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1) Label the pictures with the following: cracker / cranberries / holly / mistletoe / stocking / tinsel
a) b) c)
d) e) f)
2) How is each thing used at Christmas?
anta Claus !ui"#
1) anta Claus is also $nown as%%%
a) Saint Nicholas b) Father Christmas c) Santa
2) &he current day image of anta Claus as a 'olly old man dressed in red was created in%%%
a) the 18th Century b) the 19th Century c) the 20th Century
() anta Claus traditionally gets around%%%
a) on a motorbike b) on a sleigh pulled by reindeer c) on horseback
)) anta Claus is said to li*e%%%
a) at the equator b) in the Antarctic c) in the Arctic Circle
+) anta Claus brings presents to well beha*ed children% ,hat happens to those who
a) e brings them coal b) !hey are caught and taken a"ay c) !hey#re "hipped
-) anta Claus is supposed to get into houses to deli*er presents%%%
a) do"n the chimney b) through a "indo" c) through the $ront door
.) /t0s more common for &he &hree 1ings to bring children presents than anta Claus in%%%
a) South A$rica b) Spain c) Scotland
2) 3nnual anta Claus ,orld Championships are held in%%%
a) S"it%erland and S"eden b) Austria and Australia c) &celand and &taly
'age 1
Christmas()pper &ntermediate(!*+,&S-.S,)& / 2009 te$ltunes0com
3rtist/ong: !he *ackson +(& Sa" -ommy .issing Santa &43CH456 78&4
1!&S 23SS4N 536)&53S A C4'7 4F !3 275&CS AN8 S4-3 '53'A5!A&4N 9 S33 'A:3 ;1
This exercise introduces some Christmas vocabulary in preparation for the running dictation later in the lesson.
1) :i<e pairs o$ students a couple o$ minutes to attempt labelling the pictures be$ore allo"ing them to use
dictionaries to check the remainder0
a) tinsel= b) stocking= c) holly= d) cracker= e) mistletoe= f) cranberries
2) :i<e students time to discuss their ideas in pairs be$ore checking together as a class0
a) >Christmas tree? decoration
b) le$t by the Christmas tree($ireplace(end o$ the bed $or Santa to $ill "ith presents
c) decoration
d) pulled "ith a $riend $or $un >usually placed on the Christmas dinner table?
e) decoration 9 people ha<e to kiss i$ they pass under it
f) eaten as a sauce "ith the Christmas turkey
anta Claus !ui"
This exercise gives students speaking practice with a Christmas theme in the form of a quiz about Santa.
Ask students much they think they kno" about Santa Claus0 !hen put students into pairs(groups@ making
sure that those "ho said they kno" little or nothing are teamed "ith those that thought they kne" more0
Ae$ore students begin the qui% tell them that in some cases more than one ans"er may be correct0
1) a 9 Saint Nicholas= b 9 Father Christmas@ c 9 Santa
2) b 9 19th Century >Some claim that the red Santa "e kno" today "as introduced during a Coca,Cola
ad<ertising campaign@ but in $act !homas Nast@ a political cartoonist@ made the red image popular0?
() b 9 on a sleigh pulled by reindeer
)) c 9 in the Arctic Circle
+) a 9 e brings them coal= b 9 !hey are caught and taken a"ay= c 9 !hey#<e "hipped >All o$ these
ha<e been used to scare children into obedienceB !hreats <ary by countryB
-) a 9 do"n the chimney= c 9 through the $ront door >Not all modern day houses ha<e $ireplaces so
children are sometimes told that Santa has a magic key that opens all the doors in the "orld0?
.) b 9 Spain >Although in recent years Santa is becoming more popular= sometimes bringing presents
in addition to those $rom the !hree .ingsB?
2) a 9 S"it%erland and S"eden >!he competition is open to all although you must enter a team o$ $our0
3<ents include sledge racing@ chimney climbing and karaokeB?
'age 2
Christmas()pper &ntermediate(!*+,&S-.S,)& / 2009 te$ltunes0com
5unning dictation &43CH456 78&4
1!&S 3C35C&S3 &S N4! 4N !3 S!)83N! D45.S33!S1
This exercise combines pronunciation, reading and writing practice in the form of a running dictation activity using lyrics
from a popular Christmas song.
94:854 &H4 L487:
1) Find a copy o$ the lyrics to Saw !ommy "issing Santa Claus by the *ackson +0 >!o respect copyright
the lyrics cannot be published here?0
2) !he song has t"o <erses >"hich are repeated?0 Eerse 1 has F lines= <erse 2 has + lines0 Drite the lines
on the labelled strips pro<ided >S33 'A:3 G?0 7ou only need one copy0
() Cut up the lines >S33 'A:3 G? and place them in random order around the "alls >i$ you can do this in a
corridor(hall Hust outside the class@ e<en better?0
)) Cut up the blank strips o$ paper $or students to "rite on >S33 'A:3 G?0 7ou need one copy per pair0
;<5/7= &H4 L487:
1) 'ut students in pairs and distribute the blank strips 9 11 $or each team0
2) 3Iplain to students that lines $rom a Christmas song >A,.? ha<e been placed randomly around the
"alls0 !ell them they ha<e to race to $ind@ remember and "rite them do"n0
Stress thatJ &t isn#t important in "hich order they $ind and "rite the lines0
4nly one o$ them can get up to $ind a line at a time0
!he person reading must remember the line@ run back to their partner and dictate it@ along
"ith the letter >A,.?0
!he "riter must "rite eIactly "hat they hear on a strip o$ paper and the letter >A,.?0
A$ter each line has been dictated@ pairs must s"ap reading("riting roles0
() Ask students to repeat all the instructions to their partner(back to you to ensure they#<e all understood0
)) Ask students to chose "ho "ill read("rite $irst0 5emind them that it is a race@ then let the chaos beginB
+) Dhen students ha<e completed all lines@ announce the "inners be$ore mo<ing on to the reading stage0
-) Drite the $ollo"ing <ocabulary $rom the song on the board and ask students i$ they kno" "hat it
meansJ creep ( peep ( tickle ( tucked up
.) No" ask students to read the lines they dictated again to try to put them in the order o$ the song0
2) Finally play the song $or students to check their ideas0
3nswer: :@ 8@ &@ @ C@ F@ 3@ *@ A@ A@ .
'age ;
Christmas()pper &ntermediate(!*+,&S-.S,)& / 2009 te$ltunes0com
D5&!3 !3 275&CS 2&N3 A7 2&N3 A324D0 >!3 F&5S! D458 &N 3AC 2&N3 AS A33N :&E3N !4 :)&83 74)0? &:N453
!3 23!!35S 4N !3 5&:! , !3S3 A53 2AA32S0
Underneath D
She I
Down H
She C
In F
Then E
Underneath J
Oh A
If B
Mommy K
A2AN. S!5&'S F45 S!)83N!S !4 D5&!3 4N0 74) D&22 N338 11 A2AN. S!5&'S F45 3AC 'A&5 4F S!)83N!SJ
'age G
Christmas()pper &ntermediate(!*+,&S-.S,)& / 2009 te$ltunes0com