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To The Executive Director IOCL (AOD) DIGBOI. Sub: Election duty.

Dear Sir, We would like to draw your attention on the following points regarding election duty for your information and necessary action. That Sir, we have observed that more than 200 employees (workmen and officers) have been engaged for the last Panchayat Election’2013 though our industry is under essential and public utility service as per the notification of Govt. of India. Moreover, Govt. of Assam notifies our industry under Essential Service Maintenance Act (ESMA) through the declaration of Governor of Assam. So, Govt. authority can’t pressurize our organization to engage our employees in election duty. We think, it is the responsibility of our management to negotiate strongly with the Govt. authority how their request can be avoided or minimize the number. Moreover, public sector employees are not Govt. servants. Our employees are guided by the standing order/rules of our organization. Further, although we had requested the AOD authority in advance, vide our letter No. MOWU(PE)/AOD/P-005/13 dated 09.01.2013 to consider certain cases for exemption from election duty, we find that the same has not been considered. Rather the authority submitted the list of employees in a partisan manner without any judicious consideration. For example, names of employees on long leave or having records of serious ailments were forwarded to the election authority and these employees faced unnecessary harassment. The employees, who served the recent election duty, got various bitter experiences including rough and uncourteous behavior from a section of officials under election authority. One Sri R.Kar whose age is 57 years and who is a high diabetic patient was forced to go on election duty at last moment without imparting any training to him. He fell sick at Tinsukia and had to be hospitalized in Tinsukia Civil Hospital. We believe that he should be granted Special Sick Leave and his personal SL should not be adjusted against this illness. Some of our unskilled non-officer employees with qualification up to 10th standard or below were deputed as Presiding Officers in the last moment as replacement of some AOD officers, for whom exemption was sought by AOD authority in the last moment on the plea of emergency official jobs. These non-officer employees had neither performed election duty in the past nor were imparted training. You can appreciate how difficult it had been for these employees to perform their duties as Presidiing Officers without training or previous experience. Another incident occurred somewhere near Phillobari (Doomdooma) where public attacked the election officials and two employees of our organization somehow escaped by taking shelter at Police Station. When our aggrieved workers resented the same after returning from election duty, some of the ER officers were callous enough that instead of taking stock of their difficulties they started reminding them about their duty to the country. In this regard, we like to mention that officers and non-officers are all the citizen of the country and the duty is applicable to all. We are surprised that most of the AOD officers deputed were from Grades A and B. Whereas officers of Oil India Ltd up to Grade E were deputed for election duty, the upper strata of AOD officers was kept out of the same. The AOD officers

The employees who have been deputed in this Panchayat Election should be given a handsome package for their loyal duties at your earliest to create a beautiful symphony of healthy atmosphere amongst the employees of your esteemed Corporation. 7. discrimination policy should not be encouraged for the better health of the organization. it would lead to severe resentment affecting the industrial harmony and future of our industry and the Management will be solely responsible in case of such an eventuality. 6.15 Lakh against per employee. Employee having ill health should not be engaged. No employee who has attained 55 years or more age should be engaged. though such employees continue their duty from the time of reporting till the handing over of polled ballot boxes to election authority in addition to three days training prior to polling day. In future. the recent deputation to election duty shows a partisan attitude of AOD management and it has created strong resentment not only among the non-officers but also among a section of AOD officers. Under the above circumstances. in our case only DA is paid. CHUTIA) GENERAL SECRETARY . We have also been reported that about 500 such officials were kept as reserve at D. (N.above Gr. when any employee is engaged for civil election duty. 5. special sick leave must be granted. Unfortunately.’s office Tinsukia from 29th January’13 to the evening of 30th January’13 without any job. In case of deputation in election duty. We also came to know that in other units of IOCL. 4. Corporation pays a handsome package with insurance coverage of Rs. In case the same partisan attitude continues and nothing is done to address the issues as stated above. But. 15 lacs for civil election duty after prior approval from the Petroleum Ministry being the employees coming under the arena of ESMA as per guidelines of Petroleum Ministry. Any sickness/unfitness arising out of the deputation in election duty. Among them more than 20 officials were from AOD. if there will no alternative.C . Yours faithfully. 3. B are also citizen of India and they too have same duty towards the country. nominal number of employees may be deputed with insurance coverage of minimum Rs. No employees should be deputed in election duty in future. we demand to consider the followings1.C. 2.