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Richmond Palladium and Sun-Telegram (Richmond, Indiana), October 6, 1923

Original spelling and punctuation retained

Parade of Klansmen Chief Public Feature of Ceremonial Here

A parade through the business district of between 1,000 and 1,100 Klansman on foot, in
automobiles and on horseback, was the chief public feature of the Ku Klux Klan ceremonial held
at Glen Miller and Exhibition parks Friday night.

A large crowd saw the parade, and sidewalks were thronged in the uptown District during its
progress from work from the park to court house. From here the line of march was back on
South A street to Eighth street, over to Main and back to the park.

Floats and banners carried by the paraders indicated that the parade was made up of
delegations from a number of cities of eastern Indiana and western Ohio as well as a strong
representation of Wayne County members. Several groups of women and one or two other
children also participated. Automobiles in the line of march were extensively decorated and
"fiery crosses" appeared in the parade at frequent intervals.

Several bands present

Several bands and drum corps were present from various cities. He's participated in the
program of music and speaking which was given. The speaker during the program at the park
which preceded the parade was said to have been the Rev. R. Carpenter, pastor of the church
of Christ, Indianapolis, and that following the parade the Rev. Blair, pastor of the Plainfield
Christian church.

A gathering estimated at 800 or 1,000 heard the first speaker about 7 o’clock, while a larger
crowd was assembled for the program which followed the parade. An initiation also was held
after the parade have returned. This was staged an Exhibition Park and in part was open to the

The Police Department enforced the ruling of Mayor Handley that in its use of Glen Miller Park
the organization should not seek to prevent admittance of the general public to any part of it.
And attempt to rope off one of the roads and keep automobiles from passing through was made
early in the evening by a Richmond Klansmen who "deputized" several others as "special
officers,” The chief of police was notified of this action and immediately paid a visit to the park
and ordered the ropes removed.
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