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Salvia . Evidence to show experiences are not subjective or based on predispositions.

felt they died and were stuck in eternity. This is a well repeated symptom experienced by users of this drug
So, just quickly- i tripped all over my balls (20x) and thought died bigtime and that i !as stuck in one moment in time "or all eternity being hit in the "ace and laughed at by everything in the most terri"ying !ay possible# It got to a point where I left the room to make sure that the world was still there $o! that your body and mind see ho! "ragile li"e and reality can be it !ill take some time to get over the "right o" "acing the acceptance o" death all experience beingss or entities controling their warped reality. Dma and salvia. many clips of people on salvia are desperate to escape just like the symptoms mention the spiritual re awakening of these drug users is one which had been planted by demonic spirits who teach anti christian doctrines and script reality to make believe a certain non christian worldview. thought about my salvia experience "or %& months a"ter!ard, reality shattering### you eventually think about it less and it ends up "ading in your mind as no more then a bad memory o" something so unconceivable that your psyche is pushed to remember the experience vaguely to avoid recogni'ing the "ears you "aced# did the %x (probably more hits then should have) last year and "elt like !as being spinned into a vortex and then "elt like !as in a gloomy ()*0ish area where I was being ridiculed by abunch of beings# thought might not make it back +y best "riend !as right there, and he !as also tripping on his o!n# ,e !as part o" my trip though# "elt as i" !as pulled to the ground, and in "ront o" me !as a tree# soon reali'ed !as kneeling be"ore the tree, sort o" like a judgment day thing# -e (my "riend and ) !ere be"ore .od being judged# sa! an angel taking my "riend a!ay and say to the angel, !hy cant go/ -here is my angel/ then look to my side and say, 0oh, she already le"t me0# 1hen say, !ait, !as a good person2 -hy cant go/ then start to cry and scream to my "riend, 01ell ,im, 1ell ,im !as a good person20 1he tree starts to turn into a black s!irl, could see souls o" the condemned sinking into it# !as starting to slo!ly sink too## but kept resisting### 1he only thing on my mind !as my mother## look to my "riend 3essica, !ho "or some reason !as an angel, and say in my head "irst, 01ell my mom love her0# say to her, 1ell my mom### and then catch mysel"## started coming out o" it## 0-ait, $o2 m a good person2 m not going to hell20 +y re"usal to die spiritually caused everything to turn like a smokey, cloudy color# 4nd !as sitting !ith t!o angels, !ho !ere actually my "riends# -e began to talk about 3esus and my li"e and "ollo!ing .od5s -ord# 1he trip ends !ith me and the angels praying and thanking .od "or my li"e# -ell any!ay, every no! and then have a dream o" the part !here begin to sink in the black s!irl, then !ake up "reaking out## t had not happened to me in a long time, but about t!o nights ago it just happened, and keeps going on### t has been about a year since then and sometimes !ill dream that# " you havent already, strongly suggest you not mess !ith it man## t !ill change your li"e, but not at the expense o" !hat go through some nights## take care -6ico "orgot to mention heard voices too at the beginning## 7elling at me, 01hats !hat you get, thats !hat you get20 t !as jacked up2 -orst trip have ever had on a drug# 8ut $9:96 4.4 $2