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Introduction The Reality of Smoking What Happens to Your Body When You Smoke What Happens to Your Body When You !uit Ho" to !uit Why Smoke at %ll Why Is It So Hard to !uit Secondhand Smoke 'etting Started )om*ating )ra+ings 'oing )old Turkey Ho" -.T to 'ain Weight What to /o When %round Smokers 'etting 0amily Support Handling a Relapse -icotine Replacement Therapy Resources !ualities of Successful !uitters The Best Reasons to !uit !uotes for Success )onclusion 3 6 1 16 #$ # 3# 3& 3( , &$ & &1 6$ 61 6 6& 6( ($ (#

Back in the 1,&$2s3 smoking "as fashiona*le4 In fact3 it "as considered commonplace4 Back then3 you could smoke e+ery"here 5 in restaurants3 airplanes3 grocery stores3 e+en hospitals4 % smoker ne+er got a dirty look for lighting up in pu*lic4 It "as the people "ho /I/-2T smoke "ho "ere in the minority4 6y3 ho" times ha+e changed7 Smoking is nothing ne" to ci+ili8ation4 In fact3 scientists can determine that as far *ack as 1$$$ B4)4 9eople start using the lea+es of the to*acco plant for smoking and che"ing4 Ho" and "hy to*acco "as first used in the %mericas no one kno"s4 The first users are thought to ha+e *een the 6ayan ci+ili8ations of )entral %merica4 Its use "as gradually adopted throughout the nations of )entral and most of -orth and South %merica4 0rom that moment3 to*acco production *egan catching on and to*acco products *ecame readily a+aila*le throughout the young :nited States of %merica4 In 113#3 the first paper cigarette "as introduced4 It is "idely *elie+ed that the first paper rolled cigarettes "ere made *y ;gyptian soldiers fighting the Turkish<;gyptian "ar4 .ther historians suggest that Russians and Turks learned a*out cigarettes from the 0rench3 "ho in turn may ha+e learned a*out smoking from the Spanish4 It is thought that paupers in Se+ille "ere making a form of cigarette3 kno"n as a =papalette=3 from the *utts of discarded cigars and papers as early as the 1(th century4

In 1,$$3 Smoking >ackets and hats ha+e *een introduced for gentleman smokers4 %fter<dinner cigar ?"ith a glass of port or *randy@ is no" an esta*lished tradition in turn of the century Britain4 )igarettes are also a part of life4 In 1,&$3 e+idence of a link *et"een lung cancer and smoking is pu*lished in the British Medical Journal4 Research "as done *y 9rofessor ?no" Sir@ Richard /oll and % Bradford Hill4 In 1,6 3 the :nited States Surgeon 'eneral tells %mericans that smoking causes lung cancer4 -ot many people listened4 Shortly after3 in 1,6&3 federal la" not only prohi*its to*acco ad+ertising on tele+ision3 *ut they also make it mandatory to include the Surgeon 'eneral2s "arning in print on all cigarette packs4 The last radio ads for cigarettes ran in 1,(14 The airline industry *egan making concessions for the anti<to*acco coalition4 In 1,(&3 they created separate smoking sections on airplanes causing distur*ances "ith customer e+ery"here4 The trend continued to"ard more smoking *ans all o+er the country4 Today3 there are many to"ns "ho are attempting 5 and some are succeeding 5 in making their entire to"ns non<smoking4 %nymore3 if you are a smoker3 you are relegated to puffing a"ay in an alley3 on the side"alk3 or sneaking a Auick hit in the *athroom4 It2s no longer fashiona*le to *e a smoker4 So "hy are there so many people out there "ho still smokeB Research o+er the years *egan to indicate certain ingredients in cigarettes that point straight to a highly addicti+e ha*it4 6ost people "ho smoke agree that they pro*a*ly shouldn2t *e smoking4 They kno" that it2s harmful to their

health3 *ut they still light up "hen they get the chance4 6any smokers "ant to Auit3 *ut think they2re po"erless against the hold that to*acco has on them4 We2re here to tell you3 Auitting smoking is no "alk in the park4 It hurts3 often physically3 *ut e+en more emotionally4 This Cde+il "eedD takes hold of e+ery part of your life and helps to form your identity4 You are a smoker 5 ho" in the "orld "ill you *ecome a non<smokerB 9ersistence3 commitment3 "illpo"er3 and patience are all "ays you "ill succeed in your +enture to stop smoking4 We "on2t lie to you 5 it2s going to *e one of the hardest things you "ill e+er do4 But once you *ecome smoke free3 you2ll *e so glad you suffered the "ay you did4 This *ook is intended to address the *iggest issues that face people "ho ha+e decided to Auit smoking4 6y sincere hope is that "e can take this >ourney together4 This author is a smoker4 Hopefully3 as I help guide you3 I can help guide myself too4 I truly "ant to Auit smoking4 Really3 I do4 But there is so much holding me *ack4 )ircumstances of life3 stress3 etc4 all hinder me from putting do"n that cigarette and gi+ing it up for good4 6y mother "as a hea+y smoker "hen she "as younger4 She Auit one Super Bo"l Sunday after smoking a "hole carton in one day4 I can2t do that4 But "hy do I continue to smoke "hen I "ant to Auit so *adB 9erhaps it2s *ecause I2+e made it such a huge part of my life4 When I2m stressed3 I smoke4 When I2+e had a fe" drinks3 I smoke4 When I "ant to relaE for >ust a moment3 I smoke4 It2s not the healthiest "ay to deal "ith life3 no" is itB I kno" I need to Auit *ecause I ha+e to take se+eral *reaks "hen doing normal3 e+eryday chores like picking up

the house4 6y lungs can2t handle the eEercise4 I can "alk a couple of miles at the local gym3 *ut I can2t haul a fe" loads of laundry do"n to the *asement "ithout getting "inded4 I "ant to Auit *ecause I "ant to "atch my grandson gro" up4 I "ant to stick around to torment my kids the "ay they ha+e tormented me ?>oking3 sort of7@4 I don2t "ant to die3 yet I still partake of an acti+ity that "ill pro*a*ly cause me to die e+entually4 It2s insane4 This *ook pro*a*ly "ill *e a little distur*ing4 That2s "hat it2s meant to *e4 When you *egin to study the effects of smoking on your *ody3 the scary reality is that "hat happens IS distur*ing4 Read "ith caution3 *ut take note of "hat is *eing put do"n in *lack and "hite4 It2s going to *e a difficult >ourney4 Take my hand and let2s do it together7

6ost people kno" that smoking can cause lung cancer3 *ut it can also cause many other cancers and illnesses4 .ne out of e+ery fi+e deaths in the :nited States can *e directly attri*uted to cigarette smoking4 .f these deaths3 most are from smoking<related cancers4 )ardio+ascular disease and emphysema also contri*ute to death4 )igarettes contain more than $$$ chemical compounds and at least $$ toEic su*stances4 When you inhale3 a cigarette *urns at ($$F) at the tip and around 6$F) in the core4 This heat *reaks do"n the to*acco to produce +arious toEins4

%s a cigarette *urns3 the residues are concentrated to"ards the *utt4 The products that are most damaging areG
 

Tar is a carcinogen ?su*stance that causes cancer@ -icotine is addicti+e and increases cholesterol le+els in your *ody )ar*on monoEide reduces oEygen in the *ody )omponents of the gas and particulate phases cause chronic o*structi+e pulmonary disorder ?).9/@4 The damage caused *y smoking is influenced *yG

 

  

The num*er of cigarettes smoked Whether the cigarette has a filter Ho" the to*acco has *een prepared4

Research has sho"n that smoking reduces life eEpectancy *y se+en to eight years4 .f the 3$$ people "ho die e+ery day in the :S as a result of smoking3 many are comparati+ely young smokers4 The num*er of people under the age of ($ "ho die from smoking<related diseases eEceeds the total figure for deaths caused *y *reast cancer3 %I/S3 traffic accidents and drug addiction4 -on<smokers and eE<smokers can also look for"ard to a healthier old age than smokers4 There are many ma>or diseases caused *y smokingG

 )ardio+ascular disease

)ardio+ascular disease is the main cause of death due to smoking4 Hardening of the arteries is a process that de+elops o+er years3 "hen cholesterol and other fats deposit in the arteries3 lea+ing them narro"3 *locked or rigid4 When the arteries narro" ?atherosclerosis@3 *lood clots are likely to form4 Smoking accelerates the hardening and narro"ing process in your arteriesG it starts earlier and *lood clots are t"o to four times more likely4 )ardio+ascular disease can take many forms depending on "hich *lood +essels are in+ol+ed3 and all of them are more common in people "ho smoke4
 )oronary throm*osisG a *lood clot in the arteries

supplying the heart3 "hich can lead to a heart attack4 %round 3$ per cent are caused *y smoking4 Smokers tend to de+elop coronary throm*osis 1$ years earlier than non<smokers3 and make up , out of 1$ heart *ypass patients4
 )ere*ral throm*osisG the +essels to the *rain can

*ecome *locked3 "hich can lead to collapse3 stroke and paralysis4
 If the kidney arteries are affected3 then high *lood

pressure or kidney failure results4
 Blockage to the +ascular supply to the legs may lead to

gangrene and amputation4
 )irculatory pro*lems are also huge risks from smoking4

While most people associate smoking "ith cancer3 e+en

more people die from circulatory pro*lems caused *y cigarette smoking than from cancers caused from cigarettes4 The effects on the circulatory system are *oth immediate and dangerous4 -icotine is a stimulant "hich raises the heart rate and *lood pressure3 constricts the arteries3 and3 in con>unction "ith car*on monoEide3 causes atherosclerotic conditions "ithin the artery "alls4 This clogging process affects the heart as "ell as other sites of the *ody such as the *rain or peripheral circulation in the eEtremities3 sometimes resulting in gangrene and amputations4 .+er #$$3$$$ of smoking related deaths are attri*uted to the com*ined effect of nicotine and car*on monoEide on the circulatory system4
 )ancer

Smokers are more likely to get cancer than non< smokers4 This is particularly true of lung cancer3 throat cancer and mouth cancer3 "hich hardly e+er affect non< smokers4 The link *et"een smoking and lung cancer is clear4

-inety percent of lung cancer cases are due to smoking4 If no<one smoked3 lung cancer "ould *e a rare diagnosis < only $4& per cent of people "ho=+e ne+er touched a cigarette de+elop lung cancer4 In fact3 1$$ years ago3 if a doctor encountered a case of lung cancer3 it "ould *e "ritten up in a medical >ournal4

;+en as recently as 1,3$3 most doctors ne+er came across a case of primary lung cancer4 .ne in ten moderate smokers and almost one in fi+e hea+y smokers ?more than 1& cigarettes a day@ "ill die of lung cancer4 %t one time3 lung cancer "as considered primarily a disease suffered *y males4 By the 1,1$2s ho"e+er3 lung cancer o+ertook *reast cancer to *ecome the num*er one cancer death in "omen4

The more cigarettes you smoke in a day3 and the longer you=+e smoked3 the higher your risk of lung cancer4 Similarly3 the risk rises the deeper you inhale and the earlier in life you started smoking4 0or eE<smokers3 it takes approEimately 1& years *efore the risk of lung cancer drops to the same as that of a non<smoker4 If you smoke3 the risk of contracting mouth cancer is four times higher than for a non<smoker4 )ancer can start in many areas of the mouth3 "ith the most common *eing on or underneath the tongue3 or on the lips4 .ther types of cancer that are more common in smokers areG
    

*ladder cancer cancer of the esophagus cancer of the kidneys cancer of the pancreas cer+ical cancer

 ).9/

)hronic o*structi+e pulmonary disease ?).9/@ is a collecti+e term for a group of conditions that *lock airflo" and make *reathing more difficult3 such asG

;mphysema < *reathlessness caused *y damage to the air sacs ?al+eoli@ )hronic *ronchitis < coughing "ith a lot of mucus that continues for at least three months4

Smoking is the most common cause of ).9/ and is responsi*le for 1$ per cent of cases4 It=s estimated that , per cent of #$<a<day smokers ha+e some emphysema "hen the lungs are eEamined after death3 "hile more than ,$ per cent of non< smokers ha+e little or none4 ).9/ typically starts *et"een the ages of 3& and & "hen lung function starts to decline any"ay4 In smokers3 the rate of decline in lung function can *e three times the usual rate4 %s lung function declines3 *reathlessness *egins4 %s the condition progresses3 se+ere *reathing pro*lems can reAuire hospital care4 The final stage is death from slo" and progressi+e *reathlessness4
 .ther risks caused *y smoking o Smoking raises *lood pressure3 "hich can cause

hypertension ?high *lood pressure@ < a risk factor for heart attacks and stroke4

o )ouples "ho smoke are more likely to ha+e

fertility pro*lems than couples "ho are non< smokers4
o Smoking "orsens asthma and counteracts asthma

medication *y "orsening the inflammation of the air"ays that the medicine tries to ease4
o The *lood +essels in the eye are sensiti+e and can

*e easily damaged *y smoke3 causing a *loodshot appearance and itchiness4
o Hea+y smokers are t"ice as likely to get macular

degeneration3 resulting in the gradual loss of eyesight4
o Smokers run an increased risk of cataracts4 o Smokers take #& per cent more sick days year

than non<smokers4
o Smoking stains your teeth and gums4 o Smoking increases your risk of periodontal

disease3 "hich causes s"ollen gums3 *ad *reath and teeth to fall out4
o Smoking causes an acid taste in the mouth and

contri*utes to the de+elopment of ulcers4
o Smoking also affects your looksG smokers ha+e

paler skin and more "rinkles4 This is *ecause smoking reduces the *lood supply to the skin and lo"ers le+els of +itamin %4

Smoking and impotence 0or men in their 3$s and $s3 smoking increases the risk of erectile dysfunction ?;/@ *y a*out &$ per cent4

;rection can=t occur unless *lood can flo" freely into the penis3 so these *lood +essels ha+e to *e in good condition4 Smoking can damage the *lood +essels and cause them to degenerateG nicotine narro"s the arteries that lead to the penis3 reducing *lood flo" and the pressure of *lood in the penis4 This narro"ing effect increases o+er time3 so if you ha+en=t got pro*lems no"3 things could change later4 ;rection pro*lems in smokers may *e an early "arning signal that cigarettes are already damaging other areas of the *ody < such as the *lood +essels that supply the heart4 Smoking and others There are many health<related reasons to gi+e up cigarettes < not >ust for smokers3 *ut to protect those around you4 Ba*ies *orn to mothers "ho smoke during pregnancy are t"ice as likely to *e *orn prematurely and "ith a lo" *irth "eight4 9assi+e smoking The =side<stream= smoke that comes off a cigarette *et"een puffs carries a higher risk than directly inhaled smoke4 )hildren "ho gro" up in a home "here one or *oth of their parents smoke ha+e t"ice the risk of getting asthma and asthmatic *ronchitis4 They also ha+e a higher risk of de+eloping allergies4 Infants under t"o years old are more prone to se+ere respiratory infections and cri* death "hen they ha+e parents

"ho smoke4 0or adults3 passi+e smoking seems to increase the risk of lung cancer3 *ut the e+idence for an increased risk of heart disease is not yet conclusi+e4 The long term health effects are matters of scientific fact4 What is also a matter of scientific fact is "hat happens to your *ody e+ery time you take a puff4

Highting up that cigarette may feel like *liss < *ut "hat negati+e effects does smoking ha+e on your *ody "hile you are puffing a"ayB

The smoke hits your eyes3 nose and throat Within a fe" seconds of your first puff3 irritating gases ?formaldehyde3 ammonia and hydrogen sulphide@ start to "ork on the sensiti+e mem*ranes of your eyes3 nose and throat4 If you continue to smoke3 these gases "ill result in a smoker=s cough4

 You put your lungs under pressure %s you puff a"ay3 you erode the natural cleansing process of the lungs4 Your respiratory rate starts to increase3 making your lungs "ork harder4 The gases from the cigarette harm the tissues of the lungs and the air"ays4 This causes you to cough up more mucous4 The eEcess mucous is a *reeding ground for *acteria and +iruses3 making you suscepti*le to colds3 flu3 *ronchitis and other respiratory diseases4

0arther do"n3 inside your lungs3 the smoke "eakens the free<ro+ing sca+enger cells that remo+e foreign particles from the air sacs of the lungs4 )ontinued eEposure to smoke affects the protein that keeps the lungs fleEi*le ?elastin@ predisposing you to emphysema4 Smoking is the main cause of chronic o*structi+e lung diseaseG it is +ery rare in non<smokers and at least 1$ percent of the deaths from this disease can *e attri*uted to cigarette smoking41  Your heart is put under stress 0rom the moment the smoke reaches your lungs3 your heart is forced to "ork harder4 The heart*eat may increase *y as much as 3$ percent during the first 1$ minutes of smoking4 6any smokers suffer from a*normal heart *eats caused *y the effect of nicotine and other chemicals4  Your *lood pressure increases While you are smoking3 your *lood pressure increases3 putting more stress on heart and *lood +essels4 This automatically increases your risk of heart attack and stroke during the time that you are smoking4  )ar*on monoEide floods into your system When you smoke3 car*on monoEide < the colorless3 odorless3 deadly gas present in car eEhaust < passes immediately into your *loodstream4 )ar*on monoEide *inds to the oEygen receptor sites ?hemoglo*in@ and Ikicks outI the oEygen molecules in your red *lood cells4

Hemoglo*in < the protein that feeds oEygen to organs and cells < *inds itself preferentially to the car*on monoEide and can no longer carry oEygen4 This means that less oEygen reaches your *rain and +ital organs4 Your *ody cells need oEygen for energy so your energy le+els are reduced4 The oEygen<carrying capacity of a hea+y smoker=s *lood may *e reduced *y 1& percent43  The nicotine kicks in %fter approEimately 1$ seconds of lighting up3 nicotine has *een a*sor*ed from the lungs into the *loodstream and has *een transported to the *rain4 It stimulates the central ner+ous system3 increasing the heart *eat rate and *lood pressureG raising the heart=s oEygen reAuirement4  The *lood +essels in your skin constrict The smoke constricts *lood +essels in your skin3 making smokers more suscepti*le to "rinkling4 )igarette smoke released into the en+ironment also has a drying effect on the skin4 The net result is grey "rinkled skin "ith hea+y lines around the eyes and mouth4 It might feel good to ha+e that puff during a stressful time3 *ut the stress you are putting on your *ody can *e a little distur*ing3 not to mention detrimental to leading a healthy lifestyle4 While smoking has a profound effect on your *ody 5 Auitting smoking has the same effect 5 in the opposite "ay4


The *enefits that occur inside your *ody "hen you Auit smoking *egin shortly after you ha+e smoked your last cigarette4 Ha+e all of the years of smoking or che"ing caused too much damage for Auitting *eing of any *enefitB The truth is3 not at all4 The human *ody is ama8ingly resilient4 Within the first #$ minutes of Auitting3 the healing process *egins4 !uit smoking *enefits "ill continue to impro+e your health and Auality of life for years4 When you Auit smoking3 the *enefits *egin "ithin minutes of your last cigarette4 At "# $%n&tes afte' (&%tt%n)*
  

*lood pressure decreases pulse rate drops *ody temperature of hands and feet increases4

At + ,o&'s*
 

car*on monoEide le+el in *lood drops to normal oEygen le+el in *lood increases to normal

At "- ,o&'s*

chance of a heart attack decreases

At -+ ,o&'s*
 

ner+e endings start re<gro"ing a*ility to smell and taste impro+e

Bet.een " .ee/s an0 1 $ont,s*

  

circulation impro+es "alking *ecomes easier lung function increases

So many positi+e changes occur during the first 3 months of smoking cessation4 The "orst of nicotine "ithdra"al su*sides "ithin the first month4 -o" the focus needs to *e on learning ho" to decipher and reprogram the psychological tugs or urges to smoke4 Bet.een 2 to 3 $ont,s s$o/e f'ee* Starting as early as a month after you Auit smoking3 and continuing for the neEt se+eral months3 you may notice significant impro+ements in these areasG
   

coughing sinus congestion fatigue shortness of *reath

The changes you=ll *e going through "ill affect more than your physical health4 )onfidence "ill soar as you accumulate more smoke free time4 It=s empo"ering7 It=s important to remem*er that healing from nicotine addiction is a process and "hile some impro+ements are dramatic and happen Auickly3 others "ill come more gradually4 At 2 Yea' s$o/e f'ee*

eEcess risk of coronary heart disease is decreased to half that of a smoker )igarette smoking is directly linked to 3$J of all heart disease deaths in the :nited States each year4 It plays a part in coronary heart disease3 and causes damage *y decreasing oEygen to the heart4 Smoking increases

*lood pressure and heart rate3 *oth of "hich are hard on the heart4 !uitting to*acco is the a*solute *est thing you can do for your heart and for your health o+erall4 At " 4ea's s$o/e f'ee*

your chance of achie+ing long<term success "ith Auitting to*acco increases significantly

At 5 4ea's s$o/e f'ee*

from & to 1& years after Auitting to*acco3 stroke risk is reduced to that of people "ho ha+e ne+er smoked

At 2# 4ea's s$o/e f'ee*
  

risk of lung cancer drops to as little as one<half that of continuing smokers risk of cancer of the mouth3 throat3 esophagus3 *ladder3 kidney3 and pancreas decreases risk of ulcer decreases

At 25 4ea's s$o/e f'ee*
 

risk of coronary heart disease is no" similar to that of people "ho ha+e ne+er smoked risk of death returns to nearly the le+el of people "ho ha+e ne+er smoked

So no" that you kno" the *enefits of Auitting your smoking ha*it3 "here do "e go from hereB I guess it2s time to look at *eginning a Auitting program4 Some of your friends may make fun of you and tell you3 C-o one likes a Auitter4D The truth is that you2ll *e a*le to say it much later in life than they "ill "hen you take steps to stop no"7

6any eEperts *elie+e smoking is only a*out 1$J physical addiction and a "hopping ,$J psychological addiction4 Your *ody "ill reco+er fairly Auickly from nicotine "ithdra"als ?the "orst symptoms usually a*ate in three days or less@3 *ut your psychological dependency on cigarettes can *e much more difficult to defeat4 That2s "hy you ha+e to *e committed to a program that "ill help you stick to your commitment to lea+e cigarettes *ehind you and *ecome a non<smoker4 9ro*a*ly the *est "ay to start is to "ork on those psychological *arriers that "ill keep your from succeeding4 .ne of my fa+orite techniAues to use "hen facing a *ig decision is to make a list to help myself reali8e the reasons "hy I "ant to make a change4 :sually3 it2s a pro and con list4 When it comes to Auitting smoking3 compare the reasons "hy you started smoking and "hy you "ant to Auit smoking4 So get out a piece of paper and separate it into t"o columns4 Ha*el one "ith CWhy I Started SmokingD and the other "ith CWhy I Want to !uit SmokingD4 In column one3 list all the reasons you can remem*er as to "hy you started smoking in the first place4 Was it peer pressureB Re*ellionB /id you think it made you look coolB /id it make you feel like a gro"n<upB Really try to remem*er the eEact reasons "hy you started smoking and "rite them all do"n4 -o" look o+er that list4 /o any of those reasons still apply in your life todayB .ur guess is pro*a*ly not4

If you=re like most people3 you "ill see that your reasons for *ecoming a smoker are no longer +alid3 are often >ust silly3 and are easily out"eighed *y the risks to your health and your family=s "ell<*eing4 Then3 mo+e on to column t"o4 Start listing all the reasons you "ant to stop this ha*it4 This one may seem o*+ious3 *ut it can *e a *it tricky4 You really need to take some time and think hard a*out this4 /on=t >ust list the o*+ious health reasons4 You=+e *een reading the Surgeon 'eneral=s "arnings for years "ith little effect3 so you need to come up "ith reasons that truly ha+e meaning for you4 The things most people "rite do"n "ill -.T help you Auit smoking444 < I don=t "ant to get lung cancer4 < I don=t "ant to ha+e a heart attack or a stroke4 < I=d like to li+e long enough to see my grandchildren gro" up4 Those are all good reasons to Auit smoking3 certainly444 *ut they deal in Ipossi*ilitiesI rather than in specifics4 Sure you 6I'HT get lung cancer3 you 6I'HT ha+e a heart attack or a stroke3 you 6I'HT die young and miss out on seeing your grandchildren gro" up444 444or you 6I'HT -.T7 You=re not likely to *reak a strong psychological addiction *ased on "hat 6I'HT happen4 Your mind "ill "ork hard to con+ince you that it "on=t happen to you7 Instead3 list health pro*lems that you are already eEperiencing4 Your list should point out things in your life that you are acti+ely unhappy a*out and are STR.-'HY 6.TIK%T;/ to change4 In order to *reak your psychological addiction3

you need an arsenal of ne" thoughts and desires that are stronger than your desire to smoke7 Here are the types of things you "ant to put in column t"o444 Why /o I Want To !uit SmokingB 14 Health Reasons < I get so out of *reath "hen I eEert myself e+en a little *it4 Lust +acuuming the house makes me pant and gasp4 < 6y feet are al"ays cold4 This could *e due to high *lood pressure and poor circulation associated "ith smoking4 < I ha+e a nasty "et cough and I ha+e to *lo" my nose "ay too often4 6ucus *uild<up is the *ody=s reaction to all the toEins and chemicals in cigarette smoke and could *e a precursor to serious respiratory disease4 ;+en if I don=t get cancer3 I don=t "ant to *e one of those people "ho has to tote oEygen *ottles around e+ery"here4 < I=m al"ays tired4 )ould it *e that my *ody is using up all its energy trying to eliminate the toEins and chemicals from cigarettesB #4 Kanity Reasons < Smoking causes premature aging and drying of the skin4 I don=t "ant to look like a "rinkled up old prune7 < 6y fingers3 fingernails and teeth are all to*acco stained4 /isgusting7 Ho" em*arrassing4

< When I get on the ele+ator after a smoke *reak at "ork3 e+eryone "rinkles their nose and tries to edge a"ay from me *ecause I reek of cigarette smoke4 I feel like a pariah4 It=s em*arrassing to al"ays *e the *ig IstinkerI on the ele+ator4 I feel like I ha+e no self< control4 < 6y *reath is a"ful4 Missing me must *e like kissing an ashtray4 I spend a fortune on *reath mints4 34 0inancial Reasons < If I sa+e all the money I used to spend on cigarettes3 I=ll ha+e enough to take a +acation in )ancun ?or some other "arm tropical place@ e+ery "inter7 < I could use the money to pay off my credit cards7 < I could donate money to my fa+orite charity or sponsor a child4 6y cigarette money could make the "orld a *etter place7 4 0amily Reasons < 6y family can stop "orrying a*out me4 < 6y spouse "ill ha+e to find something ne" to nag me a*out4 Lust kidding3 honey7 < 6y children "ill *e proud of me and ?hopefully@ they=ll ne+er start smoking themsel+es3 ha+ing seen firsthand "hat a nasty destructi+e ha*it it is4 &4 )leanliness Reasons < The "alls used to *e "hite4 -o" they=re a nasty dirty< looking *ro"n4 I need to repaint444 again7 < I stink3 my car stinks3 my house stinks3 e+erything I o"n reeks of cigarette smoke4 I can=t e+en lend a *ook

to a non<smoking friend *ecause they can=t stand the smell of smoke permeating the pages7 /o you see yourself in any of the items listedB You may ha+e many more reasons of your o"n4 0ind as many compelling and emotional reasons to pursue smoking cessation as you can think of and "rite them all do"n4 To Auit smoking3 you need Y.:R reason to kick the nicotine ha*it4 If you can re<train your mind to think of smoking as a silly and self<destructi+e thing to do3 then you=re almost sure to succeed4 %nd if you need something to do "ith your hands444 try knitting7 There are hundreds of eEcuses that smokers cite as reasons "hy they can2t Auit4 I understand almost all of them7 It can *e daunting to try and change your "hole lifestyle4 0or years3 I resisted *uying cartons of cigarettes *ecause if I did3 that "ould mean I "as really a smoker4 Then I reali8ed I got a *etter deal money<"ise "ith cartons3 so I s"itched4 I "as humiliated inside4 But I "as also po"erless to resist4 So "ith all the information that is out there today3 "hy do people still continue to smokeB Het2s look at a fe" reasons "hy4

6ost smokers spend countless hours during their smoking careers trying to satisfactorily ans"er this most perpleEing Auestion4 Typically3 ans"ers they come up "ith are that they smoke *ecause they are unhappy3 unsatisfied3

ner+ous3 *ored3 anEious3 lonely3 tired or >ust frustrated "ithout their cigarettes4 .ther reasons often Auoted are that cigarettes keep them thin3 make them *etter a*le to think3 or that they are more socia*le "hile smoking4 Some claim that they smoke to cele*rate the >oyful times of life4 0ood3 drink3 fun and games3 and e+en seE all seem to lose their appeal "ithout an accompanying cigarette4 In fact3 let2s take a Auick look at some of the reasons people gi+e for smoking4 CI Hike SmokingD %sk almost any current smoker "hy she continues to indulge in such a dangerous ha*it and she "ill normally reply3 IBecause I like smoking4I While she may say this in all honesty3 it is a +ery misleading statement3 *oth to the listener and to the smoker herself4 She does not smoke *ecause she en>oys smokingN rather she smokes *ecause she does not en>oy not smoking4 -icotine is a po"erfully addicti+e drug4 The smoker is in a constant *attle to maintain a narro" range of nicotine in her *lood stream ?serum nicotine le+el@4 ;+ery time the smoker=s serum nicotine le+el falls *elo" the minimum limit3 she eEperiences drug "ithdra"al4 She *ecomes tense3 irrita*le3 anEious3 and3 in some cases3 e+en sho"s physical symptoms4 She does not en>oy feeling these "ithdra"als4 The only thing that "ill alle+iate these acute symptoms "ill *e a cigarette4 The nicotine loss is then replenished and3 hence3 the smoker feels *etter4 She en>oyed smoking4 % smoker must also *e cautious not to eEceed his upper limit of tolerance for nicotine or else suffer +arying

degrees of nicotine poisoning4 6any smokers can attest to this condition4 It usually occurs after parties or eEtremely tense situations "hen the smoker finds himself eEceeding his normal le+el of consumption4 He feels sick3 nauseous3 di88y and generally misera*le4 Being a successful smoker is like *eing an accomplished tight rope "alker4 The smoker must constantly maintain a *alance *et"een these t"o painful eEtremes of too much or too little nicotine4 The fear "hich accompanies initial smoking cessation is that the rest of the eE<smoker=s entire life "ill *e as horri*le as the first fe" days "ithout cigarettes4 What eE<smokers "ill learn is that "ithin a short period of time3 the physical "ithdra"al "ill start to diminish4 0irst3 the urges "ill "eaken in intensity and then *ecome shorter in duration4 There "ill *e longer time inter+als *et"een urges4 It "ill e+entually reach the point "here the eE<smoker "ill desire a cigarette +ery infreAuently3 if e+er4 Those "ho continue to smoke "ill continue to *e in a constant *attle of maintaining their serum nicotine le+el4 Included in this *attle is the great eEpense of *uying pack after pack and the dangerous assault on the smoker=s *ody of inhaling the poison nicotine along "ith o+er 3$$$ other toEic chemicals "hich comprise the tars and gasses produced from the com*ustion of to*acco4 These chemicals are deadly *y themsel+es and e+en more so in com*ination4 CI2m Self</estructi+e 5 That2s Lust Who I %mD 6any Smokers *elie+e they continue to smoke *ecause of their self<destructi+e attitude4 They actually "ant to get

sick4 Some say they are afraid of reaching old age4 .thers arrogantly +o" to continue smoking until it kills them4 While some people do ha+e emotional pro*lems "hich lead to self<destructi+e *eha+ior3 I *elie+e the ma>ority of smokers "ith this attitude are not in this category4 6ost make these statements to hide their fears of not *eing a*le to gi+e up cigarette smoking4 The reality is that some people >ust don=t care enough a*out themsel+es to gi+e up cigarettes4 :nfortunately3 some are later diagnosed of ha+ing cancer4 .thers "ill ha+e heart attacks3 strokes or other circulatory conditions4 6any "ill *e disco+ered to ha+e ma>or *reathing impairments from emphysema4 The "orst part of this is that not only do these people ha+e a potentially deadly diseaseN they kno" that they are responsi*le for it4 %n eAually tragic situation is eEperienced *y the sur+i+ors of people "ho die of smoking related illnesses4 6any eE<smokers go *ack to smoking through the encouragement of family and friends4 This usually happens to someone "ho is disease free and Auits in order to stay healthy4 Initially they are ner+ous and cra**y4 Soon the spouse3 kids and others are saying3 IIf this is "hat you are like as a nonsmoker3 for hea+en=s sake3 smoke7I While it may seem to *e a good idea at the time3 consider ho" the relati+e feels "hen the smoker gets cancer or has a heart attack and dies4 The guilt is tremendous4 Some *eliefs or statements made *y smokers sound irrational3 as if they ha+e a real death "ish4 .ften3 there is really nothing "rong "ith the personOit is a drug effect4 0ear of "ithdra"al or *eing una*le to cope through life

"ithout cigarettes results in a defense mechanism to >ustify the ha*it4 CI2m %ddictedD Some smokers say they smoke *ecause they are ner+ous4 .thers say they smoke to cele*rate4 Some think they smoke for energy4 6any smoke to look seEy4 Yet others smoke to stay a"ake or to sleep4 Some think they smoke to think4 -one of these reasons satisfactorily eEplain "hy people continue smoking4 Ho"e+er3 the ans"er is3 in fact3 Auite simple4 Smokers smoke cigarettes *ecause they are smokers4 6ore precisely3 smokers smoke cigarettes *ecause they are smoke<a<holics4 % smoke<a<holic3 like any other drug addict3 has *ecome hooked on a chemical su*stance4 In the cigarette smoker2s case3 nicotine is the culprit4 They are at the point "here the failure to maintain a minimum le+el of nicotine in the *lood stream leads to the nicotine a*stinence syndrome3 other"ise kno"n as drug "ithdra"al4 %nything that makes them lose nicotine makes them smoke4 This concept eEplains "hy so many smokers feel they smoke under stress4 Stress has a physiological effect on the *ody "hich makes the urine acidic4 Whene+er the urine *ecomes acidic3 the *ody eEcretes nicotine at an accelerated rate4 Thus3 "hen a smoker encounters a stressful situation he loses nicotine and goes into drug "ithdra"al4 6ost smokers feel that "hen they are ner+ous or upset cigarettes help calm them do"n4 The calming effect3 ho"e+er3 is not relief from the emotional strain of the situation3 *ut actually the effect of replenishing the nicotine supply and ending the "ithdra"al4

It is easy to understand "hy the smoker "ithout this *asic kno"ledge of stress and its nicotine effect is afraid to gi+e up smoking4 They feel that they "ill *e gi+ing up a +ery effecti+e stress management techniAue4 But once they gi+e up smoking for a short period of time3 they "ill *ecome calmer3 e+en under stress3 than "hen they "ere smokers4 The eEplanation of ho" physiological changes in the *ody make them smoke is difficult for some smokers to *elie+e4 But nearly all smokers can easily relate to other situations "hich also alter the eEcretion rate of nicotine4 %sk a smoker "hat happens to his or her smoking consumption after drinking alcohol3 and you can *e sure he or she "ill ans"er that it goes up4 If asked ho" much his or her consumption rises3 he or she "ill normally reply that it dou*les or e+en triples "hen drinking4 He or she usually is con+inced that this happens *ecause e+eryone around them is smoking4 But if he or she thinks *ack to a time "hen he or she "as the only smoker in the room3 they "ill reali8e that drinking still caused them to smoke more4 %lcohol consumption results in the same physiological effect as stressOacidification of the urine4 The nicotine le+el drops dramatically3 and the smoker must light one cigarette after another or suffer drug "ithdra"al4 It is important for the smoker considering Auitting to understand these concepts *ecause once they truly understand "hy they smoke they "ill *e a*le to more fully appreciate ho" much more simple life "ill *ecome as an eE< smoker4 .nce the smoker stops3 the nicotine "ill *egin to lea+e the *ody3 and "ithin t"o "eeks all the nicotine "ill *e gone4 .nce the nicotine is totally out of the *ody3 all "ithdra"al "ill cease4 -o longer "ill they eEperience drug "ithdra"al

states "hene+er encountering stress3 drinking3 or >ust going too long "ithout smoking4 In short3 they "ill soon reali8e that all the *enefits they thought they deri+ed from smoking "ere false effects4 They "ill reali8e that they did not need to smoke to deal "ith stress3 or to drink3 sociali8e3 or "ork4 ;+erything done as a smoker can *e done as a non<smoker3 and in most cases3 these acti+ities can *e done more efficiently and make you feel *etter during them4 The eE<smoker "ill *ecome a more independent person4 It is a good feeling and a ma>or accomplishment to *reak free from this addiction4 But no matter ho" long he or she is off smoking and ho" confident he or she feels3 the eE< smoker must al"ays remem*er that he or she is a smoke<a< holic4 Being a smoke<a<holic means that as long as you don2t take a single drag off a cigarette3 cigar or pipe3 or che" to*acco3 or in>ect it into his *loodstream "ith a syringe3 you "ill ne+er again *ecome hooked on nicotine4 If3 on the other hand3 the eE<smoker does make the tragic mistake of eEperimenting "ith any nicotine product3 it "ill only reinforce the addiction4 This "ill result either in returning to the old le+el of consumption or eEperiencing a full fledged "ithdra"al process4 -either situation is fun to go through4 CI2m Stressed .ut4 Smoking Helps 6e RelaED Why not consider other forms of relaEationB That2s *ecause they don2t "ork as "ell4 Smokers hold onto their cigarettes like *a*ies hold onto their fa+orite *lankets or toys4 They2re a crutch that "e use "hen "e don2t "ant to face a situation4 0eel pressured at "orkB You ha+e a smoke4 Stressed out at homeB You ha+e a smoke4 Ha+e too many *ills to payB Smoke and it2ll all *e fine4

The fact is3 as long as anyone continues to de+elop physically3 emotionally3 intellectually3 professionally or spiritually3 they too "ill eEperience gro"ing pains4 %dults are prone to hurt3 pain3 sadness3 depression and anEieties >ust as children are4 These feelings are all necessary if "e "ish to continue to de+elop our minds and *odies4 Without such gro"th3 "e "ould not eEperience happiness3 satisfaction3 contentment or purpose to their full eEtent4 Smoking *ecause you2re stressed only adds to more stress4 You feel more pressure for partaking of an acti+ity that you kno" is *ad for you *ut you are una*le to stop4 When you smoke due to eEcessi+e stress3 you are transferring *lame else"here instead of attri*uting it "here it *elongs 5 "ith your addiction4 When you are stressed out3 your *ody "ill react in normal "ays4 When you use a cigarette to alle+iate that reaction3 you2re >ust creating other reactions that "ill ha+e to *e addressed e+entually as "ell4 Smoking can2t sol+e any pro*lem in life4 -o matter "hat the pro*lem3 there are al"ays other "ays to help yourself *esides picking up a cigarette4 CI2+e Smoked So 6uch 0or So Hong3 Why BotherBD The only thing this eEcuse does is contri*ute to your *argaining against your decision to Auit4 You are trying to make eEcuses for yourself that "ill allo" you to *ack out of committing to Auitting your ha*it4 Your head kno"s it2s "hat you should do3 you kno" it2s the right mo+e3 *ut you feel po"erless against the *attle ahead of you4 You can see other people out there "ho ha+e successfully Auit 5 e+en after three packs a day for 3& years4 You start to *ecome >ealous of them *ecause they did it and

you >ust don2t see ho" you can go through the "hole process "ithout losing your mind4 We2+e already told you *efore that Auitting smoking impro+es your Auality of life "ithin an hour 5 and e+en more as the time passes "ithout cigarettes4 It doesn2t matter ho" much you smoked or for ho" long 5 "ell at least in most cases4 But you o"e it to yourself to make this step to get healthy and start li+ing again4 CI .nly Smoke When I /rinkD So you think you can gi+e it up at any time 5 rightB Wrong7 See that2s ho" it starts4 You2re ha+ing cocktails "ith friends and one of them smokes4 You ha+e a puff *ecause the alcohol has num*ed your sensi*ility4 9retty soon3 you2re *umming cigarettes off of anyone you can find4 Then you *uy your first pack4 .f course3 you keep telling yourself that it2s only "hen you drink4 This is "here the pro*lem comes in4 Because you ha+e con+inced yourself of this3 you *egin drinking >ust so you can ha+e a smoke4 -o" you2re not only damaging your *ody "ith nicotine3 *ut "ith alcohol as "ell4 Het2s say you get control of the "hole alcohol thing 5 "hat a*out the smokingB You start to use it as an eEcuse saying you can2t gi+e up *oth +ices all at once4 So you continue to smoke to offset the difficulty you2re ha+ing Auitting drinking4 It2s a +icious cycle3 and "e guarantee that e+entually3 you2ll ha+e another drink and the smoking "ill continue until you2re *ack to "here you started 5 only smoking "hen you drink4 Yeah right7 %ll of these reasons are >ust eEcuses keeping you from stopping this ha*it4 Belie+e meN I2+e uttered more than one of them4 I kno" I should Auit3 *ut I find myself po"erless to

do so4 WhyB

)igarettes contain tons of chemicals as "e2+e already told you4 The most addicti+e of "hich is nicotine4 -icotine addiction can *e as serious as addiction to any other drug 5 heroin3 crack3 cocaine3 etc4 -icotine addiction can *e eAually as strong and deadly as any other drug addiction4 In fact3 if you total the num*er of people "ho die yearly of all these other conditions com*ined3 they "ould not add up to the num*er of premature deaths attri*uted to cigarette smoking4 :ntil recent times3 the idea of nicotine *eing a physiologically addicti+e su*stance "as contro+ersial in the "orld<"ide medical community4 0or a drug to *e considered addicti+e3 it must meet certain criteria4 0irst3 it must *e capa*le of inducing physical "ithdra"al upon cessation4 -icotine a*stinence syndrome is a "ell documented3 esta*lished fact4 Second3 tolerance to the drug usually de+elops4 Increasingly larger doses *ecome necessary to achie+e the same desired effects4 Smokers eEperience this phenomenon as their cigarette consumption gradually increases from "hat pro*a*ly "as sporadic occasional use to a reAuired daily consumption of one or more packs4 The third criterion is that an addicti+e su*stance *ecomes a totally consuming necessity to its user3 usually resulting in "hat is considered *y a society as anti<social *eha+ior4 6any ha+e argued that cigarette smoking fails to fulfill this reAuirement4 True3 most smokers do not resort to de+iant *eha+iors to maintain their ha*it3 *ut this is *ecause

most smokers do manage to easily o*tain the full complement of cigarettes they need to satisfy the addiction4 When smokers are depri+ed of easy accessi*ility to cigarettes3 the situation is totally different4 But3 the "ithdra"al of nicotine from your system only lasts a fe" days4 So "hy is it so hard to Auit for goodB The reason is primarily psychological4 9eople sitting in at smoking clinics are ama8ed at ho" resistant smokers are to gi+ing up cigarettes4 ;+en smokers "ill sit and listen to horror stories of other participants in sheer dis*elief4 Some smokers ha+e had multiple heart attacks3 circulatory conditions resulting in amputations3 cancers3 emphysema and a host of other disa*ling and deadly diseases4 Ho" in the "orld could these people ha+e continued smoking after all thatB Some of these smokers are fully a"are that smoking is crippling and killing them3 *ut continue to smoke any"ay4 % legitimate Auestion asked *y any sane smoker or nonsmoker is3 C"hyBD The ans"er to such a compleE issue is really Auite simple4 The smoker often has cigarettes so tied into his lifestyle that he feels "hen he gi+es up smoking he "ill gi+e up all acti+ities associated "ith cigarettes4 )onsidering these acti+ities include almost e+erything he does from the time he a"akes to the time he goes to sleep3 life seems like it "ill not *e "orth li+ing as an eE< smoker4 The smoker is also afraid he "ill eEperience the painful "ithdra"al symptoms from not smoking as long as he depri+es himself of cigarettes4 )onsidering all this3 Auitting smoking creates a greater fear than dying from smoking4

If the smoker "ere correct in all his assumptions of "hat life as an eE<smoker "ere like3 then may*e it "ould not *e "orth it to Auit4 But all these assumptions are "rong4 There is life after smoking3 and "ithdra"al does not last fore+er4 Trying to con+ince the smoker of this3 though3 is Auite an uphill *attle4 These *eliefs are deeply ingrained and are conditioned from the false positi+e effects eEperienced from cigarettes4 The smoker often feels that he needs a cigarette in order to get out of *ed in the morning4 Typically3 "hen he a"akes he feels a slight headache3 tired3 irrita*le3 depressed and disoriented4 He is under the *elief that all people a"ake feeling this "ay4 He is fortunate though3 *ecause he has a "ay to stop these horri*le feelings4 He smokes a cigarette or t"o4 Then he *egins "aking up and feels human again4 .nce he is a"ake3 he feels he needs cigarettes to gi+e him energy to make it through the day4 When he is under stress and ner+ous3 the cigarettes calm him do"n4 'i+ing up this "onder drug seems ludicrous to him4 There2s another huge reason to consider Auit smoking that "e ha+en2t e+en touched on yetG the effect of your cigarettes on other people4

6any militant smokers claim their rights as a smoker in the name of %merica4 But "hat is *eing done a*out the rights of the non<smokerB /oesn2t anyone e+er think a*out those peopleB

Ten years ago secondhand smoke "as seen as a minor irritant that could make your >o* uncomforta*le or ruin your dinner at a fancy restaurant4 But recent studies no" suggest that for some people secondhand smoke can *e deadly4 Secondhand smoke contains the same poisons in the smoke that smokers inhaleOsuch chemicals as formaldehyde3 arsenic3 cyanide3 radioacti+e compounds3 and *en8ene and car*on monoEide4 In fact3 the smoke that the smoker doesn=t inhale may contain higher amounts of these poisons4 This is *ecause the inhaled smoke is *urned at a higher temperature that destroys some of the toEins3 and it=s filtered4 The :4S4 ;n+ironmental 9rotection %gency estimates that passi+e smokingO*eing in the presence of a spouse or co"orker "ho smokesOcauses a*out 33$$$ lung cancer deaths each year4 9assi+e smoking accounts for as many as perhaps 3$3$$$ to &$3$$$ deaths annually from heart disease in nonsmokers4 9assi+e smoking also causes a host of nonfatal health pro*lems3 such as *urning eyes3 hoarseness3 throat irritation3 snee8ing3 headache and nausea4 Those "ith asthma3 hay fe+er3 sinusitis3 emphysema and other health conditions are especially sensiti+e to the effects of cigarette smoke4 %sthma and *ronchitis are aggra+ated in people "ho are eEposed to cigarette smoke3 especially in children under 11 months of age4 )hildren of smokers also ha+e an increased chance of de+eloping serious lung pro*lems such as asthma3 *ronchitis and pneumonia4 We personally kno" of people "ho ha+e ne+er smoked a cigarette in their li+es3 *ut are diagnosed "ith

emphysema3 lung cancer3 or cardio+ascular disease4 What "as a common factor among themB They all li+e "ith a hea+y smoker4 That alone seems a lot more than coincidental7 Why are "e telling you all of thisB Because you and I *oth need to Auit smoking7 The health *enefits are o*+ious3 the money "e2ll sa+e is huge3 "e "ill gain more societal acceptance3 and "e2ll feel so much *etter a*out oursel+es4 So "here should "e startB

0irst3 let2s *oth reali8e that this is going to *e R;%HHY /I00I):HT7 It may *e one of the most difficult undertakings "e2+e e+er started4 We2re getting ready to *om*ard "ith all sorts of tips3 tricks3 and ad+ice that "e ha+e collected from eEperts and people "ho2+e already Auit4 Take "hat you need3 *ut read all of it3 and then refer *ack to it as often as you need to4 We2re pretty sure you2ll need to Auite a *it4 The first thing you need to commit to is that you "ill S<T<%<R<TG S P Set a Auit date4 T P Tell family3 friends3 and co<"orkers that you plan to Auit4 A P Ant%8%9ate and plan for the challenges you=ll face "hile Auitting4 R P Re$o:e cigarettes and other to*acco products from your home3 car3 and "ork4 T P Tal/ to your doctor a*out getting help to Auit4

We2re going to *e going through all sorts of hard things on this road to"ard a nicotine free life4 These fi+e steps are a great "ay to start4 When you S;T a Auit date3 you are telling your *ody3 your mind3 and those around you that effecti+e that date3 you "ill no longer *e a smoker4 Without a Auit date3 you are lea+ing the door "ide open to starting *ack up again4 Think of it as "alking through the door3 slamming it *ehind you3 locking it3 and thro"ing a"ay the key4 When you T;HH people you are Auitting3 they "ill *ecome your support system "hen you feel "eak4 6ost people don2t like to disappoint those close to them4 If e+eryone around you kno"s you2re committing to *ecoming a non<smoker3 chances are +ery good that if they see you light up3 they2ll *e there to remind you of your commitment4 %-TI)I9%TI-' the o*stacles "ill gi+e you more tools to com*at the difficulties that you "ill face4 0or some people3 gi+ing up cigarettes means >ust not smoking4 0or most smokers3 ho"e+er3 that >ust isn2t possi*le4 When you make a plan as to ho" you "ill deal "ith the cra+ings andQor psychological hurdles3 you can employ the methods you2+e thought a*out and put them into play4 9hysically3 it2s going to *e tough4 ;Epect one or more of the follo"ing symptomsG
         

restlessness irrita*ility tiredness trou*le sleeping difficulty concentrating feelings of frustration and anger di88iness ?may only last 1<# days in the *eginning@ depression and moodiness headache increased appetite

These symptoms can present themsel+es "ithin a fe" hours of the last cigarette and peak #<3 days after that4 These symptoms can last for a fe" days to a fe" "eeks4 Lust don2t get discouraged and reali8e that these symptoms are your *ody2s reaction to *eing depri+ed of something its *een used to ha+ing for Auite some time4 Be patient4 They "ill su*side4 You should not keep anything around you that "ill remind you of your pre+ious life4 R;6.K; all ashtrays3 lighters3 matches3 cigarettes3 etc4 from anyplace you freAuent4 This means your home3 car3 and office4 When those mementos of your smoking are gone3 you2re more likely to forget you "ere a smoker4 %t least that2s the idea7 There are all types of medical ad+ice your doctor can gi+e you "hen it comes to stopping smoking4 When you T%HM to a doctor3 he or she can gi+e you all sorts of help on your >ourney4 There are e+en some anti<depressants that contri*ute to helping the smoker Auit4 While you may *e hesitant to taking this type of help3 it might *e effecti+e for you3 and you "ill pro*a*ly feel a heck of a lot *etter in the long run7 Here are some other tips for you to consider "hen deciding not to smoke anymoreG

Be realistic4 !uitting is not an easy undertaking4 It reAuires effort3 determination and commitment4 %ccept the fact that you need to Auit4 /o not deny the ad+erse health effects that you are unnecessarily putting yourself ?and those around you@ through4 Be prepared for anEious and resistant feelings4 Since nicotine is ha*it<forming3 >ust thinking a*out Auitting may make you feel anEious 5 this is Auite common4 'i+e yourself a specified amount of time to identify and

mo+e *eyond these feelings4

Work on de+eloping the attitude that you are doing yourself a fa+or *y not smoking4 /o not d"ell on the idea that you are depri+ing yourself of a cigarette4 You are ridding yourself full fledged smoking *ecause you care enough a*out yourself to "ant to4 Be proud that you are not smoking4 Be a"are that many routine situations "ill trigger the urge for a cigarette4 Situations "hich "ill trigger a response includeG drinking coffee3 alcohol3 sitting in a *ar3 social e+ents "ith smoking friends3 card games3 the end of meals4 Try to maintain your normal routine "hile Auitting4 If any e+ent seems too tough3 lea+e it and go *ack to it later4 /o not feel you must gi+e up any acti+ity fore+er4 ;+erything you did as a smoker3 you "ill learn to do at least as "ell3 and may*e *etter3 as an eE<smoker4 6ake a list of all the reasons you "ant to Auit smoking4 Meep this list "ith you3 prefera*ly "here you used to carry your cigarettes4 When you find yourself reaching for a cigarette3 take out your list and read it4 )onsider yourself a Csmoke<a<holic4D .ne puff and you can *ecome hooked again4 -o matter ho" long you ha+e *een off3 don2t think you can safely take a puff7 /on2t de*ate "ith yourself ho" much you "ant a cigarette4 %sk yourself ho" you feel a*out going *ack to your old le+el of consumption4 Smoking is an all or nothing proposition4 Sa+e the money you usually spend on cigarettes and *uy yourself something you really "ant after a "eek or a month4 Sa+e for a year and you can treat yourself to

 

a +acation4

9ractice deep *reathing eEercises "hen you ha+e a cra+ing4 'o places "here you normally can2t smoke3 such as mo+ies3 li*raries and no smoking sections of restaurants4 Remem*er that there are only t"o good reasons to take a puff once you Auit4 You decide you "ant to go *ack to your old le+el of consumption until smoking cripples and then kills you3 or3 you decide you really en>oy "ithdra"al and you "ant to make it last fore+er4 Take Auitting one day at a time3 e+en one minute at a timeO"hate+er you need to succeed and find support7 If someone told you to smoke (33$$ cigarettes today3 you=d call them cra8y4 But if they told you to smoke a pack a day for one year3 then you=d say Ino pro*lem4I Hike"ise3 if you "orry a*out not *eing a*le to smoke tomorro" *ecause you Auit today3 you may find yourself panicked and una*le to Auit4 /eal "ith today3 and let tomorro" take care of itself4

 

/e+elop a Auit plan that "orks *est for your needs4 Talk to your doctor or health professional to help de+elop a plan4 ;nlist the help of family and friends *y telling them a*out your plans4 %sk others "ho ha+e Auit ho" they handled "ithdra"al symptoms 5 *oth psychological and physical4

Hearn ne" *eha+iors4 If you2+e tried Auitting *efore3 identify "hat did and didn2t "ork for you4 Build on your strengths and disco+er ne" techniAues4 Meep a >ournal or log *efore you Auit; Identify places or situations "here you smoke most often3 "hen you smoke3 "ith "hom and "hy4 Re+ie" your diary after four or fi+e days to identify patterns of particular feelings and circumstances that trigger your cra+ings for a cigarette4 Begin "ith an ending4 Before you start a trip you=d *etter kno" "here you=re going4 In Stephen )o+ey=s *ook IThe ( Ha*its of Highly ;ffecti+e 9eopleI3 one of the se+en ha*its is I*egin "ith the end in mind4I In other "ords3 get a clear +ision in your mind ?and on paper@ of "hat you "ant3 and "here you "ant to *e4 This may seem contradictory to our pre+ious ad+ice to not "orry a*out tomorro"3 *ut these t"o principles "ork hand<in<hand4 By kno"ing clearly "hat you "ant to achie+e3 you can relaE in the day<to<day details of accomplishing your goal4

Reali8e that there "ill ne+er *e a perfect time to Auit; /on=t "ait for IperfectI *ecause it "ill ne+er come4 /o the *est you can "ith "hat you kno" today4 'reat achie+ers don=t magically kno" all the ans"ers "hen they *egin some ne" undertaking4 The process3 the action3 the in+estigation that they eEperience *rings the ans"ers and the achie+ement4 You need to *egin the process of Auitting today "hether or not you kno" ho"4 You=ll learn *y doing4 You may not Auit permanently the first time you try to Auit4 That=s okay7 You "ill learn "hat Y.: need to kno" to Auit permanently neEt time4

'reat achie+ers take massi+e action4 Take action7

9lan some distractions for yourself4 When you stop smoking3 you are dramatically altering your normal daily acti+ities4 You2ll ha+e eEtra time that you used to spend smoking4 6ake sure you ha+e something to occupy the former smoking periods4 If you normally smoke after meals3 plan to do something else like "ork on a pu88le3 "alk for 1$ minutes3 read a *ook3 etc4

'et plenty of rest4 You may feel tired after you stop4 That2s normal for many people "ho stop smoking4 /on2t fight it4 'et eEtra sleep and allo" your *ody to do the "ork it needs to *egin re*uilding itself4 /rink lots of "ater4 Water is essential to life4 Water flushes and cleans the *ody4 6ake sure your *ody has plenty of "ater to get the nicotine and toEins flushed from your system4 /rinking "ater can also help satisfy oral cra+ings you may ha+e after you cut out the cigarettes4 Stay a"ay from other smokers 5 at least until you2re strong enough to *e around them4 Your smoking *uddies at "ork pro*a*ly don2t "ant you to stop smoking *ecause they may miss your company3 and they "ill pro*a*ly feel guilty a*out their o"n smoking "eakness4 They2ll try to pull you *ack in to smoking3 if you gi+e them a chance4 /on2t4 6ake a clean *reak from other smokers4 Stay a"ay from *ars3 smoking sections in restaurants3 and other places you could *e eEposed to smoke and other smokers4

%*o+e e+erything else 5 do it no"7 /on2t put it off any longer4 /o you really "ant to *e sitting in a doctor2s office

and hear the "ord CcancerD and kno" that it2s *ecause you couldn2t Auit smoking4 The reality is that you can7 If you do it no" *efore your *ody re*els3 you2ll *e *etter for it4 6ost smokers are afraid of some specific things during this >ourney4 0irst3 they don2t kno" "hat they2ll do "hen a cra+ing occurs4 Here are a fe" tips4



Ha+ing plans to cope "ith cigarette cra+ings in ad+ance "ill help keep you on the path to successfully Auitting smokingG

When you first try to Auit3 change your routine4 :se a different route to "ork4 /rink tea instead of coffee4 ;at *reakfast in a different place4 /rink a glass of cool "ater4 In fact3 drink lots of "ater4 It "ill help hydrate you and make you feel a lot *etter7 Suck on a hard candy ?Hifesa+ers3 %ltoids3 and mints are some common suggestions < pick something you en>oy@ Take se+eral calming deep *reaths4 Sit Auietly3 close your eyes and clear your mind of eEtraneous thoughts4 %t each eEhale3 picture all of the unhealthy toEins from cigarettes lea+ing your *ody as you continue to *e smoke<free4 9repare3 sip3 and sa+or a cup of soothing her*al tea or hot cocoa4 'o for a "alk or get *usy "ith a task4 Take a sho"er4

 

%+oid spicy and sugary foods4 They tend to enhance the cra+ings for cigarettes4 Brush your teeth4 )all a supporti+e friend3 family mem*er4 /o things to reduce your stress; Take a hot *ath3 eEercise3 or read a *ook4 Read a*out smoke<free li+ing and others2 success stories4 Hog onto a "e*site that promotes smoke<free li+ing or keep some printed support materials handy that made a special impact on you4 This "ill help remind yourself of the *enefits of Auitting smoking and the alternati+es if you don2t4 Reading other2s stories "ho ha+e successfully Auit "ill help you stay committed to your goal4

  

0or the first fe" days after you Auit smoking3 spend as much free time as possi*le in pu*lic places "here smoking is not allo"ed3 such as li*raries3 malls3 museums3 theaters3 restaurants "ithout *ars3 and churches4 /on2t drink alcohol3 coffee3 and other drinks you associate "ith smoking4 Try drinking a +ariety of other drinks instead4 Try different types of "aters or fruit >uices4 This may *e the time to indulge in some interesting teas you ha+e ne+er tried4 If you miss the feeling of ha+ing a cigarette in your hand3 put a su*stitute in your hand << a pencil3 a paper clip3 a coin3 or a mar*le3 for eEample4 If you miss the feeling of ha+ing something in your mouth3 try toothpicks3 cinnamon sticks3 sugarless gum

or celery4

%+oid temptation *y staying a"ay from situations you associate "ith pleasura*le smoking4 0ind ne" ha*its and create a nonsmoking en+ironment around you4 %nticipate future situations or crises that might make you "ant to smoke again3 and remind yourself of all the important reasons you ha+e decided to Auit4 To reinforce these reasons3 you may "ant to put a picture of your children up in your "orkplace or keep one handy in your purse or "allet4 Take deep3 rhythmic *reaths similar to smoking to relaE3 and picture your lungs filling "ith fresh3 clean air4 Remem*er your goal and the fact that the urges to smoke "ill e+entually pass4 Think positi+e thoughts a*out ho" a"esome it is that you are Auitting smoking and getting healthy and try to a+oid negati+e ones4 Brush your teeth and en>oy that fresh taste4 /o *rief *ursts of eEercise ?alternate tensing and relaEing muscles3 pushups3 deep knee *ends3 "alk up a flight of stairs3 or touch your toes@4 ;at se+eral small meals during the day instead of 1 or # large ones4 This maintains constant *lood sugar le+els3 "hich keeps your energy in *alance and helps pre+ent the urge to smoke4 %+oid sugary or spicy foods that may trigger a desire for cigarettes4

 

%*o+e all3 re"ard yourself4 Re"ard yourself freAuently if that=s "hat it takes to keep going4 9lan to do something fun for doing your *est4

What a*out the times "hen you start feeling franticB Those are the moments "hen the stress >ust gets to you so much and you feel there2s no "ay possi*le you can make it through this Cno smokingD hell4  Meep oral su*stitutes handy3 such as carrots3 pickles3 apples3 celery3 raisins3 or gum4

Take 1$ deep *reaths3 and hold the last one "hile lighting a match4 ;Ehale slo"ly and *lo" out the match4 9retend it is a cigarette and put it out in an ashtray4 Hearn to relaE Auickly and deeply4 6ake yourself go limp4 Kisuali8e a soothing3 pleasing situation3 and get a"ay from it all for a moment4 )oncentrate on that peaceful image and nothing else4 Hight incense or a candle3 instead of a cigarette4 Tell yourself Ino4I Say it out loud4 9ractice doing this a fe" times3 and listen to yourself4 Some other things you can say to yourself might *e3 II2m too strong to gi+e in to smoking3I II2m a nonsmoker no"3I or II don2t "ant to let my friends and family do"n4I -e+er allo" yourself to think that Ione "on=t hurt3I *ecause it may4 Wear a ru**er *and around your "rist4 Whene+er you ha+e a thought a*out smoking3 snap it against your "rist to remind yourself of all the unpleasant reasons that made you "ant to Auit in the first place4 Then remem*er that you "ill not al"ays need a ru**er

 

*and to help you stay in line "ith your plans to Auit4 Smile at yourself then go get an apple or "alk outside and *reathe in the fresh air4 .r start a con+ersation "ith your co"orker or neigh*or that has nothing to do "ith you4 Try *usying yourself "ith ho**ies or other acti+ities that "ill take your mind off of smoking4 These can includeG Hobb%es an0 C'afts
       

playing ?or learning@ a musical instrument reading a *ook starting a collection ?stamps3 coins3 or shells3 for eEample@ doing pu88les ?cross"ord3 >igsa"3 sudoku@ starting a >ournal or scrap*ook organi8ing photos knitting or se"ing "riting ?*ooks3 poems3 articles3 >ournaling@

    

reading a ne"spaper or maga8ine meditating listening to a relaEation tape taking a nap listening to music

Be%n) W%t, Ot,e's
    

calling an old friend ha+ing someone o+er for dinner or to "atch mo+ies going out to eat >oining a group or clu* ha+ing a family get<together

There are many "ays to stop smoking4 6any hardcore ad+ocates say the *est "ay is to go it cold turkey 5 >ust stop

and not start again4 %s you might imagine3 this sounds like the most difficult "ay4 But many ad+ocates say it2s3 in fact3 the *est "ay7

To many3 cold turkey con>ures up +isions of torturous pain3 suffering and general drudgery4 In fact3 it is easier to stop smoking using the cold turkey method than *y using any other techniAue4 )old turkey induces less suffering and creates a shorter period of "ithdra"al4 6ost important3 cold turkey is the approach *y "hich the smoker has the *est chance of success4 Smokers must recogni8e that they are drug addicts4 -icotine is a po"erfully addicti+e drug4 .nce the smoker has smoked for a fairly long time3 the *ody reAuires maintenance of a certain le+el of nicotine in the *loodstream4 If this le+el is not maintained3 the smoker "ill eEperience +arying degrees of drug "ithdra"alG the lo"er the le+el3 the greater the intensity4 %s long as any nicotine remains in the *loodstream the *ody "ill keep cra+ing its full complement4 .nce the smoker Auits3 the nicotine le+el "ill e+entually drop to 8ero and all physical "ithdra"al "ill cease4 )ra+ings for an occasional cigarette may continue3 *ut this is due to an old ha*it not to a physical dependence4 )utting do"n on cigarettes or use of nicotine replacement strategies thro"s the smoker into a chronic state of drug "ithdra"al4 %s soon as the smoker fails to

reach the minimum reAuirement of nicotine3 the *ody starts demanding it4 %s long as there is any nicotine in the *loodstream3 the *ody "ill demand its old reAuirement4 Smoking >ust one or t"o a day or "earing a patch "hich is gradually reducing the amount of nicotine *eing deli+ered "ill result in the smoker not achie+ing the minimum reAuired le+el3 creating a chronic state of peak drug "ithdra"al4 This state "ill continue throughout the rest of the smoker=s life unless one of t"o steps is taken to rectify it4 0irst3 the smoker can stop deli+ering nicotine altogether4 -icotine "ill *e meta*oli8ed or totally eEcreted from the *ody and the "ithdra"al "ill stop fore+er4 .r3 the smoker can return to the old le+el of consumptions accomplishing nothing4 Therefore3 cold turkey is the method of choice4 .nce the smoker stops3 "ithdra"al "ill end "ithin t"o "eeks4 The rest of the process in+ol+es changing the "ay you think and staying a"ay from cigarettes and the temptation that they pro+ide4 6any people are also afraid of gaining "eight "hen they don2t ha+e the oral fiEation that a cigarette pro+ides 5 calorie free7 Weight gain isn2t a reality of Auitting smoking4 You can take steps to pre+ent it4

Weight gain is not the direct result of Auitting smoking4 It is more often "hat happens "hen a person su*stitutes one type of oral gratification or "ay of self<soothing ?smoking@ "ith another ?eating@4

Smokers "eigh less *ecause smoking depresses the appetite for certain foods3 "hile Auitters3 "hose appetites are not suppressed3 gain "eight *ecause they take in more calories4 -icotine may also alter the smoker=s meta*olism so that smokers *urn more calories and con+ert fe"er calories into fat4 In addition3 smoking ser+es as a meal terminator ?rather than taking a second or third helping or dessert3 you are likely to stop eating and ha+e a cigarette@4 -ot e+eryone "ho Auits smoking "ill gain "eight4 Ho"e+er3 The )alifornia Smokers2 Helpline reports that people "ho Auit smoking gain an a+erage of & pounds4 This may or may not *e true for you4 Some people do not gain any "eight after Auitting smoking4 The good ne"s is that the potential for "eight gain can *e minimi8ed if smoking cessation is accompanied *y a moderate increase in physical acti+ity and a plan that incorporates alternati+e coping strategies4 Some tips to help pre+ent "eight gain "hen Auitting smoking includeG

-urture yourself4 )ommit to treating yourself "ith care instead of turning to cigarettes3 food3 or alcohol to calm you do"n4 Hearn ne" "ays to self<soothe "hen you *egin to feel stressed or anEious4 ;at healthy3 +aried meals4 ;at plenty of fruits and +egeta*les and limit your fat intake4 %+oid fried and high<fat foods4 Seek out lo"<fat options that look appeti8ing to you and you "ill actually eat4 %lter your eating routine4 9ractice these mealtime and *et"een<meal tipsG
o o

Take smaller portions 5 encourage this *y using smaller plates ;at slo"ly and try to *e the last one finished

o o o o o

o o 

9ut your fork do"n *et"een *ites /rink a large glass of "ater "ith each meal and take freAuent sips *et"een *ites Ser+e fruit for dessert or skip dessert altogether 'et up from the ta*le as soon as you finish Terminate your meal "ith a nonsmoking acti+ity such as taking a "alk3 *rushing your teeth3 or "ashing the dishes Stock up on ra" +egeta*les for healthy *et"een< meal snacks 'o to *ed earlier to a+oid the temptation to snack4

/rink lots of "ater4 Increasing your daily "ater intake ?6<1 eight o84 glasses are ideal@ "ill help you to feel full and deter you from eating "hen you2re not hungry4 Water "ill also help flush toEins from your *ody4 Take a "alk4 -ot only "ill it help you *urn calories and keep the "eight off3 "alking "ill also help alle+iate feelings of stress and frustration that accompany smoking "ithdra"al4 'o easy on yourself and *e proud of yourself for Auitting4 !uitting smoking is not an easy thing to do *ut is essential for li+ing a long3 healthy life4 %ckno"ledge that "hat you are going through is challenging and take pride in the fact that you2re committed to taking *etter care of yourself and those close to you4

%ccept yourself for "ho you are4 If you ha+e Auit smoking3 then accept yourself as someone "ho has taken a turn to *etter health4 %+oid alcohol or limit yourself to 1 drink a "eek4 %lcohol can make you fat at the "rong places4

%+oid eating past ,pm4 The *ody=s meta*olism slo"s do"n at night so food consumed past this hour "ill take longer to digest4 Instead of ha+ing 3 main meals a day3 spread them out to 6 small meals throughout the day4 This can help you maintain a high meta*olism throughout the day and you *urn more calories4 /o some moderate form of regular eEercise4 If you ha+e not *een eEercising regularly3 consult your physician for a practical eEercise program "hich is safe for you4 Some suggestions for acti+ities includeG
           

"alking or >ogging *iking hiking s"imming doing aero*ics going *o"ling playing soccer playing tennis playing +olley*all playing soft*all karate or >udo yoga

A8t%:%t%es a'o&n0 t,e Ho$e
     

gardening cooking3 grilling3 or *aking organi8ingQcleaning out the *asement3 garage3 or attic organi8ing a yard sale paintingQredecorating rooms "ashingQ"aEing the car

Go%n) O&t

going fishing3 hunting3 or camping

       

ha+ing a picnic going shopping getting a manicure or pedicure going for a leisurely dri+e going to a garage sale or yard sale going to a li*rary or *ookstore going to a museum going to the mo+ies

;+en if you still gain "eight3 al"ays remem*er that it is nothing compared to "hat smoking "ill do to your health in future4 0urthermore3 pre+enting "eight gain is much easier than Auitting smoking4 %s long as you Auit smoking3 e+erything else "ill look easy .ne of the "orst parts of Auitting is *eing around other people "ho smoke4 The urge to light up "ill *e the "orst during these times4 While it2s not realistic to stay a"ay from ;K;RY.-; "ho smokes3 there are "ays that you can stay strong4

0or the first fe" "eeks of your non<smoking +enture3 it2s a +ery3 +ery good idea to not *e around other people "ho smoke4 This is going to *e difficult 5 especially *ecause o+er the years3 you2+e tended to gra+itate to"ard those people "ho /. smoke >ust *ecause you ha+e something in common "ith them4 You pro*a*ly "on2t *e popular for a"hile3 and might take your share of ridicule3 *ut remem*er "hy you decided to Auit in the first place4 Then don2t tempt yourself until you2re a *it stronger4

It=s a common pro*lemG You are trying your *est to Auit smoking *ut e+eryone around you still smokes4 If you ha+e a spouse or other family mem*er "ho smokes3 you are eEposed to smoking e+ery day4 If your co<"orkers smoke3 you pro*a*ly ha+e smokers around you at least fi+e days per "eek4 If your friends smoke3 you=ll *e eEposed to smoking "hene+er you get together to ha+e some fun4 So ho" do you maintain your resol+e to Auit "hen e+ery"here you look you see someone lighting upB Ho" do you deal "ith the personal conflicts that can de+elop "hen you Auit *ut your family3 friends and co<"orkers don'tB 0irst3 you must ackno"ledge the fact that you may *e all alone in your efforts to Auit smoking4 This solitude may *e frustrating and counter<producti+e *ut you must accept the fact that the people around you are not going to Auit smoking >ust *ecause you are4 In fact3 they may try to coerce or encourage you to start smoking again4 When you Auit you may *e placing pressure to Auit smoking3 ho"e+er unintentional3 on the people in your life4 They may resent it or are frightened *y your Auitting4 Their natural3 perhaps unconscious3 response may *e to make Auitting more difficult for you4 So prepare yourself for the loneliness you may feel "hen you Auit4 9repare yourself for the *acklash that you may recei+e from the smokers around you4 Be prepared to forgi+e and forget4 -eEt3 take time to talk to the smokers in your life4 %sk them for a fe" minutes to discuss the fact that you are Auitting smoking4 Sit do"n and let them kno" ho" +ery important Auitting is to you4 Tell them that you need their support and ask them to *e considerate "hene+er they "ant to smoke4 6ake sure they understand that you are Auitting for you3 not for

anyone else4 6ake sure they understand that you do not eEpect them to Auit *ecause you are Auitting4 In+ite them to Auit "ith you *ut make it clear that Auitting must *e their own decision4 Hay out some ground rules that e+eryone can li+e "ith3 regarding "here and "hen they "ill smoke4 6ake it clear that you don=t eEpect them to totally change their smoking ha*its3 *ut that you need cooperation to help you Auit4 Set clear times and locations for them to smoke3 or make sure you ha+e someplace you can comforta*ly retreat to3 should the smoker in your life need to light up4 6ake sure you ha+e something to distract your attention3 in another room3 if someone is smoking near you4 Start a ne" ho**y or ha+e a *ook on<hand3 "hene+er you ha+e to get a"ay from the smoke4 When you get together "ith friends3 you may find that the acti+ities you participate in naturally in+ol+e smoking4 Try going to a *ar or *o"ling alley "ithout ha+ing smoke all around you ?unless you li+e in an area "here smoking is *anned indoors@7 You may find it necessary to ad>ust the types of things you do "ith your friends3 to help you a+oid *eing placed in a smoking situation4 Try acti+ities that are outdoors3 or that in+ol+e eEercise4 'o places "here smoking isn=t allo"ed4 If your friends are truly your friends3 they=ll understand and "ant to accommodate your needs4 %+oiding smoke at "ork may *e difficult if your "orkplace allo"s smoking indoors4 If necessary3 reAuest that your "ork area *e mo+ed to a non<smoking portion of your office4 You may also ask to ha+e your entire office declared Ismoke<free4I )onsider getting an air filter to help remo+e the smell of smoke "here you "ork4

If you ha+e gro"n accustomed to your smoking *reaks and the smoking *uddies at your "orkplace3 you face another type of "ithdra"al *esides nicotine "ithdra"alG friendship "ithdra"al4 )hances are3 if you=+e "orked someplace "ith a designated smoking area for any length of time3 that you ha+e made Auite a num*er of friends or smoking *uddies4 If you=re going to Auit smoking successfully3 you=re going to ha+e to remo+e yourself from the smoking area4 -aturally3 this means remo+ing yourself from the friends you=+e made4 Reali8e3 ho"e+er3 that >ust *ecause you don=t smoke "ith these people3 you don=t ha+e to stop *eing friendly4 Het your smoking *uddies kno" that you are Auitting3 and that you "on=t *e >oining them any longer4 But also let them kno" you "ish to continue your friendship4 ;Echange phone num*ers if necessary3 and try to get together for lunch or other times con+enient to *oth of you4 !uitting smoking e+en "hen other people around you are smoking doesn=t ha+e to *e difficult and a strain on interpersonal relations4 Take some time to create an atmosphere "here e+eryone kno"s that you are Auitting and that you need their cooperation to succeed4 %t the same time3 *e considerate of the other smokers3 gi+ing them their o"n freedom to smoke "hen they so choose4 Working together "ith family3 friends and co< "orkers3 you can Auit7 But ho" do you get the support you need from those around youB Try sho"ing them the follo"ing section4


6any people are clueless as to ho" they can support a family mem*er or friend in their *id to Auit smoking4 .ther than a fe" CWay to goD pats on the *ack3 any real help is *eyond their normal thinking4 Sho" them the follo"ing list of "ays they can help you kick the ha*it4

/on=t offer ad+ice4 Instead3 ask ho" you can help "ith the plan or program they are using4 Respect that the Auitter is in charge4 This is their lifestyle change and their challenge3 not yours4 /on=t take the Auitter2s grumpiness personally during his or her nicotine "ithdra"al4 The symptoms "ill pass in a*out t"o "eeks4 )ele*rate along the "ay; !uitting smoking is a BI' /;%H7 'i+e lots of re"ards and praise for getting through a day3 "eek3 month3 or year?s@ of not smoking4 %sk the person "hether he or she "ants you to call or +isit regularly to see ho" he or she is doing4 Het the person kno" that it=s okay to call you "hene+er he or she needs to hear encouraging "ords4 Help the Auitter get "hat she or he needs3 such as hard candy to suck on3 stra"s to che" on3 fresh +eggies cut up and kept cold in the refrigerator3 etc4 Spend time doing things "ith the Auitter to keep his or her mind off smoking 5 go to the mo+ies or take a "alk to get past a cra+ing ?"hat many call a Inicotine fitI@4 If the smoker relapses3 praise him or her for trying to Auit3 and for "hate+er length of time ?days3 "eeks3 or months@ of not smoking4 ;ncourage him or her to try again7 Instead of saying IIf you try again444I Say3 IWhen you try again444I

Studies sho" that most people "ho don=t succeed in Auitting are ready to try again in the near future4 ;ncourage him or her to learn from the attempt4 Things a person learns from a failed attempt to Auit may help him or her *e successful in a future attempt4 Be understanding4 Smokers do not smoke *ecause they are stupid4 They don=t smoke *ecause they are mean or o*noEious and "ish to hurt their families and friends4 They smoke *ecause they are human3 and as humans they make mistakes4 .ne mistake that all smokers are guilty of is eEperimentation "ith a highly addicti+e and dangerous drug Onicotine4 6any of them took up smoking long *efore any dangers "ere kno"n4 When they reali8ed the dangers3 they may ha+e attempted to Auit3 *ut for some it is not easy4 They are hooked on a drug3 and it "ill take strong resol+e and a support system to o+ercome the initial difficulties encountered during the Auitting process4 The *est support "hich can *e pro+ided *y significant others is to offer lo+e3 patience and understanding3 and to try to make the smoker=s life as easy as possi*le o+er the first fe" days4 The smoker gi+ing up cigarettes may ha+e se+ere emotional out*ursts and *e irrita*le3 depressed3 and e+en irrational4 These are all the effects of nicotine "ithdra"al4 6any family mem*ers and friends "ill encourage them to smoke rather than act like that4 If they "ere reco+ering alcoholics3 they "ould not *e offered drinks *y these people4 If they "ere reacting to chemotherapy they "ould not *e *egged to gi+e it up and sacrifice their li+es for the family=s momentary comfort4 :nfortunately3 many friends and family mem*ers often do not take smoking cessation seriously enough4 We are not talking a*out gi+ing up a simple little annoyance such as

*iting of nails4 We are talking a*out a po"erful and deadly addiction4 They are dealing "ith a real physiological need as "ell as a strongly ingrained psychological dependence4 .ffer the most encouragement you can4 Be tolerant of their temporary emotional out*ursts4 They "ill soon return to normal3 and you "ill ha+e the personal satisfaction of kno"ing you helped them o+er one of the greatest challenges of their li+esOgi+ing up cigarettes4 Speaking of relapse3 it could happen4 It2s a reality4 -icotine is a drug that you "on2t easily forget4 Some smokers "ho2+e *een "ithout a cigarette for years say that they ne+er really lose the desire to ha+e >ust one smoke here and there4 What if you do gi+e in to that thinkingB

/on=t *e discouraged if you start smoking again4 Remem*er3 most people try se+eral times *efore they finally Auit4 Identify "hat it "as that triggered your desire to smoke again and come up "ith an alternati+e "ay to cope "ith the trigger4 /on2t *eat yourself up for one cigarette4 /on2t e+en *eat yourself up for a fe" cigarettes4 You2re only human4 You can only do so much4 Sometimes the po"er of the drug is >ust too much to resist4 0orgi+e yourself for the relapse and get right *ack up on the "agon4 Read the suggestions in this *ook and start o+er again4 9eople make mistakes4 It happens4 /on2t let it get you do"n4 Lust *ecause you ha+e smoked one or t"o or ten or a "hole pack3 you ha+en2t *ecome a smoker again4 You2+e >ust relapsed4 -o" you can *egin again4

Ha+e "e made oursel+es clearB /on2t *eat yourself up4 0orgi+e yourself4 Start o+er again4 It2s really that simple4 There are many tools out there to help you Auit4 6any3 many people use artificial means to help them Auit smoking4 Some people are completely against this3 others ha+e said they "ouldn2t ha+e done it any other "ay4

The trend to"ard no smoking has *ecome almost a marketing fren8y4 You see the ads on tele+ision and hear them on the radio4 There are money<off coupons in your local paper for CAuit smoking aidD4 It seems like e+eryone has the neEt *est product to help you Auit smoking4 Some people feel they are lifesa+ers4 .thers say they are >ust a crutch and "on2t lead to complete cessation4 We still feel like "e need to address the other aid out there that can help you kick the ha*it4 The pharmacological approaches are called -icotine Replacement Therapy ?-RT@ and they in+ol+e IreplacingI the nicotine in a cigarette "ith another form3 helping relie+e some of the "ithdra"al symptoms people eEperience "hen they Auit smoking4 The :4S4 0ood and /rug %dministration ?0/%@ has appro+ed fi+e medications to help you Auit smokingG

Bupropion SRG Trade names include Well*utrinR SR3 Sy*anR3 BudeprionT SR4 %ll are a+aila*le +ia prescription only4 These -RT methods are antidepressants that assist in relie+ing "ithdra"al symptoms and are most effecti+e "hen used in com*ination "ith a super+ised stop<smoking program

-icotine gumG Trade names include -icoretteR among others4 These gums are a+aila*le o+er the counter and che"a*le gumN most effecti+e "hen used in com*ination "ith a super+ised stop<smoking program -icotine nasal sprayG Trade name is -icotrolR -S4 %+aila*le *y prescription3 nasal sprayN most effecti+e "hen used in com*ination "ith a super+ised stop< smoking program -icotine patchG Trade names include -icotrolR3 9rostepR3 Ha*itrolR3 -icodermR4 %+aila*le *oth in prescription and o+er the counter strength4 skin patchN most effecti+e "hen used in com*ination "ith a super+ised stop<smoking program The ne" )ommit lo8enge is a cough<drop like aid that also pro+ides a specific dose of nicotine4

'enerally3 -RT is intended for short<term use3 and allo"s you to focus on the psychological aspects of Auitting "hile the physical symptoms of "ithdra"al are minimi8ed4 It is not intended to *e the only method used to help you Auit smoking and should *e com*ined "ith other smoking cessation methods that address the psychological factors of smoking4 There are also four "ays to Auit smoking that do not in+ol+e -RT4 These approaches tend to *e fa+ored *ecause they do not contain the +ery chemical that you are trying to get a"ay from4 They includeG

Hypnosis4 Smoking cessation is one of the most popular medical uses of hypnosis4 Hypnosis helps a person learn to deeply relaE3 *e open to suggestions that strengthen resol+e to Auit3 and increase negati+e feelings to"ard cigarettes4 %sk your doctor if he or she can recommend a good hypnosis practitioner in your


%cupuncture4 .ne of the oldest medical systems3 acupuncture is *elie+ed to "ork *y stimulating the energy flo" in the *ody4 %cupuncture is *elie+ed to help trigger the release of endorphins ?naturally< occurring pain relief su*stances@ that allo" the *ody to relaE4 By helping the *ody *ecome more *alanced3 acupuncture can *e helpful in managing physiological "ithdra"al symptoms4 %sk your doctor3 family mem*er3 or friend if he or she can recommend a good acupuncture practitioner in your area4

Beha+ioral Therapy4 Because so much of nicotine addiction is related to the ha*itual *eha+iors ?the CritualsD@ in+ol+ed in smoking3 learning to change the automatic nature of those *eha+iors is often a standard approach to a smoking cessation program4 Working "ith a therapist or counselor3 you can learn ne" "ays to cope "ith the underlying reasons "hy you=+e smoked in the past and *reak through ha*itual patterns4 -icotine Kaccination4 % num*er of +accines for the pre+ention and treatment of nicotine addiction are currently under de+elopment and *eing tested in clinical trials4 -icK%U3 for eEample3 "orks *y triggering the *ody2s immune system to *lock nicotine from reaching the *rain3 and is eEpected to "ork for a year follo"ing in>ection4

9lease remem*er that -RT can *e +ery contro+ersial and not for e+eryone4 0or those of us "ith little to no "illpo"er3 they can *e lifesa+ers4 You ha+e to do your research and figure out "hat2s right for you in your *id to

stop smoking4 What doesn2t "ork for one person might *e a "ondrous cure for another4 There are some ama8ing groups out there ready to help you along he "ay to"ards a non<smoking lifestyle4

You can get some ama8ing support through +arious help lines and message *oards4 When you search for support3 it "ill *e there "hether that *e online or on the phone4 Here are a fe" suggestions as to "here you should start4 )all the -orth %merican !uit line )onsortium 1<1$$< !:IT<-.W ?1<1$$<(1 <166,@ to *e directed to a Auit line "here you can recei+e support and counseling3 smoking cessation medications at lo" or no cost3 printed support information3 "e*<*ased interacti+e counseling3 and more4 The )alifornia Smokers= Helpline 1<1$$<-.<B:TTS is another free ser+ice4 You are a*le to speak "ith a counselor o+er the phone a*out ho" to Auit smoking4 The counselor listens to you and helps you come up "ith a plan that "ill "ork for you4 )heck your local ne"spaper for local groups4 If you can2t find one3 consider starting one yourself4 Hundreds of people decide e+ery day to Auit smoking4 We2re "illing to *e there2s a fe" around "here you li+e7 %d+ertise in the local paper and "ait for calls4 If you start it3 they "ill come7 Take a smoking relapse pre+ention class or smoke<free "orkshop4 )ontact your local health department3 hospital or medical center to see if they offer classes on smoking relapse pre+ention4 Your local college might also offer these ser+ices to the community4

)ontact your local %merican )ancer Society ?%)S@ office4 )all the %merican )ancer Society at 1<1$$<%)S<#3 & to find out "hat resources might *e a+aila*le to you4 Hocal %)S offices can pro+ide guidance for finding support near you4 Try 'oogle and put in the "ords Csmoking support groupsD to find message *oards and online friends "ho are there "ith you "illing to help4 You might help them >ust as much as they might help you7 0inally3 "e "ant to gi+e you some lists of our o"n to help you along the "ay to"ards *ecoming a non<smoker4

Ha+e you e+er heard of the saying3 that the *est "ay to succeed is to follo" those "ho ha+e succeededB Smokers "ho ha+e Auit smoking successfully share common characteristics4 Here are the perfect characteristics and eEamples of a successful Auitter4

Successful Auitters *elie+e in themsel+es4 They totally *elie+e that they ha+e the choice and a*ility to Auit smoking for good4 Successful Auitters are completely moti+ated to Auit smoking4 They ha+e made the decision to do "hate+er it takes to o+ercome the ha*it completely3 "ithout the option of turning *ack4 Successful Auitters refuse to go *ack on their decision to Auit smoking4 They thro" a"ay their lighters3 ash tray and cigarettes and let e+eryone kno" that they are Auitting smoking4 They create for themsel+es the courage and spirit to Auit smoking completely4

Successful Auitters are honest "ith themsel+es and refuse to make eEcuses that I>ustifyI smoking4 They accept the dangers and realities of smoking4 Successful smokers fiE a Auit date and stick to it4 .nce they ha+e fiEed this date3 they stop making eEcuses to prolong their smoking ha*it4 Successful Auitters accept full responsi*ility for their smoking ha*it4 They no longer *lame their parents3 friends or to*acco companies anymore4 They accept their faults are a determined to change them4 Successful Auitters admit that they may need help and support to Auit smoking4 Successful Auitters plan their Auitting process carefully4 They "rite do"n their goals and Auit dates and engra+e this information into their minds4 Successful Auitters are persistent and determined to Auit smoking3 e+en it takes them se+eral attempts *efore they finally Auit for good4 Successful Auitters usually ha+e Auit friends to support them4 These may *e people helping them Auit smoking or people "ho are Auitting smoking at the same time4 Successful Auitters are determined to tolerate the initial discomfort of Auitting smoking3 kno"ing that they "ill *e re"arded "ith a lifetime of freedom and *etter health4 Successful Auitters change their focus to"ards *etter health4 They *egin eEercise programs and alter their diet4 Successful Auitters kno" the *enefits of drinking "ater lots of "ater and discipline themsel+es to do so4

Successful Auitters are "illing to try smoking cessation aids to help them ease the process of Auitting smoking4 Successful Auitters help others Auit smoking4 They de+elop a sense of duty to share their achie+ement "ith others *ecause they understand their plight4 :nsuccessful people on the other hand are al"ays asking3 IWhat=s in it for meBI Successful Auitters re"ard themsel+es4 They treat themsel+es for their achie+ement in as many "ays as they can4 Successful Auitters ne+er e+er take another puff of cigarette3 no matter "hat it takes or "hate+er situation they are in4 They kno" that >ust one puff is harmful and can ruin e+erything they ha+e done so far4

Remem*er3 the *est "ay to succeed in any Auest is to follo" the footsteps of someone "ho already has succeeded *efore you4 If you do this right3 you too can Auit smoking >ust like any of them4

Here=s a list of &$ reasons for Auitting smoking4 Some are scientifically *ased3 some a stretch4 Which one is your reason for Auitting smokingB 14 I=ll ha+e fe"er "rinkles4 #4 %fter the first year3 I=ll ha+e sa+ed enough for a )ari**ean cruise4 34 I sa+e myself the em*arrassment of ha+ing *ad *reath4 4. %fter the second year3 I can *ring someone "ith me for a )ari**ean cruise4

&4 I=ll still *e around to see my grandchildren4 64 I "on=t ha+e to "orry a*out early impotence4 (4 I "on=t need to eat at a smoking section anymore4 14 There are programs that can help me4 ,4 I no longer need to spend time on counseling4 1$4 I=ll li+e longer and healthier4 114 I "on=t feel like a leper in pu*lic4 1#4 I "on=t ha+e to "orry a*out ho" smoking is ruining my health4 134 The a+erage person tries to stop smoking at least four times *efore succeeding4 I may *e on -o # or 33 *ut I am *etter than a+erage4 1 4 I "on=t ha+e to lie to my children to hide my smoking ha*it4 1&4 6y fingers "on=t get frost*ites "hen I go outside4 164 I=ll *e a*le to eEercise more4 1(4 I=ll soon ha+e the same life eEpectancy as a nonsmoker4 114 6y spouse "on=t get emphysema4 1,4 I=ll cough less4 #$4 I=ll *e a*le to taste and smell food again4 #14 6y children "ill ha+e fe"er ear and respiratory infections4 ##4 6y lipstick "on=t smudge4 #34 I "on=t ha+e to "onder if my date is *othered *y cigarette smoke4 # 4 6y teeth "ill *e much "hiter4 #&4 I "on=t "aste time looking for a smoking area all the time4 #64 -o more "hee8ing4 #(4 I "on=t ha+e to listen to sarcastic talk like ho" much I taste like an ashtray during a kiss4

#14 There are other safer and more effecti+e "ays of maintaining my "eight4 #,4 6y plants "on=t turn *ro"n4 3$4 6y *a*y is so much safer "ith a at lo"er risk for Sudden Infant /eath Syndrome4 314 6y fingers "on=t turn yello"4 3#4 I ha+e more pocket space4 334 6y lungs "on=t look like *urnt BB! *eef4 3 4 -o more *urning holes in my clothes4 3&4 6y spouse "ill *e less likely to de+elop heart disease or lung cancer4 364 I=ll ha+e to pull off the road only "hen I need gas4 3(4 6y car "on=t reek of stale smoke4 314 I "on=t e+er need to *reathe oEygen through a nasal tu*e4 3,4 6y house "on=t reek of stale smoke4 $4 6y un*orn child is safer from fetal defects4 14 I "on=t reek of stale smoke on my clothes and hair4 #4 I=ll *e a*le to play "ith the little ones "ithout gasping4 34 I "on=t ha+e to feel isolated or unaccepted anymore4 4 -o more feeling like smoking on airplanes4 &4 I=ll ha+e more energy to do all the things I "ant to do4 64 I=ll sa+e money on lighters and matches4 (4 I=ll make ne" friends "ho see me as "ho I am4 14 I=ll *e taking *ack full control of my life4 ,4 I=ll *e a good role model for my children and others "ho I care for4 &$4 I kno" that I can Auit smoking for life if I "ant to and I ha+e the a*ility to choose not to smoke4

%nd3 of course3 "e "ould *e remiss if "e didn2t pro+ide you "ith some moti+ational Auotes4

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. <<%l*ert Sch"eit8er Be happy you2re going to *e a non<smoker7 The test of a successful person is not an ability to eliminate all problems before they arise, but to meet and work out difficulties when they do arise. We must be willin to make an intelli ent compromise with perfection lest we wait fore!er before takin action. "t's still ood ad!ice to cross brid es as we come to them. <</a+id Loseph Sch"art8 /on2t "orry a*out "hat might happen3 plan for "hat "ill7 Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has o!ercome while tryin to succeed. <<Booker T4 Washington Smoking is >ust an o*stacle you ha+e to o+ercome 5 not an o*stacle to stop you7 #!en if at first you do succeed, you still ha!e to work hard to stay there. <<Richard ) 6iller Stay "ith the program3 e+en if you relapse3 and "ork e+en hard the neEt time4

The secret of success is learnin how to use pain and pleasure instead of ha!in pain and pleasure use you. "f you do that, you're in control of you life. "f you don't, life controls you. <<%nthony Ro**ins /on2t let smoking control you 5 you control the smoking4 $ook at a day when you are supremely satisfied at the end. "t%s not a day when you loun e around doin nothin & it's when you'!e had e!erythin to do and you'!e done it. <<6argaret Thatcher Hike made it another day "ithout a cigarette7 " ha!e not failed '(( times. " ha!e not failed once. " ha!e succeeded in pro!in that those '(( ways will not work. When " ha!e eliminated the ways that will not work, " will find the way that will work. <<Thomas ;dison You kno" "hat "orks for you 5 e+en if it takes trial and error4 The dictionary is the only place where success comes before work. <<:nkno"n You ha+e to "ork at not smoking4 Then you "ill succeed4 )ur doubts are traitors, *nd make us lose the ood that we oft may win, By fearin to attempt <<William Shakespeare /on2t dou*t your a*ility to Auit4 Try and "atch yourself "in7

Success is relati!e. "t is what we can make of the mess we ha!e made of thin s. <<T4 S4 ;liot There2s al"ays a "ay to make life *etter4 Your life "ill *e *etter "ithout cigarettes4

There are hundreds of thousands of smokers out there4 ;+ery single one of them kno"s they shouldn2t *e doing it4 I defy you to find me one person "ho thinks that smoking is actually good for them 5 in e+ery "ay4 The cold3 hard truth is that smoking damages our *odies3 our minds3 our relationships3 and our place in society4 %ny rational person "ould agree that taking steps to maintain something as precious as life should *e undertaken as soon as possi*le7 It "on2t *e easy4 %ctually3 it2ll *e hell for a"hile4 But there are so many tools out there to help you cope4 We2+e sho"n you ho" smoking harms you4 We2+e sho"n you ho" that damage can *e re+ersed4 The time to Auit is no"G *efore it gets any "orse4 It took me three days to "rite this *ook4 I2m # V days smoke free4 Ho" a*out youB Want to >oin me in the ranks of those "ho are struggling "ith cigarette addiction and "inningB I feel pretty good right no"4 You can too7 Here2s to a smoke<free life3 my friend7


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