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1- It is a place where humans can see anything which they can find in their inner world. Esp: Es un lugar donde los humanos pueden ver todo lo que se puede encontrar en su mundo interior. 2- It is a meaningful link with a particular place. Esp: Es un enlace significativo con un lugar determinado. 3- It is a private space just like a dominion which is exclusive of an individual. Esp: Se trata de un espacio privado al igual que un dominio que es exclusiva de un individuo. 4- There is various forms of residence such as natural, complex, public and private. Esp: Hay varias formas de residencia, tal tan natural, complejo, pblico y privado 5- It's importance is far beyond a mere shelter built solely for protecting individual from outside and/or a place for resting. Esp: Su importancia va mucho ms all de un refugio construido exclusivamente para la proteccin de individuo desde fuera y / o un lugar para el descanso 6- It is obvious that there are a variety of factors that may influence our decision on place of residence. Esp: Es obvio que hay una variedad de factores que pueden influir en nuestra decisin sobre el lugar de residencia.

7- It's houses were being main incentive for creating beautiful houses and neighborhoods. Esp: Sus casas estaban siendo principal incentivo para la creacin de hermosos casas y los barrios. 8- It is seen that the size of sample was determined to be 140 families. Esp: Se ve que el tamao de la muestra se determin que era 140 familias. 9- There is no meaningful relation between residential model. Esp: No existe una relacin significativa entre el modelo residencial.

10- There is meaningful relation between residential model and individuals relations in residential complexes. Esp: Existe relacin significativa entre el modelo residencial y las relaciones de los individuos en complejos residenciales.


1- INTRODUCTION Residence has been the oldest, first and foremost human need which has been reformed and evolved continually, and has always been influenced. 2-What Are the Effective Factors on Formation of a Residential Model? Sometimes location of a house in downtown of a city with easy access to everywhere and easy access to social utilities, 3- Balanced Residential Model A family usually exists and lives in a given place for several consecutive generations. 4- Sometimes, our belonging sense to our place of residence creates a sense of dominion over there and it, in turn, gives us a sense of privacy and personal identification toward that place. 5- It was eventually decided to test the hypothesis in Ekbatan, Behjatabad and Farhangian residential complexes 6- Literature Review Residence has been the oldest, first and foremost human need which has been reformed and evolved continually, and has always been influenced, and continues to be influenced, by thousands of factors including environmental, cultural, social, psychological, and economic ones.

Samuel Jose Avila Martinez C.I: 19897827 Arquitectura #41