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The question is how to effectively use Laxmikanth?

For that, dont study the book in linear fashion (chapter ,!,",#$% &nstead & su''est you move in followin' direction

First you read the chapter on (resident, )ice (resident and immediately move to the chapter on 'overnor* Then read on +mer'ency provisions* ,ead chapter on (- and cabinet, then move to .- and state council of -inisters* .hpater on /(arliamentary system0 and then directly to parliament, but after bud'et topic is done pause this chapter and move to on .12* Then come back and resume the chapter on parliament* 3nce parliament is finished, move to 4tate le'islative assembly* 4ame way 4upreme .ourt and then 5i'h court, tribunals* 1ttorney 2en 671dvocate 2eneral 8(4. 674tate (4. Finance .ommission 67(lannin' .ommission679at*:evelopment council 9ow .entre 4tate and &nterstate relations* +lection .ommission67 chapter on election, 1nti;defection 1ll the 9ational .ommissions on <omen, 4., 4T,3=., .)., Lokpal and so on*

3nce >this is done* -ove to

.iti?enship, Fundamental ri'hts, :(4(, duties* 1mendment of .onstitution67 preamble @ammu Aashmir 67 4cheduled and Tribal 1reas* 8T, (anchayati ,aB, municipalities

1fter >this is done* ,ead whatever chapters are remainin'*

9oteC the short explanations 'iven in appendix of every chapter6 should be read*

D* 4hould & make notes out of Laxmikanth?

-*Laxmikanth has the skill of writin' book in a Enote;format* 4o whether it is his book on polity or on (ublic 1dministration, there is no need to maintain a special note out of his books* @ust hi'hli'htFunderline important lines* 9ote down keywords on the mar'in* 1nd keep revisin' it as many times as you can* <hen youve done enou'h revision, solve mock questions 'iven at the end of his book (around "GG%* Then solve another #GG -ock Ds 'iven in the 24 manual* 4o total HGG questions practiced* Then 8(4. -.Ds on polity will not 'ive you much trouble*

1nyways >this is only the static polity* <hat about the current affairs on (olity?

<omens reservation bill 6 explicitly polity topic* =ut at times polity related current affairs and possible questions are subtly hidden in the current affairs* 4o be vi'ilant* For example, 9uke power plant issue would superficially appear as EenvironmentFyearbook but can be well asked from .entre;4tate relations point of view* 4upreme courts order on 2an'aFIamuna clearin' would appear as /environment0 topic but can be asked under .entre;4tates responsibilities in water -ana'ement also* 4ame 'oes for !2 scam, minin' scams and so on* (@udicial 1ctivism, 4eperation of power, .12 1ctivism and so on%

4ources for current affairs

9ewspaper (rsindia*or' -runal*or'Fpolity

J4o far we have seen how to approach &nternational affairs, +conomy and (olity* Iou should finish their core syllabus first, in order to fully di'est the newspaper items*

9ow movin' to the other topics of syllabus*