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Largest Heavy Transport Vessel for Largest Offshore Platform Hull

Posted on Feb 15th, 201 !"th tags do#$!"se vanguard, Hull, %a#$ &t'(alo, )e!s, Offshore, platform *

The Dockwise Vanguard, the worlds largest semisubmersible Heavy Transport Vessel (HTV) to date, safely completed its first ever float on operation earlier this week! The vessel, loaded with the Worlds largest semisubmersible offshore platform hull, the Jack/St. Malo, is now on her maiden vo age carr ing the near !",### metric ton hull on her deck. The $ockwise %anguard successfull e&ecuted the float'on e&ercise of the Jack/St. Malo platform hull at the Silli'$o deep hole near the Samsung (eav )ndustries ard in *eo+e, South ,orea. -The float'on operation was precisel and safel e&ecuted as planned. )t took no more than . hours before the cargo stood firm on her cribbing,/ states 0onald *oetheer, 1ro+ect Manager at $ockwise. 2fter almost two da s of sea fastening, the $ockwise %anguard departed at sunrise on the 34th of 5ebruar , and will navigate around 6ape of *ood (ope heading towards the ,iewit ard in )ngleside, Te&as, 7S2, where it is e&pected to arrive mid' 2pril. Dockwise Vanguard The $ockwise %anguard is an innovative semisubmersible (T% that is redefining the limits of e&ceptional heav marine transport. The vessel has been designed to enable operators and contractors consider opportunities for mega offshore units which were until now considered unthinkable. With the loading capacit of up to 33#,### tons, the vessel is designed to serve the top end market focusing on ne&t generation offshore 6ompanies in the 8il 9 *as industr can now specif much larger and heavier offshore structures, and these can be integrated at a single fabrication site. These mega structures can

then be transported onboard the vessel to remote offshore locations, even in harsh climates where no commissioning facilities are available. This feature can help reduce costs and optimi:e the overall pro+ect. )n essence, the new vessel will pla an important role in the field development philosoph of 8il companies, since it will be capable of transporting full integrated mega offshore units. The vessels design is also e&pected to help operators and developers create value. With its capabilities, timel and risk phases of offshore pro+ects can be managed prior to hookup and commissioning. )nterface optimi:ation, higher degree of risk mitigation, lower insurance premiums, improved schedule fle&ibilit , and reduced time'to'production ; as well as reduced offshore man'hours ; are a few e&amples of opportunities. )n addition, the vessels advanced technical capabilities enable it to offer a completel new service< offshore dr ' docking. )ncreasingl , 51S8s are being located in remote areas that lack support infrastructure. )n this circumstance, an offshore dr 'docking service can be speciall valuable. The $ockwise %anguards 51S8 dr 'docking capacit offers inspection, maintenance, and repair opportunities =amongst others> at different conditional modes. The 51S8 could remain connected to its mooring and turret s stem while keeping the riser s stems intact, with the possibilit of continuing limited production. )n this scenario, the 51S8 will still be able to freel weathervane around the turret mooring, with controlled heading made possible b the vessels propulsion s stem. The vessels capabilities completel avoid or significantl reduce downtime. "nnovative Design The vessel is specificall designed to e&ceed the 8il 9 *as industr s e&pectations. From the drawing board, we decided to engineer a truly exceptional vessel unlike others in the market, states #ichel $ei%, Manager ?ngineering at $ockwise. The $ockwise %anguard is engineered to surpass current heav marine transport limitations. The vessels deck covers a surface of 4@! m & @# m =A#4 ft & 4B# ft> and is eCuipped with movable casings. )n addition, the accommodation block and navigation bridge are located on the e&treme starboard side. The vessel has no bow, and this, along with other design features, gives the vessel a uniCue appearance. )n addition, the vessel has a dedicated design for ultra'heav units weighing up to 33#,### metric tons. 8ptimi:ed deck strength and e&treme wide'load capabilities are at the heart of the design philosoph D as are the vessels stabilit characteristics. )t is eCuipped with a 4@ MW redundant propulsion s stem consisting of two fi&ed propellers at the aft and two retractable a:imuth thrusters at the bow. These can reach a ma&imum transit speed of 3. knots, which translates to average service speeds of 33'3B knots with cargo. )n addition, the vessel allows for 3" m =!B ft> water above deck, accommodating cargoes with a higher draft.