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Worthy judicators, members of the house and the opposition, a very good morning to all.

The house believes that "COKE IS THE SYMBOL OF OUR AGE". How many of us can
deny such a statement which has become so synonymous with the youth of today??
COKE- Does it simply stand for a kind of beverage?? No, it doesn't at all. It represents the
effect of globalization and westernization on the life of youth today. The fast and competent
life, too much stress leaves each and every person trying to squeeze 48 hours in 24 hours of
the day and depend on the fast food and such beverages to satisfy his/her thirst. Coke has an
income of 1.143 billion $USD. It has 7, 00,000 retail outlets and has employed 1, 25,000
employed indirectly through procurement', supply and distribution networks. Tell me sincerely
and honestly, how many of you opt for a refreshing and our very own glass of lemon water when
you have a choice of various other aerated drinks available??

In the modern world, the 'DESI' is completely out and branded products are in. When we are
working so hard, earning handsomely, having best products and such a good exposure to the
world, then why shouldn't we broaden our horizons??? Why shouldn't we enjoy the luxuries

Thanks to America and it's thought in globalization which has helped to bring the different
nations of the world together. Youth from our country are playing a vital role in the American
administration .Bobby Jindal, 55th Governor of Louisiana and member of the U.S. House of
Representatives from Louisiana's 1st district is an example. Indian American Nick Rathod
is the Director to the office of inter-governmental affairs in Obama's team. Yes, Coke is the
symbol of our age.

Let me ask you what's wrong with being in synchronization with times?? Nothing is too far away
from our reach today. Whether it is a matter of communication or a matter of trade, everything is
easy and a child's play with internet at our service which is again an invention of the US. Growth
of Multinationals has indeed brought a change in our living style and standard. Gone are the days
when one needed to slog hard to cook a decent meal for a family, but now, all this is a mere push
button away. Call toll free number to get the food of choice delivered at your doorstep in less
than thirty minutes releasing you from the tension and toil of cooking food and that to a world
class product.

How many of you would deny that your mouth doesn't water at the mere mention of McDonald's,
KFC etc.?? And think of the amount of time saved which can be fully utilized for increasing the
progress and development of the economy.

Who is bothered about the narrow prejudices of caste system and gender bias in today's modern
world?? Who has the time to raise an eyebrow over such issues when there is so much
advancement in every field today?? The job opportunities created because of the entry of
multinationals, private sectors and corporate culture has resulted in raising the economic
standard of an individual in general and economy as a whole.

The revolution has brought in great emphasis on improved infrastructure, management, and
improved education system by bringing in essential reforms and sincere attempts to bridge the
gap between the rich and the poor. It has brought in efforts to improve the lifestyle of the
marginalized society. Today cell phones are in the hands of every section of society. Most
importantly the revolution has ended up the scourge of 'corruption' and 'black- marketing'
in India.
Now, who is there who can deny the fact that I have stated above?? And hence COKE IS THE