It's the life You chose - 7 Tips for Excelling at What You Do

-by John D'Silva !!!"effective-spirituality"co#

There's a popular saying that whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well. So, in this article, I shall assume that you have decided on what you want to do - hopefully, something constructive and beneficial to both yourself and others - and draw your attention to often overlooked ways to excel at it. #1 - Distinguish with Details That's right, the little details which would be overlooked by the providers of a poor product or service are actually part of what makes a superior product to stand out. hether you are into Sales or IT, it is the little details that go with the service you render such as after-sales service, good customer care and so on that endear you to the customer. !ou can never hope to excel if you are merely content to solve a problem - you must make your solution elegant. "areful details are the hallmark of a superior product or service. It's the difference between taking a ride in an old #alopy compared to a ride in a $olls $oyce. They may both transport you to the destination - but you know which one you would prefer. #2 - Serve with a Smile Two doctors may technically provide the same %uality of service. &ut the one that would be perceived as being more excellent is the one that makes her patients feel more comfortable and respected. This so-called 'feel good' factor is so important in securing a favorable top rating that a "hinese proverb says( ') man without a smiling face must not open a shop.' *eople like to engage those who seem to en#oy what they do. &eing grateful for the opportunity you have to serve the customer is likely to secure for you a higher rating than the competition, who renders service grudgingly or with displeasure. #3 - Settle down to Success It is said that success is a never-ending #ourney, not a final destination. It is a way of doing things rather than any particular achievement. This way of doing things is characteri+ed by a resolve to constantly find ways to deliver better service. The royal road to excellence is to commit to your success through constant training and continuous improvement. )fter first learning the rudiments of your trade, you must be determined to take your competence to a higher and higher standard. Those who excel at what they do are often they that have set up shop and then persisted in providing, improving and adverti+ing their service or product. #4 - Brand yourself to Breakthrough If you wish to distinguish yourself it helps if you are perceived as an original ,rather than an imitation-. In order to do this you could find some uni%ue and appealing benefits of your product, system or approach and highlight it.

you must try to perceive through the eyes of your customer or client and showcase only those attributes s/he values rather those %ualities you pride yourself in. !our client is the reason for the existence of your business and most probably your main source of revenue. )lso. who begin to see your brand as part of the cultural landscape. you must devise ways of assessing the rating of the services you provide and then do more of what seems to work or what the customer seems to prefer. . 1ow do they see you2 1ow would you like to receive the kind of service you provide2 In this way you can keep improving your image and at the same time build a culture of excellence. it is at the same time important that you safeguard yourself from performing below certain standards. you may use a percentage of your profits to offer scholarships or in other ways undertake some corporate social responsibility. remember the maxim from 0vid that 'True art conceals the means by which it is achieved. 1aving won the heart of your community through selfless service. The goodwill you build through these kinds of activity or service tends to establish you through free advertisement and wins you many customers. that in branding yourself thus. hen you work with a system it becomes easier for you to produce the steady output necessary to dominate your niche.' !our client may only be interested in the effect you have produced. Therefore you would do well to find ways to use the same skills and resources that you have developed in your business to better your environment. you attract more attention and immediately position yourself as a potential leader in your field. however. #" .follows . templates. so don't try to bore her with the process that led to it.&y making your brand stand out in this way. )lso.who may not have made any such effort. a system helps you to build up momentum by keeping you on your toes and assists you to rapidly increase your proficiency and creativity. you should also periodically put yourself in your clients' place. So. interviewing and getting feedback by other methods. deadlines.ote. #$ .%aise your %elevance ) wise person gives first before trying to get. your locality or your niche.ine-tune with eed!ack !ou can hardly improve what you cannot measure. !ou may sponsor an annual event that promotes the same values as your corporate culture. rules and such things help you to have a system programmed for excellence.Systemati#e your Success hile trying to excel. )part from putting out %uestionnaires. orking with your own standard operating procedures. getting rated higher in excellence than the competition . #5 . routines. no matter how mesmeri+ing or excruciating you may find it.

< . hat is the ultimate approach to excellence2 0f what relevance is spirituality in your %uest for fulfillment and bliss2 4ohn 6'Silva's effective-spirituality. Intelligence directs the offers insights that would surprise and refresh you. 5axwell aptly put it. not chance. 8:. 4uly 89.. as people take more interest in what you do. 3riday.. 3or as 4ohn ".naturally. '*eople don't care how much you know until they know how much you care'. 4ohn is happily devoted to helping !ou unleash !our Spirit of 7xcellence.

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