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Top 10 Countries

Top 10 Countries Famous for Chocolates
Article by surbhi garg (, June 25, 2013

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Chocolates!!! The name itself waters the mouth. There is possibly no one on this earth who is not fond of chocolates. It is the best gift a person can give to anyone irrespective of the relationship or the age.Chocolate is that one sweet no one will ever say no to. Chocolates as a gift can be given on any occasion. Apart from the good taste very few of you might know how advantageous eating chocolates can be. Dark chocolates help you to live longer and look younger, chocolates helps to prevent acne and they even keep your teeth white. So if your mommy tells you the next time that chocolates will harm your teeth tell her the truth. There are so many different types of chocolates available all over the world and there are countries which are famous for producing the specific types. As a chocolate

Talking about the consumption. They are the best desserts available in the whole universe. Though you will find hundreds of industries all over the world producing chocolates yet there are few countries that are more famous when it comes to chocolates. Denmark: . Talking about the history. chocolates later were used as sacred offerings and they were even related to the goddess of fertility in the 15th century by the Aztecs. chocolates were initially used as a drink rather than eating in solid form.C. It was mixed with milk sugar and cocoa butter which can be easily molded. 10.lover myself I know how chocolates can act as a mood changer. The countries famous for chocolates are mentioned below. Chocolates are divine and the best thing humans have ever made. Europe and North America is the largest consumer of chocolates in the world. Chocolates were mentioned in the history first time in 1100 B.

e. bounty is produced in many other countries but Denmark is famous for it. Mars as well as Twix. Though the coconut filled chocolate i. Denmark is the country that has given us some of the most loved brands of chocolates which include Bounty. Snickers.( When you hear of Denmark you might not regard it as the tenth famous country for producing the best kinds of chocolate but if you think so then you are wrong. Italy: . 9. An average Danish consumes 8.57 kilogram of chocolates per year. Denmark is among the largest chocolate producing countries in the world.

Ferrero Group stands among the top manufacturers of chocolate having the net sale of worth $ 5627 million each year. The chocolates that this country is famous for are as follows Venchi. The most famous chocolate manufacturing company in Italy is Perugina Sutti and Ferrero Rocher. 8. Italy produces six billion pounds of chocolate every year.(http://listdose.jpg) Not only Italy is among the biggest chocolate producing nation.United Kingdom: . but it happens to be the place where solid chocolate bars were first manufactured.

United Kingdom is also known for its organic chocolates.(http://listdose.jpg) One of the largest producers of chocolate. Christopher Columbus was the person that brought the cocoa beans needed for the production of chocolate in this country. It is said that it was the first country in the world that produced organic chocolates. France: . United Kingdom stands on the fourth position in the list of the countries where the chocolate production is one to get the chocolates back from this nation. 7. People are so fond of UK chocolate bars that there are cases where people travel with two bags.

France is more importantly famous for the dark chocolates. The liquor filled French chocolates are one of the amazing chocolates one must Germany: .jpg) French chocolates will surely leave you tempted if you try one of them. French chocolates are known for their everlasting taste and the best cocoa used in them. 6. The main chocolatiers in France are Valrhona and Richart.(http://listdose.

Milka. Alpia and Kinder Schokolade.+There+is+possibly+no+one+on+this+earth+who+is+not+fond+of+chocolates %20 (mailto:? 5. Not only the consumption of chocolate is high in this nation but it stands among the top chocolate producing nations in the Sarroti. (http://twitter. Some of the best chocolate brands in Germany are Ritter Sport. The German chocolates are known for the fine quality.jpg) Germany is no exception when it comes to 4 Like lovers of chocolate.( 0 Germany imports cocoa beans from eight to=&subject=Top+10+Countries+Famous+for+Chocolates+different places in the world. Germany is filled with them. Spain: . +List+Dose&body=Chocolates%21%21%21+The+name+itself+waters+the+mouth. Germans are so fond of chocolates that they are the second largest consumers of chocolates in the whole world.

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Spain is also the first country to establish a factory for the production of chocolate. Not only this. Mexico: . Torras. Spain was the first country in Europe that consumed chocolates.jpg) When Mexico was conquered during the Spanish conquest of Aztech Empire cocoa beans were transported to Spain. 4.(http://listdose. The famous chocolate brands of Spain are Valor. Trufas and It was first in Spain that sugar cane was used to sweeten the bitter chocolate. Chocolate was consumed as a drink until the twentieth century in Spain. later it spread to other European countries like France and Italy.

People in Mexico still prefer chocolate as a drink to start their day. this is the way you can recognize a Mexican chocolate. Chocolate in earlier times in Mexico was not only used as a drink but it was also used as offerings and as Cocoa as a drink was first prepared in Mexico. Mexican chocolate market is dominated by international chocolates rather than the local chocolates produced there. Mexican chocolates are known for the different spices like cinnamon and chiles added into them to add flavor and to increase the aroma. . They are mainly sold in the markets in the form of discs. their are around seventy big and medium size chocolate producing firms in this country.

Swiss chocolates are known for their fine quality and Carlos V chocolate and Taza Chocolate Mexicano. 3.jpg) This country is not only famous for its fondue and cheese but also its chocolates.11 kg. The net consumption of chocolates per year is 10. Many known brands of chocolates all over the world prominently belong to Switzerland. Ricollino. Chocolate manufacturing in Switzerland started in the seventeenth century. People in Switzerland are so fond of chocolates that this country has the highest per capita consumption of chocolate in the whole .The famous chocolate brands from Mexico are Ibarra. Switzerland: (http://listdose.

Even the Swiss chocolates are altered versions of Belgium chocolates. cocoa is not cultivated in this country yet Belgium is famous for its chocolates and is one of the biggest producers of chocolate in the world. The richest qualities of chocolates are manufactured in Belgium. Cailler Nestle.jpg) Though.8 percent of net cocoa imported by different countries. It imports around the main ingredient requires for chocolate i. There are around 2000 shops of chocolates in this country. The famous Swiss chocolates are Toblerone. Lindt and Glando. Each Swiss person eats around 22 pounds of chocolate per year on an average. Belgian: (http://listdose. Belgium chocolates are also known for the best ingredients used in them . Swiss Army.

America: (http://listdose. There are thousands of shops of chocolates in New York City in America. The most famous brands of Belgian chocolates are Nirvana. Godiva. 1. Praline is the chocolate that brought Belgium to the top chocolate producers in the world.jpg) Unites States is not only the largest producer of chocolates but is also the best chocolate the way of manufacturing. People in this country still prefer making chocolates by hands in the small chocolate shops spread all across the country. Neuhaus and Floranne. US chocolates contain almonds and peanuts in a .

according to the reports chocolate retail sale in this country per year is around $18 million. It can be said that chocolate making is woven like a thread in the culture of Americans for a long time. Milky Way and Dagoba. their total e The famous chocolate brands of America are Hershey. Snickers. Twix.large quantity. Related posts: . About 40 percent of the almonds cultivated in America are used in chocolates.

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