18.2 Human influen ces on climate

The atmos phere around Earth is warme d becaus e _____ ___. warm air cannot escape , as in a greenh ouse molec ules in the atmos phere are warme d by radiati on from Earth and retain that heat fossil fuels release heat plants absorb CO2

has been stable over the history of the planet is changi ng as a result of natural and human proces ses will stabili e over the ne!t centur y.Earth's climat e _____ ___. accord ing to the predict ions of most scienti sts has been docum ented to have change d once due to the evoluti on of green photos ynthes .

carbon dio!id e nitrous o!ide o one metha ne " n E Diff: 3 O b 18.3 Climat e researc h .

Carbo n dio!id e is _____ ___. the most potent #per molec ule of gas$ of the greenh ouse gases the most abund ant greenh ouse gas more potent #per molec ule of gas$ than metha ne the main anthro pogeni c greenh ouse gas produc ed in the %nited &tates the only greenh ouse .

and precipi tation of Earth's water descri be upwell ing and down wellin g in the ocean " n ' Diff: 3 O b 18.are change s in Earth's rotatio n and orbit around the sun that may trigger climat e variati on descri be the timing of the northe rn lights in the thermo sphere descri be the transpi ration.1 Factor . evapor ation.

constr ucted the .1 Factor s affectin g Earth's climate The +nterg overn mental (anel on Climat e Chang e _____ ___.Easter n (acific &hallo w )ater )armi ng Easter n (acific *eep )ater )armi ng " n C Diff: 2 18.yoto (rotoc ol perfor med the researc h includ ed in the climat .

an increas e in CO2 from the /012s to presen t that sedime nts deposi ted on the seaflo or can yield clues about past climat es that as distanc es from cities decrea sed.eelin g's reports from -auna .6 es!on se to climate change . CO2 concen tration .C Diff: 3 18.oa demon strated _____ ___.

partial decay.18. and compr ession of inorga nic matter . have forme d slowly over many millio ns of years is readily lost from Earth's surfac e in the absenc e of human s is forme d from the deposi tion.3 Climat e researc h Carbo nbased fuels from lithosp heric reserv oirs _____ ___.

power plants re3uire d conces sions from all countri es involv ed e3uall y in greenh ouse gas emissi on re3uire d increas es in nuclea r power genera tion would have resulte d in overall increas es in greenh ouse emissi ons was .&.increas ed federal fundin g for control ling greenh ouse gas emissi ons from %.

alterati ons to legisla tion must be done in a way that ma!im i es enviro nment al protect ion at the urging of scienti sts withou t recour se from the voting public all alterna tive source s of energy should be evalua ted by the scienti fic comm unity before mar4et ing permit trading should be undert a4en with cautio n .

more e!pens ive than drivin g a car * Diff: 2 18.6 es!on se to climate change .

5ydro gen fuel cells. hydrog en fuel cells and longterm electri c batteri es are potenti al solutio ns to reduci ng carbon emissi ons from cars and truc4s carbon se3ues tration capandtrade emissi on control replaci ng coal as a ma6or fuel for genera ting electri city cutting . biodie sel.

nitrous o!ides o one carbon dio!id e sulfate aeroso ls " Diff: 3 18. /2 22 82 .2 Human influen ces on climate "ppro !imate ly _____ ___7 of the typical "meri can city is devote d to use by cars.

2 Human influen ces on climate El 9i:o and .a 9i:a _____ ___. both decrea se water temper atures in the eastern (acific Ocean both increas e water temper atures in the eastern (acific Ocean both increas e water temper atures in the .ulf of -e!ic o occur in precise .12 C Diff: 3 18.

tropos phere mesos phere stratos phere thermo sphere ionosp here " Diff: 2 .1 Factor s affectin g Earth's climate The greenh ouse effect involv es warmi ng of Earth's surfac e and the _____ ___.E Diff: 2 18.


produc es high 3uantit ies of greenh ." #lobal climate change in !resent an$ future 5ydro electri c power genera tion _____ ___.increas es in densit y e!pan ds sin4s dissolv es increas ed amoun ts of carbon dio!id e from the atmos phere is irrever sibly altered ' Diff: 3 18.

6 es!on se to climate change Close to _____ ___7 .has no undesi rable enviro nment al effects produc es polluta nts that contrib ute signifi cantly to acid precipi tation uses fuel cells to genera te electri city is an alterna tive to fossil fuels and produc es fewer greenh ouse gases E Diff: 2 18.

" #lobal climate change in !resent an$ future Close to _____ ___7 of the fuel you pump into your autom obile does not move your vehicl e down the road.22 21 * Diff: 3 18. <1 11 =1 >1 ?1 .

come mostly from the federal govern ment increas e ridersh ip signifi cantly increas e the cost of public transp ortatio n are mostly from private corpor ations do not e!ist ' Diff: 2 .6 es!on se to climate change &ubsid ies for mass transit in the %nited &tates _____ ___.18.


failure to ratify the .nitrous o!ide o one metha ne chloro fluoro carbon s carbon mono! ide * Diff: 2 18.&.yoto (rotoc ol _____ ___.6 es!on se to climate change +n the wa4e of the %. . many nation s have severe d diplom atic relatio ns with the %.&.

has shown that it is a leader in carbon emissi on reducti on withou t having signed the (rotoc ol do ens of other nation s pulled out of the (rotoc ol oil e!porti ng nation s have refuse d to sell to the %.&.the %.&.6 es!on se to climate change The most recent analys es of . ' Diff: 2 18.

222 " Diff: 1 18.3 Climat e researc h @ecent eviden ce from polar ice core analysi s shows that carbon dio!id e levels have never e!ceed ed _____ ___ ppm in the last several hundre d thousa nd years 122 /222 21 822 .22 2.222 822.12.

* Diff: 1 /?.8 Climat e researc h .

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