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I use 4 colors for crystals. They are Montana (A), Aquamarine (B), Jet (C) and Peridot (D), all are AB2X. 3 colors will be used for flowers. One main color is Montana AB2X. Two accent colors are Aquamarine AB2X and Jet AB2X. The other last color Peridot AB2X will be something like the separators or

Add one seed bead to the inner thread. Add five seed beads to the other thread.

[Tutorial] Reyna

[Tutorial] Crystal Bracelet #8

Equipment : - Swarovski Bicone Crystal 4 mm. (I use Lt. Peach and Padparadscha);Swarovski Bicone Crystal 3 mm. (I use Lt. Rose);- Swarovski Pearl 6 mm.

Tutorial : Flower Motif #1

This is the finished bracelet. I love how much it catches the light. I can see though in this picture that I made an error in the pattern on the bottom, just to the left of the center. If you look beneath the green beads, I used one to many seed beads. That sucks. I doubt that anyone else would notice while I am wearing it though. I really like the idea of working a piece from the center out while it is still attached to the spool. I can think of an added benefit straight off the bat. If you decide that a necklace needs more (or less length) you wont need to restring the whole thing.
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Monthly Bead Classes

I took my first beading class Thursday at my favorite local bead shop. For those of you in the Salt Lake area, my favorite bead shop is Heart Beads Jewelry. Tremaine Fenton is an absolute doll. Of all three of my local beads shops I have consistently gotten the best service in her store. It doesnt matter who is working, everyone has always been both friendly and helpful. One of the other things that I really like about her store is that she offers a free beading class each month. Ive drooled over som e of the classes before (as well as much of the jewelry in the case) but Ive never had the nerve to sign up for one the classes. This month I decided that I was just going to do it and I am so glad that I did.

Tremaine helped me pick out the beads that I would need for the project. As a bead class virgin, I did not know that most people bring their own stringing materials. That meant I needed to purchase some fireline and beading needles. She had scissors at the table. Tremaine worked on a bracelet while I worked on mine and she was there to answer any questions that I had. I liked the colors of the one that she was working on so much, I decided to purchase extra beads so that I could make a second bracelet at home. She also showed me a nice little tip that I am going to share with you soon.

Chui ban u ca tinh th v ht

nh sng v d dng trang tr, hon ho cho cuc sng thng ngy. K t khi chui di, n c th c t trn cc sn golf hoc m-m. Ch loi trang sc l rt mng v trc quan ko c. Ly tt c nhng b mt, bn c th tr thnh n gin khng th cng li!

Cc ti liu cn thit lm vic vi: - Knh Trn ht 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm - tinh th Bicone 3 mm v ng knh 5 mm - ht mt 4 mm - Separator trn phng vi cc tinh th 4-5 mm - ht s 12 - Trang sc chn

- bo v kim loi ca cc ch trong cc hnh thc ca mt mng nga - Clasp toggl - Hai vng kt ni trang tr 10 mm - Kt ni vng trang sc 5 mm - Ch Nylon - kim cho ht - Kruglogubtsy, tonkogubtsy, my ct dy N DT, LP RP DY CHUYN:

Nu bn thch lm trang sc bng chnh i tay ca h, tt c cc ti liu v cc cng c bn c trong kho. tng trang tr ny l rt n gin, c mt vi si ht v ht c kch thc khc nhau, sau kt hp chng li vi nhau v thm mt ht bn p. Mt bo v cho dy tc trong hnh dng ca mt mng nga l nhng g - y l mt thit b c bit c eo trn cc ch thng qua hai l v chuyn i thnh mt vng lp thoi mi v mnh m, m trong tng lai s d dng x mt vng kt ni vi mt trong cng mt vng lp.Di y km theo bc nh, bi v n l tt hn xem mt ln, hn trm ln c gng gii thch bng li.

Loi trang sc s cung cp cho bn mt m phng v bn c th t do thay i v tr ca ht, s lng cc ch , chiu di v ni dung ca h. S ny l mt v d trong bn s c th iu hng v tm hiu v gic m ca mnh v pht minh ra.

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y l nhng g c th xy ra t tt c iu ny (ca ti "M" khai thc - Si dy thng)