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Trapcode Particular 2.

0 | Using Animation Presets

Using Presets in Particular
Animation Presets are a fast way to get started with Particular 2.0. A preset is a saved file that holds setting combinations for the plugin. When you apply a Particular preset, you set down parameter values, Timeline keyframes, layer properties, and even expression scripting. Basically, you are applying a particle animation that has already been created.

Use the shipped presets

Particular 2.0 ships with hundreds of Animation Presets that you can apply to your project. Use the preset animation as it appears, or modify to fit your design by changing the settings, keyframes and other properties.

The ExplodeOut preset is already set to burst into smoke

Shipped Particular presets always start with the prefix t2. They are stored in the After Effects/Presets/Particular 2 Presets folder on your hard drive. If you create your own presets, its a good idea to name them without that prefix to distinguish between the shipped and custom presets. You should also create a separate folder for the new presets.
Mac location: AE/ Presets/ Trapcode 2 Presets

Windows location: Adobe/AE/ Presets/ Trapcode Presets

File format for presets

You may want to share presets, especially ones that you create, between users and computers. Animation presets can be saved and transferred from one computer to another. The filename extension is .ffx.


2010, DanCor | Particular 2.0

Trapcode Particular 2.0 | Using Animation Presets

Apply a Preset
There are a few ways to apply a preset. One way is to click on the Animation Presets popup box thats at the top of the Effect Controls panel. A menu of presets will open. Just choose the preset that you want, then drag the Time Marker in the Timeline to see its animation. You can alternately use the Effects & Presets panel to apply a preset. Just dragand-drop the preset from the panel to a layer in the Timeline or Comp window. Once the preset is applied, it behaves like any other animation and is not tied to the Preset feature.
Animation Presets popup in Effect Controls panel Choices in Effects & Presets panel

TECH NOTE: Set Time Marker to Frame 1

When you apply a shipped Particular preset, the Time Marker must be set to Time 00:00. This applies the Particular preset to the first frame of the layer. Many of the preset animations are designed to work from the very beginning of the Timeline. Before selecting a preset, make sure the Time Marker is at Frame 1 of the work area:


2010, DanCor | Particular 2.0

Trapcode Particular 2.0 | Using Animation Presets

Create your own Presets
You can save an animation for later use as a new custom preset. In the Effect Controls panel, choose the Save Selection... item from the Animation Presets popup. Presets should go in one of two locations on your hard drive. Put them in the After Effects/ Presets directory in a folder or subfolder. (In our examples below, we created subfolders called trapcode by me and my custom trapcode.) Alternately, put the custom preset in the User Presets folder that Particular automatically points to in your User directory.
Mac path: Save preset to custom folder Windows path: Save preset to custom folder

Save Selection option in the Presets popup

Mac path: Save preset to User/Presets folder Windows path: Save preset to User/Presets folder


2010, DanCor | Particular 2.0