Hess Leo Myiari Sherk played by Tokoga NPC Marine played by Rasi September 14, 2009

It was a few hours after the three prisoners were rescued, not that much was done really, that the Sergeant walks over to the kitchen area of the outpost(a converted house). He isn't particularly young, baby fat having melted o of him over the years, though there aren't many lines on his face nor grey in his hair giving him an ageless look. The man, as usual, walks about in his armour, the various pieces of it strapped on and his rie slung from his shoulder. The Sergeant does not remain the only occupant of the area for long. Coming into the kitchen with an empty glass in hand, Leo looks around before his sapphire eyes come to rest on the other man. The silent in the room is then broken as the Colonel asks, "Have any new plans been formulated as to the rescue?" Amidst the comings and goings of the various military personnel throughout the rather cramped space is Myiari, who has resigned herself to simply wandering around and watching the soldiers mill about while at the same time trying not to get in anyone's way. Although not a prisoner anymore, being unable to leave the planet somewhat annoyed her. On the positive side, she had been allowed to resupply, and now carried enough medical supplies to suit her needs. As she sorts through her new accquisitions, she nds her way into the kitchen nearly stumbling into a man in front of her. "Ah! Sorry," she apologizes. "I wasn't looking where I was going. Hess has been catching a nap since the last major events have happened, and, he is working on pulling his uniform mostly back together as he heas Leo's question. "I aint heard any," he oers helpfully, rubbing at his eyes, "Didn't come up with nothin when I was out neither." Sherk, now once again in a brown and white set of Jedi robes thoughtfully brought by the Republic forces and having nally rid himself of the collar that had prohibited the Padawan's use of the Force during his imprisonment, had spent those few hours in meditation and communion with the Force reecting on the recent events. Although his mental condition had improved to almost get used to the situation by the end, even ghting without the presence of the Force, he still seems to stand taller and look more condent and sure of him 1

than he did while incarcerated. While the Padawan has no personal like for the Nagai, he wishes her no harm from the Sith. Besides, although the Jedi doubts it, if pressed, she might reveal the breadth of their knowledge of the circumstances...that is, of course, unless the Sith are already of them. "How many men do you have?" the Padawan asks, looking around at those assembled. The Marine snaps to attention when the Colonel is seen, "We were just talking about it with the medic and Miss Kalna, it seems hard really, though we've ascertained that there's no more than a dozen there at their compound.", not that it makes much of a dierence. "We could use some Jedi, I think, Sir, anyway you can reach the temple?" The newcomers, as they come in one by one are greeted with a quick nod, the answers to their questions left for Leo and Hess as they outrank him. "Primary those assembled here and a handful of others. We came as a rescue team, not an army prepared for a war," says Leo after nodding to the responses given by the military men. "Did you have something in mind? We want as few casualties as possible and achieve both of our objects - reobtain the Jedi Order property and rescue Nitisha." "Primary those assembled here and a handful of others. We came as a rescue team, not an army prepared for a war," says Leo after nodding to the responses given by the military men. "Did you have something in mind? We want as few casualties as possible and achieve both of our objects - reobtain the Jedi Order property and rescue Ja'casha." The medic carefully maneuvers herself out of the doorway and further into the kitchen to avoid obstructing trac, and eventually settles herself against the wall, folding her arms over her chest as she tucks her medkit away. "They're not going to kill her," she interjects. "At least not right away. They need her alive so she can lead them to something they need. As much as I hate to admit it, but they're smart too. They've probably suspected something by now since Sherk and I took out one of their guards and escaped with Kith, so they're probably expecting a raid soon." Hess leans up against the doorjamb and listens to the higherup folk talk before he shrugs and asks, "How long you think we got before they start experimenting with this artifact thingy?" "Not a war," the Jedi shakes his head. "But I've seen what these Sith can do. They could easily take your position here if they were so inclined," he points out. Not that he isn't grateful for their rescue, but the magnitude of the Sith's abilities arecause for concern, even if outright fource isn't their way. "For the immediate future, Ja'casha should be ne. She is exceptionally...resilient." he agrees with the Medic before looking at Hess. "We aren't sure." he answers, briey turning his eyes back to Myiari and recalling their conversations with the Nagai on the subject. The answer is more true than not, he supposes. "I'll send a hyperwave transmission to the Temple as soon as I can to ask for aid." Sherk sayss, crossing his arms in front of him. They'd have no choice but to send _somebody_ given the circumstances. Leo is quiet for a moment as he digests the suggestions of those around him. 2

After a while, he says, "While they may not kill her, there are worse things that they can do to her than death. And as for the amount of time before they discover the use of the artifact, I am sure that they have worked unceasingly to nd its secrets." The Jedi's eyes then travel to Sherk as he adds, "If you send a transmission, make sure that it cannot be intercepted. If the Sith know about the possibility of reinforcements, that could create a much larger problem than we can handle." "How long do we dare wait, their ritual will happen sooner or later, do you know more about it? I know you said the name of it was the Ritual of Blood or something like that, but what else can you say, Miss Myiari?", the sergeant had moved o to one side, given everyone space in the sdudenly cramped kitchen area. "And Sir, I proposed trying to pump something into their vent something...but we rst gotta gure out where it is to begin with." "I don't know much aside from what that Ja'casha woman said, and at the time, I thought she was crazy," Myiari replies. It was hard for her to /not/ forget, considering the Ritual had been something that had been talked about fairly often in their captivity. "If I remember right, the ritual is meant to increase the power of the one who performs it, and requires nine sacrices, each one selected by that artifact. I'm...not sure, but I think I'm one of them." "The artifact selects its victims? Wonderful little toy we've got here." Hess mutters, before heading back into the room he came from for a moment. He returns with his blaster and sticks it into the holster on his hip. "I'm not sure these are the kind of people that will be beat by spraying dioxis into their air," Sherk laments, "Though it might help secure the time needed to free Ja'casha," he adds. If nothing else, it would take care of the lesser guards and thugs. Sherk nods at Leo's suggestion. This is Nar Shadaa, there has to be a viable way for him to do that. If there's anywhere for that kind of activity, it would be here. "They need Myiari for the ritual. If Ja'Casha's information was correct, the artifact pre-selects its nine sacrices. That was the reason she was abudcted in the rst place." "I do not want to see nine innocents die. For that reason, we will be executing a plan shortly regardless of the Jedi reinforcements arriving or not," says Leo before his speech is halted by a pause. As he continues more thoughtfully, he remarks, "I need the schematics on the location of the Sith main base. It we can nd a weak spot, we can be in and out without being detected. If nothing else, we destroy the base and sacrice the artifact since its obtainment will be much harder than freeing Ja'Casha." Letting out a slow breath, the Colonel concludes by adding, "Until then, I shall meditate on what is to come. Maybe the Force can give us some insight." With these nal words, the Jedi departs from the kitchen and heads toward one of the bedrooms. Myiari smiles wryly to herself. Breaking in was probably going to be even harder than it was to break out now that an ambush was expected. As the colonel leaves, the medic heaves a soft sigh. "Whatever you guys decide to do, it had better be soon," she comments as she goes back to sorting through her medical supplies. "We were lucky to have survived as long as we did, and escape when we did." 3

Sherk nods silently to the Colonel as he departs. Hopefully the thing isn't so powerful as to be impervious to conventional weapons. His own attempt at retrieving the artifact had of course failed miserably. "We were," he says to Myiari. "More thanks to Kithan than anyone else," he adds with a small grin. The little Squib had proved to be quite the valuable and resourceful travelling companion. Minus the Squib part of her personality, the Squib was all in all a very good addition to the mission. "We'll have to gure out where it is, but that shouldn't be too hard, we'll just have to go to the tavern and retrace the steps that took you three to there from the compound." The man salutes one more time at Leo's departure, he did not relish having to rush in to a place crawling with Sith potentially, but orders were orders. "How're you two feeling, are you up to the ght or will you have to sit it out?" "I'm a medic, not a soldier," the woman quips, her tone slightly weary. "But I can ght if I'm needed and I have a weapon handy. I don't really have any combat experience, but I think I might be able to hold my own." She rolls her shoulders in a bit of an experimental gesture, and shifts from side to side. Good; nothing broken. The Sith Lord hadn't done an permanent damage to her at least. "I think I'm in ghting condition, but I don't know if you'd want to bring me along. If they need me for that ritual, they're probably going to want to recapture me. I don't think you guys will want to have to perform another rescue if they catch me again." "I will be there, Sergeant." Sherk answers with a rm nod. Lightsaber or no, they'll need all the help that they can get. Whether or not Myiari decides to join them isn't a decision that he's going to opine onto the Padawan, that's a choice that Myiari and Myiari alone should make, given her involvement in the situation. Leaving her behind and unprotected could be just as unsafe as bringing her along. "How strong were they with the Force, any chance we could take them on without some serious casualties?", the man asks as he walks towards the fridge, a few cans of some drink or other, zzyglug by the marking on the container, taken and tossed to those still here. "I don't know much about ghting those with the Force, well, aside that they can push you around like ragdolls and have lightsabres. And you're right, Miss Myiari, but if we got injuries, we'll need to have someone deal with it." Myiari yelps slightly as she quickly shifts her medkit onto one hand as she catches the drink can in the other. She considers the idea for a few moments, but eventually nods her head. "That I can do. I've been trained for situations like that at least. I'm not going in unarmed, though. I want to be able to at least ght back if they try to capture me again." "Not in open confrontation. At least, not their leadership," Sherk answers. "I'll do what I can to help and keep them occupied, but I can't promise any miracles." He pauses for a few moments to open the can of zzyglug before adding. "Some of them are quite strong." "And the Squib, she got any skills that might help us in this?", the can in his hand is opened but before he can take a sip, the man addresses the Padawan. 4

"How about you for that matter, any chance you can take on their force users, or at least distract them long enough for us to put a couple of shots through them?" Myiari eyes the can in her hand with a look of suspicion, but opens the can anyway. As it pops open, the built-up pressure from being tossed around spews out the contents in a concentrated stream directly into the medic's face. Her face and hair dripping with the beverage, Myiari strides over to the table and sets the partially-emptied can of zzyglug onto the table before heading for the door. "Pardon me while I go clean myself up," she mutters, prying her goggles o of her head to prevent her hair from sticking to them. The Padawan nods and repeats himself. "Yes...I'll do my best. Try not to miss, though," the Jedi grins a little and takes a sip of his zzyglug. As he does, he gives a demonstration of his regained force-augmented senses, taking a sidestep away from Myiari just before the spray starts. He chuckles lightly at Myiari's dilemma before nishing his drink and putting it down. "Heh...well, if you'll excuse me, Sergeant, I have much to meditate on..."


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