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EAGLE Version 6 Update Information ================================== This file contains information for users of previous EAGLE versions.

Please read this file entirely if you are updatin from an EAGLE version prior to 6.!."# $A%&I&G' The data structure in this version is completely different from that in older versions# (nce you edit a file )ith version 6.* you )ill no lon er +e a+le to edit it )ith versions prior to 6."# PLEA,E -A.E /A0.UP 0(PIE, (1 2(U% 0U%%E&T /(A%345 ,06E-ATI04 A&3 LI/%A%241ILE, /E1(%E E3ITI&G T6E- $IT6 VE%,I(& 6."# $A%&I&G' A1TE% UP3ATI&G A&2 1ILE, PLEA,E %U& /(T6 A& ELE0T%I0AL %ULE 06E0. 7E%08 A&3 A 3E,IG& %ULE 06E0. 73%08# 2(U -A2 &EE3 T( A39U,T T6E 3E,IG& %ULE PA%A-ETE%, U&3E% :Edit;3esi n rules...: T( 2(U% ,PE0I1I0 &EE3,# ,EE AL,( T6E %E-A%., %EGA%3I&G %E,T%I&G, A&3 -I&I-U- 3I,TA&0E, /ET$EE& 0(PPE% A&3 3I-E&,I(&, U&3E% :3esi n %ules: /EL($# %elease notes for EAGLE 6.!." ============================= < 0onsistency 0hec=in ' 4 Added full consistency chec= of pac=a es to avoid misleadin informations used e. . for 3esi nLin=. 4 The ine>uality of part and element attri+utes or the a+sence of part attri+utes in the appropriate +oard element is no) treated as consistency error 7)as only an E%0 )arnin up to no)8. < 3esi n %ule 0hec=' 4 Increased ma*. thic=ness of the layer stac= cores to ?mm. < 3I-E&,I(& command' 4 &o) no snappin to o+@ects on definin if 0trl =ey pressed. < -EA&3E% command' 4 &o) smaller loops are possi+le if -EA&3E% is handlin < Installation' 4 $hen a ne) EAGLE version is installed5 no) a +ac=up file of the e*istin user settin s file is created 7.ea lerc.sav on Linu* and -A05 ea lerc.usr.sav on $indo)s8. 4 3efault assi nment of shortcuts moved from Aea le.scrA to e*tra script Adefault4assi n.scrA to avoid undesired over)ritin . The e*istin Aea leassi n.scrA5 )hich contains useful ULP shortcuts for li+rary editin 5 has +een renamed to Al+r4assi n.scrA. < -iscellaneous' 4 Added a ULP ea le4Bd.ulp from ,implified ,olutions Inc. for a connection to their a sin le si nal. the second 3I-E&,I(& point is done

4 1i*ed updatin files from an older EAGLE version )ith special characters in a desi nrule name. If previous and ne) ates donAt match +y ate names5 they are matched +y their sym+ol names. .TE from file' Added a section a+out +ehaviour of lo+al settin s li=e desi n rules etc. 4 1i*ed movin the first )ire of a poly on to Kero len th.scr. 4 1i*ed startin a ne) %(UTE )ith an auto4 enerated air)ire on a lon )ire. 4 0han ed the header section of GE%/E%C%. 4 1i* for variant dialo in schematic' In case of parts of devices )ithout empty technolo y avoid )ron technolo y assi nment after chan e in variant dialo . &o) the shape is considered dependin on layer visi+ility 7distinction inside. 1i*ed settin the radius of -ITE% in ea le. 4 1i* for variant dialo in schematic' Proper support for settin the empty technolo y for a variant.?' 1i* for )ron file o)nership. 4 (nline help PA. 4 In the properties dialo of a part no) the ate name is displayed al)ays 7also if there is only one ate8. 4 Attri+ute dialo in +oard' Allo) deletion only for attri+utes defined only in +oard or if f. 4 Update of attri+utes after 06A&GE PA0. Avoid ta+ characters in the dialo s of TEGT values 7they are not supported8.or +oard. 4 1i* for missin data reload after pac=a e update in li+rary editor.=ippin poly on )ires )ith Kero len th )hile loadin dra)in s. 4 Installation on -A0 (. 4 1i*ed e*port of monochrome ima es for pads. 4 Avoid t)o +usses )ith identical name if renamed )ithin the properties dialo .DEFG in the ea le.AGE. 1i*ed mirrorin of a poly on in si nal layers durin 0(P2.vias. 4 1i*ed recalculatin the +oundin rectan le of a dra)in after rotatin a roup )ith a dimension o+@ect. .B. 4 1i* for crash durin conversion of a V! schematic that )or=ed in V! +ut contained some invalid data.outside8. 4 service of eneratin a B3 printin from an EAGLE +oard.def fileH replaced the o+solete unit selection code :GE"<In: +y :JJ-(I&<JJIn: < /u fi*es' Avoid superfluous pinrefs of ULC&ET. 4 1i* for inconsistency after %EPLA0E if a device )ith several ates at same position is involved. 4 1i*ed dra)in of thin arcs )ith flat caps in Ger+er output. 4 1i* for loss of stored approved 3%0 errors after savin the chan ed +oard )ithout ne) 3%0. Increased the ed e appro*imation accuracy for emulatin circles 7e. for distance calculations8. 4 Added information a+out optional rid multiple in the coordinates display.ometimes the dynamical air)ire led +y mista=e to the start se ment.+ annotation is off 7ma=es +ehaviour identical to deletion +y command line8. 4 1i* for insufficient accuracy of last rid settin s.G M". 1iles no) have 4 4 4 4 4 .technolo y5 they are updated5 also if they have +een over)ritten in schematic and. 1i* for related pro+lem if there are lo+al attri+utes in schematic additionally. 4 %emoved suppression of dra)in previe) in control panel if the dra)in is already loaded in an editor. This fi*es an unintended +ehaviour that )as introduced in version 6.TE06&(L(G2' If attri+ute values differ from old to ne) pac=a e. 4 Too= out (PTI-ILE entry from )ire conte*t menu for cases )here (PTI-ILE is currently not supported.

4 Added handlin of +lan=s in prefi*5 instance5 part5 element5 pinref and contactref names if updatin files from older versions.C. 4 User4Lan ua e' &o) the li+rary conte*t is used properly if accessin ULC. . Additionally a chec= is done to avoid installation on no lon er supported (. 4 Avoidin un@ustified chan es of te*t ali nment on la+els in a roup.G M". 4 Added the mem+ers al)aysvectorfont and verticalte*t to ULC/(A%3 and ULC.UPPL2 pin .-3. 4 1i*ed settin the current editor rid if chan in the dra)in type in the li+rary editor 7device5 pac=a e5 sym+ol8. 4 Ar+itrary pad shapes' 1i* for special case )here pad poly on )as not reco niKed. %elease notes for EAGLE 6.earches can +e started via the conte*t menu of a folder or the pulldo)n menu.+oards' -a=e e*plicit refresh )or= 7tri ered +y menu selection or =ey 1!8.T re ardless )here the cutout poly on +elon s to." ============================= < Platforms' 4 Added support for -A0 (. < User Lan ua e' 4 &e) ULP constants EAGLECPAT65 EAGLEC3I%5 EAGLEC6(-E and (. 4 1i*ed dra)in placeholder te*ts for pac=a es and sym+ols5 that contain no other o+@ects.68.earch help in A33 dialo ' 3istin uishin +et)een schematic 7device search8 and +oard 7pac=a e search8. The cut is done in %AT. 4 -easurement of si nal len th in -EA&3E% )ith hi her precision and indication of overflo) 7values O ca. 4 Improved error messa e for the case of renamin a part.roundness. 4 1i* for not searcha+le P31 files printed from -A0 version. 4 Added a ne) E%0 )arnin :.element to a name that already e*ists5 +ut only in the correspondin dra)in of the 7consistent8 pro@ect pair.. 4 1i*ed chan in technolo y or pac=a e variant of a part to AA via the command line. 4 1i*ed handlin of cutout poly ons in the same si nal.root as o)ner and )rite access to roup. 6E"" mm8. 4 3isplay of attri+utes in the previe) for devicesets.F. < 0ontrol Panel' 4 Added a search +ar for searches )ithin the control panel tree. 4 1i*ed handlin of lar er poly ons of ar+itrary pad shapes in the 3%0. . 4 1i* for AE*pand allA function for control panel trees 7tri ered +y A<A8. 4 1i*ed handlin multiple pads connected to the same pin if used in devices )ith several ates. 4 Previe) in 0ontrol Panel for schematic.IG&ATU%E. 4 0(P2 of net or +us )ires' 0reation of a ne) se ment for the )ire copy if itAs endpoints are apart from the source se ment.&E.06E-ATI0. As +lan=s are not supported in V65 they are converted to ACA.: 4 . 4 Autorouter improvement for a trac= )here only a )ire split is missin .G versions 7N M".. )ithout net: instead of the misleadin :&o pins on net .?.

If installed5 a simulation for an e*istin EAGLE schematic )ith automatic conversion can +e started from EAGLE.4 Added the mem+er ULCTEGT. 4 Added ne) mem+ers dtype5 e*tlen th5 e*toffset and e*t)idth for ULC3I-E&. 4 &o) dimension o+@ects are handled in the d*f. ThatAs also availa+le in the 06A&GE menu. format5 LT.. < A33 command' 4 The A33 dialo no) has a chec=+o* that allo)s to include.ym+ol:5 :(pen Pac=a e: and :(pen 3evice: availa+le from conte*t menu for part instances and elements to open the related li+rary entities from schematic or +oard. 1or simplification some parameters li=e arro) len th or te*t offset are no lon er offered and internal defaults used.0II format. 4 Possi+ility to create EAGLE devices from LT.linedistance.Import.pice is a schematic simulation tool for free and availa+le on $indo)s. 4 The A33 dialo of the schematic editor no) additionally displays attri+utes.I(& 7see 3I-E&.ulp8.pice connection on $indo)s' 4 Import of LT. 4 &e) options :(pen . The identical functionality is availa+le under 1ile. < 3I-E&.ulp85 import of +itmaps 7import4+mp. .I(& section8. < Import.ulp is used )hich replaces the e*istin e*p4pro@ect4l+r. &o) availa+le in 1ile menu under E*port. Te*t properties can +e ad@usted li=e for any other te*t.ulp.ulp85 /(7+om.ulp85 6yperlyn* 7hyperlyn*.ulp for import of dra)in s in A00EL A.E*portA )hich are handled +y e*istin ULPs.Import there are no) su+ entries for EAGLE dra)in 7the e*istin :Paste from file: functionality8 and the ne) A00EL A.pice schematics into EAGLE and e*port to LT. This format can +e e*ported from P40A35 Altium and Protel to import dra)in s into EAGLE. E*amples' E*port of 3G1 7d*f. < General GUI improvements' 4 Added and ad@usted )ordin 5 tool tips and status tips of pulldo)n menus and all tool+ars.ulp8. 4 Provided a +i er set of default =ey assi nments for fre>uently used commands +y e*tendin ea le. 4 Under 1ile..pice. The properties can +e chan ed +y 06A&GE 3U&IT and 06A&GE 3LI&E. There is also a field for searches )ithin attri+utes.scr. 4 LT.pice sym+ols and connect lists. 4 Ta=en out :Paste from. The set of internally hardcoded function =eys has +een reduced. 4 A num+er of further entries have +een provided in A1ile.I(& command' 4 The eneral settin s for dimension o+@ects have +een replaced +y individual properties for each dimension.E*port' 4 Inte ration of the e*port of schematic and. 4 &e) import4accel.ImportA and A1ile.e*clude pac=a es )ith pads in the search.or +oard li+raries into EAGLE GUI. This includes te*t siKe5 ratio5 unit5 precision5 line )idth and e*tension line properties.0II import.pice li+rary data throu h import of accordin pac=a es in PA3. < LT.Li+raries 7a ne) ULP e*p4l+rs.: from Edit menu in schematic and +oard editor.

upport U&3(. 1i*ed handlin of multiline te*t o+@ects in poly on calculation. 4 1i*ed a crash )hen doin a GATE. 1i* for erroneous E%0 )arnin s in relation to parts of devices )ith predefined value 7attri+ute AVALUEA8. 1i*ed 3%0 clearance calculation for poly ons )ith same ran=. 4 1i*ed handlin of ar+itrary pad shapes in the 3%0. 4 1i*ed f.%E3( for approval. 4 0orrection in online help' VALUE command only availa+le in default assem+ly variant.ulp5 statistic4sch. 4 Previe) for pac=a es' 3isplay a ruler to indicate the siKe.B. 4 1i*ed displayin the pad names in the device previe) of the A33 dialo . < /u fi*es' &o) the te*t in the 06A&GE TEGT dialo is initially selected a ain.$AP )ith an uninvo=ed ate. 4 1i*ed a crash if a part is replaced +y a device )ithout pac=a e. < 0ontrol Panel ." ============================= < Platforms' 4 Linu*' li+pn and li+@pe directly lin=ed into the e*ecuta+le to dependency and availa+ility of accordin system li+s.disapproval of E%0 and 3%0 errors.TE06&(L(G2' Ensure update of li+rary attri+utes if they are displayed +ut havenAt +een chan ed in schematic or +oard. 4 A num+er of entries have +een added to AToolsA menu in schematic and layout editor.+ annotation of attri+utes )hen copyin parts in the schematic. E*amples' -ill outlines 7mill4outlines. 4 . 0orrected chec= for too small rid entries from user. 4 1i*ed raphic issues on -A0 7display of popup menus8.ulp85 drill le end 7drille end4 stac=. Previe)' 4 Previe) e*tensions for +oard and schematic.heet descriptions and siKe information are also displayed. %elease notes for EAGLE 6. 4 Avoided a crash if mi*in the selection )ithin near+y o+@ects and te*tual input.AGE.ulp85 statistics 7statistic4+rd. 4 /eside file path indication of date and siKe of the currently selected file the status +ar. 4 If a +us name has a synonym prefi*5 only that one )ill +e displayed to avoid too lon la+els. . 4 1i*ed potential crash on -A0 related to s)itchin +et)een editor )indo)s5 te*t )indo) or 0A. 4 06A&GE PA0.ulp8. These tools are handled +y e*istin ULPs. Avoidin loss of precision )hen savin very small rid values. 4 1i*ed handlin of dimensions in G-L re ardin e*tlen th and e*toffset. 4 1i*ed a crash in P%I&T command on $indo)s if a previously used net)or= printer is uninstalled and EAGLE restarted.processor )indo).< -iscellaneous' 4 &o) the ori ins of elements are printed a ain if their layer is active. < User Lan ua e' et rid of 4 4 4 4 4 4 in .

4 Add )idth and hei ht in the Properties dialo for rectan les. 4 Improved attri+ute dialo of devices to allo) addin ne) attri+utes )ith empty values via the command line. 4 &o) duplicate layer names are tolerated for compatili+ility reasons 7even thou h they should not +e used8. < /u fi*es' 4 1i*ed unnecessary )arnin s a+out coarse rid values if pastin directly into the +oard. Line distance can +e 4 &o) the o+@ects of :Ar+itrary Pad .Processor. 4 .elements from devices )ith this attri+ute ta=e over the attri+ute value as part. 4 1ormal correction of ea le.technolo y or %EPLA0E +y a device )ith such an attri+ute.hapes: are availa+le in ULPs throu h the loop mem+ers ULC0(&TA0T.TA&0E.$AP or GATE. 4 -odified handlin of the default assem+ly variant in ULPs' the function variant78 returns :AA: for this and the function setvariant78 can +e called )ith :AA: or ::.Fmm8 if dra)in the mar=in AGA of not populated parts. 4 The VALUE attri+ute is also used in case of 06A&GE pac=a e. En lish and the current local lan ua e are al)ays availa+le.element value.Add.Al)aysUse3evice&ameAsValue set to M if the part value is cleared later. < 06A&GE command' 4 Added missin option 3T2PE for dimension types. 4 1i*ed an inconsistency' do not allo) PI&.activetechnolo y5 ULC3EVI0E.$AP if an affected pin is connected to several pads.part.8' 4 Prevention of creation of such attri+utes e*cept AVALUEA in li+rary editor.poly ons78 and ULC0(&TA0T.0md.TA8. . 4 &o) +oards are stored )ith proper data of the current assem+ly variant.ET. Parts. 4 Attri+utes )ith reserved names 7li=e A&A-EA5 AVALUEA etc. The attri+ute itself is no lon er accessi+le. 4 To avoid confusion5 editin the coordinates of rotated rectan les in the Properties dialo is no lon er allo)ed.I(& command' 4 .activedevice and ULCI&.)ires78.election of rectan les and ori ins of elements or parts. 4 Parameters for assem+ly service )ere added. 4 Added a )arnin if chan in the assem+ly variant in the 0A. 4 3esi nLin=' . 4 P0/ >uote service' 4 Puote parameters no) o to ElementMF5 )here re ional specific partners are offered.nap to o+@ects on definin the second dimension point.earch te*t field no) )ith history5 filterin of results. < 3I-E&.$AP' ensure proper relocation of already routed )ires on pads. 4 Avoid inconsistency in case .4 Added ne) User Lan ua e o+@ect mem+ers ULC3EVI0E. 4 1i*ed PI&.dtd 7comments not allo)ed inside AATTLI. 4 E*tended the User Lan ua e data type Astrin A to support unicode characters. < -iscellaneous' 4 &o) the editor for descriptions can edit different lan ua es if e*istin . 4 %educed line )idth 7". < TEGT command' 4 &o) te*t o+@ects can contain more than one line. &ote' (lder V6 versions can read these te*ts +ut not display them correctly.

4 &o) the name of the desi n rules is stored in the +oard file a ain. 4 1i* for P31 print pro+lem on -A0 to avoid lar e and not searcha+le files. 4 &o) the update report )indo) is opened in readonly mode. 4 1i* for print pro+lem on $indo)s if called from command line editor 7landscape )as i nored8. mar=in file chan ed in li+rary editor8. . 4 Added U&3(. 4 1i*ed poly on representation in si nal layers after -ITE% or . 4 Avoid a possi+le inconsistency if a net is automatically enerated +y movin an instance so that pins contact each other.variantdefs. 4 1i*ed dra)in artefacts )hen droppin a poly on durin construction. 4 The ali nment point of a dimension o+@ect is no) automatically ad@usted after chan es +y the Properties dialo .+us )ires or @unctions if added to a roup )ith ctrl4clic= and movin this roup.$AP command. 4 Added missin default assem+ly variant 7AA8 if loopin throu h ULC. 4 Prevention of chan in the position or rotation in the Properties dialo of an element )ith the ALoc=edA fla chec=ed. 4 1i*ed unintentional chan es of mirrored state after placin a te*t on specific layers 7li=e &ets8. 4 0han ed handlin of names in the VALUE command synta* to case insensitive.U&3( if durin optimiKation a )ire has +een converted to an air)ire. 4 Prevention of creation of poly ons )ith only t)o points and overlappin )ires. 4 Prevention of movin a te*t of a smashed instance to another sheet )ithout the instance itself.PLIT. 4 1i*ed chec= +o* Aover)rites device nameA in the Properties dialo of elements.variantdefs or ULC/(A%3. 4 1i*ed unintended connections if pastin a net and the correspondin +oard contains a si nal )ithout a net counterpart.pads at )ron location in PI&.4 Prevention of chan in of smashed reserved placeholder te*ts +y ATT%I/UTE command' In this case the attri+ute list of the part or element is displayed instead. 4 Added missin info for AInner. 4 Avoid inconsistency if copyin parts )ith assem+ly variants.A in the Properties dialo of vias. 4 &o) the update report G-L file is opened in the e*ternal editor if necessary and one is defined +y the user.(uter Layer 3iam. 4 1i* for hi hli htin pins. 4 1i*ed (PTI-ILE.deletion of attri+utes' Ensure proper redisplay of elements and instances5 also after U&3(. 4 1i*ed connectivity of net. 4 (mit printin of ori ins also for ates and elements 7li=e for instances etc. 4 Added an error messa e if a 06A&GE parameter is used in improper conte*t.1ollo)4me router' the e*tension o+@ects of not conntected pads )ith ar+itrary pad shape )ere not ta=en into account. 4 &o) the poly on parameters Thermals and (rphans are only availa+le if applica+le 7in the +oard editor8. 4 0reation. 4 1i*ed dra)in the unpopulated cross of instances if modified throu h the command line 7VA%IA&T8.8. 4 0orrection of online help 7function *mlelement788. 4 1i* in the Autorouter.%E3(.%E3( of P%E1IG chan es 7incl. 4 Improved dra)in precision for arcs. 4 1i*ed )ritin the G-L data file for air)ires in special case.06E-ATI0. 4 1i*ed movin a roup containin a poly on from one schematic sheet to another. 4 &o) undefined characters of the vector font are displayed as AQA.

4 1i*ed a crash )hen s)itchin to a pro@ect usin a recently deleted li+rary. 4 1i*ed )ritin the G-L data file for air)ires )ith an invalid e*tent. 4 1i* for disappeared previe) in print dialo after printin on -A0.1ollo)4me router )ith an active5 +ut not availa+le layer. .T8. 4 %emoved useless Ali n com+o+o* from parameter tool+ar )hen runnin the LA/EL command. In that case arro)s are no lon er filled. 4 User defined conte*t menus' Avoid definition of multiple identical menu entries for one o+@ect type. .. 4 1i*ed selectin assem+ly variants in the com+o +o* )ith sin le >uotes in their names. 4 1i*ed the attri+utes dialo of instances' a previous fi* in version 6.hapes: from poly ons 7e.M has added +y mista=e the lo+al attri+utes here. 4 1i*ed mirrorin of te*ts of dimension o+@ects in mirrored layers li=e +3ocu. 4 1i*ed handlin of ARA characters in the ULP functions cf et78.ulpA8. 4 1i*ed a possi+le :A+ort' Un=no)n o+@ectType.D. 4 1i*ed a crash if startin the Autorouter. 4 1i*ed A33 throu h the command line )ith assi nment of an o+@ect name ' the currently handled o+@ect has +een dropped inadvertently.: durin :Paste from file: if the pasted dra)in contains )ires of Kero len th. 4 Avoid unsuita+le entries in 0ontrol Panel trees 7e.4 1i* for dra)in artefacts after pastin a dimension o+@ect.&E. %elease notes for EAGLE 6. 4 1i*ed usin the proper net class )hile su+tractin pads )ith :Ar+itrary Pad .. 4 1i*ed chan in a variant via the command line on parts )ith over)ritten set78H this character is valid e. . 4 1i*ed a crash if dra)in dimension o+@ects and the A3imension line )idthA is set to Kero. 4 1i*ed inadvertently resettin of parameters 7e. in =ey assi nments )ith modifiers. 4 1i*ed recalculation of the sym+ol +ounds )hen editin a device set. 4 Proper handlin for chan ed device attri+utes in schematic )hen reset to device value from li+rary. 4 1i* for ensurin correct printer selection on $indo)s. 4 &o) lo+al attri+utes are i nored as in version ! if attri+utes of parts are accessed +y ULPs. 4 Avoid plain te*t descriptions in control panel turn into lin=s after previous clic= on a lin=.6($ command in case itAs a net containin only pin references 7no )ires8. AUser Lan ua e Pro ramsA tree only for files endin )ith A. 4 1i*ed for displayin the pointer rectan le in the .ey 1D for renamin files )or= a ain. 4 1i* for visi+ility of clic= state of +uttons on -A0. 4 0ontrol Panel' -ade . 4 1i* for findin sym+ols )ith umlauts )hen addin them in device editor." ============================= < -iscellaneous' 4 Added an icon for cutout poly ons to the parameter +ar of the P(L2G(& . . )ire )idth8 to factory defaults if loadin another dra)in . 4 1i* for possi+le crash )hen copyin parts )ith assem+ly variants from one schematic to other. in %AT.D. 4 1i*ed a possi+le loss of consistency after renamin a net )ith the &A-E command or +y placin a supply sym+ol if the tar et net e*ists already on a different sheet. 4 1i*ed chan in value or technolo y of parts or elements )ith variants not havin o)n value and technolo y 7the variants =ept the previous value and technolo y from default variant8.

4 Ensure that the ne) poly on pour style :cutout: is only used if the poly on is in a si nal layer 7M4M68.1ollo)4me router i norin holes in pac=a es. 4 1i*ed routin to off4 rid contacts5 in particular rotated ones. 4 1i* for crash in 0A. 4 . 4 %esolve consistency pro+lem after %EPLA0E in special -as=A errors of lon .ulp for e*port of a netlist in 0entroid format. 4 %esolve consistency pro+lem after 06A&GE PA0. 4 1i*ed a crash if mirrorin instances durin -(VE command if a pin is directly connected to another.processor in case of poly ons )ith Apositive coordinatesA s)itched off. . 4 Added chan e note from V! to V6 on o+@ect hierarchy for User Lan ua e. 4 1i*ed position of dimensions if eneratin a 0A. 4 1i*ed autoroutin +oards )ith pac=a es containin poly ons as pad shapes. 4 1i*ed handlin of ali nment ta of attri+utes if readin a V6 dra)in 4 1i*ed su+tractin mirrored te*ts from poly ons if placed in pac=a es. 4 1i*ed a crash if runnin the 0A. 4 1i*ed renamin of si nal poly ons' The poly on sometimes vanishes if already calculated. 4 1i*ed the 3%0 calculation of A.command in +oard and pac=a e editor. 4 ULP' 1i* synta* pro+lem for instances78 loop of ULC. 4 Added handlin of +lan=s in device5 ate5 pac=a e and sym+ol names if updatin files from older versions +y su+stitution )ith ACA.AGE for pac=a es )ith pads names startin )ith ARA or A4A.ulp for teardrop4shaped connections +et)een vias. < /u fi*es' 4 1i*ed a possi+le crash after removin a device in the li+rary editor. 4 1i*ed copyin from the empty variant in the connect dialo 7li+rary editor8.upport for so4called :E*ternal 3evices:' 3evices )ithout pac=a e5 used to document e*ternal measurin or simulation confi urations. 4 -ore detailed description of ULP roup functions in roup785 set roup78 and clr roup78. 4 1i*ed copyin instances if selected )ith an offset 7@ump effect of instances in 0(P28.6EET. 4 (nline help' 4 Improved description of command line option A4UA. If the layer is chan ed to a non si nal layer5 the pour style s)itches to the default :solid:. 4 &e) ULP teardrops.offset pads. 4 1i*ed a crash in li+rary editor if runnin a script )ith many chan es +et)een edit modes 7device5 pac=a e5 sym+ol8.processor output )ith option Apositive coordinatesA on. 4 1i*ed U&3(. 4 1i*ed a +u in the Autorouter. 4 Enhanced resolution in dialo input fields accordin to the increased resolution of coordinates.%E3( renamin of calculated si nal poly ons' 3rop the o+solete calculation.pads and attached )ire se ments. 4 1i*ed possi+le corruptness of sym+ol names after dra Sdrop of devices from control panel into the li+rary editor. 4 0opy4Paste' Adapt net class of pasted net if net )ith same name already e*ists. 4 &e) ULP centroid4screamin circuits4smd. 4 1i*ed deletin poly on ed es' 3rop the currently calculated poly on data for correct update after delete.processor )ith a +oard containin an invalid poly on.

4 1i*ed chan in assem+ly variants' update the dra)in accordin ly.8. 4 Improved synta* of the VA%IA&T command to allo) variant names +e innin )ith ARA or A4A. 4 1i*ed li+rary update pro+lem related to several parts usin same deviceset +ut different ate com+inations. 4 1i* for inconsistency pro+lem after PI&. 4 1i*ed chan in the value of attri+utes of instances.processor' 3ra) a cross over not populated parts in the schematic and do not dra) the o+@ects of not populated elements in layers li=e tPlace.+Place if loopin throu h the o+@ects of not populated elements in the +oard. 4 1i*ed the 0(&&E0T command if ate names startin )ith A. 4 1i*ed handlin multiple pads connected to the same pin +y addin an additional attri+ute Arouteta A to the G-L data format. 4 1i* for consistency pro+lem after li+rary update 7%EPLA0E or e*plicit . 4 Added missin ULP constants 7ALIG&C. 4 1i*ed sortin Anumeric strin A arrays in the user lan ua e for strin s containin a numeric se>uence reater than DMFEF? 4 1i*ed displayin the li+rary description in the A33 dialo for li+raries )ith a sym+ol description.+Place.%E3( of assem+ly variant chan es. 4 Added handlin of empty ate names if loadin files from older versions +y su+stitution )ith AGTTMA 7e*otic to minimiKe am+i uities8. 4 1i* handlin umlauts or AUA in li+rary names )hen loadin files from older versions. 4 ULP' 1i*ed loopin throu h variants of an element in a ULP.=ip the o+@ects in layers li=e tPlace. 4 Enhanced the 0A.processor GUI to allo) selectin a specific assem+ly variant and to display the currently selected assem+ly variant in the status +ar. 4 Proper support for case insensitive handlin of assem+ly variant names in the VA%IA&T dialo . 4 1i* for missin devices in the A33 dialo if they are )ithout technolo ies. 4 Added handlin of +lan=s in pin5 pad and smd names if updatin files from older versions +y su+stitution )ith 4 1i*ed handlin assem+ly variants in the 0A. 4 1i*ed dra)in the cross of not populated and smashed parts in the schematic after movin one of its te*ts' the siKe of the cross does no lon er ta=e the te*ts of smashed parts into account. 4 ULP' Provide the proper device conte*t to access pinref. 4 1i*ed updatin of dra)in s comin from older versions containin smashed Elements. 4 1i*ed layer visi+ility of not populated elements in current assem+ly variant.processor output. 4 1i*ed e*portin the pad names on pins if eneratin 0A. 4 1i*ed a performance issue if loadin a +oard comin from an older version )ith many rotated elements )ith contacts connected to lar e si nals. 4 1i*ed handlin assem+ly variants in ULPs' provide the cross dra)n over not populated parts in the schematic as )ires of the accordin instance sym+ols. 4 1i*ed open file pro+lem due to erroneous handlin of UT1? characters. . 4 ULP' . 4 1i*ed clearin content of the parameter tool+ar )hile processin a command se>uence.4 1i* for %EPLA0E of devices that donAt match in their ates positions or names 7)ron matchin leadin to li+rary update the proper sheet conte*t if loopin throu h pinrefs of a net.A are used.Instances )ith multiple identical placeholder te*ts li=e &A-E or VALUE. 4 %estored the possi+ility to provo=e the connectivity of nets on pins +y pseudo movements of instances 7selectin and releasin at the same location8. 4 1i*ed U&3(..$AP and U&3(.

4 ULP functions net et. 4 (nline help for . 4 1i*ed dra)in of very lar e rectan les.L connections due to erroneous (pen.I(& command' 4 Added a note a+out the settin s for dimension o+@ects to the online help of the 3I-E&.0%IPT command' Add a section a+out script la+els. 4 1i*ed crash in . 4 1i*ed readin the description of the 3esi n %ules. 4 1i* for :empty screen effect: due to de enerated arcs from older EAGLE versions.M.L error :6andsha=e failed: for . 4 1i*ed dra)in of dimensions )hile modifyin them 7avoidin artefacts8.6 of instances. 4 . 4 1i* for possi+le loss of chan es in +oard editor after loadin another pro@ect pair from unchan ed schematic editor and vice versa.User interface: can +e activated under -ac (. 4 1i*ed a net class inconsistency if a supply net )ith a net class other than " already e*ists and is continued on another sheet +y addin supply devices pin to pin." ============================= < 3I-E&.PB.. < -iscellaneous' 4 The ne) option :Le acy mouse )heel mode: in :(ptions. 4 G%(UP selection )ith ctrl4clic=' 1i* for clic=s ettin lost5 fi* for handlin of poly ons. 4 1i*ed automatic eneration of element names in pro@ect conte*t' The names of parts )ithout pac=a e 7e. This also fi*es connection pro+lems )ith 3esi nLin=. 4 1i*ed . 4 1i*ed a crash in ULP function set roup78 if e*ecuted from li+rary editor and nothin edited..heetA.e ment on this .TE command.. .L li+ on $indo)s GP .. 4 Added a missin )indo) refresh after chan in of dimension settin s.elements )ith placeholder te*ts )ith an ali n other than the default ali n +ottom4left.UP3ATE8 due to improper update of chan ed sym+ols. 4 1i*ed renamin nets for the case Aevery .et net class of ne)ly created supply nets +y placin supply devices pin to pin to the current net class. If the error occurs the user can decide )hether to continue any)ay.6($ after selection of one entity and deselection )ith 0trl4 clic=. 4 1i*ed the 0LA.netpost' $or=around for )ron . %elease notes for EAGLE 6. . 4 1i*ed )ron orientation of te*ts after U&3( of a PA. 4 E*tend too ti ht radius limitation for circles. G to s)itch +ac= to the mouse )heel handlin as it )as in version !. 4 1i*ed a crash )hen copyin special 7A ru++yA8 poly ons. supply devices or frames8 )ere not ta=en into account. 4 1i* for proper roup selection +y ULP function set roup.I(& command. command to handle clearances to classes reater than V. < /u fi*es' 4 1i*ed a missin screen update after updatin a sym+ol in a schematic dra)in 5 )here the ne) version of the sym+ol e*tends outside the surroundin rectan le of the entire dra)in .-A.

4 1i*ed @umpin initial air)ire position )hen routin in special nal5 update netclasses of paste +uffer nets.Al)aysUse3evice&ameAsValue is set. 4 1i*ed a crash if deletin a roup containin a net )ire and a @unction in special constellation. 4 1i*ed a possi+le crash if openin a li+rary panel tree containin a li+rary that )ould imply an update report. 4 0orrect support for ne) mem+ers :headline: and :description: of ULP types ULC/(A%35 ULC. 4 The -ac (. 4 1i*ed automatic eneration of part names in pro@ect conte*t' The names of elements )ithout a correspondin part )ere not ta=en into account. Loomin in and out is done )ith the :pinch: esture. 4 1i*ed handlin attri+utes )ith empty names in elements )hen updatin a +oard from +efore version 6. 4 1i*ed su+tractin te*ts )ith vector font from poly ons if placed in pac=a es." ============================= < Platforms' 4 The -ac (.Add. 4 .processor output )ith positive coordinates. 4 1i*ed a crash in the %IPUP command if used in a non4+oard dra)in . G version of EAGLE no) re>uires an Intel -ac. G M".4 1i* for t)ea=in off poly on orphans in 0A. 4 1i*ed chan in the font of te*ts if the dra)in has set AAl)ays Vector 1ontA. 4 1i*ed su+tractin te*ts )ith vector font from poly ons in 0A. 4 1i*ed a crash in the %(UTE command )hen routin a trac= that provo=es an immediate optimiKe. G M".processor 4 -ac (.si nals from paste +uffer are connected to an e*istin net. %elease notes for EAGLE 6.! and $indo)s D""" are no lon er officially supported. 4 To avoid pro+lems )ith over)ritin an e*istin installation of EAGLE )ith a ne)er version on -ac (. $arn the user +efore in case of chan es.0md.F5 -ac (. < 1ile data format chan ed to G-L' ." 7they )ill +e silently i nored8.06E-ATI0 and ULC. G5 the default installation directory no) contains the current version num+er 7same as on $indo)s and Linu*8. 4 1i*ed erroneously chec=in poly ons )ith ran= 6 and poly ons )ith a smaller ran= in the 3%0. G M".". 4 A33 command' Ensure proper initialiKation of part values if the device has the attri+ute AVALUEA set or the ea lerc s)itch . 4 1i*ed a crash in the 0ontrol PanelAs tree vie) )hen renamin an item5 and the ne) name already e*ists.Instances' Ensure load of dra)in in case of multiple identical placeholder te*ts li=e &A-E or VALUE. 4 Paste from file' If nets. It no lon er runs on PP0 machines. G installer no) allo)s revertin +ac= to older versions of EAGLE.Processor 7use mirrored layer if applica+le8.E :Lion: and are usin a trac= pad5 you can no) use the :t)o4fin er4pan: estures for pannin the content of the editor )indo). 4 1i*ed dra)in of poly ons of mirrored elements )ith the nals accordin ly.mashed Elements. 4 If you are runnin -ac (.

4 The :. 4 If a pin is connected to multiple pads5 and the pad name is visi+le on the pin5 the smallest of all pad names connected to that pin is displayed5 follo)ed +y an asteris= 7A<A8 to indicate that there is more than one pad. < Ar+itrary pad shapes' 4 Any )ires and poly ons in si nal layers 7M4M68 dra)n in a pac=a e that are connected to a pad or smd are no) considered electrically connected to that pad.(: has +een chan ed to :io: 7)ithout the slash8. 4 E*istin files )ill +e automatically updated to the ne) format )hen they are saved )ith version 6.. After the asteris= the total num+er of pads connected to this pin is displayed.smd )ill +e handled as if they had a ran= of ". < 3ifferential pair routin ' 4 The %(UTE command no) supports routin of :3ifferential Pair: si nals.Editor 0ommands.&E. 4 The Aran=A parameter is no) o+solete for poly ons in pac=a es. < 0utout poly ons' 4 The ne) poly on pour style :cutout: can +e used to define poly ons that et :su+tracted: from all other si nal poly ons )ithin the same layer.4 The EAGLE file format has +een chan ed from +inary to G-L.ea le.Editor 0ommands. < 3imensions' 4 The ne) command 3I-E&.ame si nals: chec= +et)een .-3.P(L2G(&.smd. This allo)s the definition of ar+itrary pad shapes. Pac=a e poly ons in si nal layers that are not connected to a pad. < -ulitple pads connected to the same pin' 4 -ultiple pads can no) +e connected to the same pin.-3s is no lon er applied )ithin the same pac=a :6elp. 4 2ou can access assem+ly variants +y openin the dialo under .ee :6elp.3I-E&.Ar+itrary Pad . 4 The %AT.I(& can +e used to dra) dimensions.hapes:.Poly on :6elp. < Automatic meanders' 4 The ne) command -EA&3E% can +e used to +alance the len ths of differential pair si nals5 or to increase the len th of a si nal se ment to a iven tar et len th.T command prefers open )ire ends )hen eneratin air)ires for 3ifferential Pair si nals. . . . Assem+ly variants define )hether a iven part is actually populated on the +oard5 and )hat value and technolo y it has 7if different from the default8. 4 The pin direction :I.PA3W.Editor 0ommands. < Assem+ly variants' 4 The ne) command VA%IA&T can +e used to define assem+ly variants.dtd:. 4 The complete definition of the ne) EAGLE file format can +e found in the file :doc. $herever a pin direction is allo)ed in command line input5 the old value )ill still +e accepted for compati+ility )ith earlier versions5 +ut in the G-L files only :io: )ill +e used.I(&:.-3s and pads.

06E-ATI0. 4 The ne) User Lan ua e o+@ects ULCVA%IA&T3E1. 4 The ne) placeholder OA. 4 The ne) User Lan ua e functions setvariant78 and variant78 can +e used to set and >uery the current assem+ly variant. 4 If a User Lan ua e Pro ram directly handles coordinates or siKes in editor units and needs to =no) the actual value of one editor unit5 it needs to +e ad@usted to use the ne) value..3%0 after updatin a file to version 65 these errors )ill sho) up a ain and you may have to approve them a ain 4 (nce you over)rite a pro@ect file 7ea le.:Edit.upply layers 7i. < . 4 The ne) User Lan ua e mem+ers ULCPA%T.populate and ULCELE-E&T. 4 The readin direction of vertical te*ts can no) +e selected from :up: and :do)n: in :(ptions. 4 The ma*imum dra)in area is no) F*F meters 7a+out M!"*M!" inch8.M micron and is no) ". and ULCVA%IA&T. 4 If a dra)in contains assem+ly variants5 the action tool+ar sho)s a ne) com+o +o* that allo)s you to select one of these variants. 4 The ne) User Lan ua e functions inchDu785 micDu785 milDu78 and mmDu78 can +e used to convert the respective units to internal editor units.6F mil.:. This ma=es sure automated scripts that treat a supply layer as :ne ative: donAt ma=e a mista=e5 )hile still indicatin that layer as havin +een a supply layer..""BMD! micron..E-/L2CVA%IA&T can +e used to display the name of the current assem+ly variant. 4 3ue to the increased resolution of coordinates5 any approved E%0 or 3%0 errors from older versions can no lon er +e reco niKed as such.User interface:. 4 The ne) command line option 4A can +e used to specify a particular assem+ly variant )hen runnin the 0A.F5 M. If you then load such a file )ith an old version of EAGLE5 all menu entries 7li=e )ire )idths or drill diameters8 )ill fall +ac= to their default values.variantdefs5 ULCPA%T. 4 The commands A335 06A&GE PA0.Processor.populate can +e used to determine )hether a part has to +e populated in the current assem+ly variant. Therefore5 )hen you run the E%0.variants can +e used to access assem+ly variants from a User Lan ua e Pro ram. A.AGE W TE06&(L(G25 %EPLA0E5 UP3ATE and VALUE can only +e used if no assem+ly variant is active. < Te*t ali nment' 4 Te*ts can no) have one of nine different ali nments5 consistin of com+inations of left5 ri ht5 center5 top and +ottom. Layers for supply si nals no) need to +e realiKed usin si nal poly ons. layers )ith names that start )ith a ATA8 are no lon er treated special.epf8 from an older version )ith this ne) version of EAGLE5 the dimension values in it )ill +e stored in a different format..5 as )ell as the ne) mem+ers ULC.E-/L2CVA%IA&T can therefore no lon er +e used as an attri+ute name.BD and M.M65 M.?5 M.variantdefs5 ULC/(A%3.Assem+ly variants.e. 4 The VALUE command al)ays chan es the value of a part in the currently selected assem+ly variant.variants and ULCELE-E&T.upply layers' 4 . 4 $hen a +oard dra)in from an older version of EAGLE is loaded5 any supply layers it contains )ill +e renamed +y movin the ATA to the end of the name. This allo)s dra)in s in imperial units to use e*act values for multiples of M. It used to +e ". The functionality of the supply layer is replaced +y a si nal poly on )ith the proper name5 usin the minimum )ire . < Increased internal resolution' 4 The internal resolution of EAGLE has +een increased +y a factor of BD.

4 P0/ service 7menu +utton and pc+4service.6APECT6E%-AL5 VIAC. < /GA escape routin ' 4 %oute all si nals are out of a /GA follo)in desi n rules and availa+le is deprecated and should no lon er +e used.Processor' 4 The command line options A4aA and A4tA are no lon er supported5 +ecause the 0A. 4 The ne) User Lan ua e functions inchDu785 micDu785 milDu78 and mmDu78 can +e used to convert the respective units to internal editor units. 4 The ne) User Lan ua e data mem+ers ULCPI&. 4 The User Lan ua e o+@ect ULCTEGT no) has the ne) data mem+er Aali nA.contacts78 instead. 4 The User Lan ua e data mem+er ULCPI&.route tell )hether all or any of the respective contacts need to +e routed. < 0A.tart )ith Arun route4+ a elementA. The poly on is dra)n into the former supply layer as a rectan ular shape5 coverin the area defined +y any )ires in the 3imension layer5 +y pads or +y vias.ulp8' E*tension to Euro0ircuits for European5 Pentalo i* for American customers5 dependin on country settin s. The old function is still availa+le for compati+ility )ith ULPs )ritten for older versions.6EET. . Use the ne) function ULC.6APECA&&ULU. < Userdefined conte*t menus' of 4 $ith the . 4 The netpost78 function has a ne) optional parameter to set the content type of the posted data.&E.2-/(L ne) have the ne) data mem+ers AdescriptionA and AheadlineA.route and ULC0(&TA0T%E1. VE%2 I-P(%TA&T' After updatin a +oard )ith supply layers from an older version5 ma=e sure you run the %AT.I(& can +e used to access dimension o+@ects. They are stored in the ea lerc file. 4 The User Lan ua e o+@ects ULC/(A%35 ULC.instances instead.T command to verify )hether all pads are still connected to the respective si nal. and VIAC. Use the ne) loop mem+er ULCPI&. ULP solution. 1or compati+ility )ith e*istin scripts5 these options are still tolerated5 +ut they have no effect.6APECA&&ULU. 4 The aperture shapes :annulus: and :thermal: are no lon er used +y the .6APECT6E%-AL are no) o+solete. < User Lan ua e' 4 The User Lan ua e constants PA3C. 4 The User Lan ua e mem+er function is deprecated5 +ecause a pin can no) +e connected to multiple pads.ET command userdefined entries can +e made into the conte*t menus selecta+le Ea le o+@ect types. The Autorouter setup is modified in such a )ay that the layer containin the enerated poly on is activated 7)ith preferred direction A<A85 and the costs for that layer set to VV in all passes. It )ill )or= for +ac=)ards compati+ility and as lon as only one pad has +een connected to the pin5 +ut )ill cause a runtime error )hen used )ith a pin that is connected to more than one pad.6EET and ULC.5 PA3C.6EET.)idth from the net class of that si nal.06E-ATI05 ULC.Processor doesnAt use Annulus or Thermal sym+ols any more. 4 The ne) User Lan ua e o+@ect ULC3I-E&. They are still tolerated for compati+ility )ith old ULPs5 +ut no pad or via )ill ever have such a shape.

def file.Processor. 4 The ne) option 06A&GE ALIG& can +e used to chan e the ali nment of te*t o+@ects. < 3esi n %ules' 4 -ost of the parameters related to Thermal and Annulus have +een removed from the :. < 0(&&E0T command' 4 The 0(&&E0T command can no) handle several pad names at once5 to create a connection of several pads to one pin.0A. < 06A&GE command' 4 The 06A&GE command no) chec=s )hether the selected o+@ect already has the re>uested property value5 and chan es it only if not. command' 4 The ma*imum num+er of net classes has +een increased to M6. command are no) fully handled +y U&3(. 4 The ne) =ey)ords ALL and A&2 in the 0(&&E0T command control )hether all or any of the pads in a multiple pad connection need to +e routed in the +oard. 4 0han es to the 3esi n %ules are no) fully handled +y U&3(.finished8. 4 Any chan es made to the net classes )ith the 0LA. The ori inal functionality of copyin selected o+@ects5 or copyin li+rary o+@ects +et)een li+raries5 is still fully availa+le5 )hich is especially important to =eep e*istin scripts and ULPs )or=in . They are still tolerated )hen usin such a file from an older version of EAGLE5 +ut they have no effect. command no) accepts class names that start )ith di its5 as lon as they are not a plain inte er num+er. 4 The 0LA. As of version 65 EAGLEAs 0(P2 command primarily +ehaves the same )ay as in other $indo)s applications5 +y puttin a copy of the current roup into the clip+oard.%E3(. < 0(P2 command' 4 In older versions of EAGLE the 0(P2 command )as used solely to copy o+@ects )ithin a dra)in 5 as opposed to the $indo)s +ehavior5 )here 0(P2 places a copy of the selected o+@ects 7i. 4 The ne) option 06A&GE 3T2PE can +e used to chan e the type of dimension o+@ects. < /(A%3 command' 4 The /(A%3 command no lon er clears the U&3( +uffer of the schematic if a +oard is ne)ly enerated. This may result in an actual 06A&GE command not eneratin an U&3( step5 +ecause nothin has chan ed at all.. $hat has also often irritated $indo)s users is that in EAGLE the 0UT @o+ .upply: ta+ of the 3esi n %ules dialo .%E3(. < 0LA. 4 Added a note to the online help of the 0(&&E0T command5 sayin that this command )or=s a lot faster if all connections of one device are iven in one sin le call.e. < AUT( command' 4 The AUT( command no lon er clears the U&3( +uffer 7unless an e*istin is continued. 4 Any parameters referrin to :Annulus: or :Thermal: have +een removed from the ea le. the G%(UP8 into the systemAs clip+oard...

ET 0md. < 3%0 command' 4 If the 3%0 command is iven an asteris= character 7A<A8 as the first parameter5 the 3esi n %ules dialo )ill +e opened and allo) editin the 3esi n %ules5 )ithout tri erin an actual chec= )hen the dialo is confirmed. 4 Added a note to the online help of 0(P2 a+out ho) to copy o+@ects from one schematic sheet to an other. as they < E%0 command' 4 If the E%0 esta+lishes consistency +et)een a +oard and a schematic5 it no) stores this fact in the U&3( +uffer. &ote that doin %E3( )ill not automatically re4esta+lish consistency# .)arnin s at once. < E3IT command' 4 0reatin or reorderin schematic sheets no lon er clears the U&3( +uffer.command has only copied the current roup to the clip+oard5 +ut did not actually delete the roup from the dra)in .torin the fact that consistency has +een esta+lished also truncates the U&3( +uffer at that point.+ac=annotation )ill +e disa+led a ain. &ote that this settin only ta=es effect the ne*t time you open an editor )indo). < E%%(%.PLA2 command' 4 The 3I. .$AP command' 4 The GATE.0%IPTI(& command no) also )or=s in schematics5 sheets5 +oards and sym+ols.ame si nals: chec= +et)een . The command . dialo can no) approve. A confirmation dialo )ill ma=e sure you donAt do this inadvertently.PLA2 command can no) also delete internal layers5 as lon are empty.-3s and pads. command' 4 The E%%(%. 2ou need to select and e*pand the desired section and press the :Approve all: or :3isapprove all: +utton5 respectively.ince a 0UT command that deletes the roup )ould not +e of much use in a +oard. 4 If the first parameter to the 3E. .schematic pair that is connected via for)ard4S+ac=annotation5 the 0UT command has +een removed from the main pulldo)n menu and the command +utton tool+ar.0%IPTI(& command is an asteris= 7A<A85 the description of the li+rary or schematic )ill +e modified5 as opposed to an individual device set5 pac=a e5 sym+ol or sheet.-3s is no lon er applied )ithin the same pac=a e. < GATE. It is still fully availa+le from the command line or )ithin scripts.disapprove all errors.. < 3I. $hen oin +ac= in the U&3( history to a point +efore consistency )as esta+lished5 the for)ard4.0opy.$AP command no) leaves the AsmashedA property of instances in place. 4 The :.0%IPTI(& command' 4 The 3E.0lassicEa le-ode M restores the old +ehavior of +oth the 0(P2 and the 0UT command. < 3E.

< U&3( command' 4 The U&3( command 7as )ell as the %E3( command8 no) displays in the status +ar )hat =ind of command )as undone 7or redone8 and ho) lon a o that command has +een e*ecuted.Pastin from a file:.TE.ET command' 4 . as they < %U& command' 4 . 4 The num+er of technolo ies per device is no lon er limited to D!F. If the command )as ori inally e*ecuted in the +oard5 and U&3( )as done in the schematic5 it )ill also indicate that 7and vice versa8.TE command can no) paste a complete consistent +oard. 4 The ne) option LI.ET U&3(CL(G (&W(11 is no lon er a lo+al settin 5 +ut acts only upon the editor )indo) )ithin )hich it is e*ecuted 7in case of a consistent +oard. 4 The PA. This allo)s roups to +e copied from one instance of EAGLE into an other.redo steps +y clic=Sdra in the list delimiter5 or +y directly clic=in on any iven step you )ish to o +ac= or for)ard to.upport of e*ternal lin=s and representation of ima es.schematic pair into the currently edited pro@ect.tarted from a conte*t menu the accordin in roup78.technolo y' . < PA. o+@ect can +e identified )ith .ee :6elp.o use this )ith care# < -iscellaneous' 4 3ialo 06A&GE pac=a e. 4 The num+er of pac=a e variants per device set is no lon er limited to D!F.TE command' 4 &ets no) only =eep their name in the PA. 4 ULP function dl Te*tVie)' Proper support for lin=s to local files 7open application8.T in the U&3( command opens a dialo that contains the entire contents of the undo +uffer. 2ou can navi ate throu h the list of undo.Editor 0ommands. Goin up)ard in the list means doin U&3(5 oin do)n)ard results in %E3(.< LA2E% command' 4 The LA2E% command can no) also delete internal layers5 as lon are empty. 0AUTI(&' this is a very po)erful tool# /y oin all the )ay +ac= in the U&3( list 7)hich can +e done )ith a sin le mouse clic=8 and e*ecutin any ne) command5 the undo +uffer )ill +e truncated at that point5 and there is no )ay +ac=# .TE command if they have a la+el or are connected to a supply pin5 and that la+el or pin is actually in the roup. 4 The valid ran e of values for pin and ate s)ap levels is no lon er limited to D!!.PA. If there are several steps +et)een the current delimiter position and the clic=ed list item5 all steps in +et)een )ill +e e*ecuted in the proper se>uence. < . < %E-(VE command' 4 %emovin a schematic sheet no lon er clears the U&3( +uffer. In V! this decision )as made independent of )hether such a la+el or pin )as actually in the roup. . 4 Pastin is no) done via the systemAs clip+oard.schematic pair it )or=s on the other )indo) as )ell8.

instance. 4 .ho) default command te*t +uttons for 3esi nLin= and P0/ . 4 1i*ed the online help for ULCA%EA to correctly indicate that the area of a ULCPA0.)ires' 0orrect handlin of cap style )hile chan in curve to ". 4 1i*ed handlin A'A in file names under Linu* and -ac (. 4 1i*ed truncation of te*t descenders in command te*t +uttons. dialo )hen reorderin 5 insertin or deletin sheets.fileH Avoid crash after save and openin recent file.schematic pair is closed5 the remainin )indo) no) displays a )arnin that f. 4 The conte*t menu of the sheet thum+nails in the schematic editor has the ne) option :3escription: )hich can +e used to edit the description of a sheet.AGE or ULC. 4 1i*ed handlin :In: in the ea lerc file. 4 1i* for ULP function net et78. 4 Info dialo for arcs. . 4 ULP function dl ListVie)' &o sortin for parameter sort=". 4 The frame o+@ect is no) properly handled )hen rotated )ith the -(VE command. 2ou can clic= into that )arnin to hide it. 4 1i* )ron +ehaviour of tool+ar e*tensions5 in particular for te*t menus. < /u fi*es' 4 Group selection +y poly on' Avoid selectin too much in special case. 4 0A. 4 If a limited edition of EAGLE canAt perform a particular action5 it no) informs the user a+out the reason.tatus B"M 7:moved permanently:8' %edirection if possi+le.netpost78 in case of . &ote5 thou h5 that the orientation of letters and di its in the frame +orders doesnAt chan e )hen a frame is rotated. 4 1i* for )ron %EPLA0E )ith pac=a e and technolo y in special constellations. 4 P%I&T command' Transfer options to print dialo if not ended )ith AHA. 4 The sheet com+o +o* in the schematic editor no) displays the headline of the sheetsA descriptions.ervice only in suita+le editor )indo)s 7P0/ .ervice only in +oard editor etc.TA&0E conte*t includes the offset of the element.processor dialo ' Avoid settin s ettin overridden from previously opened 0A. 4 Added a note to the online help of the (PTI-ILE command5 sayin that this command is only applica+le in a +oard5 and that only si nal )ires can +e roup' /u fi* if called for other editor )indo) and no roup defined yet. 4 If one editor )indo) of a consistent +oard.+ annotation has +een severed. 4 The sheet thum+nails in the schematic editor no) display the headline of the sheetsA descriptions as their caption.2-/(L in a ULCELE-E&T or ULCI&. 4 1i* )ron )idth calculation of Gref la+els. 4 1i*ed updatin sheet num+ers in the E%%(%.from ". -a=e country chan ea+le 7.4 The status +ar of the editor )indo) no) contains indicators that sho) )hether the dra)in has +een modified5 and )hether for)ardS+ac=annotation is active.ervice oes to Pentalo i* or Eurocircuits dependin on country8. 4 ULP functions set roup. 4 ULP function dl 0om+o/o*' Avoid @umpin com+o+o* siKe in special case 7dl %edisplay called8.8. 4 P0/ service ULP' 3isplay >uote parameters in dialo . G.