I. Read the topic questions and discuss with your partner what their purposes are. 1.

Nowadays, teamwork is becoming very important in many aspects of our work and home lives. Some people believe that the success of a team depends on the mental attitude of the whole team rather than leadership by strong individuals. To what extent do you agree with this opinion? 2. Many tasks that used to be done by hand, such as factory and farm work, are becoming increasingly mechanised. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this trend and give your opinion about whether the advantages outweight the disadvantages. 3. Many animal species around the world are endangered, and each year we lose more species as the remaining animals in a population die. Discuss the possible causes of species loss, and suggest some ways that we might be able to preserve some of these vanishing species. 4. The percentage of the population living in urban areas has greatly increased in many countries. Discuss some reasons for this change and some of its consequences for urban planning. II. Match the above topic questions with their types of essay: 1. Discussion Essay: Advantages & Disadvantages 2. Discuss Essay: Problems & Solutions 3. Discuss Essay: Causes & Effects 4. Argumentative Essay III. Match the topic questions with their types. IV. Practice brainstorming Topic: The percentage of the population living in urban areas has greatly increased in many countries. Discuss some reasons for this change and some of its consequences for urban planning. 1. Discuss with your partner about the reasons and consequences. 2. Read the two response essays & Discuss with your partner Which one would gain a higher score? Why? Response A:

farms are becoming bigger and there are more machines to do the work. The main reason why people move from country to city areas is the increased opportunities that city living provides. this can result in slum areas and in traffic gridlock as commuters struggle to travel to work. in Vietnam. and these are significantly reducing and becoming less attractive as farming becomes more mechannized. Farming people often struggle to make a living. and facilities such as hospitals and schools. (277 words) Respose B: In many countries. housing developments and sewage systems. Sometimes. because they can’t get jobs in farming areas. In many coutries areas. Rural people see that they have a much better chance of getting a job in bigger population areas. continues movement to cities would seem to be inevitable and urban planners need to research and plan for the consequences of this population shift. many people go to the city with their whole family if they cannot make a living any more on their small farms. Employment prospects in most country areas are limited to agriculture. and the big cities are getting bigger all the time because the country people come to live and work there. For example. which has put pressure on the infrastructure of many cities.Most countries have experienced a significant movement of population to urban areas over recent decades. if basic public health issues such as the provision of clean water are ignored. their children will have a better life. many young rural people move to urban areas to work in clothes manufacturing or orther industries because they see this as a way to help their families. too. There are several reason for this shift. . and urban planners need to take this into account when designing infrastructure such as roading. and they leave because they want to experience the excitement of city living. As a result. many young people travel to the cities to find work. and they sometimes cannot feed their family. people have fewer jobs. It could have more serious consequences. However. They think that if they send their children to the city. Because there are more machines. They hope that they will find work in the city and they will become richer. this could provide conditions for outbreaks of diseases such as cholera or dysentery. and as people see the prospects of earning more money and making a better life in the cities. Young people often find country life very boring. a large proportion of the population in the country is moving to the cities. the increased number of urban dwellers has put huge pressure on cities in many areas. If cities are allowed to grow without any plan or vision. and cannot get a lot of money from the jobs. Consequently. often in clothes factories or the other factory jobs. so many of them travel to the cities to find work. an so their incomes are decreasing. In conclusion. this is happening a lot in Vietnam.

Cities become bigger. when country people come to the city.This change of living place has a lot of effects on this cties. this creates a lot of poblems for the cities. (267 words) . and often there are poor areas in cities which are full of poor-quality houses for the country people. In conclusion.

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