domestic and international footprint! capitali"ing on the largest balance sheet and customer base in #akistan with high cross sell potential. $ur standalone %%% rating &the highest in the industry'! our ($)! which is amongst the highest in the %sian industry! and our comfortable capital ade uacy ratios! position us well in front of our competitors for future growth. *ear +,,- was an outstanding year with the bank recording the highest profit in its history. $ur wide range of product offering! large branch network and committed workforce are some of our fundamental strengths that enabled us to achieve exceptional results in a very competitive market the profit increased to (s. +/.,0 billion! an increase of 0.01 over last year. )arnings per share jumped by over 11.01 from (s. +,.// in +,1+ to (s. +2.24 in +,12.#re. tax return on e uity stood at 43.41! whereas return on assets stands at 4.11 and cost to income ratio of ,.2, remained one of the highest in the sector. 5hese results were possible despite the fact that 4Fox make additional provision of over (s.2 billion as a result of Focus 6ales 6trategy &F66'.5his year 4Fox also 7apital gain of (s. 1./ billion. Increase in profit was achieved through strong growth in core industry income. 8et income increased by (s. 2.3 billion &11.31' due to better yields and volume driven growth spurred by increase in consumer product line. 9ividend income and 7apital :ains also made a healthy contribution as it increased by (s. 2-1 million and (s. 1!143 million over +,1+ respectively mainly owing to higher dividends from 4Fox ;nits as well as 7apital gains recorded on sell of 1,1 ;nits. 6ales increased by (s. +3 billion due to impressive contribution by all business units. (evenue increased by a healthy (s. 4, billion or 1/1 over last year the 4Fox provision coverage ratio also stands at an impressive /41.


"Concern beyond Cars" <e are providing reliability! after sales service! better performance! safety and spacious. <e know that the only way to meet the needs of the customer is by putting our self in the shoes of customers and asking our self what we need! what would make us happy.

=5o attract and attain customers with high.value products and the most satisfying ownership experience around the world>

=5o be the most successful and respected car company around the globe>

Based on five pillars

(espect for #eople. 6afe and friendly environment for all. ?est work practices based on )thics and Integrity. 5eamwork. @onesty is the best policy



4Fox is striving to develop automobiles that meet the needs of our customers while at the same time achieving an optimal balance between consideration for the environment! safety! drivability! comfort and reliability.

1867 1924 1929 1930 1933 1935 1936 1937 1938 1950 1951 1955 1957 1959 1962 1965 1966 1967 1974 1975 1982 1984 1988 1989 1992 1997 1999 2000 2001 2002

?irth of 6akichi 4Fox 6akichi 4Fox invents 4Fox Aodel : %utomatic Boom. %utomatic.loom patent is sold to a ?ritish company. Ciichiro 4Fox begins research on small gasoline.powered engine. %utomobile 9epartment is established at 4Fox %utomatic Boom <orks! Btd. 5he 4Fox precepts are compiled. 5he %% 6edan is completed. 4Fox Aotor 7o.! Btd. is established. @onsha #lant begins production 7ompany faces a financial crisisD 4Fox Aotor 6ales 7o.! Btd. is established. 6uggestion 6ystem begins. 5he 4Fox 7rown! 4Fox Aaster and 7rown 9eluxe are launched. 5he first prototypes of the 7rown are exported to the ;nited 6tatesD 4Fox Aotor 6ales ;.6.%.! Inc. is established. Aotomachi #lant begins production. Eoint 9eclaration of Babor and Aanagement is signed. 4Fox wins the 9eming %pplication #ri"e for uality control. 5he unicorn is launchedD business partnership with @ino Aotors Btd. begins. ?usiness partnership with 9aihatsu Aotor 7o.! Btd. begins. 4Fox Foundation is established. 5he prefabricated housing business begins. 4Fox Aotor 7o.! Btd. and 4Fox Aotor 6ales 7o.! Btd. are merged into 4Fox Aotor 7orporation. Eoint venture with :eneral Aotors &8ew ;nited Aotor Aanufacturing! Inc.' begins production in the ;6%. 4Fox Aotor Aanufacturing! ;6%! Inc. &present 5AAC' begins production. 5he Bexus brand is launched in the ;6%. 4Fox Aotor Aanufacturing &;nited Cingdom' Btd. begins production. 5he #rius is launched as the worldFs first mass.produced hybrid car. 7umulative domestic production reaches 1,, million vehicles. 6ichuan 4Fox Aotor 7o.! Btd. begins production in 7hina. 4Fox Aotor Aanufacturing France 6.%.6. begins production in France. 4Fox enters Formula $ne <orld 7hampionshipD 5ianjin 4Fox Aotor 7o.!-Btd. begins production in 7hina.




President Board of Director Member Executive Regional Zonal Chief Manager Regional Management Team Regional Management

Regional Business Chief

Regional Operational Chief

Regional Ris& Management Regional Compliance Chief

Regional %R Chief

Board of Director Ar. Aohammad Faru ue &7hairmen' Ar. %"am Faru ue &7hief )xecutive' Ar. %kbar %li &9irector' Ar. 5ari Faru ue &8I5' &9irector' Ar. Eavaid %nwar &8I5' &9irector' Ar. %amir %min &9irector' Ar. 6a uib @. 6hira"i &9irector' Chief !inancial Officer

Executive Director

Ar. *asir Aasood Executive Director Compan" #ecretar"

Ar. %bid %. Ga"ir $udit Committee Ar. Aohammad Faru ue &7hairmen' Ar. %kbar %li &Aember' Ar. 5ari faru ue &Aember'


%uman Resource and Remuneration Committee Ar. 5ari Faru ue &8I5' Ar. Eavaid %nwar &8I5' Ar. %amir %min $uditors )rnst H *oung! Ford (hodes! 6idat @yder 7hartered %ccountants 'egal $dvisor C.A.6 Baw %ssociates Ban&ers %llied ?ank Btd ?ank %l @abib Btd 7itibank! 8.% Faysal ?ank Btd 6tandard 7hartered ?ank &#akistan' Btd @6?7 ?ank Aiddle )ast Btd A7? ?ank Btd Aee"an ?ank Btd 8ational ?ank of #akistan 8I? ?ank Btd 6oneri ?ank Btd ;nited ?ank Btd &7hairmen' &Aember' &Aember'


Registered Office(!actor"


Gillage Bakrai! #.$. ?ox +/! 8owshera %ead Office Aodern Aotors @ouse! ?eaumont (oad Carachi.-332, Regional Office 44.?! Aain 6hahrah.e.Faisal Carachi -44,, %rman 7enter 21.7 <ahadat (oad Bahore #ale Office #eshawarI 1st Floor! ?etani %rcade! Eamrud (oad BahoreI 2! 6under 9as (oad IslamabadI Ae""anine Floor! (a"ia 6harif #la"a 41.?lue %rea




S#r$c#$re o% HRM De&ar#'en#

%RM Process in the Organi)ation

.ice President %R

Aanager 5otal 7ompensation

Aanager people an $9

Aanager Babor (elations

*!ox Corporation %uman Resource Department+ ,hich Operates Increase the skills of the existing employees 8ew recruitment and hiring in the organi"ation

%RM s"stem consist of follo-ing activities (ecruitment H 6election 5raining H development 7ompensation H benefits



HR (ann)n* and Forecas#)n*

9etermine the organi"ational goals

6can the organi"ational environment 6et strategic goals Formulate the strategic plan 7ourse of action is designed

S#e&s o% (ann)n* rocess

9etermine the objectives 9efine re uired skills to meet the objectives 9etermined additional human resource re uirement 9evelop action to meet the anticipated human resource needs

Jero ?arrier Forecasting ?ottom.;p %pproach ;se of Aathematical Aodel 6imulation

%R Planning

Induction #lan Ind$c#)on (an

(ecruitment #lan

6election #rocess

(egional 6ales officers &(6O/s0 7ustomer (elational $fficers &7(O/s0


?usiness 9evelopment $fficer &?9O/s0 Jonal Aanagers &JA/s0 Relationship Managers 1RM0

1Competitive examination through Bac&ground 2nvestigations0



E'&(oyee!s Recr$)#'en# + Se(ec#)on

C. #creening and #hort 'isting

,ritten Entr" Test


!inal Panel( 3roup 2ntervie-s

2nitial %RM 2ntervie-s

6election and $ffer

Recr$)#'en# (an
9irect from uota system Indirectly by bank management

Se(ec#)on rocess

Se(ec#)on rocess


Talent %unt #cheme

Emplo"ee4s #on 2nduction

Dail" -ages #taff



Tra)n)n* and De,e(o&'en#

4Fox has development group called 5organi)ational development and training group 5 !our staff colleges are operating under this group in 'ahore+ 6arachi+ 2slamabad and Pesha-ar The training is mostl" carried through seminars+ -or&shops and mostl" on the 7ob training $t the time of the introduction of the emplo"ee he is given the initial training in 2nstitute of Training and Development 12TD08 $fter that the" are posted to their respective 7obs


4Fo- Cor&ora#)on %o((o.s #.o %or's o% #ra)n)n*s

First is related to the training and development of new and midlevel employees Second is the training for long terms plans, regarding the career development of higher level employees

Tra)n)n* S#ra#e*)es
4Fox applies on.job and off.job strategies to train its employees 4Fox training and development academy advices job rotation to ensure and facilitate the production of all. rounder employees
Training program started at least two month before the commencement of the New Year, in order to make it easy for the socializing and orientation of the new employees. Fo! believe in pre"post tests for the e!isting employees and post training test for the new employees

Tra)n)n* + De,e(o&'en#


Course Design for 2nductees

Training 9eed $nal"sis

#&ill 3aps $nal"sis

5raining 7alendar 5raining Catalog 5raining course module K 6chedule $ut coming 19eed Based0 Feedback anal"sis :ui) competitions #hort+ Medium+ 'ong terms -or&shops+ seminars+ courses Data Reporting4s



er%or'ance Mana*e'en#

In performance management factor there are certain aspects about which 4Fox takes special care! these areI

#rofessional Cnowledge Improving corporate culture 9ecision making ability %bility to visuali"e and plan %bility to act in emergent situation %bility to implement decisions %bility to guide and create team work 7ommunication skills

7ustomer relationship %c uaintance with technological improvement

er%or'ance E,a($a#)on

%n employee do not has any right and access to the %nnual 7onfidential (eport &%7('. ?ut he or she informed! so that he or she can rectifyKimprove his or her shortcoming if any %fter %7( paper work! it is enter into data base by @( $n the basis of the evaluation! benefits are offered in term of promotion! reward etc8



Carr)er De,e(o&'en#
$ur organi"ation helps its employees in carrier development it ac uire the skills and experiences needed to perform current and future jobs are termed as career development. 7ompanyLs policies regarding employees

#romotion 7ounseling the employees $pportunities to excel in future help employees to develop their career

7areer development consists of

6kills )ducation )xperiences


?ehavioral modification (efinement techni ues

5hat allows individuals to work better and add value 7areer development is an ongoing organi"ed and formali"ed effort that recogni"es people as a vital organi)ational resource <e give training to our employees and the goal of training is

Improvement in performance 9evelopment is enrichment Aore capable -or&ers8

4Fox is an international organi"ation and have good.will in the market our employees also have the good.will in the market so if they want to move out of the country for the job they never face so much difficulties for the job because 4Fox have their industries all.around the world and the employees learn much in this company due to best training program and development process Our employee takes role in planning and implementing their own personal development plans. 6ituations have led companies to encourage their employees to take responsibility for their own developmentD these may include mergers! ac uisitions! downsi"ing! and employee empowerment.





4Fox is the employer of choice. The whole 4Fox family comprises of committed and dedicated members with passion to serve in their respective functional areas. The Company has challenging work environment where merit and performance help the individuals to explore their true potential. As a caring employer the company enables the employees to excel and grow in highly congenial employment conditions and culture. The career path is full of challenges and opportunities. The company has absolutely open culture where members share and communicate freely

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Ab)()#y #es# %n assessment instrument used to measure an IndividualLs abilities! mental
or physical skills level &i.e. problem solving! manual dexterity! etc.'. Ab)()#y A&#)#$de or competence! the skill or proficiency needed to perform certain tasks.


Absen#ee)s' (eferred to as the habitual failure of employees to report for work when
they are scheduled to work. Abso($#e ra#)n*s % rating method where the rater assigns a specific value on a fixed scale to the behavior or performance of an individual instead of assigning ratings based on comparisons between other individuals. Abs#rac# reason)n* 5he process of perceiving issues and reaching /an2r$&#cy % federal law consisting of different chapters that allows individuals and businesses that are experiencing extreme financial duress and are unable to meet their financial obligations to eliminate or restructure their debts. /arr)er ana(ys)s 5he process of reviewing an organi"ationLs policies and procedures to identify and eliminate impediments in recruitment! selection! transfer! or promotion of protected class individuals throughout the organi"ation. /e0a,)ora(3based )n#er,)e. an interview techni ue that focuses on a candidateLs past experiences! behaviors! knowledge! skills and abilities by asking the candidate to provide specific examples of when he or she has demonstrated certain behaviors or skills as a means of predicting future behavior and performance. /e0a,)ora((y anc0ored ra#)n* sca(e 4/ARS5 an appraisal that re uires raters to list important dimensions of a particular job and collect information regarding the critical behaviors that distinguish between successful and unsuccessful performance. 5hese critical behaviors are then categori"ed and appointed a numerical value used as the basis for rating C(ass ac#)on s$)# % lawsuit filed by one party on behalf of themselves and other people in a group who share the same complaint. E(ec#ron)c 'on)#or)n* %n employee surveillance practice where items such as telephone calls or e.mailKInternet usage are observed for general business! training or performance related reasons. 6ey e'&(oyee ;nder FAB% statutes! a key employee is defined as a salaried employee who is among the highest.paid 1,1 of all workers employed by the employer within a -3. mile radius. ;nder )(I6%! a key employee is defined as a plan participant who is a highly compensated officer or company owner. rac#)#)oner %n individual who practices a learned profession. red)c#),e ,a()d)#y ;sed in the test validation process to measure the relationship between test scores and actual job performance. U&.ard 'ob)()#y 5he process of preparing minorities for promotion into higher.level jobs! such as managerial positions U#)()7a#)on 'ana*e'en# (eview and analysis of health care programs to determine cost control methods. Involves reviewing claims for potential utili"ation problems






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