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All Saints Roman Catholic Church

410 Main Cross Street, P O Box 531 Taylorsville, KY 40071 Parish Office: 502-477-6676 Fax: 502-477-5278
Office Hours: M-Tu-Th-F: 8:30 AM-4:30 PM; W: 8:30 AM-6:30PM
Pastor: Fr. R. Dale Cieslik Deacon: Gerry Mattingly Deacon & Pastoral Assistant: Carl Fahringer Transitional Deacon: Adam Carrico Bookkeeper, Dir of Rel. Ed., Secretary: Diane Black Coordinator of Youth Ministry: Laura Zoeller RCIA Coordinator: Mari Wertz

2013 Catholic Services Appeal - Bringing Christ to Others: We are grateful to those of you who have responded with a gift to the annual Catholic Services Appeal and suggest that you prayerfully consider making a donation if you have not yet done so. The January 3rd update reported that our parishioners have donated $9,665, which exceeds our target of $8,000. It is not too late to make a contribution and every gift does make a difference. Giving Hands-Loving Hearts Benevolent Fund: Your donations of $1,670 to the Covenant Churches benevolent fund was gratefully received by Pastor Bill Dunning, the administrator. He sends his thanks, and best wishes for 2014. Adult and Family Faith Formation: The last of the weekly Keeping the Seasons reflection pages for the Christmas season, monthly religious publications and 2014 Catholic Calendars are on the table near the loft stairs - help yourself! Religious Education for Children: Classroom sessions resume as scheduled on January 12th. Contact is Diane Black. RCIA: Contact Marilena Wertz at or 477-8534, if you, or someone you know, have an interest in joining the Catholic Church. We ask that you continue to pray for those on the journey and for those on the team. Server Training: Michael Richards will lead the training for servers/Acolytes, for new and experienced servers, youth and adults, after the 11:30 Mass on Sunday January 26th. If you are interested in this ministry, contact Bob Searcy. If you have not yet done so, please pick up your box of 2014 Parish Stewardship Envelopes, on the table near the loft stairs. Contact Diane Black in the Parish Office if you do not see one for you, or if you have any questions. The K of C will host a CPR Certification Class at their open meeting this Wednesday, January 15th, from 6:30-9:30 PM, to be led by a member of the Taylorsville/Spencer County Fire Department. Light refreshments will be available. K of C Chicken Dinner: The Knights invite you to their all-you-can-eat chicken dinner on January 19th from Noon until 2:00PM in the Parish Hall. Featured are broasted chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, butter noodles, dessert and a beverage. Prices range from $9.00 for adults, $8.00 for seniors (65+), $4.50 for children 4-12, and children 3 and under eat for free. Eight-piece boxes of chicken-to-go are available for $10.00 each. Proceeds go to the All Saints Council to fund their charitable work. They appreciate your support and hope to see you there! An Archdiocesan Wedding Anniversary Mass for couples with 5-10-15-20 & 25 year anniversaries will be celebrated on Saturday, February 15th, 4PM, at St. Raphael Parish. Call Diane Black in the Parish Office to register, by Feb. 3rd AA will meet at 7:30 PM each Tuesday in the Parish Hall. An open discussion format is used. Upcoming Events: 12:30-2:00 PM Youth Meeting, PH Sunday, January 12th 3:00 PM Stewards of Appalachia Meeting, PH Tuesday, January 14th 1:00 PM Joint Parish Staff Meeting, PH Thursday, January 16th 7:00 PM Parish Council Meeting, PH Communion Ministers: Sat. 01/11 Deacon, Cindy Hayes, Mary Akins Sun. 01/12 Deacon, Carmen and Pete Rendon Sat. 01/18 Deacon, Penny Burns, Connie Eisenback Sun. 01/19 Deacon, Susan Hayes, Bennie Lyon Servers: Sat. 01/11 Jim Pusey Sun. 01/12 Bryce Nall, Jacob Carrico Sat. 01/18 LaVielle Cecil Sun. 01/19 Michael Richards, Tallas Crossfield Ministers to the Sick: Jan. 11/12 Becky Hornung Jan. 18/19 Ron Koppel Ministers of the Word: Sat. 01/11 Gerard Hinton, Mary Anne Cecil Sun. 01/12 Cele Walker, Kim Snyder Sat. 01/18 Jim Pusey, Carolyn Kapfhammer Sun. 01/19 Kelly Creed, Joe Bowling Ministers of Hospitality: Sat. 01/11 Richard Hornung, LaVielle Cecil Sun. 01/12 John and Barbara Shirley Sat. 01/18 Richard Hornung, Patrick Stevenson Sun. 01/19 Bill Nall, Darren Esterle Reminder: Liturgical Ministers are asked to find a substitute when unable to fulfill your assigned ministry, and to arrive 15 minutes before Mass.

Bulletin Deadline: Monday at Noon

SFX: 538-4933 or 955-5366 voice mail box 1 voice mail box 2 voice mail box 3

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Sacrament of Reconciliation, 2:30-3:00 PM, Third Saturday of Month; Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick, Second Weekend of Month, after Mass. Both are available by appointment. To arrange for Baptism or Marriage, please call the Parish Office.

January 12, 2014

Jan. 11 Sat. 4:00 PM Jan. 12 Sun. 11:30 AM Jan. 15 Wed. 6:30 PM Jan. 16 Thur. 8:30 AM Jan. 18 Sat. 4:00 PM Jan. 19 Sun. 11:30 AM

The Baptism of the Lord

Celebrant: Fr. Dale Cieslik Celebrant: Fr. Dale Cieslik Celebrant: Dcn. Carl Fahringer Celebrant: Fr. Dale Cieslik Celebrant: Fr. Dale Cieslik Celebrant: Fr. Dale Cieslik

Joann Bennett McCloskey For the People of the Parish Rosary, and Communion Service 1st Anniversary of Leslie Elder 1st Anniversary of Mark Wimsatt For the People of the Parish

Parish Support: $3,141.06 Christmas Offering: $50.00 Catholic Charities: $1.00 Solemnity of Mary: $820.00 Next weekend, we ask that you give generously to the Opportunities for Life Collection, to support life from cradle to grave. Thank you for your stewardship of treasure. Prayer list: Martha Hopper; John Gathoff; Elizabeth Martin; Julia Ameral; Patricia Hurst; Carol Kennedy; Don Bealmear; Larry Bishop; Ray Carrico; Tammy Dezarn; Pat Drake; Deacon Carl Fahringer; Tom and Mary Fowler; Margaret Glasford; Patti and Walter Grubb; Mary Hodges; Rose Jones; Bennie Lyon; Bill Nall; Pete Rendon; Loretta Riker; Cody Robinson; Marilyn Stop; Pat Turner; Russell Warford; Kathie Wright; Mary and Tommie Akins, Cheryl Riney, Modenia Akins; Kacey Balter (Sue Balter); Mary Boone, Debbie Black Schlernitzauer, Frank Taylor, Stan Thompson (Diane & Cele); Ross Norton (L. & M.A. Cecil); Sandra, Toni Rae & Pat Cheney; Jenny Thomas (Crossfields) Margaret Hardison (Darnells); Vicki Fackler, Kim Zepernick (Fackler/Ray Carrico); Pam Eisenback (Connie and Dennis) Steve Fahringer, Rhonda McCarty, (Deacon Carl); Beverly Seabolt (Tom Fleitz); John Douglas; Marguerite Gahlinger (Tim); Fred Barton, Mayes Family (Grubbs); Barbara Kuhn (Haniks); Bill Hatzman; Walter Hayes (Doug Hayes & Diana Welch); Virginia Hinton (Gerard); Emerson Chadwell (Kapfhammers); Joe Keller (Mike); Doris Robards, Catherine Kehne, Harper DYoung (Kehnes); Steven Carroll (Klotzs); Cindy Sanders (Kim Louis); Eva Blanford (Lyons); Mary Jo Mattingly; Jeremy Moreman (Penny & Tom); John Hunter (Lola Richards); Ernest and Jos van Schagen (Searcys); Audrey Shirley (John & Barbara); Gary Edwards (Virginia & Don Smith); Abby A. Howell, Nick Burns, Holmberg Family (Anna Lee Stokley); Charlotte Vowels (Pete & Mona); George N. Thomas (Villanova); Eula Koppel (Koppel/Wertz); Lavoy Crutcher & Lori Young; the victims of violence; the unemployed; those serving our country: Gina Vaile-Nelson and the 133rd Mobile Public Affairs Unit - Deployed; Thomas Creed, Jacob Crews, Jamie Fleig, Bryan Ford, Bryant Fowler, Wes Robinson, and Adam Villanova. Contact the office to add or delete a name from our prayer list, with his/her permission.

Birthday Blessings: 1/13 Zavier Mena; 1/15 Chong Schriner; 1/16 Rob Early, Julie Maciejewski; 1/18 Ashley Mihaljevic, Rachel Mihaljevic Eternal Rest: Please remember in your prayers the family of Linda Lee Olrich, sister-in-law of Deacon Gerry and Mary Jo Mattingly, who was buried from St. Luke Catholic Church in Nicholasville on Jan. 6th. May she rest in peace. The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity will be celebrated with a Pulpit Exchange next Sunday, January 19 . Preaching at All Saints will be Rev. Charley Hatfield from Taylorsville United Methodist. Afterwards, members of the Covenant Churches are encouraged to share a meal at the Knights monthly chicken dinner, at each persons expense. From the Pastor: Many thanks for the gifts you gave me in honor of the Feast and Season of Christmas. I truly appreciate your kindness, generosity and words. It is my hope that each of you has a blessed & holy New Year of 2014. Christmas Decorations: Volunteers are needed to remove the Christmas decorations after Mass this Sunday, January 12th. Connie Eisenback can be contacted if you have any questions.

Thank you for your stewardship of time and talent.