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put a question presupposes and guai'antees the power no less to answer







BY ANDREW JACKSON DAVIS. according to Act of Congress.Entered. 13 Chambers Street. T. N. in the year 1856. SAVAGE & MCCREA. STEREOTYPEKS. of Chioacro Co!l a . Old Univ. in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States in and for the Southern District of New York.

and naturally by the subjects them- selves while undergoing examination. yet. the Author has penetrated the hidden and sequestered parts of numerous questions. of high thoughts and saving principles. the following pages may suggest even more than they express.PREFACE. frequently by FROM letter. the spiritual interior perishable Univercoalum from the penetralia of the imthe essence of each answer was is Nevertheless. of the most momentous import to every human -mind. idea. word. designed and fraternally submitted as a responsum. or reply. temple. during the past three years. the Author has been interrogated on almost every topic . The Author does not presume will be to believe that his replies either final or gratifying to those who occupy different positions in regard to the several subjects considered. " PENETRALIA" is a Latin term. Accordant with the spirit of this From derived. his spirit is And animated with the hope that. time to time. signifying the inmost or " secret recesses" of a palace. the method familiar as the ordinary deductions of the intellect. to such questions as have appeared most This volume is important and serviceable to Mankind. . or principle. to such minds. sometimes orally.

sings the sweet anthemnal : song of Eternal Harmony. J. and conducts the philosophical reader through pleasurable labyrinths innumerable It sweeps the chords of creation. D.4 PKEFACE. June 12. and awakens aspirations toward Love. In order to accomplish this glorious result. and considers both the ordinary and extraordinary. that actuates the spirit of this "PENETRALIA" to cause a diviner faith to shine in the heart of human nature. . The motive is. the sensuous and celestial : It reaches down to the very foundation of Nature's trifold Temple. 1856. YORK. Wisdom. it states the questions in a variety of forms. and Liberty. A. and answers them in plain words and familiar illustrations : It probes the various departments of human existence.



one would say. piled up and lost in clouds. like a demi-god. good minds. the in . composes itself in harmony and.THE PHILOSOPHY OF QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. Meanwhile the mind. The mind. all thoughts are harmonious and meek but the thoughts of small minds fret and strut. the human mind is in bondage . though Thoughts. Like birds of another sphere. it is free as Deity. who can trace the rovings of Thought ? Thoughts. Everlasting mountains. commissions its Thoughts to do the out-door work. are angels. regardless of the barriers of time and space. fly on swiftest pinions everywhere. and answer questions as by the breathings of inThe varied journeyings of these angels are hard to tuition. but constitutionally and spiritually. mind's children. and play fearlessly with shining hosts. they fly down the long ages gone. only highest seraphs dare to tread. men's Thoughts revel amid stars. I begin with the affirmation. perch themselves on the beginnings of life. where. like puppets in a showman's box. POLITICALLY and theologically. of fleetest motion. endowed with functions trace. play in Nature's fields. . By sober reflection. fearfully and wonderfully made. Taking the risk of shocking your experience. are but play-grounds. clothed with sits in judgment upon the tales of Thought pronouncing them "good" or "evil" by an inward law of Justice eternal. the physical vesture. Its thoughts. that the human mind is possessed of no power . On eager wing. In great and good minds.

down the broad and more particularly John Time was when If so. in things cognizable by means of the senses. on either side of this mighty river will find the noxious weeds of diminu- the exaggeraDiminishers are called skeptics The former dwell in facts . and rides to directly opposite ex- "What men term "Imagination. idealists. a time when church and state. you In all inferior stages of human tion or of exaggeration. but which may not have met their corresponding symbols in the external world. Picture and statue existed first in the artist's mind. There was. . the first railroad was laid. over the steamboat fancies of John Fitch and Robert ! Fulton The first steamboat was built and launched and prorivers of Reflection in in Fulton's mind. which live inherently in the constitution of the soul. essence of truth. tessimal proportions. tremities of the Universe. the latter in prinThose imjustly termed " skeptics" believe only in the ciples. in ideas of the illimitable and selves only with the Infinite Error so called is to be found. which pro- yet. in large or infiniboundless. tors. do not essentially exist. therefore. were simple unsymbolized Ideas. pelled up and Fitch's. The skeptics (the men of the finite or facts) stigmatized them " Imaginations. you persons born with proclivities either for diminishing or else for exaggerating tilings.8 THE PHILOSOPHY OF or function whereby to conceive or suppose tilings and ideas which. Each mind starts from the central depot. The idealist entertains primarily the church and the state in his mind." I deem the mind's power " to body forth (prophetically) the forms of things unknown" things. and concern them- duce ideas. with contemptuous pity. the first steam-engine built. while Finite believers are skeptics in matters of fact. on these two sides of Life. will observe growth.. In the mechanic's mind. . Every human thought begins in the And of currental truth. But do you say steam-phantom excited the ridicule of sensuous minds. I do not believe that man can fancy impossibilities. this phantom has not come into practical life ? I reply that the most extravagant imaginations of Fulton this are surpassed by the commonest engines of the workshops." Many a merchant mourned. railroads and locomotives. statue and picture.

I should say that Man is an Indefinite world.QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. "We may ask. to himself the Indefinite sphere . the ing feelings ?" Indefinite. Astronomy. mingle with these sciences the fundamental principles of self-knowledge. If I were to classify the three departments of human thought. Mathematics or the science of or the science of solids and surfaces. Thus. as in the presence of some God both strange and undefinable. Chemistry Geometry and straightway he becomes the child of Vanity and Ambition. Let the curtain be but partially raised which has so long hung between his present and his future.. "Why know " the fragmentary facts smattering" information does self-knowledge or wisdom so alter the current of man's Because it opens to the soul two great overwhelmof worlds being.. and Man sees himself as^an unsolved problem. Each one discovers in himself a desire to know . and you humble the mind in reverence before the God of its being.what the world believes. before self-knowledge we reverently bow . not visible in the Finite sphere. qualities. Especially is this true in minds which only . because I behold so much which I can not doubt. it is the knowing to a certainty that we are ignorant. situated between or that there are three worlds in the Finite and the Infinite which is Man his thoughts may eternally roam and be gratified." This is the only knowledge that can humble the mind . . and forthwith he straightens his spine when before his fellowGive him to know the science of the earth. and a true humility is inevitable. and thus " all our knowledge is ourselves to know. finite sciences. And here begins an infinite series of Man stands. hence the hundreds of thousands of millions of billions . viz. to which he feels himself instinctively and eternally related the private wonder of each mind. I doubt . and the Infinite. Geology . before his brother man. which is himself. in things. Give a he knows the science of the stars. to feel that in with the outward. but. questions and answers. But pride comes man meii. with questions. of skepticism. or the science of quantities.! but rather look within. of these sciences a sort of such as floats upon the surface of modern newspapers and periodic literature . . 9 You must many not accuse me and condemn yourselves.

No power was given me to answer then. as an interior being. or . but. there is a power latent in Ms nature not less able to reply . The Infinite will never answer the finite . If a man can ask a profound question. question of profit or loss. except through its never-changing channels of consciousness. satisfying. I quickly recall the kind words and questions that were pronounced in my awaear. the ability rightly to put a question presupposes the ability even as all spiritual desires are inward rightly to answer it assurances of ultimate satisfaction. orally and in silence. when we tell found to be no less a world of answers at once simple. heard the question.10 THE PHILOSOPHY OP rience. "When faithful memory shows me the feeble lineaments of my early experience. it is monuments of useless theology. built Cathedrals and churches have arisen. Poems and precepts and bibles have been written to answer these ever-rising questions. fearful. The infinite has been interrogated . to sound the replies in hundreds of ears at once. No sunbeams of spirtual light ever gilded the heavenly hills more tenderly. I have labored to tell the outer world what the inner world tells me And now.high truth to flash of Infinite seemed athwart tlie horizon unfolding ! of nry awakened perceptions. wonderful. but lesser worlds have alone returned answers. that is to say. such as people use in Questions only of the common sort were familiar to my ear and plainest modes of thought kened But what wondrous words came to my lips. The questions of man. I affirm. My soul had slept in childish ignorance till then. But from that day to this. of trillions of questions which swarm the fields of human expeThe mind asks questions. " Jackson what do I heard when swer. have cause all. you lies the power to determine the Steam and stars are valuable. than did these But I realized nothing till I truths irradiate my mental sky. you see ?" The . And so methinks it will ever be. that whether I am a benefit or a penalty to you remains ! with. In. if I may be permitted still to speak of myself. you to decide. beit is itself a world of interrogation . in regard to his Infinite relations. in antongue.

and seed-time and harvest all of which you may write down in your almanacs." its good. in running across the garden. 11 you learn the art of putting to them the right quesand tions. or do ?" And they answer. procuring from them the best practical replies. the great thoughts that buried in the mental essence. It is to him a beguiling bower of deep feeling. Every system of education. " The commonest mind is full of thoughts. may me in an armor of steel and iron. dog it is only an object which. and the laws of tides. or a train to draw. would wonder at its rarest . with a skilful hand to hold my reins. and I will show what I can do !" But how long did steam go unquestioned ? For millions of years it played. and the harbinger of sorrows too deep for words. a mill to drive. of light and heat. steam. of the seasons. lie It imbest To the parts interrogated. 'Tis said. Study us. not this principle. like a pure woman's heart . To the untutored Indian. so that evermore you to impress you with the law of questions. of prosperity. who can find neither time nor com! . before the dreamy eyes of men never answering a question. in the foolishness of imbecility. it is good. prehension to study at our school. it prophesies of beauty and truth. best truths when by pure and appropriate questions. unless questioned. ple you of gravitation." What I desire is." according to the fruit it bears. of summer and winter. some worthy of the and could it see them fairly writ. because it is essenis tially erroneous never ready for and fundamentally unadapted. is based on irksome to youth. " tell us. because a Ask the stars. as AND ANSWEES. knowledge till its soul is moved A child to put ques- . the type of joys to come. in accordance with the use made of it. give me a boat to push. and sell them to the poor in purse and in spirit.QUESTIONS not. and we will tell immeasurable of God's own glorious temof the magnitude you Ask us and we will tell truly. To the poet. or " no secrets. I may say that it is the main purpose of existence to tempt forth. Yon tree says nothing. " What can you question was never put to it. You " Clothe " What can ask you do ?" It answers. will treat everything as if it could curse or bless. wealth. he must To the intelligent botanist it tells great chapters of avoid.

and can put fresh queschild's intuition to teach tions to tempt forth the endowments. derived from Egyptian jurisprudence. Because. physic. Souls are blessings. of questions put and replies received. Nor is an evil. THE PHILOSOPHY OP then comes the period to try the teacher. divinity. the son of history and laws. but your daughter is made to fancy a mental But the right quesoath. Yea. and doctors of divinity should ask the young boys certain historical. tions open her soul to itself. that every child should be taught the Jewish In conformity with this method. of divinity in the days of Joshua were no better enlightened '*= Jesus is the Greek for the Hebrew word " Joshua. The multiplication table delights your son . legal. as we conform our methods to the temperaments in which we find them. It will tell us where we are naked destitute of wisdom and harmony and inform us of the methods of life. Sunday school teachers. it is said that the catechumen and doctors were astonished at the answers which they elicited from Joshua And modern teachers ! think that only a G-od-sent and a G-od-inspired being could do One can not but regret the omission. Among the Jews it was a custom. nation. and she feels wise as the fabled Eve. which bring the soul's true Eden. when it conies her turn to learn it.12 tions fit . as much owing to the effect of being questioned as to ! the hidden excellence which sustained the responses. her this self-knowledge eyes are opened. or not. and religious questions in order to make sure of patriotism and orthodoxy. if doctors rians. and expand its native It is impossible to teach all children by the same methods. and taken to the temple of law. for only he is who answers like a child. What a charmed world it is! In a moment. her soul leaps over whole years of being." . He went to have his name enrolled among the males of the It was also the custom in those days that the lawyers. ministers of justice. Joshua* seemed to satisfy all the professors save the " doctors of divinity" who were astonished and confounded by the proHe manifested the dialect of intuition fundity of his answers a fact. and was Mary Joseph that It is said he was then only twelve years of age. on the part of histoit.

we must proxy. entirely natural to Ms organization. elicited by the putting of appropriate questions. If you will read the circumstance of the world-renowned . and the suexaggerations containing . without the discount of diminutions and wherein we find error. I did not comprehend it. and a sound upon the ear. which are intrinsically elevating and eternal. brother. It asks. "shoemaker's wives and blacksmith's horses go unshod. and Intuition. structed. perhaps. but to obtain and enjoy those pure and beautiful responses. not less by his utterance of inbred wisdom and intuitive knowledge.QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. "Whence?" "What?" "Whither?" "What our " What destination ?" The bibles origin?" "What are we?" and churches are yet monopolizing these questions. that it was all education. thing's perficialities of our pilgrimage. In the Harrnonia you will find this motto " Spontaneous and profound questions are living representatives of internal desires . But I now see that every part of a human being is a question. cians. but far in advance of boys of his age and limited In the meantime let us not forget. I think they must have been astounded. but the everlasting and unchangeable teachings of Nature." When I first wrote this. and patenting the answers. But we are not to consult superficial authority . and. so called. when they know how to and ideas. need physiIt will not always be thus. though he can satisfy Ms On this principle. No answers in the sphere where the questions And yet we can not work for ourselves. incentury. Keason. not superficial and popular authorities. find the originated. when sick. except by man can answer himself. the inquirer must consult. Questions do not always imply a moving of the lips. Every MAN is a mark of interrogation ! His existence summons thought." Physicians. by the courageous announcement of his reformatory disposition and spiritual mission. Men will be more selfUSE when better cultivated or. 13 concerning spiritual principles than the same class of our we can not but conclude that the "doctors" were greatly astonished a long time before the "profound" was reached.

Now it depends entirely on his meaning as to whether he could himself answer in one hour. an organic interrogatory Had they been so many sheep or cows. Pilate. do questions oft-times long precede their answers. in all the record. What a mass of theological conjecture this omission is left upon the world referred to: And besides." he There"when stated. was put by After interrogating Jesus on the subject of Ms king"What is Truth?" The account ship. and by virtue of the same law. and taught. or during this generation. The multitude followed him. Pilate asked had said this." you will observe that the preacher " his mouth. but realize an ability to ask for greater knowledge and higher wisdom. that the power to put a question presupposes and guarantees the power no less to answer it. that.14 THE PHILOSOPHY OP " Sermon. and reply as best it can. the oak. "What is Truth?" asked Pilate. on the Mount. ! Each man was a question .. on the part of Pilate in skepticism as to the kind of truth the Kuler legal? historical? geological? or theological? ! Since the question was not answered by Jesus. do you suppose that his soul would have felt questioned. His best words are responses to questions put to him. in five years." as if he was answering quesopened tions. that Pilate did not procure a regret. or in a million ! If he meant . Great mountains of gold are far less valuable to mankind. If a soul can summon no power to satisfy its questionings to-day. every soul should then consider itself questioned. the time will none the less surely come when it may do so with ease and not only so. I affirm that Pilate possessed the power to answer his own interrogaBut. fore. the mind will consume the hours of eternity as they roll round the wheel. nor yet in the next hundred years. he went out. as it is a law of Nature that the acorn shall precede tory. The most important question. it has ever since vented! rests fixed as words of Fate. and continue thus its happy progression toward the unattainable Infinite. than the discovery. to find which. Catholic and protestant priests have patent replies. in one year. a What vast world of dogmatism it would have prereply. even so. remained an open question! "We must for the sake of mankind. <fcc. They were asking for his replies to thoughts in themselves.

by a method of spontaneous inward propulsion. so modulated. through Ms own soul. philosophical. "A soft answer turneth away wrath" it is it The . And so he answers. each of which. could come in a period no less interminable. in other directions of being. enjoying the answers. in some cultured parts. and not that was the brief extempore blotting of one short-lived scribe." And the world. that you would say. and thus it is. as he ascends the unfolding spheres of the illimitable Future. he then. all 15 and spiritual Trutli scientific. been said. he could not hare meant all truth. and can distinguish poles. from his unde- veloped state. but presently the ability comes to put questions yet more profound. a theory so averaged. theological. at the I affirm that he will find many answers be to his to the ultimatum of satisfaction seem soul time. presented his question to the Infinite. he would speak in the style of Plato. render the service thus demanded of his opulent nature. if he meant all truth." Plato felt the world's needs. he then had asked an eternal question . item by item. ever unfolding in the grace of life. Because. and will be able to reply." purity and truth of an answer depends upon the quality of the question. "he kindled a fire so truly in the centre of that we see the sphere illuminated. the winds had swept through this rhythmic-structure.QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. progresses through interminable series of degrees of Wisdom and Knowledge ! For myself I say that the reverence of my soul is deeply affected by questions put to Jesus for I doubt whether anything else could have so impressively tempted forth the rich excess of spiritual beauty which characterized his responses. it returned a compliment "If Jove should descend to the earth. stratum by stratum. equator. And yet. through the centrality of his own individual consciousness. and the answer. felt so charmed with the Greek's "Wisdom. and the good is the cause of everything beautiful. felt its questions. Ms soul. (for only a God could intelligently put a question so profound. as. and lines of latitude. every arc and node. may at which he will rest a brief period. and gave his life to It hath life.) therefore. Plato felt questioned by all mankind. "All things are for the sake of the good.

because of the new dress you perceive not my meaning assumed have you will nevertheless get my thoughts may I to mean What mean you may not see. will serve and benefit a hundred individualities. however. but you something. though It will not teach you a truth. neither the Yet there remains to the squirrel that feeds upon its fruit. But he must be made to see the occupation which is good for all. he will perform the inharmonious part. bird. . to the tree to obtain and to the squirrel. as boundaries. This penalty. woodman. like cause and you will suffer it. nature prescribes. therefore. other benefits in the which I have neither the disposition nor the power." He asked the past for its history of evil in the world . he will in return enslave you. and mankind." said Volney. sonalities and its benefit. an error committed. a hundred forms of matter the earth. lies not so much bird. the water. in itself as in its interrogators. . when tempted forth. if in your ignorance of yourself (and. If I know enough it of myself to put the best questions to that tree. and I to myself. the same tree. the atmosphere. by virtue of his degDo injustice. or the reverse. for questions effect. is a benefit. and radation. nor the bird that sings upon its boughs. and teach the method of escape. Man is able to work. you will soon feel the penalty. Its power to do this. I shall then yield you a permanent But. will ever remain for the world to decide.16 THE PHILOSOPHY OF true . Thus. quadruped. Now my here am I. nevertheless. made only by souls who feel their Bach man is capable of rendering high service to humanity . and If it answered him. but a soft reply can be charity questioned. Enslave a man. but whether humanity gets it from him. "and will interrogate ancient monuments on the wisdom of past times. and answers. or being born for action of some sort. acting faithfully in accordance with my perIf you know how to use me. The tree is true to itself. will yield me the best lessons of benefit lessons. " I will go into the desert and dwell among ruins. and. which the woodman does not get. essentially correspond. of me). but of of a negative character. you do not put me to the best service.

and man the bee . Let each.QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. justice . why I should not why you should not. stalwart. benevolence. my position. also. I may behold it. 17 are very likely to see what I do not . escape the consciousness of those who depend. admonishing that this is not the road for me to travel. I may suddenly learn a new truth. I can now show you. we can help ourselves only by prosy. who instinctively knows how to quesThe bee tion it . but if he would help his condition. I say. pursue your minds. to and reasons. be himself. that which I have now no power to communicate. therefore. we are benefited by everything. And as the new path breaks upon you. superior to all the humanities and is. while on this path myself. so manifold. . in the next hour. in the distance. and you might impart to me. But if you can not see my reasons. philanthropy. upon externals for sympathy and support. fail to Or. in you lie the power and the liberty to go on without me. therefore. even so may you obtain bread from what. The cicuta-plant yields honey to the bee. appeared to me to be stones. because. The pathway to one Truth. which answers through bleeding forth at every pore the lifegeometrical avenues elements of sweetness. and health. in proportion to the justice with which we treat it. additional reasons also. to man it would yield bitterness and death. and you fail not to best employ all you define. from what I called poison and disease. for Justice comprehends all tically recognised the highest manifestation of true Beligion ! has not yet declared itself to the world . simply. perhaps. and spider silk-worm. is not yet pracon earth. at most. I have and meet. And man. But. questions the flower. within ! The web of life is to be spun. in the service of pointing out the road to you. because it is to sympathy. Opulent with great self-defended against quantities and qualities of matter solitary. too That constantly. must work from The benefits of Individualism. Yon aged oak and grand storm and tempest by its own strength and armor it stands a 2 . nor the legitimacy of my position. the world has not known how to question it. so comlike the plicate. without and within. he must use his neighbor well . for.

and South-street conuner- leading at last to justice Thus the heretofore unappreciated see the pathway and satisfaction obtaining a litewhich in the fullness of days. But persevering in expression. but which the mind." saying. For thus it is that the sorrows of the "Five Points" have arisen into literature." there are truths in man which only a woman can elicit and powers in woman that come forth only at the mandate of masculinity. For then I shall answer him with thought and articulation. so truthful and elevating. THE PHILOSOPHY OF It is a stranger to itself not less ! Who knows what "Where is else it can do. beside making ships. but. at once so profound and beautiful. of all ends the most important. The degradations of imbruted men. perhaps. Innumerable are the persons from whom ascends the mournful cry "Alas not one can understand me by no congenial power as yet to . like the drapery of night. silence. I know not when I could recover from self-astonishment. They spend precious moments in inward acts of self-commiseration. in its ignorance of nature and adaptations. And the plaintive cry of " Hot Corn" is heard in fashionable relief is nigh - for tears uttered by pet-lambs in magnificent folds. after. kindling cottager's fire ! the man. ! I comprehended !" This insupportable agony. They weep when . attains unto speech. divulge. to do it ? hidden in the recesses of my being. to put to my soul the right questions. will ever remain above the capacity of the comprehend- . have been translated into the English language. Self-comprehension. the soul Peace. rary notoriety promises popularity however. But in all this arcanum of " questions and answers. poetry. and the execrations of abandoned women. whose shepparlors herds are Wall-street bankers. knew not how or where to seek. throws its " mantle over. this ungratified desire for appreciation.18 stranger yet to man. in sensitive and cultured spirit am natures. write the saddest They songs. they gain at last a result. though always to be aimed cialists. and folds in. sideboards. pervaded They sing with an indefinite grief. from any degree of life. the feeling becomes too deep then . sometimes. . is What there who knows enough of himself. be still. I have no I yearn for the right man to come. or the It remains jet to be questioned.

they spend their days in Mr. The human world foolishly able weakness Diogenes. that it can easily decide. like petulant misanthropy. we are peremptorily thrown back upon to begin another series of our own centre questions and answers toward self-comprehension. " What God Mind is. no man's mind I term JUSTICE. No suppose ourselves fully analyzed and finally some new phrenology or anthropology. becoming wearied with the ever-recuracting ring contradictions and paradoses of human nature when wisdom was appropriate. for which no science.' " Perhaps. has provided laws and adequate explanations. from age to new law is developed from him but there is. them and so. one may say. classified sooner do we the history of age that no : man remains the same. Of course. think. than we by suddenly break out in a fresh spot provoking ourselves and our dogmatizers equally with new mental exhibitions . that I this Many philosophers. between the finite and the infinite. nature. 19 Even so. is. And so. one thing in which mankind continue homogeneous ." not less denounce many as " serpents" and " vipers" worthy only of Gehennal damnation. manifesting insufferwhen strength was demanded -have allowed themselves to grow cynical and sarcastic.faculty." For ever will this fact power of positives to determine only negatives keep his soul folded in more or less of mystery. no religion. Reason can not tell what Reason is . but an injustice. Emerson says " I knew a philosopher. can determine . in saying it was a gush of this impatience of human paradoxes which disgusts . but what it is not.QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. I . " I know decides. What men call Conscience the summary conclusion of all the functions of But what justice. in substance. Man is ever the indefinite but he must be questioned. ing. in spite of all arbitrary restrictions and canonical injunctions against self-reliance. but what lie in man's nature not ." says know. no bible. is not. * to caused the JSTazarene to whip the " money-changers . Man is the Indefinite world. who was accustomed to sum up his experience of human Mankind is a damned rascal. this the faculty quickly a German thinker. because subsisting between things and ideas. with new characteristics.

may sing all the sweeter to the children of men. so did this strong dam arrest the waters. the tide set back. And is that all ? Can no one bring out of it a still greater service ? Verily. over adjacent margins and then. . spreading . knew man came. imparted motion to the mechanism of a Cotton "Mill. beginning in Massachusetts and flowa ing through portion of Rhode Island. On yonder mountain's side. ran vigorously through the new channel made for it. happy child. THE PHILOSOPHY OP : in the imnmtaMlity of their changeability. it waters the meadows no less. . less than one hundred and thirty great cotton. babHow bling and silent by turns. it talks and dashes along as light and free as it did centuries ago is as ! . who knew how built not the river. in Variety. which. and rolled and flowed indoBut now. to put the idle tide to its He an obstruction across course. But the great end to gain is. beautiful stream suplently. It is this law of Unity.20 viz. But the red man's canoe rode on long it flowed in solitude ! The Blackstone its surface. turning steadily jupon its axis. . seeing itself reflected. river. and other factories cattle no less. . hastened along. Did that river it set itself to the know before its power to bless work ? "What it was. it knew ? Could Its not. for thousands of centuries. As the human mind stops at an interrogation. if man knows how to help it to bestow accommodation. At last. which we yearn to understand. this playful. The mill can be driven by that stream it can work and play at 'the same moment suffering no impoverishment thereby. against an intercepting wheel. power was concealed from itself. hastening to play with the grasses and flowers on the plains beneath Was it made for play ? Can it do nothing more ? Yea. yet the aborigine the white service. it can accommodate man deeply. the converting of everything into a benefit. musical. The thirsting cattle may drink great draughts of strength from its rippling bosom and the meadow-lark. no ports It gives drink to the thirsty woollen. you behold the joyous brook leaping down to nestle in the lap of the valley like a fleet. But it knows not its own power it waits ! only . As a sequence. with the power of accumulated weight. for interrogation.

though they may not stop the haste of labor to gratefully remember priately questioned. as compared with the operations of the most expert spinner in Hindustan. returns. to its oriIt may thus live over and over again its useful life. of hundreds of working men and working women. bearing up ships and steamers. loss ? ? Does the sun lose light by painting daDoes the soul lose life by thinking ? Nay! The stream flows on and widens into the greater river.QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. presume not God to scan.088 spindles. fills the artist's soul with love and lessons. and almost more industrious than the famous Merrirnack ! plays with powers knew not way through So. because it has been appro- two million spools and spindles between Worcester and Providence comprising about fifty miles only of its original play-ground. Does it suffer guerreotypes ginal source. In this art lie all true methods of education. putting the right questions at the right time. forms numberless fleecy clouds. And it so. the service by the river rendered. too. it is the chief delight law. but imperious. each spinning three hanks. verdant plains . by nature's idleness. perhaps." said Pope. and yet. boisterous in places as the Delaware . Because." There * " So . yet derive their sustenance from year to year. is the fate of all drones.* While in for such. it works in its waywardness and bright as the birthday of the feathered grasses and flowers. or 3. by waiting obediently upon wheels and spindles which buzz and whirl at the gentle." gambols as cheerfully over rocky terraces . a human mind may be measurably revealed to itself. the American operator can perform the work of 300 men." one man .om height to depth as ever it did . Thence it ascends in vapor. threading its along vernal. By the world interrogates his nature. and in the is man idle till right manner. pressure of its ever-flowing tides. 21 beautiful to the eye as when but " sweet sixteen . that can attend to 1. to be intelli- great have been the improvements effected in spinning-machinery. in spots as beautiful as the Hudson . and still onward to the ocean. in the fresh forms of beauty. it turns something like . " Know " thyself. leaps as fearlessly fr. and beautiful and. who.264 hanks per day so that. is rich wisdom in such counsel. it had no intelligent admirers But now.

to answer questions which Nature puts to him. our spiritual enjoyments will swell till angels in tend and expand. and quadruped.22 THE PHILOSOPHY OP gently introduced to one's own soul is to go reverently into. while yet in its teens. a brotherhood why do they exist ? What bible answers ? Where shall we go for wis- dom ? men. No trammeled and bigoted sectarian. no wider. he must be free to do this and free. then. let us hear your words speak and the world will accept all the truth ye can give. ye children of experience. what If not. separating souls from the bodies of scourging families and nations : why do they exist ? is What and where mortal ? God ? for ? What are his laws ? Are we im- If so. " Hunger asks man. even as we drink from wells which spring out of the dark and dreary earth. all things The law of questions and answers regulates the world. can be free to do either . no higher revelation. Do you know how to satisfy me ?" and man tills the ground. why not ? Who shall an- swer ? "Eureka!" Man must both desire and learn to answer every question he finds the poiver to ask ! Herein lies the cause of all progressive development. shall may therefore be pardoned by this ma- But what questions now appear? Who shall ask? "Who answer ? We must have no more dogmatism Come. bird. in their conjunctions. and turer era. waving and surging forward higher worlds receive refreshment and grow more beautiful. Let the right voice sound. " Do you know the . heathen or Christian. causing meanwhile world-wide suffering through the ties of inseparable sympathies. this there soul . not less. But the can not question itself! Man must put his questions to Mature . and lo like the musical throbbings of the ! : ! ! expeacefully rolling sea. In we behold a law of association what does it mean ? : : Insect. Fatigue asks man. and so such offend the law and take the penalty of injustice . the presence of all the God the soul can ever realize. Sanguinary wars. Than is no deeper. progressively recreate each other forming. All past catechisms contain questions put by the world.

Wisdom asks : and man looks toward the Infinite. ever hopeful. SCIENCE asks and man studies the Finite. REASON : asks : himself with himself to harmonize the other and man seeks to familiarize two worlds. O YE DWELLERS OP EARTH. FOR THERE replies. JOYFUL. means of rest ?" and man invents beds and Love : asks him* a question : and he seeks companions. and Humanity. ever promising. SHALL BE AN ERA OF UNIVERSAL PEACE AND UNITY 1" HUMANITY asks "BE . 23 furniture. PHILOSOPHY asks : and man searches the Indefinite.QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS.


spiritual. REVISED AND CORRECTED. the embryological On turning over and perusing the sphere of human existence. the sun. circumstance.THE ASSEMBLY'S SHORTER CATECHISM. as hillside streamcreate the Ocean. an opinion which. Each page presents a kind of dagueror reotype impression of some event. physically spiritually. antagonize individual progress . write to certain is And each . physical. accident. are authors. These questions conclusively prove that the earth's inhabitants experience dissatisfaction with the answers given by revered sources of instruction. and life of Posterity. Every individual the the the the also animal. Hence. even in this. bird. scientific discoveries should not outnumber advancements in theology and religion . tree. every person to lets flow onward We has an immortal influence . the fountflower. moral. the star transfer ourselves to the of this mystic cohesive Kecord. within five years. thing is a faithful contributor to the pages ain. rolls over the earth adds another volume world's the to Library. if out of time. something person development. of this century especially those conrecently-written pages I observe the tributed by the advancing portions of our race frequent recurrence of important questions. has acquired prodigious strength and unparalleled popularity. EVERY century that the high and the low. scientific. En- . social. alike. Theological monopolies.

and it is sincerely hoped that the alterations and emendations here presented. in the conformations of man's constitution outer form . is endless progression . then. Beginning. and believing such minds will welcome theological improvements not less hospitably. to Important Questions cordance. will not be adjudged uncharitably. with the best and most peaceful understandings between the past and the present. CATECHISM.God ? and Mother-2sTature given to direct us how we may obtain these ends Our Heavenly Parents have given us a constitution of our being . I proceed to introduce a revised and corrected edition of the world. What rule have Father. with my conception of teachings evolved by the Harmonial Philosophy. and lyrical and on a still broader scale. although similar to the Westminster method of asking questions and giving answers. rule in the spiritual also. regardless of outward authority. I venture in acthe presentation of responses. as it is in favorite creeds and formularies . by Religionists Progression. therefore. nor pronounced by any theologico-monopolist to be an actionable infringement upon its predecessor. seek Progression. Harmonialists aspire after eternal life and endless improvement of which Pleasure and Truth are the in. Why do you think them most correct ? Because sensualists or materialists aspire after Pleasure as an end. . in shortest speech.renowned Assembly's Shorter Catechism . by Harmonialists Who are most correct ? Those who. Religionists aspire after Truth. ' couraged. of course. be happy. in the harmony of the surrounding Universe. What is the -chief end of man ? Man's chief end. cidental developments and ever-healing concomitants. by the kind reception which several great improvements in the Arts and Sciences have met with among able and fearless classes. get wisdom. to do good. Pleasure.26 THE ASSEMBLY'S SHOETEE. What is this rule called ? By Sensualists Scripture. and aspire calmly toward perfection . to become harmonious even as his Father-God and Mother-Nature are harmonious.

Development. especially mankind. and Development apply to Individual Man ? Yes. . Progression. . soul. the second determines the relation fixed laws ." is. and God the . are regulated by the first determines physical. to his obedience to. organic spiritual the relation of the body to every other object. written upon the constitution of Man . and its positive requirements. of the soul in . . the happiness or misery of individual man is proportionate always and everywhere. temporal and eternal and. density. the third determines the relation its friendships and sympathies for things both seen and unseen. then. or transgression of. of the organic or vital requirements of the body.REVISED AND COERECTED. "What are the decrees of God ? The decrees of God are the eternal laws of his vital system . and republished whenever a Child is born. Do these decrees the laws of Association. its temperature. all archangels move and and live we for animation ble spheres of life and " whose Divine body Nature have our being in the Existence. but only in that stupendous application of ideas which recognises man as a microcosmical part of the Universal System.^ 27 How many persons are there in the Godhead 1 There are in the Godhead and Godbody (that is to say. are those decrees of salvation of man ? God which concern the immediate govern- All animated beings. &c. How can we ascertain these laws ? and social and spirEach law. What are they called ? According to recent discoveries we term them Association. and regulates the supply to the demand . as implied by this admirable code of decrees. immeasurathe and seraphs. Progression. before as well as after death. which people gels. in the imperishable Mansions of Father-God and Mother-Nature) in the firall the persons that were ever developed on any star all spirits. these divine mandates. ment and "What. can be perceived only by those parts or faculties or functions which By the employment of our intellectual itual faculties. its elasticity. all anmament or on the earth beneath all men.

tem '- is it What do you mean by this 1 I mean that the body. or visa versa. and universal identification and and attractions . sublime. sights. odors. may be physically happy and socially miserable. on this principle. flavors. from its mother's Man came from Nature's matrix womb a Product of Nature and. each part of man's nature hath its own immutable regulating principle. a cause unity of interests human spiritual faculties of happiness or of misery. by universalizing his spirit.28 it THE ASSEMBLY'S SHORTER CATECHISM. vast. . may enjoy the spiritual and suffer in the organal department of existence. and the like . Human beings. conjugialism. How did God man 1 God as a child did not create man. childhood. therefore. . itself qualified to perceive the relation subsisting between and ulties. . attractive. sounds. and supernal Realities which exist rudimentally on earth but fully bloomed and blossomed out in the higher Homes of the Soul. . and making the humblest things examples and wisdom. celestial. that the intellectual facall other objects and bodies by treasuring up such observations. There is no creation create but formation perpetual. which is of necessity the source of beautiful benefits or of painful penalties. and lastly. by means of its sympathetic nerve. the organic and vital functions perceive the chemistry of foods. divine. juxtaposition. Thus. create a science . according as they conform to or transgress the law which is designed to control and govern such department. &c. colors. of gravitation. just as the possessor decide. the social and affec- tional principles apprehend the nature and valuation of friendship. the on the upper brain put forth their marvellous far-comprehending powers toward those stupendous. of like seeing and comprehending like. may by his life How does God execute his decrees ? By his living in accordance with the unchangeable principles of own physical and mental being . (the law) is designed to govern and harmonize with the sysof creation without. beautiful. of his love What is the work of creation ? . fluids.

looks to her for all sustenance." a fall was impossible. according to laws which are without variableness. ? "What scriptures do you refer to The scriptures which the true eternal God has written. What is the sequence ? We get pervaded. pared with any portion of the Anglo-Saxon race. perhaps saturated. each of whom The is an Nature is a book whose express word of the Supreme Being. . 29 like a child. On this principle. first Did our parents continue in the state wherein they were created ? Our first parents. a ditch. with its pollutions. we stumble for a season. What is sin ? Sin is a name for excess . to subdue. every sentence proves the ascension of man from a small point of life . though upon an exceedingly low scale of existence. EEVISED AND COBEECTED. everything conies forth in its natural order and discreet de- gree . Marriage and mechanism were found to be insep arable as with the little birds which are compelled to learn . They could not. when with ignorance or passion blind. this assertion ? How can you prove By whole the blessed and even infallible scriptures. in ing the hill of progressive development. and What are God's works of providence ? All things in the universe . as there was no " deeper depth. into which. to suffer.. entertainment. Did our first parents never fall from innocence ? They bethe lowest part of the valley of human existence hence. nothing is especially designed . began to bestir themselves in accordance with instincts of dis covery and self-preservation. Yet they have stumbled often in ascendgan physically and mentally . . because they never stood erect. the first productions of Nature are inferior to her every subsequent unfolding. They began to learn. instruction. universe consists of sentient beings. our first parents slowly advanced from a state of ignorance to comparative enlightenment yet they were the veriest barbarians when comhow to build nests for their young. when they discovered that they were endowed with intellectual perceptions and physical necessities. velopment a mark missed by man in his de.



The deeper we plunge, the more polluted; so exceedingly soiled at last, that we dread to find ourselves in daylight. "We therefore (mentally) go into outer darkness ; shirking the sun
and gaze of honest

eyes, because of our debasement.


fall in



her parts, is regulated by the same Nature, through one being the law of progressive imchangeless principles provement hence, descending from the primal races by ordinary generation, posterity is benefited, not injured, by primitive

and powerful and just is the DIVINE overcome by good, and one of the original mistakes of our remotest ancestors has proved more valuable as a means of victorious achievement in righteousness than a million acts of passive rectitude or negative goodness. Because such acts, like man's primitive misdirections, are not the result of voluntary affection or intelligent choice, based on but mistakes and acts, on the contrary, adequate experience stumbled upon and kicked out of the sands of Progress, even as the precious diamond was thrown up into open day and proverbial celebrity by the undesigning toe of a wandering savage in which there exists neither merit nor demerit, but discovery nevertheless and benefits innumerable.

for so great

SPIEIT, that all evil is

Into what state did the




mankind 1

" fall" was in truth the theologically called a greatest benefit to mankind ; it developed physical industry, beautified the soil, and improved the climate, exercised the in-



tellectual faculties,

evoked the sentiment of association, and

in short, according to this ori; drove the Aristocratic Family from velvet lawns, from paths luxuriously ornamented with flowery carpets, from the presence of ceaseless perfumery, from rustic chairs not the product of pleasurable invention and victorious toil, from natuspiritual affinities

awakened the
ental myth,


ral-tufted sofas 'neath the graceful arches of magnificent trees

never planted or treated by human hands, from the lascivious pleasing of the lute-like song of paradisaical birds, from the flowing of rivers whose indolent powers had never pressed the ponderous wheel of a cotton-factory or the pioneer's saw and
grist mill

therefore, the fall


in fact the first step

up that



which leads to manly enterprise and womanly independthe democratic road to useful Knowledge. Wherein consists the sinfulness of that state wliereinto man entered ? The sinfulness of that original revolution in the habits and manners of the Adamic Aristocracy, consists in the fact that, according to the account, the act was not a result of pre-deter" idle curiosity" to taste, ad libitum, all mination, but of mere in a word, the sin (or pity) fruit indigenous to that sunny soil consists in the procrastination, in the lack of industry and selfsustaining effort, which characterized the reputed first pair, and which they have transmitted to all labor-dishonoring portions of mankind. What is the misery of that state wbereinto man entered ? The misery to idlers and aristocrats consists in the discovery that all true success and permament distinction depend upon

sincere active individual Enterprise ; regulated by principles of justice, truth, love to man, reverence of Father-God, and a misery familiar only to those who temperance in all things desire to live on " the labor of others," who desire riches and

authority even at the expense of the Poor, who love Notoriety and Popularity devotionally, and not Truth for its own sake.
Did God
leave all


to perish in this state


How can an omnipresent and unBlasphemous question changeable God withdraw his spirit from man, whose every drop of soul-life is derived from the eternal Fountain

Did God



to everlasting


and others to endless destraction ?

parts are miserable ? Human souls are detached individualized personifications of the Deific Nature and Essence and ; the imperfection or destruction of a single detachment would, like the loss of a wheel from a perfect watch, impair the goodness and derange the infinite precision of the Universal Mechanism. Who is the Redeemer of Man ? If by the word " redemption" mean in all

God is the Father of the spirits of All men. Hence all men have their entire existence in the one omnipresent Spirit of Deity. Think you that the Whole can be happy when many of



things natural and spiritual, then man's redeemer is WISDOM the beautiful Son of a holy nuptial blending of Love and " a natural prophet, Knowledge ; the soul's Christ-principle"



a prince of peace, a spiritual

a God-inspired king of that

kingdom which is within you. How can Wisdom, being the sum of human attributes,

man 1

By opening the soul to a perception of things spiritual, angelic, celestial, and heavenly. Like a peach which treasures up the perfections of the entire tree which produced it, so Wisdom
attracts together all the beauties of the affections of both Love and Knowledge (as explained in 4th vol. of Great Harmonia),

and thus opens the soul's portals to Infinite Love, to Eternal Truth, to Father-God, to Mother-Nature.

do believers receive from


at their death


Pure Wisdom, having opened to the soul a glorious consciousness of the existence of a better and less rudimental world Beyond, brings a great peace into the mind and surrounds the believer's bed with many spirits and angels.
What benefits do believers receive from Wisdom at the resurrection ? At the resurrection, believers, being raised up immediately after the heart ceases to throb on earth, shall be acknowledged
in the Spirit-Land by welcoming hosts of friends, and thus, unlike disbelievers, be made direct partakers of that full enjoy-

ment which the harmonious only know.

the duty which


requires of man ?

true eternal Father-God requires of man faithfulness to the dictates of his highest attractions. (See questions on

The one


To do right from a sense of duty, or obligation, or most people permit themselves to do, is far below that exalted motive which prompts noble natures to do good and speak the truth to gratify their attractions. What are man's highest attractions 1 Man's best and highest attractions take their rise in the suLife.")
fear, as

perior part of the brain called the wisdom-region ; that is, in the organs of benevolence, veneration, conscientiousness, firmness, self-respect, hope, sublimity, ideality, marvellousness,


love of Truth. What did God at

first reveal to man for the rule of his obedience ? God, by living in man's soul from the very beginning, revealed " to be to his religious or wisdom faculties this law carnallyminded is death ; to be spiritually-minded is life and peace."






" still small voice" second, in the of integral perception of justice, called Intuition ; third, by the various spirits and angels who presided and still continue to watch lovingly over the earth, and who sometimes spoke in
ing between

God reveal this law ? revealed this law, first, in the


relations subsist-

man and man


visions to young men, in dreams to women, and through com.mandments to religious chieftains.



the moral

law summarily comprehended ?
signifies the

The moral law, which

immutable principle of

JUSTICE everywhere manifested in the superlative Constitution of Father-God and Mother-Nature, is summed up and most beautifully expressed in the body and soul of Man,

the moral law truly visible


The moral law is fully and practically exhibited and fulfilled to the wherever a human being has attained entire Harmony fullness of the stature of a perfect Man in Love and wisdom by obedience to his own divinely-originated and supernally-authenticated twelve commandments
What is
is, to do good and harmonious works, for the redemption and ennoblement of " your fellow-men. Such works to be purely good" must be of wrought regardless age, sex, complexion, belief, or reputabecause the Human all memRace is but One Family tion; bers of one body in which there is neither Jew nor Gentile, Nazarene nor Greek, Ethiopian nor Anglo-Saxon

The sum

sum of the twelve commandments 1 of the twelve commandments

the preface to the twelve commandments ? preface to the twelve commandments is in these words " Write me as one who loves his fellow-men."

What is



commandments teach us preface to the twelve commandments teacheth us, -that because man did not originate himself, but came into existence involuntarily as the Child of Father-God and Mother-Nature, therefore to love and improve and render happy the pathway


does the preface to the twelve


of human beings is the best and highest and most acceptable homage the soul can pay to the " Great First Cause," which .was before all things and in which all things exist.




commandment ?




of Self-Love ;" which

Obey the normal requirements the Central principle of man's existis


required in the


commandment ?



edge the

commandment requireth us to know and acknowlwisdom of Father-God by perceiving this law of Selfthe foundation of all individual rights

Love to be



forbidden in the

commandment ?



commandment forbiddeth both the extreme and the

inverted practice of this central Affection ; the penalty of disobedience being both immediate and remote, and, while persisted in, never detached from the transgressor.

What is

extreme and inyerted practice ?

Extreme Self-Love goes time-serving, fortune-hunting-

of baseness, being at once egotistical, illiberal, mercenary ; not nobleness and while inverted, it produces opposite effects magnanimity, but self-abnegation, lukewarm carelessness, and
personal filthiness, as explained in the Great Harmonia.

What is the second commandment 1 The second commandment is : " Obey the law of Conjugal Love with all thy heart and with all thy mind ;" for out of the
operations of this principle springeth the myriad generations of men, spirits, and angels.

What is required in the second commandment ? The second commandment requireth the receiving and the keeping of all pure and spiritualizing conceptions of" the true marriage relation ; the central conception being, that Man and Woman are the twofold manifestation of One existence, each acting in the other as a Messiah throughout eternal worlds. What is forhidden in the second commandment ? The second commandment -forbiddeth the prostitutions of

Extremism and the pollutions of Inversionism ; also the telling of all anecdotes, and the reading of unclean books, which tend
to breed unchaste emotions in the soul.


are the causes of conjugal misfortune ?


causes are,


ignorance of the use and holiness of


.second, a lack of spiritual culture


those who,



in other respects, are intelligent and exemplary persons ; third, a transitional fact incident to the slow growth of the ages.

commandment is " Obey the law of Parental The Love with a pure and reverent devotion;" for the foundation, of the world is Childhood ; and the happiness of future spheres

What is

the third

commandment ?

bubbles out of terrestrial fountains.

What is

required in the third


that parents should rebirth before babe of the the by abstaining from all rights spect blood-love indulgence ; also, after its introduction to objective liberties to offlife, that parents and guardians open many spring, and teach the awakening faculties quietly and only as



commandment requireth

they ask questions ; until the season has arrived when physical industry and mental discipline become both natural and necessary ; then the Harmonial Institution should go on with the requisite process of harmonizing the body and mind of the young. "What is forbidden in the third commandment 1 The third commandment forbiddeth all inharmonious exam-

by parents in the presence of the young : such as intemperance, the use of tobacco, the excessive use of meat, the habitual drinking of tea or coffee, vulgar habits, profane words, lack of punctuality in promises, deceptive or evasive answers,

expressions of prejudices against neighbors, reiteration of slanders, opposition to persons who differ on religious questions ; also every species of irreverence which could generate laxity

of moral principle or blindness to the Divine Existence. What is the fourth commandment? The fourth commandment is : " Obey the law of Fraternal

Love with


this is that principle

thy soul and with all thy understanding ;" for which binds man to man in the vast broth-

erhood of races and nations. What is required in the fourth commandment?

The fourth commandment .requireth the exercise of that en" nobling sentiment of fraternal charity, which thinketh no evil ;" as in thine own household so also in the habitations of thy neighbor ; because, to the truly gifted in Wisdom, there is nothing unclean nor unrighteous absolutely, except in the sense

mankind be studied . Kings and Subjects are presented in bold distinction. still resounding from pulpits as cardinal portions of the The genius of this doctrine is utterly opposed to the gospel. FETJIT. ment growth of the universal sentiAll human history must be first. no pulpit scolding. an infinite reduplication of these in the shape of twigs starting out and lastly. ternal interests of the world are divided by it . the sheep and the goats. commandment ? all The fourth commandment forbiddeth transgressions of the principle of Fraternal Love. then. of branches . the evil. distinctions are forbidden. then beauty . then. the appearance of thorns on this body. the ascension of a tufted column from the centre . Therefore. duction of the underground roots. regarded as the growth of a Tree promulgation. the little germ. all theological ? . and from blossoms. The Old Testament recognises Masters and Slaves. The frafraternal welfare and peaceful progress of mankind. the repro. no complaint of evil. or substitution of laws and conditions . then. for example. buds of promise break forth on each prophesying and proclaiming the approach of blosSo should the history of soms. I hear insulting and unfraternal words concerning plebeians and paI hear merciless sermons concerning the good and tricians. the going forth of diverse roots from the germinal point . every man The unity of history is marred by its against his neighbor. or substituting for the gorernment of civilized races despotic and warful laws which belong in justice only to savage and barbaric generations. its subsoil expansion. then. and sometimes unsightly excrescences then. such.36 THE ASSEMBLY'S SHORTER -CATECHISM. in the form of overground branches . with all their beautiful eccentricities. the elect and the reprobated. It retards the "Ye are all brethren. One time the Race brings forth only thorns. at other times dry limbs without beauty. What examples can be given of mischievous theological distinctions There are many such examples in ecclesiastical history and yet more in the blood-stained history of bewildered humanity." then. extremity no canonical profanity. What is forbidden in the fourth. as a man adapting himself to habits of body which are just only to some animal. of mis-adaptation.

or to Father-G-od in the nuptial embrace of Mother-Nature in reference is positively forbidden now and for ever. all voluntary transgressions of this Filial . selves blindly to the dictum of self-constituted masters. but all in 37 proper season . in due course of with an infinite frui! What is the fifth commandment ? is : The with fifth commandment all the Obey the law of Filial Love spontaneousness of thy grateful spirit . ani- " this beautiful principle mals to the human world. and mankind to the interior and spiritual. to angels in the spheres. All contemptuous treatment of a human being all scorning of those who live in poverty . finally.EBVISED AND CORRECTED. "What is " thy farequireth the honoring of ther and thy mother" because they were instrumental in giving Gratitude is nest to you an eternal individualized existence required by the fifth commandment ? The fifth commandment ! generosity. without energy. the whole is begemmed all pure. either in thought or speech ." for it is which links inferior to superior. for thority. to spirits in the heavPrinciple ens.on earth. all noble. or kitchen . to seraphs in the constellations. all mocking and jeering and hissing and hooting at that which (without due investigation) is pronounced prejudicial to morals and religion all irreverence and politico-sectarianism manifested toward the inhabitants of foreign countries and principalities. to man . workshop. this progression. and in short. idea. What is forbidden in the fifth commandment ? The Filial commandment forbiddeth the neglecting of this homage which is due to every person. all HARMONIAL tion and. But obey a foolish law does not require a child to or intemperate parent nor slaves to yield themthis Filial . fifth that giveth evidence of superiority and innate righteousness. or truth. all supercilious mannerisms toward those who labor in field. . all trampling upon the rights of others . who appropriate rights and assign only duties to those who serve no human being is obligated by any natural (or law to sacrifice individual " rights" in order to perdivine) " form duties" imposed by those arbitrarily vested with au- them .

38 What THE ASSEMBLY'S SHOETEE CATECHISM. selfishness and all isolated strife for wealth Monopolistic enterprises and competitive industry are forbidden by virtue of this principle. are engendered and fortified in the strong entrenchments of political. and social Institutions. results will follow obedience to the fifth commandment? results of obedience will flow like crystal waters through the garden of the soul. What is forbidden in the sixth commandment ? all The sixth commandment forbiddeth and power. By a philosophical analysis of the origin and nature of what are termed man's vices and passions. Justice ! perity. and not from man's depravity . Devotion. all the veins Universal with true humanity and permanent progression. having the power to bring long life and pros- path of life eration. Modthese are the jewels which beautify the true child of Nature." for it is this uncircumscribed principle which circulates and throbs and arteries of Humanity. Generosity. the worst and most discordant manifestations of character. with few exceptions. through the sixth commandment ? What is required by The sixth commandment requireth each individual to identify his peace and prosperity and happiness with that of every Isolated being and unaided doing are not compatible other. The effects are beautiful and saving The like deathless flowers shedding immortal fragrance o'er the Gratitude. I discover that. although ignorance gives rise to a multitude of ungovernable propensities which Wisdom alone can calm and beautify. It should be steadily remembered that Man (and the whole race also) is a progres- . ecclesiastical. Patience. Love is founded in the vivifying essence of universal existence. and should regulate the highest and noblest impulses operating in the broad domain of Human Nature. How did these institutions originate 1 These tyrannical arbitrary institutions (which despotize mankind and develop subversive effects) originated from man's ignorance. What is the sixth commandment ? : The sixth commandment is " Obey the law of Universal Love with the total ingenuousness of thy inmost nature .

The man of uses. the artist an intelligent impulse toward the appropriagiving tion of colors.REVISED AND CORBECTED. when we convert a misfortune into a means of success. ennoblement and happiness of our physical and mental being. Subjective wisdom seeks objective existence . is a man of effects and details . sive Being." but of perennial growth in love and wisdom. using . is the perfect fruition of the tree of Life. When we render useful any element in nature when we work to fill a useful position in the living world. like 39 His life and deeds " hands on a dial. nor a grain of sand. non of human existence. the result of no miraculous " change of heart. When this commandment is obeyed. indicate the order at different periods of the and degree of is And his progression. regeneration" a perpetual phenome- The elevation and expansion of man's Love. whose mind is devoted thereto. What is forbidden in the seventh commandment ? The seventh commandment forbiddeth the desecration of any natural object by misapplication . world. also the profanation of any function or faculty by misemployment. For example. when we stand god-like over the volcano of rash and uncontrollable affection and roll back the burning tide of consuming passion at the very moment when the fire and smoke of prostitution and profanation overshadow the citadel of inward purity then do we obey the seventh commandment. when we set in serviceable operation a physical or intellectual gift. the exact sciences and constructive arts are outworks of this law. the various races will shake hands through mutual organizations of interests. but may be set in accord with the key-note of man's needs. What is required by the seventh commandment ? The seventh commandment requireth us to use all thing's which minister to the growth. when we triumph over a fault by compelling it to wield a good influence. and the beauty-lover a desire to embellish his habitation with picturesque results. and a stupendous harmonial temaffections into Universal ple will overarch the world. What is the seventh commandment ? The seventh commandment is : " for this is the first manifestation of the principle of Obey the gospel of USE" Wisdom. There is not a blade of grass.

physician's for health on earth. the lawyer is mostly interested in human misunderstandings. to do work in harness which electro-magnetic forces and steam or caloric could do quicker and better employing the hand to strike a brother . employing the poetic impulses as angels of light to engulf a fellow-being in conjugal abandonment using the powers of clairvoyance for selfish ends and mercenary enterprises . . the lawyer's duty is for peace on while.b- The eighth commandment lish an equilibrium of interest and duty. O Earth thrice . Hence our present social relations generate every species of injustice. which. at the same time. all this. enriched with angel harmonies.40 THE ASSEMBLY'S SHORTER CATECHISM. . using memory as a trunk for that unculled . a woman or a man. the cler- human subjection to outward institutional authority . with sleepless ! eighth commandment forbiddeth whatsoever may inupon the rights and liberties of others. while perpetuated from necessity. in the jour- ney of life using the knowing faculties to outwit and overreach a neighbor. and infinitely more. For example. What The is the eighth commandment ? " Obey the gospel of JUSTICE" eighth commandment is is the second manifestation of the principle of Wiswhich : dom. so that no one will be called to do that which is not in accord with the highest jus- tice. What is required in the eighth commandment ? " requireth of us the lawful procuring and furthering of the wealth and outward estate of ourselves and others . a cow or a horse. and wasteful rubbish which may accumulate . is by all acknowledged to be unwelcome. What is forbidden in the eighth commandment ? The fringe beautiful thou. the physician in human sicknesses. using the tongue to moisten tobacco or to give free expression to inelegant words . is forbidden in the seventh commandment." also requireth every one to seek to esta. using the lips to pray to God or to imprint the betrayer's kiss . when men love justice and live it. Justice ! the highest form of true Eeligion. the earth. and fit for the young spirit's early unfolding. and the clergyman's gyman in for individual harmony and self-legislative sovereignty.

yes. incredulous Header Even Human life is than shall do eternal works these . ! ! ersby the Lockes. space. which will prove a joy eternal. deed. for human good and happiness. Kants. therefore. What is foi-bidden in the ninth commandment 1 physical idleness. is in thee hidden . and thus create that Beauty. believe now and be saved. Humes. eternity. to tkee.REVISED AND CORRECTED. seeing the thought before the deed. Spinosas. tal debility. menand disproportionate development of the heart and head also it condemneth continued over-exertion for the gratification and enrichment of aristocrats. the substance through the shadow. 41 universal penetrative eyes. Emersons is possible to thee. what Plato taught in his regal robes to metaphysical students . time. infinity . this majestic principle writes down every thought. What Socrates did in the market . The ninth commandment forbiddeth What is the tenth commandment ? " is : Obey the whisper ings of the true which is the fourth manifestation of spirit of Beauty" the principle of Wisdom. to accomplish the loftiest flight. is word. what Aristotle witnessed of atom. world. commandment " required in the ninth The ninth commandment commandment ? requireth the energetic employment of both body and mind. of the undying What the ninth commandment ? is : The What ninth is which is Obey the gospel of Power" the third manifestation of the principle of Wisdom. Fouriers. looking straight into the soul of motives. . Cuviers. Newtons. of symmetry and regular conformation. greater ye and power. Parkers. spirit. Humboldts. rending the false and flimsy veil human that out ! Life men secretly hang between themselves and the world withUpon the now unconscious leaves of the eternal tree of within. whatever else was seen or said or prophesied of by the succession of royal Think- Bacons. Goethes. . . The tenth commandment What is required in the tenth The tenth commandment and mental full commandment ? requireth us to harmonize our loves desires throughout .

harmonious. What is forbidden. Plato. is as a flower without tion. a delightful prejudice . every mental disposition that could deface the richer Beauty with which Father-God hath adorned the inner "In deeds and in motives untold by the tongue by life. nor fathom the deep mines of essences bodiless or abstractions metaphysical. perfume. to solve this simple ques- True beauty is that. What did the ancients say of Beauty ? It is said that Socrates called Beauty a short-lived tyranny . by poets depths of the soul. What definition can you gire of Beauty 1 I define Beauty to be the incarnation of three active princithe coronation of whatsoever is Use. a privilege of nature . that Beauty is the mark God sets on virtue .) need not roam through vast do- Objective beauty and We mains of rich grandeur. a solitary kingdom . all animality which destroys grace of bone." unsung the Beautiful lives in the commandment ? forbiddeth* all turbulency of spirit which in a few years wrinkles the beautiful brow . also. Justice. without or within. chisel uncarved. Carneades. Theocritus. Ovid calls it a favor bestowed by the gods : Emerson. that Beauty was better than all the letters of recommendation In the world . Power ples He who would be truly serviceable. that nothing was more grateful .42 "What is THE ASSEMBLY'S SHORTER CATECHISM:. energetic. Theophrastus. that Beauty. excites pleasure in. Homer. which yields pleasure and awakens gratitude. and a French proverb. in the tenth commandment ? The tenth commandment forbiddeth all physical habits which might impair the most agreeable proportion of form or feature . the eye upon. Aristotle. Beauty ? is that which acts through. and much more. of Great Harmonia. beautiful must not be deformed with ostentation. the spiritual temperament. Domitian said. (See 4th vol. a silent cheat . unaccompanied by virtue. nant to the author. that it was a glorious gift of Nature . gives prominence to the particularly forbidden in this What is The tenth commandment * The in conformity to the Shorter Catechism. reader will pardon this dictatorial word on the ground that it is employed and not in any sectarian sense so repug- .

which is mighty as Truth and essential to happiness as heaven itself. the tenth commandment forbiddeth every civil circumstance or religious obligation which could mar the gym-metrical development of that Inner Beauty. But Nature allots to no man more than is sufficient for a sub- and guaranty against the intrusions of Poverty. violet. and mystic simplicities of every day's sensuous existence. joints. all eyes. of are incidental to an emconditions which with discontentment and " bryo existence. beautiful external odors delicate perfumes. What is the eleventh commandment ? The tion" eleventh commandment is which the fifth " is Obey the gospel of Aspiramanifestation of the principle of : Wisdom. all else. please the tongue and through profound. all religions which make a virtue of crucifying the organ of Ideality We and the normal requirements of the spiritual temperament.EBVISED AND COKRECTED. is nothing letrs than an appropriation of our neighbor's property and depriving a sistence cal brother of the means of happiness." inordinate and all bor. geranium. though strictly lawful according to existing constructions of individual rights. our grateful consciousness of whatsoever is interior and supernal our relation thereto and which is at once a source of imperishable dependence thereon The eleventh commandment . musical instrumentation. beautiful external tastes all berries . in our daily walk and conversation. the rounding cadences of Wisdom's words . Furthermore. bells of liberty. and skin (see 4th vol. and thus. mignionette. What are we to conclude from this ? are to conclude and resolve at once. hair. that in this tenth commandment is forbidden all social or civil laws that infringe upon the Beauty of Universal Justice. statuary. Great Harmonia) . physiand mental . ornaments . 43 dissipates the freshness of youth from the teeth. beautiful external sounds songs. cascarilla. flowers. fruit which grow in sunlight and all the vast. Beautiful external objects pictures. What is required in the eleventh commandment? requireth us to acknowledge. envying or grieving at the good of our neighaffections for anything that is his. words of love.

able perfectly to keep the commandments of God? alone and unbefriended. a longing after things and truths superior an attraction toward that which is in store for the soul. all abuse of that which thus lendeth wings to imagination. all all irrev- and expandeth the commandment ? capabilities of the inmost What is the twelfth The mony" ciple. to do so. but toward whatsoever administereth lovingly and wisely to the highest faculties . can keep all these com- Is any man No man mandments . ? Aspiration. vaster far than fields of intellectual culture. pleasure and a cause of growth in rich. will bring to his aid the friendship of angels. What is forbidden in the eleventh commandment ? ingratitude .44 THE ASSEMBLY'S SHOBTER CATECHISM. twelfth commandment is which Obey the gospel of Harthe sixth manifestation of the Wisdom prinis : " What is required in the twelfth commandment ? commandment. is a spiritual reaching upward a prayer for providential aid. diviner than the songs of the flowing Mornia. raid erstanding. but a firm desire. a sincere aspiration. which is the sum of all "Wisdom. . requireth us to be and do that which will render our fellowmen the best service and the longest happiness. erence toward that which is truly useful. just. which retard mankind's progress forbidden in the twelfth What is The twelfth commandment toward HARMONIAL UNITY. pure as the perfect Love. unsupported by the counsel and magnetism of personages superior. sweeter than a thousand gardens of paradisaical flowers. beautiful not merely in the sight of the body and its senses. twelfth The commandment? forbiddeth every system of government and all religions. as the word implies. deeper than oceans of theologic lore. commandment forbiddeth all negligence in the wisdom faculties. What is Aspiration. energetic. and help to centerize his personal capabilities. The eleventh habits of Also. domains of glorious meditation .

and go strong against the dethronement of King These church memSuperstition. In fact. But these fifty millions are. favorable to individual prog. The Church professes to be adequately armed to battle with sinj true instruments of social Reform. also. they make no kinder or wiser "Bosses" to journey- How do you explain this It is because the fact ? whole church theory of Keform is unnatu- . but the Almighty stupendous "Word" on its side with it. at the same time.EEVISED AND COEKEGTED. marthe several relations demanded by the several loves. all the persons of the God-head are claimed as both prime movers and co-laborers in the vast field of hu- man redemption. No A woman. Spiritual righteousness and happiness are impossible while the outward conditions of man's social life antagonize. Many of them still own slaves. the. Is angelic aid the principal 45 and most needful thing ? the principal condition. that church- more of Time in their benevolent enterprises ! of eternal worlds can be more easily comprehended .The and controlled by their inhabitants. aside from her own natural peaceNo parfulness. sustain the Fugitive Slave Law. and provided with all the It professes to have the not only so. not only in bodily health. explanation can you give for the absence of social harmony among It is of the utmost importance that we "understand the true theory of reform. so-called skeptical and unregenerated men and Doubter. and ofttimes not so good as. requireth a good and intelligent companion. to be happy. Man's works of salvation see affairs men could and redemption should be adapted What Christians ? to this world. is external harmony . bers and church supporters make no better merchants. the reason why the Church system does not succeed. after all. Oh. they are no better than. What result does this church association bring forward ? The whole supernatural system has been well nigh two thousand years converting fifty millions of Protestants into r-eligious Sectarians.. ried lor is harmonious with discord in the kitchen. far from being reformed and harmonized. but in ress. as tradesmen they are not a particle more honest than an honest apprentices .

" but not reformed. they may work in the traces of duty. Christ and him crucified*. THE ASSEMBLY'S SHOETEB CATECHISM. They make the most tyrannical masters . the Turk. humane ?" satisfied that we should get the most favorable report from the so-called unregenerated. they become unnatural "Christians" but. fifty with church members as bosses. and fifty whose masters make no profession of faith in any form of sectarian religion. as kindly and docile as horses used to the gearing . because it its aid.Source for world by preaching the Love of an omnipotent Jehovah . its from a mythological foundation and overaims for eternity. what are they? Are they unfolded in Love and "Wisdom? Are they attractive representatives of the divine Life ? Nay : they terminate their earthly voyage ofttimes as much in bondageas little developed as when they began. At It would be a curious circumstance. how insupportably severe is the domestic discipline of church Deacons and praying Lay! men. abettors of narrow-mindedness. the Roman Catholic. The greatest temporal achievement of a protestant Christian is. over the fear of dying the Hindoo. it is logical is looks time in confess that it bible Christian. length they suppose they obtain such aid. the most in- vincible slaveholders rant foes to science . alas too well known. more humane. and the Why does the Christian church fail ? The church fails. It expects to reform the looks to a wrong. should the affidavits of one hundred apprentices be taken. the most ignothe stoutest friends of bigotry . kind. to triumph an accomplishment which the warrior. The sectarian harness may be worn by and the Hate thousands . then they become that is to say. possesses to an eminent degree. not a particle more pure. All Christians candidly very unnatural to man's natural heart to be a . more honest. with the necesfaith in the virtue of that blood tragedy called "Jesus of sity The world can be restrained thus. . by many a poor boy and orphan-girl. Hence a foreign or supernatural aid is invoked. reposing upon his bed of death with a serene resignation. but at the end of life.46 ral . . perhaps. the most cruel parents . honest. It is. The question is : " Which I am fully class is the most cheerful.

but are yon. who met upon the open downs. are more injurious than others. yet.REVISED AND CORRECTED. therefore. What What does every sin deserve 1 Every sin deserves immediate and total destruction. by itself. but which the suffers as incispirit The dental or inevitable to surrounding circumstances. . Wisdom must throw soul can his temporizing self-poised influence o'er Love before the become and upright in character. from broken banks ^ and bad investments. We could not help thinking that the minds of very of the many congregation were upon the next day's operations in Wall street. What are the lesser evils ? lesser evils are those not accomplished by voluntary yielding to temptation. and is fashionable. Is love the best cause of reform? 47 Humaa heart Lore do we love. gets a scholastic presentation. be overflowing with Love. were little suggestive of the trials and sufferings of the Christians of an earlier day. everywhere filled with wellreplies : dressed and comfortably-looking people. not regulated by intelligence. rather than upon the service. and by reason of several transgresses external aggravations. in Your warm find that which is good and perfect. or beneath the leafless oaks of the wintry forest. very aptly " The luxurious pews. to lift up their voices of praise and supplication to God. of the twelve commandments equally heinous ? Are all transgressions Some in themselves. a harmonial man ? No : the most loving and enthusiastic person. in New York. from false policies and a fall in flour GOOD LORD DELIVER us!" Modern Religion is courted so long as she resides in costly temples. and that the liturgy would have been responded to with greater unction. What shall be said of modern church-religion? correspondent of the Southern Literary Herald. is no source of Harmony. does the victim or sinner deserve ? The sinner deserves the love and blessing of God ineffably . if . is perhaps the most impul- may sive and discordant. Hawks' church. after attending service in Dr. A among tion its From deprecatory clauses there had been this little petiall losses by land or by water.

before the whole angel-world. the opposite of that which you believe to be wrong. a resolution carried out practically in every subsequent act of your life. What is faith in Jesus Christ ? This will be answered. to abolish servitude. to harmonize national interests. What are the outward and ordinary means wherehy Christ communicates us the benefits of redemption ? to The outward and ordinary means wise efforts to are. renouncing a personal evil habit. What is repentance unto life ? Kepentance unto life is a resolution taken in the Wisdom faculties. to reform creed-born religions. that we may escape his wrath and curse due to sin ? The Bible-god. the charitable and ameliorate the condition of Mankind efforts to instruct youth. By How is vation ? the "Word" to be read and heard. in extenso. requireth of us faith in Jesus Christ. How is the " Word" made effectual to salvation ? If by " the word" you mean the twelve living commandments written by Father-G-od and Mother-Nature in the eternal substance of every human being. . to purge existing governments.48 THE ASSEMBLY'S SHORTER CATECHISM. whose aid you invoke . more than the self-sustaining and well-developed for the wise and happy need not a physician. then it is made effectual only by virtue of a reasonable understanding of its positive teachings and conforming thereto with a stern love of perpetual personal righteousness. to create equitable industrial relations between the different classes. to elevate the downtrodden. in another chapter of important questions. who is not the eternal Companion of MotherNature. What is meant by personal righteousness ? personal righteousness is meant the doing of whatsoever is RIGHT in the light of your own moral intuitions . to ennoble intellect. that it may become effectual to sal- If by " salvation" you mean the rescue of man from Iguo . What us for does God require of us. but those only who are sick and unfortunate. to promote genius. to bring the Harmony of Heaven on the whole Earth.

and receive strength to ascend higher mountains of contemplative intelligence. then the sacraments are : first.REVISED AND CORRECTED. through whose sacred labyrinths the feet of men may tread with steadiness. second. 4 . bring shall be magnanimous enough BROTHERHOOD . personal cleanliness and chastity . . What is baptism ? Baptism is a sacrament of the new dispensation. second. till All are clasped in one pure embrace of True religion Love mony predicating. What is true religion ? which begins at the cenis universal Justice widens and individual the of tre outwardly.' the Immortality of the spirits of all men . signifying a bathing in the rivers of Infinite Truth. strong. in whose depths of translucent waters the earthly pilgrim may bathe his weary soul. the immediate resurrection of the soul (retaining the shape of the body) at death into a purer progressive world . . upon the Har- What are the sacraments of this religion ? The sacraments of this religion are first. the Happiness of all of each." and that which renders happiness permanently to one individual is a steadfast blessing to the whole race. the enjoyment of intercourse with the departed through several mediations. 49 misfortunes. third. because the highest selfishness is identical with " universal benevolence. reverence for the marriage relation fifth. honesty is the best policy. wave-like and as the ocean swells. which flow unobstructed through the boundless gardens of existence through the vast territories of Mind and Matter the imperishable Home of Father-God and Mother-Nature. : . fourth. a head full of serene. thus. then the " word" (meaning the body selfishness and soul) may be read and heard effectually when HARMONIAL a on to earth. the regeneration of the world as far as possible through little children sixth. and every humanitarian institution which promotes the welfare of the several working classes. a heart full of warm devotional Love to man and to Deity third. ranee and its . steady Wisdom . What are the sacraments of the New Testament ? If by the "New Testament" you mean the New Dispensation.

yield to a different explana- All human (See 2d vol. is. and for soliciting aid from supernatural beings to avert . an intuitive acknowledgment to the supernal for the fact of existence . Is there . What is prayer ? Prayer is a spontaneous act of Filial Love . to any that are not askthat is. of the Great Harmonia. and strictly spontaneous with those . a desire for additional benefits and continued happiness. to open and illumination second. termed special providences. no one can receive the bath of Truths progressive Ideas unless his soul seeketh to know Mother-Nature and to wed his life-work with her All-Wise Companion. no man can accomplish much who doubts his personal capabilition. cure disease.) What is the legitimate effect of prayer ? The effect of too much reliance upon the invisible for aid. Does prayer influence Father-God ? history returns a negative answer . which neither profanes the body nor brutifies the soul. a plan for placating the vengeance of angry gods. and secure local prosperities. baptism to be administered is ? Baptism ing for New not to be administered. ties and shirks individual no good effect in responsibility. into harmony with our interior necessities. to beget weak-mindedness and unfitness for any great work . to attract a portion of the angel-world. What is the origin of prayer ? habit of formal praying originated among the religious sects of Egypt .50 To whom is TEE ASSEMBLY'S SHORTER CATECHISM. The impending calamities. all experiences. prayer ? Yes the normal effect and prepare the soul for in prayer is twofold spiritual influx first. What is the Lord's supper ? The Lord's supper is any hospitable and philanthropic feast. How would you further define prayer ? I would further define prayer by affirming it to be natural to all theological infants. either physical or spiritual. but yieldeth enjoyment and awakeneth gratitude. the soul's invol- untary yearning for perpetual aid.

there is no need of prayer tion no discord . and doing good toward other children " in truth is a prayer and the seeketh Father such to wor. whom ! ! ! ! ! should I praise Should little ? whom love ?" ? children practise prayer be taught that Father-God is a spirit. feel inward defully supply and stimulate. nor of words. True rain. that is to say. there are times of inefcontaining Manhood. being children in the sentiment of religion. up Voluntary prayer is spontaneous acknowledgments to the hidden Source of Infinite " God of Goodness my Fathers holy. the good man's where there life is is no temptaa prayer perpetual.of " in spirit . spirit-prayer. but of living good lives and doingLittle children should daily recollection and exercise . Is true prayer a voluntary act ? suggested by a consciousness of unthe other hand. this learning wisdom. children should not think of a position of the body. Is the habit of daily prayer beneficial ? That is not beneficial which increaseth your dependency which iinpaireth the symmetrical unfolding of a beautiful selfNevertheless. when needs (more desires on . 51 mands which only prayer can Should we pray oi'ally ? who. haying struggled and battled against some terrific enemy to life and happiness. . living peacefully. morning dew.REVISED AND CORRECTED. ascends welcome as the fall of when the soul most needs nutrition. The answer ? that coines. gratified than announce themselves at the court of imperative wants) the heart wells and then overflows its banks in Reason. is forced to go beyond objective Nature in prayer to the Super. but Thee . Can a discordant person pray ? Yes . natural." while resisting temptation." good for goodness' sake. but. and good My God my Father my unfailing Hope Whom have I in the heavens but Thee alone ? On earth. washing the body. just. like the glory of noiselessly. and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth . fable trial when the stoutest heart. speaking the truth. this aspiration is a The prayer ship him.

" what do you mean ? By the term Father -God is meant the living Fountain of all Causation . a word of praise. The aid of Language Lord ! rejects behold my heart. angels. whose unfading groves never feel the blasts of adverse Yes was followed by spirits. nor exhaust the soul that loves the pilgrimage of Eternity ! How would you further define the offspring of this most holy marriage ? I would further define them by affirming them to be. men. Are words natural to prayerful gratitude ? : Hannah More hath well answered ! Whose pervading eye "Fountain of Mercy Can look within and read what passes there. whose landscapes never weary the eye. first. : My soul o'er-fraught with Gratitude." ? When we pray should we True prayer is the think of a Personified-God result of no intellectual perception of persons. a shriek for help . Are these principles masculine and feminine . mouths over a child of Father-Grod and Mother-Nature who asketh for spir- itual aid. effects. children. is an inevitable profanation. by Mother-Nature is meant the Fountain of all Effectuation. hence all scholastic lipservice in churches. prolifications innumerable in infinite orders and degrees of perfection which people the countless worlds around. a cry of fear. a note of music. like a blessing hurriedly spoken by hungry feast of fat things. relations. whose endless avenues never lead through uncultured wilds. winds. and the spirit Lands beyond . Accept my thoughts for thanks 1 have no words. all shapes and degrees and relations of Matter : and second.52 THE ASSEMBLY'S SHORTER CATECHISM. half personified and wholly unalterable. the gratification of unselfish desire "For light and strength to bear portion of the weight of care That crushes into dumb despair One half the human race I" Our You have frequently used the terms "Father-God and Mother-Nature. ? and the Harmonial marriage of these co-essential and co-eternal Principles. . or principles . it bursts suddenly forth like a shout of joy. how I love that brother and that sister the spontaneous Oh.

Justice. What is true morality ? True morality is the living-out of your own ideas and sentiments of true religion. broadest general definition of Nature's works. and the best mental organization presents the image and likeness of Father-G-od. and the spiritual universe is psychologically revealed in man's mind . and knoweth the art of destroying them. . Eighteousness. the Cause and the Effect bounds. and equals all" and at all time's cohesive of infinite -Harmony everywhere as in the material so also in the spiritual realms of consistent Existence.BEVISED AND CORRECTED. If 53 This is the human . is the wisest Who is the most successful man 1 man who seeth the secret victory that ever dwelleth within any defeat which may follow an hon* is He the most successful est effort. you which What is Truth ? Truth is that divine and eternal principle which "fills. . What is fidelity ? obedience to Fidelity is the integrity of your soul to itself the angel of G-od within to your best and highest Attractions. at all times and amid all circumstances. all forms and unfoldings and effects of Mind. control the impulsions of Love by the voice of is He Wisdom. the harmonial body bears Yes man's body the' features of Mother-Nature. therefore. Who is the wisest man 1 He his man who comprehendeth the boundaries of own Ignorance. do they not re? semble their progenitors is a physiological representation of the physical universe. connects. Who is the mightiest man ? the mightiest man who can. beings and invisible spirits are legitimate children. What is infidelity ? Infidelity is the wilful violation of that within you believe to be Truth. That man is truly and gloriously moral whose acts spring from the affection of Universal Justice whose deeds owe their birth to a love of human good and happiness.

but does not accomplish it. When rightly directed. or counterfeiter . and divinity.result. when blest with the presence of childhood. toward self-ennoblement and selfperfection in deeds of good to mankind. the truest friend. to a mountebank. association. or institution. the most attractive woman. physic. is the best neighbor who regulates his private affections and public deeds by the principle of Distributive Justice. is He He "Who is the best husband ? the best husband who. when you examine him by your highest attractions. is He the most excellent father Who She is the best wife ? is the best wife who. neverthel ess.54 "Who is THE ASSEMBLY'S SHORTER CATECHISM. it tendeth. hath the cleanest body and the purest spirit. to that which is neither of these. playmate. est cardinal law is Action. : What is a humbug ? This scornful term is very promptly applied to any person. brother. but is is thought- lessly prefixed to a matter because it " new" and opposed to the established routine of law. to be found only in conThe soul's strong- What is The law of personal progression is scientious action for the benefit of others. the greatest philanthropist 1 He and the greatest philanthropist harm to none. and teacher. The word "Humbug" is usually given to a pretender. and who. the gentlest sister. like a gently-flowing river. in affirming entire fulfilment of promises publicly made or pledges privately circulated. is "Who is the most excellent father ? who begets his offspring unadulterated the of attractions conjugal affecthrough pure tion . when you examine her by is the intu- itions of your highest temperament. yet dogmatically persists. political party. and sometimes. is at once a friend. is is who does G-ood to some "Who the most holy man ? his highest per- He Who is most holy who never acts contrary to the best neighbor ? ception of Right. the law of personal progression ? the sweetest girl. which advertises to perform a certain feat or produce some special . .

based . What is Man ? of a product of all the Universe. man be studied ? should be studied as the Epitome of Father-God and Mother-Nature. ? physiology is Physiology What is psychology ? Psychology is a knowledge of the mental principle upon a perception and classification of its phenomena . through music. is the temporary beautification of ordinary objects by the of lower substance . Physiologically of all esand degrees of matter: psychologically Man is all orders senses and properties of Mind. a knowledge of organs and functions. through theology. . through all the elements of his heart-love. What is anatomy? is Anatomy What is a knowledge of forms and structures.REVISED AND COEEECTED. and through "What is all ? the attributes of his Wisdom. . through the emblems of visible creshould How Man ation. He may ask of his existence through science. classifi- Science is Science an intellectual perception and systematic cation of Facts. Music ? What the normal translation of mute sentiments into exthe best revelation of the celestial subtilties sounds pressive which animate the human soul the only language of the angel- Music is . through philosophy. through imagination. through psychol- ogy. What is Art ? Art into is skill of human nature the transformation human uses and available benefits. has not performed a tenth part of what 'centuries ago their progenitors advertised to accomplish long before the present era. through art. through conscience. Hare we any examples ? 55 many political schemes and some ecclesiastical instituhave never redeemed promises which they have from time The popto time published in their bulletins and programmes. Yes . through physiology. world when discoursing of the Harmonies of Nature. tions ular evangelical system of reforming mankind by means of religious ordinances and canonical rituals. through anatomy.

give solidity and representation to invisible thoughts to symbolize the quality of an act . morally. to shape essences otherwise bodiless . the chief interpreter of the sentiments . the entire existence of a man regulating physically. . to sing of the good and the true. to an intui- Theology tion. in moulding the surface-truths of . to . another word for " Wis- What is imagin ation is ? the subjective mirror of the emblems and imImagination the authorized forerunner of the inof Nature ages objective tellect . and luxuriate in the presence of finelydistinctions .) I would apply this word to an intellectual perception of Facts. to a moral apprehension of Truths. in words at once sweetly human and majestically divine lastly. (See 2d vol. Greece. socially. of the pure and free. law of truth. and Rome. imagination is designed to officiate evermore in transforming the stony-facts of sleepless science into bread of life. embracing thus. all religion. spirituality. to explore mystic fields. spiritually dom. all theology." to seed. a conjectural speculaand government of a being Modern theology is ancient mythology gone called " God. theology ? is an intellectual inquiry. all science. to give substance to shadows . concerning the personality tive comprehension of Principles is . What the reason-principle ? reason-principle is the totality of love. the Argus-eyed clairvoyant of What is the true office of imagination ? true office of imagination is to probe the metaphysics of creation . of Great Harmonia. . to individualize and give immortality to an adjective .56 What is THE ASSEMBLY'S SHORTER CATECHISM. Reason is the flower of the spirit. the poet-lau." the soul's eventual Savior. What is philosophy 1 Philosophy is a term which may be applied to all legitimate exercises of Reason and Intuition. The A intellectually. reate of the spiritual faculties the whole interior nature. a product of the poets and semi-philosophers of Egypt. and break the forbidden seals of man's life-book. intellect. to discriminate be- The tween this drawn and that.

? are human thoughts Human tion . What are conceptions ? Conceptions are the beautiful first-born of the imagination . . . are the patriarchs of the thinking very fond of control. system of trade and commerce. Why do we not see more of this natural conscience ? The undying conscience is now obstructed in its efforts to gain the soul's attention. is first in the soul. . ambrotyped. and exalting . Human . the circumstances of our existence. and the reason the difference between tuition and intuition why persons with opposite religions. sensation the signs of intelligence. its golden words are engraved. thoughts are the effects of organized cerebral mothe waves of the waters of life . ideas. and then forbid investigation. how extremely painful and inconvenient upon its possessor are at once imperative and unpopular . is youngest and most active natural conscience on the contrary. absolute. and less clamorous. innate and eternal second. to disglory. deeper still. are equally devoted and ready to persecute why a Christian's outer conscience can justify the present Ishmaelitish. and magnificence . deepest. dignified philosophy into every conceivable 57 form of beauty. and uniformly overbearing the bench of bishops who first render theological mysteries canonical. Oh. first. ? What are fixed ideas fixed. What in every form the Beautiful. when faculties . an artificial product of ucational and temporary. and. in disposition feminine. It is the declaration of the principle the clear voice of Father-God in the garden of Justice con- how all men. sublimity. is You here see inmost. What is the conscience ? Conscience is a spiritual sensibility with a dual capacity. the children of organal . in each man a thought of God. . edhaving a twofold origin The latter. cover in all things the presence of truth. as the world Its demands goes. in effect tranquillizing they act upon the conscience. . its rewards is cerning whatsoever glorious to Eight to itself and just to ! ! own a natural conscience are imperishable . mostly masculine. Yet. its judgments are neither time-serving nor transient .REVISED AND CORRECTED.

to this prophetic faculty its Why docs philosophical education destroy superstition is ? Because superstition the product of Imagination. and Jews). hence we meet persons who. Egyptians. them 1 ! then. . till each private evil is is manfully overcome and its place occupied by whatsoever . seem to delight even themselves in recounting tales and adventures in which they were the heroes and victors. they unlock its mystic clairvoyance. prior to its cultivation and manhence the more wild and undisciplined a people (like . truly just ? and fadelessly beautiful.. Is the imagination deceptive Yes when the understanding is weak or undeveloped.and troublesome extravagances . . Religion and philosophy are sister and brother no twins of Father-God and Mother-Nature were ever more of one accord How. during hood that faculty's childish years. Does intellect impair imagination ? on the contrary. combined. Are religion and philosophy incompatible ? . the 'ancient Chinese. then it is that Imagination becomes pregnant with crude forms and hurtful fancies. denying to the discordant and sinful soul a moment's silence. by Imagination on the Book of Life and the voice of its words reverberates through the labyrinths of hidden experience. and render it at pinions inspire once the most bewitching guest and the best philosopher. with herculean strength. will you explain the conflicts which frequently occur between There is no conflict between the religion of Nature and pure . What is the result in the mind ? is The subjective result that these forms and fancies al- though not essentially false in the adaptation which is possible to them under the ministrations of enlightened reason beset the mind with innumerable tricks .58 THE ASSEMBLY'S SHORTER CATECHISM. or when the natural conscience is overrun or temporarily superseded by the world's standards of right and wrong. intelligence and a healthy conscience. Persians. add consummate grace and facilities immense Far from it . with a fruitful imagination and little conscience. the more the more supernatural and excrude their reports of God travagant their conceptions of religion.

REVISED AND CORRECTED. instead. . but. 59 Philosophy is a universal harmonizer. and interwith feres religion only when its fruitful superstitions and eonsequent exaggerations contradict the soul's highest affirmations a just and wholesome interference which. resembling a wise parent checking a child's impetuosity and imtruthfuliiess. philosophy. does no injury. strengthens and beautifies and intensifies yet more and more the native glory of all true Religion and pure Humanity.


LOCAL AND UNIVERSAL WHAT Life is Life 7 by countless myriads . embodying dissimilar postulates. with swelling buds and blooming violets . the circumstances of his body second. Life is one with silently-creeping grasses. with the doctrine of a universal BrotherWhat is life hood. for asking me this question the scene which it unrolls before my spirit is sweet-perfumed and bursting-full of promise. however antagonistic the responses emanating from those in opposite states of flesh and conditions spirit. to childhood ! ? crown of thanks dear reader. on the final analysis and synthetic judgment. with emerald . with the nervous joy of humming bees. There are at this moment nearly a thouis felt sand millions of human beings on this globe therefore. to the problem of Life. . there are nearly a thousand millions of soluMan's conception of the answer will correspond to two tions. the centerstances of his spirit . all answers will be pronounced essentially homogeneous. and consistent every way. with laughing lapping streamlets. bringing to each a variable value and a different significance. with picking clover and sweet grass in the . To a well-born and happy Childhood. and.QUESTIONS ON LIFE. one with flowering and fruiting trees. are summoned to the work of definition. A landscapes. first. yet. Hence many and various words. with the fragrance of apple-orchards.

of anticipation without the pleasure of participation. . with the diversal singing of trees swept by the one with the cheery chirp of wind-spirit of the mystic west wren and robin one with the evening dream of prairie fields of fresh-mown hay. . one with the young colt. with the angel of dreams. with. who eat at the smile with the baby. one with the angel of sleep. ing impulses are checked by the interposing voice or strong hand of maternal watchfulness lastly. the turkey in the pasture. one with the ephemeral fascination of novel sports. and the timid lamb on the rolling lawn. an in- nocence which has never felt the joy of resisted temptation identical with initial bewitchments and glittering joys innumerable. one with the silvered splendors of midsummer hues. and . the seeds of ideas which rival the Siren Isles in beauty. with the ascending moisture. . which surround the citadel of undisciplined sensibilities. and the . willows . the blush . to all poets.62 QUESTIONS ON LIFE. . with the painful trouble of finding the misplaced plaything with the half-sad excitement when bound. . one with the undefina- who faces that visit at the house. a table of contents to the book of the coming . . and the yet trembling calf. a kind of avant courier to the facts of an existence superior to the present . in the rapidly-unfolding imagination. cuffing the brooklet that goes purling meadow. one with the fall of rain. below the one with boat-sailing on the glittering pond at the bottom of the field one with leaf-clad grape-vines climbing aspiringiy and lovingly over garden grottoes. with the sun-ray among inhaling roses. and in short' Life to the best childhood is the negation of solid happiness. realities of this globe as well is hence childhood. with the stillness of a July noon. . with blushing strawberries beneath clefts and upon the rock-wrinkled hillside one with the fairy dwellers of sliacly nooks. with the gods of the seasons ble romance of table. and tell innocent stories of new lands and cities yet to be seen . with the melting bow just now arching the far-off horizon . with the early dance of squirrels on the old stone wall . and which plant. a holy foreshadowing of pleasures common to the spirit-Lands. the perception of being without the luxury of understanding it. . with tlie luxurious beauty of landscapes beyond the sunrise one with the rushing gayety of the morning light.

" says Jean Paul Pdcliter." this What is life to the religious Life. and participations that never filled the measure of desire. and a half to love for. an ethereal flame breathed out from the month of God its given not to dissolve the world. of several diseases to be transmitted in coming years to a consequent posterity. most unwelcome scene ! "What is life to youth ? Youth of Life. . 63 a daguerreotype. is life What to ripened years ? The dreams of childhood are faded. for the expression of domestic discontent and parental brutality a receptacle for crude and cramped ideas of God and humanity the fountain Life to . painted on earth by the What is life to unhappy childhood ? unhappy childhood is the breathing curse of unchaste and discordant progenitors an organic struggle. but the grave is not deep it is the shining tread of an angel that seeks us. more and more day by is day. ! type of what you row's substance ! may possess 011 1 ! the merest shadow of to-mor- Press On ! ! 1" What is life to manhood ? is Life to manhood . to the man ? orthodox believer. till senses with seductive every object. of the world beyond. then boweth he his head and the dart only lifts the crown of thorns from his wounds. natural as well as artificial. Oh. but to purge dross away. visit the old man. thrills his " Behold I'm but the power saying. one to sigh. . "Man has two minutes and a half to live one to smile. . beyond the region of clanger. -short.LOCAL AND UNIVERSAL. in the middle of he dies . Infinite Sun of the Uiiiverccelum. is mysterious and unutterably-uncertain gift God's transcendentallythat man. readily magnetized by the diversified phenomena It narcotizes him so gently. through . and to beautify all honorable relations. but . whose bark rides in the trough of that mountainwave which will quickly cast him. When the unknown hand throws the fatal dart at the end of man. panting between smiles and tears a whipping-post. so to speak. earliest joys come back with attractiveness renewed youthful resolutions unkept. . ages . " Life is high upon the bosom of the Infinite.

Is this opinion truthful ? Truthful opinions never impeach the plans of divine effort . painted on the gathered there ! eternal wall. our joy or fear the coming life is made. nor the chemistry of death impair . With sunshine The tissue of the life to he We weave with colors all our own. John G. yieldeth to the use made of it . are the primal causes and necessary rudiments of an It is the eternal education. is life to the man of wisdom ? harbinger of those benefits which Time's sickle can not mow down. What. just as we play upon " We it. like a golden harp of infinite magnitude. and ever on the watch at the keyhole of human consciousness. and dare not think in freedom. And " We reap as we have sown. of lessons which. that believers of popular dogmas are tormented with tyrannic fear. Whittier hath well said : Of which shape. music floats out from its vibrating wires. "lest God should overhear their doubt for God is thought to be always eavesdropping. ourselves. in short. the religious man entertains an idea of God which impeaches at once the majesty of divine Wisdom and the universality of divine Love. neither do they afflict human souls with dismal ideas of the vast Beyond." Hence. or discord goes rolling and winding through the tissues of being. And fill " our future's atmosphere or -with shade. The past shall reappear . his own free agency and knowledge of moral laws. while in this world. may fix. whether heeded and treasured up or not in our early years.64 QUESTIONS ON LIFE. his character and condition for eternal ages. The wise man thinketh that the life of this world. Still shall in the field of destiny the soul around it it call : The shadows which And. hearkening for the footfall of a wanderwhen he will stab at and run them through. and ing thought then impale them on his thunderbolt fixed in eternal flame. What do you mean? I mean. then.

the end of : . good opinion they always entertained would wish They you to be always promising a great and doing nothing. or flat-bottomed sentence . better for fulfilling the of you. scure researches. the enmity and cavils and malice with which he is assailed. The prospect seems it. They do not like you a bit the . idiot wonder. are just in proportion to his success. upon our onward path. deal. because we have much to do. he is scouted and ridiculed if he fails and if he succeeds. to gain a little breath of popularity. which the image and hope of it had excited in his own breast. being half-spiritual and . hollow as a sound " as often got without merit as lost without deserving. may not afford the required response. dull. takes upon him .LOCAL AND UNIVERSAL. is ready with his reply he who never wrote a shallow. and that. finds it not worth the trouble the perfume of a minute. and does not hurt their An author wastes his time in painful study and obvanity. that they may answer for the perThat shows their sagacity. formance. and grinning scorn. and we fancy that all is sunshine be- In youth we borrow : A endless. It is no easy task that a writer. no sacrifices too painful. The coldness and jealousy of his friends not unfrequently keep pace with the rancor of his enemies." He thinks that the . yet whose position. fleeting as a shadow. even in so humble a class as myself. " J?or there \ve live 65 our life again : Or warmly touched or coldly dim The pictures of the past remain Man's work shall follow him I" What is life to the author of books ? William Hazlitt. both thoughtful and imaginative. to overcome yond it. it is well worth doing or that no exertions can be too great. It seems hardly worth while to have taken all the pains he has been at for this ! the patience from our future years cloud is spring of hope gives us courage to act and suffer. meets with nothing but vexation and disappointment in ninety-nine or when he thinks to grasp the instances out of a hundred luckless prize. but instead of that he meets with nothing (or scarcely nothing) but squint-eyed suspicion. wholly rational. because we do not know "We think that life is long. : attainment of acknowledged excellence will secure him the expression of those feelings in others.

adequate. Shakspere. and the same love. Were there no shadows on its scenes of light. the Offering of Sympathy published some years since contains a good reply to your interrogation : " and happy. it is not the despair of not attaining. and the fear of having nothing left even to wish for. Poetically considered. to the production of twenty essays and fifty sermons on the mysteriousness of Life and its benefits. who. so much as knowing that there is nothing worth obtaining. . our faults whipped them not supplies the language of Thought. We stagger on the few remaining make. ! What is life poetically considered ? life is of a mingled Our virtues would be proud. deep sigh : " Oh. " the web of our yarn. they teach the heart of trial and unrest !" Also. both blessing and both blest. But as we approach the goal. But while. in fertile souls. Is traced alike. could man yield his love of it.66 difficulties. one final paces to the end of our journey and are glad when our task is done effort . love and life And yet. Landon's spirit-garden was cultured by unseen hands. ! No sorrow mingled with its cup of joy. good and ill together. QUESTIONS ON LIFE. that damps our ardor and relaxes our efforts. from the flowery slopes thereof heavenly incense rose. full of sweetness and spiritual gratitude. If life was all pleasure. . Life is a continued struggle to be what we arc what we can not. and love Too well its pleasures and delight. we become less sanguine . . were they not cherished by our virtues. in the pursuit . perhaps. in sunshine and in shade bright Why. and we have not so far to go as we see objects nearer. we draw in the reins the impulse is less." These are the words of that world's writer. in one short paragraph. . and to do not. meanwhile there floated world-ward this low. if and our crimes would despair. how much are mysteries. when all is Be spread around us ? Oh ! ! : The cloud that bears the thunder in its folds Comes on the errand of good will to man Oh! we should cling too close to earth. and yearn for eternal existence beyond the grave ? It is most obvious that Letitia B. should a gloom blind and thoughtless soul "Tis the same power that reigns.

In these oxygen of the arterial blood unites with the carbon and hydrogen of the waste atoms. recognised by its varied phenomena." Such is the chemivessels the cal idea of Life. If sweet fulfilment followed all our hopes. which." or a similar phenomenon of the muscle." or a power which sometimes acts independently of . and carbonic acid and water are formed. inorganic and imponderable. but produced by the nerves instead of external irritation "vis medicatrix naturae. " These exist in the . proceeds directly to counract. . repair damages. death. and thence to the nutrient capillary vessels of every part of the system. mingles with the blood. it the first development of Motion. 67 We should not seek a better world than this . and in accord with the materialism of the popular Christian schools of physiological teaching. This change among the particles of bodies is attended with the disengagement of HEAT. . and restore the system to primal healthfulness. The chyle. oxygen of the inspired air enters the capillary vessels of the lungs. and the second prophetic . Like the unfoldings of a spring-flower bud. with which it is carried to the heart. What is life physiologically considered ? Physiologically considered. variety of Latin in the animal muscle " vis nervea. a force evolved. and those purer joys That have no other dwelling-place but Heaven I" What is life to the chemist ? Chemically considered. viewed from our is scientific position. "Where then would be the Teachings of the soul For higher pleasures.LOCAL AND UNIVERSAL. in case of disease or accident. Human food contains carbon and hydrogen. Chemico-physiologists find the temperature of the human body to be in all parts of the world about ninetyis Heat is life. Life is at once an effect and a concomitant of combustion . and cold eight degrees." or that inherent power of animated beings . says the physiologist. What is life harmonially considered ? My answer is that. collated. and centred by the decomposition of certain elements. names "vis insita. known by a volition . " Life" is the vis vitce of a power of animaorganized bodies tion and recuperation.

cies gentleness. Learn to labor and to wait. a shipwrecked brother. we say. But to act that each to-morrow Find us farther than to-day. an ebbless river of blessed sympathies the fountain and mainspring of heart-born joys and loving kindnesses of the sweetest delica. . "With a heart for any fate Still achieving. loveliness. life What is to the politician 1 A platform of action. departing. Trust no Future howe'er pleasant Let the dead Past bury its dead! Act act in the living Present Heart within. And." WKat is life socially considered ? It is a charmed circle of ceaseless friendships . still pursuing. Lives of true men all remind us We can make our lives sublime. It beats eternally through the vascular system of immensity ful. of that Intelligence which eventually buds and blossoms out in the human senso- rium. and all-animating ing from the Centre Heart of the united revolving Heavens. Life is the soul-love of all Infinite Nature. disappointment . not regula- . in the vegetable and animal. When morally viewed. happiness. and God overhead. then. ! A forlorn. Life is the spirit of all warm blood. it is the vital-essence of the mind. ambition. Contemplated from our poetic position. celestially health- fresh out-flowspontaneously beautiful. Is our destined end and way. Sailing o'er Life's troubled main. tenderness. manifestation. And. ! Seeing. the grave is not its goal 'Dust thou art to dust returnest' "Was not spoken of the soul : ! low: Not enjoyment. Theologically viewed. shall take heart again Let us. and not sorrow.68 QUESTIONS ON LIFE. with Longfel"Life is real! life is earnest. leave behind us Footprints on the sands of Time Footprints which perhaps another. be up and doing.

that when absorbing and incorporating and identifying himself with the Principle of Love (or the Christ-principle). the reckless legislation of undeveloped minds liver us ! Good Lord de- What is life to the spiritually-minded t According to the record left of Jesus's 'utterances by the mediumized son of Zebedee and Salome. : . of liberty-loving natures." But Paul's words. and. but by policies. : "What is meant by spiritual-mindedness ? sectarian inclinations. lie is spiritually-minded who considers absolute purity of heart and life to be the richest human possession. . is the only means of its attain- who is the truest teacher of Morals and Religion ? the reply cometh resounding in the firmament from Theodore Parker. . the fearless iconoclast over the pulpits Listen ! of Christendom : The Teacher of Religion must seek to make . may be ac" To be cepted as not less salutary in sentiment carnally is death to be is minded. hath by an expression of his intellectual percepan answer of his own Each man of what was taught by the Old Masters in spiritual contemplation but. with his intellect stored self-constrained renderings of the Christian Scriptures. while more explicit and beautiful. standing upon the platform of an equal libtion of . the misfortunes of political strifes and unprincipled gladiators in the area of government from the terrors of the god " Mammon of aristocracy whose name is . from From . I reply that. If such be spiritual-minded. 69 ted by Principles.LOCAL AND UNIVERSAL." from all temporary losses. life and peace. Whoso eateth my flesh. more certain to shackle than to liberate. by death. by election." spiritually minded. and. the Blessed Moral Reformer said "I am the bread of Life he that cometh to me shall never hunger and he that believeth on me shall never thirst. we learn. hath eternal Life the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting Life. . more adapted to gov- ern than to improve. and expediencies suited to popularities and necessities of the day . that perfect obedience to the highest faculties and attributes' (or attractions) of the soul ment. . and drinketh my blood. erty and not to assume vaster latitudes of spiritual meditation. .



is not to make any one after the likeness image of Beecher or Channing, Calvin, Luther, Peter, Paul, or Jesus, Moses or Mohammed, but to quicken, to guide, and help each man gain the highest form of human nature that he is capable of attaining to to help each to become a man, feeling, thinking, willing, living on his own account, faithful to his special individuality of soul. I wish men under-




of another

in the



this, that their individuality is as sacred before God as that of Jesus or of Moses ; and you are no more to sacrifice

your manhood to them than they theirs to you. Respect for your manhood or womanhood, how small soever your gifts may As I defend my body against all be, is the first of all duties. outward attacks, and keep whole my limbs, so must I cherish the integrity of my spirit, take no man's mind or conscience, heart or soul, for my master the helpful all for helps, for desI none. am more pots important to myself than Moses, Jesus, all men, can be to me. Holiness, the fidelity to my own conis the first of sciousness, manly and womanly duties that kept,

all others follow sure.*


then, is the truest Life 1

No man

ever gave a better reply than the author of Fesin thoughts not breaths t ; not in figures on a dial ; should count time by heart-throbs. He most lives


We live in deeds not years




thinks most, feels the noblest, acts the best."

Who best comprehends the drift of Life ? That far-seeing, comprehensive,

intellectual visionist,


aided by an intuitive consciousness of everlasting principles invisible to outward sense, grasps that universal, gigantic law which uttereth speech from every order and decree of life Interior attractions are absolute prophecies of exterior destinies ; or, in other words, that each radical human Desire is a

promissory Note, drawn up and endorsed by the Eternal God, payable at the ever-solvent Bank of Ultimate Satisfaction. This, in very truth, is the glad tidings of great joy which shall
* See Discourse by Theodore Parker, gion in these Times."


the Function of a Teacher of Eeli-

be unto


all people : a message delivered to willing minds, by the omnipotent and loving Spirit of universal Nature.

What is


to the


of silence


the unknown envelops the only a magnificent scheme of infinite sadness God" natural sequence to pre-existent Sorrows unutterable. What do you mean ? that which I mean that of " Silence" there are two kinds
It is that mysterious

mood which



from over-thought or over-feeling, and that which is The first created and compelled by the absence of them. evokes Silence as the only true expression of love, worship,

gratitude, devotion; the second -is overwhelmed by itself, as a desert of hot sand by its own oppressive barrenness and isolated

Carlyle speaks from exalted silence:



gaze into the stars, they look down upon me with pity from their serene and silent spaces, like eyes glistening with tears, over the lot of man. Thousands of generations, all as noisy as our own, have been swallowed up by time, and there remains no record of them any more yet Arcturus and Orion, Sirius, and the Pleiades, are still shining in their courses, clear and young as when the shepherd first noticed them in the plains of Shinah !"

What is

true silence ?

True silence is the handmaid of meditation and faithful friend to him who prays in secret.



a good

What is meditation ? Meditation is a beautiful angel-queen, clad in the white attire of spiritual purity, throned within the crystal palace of eternal Truth, within the "House not built with hands" the Home of God, whose countless Mansions heated with with ventilated Love, lighted with Wisdom, freedom, furnished bedeck the fields of Infinitude each House with with peace many doors ; each door opening upon a new path in the pilgrimage of progression ; and each new way leading the traveller into a different department of Father-God and Mother-Nature


is life

to the

merchant ?

these words

Life to the merchant hath three distinct phases. Remember Meditation is the door which opens upon the divine



and I will answer the question. Fatigued with an excess of externalism, with his will all overlaid and regulated by the irresistible logic of a prodigious necessity, and although
one might suppose, to every interior thought, yet have man, though a merchant, become temporarily a wooer of the blessednesses of meditation. 'Twas a strange His senses firmly locked, shut up within the worldspectacle of a conscious individuality, substituting intrenchments proof and for the book of life, his best customers ledgers day-books " denied admission, his whole aspect saying Closed, to take an account of stock ." Yes, distinctly I saw him, that merchant, calthe profit culating the results of his contact with his fellows and loss how much happiness he owns, and how much misery
lost, as

I seen a certain


and seeing himself, butterfly-like, flitting away his existence up and down the fatal ledger-leaf, he writes, at the end of his " It don't pay." Brief words these, but frightretrospection Behold how the spirit of the age full of meaning. fully half-fanatical with the inward flames of a bold constructive en" It don't arouses and re-energizes that merchant. terprise " thankful therefore, pay" to be lost in vague abstractions

for past favors, resolved to merit a continuance of public patronage," he unbars the doors and decorates his windows solemnly pledges himself, mind and might, to the graceless gods

predetermines to live, like his neighbors, and the best of them, by feeding the heartless with well equally wants and feverish fashion of the fleeting hours ; becomes recof this world

reant to his inner weal, an apostate to personal righteoiisness, alas! sears and searches the goods and glories of conscience

what do I see?


Bulletins, swinging out at each corner of his "Damaged goods at a bargain."


yet, blinded

by the blushes of occasional

success, he

pushes forward. His soul's hidden merchandise and all his habits are popular; but he would sell for "less than cost." Push off the injured stocks, so damaged by the fire of an offended conscience ; the clerks, his thoughts, are ordered to

and the merchant fancies himself victhey do so world is the torious purchased by his spiritual devotion to there remain eth a frightful residuum, a mass after it ; but, all,





of ruined goods in the secret closets of his soul, on which is " Mene, Mene, Tekel." written, as by an angel's mighty hand
the merchant weeps Defeat has walked by his side a wolf in like and borrowed night, garb, dressed in the day manner of victory. Ah he has driven too oft from his soul
! !


has refused to enter in at the strait the spirit of Meditation gate ; from day to day he has allowed his business to master

manhood, has violated the laws of body and mind and, still his yet surviving perception of the Rights of Man, he is prostrated helpless on his self-made bed of death.

angel of deathless friendship weeping, speechless, powerstands yet by his side. And hung out over each door of the fast-decaying store, the material temple of the spiritual ocful




signee's sale

the flag of death, the auctioneer, saying no postponement on account of weather." ;
foregoing perceptions of Life, what rules shall

"Asto sub-


all the

we adopt

serve individual

harmony and

social happiness ?


whole answer

concentrated in the following directions

for establishing the


it. 1. In the to do but resolved nothing against, Morning everything 2.' Happiness for all for, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.



to bring-

being the object, let every action during the Day spring from such well-conceived and well-developed thoughts as lead to its 3. In the Evening retire at Peace with yourattainment.


Peace with the divine principles of universal Love and










by the Past, and by all it has brought you. 2. Be thankful 3. Be hopeful for for the Present, and for all its blessings. the Future, and for all it promises to bring you. Observe these Rules, and the Harmonies of the kingdom of G-od will be with you, and Peace on Earth and good will toward Man be realized.




Nature ?

Nature is the sevenfold manifestation of the Great Positive Mind. What is the Great Positive Mind ? The Great Positive Mind is the crystalization of all Essences the focalization of all Principles to an extent wholly
Is Nature separate



Mind ?

No what we

term Nature

one living in and through the other, " mutual dependence of Cause and Effect. What are Principles ?

the eternal associate of Deity all in all" as the

Principles are the changeless methods whereby all essences are regulated in their ascension from primates to ultimates

from simplicity to diversification from a state of merely abstract vitality to orderly embodiment and permanent organization.


confined to a centre or focus in space


an omnipresent spiritual principle animating and regulating the universal whole being himself governed by the involuntary necessities of His own constitution.
spirit of



Does God know


events eternal years before they transpire.

God knows

only through the ever-awakening intelligences

of his universal existence.

necessities to omnipotence. therefore. the fruit of the univer! No never . That is to say.76 QUESTIONS ON THEO-PHYSIOLOGY. progressive being 1 There no increase of the quantities of mind or matter is . what men term Infinity. reaching forward progressively after expression through living Do essences exist for ever ? There is no non-existence. the universe revolves. Is there no department of is infinity unemployed ? no vacuum hospitable no space unoccupied to that which should be destroyed. there tion in all the realms of Infinitude. Are not essences also immutable 7 true of essences only when applied to their diversified and ceaseless mutations. Can God do all tilings ? God is not sufficiently powerful to accomplish self-destruc- tion. lost in future spheres ? Because man's spiritual entity. endlessly all vitalic and energizing elements are strictly immutable in Immutability is their changeability. Is man's individuality . space fields of and motion matter unimaginable elementary principles these. the ultimate form of all forces. Whatsoever is good and useful can not be destroyed. organizations. Are the contents of infinity eternally fixed ? Eternal fixedness can be predicated only of Principles. and inasmuch as there is nothing but what is animated by the one spirit of goodness and utility. is that shoreless extent of space in which finity. is a product of an indissoluble alliance matrimonial. between all atoms of matter and all principles of mind . on their way up the dizzy acclivities of immensity. but of progress in qualities and permutations there Is the universe boundless ? no limitation. Is There God a is are. so is there nothing capable of annihila- No. There is nothing existing without embodying divine ideas and subserving eternal uses. Infinity is something containing is Boundless at all moments occupied with something. unlike that of any inferior being. Boundlessness is a comparative term applicable only to innot to the organic or inorganic contents thereof.

Wright. . and retainetli the image ity of his divine progenitors. . of Great Harmonia. as you obtain. C. to sow and reap. develop questions which some other day will answer that day has not yet dawned upon the world. through obedience to the twelve commandments. either scientific or religious. How can such marriages be secured ? True marriages may be secured by parents teaching their sons and daughters the uses of such relations and then. 77 and inheriteth the immortal- What is the most important question ? question to this age is. but ter far in every organic essential. a reliable knowledge of any subject. children. must of necessity bring into existence fewer children. No true nuptial relations. to man's improvement from the very beginning. let them go forth and make choice upon their own responsibility. would be less prolific in the multiplication of . bet- . How do you explain this lack of productiveness ? The explanation is." QUESTIONS ON THEO-PHYSIOLOGY. Would such marriages be more fruitful ? consummated on the harmonial vast harvests of golden joys for the world while yielding basis. by instructing them in a knowledge of the central temperaments. and consequently deficient in the germinal properties of mere blood-love. The most important How can this be accomplished ? Healthy and well-constituted offspring can be brought into existence by means of just. that none but the intellectual and spiritual in motive can conceive of and enter upon a high order of marriage and such. give more details containing the temperaments ? the " Reformer" was written to quicken the world . sal tree. and Marriage and Pa. being superior to extremism. chaste. that kind of interrogation which looketh into the origin of the human species . (See 4th vol. and harmonial marriages of men and women . Can you not Not yet . by stir- ring the waters of life. rentage by H.) But how shall we comprehend your philosophy of the central temperaments ? By observation and intuitional study. in the direction of matrimonial progress and thus.

how can it circulate in the physical structure ? The explanation is complete when I add four words to the disease is a want of equilibrium in the cirproposition. yet it is clothed by a transitory medium. as the mucous membranes ? is simple. sensation. which at all times soul. and cooled or contracted. the superficial elements pervading the spiritual principle. How does sensation (partly existing on the exterior of the physical body) which circulates through the sensitive nerves. and cherishing affinities more or less powerful for the several imponderable elements from which in part it derived substance and individuality. thus culation of the superficial elements of the spiritual principle. What are these two significations first. may be heated or expanded. vol. ? The that sensation is an ingredient or elementary prin- .. as is proved by common experience. or a chill with one of two conditions the one a or the other magnetic state. the body of the principle human and everywhere surround In this manner the spiritual may be contracted or expanded (in its superficial departments) by the presence of heat or cold. by the action of magnetic atmospheres or its electric agents. transmit itself from its own vessels to other more interior and unnatural receptacles. In further illustration let me remark. is subject to their positive and negative action . repelled or attracted. that sensation" is a term used in the Harmonial Philosophy with two The answer is principle significations. having form and solidity as you affirm." Now if this principle be organized. the invisible spiritual principle in man ? a term employed in this Philosophy and intelligent dynamical influence by which the human organization is animated and governed. i. that is to say. that "Disease is a want of equilibrium in the circulation of the spiritual principle. being compounded of essences infinitely refined. and thus be made to lose its healthy balance or equilibrium . Although the invisible spiritual an organized and indestructible substance. the negative or electrical. in which case the individual is attacked a fever. spiritual principle is to designate that affectional The But you say on page 103 of the Great Harmonia. capable of being influenced by heat and cold.78 What is QUESTIONS ON THEO-PHYSIOLOGY. positive by its opproduced by posite. as already " explained. This spiritual principle.

79 mind . which goes to form a perfect organization. caused. then. as set forth in the present publication and in the second volume of the Great (quite as good as yourself). on . Yes common atmospheric the other hand. all this.others. for example. by having fret at and get angry with those small to constantly ciently efficient in You may be whose ruling temperaments natuwith your own . first. rally differ . is adequate to the proand Can a part. not as an elementary principle of the organized soul. that sensation is a ciple of the immortal the spiritual body. by the presence and influence of different degrees of temperature. These. may occur without is in any degree disturbing or deranging or displacing the deific substances of which the spiritual inmost composed. atmospheric magnetism duction of effects precisely opposite. inasmuch as this attribute is exposed (because dwelling on the serous membranes and surfacial nerves) to the action of elements in the outer world. Now. by violating any one of the twelve commandments. by living practically upon the extreme or inverted planes of Self-Love or. as before said. of blood that is a change of action among the atoms and a change of temperature in the subtler fluids. is capable simultaneously of diminishing surface sensation and of increasing the sensibility of the interior portions . be displaced thus transposed. . even though such changes might be prolonged and sufficient to destroy the physiological functions and liberYou perceive. the second. Can you illustrate this proposition ? electricity. that Sensation ate the immortal mind. second. What shall we do to make others unhappy 1 the production of unhappiness to a lust of control and benevolence suffi. without producing disorganization ? Yes . third. Harmonia. while. I denominate a loss of equilibthe initial type being the beginning of all diseases rium" Fever and Ague.QUESTIONS ON THEO-PHTSIOLOGT. so is it (sensation) liable to be thrown into different phases of operation. but only when in the capacity of an attribute or medium is subject to " diversal transpositions. dwelling ordinarily of attribute pervading on the external surfaces.

and by wearing more garments than the temperature demands . present or absent. by indulging your inverted fraternal love in thinking over the faults. we travel for pleasure how shall we contrive to be miserable ? You may mentally of your housekeeping establishment . it . first ten miles' entertainment has wearied your child's senses after witnessing the phantom phenomenon of fields. 5 <fcc. then fumble in one of your pockets. of some acquaintance. &c. third. and by combating the delays at passenger stations . or envying the good fortune. by accomplish. the child's unhappiness and sickness a matter of certainty ? ! its and thus make Yes The surest plan. a stick of peppermint candy . forbid' its desire to run about.80 "When. How shall children be made nervous. second. long restrained . and. but none more correct than Give the child a little piece of something to the following eat every fifteen or twenty minutes throughout the journey besides. when not really thirsting . finding. by perseveringly avoid- first. fifth. more baggage than you will absolutely require . and keep mouth half smothered in the nurse's bosom. and taking with you seventy-five per cent. about tiuo cents' worth of peanuts . by cultivating feelings of hostility to the least inconvenience. and by drinking stimulating fluids or water. plotting the downfall. QUESTIONS ON THEO-PHYSIOLOGY. one which has been " tried over and over again" and proved most successful. next. that gone. or the perplexities ing every attempt at ventilation. fourth. while travelling 1 There are a multitude of rules. provide your pockets and carpet-bags with the requisite variety and quantity of colored For example After the toys and confectionary substances. fretful. is this Before setting out on a day's trip by the cars. to change its seat. fences. : : moving rapidly toward the place you left behind when your child begins to ask questions. forbid its talking fast forbid its crying even when too : . Can you not give some plan whereby to fulfil this prescription. villages. as the child half of give grows still more restless. lastly. give the next an apple with its core .. by eating a large quantity of food. this result in various ways carrying all your business along. and sick. " When will we be home?" exhibiting symptoms of coming restlessness wants trees. by packing up without system.

but inasmuch as. while eating the orange. the empty (!) stomach. to your remaining oranges and apples and finally. so very simple . .. which. 81 these will do very well for half an hour's entertainment. even if the appetite is gone and the fever does heat the brow. and your child's unhappiness and nervousness continue to increase. wlien the little eyelids will close in a dreamful sleep of fifteen minutes' duration . despatch word to the most respectable physician. but give a piece of cocoanut candy or a stick of licorice-root. try to increase it by placing in the dimpled hand a fine sweet orange JUi^ don't take off the skin. and say: "Doctor! do something quick for our child. &c. when arrived. according to directions on the outside of the bottle when its thirst becomes unbearable (after eating the sandwich). but wear slowly away. nor remove the seeds . of a bran new article of clothing. of beautiful rocking-horses. . as its mouth begins the exercises well known as preparatory to a half-angry and nervo-pathetic cry. as soon as you get ont of the cars. return to your peppermints and peanuts. then. and as the otherwise well-behaved child is suddenly attacked with a fretful fever and headache. innumerable promises of new shoes. as the cherub face looks comof the ladies' car as the hours . next give it a baker's sweetwhich will do as well some homemade jumbles . give it a dose of medicine. put a stop to this by means of a sandwich you had the presence of mind cake* or to prepare before starting. don't be discouraged. Wife and I (not having any paregoric with us) have made unwearied efforts during the whole journey to keep the little dar6 . owing doubtless to the blow on the head. &c. therefore now is the time to give the other half of the apple aforesaid this should be followed by a regular attempt to feed . to your almost-forgotten crackers and cheese. is without desire for the substantial articles . nevertheless. with the sick child in your arms. the busy head unwillingly bumped itself on tlie corner of the adjoining seat. get him in your house. take the quickest conveyance home. giving it .QUESTIONS ON THEO-PHYSIOLOGY. which may be found at the end and now. paratively happy once more. as this will be quickly disposed of (a part having fallen in a pool of tobacco juice which a gentleman has caused to flow beneath). give it a drink of lukewarm water.

gone to the mysterious un-get- gone at-able world. it is the Master Artist is The eye . the whole to conclude with a pathetic prayer. What is the eye 1 the portal through which the soul looks out upon the universe : the light of the body . what shall You In his prayer. touching upon the doctrine that the young spirit has " to the bourne whence no traveller returns. on the mysterious ways of Providence." we hare preached at its funeral ? should send for your physician's most distinguished friend and co-laborer. except through " faith" in the recognised stand- ards of evangelical truth How shall a child be made quiet and happy while travelling 1 By adopting a course diametrically unlike the foregoing. Lord In the sermon Jesus. let him inform the Supernatural that we recognise this event. on the incomprehensibility of G-od's ways to man. he should dwell. the plucking of this rose from its parent stock. The excitement of changing and moving about. namely. and your journey. is the cause of a fictitious desire to eat." gone to the regions of the incomprehensible. even if half round the world.82 ling still. on the doctrine that God gives and G-od takes away . QUESTIONS ON THEO-PHYSIOLOGY. with us dear do something for the child What have we done to be Doctor what is the so visited and afflicted by Providence ? matter ?" To which that gentleman gravely replies " Pulse ! About mid-day we noticed its little forehead was couldn't eat any lunch appetite since morning and hasn't been able to take any nourishment Oh No ! ! ! : threatened of a high fever gastric irritation a dangerous diarrhoaa with inflammation with convulsions scarlet fever of the bowels prospective water on the brain indicative I can tell better to-morrow morning. the most respectable pastor in If our child should die. will be cheerful and compara- labor of doing tively without fatigue. as another warning (to those remaining) to believe on the town. Preserve your balance thus. with touching eloquence and tears in his eyes. feverish. and not the ! Chilit. and in his death for sinners' sake. dren and adults alike require but little nourishment while travtaken as near as possible to the accustomed hours elling while at home.

parts. yet what : is more familiar to the occulist than the scientific classification of the visual membranes and humors THE COATS. What offices are there assigned to the visual organs ? * first. 2d. the cochlea. sclerotic 1st. for example. winding all the way round the immense base of rudimental existence. and the semi-circular canals. cavity. 3d. or inmost membrane. ~" choroid and ciliary. 1st. was said to be a faithful representative of the three grand Laws . the furrowed cartilage. the action of triune laws. Assigned to the visual organization are three offices to paint the exact shadow of external objects upon that invisible and all-embracing canvass. Is the philosophy of vision comprehended ? the philosophy of human vision is as yet but little unIf the beautiful structure of the globe of the eye derstood.ree-cornered ear. thus the tympanum. The aqueous or watery. physicians would smile . by scientific classification. 3d. or internal Yes . The crystalline (lens). even at the foot of the cradle of life. and thence. Behold. we learn that the labyrinthal part of the ear is composed of a 2/z. The ear. trinity of Here are indicated the presence and action of a living Laws. The vitreous or glassy. as the following 2d. with an imperceptible transition. herein. which flow out into corresponding organizations. 3d. or external ear 2d. Academy of intellectual Design it is the image of a principle. So. or middle ear . continuing their unbroken lead spirally onward through an endless galaxy of golden homes in firmaments eternal. THE HUMORS. to es- tablish and regulate Memory by illuminating and expanding the third. the labyrinth. No of Nature. to discover in the wilderness of understanding human experiences the ever-pleasant and ever-attractive Paths of Pure Wisdom paths beginning in the lowest valley. called Imagination second. in the picturesque 83 . retina.QUESTIONS ON THBO-PHYSIOLOGY. : . is composed of three anatomical 1st. called the vestibule. also. . The The The and cornea. Is the ear similarly constructed 1 and every organ to be found in the animal or mental empire.

fourth. If this be true. How is the tongue a source of judgment ? Through its sensational capacities. why do persons ness and propagate disease 1 who "indulge their appetites. the tongue is capable of deciding both in sickness and in health. The tongue truest interpreter. that standard of taste which is supreme in the tongue. Alcohol and opium and tobacco were originally forced into the mouth. the tongue is ? a standard of judgment to the combined digestive organization besides which. but the ills" of days' or months' or years' continuance do utter the language of condemnation.84 "What is QUESTIONS ON THEO-PHYSIOLOGY. to transform the deepest thoughts of intelligence into sounds which the listening spirit can remember for ages after- ward . it is the soul's chief and . will save the whole body from all extremes and physical discordance. in this judgment wiser than all the inferential dietetic systems either of chemists or physiologists. to to the the secret condition of the sympareport physician's eye thetic nerves and the ganglionic centres . second. Hence every tongue must be its own it is judge. to divulge to the ear of friendship the affections and emotions of the heart . contrary to the repeated remonstrances of the lingual sensibilities. The office of this inestimable instrument third." complain of ill- Because they violated. and urge the paralyzed WILL to begin the work of self-reform. to embrace anything not welcome to its inYou well know that your discrimi- . in the days of youthful rashness. to tell the ever-attractive lessons which unfet- tered and progressive souls absorb from the vital system of the Infinite. When is the tongue misemployed ? it is When fallible made standard of justice. and when strictly confided in and obeyed. What are the uses of the tongue ? is fourfold first. what foods and beverages will best subserve the offices of the stomach . accuracy of its Owing to the admirable impressible nerves. until violence and insult have established the reign of tempo" rary silence over both tongue and conscience.

health. nay. if and conscientiously heeded. Beware of that tongue which delighteth in the sequestered causes and private details of broken friendship . one rule is for ever safe ask the of smell what odors will delight.QUESTIONS ON THEO-PHYSIOLOGY. the intellectual faculties acquire their education respecting foods and drinks from the testimonies and intelligently admonitions furnished by the thrice wiser tongue . while imparting no good tidings. is wasteful and mischievous excess. or of nations' quarrels in distant lands. which. Institution that . against the unbridled despotism of monarchies. against the bitterness and bigotry of religionists. and the nose and inouth will notify your Reason that a swallow of fluid or a mouthful of bread after thirst is slaked or hunger is appeased. When is the tongue the noblest friend of man it ? proclaims in thunder-tones the unreversable princiand Wisdom and Liberty in behalf of every peoLove of ples ple and for all races of men . it uttereth the words of that Friendship which could be neither purchased by the golden gifts of prosperity nor sold when misfortune sent an auctioneer to dispose of your transient poslies at sessions. which propagates the last tale of misfortune or slander concerning individuals and fami- home. warmed by an overflowing heart of tenderness. then eat and drink (as directed in 4th vol. 85 nation of flavors did not spring from an original intellectual perception of them . of the Harmonia) . against the mischievous hatred When of tyrants. in sickness in either or animal. entailing habits of intem- perance and the seeds of disease. would at once set up an everlasting barrier of defence against the invasion of multitudinous medicines and epicurean habits at present so exTo the human as well as tremely orthodox and fashionable. When is the tongue an angel of mercy ? When. and namely organ : the organ of taste what flavors will please. When is the tongue it an instrument of torture ? When cries out "Crucify him! crucify him!!" words which. put mighty weapons of persecution in the hands of the ignorant and prejudiced. against every works antagonistic to the largest freedom of any object bearing the image of humanity.

What is the use of man's body ? use of man's body. water. spirit 1 The use of the spirit. man's thinking principle. is the a mystery. extracted or obtained from whatsoever Man's spiritual body (which contains his inmost being) is elaborated and fashioned.86 QUESTIONS ON THEO-PHYSIOLOGY. mind. has need of a good Memory. eats. intelligent expression to the eternal attributes of Father-God and Mother-Nature : . from unatomized substances extracted out of air. and being soon. bodily organs. spirit an velop his internal Principle indestructible conscious entity.- Yet story-telling (according to Dean Swift) is subject two unavoidable defects . When is the tongue a promoter of pleasure ? When it ministers instructive anecdotes to the circle of and when. without irony and satire. frequent repetition. as was said in the first chapter. is : to mould and organize and determed soul. fulness. and should frequently shift his to company. and convivial Mirthfriendship. Humor. to give a conscious. it sets in harmonial motion the wheels of "Wit. . But man's inmost his spiritual principle is a deific essence. food. he breathes. by means of his various. viz. and the several imponderable principles. which one short senspirit's indefinite problem tence may possibly dissipate. mind. and drinks ? Is his spirit. he who values this gift in himself. The What is the use of the soul. exhausted so that.

on the contrary. so to say. do you mean by an opinion ? opinion. tion minorities. ion.QUESTIONS ON THE DESPOTISM OF OPINION. England. Opinion. namely. It is gradually growing less powerful. North America. What can be said of North America as a country 1 Politically considered. the strong the weak. right. it rules the It leads to the organization of fashion to imitathe masses. political despotism. liberty dwell side judgment by which majorities govern might is confounded with and the worst forms of tyranny and the best phases of to a standard of by side 'neath the shade of the nation's banner What is demonstrable such as the facts of history. . is individual two are institutional . methinks . But France. while laboring under numerous oppressions. and Germany. . is the freest and the best. and the despotism of opinion. the phenomena of science. ecclesiastical despotism. or the principles of philosophy these are susceptible of the most thorough demonstration. How many forms of despotism are there ? There are three forms of despotism one. I do not mean anything which : legitimate child of the intellect a sort of bastard. enjoy more freedom of opin- In America the despotism of opinion is mighty. as a country. still. and notwithstanding its justification of chattel slavery. rambling about in the fields of perceptive logic By the symptoms of future alterations. is a vagaan ilbond.

each the germ of procreative despotisms. becoming an opinion. Absolute knowledge. is derived from no well-ascertained fact. by general consent and not by understanding. theology and some of the doctrines of the doctrines of Jesus. believed by persons . presumptions. and nothing more. as already said. I mean such knowledge by industry through . ? that all J3y investigation I have acquired this knowledge theology is a despotic theory. on the contrary. for esaniple. . assumptions. which became despotic just like every other opinion. Opinion is the builder of dungeons the inventor and proprietor of torturing racks and : . And I repeat the affirmation that. therefore. "What is the origin. precludes all opinion. Yes rods of iron the grand Inquisitor who first kindles the martyr's Such is the desfire. misunderstanding. a subjective belief.s : these all are eggs. of an opinion is ? conceived and brought forth by such parents as inferences. and denies thenceforward the right of individual free discussion. opinion. concerning morality and spiritare immutable truths. it would no longer be opinion. mistakes. attains to authority. Of course. is not based upon Nature's facts and principles. tive. AN OPINION . mis statements. in the due process of integral growth. whose parentage can never be fully traced nor legally defined. Can you give evidence to strengthen this assertion is ? Yes . destitute of that knowledge which it arrogates to itself. What have you ascertained by investigation. from no established principle. deductions. Opinion. guesses. church-theology is merely an. which precludes opinion. becometh Wisdom. but knowledge absolute. Knowledge has no slavery in it opinion has no liberty. being inherently posi. brooded by little minds and time-serving institutions. as that which the entire soul acquires consciousness appropriate channels of that which. and then executes its terrible judgments. presumptions. upon inferences. but.88 QUESTIONS ON THE DESPOTISM OF OPINION. assumptions. Theology. Supernaturalism and metaphysical theories spring from conjecture which. ualism. Opinion each the centre of a bantling opinion . If it were thus derived. distinction between. Do Jesus ? you make any . for ever independent of its mere belief. potism of opinion. church-theology.

its harmonies. near the centre of a wide a spread bed of interlacing and inhabited stars. Genesis teaches the paramount position.QUESTIONS ON THE DESPOTISM OP OPINION. like out a moment's rest. and dreaming. are in general quite ignorant of the extents of Nature. size. salvation. on the couch of . taught to stray." studies geography perhaps. our entire solar fraternity travels of ily planets swiftly. about whose imperturbable majesty And the earth's inhabitants. and divided into vast constellated groups. To the external sense he appears to be asleep. with- magnitude illustration. the Moon. breathing. Around this magnificent this planetary 7 And yet. are never But the secperceived by the believer in a dismal theology. these are subor- But the " Milky Way" was long since churned up by Astronomy. planetary organization lays seemingly destitute of animation. out-measuring the overflowing our entire planetary system vast orbit of Neptune swelling over and expanding away into the immense depths of space beyond ! Can you illustrate your idea of Yes . the Sun. is a name for one of the Pleiades. without a moment's fatigue. its relations. 89 who its laws. and importance of this earth . ceaselessly. noiselessly. the limitations of Ignorance the prolific source of old theol- Yes thank God and man's slowly but surely developing Knowledge has repressed the tides of the dead seas of error. and its vast famcentre. Where Terse ? did the world get the idea that this globe was the centre of the uniit The world received from the oriental tribes. the the entire heavens revolve ! chief of all Deific concern. and sees this globe as the centre. the myriad Stars. ! the largest. the magnitude of some of which is sumcient to fill to dinate and subservient. and special providences as a human necessity to Our earth the centre of creation a stationary orb. Man. and set bounds ogy to the despotism of opinion. " never tarian mind. its functions. the sun and moon and stars all as so many attendent supernumeraries. most important. "Alcyone. far as the solar walk. harmonial our living." for brightest stars in the the Sun. Have Ave not outgrown ! this contracted idea ? the soaring soul of Science has overswept .

is many times larger solar . pirates. liars. and money-getting deacons. . as you well know. QUESTIONS ON THE DESPOTISM OF OPINION. should study astronomy and comprehend something of immensity. ere their light can reach our globe And it will help your conception to remember that light can fly two hundred thousand miles per second.90 Infinitude. . Some stars are yet so distant. or any other related globe. It is a curious fact that the most vicious persons are the firmest believers and future hell-punishments. as they think. which niaketh earth the centre of all creations. theology is of necessity believed by those who are constitutionally discordant by those who feel evils within who infer therefrom the existence of devils and possess. although its speed is so great. internal evidence of total depravity. it requires eighteen millions and two hundred thousand years for our visible sun and its planetary dependencies to revolve once round "Alcyone!" This primary is nearly one hundred and eighteen millions times greater in magnitude than our sun which again. would he not. are fellow-believers and in literal sometimes fellow-worshippers of the horrors crees of popular theology. if discordant. than the earth. highwaymen. Those who are enough unfortunate to be thieves. Notwithstanding which (apparent inertia). still believe in the doctrines of theology ? Yes . what shall we think of the oriental cosmological of the basis of the old but popular theology Genesis. With this revelation of Nature ideas before us. that thirty millions of years will sink into oblivion. slaveholders. popular theology leaves it as naturally and rapidly as the beasts of the forest flee before the peaceful march of Hu- manity. and atrocious de- When does the mind lose such belief? well-balanced when the person becomes measurably self-harmonial and as much civilized in religious matters as in current politics and in the commonplaces of life the When mind is then. our body journeys forward at the frightful velocity of four hundred thousand miles per day and yet. and infinite scores of human beings will live ! and die out of matter. and the ! earth's inhabitants the source of infinite trouble to Deity Suppose a man.

cases. a commentary ? What is A commentary is an attempt. for example. Beecher's recent scholastic work worked from a disagreeable personal Conflict of Ages" is the most unsuccessful effort of a talented apologist . theology. or improbable. to defend and either impossible. a method of allaying the positive protestations of the intellectual faculties "The and intuition. popular theology receives support from many talented and conscientious and benevolent men and women. But is it not worth remembering. Theology naturally believed by those who hare large of cautiousness. Adam Clarke. that the most intelligent and courageous among its supporters. in making this assertion. lurking about in the caves and dark retreats of the cerebelIt is lum and like a viper too. tiousness. in extenuate a matter which is many deemed ous.convince Yes . Is there not much invidiousness in this assertion ? Far from it . to subdue the " conflict" between his own lower and higher faculties. is entertained by scores of . have been apolog-isers for the system ? Have they not all failed in justifying theology to the intellectual faculties of mankind ? Dr. I do not forget that like a polar bear sometimes. contradictory. that keeps sequestered because knowing its place. and a morbid conscienorgans These temperaments take judgment into custody. Yes is another curious fact. secretiveness. that old theology (as an opinion) never It goes far underneath gets into the upper rooms of the mind. many of old theology? Does not the presence of evil in the world . Dr. to satisfy the demands of human reason . Why did Dr. I know you would be astonished to find that each writer necessity . Clarke write his commentary ? it He man simply to offer an explanatory apology to hunature for believing that which an intelligent and healthy wrote Reason will eternally repudiate. as an opinion. was under the necessity of writing an elaborate commentary on the Bible.QUESTIONS ON THE DESPOTISM OP OPINION. Is not a dismal theology natural to certain temperaments ? 91 . ambiguCould you look into the be- ginning and inceptive causes of the various commentaries on the Bible. The last fifty years are * remarkable for apologistical sermons.

inductions. the verbal commands Many believe of God that evil results from violating not that evils and sins (so . ences. and the consequent abuse of it. How can philosophy help the world ? The Bfarmonial Philosophy will do this world a monumental service by explaining the nature and demonstrating the cure a work which theology can not do. honest minds. which they would not continue to do. in poetry and metaphysics congenial to fanatical reformers as I shall hereafter demonstrate. . by persons who believe Principle to be very good Theology the shrine shirks. and divine . As this is a quesallow reader will me silent to be the next twenty the for tion. What has been the experience of those empire of Nature ? who have sought for knowledge in the This question would require a careful compilation of the history of science. not only that the world is growing wiser. expediencies. already seen. and because they can not understand the origin. : . &c. myths Yes . inbred as a sorbed. the nature. What other causes are there for believing theology ? is Theology childhood. which has no fellowship with opinion or despotic fanaticisms. (Such should read the Great consider evil to Toe absolute ." minutes. being victimized from at the shrine of popular and educa- tional religion . compromise measures. and the cure of evil. &c. sponge drinks water. not educational that all true life is from within. and a chapter descriptive of theological oppo" delicate sition to independent investigation. not relative Harmonia.92 QUESTIONS ON THE DESPOTISM OF OPINION. if they could see that all true religion is innate . presumptions. giving time for the Weekly Pennsylvanian to answer " We believe firmly. of evil "Why not ? Beas cause theology is an opinion based.) They and conditional. upon inferand not upon KNOWLEDGE. and revolutionists Would popular theology depart with the advent of correct knowledge it is ? impossible for an intelligent person to believe the ancient of Egypt.. now do homage believed by persons who. not ab- Who profess to believe theology ? is professedly believed by persons who worship at of policies. own called) take their rise primarily from man's ignorance of his nature.

And yet this founder of a new system of astronomy was excommunicated from the the belief " When Vatican. were permitted to enunciate the result of their labors in peace. in a great degree. and has For this thus recommended itself to the scientific world through tribuThat Tycho. and superstitions of ignorant ages. and the dictates of common sense. Kepler. the glorious truths he had taught. " But the Copernican system is now established. and to declare that the earth stood still. and Newton. his great follower in the cause of scientific truth. he indignantly exclaimed. with his hand upon the Gospel. and nothing lias conduced to this desirable more than the accuracy and solidity of modern The vague mists and superstitions which clouded the intellect of past ages. 'And yet it he was again assigned to the dungeons for an indefinite period of time. but better also state of facts 93 learning.QUESTIONS ON THE DESPOTISM OF OPINION. . lation. in the presence of an assembly of ignorant monks. was universal of the immobility of the conceived the idea that the sun was the cenearth. as he arose from his humiliating position. " When. and against the preconceived ideas. and the people are willing to be guided by what appears in accordance with The instructors of youth. G-alileo. and the papal court never annulled the sentence till 1821. and in spite of the natural and universal perversity to sustain error. " Galileo and Socrates are examples of the sacrifices men have sometimes made for the advancement of truth. are no longer afraid to follow the promptings of genius. which once made whole nations fools or mad- men. and that the earth was a planet. in 1543. may be attributed to other causes. prejuColumbus. the promulgators of the truths of science. the Herschels. under adverse circumstances. and required to repeat every week. been dissipated. for three years. Copernicus tre of the system. Fulton. hare. like Mars and Venus. and men begin to reason for themselves. stamping his moves. by the terrors of a brutish public opinion. and was compelled to solemnly renounce on his knees. the seven penitential psalms of David. dices. for maintaining heretical doctrines. in 1633. and revolved round the sun. was thrown in the prison of the inquisition.' foot.

94 QUESTIONS ON THE DESPOTISM OF OPINION. Leverrier. not evidence of their volcanic fires for many cendo age give turies if the bones of fishes with their fins were not intended if the eyes of the fossil insects were not intended for motion then the most admirable adaptations of the animal economy do not show design or point with unerring certainty to the great Architect and Designer. met with persecution that destroyed his practice and re- duced him to poverty. William Harvey. while the inventors of " cough lozenges. and great analysis. that the earth was erected just as it is. and Franklin. and If the mountains hoary with lead to the rankest skepticism." "liver pills." "fluniex bitters. LamMichael bert. Those who contend for the limited existence stand on by incontrovertible facts that it dreds of thousands of years. chaotic. Buckland. Angelo. and uproot the whole system of natural theology. for their painful and laborious mathematical calculations. would overturn all the foundations of Dr. and given Blot their discoveries to un- certainty. and Galvani. The supposition of Chateaubriand. with its millions of fossil-shells imbedded in the rocks. and others. Professor Silliman. John Pye Smith. and dress . they tigations leading nature. Mr. President Hitchcock. Delambre. and nothing but their actual and unequalled triumphs saved them the reputation of being fit subjects for an insane much does the world owe to Leinnitz. by the public sentiment by which they were surrounded. were all opposed. have proven must have existed for many hunyet so far from these investo lead to a true knowledge of atheism. roll in wealth. And the very verge of denying indirectly the existence of a divine power. " Yet how often do the discoveries of true science pass unrecompensed. Dr. each in his particular path of discovery. all from existence. but the geological re- searches of Dr.. who discovered detraction and the circulation of the blood. " It was fashionable twenty years ago to deny that the earth was more than sis thousand years old. Descartes. Lyell. Paley's theory. and becomes dark." &c. " How of forces. while the various systems of stultifying humbug- gery meet with favor the eye and ear of the public. composition asylum.

the Spanish by warrant of the president of the college of physicians. Dr.. and England they at once rejected the drug as an invention of lies. who had the mother." when boiling pitch had stood the test for centuries. " The Jesuits introduced into Europe the Peruvian bark. as she had witnessed its happy effects during her foreign resiShe tried the experiment upon her own children. had she foreseen the vexation and persecufaculty rose in arms. the prin- and clamor cipal surgeon to that king. The and the most disastrous consequences. and was soon restored to the father of health. by the application of boiling pitch to the surface of the stump. the French parliament voted it a crime. prescribing cantharides internally. " When Paracelcus. first "Lady Mary Montague. experienced surgeon A howled down by the faculty of physic. foretelling failure tion it brought upon her. common people "were taught to hoot at her who had risked the lives of her own as an unnatural offspring.QUESTIONS ON THE DESPOTISM OF OPINION. sixteenth the of century. she seldom passed a day without repenting of her patriotic undertaking. and the clergy descanted from their pulpits on the impiety of thus seeking to take events out of the hands of She protested that in the four or five years after Providence. in purple 95 Before the time of Francis I. for spent some time in Turkey. when a limb was amputated. and dence. and passed an act making in it a penal offence to administer it for any disease. and was hooted and this was raised. introduced the employ- ment of antimony as a medicine at the instigation of the Medical College. fate for "Almost the same a time overtook Dr. "In 1792. Frederick the Great took it in spite of the remonstrances of his physicians. in the fine linen. Jenner. of Switzerland. introduced the ligature. who ridiculed the idea of " hanging human life upon a thread. her arrival home. Ambrose Bare. the surgeons stanched the early part blood. who . Groerevett discovered the curative power of fly in dropsy. introduced inoculation for the small-pox into England. but no sooner did his cures begin to be noised abroad than he was at once committed to Newgate. and she vowed she never would have attempted it. .

the day will soon dawn. not in fancy. and we believe that with such views the world will make more progress the next century than it has done in any five centuries heretofore in the struggles of an impeded civilization. That is to say. every bling humanity. which its rival has . when fudge and nonsense will 110 longer be tolerated." more sense. of useful because the How shall knowledge be made to take the authority of opinion in churches ? Knowledge can be made to supersede opinion. the general dissemination of substantial knowledge. shall state truths and not wild vagaries hatched amid the incubations of dark ages to that spread abroad and plague the world. "We hope this practical. the powers of a free press. and intolerance. day becoming more and more diffused with the invention of useful labor-saving machines. no longer to disturb the placid surface of an elevating and ennohope that with correct knowledge. of Frankfort. let us have a senate of Christian and of anti-Christian leaders a full representation of each system. but that man everywhere and on all occasions shall deal in facts. by calling a publishing the results of such a convocation to the world. not. sensible era has arrived. and ignorance. to prove that vaccination tations against him. " Such have been a few of the results of ignorance. some fragment of a principle.96 QUESTIONS ON THE DESPOTISM OF OPINION. prejuIt is to be hoped that with the common dice. was the real Antichrist. the steam-engine and electric telegraph. of useful knowledge. . Each creed has some truth in it. the power of the loom and the anvil. gravely attempted Iby quofrom the prophetical parts of the Scriptures and the writings of the fathers of the Church. We it has already come. Even religion and the Bible were made engines of attack Erham. The Koyal College of discovered the uses of vaccination. that their dark waves will be rolling back upon themselves. that such a foothold has been obtained against the flood-tides of bigotry. school. Welcome an age of common correct views. the academy. the scientific lecture-room. in modern " convention of creeds" and churches. the more true. Physicians received his discovery with ridicule and contempt. intolerance. and college.

necessity. for opinion's sake prohibited? Who could be ostracized could Fenelon ? " Could Fenelon ?" with his sovereign conviction that holy soul's regeneration ? could Luther ? works and charity evidence forth the Who could be voted alien with his doctrine of justification by faith. and the unprogressive. nature fallen of man ? expansive. Augustine ? Augustine ?" notwithstanding his dismal idea of the blighted majesty of all human nature ? St. the inspiring element and conservative principle of character ? " Could Luther ?" Who could be shut out could St. unforeknowledge. Who could be repudiated could "Could Calvin?" with Calvin ? Could any one be passed over could Channing? "Could Channing?" capabilities and endless Could a doubter be omitted with his belief in man's boundless growth ? could Hume 1 " Could Hume ?" ? with his doctrine of experience as the could Wesley ? test of truth Could any be voted heretical "Could Wesley?" with his ruling idea of a Missionary Work? could George Fox ? Could a friend be prohibited " Could with his doctrine that the unerring George Fox ?" spirit of Glod is a guest of every regenerate bosom ? Could a critic be discountenanced could Voltaire? " Could Voltaire ?" truth is with his belief that what ? men term always two thirds fable Could any seer be proscribed could Swedenborg? " Could Swedenborg ?" with his impression that the outer universe is but the drapery and imagery of a spiritual existence ? liberalist Could any be excluded could Thomas Paine ? " Could Thomas Paine ?" with his conviction that Eeasoa 7 . "Who could be excluded from such a Convention ? 97 Hear the Echo " ! Who could be excluded from such con- Who denied a seat in this senate ? Who could be vention ?" voted intruders who. " Could his logical platitudes concerning free will.QUESTIONS ON THE DESPOTISM OP OPINION.

in humbler social positions . without knowing it. having obtained and bodied and knowing little or nothing of its neighbor. in the form of a Mormon organization ? Could any leading mind. and playing fraternally into each other's hands. and the restitution of all things ? could Ann Lee 1 Could any woman be repulsed " Could A. are unable to form true estimates of each other. and strive to force one creed 'upon all mankind sum of truth in religion. Each sets desperately and spitefully upon the other. or their followers rather. the only reliable Revelation. Instead of rejoicing and being happy in each other's earnestness and eloquence and efforts for man. for these leaders. in America or across representation in this senate of creeds ? : Could any professedly honest person be shut out could Joseph Smith. pasand thus defeat the good which the best sion and imbecility believers have in view.98 is QUESTIONS ON THE DESPOTISM OP OPINION. of the carnality of outer marriage. and a sufficient rule of ? faith. They separate themselves into bigoted organizations exhibiting folly and wickedness.nii Lee ?" with hier doctrine of the difference be- tween the Jewish and Gentile Christian church. and have made men suspicious of . law. be denied a Echo still responds " Could any be denied ?" Nay . have deserted the The dignity of an everlasting principle has of truth. Each system. forth some truth. Yes each other. Is priestly influence against human unity ? priests have separated themselves from others. the sects stoutly refuse hospitality and as the acquaintance. and practice Could any person be tabooed could John Murray ? " Could John Murray ?" with Ms belief in the final holiness and happiness of all mankind. ? the Atlantic. path been given to opinions and the dismal opinions of theology tend to debase the mind. . . and of perpetual inspiration ? " Could with his doctrine of a new JeruJoseph Smith ?" salem. What may Priests be said of priests and churches 1 and churches. Opinion becomes arrogates infallibility for its declarations. and plunge men into despondency.

99 What is the theology of priests ? Their theology is a compound of love and hate. They fear the human heart . the spheres that swell out into the depths beyond. they would vilify and set bounds to its Opinion teaches the corruptions of reason ." Thus differences. . both positive ! ciples A superior to steam-presses. to be just and fear not. harmonial. expands the genius of wisdom It man to be Beautiful. Opinion teaches the superiority of past traditions to present truths. is your Sacred Book Father-God containing his promises. invites them to ministers are the worship in the cathedral of immensity. of heaven and hell. his prinunalterable universe. The immutable Laws of this Book are our rules of life . of rewards and punishments. and perfect obedience to them position do is our virtue and our religion. and Astron- omy withhold her upon modern creeds which starlight. rather than see discredit thrown rest upon ancient chronicles. She cheering . with much of What We . his purposes. breathe the spirit of hate and human " love. and the treacherousness of its best dictations. to the despotism of Opinion! proper study of its pages. the stars above. so beautifully embellished by making men acangel-hands. retain her secrets. We Suppose we leave creeds and churches. her revelations ever-welcome to her children. as practical denizens of the globe 1 a transition our feet press the planks of occupy place that temporary bridge which connects the past with the future . God-ordained attractions. to free action. and all the myriad hosts who live and love upon them. and sacrifice the interests of individuals upon the blood-stained altars of sects and priesthoods. honest and sociable.QUESTIONS ON THE DESPOTISM OF OPINION. we now occupy. And priests would have Geology. tells tive. to be reasonable and peaceable. all unconscious to themselves. to free speech. even while their theme is they divide men. Her expanded earth. courageous. midway between the inferior and the better era . what shall we do ? are free to communicate with the divine revelations of Her sweet melodious voices are everour Mother-Nature. the unfolded heavens. The and negative material This is the word of and spiritual. They are no friends to free thought. and its teachers.

as we continue to ascend the Alpine heights of the pure impersonal ReaThe light of the future maketh the night of the past son. both. sheddeth its the brow of the over just rising delightful rays upon the topmost minds on earth.100 QUESTIONS ON THE DESPOTISM OP OPINION. Better Day. The valleys of human life of existing Doctrines appear more and yet more uncongenial. with neither practically. the darkness seen by them to be a despotic opinion of popular Theology without knowledge appeareth all the more hideous and rethe archives and alcoves pugnant. we look forward away. Barker . see nothing of this and have no such realizations. up the hill to the City of the living God The Past ? that has worshipped imaginary beings the Euture ? that will work for HUMANITY ! . "While the sun of pure wisdom. ! . the comfortably-housed and the mythic-valley people. a repugnance which increaseth sevenfold. Gladly. we turn our steps from darkness gladly. while our opponents.

dif- each ferent systems of government. chief. the folds of tempestial of joy ! fire. setting their omnipotent currents through human affairs. tortures. also. and different religions some or mark of Reverthe monarch. It is vocal with sounds innumerable . fearlessly embraces death in its most terrific form. with a god-like might. but unfailingly Amid the gathering clouds of smoke. . the martyr sees angel faces full ? What are the characteristics of a true martyr A true martyr is one who bravely meets terrors and .QUESTIONS ON THE MARTYRDOM OF JESUS. imposed by many and strong enemies. with a moral enthusiasm transcending the instinct of self-preservation and every selfish motive. seemingly defeated. The tides of life. of lamentations and spiritual distress. rather than relinquish or disavow a cherished conviction one who. and through victorious. have wafted the wrecks of different nations. with sounds of glad thanksgiving and songs. bearing berating through the moss-clad dome of the sad song of expiring heroes distant ages is heard the dying sobs of the fire- dressed martyr triumphing over wrath and hatred and every trial. martyr. the Past. in order to bear faithful witness to the sovereignty of some divine principle. THE ponderous cavalcade of solar bodies along the milky- way is not more majestically grand than the unbroken march I have been listening to of human ages up the path of Time. .

that one of its is Holy rural barns was the palace which shut from vulgar eyes the that one of its uncarved birth of a heaven-descended Prince sings ! . all the painful struggles of time and the awful mysteries come forth at the magic touch of this strange. prejudices and imaginations concerning religion. streaming o'er the mists of time. looks forto Canaan's fair and happy land" ward with faith and hope to the place " where the wicked No I do not wonder that Palestine cease from troubling. of yea. over the bright sands and along the purple shores of the Holy Land. of poetry.102 Where QUESTIONS ON THE MARTYRDOM QF JESUS." And it breathes bles" upon him who came from Galilee to be baptized." Is it not natural to revere the birthplace of Jesus ? Christian's sensitive reverence for Palestine. to the poetic eventful history. " He casts a wishful eye and yearningly. Gently descend the dews of Herman. of the sacred waters. seem like the golden sounds which fed the silent air of Eden. shall we look for the world's true martyrs ? Open the history of Asia. the history of America and behold the martyrdom of the great and good. of eternity The lone star of Bethlehem. hath the effulgence of a thousand suns. 'Neath earth's flowery bosom lie the smouldering ruins of namewho have made personal resistance to less men and women . and the true." " Land" him a to who entirely believes. the native land of his Savior. is both natural and beautiful. whose " raiment was of camel's hair. The winds of the sea of Galilee steal with dreamlike stillness over the fertile To the banks of the baptismal river the plains of Judea. The Sowings believer. crime and to tyrants " Where do they sleep ? the Whose holy deeds around fearless their A glorious light A light which. all the tender sentiments of filial prayer. The widow's overladen heart findeth rest beneath the welcoming shade of the Cedars of Lebanon. The ele- The ments and aspirations of patriotism. of perfection all the sacred love. the history of Europe." Its music leaves her soul upon his heart. of pathos. It sings a song to him Christian goes for contemplation. pathway threw Illumines every age and every clime With radiance bright.

They studied a creed not the volume of creation. sacred temples of error. in whom I am well pleased. lived there till the death of Herod. bade him "Onward. the truth. gladly ? The poor heard him gladly mainly. . 103 and uncusMoned mangers cradled the Eternal Savior of the World whose feet had pressed the soil whose sympathetic tears had watered it whose breath. had met and mingled with the world." Then a voice said " This is my beloved Son. But And the angels. and towers of war." said the young nfan. witty. who heard him . had mingled with the air. ." With pathos true and touching. many that were sick. because he was born of the humblest among them and advocated their cause. he went forth to teach." : : What may be said of the Jews in this connection ? The Jews were the most imbecile worshippers of Force. and faithful. the dreary depths. and knew not the Father. and the life. He did. the voices of MotherNature spake to his weary soul. "Let the sin. less man cast the first stone. .QUESTIONS ON THE MARTYRDOM OP JESUS. . According to Bible history. Anon. The Jews were the best and the worst of men virtuous and vicious. and music made of melancholy sort. voices o'er the wild uproar of the wilderness. after forty days of interior preparation. Source of the spirits of all men. He had travelled in Egypt . a Retiring winds waved young man sought the wilderness. " The Jews must be taught the way. Golden domes of pride. hypocritical and avaricious. He opened his mouth and taught the multitude and he healed . the heavens opened and he " saw a spirit from Father-G-od descending like a dove. They were worshipping the imaginary G-od of the patriarchs and prophets not the unfailing . and sometimes gay learned in many arts. and. and whose hand had written in the sand. in twilight's pensive hour. freighted with words of comfort for the friendless sons of men. serious. h& had seen . this without reading from the . ." What does history relate on this subject ? Sacred history relates that. : . meteand spiritual. equally infidelic rialistic . generous and brave at times invariably . lifting their the spirit of G-od moved within.

And it is birth. What followed this repudiation of the then popular authorities t The physicians and lawyers soned against his ing spirits and openly ridiculed his psycho-magnetic miracles. The angel said : " The is tyranny . and was stoned eagle is to death . and clergymen of the times reaclaims." Justified and. his mother dreamed Yes that a supernatural being brought from the sky and gave her an eagle.104 QUESTIONS ON THE MARTYRDOM OF JESUS. she insisted that the child had been syinboled forth. they doubted his power of discern- government. by the multitude. ? how would you explain Matter is the servant of mind. that the unborn child spirit. What happened to the mother of Nero ? In a dream the mother of Nero saw a dove descend. They him without mercy. and crucified ! spiritual principles According the birth of Jesus ! to recent discoveries in psychical science. the last is assassinaher by imagination only. and settles the doctrine is psychologized by the maternal (See 3d vol. brimful of examples.) Can you not give examples of maternal psychology ? Fire months before the there are many examples. and conspiracy against the Roman him without justice . And they had him arrested on a charge of heresy to the Jewish . or using remedies from the then orthodox drug-store. power the serpent tion. of Great Harmonia. What a great martyrdom What a faithful witness did he bear to the Father-G-od who inspired him. . This unborn of her history terrible impression acted like a charm upon the coming spirit . Nothing is more obvious than the sympathetic alliance of these two eternal principles. a martyr to his tried church. the life and death of Caligula was an exact fulfilment of his mother's dream. the Roman emperor. then popular bible. Mind matter is the Principle which is is the moving Principle : well established that the productive mind influences and moulds the body and soul before as well as after moved. which changed slowly into a venomous serpent. Some of his own converts traduced and deserted him. birth of Caligula. History is as true. holding in its mouth a scorpion which was dropped upon her bosom. lo. .

few weeks prior to the birth of her son. and " Behold so shall it be with Not long thy son. grandeur ulated globe. his During the important period immediately preceding the young mother saw a vision of startling She beheld a popand great depth of significance. persecution. and his might was felt in all the An angel now descended from. next. with her sweet face beaming compas- Yes sionately upon the form of an innocent child. stood a man with a brilliant countenance. a young woman had an impressive dream in which she beheld a beautiful damsel. She beheld a precipice of abrupt descent . with the same message. and float midheavens. which melted away into the distant horizon and sloped gracefully into lands and lakes that spread out to the left. And the history of A Nero was an exact correspondence. and witnessed Yes the drilling of the troops for battle.QUESTIONS ON THE MARTYRDOM OP JESUS. of symmetrical proportions. this dream was repeated. and the same angel apOf course the psychological peared. rise gradually out It was decorated with every of the sea. whom she knew to be her son. the woman became the bride of a distant kinsman. he bade her look down to the right of the mountain. This event transpired a few months before the birth of her child. Presently this child became a great man . leaning over the river's brink. rode side by side with her soldier-husband. conceivable element of natural and artificial beauty. the last. suicide. : said ! same dream was impressed upon her . Pointing with his upraised hand." after this dream. horse. And twice before the birth of her first child. a high mountain. The exciting music and scene together inspired her with a deep thirst to behold a war and a conquest. She said it denoted peace. whose Relate the history of psychological name was effect " Napoleon !" wrought upon the spirit of Dante's Mother ? birth of Dante. first . effect was complete. the earth. while in the house of Levi. Her son's name was " Moses. Moses such experience '? Had the mother of . like the wall of an . 105 and presently stung itself to death." Can you mention an example less remote ? a woman of considerable physical courage mounted a . Upon a high and grand mountain.

painters. operating.. and. The result was accurately daguerreotyped upon the spirit of her unborn babe... as if his whole soul impelled by was struggling to some supernatural predisposition sublime and immense measure of his mother's dream ! fill the "What is there so wonderful in a name ? " Jesus" is the Greek for the Hebrew word " Joshua . mechanic spring. Dante's mother 'had as a scholar whose genius only in view the greatness of her unborn child and poet. will suffice : religious chieftains.. she saw no evil. . " Anointed" " Christ .. thou shalt bring forth a son.. And this person lived and died on the scene of history. musicians. "Whereupon she thought she fainted with excess of fright.. expecting the literal fulfilment of her vision. with full belief. is all the known throughout Are unborn there child ? lands of civilization. The word Christ" was annexed to distinguish him from many others bearing the " Messiah" is the Hebrew for the Greek word first name. not comprehending the intent of his mesBut the spiritual visitor soon allayed her sage. but respectable. he shall be called the son of the Highest . was troubled. looking again. to demonstrate the mysterious influence of mind upon matter . before the birth of her child. he shall reign over the house of David for ever . After this beautiful and thrilling vision. dreamed several times. by saying: "Fear not and thou shalt call his name Jesus . immeasurable with depth unknown. But her son was serene as a morning star . I might refer to hundreds of similar among poets.. anxiety." and the " term " Savior" is the English rendering. that an " Hail thou art angel came to her and said highly favored the Lord is with thee." In due course of time this woman's impressible imagination was : ! . mind upon the other illustrations of the marvellous effects of In further illustration.106 QUESTIONS ON THE MABTYEDOM OF JESUS. to prove the predisposing effect which a mother's spiritual convictions exert upon her coming offThe wife of a very poor. as the creator of a world of fancies. cases and more particularly. gulf." The angel looked lovingly down upon her and she. and of his kingdom there shall be no end.. and One more instance. mathematicians. however." and the term is the English translation.

" Christ" is Christ. as they . he baptized the prophet. Saul and David and Solomon were considered the especial " Agents of God . . The Jews a term which literally signifies a divinely-commissioned Agent It would be perfectly correct. there is nothing known -of Joshua's childhood and youth. opher of the second century. " Doctor thus giving to this Joshua. the martyr of Calvary" spiritual Essenian a just and sufficiently conspicuous position the world's great martyrdoms. to say Joshua. after returning to Palestine. he and learned the art of acquired considerable intelligence healing by mysterious words and manipulation and that. but expected to reap on the other side of Jordan. nothing reliable. 107 called every political or religious Chieftain the because their doctrine was theocratic Lord's anointed thus. Joshua felt the hidden voice of his mother's dream . What can we be certain of in his early history ? Aside from the penetrations of clairvoyance. still more literal. and Isaiah calls CYRUS the Lord's anointed" which is the same as the word or Messiah." to designate him among the inhabitants of Palestine . and answered him accordingly. What may be said concerning his reputation ? wilderness of Judea echoed to the herald-notes of good honest John. But Origen." But John " forbade " I have need to be baptized of thee. and. a primitive Christian father. or diplomatized Physician. regarded Celsus as a heretic. any The verted spirit " unto John to be baptized. or. among What did the early philosophers say ? Very little . and professed to hold an incomprehensible correspondence with the Father of spirits. Joshua seemed to have had 110 understanding that he was the person referred to and so. he assumed a special mission. . him. an Epicurean philosthat Jesus (or Joshua) spent several of his childish and youthful years in one of the most densely-populated spots of Egypt that while there. He sowed the seed in Palestine . testifies Celsus. with a beautiful grace which became his earnest soul." and said doubtless." Here. -cast a of of like went other conreligious being character.QUESTIONS ON THE MARTYRDOM OF JESUS. and without the testimony of spirits in daily correspondence with men. And forthwith his friends had. " therefore. the physician.

37 . for his reputation. Did he give them a sign ? The populace did not believe in physical manifestations. ix. when we confound persons with principles ? more unfortunate. 6). and had the reputation of being both a medium and a god. and the were not prepared to detect the methods savans. and the consequent co-extensive obscuration of general Principles." he says (Matt. all is Is truth aided Nothing is quickly explained. &c. The universal deification of local persons. ! ! Jesus had extraordinary power ." a table a chair never never tremmoved. why All that the people asked' for was not? "evidence. hath power on earth to forgive sins" then he healed the sick of the palsy His miracles. After a while." said the spiritual skeptics. supposed. is a. and others as proof positive of his divine commission. No the Professor Faradays. " That " that the son of man ye may know. of those days Joshua was said to be almighty. And we love to Shall We a motive which contemplate Joshua in this unselfish work alone actuated his first efforts. 15 . They required evi" If thou be dence. skeptics asked for but the wonders were wrought when a manifestation. however. Yet the sucof deception. (See John x. Strange history when became the water never wine." because he had cured many sick. so to speak. we behold him working. many wonWe marvel that derful works. reason to expect great words and greater deeds. instead of serving the good of . king of the Jews. xi." He was nailed to the cross.108 QUESTIONS ON THE MARTYRDOM OF JESUS. But could he draw a nail ? Could he descend from the cross by any supernatural means ? If so. were appealed to by him. we say that this reputation became a misfortune 1 love to have miracles wrought for the single glorious purpose of benefiting suffering humanity.) " Command these stones to become bread. and the President Mahans. because of their unbelief" man could limit thus the ways of God. xv. " He did not cess of Ms might was conditional. bled. familiar phenomenon in the religious . His fame " went throughout all Syria . ! the suffering merely. save thyself. 2. was that power limited ? however. Upon rational laws.

" at this ghostly procession of priest but I was but a child then. will principles of that spiritual religion which was patented by the bench. would be transcendentally effulgent and magnetically attractive." The holy alist. Now I half sympathize with these mourners. no rational modern spiritu- ever hold Jesus responsible for the innumerable absurdities of many who claim him as " Master. in subsequent pages.QUESTIONS ON THE MARTYRDOM OP JESUS. could it be but safely exhumed from the popular cemetery of ghostly creeds. his ? Should we hold Jesus responsible for the short-comings and mistakes of professed followers No true harmonial philosopher. and saw delight. of Jesus and the Christ- * The reader referred to principle. in things of show and circumstance. They have destroyed their best friend. and I half call them to The system and forms of religion T term superrepentance. as and parish many still do. 109 Perhaps it should be described and deplored as a repgnawing perpetually at the heart of man's native as an invidious serpent crawling about in the garden religion of his soul. with step attuned to mournful measure. The Christuniversal has Love* been principle of sepulchred beneath a ! solemn outward hero-worship of the Martyr of Calvary. of Bishops under Constantine and labelled " Christian" by later and lesser authorities. bonum of all saving righteousness. It is the departure of Nature's own religion. world. And crown him lord of all !" . as if unexpectedly bereft of some world-wide benefactor. according to the more ample explanations. On is the first day of each week. Wellmeaning clergymen there are in abundance who walk through the streets of their profession. . dressed in garments of grief. a cloud enveloping each face. as if these were the summum tilian error. Alas it is too true. "All hail the power of Jesus' name. naturalism. ever tempting the higher sentiments to substitute persons for principles inducing the spirit to worship empty creeds and godless ceremonies. Time hath been when my spirit marvelled at the extravagance of this " obituary notice. Let angels prostrate fall Bring forth the royal diadem.

Creedal strifes and sectarian storms. first. preaching a funeral discourse with somely-bound book the ghost of an old idea for a text fifth. in singing "Hark from the tombs" third. Practical and undefiled religion once consisted in a well-orlife of universal good will but consists now in believing the creed. in being popular. in adhering to the form. our evangelical clergy visit the cemethe system and ceremonies of relitery of supernaturalism " This The churchyard" hath a sorrowful history. and the deification of persons is a spot on the sun" of righteousness. which is modified more or less by each secconsists sect. the penalty is heaviest with . an invocation to an unknown god: and remarking upon " the Northwest passage" of some handfourth. and the vampyrean voices of terrors and tortures and miseries dark that have cursed and crushed humanity all mingle their sobs with the hideous bellowing of Romish Bulls. spirits. reading through ond.110 QUESTIONS ON THE MARTYRDOM OF JESUS. mourn o'er the mosstery. another song of sadness and supplication sixth. with the deep hollow barking of protestaiit Dog-mas. with the sickly niewing of the Westminster Shorter Catechism. and. ha. by covered grave of Nature's own religion." or absolute religion in its fashionable swept day and night through the sepulchral caverns of this deadly place . The dered What is the consequence of the deification of persons ? All inequality is productive of discord: all over-statement " is injustice . a benediction. these grim What is the ceremony which is attached to this burial ? burial ceremony. Every exaggeration of supposed gods. Every sabbath the clergy visit this cemeaided such as feel disposed. every over-statement of the wisdom of corresponding diminution of mankind. most approved almanac. gion ! fearful tempests of eighteen centuries have passed over it. that have rolled down and gory ages with the terrible strength of a thousand cataracts. is followed by a Can you explain your idea more at length ? If you take from man's character to enrich the character of the gods (of spirits or angels). and rejecting the doctrine of progressive development. with a promise to meet next Sunday and rehearse the drama of burying " Christ in creeds.

being lifted ! . ? Besides Joshua. there are others ! the artist. to jealousy. of the victims to the French revolution. Spain. in the main. and. are there not other martyrs more than those by his by the consciousness of self-sacrifice to a principle. of the inventor. You dress your gods and saints in richest robes while on your own person If I were to tell you the hang innumerable rags and tatters exact reason why we see so few noble men and noble women among Christians so little individual integrity and self-sus- man : . put their souls upon a gilded waiter. Kepler the idea of " Eureka. rapt in Tycho Brahe. the insane What Open the history of individuals. in short. There is such joy Shall we not think of Stephen. ! . the orphan. the people have not enough venegodheads ration for human heads remaining to commence even a respectable retail business in the line of practical individual Religion 1 How shall \ve apply this in justice to martyrs 1 By magnifying the trials and sufferings of Joshua who we take away wrought but thirty-six months for humanity our sympathy from those who need (if they do not deserve) it more a thousand-fold. to misunderstanding. to . tian world has given so much intellectual wealth toward maintoward taining in poetic elegance the celestial aristocracy praising and extolling the virtues and qualifications of the that. Portugal . The body and his soul. Copernicus. needs elevation. with bended knee and unreasoning reverence. the musician. the Christo the gods of tradition and the times." insensible to poverty and disease which shall we not think set upon him like wolves upon their prey of these with justice Ai e - ? there different phases of martyrdom ? still Yes. that the people have allowed themselves to be led captive by unspiritual teachers have. presented them In truth. not gods. these hold the martyrs to envy. Ill for man. now. Peter.QUESTIONS ON THE MARTYRDOM OP JESUS. of the martyrs of Italy. the deformed. and beliving martyrs. tained intelligence : I should say. must have suffered less. Paul in right-doing of Joshua could not suffer side . The manly martyrs to science G-alileo. the ! needlewoman.

a bad temper. mythical tradition relates that the earth was once inhabited Yes A only by twelve valiant and ambitious knights . perforce of a consequent necessity. to evils not yet revealed. Ignorance chains a reformer to it. give up the ghost many times a year. . .! This spiritual martyrdom is not comparable with physical crucifixion. obedience to God. Despotic opinion drives in the earth a stake of iron. the crucifixion of the Son of Joseph and Mary is a glorious example of spiritual supremacy. to wrongs unwritten. and the shell of an immortal being is burned little do they think to ashes Poor disciples of Ignorance that the martyr's pile is " a chariot of fire" on which his soul The Reformer's grosser rides into the kingdom of heaven forcible crucifixion of " resistance to "Tyrants is ! ! . to a bad marriage. with tearful eyes and saving sympa- What : Martyrdom is the martyrdom usually a result of? result of an individual protest against crime of personal rebuke to ages of wrongs and mistakes .112 QUESTIONS ON THE MARTYRDOM OF JESUS. the principle. for which he died that lives after him. to till and plant and eat with truth. to a religion of forms and a of government policies. may be dissolved in the flame . Prejudice brings the fagots. at a period when there was neither sun nor moon. and sweat great These are self-crucified upon drops of agony when alone : ! whom good thies ! angels look. his spirit's coverings. the is one imbued with the conviction that. and the world was swimOne among the ming in an ether of unbroken blackness. ! form. Such nail themselves to the cross. but the Thought the idea. Fanaticism kindles the flame. Many there are who carry about with them an inveterate foe to private peace and to public usefulness some hateful habit or poisonous propensity pursuing their conscience day and night a perpetual martyrdom from which they may not escape. Can you illustrate this law of justice in Nature ? I can let you into the idea by means of a parable. the State smiles approvingly." Viewed in the of an individual light protest. the harvest of error-seeds sown by their forefathers and learn thus. the Church makes a prayer. Nature hath ordained that children shall reap .

which compels a benefited posterity to crown with glory the Man who suffered martyrdom is There an irresistible 1 8 . comes out like a golden Orb in the starry dome which overarches the temple of Humanity. and experienced the tortures of burning . with ebbless tide. of thorns. Acwas kindled. dies by the hand of violence to vindicate what he considered to be a great Principle. on the contrary. becomes but a pale satellite in the firmament of Justice . palpitating with deific energy. the envious knights places ren. awakening birds of song. and unfolding flowers in strongWith a wonder surpassing speech. he who. one of their number leaped into the fire. more beautiful and gentle than the rest. there came out in the firmament a Golden Sun giving forth heat and light. it bodies forth the des- He who aspires to the martyr's crown tiny of two classes. ! ! beautiful recognised in the face of the glorious sun the spirit of their and innocent brother. Is there a principle of distributive justice in the affairs of the world ? Gulf-Stream of distributive justice. the remaining ten beheld the appearance of a pale and sickly moon whose comparative insignificance deterred them from further search after glory in that direction. and the warriors proceeded when. was sacrificed by his jealous breth- thrown into the flames which quickly consumed as his disappeared in the burning pile but. 113 twelve. certain cordingly a large fire to fierce contentions and immediate death by burning. to the end that he may be famous and popular in history. forgetful of self. setting straight through the Ocean of human life. illuminating the broad surface of nature. each challenged the other to combat making the condi: tions of defeat. the most beautiful and envied knight was made to yield. as in the case of Joseph. in the same rapidly progressive manner. Under pretext to destroy him. Beholding his triumphant Ambiresurrection.QUESTIONS ON THE MARTYRDOM OF JESUS. became the victim of their envy and ambition. but as his head disappeared in the flames. What truth does this fable illustrate ? This fable typifies a sublime truth . while. and. his body. they were mortified at their own defeat.. tious of a similar promotion. by the concerted force of the others. lo life was extinguished on earth. He was and it .

Of this . is free. and heretical absolutely. class I know there are many. have attained unto considerable truth in the way of inde- pendent investigation not only by interrogating what are . Phoenix-like. himself being the judge. righteousness. a blessed group. Are all readers prepared to look at this -'question dispassionately 1 No . unmolested ever- more and cheered with songs of "Thus praise. And the martyr awakes. called the manifestations of spirituality. also. and soars o'er the fields of former persecution. It will be found who have investigated the semi-popular spiritual phe- lie that those nomena. Let us all seek the path of rectitude and to the Scriptures. ancestors. standing beautifully above such fear. the world goes round and round. it seems to me that many are not simple-minded enough to get at the plain unvarnished truth. are persons whose marks and . from his ashes. that I am always in a condition of mind to be I welcome all persons who differ from me in regard taught. and arisen above the standards recognised as orthodox by the world. And ever is justicfe done !" What Old and are your impressions concerning the infallibility and standardship of the New Testaments ? It should so long as go abroad. to the recognised doctrines of the Christian system. And the genial seasons run And ever the truth comes uppermost. to controvert or correct any position which may be taken. by a free and candid examination of the cardinal doctrines which underthe Churches of the Nineteenth Century. by mistaken Children bless what fathers curse. Many are too much not enough in possession and individuality all the time fearing that they shall utter some sentiment which will be heralded throughout the world as too radical. I have anything to do with it. who. to every person of goodness of motive. therefore. in the largest possible acceptation of the word. that this (the Harmonial) platform.114 QUESTIONS ON THE MARTYRDOM OP JESUS. but. It is to be understood. afraid of the speech of the world of their own faculties . who have interpreted for the soul's benefit the principles of Christianity. I know also that there are a few.

through the Shaster of Hindoostan. there are. Why. in conof their fathers and forefathers of sequence of the teachings those about them who occupy high places. Another believes that all religious truth has descended from on Because it high. they brief authority as the true teachers of this book and reverence to were taught we can How its truths. Plenty of persons tion. through different truly and totally men lation to the world's inhabitants. who believe the Bible Do they believe because of intelto be " the word of G-od. 1 To accept that as truth which is not ivithin of the intellect. to be surely and truly the word of God. clothed with a little whom. even my next-door neighbors. for example. hend and decide the question ? To affirm that the Bible is the communication of God. but as guideboards to still greater and higher revelation. pronounce that to be supernatural. One man. then. What do ministers say concerning the Scriptures ? are told by honorable gentlemen who keep the pulpits. una revelation have superior to it. that the Bible is the inspired truth . to have sufficient illumination wherewith to pronounce the Bible. unless ? they have re- ceived and comprehended a superior revelation How is it possible for any natural-minded man. believes in Juggernaut because it was believed in by his forefathers not because of any understanding concerning it. by which to compreless we It is impossible. is a position similar to that taken by every leader and devotee in heathenism. not as authorities. to based upon opinsay the least. do they believe ? I answer. one who lias merely gone through the colleges and been otherwise artificially prepared for the ministry. an appropriation of authority . the comprehension . Now. without any supernatural reve(which modern ministers do not profess to have) is. Why ? is said so by the masters and worshippers of that great producSo it is in our own vast country. the word of God.QUESTIONS ON THE MARTYRDOM OF JESUS." belectual apprehension of any principle contained in it? cause of any wise comprehension of the scope and drift of the whole ? No. it We would be entirely just to ask : how is it possible for minis- ters to make this assertion intelligently. even from the earliest youth. 115 works will be looked upon by the people of the future ages.

would banish from the in- Does ciple ? the general mind easily recognise. between husband and wife. and different forms and structural beauties come forth on both land and. found. and proportion mind by which man intuitively sees eternal principles. interlocking and interlacing throughThen homes are sought and out. tions of brother and sister.116 QUESTIONS ON THE MARTYRDOM OF JESUS. there is an attribute of wisdom in the emotion. having come out from Catholicism. Many persons there are. also. the relations existing between child and parent. The emotion Does this principle . to construct a house or steamship. are the external manifestations of this soul-principle called Love so. that those principles tend to external embodi- a principle of architecture in the In the course of human development. through. binding the world together. look back into the Romish Church and wonder how intelligent minds can still worship at the shrine of Idols and graven Images. ion. flowing into outward embodiment and expression. sea . As soon as men feel an affection for something. is every other relation and event and condition the result of some principle in the constitution of man. also. in due time. I tell you that an intelli- Yes and with . and all the bewitchments and inversionisms of society. when in highest condition. Now. and forward. a power to express outward order. What then ? as the external manifestations of a principle in the soul So. of wisdom come also into open manifestation ? it cometh another manifestation the worship exposing the soul's utter forgetfulness of the manifestation of their source. facts. . . they ment. they get the intellectual impulse to carry out and accomplish. who. the existence of a prin- Nothing its is clearer to me than that the human mind. a vital. there is For human mind. form. essence but comes di- come of man. is followed. which more simple-mindedness tellectual and wisdom faculties. It begets the blessed relarectly outward into manifestations. also. by the executive power by which to elaborate that In a word. naturally recognises principles . and recognises. All the delightful experiences of home. houses are built. relations which go on backward. instance. in the soul. there is a principle of Love. This principle is an abstract. ships are constructed.

a per. . forget the principle. An intelli- gent Catholic thinks he sees the principle of divine illumination coming down from heaven. there are Christians in this country occupying the same position in reference to this question of the Bible. It . then do I find one who looks upon me and those who think as I do. spirit should remember that all manifestations of principles are It can not be expected necessarily more or less imperfect. the confounding. which for the perishable pasteboard and the printed letter killeth . as hopelessly infidel.QUESTIONS ON THE MARTYRDOM OP JESUS. and bestow at last unlimand affection upon the book itself. and to converse. They take the embodiment ited reverence as the essential. . 11T gent Catholic looks Mary to the principle another. thought and one can either believe or expect it. but he sees through and beyond it all. a brother . sees a divine principle. John. which is no more dependent upon the book for expression than the Virgin Mary's image is necessary for the When existence of the state of virginity which it represents. at once ready to clasp hands. that we should get. Even so the educated Christian is not absorbed in his reverence for the book. He pitand I pity him in his. meet an. intelligent and spiritual Christian. forgetful offlie principle. thinks he must worship the object. and I mean symbols ment.What do you mean by this assertion ? that they forget the divine principle in man which seeks to express itself in books. We fect transcript of what Jesus. a blessing which was vouchsafed originally to the wife of Joseph yet he does not worship the image of Mary as the ultimate of a religious obligation.. through all the ages of antiquity. in ideas. concerning the question of I But when I meet a person worshipping the book. while I reverence the spirit. is only the uneducated Catholic who does that. less directly through the image of Virgin which she is supposed to represent. No who . accomplished. in shadows. Catholic or Protestant. and Paul. I find a man. thus. the principle with the embodispirit Avith the letter. The differies me in my skepticism he worships the book without the ence between us is this the Bible. types. But intelligent and more material. So. without the book. without trembling.

to no one sea. spiritualizes. which necessarily become interfused more or less. with the heart of All Tilings. was the best representative of a Love-principle. can be centre . the blessed brother. as you remember. or a . to no one land or nation . his idiosyncracies. natures before Jesus. He was a local characteristics. then. with local confined to no principle of truth. on the contrary. was one and the same with a saving principle We will say . I think. are sensitive when we refer to the man Jesus . physician that principle which elevates. is universal. and confounded eventually with the principle which his character and acts are said to repNo enlightened one will deny. simply to be familiar and accom. Jesus was a local man the a principle. has his peculiarities. No " Christ ?" that means modating. The " Christ-principle" I call it. is a Greek word for the Hebrew Joshua. beautifies. but every one knows that Jesus was a man of Nazareth not ubiquitous. when they begin to venerate the manifestation. The : It shone through several Christ-principle. ! that principles are eternal. A man. that Christ resent. and Jesus was still shines through every good word and work. they are universal . who have the power. has any reliable knowledge of human actions or tory. Jesus. not even in all man . But is a representative essential to the existence of the principle represented ? the principle existed before as well as since. It is boundless as infinitude without variableness or turning shadow. with seraph. bathes. permeates. to look through forms to principles. as if the existence of the man was necessary to the existence of a Christ-principle as if Jesus. Most persons lose all idea of principle.118 QUESTIONS ON THE MARTYKDOM OP JESUS. human its his- Are tions ? there many persons capable of separating a principle from manifesta- There are very few persons. A though it should flow in Galilee. it seems to me. in all the worlds like a principle the lands of this world. the soul of man bringing it into harmony with angel. shone through him when he existed. . . for example. and if eternal. on the other hand. but " Christ?" that signifies Savior. Christians. the self-subordinating abstractedness.

morality. as preaching love. then. unbounded love. I behold him as being condemned. curing the lame. 110 marvellous or mysterious aristocracy. do you behold Jesus on the scene of history ? I behold Jesus as a great and good Reformer . his thirst after knowledge. and visiting the disconsolate in their afflictions . of the conditions He was of society. for his great powers of discernment. but as being born of lowly parents. . 119 tics. inasmuch as he possessed combined the perfection of physical beauty. then. Let us. He was generally beloved during his youth. Can you impart your impressions concerning Jesus through language ? Nothing exalts the mind quicker than a perception of' its own possibilities.* How. . also much beloved for his pure natural sympathy for all who were suffering afflictions either of a physical or mental characHis benevolence of love toward all without distinction ter. * See Nature's Divine Revelations. mental powers. and fostered in the bosom of their do- mestic habitation . restoring the blind. p. nailed to the cross. his constant yearning for the companionship of those who were his marked respect and affecconsidered good and righteous tions for those who were much older than himself his constant visits to those who required relief from their afflictions and his kind words of consolation to those who were depressed . . all conunhappy social circumstances him an object of general love and attachment. and dying a . 561. His general organization was indeed remarkable. and of the visible manifestations of Nature. . even though foreshadowed by the existence of some other mind. to prepared. peace on earth and good will to men as instructing the multitudes in the paths of pleasantness and peace and as loving all and disliking none. as possessing intelligence to a surpassing . and his disposition to inquire into the causes of mental phenomena. These were the peculiarities which distinguished him from all either by disease or tributed to render other persons then living.QUESTIONS ON THE MAETYEDOM OF JESUS. as healing the sick. benevolence. by organic arrangements and intuitional characterisshadow forth and exhibit the nature of Love. as connected with. and refined accomplishments. . contemplate Jesus as a man. and symas manifesting degree pathy.

who consider that the spirit giveth life. or maniciple festation create a difference which will continue through such. Men and symbols of * See !Nat. wisdom.120 QUESTIONS ON THE MARTYRDOM OP JESUS. selves in the letter. and the second vol. this question. It is not necessary to read the Bible. upon the husks of the fossiliferous past . in absorbing into one's nature. The doctrines to live out the great ideas taught by Jesus. as understood by the Church. the Bible. of Frequently it hath been said. Such worship the Virgin and forget the principle she represents worship. Men engage themselves with the forms food. so to speak. or to know where it was Salvation consists in part of printed. . and forget its value as a history. manifestation of a principle and not the principle itself? There are cultivated members. in the manifestation these minds I have no difference. all this world. boundless. which giveth having neither depths nor heights. which. I know. have been lived out. and virtue !* Sucli is one of the parts in the great monument which an ignorant and misdirected world have erected to their own shame and folly ! Do our modern Churches worship the. and force themselves into subjection Div. of Great Hnrmonia. and exhibitself-regeneration " The Christ from it Principle. and raiment." the principle of Love ing . on But those who absorb the symbol and lose themforgetting that prinlife With and light to the symbol. are living. taught by the Church in reference to him. is a system of symbolisms. letter. but they are too quickly counted. by social organization and other instrumentalities. What is the most reliable definition of popular Christianity ? It should be borne in mind that Christianity. " that all we want is an Christianity has not been lived out" opportunity. martyr to the cause of lore. Rev. when cultivated separate from books and arbitrary standards. would be a sufficient source of salvation. religion. yet aland comprehension of a true husensibilities within the ways shoreless.. nor to worship it. yet many believe that the Church is giving them water. There is a principle of wisdom in man. of ordinances. subjection to higher authority. man spirit. in order to be saved. that the letter killeth .

then do we perceive that which partakes of the Divine. and forget or fail It has been to recognise the spiritual side of the principle. out of the man who was born there. and lose thereby the Christ-principle uniwhich Jesus tried to exhibit. a little in of New York. Yes every man can and principle of love. This is the principle by which men shall be saved from hatreds. she asked " if she (the good woman) was not God's wife !" This was a manifestation of " Christ" to the little girl. worshipping it as quick and profoundly in our next neighbor as in the record of the man of Nazareth.* But Jesus was a man of Nazareth. which. when in their highest states. Can any man believe 7 and be saved through the " Christ. nor what he thought. In the midst of all. did. bol or the letter. namely the spirit of love versal and unextinguishable philanthropy. But who will worship the local man ? In the record of him there are manifestations of a heavenly princi: . that. I repeat. they become materialistic. an exhibition of the principle of intelligent forgiveness and we should bow before it. in all its heavenly bearings. on recently street-girl reported being unexpectedly benefited by a woman to her unknown. He had to live. seek to be in harmony with the Churches. " The Approaching Crisis. a womanly gentleness. He may have had affections. entitled. do. throughout the world. peculiar to his nafor himself.QUESTIONS ON THE MABTYEDOM OF JESUS. When we behold a demonstration of the principle of Love. In proportion as men become absorbed in the symple. perversions. Jesus taught the His words and works give out the light and beauty which his soul had received upon that principle. imperfections. The way to be saved. is to act wisely upon Christ-principle" The paramount question is not what he a follower of Jesus. ever. whenever demonstrated by -* See a work by the Author. and inversions. howture. and die. is the Christ principle. 121 to the supposed holy ordinances of the past. Men both see and feel this principle." and yet separate his thoughts from Jesus should do so. . " The not to be then. which you can never realize. Some good did come out of Nazareth yea." . That. a hospitality of soul. he manifested a loving forgiveness.

to the worship Every of the Book an entire believer in the as an authority above man's pure Reason. mire Jesus when he acted upon the Love-principle. and. They admire him yet more. is of heathen origin is of ignoThe forgiving principle is Christian. Christ-principle. waiting an opportunity for expression. When he takes upon himself the Mosaic Characteristic. first. which lies in the founda- tion of Christianity. second. of blame and praise. that it can be appropriated by all nature. he prayed these Jews enemies what know not Men they they do. if I seek. I have reverence sufficient to worship that principle of wisdom and happiness which cometh directly and at all times from the Infinite God.122 QUESTIONS ON THE MARTYRDOM OP JESUS. money-changers. with power to bring his thoughts out upon canvass. except him. because. I wonder not that almost every artist. had the organic power or social ability to express. when. to the materialism of the Churches . originate ? The scolding propensity. Men adrance born. I am principle. forgive mine expanded in this principle.ny one man who is claimed as the immediate incarnation and expounder of it. I find so very much in or social circumstances about him which will explain adequately the absence of such manifestation. hibit Christ . What do you the most beautiful indication of the pres- see in Christianity so very objectionable ? cairn reader will see at once that I object. now stand within the circle of their reverence. 110 person. a shudder comes over them and he does not . I can not blame the man who fails to exsuggest. goes to work to exhibit that sublime But when men read how Jesus went to lash the spectacle. Where did the doctrine of denunciation. not the follower of a. then do I see evidence that the Christ-principle is universal . is any human being. . to whip and scold men into the traces of belief and duty. . he seems to be no . his peculiar individual character Here comes with no exhibition of a The love-principle. and exhibited just so far as our and organic dispositions will permit and Therefore. When I behold this principle nestling in all human hearts. ence of God. nailed to the cross and interiorly " Father." reverence that exhibition and many worship the man.

" rebellious gifts less. a seed of evil-doers." I do not mean from a place of end. saved from discords. not from eternal perdition. 123 longer the inspired son of God. through wisdom put on that which Jesus put on and then. and mental many indefinite periods in the world to come saved. pray to and through the Lord Jesus. excited as others are by opposition. socially. He seems now as one among You intellecother men. "What testimony can you adduce to support this assertion ? The testimony of much in point. is very " affirms them to be sinful nation. he can not be saved. He Isaiah. in reference to that people. This word "saved" is a common term in theology. have been especially raised up by Deity that he might openly manifest his preference. physically tribes and several nations about them. the anan enslaved race which the Church believes to . which is adequate it is that the tually see. that he selected. knows that the Jews were morally. but unless he put on practice the Christ-principle. he says: "Thy princes are are corrupters. Put on the Christ-principle. and the companions of thieves. ties and troubles but from immediate discords.QUESTIONS ON THE MARTYRDOM OF JESUS. They judge not the fatherneither does the cause of the widow come unto them. behold " God manifest in the flesh !" anxieties for -What relation is theologically the scheme of salvation 1 It is assumed to subsist between the early Jews and assumed in theology that the Jews were the chosen and favorite people of God . in order to manifest his interest . out of all nations of the earth. but from derangements of soul and society. immediate anxiein this world. a A people laden with iniquity. then. to bring about the workings of the scheme of salvation. signifying an eternal rescue what do you mean by this word ? By the word " saved. less suffering. Every one who has read their history." is Such cient Jews Isaiah's testimony in reference to that people. . and not the* man Jesus of Nazareth. them. and prepare the way for a tragical system of salvation ! He has given us yet another testimony . Every one loveth and followeth after rewards. Christ-principle Man may to save us. in no better than wanderingtellectually. children that In another place.

to find in any class of people more corruption. . . Was not this marvellous proceeding of Moses the execution of a providential ? arrangement there was nothing supernatural in his proceedings. came bolting into the soul. to-day. admit that he medium could or prophet " The Lord said unto Moses or Aaron. . to bring impression to leave Egyptian bondage to go forth and to out the people to start a new system of government establish. especially certain persons among them. I have at present no positive perception an impression that they were more susceptible to spiritual intercourse than many about them. Every one which except the impressions of pure wisdom. a peculiar tribe of semi-religious individuals. No he said "It is not I but the Lord that deceivcth. The priest and prophet have erred through strong drink. No . . soothsayers.124 QUESTIONS ON THE MARTYRDOM OF JESUS. not so good as many contemporary races. except the devoted seers and poets of Asia. Men can speak now from the era of more light." IntelIt was said or that men would some agents spirits have ligent say. Moses was educated at the very centre of education at Pharaoh's house . "For every one is a hypocrite and evilconcerning them doer and every mouth speaketh folly. so that there is no . I get nation." Such. they stumble in their judgment . . the recipient called a " thus saith the Lord . 1 says "They have erred. . They are swallowed up of ivine. They had all kinds and degrees of impressions. in regard to this and yet." a had made mistake. &c. . Isaiah further through wine. fortune-tellers. out of the best of the old. through strong drink they are out of the way. Jews seemed to be a race of mediums. a new religion." It would be difficult . had the advantage of all the lore of Egypt was . as Moses and his most active agents. "Were the Jews more susceptible of spiritual influx than other oriental tribes ? Whatever may have been the opinions of the early Christians (who were mainly converts from the Jews). so to speak. How strong and deep was his . place clean." and if the prophet made a mistake. I repeat. is Isaiah's testimony in regard to the people which (as the Churches believe) God raised up for his special purposes . The erred. They err in their vision . all their tables are full of vomit and filthiness.

" Thus saith the Lord a voice came to him out of the clouds and this and that. not at all wonderful. in words with which most Bible-readers are familiar. that is. clustered about the discipline of a powerful king." and a system of religion called It is theocratic government full of barbarism and tyranny. gave out his impressions as absolute authority . speculatists. They arc to be found in Matthew's report " Woe unto you scribes. editors. Pharisees. therefore. neither go in yourselves. " Woe unto ish character is wholesome . Pharisees. that he was intellectually enabled and morally qualified to form a " The Ten Commandments. 125 a recipient of tlie civilization which. .QUESTIONS ON THE MARTYRDOM OF JESUS. intensely ! you scribes." The word " condemnation" is very positive and appropriate here but would not be proper out of this connection it would elsewhere sound but here it looks like a cannon-ball loaded with like an oath This bombardment of the Jewearnest and deserved rebuke. conservatives. hypocrites. but. however. being a medium as hundreds now are. some angel. Moses. but as that which should be questioned believing that portions of every conmumicatioa are always good as aids and stepping-stones to better things. do not now give out such communications as We authority . neither suffer ye them that are enin. But were 111 the the New Jews not more acceptable . New York " therefore Trinity church directly in front of Wall street ye shall receive the greater condemnation. It was not wonderful. on the contrary and more beautiful. But men have learned better . . unto you scribes." It is Go forth. : rational philosophy to explain. do precisely in accord with our experience only we have more than he had and with a . progression has been made even in Religion. testimony entirely corroborated and confirmed by Jesus . . that it is some friend. we say that the Lord is not addressing us . . some spirit. conservatives." men "for now think of South and Wall ye devour widows' houses" tering to go editors. that. professional Woe "and for pretence make long prayers" streets. all mere profcshypocrites" : was sionists Ye " for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men. not to be Jesus than other people 1 Testament I find a continuation of the same unIsaiah's fortunate testimony concerning the Jews.

he did not . and hypocrites." That is to say unto you editors. woe unto you scribes." " Woe at a gnat and swallow a camel. He was not universal. of the people against whom Isaiah also testified . of discord. for ye are like unto whited sepulchres. and superstition) than yourselves. which appear beautiful. like a principle neither was he cosmopolitan. and hypocrites. Jesus himself gave This sectarian attachment whole work to that people. Pharisees. for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte" think of the missionary enterprise in South " and when he is America and elsewhere made. cleanse first that which is in thy cup and platter. and inversions of character. : sion (?) might be rendered " discord. and hypocrites. of cummin. To whom did Jesus apply the language quoted from Matthew's report ? This is the description which Jesus of Nazareth transmits to this day. for ye pay tithes of anise. mercy. the Jews are believed in all Christendom to have been the He delineates and denounces them as chosen people of G-od ! scribes.) nothing of spiritual worlds. faith.but within. important to the Christian system because.126 QUESTIONS ON THE MAETYRDOM OF JESUS. and yet. conservatives. Jesus implies that his mission was local . politicians. full of all uncleanness. for ye prepare your ministers for the work of being artistically eloquent and entertaining teach them to turn long and beautiful periods. were the " chosen people his It is not only believed by Christendom that the Jews of God. but are in realfossils of ancient myths and deity full of dead men's bones cayed theologies. big salaries. ye and they are full of expedients. of selfishness. Pharisees. ye make him ten-fold more the child of h-11 (prejudice." but this belief is essentially . hypocrites. ye who know revised and improved. (This reading is in anticipation of the Bible which strain Woe Thou blind Pharisee. and hypocrites. shows the idiosyncracy and ante-natal tendencies of the man. Pharisees. and have omitted the weightier matters of the law judgment. Ye blind guides. of ambiguities. ." Jtig " The word "Hell" in a correct ver13 Again Jesus says unto ye scribes. These ought you to have done and not leave the other undone. capitalists. and excesses of living. so that the outside of them may be also clean . speculatists. Pharisees. enslavements.

and in hearts of evil. at the same time. . but to the Jews particularly. and did many works for them gave them laws. and a blessed new commandment considered that he was in a line of successive supernaturalisms. . in this sense. nor to the Gentiles. believed in the existence of human sheep and goats . He was psychologized. . was destroyed by the very people whom he came to save and exalt. No one can be a follower of Jesus. It is the doctrine of submission. of persons good in heart. He preached to them. . doctrine taught to the world subjection to higher au- thority.QUESTIONS ON THE MARTYRDOM OF JESUS. Jesus made and distinctions. . He acted as a Gentile" world Messiah to that people. a world of Jews'. The time. have not yet ascertained the history of rulers . . He . by the corresponding conviction of those who surrounded him. according to the plan.wide and cosmopolitan reformer. Every impartial person every reader of the opinions he entertained will acknowledge that he was not a world. To them he had to teach to deliver the word of salvation. He saw on one side a must comparisons on the other. was not a universal system of perfect reform that way. It can be shown as a system of subjection to higher authorthat Christianity been has practically tried and lived out. be a as every other individual world-wide reformer. and. yet his every word looked eventually 1 What is the central doctrine of popular Christianity is. . . . His. Those who say Christianity has not been lived out. The expansion of a local person into a principle is impossible. that system which they profess to believe. . in part. 127 deny being a king of the Jews his doctrine was not to the Samaritans. ity Christianity is Therefore it can not be said that this fixed in human history. what is the most needful want of The mind needs to grasp the idea of a universal principle. as understood at the present Obey your existing be the friends of popular law and order servants. obey your masters. beginning with Adam and passing through Moses that he was legitimately in the line descending from the house of David the rightful heir to the throne of Judea and lastly. the Suppose we admit your ideas on mind ? this subject. This is Christianity.

Agree quickly with thine adversary. Are there many persons prepared for your impressions regarding Christianity'? There are not many persons prepared to hear. . The Quaker system. be overcome by evil rather than use carnal instruwould They ments in opposition to it. No one enlightened mind will live upon the the Men have symbols. subjection is a Christian doctrine. the best Jewish expounder of the Christian system much better than teaches. who think God . in this sense. The Quakers . that they have lived out the doctrines of Christianity even when taken in the sense of But it has been lived out in subjection to external authority. in one sense. tentates to the special commands of Joshua. letters. century is living under it truly.128 QUESTIONS ON THE MAETYBDOM OF JESUS. lest he cast thee into prison. It is an illustration that They endure all manner. ? What are the general facts regai-ding subjection in Christian countries Through all Christian countries there are ple subjected to authority. is have the best exposition of Christianity. be subject to her husband. that the Book is the word of multitudes of peoThere are those. George Fox's school have carried out the doctrine of woman obedience of the lower to the higher of the body to the soul and the soul to the still more inward spirit. As the Church should be subject to Christ even so . advocated and practised the idea of non-resistance. the Catholic Church. all it tianity has been lived out. that the husband should any popular commentator be subjected to the Church that the wife should obey the husband. and authorities of the book. Paul. they may receive illuminations of the pres- ent and the future. souls of their own . They will not do evil that good may come. . in the midst of all their conscious imperfections. the obedience of the po. in this respect. ChrisIt has done. The Catholic Church was the first wellauthenticated system of the slavish subjection of the lower to the higher. . in faith . and. of unrighteousness rather than resist with the same weapons. It requires the obedience of -the body of the Church to its heads or potentates and lastly. can do. here. a final authority. Subjection is should Christianity. . Most receivers are living upon the forms and symbols and husks of that which has gone into history. in its primitive sense .

QUESTIONS ON THE MARTYRDOM OP JESUS. idea rather than the symbol. that there was no Bible for Matthew. " Tell me that the Bible is the word of God. 4 ( 129 " speak of the doctrine of good will to end of days. The Church says. men" to the* and You may accordance with a law of progress. Mark. Worship that principle not a man." But this would not be in practice. as stepping-stones. his own inspirations. of friendship. Does any one believe Yes . The whole soul. erly it ceases to By what authority can the Bible be decided as the word of God ? No word person. but you will not satisfy the Church. He wrote to the Thessalonians. as helps. do you. advocate the principle of Universal Love. we bestow upon the New Testament writers It matters not what Matthew. and I will call you a Christian. or Jesus said. unless he is sufficiently inspired by a higher rev- 9 . and af- fection ? What more ! beautiful letters than such ? Write out of the bible of your principle soul. in your deeds. of the weak to the strong will be supwhich is in the main a Christian doctrine own where liveth for ever the Christ- Come ported by natural and healthy influxes. as I said. to the Galatians. there are that the Book is essential to Salvation ? many externalists and authoritarians who think so. in your life and thought. saving you from hatred and malice and revenge. John. whether you will worship question turns upon this point whether you will take the Principles instead of persons whether you will take the spirit in preference to the letter When you read the book propbe an authority. is capable of pronouncing the Bible the of God. : and Suppose we should resolve from live the true life. Defend not the book. to the Romans . and see how the subjection of the lower to the higher. and yet such know. . what regard ? this shall hour to set ourselves against authority. The question is. emanating from the Love or Christ-principle. The good principles of the book should be regarded as aids. to higher and better revelations. but the doctrine of love to man and love to G-od this is the sum and substance of all Religion. or did. and why can not you also write ? " write" in your lives. to this spiritual platform. Paul had to write his own letters his own bible from.

however. but by the faith his forefathers. . ! Yes . If any man pronounces it to be the word of God. and every angel yonder. no preaching. . without such higher revelation. We have but little to do with the The past is fixed past only so far as it sheddeth instruction." extent. . This spiritual temple was began in Egypt the building continued through all the prophets and seers of intermediate ages but how many spacious chambers and galleries of immortal beauty were added by the Man of Nazareth Do you mean to teach that spirits are helping man to build this temple ? . then they draw close to the region where communications are both easy and natural. that. He inherited from affirms. By actual experience. When men come into the higher rooms. Bat ple he is there not something natural in the association of a person with a princi- may .130 QUESTIONS ON THE MARTYRDOM OF JESUS. If. disposed to be in harmony with these principles. a builder. . Every one. spirits communicate with the sons of men. the Why ? also love persons Jesus was. for PRINCIPLES will lessen confidence in personal embodiments. No praying. every man here. Men will be beautiful and happy in proportion as they regulate their existence by the Twelve Commandments. in proportion as they manifest " Son of God. . although he advanced the temple which was based upon the proceedings of Moses. Spiritual men are no longer believers. his say-so is worth as much as a similar affirmation by the worshipper of Juggernaut. have represented ? Yes he who loves the Christ-principle will it. Our worship of the More reverence past is in proportion to our ignorance of it. yet future generations must put on the turret and build the dome. not by intelligence. endorsed by antiquity. it is yet going through the process of erection is . no spiritual device. to live from this history of an institution. can possibly erase an action or efface the The great point is. hour in reference to the symmetrical erection of the Spiritual Temple. eternally no man can alter it. we should learn that the doctrine of subjection (which he taught) can be which will bring order and improved by a principle of wisdom form in society then we would say. to a beautiful Because he made the best practical exposition of the Principle. elation. is a builder of the temple of progressive redemption.

. the Divine Cause. while they secure obedience. and replete with properties and principles which. the altogether Great. without any of nature. from the Infinite . to-day. the altogether Good. altogether lovely and attractive . and for ever ing who lives and acts as far from the finite as I live and act . the Fountain Source of all these its its depths of immensity each in own beautiful sphere duties in the great fraternity of worlds ponderous. manifold. immutable essences. neither common in any man with pared the weakness perfect. MY thoughts were meditating upon the unutterable splendor and unchangeable order of the Universe. also themselves obey. inherent. how the Eternal Cause " acts to one end. the constitutionally and shadow of turning essentially without vari- to human Infinite. and beautiful existences . and whose ways are not as our ways . impartial. but acts by various Laws" una Bechangeable the same yesterday. and then I contemplated the Heart of hearts. ableness. I was thinking how ten thousand times ten thousand orbs were shining in the still each each performing full of eternal. the Everlasting. and not to be comparticular . without preferences . an eternal effulgent Sun shining upon the just and unjust. whose thoughts are not as our thoughts.QUESTIONS ON THE MYTHS OF MODERN THEOLOGY.

behold what a soul-degrading conception of The good man and the great-minded can our Father-God! revere only a Being whose character isjixed in all the perfections of the celestial life. ever-just and ever-loving Father-God. in successive climes and centuries ! Think of ! the sins which have all that time been trying and wearying that their number. York Observer is unceasing in its efforts to spread among the people. with sleepless eyes and fleetest locomotion. their heinousness. "The patience of God !" It sounds like a voice from the tombs of oriental mythology. has that lasted six thousand years! which patience during Think of the multitudes who have been the subjects of it. ' There ' is no subject more won- Think of the lapse of ages drous than this the patience of God. the world's theological teachings ever Do ting? come before you. 1853). a lengthened provocation of the Almighty's forbearance !" Will mankind ever discard such mythology as this paragraph presents ? Certainly . such weaknesses as characteristic of our own. But to teach. . when thus medita- Yes iny meditations were as the foregoing. affectionate and beautiful always. their aggravation patience The world's history is a consecutive history of iniquity. in the middle of this century. Millions on millions. no beyond the capability of alteration or exchangeableness tinction a Source of Love and Wisdom perpetual. GreThe JSTew old notions cian gods would occasionally get into a furious passion and "lose all patience" with the absurdities of mundane transactions. The Persian angels of depravity were permitted to frighten people by means of " thunder and lightning." and thus secure their attachment to Allah and Ormudz.132 QUESTIONS ON THE MYTHS OF MODERN THEOLOGY. blissful thoughts : " THE PATIENCE OF GOD. would perform wondrous things within volcanoes and under burning mountains. many and beautiful. had human frailties. which painfully contrasted with niy . when rny eye caught the following passage on a page of the New York Observer (for July 28. The Egyptian gods. The capricious and nervous gods of the Aztecs. is at once an insult to the and loyalty reason and intuition of every living man. and a hinderance to the cause of theological discovery and improvement.

It will do. you should unroll your banner on the bosom of the free air." Intelligent reader think of this dispassionately." corrupt in its very . They should be taught to go directly to the Scriptures to find what is good and . perhaps. if one is to judge a tree by its fruit. suffers exceedingly with the short-comings of puny man is almost aggravated to destructive passion with sins of human beings (sins which can only injure the sinner). and yet. and do all we possibly can toward making the wilderness of modern theology to blossom as the Rose. there is none more wondrous or amazing than God's : power over Observer is himself. ! ! core. or server people a religious publication by the odor and tone of its articles . any point the question is settled for ever. like a self-regulated philosopher. by a desire to impart more theological information. he don't get angry in a hurry . must be " totally depraved. of self-control . and of all such mythological teachings. how Suppose we conclude to issue a paper precisely unlike the New York Observer. minds us ! but from all and undeveloped such degraded and degrading conceptions let the of the great "I AM. the Almighty controls his temper and is yet longer gentle with venerable offenders What a miserable myth is this That doctrine which is father to it. that is the Bible the great authority and that when it speaks upon . that of all the examples of the Almighty Power. should we announce our intentions ? If you desire to issue a Harmonial paper. nevertheless. 133 Moved. the commending the Living God as an exemplification ." says the Observer.QUESTIONS ON THE MYTHS OF MODERN THEOLOGY. with this device " Freedom of Speech. and Liberty of the Press /" "What does the New York Observer teach in regard to the religious education : of children ? " Children should be " early taught. in the same irreverent and blas" phemous paragraph. Here. for uncivilized . the Observer states. perhaps. let us work diligently for the ultimate destruction of all such trees." good spirit of Father-God deliver Theological myths are possibly pleasurable to the Obthat is. with its columns wide open to a candid discussion of the colossal ideas of universal Reform.

with the blessing of Grod. as already shown. repels guage of despotism it attempts to form the convictions of the mind. no matter how severe the trial may be. . no matter its authority must never be questioned. It is a good sign to hear a child often * use the expression. : the sectarianism. they will acquire the habit of constantly subordinating. His mind is in bondage to author! . Children are urged what If the young mind the unnatural thought. what is true and what is false. in order to be a consist. . Authority. all this must be done. then they should be " early taught" to adopt the authority at all events. is the lan- to regard the Bible as the great authority. into its very substance the shackles upon him. was originated by the bigotry. The youth grows to manhood ance. ent receiver of theological monstrosities. The Bible may be (as it is) a combination of good things and bad things it may present truth on one side and error on the other but. be vilified . pressed." What despotic ? shall be done with a system of religion which promulgates doctrines so What shall be done ? The declarations of Science must be denounced .their own notions and inclinations to the plain declarations of Scripture. not the Truth. . Reason must be silenced Experience. it is not more perni! ! *See the Observer of"July 7th. Authority has built the gibbet and the cross all that blackens the pages of history. upon its bended knees. He worships. 1853. .134 QUESTIONS ON THE MYTHS OF MODERN THEOLOGY. but the authority . Thus.'"* The Observer's efforts to manufacture crudities. the book is the final authority. Justice. denied must bow in resistless obedience to the dicta of arbitrary authority yea. are unmeasured and unceasing. Poisonous and unnatural as the doctrine of authority is. ' The Bible says so. and the superstition. The authority of mere Opinion must be imposed upon the plastic mind of youth . to multiply sectarians. whose only parent was OPINION. he can not think. must confess to lies . he is therefore a bigot and a slave According to the New York Observer. regardless of all healthy resist- mth ity . Truth must conform Virand the whole nature of Man tue. is bad. And children should be "early arbitrary authority taught that the Bible is the great authority.

37). we read this most " Whatsoever perfect of all laws : ye would that men should do to you. in another place (Exodus xxxii. and every man his neighbor" In one part of the Bible (Matthew vii. and " the child that early" learns to receive everything the Bible absolute as truth. 21) we read this most unwholesome of all commandments: " Ye shall not eat of anything that dieth of itself . man to follow. truth and error . and every man his companion. In one place no respecter of persons. On its pages are to be found good precepts Observer. its astronomy is wrong it is wrong in many prophecies and there are doctrines. The Bible itself teaches us to " learn in after all years. and go in and out from gate unfit for the child to learn or the we are informed that " God is : to gate throughout the camp. The Observer esteems it a " good sign to hear a child often The Bible says so" use the expression replete with a that is such without absurdity thought Children. is . wisdom and ignorance . The Bible and evil ones . the Observer have this opinion young mind as Yes and yet every enlightened person knows that the Bible wrong in scores of things." it. we read this most horrible contradiction " Thus saith the Lord God of Israel. do ye even so to them" but in another place (Deut. 12). that he may eat or thou mayest sell it unto an alien. and sit in judgment on the Bible Certainly sliould . prove . . Its geology is wrong. Put on every man his sword by his side. and slay every man his brother. precepts. that point be examined as freely as I now criticise the New York says a vast number of things which are wrong. experience How and unable to form an intelligent idea of any great question. cious than this : 135 " that when is it (the Bible) speaks upon any point the question settled for ever" " early taught" to the Would religion ? . should quote the Bible as the totality of truth ! Do you mean 1 to teach that men are freely to examine. xiv. when the Bible speaks upon any point. its chronology is wrong. and unworthy of a place in a book which claims to be the Word of God. thou shalt give it unto the stranger that is in thy gates.QUESTIONS ON THE MYTHS OF MODEEN THEOLOGY. has a painful and difficult lesson to unsays. and practices." while.

' was the teaching of our early days. ' ' The Bible says so' has rung in cheerless night of sorrow. book is certainly and hold fast that which is good.' The way ' hard." So the Bilble testifies included in the category of " things.him. QUESTIONS ON THE MYTHS OF MODERN THEOLOGY. virtue.' worketh righteousness of the transgressor is the Lord." against the New York Observer. there is no G-od. A Originally. or intelligent. or honesty.' This says so. therefore.' Children. good . that some moral revolution will effectually reform it. over the author's nom de plume " Silonius. and there is scarcely a religious journal in existence calculated to increase the number more rapidly than the Observer . the Bloomers. the Bible says so' ? Are ' be accepted of . the He-isms of all stripes any more inthe dustrious. and I no respecter of persons. as a fair exposition of feelings of hostility experienced by those whose honest convictions are freely declared to be unsound and absurd. when with attentive spirit we have listened to its ' The fool hath said in his heart. and not less against its own Sectarians are already too numerous for the world's contents. our ears. Browns. when we listened to the solemn admonition of a dearly loved. than those taught in all the strictness of a New-England household." " To the Editor of the Reformer : " i The Bible Yes the Bible says so. the Abby Kellys.' teachings. I hope. signed " Senex" given below. for whosoever my ' path." Next. A WOED TO "SILONIUS" BY "SENEX. with the watch and . than this oldfashioned New-England teaching. obey your parents in shall ' men and women who have fellowship in public assemblies the Rev. for this is well pleasing in his sight. or useful.' God is Hold thou me up.136 things. in the calm quiet of a New-England Sabbath eve. The Bible star has our a dark and so' been through many guiding says ' . these criticisms appeared in the New York Reformer . ' Thy word is a lamp to ' shall be safe. but now sainted mother. the Sheisms of all grades. that paper contained a rejoinder.' " Are the doctrines of the modern school of Progressives any more favorable to morals.

Sabbath-breakers. I hope. as an arbisuperior to the "vital spark of heavenly trary standard flame" that glows within on the altar of Eeason this.' " Yours. and strength. and . you and. the brief criticism of have a few kind words to communicate. any better than the highest doctrine of the New' the Bible says so' ? In a word. or a boy the more idle and vicious. to detract a particle from the poetry and which ideas have been. gathered in one grand phalanx.QUESTIONS ON THE MYTHS OF MODERN THEOLOGY. and. shall confine their teachings to themselves and the children of their own shall poison the rational teachings its ' begetting. as such communications serve the ends of human enlighten- ment and reformation. shall find the ' Harmonia' they are so anxiously looking for and expecting. " SENEX. to admit them. or favor. ' law-destroyers. " a guiding of those beauty star through many a dark and cheerless night . and no influence of the kind now exerted founded upon the Bible and says so. admitted " Senex . 1 137 the Bible says so' ? Are the ' higher law' doctrines of the present day. or else to principles of Progression. to his mind." A KIND WORD To the Editor of the TO "SENEX" BY " SILONIUS. I will write and speak Senex asks against with all my heart. to have been taught this doctrine 'the Bible says so' ? " Well will it be for our country when such men as Silonius. a position both conspicuous and ex-" more or ceedmgly responsible. you will doubtless be assailed with communications leading to popular less each week DEAR SIR As So far Conservatism. you have resolved. or a woman." New York Reformer : Editor. . the less useful. Senex misunderstands me I do not undertake to denounce or repudiate the moral teachings of the Christian's Bible nor : my strictures New York Observer . . in accordance with my living conscience. mind. ." to whom I now subsequently. ." but against would I utter a word " the erection of the say so" of any man or Book. does it England Church make a man the worse citizen. without fear On on the this impartial principle.' with all the host of Bible-scoflers.

" why. dare you leave your old-fashioned New England " say so. a thousand times more favorable Newhas tried with its solemn hard. good Senex. the Bible says so' ? and honesty. If Jesus had confined his intuitions and mental attributes to the "say so" of the Pharisees and Sadducees to the arbi." and tread the new path ? "The man is thought a knave or fool. England theology teachings and Yes . virtue. and procured a antagonisms of human society. and begged. than this old-fashioned New-England teaching ' dear Senex. Who. ' : . of an ordinary kind. all species of negative. Is \viser than his time." therefore. all are and . sands of persons.188 QUESTIONS ON THE MYTHS OF MODERN THEOLOGY. . must be safe eternally Do you believe in the perfect ! independence and individuality of the human mind? external and objective authority is prejudicial to Thouthe symmetrical development of our interior nature. It labors every Sunday and thus keeps old ideas and superannuated theories popular. like yourself. trary teachings of the Talnrud or revered gospels of ancient tribes do you suppose he would have introduced a purer and more spiritual form of religion ? Modern Progressives have in him a glorious example of independence to follow and as to "morals. are abundant in New England the cash-book and ledger furnish the code of commercial morals but the universal principles of lated to ones. Or bigot. dear Senex. and honesty. fear not " the Lord G-od omnipotent reigneth . transient com" so" of some revered authors. But does the from say fort such consolation " in a dark and cheerless night" add anything Does it start you intelligently to action to your manhood ? for the harmonization of your brother man ? Suppose you see some new scheme for improving the structure and commercial . make bigots of young minds and conservatives of older Morals. . Are the doctrines of the Progressives any more favorable to morals. have borrowed Yes . virtue. but it does not succeed. It is well calcu. to bring peace on earth and good will among men . for the advancement of his kind. virtue. ! ceremonies. . plotting crime. which Jesus taught reform and Brotherhood are well nigh buried lost beneath the superabundance of forms and rituals. and honesty. .

Sabbath-breakers. the Anti-Slavery men. Senex speaks of the " host of Bible-scoffers. But truth shall conquer at the last For round and round we run." Senex asks higher law' doctrines of the present day any better than the highest doctrine of the New England Church ? " Are the Yes . . These men and these women are earnest. ! and they work becaiise they because they know. and law-destroyers" as being worthy only of a place by themselves and he boldly intimates that they should be peremptorily rejected by the world as so many enemies to its But. For him the hemlock shall distil. They ignore the Church for its barrenness and bigotry. envy.QUESTIONS ON THE MYTHS OF MODERN THEOLOGY. believe in the eternal Father-G-od . Why do Nature and Jesus agree in this law 1 Because Jesus found his authority "within. of this wonderful age ? They head every grand reform. Shall desecrate his name. . For him the axe be bai'ed. For him the gibbet shall be built. the Anti-Superstition. They lead in all the souldeveloping and nation-revolutionizing principles and thoughts of this century. For him the stake prepared Him. from outward standards of judgment. 139 And : ever ' is justice done. He taught this principle and that precept upon the authority of his spirituallyilluminated intuitions never relied upon any " say so" or external authority he appealed to Father-God and to MotherNature. than the authority of any book. would it not be well for truth's righteousness sake to remember that these very anathematized individuals are the Temperance men. But the of than some law Nature is of the no higher higher teachings of Jesus. spite. the higher law of Nature is higher than the theology of any church . These are the spirits who lead in the As a public bravest and self-denying enterprises of the day. They . seriously. shall the scorn and wrath of men Pursue with deadly aim And malice. And I am compelled to be as true to the light within me as free. believe teacher recently declared "the skepticism of these minds is . the Anti-Bigotry men. . and lies. the Peace men. . And ever the right comes uppermost. .

ted the first sin exercise of her own or individual sovereignty. and belong to no class of ultraists. believe a mass of insurmountable inconsistencies. and tion either to good or What is without inclinaevil. and show. friend Senex. Most people. I believe that man himself and space can determine in this world. by means of a parallelism. which they would reject as error. one with another. is it not. is imagined to be every way compatible and harmonious. many of them are a peculiarity alone of radicals and men of calm and even balance of mind. and for ever . the third? I believe that rior to both time God is supe. ? What the second I believe that the first pair I believe that Eve committhrough an free will. abiding earnest. Fearing lest this comparison will be too long procrastinated. to-day. that fourteen points of faith (one half) are exactly antipodistical to the other half. the same yesterday. without variableness neither shad- himself that he had it God repented made man .140 QUESTIONS ON THE MYTHS OF MODEBN THEOLOGY. could they be induced to compare them. It is not worldly and selfish. It is calm. repented him at his heart . were pure. this conscientious breaking " away from established forms and the say sos" of prevailing authorities. It is not not flippant. and then crucified. which originally offended the pious Jews when Jesus went forth to preach fresher forms of spirituality and ref- This infidelity caused the noble Nazarene to be anathematized. is man's sake. by a church-receiver. I will myself proceed to give the reader twenty-eight affirmations of a bible-believer. with a goodly share of intelligence. by . and he cursed the ground for ow of turning. fanatics . that all the great social and spiritual and theological Reforms of this day should be commenced and prosecuted by the so-called " Infidels ?" It was this magnanimous independence. ormation. but which." Strange. What is the first affirmation and contradiction is ? I believe that God un- I believe that changeable . in an orthodox creed.

and." "Thou shalt not human beings for the glory of God and the advancement of his righteous kingdom. hardeneth. arranges all events in the pro- gression of time. that he is 141 omniscient as -well the life he leads and the char- as omnipotent . What is the sixth ? I believe that rior to all God is supe. and from war after adultery. and whom he will he . suffering God sent among kept them wanfro in the wil- full of compassion and of great dering to and . jealous visiting the inof the fathers iquities upon the children to the third and fourth God" or punishments. plagues and the Israelites . What is the fourth ? I believe in the divine ori- gin and sanctity and univer- I believe that Moses and Joshua received divine com- sal obligatoriness of that com- missions to kill thousands of mandment kill. What is the fifth ? I believe in the divine authenticity and universal applicability of that commandment " Thou shalt not commit I believe that Moses Joshua received orders the throne of Grace to with the Midianites. whether he will enjoy everlasting bliss or suffer eternal misery. that he then gave the unmarried and virgin females for the use of the men compo- sing the army. I believe that God is "a human weaknesses that he is never arbitrary in his governments. generations that he will have mercy on whom he will have mercy. providences. that he saw the end from the beginning." putting to death all the male and female parents and male children.QUESTIONS ON THE MYTHS OF MODERN THEOLOGY. What is the seventh ? I believe that God is ever I believe that regardful of the happiness and welfare of his creatures and . and that he fore-ordains and pre- acter he forms.

prophecy with fulfilment. I believe always Scriptural to belong to different eras of the divine administration. that the latter ing of Jesus has repealed the laws of Moses to some extent." must love his enemies with a brother's faithful love that . mainly set aside and superseded by the New Testament (or dispensation) which began with the life and preachis ment harmonious in all its parts law with law. that his sun shines upon the just and special selection of certain per- sonages ters. at the close of " the judgment day. or disregarded his laws. because he was. go away . What is the eighth ? I believe that G-od is no re- I believe that G-od made a specter of persons . and apostles the prophets. What is the ninth ? I believe that the Old Testa- I believe that the Bible is . that What is the eleventh 1 I believe in the command- I believe those who ment which says. angry with that people. but overcome evil with good. of one part is tantamount to a repudiation better faith and diviner rules of and practice." because the two laws I believe that the I believe that the true fol- " an eye for lower of Jesus must " resist not evil. used him. but who cursed and despitefully which despitefully use and perthat you may be secute you . " Bless them that curse you. and pray for them did not love the Lord. and introduced . . writo act as his attorneys among the earth's inhabitants. during all that period. tice.142 QUESTIONS ON THE MYTHS OP MODERN THEOLOGY. the rejection of the whole. precept with practhat. it is nevertheless. shall. " resist the devil" so that he shall flee away. the unjust. cause with effect . do good to them that hate you. mercy that his anger endu- reth but for a moment. derness for forty years. is What the tenth ? law of an eye and a tooth for a tooth" can never be harmonized with " return not evil for evil.

What is the thirteenth ? I believe that God it is a spir. be detected by the common." be cast into outer darkness which is in heaven" for by so doing. I believe that the I believe that the serpent was the most wicked and mischievous of all the beasts of the fields which the Lord God had made. that he God to tell a lie impossior do . that. and Yes . and pronounced it good. prevails and rules supreme ." illimitable and everywhere pres- Ms glory. aught contrary to the perfections of his attributes. the children of your Father into everlasting punishment. unskilful thinker. to affirm that contradictions and irreconcilable inconsistencies. who is so skilful in handling Scriptural texts that no contradictions shall come to the surface. I believe that there is a hell boundless as infinitude where the alone in spirit of wickedness. taught in the most flourishing Sunday-Schools taught as conWhen such elements of faitli sistent and soul-saving wisdom. for so does the good God punish the wick- ed and the guilty. Do you mean . because What is the fourteenth ? Lord God saw everything that he had made. Overflowing . omnipotent. therefore. constitute the popular orthodox creed and several pages might be added of similar incongruities and monstrosities. gnashing of teeth. That clergyman is estimated as most accomplished. and nothing can stay his hand. enter the human mind. What is the twelfth ? I believe that with God all is I believe that it ble for is things are possible . and that layman the most successful for the American Tract Society. there is a portion of infinitude where the it present can not enter.' we but imitate the where shall be weeping and great and good God. taught from the fashionable pulpit. there is not much room left to noble thoughts and great principles. God spirit of an omnilives not. "living through all life.QUESTIONS ON THE MYTHS OF MODERN THEOLOGY. extending through all extent. 7 like the above.

"Nature's Divine Revelations" (page 547) that the Bible was compiled at the Nicene Council. does history give us any proof of this asserit is stated in tion. . the opinions of a Doctor of And I would respectfully Divinity are seldom questioned. as a body. is the writer of this valuable answer to the Nicene Council question. harmony reigns triumphant everywhere. and conclusive answer than the following. When will mankind learn to of Truth ? explain and be enabled to practise the Philosophy The time hath already come boastfulness. that the author's companion. we will present no stronger proof of their propensity toward absurdities than that they. And there grateful confidence :* * The reader is supposed to infer from the above language. Persuaded by the never-changing testimonies of Creation that there is a Great a divine principle of Love and Wisdom how can the human mind be so sadly blinded and misguided as ever to We make adopt the popular pagan theories of heaven or hell of have the confluence external circumstances for made by (^or First Cause ! us) our heaven and our hell as we journey forward they come not as arbitrary rewards and punishments. permits his intellectual faculties to to the individual who. alone may sanction.144 QUESTIONS ON THE MYTHS OF MODERN THEOLOGY. ask : What Not absurdity have the so-styled wise men of the Church not sanctioned ? to mention the multitudinous instances of opposition to the several civilizing sciences. To him the laws of the Universe are unchangeable office. consecutive. Davis. but as inevitable se. then. with grammatical verbiage. which I submit to the world with undisguised pleasure and Just at this time there is tant. perhaps. nowhere to be found a more concise. these tract and sermon writers almost always succeed in concealing the intrinsic absurdities which lurk in their orthodox creed. Why not. of which they are guilty. quences to right and wrong doing. be philoand resolve to act as intuitive Reason sophical henceforth . To the ordinary reader of tracts and religious periodicals.'? no external question more imporis. endorse the above peculiarities of an orthodox creed. without perform their . Mary P.

that it was an act of virtue to deceive and lie. Orig-en. as he himself acknowledged. wrangling. though. He is. were artful. pose the artifice. a strong desire seemed to possess Eusebius and others who were present to conceal its details from the world. or at least to clothe the tells whole affair with the garb of mystery. the pious and learned Professor of G-ottingen. i. in vol." In a translation of Michaelis. are nothing more than alterations made by whose authority was so great in the Christian Church. while the spurious ones remained underneath. like all in the ancient history of the Church." This recital was an almost universally adopted maxim. supported by the evidence of no manuscript. p. and the impudence of impostors in contriving false miracles. was artfully proportioned to the while the sagacious and wise. Thus us that the Bishops. having "promiscuously put Pappus all the Books that were referred to the Council for determination. who are referred to with so much reverence by the modern priesthood. that "It ly dishonest men. and was very industrious as a writer and compiler. we find the following start" It is a certain fact that several ling assertion readings. Mosheim. accordingly. 145 events The proceedings at the Council of Nice are. if we credit the concessions of Dr." As regards the fifth cen" The tury. 198. if they should ex: . they besought the Lord that the inspired writings might get upon the table. but who. by Bishop Marsh. 10 . that emendations which he proposed. in : text. who credulity of the vulgar perceived these cheats.QUESTIONS ON THE MYTHS OP MODERN THEOLOGY. and grossHe declares. veiled 'in obscurity. as he was a man of extensive learning." Origen was undoubtedly of the greatest importance in giving form and permanency to the institutions of priestcraft. 'Indeed. when by such means the interests of the Church might be promoted. he says simplicity and ignorance of the generality in those times furnished the most favorable occasion for the exercise of frauds . and that it happened is quite in accordance with the usual practices of the Church Fathers. under the communion-table in a church. were our common very generally received.. were awed into silence by the dangers which threatened their lives and fortunes.

to the ingenious said to be the author of the. in " vol. and publicly denied Christ.. This important question is attended with great and almost insuperable little apostles. asserting written according" to those persons to whom they ascribed it. i. by some unknown persons. ." and Mosheim. the New Testament owes whatever it possesses of grace. concerning the time when the books of the New Testament were collected into one volume. etc. and Taylor. were alternately accepted and rejected by the different councils. and these he owned in other parts This compilation. p.. who. are extremely different. Prophecies. C.' In regard to the books of the Old Testament there seems to have been equally as much dispute during the first few centu- and many Chronicles. Bishop Faustus. the great Church historian of modern times. that the opinions. an eminent Christian writer of the fourth " century. however. affixed to their works the names of were supposed to have been their comthat what they had written themselves was panions. historical congruity. acquaints us with the that this same fact.146 QUESTIONS ON THE MYTHS OF MODERN THEOLOGY. as also the authors of that collection. lest they should not be credited when they wrote of affairs they were acquainted with. and there is every reason to believe that. amid fierce and fiery altercations. or rather the conjectures of the learned. but a long while after them. 109.. harmony. But while so much doubt attends our investigations in the misty labyrinths of ecclesiasticism. or of such as difficulties to us in these later times. which was made about 210 of his writings. excepting James and Jude. which catalogue embraces the same as are now admitted into the so-called Sacred Canon. Origen afterward relapsed into Paganism. tells us. A. first who arranged a distinct catalogue Testament. nor by his apostles. many things seem to point out the Nicene Council as the one whose decisions were most ries.books of the New interpolations and omissions of this ancient savant. Psalms." " The fathers put into their Scriptures Scaliger asserts that whatever they thought would serve their purpose . served doubtless as a precedent in all subsequent councils . declares that It is certain the New Testament was not written by Christ himself.

147 The catalogue authoritative respecting " the inspired book. 9. This sanctimonious despot. without diminishing regard for their real merits." b. finally asserted that " what was approved by these bishops could be nothing less than the determination of God himself. toward the final so- lution of the origin of the gospels. folded to them the Divine will. jr. . of Ohio. whose bitter animosity was quelled only by the fiat of Constantine. It is a well-established fact that it was attended by an indefinite number of belligerent parti." of Eusebius. To what conclusion has a certain truth-searcher come ? By pushing investigation* seriously in regard to these books. and as yet unpublished work.) (Socrates School Eccl. Hist. by Darius Lyman. 1.QUESTIONS ON THE MYTHS OF MODERN THEOLOGY." and a universal regret is expressed that its acts were not committed to Church writing with more fidelity. and also. who was the most influential and learned among the attendant bishops. as interesting events presented to us in ecclesiastical history. after presiding over the refractory Conclave. the gether all the corresponding passages of the four gospels. who was his contemporary. Such a production would go far. unsans. liberal and thinking minds at least. is Thus we see how flimsy is the foundation on which based the faith of orthodoxy in the plenary inspiration of the Bible . was exactly the same with the modern one . since the Holy Spirit residing in such great and worthy souls. as well as determining the spirit in which they were written. and controlling its decisions. This council is alluded to by both ancient and modern " one of the most famous and historians. that while there is much in the ancient records tend- u Nature's Divine Revelaing to corroborate the recital. c.. in is there at least no tions. as was also that of Athanasius." testimony in all those ecclasiastical writings by which that statement can be disproved. and pointing out their essential agreements and discrepancies in a fair among and candid manner. * The reader is referred to an extra-valuable inquiry. bringing tofallible inspiration of the four gospels. What does the investigating world need in order to get at a reasonable esti- mate of the New Testament 7 In order to disabuse the popular mind of the fancy of the inworld needs a work.

not precisely as we now it. was the original gospel . both Mark's and Luke's. and that too at a time when (as De Quiacey shows. . for it was not his purpose to impress upon his young pupils so much what Jesus a magnification of the individual (so did. as the men. This Ephesian presbyter entertaining many of the doctrines taught by Plato. by men seen the person of Jesus. and not by the alleged apostle. He. for the moral advancement and religious they were written school books. Moshiem. because his sole purpose . to the conclusion that they are all didactic romances^ designed by good men to inculcate moral principles by aid of anecdotes and symbols . in his essay on the Essenes) the Palestine Church had become temporarily a Secret Association . however. by a presbyter or living elder of that Church. he has also come to the conclusion. By further investigation. with original additions (by the socalled Matthew) of traditionary and genealogical information.) He did this with no evil conscience on his own part. was written for the catechumens of the Ephesian Church. (This view is in part corroborated by the historical concessions of Dr.herefore.of the kingdom being esteemed of such universal import. John's gospel. D. reserving one of its cardinal doctrines The a Jesus as secret to be revealed Messiahship of mysterion The only to the initiated while the other cardinal doctrine : speedy coming. as there is much evidence to show. and the Son of God. justified himself with the invention offacts in the histion of Mark's . and afterward by the Essenes assumed to be an apostle. whom they described of traditionary transmission . A. on the other hand.148 he lias QUESTIONS ON THE MYTHS OP MODERN THEOLOGY. was taught without reservation to the people.rnaster of was to glorify him.ory of Jesus. Mark. and the object for which is the same as the object of modern Sundayis. that they were written after the come who had never by aid second terrible overthrow of Jerusalem. that the gospel ac- an amplificacording to Luke was a copy subsequently taken and that the Matthew-gospel was a copy of . in order to give a more lively impression of the supposed divine character of the Nazarene. that indoctrination of the young catechumens of the church . 131. as what Jesus was common to all affectionate and poetic devotees) above the com- . have that the gospel attributed to St.

I would humbly ask him what he thinks of the relation given us of the first Nicene Synod by Eutychius. is found the following testimony: 'But that my reader may also may be prepared for the action of the Synod. against Spiritualism. Smith. written by conscientious adherents of the Christian Church. upon the recommendation of Alexander.' this the of Professor. In short. page following language ty-eight bishops never assembled as members of this Council. Davis. revel in pictures and anecdotes of lives altogether ideal. are of the greatest moment to the explorer of theological and christological history. leaving hut three hundred and eighteen to compose . Davis dogmatic assumption standing has asserted nothing more than is supported by history. and that Constantine expelled seventeen hundred and thirty of these. .. the Sunday-school books of the early Church . much more probable than that of Eusebius and Socrates. I trust the public will call for his valuable work ere long." says G. the Council is " In relation to this statement of Mr. whose history in Arabic. being the product of a candid investigation. I suppose. Cotton Mather's Magnalia Christi Americana. in this matter. never seen. on ' Two thousand and forholds the 22. an author of : there any history to support this assertion ? ' the first ages.* In " Nature's Divine Revelations" you assert that two thousand and forty-eight bishops assembled at the Council of Nice. upon the letters of Constantine summoning the Synod. Mr. nor any other number. page 442. there were no less than two thousand and forty-eight bishops who came to town but that the most of them by far were so grossly ignorant and errone. by Salmasius or Blondel.QUESTIONS ON THE MYTHS OP MODERN THEOLOGY. does relate unto us that. " Professor in his late work Mahan. Nor were seventeen hundred and thirty. the gospels were. as he thinks. ous that. on account of the intense interest which was universally felt in the question of doctrine to be acted But notwithupon. All but three hundred and eighteen. and this is a well-known fact in history.' book vii. forcibly excluded by Constantine. were there as mere spectators. as our modern religious tales. which did sit as members of the Council. " In Dr. is by some thought. recommended by Seldoii and Pocock as one of irreproachable fidelity ? That author. Bishop of * These suggestive conclusions of Darius Lyman. which sported with the facts of Jesus's real life. 149 mon attributes and ways of the earth's inhabitants.

your historical deductions. or Watson's replies and evidences. And be- you affirm that all honestly skeptical minds can not but be persuaded of the miraculous origin. who were all of them Orthodox children of peace.150 QUESTIONS ON THE MYTHS OF MODERN THEOLOGY. to be duly appreciated by those who might call this Convention. and none of those contentious blades that put out libels of accuand that by the Emperor's happy sation one against another choosing and weeding of these three hundred and eighteen. I should not prejudge the motives of these many-coated brothers . of the Old and New Testaments. Suppose Harraonial Philosophers should resolve to call a Convention of Creeds. good sirs. elect their best minds. and a volume- A soon spread the pro and con fairly before the people. regardless of all selfish considerations and odium theologicum which might settle upon their reputations. these writers met the question on merely metaphysical and inferential sides. who have grounds . to represent the cardinal points of each Church ? This question I can not now answer . of presenting to inqui- Do you think it right to let an opportunity escape ring minds. appealing to the clergy of all denominations. yet it is wisdom Gentlemen! you may object to respectfully to say this public method of discussing these important departments of the Christian superstructure. the Emperor singled out but three hundred and eighteen. and the battle has neither the leisure nor disposition to read your published works. your classic renderings of the original gospels. etc. or weigh the evidences which gentlemen of your profession are supposed capable. firmer this glorious principle ? The question before such a Convention. do you believe that these gentlemen would. is entrenched in sci- . will fail. the Orthodox religion came to be established.' " .. in fact. but the nineteenth century has conveyed the subject now to be fought on scientific and positive principles. or Paley's. you presume to think. to a vastly different position. Nelson's. authority. Nay. by reading Dr. And there would doubtless. Your archasological evidences. of doing good ? you phonographic reporter might be in attendance to record your argument or defense. Alexandria. ex qfficio. of Protestantism is the right of private judgment on politics and religion will you not assist to establish still may The pride . be a large number at this Convention.

" And elsewhere this orthodox ety. and Scripture. entiftc 151 dual positive principles." plished laity justice in presenting this matter. Let them not shut their eyes to the danger which is obviously Gentlemen. as a class. One need but read attentively the recent work by Professor Hitchcock.QUESTIONS ON THE MYTHS OF MODEEN THEOLOGY. suffer themselves to linger far in the rear of an intelligent and accom- a full age behind the requirements of the time. with its New Men .so widely on socione can scarcely travel by railway or in a steamboat. on Geology Even Hugh Miller (who' has made as good a plea in behalf of his theological faith as any clergyman could) says : " It is always perilous to under-estimate the strength of an enemy The evantheir Churches can in with not. to be convinced of this vital fact. without finding decided trace of its ravages. It is the nineteenth Century that Truths and awakening Eights of invites you to this Convention of Creeds. all writers against skepticism have utterly failed to refute. I have but discharged a fragment of coming. "which. gelistic consistency character. and which is telling. or with a due regard to the interests of their people. slight or overlook a form of error at once exceedingly plausible and consummately dangerous. that author boldly affirms that the " clergy. or encounter a group of intelligent mechanics.


temperance in all things. be intelligent concerning ! the ordinary interests of life not upon religious questions. . to think. at first glance. THE fundamental soning while prejudiced. It has forbidden the conscience to reason. merchandise. Come to that most high and princely the religious and forthwith there departeth of all emotions How few persons deliberation. The consequence make advancement . to be incompatible with There are few minds capable of readeliberate investigation. seem. consistency. in science. charity. reasonableness. therefore. they stand still in the far past with- out illumination upon whatsoever is religious and ecclesiastical. Men may . while men ? What the consequence of such is. to become enlightened. to shackle the human is conscience. in all the relations pertaining to our common existence.QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OF IMMORTALITY. Innumerable attempts have been made. have involuntarily gone into extreme skepticism on religion. And a vast portion of the world. and vigilance. with more or less success. religious elements. mental bondage that. commerce. there are from whom you expect straightforwardness. immanent in man's highest faculties. No Men dare not become religiously enlightened. The Modern Church exerts a powerful stultifying influence upon the human conscience.

into the crusade of fanaticism. in the main. No other fanaticism Under the afflatus of a religious enthuis more to be feared. But they are quickly counted. reliable sources of Two The . It is but recently that a pa. The religious element overrides all else when it has once fairly trammelled the intellect. and you glery.. and friends. second. Intuition . a beautiful and heavenly day it will be. Intuition and Reflection are sources of wisdom not consulted by . Reflection . first. my friend. disregards family siasm. Perhaps. of legerdemain. There is no surer and quicker path to Error than this system of logicalization. the foundation of everything which they believe or hope to realize. indeed ! when men shall dare universally to exercise Reason concerning the men shall see that it is a great questions of human Life. like Peter the Hermit. When and prerogative to reason. of How many sources human knowledge are there ? : There are four sources of human knowledge . fearful churchmen. Logic is no source of plain truth. Intuition the unreliable and secondary are.nd natural two are outside and artificial. Sophists commence with certain premises and jump at conclusions a species of jugCommence this. and plunges. . relying upon the inward bosom of truth. . Testimony.154 QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OP IMMOETALITY. Do you make a difference between reasoning and debating ? Yes Reasoning is very different from debating. but true and serious inrich privilege quirers concerning man's perpetual continuation. ? Do the churches refer . . men to their own inherent sources of knowledge upon inward sources of light and illumination. third. Perception . these have never been harmoniously consulted.. daring not to reason upon sacred questions. not mere debaters and disputants. are inherent a. man all idea loses of self-preservation. Would it faculties. not be a beautiful day when men become illuminated in the religious even as they now are in their social and intellectual departments ? Yes . never so much as reasoning a moment upon the possibilities of self-deception. has dared to stand out and criticise past religions. All the religious world. rests upon Perception and Testimony. knowledge are.rty. fourth. and Reflection Perception and Testimony. No The Churches have not allowed mankind to rely Perception and Testimony are. then will they become.

the method. Mere logical exercise is a pros- concern When it . Look Egypt. titution of the faculties. 155 are on the straight road to self-mistake . through all AngloSaxon annals.' to comprehend phenomena and relations. or how much your logical success at the may go out into the annals of the world. predominance. Whole races have rested solely upon external . Spiritualism was known to the most ancient races to the Indians of the East and the West. He alone is altogether reasonable whose soul is harmonized. Intellectual perceptions are designed to ascertain the rudiments of all things. to self-degradation. destitute of any intelligent evidences of immortal existence. through that of Greece and Rome. is liberated from the thraldom of prejudice. after breaking their individuality. Reasoning is the process. made much progress in acquiring knowledge of future existence ? No men have made but little progress in cerning life and immortality. up to the present time. Reason is the full-blown flower of the spirit . knowledge conthrough the history of As soon. highest wisdom is to make the best present use of immortality? it. begin eventually repudiate. such try to and failing. No matter how brilliant your faculties. by which the soul gets exercise. Such is not reason but logic. its fragrance is Love and knowledge. with the front part of their heads comprehend Divine existence. howsources of knowledge concerning immortality. . Has the race . and that the . I have met minds who inherit a repugnance to the idea of an eternal continuation of Others have ventured. you will possess end of life a very small residuum of satisfaction. a intellect and as the the conscience gains ever. At first he turns out to be an unhappy skeptic at last he is delighted. because he sees so clearly that this life is all. and you will discover a slow increase in the number of evidences.QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OF IMMORTALITY. How many ceptive faculties to bear insincere persons there are who bring merely their perupon the sublimest questions of human I the question of Deity comes in. Reason is the flowering out of all the intellectual and love principles in man's nature. then the externallyconvinced mind begins to reconsider these evidences. Do you meet persons who sincerely doubt Yes There are persons utterly . to and the to doubt.

his resurrection . And How is the Church accountable for this skepticism ? It is accountable. These become confirmed. point. over five hundred urrection. For instance it is alleged in general by the Christian world. Becoming persuaded of the eventual annihilation of man's personality. who perhaps is learned in logic. to read some merely logical authors. that his existence was first manifestation of a great and beautiful principle that . Jesus was seen after Ms reswith that Paul. full of logic. and bask in the The Church is certain upon this light of an eternal world. at last. and discovering that animals die stories and that man is only a higher animal they reject all spiritual and ghostly anecdotes. . with little reason . yet such testimony does not appear. the Christian Church is accountable for it all. They say. Such have gone out into the senses. all Christendom should believe in life and immortality. because it has for ages denied to Reason the right to investigate and decide upon immortality. on the much positive intellecof immortality.. that nothing is more ceramount. Well. to be but inferential and uncertain. balance off a vast amount of prejudice and It was never skepticism. : the tain than that Jesus brought life to light . skeptics their belief. they have spoken this doctrine to the world. by persons and from the perception and testimony of these. at the same time.156 QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OP IMMORTALITY. all to . although the testimony of five the facts asserted and hundred persons would. even happy. loose from the Church. and ask :*" question tual evidence have we ?" you would be surprised at the small No. it is said. Thousands have become externally-minded. He finds that twelve of the fourteen have not testified at that. in consequence. I will explain comes to the analysis of this evidence. in a court of justice. conscientious and willing to But have we not an abundance of positive sacrifice themselves for external evidences 1 to exercise your intellectual faculties. and . what effect does this evidence exert : upon the thinker ? The skeptic. was a demonstration that all regenerate persons will one day come up out of their graves. turns out. were you How What appears to be positive and conclusive.

unless there was Now. howOne is.QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OF IMMORTALITY. for the Churches. instead of natural is To Church mute. ever. . he ivifl have it. that this doctrine has been believed by all nations. for driven upon inferential grounds. therefore. Then is arises the question ? : How do you know but your want this question the educational. have testified to the doctrine of immortality . as is demonstrated by the pyramids. drawn from historical religion. let us ask : Would God have planted in the human soul such a something answering to it '? belief. only says: explanation unable to be fair and Christian. the testimony of five hundred. Is there not a law of this sort in nature ? Man's soul asks for personal immortality. as to the adequacy of the supply for all man's needs." All that such "You and captious men : is: the substantial and ample testimony that this great and desirable The skeptic asks " doctrine is not a superstition. departs out of intellectual society. shall How men know when their wants are natural and when artificial when acquired. therefore. But there are superstitions carved still as plainly as this doctrine of immortality. and when innate ?" "Who knows but this desire for tians. Historical religion. Unfortunately. It appears to the skeptic. another is. 157 Men have the assertion of Paul only not put into the Bible. Here. It has not a word need. who immortality has been implanted by judaistical Chrisreceived it from sects still more remote ? This doc- trine extends and back through the Persian into the Egyptian races . and apostles. the so-called positive evidences of immortal life. prophets. . stitions skeptics inquire as to the universality of vast super- and great errors. that alseveral out of evidence. brings points most all seers. therefore. this is the natural inference. further even to their primitive ancestors. of . Now cometh the question suggested by natural religion. these errors and superstitions are found to run parallel with the conviction of immortality . that here is an extraordinary illustration of immorBelievers are now tality with less than ordinary evidence. The Church goes searching what are called " natural evidences" to corroborate the affirmations of revealed religion. are an infidel.

however. but contents itself with hoping for a for immortality hopes I reply. cannot tic. in its ordinary normal operations. have implanted Hope in man. for happi- ness through life. There tion. finding that Hope. to give back a frank and lucid reply. . no positive evidence on the quesJSTow. Hope is The skeptic. seers evidence. although innate. and itinerant prophets rejecting. this faculty never jurisdiction of its possessor. inducing man to think himself a being of the future . will ask : Man. concludes that it does not prove immortality. is a result of his present efforts. . 1 we not consider the facts of clairvoyance as good evidence It to was but a few years ago when clairvoyance was presented It was long ago known in France. . . however. good day. and wherever there is a spot upon it. he is." considered by the church as the voice of Natural Religion. of course. They receive the testi- . it is under the On a low scale. the skeptic pronounces it inadequate and extremely inconclusive. in the American public. or is the organ a result of the belief? Phrenology discovered that the faculty of Hope. or his failure. tmlcss there was something ? Would Father-God answering to the faculty be a complete contradiction. boldly affirms. for a to-morrow. churches cite the testimony of certain ancient . Germany it ! in certain localities in England. Skeptical persons look into the character of the old seers and wandering prophets. unable Shall they will hold it forth to a world's consideration. after all. is capable of cultivation that. The skep" Is a belief in immortality a result of the organ. all seers and prophets whose history does not come through canonical chanBut when a careful analysis is made of this branch of nels. for success in business. small politicians. The church. like every other organ. how few expeMost people know of it only through the outward rience it sources of perception and testimony.158 QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OF IMMORTALITY. con- firms the skeptic yet more in his skepticism. that his success. suggests only happiness and success this side of the grave. In this country was heard of as a faculty but. Man never is but always to be blest. " Sometimes it inspires great heroes and Hope springs eternal in the human breast.

QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OP IMMORTALITY. then this report. that the received These evidenevidences are sufficient to settle this question. And the conclusion human experience is at not being a universal that clairvoyance best but an inferential evidence of ? immortality. table . Without qualification sation) they can affirm. Although manifesta- now very general. as lucid to the intellectual faculties as any sum done by rules mathematical. and injuring proof which otherwise would be clear and He who has never seen our Table of Explanaindubitable. ces. a religious dream ! Church. " The present Age and Inner Life.* See a work by the author entitled. they are " There local and special and mostly private. yet the mass is not a mere enthusiastic tions are compared with is their limitations of not convinced that immortality The poem. spirits will address this class of skeptical persons. to bring out the clearest and most unequivocal proofs that man's soul is not extinguished by the catastrophe of death. (I have responded ." tions* stands off and makes this report . gets into influential papers. and becomes the prevailing conviction of America. Have we not positive evidences in the spiritual manifestations one would say that there has been a concert of action . But spiritual men and women (of the New Dispenhave received positive evidences. or else to use the old vituperaShould spiritualism become popular. this gives sea-room for immense Doubts of many tons burden. men compelled to be mute. between mediums and their spirit friends . these same churchwill ask the material forces of Nature to furnish an ex- planation. six years ago. Skeptics say : are too many things undignified. are not universal not accessible at every can not act upon every human soul equally ." . when required itself to give answer to a candid man. not addressing man's highest tions. is. that immortality is approved . Spiritualists have yet to make some discoveries. finds tions. which . Spiritual manifestahowever. Yes nature. I think. are very far from being universal . invalidating our evidence. unfortunately. 159 inony of those who have interested themselves in the phenomena. New Dispensation Teachers of the are asked by skeptics to bring forward some positive demonstrations .

to feel through all their being this sublime truth that the perfected human soul can never be extinguished Evidences which are worth anyare not in the table-manifestations. Spiritual manifestations will yet become a hundredfold more desirable . positively. evidences of future existence . and he will look naturally for some correspondence with the other world. and not merely understood by his intellectual' faculties.) What have you seen and developed on this question of immortality'? and reflection. that a man conlustrations only. best under and the now. I have seen it to be possible for every man and after woman. If skeptical men could but take world are lodged in us if they dared to be candid leisure out of business relations ! they would of evidences positive immortality. coming under spirit culture. to : ! come through the two sources. person A upon the external sources of knowledge. is sure to be swept away when the relies who Such must have the testimony sensuous evidences disappear. The treasures of the future soul contains the positive proof. thing. He is not surprised when he gets such communication . I have seen that man's immortalbe of any practical service to him. circumstances. must be felt in his religious nature. lately delivered. True evidences By intuition ity. Each human head hath its own evidence. insensible to the inward fountains. truthful to the feel and inward sources of knowledge begin to they will not be sought as evidences. tains in himself the power of eternal continuation. nor is he disappointed or skeptical if he should not get it. of immortality. else they are distressed with irresistible skepticism. Does not every externally-minded person suffer somewhat from the absence of intuitive knowledge ? Externalists realize a mischievous that all these so-called positive and lurking suspicion. Individual existence is the endorsement the . but as ilLet it be known. are not outside not in spiritual stories and ghostly anecdotes. Intuition and Reflection through the inward sources of Wisdom.160 QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OP IMMORTALITY. Intuition brings man this treasure in advance. to this call in a course of lectures. winch will probably make the fifth volume of the Great Harmonia. Each human being holds a note on the Bank of Eternal Life.

that Jesus was in was not determined. but his enthusiasm for the life of Jesus. miracle : namely. how say some among you that there no resurrection of the dead ?" Here he predicates man's resurrection entirely upon the traditionary miraculous resurrec" If there is no resurrection of the tion of Jesus. so utterly destitute of confidence in man's constitutional immortality. Man's individuality in Paul's opinion. but. can see." evidence. 161 explained eventually by some ordinary principle." Then he : the other way. If in this life only we have hope in." 11 . He undertook to be philosophical upon the question of immortality. : fifteenth chapter of Corinthians. at the same time. then is our preaching vain. then is not Christ the dead rise not. and if Christ be not raised. Every one acquainted with Paul as a writer. by any organic he did not argue that man contained the immortal treasure naturally but he supposed man to be immortal in consequence of a. Christ are perished. if Christ be preached is that he rose from the dead. caused him to affirm that man's resurrection from the dead was dependent upon the resurrection of that one individual. and your faith is also vain. so full of beautiful analogies so full of agricultural arguments and figurative illustrations.QUESTIONS ON. your faith is vain . and says turns this rule. THE EVIDENCES OP IMMORTALITY. Christ. dead. qualification reality raised bodily subsequent to passing through the mysteri- ous process of dying. his indulgence for this branch of the religious sentiment. Yea. because we have testified of God that he raised Christ : whom he raised not up. nevertheless. This extraordinary manifestation was a matter of testimony . did Paul ever to cherish doubts on such evidence of immortality ? seem Paul was frequently very sensitive on the nature of this He would say " If Christ has not risen. that he was a man truly re- may be was mostly in ligious. " Now. ye are raised : Then they also which are fallen asleep in yet in your sins. we are of all men most miserable. then is Christ not risen. then of Often have men read the all men we are most miserable. Paul this condition. if so be that For if the dead rise not. and we are found false witnesses of God. makes it to work " If Christ be not risen.

to meet the Lord in the air. to reason upon the miraculous foundation of his beauti" How can a ful religion. that " we who are alive" through the dying and burying process which before he described will be " caught up" and live right on just as well. the establishment of man's individual immortality. Although not a philosopher. ious to have it established that Christ after his death ivas seen . in order to be raised through the sown a natural body sown into the grave first. that we . Paul undertook. Paul did not think so he taught that death was not necessary. and rose again in best status." are . and so shall be ever with the Lord. when the harvest-time comes. is first that it was. placed in the grave as one being dead. as essential . necessary for every man to be sown apostle in order to be reaped or raised as to die and be buried Yes: Christ was -he taught that Jesus was crucified. however. Do you mean. in order to secure a resurrection. and traditionary testimony. : in corruption and raised incorruptiand raised a spiritual body . as well as his arduous nature would permit. Does Paul ever appeal to what you term the internal sources of knowledge ? Paul relied for the most part upon miracles.162 What QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OF IMMORTALITY. Afterward. and then. Paul afterward says thing be it ?" His die of philosophy immortality was quickened except : that miracle ble . ? to affirm that Paul contradicted his own theory of man's res- urrection The leading doctrine taught by the let me prove it. The great matter in view is. then we ivhich are alive. without passing elsewhere concluded. external per- He. men must first die that we are sown . does Paul mean to teach by this language 1 Paul means to teach that if men consider the life of Jesus valuable as an example only. the spirits who have died down are all raised up. and the dead in Christ shall rise first. Let us read him further " We which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep for the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout. to show mankind the dying process which is indispensably necessary for Yet he all to pa*s through. was extremely anxception. and remain. shall be caught up together with them in the clouds. then the whole gospel is worth next to nothing.

and stored into that spiritual manifestations will the beautiful temple of spirituality. impressional. . while interested in the excitement of the manifestations. therefore. healing. manifestations . spiritual law. " This is an says extraordinary demonstration with less than belief . which no sophistry can invalidate or disturb. spiritPaul The apostle thought that all the evihimself. 163 by reliable witnesses. Jesus was seen by two on the road to Emmaus then. in view of such reasoning. Persons. add the illustrations. Do you mean become less general 1 irresistible impression. Axiomatic spiritual principles will save skeptics when the manifestations shall have No reasonable mind. Already prepare to reap the harvest ing without variableness. How obviously necessary. was embodied in an incomprehensible miracle the physical resurrection of Christ from the state of the dead. one who compreheiideth the ceased. ually. : ordinary evidence to endorse it. by five hundred at once lastly. the beauty of which is greatly enhanced by years more ting spiritual . conviction. considered skeptics. Let them be garnered into form. first then. by twelve then. The testimonials of hundreds of thousands could then be secured. the external. . and wriwill be known men will have reaped a harvest of evidence. my friend. as to their variety. . Secure this internal In a few brief when mediums only clairvoyant. This was necessary first to every man's an idea which Paul would not have valued had he felt the principle.QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OF IMMORTALITY. Behold the seed is beit is time to sown. that spiritualists. should not fail to seek internal evidences of immortality. else these use of intelligent . The skeptic. then you have found a treasure . manifestations. will believe that these phenomena ! will continue manifestations. When you find an internal conviction that you are immortal. . . Yes this is my Men must make an they will go down Look into history as the tricks of itinerant boys and girls. by dence a -man had of life hereafter." How can I believe in immortality upon the testimony of a person ? whom I hare never seen This question represents the position of the skeptic. The of evidences. will gradually retire from the world. that for which all causes effects in principle within. .

not the artificial facts of earthly society. go to form a spiritual Like a zone. ! . The astronomer explains all these phenomena by the laws of planetary revolution. : ! . nights. to endorse reputable enough you. as the globe which we now inhabit. stars. Is the spiritual world as solid and as natural as this world 1 show you how natural and familiar are The other world is as natural. niy friend. And . not absorbed by this world. the Churches consider spiritualism Yea. as eclipses of the sun and moon. firmaments. All it requires is. Accept this. like all the past. The spirit-land hath laws. treasured up. which require explanation. I would like to is the elementary facts of mankind. is globe 1 unfolded the second sphere. when the Churches begin to becoming too popular consider it profitable to invite you to take a seat in their beautiful compartments. spiritual considered. and build up institutions against another dispensation. an intellectual inductive ascension.164 QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OP IMMORTALITY. Skeptical minds will get their questions answered outside of the Churches. then consider that you are all on the broad road to certain mischievous prosperity an to you ! Be Churches . days. step by step. Yes as it. There are certain facts in na- terial evidences that lead to to see that there is a m ture. Could you indicate the existence of man's intelligence ? this spirit-world by any laws visible to the existence of a spiritual world is as demonstrable any proposition in astronomical science. Mind can be intellectually led spiritual ivorld just as readily as it can be taught to perceive that the earth revolves . on the inside of the vast milky-way. lest you forget and go to the do not be absorbed by them. suns. The Churches will become gradu- ally powerless. will read with earnestness. Then the Churches will come careful. a fact of which en have no ocular demonstration. but all Commence with the most all common through stones at your feet watch them the gradations of refinement . easy thriftiness which will turn into conservatism. through the ma. as tides. as days and nights. There is danger in Beware. astronomically things. see till them ascend they become a The finest particles physical part of the vast second sphere of all things. and you are on the road to when annihilation. In that world Yes .

opened it. 165 you believe. On the morning of the evening of her departure. So. invited them up to my studio. only by a set of principles which. Yet. Such has been my effort. I am persuaded that six nights of continued investigation. too. and composed myself for the interior. myself studiously and industriquired. crowned by this philosophy. if legitimately followed out. Does a belief in this philosophy give happiness to the mind ? your ordinary affairs. of my It is more than two years ago that Catherine De Wolf.QUESTIONS ON THE EYIDENCES OF IMMORTALITY. To allude to my own experience. and positively. analogically. . and her nephew several together came near to my house in years Sphere Hartford. I repeat. it becomes. it is not easily acdevoted to I have it. of Thus. would make the existence of a spiritual world more valuable and familiar than the golden lands of California. her mother. as an artist to music . that you may see how substantial and replete with consolation are the positive evidences which I have received of the existence of a spiritual world. and As soon as they had entered. and devotion. there are facts in not be solved upon any other which can experience hypothesis save that which admits the existence of spiritual The phenomena of human consciousness. To succeed in anything. Some private personal experiences I tremblingly lay upon the altar. I felt their spheres spiritualized sphere near the house. Why ? Because you see that Ms explanation the facts adequately. I have become accustomed to the personal presence and : more particularly to the a individual. : Yes pressible pleasure (for many years) to live conscientiously in reference to spiritual intercourse. will lead inferentially. as a mechanic to the principles of his occupation. and success. my former companion. to the existence of spiritualized worlds. a person must be devoted. more and more. In the course of ten minutes I was lost to all externals was . would go on with the greatest possible harmony . can be explained. I went down to the front door. spiritual influence of persons I closed the studio door. the spiritual experiences of all races. ously. a strengthening power to the human soul. I would say It has been a soiirce of inex. her persons who had been in the second sister. her father. all covers human globes. went to the Spirit Home.

At six o'clock in the evening of my first lecture. under the circumstances. side . Her father said to me " We have come for our daughter. I felt and that she was somewhere within a . she ceased to breathe. passed stairs. to give a course of lectures. my have regained about ten years of youth and in appearance she was not so large as in her physical body. During that day there were some favorable symptoms . I felt she was near. About twenty minutes past Not being in the seven. he said " Your desire might reach and rouse her from a required rest and she be unable to recover as fast as we wish. interior at the time. Her spirit relatives said that they would remain in the vicinity till . inasmuch as she has been sick for many . : . for three months that you do not even desire to see her during that time. . I had no opportunity for interior exercises. and we have a special request to make of you that. and her spiritual approach I returned to my boarding-house immediately. Still remaining in my body. however. that evening. toward evening. She was now by She seemed to just like any person in the body. made it certain longer. had received telegraphic despatches. : months. in the spiritual world. She looked as if she up the hall. and I heard nothing directly from her . she (in spirit) was ready to depart. that she could not longer remain. My lecture was duly delivered. yet being a spirit." Therefore. not aware of possessing a physical nature. in anything which I did not receive myself. nor of being in a room in fact." When I asked why I should not desire. In fact. nor indirectly. and went into the superior state.166 QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OF IMMORTALITY. I could see them and hear their words. I was myself A SPIRIT. I did not witness the departure of her spirit. In the winter I went to the city of Boston. hundred miles of that city. . We think she is going to-night . except from two mediums who supposed they I had no confidence. On going upI admitted her by the door. Three months passed. she be left alone with us. and thereby fatigued in spirit as well as in body. indicating that she might take nourishment and continue a few days But other evidences. I promised that I would not even desire to see her in three months.

that no world more natural than the Second Sphere of human existence. 167 was enjoying her existence tic as . . I place it before is my the reader solely to give him an impression." being great Mount . When I received her third visit. . we ascended the south of the lake called " Starnos. beloved yet. A SUNSET IN THE SPIRIT HOME. to be deliberate in her recital. and enjoyed so much /" She wished to tell me something about a " Sunset" she had witnessed in the Spirit Home. of the " Mornia" Accompanied by the dearest ones we know. While there. breathed from those around me. of love . when I long to speak of my new home. with her arm on ting. I went to Auburn. our family journeyed along the banks a lake flowing westward. As before I admitted her into my room. We replied. my beloved." view now ended. . . She promised. And I yearned for thee. and we had another conversation. some five months afterward. for both I love and fear Day before yesterday. to deliver lectures. I felt her approach as before. down in wri- I wrote the communication which follows : shoulder. . at my request. . She used her organs of speech. and filled with emotion. my spirit was full . now. .although she was not as enthusias- conversed pleasher nature inclined to generally. new face to face. The inter- Next. when she would visit me again. seemed to have lost about twenty-five years of age ! She was very She said that she had brilliant. Once.QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OF IMMORTALITY. I feared for us both not. I voyage back to the happy days when we together trod the earth. THERE are times. "seen so -many beautiful things. I was in the city of HartOn that occasion she ford. . . . one near (the house) who would accompany her. . and antly me She did not know of her recent gave portions experience. I asked her if she came from the that " she had some world alone to which she spirit . somewhat fashioned after a solar body. so that I might take it While she was standing. On the bosom of affection's memory. .

. and more pleasant. seem not to remark here who are But there me. . whom I will now call were with us and William's Cornelia also their guardian angel" my and James. . .. . was half hid by the rainbow-streams of Beauty that were showered down from the sky . . Art has no hues for there is no pencil for such delineation. . others you have seen in the earthly . "With us. it was !* Should an artist paint the scene that sunlight gave us. surrounding Starnos. . we attained the top of this glorious eminence. And then. . upon the ever-brightening and kindling firmament. . . words. It is likely to I occur here once in every eight of your weeks Spirit mean the Home. . . some know and love you . many of men . . . ! Oh ! ! tion. I find in the air of my new home . . with a group of recently married daughter and the blessed four you his recently-formed acquaintances witnessed at High-Rock Tower. . . . home. specting your visit at High-Rock Tower . half-viewless and misty with the plenitude of countless odors. . . The valley was We had been walking around the Lake. too. . the house of the spirits a something blander. . dear brother. on such a sky as glorified this rose-covered spot day before yesterday "We visited the summit of Starnos to witness this exhibithis. were well many you never knew . . such coloring. with unutterable joy. . . And the sea of hills. "We gazed. if there Language no powers to reveal be words. . ! setting of the sun on this side of the But I have no I would bring thee a full description. I feel too much to think them out. . * High-Rock Tower ent is described in a work by the author entitled " The Pres- Age and Inner Life. My brothers " . . . . . our sunsets here I would gaze with you. . than in any There is a joy in it to other atmosphere I ever breathed. . . it But would be said that he had exaggerated the picture. . . . . and One. . beloved I have looked to see if that was the evening you wrote re . . . . . .. or. . . in company. ! At length.: 168 QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OP IMMORTALITY.

169 hand . close my eyes . There was a glorious cloud all clouds are glorious. And the remote habitations of the " Brotherhood of Morlassia" the groves of meditation appeared . . And.QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OF IMMOETALITY. . .. . can see it all again. . forget it And I feel that I can no more my new birth here. . . . . . out. . . I would that you had seen it. of hills and the lake below. . . . . . in consequence. I can not tell . . And the environing fields. flowing Mornia The light thrown upon the oplooked like a sea of blood. . I sought your near. . . . assumed a ruby hue. . . . . Such a mass of burnished gold.. . . posite shore. And the fair flowing Mornia were put lights opposite And the cloud was first a silver gray then darkened.. looked like a World on Fire . We gazed . I must my -understanding. as we stepped from spot to spot. ever gazed upon the sunset. . . And there . . . than I could the event Of this. . ruption of . looking memory. Our party now descended the rose-covered Mount wendserenaded by the ing our way amid green-hilled groves birds of the twilight hour. I thought of the glories you had taught me to see xoith Seeing the FATHER as I now do. . the breath I drew was of Life eternal. . beloved brother. . . . . I can in now . 'Twas night in the Spirit Home dark. . . . gold I breathed . not all for and there a silver edge unhere Yet. . . . .. yet the fullness of all heavenly. . the sun went down. I found the memory of your spirit and. then. . thee of the scene. and. my brother which reflected a far-spreading light upon the sea And Mornia. my brother. . . . my happiness was all permanent And that sky above us It was even more beautiful in the east than in the west. was like a sunny gauze cast over the landscape's emerald green. . ! and gazed The and. I will hereafter speak. Although you did not hold my hand nor administer unto me. . as a great City illuminated. fair the And. . . receiving the crimsoned light. . . . rolled disclosing the azure sky. . . . . . ! . . . . . . The cloud looked like a miniature ocean of liquid gold. divested of all mortal corThis is the first time my eyes . . was no void of existence. .

which current. ancient and modern. some things which do not admit of an easy explanation." p. as longconsequently could not partake of its motions. this would seem very possible were it not that they were above the earth's atmosphere. 100. and raised it several successive times three or four feet from the floor. sir. much J.miles directed a mighty column of vital electricity and magnetism. after being told. entered the fine particles of matter which composed the table. . will not think Now. Now." . penetrating all intermediate substances. to correspond with the earth's rotary motion then add to that the rate of sixtyeight thousand miles per hour in the same direction. Him in Love. that " the gentleman closed the door rather too quickly behind him to admit the passage of the spirits of Solon and Pisistratus. on page 141. you me unreasonable in demanding one of you. you give an interesting account of a " congregation of friendly spirits who from a distance of eighty.1TO "worship QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OF IMMOETALITT. HOW MAGNIFICENT is THE TEMPLE IN WHICH WE DWELL AND WOESHIP ! ! HOW DO SPIRITS : WALK ON THE SIR : INVISIBLE AIE It is ? To A. ! . and there. as they maintained their relative position to your little circle in Bridgeport. passed through the roof and walls of the apartment where we were seated.. In " your Philosophy of Spiritual Intercourse. and the spirits must move at the rate of sixty-eight thousand If I am not right. ship Beloved brother. they had to travel at the rate of something over five hundred miles per hour from west to east. This is because I have thought that you furnished more to state that I have derived philosophical evidence of the soul's immortality than all other " writers.. I am nearly five hundred miles per hour to this seems me to be an unattainable speed." Now. But. which would be necessary in order to keep up with the earth's annular motion. if there are inspired" or profane. In spirit and in truth I must worHim. my dear sir. by a process of infiltration. DAVIS VEEY DEAE not saying too more pleasure in reading your works than all other religious authors. sir. so.

inches of the floor. To AN ANXIOUS INQUIRER: Your letter addressed to me contains questions of moment. while a spirit in the body could go " in. 1855. trust.. philosophic objections to the possibility of man's continued existence in other worlds. and which he hopes to get alone from the sensuous manifestations which are claimed to be given daily in our country. and that too without the earth's atmosphere to stand or walk upon ? One might suppose that they had rather poor are prompted by no spirit of captious- foot-hold to run at that rate. Electricity of immensity is different from that my explanawhich is so . and not dense enough for the spirits of Solon and Pisistratus to go in at the door. what seems to make it a tiling incredible is. how could that large congregation of spirits" maintain their distance of eighty miles from the circle in Bridgeport for a moment. J. necessary spiritual organism to walk or stand if an Now upon. WILMINGTON. DAVIS." atmosphere is so rarified as to admit the feet of James Victor Wilson to within eighteen. I should say. very respectfully. I am admonished to be brief. In reply. The imaginative poet. that atmosphere. can structibility and endless growth in love and wisdom never remove. AN ANXIOUS INQUIRER. especially so 'to all who seek to establish the immortality of the soul by and through scientific facts and philosophical principles. these inquiries but rather in the hope that you will give them a rational solution. with two physical conditions which militate against oppressed " disclosures :" "denrny spiritual -first. Sir. page 151. the cultured sentimentalist. THE QUESTION ANSWERED BY A. Oct. 171 Again." I tion. more or less is the for dense. I am. Your mind seems to be impressed perhaps. finds no difficulty where you do yet such persons although perhaps satisfied of the soul's inde. but sity. 3. velocity second. what thinkers consider. They are made by one who hungers for evidence of his immortality evidence which he has never been able to get a morsel of from the pulpit. will not be obscure in consequence. sir. ness .QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OF IMMORTALITY. Mass. you tell " a stratum of us.

" schools have as yet no reliable intelligence. therehave no need of changing' their position in order to see and act upon terrestrial objects. independent. could position" to that circle. approach the earth's surface that this peculithat is. indiseverywhere the same a positive imponderable reality. : It is easily answered. Its element This spiritual. rendered their ingression inconvenient. because of certain functions performed by it in the various sections of The the material creation. unshorn. not ? . would be as clearly seen. is omnipresent. it is different.' 172 called QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OP IMMORTALITY. is It is : . Why Because. ours . fore. I sometimes term. as I originally explained. because finer and semiyet. over the Bridgeport " maintain their relative circle. my esteemed Inquirer. in harmony with earth's rotary motion. free from conjecture. as I think. You can not understand how the spirits. the necessity of some eighteen arity is noticeable inches of nether air as a floor on which to walk or stand sus- How can yon explain the problem of density ? The question of " density" is here only when spirits Solon and Pisistratus did not enter the door. principles general. which. all your inquiries may find an adequate solution. in it. I as have often said. at the frightful rate of sixty-eight thousand five hundred miles per I will endeavor to explain hour. and could be as easily acted upon. tained. Please. The congregated and operating spirits. or on the opposite side. essentially with. trackIt never less. departs from certain and of uniform local action. It is the same. unbroken. if not naturally impossible. is the medium through which spirits see and act upon jahysical objects. thus spiritualized. concerning this beautiful agent of boundless influence. as if it was on that side nearest the spiritual operation soluble. Like the DIVINE SPIRIT which vitalizes it it is shoreless. unless they moved. remember the foregoing as the fundamentalism on which. This element penetrates and permeates every physical substance so that an object on the side of the earth. the haste with which a gentleman closed it. you inquire congregation. pathless. " Magnetism. being an omnipresent principle. 011 tliis globe. Electricity. Next.

weighing from three to twelve pounds. as I questioned the possibility at the time. self-evident to every careful student of the Harmonial PhilosoThis philosophy provides for all such considerations. . I subscribe myself. to all happiness and be thereby advanced A. referred. DAVIS. such doctrine. should a operating upon voluntary muscles bird suddenly close its wings mid-air. you will observe the immense Congress above the earth. for. but . and important truth. true that spirits have no wings. and move easily in rarer mediums such as wild ducks.") Age Hoping you like a stone or Now. 1855. to the existence of far heavier bodies sustained by air-floors still more remote. by teaching the universality of an element upon which will can extensively act with surprising exactitude. and eagles and all this is done by ivill.QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OF IMMORTALITY. 13. Your BROOKLYN. J. I do not mean to teach. yet do they conform to certain laws of gravitation (not yet understood by mankind). as have much as we possess to triumph over spirits power to overcome the and conditions gravitational atmospheric laws of friction and comparative inertia (which is accomplished must be almost each step we take on the bosom of matter) trary. I was forced to a conclusion that " the laws of gravitation" are not yet comprehended. By reference to the " Vision at High Bock. 173 Do you mean to teach that spirits are unlike earthly beings ? with reference to the laws of gravitation No That . : was globe's surface. great swiftness. friend. geese. sustained by atmofar less dense than those near the spheric stratifications you may remember. (See and Inner will that continue the Life. it would fall to earth any other involuntary body." dear Inquirer. while it is investigation of scientific spiritualism. as evidence. and thereby ascend to any height and travel to remotest populated globes. For example birds. but. ascend through dense strata of air. that spirits are regulated phy. Oct. between all inhabited planets and " Present the contiguous margin of the Spirit Land. Upon further research. This is usually accomplished by con" rivers" of forming to the magnetism and electricity which with flow. on the con- by laws which govern men.

Her dress differs considerably from those with her and other female spirits. which.nd I) began a famil-* which continued for nearly two hours. Blue. From her first. between my former companion and myself. which resembled her habiliments closely whose appearance is also brilliant. &c. certain unoccupied moments. This is the seventh visit to me since her spiritual departure. . "guardian angel. and whose expression is fraught with much sweetness and energy. and the morning of the 16th. while the party entertained together into my room. which were hanging on the wall. of August. sister. white.174 mon QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OF IMMORTALITY. Conn. jr. They all came And. familiarize the life Can you and society of the Spirit Land yet more to tlic corn- understanding? My impression is." panied by as she termed her most cherished associate. whose house was then my home. As I was returning. she joined me about a dozen rods from the residence of William Green. She now is very enthusiastic appears to be about fifteen years of age and brilliant and yet. the same on her back . that I can not familiarize the social facts of the Second Sphere to denizens of earth. has a depth of expression which indicates strength of character as well as intellectual acumen. She came home with me accomand her three her brothers. with her arm resting upon my shoulder . and a light crimson hue.. I remarked that she iar conversation gave me only the fraternal recognition. in 1854. I felt. moving her hand lovingly and tenderly over and upon my forehead. notwithstanding the private nature of the words imparted. like the iinest gossamer fabric. unless I introduce the following narrative. on the night of the 15th." in the city of walking ning Hartford. crossed over her neek. which. except her guardian angel's dress. was given in a conversation. Usually she stands by my side. or else. Three or four days previous to her visit. which occurred in Boston.. To her esteemed friends and acquaintances it may be gratifying to know somewhat of her personal appearance. her approach. themselves in conversation concerning the diagrams. with much more. During the eve" Lord's I on had been out hill. we (Catherine a. entered into the colors of her simple garb.

. God's it seems comes. the happiest to . now feel so happy away from me ?" will tell "Brother beloved!" she replied. . I am happy now Oh. . Kingdom for who can feel so happy is the happiest yes. . The spiritual garments are not manufactured in the Second Sphere. I can tell of My grateful soul addresses them speak yesterday to thee . are " imported. . . . . from factories on neighboring physical planets. " I asked her this question Katie. " Thou hast led me to the mountain where I behold my joys from whose blessed height my spirit looks forth on the world where once I strayed and. Her arms were proportionally covered with the same garment. . . . but. The same is true of certain birds which animate the Spirit-Land. from my immediate recollection " G-uide all of life on earth I did not Protector : My ! my ! my ! nor last night as I longed to do . as I have observed many times. . happiness can find such . . ! . to my joyous soul that mine And. and terminating within two inches of the bend of the knee. . . . only one piece. . as I observed. . all. ." so to speak. . . . Who And. yet the general outline of her symmetrical form was visible re- sembling a soft snowy shadow through a fine web of light. I have written out the result of our conversation. Although this beautiful habiliment concealed her person in particular. . .. it is best adapted to please the most cultivated taste.. . happy . why can frequently said you could not live without me Then : you you . . . . in the fullness of my present happiness. nearly verbatim. while with me. this may be . " I you . so . where is guardian ang-el?" can be so blest ? "Who can love like me ? . . . . This dress was. . Many situated days after my arrival at my father's Pavilion on a beautiful eminence from whose summit we can see the * The purest spirits are not clad in artificial dress. and display the grace and beauty of the female form. . . as I? .. and falling thence gracefully down over the hips. joy as I have found? . but nearly all my thoughts were of thee. . another so worthy to be loved another such .QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OF IMMORTALITY.. Who ! again Can any other soul be wedded its guardian angel ? Yes. as oil 175 her breast.* Above any earthly fashion. my heart's tongue speaks recall to the sad wanderers there. confined at the waist with a silver-white girdle.

' I said. . . . And yet. . . . prototype " But of this -all. one so like thee that Iflew ?' into . . . . Presently. . . . " Yes. I saw just by the door. . ing close to Cornelia's* side his open soul! . if he were not in reality thy thy real brother and counter-image. " . . . was all dead to me. ' I can see no Father . . My spirit sought he could tell me of thee even. his request." Here I interposed " " : Katie. . . " But I could not wait such torture. not a easily I moment how suspense is did compose myself at . is . ... impatiently And then I walked a little. . feel no life. .. and overjoyed my father's Pavilion. . unexpectedly. . . to meet thee so soon in bling. . . and a look shall of love. . Love. him. *(" Cornelia" I understood to mean the ascended wife of William Green. my own dear friends would reveal nothing . . Seven Lakes of Cylosimar believe in no Immortality. replying only that in future I should this question see him more. to my questionings. without the personal presence and ' constant companionship of my only earthly guide. all tearful. .. . I had not seen thee neither did I know how to find thee. . . . . he replied . I can not be comforted. ." she replied. I could only think of thee. one day I was quieted by the the sound of a voice. Even in my dear without him. Through the love of thy soul only I could . . I looked in every direction I saw no one near. . . .' . . dearest brother. Without . that I started all tremthee. no Heaven . Mm . . Every day I would or ask for for thee. . . . But. . . of which I was often told. . . no. I could see no beauty. . But I felt.' in the holy loving touch of my beloved father mother's smile in the soothing music of my dear sister's love from Marcus's I could gather no relief I would have only gleeful words . . . whose name was " Sylvanus. He departed from my sight.176 QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OF IMMORTALITY.. thy brother^ whom I had seen. . 4 You know me . . how beautiful as if 'twere thee. . did this occur be- fore your first visit to me in Boston ?" . 'Are you soon. . . . With deep sweetness. I felt ." . . . t^When she spoke thus I supposed she had seen the only natural hrother I ever had. and stand. realize . . Environing beauty.. jr. . my Jackson's brother I asked. . so like thine. .

And yet. . how can I stay from thee ?' ' so long a time. . no loveliness or in existence charm I no see could presence. . mand my soul's attention yea. I see thy work upon my nature. . .' I asked my fahad I not. . we have all met. . .. and love awakens feelings. . the deathless recsoul has expandand. 1 so longed for thee. " But I see thy room.. .. .. And yet. . the mortal vestment confines it not . . . . . . Oh. ' " Dearest . . . soul did yearn for thee or. too. I knew at times. . earthly my my only earthly protector. How can I wait ? . . . . And that which makes it heaven. . . . . 177 Without a consciousness of your gaze upon the SPIRIT HOME. . when ord ed I dared not to think of closer nearness. . and appreciate all my love for thee. . been personally with Jackson ?'. was so happy for it Memory brings thought. I would not but have been with him it makes me happy now. . . I was confused between thee and thy brother for so I loved all that not which I wished most to gaze upon was related to and resembled thee. of heaven. . . . . wherein I to our first meeting Each day the same fond memories would comwas so blest. in all I have . .. . . which carry me back and to the cottage parlor. . . ! s Could I not better bear this separation. The birds they seem to sing. a thousand times. I see truth there. and flowers look fair. . . . .QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OP IMMORTALITY. . I could not realize at times your absence neither . . " As as re' ' . . . Upon me it. and the sweet couch there Thy table too. I would t brother. . and the dear writing-chair. my Guide best friend . . . . . . . turned . My existence with thee beI remembered only our first acquaintance gan to fade out my . . while on the earth. . " But I know is . . my youtbfulness strength strengthened .. . . . . " . . . . perhaps exclaim How wait thy coming ? . . . . . grandeur in all that lay spread out before my father's PavilMost passionately my ion. . 12 . Yes. at times that we had ever met. made here can read My . for the one I had so fondly embraced because I felt that he alone of all others in my father's house could see thee and love thee. Thou art not here. . ..! bether so intensely did I feel your gan to doubt the wisdom of it I absence.

my own brother before I knew how I could ever find the way to you were . I inquired : Katie.' This world is all love. . prepared Seven Lakes of Cylosimar at disposed regular distances. . . . . . . . no hath his love imparted illimitable infinite eternal. . . . it senses the chastity and liberty of the Father's Love and Thanks . forming a crescent-shaped curve. . .) " all this was before I knew where Yes. . still . through the landscape. .' to me Thou shalt teach mission . were many groups of beautiful trees so beautiful. . . . Wisdom ' ! " One morning my dear father came to me. : Daughter. . . In of brilliant all diamonds. . . soul remembers thou My ever-grateful sweetly all all and. . . together. . . distributed ting We . . language of your . . when. . . Unto it the Father the love which knows no recall. no change He bade me to see in him my Guardian Angel. he replied we will visit and.' " The we went out upon the hills.. . my spirit ceases to be rebellious.' weariness. they shall live in her eternal They shall embellish her existence here. . For all this I loved him very tenderly. me love.. . . . . go out upon the hills with us for thither goeth thy Guardian Angel. . him!' " Here. . . and so green uplifting their emerald boughs at And least a thousand feet above the surface of the Lakes. thy lessons are not received them all life. as now. . . . . . . . . . did all this occur before your first visit to me ?" (She had been gone from earth nearly four months ere I received anything from her. He told me ' in beautiful . amid the overfolding margins and beneath the far-off lofty heavens appeared like the set. How thanks hast led me. . Thy spirit-sister's being has and. . . . Thou hast loved well' he said ' but I will teach thee wisdom. . But alhe me this before had heart granted holy blessing. . . . ' . for thy gentle patience. all . . . . . . . . . . . . . ' . 3 . . what he knew of your teachings. . . . . . . the earth again. . . . directions. my ready. while they prepare her spirit for higher homes and purer heavens. . Yes. lost. . . . I flew to my Jackson's brother " ' Are I asked you not my own Jackson's brother ?' ' I 1 am his brother' . and said . Arise.ITS QUESTIONS ON THE EYIDENCES OP IMMORTALITY. . . .

' . with all my heart. " Why. she said :) " In a few we all depart for days. he is my Guardian Angel I do not fear to love. with all my soul. myself. Infinite the beneficence of Him who giveth to us. We will repay him by loving one another !" (Here Katie remarked that she would now retire with the She said she party. . thus. My love I draw from an inexhaustible is heaven our boundless are our treasury exchequer riches unfathomable the deep fount of Love. Bach refused to who accompanied me up-stairs and. . . . . God is no Jealous God' as error hath taught enslaving love. . . . . I worship God. . more to me ere she left for the Spirit Home. returned. stances. . . Truth hath no chains for the soul and. . and my Guardian. ing and found there the entire party as before." " Will you " tell me the name of my brother ?" is My Guardian Angel I asked. . more . . whence flows all our wealth. and Yes. also several of our mutual acquaintances. ." she replied.QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OF IMMORTALITY. . she awoke me by an Feelinfluence which came through the walls. . ." she " and besides. . come in. and many to do have thither. . ." . my own dear brother the Northern Section of the Spirit Home. do you go so far away ?" " To see new societies and different scenery. . save Katie resting her hand upon my shoulder affectionately. . with all my strength. something lovers are never separated here either by space or circum- my father . . not your physical brother I said. door. at four o'clock. . freely loving. . on Wednesday morning. I dressed which went down to the front arose. his name is Cyloneos. because others. . We go. . Accordingly. but would say named him . with all my mind. . Hearing " " this I inquired : " How far is that Section from where your father resides from his Pavilion ?" Many billions of millions of miles. . ."* " His name is almost * She pronounced it like mine" thus : Cy-lone-os meaning the Morning's Ray. I love him. like a breath. . . . 179 . . was going to visit the beloved members of her family still on earth. . . to return early on the following morning." I asked.

in all the things of my Thus. him let me into the benefits of its my earth-life . . " Without him. all. so loved you because he gives what my soul ceaselessly yearns for I love him. Soul calleth unto soul. he me that mission will go on without me. would return from the Northern Section. but also where and how I must wear it." she replied you both belong. In this thought. by character." my Angel's love. ended our seventh interview.* and yours is ' Silonius' speaking of herself as you used to write it. * the jewel the Father placed on earth for me.180- QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OF IMMORTALITY. . answereth the other.' Oh. My soul c senses the truth of all he says. I find rest and heaven. exhibits it . not only know. and lifteth up its hands on high." "Does the soul of Cyloneos fill yours as fully as sometimes you used to say mine did ?" I asked. with deepest gratitude. because I can not help it Out of his abundant wisdom. " because Yes. I am so happy in the knowledge of thy power to go on. I into the very interior ter- * She says her spiritual means the " Morning's Bride. my brother. its storms and its sunshine see plainly that I came to him from you as a gift. previous to her marriage with the wise and beautiful " Cyloneos" of the Brotherhood of Morlassia. which. My name " she continued. In closing let me remark that. its lights has made me shades. "is Cylonia. I asked her a multitude of questions which I do not feel free "if I understood her?" She obto publish. I asked her She could served my thoughts. . and each too. to the same Brotherhood. ." . with the large party of friends. not tell exactly when she. is abundant making more and more visible the glory and greatness and goodness of our Heavenly Father !" ******** had made deep excursions name " Sy-lo-nia. Besides those recorded. and replied in the affirmative. I and . My love uttereth its voice.' he tells me. with thy mission without me. He has promised your I love ! Jackson. . in worshipful gratitude for the undivided possession of life. unmoved and unchanged. I feel that I could not exist even in the midst of all this Heaven He is to me another ! because I have.

And now. once of Death and of Life. did not surprise me. Overhanging boughs cast a veil of thin shade upon the Siberian Hedge. exercise. I walk quietly through shady avenues. My The feet tread the brick pavement with rapid succession.QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OF IMMOETALITY. I . that it could not extend be- yond the tomb and be crowned with the Harmonial perpetuity. stands a pale record and some mignonette. the curtain has dropped my condition is no longer Exhausted mental by superior. " The Re- . Against the new iron fence I am leaning. Here are visi- ble a few violets. of air and I meet familiar faces we its gate of the North Cemetery is open. to such persons the elements of change and alteration pervade all external nature. smile.* 181 From my discoveries in refer- that only certain combience to temperamental harmonies I had concluded. as I remember her withdrawal from earth sustained and enraptured by the strong embrace of her real conjugal Companion my soul can utter but one afiectionate sentence. activity. My go out through the public streets. ritories of conjugal science. The ground is wet from recent rain . and feeling the need . at This the trees drip moisture. nations can eternally cling to each other us was * temporarily the relation between although subsisting wise and fraternally beneficial. a by one of her cherished relatives snow-white stone on which are written these mutually signifi" cant words My sister. a true farewell blessing " Progress. the fatal certainty of death is draped in darkness . Mutability and waywardness characterize every form and substance which man's bodily To * The reader former" is referred to the fourth volume of the Harmonia which contains the author's impressions on this question. the . white too." lilies. grass glistens in the sun-ray silent place is suggestive . Here. and be happy * * * !" * * # * * vision has closed upon the spirAstounding contrast ! itual . Beneath this pale shadow the earth is gracefully raised. Therefore her narrative. although it had at first somewhat of sadness in it. and quickly separate. "What ******** is the phenomenon of death to the worldly-minded ? the worldly-minded.

the other in succession. says : " Jeremy Taylor. world. and nature is dressed in the sad and sable habits of night. birth a fleeting existence a certain senses can recognise. and all its beauty. but that they made their parents a little glad and very sorrowful. having lost some of its leaves. which are the longest weepers at our funeThus have spoken to us the ministers who should prorals ?" claim " glad tidings . Man is a bubble. Such may be death to the ungodly and unsanctified . the : same ecclesiastical teacher and excellent writer " So I have seen a rose newly springing from the clefts says of its hood. soon thrusting their heads into the air. but is it not a more bles- sed fact to the Bible-believer ? No . the east was radiant with state of death. and decline to softness and the symptoms of a sickly age . the eloquent dignitary of the Church. and broke its stalk. and conversing with their kindred of the same production. it shines in the zenith ." thus has the Church led us to the char- . . without any other interests in the affairs of this world. and it will be as bad with you and me . and at first it was as fair as the morning. it bowed its head. it began to put on darkness. but when a ruder breath had forced open its virgin modesty. . and some of them as soon they turn into dust and forgetfulness Is .182 QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OF IMMORTALITY. and dismantled its too youthful and unripe retirements. a few more and the bright orb is gone. and full with the dew of Heaven as the lamb's fleece . and at night. He born in vanity and sin he comes into the world like morning mushrooms. it fell into the portion of weeds and out-worn faces. To extereach following rapid decay from budnal observation everything is changing constantly A from blossoming maturity to ding infancy to blushing youth from a state of life to a decrepit waning and passing away A few hours since. now. and then what servants shall we have to wait upon us in the grave ? what friends to visit us ? what officious people to cleanse away the moist and unwholesome cloud reflected upon our faces from the sides of the weeping vaults. So does the fairest beauty change. the worldly-minded and the receiver of ancient myths are equally terrified by the mystery of death. and darkness drapes the the newly-arisen sun fleeting hours." And again.

led on yawning beneath our tread by popular theology. untinctured with fanaticism. unspirituaL But lation ? are there not some redemptive elements in the Church system of consola- Yes . and earth becomes as a sepulchre for ever where we walk in gloom. nel-house 183 till its gloom is impressed upon our minds with. which so beautifully characterizes the truly harmonial man. and reveal new worlds within the one we at present dwell upon. are concealed the stupendous magnificence of the spiritual universe. whose best consolation's are cold. And subsequent research and meditation has diffused a clear and enthusiastic joy over the entire being of many imparting that serenity of mind. and planets. but it may be well to remark. ? ia bringing to light the fact of immortality . Yes the interior clairvoyant senses can: gaze upon higher worlds. ited vision. Men. Can you explain how the " interios renses" act. As the and telescopic worlds are hidden. from the powers and penesplendors trations of man's corporeal senses so. was the beginning cause of progress in this new region of thought. But to the clear. and angels. in their prismatic microscopic and awful magnitudes. and soften the anguish of the bereft. But. awful blackness. and the vital laws of Father-God . repelling. These senses address man's inward sources of they speak to his Intuition and Reason. all these worlds are visible.QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OF IMMORTALITY. and hope some which may preserve sparks of truth illuminating the darkness the Bible-believer from utter despair. "What death now recognised in life is it that produces so great a change in man's conceptions of of the present and the future? and This is not the place fully to answer this question. there are some elements of faith. that the discovery of the existence of interior senses in the human mind (termed clairvoyance). . and things. to the interior senses. there are neither consolations nor wholesome elements in the various systems of religious faith which are the world. philosophical understanding. and future existence. and the kindling skies and indescribable beauties of the eternal spheres. superior to the bodily organs. from the same lim- knowledge .

and a dark curtain is drawn over the earth but. and converting the weeping dew into rays of golden light.184 QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OF IMMORTALITY. then the philosophic heart is not saddened. the gardens and the fields of Mother-Nature. When the fair foliage with which summer adorns the forests. lovely spring and a sweeter summer. with a fresher and a lovelier radiance ! . the changes of Mother-Nature ology. and a dreamy slumber succeeds it. in every outward proand object. Does the harmonial philosopher find his consolations in objective existence ? and yet the true philosopher sees. like mighty gods. the sun is already arisen in the east. a still more mind. and the flowers which garnish earth. the many planets which traverse the boundless domain of solar sys. bathing the mountains and the valleys. and a sad gloom settles upon our minds. and controlling. a form of internal truth which is full of unfailing consolation. steps from lower to higher death these are manifestations Laws of progression and development. Its light is gone out. These royal orbs robed in garments of essential light. no death. lo the darkness reveals innumerable stars. no funeral. ! tems are visible only when the sun is unseen. and disappears behind the western hills. all. when Mother-Nature's do- main will again be decked with high-raised foliage and beauti- ful garlands. a fleeting existence. yet ere we awake. No cess : . . A birth. Although the clouds may temporarily conceal the distant orbs from our view. tinging the distant clouds with auroral splendor. These obvious changes diifuse no melancholy vapor over the healthy They mean that a brief period of rest has arrived preparatory to the resurrection of kindred elements in higher forms and other essences to unfold. are changed tinted by the breath of the rude autumnal winds and when the blushing rose and the modest violet shed their leaves upon the frost-covered ground. For example the sun absorbs its far-spreading radiance. if possible. yet there is no darkness. a of the beautiful principles are indications of the ceaseless operations of unchangeable from matter to spirit. appear in that consistent order and philosophic precision which distinguish the truth from the dark chaos of mythic TheTo the interior senses.

and true motives of action. 185 You. weeping sadly. by wrong motives. In the voyage from childto maturity. yields to the legitimate operations of Nature. picture the Spirit so. not be obtained there by violation of natural laws. while unrighteous ambition .QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OF IMMORTALITY. and promotion. what possible motive can an unhappy earthling have to desist It is out. can promote us to the position and glory of the sun . happiness. if this be from suicide 1 Land to be one of uniform happiness to all people . . and resign ourselves to the fearful calamity. too. now. But the next hour is redolent with sunshine and safety the elements of Nainferior conditions are transture have but changed places ferred to superior circumstances our disturbed feelings have but induced a quiet and refreshing slumber and our waking is Such is the ultimate experiinto fresh vigor and lasting joy. only. and lover of Mother-Nature. and rolls into harmony with God's eternal purposes. of the true lover and server of Father-God. lesson which I would have enstamped on men's mony that the harmonial formation of character in harwith the principles of Universal Love and Distributive Justice is the only security against temporal mihappiness and Let us remember that true valor. . or by the voluntary extinction of life in this world. principles. a soul comes always true that. The answer is ample and conclusive. having done all within his power to prevent fearful disaster . as if some and were prepared for us in the next hour we. What souls is the great lesson which you mean to teach by the foregoing ? The great is. mingle our voices with the dirge of mournful sighs. No it is only when Father-God's and Mother-Nature's Laws it is only are permitted their full and complete operations when the issues of inimitable principles are patiently received and cherished that glory. are at. hood tained through physical dissolution. as an infant falls asleep on its mother's Such is the death-bed experience of the true student breast. true future disturbances. more or less beauBut a bright beauty and glory can tiful. in the angelic land. every description of disaster and discord. when a body dies on earth. our bark is frequently overtaken by storms dark clouds hang o'er our heads. ence of him who.

and a rose is unrolled the night is passed. All can not exercise the interior senses what can be said to console such minds ? few can realize your experience . A round.186 QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OP IMMORTALITY. and gratitude. . not so for had worn years. Nay. convert us into the pale and powerless satellite which borrows its light being visible only when the radiance of the sun is bathing and beautifyand greater purer ing landscapes behind the western hills. lowed by the writer. and the deathbed consolations to my We may weep. pathway ! is onward and leading the happy pilgrim nearer and nearer to the upward ETERNAL MAGNET to the INFINITE MlND . A light has been extinguished on earth. That soul has struggled with the physical and social world has lived through the caterpillar stage of existence has escaped . . It now resides in the land of the butterIts^ in the home of the spirit. The dear departed is not in the coffin is not is not buried in the earth the sod will not always dead conceal from your view the hand that has pressed yours neither the face that has darted its smiles and emotions into your the bone-and-muscle-garment which the spirits. of the universe through innumerable forms and combinations of matter into the organization of a human soul. . the rudimental form. but the light grows brighter under anDivine elements have proceeded from the centre other sky. It is no part of the Harmonial Philosophy to depend solely upon outward evidences upon perception and testimony. May such faith and such efforts be our crown and adornments for they are at once the causes and effects of fraternal harmony and personal happiness. has been properly conveyed to its spirit appropriate hiding-place while the eternal INMOST has glided where friends and acquaintances surto a fairer country and forth the deep anthems of congratulation. and impure intentions. on the contrary. and the sun shines bright in the heavens. pour bud has burst. fly . Progression is made by a reasonable belief in progress. but only for joy spirit are many and ample. its students are referred each to the fixed princiThis method has been strictly folples of universal Nature. Harmony of character and loveliness of disposition unfold gradually from unwavering efforts to acquire them.

that the posterior portion of every head is idolatrous. it should be made universal. it is idiotic." " Love when inverted it is The it " superior portion is called Spiritual . is spiritual . fatal. is materialistic . to men of moral and religious aspirations why spiritualism should be investigated. itself a god but that his own existence is a spirit. but that it is not only that there are spirits beyond the vale. that the highest portion is deistical. then. the last." Many doubtless heard reasons there are cogent and startling to men of conscience." when subverted. that the ante- All who rior part of every human head is atheistical. How It is extensively wide-spread . is devotional. 187 are acquainted with the postulates of the Harmonial Philosophy will remember. In churches and out of churches there are skeptics and infidels to every fundamental principle which underlies this stupendous development. is a believer. necessary." when inactive. when honest and transparent. is loving. appear equally skeptical. What do the ripper faculties teach the intellect 1 " normally exercised. that men should be candid and ! truthful in approaching a question to which are attached such immense and lasting consequences ! .QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OP IMMORTALITY. What do you consider a sufficient reason. The cerebellic portion is called The terrible to contemplate. 1 amined spiritualism should be exthat it numbers already more believers than Christianity gained after three centuries and a half of primiis this : The most momentous reason why tive enterprise equally useful. among other things. the spiritual" portion of man's head teacheth not only that his soul hath a God. beneficent. fect of the world. . it is If true. and most per- When . through the front parts of the Love-nature head. Merchants and ministers. therefore. is skeptical. devotional through the and skeptical. if false. to men of intellect. . front portion is called "Intellect . is little exercised in this age development of character Persons are. But the spiritual portion of man's head being the highest. . They have "the importance of investigation. induces the inquisitorial cruelties recorded by the blood of thousands.

to wit by an ejaculation of volatile invisible effervential gases {flatulentus cerebelli). the cerebellosus. in common phraby the professsion as cephalomatous the an elastic obtuseness of superior hemispheres of seology. the of the in occur from ebullitions former certain temraps peramental structures and the tips from the thoracic cartila-gineous ducts. intoto. being regular descendants of the g-ymnotus electricus. Whenever such patients (vulgarly termed " mediums") arrange their manui (hands) or cerebellous functions and protuberances in corpus juxtaposition with a table or other substance. which. by the uneducated. called. in view of this supercilious profession. also results in " tippings. situated in various abdominal orifices. in spontaneous dislodgment and preternatural infiltration. .188 QUESTIONS ON. cerebral inclinations. It is well known that so-called scientific men pretend to information on this subject which they do not possess . or of electrical aura. whenever their contents are compressed by . by coming in unconscious contact with the etherization of the five superior processes of the dorsal vertebras. the movings occur as a matter of compulsatory necessity.THE EYIDEXCE3 OF IMMORTALITY. sincerity . is Galen's ironical definition of the treatment of media ? what Observation endorsed by a stupendous array of clinic ex- . and unhesita- tingly reject them. perambulate miscellaneously through the duodenum and the abdominal viscera theories and anti-professional hypothegenerally. phrenological organs or faculties. ses of spiritual spasmodic action of the muscular system." by giving rise to spontaneous combustion with certain abnormal evacuations of multitudinous echinorThe hyncus bicornis. generated by the de: composition of ascaris lumbricoides . gentlemen. What is Galen's scientific report of the affection (or disease) which the prejudiced affirm against mediums ? All rapping media have that extraordinary affection. The vulgar we pronounce delusive. which. in view of this as satirically given about 3Tew public minds have treated this question with what is the scientific exposition of the "rappings" two years since by the ascended Galen ? Mysterious rappings proceed from the sub-derangement and hyper-effervescence of small conical glandular bodies situated heterogeneously in the rotundum of the inferior acephalocysts . as unhealthy excretions and galvanic evolutions of diseased and contused cerebellous glands. known being.

as a surgical operation may be correct treatment in chronic cases and our countless students should see such cases scientifically treated by the regular faculty. to pronounce this spiritaal-rapping-and-table-moving" development. also. by the whole system of Nature. 189 " perience. with occasional ejaculations. What does the satirical Galen say in conclusion ? Furthermore.QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OF IMMORTALITY. very probably. to be an irregular and anti-scientific disease. who realize membraneous and abnormal nervo-excitements by attendance upon. and manufacture the form and structure of the spiritual principle. and a morbid exaltation of the sense of touch.. in conclusion. with chronic hypersThe symptoms are recognisable by protusion of the the thenia. raging among the lower and superaffecting by inoculation . treatment should be prompt and allopathic with three of our anti-phlogistic. . to enlighten you still more on the pathognomical symptoms of this extraordinary disease. irregularly-distended mouth. who will feed * Galen here speaks like some wordy contains within his body a little of all to be found out of it. anti-scolic. upon mineral prepa- member of the medical profession. rapping assemblages. It is well enough . spiryou not give your impressions on the material evi- dences that man a I will begin with this proposition: that man's a is that the physical organispirit product of his organization zation of man is designed. . as being afflicted with a hypergenesis in the 1 stitious classes pigbaceous cartilage of the medullary processes. Patients. visual orbs. The conveniencies of the Hospital should be secured to such patients. by the regular allopathic faculty.certain predisposed organisms in higher circles of society. I will state* as a result of my recent three-quarters-of-an-kour " that investigation. known spirit ? that itual faculties therefore will is men in general do not rely upon their own. may be considered. For example he may employ is : : man him. anti-spasmodic best leeches periodically applied to the patient's purse. patients who fancy they hear raps" and " see tables move" are mostly laboring with a hyperacusis in tympanum cavity. enables the scientific man. How can you One proof substantiate this proposition ? which is an allopathic physician. to Yes. suspended breathing.

belladona. the sixty-four primates which form the physical constitution of Mother-Nature unless in his organization there resided a spirit of invitation. Iron within invites iron without. which invites animals. . tion for dietists is : how to combine food. kind of vegetation. The supercarbonate. the spirit is the organic combination of all forces. Give man too much.iron or gold none of affinity. and when to eat is it. is Do is you mean . The Cicuta plant. and his system will try to repel it. QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OP IMMORTALITY. of the deer. of fruit and berries. no appropriation. vegetables. also all the different forms of silver and gold. place without a welcoming toise No affinity'. because they find acquaintance there.iron. concentration of all substances . minerals. The representation of every particle of matter. therefore. are Yes another proof that man can take a little administered and absorbed. which exist upon the face of the earth. how The main quesmuch to eat. I am writing now as if the reader had just begun. a result wrought out by the physical organization not that .190 rations. of fish. of the lamb. is ultimately made by man. such ^absorption could take Men eat the muscle of the ox. the muriatic tincture. to teach that the spirit manufactured by the body ? Nay I mean to teach that the body of the spirit (the soul) . and stramonium. in the primary department of the The body is the focal school of the Harmonial Philosophy. that there can be no real attraction. but the quantity. medicines frequently substitute themselves for diseases which they were given to cure. of Mr its. and other metals from gold to the lowest substance in the mineral world all find an ac- Chemists know quaintance in man's physical organization. that the spirit body is formed by the outer body. Does this proof appear equally obvious in the is : life of vegetable substances ? of every . without Man's body could not absorb. It is not the This is the reason why allopathic substance. Minerals can be absorbed by the physical system. and the peroxide of . and the torbecause there is something corresponding in the body . is : that man's body is the fruition of all organic nature . : What the doctrine which you now desire to impress ? The doctrine which I now urge upon your attention.

"What a stupendous marvel unfold lungs. formed these children ! Can you illustrate your impression ? Plant a peach-pit in the earth. . bones. brains. timation of matter . ears. tissues. Presently it breaks through the earth's crust. Father-God and Mother-Nature. to manufacture the spirit's external organization. Throughout all subterranean ! caverns these structures exist in principle. but mental organization is a result of maMan's organism is composed of muscles. the material invisible . by her subtle magnetism. by their celestial copulations. and lastly. and Father-God claims that which is spiritual. Mother-Nature claims the physical body .QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OP IMMORTALITY. bones. like the wheels and processes of a mill. muscles. Mother-Nature. visceral organs : these structures must have some specific purpose. not the esThe use of the cerebrum is to sence. . Gradually. Why does that tree It exists to the exist ? end that its whole might bring forth peaches. make a spiritual front brain . My investigations lead me to affirm. These peaches go to work. warms and swells it. even so the cerebellum makes a Inside the visible spine is the spiritual spiritual back brain. in due course. foot upon foot of wood then come beautiful branches these branches prois added duce others smaller and better . but that its structure is formed by means Mind internally is not a creation or ulof the external body. that there is a spiritual anatomy within this physical anatomy . membranes. but the form thereof. At first. . to reproduce their kind. and comes out. terial refinement. the whole tree is . In a word. eyes. 191 the spirit is created. I will try. perfected. a tuft is only seen. Father-God and Mother-Nature first respiration. that man's physical structures operate. however. "Whab uses do these structures subserve in the economy 1 The use of a physical bone is to make a spiritual bone even so the physical muscle makes a spiritual muscle . spine lungs contain spiritual organs of The physical ear is animated by a spiritual ear. and tissues. the whole outward body is a re-presentation of that which is imperishable. a spiritual physiology within the physical physiology.

magnetism. Commence at the bone-basis and walk up-stairs. essentially different from matter. seventh. moved without weight. then. which substance. . with weight. the process changes to propagation . as self-evident. the types being established. essentially distinct from mind. as male and female. . that the spiritual essence takes . highest point of unparticled attenuation. Sensation upon life Intelligence upon sensation. One is what I term Father-God the other. Let us now go further. . you have reached the seventh degree. and men continue to multiply and replenish the earth. These principles. beis magnetism . fourth. . nerve third. First. Nature. ! Do No you mean to teach that spirit is matter ? I mean to teach that spirit is SUBSTANCE. Jackson. Mind.192 QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OF IMMORTALITY. "What do you mean by saying that spirit is substance ? I mean that spirit after reaching its comes a celestial the absence of nonentity . . Every person's experience is a complete implies demonstration that spirit is a substance . electricity . is Matter. definite conception of nothing. . you're a materialist !" Nay I am not. so all Nature exists to the Even end that Man may come forth . Life . Magnetism city Twelve rounds in the upright ladder of existence . Yes . the theological idea of spirit ! Can you demonstrate that the spirit of man is a substance? I can take the method of the scientific world. The most is. Ah. vital magnetism. Do you mean that man's inmost spirit is a substance ? . is eternal so. there is muscle second. that matter. blood fifth. sixth. eternal. live together in unchangeable wedlock. tissue brain . ElectriBrain Tissue Bone Muscle Nerve Blood Life Sensation Motion Intelligence.ever given to mankind. Motion begins upon magnetism on motion . is Mother- Yes " ! . "When arrived at the highest point. that spirit can move Look into the street yonder : see persons. that there can be no motion without affirm. hold of this material magnetism that. also. the two are married and a succession of elaborations commence until the whole spiritual structure is completed. . at this point. force that no substance can be . and .

solid weight. is evidence that spirit is substance. real matter. act act power even without thought. I appeal to no other Bible than to man's by means of certain am I that he will require that no other or better argument. motion.QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OF IMMOETALITY. of moving your body about from place . motion to act upon magnetism. sensation to act upon life. Thus you go down twelve down the stairs every time you move /our hand You even consciousness. nerves. go into the Innermost for ten brief minutes. nerves. the will-force to tation is made. And why ? Because your hidden spirit-principle is composed of all vital It can. how many tons ! . muscles. Ever/ time a voluntary muscular manifestation of muscular ready explained. your thoughts pass through several telegraphic sensation. bodies. You intimated My man is you had two propositions in view what is the second ? second proposition is this : that although the spirit of divisibility substance and weight. life. real spirits were gone out. The fact of your existence. &c. as aldepots Thus. weighing from 193 What an immense quantity seventy-five to two hundred pounds. Man's its spirit demonstrates its own intelligent person. in the aggregate. Those bodies of weight. and quite J mal manifestations.. and so on down through the sympathetic system composed of membranes. . of normal rounds in the ladder a You without move may produce gigantic manifesthinking. therefore. would not move if the No deception it is real bone. blood. muscles down until the bone is reached and controlled. yet that it (spirit) rior to ordinary gravitation obeys laws which are supeand superior (not antagonistic) to 13 .. the same moment. to place. magnetism to upon the brain. Can there be motion without force? muscle. It requires intellife to ligence to act upon sensation. Can substance be moved without weight ? Can something be moved by wo-thing ? Can entity be moved by non-entity. upon motion. who doubts that shut off all foregone conclusions. consider this proposition in the light of his own daily and hourly experience. ihink and do a great many things at forces. Let every own Life-Book spirit is substance. telegraphic despatches are sent by all departments of the system. own norsubstantiality . although it hath elasticity and and the several ultimate qualifications and proper- ties of matter.

. nature manifestation of this double principle. . . etc. lever. two feet. to squares of distances. a set of higher laws. Man has two eyes. : ever obeys the strongest attraction. then. the known rarity. . or the whatever the direction whence it comes. . This positive and negative Law Men go and come in obedience For example if you feel a power in the Koran to this law. That attraction may come through the intellectual. the other is negative or. one is male. to physical forces. the screw. the moral. pointing to the corresponding fountains of causation inward. They operate ible principles One reciprocally they regulate all aation and all animation. but the spirit of man obeys naturally. to indicate what they are doing within. two brains. that Life is ample . How can you The proof sustain this proposition with what proof? is prirna facia fold throughout.194: QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OP IMMOETALITY. I repeat. the other. and so is each Merchants put part of the system. What does it mean ? signs without their stores . How could such a beautiful compensatory activity in man's system. is harmony there is reciprocation. as it should politically. to density Gravitation refers to "weight . Do you mean to teach that the \iody indicates the soul ? Yes the double visible structures come from double invisand these are suale and female. contracts and the other expands. that it is a plenarily inspired book ? tractive. it is a social. as the nature are of various kinds. extremities and a return wave to go from the extremities to the centre of the sensorium. two hands. Physical forces in Some are mechanical. you will ere long leave these pages and seek those more atdouble system in one action. more positive than that which influences you to read this vork. Man . Why not say. is posilying and producing it all ? tive . there be unless there were some grand correspondential principles under- When there One principle. . two sides to . that man's being is double : twoThese are signs on the outward structure the lungs the human heart is double. These two principles cause sensation to flow from the head to the. that which the is mind obeys. is feThese principles together form a unit uniting the male.

spiritual heart perThe spiritual heart which is forms a material manifestation. my two propositions are first.QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OF IMMORTALITY. apply this analogy to the spirit and say. in man's body. after residing a proper time in done Is it not higher ! the spiritual world. operates upon positives and negatives by alternate contractions and expansions. take care lest your analogies be constrained. second. What enables the physical heart to perform this function ? The visible heart performs this function. operates upon a positive and negative the principle . Will you not restate your two propositions ? up the body. that this organ. that law higher than common gravitation ? spirit 195 obeys a Yes this . A . projected into But I reply that this spirit. the heart throws blood to the head. Can you further explain and illuminate your proposition. unlike inanimate bodies. obeys a law higher than gravitation. and in consequence will rim down hill. it can not get beyond the physical gravitation of the earth and you make a fundamental mistake. conjecture. a like pump. You have heard the analogy. It is easy to get lost in the intricate mazes of psychology. But. and magnetically calls it all back again to its primal fountains. weigh seventy-five pounds. to fall to the earth again. by virtue of which. Men float in a sea of boundless " water will flow down hill. that spirit is a substance . although not unlike matter. you would reply that such persons would be governed by the law of gravitation which law would cause a stone of less weight. water runs up hill The heart is constantly senda mass of blood brain. the spirit holds and the body holds up the spirit." But Yes. because there is a corresponding spiritual heart within it. that the But the truth is. that if spirit be substance. unheart is a force-pump. that this substance. Yes . air. If I were to affirm that the spirits of some men. Where now is your physical to the ing law ? When you come to analyze the spirit. The blood runs up hill every instant of time. The last proposition is illustrated by the heart which throws the blood to the finest ramifications of the vascular system. ? By what law is than that of gravitation ? Water has weight.

feel of it. This place. The centre of the soul There is as large as a frost-grape. is something. I affirm. that the that it weighs something. except it The substance the body .196 QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OF IMMORTALITY. Other church people have modified their views. by giving a greater advantage to the law of ordinary gravitation. and This thenothing. death is . Why ? Because the absence of action increases specific gravity . It is just what it was. and that. Will you describe the facts of death as it grant the idea that spirit is obeys a law higher than to comprehend many of the seen by clairvoyance ? a continual manifestation. a small nucleus in which is concentrated the vital power of all that constitutes a man. It will weigh as much as it did before death. in the lifeless In the living brain it is brain. Outward vision borders upon the thought of nonentity. the sensuous evidence is somewhat otherwise. be saved through the miracle and sufferance of a risen Unless they be dead in Christ they dare not hope for Savior. Look at it with your bodily eyes Yes . of all Christian doctrine . gravitation. ! Is there any sensible evidence that a spirit of substance is ascending from that brain ? No . Disagreeable humidity and a chilliness it hath a look of coming annihilation. and you are prepared facts of death. nevertheless. except by virtue of a miracle. Weigh the dead body. the body is no more . The body is into a state of Look at it gradually passing insensibility. is not larger than a buck-shot. except that it is cooler. that breath animates breathed out. How many times I hare you witnessed the departure of spirit ? have clairvoyantly observed it about thirty times. probably a little more. moves the physical heart which also something. the spirit is this once is. more external. People called " second-adventists" believe in the annihilation of spirit. . spirit's organism is substance . Now substance. resurrection. is "Where the seat or centre of the soul ? is near the centre of the brain. Nevertheless. In regard to this function of dying I have but one testimony.

. five hundred furlongs away. and there is an emanation. atmosphere. : ! There was Dr. just merging into being. enveloped by the suggestive solitude of that beautiful place. higher than clouds and storms. resemble the birth of a Yes the blood. of a body. but what I wish to speak of now. and the knowledge good for me . as all error is strange. however. now you see the shoulup.QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OF IMMOETALITY. Brattle House the to from Mount Auburn. waiting the new birth. . who put away Dr. not lar- Now human face. The heart still hath its sensibility. therefore. Mass. the centre of the head. perhaps. at the time. I passed into the interior. I had an opportunity to observe the process of death I was. ger now than point of light. 197 is ory in regard to the unsubstantialness of the spirit strange only. the experience of his last moments of his emergement into a At eleven o'clock. hands. . went thereof was . boarding in Cambridge. nerves. A to the eye it is but a radiant it begins to expand . is. Presently it is disengaged and complete. the final trial I examined him. many It is from the Second Sphere. Parkman witnessed in that instance ? : will you tell what you Yes While mental . to look more like a human head begins to round out . Thus. It keeps outfolding very light very like an infant. light. vapory. the morning-star . muscles. and the heart good prototypes of the physical organs. and reaches a place in the skull are porous there are in readiness When arrived. It feels the pressure of a fresh atmosphere of strange surroundings. yet it is The neck and shoulders a. was proceeding. It continues to grow more real .re slowly built small. one day. life The brain and the Presently this centre expands. ders and arms . and women. The spirit . the spirit-child is born out of the body which was its mother is like . state. very Does child ? the death. and the spiritual liberation. accouchers men . and now all the structure complete The ! lungs come out there. I different and better Sphere. substance ascends through the wall. This emanating . the seat of the soul. I prayed to ascertain his by hanging. bones. above the storm . absorbs principles from the feet. By clairvoyance I looked through . a child. Webster. Alone there.

Everything was still. There came out indistinct features. life. the 'distance of three miles . This little radiant power in the atmosphere was surrounded by five spiritualized personages. all was still as the stillest breath. what between sensation and thought that is. and pulsated. . It grew more positive. mortality. harmony and discord. By their kindly offices he was carried to the Spirit Home. The soul- Yes . and began to draw upon the grees. Webster. his body fell. .. gazed into the yard of the jail in Leverett street. There were five spirit-persons attending him. fallen . centre of the head four miles above the streets : . elements still remaining in the body. and His consciousness was somefoundly congestively asleep. electricity When he was taken down. And I testify to what I observed to illustrate the soul's im. It took him seven and ever watched a half hours to be born into the other Sphere. .198 QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OP IMMORTALITY. sensation. and if this ball had word was had upon his spirit. but his spirit was not gone out and it seemed to me that he might have been restored. This was the first person I ever saw hung and I hope the last. It was temporary annihilation. When the fatal effect it had I saw the given. heat and cold. Did you watch the departure of his spirit ? half the longest period I I observed the process. . till the organization was complete He was pro(as I have described in previous volumes). . during seven hours and a ascended about which became as a star at an angle of about thirty deIt grew rapidly positive. Carefully I viewed the spectacle. upon the head of Dr. intelligence. quick as the telegraph can give one pulse from New York to Boston so quick was the suspension of all his consciousness. Motion. This was done without his consciousness of having any existence. he would not have expeAs rienced a more instantaneous annihilation of personality. Boston. he had neither thought nor sensation his state was just between joy and sorrow.. They pronounced him dead. magnetism. gradually then the neck and the shoulders then childlike hands. I saw him laid in the coffin. If all the weight of Boston city been concentrated in one cannon-ball. . etc. I saw where he was by them deposited.

Do you mean that man's spirit grows in the Second Sphere. with a few holes only to admit moisture. he was awakened to a by music. knowledge of his future work. observed it in the distance. while the supporting earth beneath weighs no less ? answers the other. weigh the earth to an ounce.QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OF IMMORTALITY. This question it escapes the material body. one hundred and fifty pounds. 199 How long did he remain in that semi-annihilated state ? was eight days and a half in that semi-unconscious situation. till it hath brought forth peaches. and you will not miss more that tioo or ! How can you account for the peach-tree. I walked out to the retirements of Mt. whatever caused vegetathe unity of causes. I to tremble wave-like through the whole heavens. I saw upon him certain expressions of agitation. will suppose that you have half a ton. ? be said about the unity of causes unity and fixity of truth presupposes and determines That is to say. Webster's spiritual brain. spirit in the natural as children grow grows in the spiritual world by inspiration. perhaps." Thus. alarm. ? Is this a dream ? Have I been asleep ? I ! He " was hung. Then weigh three ounces the earth. penetrated Dr. at eleven o'clock. acquiring not only power to overcome it. It until it what of is this Boston What ! made an effort at memory gratification. Auburn. No this is not Boston. tree will now weigh. swelling out. plus twenty-eight pounds. It seemed At first. continues to absorb from . The . vibratory pulsation. in order to witness that beautiful spectacle beyond the Milky Way On the ninth day. The spiritual body which. Now let the tree grow in its own beautiful way. aggregation. I saw throughout the spiritual atmosphere. and increaseth in substance and weight ? Yes. does not weigh more than the sixteenth of a pound. wonder. and secretion. offer some Yes plant a young peach-tree in a half ton of earth placed in wooden or earthen enclosure. We Previous to planting. Every day. a strange. year This matured after year. until it a power of What may gravitation. As he roused and opened his new organs. but also a becomes comparatively weighty. ! He kept rushing on.the elements of the invisible when air. illustration ? : Can you . somepulsating round about .

but all these are by one and the of miracles spirits ." implying an inherent and organic ability. There are gizes. . enerdifferent qualifications. but an element latent which invites and produces manifestation. and throw off. and gives vitality. : produces the identical effect in the State of New York to-day.200 tion to QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OP IMMORTALITY. he would have said " There are diversities of qualifications brethren." " to endowment. upon theology or philosophy ? Paul's words are mostly theological. to another diverse kinds of tongues . and diBut the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit. not imparted to the mind. Upon ex" amination. whatever law will explain the manifestations of the nineteenth century. to another discerning of . Whatever principle explains the manifestations of the nineteenth cen- . that which unites. Instead of " gifts. I think the reader would change this word gift. Paul affirms that every person is a medium. Had Paul spoken philosophically." ty. self-same Spirit. . grow on tlie plains of Judea four thousand years ago. . spirit? when he said that these diverse manifestations are by the same The word " spirit" signifies animus . in mind. a facul- an ability. viz. but by the same principle. I would have said endowments. of which I would not have you ignorant. to another prophesy . For to one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom to another the word of knowledge by the same Spirit to another faith. by the same Spirit to another the working versities of operations. will adequately solve the manifestations of past ages . What all did the Apostle mean. : '." however. I repeat. to another the interpretation of tongues . all the mystery and incomprehensibility which have hitherto lurked over the regions of miracle and supernaturalism What does the Apostle Paul say concerning Spiritualism ? Paul said there were in his day diversities of . gifts. In the first place. dividing to every Is the Apostle's account based man severally as he will. Truth. by the same Spirit to another the gift of healing. yet there is profound philosophy lurking in these few passages. rather than theologically. And our next affirmation is equally plain and irresistible. thus. . is a unit: and like effects are never referable to different causes. qualifications .

account for all similar manifestations in days of yore. and interpretation of tongues.QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OP IMMORTALITY. 201 tiny. the enthusiastic . is sufficiently progressive and potent to develop twenty-four different classes in the course of not. but sixtythree years after everything. divers kinds of tongues. nine different kinds of media. not from observation or experience. therefore. : word of wisdom. discerning of spirits. It says that John. viz. Which do you say ? Will you take memory for sixty-three years ? Will you trust tradition for sixty-three years ? Human experience. How many the varieties of media were there Paul describes nine in the days of Paul 1 different kinds of manifestations. or inspiration. or tradition. There were. healing. the son of Zebedee and Siloarn. gifts. of necessity. tive in sixty-three hours and tradition is seldom trustworthy the from date of its tale. authentic. You are driven. is And such experience proves that memory is defecidentical. brother to James the Greater. is. : his getting at correct information. that that principle. then you must find some explanation of the mode of . operating in Nature and the human soul. From this we are constrained to conclude that John the bewas compelled to take loved. These signify differences. not of but of mental qualifications. the earnest. sixty-three days to last the assume for the Apostle a sort of to ground then. the effects incomprehensible at that age). the word of knowledge. must. If John's Gospel is to be taken as revelation or inspiration." . What does the Douay Bible John relate concerning the mediumship attributed to St. working of miracles (that faith. was called the Beloved Disciple that he wrote his Gospel. If he received his ideas by * See the classification in the " Present Age and Inner Life. Whatever principle it was which unfolded nine types of mediumship in the days of Paul. is of no consequence whether men believe in Paul's theology or History is uniform in her testimony. in the main. which brought nine mediums in the period of Paul. prophesy. . memory. eighteen hundred years. is the same which has produced twenty-four* types of medium- It ship in the days of President Pierce and Queen Victoria.occurred about which he wrote.

" or idea I would urge. modern effects of spiritualism superior to those of ancient days ? the superiority of our manifestations." can hold up to the Christian ism.202 QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OF IMMOBTALITY. "it is incredible. inspiration. that when he (John) was earnestly requested by the brethren to write the Gospel.' " etc. We world the same explanation of all they hold to be sacred. as a relic or history of mediumistic literature. Let me report a case : " Now when Jesus was risen the first day of the week." or " magnet" hallucination. then arises this ques- tion: What was the principle whereby St. in the Nineteenth : They v/ere these: "After ordering a common ' tation. whether you stamp our experience " psychology." Here.. Many mediums of to-day are far better than many of ancient periods." says Saint Jerome. he answered that " he would do so. Are Yes revelations. " replenished with the clearest and fullest revelation coming from heaven. should be Century. we find a variety of superior results. " In the beginning was the etc. will explain similar antecedents. In the beginning was the word." The the unity of truth. over those of the past. Suppose a medium. Mark. they put up their prayers to the Almighty. evangelists omitted by Matthew." Remember this was sixty-three years after the occurrence of the events and conversations to be written But what were the conditions ? ! fast. Taking the . and Luke. then what law regulated that inspiration? The Bible Douay says that John supplied many things which the If he supplied conversations and ideas omitted. he burst forth in that preface. Our be should examined. the oneness of exAs progressive philosophers. which " being complied with. we are unconcerned planation. are two primary conditions abstaining from food." you would perhaps is say. can be easily traced and demonstrated. Because whatconscientiously experience ever will explain our experience. all in all. then. he appeared modern mediumistic first" to one of the most talented and unimpeachable . and force the Bible to its true position. no less physically and mentally prepared for manifesmoved to write. and becoming reverent in soul . Word. John acquired such information ? Saint Jerome states in the preface to John's Gospel.





to a

person about


nothing of wrong

Have ye not heard it or evil could be said ? No said that the manifestations of to-day can not be divine because they do not come through ladies and gentlemen of an
unimpeachable character, and through persons of commanding
social positions ? This has been asserted in the Churches. Churchmen assert that the persons selected as media are those

" or no confidence can be reposed. Jane," " " " Susan," Tom," Dick," Harry" indifferent Bridget," And yet, persons, about whom community can know nothing. I am now reporting a case where, when Jesus spiritually arose,





he appeared

first not to one of the most unimpeachable charnot to one of the celebrated doctors of the Church,

but only to Mary Magdalene, oiit of whom he had cast seven discords. Think of it The Church believes that a

detachment of the
pearance to


of the Universe



Mary Magdalene out of whom he When this medium told what she

makes his first aphad cast seven had seen " they

believed her not

perhaps, because her character for truth

was not well enough established. Jesus subsequently appeared, and the Aposin another form to two on the way to Emmaus tles believed them not. Afterward, however, he appeared unto the eleven as they sat at meat and upbraided them because they believed not the testimony of Mary and of the two on the way to Emmaus. A most extraordinary circumstance when isolated and considered by itself, but, viewed through our ample and superior experiences, it seemeth familiar as household words. If the character of our mediums reflect upon their manifestations, the same is not less true of the past.


relation does

modern spiritualism sustain

to the ancient bible


The bible

stands or falls upon that verdict which will be even-

tually brought in by impartial investigators. The mythological past is to be tested by the experience and intelligence of the I affirm the unadulterated spiritual origin of forty present.

per cent, of

our experience. The bible is good as a history is valuable as a of spiritualities history of hallucinations as our experiences may determine. It is no benefit to a just

Harmonial Philosopher that the Bible teaches



to the world


may be

important, that the psychological

department of our experience turns out to be spiritual, so that the Bible may be retained in confidence as a truthful historical

It is of great

us, as to the

importance to the Churches, and not to explanation of our experiences.
endeavor to persuade the people that spiritualism




advantage to spiritualists to Christianize important to churchmen to know that Daniel, who had a vision (see ch. x.) ate no pleasant bread for three whole weeks drank no tea, no coffee smoked no chewed no ate no pork or beef-steaks but tobacco cigars ; devoted himself body and soul, for three whole weeks, in order


it is



their experience.

It is





plethoric persons are three days to get a manifestation ? Full of pork and potatoes, full of corruption and excess, they stand up maintaining commanding positions in the

to receive a manifestation

How many


who would go without food

and sneer at the experience of pulpit or through the press him who is willing to forego all luxuries for spiritual insight. If they would but try the methods adopted by John or by Daniel, they would soon discover that spiritualism is a truth to be There is no posistrengthened by scientific investigation. No tive advantage to accrue from Christianizing spiritualism. The

name " infidel."

Urdversalist, once the most liberal, is now anxious to avoid the have Christian. Universalists, Christian


Unitarians, Christian Wakemanites, Christian Shakers, Christian Spiritualists. Does the spiritualist need the past to enThe worst disadvantages would dorse him? Far from it. Let result from the adoption of spiritualism by the churches.

churches discover that it is their safest policy to invite you in, then accept, and in order to preach their spiritualism to you you will become incrustated amid the consolidations of time;

serving institutions. In fifty short years our spiritualism would have a sectarian encasement. Forbid it, O Genius of Progression

up Nature

stand positive do not go backward. Go Spiritualists into the resplendent Temple of Father-God and Mother!




stand ye firmly there


and into yourselves welcome

the spiritual testimony.





they that tell us of these glorious things blessed visitants from happier spheres,

Whose presence felt from gently-wafting -wings, Is known more often in these later years



we thank

all their

these shining angel-hosts loving patience shown to us ?

How bless these wanderers from the heavenly Who journey here to love and labor thus ?
they unseal the eyes that long have been Shut out from Truth by what the Preacher



are proclaiming to the sons of men That God is Love and that there is no death!

May we

not join them in their choral song, That swells an anthem through the fields of space To spheres beyond, where, radiant and strong, Is felt the glory from the Father's facel "

Oh God we thank THEE, that the time has come To melt the shadow of this vast eclipse.

It rolls

and lo from those long dumb, and praise is on their lips The purple morning breaketh grand and sweet. It brings a day the Earth may not forget.






Its airy streamers flow before the feet


that glad sun



not to set!"*

why spirits deceive ? In addition to ample explanations to be found in preceding volumes, I will reply through a suggestive incident. While residing in the city of Hartford, there called upon me a lady, a member of a church, but who, unexpectedly to herThese impressions self, became a medium for impressions.

People complain of deceiving spirits

can you explain

and every way satison, with great assufactory. She rance, and always with a praise to G-od on her tongue. was devotional and believed the Bible to be an emanation from the Divine. Therefore, on the doctrine that like cleaves to like that Spirits in the other world seek their counterpart here she should have attracted a Bible believer or, persons Did such spirits entertaining sentiments identical with hers. visit her ? Let us see. There was a beautiful radiance all over her countenance it was a deep, settled, and almost frightful
clear, definite,

were (to her own mind)

From word


word she wrote


* These

excellent words are taken from a



by Franklin L. Burr,

of Hartford, Conn.



excess of enthusiasm. I have often seen such expression. It the sure sign of the lack of true investigation. " Mr. Immediately on entering the hall, she said : Davis, I understand that you have impressions from the spiritual world. Did you ever hear of any person getting a communication from God ?" " Certainly," I replied. Then I brought to mind the

whole Bible history the historical development of religion which is ever good to contemplate. "Do you ever get anything from God yourself?" "Certainly," I replied ; "I communicate with him every time I breathe. In fact, I have never supposed since I have had reasonable that I consciousness could exist without a any Divine emanation. Therefore I live and move and exist in him." " No, No," exclaimed she, " I mean, did you ever re" ceive into your mind words directly from God ?" Never," I " answered. Well, I have a communication and it is signed God.' "


sensible indeed

She took out her communication and read it. It was very and it was of importance in her view. Its

purport was, that the Bible was written by chosen penmen, imparting truths deeper than those, penmen supposed, in order to meet the mental wants of the century in which it was

and those of

all the

succeeding centuries


to the

very middle of the nineteenth ; but the race had, by a natural operation (which was not described) suddenly outgrown the
zvhole letter, and much of the spirit, of the Bible wished to preserve the book from annihilation.

yet the Lord He said sci-

ence had outstripped it ; and philosophy had seen beyond it. He had appointed her (the medium) to come to me and say, that from the high throne of Heaven he had chosen me out of all the inhabitants of the earth to re-write the Bible, and and for adapt it to the wants of the nineteenth century reasons two thousand years to come. He gave many why I the was qualified especially to take hold of translation, and The commoments. I a considered few go on with it. Well " I resolved it. and believed she was munication signed God," all her of risk the to run shocking religious prejudices at once

for I sometimes discover, as the surgeon does, that amputa-

tion is better than


in orany temporizing palliative -methods I der to save the whole body from corruption. So, thought, I would amputate even our friendship, perhaps for a principle is Therefore I told her the next higher to me than friendship.

time she got in communication with god. to tell him that, in my conscience, I believed that there were already too many Bibles for the world's good that any more would be adding

insult to injury ; and, lastly, that I was too much other matters to undertake any such commission.

engaged in

Her enthusiasm was changed blasphemy of a man in whom she expected to find instantaneous approbation, and a cheerful She said, demurely, acceptance of the distinguished office. that she would comply with my request. In ten days she returned. She had given my message to " Well what did he god. say ?" I asked. "Why, he said that he was not the G-od of the universe, and never pretended She then opened a spiritual correspondence with the to be." " " god." I asked Why do you sign your name apocraphal " " I am all the God' ?" Because," he replied, god this my " Do you take this method to decharge can comprehend." ceive her?" "No," he exclaimed. " Why, then, did you " " I saw Because," he answered, give her that message ?" her to to visit with no other way to bring about bring you the conversation that has passed between you and the results " Do to grow out of it." you mean that you are a very high and illustrious Spirit, and a God over many ?" " Not at all ;
She was shocked, of course.
into a sort of abhorrence of the



am only a god in my charge, helping

the sense of administering to the needs of her into a new dispensation. I am her

I do not believe in her doctrines I wish to guardian angel I have not been deceiving convert her from them I gave her that message to secure your conversation to turn her mind into new channels." " Do you mean to go on with her now ?" I asked. " Yes I have her confidence


I will


on with her development." I saw her about three months afterward. She was unfolded greater than all the churches ; she was happier was further from, creed, but not less devotional. Her mind was entirely



divested of the idea of great importance attaching to her, oecause she was an agent in the hand of her guardian-god.


does spiritualism compare with Christianity in


beneficial effect



fact, that Christianity has

give a just answer to this question. I must first state the been in the world nearly two thouis

sand years while modern spiritual intercourse

only a


more than

eight years old.


Christianity has never sug-

has never developed a single gested a single scientific fact broad scheme for the practical relief of a suffering humanity ; but, instead, the system has wielded its entire might in opposition to almost every new development has slandered and denounced as "infidel'' each one who has wrought, independent of Sectarianism, to correct abuses in high and low places has set its power against every leading philanthropist who has labored to abolish slavery and capital punishment, to reform
the misdirected voluptuary, and to introduce that practical religion which looks to the moral and intellectual regeneration


of our race, instead of fashionable preaching and praying. pioneers in the cause of the Slave have encountered such

opposition from popular religionists as did all the first teachers of Astronomy, Geology, and Phrenology. Spiritualism, on the contrary, has already discovered to the world a multitude of the most momentous and practical truths. In the fields of

and philosophy, especially in mental philosophy (which foremost with all intelligent, cultured minds) it has revealed fresh facts and demonstrated several great general principles. The sciences of magnetism, electricity, chemistry, psychology, clairvoyance, psychometry, <fcc., have each received valuable

additional illustrations and highly suggestive principles from some of the departments of spiritualism.

new information ? such information is superciliously rejected by the devotees of sectarianism contemptuously repudiated by the advocates of expensive churches and the defenders of a paid
the world refuse such




But what



consider of " practical benefit to

mankind ?"

Whatever increases the sum of human knowledge, and

It . ." is false ." is false . because punishment or pain is the legitimate and inevitable result of transgression. and mineral nature 14 . it has proved itself quite incapable of bles- sing and harmonizing mankind. man is an organized substantial spirit . and intellectual progressions 4. each individual is obliged. to work out either in this life or the 7. and that. proves that his organized spirit is immortal 3. by a law of his own being. ! theology the soul nor can . the essence. It next. Does spiritualism have this effect soul. It proves that his immortality consists of an infinite series of social. spiritualism. No vicarious atonement . It proves that all spirits advance from lower to higher 2.error and all manner of sinfulness. in its present form. What is spiritualism in the estimation of some of its advocates ? define spiritualism to be. " the science of life. has to brought light many important religious truths. It . among which Yes are the following 1 It proves that : . that. in the darkest recesses of tradition and superstition. How unspeakably superior is all this to modern Modern theology can not prove the immortality of it demonstrate anything to the satisfaction of intelligent minds except this that it originated in the East." They say that it reaches down through Some the various gradations of animal. his own salvation from . " the principle. degrees of existence 5. vegetable. proves that the popular doctrine of "Hell punishments. that mankind as well as all Nature is progressive ascending from every kind and shade of imperfection 6. 209 augments the joys of the human world. " total proves that the popular doctrine of depravity. proves that this world is not a providentially probation" vale of tears" that it is not a fleeting show. It .QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OF IMMOETALITT. instead. is beneficial to the on humanity ? . for man's ary illusion given but that it is the beginning of his eternal and more blessed career 1 . in addition to its scientific benefits. moral. These are a few of the prominent " practical benefits" of spiritualism.

the most imspiritualism It is breaking portant movement of the nineteenth century. that spirit can come back and demonstrate after having its That existence . is At the same time there How can this he remedied ? Owing to the recent development of many and various gressive ideas which demand interchange of thought and profree . or conThere are three great articles dition. is principles of interpretation by able facts which are pressing former devotees out into the fields of investigation. of faith. and three only. it can not be made so Were it so. to seek for which to understand the remark- upon the attention of mankind. and all its endowments. up the creeds and institutions of the land. which I yearn to see in the minds of all who adopt its three principles of faith. dispensing not only social harmony but also oc- casional moral and intellectual feasts at spiritual tables. goes forward and gains a higher and better state of existence. What "What is the first of these three articles of faith 1 That man. of whatever belief.210 to the QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OF IMMORTALITY. so to say. would be a spiritualist. and tip through. profession.t and world. to tha. " necessarily arrange itself under the head of spiritualism. which (without forming a creed) are generally adopted by all who are willing to be considered spir." Is this definition correct ? inasmuch as the term spiritualism is used to represent a certain state of religious development. ihe grandest. and sending their Will the adoption of Yes . his spirit. What is the third 1 become acclimated. as is to his internal. a lack of that unity of effort. the second That serving after the event called physical death. acquainted with its customs. No itualists." and every human being. most elementary forms. this faith prepare the mind for general reform ? the fourth. preits individuality. 1 is an organized spirit. the various spheres of human development to the Divine Being. and with the great recent discovery that a communication can be had with remaining relatives. every subject would all-embracing in its scope.

History. and Reform. . and also that the PUBLIC ROSTRUM should and will in due time supercede the private pulpit as a channel of transmitting instruction to the masses I would therefore recommend the establishment of free platforms on which lectures can be given. Thus can we fraternize with the progressive and spiritualized talent of all countries. on everything to be thought of in the whole realm of human interest. Spiritualism. physical and spiritual. And since I believe that true inspiration is universal and perpetual. by those inspired to do so. and in the promulgation of universal truths both terrestrial and heavenly. . become instrumental in the discovery and dissemination of all facts both. 211 discussion. but received by the representative minds of both sexes in Science. and while avoiding the dead sea of sectarianism. Philosophy. Art.QUESTIONS ON THE EVIDENCES OP IMMORTALITY. and confined to no particular age or personage. I deem it to be wisdom to adopt new and improved methods for the acquisition and impartation of knowledge. Literature.


" position. After this there began to ap- pear. Its author and primitive founder foreshadowed the age of intellect or reflection." including the rudimental manifestations of impulse. is susceptible of a thousand different interpretations. which I call " wisdom. like a globe. hale ideas. This age culminated about the time when Christianity had fairly had an exposition. as by instinct. developed. Coupled with this discovery. The second age was that of " intellect" and The superior portions of the front-brain began to be reflection. reflection. Coupled with this wisdom was a which I call " or the disage principle utilitarianism. The intellectual faculties observed the earth and that man must act upon and subdue it. first dispensation was the impulsive . to feel out. and between the principally developed . EVERY dispensation. mostly The " ears. intuition. .QUESTIONS ON THE EFFECTS OF UTILITARIANISM. another age. in different parts of the world. through instrumentalities. to absorb truths. and perception. was the disposition to in. over the eyes. But it will serve our present purpose to adopt that classification which is confirmed by all experience. This age of impulse and perception culminated in the Mosaic period." with which was The back-brain was associated the principle of perception. to work out and embody a thought once conceived. the great principles governing Nature and regulating the soul.

of all in all. this principle. Then there are yet other minds. Men must very founbe physically . far back through multitudinous genealogies. tell us of the mystic relation beprophet" and seer" tween " Profit" and " Loss. the age of bloomed-out manhood." pay ?" The is manufactured by that skilful mechanic. Use is the doctrine of the Nineteenth Century. the age of manhood. is Use. is USB . There are others who represent " intuition .214 QUESTIONS ON THE EFFECTS OF UTILITARIANISM. shall it we do to be saved ?" now : question " What shall : we do to make nativity of the god of the Nineteeth Century can be traced. Harmony." which is the beginning of wisdom. first. . it gives^us no cause for discouragement. Beauty . the fourth. embody. which is the age of Feeling . "What do you mean by the wisdom age ? The first manifestation of the principle of wisdom. the second. it is coming to be seen. dation of all spiritual progression. at all which is Some minds represent the age of " impulse" and perception . the fifth. the age of childhood. Power . second. that physical lies at the improvement. that organizational reform." such have the power to absorb more ideas than times. to the threshold of the furnace of Aaron. to the world at present. the history of man represents. There are persons. that is." The once was " What . the third. who represent the scientific wisdom the disposition to embody and put directly into practice age every thought which they can conceive. The race has taken the first step upon the threshold of the great temple of Wisdom. last At " arrive at a development of the race. the sixth. It will not be long in coming to great perfection in Anglo-Saxon achievements. they could. this What is the effect of this utilitarian principle ? The first Through manifestation of the principle of wisdom. is our god. we you think that history will corroborate this classification 1 Yes'. Aspiration . Do the age of Thinking . is Justice . . in these days. what relation is there between " " but. under the best of circumstances. Utilitarianism is in the ascendant it is the principle supreme the Gospel. which is the age of Action. The " G-olden Calf. in each of these stages. called the practical. Yet not depravity . third. Men do not ask. they perceive vastly more than they can conceive.

the The doctrine of Use will work directly into the shall dispose of his ideas . "Now Now And And And spindles sawmills grate in every forest nook. of the present. There never was a century so utilitarian. to give men leisure for The gospel of Use is the doctrine of weighspiritual growth." No department can shut against the onward march of this principle of investi- gation. telling him that he has been weighed in the balance . . Use hath its every eye fixed upon that which is external. vitals of the church of human life . Spiritualism has come. gauging. measuring. The age of prose stalks forth and maps Does While patents the swift lightning once celestial fire on a wire . Every one is contriving to accomplish a vast deal in little time and Use and economy walk hand in hand. telling him that his ideas have been gauged . hum beside each mountain brook. ing. . telling him that has already been described. The fine less space. People have no time to lose the cars are just ready to start. I reply Utility. virgin forests locomotives wail. or of the future . as a kind of augment mechanical constructions . eventually. the beautiful. physically prepared. elemental. the beautiful. to imman's prove physical circumstances . arts are considerably neglected. practical. the sea . lations itself which constitute " Home. what are the useful. drudgery in harness fill the air. "before they can have an influx of the high. USE is the sovereign of men and What is There is now no safety in anything which is not aband solutely.QUESTIONS ON THE EFFECTS OF UTILITARIANISM. Scientific his place in the universe stiggestions will be made as to how man Utilitarianism will see beneficial. fundamental. nations. so trackless Through prairie flowers are crushed Where ocean beneath the rail. to every man telling him whether he is a disciple side inspiration. and occupations. into the State into the vitals of all other departments into the family . and the good. to . to the grave. supposed to be immediately. the most prominent feature on the face of this century ? If you think of Christendom. rolled. into those re. 215 well situated. dog us from the cradle bestride the wave. It is a development which will come. once and free. of the past. physically developed.

and his His standard is pay" Is not it is too poetic and sentimental. not even do as well for your customers will leave you and seek the other whose goods . to be outdone by your neighbor. fashion. not pictures: loves policy not poetry wants facts . are measured by profit and loss. His friend. to be set aside as a luxury. . tude and of business friendship ." He studies prices. and die by steam. counting the emotions of his inward spirit . to keep up the spirit and balance of commerce. unless it can be is dwellings and feed the igneous stomach of an Some semi-believers think the golden floor of heaven should be mined out. the selfish. let no man excel you . Yes as merchandise. the most economical. If you manufacture any useful commodity. isolated competition of the is There is an individual race for Success unparalleled. to be used as business (and only as business) demands their combined exercise. which "don't ing pay. our love's young dream. selfishHe is anxious to possess a large share of business gratiness. compounded of money. of the lake burning with fire and brimSeveral oriental ideas are repudiated as being altogether too expensive as stone In short." _ . The Promethean worthless. Machines that rock asleep our infant cry. age The most useful. is wholly useless ships. What is the immediate consequence ? is. not fancies. is the thing- which . by individual effort and all advantages surround him who has . I . * But poetry fire is altogether too impracticable. the Anglo-Saxon wants nothwell as impracticable. : marriage even. and wrought into eagles endowed to made warm ocean-steamer. such utilitarian selfishness deplorable ? it is a great grief that the money-grasping propensities of the Anglo-Saxon should so hold in check the growth of his his higher nature . history.216 QUESTIONS ON THE EFFECTS OF UTILITARIANISM." "It don't pay" to linger in the rear. r Machines that wait upon our latest sigh We waft by telegraph. The motto of the age is ahead. all Christendom is striving to obtain. the most saleable arti' The consequence cle. Live by machinery. but any gratitude or any friend"It don't ship outside of business relations. with wings. "Go are preferable.

QUESTIONS ON THE EFFECTS OF UTILITARIANISM. economy. requiring constant vigilance and extraordinary despatch. take less time. in little. in parvo" much The law use with is. But inasmuch as the universe is as yet the only perpetual motion." quently. generous-hearted enough to furnish itself with all requisite motive power. and to perform the extra work men may desire. having assumed great and numerous mercantile responsibilities. no good come out of utilitarianism ? because. although it is true that the utilitarian tendency of the age leads unfortunately to the degradation." says Rev. "1 have just . " it don't This is a sufficient discovery The pay. It costs too . I think nearly all dreaming and toil on this scheme will prove unprofitable. Yes Can you explain how such "good" will come? " Multum The motto of all go-a-head-men is I will try. of Long " from. of many of the best impulses of our common nature. There will be a general orthographic. received. because : "This is true that you can never Seek to know. perfection. and with such a law. D." But will there . and fail in finding. yet will there surely grow of it a class of circumstances exceedingly beneficial to the lower and middle portions of society. than can art of spelling . D. Wheedon. a mysterious epistle. or. tem now so popular it much time to learn at school the systakes too much labor to write a long ! Conseexplanatory business letter under the present plan. a friend in Cincinnati. With such an impulse. 217 " the means" to his order. And yet every effort at invention is useful. must have recourse to more economical systems of spelling and writing the English difficult to : instance language. will be a prospective reformation in the and writing. therefore. chirographic. and it will ever Grow more near. and phonographic reform making it far easier to communicate thought. and the only one possible to exist. I think it is not For anticipate a variety of permanent blessings. There is a wish to invent a " perpetual motion" which shall be self-feeding. temporarily. the energetic men of this century. Island. Seek an End. next step. self-regulating. and be less blinding. and with greater be attained under the popular system.

they will yet triumph over the absurdities of the dead age. with a telegraphic rapidity. It is a letter of so tiny a magnitude that the full sheet. and its dainty dimensions might make you think it a missive from the king of the dwarfs. to fill paragraph after paragraph and writing. no longer trudge it slowly and wearily down the pen and along . warm and as melted from the hot heart. Time and space. I read [r." " Our " need living flocks of thought." . What shall be done to annihilate the distance between the Producer and the Consumer ? In the midst of utilitarian developments. and feel a sort si gratified sense of power in the fact that the same feat of compressed performance is accomplished in written correspondence. is now at breathing ease. liquid and freeze with a tedious dribbling from the grow opaque. once a trouble. which needs the genius of Use and Economy applied to it. Yet brief as is its apparent length. is Phonography and you and Phonography ought to be better acquainted. regiment after regiment may now trot briskly forward." says Henry Sutton. the paper. hindering each other. to their station on the page . that M'Cormick's reaper wins in the harvest. Those cabalistic string-lets on that diamond little page. single fold. and shake your heads as ye will. Phonotypy and Phonography will be of use in the world not dreamed of but by few. shower of words. or the steam locomotive in our travel.218 QUESTIONS ON THE EFFECTS OF UTILITARIANISM. The road to prosperity. as they struggle through the strait gate of the old hand-writing our troops of feelings need no more crawl. Ay. Its weird is not larger than the envelop which enshrines it. or to bankruptcy. my fair friend. is shortened by couatless business facilities. which may form a small text for a large discourse. No man need spend more than^-ye minutes . it really embraces as much matter as an ordinary well-filled sheet of] with the ease of fairly-written text. I think there stands a relic of feudal times. as snails crawl. have been comparatively destroyed by steam and lightning. Our kind and loving thoughts. but the soul whole now pour itself forth in a sweet may pen. in commerce. as it was. they will uproot the old spelling . shall no longer transparent. . and winding chirography looks like an Arabian spell. and written.

even to all the dollars and cents the journey will cost. laboring people. deserves the gratitude of all his fel- . apology . The morning paper." are the most afflicted portion of our race." Each and everything is the with railroad even to speed yawning chasm jumping up" The road of a draw-bridge. If he can't spare the time to go. to learning is not royal. wretchedness. or commercial. The " Traveller's Guide" tells him the whole for a shilling. They Unless live and have their being at a great disadvantage. They work. and crime. and and commercial avocations. and Skill. the brazen gates that close upon outside equalled by nothing the dungeons of perdition. by industry and personal integrity. informs the whole family of everything incidental. The of : "What progress has society made toward the abolition of the antagonisms betv. or continents. shattering cars and passengers into shapeless speed. together with the hours and minutes necessary to its accomplishment. let us inquire fragments.QUESTIONS ON THE EFFECTS OF UTILITARIANISM. to make an and do the business. and sketch the world's news upon your breakfast-table. then he can command the nation to convey his letter thither or send the fleet lightning instead. 219 of his valuable time to calculate the number of miles between any two cities. would do well to read Charles Knight's recent " View of the Productive Forces of Modern Society. TeleIntelligence is not confined to particular localities. Meanwhile. countries. fed by the intelligence of the country. and the Results of LaWorking-men and working-women bor. literary. are most likely to be kept down in the cess-pools of poverty. which has transpired in any portion of the preceding twenty-four hours.'ecii the interests of producers and consumers ? The world I have space allotted only to brief answers. are mercantile chicanery. under the most depressing circumstances. and feverishness. and escitment. for the most part. pay. graphic wires stretch along the principal roads. Capital. yet it is difficult to remain " It don't " done ignorant. simply by the an- tagonism between labor and capital. He who. capricious Fortune seems to smile especially upon their efforts. has rescued his family from ignorance. The locomotive's whistle may be heard from every hill. in the present social disorder.

of the whole- merchant third. does this in ' lasses. and all cultivated amusements. and toil . who produce all the wealth don't pay. certain months in each year when his But his house-rent and family exservices are not required. to support the manufacturer. he must forego almost every species of comforting luxury. . tea. If he cities. en- vironed with all the comforts and privileges thereof. and so lives at a perpetual When he goes to the market. second. "What is a prominent injustice of this system ? While the manufacturer. he must defray the articles. the merchant Now this is all wrong it of whom the goods are purchased. The wealthy man can pay cash for his drygoods and groceries. more than the original cost of the When he goes to the grocer. accumulated and combined profits upon. The laboring-classes are the constant and only real sufferthere is in the country ers under this system. and he must work hard. it is unspeakably difficult for a laboring man to earn enough to meet the current expenses of his and at the same time avoid debt and dishonesty. with a large family of children to feed. . What are the poor man's disadvantages ? His disadvantages are very numerous. for his family. he must pay sufficient. stall-keepers 50 per cent. and the flourishing retailer. and educate. he pays the butchers and loss. soap. Here is a mass of profits which the consumer must pay. and clothe. under the antagonistic interests of our present social construction. and live very economically. then there are. can purchase them at wholesale prices. are compelled to occupy uncomfortable rooms (for which they pay a high rent). over and above the actual cost and value of these fabrics sale originally.220 QUESTIONS ON THE EFFECTS OF UTILITARIANISM. and lastly. If he be a mechanic. Again. hard-working man and woman. cloth. the various secondhanders and wholesale go-betweens. can live in fifty-thousand-dollar houses. penses go on just the same as when his labor is in demand. But the poor man must buy in small quantities. sugar. must pay high interest for credit. the wholesale merchant. of the retailer. low-men because. when he wants muslin. and calico. : first. . to do it. etc. probably. of the producer . mofamily. the poor. which gives him the advantage.

find the true : support non-producers by paying higher prices for everything they purchase. They But they must all be fed. extending from Maine to Louisiana. and by paying rents to landlords. This popular speculating. These produce nothing. in all kinds of industry. Among Churches I know of some In business the agitation of the Slavery glorious exceptions. cial departments. which. ofttimes without the least glimmering of a hope that their circumstances will ever improve. and turmoils. is becoming well-nigh intolerable. who out of pay the taxes. The homage that Capital requires of Labor is beginning to be insupportable and detestable. Hundreds of laymen .QUESTIONS ON THE EFFECTS OF UTILITARIANISM. 221 perpetually on. But how ? By direct How otherwise ? In this way Producers taxation ? No. there is a cotton-thread. These must support all non-producers. Again we ask What shall be done to annihilate the distance between Labor and Capital between Producer and Consumer 7 you my reply to this question but you should answer by reflection. tween the Producer and the Consumer there now exist. we shall experience rebellions. is allowed to hold together the United States Yes and the United Churches. in our social and judiwhich neither riches nor eloquence can pre? vent or allay Is American Slavery sanctioned by the American Priesthood ? . being more profoundly revered than the principle of Justice. serve as speculating go-betweens. " don't " pay . and enriched and the . Some efficient be to relieve must soon instituted the poor man from his plan manifold oppressive disadvantages equal chance to enjoy his existence to give him a fair and to emancipate him from the mountainous interests and antagonisms that now oppress and keep him in bondage to Poverty or. numerous intermediates. clothed. I might give . and revolutions. laboring-classes must do it all. this fashionable upon the labor of the servants of Poverty. All the multitudinous comBeplications of the mercantile world must be supported." so the Churches furnish a Thus saith question the Lord" in favor of the institution. They add nothing valuable to the world. Init subsisting dustrial communities are seeking the remedy.

that such seceding from sectarianism "don't pay" covery that it sets a bad example to godless persons who have never joined it they begin very complacently to preach its "ulti- mate extinction. finally succeed in converting an ignorant priesthood to the measures of practical reform. labor to spread comfort and civilization. blessing came of human. they raise the cry of "Infidelity and demonism. and say " the genius of Christianity does not warrant its perpetuation. by persistent inquiry and invincible energy. for example." that Slavery will finally die out. the chief agent and angel of civ- Because it would enlighten matters. Every new revelation is from the devil. have most nobly "withdrawn from the Churches solely on this And now." at every fresh revealment. was once denounced as an invention of the devil. Why ? Because " it don't pay . and make new discoveries. have no rights. they say.222 QUESTIONS ON THE EFFECTS OF UTILITAEIANISM. throws wide open its doors. In our very midst. and proclaims it "ours" in the Christianity" truth. when the clergy begin to make the disaccount." And so it is. invites it to a cushioned seat in the a blessing "brought by synagogue. would begin to discuss the merits of the So the glorious art of Printing so-called infallible dogmas. they repel it. while." and. merchant-like. But. in this as in everything else. But these ilization. and sinner . thank God there are always outcasts and anathematized who will entertain the " the ! persons stranger" and when the new thing proves itself to be an new-comer and becomes popular and pays well. should it be seriously urged that printing and the sciences were projections from the devil. and first remonstrate against them from the rostrum and the press. Do you mean opposition 1 to affirm that the Priesthood is intentionally utilitarian in its Yes . the human mind the people outgrow certain discords and errors. in spite The present race of clergymen would laugh. around. was opposed. and. who. . The people. Why ? blessings are now enjoyed equally by saint of all bigotry and venerable superstition. printing. But they are far from being healed of the old malady. then the Church angel. This would interfere on ecclesiastical the people with the monopoly of the priesthood.

especially those who have thought on the that prisons and subject. a single criminal. to condemn. anxious to bring about physical improvements. whereby many . The investigations of Humand those of Lieutenant Maury. to imprison. as they always have. contemplated. are helps.QUESTIONS ON THE EFFECTS OF UTILITARIANISM. ums have foreshadowed this fact. is sufficient. and exclaim. when judiciously and at the right time appropriated. men have names of a class heard of " electricizers" and " magnetizers" of sentimental and semi-practical spirits. lation between the planet and the sun will not accomplish it. utilitarianism look into prisons . Among is now expended others. Everything must be looked at and " judged by the mercantile standard of profit and loss. the of will sponsors theology jump upon the platform. it is beginning to be seen that the money which to arrest. in circumstances above the sphere of temptation to crime. the people. Atmospheric improvements will come within A harmonious rethe area and dominion of man's inventions. of Boston. and to place them. to carry through this reform then. to educate twenty poor children. Does the But let me Church propose any reformation It will in this direction ? oppose the measure until opposition no When the people announce their determination longer pays. begin to discover this important fact capital punishments are exceedingly defective methods of de- Yes fending the morals and protecting the interests of society. Through the semi-satisfac. every species of ignorance and criminals ? and aristocratic bigotry. and to punish. This is a business age. which I have carefully will Several medipertain to the atmosphere. and systematic industry. Climatological reforms will be brought about by human investigations "boldt. forcing Does its 223 way through. It will "'cost" far less to save fifty it human beings from crime than now ask costs to punish ten without : improving them." And there are things which do. Spear. always thought so /" at all. progress. Will you specify some of the material improvements of utilitarianism ? Not material improvement. pay. " roe OA. as stepping-stones to mankind's spiritual advancement. Yes the first tory developments of John M. and things which do not.

. the . man will control aerial currents. Through the instrumentality of machinery. safety. to store up every season two or three times the quantity they now do. spiritual knowledge. so will there be an increase of machinery to do the labor of the hands : giving the head leisure to make more progress in spiritual and higher departments. as such minds increase in ral improvements. Having ascertained these laws. children of men and will angels. Just in proportion as population increases the demand for food.224 QUESTIONS ON THE EFFECTS OF UTILITARIANISM. when understood. diate use. and . to save the heart. there will be agricultuFarmers will be able to double. he will combine both. on the heights of Brooklyn. which. is calculating He is showing that the changes the circles of cold and heat. and produce that state of climate and temperature which will augment the soil's productiveness. once enveloped in mystery. The Anglo-Saxon is certain to make his head save his hands . Man's power is limited by nothing save infinIf man can comprehend the laws of ity and omnipotence." feel will soon improve before as well as after birth. have worn the thinking-caps of their forefathers. However. treble. growing out of agri- . quadruple the crops of their fields and. The expansion and distribution of benefits. themselves one day but " little lower than the ? Will the principle of Use bring agricultural improvements . Yes progress in agriculture will come upon the world. and with much less trouble to either head or hand. by machinery. shipmasters have been enabled to navigate the sea with unusual These Certain currents of wind may be anticipated. Laws which govern the propagation and existence of human beings. researches show that the atmosphere is regulated by certain fixed laws. and of the atmosphere may be calculated. as eclipses are and of as months the men down the weeks mapped out. put The aerial are be classified different to year. But too many agriculturists. like men in the churches. he may prevent extreme heat or cold alsOj drouths and disastrous storms. his knowledge foreshadows the ability to control their phenomena. are now within man's control. phenomena under fixed Laws. By arrangements of electricity and magnetism. the atmosphere. come within man's imme- Meriam.

cultural reforms. per pound. selfish farmers. would be swallowed by the great ones . and the use of magnetism in combination with electricity will so beautify and multiply the crops. yet methinks each will have more leisure to im- absolute prove. farm-work exert upon the merchant ? Machinery will increase the value of farms so much. and pick and grease it. the first piece of broadcloth was the United States. 15 . as now existing. to draw them out into the far-off countries. But I think that improvements in agriculture will be numerous and ! : and all people will surely have an abundance. and hold intercourse with the spiritual. the result of our limitation laws. and cities. farming associations would multiply. Little. If they find the grease. without the discount of war and epidemics. we should have the old feudal system temporarily established in the United States. Men of youth and means will associate and form vast farming and industrial monopolies. unable to compete. it will be 10 . but the results would be every way beneficial to me- Such improvements will chanics and the skilful professions. exist better opportunities for enjoyment Mars.QUESTIONS ON THE EFFECTS OP UTILITARIANISM. People now rushing from the country to the city will then be drawn back into farming districts . " ARTHUR SCOFIELD respectfully informs the inbabitants of Pittsfield and vicinity that he has a Carding-Machine. What effect will such. shall be changed. commensurate with the increase of popthe present rate of increase. upon such Will there be Yes made in * The 1800 : still greater utilitarian improvements in factories ? in the year 1808. per pound mixed. will be 225 ulation. And were it not for the distribution of property. and possi- At bly eleven millions of slaves Therefore. and Saturn.* He was from " Sun. Jupiter. there will be nearly a hundred millions of people in the United States fifty years hence. that farming will be considered more popular and profitable than storekeeping. half a mile west of the meeting-house. and become popular . by Arthur Scofield. There will be more Brotherhood as now . in the year 1900 there will be a greater demand upon the soil and sea." following advertisement appeared in the Pittsfield November 2. where they may have their wool carded into rolls for 12-| cts. 15 J cts. Althere will then be three times the present number of though individuals. exert an effect upon the inhabitants of cities .

and human society will also find a response in clothing equal to anything cts. when cultivated by machines invented for the purpose. and grass. and 12| for mixed. and trees. 1800. as it will serve to bind up the rolls when done. Berkshire. These plants of North America to be found in Pennsylvania and in the State of Maine will be cultivated to some extent. G-reat trees will be fabrics Scientific discovery is on she will invoke all Nature. they upon their backs. 2. much. Everything of which she asks a question gives back a satisfactory reply. She ! wrought up into beautiful the increase . now pro- per pound. But there are other herbs. . there has been a race This increase is in itof inventions and steady progression. Nov. They are requested to send their wool in sheets. between a and new factory-wheel. sometimes. len-factories. in other departments ? From the time that Samuel Slater introduced the system of carding into this country. will render considerable slave-work unprofitable. Massachusetts." . That was just forty- seven years ago. may do your Yes eating. and do in a day the work which before required scores of men and women. It is the natural result of utilitarianism. and lay at your feet all you need will prepare your food and. There are men lying self a vast and surprising manifestation. He presented. altering waking inventing sleeping the spinning-jenny. Will there be any improvement in materials for garments ? flax and the cotton-plant already furnish . you perceive the increase of this labor-saving machinery will work no injury to the human race. Machines will furnish you with clothing will labor.226 QUESTIONS ON THE EFFECTS OF UTILITARIANISM. I think. in the forests of North America. keeping vigils all the night long . " Can you not give ns raiment ?" and she will receive an answer. observe the increase of woola superabundance of improvements Do ! you not behold reasons to believe that improvements will be no less active. At a glance. his first piece of broadcloth to James Madison. by which human heads may save human hands. Pittsfield. and men will be using new materials for garments. sure. What Since that time. to the present. Also. . and progressive. will ask herbs. who was the first President inaugurated in American broadcloth. a small assortment of woollens for sale. which.

this more luxury. to last through Will utilitarianism bring a reform in the locomotive world ? there is to be great improvement in motive-forces method for travelling upon dry land and through the air. most agreeable. Every person now wishes for as much as may possible in little space. Instead of the will have spacious Saloons. Such inspiration will bring a new 'motive force . " look out about these days" for carriages and travelling-saloons on country-rojcds-^-'sans . by ten days' labor. and concerts. or from the cotton-fields of the of Perception. and a introduced. 227 cured from the sheep's back.QUESTIONS ON THE EFFECTS OF UTILITARIANISM. and this will widen our railroads. obtain clothing enough a whole year. We shall have new and more commodious methods of constructing railroad-cars. moving with such speed. be straightened through the country. in the almanac language. that a poor family may. For Science is the doctrine of Use South. two stories high. Cars . But more thriftiness will bring more wealth. present gallery-looking cars. not even a collision. Construe tiveness. and convenient. with staterooms and saloons for converse. by which talented minds may increase the speed of travel and the safety thereof. to take passage utilitarian. parties. ? Will utilitarianism make any discoveries in other locomotive directions Yes . and provided with all the most desirable comforts. Yes also a be constructed so that no accident. Railroads must it first new motive-power Saloons. These travelling-establishments will be as wide as modern dwellinghouses. that per- we haps there will be advertisements " Through to Cali- These hotel-cars will be of beautiful fornia in four days !" architectural proportions. and Ideality. even if the concentration is disagreeable. almost portable dwellings. plays. In presence of these beautiful will be difficult to get the cows of the year 1900 upon cars which men now consider so excellent. There will be so Calculation. . would be dangerous to either passengers or baggage. There are persons mentally capable of receiving inspiration upon this subject from the Spiritual world. much ease in acquiring a beautiful dress. balls. as soon as the mass of working-travellers can The most useful will become the afford to pay for luxuries.

the faculties of John M. What : motive-power. These vehicles will prevent many embarrassments now experienced by persons The first requisite for living in thinly-populated territories. sans any visible motive-power moving with greater speed and far more safety than at present. struction. Car- riages will be moved by a strange. by a very simple admixture of water and atmospheric gases from which combination will also spring the new motive-power under present anticipation. This power will come. Spear. sans steam. Apply this fragment of morality to the influence which aerial navigation will exert upon the world. Nations await only this to become closely and intimately fraternized. horses. without your horses. There are many inventive spirits who. as birds is dependent upon a new motive-power. so simply ignited. and beautiful. is even now in process of discovery and Deeply impressed am I that the necessary mech- anism sail as easily. and pleasantly. and the carriage on the but the aerial cars also. the sky from country to country . so that we may and safely. . which will move through country-road.228 QUESTIONS ON THE EFFECTS OF UTILITARIANISM. and so imparted by a machine some- what resembling our engines. rapidity. as to be entirely concealed and manageable between the forward wheels. these land-locomotives will be good roads. and light. will at once see how vast must be the national benefits and you growing out of such familiarity. and simple admixture of aqueous and atmospheric gases so easily condensed. It will not only move the locomotive on the rail. face to face. to transcend the adverse currents of air. which elimination. and spiritualize oiir dwelling-houses. when brought in contact. gave the acting upon willing world to understand that a new motive-power was possible. Persons once estranged. with your engine. viz. upon which. you may travel with great These carriages seem (to me) of uncomplicated conWe will one day ventilate. and their beautiful influence will produce a universal brotherhood of acquaintance. feel the throbbings of a new friendship or an old pure one awakened which has in itself blessings and promises of broth: erhood. progress will men make in atmospheric navigation ? I find only one thing necessary in order to have aerial navithe application of this contemplated superior gation.

229 Any impartial and intelligent person. They The will have large common storehouses for certain wards. strictly human Divine principles can scarcely sphere without misapprehen- Deep and thorough scientific knowledge. There is. do something to harmonize manual labor and machinery ? another thing in the Structure of Society which the conflict between poor needs attention and improvement men and labor-saving inventions. too many go-betweens. doing more and better work in one day All our manufacturers must resort than he can do in twenty ! to Machinery. and the in: corporation of that subtle element. by the polar organization of a metallic Idol. will be at once surprised at the profundity . who will investigate the lectures which preceded and gave rise to the mechanism at High Bock Tower. was based the human structure theory unique. There will be agricultural and industrial combinations. Inventive Spirits had their minds earnestly at work to develop a new motive-force . What effect will the farming associations exert upon producer and consumer ? These combinations will make a vast alteration in our mercantile arrangement. I repeat. and too much expensive clerical manipulation. foreshadowed the great era of utilitarian discovery. spiritually dewas The received rived. the unnecessary expenses now incurred by poor families : giv- ing them more and for the enjoyment of spiritual joys. of the suggestions. It don't pay the laboringman to see a few bars of iron and shafts of steel. and I glory in every new inven- . and chagrined not less at the inconsistency of the metallic application. There was the obvious mixture of the divine with the human. This is right. dissipated by the human instruments. descend into the sion. although so sadly misapplied in the first experiment. moved by Yes this is unconscious steam. We shall have fraternal combinations in villages and cities. although upon the absorption of electricity from the atmosphere. and harmony will fraternal principle will come into action be the manifestation of utilitarianism. and the principles divulged.QUESTIONS ON THE EFFECTS OF UTILITARIANISM. These will remove . leisure for the Will utilitarianism. development of spiritual faculties. so that the difference now existing between producer and consumer will be well-nigh annihilated. altogether too great distance between them. .

We shall have someYears hence. on the charge of insanity. in some departments. So. ular. poor constructed. and every laboring-man be driven into new fields for subsistence. too. so that every new But I think a change is necessary labor-saving invention shall not fall into the hands of Manufacturers. he began by saying that on the He went with rest of his story very rationChrist. QUESTIONS ON THE EFFECTS OF UTILITAKIANISM. under present arrangebly useless." remarked afterward that everything he said and it was ally . and producer which the inventions of Electrical Science have already had between cities and continents namely. there is now While the conflict continues behereafter to great changes. that we pay gentlemen to preach it but poem " it don't pay" to attempt to live to its requirements. except his introduction. " he was a follower of Jesus statement. in the midst of selfishness. the benefits of farms and countries will be brought to you scarcely without a thought of expense. what to fear from Excess of Luxury. Tele- graphing complete in its operations. in When he was asked to make his own the city of Hartford. look back now called popular. contemplate those who are and you will see that a man is measured by the length of Ms .230 tion. is As So- no harmony between the ciety This fact will lead and classes labor-saving Machinery. tween human beings and the invention of machines for the while there continmanufacturing of certain kinds of goods so long will ues an antagonism between Labor and Capital the preaching of " peace and good-will on earth" be measuraTo love the neighbor. An honest man must leave the business-world. don't pay. and isolation. To be a practical Christian is to be unpopments. In the present Structure of Society. Yes Can we expect good to result from. to this hour. estrangement. Not long since a man was being tried. or the business-world will leave him. the destruction of is so distance. in absolute competition with Machinery. it is absurd to expect a manifestation of true religion. that the yesterday's news of a whole nation may be heralded to your fireside. was sane. Loving your neighbor as you love yourself is now little else but a sacred so revered. a well-defined Social Science ? Social Science will exert that effect between consumer .

ing. while it will be incomparably more beautiful. ! 231 purse ble . QUESTIONS ON THE EFFECTS OF UTILITARIANISM. Men will find that the cottage. and not less calculated to improve both the physical character and the One of these edificial hotels will cost no . this. may see a new method for the lighting. as the first Look through the United States. dwelling in obscure places The world can not know of the results just now. Dwellinghouses of the future will be built in reference to the symmetriIt is not Utopian to expect cal development of their inmates. and see necessity. and several of the intermediate styles. . more than a modern dwelling. The tendency of the utilitarian element is. selfish homes. will one day be accumulated into the Humanitarian Edifices. . Let men put confidence in this doc: : trine of invention. the grains they may perceive improvements for the advancement of commerce or.. The consequence will be harmony of hands. the use of tools by which all material departments of Nature and Society are to be subdued. The eventual result will be America. shafts of inspiring light let down into minds. and those of the Nine. and heart. the castle. and spiritualizing. One day. he will be most popular who is fraternal and harmonious. material wealth will not be fashiona- but. with the Spiritual World. inspiration. for sowing. ventilating. of progress in the material world. instead. to teach man's perceptive faculties the use of implements and instruments. These magnificent edifices will cost far less than so many independent. head. the palace. heating. human habitations ! Never was there a period when all the faculties circumjacent to the front and superior brains were in such a state of utilitarian activity and corresponding leisure throughout tuitive faculties in possibilities. Unconsciously there are persons absorbing light from ! and lowest These may invent a machine for reapand for thrashing. however. the Spiritual World. and the development of those inman which are now supposed to be merely Do you sec any improvements in human habitations 1 Yes the ideas of the Middle Ages. for harvesting. teenth Century. are to be united in our architecture. The head is working to save the hands and both to save the heart. and brought into systematic harmony with man's immediate spiritual advancement.

with digestion functions. and meditate upon the marvellous psychological influence of external structures.232 QUESTIONS ON THE EFFECTS OF UTILITARIANISM. according to the shape of its accustomed habitation. we will not go as at present into forests to imd the . and with the inteleach and all parts of an Edifice being replectual faculties resented in the physical and mental organization of a human being. beautiful to have such concentration ! and Men aerial ships. utilitarian improvements to precede these reform habita- subsequent to the improvements of controlling air and culturing soil. Will the building materials of the future differ from those in present use ? Yes . with perceptive organs. great proud beauty to have such establishments heated and lighted by an admixture of aqueous and atmospheric gases the same utilitarian admixture which will produce the motive Yes power of How land-carriages. spiritual faculties. which would quickly superinduce a savage aberration. cellar-rooms. or impaired temporarily. spiritual recesses. than three of the It will be a fashionable domicils of country-towns and cities. In the representations of the Future will be represented the structural millennium ! All this is arrangements and architectural analogies furnished by the body and soul a sort of correspondential edificialism. each in correspondence with intestines. Do tions ? you expect other . no more wonderful than improvements in cotton and woollen factories since the year 1808. educational cabinets. Place a strong-minded man in a perfectly circular room. where the eye can fix itself upon not a single angle. it will be more easy to build a brace of these combined unitary Edifices. harmonious dormitories. will unite in fraternal embrace and build temples of harmony upon which ! their children can ascend to physical strength and spiritual I do not describe the No. so to speak. for sixty families. and two weeks will be sufficient time to produce the madness of insanThe first effect would be a sort of agonized bewilderment. with spiritual functions. Pause. then. with affectional departments. and pavilions for contemplation. nutritive departments. railroad vehicles. it is no dream contemplation. ity. social saloons. Personal character is benefited.

may be readily manufactured. condenses and harmonizes. composed of artificial lithologic ! materials. ultimately. we are not always to have this tedious method of learn- ing to spell and write the English language . Having " one to love and one to love us" is a haven far better than a house composed of gutta-percha. they issue an order for a house to be built in the country everything to be ready for housekeeping. the United States Constitution had not been stronger than that of many Yankee children now born. Yes there will be a beautiful reform in the whole present "We bai'barous system of thinking and acquiring thoughts. Many " ruined " constitutions are by the different irksome and unIf natural methods of imparting what is called an education. And men will perceive new uses for gutta-percha in combination with iron and artificial marble. or any artificial substance. it would have been " ruined" the clesiastical two weeks by the tyrannical plan of its ecImprovements in education will be so great that between the ninth and twelfth year the ninth being the true time for children to commence young ininds will obtain more knowledge than they now acquire with much troxible between the ninth and twentieth. 233 Humanitarian habitations -will be constructed of a lithologic composition which. first and political schooling. . To-morrow morning they will visit : places where portable houses may be ordered . May we expect a more utilitarian method of acquiring knowledge ? Yes . best materials. will shelter but a small part of that which in reality constitutes " a home. For example here are two persons to be married this very night. so that. Most easy will it be to have a home Mankind may one day see that a habitation. .QUESTIONS ON THE EFFECTS OF UTILITABIANISM. in Use. iron. Such materials will be employed for portable dwellings. they look over the architectural fashions . the existence and the continuation of a most blessed harmonial marriage. this external system of imparting and enforcing the shadows of ideas. in two weeks from date Remem: ! ber the Use manifestation of the principle of wisdom." Because the true home is composed of. furniture and all arranged. the fortunes first and misfortunes of modern selfish house-building will be 110 more. and is dependent upon. upon the best principles of conjugal harmony.

Improvement must begin in our alphabet next in our orthogthen in our chirography . which is the usual concomitant of the little arbitrary learning men acquire between babyhood and their twentieth year. . Gra- The art of 1. His exemplary devotion and industry. and has made an appropriation of a letter to every such sound. Graham has The "Working Farmer. New York. but developed . . superinduced. . finally. * Andrew of " J. : have a Harmonial Philosophy to teach that ideas are not to be put into the mind. Yes Andrew J. All this will be easier and better and entirely abolishing the present every way more harmonious discordant system of fretting and storming. . . to spell any word with the same accuracy that he can pronounce it. raphy and lastly. 3. and. also to the most natural scheme of penmanship. This utilitarian plan will lead to easy spelling to the most spontaneous and inevitable spelling and.234 QUESTIONS ON THE EFFECTS OF UTILITARIANISM. reading with a phonetic orthography can be acquired in about forty hours. has simplified and universalized the phonetic orthography. in some parts of our theology. to give any printed word the precise pronunciation of the author. and the educational systems of the humanitarian Future will have this object to accomplish. 2. Academy at the office This individual far as possible. ." is a thorough and Cosmopolitan Reformer. 4. as soon as he has learned the Phonetic Alphabet thoroughly. Phonetic Spelling will render reading easy. and his skilfulness in following the most rapid speaker as reporter. It enables the student. recently opened a Phonetic in Fulton street. Will you detail some of the utilitarian advantages of the phonetic system ? there are (as given in a Synopsis by ham*) eleven specific advantages : . Phonography has discovered how many elemental sounds there are. so progress. but elicited that the divine character is to be progressively carved out of that which we find constituWisdom is not to be tionally witMn the unfolding child. will not go unrewarded. then in our phraseology . in the phonetic department of utilitarian He works sincerely for the elevation of his important science. It enables the student. It will render spelling easy. as soon as he has learned the Phonetic Alphabet thoroughly.

The school-days to merely learning of the child will be virtually lengthened by it. 7. and labor. 5. . It will save millions of dollars in the expense of books. to represent a combination . It will save much amount of drudgery. and still another. It may be con- structed something like a piano . Latham. sure and easy. ! may catch the type and put it in its of instead so that. instead of playing a piece of music. going through the inevitable mechaniplace cal drudgery of the superior short and beautiful phonetic method. for a rapid recombination . It will result in perfect uniformity. It will be of essential service to the student of languages. rapher .] . 11. etc. money. position that if a child were taught at on the phonetic principle.." [Dr. another and lower tier. half the trouble consequently half the risk of having a distaste for learning engendered by the difficulties of his first studies involved in the present system. lost in of that time. 6.* Do you perceive any plan by which to expedite the art of writing 1 Yes I am almost moved to invent an automatic psychog. so that a person. an artificial soul-writer. ideas may be printed upon the surface of paper precoursing sweet sounds. * " The present writer : is prepared with facts by which he could verify the first fol- lowing. 10.QUESTIONS ON THE EEPECTS OP UTILITAKIANISM. and. 8. annually. It will tend most effectually to the general diffusion of our language among foreigners. by graduated lessons brought up to a comprehension of the present orthogand raphy. his reading would be taught at half the time. that is. in showing him the exact state of a language at a given time. It will render the business of reducing unwritten languages to written form. and the sphere 9. the teacher will be saved from a vast his profession ennobled. now read and' write. while dismay touch off a sermon or a poem. and may complete the numerous claims which our idiom can already advance. It will . Every note. one brace or scale of keys to represent the elementary sounds . to be used as a universal medium of communication between nation and nation. and of his studies enlarged . 235 consequently tend to remove the present ignorance a by opening ready means for acquiring knowledge and millions now unable to read may enjoy the benefits flowing from a knowledge of reading and writing. of pronunciation.

Believe through your intuitive knowledge and ual Harmonium and Saturn. Jupiter Their inhabitants. give it leisure and prepare it for a natural voyage to glorious period is before mankind. Will inventions aid. There will then be but little time necessary. Fall in love with the new dispensation. passed through just beginning to experience. or ambrotyping. intelligent confidence in the Have the material world. in the new motive-force. is another manifestation of eternal principles. in all the chivalric achievements of the Nineteenth Century. The material world is awake. of Europe Political principles are drawn from the experience from the experience of Greece and Rome in . In the principles already divulged. sing than daguerro typing. you may believe that everything. post-mundane climes.236 QUESTIONS ON THE EFFECTS OF UTILITARIANISM. Yes A be a kind of material heaven a preparation for the Spiritual Harmonium. foretold in the past regarding man's physical and spiritual happiness. will be realized. By mere anticipation. American politics inevitably generate hostile parties. These parties do not attempt to disseminate the divine principles which underlie and control humanity. Will utilitarianism act beneficially upon American government ? This question is not easily answered. what we are radical desires. in the use of implements. advancement of Feel that every science which comes. through Wisdom. and more too have confidence in this Psychographer it is not more surpri! . through the industry of the human intellect. or photographing. we participate in the benefits of an improved and happier race. you may behold foreshadowings of developments higher and better. By virtue of analogical reasoning. The SpiritIt will is now enjoyed by the elder planets. all these . and little physical labor required. in the progress of agricultural knowledge. and the spiritual world makes a correspondential manifestation. These are within the domain of utilitarian discoveries which will awaken the Psychographer. centuries since. Shafts of light are being let down upon human faculties. utilitarianism is fortunately in the ascendant. the spiritual development of the race ? these improvements and discoveries will refresh the soul. for a man to tell all Men of utilitarian habits will soon lie knows. pared for publication.

temporary despotism wrong ? Who will affirm that avoided. the elements of a time-fostered despotism and atheism are lurking in our Democracy. Whigs and Democrats. development and spiritual progress. True Religion." Once there were Publicans and Sinners :" now. Hence.Republicans and Know-NothHere is evidence of revolution perhaps. and every one is planted upon policies" not upon that which consults the gigantic interests of universal . instead. it can not be consistent with the progressive develit is opment of mankind. It is a Is this mankind. Politics have brought a quartette of parties into the " the best world. Friction renders motion possible. we also have in them the lowest slavery. we So. Yes . are Therefore while we have the highest liberty. The The greatest successes run parallel with the greatest reverses. Thus. to teach that the conservative principle ? is just as utilitarian as the progressive principle it was one day discovered. Political action does not men. that despotism should be asserted with democracy. too.QUESTIONS ON THE EFFECTS OF UTILITARIANISM. not for this it were principle of conservatism. Do you mean . spring from the souls of reasonable men and conscientious woOnce there existed " Scribes and Pharisees :" now. " . by scientific railroad-buildthat the troublesome law of friction is the very best friend ers. in" " stead. in the tude. Can we have them separated ? There seems to be a natural principle which determines that absolute freedom and absolute slavery shall abound in the same latitude. United States. primate American doctrine to have no religion in existing politics. Justice. Perhaps." ress. is never once consulted. it is right ? Perhaps. Despotism but. There is no sudden way to escape this twofold action of Nature. and the circumstance. however. the race arouses and does battle for equal rights and Liberty. of progings. most splendid days are coupled with" the darkest nights. of safety and locomotion. while individual freeThe two prindom and national democracy become positive is the first by social ! asserted in the same governmental laticiples. 237' order to establish precedents whereby to legislate for the day. despotism becomes eventually negative . the hour. governmental principle of every nation . also.

from politics what do you mean ? I mean that the natural principle of universal Justice is not Pure morality to be found in our governmental departments. Few persons have attained ." are not enough utilitarian to consult the most high in Man." they say . in their ciple of atheism: political arrangements. in a system which is endorsed by founded in true religion influence of the criticisms emanating from the nothing to counteract the Romish Church. be merely oppositional reformers. ! and in consequence of which to triumph therefore. in this country. we Unless our politics become practise and sustain Slavery. . nor yet the Most High in the Spiritual Uniis the Constitution of Nature there We verse.238 QUESTIONS ON THE EFFECTS OF UTILITARIANISM. It is supported by talented men. therefore. ascending higher in the firmament of Nations. a prinThe people of the United States. " " Your government is godless. We will achieve by the despotic : much Freedom by virtue principles of Slavery. do not enough contemplate distributive Justice. true to their principles. cated by the American people the primary rocks these on which our ship is most likely to be stranded. sliould not have that on which to adhere. Party politics have. . The Catholic Church stands as a skeptical critic. you do not consult the spiritual. over which to pass. in politics would be like a star. The Roman Catholic Church hath a stronghold in criticising American political institutions. Now we are the spirit of war or retaliation sailing directly between them on one side. They feel called in conscience to oppose all Constitutions which do not look to a supernatural source for political and ecclesiastical arrangements. Political parties do not consult the constitution of man. War and Slavery are advofche other is the spirit of War. and the spirit of slavery or despotism on the other but there are good and healthy minds in the United States who have no sympathy with either. While we preach and proclaim Liberty. We should not. What do you consider the principal enemies to America's perpetuity? : American dangers are twofold one is the spirit of Slavery . but the constitution of the United States. of the opposition set up You said that religion is divorced.

by virtue of much inspiration. not of with with force seal love the with power. and that unconditional Freedom is the only doctrine of safety on the other. 239 that royal. earth and good-will among men. Nothing will enable us to avert these two dangers save a utilitarian principle. and practise Moses. "We are not to consider ourselves a nation of superior military strength. . They are stamped spirit and coercion. We Not the perpehuman nature of the American nation but that of all nations. No we must go on in a different These political rulers must be interiorly opened and spirit. and the open spirit of Slavery. and the Church is Christless. 7 What do you think of the United States ecclesiastically the Church I perceive just what is most obvious in tho State : the State is Godless. ere long. as the Red sire to Man ! perpetuate our nation. and a less number dare to have reason to believe that the influence of the Spirit-Land will be felt by the American people . tuity merely. Yet the utilitarian element is furtively working good and we may begin to expect that the poliin this department tics of the United States will manifest.QUESTIONS ON THE EFFECTS OF UTILITARIANISM:. and that. expanded. born to achieve triumphs. and gain laurels on the field of blood to drive all opposing nations If we defrom his native forests. Not to advance ourselves as a selfish nation. are the two dangers which menace our nation's perpetuity. something of The hidden spirit of War the principle of universal religion. of or institution. they will judge statutes affirm it openly. but to give an example of strength and righteousness ture. to besides the utilitarian affections of merchants and commercialists. code. Few can see this. . in order to have peace on But almost every law. Wisdom Iii for all human kind. in it the has Moses. full of Love and away. Men preach that the dispensation of Jesus must prevail. so that they may be recipients of better and higher There is something else in this universe to appeal inspirations. We preach Jesus. to all people. spiritual summit from which they can perceive that universal Peace is the only doctrine of safety on the one hand. . is to be considered in the light of Father-God and Mother-Nainstitutions in the light of ! and Better conceptions of Father-God will bring us a higher system of government.

" authority" is safer than nority. Between these two antagonisms the American and established involved in civil difficulties be will people Churches will experience severe paroxysms and numerous ecThe great mass of Protestants will clesiastical convulsions. . Churches is like politics in the State and. but practising something which strongly suggests the opTwo incompatible elements animate the posite personage American people absolute Tyranny and absolute Freedom. by going- back great tion : into the maternal embraces of the Catholic Church. that institutions Harmonial Philosophy spring out of a progressive humanity. love. This will be a Day of Judgment. One struggle in America " Whether God grow out of a theological quesrules the human soul through the church. . Religion in the. teaches that Liberty is the common inheritance of all men . except when granted as a temporary privilege. The Church is preaching . considering that ecclesiastical the doctrine of individual sovereignty and extreme radicalism. that Liberty is dangerous. The spirit of force will spring fearfully out of the Church.240 QUESTIONS ON THE EFFECTS OF UTILITAEIANISM. ! Roman Catholicity represents absolute Despotism. and the Government is preaching- God. The first holds that institutions are god-originated. one is Godless and the other is Christless. dis- Will these opposite forces continue to agitate each other until they reach Yes and then will arrive a period of utilitarian discussion and warlike collision. the Church. but practising force . will or the church through the human soul ?" This question. Tyranny ? or Freedom ? Shall shall we consider ourselves wedded to a Church system ? or we convert these Churches into Lyceums. will one day be put to all the inhabitants of America. Conservatives always have more fear than perception of prinand will militate against progressive doctrines ciples. and the spirit of resistance will start out of the people. The Romish Church regards its the spirit of unconditional Liberty as solution ? strongest antagonist. I repeat it. not with the doctrine of universal Justice. and make them . But a large micling passionately to the spirit of Freedom. the other. and Harmonial Philosophy represents absolute Liberty. methinks. will bow before and embrace the neck of the Mother Church.

of the American people. therefore. The decision of one party will bring out a stupen- dous resistance vulsed. you put every vor of Roman : other words tional In Catholicity. but endorse the enormities of Moses. in the whole system of American govern- ment. or of the uncondiand unrestricted control of institutions by human souls ?" This question will bring a day of great trial to the American Fearful conservatives will call to mind the fleeting people. yet considered the best state for the advancement of the Churches. the digestion. The American It is not Church believes that Liberty is good Slavery African is ! for all "White nations.QUESTIONS ON THE EFFECTS OP UTILITAEIANISM. lack of Christ in the Church. and the people will be obliged to decide. or of Harmonial Philosophy ?" " Are a friend and uncondiof the universal you tional control of human souls by institutions. having political and same time. Love is highest right. but is more or less implicated by this terrible disease. There is not a State. : lack of God in the State. and the spiritual locomotion. the little Italian democracies. viz. . which interferes with the breathing. Utopian temperaments. and half-past This eight in regard to American ecclesiastical progression. the evanes- What do you think of the conscience of the American Church ? above the conscience of the Old Testament. as a nation. but force is ordinary good. It is now only about halfpast nine o'clock to the American government. republics of Greece . repeat. that flashed out and bloomed for a day Utilitarianism is full of ! encouragement for the American people that. have a vital difficulty afflicting all ing rapidly upon consumption borderdepartments of the constitution. dreams. They preach Jesus. . like to certain look encouragements. " Are I fawill be in to soul : question. we Such will bask in eternal wealth and distributed luxuries. They remember the republics of Italy cent democracies of past times. 16 . ecclesiastical troubles at the and the United States. 241 subserve the utilitarian development of the people ? Utilitarianism will put these questions. also. will be strangely con- What The nation should pass plan would you suggest whereby to avert these national troubles 1 directly through all this wilderness of conflict into the Promised Land.

therefore. and Mother-Nature. preaching a higher class of negative truths. of FatherGod. magnificent but. it is tice. and absolutely debilitated. let it be remembered. The principal mischief of the Church arises from its barbarous opinions. and become wise above what is written. the two higher than the country's we find that which every reformer should be alarmed at. In what is the American Church most is deficient ? The American Church cerning most defective in its doctrines con- Man and the Divine Existence. Slavery is Most people. a man sees himself to be worthless. practising much which is forcible. Universalists have done much to bring in a system of natural ecclesiasticism. favorable to man. touching Slavery very gracefully. We deserve a system of religion which will not generate false ideas of man. Unitarians are fearful of being considered too infidel . and promulgating a higher report of Deity. and very beautifully alluding The American Church does not appeal into Intemperance. poetical. by the encroachments of institutional authority. permitting the steady encroachment ly The Church's conscience is Between godless politics. believe that par- tial the true way of the world. Under the influence of the American Ohurch. In the American Church. It has no complete conception of a Divine Being. namea systematic disease. not The doctrine. beautiful. But their influence is hemmed in. there are Unitarians. they work themselves deeper and farther into popular ecclesiasticisms. but that there are conscientious Yet no one can doubt men and scarcely women in the Churches. at are ! man . The God of the American Church is not half as good as the Devil who was elaborated by Zoroaster It is eloquently preaching whatsoever is lovely. therefore. hateful. with white gloves and sugar-tongs. Liberal Christians fear lest they may transcend the wisdom of the past times. and Quakers.242 QUESTIONS ON THE EFFECTS OF UTILITARIANISM. Universalists. Its conceptions of God are well-nigh satanic. and insignificant. Certain Unitarian gentlemen may be seen. " Let no one call God his Father who calls man his brother. to the telligently topmost human faculties. opposed to the doctrines of Distributive Jus- the same time." has been intimated in all ages of the . and its ideas of extremely subversive. of War and Slavery.

This doctrine was first uttered by the man who rose to the summit of humanity. movements. all the way across the centuries. What will utilitarianism demand in order to inaugurate this new God ? It will call for Teachers to protest against bad laws and speak in favor of good ones. but the time has not come to practise it The conscience of tarian policy is paramount to principle. Will utilitarianism develop a . " Let ther who calls not man his brother. new theology 1 Yes a practical age will bring a new conception of Deity. Religion must preside over political Matrimonial association. " the symbols and magnificent pictures. These are the laws of Deity.QUESTIONS ON THE EFFECTS OF TJTILITAEIANISM. Even liberal Churches are not free from this prejudice. and can hear the beatings of the heart of Confucius. This fact amply demonstrates that American world. But the slaves of " Brethren" in the light of the peculiar institution" are not American Church. But listen to the American Church. 243 I put my ear to the key-hole of human history. of the new State with the new Church. as a general fact. The laws written upon man's inmost nature are more utilitarian than the ten commandments. Churchianity is sal relationship the doctrine. overflowing with ple advocated. When- ever the State enacts a law. and a new conception of man. elocutionary. a new God to regulate of utilitarianism is element religious the world. the Church. is to be contemplated. : contemplate creeds and organizations. even though it be against the freedom of all African people. Harmonial political movements will be divinely influential in moulding ami reguThe great thing to be expected from the lating humanity." not willing to endorse the doctrine of univerno one call God his FaIt is good to preach the ! Utiligolden rule. Reverence for the principles of human nature is more utilitarian than adhesion to the enactments of institutions. the State is endorsed by the conscience of the Church. will silently endorse it. and a new Idea of man by which humanity will be This Harmonial religion will not elevated and encouraged. and you will hear no such universal princiIt is poetic. we are on the threshold of an era when a new God is to be introduced to mankind. but only whatsoever will . Yes .

" until it hangs divine and beautiful in the proud zenith. labor. and morality is the practice of it. as brothers and sisters. Father-God liveth throughout all the domains of Mother-Nature and that the earth's inhabitants may for ever love. . Will utilitarianism influence modern spiritualists ? Yes but . institutions. all organizations. like a star in the cloudless horizon. the American and unfolding and enlarging the American Conscience.244 QUESTIONS ON THE EFFECTS OF UTILITARIANISM. is a Use points subserving great development. . proximate manifestation of true relithe utilitarian movements of the Nineresult from will gion Justice A teenth Century. This harmonial dispensation of Justice will ultimately override all distinction of races. their present danger is twofold: external and orgaspiritualism we find the utilitarian tendency to external- world. Yes it is welcome the Spiritual Dispensation coming to be seen that it don't "? pay to shut one's eyes against the incoming LIGHT. Universal is the highest manifestation of religion . Mankind must rub their eyes and obtain a clear perception of their relations as men and women. In ism and organization both of which will measurably interfere with progression. as post-mortem delegates to the spiritual . and be happy. serve as stepping-stones to distributive Justice." filled with angels' j faces the loving companions of his pilgrimage. great errors. worship. nal. Spiritual utilitarianism works for a new idea of God and a better conception of man. and all that in vidual man that he them is at -once revealing to indiembosoms a pure imperishable angel that . spiritualism toward a reform of Church and State. Does utilitarianism . Spiritualists will experience the contact of a Godless system of politics on one side and a Christless system Utilitarianism will discover that of religion on the other. Will anything rescue us from plunging hopelessly into one or both of those War and Slavery ? We pit may be measurably rescued by extending utilitarian idea of politics. The new dispensation. as husbands and wives. That star shall glow and broaden. shedding new . already shines upon man's path- way. The rostrum should supersede the puland teaching 'should supersede preaching. .

with the best government. To every their eyes against the higher law faithful progressionist. laws. I think. But. heavens. behold. Our laws seek the imprisonment. : "Will the doctrine of utility be applied to Yes . such laws which don't pay. Hence. shall be " destroyed by the light of Harmonial Truths. yet are we very far from that harmonial condition of reciprocal interests in which Law and Liberty will be synonymous. not as a misdirected member' of a common Brotherhood. For." " the day cometh that shall burn as says an oriental medium. the old theology and its god. in our proto won't have Laws enforced which do it condition. As a nation we need less government and more growth. Viewed in a utilitarian light. in man and to the test of Use and Economy. are now against the rights The African race have no rights under our of Individuals. shall be stubble. pay gressed not subserve the welfare of the individual as well as the whole. although we have modern law and government ? the best country in the world. not his development. the old earth. Mankind will create laws. laws. Our laws should be more comprehensive and harmonial. the Sun of Righteousness will arise with healing in his wings." Hence theologians and politicians will find at last that it don't pay to shut of Truth and Justice.QUESTIONS ON THE EFFECTS OF UTILITARIANISM. not the improvement. Most grateful I for the utilitarian proclivities of the age. there is much in . Our laws favor the Capitalist. laws are natural and necessary to transitional stages. an oven and the proud. as long as they remain beneath the plane of Wisdom. And thousands of society absurdities will be abandoned because they don't pay. 245 The old light upon men at every turn in the path of life. yea. The eventually put each thing in church doctrine of " profit and loss" will and state. The legal rights of those persons are protected who have money to pay for them. and myriad am spirits will joyfully become their fellow-workmen. foe to society. our laws seek his punishment . as I shall hereafter show. to all hospitable friends of the Harmonial Dispensation. They will help to destroy all fictions. and all that do wickedly. In fact. of the The offender is regarded as a wilful unfortunate offender. Our laws grant but few liberties and fewer rights to Our women.

LIBERTY has marched workers of modern days the onward with strength of Justice and the fearsteadily : : Although feloniously assaulted now and and well wrecked then. stood the natural apostles of humanity Dante. At salvation It springs it comes from the soil. Raphael. Is Liberty a radical law of the human mind ? Yes . forward moved But thistles. High above the thundering uproar and clashing tumult of the semi-barbarian age. and the nocturnal amid all. lessness of Truth. the Roman Laws of suffrage. as a radical law of mind. of civilization. Caligula. a power unto Whereas Liberty is a sacred Principle ness. the efforts of different races. entertain ideas of Liberty which don't Do we . Commodus. nigh upon the blood-stained coasts of has Liberty gained. and others flinging a luminous beauty o'er the tragedy of the times foreshadowing an era of refinement. by Caracalla and Tiberius. Have men never lost confidence in the idea of Liberty becoming universal ? No . unrestrained license or recklesserty means. Liberty. evolved by Liberty from the very womb of darkness and despotism itself. by powers spreading its hindrances. : sings. Michael Angelo. a flower. like the kingly oak on the mountthere are : ain's summit. like everything else. pay ? Yes many minds who imagine that individual Libor ought to mean. and towereth grandly above branches in all directions.246 QUESTIONS ON THE EFFECTS OF TJTILITABIANISM. yet and better continents ladened with divinest blesnew triumph. the G-reek democracies. and Universal Liberty And all the friends of humanity still press forward to that Era. The continent of : ! . the Italian Republics of the middle ages. Nero. Tasso. in the sea of human experience. Galileo. first. in safety and with a glorious tyranny. blooming with an immortal beauty. Petrarch. and thorns midst of in the up it transcendeth all terrestrial of the progression. of science. have conserved the high purpose of keeping man's faith alive in the potentiality and divinity of the Principle. has struggled and labored on the tides of ages as a ship with waves and storms. Amid the consolidations of monarchy amid rocks and sandbars thrown up.

and superstition. with recurring signs of mutiny and revolt the crew against the masters left often thus to struggle with the storms of ignorance. passion. . at the appointed hour5 * See and his a chapter in the Great Harmonia. Liberty! In true souls thou kindlest a fire of boundworld. When was the doctrine of human Brotherhood first proclaimed ? The ship of human Brotherhood. avarice." Accordingly. Liberty There is an immortal melody divine Liberty majesty. leaking and damaged at all points. to the heart of Thou thrillest the bosom of the universal Man. this eternal ship. and converted by the aid of new material. with the highest hopes and fullest confidence of all on board : believing that. real organic : 247 Freedom is still in the future to be discovered and peopled. Liberty! Hearest thou the echo of thy voice ! less ! ! through upper Spheres ? One radiant altar the following notice " This happy congregation is urgently requested to take part in a Utilitarian Convention : effulgent day my immortal Preacher* read from his which will commence its sessions in this consecrated Sanctuary to-morrow morning. " My Preacher Church. we will joyfully glide away. in accordance with the working of immutable Laws. all magnificent ocean steamer. will be drawn upon the stocks of Reason examined.ven the Plymouth Rock of a Harmonial United States of a new world where Love and Light and ! Law and Liberty will be integral flowing on through human affairs. into a . from the fountain-centres of the Universe. and piloted no more by priests and kings.QUESTIONS ON THE EFFECTS OF UTILITAEIANISM. however. freighted with the best interests of men. but by the Father-God and Mother-Nature. Finally. Thus circumstanced. musically. in a propitious hour. it was but a rude sailing vessel. like the voice of many waters. illy constructed and equipped. Liberty The ages have borne sublime witness to Love. was launched countless centuries since. thy in thy Thought. O Liberty Thou speakest. entitled. managed by kings and tyrants. At first. barely escaping the perils of utter destruction. with all nations on board." . our ship will eventually reach the ha. second volume.

or institution. opposed to the practical : enjoyment of such self sovereignty as the basis. all sectarian distinctions and local attachments to creeds should henceforward be abandoned. masters that any theory. But the honored Chairman offered a set of fourteen remarkable Resolutions plenarily inspired with which I submit as bethe very essence of Utilitarian reform ing worthy the reader's consideration. therefore. and militates not less against the expansion of the eternal principle of Distributive : Justice . and the convention then peacefully proceeded to business. and practically retards the development of brotherly Love among men. is deemed wholly unnecessary. natural result of Nature's Laws in exercise. my blessed Preacher was by acclamation appointed Chairman. That every form of theological sectarianism is anti-progressive. unexpectedly to him. What was the third Resolution ? Third Resolved. are essentially barbarous and vitally antagonistic to the real needs of the man and woman of the Nineteenth Century. sect. and that. Any report. "What was the first Resolution 1 First: Resolved. That Religion is Justice . that fears investigation. openly manifests its own weakness and implies its own error. philosophy. creed.248 QUESTIONS ON THE EFFECTS OF UTILITARIANISM. that Heaven is Harmony . That all true Liberty and Happiness are predicated upon the twofold principle of Individual sovereignty and Collective reciprocity . hypothesis. that all religious systems and all forms of government. that Love is the Life of the Universe that Wisdom is the Order of the Universe. What was the second Resolution 1 Second Resolved. but not our guides or . the fraternal members reverently assembled themselves together . . therefore. of the questions propounded or record of the speeches delivered. . What was the fourth Resolution ? Fourth Resolved. That it is the constitutional prerogative of the Human Mind freely and fearlessly and dispassionately to examine into and investigate each and everything to be formed in the Bible as well as out of it that the Old and New Testaments are our friends and teachers. when. that distributive Liberty is the : .

we believe. to this form of civilization points the . . fourth. therefore. but likewise practically denies the right of Suffrage to women . deriving their just powers Fifth : government " all men from the consent of the governed ." and whereas our govern- practically denies. 249 as worse than useless. is in effect despotic and opposed to the principles of equal Justice and universal Liberty. therefore resolved that our government. . in the possibility of an intellectual and impressional Intercourse between the dwellers . by every lover of social Harmony. and by every friend of political and religious Liberty. That. That America is now but the representa- tive of Transitional Republicanism and sentimental Liberty .not only the right of Liberty to the slave. in the sympathetic Nearness of the spiritual world (the Second Sphere) to the natural world (the First Sphere) . that political antagonism and local monopolizations are natural that the Harmonial Philosophy pathway to organic and constitutional Freedom. and. What was the seventh Resolution ? Seventh Resolved. What was the fifth Resolution ? Resolved. that every Harmonial Philosopher should use his political influence to put in office only such minds as will legislate according to Nature and Reason. and local ministrations. second. though the ment best known on earth. That in accordance with repeated ocu: lar demonstrations. What was the sixth Resolution 1 Sixth : Resolved. whereas in the constitution of our it is an essential or fundamental principle that with (in the generic sense) are created equal certain inalienable Rights" to secure which " governments are instituted among men. and work for equal Justice and universal Liberty. third. of those who have passed from earth in advance of us fifth.QUESTIONS ON THE EFFECTS OF UTILITARIANISM. that the varieties and gradations character extend and continue indefinitely beyond the chemical event of physical death . by every teacher of individual Development. and in the spe- of these two worlds of human cial providence. and the coincidental attestation of thousands of worthy and intelligent minds in the United States and in Europe. general guardianship. first.

with his Neighbor. with. or Harmony. That modern Spiritualism is not antagobut is essentially in harmony with. while it is the we : . Accordant with the intuitional expetions as found in their several rience of all illuminated minds. a philosophy which can rescue modern Spiritualism from eventuating.250 QUESTIONS ON THE EFFECTS OF UTILITAEIANISM. and spirin a word. in bondage to external authorities. age of LOVE. or Compulsion that the Christian Dis. That the Mosaic Dispensation (the past) was an age of FOECE. without complexional distinctions or intellectual or moral differences. to harmonize Man with. itual interests of the race Himself. What was : the tenth Resolution ? s Tenth Resolved. What was the eleventh Resolution ? Eleventh Resolved. believe that an exercise of WISDOM (which embraces the intuitional and intellectual consciousness^) is man's totality of harmonize the elements of Force and Love in to order necessary and bring these elements of manthe Lion and the Lamb kind practically to bear upon the physical. practical realHeaven on Earth" in the form of a higher social Order wherein each. as almost all ancient has done. : Resolved. ? in- the eighth Resolution Eighth nistic to. the Spiritualism of antecedent centuries. political. and with the testimony of namaxims and sacred scriptures. we believe that these ascended personages are earnest in their associated and in accordance combined endeavors ization of the " to assist Kingdom of mankind toward a. That the Harmonial Philosophy is the best and most rational exposition yet known of the immutable Laws of Father-God and Mother-Nature . and with MotherNature. Father-God. will all to ducing What was enjoy an equal right to Liberty be good and wise and happy. the accumulative evidence. pensation (the present) is an. that the Harmonial Dispensation (the future) will be an age of WISDOM. and in sectarian organizations detrimental to mankind's advancement. "with. or Impulse. in superstitious ignorance and localized bigotry. What was the ninth Resolution ? Ninth: Resolved. Individual. male and female. That the human mind.

for the education. is no less the subject of another set which is positive to it . Larceny. physical or moral but that evil arise from internal conditions and from external cir(and sin) cumstances over which individuals have no absolute control . and perpetuated by the present social disorder. Disease. which shall. the effects of which can not be removed and pre- vented by any change short of a HAKMONIAL DISPENSATION overthrowing. for the gestation. and for the spiritual development. Delusive Doctrines. destroy all motives for the perpetuation of commercial antagonisms. 251 master of one set of circumstances." so called. That evil. that man is not absolutely but comparatively " a free agent . War. event of birth. leading di: What was the Thirteenth thirteenth Resolution ? rectly and inevitably to Indigence. destroy all conflict between producer and consumer. Oppressive Monopolies. all incompatibilities between interest and duty. are those of extreme selfishness. "What was the twelfth Resolution ? " Resolved.QUESTIONS ON THE EFFECTS OF UTILITARIANISM. for the birth. of every son and daughter of the Broth- erhood of Humanity. Slavery. by its concordances perfections of interest. and provide with equal justice for the inception. is not a transeither of gression any Law. or progress out of. Resolved. and to the development of diversal Unproductive Classes. That the commercial and mercantile relations instituted among men." that man's character is formed favorably or unfavorably in exact correspondence with the character of the influences which surround and act upon him before as well as after birth . for the training. and points to the progressive improvement and harmonization of those conditions and those circumstances which mould and influence the human character prior as well as subsequent to the Twelfth : . social error and relative imis possible only through the instrumentality of a higher Societary Construction. liberatingequally man's affections and his reason from the slavery of . Professional Drones. that individual redemption from. therefore. all superstitions. therefore. that the Plarmonial Philosophy teaches universal Charity toward both the agents and the victims of crime . by its mighty power.

Statesmen. the ignorant.Reciprocity securing to Woman an equally free career with Man. That we heartily rejoice in the efforts which benevolent men in all civilized nations are making to ameliorate the condition of their fellows the poor. in strict and natural accord with the Divine the spirit Nazarene. in wise. as the inhabitants of higher planets do.252 QUESTIONS ON THE EFFECTS OF UTILITAEIANISM. which will honor human nature by living. and Ministers of every. of those humane and universal objects which all true reformers and benevolent minds design to accomplish by their associated efforts. and in happy neighborhoods. What was the fourteenth Kesoluticra ? Fourteenth Eesolved. and resulting in good. . the enslaved. the gentle courage Eeformers. estimations of in their reports of Deity. we at the same time very fraternally and earnestly and conscientiously urge upon them the necessity of a better acquaintance with the Harmonial Philosophy to the end that they may be more correct in their . and the criminal . error and fear harmonizing the law of Self-Sovereignty with the parallel law of Social. Teachers. shade and degree. while we en: Laws of Existence fulfilling of the prayer uttered by our Elder Brother. and' in their of Nature contemplations rendering them more efficient in the of instrumentalities to the development devising adaptation Man. and that. Missionaries.

to define his characteristics." or an imaginative "writer. make up Do No you employ this word with the meaning which is usually attached to it ? I define character." a person is understood to be a wit." a powerful It is used to signify that for usually employed to discrimina. go to character. am : actuated by that conviction which the poet thus embodied " He that hath a truth to Keeps what not and keeps it." is The term " Character" reputation. through which the soul expresses itself openly the form by which the whole mind declareth and maketh its manifestations. A CERTAIN just now as divine band of questions and answers appeared to me and redemptive in their influence upon huIn presenting them. Most distinctly do I affirm that men do not understand the real nature of the soul of a man by his character." this term. or peculiarities. is commonly made to follow an adjective. And a fellow-mortal wrongs. famous or infamous. to be " the medium" . is either popular or unpopular. When a " " logician. by which Hence it is said that certain traits." a masterly actor.QUESTIONS ON THE ORIGIN AED PERPETUITY OF CHARACTER. him belongs But performs a selfish action.te which an individual " notorious " gambler. on the contrary. . or dispositions. I man character.

in Two printhe far-off wilderness as in the city of New York. express itself Consider creation of an unfortunate parentage or education." the infinite varieties of character which swarm realms of Existence. Are human beings essentially the Yes . Nature is a negative part of the Positive Principle even as man's body is the negative part of his Mind. Character is a mirror. By interior examination I discerned this Principle. to teach that God is distinct from Nature 1 Mother-Nature is not essentially different from FatherGod. you know a person's spirit by its characThe inward nature is compelled to " form a . " character" and discover that will adheres. the fulcrum. it is all God. Spirit Do you mean . nor form a part of his inmost. but does well. No . the . . neither is it an expression of man's inward nature. Character is the way. I call this animating principle the perior " of Father-God. that character is not the soul's real expression ? is not the soul . fashion. the manner. the expression. and I a divine principle which aniterm it THE GREAT HARMONIA mates intelligently the boundless system of Nature. the lever upon which it acts a door through which it passes in and out of the temple. so to speak. as well as the lever. by which the soul looks at itself.254 QUESTIONS ON THE ORIGIN What do you mean by this language ? I mean by this to affirm that " character" adheres to a man only that it does not t'where. and another which is spirit . that it pertains to the individual. Do you mean by this Yes character . but does not same 1 all constitute the inmost interior Reality. they explain ciples only are capable of infinite permutations : the mystic This principle is essentially monotheistic . There is not one thing which is body. You are never more mistaken than when you teristic believe you manifestations. When I mount from the anterior regions of " Knowledge" into the su" Wisdom" faculties. and is panoramic in its immutable operations. one principle animates races of men. Mankind are essentially the same in Nova Zembla as in Patagonia ." but that form may be the through not inhere . by and through which the soul announceth and declareth itself to the External World.

. Hence man is legitimately and truly a child of both Nature and God. the same in essence as Principle. therefore. It is Godlike. never tarnished. and be manifested concordantly therewith. Napositive aspects. . a secondary character. is cause in conformation. inherits live in the thus-bequeathed habitation. The shape and quality of his ordinary character will resemble the shape and quality of his immediate inheritance. Are man's trifold characters equally beyond his control ? There are two characters beyond man's absolute control first. the imperishable is mental life. seldom manifested in this rudiwhich man is almost always visible." Between Father-God and Mother-Nature. or by those with whom we are in sympathy and social communication. mankind come into existence. "Father-God" " Mother-Nature. Nevertheless. * ture ciple is is the the WIFE of the Divine Principle. : was inherited from God and from Nature second. and HUSBAND of Nature ! the Divine Prin- Where do you begin to trace the origin of human character 1 There are three origins and degrees to human character : first. that which is manipulated upon us by our private habits. The second progenitary character . for it is untarnishable. there is a third character which ever . There is. that which was derived from his individualizing prothat which . No there one thing which is Nature. neither is is 255 God. to teach that crowned with three characters ? Yes there is a primary character. . divine. beit is an individualized detachment of the monotheistic It is pure and immaculate. genitors. which is innately divine and for ever beautiful. and a tertiary character and each is built upon and folded over The most radical or innermost character the the other. that which is inherited from Father-God and Mother- Nature second. He has inherited somehis " character" will what of his father and his mother . and another which there is but One Harmonium. A child inherits from man the top of it and the future man must a head on and a body. illimitable : in its . a foundational It character. in its negative departments. that which we inherit from our immediate father and mother third. as I have affirmed. ^ man's spirit is Do you mean .AND PERPETUITY OP CHARACTER.

is : Man's character superinduced by the church or state. stand upright. With the body this is a cellar for the reception of garden-vegetables : and various substances. that which he parentally inherits . Man When a man knows how he . : And with infe- rior propensities these are his kitchen and furniture. by which he is born . I affirm. and he must body. Also with the : lower faculties these are his drawing-rooms. ulties : He begins the business of life with the top facthese are his chambers and libraries. It In fact. must breathe. was placed in his rudimental He must sit low or house. it may be said that he has three characters first. still more externally. in individuals with whom a man lives in contact. by which he can control and modify. the secondary character derived from his individualizing progenitors. but also. possession the greatest amount of power. Does man get a third character by contact with evidently threefold. or. into What is the true method by which to control and modify character ? needs to become acquainted with well-known psychoThese will put into his logical principles of self-development. and think. which is seldom manifested . whether he likes the shape of it or not. is third. every item of furniture. go directly toward the formation of a superficial character. this world it is hard even superficially to make alterations. pendages : And beneath all are locomotive ap- these are the agents by which he moves over the his fellows ? earth's surface. not only his superficial character. and he can scarcely move them. by persons with whom he habitually associates. to a considerable extent. or.256 QUESTIONS ON THE ORIGIN circle comes within the is of individual responsibility. and feel. in accordance with the structure of his habitation and the arrangement of to his furniture. or the family. second. bequeathed man by his earthly progenitors. ties are the furniture is also inherited with the habitation. that which society. in impossible radically to change a single faculty. the innermost. And this is the " character" which is mainly sustained and manifested by mankind. Every chair and every sofa. Varieties of disposition and contrarieties of temperament. Man's inherited like a dwelling-house . The facullive in it.

If you can see. the more do they acquire an ability by which Grant that the to undermine and eradicate the superficial. Now. Characteristics continue to fold themselves over and over. which to predicate humanitarian Reforms. . men of all are essential same of the elements. Go deep into human character. but remote ancestors come forth ia their leading characteristics. then will you approach him as whose inmost can disclose the celestial structure. until the fourth generation is reproduced and represented. a universal Democracy. or else their grandfather or grandmother. strictly incorruptible. and you will find a diamond inher- There is no other basis upon itance. Hence. or a large front-brain. or any other peculiarity. is undeniably plain that the more men increase their knowl- edge and wisdom. an essence and a character a being Are there not persons . Children of some families indicate neither father nor mother . who possess double characters ? you meet persons manifesting. About four generations contribute to the formation of every individual. and the spirit is compelled to harmonize therewith for a term of rudimental years. 257 obtained a superficial character. have power over the clay to and another to dishonor. through which his spirit is forced to express and misrepresent itself. which was The character is this there by father and mother. 17 built up. After cometh the tertiary formation. but seldom reach farther back than the fourth generation. If it has inherited a large back-brain. accordant." If you had been born in another. children will resemble their immediate father or Yes mother. like so many pot" fashion one vessel to honor ters. his knowledge is It equivalent to a psychological power by which to modify it. pure and imperishable.AND PERPETUITY OP CHAEACTEE. at once or alternately. spirits composed and we have at once established. subsequent to birth. both the acquired and the inherited character. the spiritual manifestation must be Most self-evident is it that a Spirit is constrained it to manifest itself in accordance with that character given to without consultation or consent. deeper into the nature of Man. This is the work of the ten thousand social circumstances which. all these conditions originate and construct individual character . or generations even more remote.



portion of the globe, what, think you, would have followed ? This the physical, the geographical, the meteorological, the political, the ecclesiastical, the social, and all the other yet

subtler influences pertaining to that latitude, would have, like master-masons and constructive carpenters, laid the outer walls and put up the timbers in your Character. From such causes

you might have been a Turk, a Mongolian, a Chinese, or a Hindoo just the same as, by living the life of New York, you may obtain a concrete character, and get familiarized more or


with a


of all the world.

It is to the rectification of

this external, outside character, to

which men should direct

to grow harmonial, let us begin by analyzing and removing those causes which retard the development of that divine character inherited from Father-

their immediate attention.

we wish

God and Mother-Nature.
Would some


pi-opitiate the

inmost development


deeply impressed am I that mankind, as a Brotherhood, needs a cosmopolitan or world-wide Association, which contemplates modifying the Church, the State, the Family,



Society, and even other departments of human interest, with direct reference to the harmonial formation of this third character.

Human character


affected so deeply



can require of reformers more invesA religion of forms, of ceremonies, of rituals, is not tigation. Men need a religion which, when the religion of manhood. Institutions have a powerful defined, means Universal Justice.
institutions, that nothing

upon those who keep out of them as well as upon those by their mighty magnetism. Impoverished citizens of New York, who have never entered a church, who live perhaps beneath the walks or in cellars, are affected neverThe most theless by the nature of the pervading theologies.


are absorbed

positive type of doctrine acts through all the interstices of con"We need a Resciousness, until it reaches the remotest soul.

which contemplates the harmonial development Popular religious institutions exert a powerful influence upon character, more especially upon that portion which is called " conscience." How many there are who sinligion of Justice,

of character.

cerely believe




to attempt theological progression





cherish, a conscientious conservatism,

and the Church has

magnetized them into

The conscience





of such persons, I an acquired idea of right and

These ideas are susceptible of various modifications.
kinds of questions.

Hence persons alter their minds upon That is right this week next week, it

wrong. Alterations are perpetually going on in the superficial conscience, and progress is the result.
Is the tertiary character

formed unconsciously ?

.Measurably next Sunday.



Suppose, for example, you attend Church the Monday following you will be more af-

by your memory. of the prayer, sermon, and music, than

by the

spirit of the music, the spirit of the sermon, or the of the prayer. It is iheform which strikes deepest into spirit the soil of the outer character. You remember to have been

in the Church, but the spirit of the day hath departed. The outer form remains in your memory, which influences your Should you spirit insensibly to manifest itself in like manner.

meditate upon G-od, you will think in your preacher's peculiar language. Think of music, and your thought will be in accordance with that tune which lingers strongest iipon your


You remember

flows insensibly into that.

the music's form, and your spirit You know how it was with the

Its Marseilles Hymn ;" it was impressed upon all France. form became a part of the memory. Joyful natures would sing and dance it to them, there was sublime courage and hope in Is it not also true that our own the very form of that hymn. memorable "Hail Columbia," and our still more familiar " Yankee Doodle," has been sung and drummed and blowed and whistled by hundreds of thousands who have simply heard In. order to illustrate the tune and remembered the words ?




you an experiment

acquires his tertiary character, I will tell One Sabbath I saw a man, the keeper of

a livery stable, at a revival meeting. The broad-breasted and muscular-mouthed minister used his most emphatic language. He terrifically described the terrors of the Lord, and the not


terrible attributes of the Uevil.



the stirring

language at his

command, he delineated the fate of the impen-



and unredeemed.

"Well do I

remember how he raised

himself up

damn At length the meeting closed and the proprietor returned As he entered, he was informed that one of his to his stable. Several "best horses was down and floundering in the stall. raise the but he fall made to would back were animal, attempts
almost in the same spot. Presently, the livery-man became And exceeding wroth ; he strongly resembled the minister lo, in a manner quite minister-like, he raised his powerful voice, and " damned the horse to hell." You that the

" God in the old red-upholstered desk, and said : to hell every uncontrite heart, every tinregenerate

perceive proprietor's spirit rushed through the. very words which the clergyman had stamped upon his brain.
"Would you attempt
to trace all profanity to the pulpit ?

yet I do affirm that the pulpit has done much toward giving a morose tertiary character to many, even to profanely-inclined persons who have never been inside the Church.

No and


the Church they learn,

second, "will"



third, fourth, your" -fifth, " to hell ;" and, in a retentive and intentive sixth, it is a very easy matter to ring the changes on these

a provoking idea of " " "damn"


profane and suggestive words. Let a person with an irascible temperament, who has never been within an orthodox Church, hear for the first time such atrocious expressions and quite

I that he will transmit them to a whole crowd of excitable minds before twelve o'clock the next day Then each



individual of this crowd transmits " to another individual



damn your



so the iniioculation goes


from the date of the sermon, they become abbreviated and changed and stereotyped expressions through


in ten days,

that village or part of the country. Now, who will say that the popular -pulpit is not responsible for much profanity ? universal religion of Justice, on the contrary, would contemIt can not be displate the Harmony of every individual. guised that every individual, whether a member or not, is af-


fected and characterized by those institutions of his country which are called " ecclesiastical."

Is character also influenced



the existing political institutions ?

would be interesting to detail what has been done in different countries in all Europe and in America to new certain stamp political ideas, through legal enactments, whereby hundreds of thousands hare received tertiary characters. You remember a certain powerful magician of our counHe once stood up before all the crowned heads in his try nation's capitol, with a deal of learning, and with a mystic rod in his hand, called up from shadow-land a " Fugitive Slave Law." He threw it to the earth, frightened at his own skill, and lo, it became a Serpent How many lesser magicians have labored to imitate him Sometimes these political imitators achieve temporary triumphs, but their several " compromises," on being thrown down to the earth, have each become a serpent but the Fugitive Slave Law, being a Mosaic invention and greater than the others, has swallowed them all ! You see how this political contrivance operates in America: do you not ? The Fugitive Slave Law will continue for a







quarter of a century, after its repeal, to affect the tertiary character of the American people. Repeal it in the next twenty-four hours, and the effect of that Law will remain en-

stamped upon the American spirit. That is to say, the people will continue to put confidence in compromises and expedients. Yes ; the influence of a political institution is stamped upon the tertiary character ; and the nation, as well as the individual, is compelled in some insensible inch of the popular channel.



wade through every


is it

not true that every disease brings

We shall see

it is

its own remedy ? true that social confusion develops social

by which

and that each presents different schemes, or remedies, ; to escape from or cure the injustice and inequalities of present disorders. Of course, the world has never been withhave had the generalizingout these Social Architects.



Fourier, and the humanitarian Owen.

Different in-

dustrial combinations have



and societary communi-

have essayed to work out the gigantic problem, to abolish inequalities and overcome injustices. But the inmost character alone can apprehend and appreciate the better and the best.


is full

Society, like a piece of utilitarian machinery,

of wheels,

and we pray for a John Fitch, or a Fulton, for some person, skilled in moulding the tertiary character. Shafts and wheels now wabbling, in the social structure, could Men should unite be brought into harmonious movement. those influences which go toward the creation of social simplithe simplification of commerce and merchandise, of fication farming and manufacturing. Truth is always simple. This is that for which the inner character constantly yearns. There
of bands, of pulleys


are persons who, getting fatigued with religious corruptions and the wabblings of the wheels of the social machinery, go away into side conditions. They take some established central principle as the divine animus of their movement, and organ-

around that. If they fail to harmonize all human then relations, decomposition is certain to steal into their orand a decay of effort is inevitable. But, feeling at ganization, times a deeper character and a radical attraction toward better
ize themselves
states, these Social Physicians do not despair one day of administering the perfect Remedy. Do you contemplate the application of Justice to every human relation ? Yes ; there is a religion of Justice which may be applied


and foremost to the Family



is to




the relation of




to the relation of lover



loved, to the relation of husband and wife, to the relation of parent and child, to the relation of friend and enemy, and to

the stranger which is without thy gate. Man's tertiary character should be formed by a religion which contemplates Universal Justice. Character is formed for the individual ; in ac-

cordance with the family and country and religion into which he is born-. It depends upon the influences which the human
soul encounters before as well as after its emergement into this world, as to whether it will be discordant or harmonious, or, take the middle track, and exhibit somewhat of both the sec-

ondary and

this Justice

Yes ; each man should be a practical exemplification of his Harnionial Philosat ophy. Aim at a proportionate development of character

tertiary. be applied by the individual to himself? to a certain extent. As nearly as possible,

the exhumation of the Inmost to get the fullest and


This can be done, not by individual effort alone, but pression. combination by through association with those who have the

same object in view, and the same plan of accomplishment. How can this association be arranged 1 It would not bo difficult for a limited number of persons to meet together once each week to come say six or twelve together, from different parts of the town or country, for the purpose of a normal development. Let them continue to meet and get into sympathy feeling each other's affections and intellects and so harmonize each with the other's mind. Such a harmonial association would invite higher and diviner influences would receive showers and benedictions from unseen sources until the whole circle would be of "one accord, and each individual member would become a positive power unto Salvation. This is the way to commence a system of harmo;

nial reform

in spite of all adverse social influences


by you may modify and improve the characters which you have inherited and acquired. Suppose, for illustration, you have
acquired a habit of drinking, of smoking, of swearing, of loose thinking, or of indulging passional excesses and suppose you join the circle with the understanding and intention
of emancipating your soul from these defective characteristics
in such case, the effect of the association would be manifested in an insensible diversion of your thoughts into higher channels,

and, subsequently, a new tertiary character would be formed There is no for a better expression of your true spirit. church, no sanctuary, so desirable as a well-balanced body
fraternal assistance

can not be erected, nor consecrated, without there must be a continual contribution ; of sympathy, from those who have the same glorious blessing in prayer. Hemember, such circles should be formed not to invite outward phenomena calculated to impress the mind but for the interblending, enerwith awe and astonishment gization, and harmony of those faculties, or characters, through which the soul must express itself. The primal end to be atsoul






ence to


the development of individual mind in strict obediown most internal character and proclivities. Mind

by the God and Mother-Nature. It is necessary not only to have the assistance of friends in but we need also to receive the spiritualizing aid of our neighbors in the Spirit Land. - was I recollect his quite satirical and severe upon mankind. Such should be your aspiration. what you would be Around this ideal character. will cluster a thousand energizing and friendly forces and you will surely obtain rest and satisfaction. strength of your aspiration to outgrow sociations it second. has a duration which is determined first. of wholesome harmonial modification. formed and fixed by habits. so callous grown so changed since youth. is . Learned and sternly speak the truth to deride the critic's starch decree break him 011 the wheel he meant for me spurn the rod a scribbler bids me kiss. imparted by over the deepest and inmost. The tertiary character. your god. by the as- which aspiration associate with those who You should attracts about you. with a bad tertiary character. secondary character.264 QUESTIONS ON THE OEIGIN must be rounded out in accordance with its own most interior The ideal character must be your own ideal of tendencies. and to obtain righteousness. . derived from Father- The permanent and immortal. What do you say concerning the perpetuity of character ? I affirm that the primary character." And To . but each defeat is but Nature's affirmation. under self-control. Nor care if courts or crowds applaud or hiss. But now. your inangel. are sure and steadfast in their efforts The perpetuity of the tertiary or character a Its perpetuation is superficial question of time. who this world. may experience defeat . and may continue for centuries in the next but it is capable. This hereditary possession continues through this world. your guardian : ! most. On one occasion I met a fine looking literary man. which suited his inverted characteristics : " The time hath been when no harsh sound would fall From lips that Nor fools nor The meanest thing that crawled beneath mine eyes. that nothing absolute can be done without co-operation. is built mundane progenitors. I've learned to think now would seem imbued -with follies tempt me to despise gall. quoting a passage from Byron. is not a question for eternity. You may strive to overcome.

man should impress bad words upon your mind. . It is but the habitation in which he is compelled by circum- stance temporarily to live. saffron. That which is within. It is a great consolation to know. that all this which we condemn in human nature this evil and sin adheres only to those strata of character which are of temporal duration. although its manifestations may be crude and Spirit is unparticled and unchangeable . or green. The spirit is not marred or injured in its inner essence by contact with the. Therefore. body or the world. The expression and the form If a will correspond. you would see everything beyond or outside of them as tinged or draped in a color If there were interposed between your eye corresponding. remameth essentially unchanged. The human spirit must express itself through forms hence we get bad representations of the inward nature which is essentially pure.AND PERPETUITY OP CHARACTER. shining light of the sun. men must commence with the improvement of those social conditions out of which arise human character. Yes. world and your spirit. By reference to the fourth volume of the Great Harmonia you can see the difference between a harmonious character. your character will flow out through them. If the windows of your house were of blue glass. while his spirit painfully discordant. that " character" is the form through the soul expresses itself. and one which is oppressed with tertiary deformities or secondary tendencies derived from mismated progenitors. and inwardly ft so pure and To which which I reply. said that this ! Byron His filial . it is a vast pleasure " character" is not the to know that exponent of man's spirit. its light would appear to your mind to be colored acSo the character which is interposed between the cordingly. like the sun's pure light. but character changes perpetually. and the pure. white. Theologians have endeavored to trouble humanitarians with this question divine : How can man 7 be outwardly so evil and sinful. a red. 265 He in was the most agreeable passage he ever found and universal loves were inverted. Hence a man may acquire and represent a nmltitude of characteristics. is divine and untarnishable.

an architect. I reaffirm. Can you illustrate ? designs a He calls together carpenters and masons. said. External character is acquired by habits. In due .266 QUESTIONS ON THE ORIGIN you mean to teach that Do man's spirit is not to be judged by the appearance of his character? Yes but is . but compelled expression. furnishes them with tools and appropriate materials. incognito. the setting of the gem of immortal life. These new suggestions are introduced. Its parents. for illustration. The A . of the frame spirit is framework If the . to a great extent. character. This prois genitary character is the interstructure. are Father-God and Mother-Nature. nor a door or closet yonder. the substructure. the positive proclivities of his immediate parents. from how the secondary and tertiary characters are formed is influential surroundings. it is undenia- bly plain that one character is built over another. The first is a sub or under-structure . in whom exist the contributions of three or four previous generations. Yes here. and. by whom original plan did not contemplate a window there. But did you ever a progressive architect who was satisfied with his elaboration ? The archetypal ideas of the architect were the first parents of that building and the workmen were the immediate know . or to a person with the clairvoyance of a clear intellect. is inherited. as before acter. The second charac- ter inherited from our immediate parents. third is artificial. the third is a super that the first work of the Divine Artist is character or temporary structure. hall is opened in come several interpolations. through which the He must follow out spirit of man is obliged to express itself. is not the man or the woman. superficial. the second is an inter or mediatorial structure . and public edifice. the structure is reared. beautiful. who will say The is therefore imperfect ? and the the is second natural. He course of time. It is interposed beIt is the tween the innermost and the outermost. built over and outside of its predecessors. merely the soul's fragmentary declarations. parents. To the spiritual perceptions of the clairvoyant. It is not its the soul. it reflects beauty upon the picture but if the framing be disproportionate and unbeautiful. until the The first charspirit-essence is well-nigh disguised.

impressed by society. . I say. But now come the superficial workers men with brushes and that is to say. nor the paint with which artisans embellish it. ments. and ornaments. acquired peculiarities which mili- Idea is alone immortal not the house which he builds. There are nine hundred millions of vegetables. without polish away and remove all tate against the ample expression of his innermost characterisThe artics. and a flight of stairs is erected in another. inherited from Father-God and Mother-Nature. 267 one place. the embellish- Man. What do you mean by this I language ? the man may take himself apart. izes innovation. reptiles. This is the acquired character. a class of men bring out his idea in all its proportions. as carpenters and . and quadrunianals engaged. any unnecessary procrastination. and influences.AND PERPETUITY OP CHARACTER. istence. Nature works through all these materials and spiritual forces in order to bring out what is represented by you and I. who have much of stucco-work to do that is. are interpolations or interstructures. and ornaments. embellishments. to express the archetypal idea by the production of a It is Nature's idea. and understand a human being and thus acquire a power of of machinery mean that a . Even chitect's divine . and masons. and go. the whole is reduced the character which the masons and carpenters imparted disappears and the idea of the original arment. But. They summon together all the carpenters and masons and their names are Legion. had brought into expression. are our father and mother. . masons. birds. They impart to the children individualized exThen come the painters and ornamental workmen. on the very foundation on which that building' was erected. Finally. rnarstrpials. mammalials. and one hundred and fifty millions of animals fish. Thus Father-God and Mother: Nature conceive the idea of a man. instrumental intermediates engaged in the production of a human being. self-rectification and". and the : : chitect remains unexpressed. which runs parallel with renovation. who add ornaments and external embellishpots of paint But the seasons come and paint. Last of all. These. and slowly disappear The edifice itself realpainters. and accomplishments. all all which the carpenters.

sees the Word of God. as a consequence of its rudimental existence and organal development. and word. You all know how well he Wesleylzed the whole Book He was compelled to look through his character he saw a new : . Taking that. ality : Yes Eternal Mansion. After a time. that Nature's idea of a man may be realized in this life ? and acquired characters. Neither death. Again take the man called John Calvin. you will be . it is all the same. and Lutherizes it from the beginning to the concluding sentence. a master-mind goes into the world. unless they be duly overcome and cleansed away. are the imperfections of Do you mean . His twofold character. and of the character which you parentally inherited. interposed between his most interior spirit and the letter of the Bible. the book is logically Qalvinized from beginning to end and it depends upon your inherited and acquired characters whether you become a Lutheran or a Calvinist. hereditary character. Celtic or Teutonic. away. your inherited as you were known by your father you will be recognised by the principle of Universal Sympathy. ! : For example sees everything according to his mental state. positive. We will suppose that this mind is Martin Luther.268 QUESTIONS ON THE ORIGIN your acquired character. compels him to see and render new translations to every chapter. Mongolian or Indian. mind see the world only through its own characteristics ? Yes man : an examination of what he calls the Word of God. nor the grave. he sets his mind conscientiously to a religious work. and accompany you when you enter the drawing-rooms and supernal chambers of the nevertheless. Nature will do her work. we hear of another man perhaps John Wesley. and you will experience at last a complete realization of her original Idea. will survive the desperate energy of death. can cleanse the spirit of certain characteristics which adhere to it. verse. ultimately to pass Whether your parentage be Caucasian or African. with his acquired abilities. He owns an imperious. And there you will not lose your individu- known and mother Does the . though it weeps on all sides for months and years together. In short. so. He therefore looks through his own mental characteristics. with all its mysterious chemical energies combined. and begins .

Thus. I . what would it not give to remember all it had seen and acquired during those moments of comprehension plation : ! What would you do to bring out the innate or divine character ? This question will be more fully answered hereafter. you will be Swedenborgianized. goes upon the you survey Every mountain of Contem! and when the mind comes down out of that mountain. his thoughts could not be controlled see a new scheme. in your exterior character. ornamented. and a celestial sense would in the Bible. every receiver of his gospel is astonished.AND PBEPETUITY OF CHAEACTER. who has not heard of Enianuel Again. and artificialized. that Luther and Calvin were much mistaken. : universal restoration. a new Providence. He saw. and you will be surprised that any mind could be content with Calvin or Luther. a generalizing. and read a new revelation. ture. * 269 God. if within that of Luther. If the structure of borg-ianized from Genesis to Revelation. a spiritual. that. Again here is John Murray. and to all of which a fraternizing spirit toward religious sects of the have will advantage being positive. What a grand you a stand it is to mountain. you will comes that your acquired be Calvinized . spiritually. as lie supposed. You would perceive a natural. at some period of life. and a new law establishing the cohesion of ideas spreading far and wide You are let through the heavens like an Aurora Borealis into the language of correspondences and you come out correspondentialized from head to foot. He was astonished that intelligent minds could see anything but Methodism Having inherited an imperious and positive naby surrounding minds. you would be painted. you are monarch of all one. will impart to your mind an This principle of explaining character interpreting. that intelligent minds can see anything in the Bible against the doctrine of ized . Now. Swedenborg? Who would not like to be in his place for twenty-four hours ? Examine the Word from Ms stand-point. character within of Calvin. and see all the meetingupon joy houses and sectarian hamlets in the valley far below to feel . just as the Bible is Siveden! . embellished. a new Church. like the edifice of the architect. you will be Lutherif it comes within the generalizations and minutiae of Swedenborg. when once thoroughly Murrayized.

and if so be that he passes to the Spirit-Home in such faith. the nervous susceptibilities are prayed for and addressed by exhortation. excitement. of the religious organization. you never witnessed a Methmeetings. The third psychological excitement is based upon the passions . not only from influences which. They are venerable. then convicted of sin for which they never imagined themselves to be guilty before : drawn They are the ascendant. which is the second phase of psychology. not to think. a Wesleyan. pervading the from citement. the embellishand ornamenters. There is. first. If man runs up an account with himself. Perhaps. then he has not only the character inherited from his father and mother to overcome. psychological minister.Lord cometh to their aid Yes . which was superiners. flow from your immediate surroundings. Will this explain why 1 different religious sects. ful. the artists." sequence odist minister indulging a philosophical reflection. that is. Bring that positively out. suppose the . the Now. always get what we give. the people begin to feel. by virtue of combination and oneness of purpose. perhaps. an artificial exrious. and for meeting. If a man be a Christian of the Lutheran stamp. or of any other leader. then prayerof a thousand things they feel guilty. but he We has to remove an acquired character also. arising energetic. They : ! . of Swedenborg. into the region The con- where love is in a love of inspire spiritual excitement mingled. I have witnessed those " phenomena called revival- There are no manifestations better calculated to that a man's outward characteristics illustrate this doctrine Go into a Methodist campfollow him to the Spirit-Land. duced upon his mind by the painters. is. Then the people. proceed to analyze a certain mysteexample. or of the Calvinistic sort. but you are rescued not less from ecclesiastical and political organizations. during revivals. he is sure to be called one day to settle every farthing of it. a follower of Murray. and you are saved. effect another. with a love for the Supreme.270 QUESTIONS ON THE ORIGIN the would simply elicit that which I know to be integral which is beneath all natural image or harmonial character which you may hare inherited or acquired. religious sensibilities begin to be uncontrollably excited.

which I presume no one doubted . Then they are 271 psychologically excited to a yet higher degree. hence. revival in a Presbyterian church. Presbyterians are logical and thoughtful. is And when there exists a also carried into the Spirit-Home. I have heard the inform minister the that audience logical they were all sinners. Of all which my explanation is brief: that a certain small per-centage of a camp-meeting excitement is spirThe acquired Methodistic character is peritually derived.AND PERPETUITY OF CHARACTER. They affirm the Bible to be the "Word of G-od . odism. with still greater tribulation. Plenty These can remember how they prayed in the tents. This inspires the mem- bers with a conviction of at least doctrinal righteousness . ! petuated into the Spirit-Home. over in the enchanting woods trees the many lamps at night lighting up the and the most nervo-excitable persons in the anxiousseats receiving a mysterious afflatus At this crisis. of Divine Revelation. that truth is written through the works of Calvin . It is a Presbyterian This is far more thoughtful . be somewhat logical. Methodistic spirits come back to earth at times. there are who have had this "religious" experience. ful and logical . therefore. Methodists are. and so are kept up religious excitements which are supposed to be right in the sight of God. there is Will your explanations extend over the revivals of other sects 1 Yes . and that the deacons espe- Bible is . the PresPresbyterians. . and into a Methodistic heaven. there cometh a newer experience. byterian's acquired character. and reacts upon sympathizing minds. You is are " obliged to take the premises" pletely logical upon authority the rest com- know a lawyer from the time of Luther with a power of intellectual skill betJohn Calvin was thoughtter than that possessed by Calvin. the unity of truth fixes the unity of causes. according to my observations. and that the doctrine of the forgiveness of sins is also true. See ! another strange phenomenon. there is a certain small percentage of spiritual influx manifested. the opposite of Methexcitement. They ! behold startling visions They gaze upon a Methodistic hell. and that the the plenum. A Presbyterian must and legitimate. unless modified by new truth. characteristically different from History does not And.

the allied forces were stimulated by certain liberty-loving Eussians who had been shot into the Spirit Home. who have not progressed sufficiently to disgorge their sectarian characteristics. . hearted warriors. and commence the education of thy youth. . their hearts shall beat for the down-trodden. and a wild enthusiasm. and perpetuated. certainly not more than forty or fifty days. noblemen of the hath consigned them to decay. Rus- spurn thy glittering swords.272 cially sins : QUESTIONS ON THE ORIGIN were guilty of lukewarmness. They Yes how obeyed their rulers and generals while in the army. while residing in the city of Hartford. Thus. men who would break down the spirit of Despotwas blessed to behold the visitations to those fieldBut the camps wherein reposed the soldiers of freedom. measurably inspired. I was visited ." " Present Age and Inner Life. Crime hath sealed thy despotisms. which caused them to pant for an opportunity to cut down Once I heard the following whole battalions of opponents had been a [Russian sola who spirit words. and stimulated.") Have you any acter? different case (See the exordia in the illustrate the continuation of char- whereby to Yes . Ignorance lowers heavily o'er thy habitations. because But those same bravecircumstances compelled obedience. Thy officers shall fall in death before thine eyes sians ! and thy cunning north-! shall depart. pronounced by ! dier. by the return-wave of minds beyond the grave. thy places. A Such meetings are revival-meeting is a spiritual phenomenon. who felt : Home of Liberty by being shot (not down. Is the post-mundane perpetuity of acquired characteristics demonstrated in armies ? it was interesting to witness. and of still more heinous and I found that I entertained the same opinion. They brought to the warriors an energy. by aid of clairvoyance. but) up into the Spirit the language wherewith to express his innate love " "We for one note of harmony listen. but we hear the loud roaring of the practising warrior. courage the It Leaders entertained no such belief. after existing in the Spirit Home. Thy soldiers will fail thee in battle . returned to inspire and enism. certain soldiers were aided by those who came from the Spirit Home. Russia ! from.

upon him he therefore resolved to have a lighted candle. but that. and a self-possessed stranger entered. when he knew that ao mortal but himself and wife was in the room. just found. lighted a lamp. after retiring for the night. . but no visitor could be Next night. and the. been extensive slaveholders. He mused a long time. three months to a day after " Isaac T. understand it . the following words were spokea: ** Provide far thy slaves homes on thy plantations. sonage entered. as I was coming North. "hut. he had certain very startling About four experiences which troubled him exceedingly. and." sprang upon the floor. Hopper" had entered let the the Spirit Home ! 18 . same ominous words were slowly but The gentleman acknowledged that he distinctly reiterated. reader remember. that his posthat he was about to sessions embraced two large plantations inherit more slaves and fields . . the door seemed to open. I concluded to I had some candid visit Hartford and obtain your opinion. before had time to spring from his bed. . when the candle had burned down to the socket. and that his father and grandSaid he: "I don't father had. opened. and in walked the light of slumber same personage. he heard bis name pro- nounced in a calm. the gentleman concluded that some abolition trick was being played. immediately. weeks ago. and to remain awake in the capacity of private watchman. owned about twa hundred: and thirty-five slaves . He could not lie discern the features or the garments of his visitor .. but. recently.. After searching the chamber and finding no one. and he forgot himself The door again. by a gentleman who came to inquire concerning spiritual maniHe asserted that he had not conversed with any one on the subject . 273 festations. that this visitation occurred just Now. yet penetrative voice." conversation with him but the sequel I can not now disclose.AND PERPETUITY OF CHARACTER. The same words were spoken. The door had bea unlocked in the dreamy twias he was between sleeping and waking the door again opened. give them opportunities to read and On hearing these words he write. and the same disappearance was accomplished. and you shall fe happy. the same imperturbable perin sleep. that he had heard and read but little con- cerning it .

thee to bondage .] sumers as thine own. We We and its people be counted odious as Appius Claudius. of Justice. and as William Lloyd Garrison is a prominent leader in the cause of freedom. so shall it be the god of thy deliverance. and speak. Hence. a Law of Justice which evermore overcomes evil with will inspire thy masters to worship at the shrine This is the Great God before whom Mammon ! good. O sons of Africa. and became a serpent of fire to Webster's acquired character went the people of the North. -what shall ? we conclude in the case of Daniel Wehster My answer is. Daniel Webster's last earthly deed was the cause of a rapid The alteration in the superficial stratum of his character. will you delineate his characteristics ? Yes . in a speech delivered for the : " friends of the slave. who condemned Virginia as a slave ! people who is There enslave thee shall prove thy eternal benefactors. that man's intermediate and superinduced characters are perpetuated. The nation that perpetuates slavery shall become a by-word . Mammon was the god who first led our voices shall be heard. he is a fine example : the most extraordinary political . but his inmost inheritance soon gained the ascendency. and no immediate emancipation. will open the catalogue -of national crimes to the world. he gave the following exordium ye suffering sons of Africa. shall We bow in eternal subserviency The honest man shall rise in overawing majesty before the doer of wrong deeds. the tyrant The of ancient Rome. ! tion dent nationality] of thy free-will and choice ! We will bring an overpowering light to Oppressed shall go free. from the clear sky . shall yet be thine. The soil now tilled by enslaved hands. in accordance with the progress he has made toward their rectification or removal. or not. Fugitive Slave Law rose up.274 If character is QUESTIONS ON THE OEIGIN continued into the Spirit Land. to barter with con- Thou shalt become an independent na[No amalgamation you perceive." all oppressors : and the everywhere As you are now on the question of slavery. the plants now moistened by the tears of suffering exiles. with him into the Spirit Home. but that money is finally to settle the whole quesThis shall come [that is the formation of an indepention. to work in the sunshine of gladness.

that this man has not thrown off either his intermediate or superinduced characteristics." returns the applicant. phitheatre : al emancipation is my doctrine .* courts of the orthodox Elysium. Unitarians. sir help yourself to a seat. no union with slaveholders." : The astonished Peter bows respectfully.which of these parties do you belong ?" " Uncondition" Don't belong to any. and perceives a mass of fleecy. as I before remarked. amid a plenitude of splendors. lined with that approaches one of the mountainous walls metal which is so congenial to utilitarians. and interfused clouds something : * psychometric reading of his innate and inherited character the last pages of this volume. Universalists. phenomenon. observation Now He spends many pleasant hours in a promenade of he for he has the liberty of the domain.AND PERPETUITY OF CHARACTER. he feels very much interested. both inherited and the Now. Although not particularly pleased with the several heavenly divisions. Presently. and an orthodox pandemonium on the other. Garrisonized Let thoroughly him to-morrow reject the outward body. and the gate is opened. for acquired. Day after to-morrow. Seeing different sects so comfortably seated.) Ac- cordingly he knocks at the gate. and let all which characterizes and distinguishes the man. is a He walks cheerfully through the political phenomenon. and replies " Walk in. yet he says nothing seeing a kind of conceded difference among them without misunderstandings or dispute. is the only individual in the United States. no fellowship plies "What religion? what Church?" in^uith slaveholders" " there are Catholics. in yonder amto . The " What faith ?" The prompt Garrison regatekeeper asks : " I believe in absolute human freedom. Lutherans. (I am il- William Lloyd who is lustrating on the supposition. 275 G-arrison. A may be seen in . interlined. the sake of illustration. vinists. fancy that this imperturbed Garrison makes an application at the gate of Paradise." William Lloyd Garrison. . let us be blasphemous enough to imwhat the whole orthodox world accepts as solemn truth agine a literal hell and a literal heaven! Picture an orthodox elysium on one side. Oalquires the gatekeeper : Methodists. go on with him into the Spirit Home.

alone and unaided. and preserving himself free from any . personalities. the lower part of whose face is bathed "with eternal sunshine.Garrison draws closer. he might address the religious audience ! . which would burn and blister the lukewarm devotees. curling up. he rebukes them for their indolence. by standing on one of the steps leading to the Throne. . in which unutterable suffering and slavery abounds. I will not attempt to imagine a word he might utter. apparently unmindful of the fact that millions are suffering every to every obvious principle of instant of time ! . and deplores their unacquaintance with the urgent demands of HuMost earnestly he points to the neighboring land of manity. . scorning to notice that the "wall is of solid gold. to address such a peculiar aristocratic congregation ! No. and inquires first. .276 QUESTIONS ON THE ORIGIN ! ' It seems to have dark. and beholds an orthodox hell thickly-populated ! One such vision is enough. until each would feel as if the kingdom of heaven was on the very point of political disunion and ecclesiastical decomposition Calmly. whether the'-fplatform is free to all? whether a second. But I venture to assert that he would kindle a red-hot fire of purely moral adjectives. ! and day fearlessly tells them that they are unpardonably recreant human happiness. blackness. looks over. smoky. they are all looking at the orthodox god. Garrison with his positive hereditary character. the sects all about ? 0. speech from ""him would be confearless Garrison sidered out of order ? After considerable consultation among the chief rulers. . The readily apprehends the ecclesiastical conditions. These repulsive nebula seem to emanate from an empire of immense depth and magnitude. he climbs independently up. The penetrative. Just picture to your minds this man. He turns firmly and respectfully toward the orthodox god. He turns back What are to look upon the thinly-populated orthodox heaven. Sitting there after day. cherishing selfish sympathies for each other. united to his acquired political and anti-slavery characteristics standing up. while the brow seems circled with frowns and with condemnatory thoughts in number beyond computation. and. he is informed that. and sulphurous " torment" in it it don't smell like the fragrance of Freedom.

think you. is so full of organic liberty and of " no union with slaveholders." that he would fix minute-men all along the track and. would duty lead this man ? I will tell you: With his characteristics. the Would Nothing can be more he would. It hath been said that. I find no sympathy here. continue to . Garrison go to the Spirit Home. and the speaker Is unable to appearance of sympathy. doubtless. although without interest in Spiritualism. and the French. duty would direct him to go on a mission of mercy to the population of the or- thodox pandemonium. and. should Mr. if the real genuine Yankee was cast away on a desert Island. institute an Anti-Hell-fire ! Society ! Yes. this candid man . I do not exagI say that. any of his national or individual peculiarities. not describe his characteristics through a natural hypothesis ? : when will you Without indulging any unnatural hypothesis. for many periods. So with the Germanic." " Let me oiit into But where. 277 Well : the speech first perceive the is delivered. There. and certain individuals at the South. Observing which : he proceeds to the gatekeeper. in three days from the time of his first speech in Pandemonium. amuse himself by selling maps to the inhabitants Suppose a utilitarian man should enter the Spirit Home. on the next morning. the true native Irishman does not loose. there would be a fine-working underground railroad all the way up to the Kingdom of Heaven ! gerate In all the foregoing you have employed an unallowable supposition. Home ? for example. Yes The Irish race is continued into the Spirit World. do you imagine that he would be long in acquiring the art of moving a chair or the whole baggage-train ! of spiritual manifestations Are ? natural characteristics perpetuated into the Spirit . he would find a free Seconded by minds whom he had somewhat Garplatform he risonized. would. they preserve a momentum. New-England Yankee's character be perpetuated ? certain. he would be interested in the scheme of universal anti-slavery . methinks. in three days. and says freedom . in this life. I can assure you that. then. would surely receive many troublesome dreams and waking forebodings. and the diiferent races .AND PERPETUITY OP CHARACTER.

ment they meet their street-companions. heard of the case of an Irishman who had carried into the At Spirit Home both his" acquired and his constitutional wit. Ultimately. and eliminating the divine " character" which is the inmost I When and the imperishable. or reformed. the divine and celestial. however. a circle he was very civilly asked respecting Ms nativity. but by lifting up. the institution. lastly. drawing out. not some manifestation of the inmost Character ? is there Most persons exhibit the character which they have derived from their immediate progenitors. from which they emanate. first. or of any good and truth-loving person. and he replied "I was born on the corner of West Broadway and Lispenard street. there alone shines forth the innate and beautiful. in all their after- . and. la the case of William Penn. whereupon the acquired characteristics are dropped.2T8 QUESTIONS ON THE OEIGIN run the race of a national progression. not by methods and measures which exasperate and excite and madden and mortify. condemnation this practice of giving one man credit as " good" and denouncing another as "evil" condemning the "warrior" and praising the "peaceman" condemning the soul of the " Spanish Inquisitor" and holding up the beautiful characwill vanish when men come to apter of "William Penn" and that the human spirit is compelled comprehend prehend to act out its inherited character. but the inmost spirit of the Spanish Inquisitor is just as peace-loving and beautiful Nay. then the parental characdropped . while niy mother was travelling in Europe !" Thus. character which teristics are But I was derived from Father-God and Mother-Nature. It is beautiful to contem- plate the character of the peaceful William Penn . the moor nation. by a closer approximation of tendencies and interchange of sympathies. Insensibly to itself the outside : The spirit of character gets formed. do not refuse to be harmonially Democratic. will indicate the last conversation heard at the table. and. all overarched and beautified by system. you have the happiness to obtain a broad view of hunot by conmanity you will aid to prevent individual discord demnation. deformed. the mass of mankind resemble the home. the divergent races begin to converge and assimilate. Some children.

when there exists ! : an adequate cause to awaken and elicit it. man. however. orifices . and behold the imperishable The ! best Idea of thy divine progenitors is there . there are some glimmerings of the Divine. the harmonial. as in the comparison. and withered beneath the ponderous weight. . and. so to speak. through the and apertures and nooks of superficial character and we rejoice exceedingly. through the characteristics inherited perhaps from mismated progenitors. Thou art master of. that human nature can manifest goodness and truthfulness which are ever beautiful and admirable. do you not see what Society does ? It throws itself. there were three or four knot-holes in that door. Hence. Then the Church and the State combine to mould and fashion the individual into their image and likeness. but very few there are. the inter-and-super-structures of whose character are transparent and plastic enough to reveal the form of the divine Image. with its ponderous weight of formalities. they 279 show out the character which they acquired during the periods of childhood and adolescence . we meet minds showing traits of the divine and There is affords celestial through the little chinks. three or four flowers came struggling up through those openings : and so presented themselves to the world crippled. Occasionally. in due course of season. in the midst of existing dissipation and discord and imperfection. somewhat of the divine bequeathnient shines out especially. in the lowest condition of man. the inmost. deformed. and will ultimately conquer. between the interstices of the acquired and inherited characters. By some freak of workmen the great door of a barn was thrown upon those rose-bearing plants they were crushed to earth. Look within thee. which now and then a temperamental conformation an opportunity for the innermost to express and delineate itself by means of interlineation and open deeds. Fortunately. years. upon the babe as soon it is born. that which was inherited from thy father .AND PERPETUITY OF CHAEACTER. there are some holes in Society desperate and deadly holes also both in Church and State through which man's native goodness and integrity come as out into beautiful blooming Also. But. yet beautiful. Now. and the everlasting. Once I stood by a bank of plants which would bear flowers.

inYes . also. you are a circumstance at first. Society corrodes and oxydizes his surface . but. . O man. and will take the shape of words. Take courage. as tools. I reiterate. This furniture consists of thoughts. your thoughts are fluid. of circumstances. His neighbors chafe and irritate him. detail your impressions regarding the reformation Character. a pure spirit This is the first lesson of seeketh a well-furnished residence. Therefore. for the purpose of abolishing discordant characteristics. Obtain a knowledge of good works and deeds. If you desire mental improvement. and you feel yourself helpless in the presence of surroundings. you Power. Will you not state more of character? in. Yes . by means of . and believe that. thou wilt receive heavenly assistance from the inhabitants of other Spheres. Do this.280 QUESTIONS ON THE OEIGIN and mother . putting shoulder to shoulder and spirit to spirit. for all your thoughts will take the shape of your language the same as water takes the shape of the drinking glass or containing vessels. that you have the power to surround and conquer it is true. edge True. Here bea lesson of individual the knowlginneth grand responsibility that a are not a circumstance. then another yet more positive. stead. resembleth the rust on iron. by coming together. let the utilitarian furniture of your your mind be put in order. acters will rapidly to bloom out full which good minds abhor. The superficial character. ! and both your acquired and inherited chargrow threadbare permitting the immortal of fragrance. but glimmerings of the inward nature are occasionally seen through the exterior corroding. a harmonial reform of private character. Man is born into society. with which to think . that influences and habits which are considered by . But one day you discover that a certain class of circumstances are not your masters. therefore. is that through which your spirit is forced to express itself. then improve your mental types and symbols. the State. and the Words wherewith your mind declareth itself . shaking each other's hands. everything acquired by contact with Society. and thus certain temperaments find that they have Such minds master one set self-power to rub this rust away. or the Church. co-operative effort.

281 an ignorant man to be Ms masters. The time the butterfly. that he hath an inward character. cometh when the burr is sundered and falleth away. indeed. it giveth hope and gladness and strength to know that this external character which does not declare the spirit. such temperaments may be wounds. are in reality not at all above the jurisdiction of Ms reason or will.AND PERPETUITY OP CHARACTER. and the sweet meat of the chestnut is visible. carelessly handled. when this acquired character drops off! nal characteristics resemble the caterpillar which envelopes the thorns of a chestnut burr. But if the chestnut be : '. bequeathed ante-natally by Fa- You ther-God and Mother-Nature ! . There is no one type proper to all mankind. and he will forthwith commence the work of reform and self-purification. so that not even a vestige of them shall remain to interfere with the future happiness of the immortal mind Notwithstanding which each individual will differ everlastingly from every ! other individual. will be developed. Begin now rub it off by the friction of will. therefore. Hope for every one is based upon this 'fact : that all imperfections of both the external and the inherited characters are ultimately to be mastered and eradicated . before the arrival of this time. there are persons so coated-over and hedged various in. in the likeness and image of your oivn interior character. Give a man confidence in himself. compared to the sting and irritability produced by handling certainly comes. I Man's exterrepeat. by acquired mental habits. Society and bad habits have superinduced rust upon thy mind. the multitudinous thorns on the burr will inflict irritation and surfacial Thus. Oh. that they severely wound those in contact with them . is like the The time stinging burr surrounding the concealed chestnut.


in the bodies revolve upon their respective axes. Therefore. the other from the centre outwardly centrifugalism between these dual forces. corresponding operations motions. in a certain is a sense. human the we observe two of mind. If it be true that man's mind is more interested in itself than in others. tial or analogical reasoning. on this rests the whole science of individualism. it exhibits no less the contrary motion. Although the method is somewhat : invidi- ous. we notice a double tendency. the doctrine of fidelity between orb and orbit . Innermost : He can not fly from this pivotal .QUESTIONS ON THE IS1FITS AND PENALTIES CF INDIVIDUALISM. the facts of by virtue of correspondenmechanism may be seen reproduced in the operations of the human mind. is Individualism the science of centralization the law of men- tal mechanics . . While the soul manifests a tendency to fly from. the philosophy of harmonial relations between centre and circumference. In mechanical laws. centre. is he not a selfish and egotistic being 1 Let me consider. the soul experiences the most positive attraction toward its own integral substance. . being of simple and compound selfishness that is it . its In fact. : all Even so. yet may be stated and adopted that man. I would say man is or: own ganized for centralization. I BEGIN with the affirmation that. one from the outside to the internal centripetalism .

Such a mind is circumscribed. like a fountain. of others we then term it " selfishness. he acts from and to his own centre of revolution. without returning so much as a blade all these are more tolerable to contemof grass in gratitude than a " selfish" character. from itself . When the mind exhibits a con- stant tendency toward the welfare of its own consciousness regardless of the rights. an identification of the individual with the whole. like a by Humanity. dently ism of a human being manifested. which is transcenWhat is that form ? It is the individualadmirable. The inevitable of . This is the highest form of selfishness . and needs needs to exercise more fidelity to the law of cenexpansion trifugalism." on the lowest plane of individualism. and contemplate a human soul extending its orbit to The centre expands in conthe boundaries of Humanity ! ! sequence of its generous exertions to spread its consciousness over the whole circumference of interest. Is acter it ? can satisfy their not natural for humanity to love and attract a purely benevolent char- It is very natural. Yes toward the circumference. and individual welfare. Yes not natural for humanity to dislike and zepel a purely a selfish person is universally detested . except through the centre of his own individual soul. Some characters are so large and divine. it its orbit. Oh. . there is grandeur in that Pause. selfish character? plate such selfishness ual the violence it cupidity does to our sense of individ- harmony to According your foregone it ? renders the condition transcendently repulsive. Is It wabbles and hobbles around wheel without relation or proportion. a parsimonious desert which drinks greedily the April showers and morning dews.284 QUESTIONS ON THE BENEFITS to say. He can do nothing. Before such natures we reverently bow to be lifted up by their praying to realize their strong embrace . how definition. there must be a better selfishness : would you describe there is another form of selfishness. This species of selfishness is the characteristic of undeveloped minds a living sponge which absorbs every fluid or liquid near it a maelstrom which draws to itself each contiguous object . that nothing less than the happiness of the universe selfishness. and liberties. whenever he acts.

found all forms and gradations of human be Between these may : character. his own being. egoism. in adoration without aspiration. no less than one hundred and sixteen " I's" in it many as if the writer stood between the earth of them emphasized the the and light of the latter to shine through sun.AND PENALTIES OF INDIVIDUALISM. we impair and measurably sacrifice our own individualism. spelled and pronounced nearly will you explain the difference between "egotism" and "egoism" alike. however. son of this description. the Egotism is a true plicable. on the other hand. and best form of selfishness. the axis on which the soul revolves in its orbit. egotism" first exhibit the is the term which I apply to persons who and lowest form of selfishness but. we debilitate and cripple the attributes of self-development. and bend in adoration to attributes so Godlike. Perhaps. them ? Yes " . in the hours wasted in yielding homage to another. boundless love 285 to be sustained by the giant arms of such masminds. The egoist is one who realizes and only through the centre of the whole world through The senses are channels leading to that centre. allowing his egotism as best it might But." truest form of individuality. In admiring the greatness and goodness of others. to the to the relations realizable between indiself-hood of feeling ! we may apply the other vidualism and the world without " the strictest with propriety. Egotism is the viper egoism is the man. as if everything and everybody were secondary and On one occasion I received a letter from a persubordinated. Here cometh the explanation which we seek the reason why there are so few individualized men and women in the world. . Men lose their best individuality and independence by an ignorant admiration of these : manifestations in others. viz. In the English language there are two -words. Egoism is the word. selves superciliously and pedantically first matter word " egoism" is strictly aplabel for minds who place themand foremost in a in great abun- who use the personal pronoun "I" with dance. Some Jesus is born unto us . to the last . after his death we terly build altars.. covering three sides of a common sheet. The centre is the seat of motion .

true that Thomas Paine was also a conspirator ? He was. And as it sometimes happens that the Individual openly ignores the right and supremacy of the Institution. and freely clared to America his discoveries sition . by means of gibbet. and would have gloried in his physical apprehension and destruction. over the prejudice of Tories and Thomas Paine was read and honored by the lovers of Liberty. theological usurpation. he ventured subsequently to investigate and to direct his attention. viz. have ever arrogated to themselves the right to rule the individual. and mainly his consequent oppofor this reason. Like a man who respected his individuality. the Is World it not of Spirits. to bring the traitor into subjection and perpetual dishonor. and fagot. rack. All political and ecclesiastical governments have been based upon this theory. so do we behold in. Was he thus sought out and destroyed ? . endorsed by a manifest love of Justice. Having had his soul roused by a contemplation of the rights of man over and above institutional laws. Yes mankind have contended and institutions stitutional attempts. toward man's bondage to ecclesiastical organisms and religious dogmas. that country entertained the warmest hatred toward him. or to any government whatsoever. disliked . and hence the necessity of institutional When Jesus asserted the supremacy of the individual. Institutions. have claimed exclusive control on the other. " The Rights of Man" prevailed over the wrongs of Government. although man-made and essentially arbitrary. on the contrary. and so the old Romans maintained the affirmed dignity and alleged superiority of the Institution by forcibly putting him through the sepulchre into laws. perhaps too freely de- and but America now. When Thomas Paine asserted the supremacy of the people of America to the English Government. he made investigations into the causes of No . by his own life and teachings. the Roman Government considered him a traitor and a conspirator . : the innate disqualification -of the individual for self-regulation.286 Has QUESTIONS ON THE BENEFITS there not always existed a conflict between individual man and individual institutions ? for supremacy on one side.

AND PENALTIES OP INDIVIDUALISM. notwithstanding all. But Thomas Paine. but never intelligently refuted or in any manner proved to be essenReasons. propose to do in honor of . Yes. And yet. 287 and repelled him as cordially as before lie was denounced and opposed by England. while saints. he boldly and unqualifiedly presented his remonstrance to the world accompanied with a collection of stupendous " which it ever have been sneered remembered) by the supporters of institutions. he was superior to a saint Why so ? Because he was a defender of the Eights of Man . We have already too many saints else I would propose the immediate canonization of Thomas Paine. on the contrary. I refuse further to his character the word " saint" to stigmatize by attaching any portion of it. . He desired simply to free the individual but the ignorant supporters of institutions could reply only through. over the rights and liberties of Individual Man. and renders him as covers a multitude of " calendar of saints" as any humanitarian of past times." (be at and despitefully used tially unsound. Saints of past times were appendages of institutions were advocates of the supremacy of civil and religious laws. and defenders of the ! worthy of a place in the Thomas" . like a man thus illuminated (and not uncreeds . He may have said and committed a thousand foolish things. . . denunciation and scorn. like the intrepid Jesus in the utterance of his honest convictions). I would not blaspheme nor willingly dishonor the memory of Thomas Paine : therefore. . was a citizen of the world and soul should the of therefore be called " Saint eignty instead of those blasphemous titles given him by the Church. unlike an advocate of the soversaints. for his defence of Human Eights ? Let me reflect. Ms noble defence of man's his unqualified announcement of the intrinsic sovereignty . and so have all saints may have. inferiority of all institutions to man sins (or slanders). are foes of individualism. What would you Thomas Paine. He realized and proclaimed the natural supremacy of man to all political and ecclesiastical organizations his superiority to all churches and and hence. wounded the sickly-sentimental piety of honestly-prejudiced and impious persons but. in his impatience.

which giveth me . and more. and foremost.288 faith. what would is plain. . In proportion as minds yield individual supremacy to the Church or State. under the penalty of being captured and punished for every violation. Institutions . and all other institutions. and consign him to the control and management of his master. But suppose I believe that a man's rights and a man's liberties. to be secondary and intrinsically inferior to the prerogatives of the individual and suppose. also. and that the State compreaches mands me to live and act in subordination to its decrees . so long accustomed to vassalage. ! ! Yes Therefore. For example the political Institutions of America deemed it expedient to legislate and enforce a Fugitive-Slave Law. I ask "What must I do ? Shall I sacrifice my soul on the altar of an institution ?" Oh. QUESTIONS ON THE BENEFITS They endeavor life. See I stand in friendship with my own central consciousness 2 have helped a fugitive to gain individual freedom. I stand acquitted of all crime . I : green fagots as Calvin did Servetus "Would you not at this point receive ! some of the penalties of individualism ? but these penalties are positive benefits. and of high service. and supreme suppose I believe the Church and State. Suppose Mankind should yield to the requirements of Institutions. with power to arrest the flying fugitive. although the State might burn me with radations. And each man in the Free States is appointed by government as a sheriff. I am deeply and substantially rewarded for doing a of reward is deed of goodness that which for my brother ! What kind My of reward you thus receive ? consisceth in the building up and confirmation my individualism. ual freedom : . irrespective of comfurthermore. plexion. Religion of Justice. before the omnipresent bar of my Father-God. . yield themselves conscientiously to perpetuate the iniquity. are first. that the Church to civil submission laws. This law commands those in bondage to remain so. to anathematize independent manhood in this 'follow ? and to fix its damnation throughout eternity. they give themselves up to the encroachments of slavery and to its multifarious deg- The answer combine and conspire against individand men. forbid it My course is plain before me I would obey my soul's highest perceptions of Right.

my cherished ones are pointed at. with flesh or blood. wor- shipping Truth. I am not destroyed. divorce. withdraw their friendship. dren. mind. and Justice. try to entertain philanthropic sentiments. are supporters of organizations : they stand in the midst of evils. hard tread upon the heels of these permanent benefits. and Harmony. my church-going wife . no power to discern them . therefore. my worldly chilLike Koger Williams. my prudential rors of my my hoot scornfully at mine. and reproving messages from religious. therefore. I must seek some spot of Liberty. And respecting me a conservative with wife. do you not experience outward the outward penalties. as a ship is swallowed. come very The their school. Old cusness relations I am assailed at every assailable point. Yes . therefore. unpopularity. 19 . At home thus She seriously prays for deliverance ." They think and treat my family as unworthy of izsual respect although they may. They the battle-ground of my worldly relations. besides. around me. timeThe minister frowns upon me : serving. and respectable aunts. through the functions and portals of my individual existence. in the recognised maelstrom : ! Great men. friends and unite. . to augment the opposiher. and have. . conferring " not smile contemptuously. But. smiles. orthodox minister's children echoing what they hear at slow. even with less reputation. in the midst of these internal penalties ? benefits. from habits of In my busiduty. Old friends I meet sneers. Instead of occupy Stones are given for bread. the benefits come out at another point I am not individually lost in a mischievous institution . "Light and strength to bear portion of the weight of care That crushes into dumb despair One half the human race !" 289 My And. tion. and But I would join Paul. Her relatives combine with she contemplates perhaps. is roused to the hor- Every other mail brings me advisory letters from very honorable uncles.AND PENALTIES OP INDIVIDUALISM. tomers leave me very fast new ones. though negative and transitory. and the so-called wise. They pity my fantastic zeal. while I rest unperturbed on the firm basis of my own G-od-inherited interior spirit.

the tradesman. in the scito the lect ence of individualism. prudentially confess Truth to be an error. . but. bring the high and low alike to this experience : the mechanic.290 QUESTIONS ON THE BENEFITS or be for ever buried in the tomb of popular Institutions. or be crushed beneath their overmastering weight. then will I weaken or neg- my own power own closet of their to be as they were. then must I also seek and find it. as it were by heart." It is true that individual cur- may planets as the encounter and cross each other's paths and the comets waltz through each other's orbits . from prudential reasons. every kind of situation. like Galileo. live in harmony with prevailing where will you go to find an instance of greater strength ? : This question is hard to answer. in John. as they did. I must respect my soul. whether he will be a public man or a private artisan . whether it will be a master or a slave ? when the soul is called to decide Yes . If I if I am not true to own centralization of consciousness honor not my my own orb and orbit where can I expect to find what I fail to revere in myself? Shall I find it in Jesus. in the life of every one. the printer. Like the brave Huguenots. these men prayed to the G-od whom So also must I pray to that God whom I they could realize. I must be strengthened in my personal progression . whether he shall assume the reins of family government the wife. I must quit the presence of my foes. If I spend my time in acts of devotion memory of these individuals. In the most interior souls. or in Paul ? If so. can realize. whether she will be a convenience or a . for the benefit of the whole. Like Madame Roland. and all species of circumstances. I must learn. whether he will be a merchant or a salesman the student. and live an ignominious . In true individualism is there any necessary antagonism is. and die or. . the Law of Liberty. whether he will be an editor or " follow copy . rents The motto " Let each one be all he can. companion. whether he will be a boss or a workman . I must aim equally after political and religious emancipation ." the husband. ? I think not. life! Institutions Suppose you do. In body and in soul I must develop to the fullness of the stature of a perfect Man ! Is there not a period.

with cultured persons." says a writer. man habitually does an injustice to himself (in his re- . and lose his own man : or ing Womanhood !" to a Woman ?" 1 The World answers. If I were to state this matter commercially. j Say to the torrent Stop in the because. merely by a continuation of his activity into. and maintain a sort of police regulation and jurisdiction in her every department. places where it is not due." will answer: "I must obey the law of my nature. the kindness of an unwise friend could be prolonged and extended out into cruAll things are blessings only. would ask : how can he be profited ? What shall " What in for his soul ? In other words exchange give is there in the world more valuable than Manhood to a Man. should you flow down as you The torrent wish. is injustice." Thus. I reiterate. needed. as they come and go when elty. yet. no un: welcome or evil discord. " Nothing is more marked. or. and ignorant not less of the mass of idolatry predicated upon it. although there is a constant divergence and a convera perpetual centripetalism and a centrifugalism in yet. And and crucifying the Individual Man beings: has been taught to distrust himself.." This is a world "where every benefactor becomes easily a malefactor. and to extol the virtues of invisible is this wrong? All exaggeration. Ignorant of his nature. " Noth- behold the universal practice of distrusting Before the gods mankind bow to the dishonoryielding adoration to mythological idols ing and degradation of his own individuality. Should a man guard his Individualism against the magnetical influence of Institutionalism ? Certainly. a larity?" soul (its individualism)." midst of yon mountain Does Mother-Nature wish every individual to remain true to himself ( Yes gence . the pleasurable warmth of the body might be continued into a fever . you will uproot the trees of the valley. " than the power by which individuals are guarded from individuals. the daily operation of individual souls steadily does Mother-Nature defend each against every other.AND PENALTIES OP INDIVIDUALISM. there is 291 " in this no infringement. I " Does it profit a man to sell his soul for popuIf he shall gain the whole world.

ve. by grotesquely and uselessly magnifying the attributes and works of their favorite deities. . in profoundest seriousness. that men first create gods that the process of creation subsequently changes hands and. But man is really very insignificant what is man. and the permission or granting to man a re- . insufferably crude and barbarously despotic. I urge the proposition that all : thought which tions. that is pronounced as insignifialmost utterly lost sight of the an infinitesimal portion of the Infinite Whole Ocean of Life the great up eventually by whence all things flow.292 ligious systems). and consequent diminutions of the human is. in all systems of of Love and "Wisdom. no need of your generosity or adoration. with such imbecile prodigality. Absurdities. Does not this fact demonstrate the importance of the least to the existence of the greatest ? Yea. as soul to be swallowed . No : he is himself in need of all the veneration which he bestows on supposed divinities. religion. consequently. he consecrates to the wealthy Upper Circles The* rights of men. are buried in the rights of God. Transitional and impractical minds frequently employ themselves. You purloin from your own divinelyinherited character. but a drop in the bucket ? True: but the ocean is composed of lesser oceans as the heart of little hearts. which. I repeat. Innumerable religious errors. and give to self-admiring gods. is is expended just so much in magnifying theological abstracsubtracted from the valuation and wel- fare of human beings. the concession to gods of all rights and all liberties. the fact can not be concealed. lastly. What do you consider to be the The most prominent of most hurtful effect of these exaggerations ? all religious despotisms growing out of human exaggerations of the divine. can claim no other parentage. that gods make men. These minds render the Man cant is invisible so boundless and all-important. Yes. QUESTIONS ON THE BENEFITS by encouraging the development of extravagant conceptions of divine personalities. who ha. and the brain of lesser brains. The institution of the Trinity has well-nigh absorbed the individual Unity of man. He needs all the time and all the talents for purposes of personal development. have taken their rise from these false exaggerations. Man can not afford to take from himself and give to gods.

then. out almost all the individualism of his own spirit. whip the devotee through the countless vicissitudes of a rudimental existence. that he may exercise private conscience that. questions of religion . in ten of gods. logic Master ! It neutralizes 293 to such Man. denied are But Protestantliberties and rights Yes . is permitted or intrusted to Mm. according He is is a slave ! His life He must work for the mythoa religious despotism. proprietorship furl the banner of Liberty. he may hold a private Heaven with that. generations. and absorbs the individualism of man. siduum of duties and obligations. then he teaches. And yet. in considering human relations . This. . The Romanish system permits its popes. lastly. in plain words. and. the " ism. or pays men to teach. to in heavenly rights and liberties. in the sphere of his own correspondence does maintain and certain private moral busican free will. By a harness of iron and traces of steel. and the catalogue of saints. equally false exaggerations of the gods upon How can you sustain this assertion ? By the fact that both systems. Did gods 1 the doctrine of "duty" arise from the concession of rights to the phantom of Duty" stands ever near. the real creature is attached to the inquisitorial car of the fabulous Creator. Deplorably true is it that the individuality and sovereignty of men are almost irretrievably lost in these false exaggerations of the individuality and sovereignty Man first makes an all-absorbing Idol . It teaches each man to consider himself a centre of political privileges . then he puts into tradition that it (the Idol) existed from all eternity . its bishops.AND PENALTIES OF INDIVIDUALISM. can never feel free of debt. permits the universal diffusion of these rights. his convictions to his children . It seeks to impart propensities toward servility. religions. with upraised to lash. in prayer. succeeds in establishing a superstitious theory of And why ? Because his belief has crushed divine government. he forgets that he made it . being an improvement. of relations ness "profit on. these two systems of religion are predicated the Trinity. which participate more or less to common men. It takes from him the an of inward alone he can unon which power. its priests. he and loss" with the Divine Being.

or to hell. the monotalmost see the uniformity of imbecility. are alike in diminishing maii's individualism. JSTow. are not regarded as integral. Farmers. 1 Yes and the influence of Institutions is daily diminishing. some extent true that their position bestows upon them social independence. lie all the perThe rights which they theonicious mistakes of theologians. by the system of government which God has fit to adopt for the regulation of his creatures. Free will and liberties are lent to man.294 to QUESTIONS ON THE BENEFITS God. wealthy by picking cotton during a long life for an indolent I know of no religious system which conceives that planter. The barns and outhouses have no new departments. It is to for should instance. and where he on the part of the gods whether to will go. and to all popu- Hence it freely declareth itlar forms of religious worship. if I may so say. Man has gradually approached the centre of gravity and the times are pregnant with promise. as an experiment to see what he will do. the exponent and promoter of the interests of Humanity. In these conscientious variations. man has constitutional rights and integral liberties independent of all grants or privileges. which affirms man to be an organization of essences and eleis in ments imparting rights and liberties of their own direct antagonism to all systems of theology. by the use which he makes of them heaven. In every department of society we need more individualism. Man can never grow into true manhood under it no more than can a southern slave grow seen . ony be more individualized. from the line of Truth. . . is is now too much sameness . I affirm all this to be the most unwholesome form of theology. But is it not sad to behold the mental sameThe son laying stone-walls and digging ness throughout ? There irksome we ditches just as his father and grandfather did before him The same old plan of haymaking. logically concede to man. therefore. the Harinonial Philosophy trary character. but permitted only. lets or hindrances. that each may become a law unto hiraself. Cattle are kept through the seasons as ! they were a century ago. of an arbiAnd. Are declarations of individualism daily multiplying . self to be the friend of Truth . The treatment of lowlands is little .

" pronoun" cing pro and con" on prevailing things and ideas. and at heard no more. And we stand on the brink of a utilitarian improvement in the science of Ag- river of Progress rolls majestically before the " young farmer's vision." obedience to Physiological Clairvoyance has done much toward spreading man's faith in the philosophy Men and women. entering the field of Medi- reiterates this gospel Thereof getting well under the influence of simple remedies. the people is being daily taken from drug's. swings his own arms. better than riculture. the medical world ? . developed. yet the confidence of the mass of Yes and I will tell must come. why Although the troop of candidates for the regular profession is large. Now-and-then. thinks and writes his own thoughts. 295 yet. known of individual independence are unhave not had the womanhood or the " manhood' to make a declaration. one day concern the world more than the astrological science of curing Disease. Hence. the political institutions.* AND PENALTIES OF INDIVIDUALISM. editors beneath the hundreds of has crushed nism weight of party a man from there cometh restrictions. who holds up his head. Does individualism appear among periodicals ? editors of newspapers and conductors of Political antagoI can not give the most desirable answer. absorbing some of our best young men. and placed upon obedience to the Laws of Nature. are Each be. however. and must continue to : " Health consists in and Mental Laws. Who will be the Columbus of this new voyage ?" The general success of all European farmers the recent development of agricultural machinery the spirit of progress exhibited by "Western earth-workers all. is being. fixes a foundation for the realization of ambitious hopes in this direction. by indepenthe penalties to those who No . ? . and now comes the question. Have we also promises of more individualism it in. independently. publishes his own " Chronotype. is length Do people in general appreciate the penalties of individualism. when the The first farmer began. all manner of medical individualism cal Reform. that the Laws of much Health cherish will men may hope fore. Of course." or mounts his own " Tribune.

bids you to act ? "Why The cost. to defend his new docand before the Emperor.296 dence. manly. nor I you . No. and. But. he manfully aspresence serted that noble Sovereignty of Individuality and Reason . de- fiant opposition to established customs . and womanly perseverance in honor of the Spiritual Bight that a strict obedience to the highest idea lives and rules within of Truth that resides in your own soul regardless of all political institutions and ecclesiastical requisitions to the contra- Why judge ye not of yourselves what. which indicates a self-conceited and pugnaciotis character. opposed the doctrine of transubstantiation. mark the fact you can never respect your own nature on any less terms ! You can never honor your Father-God and Motherry- JHH^ : Nature by a less expensive existence. the Bohemian reformer ? volve in his own felt to be religious inlived nearly a century before Martin Luther. But. . and princes. altogether follow me. that is your Truth. my deepest and highest conviction. by the nobility. I know. He In your souls I stitution called the Council of Constance. in consequence. who can help admiring the individualism of John Huss. or the penalty ? That. is Right ? @H( not act as your soul. Your orbit. behold reverence for the Individual. and prelates of Germany. I mean a straightforward. to the other's benefit. for the Council. instead. . Out of the heavens a voice speaks to each individual soul : " Sell all tliou hast. was physically burned to death by order of an in- John Huss stood up against what he tolerance and error. nothing of this kind enters into my impressions of individual independence. in its highest mood. he responded in person a vast of assemblage of opponents. egotistic pride of being unlike others. On this principle. but each may retherefore. is heavy." I QUESTIONS ON THE BENEFITS * am not understood to mean a burly. in the trine. abhorrence only. and follow Truth!" But will you tell us what is Truth ? deepest and highest conviction. You can not. Was not Martin Luther another instance of individual protest against the authority of institutions ? Yes when Martin Luther was requested. swaggering. that is mine. nor yet am I apprehended to mean a foolish..

I take my stand . It is and of John Wesley. How the soul kindles with of hope. and Ralph Waldo Emerson how exalted above : Oh.AND PENALTIES OF INDIVIDUALISM. And yet we may not. ! 297 which Protestants now deplore in you and me He concluded his defence by saying " Let me. of veneration. But this is not worthy of a thought. conceding to each star (to each soul) a glory of its own. find ourselves in unison with them. of their souls to Institutions ! No calm mind can withhold from these men feelings of respect. and Theodore Parker. : for it is Here thing "borg neither safe nor expedient to act against conscience. by being true to our own orbits. as I have said. ? . . What would you say of these that his individualism challenges universal with similar emotions that I think of Sweden- men ? Of these men I might say vidualism which impresses many things. Henry troop 1 ! Ward Beecher. from the first. . Because. Are there not other examples of individualism. and my reason for forbearing is. it contemplates the Individuality of such as William Lloyd Garrifires What son and Wendell Phillips. that " saints" have. But it is their indime deepest the manifest superiority . then. so help me God !" is However much men certain feel to differ from Luther. Yes the there are many more. 'advocated Institutions (the des! Institutions do these minds sometimes appear : potism of arbitrary laws). of Charles Fourier and of Robert Owen. when. George Combe. I could almost consent to call these independent persons "saints" but I forbear yes. in the midst of Institutions. of William Ellery Channing. one homage. be refuted and convinced by the clearest arguments otherwise I can not and will not recant : . Thomas to emerge Caiiyle. in opposition to the Rights of Individual Man ! Will unimaginative and utilitarian minds practise individualism without first calculating the wordly penalties 1 Merchants stop with the question of " profit I think not. individualism brings 110 inevitable antagonism merely an honorable difference . of John Murray and of George Fox. of Lucretia Mott and Lucy Stone These typify a greater individualism do these exhibit from Institutions. I can do no otherwise.

These are bows of promise for you and I. in the it cost to tell the Truth Will the " greater works" than earthy ideal now prognosticates. a Huss and a Howard. But the of the alembic Reason vessels through through receptive must flow every Truth. all men feel an inward people :" . for greater works than these shall ye do !" The hearty Hibernian uttered this truth when he jovially exclaimed " Mind yer eye (I). the flour-speculator. : : prophecy of this fact. own Experience subservient. also. who will follow Truth ? Will the wine-merchant. are all his own. will remain with Yes each one is of progressive development to determine. and profoundest principles. leave the business. to teach that individualism is Do you mean . to the Serf and Emperor. which a principle can possibly embrace. every other must come. and every of man's consciousness the Law Each. the lawyer.298 QUESTIONS ON THE BENEFITS loss :" ? and vortex of business. what would you say ? If I were to speak as a merchant. in the universe The exact point eventually fact of time when each person " will be better. when persuaded that his occupation is wrong. or the clergyman." Perhaps. the earth beneath. should have his own Life To man's mind everything his own Truth. an innate inheritance ? an eternal FACT and to it. I would say. will Where is the man. all ye children of earth. will any one of these. boys for one man's good as another. is . that it will never " pay" to resign or neglect the centristantial fact of the soul. assert the soul's supremacy. the physician. and even more they seem to say: " Be faithful. The heavens above. genial ? Oh. leave his occupation ? Not at all. Fact. even when convinced that his merchandise is bad for man." and . his own Liberty his therefore. Why not ? Because it costs too many dollars. in trade how much per annum. are human possibilities. to the Jew and Gentile. Each man and each woman occupies an original position in the scale of life. and betther too. To the Turk and Christian. and do something more conI fear not because the penalty is too severe. what shall a man give in exchange for his soul ? : If you were to consider this question like a merchant. There are no " common intrinsically a Plato and a Paul. the stock-broker.

miserable Suppose the mythological gods to be almighty supdoes might make Eight ? The pose they possess all powers He can not change. The gods command ." man can not The idea that the gods are lawless. enjoy individual liberties. as I have shown. in popular creeds and institutions. the two systems assert the same dogma. is monocratic. What have sectarians said about rights and liberties ? The time hath been. and thus logically demonstrate that all rights remain with the gods to man. of his vicegerents Need I ism? further explain the restriction which all this imposes on individual- Yes while there remains. with few exceptions. timid. to escape the blame of being accessory to the torment of the wicked. that influences are now being exerted. is every way injurious. Free Agency is part of a religious Drama an alleged scheme. ideas so utterly hostile to the " Rights of Man. save the pope. It serves to make man a weak. when sectarians believed that none on earth had rights and Our liberties. The Central Power of this Universe is eternally amenable slave! : . the king. held to these opinions. obligations to the gods. but a Roman Catholic idea a little more tenderly stated ? same thing. because more powerful than we. Most graceful do I feel for the power to realize the fact. This doctrine is theocratic. on the part of : gods. By the Church system. superstitious. to the Slave and Master liberties will 299 to each of these. assert the all-mightiness of God. and priest. viz. ancestors. but democratic All Christian institutions have somewhat to unlearn on this subject. I know this in the depth of spirit ual wisdom. In essence. is aristocratic. and man should obey. and it is not gone by. Protestant clergymen. a category of duties. . true idea of Father-God is very different. the bishop. is ! and republican everything. man is still denied the ownership of any constitutional liberties. that the people have no rights only duties What is this It is the : . all rights and all come at last.AND PENALTIES OP INDIVIDUALISM. for the amelioration of our universal race and the establishment of individual Eights and Liberties. especially those who lived prior to the protestation of Luther. on all sides. through obedience to the commandments to the dignitaries of the Church.

by way of encourage- ment? men take courage. saith Humanity. I grant . of any country. as they than themselves now are fleeting reflections of the imitator of others less developed images of antiquity automatic followers of some particular age or personage." Humanity is not greater than Father-God. that pay" to teach this modern doctrine of personal emancipation to teach a religion so inexpensive as The well-meaning : Hence they meet us. followers of any one man. at the very threshold of with a " Thus said the Lord. com" it don't mercially. as to the unchangeable Laws of Truth. Individual. it is the broadest and truest exponent of His word and works. But one Man will put ten thousand such and the victory will be sure and speedy. The few will profoundly respect and fight for it while the many will side with institutionalism. This idea repudiates all arbitrary religion and thus. the penalty is heavy if he goes counThese laws are more important to your ter to their demands. creeds. will develop each one's innate character differently.300 as BENEFITS AND PENALTIES OF INDIVIDUALISM:. individualism. of Humanity. do Nay codes. nevertheless. like a mighty despotic saurian-lizzard of primeval origin. : These laws are righteous adapted to the development of the whole man and. welfare not doubt In all soberness I or churches. each man would become A MAN: and each woman A WOMAN not the mere things of : ! custom. Under these conditions. You will be summoned to the field of battle. The long midnight age of is fast departing. it will struggle desperately Yes . except for a brief period. utilitarian clergy of America think. Will you not utter a few practical additional words. Love. : . Liberty. but harmoniously. unlike any theology. Why not ? Because no one can feel and supply the wants of all Bach man comes into being with a code of immutable laws. combinations But." But I say " Thus this subject. liberates the much you and I : Justice. some day. Faithful obedience to these laws tell you the simple Truth. Wisdom. on the side to flight It is impossible to make all. . The individualism of man is to be resurrected. let all before it dies. are more divine than all the external bibles.

is retard the progress of liberty mighty for the Right. Individuals hare at long intervals openly rebelled against institutional arrogance and despotism but. by quisitorial aids of tyranny and the sleeps guillotine. racks. fagots. : What are the terms with which the world designates the friends ? and enemies of institutions " Pharisees" Supporters of venerable institutions are called " " conservatives . are stigmatized as " abandoned heretics and godless infidels. the ceremony . dungeons.QUESTIONS ON THE BENEFITS AND PENALTIES OF ffiSTlTDTIONALISM. ascend we vidual rebels lived after them." Institutions and Aristocracy were married long ago . in due time. THE terrific conflict between man and institutions." Friends. has con- tinued for ages. Ignorance may but Nature. through discord viz. never lies . on the other hand. the reformers of institutionalism." opposers are called radicals" and and " fanatics. Men have yet a valuable lesson to learn that all penalties are benefits : that. to harmony." Men who lend their money and influence to susare termed " the friends of law and order :" tain institutions." the friends of Human " in marked down are Rights history as conspirators. spirit of these indi- The spirit of Liberty never on the dungeon's floor. the " rebels" were soon struck down and silenced the in. " of institutions are called loyalists . But the revolutionary prisons.

working men. popes. ? The chief end of man. the priests Individualism and Harmonialism are also was solemnized by two Mosaic second ture's is . the religion of Manhood. individualworks. then. on the contrary. Institutionalism goes to heaven by faith . be an act of supererogation. have but one course to pursue against Institutions^ and take the penalties. Governments are made to defend the rich . dwells in churches. to maintain power. priests. . and to subjugate the poor. Individuals. are made. To attempt to glorify the is to bless and elevate Humanity. from babyhood to the tomb. Is institutionalism father of churches and governments ? there are already hundreds of thousands of churches dedicated to the gods . hewers of wood. Power. but there are not ten consecrated to Yes . on the side perors. You gifts 1 said that institutionalism serves the gods : have gods any need of human must slaves work. on earth. and minds who perform their own thinking. working women. emLiberty. He can add glory and splendor to his kind this. Kentucky. a rich man's son was recently freed from the gallows. the other ism. One serves theology and the gods . in the presence of Nathe first is Reason. to rebel namely therefore. drawers of water. the serf. by . in palaces. by the strong. lives in honest heads and courageous hearts. In Louisville.302 QUESTIONS ON THE BENEFITS the first is Pride. is his field of action. Such would be Indiit : Far from to make rich masters richer : . anthropology and mankind. through the power of " money . Institutionalism . and orthodox clergymen of human Liberty you behold the slave. Mankind. in opulent families individualism. while almost every month we hear of the dignity of the law" being vindicated by the formal strangulation of Institutions friendless persons for crimes far less aggravating. fishermen. would the Trinity gods Can man add anything to the glory of gods ? Can man impart new splendor to the heavens ? Nay man should only attempt possibilities. married they wedded each the other. the second is two prime ministers side institutions On the of you behold all kings. vidualism.

and in The they plunge. Will you briefly reconsider the influence of institutions 303 upon character 1 the power of institutions. fed gruel with the silver-spoon of Aristocracy. over the liberties and ter. not from the mountain's top. with certain predisposed secondary characters. on the con! hath the blood of the trary.AND PENALTIES OP INSTITUTION ALISM. But heed him not not from the open field. Therefrom because. all laws are really subject to the will of the world. not man for institutions. in the midst Yes of a magnetism so energetic. less than Man Governments and religions are his mind they emanated. is like some fair crystal river. We need to practise the gospel of self-governThe conservative may cry aloud for the safety and His voice cometh sanctity of Institutions. In fact. him know it. his cries proceedeth from the wilderness of crime and marshes of despotism. another will let ment. No Humanity's man. which are tenfold more dangerous than the everglades of Florida. The roar of Revolution disturbs the opium-eater. declareth that institutions were made for people in him. priest. the tide is willingly in its enticing bosom. the attractive power of popular institutions is irresistible. unless individual man declareth himself independent of all politi- cal and ecclesiastical Institutions. and sung to sleep in the lap of Opulence. should one man transcend his boundaries. popular. and manifest their divine character. Far ! from it. . Bach man is a prophet. Are you not opening mischievous liberties to individuals 1 No one need fear the sovereignty of individualism . He He man . is not the man for Humanity. They lose themselves It looks smooth. in which melancholy pilgrims drown themselves. Few can characteristics tiary withstand the popularity of their despotism. is tremendous. and king. is always born in a manger. To many persons. rocked in the cradle of Popularity. Niagara of Reformation is too fearful for the navigator of inland rivers. Hark ye! American Republicanism will be transformed into Tyranny. For. Few can maintain manhood. He who unfortunately has been nursed by the hand-maid of Institutions. of individuals. the right of each to act in accordance with his highest Intuitions. On the contrary. popularity to the majority of minds. fore.

it . more than those of any other country. her children. not defended and protected by the legal or religious institutions of America. demand something more than a patronizing spirit of toleration: because. urbanity." Convention was. also. her garments. I repeat we have no absolute Liberty among us. Do you mean Verily . to affirm. permitted. are American . yet. that both. It is also true that independence of mind and speech. that in this.304 QUESTIONS ON THE BENEFITS you not believe that Do country. . her rights. so. human speech and not to any real love of Liberty as a That convention was action. suffered. there is no security for individual freedom under circumstances so superficial and temporary. were not legally apprehended. her liberties. nevertheless. and to speak freely is not yet established. is not encouraged but Men think and speak as yet on suffergenerally denounced." But here is the mistake her liberty is not real. are looking toward Freedom. " fined one hundred dollars. look toward American and politics American institutions. stitutions are antagonistic to individual freedom ? and the same is true of our American Church. only has she determined to assert her Rights. I urge the proposition. Yea. He owns her person. denounced as " illegal" by several If the speakers at that memorable convention conservatives. and sent to jail. becoming more and more individuNot alized. is now resolved to rebel against our institutions. is and civility it is secured mainly through affecbut a defence of the weak by our political in the strong. as in every other respect. what I term " The Hartford Bible the gods usually called the Trinity. the laws of the institutions are against her individuality. more than those of any other Freedom ? churchianity is too despotic . Yes . it is true. . But woman. the wife is the husband's property. therefore. The Conservative says : " Woman : has now as much liberty as man." the fact was owing to a spirit of toleration pervading the community principle of . On the Connecticut Statute-Book is a law against freely discussing. that the right to think ance. The wife is tolerated or suffered to do nearly as she pleases . Her liberty is not a matter of principle tion. It . tolerated . According to our institutions. but she has resolved to step forward and take them. We as I have already said. it.

the absolute tyranny of institutionalism. have outgrown northern as second. the back to his master . the Saint. without perceiving that in every act its aim has been to crush human liberty. opposition to all principle. But good has come out of it And yet. It was not Love of Liberty that originally separated State and Church it was the anger of Henry VIII. and that he shall rule over . far from it . (says that great political economist and faithful historian. because the Pope would not divorce him from his then wife. has ever been the first and last aim of the church. and laws more liberal and just are gradually be"To smother its grand adversary. Liberty 'ing developed." composed concerning a political party. under pretext of piety. because they make necessity" because a mass. I am fully aware that the Papal power in America is daily developing into prodigious 20 . the people are not politically free. her. called the "Know-Nothings" chiefly of native-born American citizens : what are your impressions it ? The paramount and governing party. that the church meddles not with political action. Now. people. the doings of its conventions. our political institulegislation : ! would not contradict popular ecclesiastical enactments. the State responds " Amen." and institutes legal provisBut humanity is somewhat resurrected in ions accordingly. and to found a tyrannical despotism There is civil and religious." the State responds "Amen." ing to providential decrees the State responds sent slave The Church says that Paul.AND PENALTIES OF INSTITUTIONALISM. was not wholly owing to the love of Liberty among 305 priests. Guizot). That is to say. is. of this directed princiforeign influence and Irish the Roman It Catholics. The Church says that Masters and Servants are proper accordtions " Amen. of England . this respect. its laws and canons." and institutes a " the desires of Fugitive Slave Law. they endorse individual liberty in " a virtue of first. recently organized. or policy. or to make laws for the American people. because the priests love to have it so . No man can read its history. The overthrow of freedom is its mission and its hope. The Church asserts that the wife shall be unto her husband. refuses to them pally against the right to hold public positions as officers. Catharine of Aragon.

although Roman Catholics and Harmonial Philosophers are absolutely opposite to each other in most questions. cally despotic. But you ask Do you not look at the consequences acy of Papal power in America ? the results of the spread and suprem- With is the question of consequences I have nothing. -to become a Know-Nothing. notwithstanding all this and much more. on the If Native influence contrary. and tyranny. and prejudice. How so ? Because. and prejudice. the votes of power by securing. the Hards political papers this And many Doughfaces and Emptyheads. yet. pursued. might. potism. persecute and prostrate Harmonial Philosophers. is politically and ecclesiastiis am And It is Institutionalism against Individualism. QUESTIONS ON THE BENEFITS encourage the spread of or endeavoring to secure. I feel insecure yea. against tyranny. Catholic system. therefore. in the next fifteen years. and Softs. its very important to the election of faalso aware that the genius of the real do only with the Principle. the Irish vote I vorite candidates. the simply. can prosper only by Liberty. Liberty. and other appropriately-named parties.306 strength. and if the American character is made to endorse it. Native Americanism is a home despotism organized to put down a foreign desIt is. and force. The same Results can not be wrong when Right political spirit that would persecute and prostrate Catholics in this country. force. who can tell when another I could not consent party will not arise to put down the Harmonial Philosophy ? In a country where the Principle of Liberty is not fully admitted and proclaimed. yet do they harmonize in their opposition to the Protestant systems of religious quackery . the Irish population. uncertain of the Rights of my Individualism. and they also agree to make the charge that American politics are fearfully destitute of the principles of distributive Justice and universal Liberty What plan would you potism ? suggest whereby to prevent political and religious des- The only certain plan whereby to prevent the establishment . puts down Catholic influence by force. Why not? Because I can not oppose error with error. still worse. studiously avoid every word that could be construed into opposition to Roman Catholicity because. The Whigs and Democrats.

Jews. All faith in a miraculous. Bartholomew. Institution that presented and accomplished the dia- " saint" to still that I refused "to prefix the word name of Thomas Paine ? It was an Institution that established " the office of the Holy Inquisition. must become the rule of faith and practice. and founded. Catholicity would then die American Theology and Roman never to breathe again. it is somewhat like the Chinese Will you point to some examples of institutional wrong ? Examples are too numerous. prescribed. or religious. which caused the slaughter of four thousand children within the precincts of Bethlehem. Spain. It was an Institution. It was authorized by the Roman power. arbitrary. or by the authority of individuals. The Individual is never encouraged to grow and expand. according to our best definition. under the direction of It the Great." when in one day more than forty-five thousand perDo sons were slain in Paris and the provinces of France. established by law. in Italy. must be carefully removed. and put in practical operation. called a conspirator. The indescribable tortures of the victims of that Holy (!) Institution their piteous cries . the religion of Justice in the soul of each.AND PENALTIES OP INSTITUTIONALISM. save There he must stop. for the promotion of any given object. what an Institution 1 An Institution. Thus. is an estab- lishment appointed. and -take the penalties. or the laws of the Medes The popular idea of an Institution is. and placed upon Father-God and Mother-Nature. social. we speak of the established institutions of and Persians." for the systematic you wonder the extirpation of infidels. Moses or Lycurgus. never to is know a resurrection to ! According your definition. Hence. an organ- ized society. is this a universal education of our people to revere and to practise the principles of Absolute Individual Liberty. or be to the circumference of the circle. political. and Portugal. and other heretics. Herod was an bolical deeds of cruelty termed the " Massacre of St. : 307 of political and ecclesiastical despotism. a rebel. The inner Light. by authority intended to be permanent. despotic Revelation. can not but be seen that an Institution a stupendous and systemWall atic effort to keep individuals permanently within or without.

An Emperor's really He sees no tertiary character is cynical in some particulars. tions of justice -are huge and arbitrary . There the sable brother has no right to his body. religious re- and brothers tution is all. is fashioned by his circumstances. too. loving from Institutions. and jugates other nations. carry the purse. He is . to provide the Church with rich and nuHe considers himself as much an " agent" for the Almighty as any New-England teacher of the faith once merous adherents. . belong to the Institution. His moral organization. his sisters sults Slavery of every description social. His concepnevertheless." consolidated into adamantine strength. the Despot is as conscientious superstitious. laden with admowith portentous warnings -saying: "We beseech you. who. the openly or secretly bad is everywhere manifested. that you arise in wisdom against the despoIt was an Institution that crucified the tism of Institutions !" All Wars are outbirths of Institutions. good thing in man . and springing from an idea of universal distribution of rights. The Musselected the Czar of Russia to act the part of Despot. What ! an unutterable misfortune it is to be born within the precincts of such a political and spiritual pestilence What may be said of Russian Institutionalism ? It was an Institution which. amid millions of human beings. Is the Russian yet he treats his immediate Emperor inclined to religion 1 Almost every Russian despot has been actuated by a peculiar reverence for the sacred institutions of God. under the heavens of the sunny South. even when he entraps and subof Deity. no right to his soul: his wife. And this Insti- the property of the few. He thinks the Greek Church to be the especial emporium of the designs In this particular. Nazarene. There is a " peculiar Institution. is doing God a genuine service. because.308 for help QUESTIONS ON THE BENEFITS nitions come to us even unto this day. and therefore the power. as any orthodox clergyman in the United For he is fully " persuaded in his own mind" that he States. political. owing to the mere accident of birth. see to it. owing to his usurpations. not fine. covite Autocrat is himself an Individual. not certain of anything human associates with great respect. his little ones.

his love of is power makes unforgiving. He is enough that suspicion of human nature is inevitable. I see a man who is an instrument. while I scheme. And gorge their appetite. tends to render him cruel. Everything is done over his shoulder. with istics all his character- taken in combination. Who have some lordly sway. turn land and sea In deceit Into a stage for drama treacherous. His hereditary and acquired characters compel him to be a worshipper of power. : character. is unable to form a clear and steady belief in the intrinsic goodness of any IndiI might say skepticism This silent conviction vidual. The beasts and fish. that he should place himself at the head of Church and State. the and believe himself to spiritual legal head of superstitious him His moral organization so constituted. in the hands of confederated diplomatists. Therefore do I Stand up in Nature's centre. absolute. He can not consent to be weak enough to pardons an enemy . indignantly. His firmness in this direction is unwavering and indomitable. It is right and essential to order." "When I view an Emperor altogether. Do pride Emperors usually possess strong heroic feelings ? The Russian ruler's is love of country is strong. He studies hard to out-general the world. or circumstance. but his national weaker far than his pride of power.AND PENALTIES OF INSTITDTIONALISM. Whose plot the Almighty laid. the kingly birds With cruel art on weaker ones descend. and gives him a reputation . The spider plots his living and in the air. . Are traitors all. He firmly and conscientiously believes that he has a " mission" to fulfil. ' 309 delivered to the Saints. it sometimes seems that " To his acquired Deception is the warp and thread of being The sky is fickle. therefore. an Institutional Autocrat is morbidly He prays to extend his dominions. steadily. and the elements . a God-made Institution his nature. He thinks strongly. his power and ambitious. despotic. government. and my foot feels : Her heart beat. in his opinion. What effect does this produce upon him ? TMs flatters Ms love of power. In this respect.

. "With the populace this policy operates like magic. he devoutly kisses the archbishop's hands. moved by is the conviction that he its to spread the Muscovite is designed over territories government Russia moved by chief toward the East. He it all acknowledge it in his nation is . that he affirmed them to be superior : to the most civilized nations whom he spurned to copy or imi- From strangers the Emperor would tate in any particular. a sacred mis- acts upon him and his chief officers and ministers as " Eastpowerfully as ever a superstition influenced any mind.310 QUESTIONS ON THE BENEFITS for great skill and courage. pies extremely well. The Emperor is fully convinced that there can be no permanent power in a country where the people are permitted to act out He feels that Pope and King their depraved private wills. a devout priest. He makes the ecclesiastical patriarchs and bishops swear unequivocal allegiance and obedience to himself. Nicholas. To all outward seeming. he enjoys the position he occuThe present Emperor's father. Actuated by his acquired skepticism in regard to the tendencies of human nature. and displays other evidences of religious reverence and submission. had so much pride in the sagacity and diplomacy of his public officers and chief nobles. There is something anomknows alous in the character of this Emperor. organized and maintained at incalculable expense and ceremony. ern powers must become Russian!" This is the watchword. as an individual. when meeting the higher clergy in public. only religion and intellect meet in one organization. They behold the agents of God. consent to learn or borrow seldom. for the sake of the people. yet. the Emperor aspires to be a conscientious a despot from the Christian. The idea sion of Heaven's decree a religious duty. he watches this focal concentration of ecclesiastical and political power as jealously And you can not as did Othello the virtue of Desdeinona. ? What seems to be the religious belief of the Russian Emperor is The Emperor by God of the heathen. which he seldom really works to earn hence. force of religious necessity a chief ruler among the nations. Church and State are both beneath his governmental regulations. as exist in one should man. master he but he never claims such absolute prerogative or control. a careful king .

tides of popularity ! swim against the ously against and in the But how difficult to The waves dash furi- roll over you. I can. . of every despotic institution is headed with damned 1" And the head and front of our offending a personal remonstrance. so though employing other motives as prebe sure that he will spring his plans when and least expected. superstitious. and the Czar gets all the praise and condemnation. exert upon the inhabitants ? the institutionalism of Russia. Institutionalism. I think. You must have a confidence Truth else you will sink beneath the surface of Institutions. He would be somewhat skilful in managing a conquest bold. with. What effect does Russian. The Russian ministers. as a class. and ambitious of religious in his wars. are excessively proud. out of the idea that he should make war upon heathen nations. or be is. actuated and man. and convert them and their possessions to the saving ordinances and government of the Greek Church. firm. withal. He his will is supreme. and some valuable education is bestowed upon the ignorant and stultified peasantry. 311 persuade him. mind acts clearly decrees. And there is no more freedom to no greater civilization possible in Russia until Individualism is be expected in the empire of Nicholas recognised. you may where they are power and being.AND PENALTIES OF INSTITUTIONALISM. texts. bound together by absurd religious convictions. are more fond of Under triumph and subjugation than the Emperor himself. They do much toward bringing about pretexts for making war upon the East . combative. as a as class. serfs. The a The Czar. hopeful. a subject as well as The nobles. are exceeding submissive. All are and is ambitious. his intellectual and moral organism. see no escape for the serfs. Emperor. courageous. and become food for reptiles that crawl on their blood- stained foundations. But his will coincides with is master the legislation or suggestion of his chief nobles and public officials . What " is the heading of every despotic institution ? The programme Believe. He is enough in coloring and shaping all plans and a victim as well as King . and yet it must be seen that the Emperor's own peculiar .

realize. to its smarting. he puts up a liberty. the Hungarian. the Institutions deprived him of individual Here. and The freemen of the North he was the friend of Liberty. black And so it was that men condemned his apostacy. dividualism he could not. twinging. supporter yet advocated American Slavery. he denounced the here. At hence.. Doing wrong by right divine. Nevertheless. and virtue. home. of Brothers But now we declare ourselves a " free and independent" race EACH A LAW UNTO HIMSELF. That the Church was lord of conscience Arbiter of mine and thine . by hereditary descent and generative blood victim of Institutionalism. from his early youth he was a yea. . Poe of magistrate and King . perhaps can not. they Can- wrote to not forget that. and live And that all who differed from them It was eiTor to forgive!" . cer.. a victim. Slavery. burning. Institutions shall : and.1 fraternize with and compassionate John Mitchel. That whatever priests commanded. when we say this. Institutions . which he added Mitchel. the Russian oppressed African. and still is. No one could reject. and law. he manfully rebelled But the grandeur of Inagainst certain political restrictions. You probably remember a certain son of Erin who opposed the rigid Institutions of England. serf we speak for all the Nations not for ever bind us ! Can you illustrate the influence of institutions apon character ? I have already done so. in the South. a fugitive from British tyranny. real Liberty he had not known still feels not. we speak for the the Italian. It were better had he remained the voice in favor of slavery. But let us while.312 QUESTIONS ON THE BENEFITS " Once we thought that Kings were holy. I all the more repudiate the Institutions of which he has been. were astonished. Perhaps. " Once we thought that sacred Freedom "Was a cursed and tainted thing IToe of peace. The North could not easily bear the sting friend of Freedom. At of the home. Therefore. Because of John render him infamous.

out of human necessity. "with every American revolution earthquake would result in better in better atmospheric combinations." and elevates by so strong each of our its common I wound. War and Rapine.AND PENALTIES OF INSTITUTION ALISM. comes development. we tue ." it is the " foe of magisnot less the friend of " peace and vir- While Liberty is benign influence. they will venerate the god of god But the Individualism of Mankind will of Love and Wisdom. and Anarchy. But we are Progressive That exWe from to alteration go plains enough. What was the first kind. An Hence. this difference. each will move by the light of Reason. his passions At first. trate and King. each considered might as right at last. They prophesy that the people will one day overthrow the foundations of our government. Governments procreate and reproduce themselves they come The first human government in the natural course of things. and they will ascend from bad to better. . But is there not a philosophy in Government ? . was like an acorn. at last stand out even more absolutely against Institutions than esteem right as might. . . that each individual at first was actuated by at last. marked the pathway of mankind. and progresses by means of multi? form of government government was Anarchy that is. The last will be even so with at all. no government This was the germ." as upon the rounds of a ladder. and "Wrath !" 313 But now we think that prevent all true individual freedom will for ever these evils. so attractive and race. That the vile and rampant passion Ever followed in her path Xotst and Plunder. When it was planted. geographical conditions Let a people practically believe in Progression. . the people worshipped the and Power Wealth at last. then began the historical series of Institutions which have The last shall be as the but infinitely superior in degree its : even so every acorn reproduces plication. only to heal. At first. The Tyrants of the Old World still regard our Republic as an experiment. improvement . Tears. each will The first . first in quality. "from evil educing good.

and so. fourth form in which the supreme Monarchy. each tribe had its own Father. He had but to say. a higher plane. Innumerable troubles arose among neighboring tribes . really had everything his own and his way. But the soul was then unable to practise Individualism upon. Now. America is not a Democracy it is Republican. Monarchy is a government power is lodged in the hands of a single 1 What is the fifth form of government The fifth form is Republicanism. This is a form of government in which majorities rule. The strong began to oppress the weak. but Force. an approach to it. The sovereign power is lodged by the people in their representatives. being anarchical. It will secure the We . in Greece. "What was the second form of government ? The second form was Patriarchal. were unhesitatingly obeyed. however. QUESTIONS ON THE BENEFITS The Anarchy of the first days Anarchy of the last days will be was Confusion the Harmony. is the power of the people to legislate for : themselves. It is superior to Republicanism. aspire after a Democratic form of government. I am led to affirm that a real democratic form of government has never as yet been deThe government of Athens. What is the sixth form of is government ? The sixth form Democracy. came another form of government. "Thus saith the Lord" commands. The first form of . good or evil. Republicanism invests : representatives with all the power of legislation Democracy. on the other hand. "What is a people by the supposed immediate direction of God. A Theocracy means the government of a theocratic government 1 What is the fourth form of government 1 is The person. Not Love. Democracy is an institution in which the supreme power is lodged in the hands of the people. government. The priest. The Israelites furnish an example. forced every person to rely upon his own centre of strength. But this form gradually changed into Theocracy. was veloped on earth. was manifested.314 at first. who was arbiter and absolute governor. from the bosom of Necessity.

on principles set forth in the twelve commandments. trolled. to Tyrants. the rights of Free-laborers . realize how this doctrine seems to a timid conservative ? Yes I am who well aware that. to Kings. to-day no obvious ground upon which to rest such and we will not spend our time in useless argu. They fear that Confusion will be worse confounded." They would preach against Individualism. a sovereign. The last shall be as the first. grants unreservedly to Fathers. which Patriarchalism. Yet grant.AND PENALTIES OP INSTITUTIONALISM. 315 rights of Workingmen . holds and exercises the powers of regulation by inherent right subject to no restriction. all Anarchy. to Popes. What will be the seventh form of government ? be Autocracy. The people are governed too much. Do those you . What . exercising equal justice. Progressives as we are. we declare ourselves openly in favor of no government. to Emperors. But even this form of government is too formal for Humanity. They will rebel. the rights of "Woman . They "will gradually become ungovernable. which supreme individual sovereignty which Theocracy. Monarchy. to a timid conservative. unlimited right of governing in a single person. for a moment. this bears the impress of Original But suppose the American Union were dissolved ? There is a supposition mentation. They will demand at each other's hands absolute. uncon- The seventh form will ! . the rights of the Slave . your supposition. Hence. and to breathe in the atmosphere of Institutionalism. Yes. as blooming Summer comes out of rigid Winter. But I tell you that Individualism will eventually develop out of Democracy just as Republicanism was developed out of Monarchy naturally. The Anarchy of the first must come out at last in the Individualism of refined and civilized man. as Tyrants protest against Bepublicanism. And each Autocrat will be a power. An Autocratic form of government is that in which a ruler. THIS is PERFECT INDIVIDUALISM independent or absolute power of self-government supreme. Such minds would urge me to " beware of extreme radicalism. the rights of Children. each person will become an Autocrat.

a greater. that even harmony from discord war is at last to benefit Humanity. Notwithstanding which. then. and expanding. will the Union decompose like a dead body then. an immediate reorganiza- with a no better Constitution. explicitly. of justice. and a : All this oratorical flourish about the disjuster Constitution. But this idea is found to be imperfect. solution of our Union is useful. and only then. let us recall the principle that all penalties are benefits. posed the growth of Humanity or be damned !" yet. Although it is true that they have long ophave always said. as well as all phases of bondage and slavery. our government is based upon an idea dantly. There is a Father-God in the constitution even so is of Mother-Nature. the greater. will the newer. The crushed rose emits a sweeter fragrance : obstructed and arrested Liberty gaining strength and righteousness. toward hasten- ing the national decomposition of arbitrary forms of InstituMost tionalism. and universalizing the Soul of the American people . and the juster soul. however. be clothed upon with a newer.3l6 QUESTIONS ON THE BENEFITS ? "would be the result tion. because it moves the people. too. also. until the soul of this Nation outgrows its political fundamentals. would result in disclosing to himself his The weeds would grow all the more abun- That is to say. My reply is. unshaken. something. . " Believe. When a higher idea of justice gets into the American people. the government will remain strong. and compels many to look into the philosophy of government. do you How know this ? From tion. What good can you accomplish by teaching the doctrine of Individualism if I urge you to acIf I teach the doctrine of Autocracy I do someIndividualism and live out the of principles cept '? thing toward elevating. who bringeth good out of seeming evil so positively and surely. unaltered. the fact that neither the character nor the soul of the the American people has outgrown form of its present Institu- by If a farmer should attempt to destroy poisonous weeds the roots still remaining firm in cutting off their leaves his efforts the earth own ignorance. I acknowledge a certain transitional good in Institutions.

And the account in heaven be treasured. That must with other minds be measured Self must direct. on this principle. Whose motives have their God offended. neighbor say if I or that. and self control. is natural to . Mind is not worth a feather's weight . on the contrary. will resemble solar bodies each revolving in its own orbit and a happiness to all men. . which never veereth. desirable as transitional means of at once an honor to Father-God ber Individual development.. Popular Institutions are made from outside influences supported by legal enactments infringing upon the liberties of No upon the law of . Benevolent. His conscience swayed by " dominion. in all stages of growth. growth viz. are. " That man is brave who braves the world. Humanitarian institutions. and Educational Associations." . or t' other V neighbor is most sure a foe If he prove not a helping brother. " The Is Man was not made for forms. but forms for man. large minorities. based Spiritual Attraction ha. and absolutely necessary to that man. Industrial. "Fear never sways a manly soul For honest hearts 't was ne'er intended : They. Who keeps that guiding star in view A conscience clear. Attractive. remem- veriest lie coward upon earth fears the world's opinion its who "Who acts with reference to its will. have cause to fear.ving no bond of union except the Affinity of Love and the Unanimity of '-Wisdom. the Institution of THE GREAT HARMONIUM. Can Individualism exist independently of all Association ? 317 there is a degree of Institution alism which. " ' What will my Should A this attempt.AND PENALTIES OF INSTITUTIONALISM. only they. When o'er Life's sea his bark he steereth.


in any of these interviews. to examine this public man will be comhe is. that. our Countrymen are All Mankind" published every Friday morning.A PSTCHOMETEICAL EXAMINATION OF WILLIAM LLOYD GARRISON. respecting this Of course there to discern is sufficient skep- give both the friends of the doubt. ticism. ." power and foes of character. I have had no real opportunity to obtain a correct external knowledge of this indestructible Garrison. a with special desire to investigate for myself the incoupled trinsic nature of the gentleman I yesterday procured a lock known WILLIAM LLOYD GARRISON. to this gentleman " the benefit human As yet. I propose to devote a few hours to the psychometrical examination of a certain notorious and cele- FOR Moved by this self-made proposition brated character. and not as he or others may think he is paratively an easy matter." a weekly paper devoted to " Our the advocacy of unconditional freedom. to * This examination was made two years ago . since which I have spent several useful hours in -his presence. With this hair I expect to throw my mind so clearly into clairto see him just as voyance. with this motto of hair from the head of Country is the World. but nothing has ever occurred. Massachusetts. the world's sake. in Boston.* I have met and passed friendly words with him on several occasions . the welleditor of the "Liberator.

as if hammering his thoughts into the mental fabric His countenance is strikingly indicative of of the people. quickest to way for me to arrive at this desirable knowledge. sation. the insidious ing operations of disease. it is neither system is evenly balanced and well developed too large nor too small sufficiently full of strong.320 let A PSYCHOMETKICAL EXAMINATION " of his constitution. which brain liant during. with his right arm. associated with a nervous organization. en. the force of atmospherical changes . socially ." Now. presence walks. is make an examination of his primary. and. the property of the people. the caused : . His friends have never given me any description of him. as he is to tiary characteristics in the manner proposed some extent. in my opinion. With the into the " real reality I am familiar. secondary. . I propose to investigate him objectively . r r proceed. When before an audience. straightforward. in these words " I want you to know Garrison I think you will like him and I want him to know you. I will make my impressions publicly known as fast as I obtain them. whole. has and manliness. genuine. muscular fibre. his manner is upright and downright he is constitution. he teaches with the same manners you see him gesturing. . morally. an organism very capable of withstandgiving. glorious . His is fine material. emphatic. I have character heard his of estimate public and read opinions of him at which niy soul revolted . a vast quantity of composed of His personal carefully-graduated corporeal and mental labor. there stands the same : man ment to whatever is inherent. which me me to wish never to meet with so wicked a man. to . intellectually. When he breadth. remarkably active and brilas . in relation to the world. vital. and as an individual. and will sustain for a long time. Let us now The following were my His physical Impressions when viewing him objectively. and ter. chastity. there goes a man with an object before him with someahead to be When he stands in converthing accomplished. elastic. The only definite thing I ever received from any one respecting him was said to me by a very ardent friend of his. . is naturally steady and firm. unchangeable earnestness . earnest. precise. shows an attachally graceful. without impetuosity. but very sensitive.

ing the idea of having a " local habitation" of his own yet. with adults than children more mental than physical. 21 . him In his family and when socially. He appears like a person fond of personal refinements and quietude . is seldom betrayed into their use in common conversation . as if nothing had occurred while the mouth is earnestly but familiarly engaged . serious. heartfelt . truthful. with gold spectacles. eye is generous. but it is not sufficiently powerful to urge him a hair's-breadth. in Ms external appearance and unsuperficial department. sitting with dignity before his expressive eyes . irregular. penetrative. but through hereditary causes . in conversation with you or others. and is (or may be) quick and fortunate at repartee. in his relation to not a mouldthe brotherhood of man. With divested of hair the superior portions of his head completely not from age. with his there is a " certain somemanly form and becoming stature thing" about this William Lloyd Garrison. with his somewhat prominent and well-defined features not though sharp. . which positively attracts your attention and unequivoThe following were my cally challenges your respects. or pun. it looks at and reads you. His mouth is indicative of kind feelings and moderate mirth with a slight curve at either His corner. signifying a tendency toward rebuking criticism. with his face and neck carefully shaven and deprived thus of what was by na- ture designed as a useful ornament and the peculiar superscription of a man . Home has a genial He enjoys influence. or uiibeautiful . but leans easily to a jest. with a simple cravat nicely adjusted . although inclined to satire and irony. thoughtful . Impressions viewinghis friends he is domestic and social.OF WILLIAM LLOYD GARRISON. with his person neatly clad in a suit of black and. the love of locality is temperate. and gains no real mastery over . upon Ms affections and disposition. then turns playfully aside. is never reserved or saturnine in company . and. whether standing or reposing. what he conceives to be the path of Eight. from. His among peculiarly love for wife and children is steady. fond of all the outward temperate comforts furnished by a rational civili- who is zation. He is far more playful his higher attractions and purposes. 32'Ji nothing unmanly or superficial. in either case .

~ is remarkable for its uniformity and and spontaneity of the child are inartlessness the simplicity . lowing were my Impressions when viewing him intellectually. through these winning attributes the variably His private character strong. general circumstances. and has no disThe folposition. He nebulous. and ple.322 A PSYCHOMETEICAL EXAMINATION ." and not No less to all feelings of a supercilious or exclusive nature. without irrelevant ornament or useless display. He is a stranger to " dignified or contemptuous silence. he is ever the same person. It is more than usually well arranged and evenly balanced . In his mind there are no useless materials. in this parIt looks like a house ticular. and seems. to Ms enemies he is frank and honorable . and he will. most admirably adapted to the size and architecture of the dwelling. and yet he has quite a strong love of praise. no one's ideas. put in order. This intellect is not diffusive and a oneness. it is a compact. indomitable characteristics of a Man shine brilliantly The continuity of his social naforth upon his companions. before wife and children. but not the highest. to both he will earnestly exhis press his opposition to their errors. before friends and enemies. thinking of neither their approbation nor displeasure. this enables He him to render his ideas definitely to the peoseldom reasons deep enough to reach the metaphysi- . transparent unit does not reason very frequently from cause to effect interiorly and analytically . The furniture is well chosen. with external observation and a critical comparison of statistics. ture "is likewise very remarkable . Each thought and every experience is made to subserve some present contingency and immediate purpose. to wound the feelings of any man. facts. His is a high order of intellect. listen to the tale of the most humble and illiterate. a surface and transparent reasoner . no one's concerns. no one's experiences. per se. therefore. superior. when a principle is under debate . and manifest . and contiguous or present He is. are without interest to him . but mostly from inward prompting. one's opinions. to most public and literary men. To his friends he is warm and confiding . historical events. when not engaged in elaborating or completing a thought then agitating own mind.

available. he tempers his didactic thoughts and exegetical language with benevolence and a kind of imperious suavity. and takes new views of them. e. His . i. broad.OP WILLIAM LLOYD GAJIEISON. and nothing more. like an accustomed warrior. his argumentations are clear and addressed to the highest as well as the most practical faculties of the human mind. always compact and well joined. cal 323 and imaginative functions of the human mind. to sarcasm. he is naturally guarded spect conscientious . He is very vigilant. and though no less disposed . energetic. when his judgment is convinced. Memory of words and ideas is remarkably good. he is ever willing to investigate those assumptions afresh. When occasion challenges him. His rec. or what others think. he possesses the requisite mental power to dive beneath the surface. loaded to the brim with cannon-balls calculated to do the execution designed. Without oratorical embellishments or poetic nights. and guards his fundamental positions or outposts. Yet. cultivated. of grasping great themes. his liter- ary tastes and powers are keen and pungent ideas with pecular distinctness critical. and searchingly too. in his own to the choice of words. It is strong. if he should especially desire to do so. Although disposed to irony. To him classic literature is replete with attractions . and self-sustaining. at discerning flaws in arguments . capable. ordinary versification on sentimentalities is exceedingly distasteful. active. . he experiences no mental reserve or trepidation. And being consciously endowed with ever-available powers of intellect. tellectually they must signify literally disposed to be hyperuse of terms. the is He fond of poems with generous and universal themes . the premises and conclusions are mathematically adjusted in his mind and there can be no mistake or alteration in positions lie thus assumes. sensitive. In re- and inwhat he He is quick thinks. He is honest. and tremendous argument. in his honest opinion. manly. ollection of music is not so perfect as of the sentiment former is remembered through the later by association. he writes his and is and captious even. There is a nobility in this intelligence. he can construct a logical. Yet. . he seldom thinks or writes under its influence . and always out and out.

as wholly beneath his consideration. JUSTICE. as a world by the attractive laws of gravitation they not only influence. are GOD. when compared with the universal adoption and practical application of these PRINCIPLES. The whole mind is moved from centre neither do they dream. and. is sensitive. to some extent. The following intellectual integrity reasoning on any theme is were my when vieiving him morally. his self-justice in thinking or very extraordinary and peculiar to himself. to circumference by them. intense. Some minds are this is a source. Home. LIBERTY. I speaking to a great audience upon . acter. . health.324 A PSYCHOMETRICAL EXAMINATION that is. receptacles In pitchers ready to receive and entertain . and Liberty. and with a conscientious precision. "When I let myself unrestrainedly into the inmost recesses feel like of his character. fortune. for this. and even existence itself though these are dear and genial to his naare considered secondary to the enthronement of God. it is pleasingly tempered by benevolence. but they mould. JUSTICE. the moral department of this mind. Impressions I feel an imperial right to examine the relations powerful. LIBERTY. they flow out without much interruption . friends. fellow-being. this is a fountain. I feel more at home. he feels a severe indignation a species of outrage committed at the injustice done to the liberties of a upon his own soul His justice is severe and somewhat arbitrary . in the constitution of men and society. But with and GOD. But fortunately. His love of JUSTICE AS A PRINCIPLE. His words are naturally not numerous. Some are goblets and only. and give shape to all the elements of his hereditary and acquired charActuated and energized by these sovereign sentiments. These standing and ruling thoughts never sleep . between man and man. Enthroned above all other thoughts and deeper than. all other sentiments. but by development and necessity. reputation. so supreme to all personal or selfish sentiments so paramount to all other thoughts and atthis mind esteems everything of a temporal or tractions prudential nature as unimportant. per se. ture Justice. he would be a second JOHN CALVIN a person of an indomitable will with a persecuting disposition.

OF WILLIAM LLOYD GARRISON. belong courage. vital. earnest. enables him to feel no fear. glorious. Courage. His Cautiousness is large and very active. being so superior to selfishness of any ordinary kind. I feel like using certain verses from the courageous poetry Old and New Testaments to explain my inward. there all can speak my platform is free as Truth makes free which freedom and my honor are inseparable. Hence this and to . the wrong-doing. whole divine sense and strength of Right my possesses I feel like quoting passages of expressive. in the secret closet . Garrison can not think of policies. and middle positions . emphatic. the the wrong-saying. I would willingly be burned to have the Idea the insurvive herent. and no man for anything. and desires to lean on He is self-supporting. my intel- and absolute relations between and then I must hesitate not to speak conclusion premise But I must not it. Hope. I must speak. 325 a great theme. manly. divine PRINCIPLE I advocate me. The occasion is full of interest. Before and to the face of each man I must rebuke the wrong-thinking. do I feel when I let my mind into the ruling emotions of William Lloyd Garrison. hope. I wish to see the people excited and deeply incensed against some gigantic wrong . But the mob must be addressed. great. This mind and its He realizes no difference subjects are one and indissoluble. Where 1 speak. soul. they. He is spiritually minded and intui- loves to pray in a practical manner. My theme thoroughly appreciated. confidence in self. compromises. opinion or institution which has only the prestige of antiquity If it suits not my conscience to recommend it. prudentialisms. If not. human nature. for nature can not be faithless to itself. -willing to go to the rack or stake for the Truth's sake. He has a good appreciation of tional . My soul must be felt. confound against my subjects. intellect. his life. faith soul. but his religious lectual perception of the logical feelings. and be accepted into the consciousness of my fellow-man. burning words. then I must away. Thus. convictions. or distinction between itself and its principles are one each other. but far more I must pay no deference to an authoritative. His love of Father-God is powerful. hopeful. are large and active.

because his benevolence urges him to do so. His conscience puts every grade of mankind accepts. him exceedingly. -adhesiveness and in: which positions. whether that wrong be manifested by rich or poor.. which. while conscience compels to the work. JUSTICE. . he can not. and purposes does not come from firmness or voluntary willingness to be He can not be otherwise! In this particular his steadfast.the oak . That abuse which he may receive from the popular conscience.326 A PSYCHOMETRICAL EXAMINATION of his own heart . the integrity of nature . and aspires toward divine His mind has constituprinciples. under any temptations or circumstances. It would be phrenologically tegrity to its < own supposed that his . nearest to truth (or likely to be). which be supposed. It would is is also " Combativeness" extremes . motives. LIBERTY. /or Right is unpopular ! He takes side with the abused." Firmness" is large enough to give rise to stubbornness and dogmatic obstinacy which is not true. subjects. His sensitive and energetic conscience constrains him to discover "Wrong and to condemn it. phrenologically. Having no respect for middle positions or compromises." and his out-spoken denunciations of Wrong would be very likely to give offence to him wholly out of harmony with dominant institutions and constitutions. He. church or state. friend or foe. His is the firmness and stability of . despitefully treated. ignoring all creeds and constitutions. worships at the shrine of GOD. that his large enough to lead him to destructive not true. in the most practical or forcible terms. and persecuted. he believes in. mind is extraordinarily organized. tional or vital concentrativeness an. He finds the most unpopular side of almost every question endorsed by the best consciences. His energy and dauntless cour- age come wholly from his religious and strong-feeling conscience. with the conviction that he could not be in the Eight. and therefore more attractive and congenial to him than the common side which opposite characters. " make friends with the mammon of unrighteousness . is jealous of honor. to itself. is esteemed by him as comTo be approbated by the majority would startle plimentary. and personages.

He speaks directly to them. he . that good may come. He is a lover of righteousness . To the business or mercantile man. "With his organization. No war. The superficial public will because he so peremptorily ignores their prudentialisms. extreme. I will now sum up the effects of this character upon the world. To the politician. a NON-RESIST. or martyrized for the glory of principles .' OP WILLIAM LLOYD GARRISON. no arbitrary punishment no unequal distribution of liberties among the people.ANT. His constitutional dignity is so strong. and to obtain it. therefore he is. Garrison has no ambition to be either conspicuous behe would like. To the slaveholder. he makes you feel indignant and outraged at crimes committed against a brotherman. and thoroughly hated and misunderstood by hate him his enemies. that he can not allow himself to descend to the plane of evil-doers can not condescend to return evil for evil can not consent to do evil. he will explain. He arouses and cultivates your conscience . appeals more magnanimously to the high moral and manly feelings of the human mind. and denounce what he sees to be Wrong. he fears not to fight the world with a two-edged sword. He believes only in the opposition of arguments in the resistance of a peaceful and manful spirituality' to the evils and wrongs of humankind. William Lloyd Garrison is sure to be cordially loved and appreciated by his friends. All manner of faithlessness or. it if it were otherwise but he counts everything of his own as naught. self-sacrificing. he is " a rebel" because he will not consent to sell his soul to gain the world. as forming no welcome part of his existence and happiness. the following were my Impressions ^vhen viewing him individually. no cruelty. mind unutterably detestable so much so that they incline him toward the boldness and exemplification of the opposite his . he is " a fanatic''' because he is strictly unworldly. hypocrisy are to fore the "world. resist. No man Finally. Yet. and unselfish. 327 Mr. from the inmost principles of his character. his estimate of personal honor so high and noble. Every word must make its legitimate impression. however slight. which is obtained at the sacrifice of human rights and liberties.

. or precedent. in every essential particular. just what this sterling psychometrical examination declares nothing extenuated nor aught set down in malice. To the world he is " a radical Reformer" because he can not hold fellowship with the agents and doers of manifest he is " the most To Ms absolute Religion. external auTo the bible or pen-and-ink Christian. and subjects injustice. " a troublesome "disunionist" because he rebukes for Ms he and gigantic crimes. sees to be the Right. he is because he can not be a conservative except in what lie feels Mm Ms and he is thority. " an infidel" friends.328 is A PSYCHOMETRICAL EXAMINATION OF GARRISON. To the devotee of creeds. because he believes only in the spirit of the letter to free and unrestricted criticism. and important MAN" of this century because they know him to be. irrespective of forms. wrongs against humanity unspar" a. THE END. blasphemer" ingly exposes.


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