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By Kenneth E. Hagin
Second Edition Twelfth Printing 1995 ISBN 0- 9!"#-005-! In the $.S. %rite& Kenneth Hagin 'ini(trie( P.). Bo* 501!# T+l(a, )K "-150-01!# In .anada write& Kenneth Hagin 'ini(trie( P.). Bo* //5, Station 0 Eto1ico2e, )ntario .anada, '93 -4/

.o5yright 6 19 7HE'3 Bi1le .h+rch 3K3 Kenneth Hagin 'ini(trie(, Inc. 3ll 7ight( 7e(er8ed Printed in $S3

The 9aith Shield i( a trade:ar2 of 7HE'3 Bi1le .h+rch, a2a Kenneth Hagin 'ini(trie(, Inc., regi(tered with the $.S. Patent and Trade:ar2 )ffice and therefore :ay not 1e d+5licated.

1 The Prayer Secret of Praying 3ccording to ;od<( %ord......... ! The Prayer Secret of 3(2ing The 9ather in =e(+(< Na:e....... 11 / The Prayer Secret of Praying for 7e(+lt(............................... 19 - The Prayer Secret of 3greeing and Praying in the S5irit....... !#

E5he(ian( /&1-. Interce((or.ather in &y na&e" he -i$$ gi)e it yo+' # Hitherto ha)e ye as%ed nothing in &y na&e: as%" and ye sha$$ recei)e" that yo+r . They don<t (o+nd a( if they really 2now Hi:. He i( . 1+t 9ather to :e. 3nother tran(lation read(. ?. There i( no other way to 5ray. ? It i( not i:5ortant what ch+rch yo+ 1elong to. 1+t when it co:e( to 5raying and a(2ing. JOHN 16: !" # ! And in that day ye sha$$ as% &e nothing' (eri$y" )eri$y" * say +nto yo+" Whatsoe)er ye sha$$ as% the . 3d8ocate.od.od to the world. we :+(t co:e according to the r+le( laid down in the %ord of .oy &ay /e f+$$' Notice that =e(+( (aid. 'any 5eo5le 2now a1o+t 5raying to . They were alway( to 5ray to the 9ather in Hi( Na:e.15 (ay(.od. "For this cause I bow my knees unto the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. 1+t it i( i:5ortant who(e fa:ily yo+ 1elong to. and o+r >ord. %e can tell =e(+( how :+ch we lo8e Hi: and a55reciate Hi:.. Of whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named.. ?In that day ye (hall not 5ray to :e. If we wi(h to 1e (+re of reaching the throne. He wa( tal2ing a1o+t the :ediatorial (e((ion at the right hand of the 9ather when He a(cended and wa( (eated.1 Chapter 1 The Prayer Secret of Praying According to God's Word =e(+( i( o+r 'ediator. In no 5lace in the Bi1le i( it recorded that =e(+( told Hi( di(ci5le( to 5ray to Hi:. in that day ye shall ask me nothing. He (tand( 1etween +( and the 9ather.? =e(+( (aid thi( @+(t 1efore He went away.? =e(+( (aid to a(2 the 9ather in Hi( Na:e. There i( real @oy in 2nowing that the 9ather will an(wer o+r - . we :+(t a(2 the 9ather thro+gh the >ord =e(+(. 1+t they 2now nothing a1o+t 5raying to the 9ather.

%iggle(worth wo+ld ha8e loo2ed worried and (ad if hi( children had (till 1een ill. Standing right there. S:ith %iggle(worth wa( in(talling (o:e 5l+:1ing in a large ho+(e one day and the lady of the fa:ily ca:e in. they went +5(tair(. and they were in(tantly healed. hi( wife had co:e down(tair( and infor:ed hi: that two of their children were 8ery ill. ?. that your (oy may be full" C=ohn 1#&!-D. and he told her that the only way to 2ee5 it wa( to gi8e it away.. ask. watched awhile.he !rayer "ecret of !raying #ccording to $od%s &ord ' 5rayer(. laid hand( on their children. So:e year( ago. and then left. 3nother ti:e %iggle(worth wa( facing de(5erate financial need. She a(2ed. and ye shall receive. the wo:an ca:e 1ac2 into the roo: and loc2ed the door. She a(2ed %iggle(worth if he wo+ld tell her (o:ething. The rich :an wa( not in good (5irit( and he told %iggle(worth that he wo+ld gi8e all he owned to ha8e the (5irit that %iggle(worth had. he had @oy on hi( face.hri(tian(. Bo+ ha8e to :aintain that @oy e8en 1efore the :anife(tation co:e(. The lady then a(2ed %iggle(worth if (he co+ld 2now . He a(2ed :e what (alary I needed. He told her to tell all her friend( a1o+t 1eing (a8ed. She then a(2ed %iggle(worth if (he co+ld 2ee5 thi( e*5erience. I 1elie8e it o+ght to 1e that way with all . 9inally. I told . ?%hat in the world i( it that ca+(e( that wonderf+l e*5re((ion on yo+r faceA Bo+ loo2 a( if yo+ are f+ll of @oy.od li2e that.. 3fter I had 1een there a1o+t a wee2. He (aid that 1efore they e8en ate. He wa( 8i(iting in the ho:e of a 8ery wealthy :an 1+t (aid nothing a1o+t hi( 5ro1le:. I wa( 5reaching in a ch+rch clo(e to ho:e. (he acce5ted the >ord a( her Sa8ior. Hi( @oy wa( f+ll. the 5a(tor a(2ed :e to (tay on and 5reach longer. Bo+ (ee. In(tead. %iggle(worth told hi: that it wo+ldn<t co(t hi: anythingE all he had to do wa( ca(t all of hi( care( on =e(+(. %iggle(worth wa( @+(t (o ha55y 1eca+(e he had a(2ed and had recei8ed. He had ca(t e8ery care on the >ord and wa( whi(tling and 8ery ha55y.? He then told her that at 1rea2fa(t that :orning.

%hen I ret+rned to the :eeting. E5he(ian( 5&!0 (ay(. %e then agreed that :y need( wo+ld 1e (+55lied. )n Sat+rday. there will 1e no G+e(tion( a(2ed. 31o+t that ti:e he 1eca:e +5(et. yo+ will 1e a(2ed if yo+ ha8e :oney on de5o(it to g+arantee it. I told hi: I wo+ld 1elie8e for it. all I co+ld do wa( 5ray that the >ord wo+ld wor2 o+t e8erything. and he re5lied that that wa( :ore than hi( ch+rch had e8er 5aid an e8angeli(t. %hen yo+ de(ire to get an an(wer. 1+t that they wo+ld gi8e :e that a:o+nt. Than2 . and he co+ld agree with :e. >ater on. and . %hen the :eeting wa( o8er. Then I told hi: the a:o+nt I wo+ld need to ha8e in order to :eet :y e:ergencie(. "$iving thanks always for all things unto $od and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. If yo+ go to the 1an2 with a chec2 and a(2 the ca(hier to ca(h that chec2 for a friend. =e(+( ha( a (tanding in . The Na:e of =e(+( i( the acce(( to the heart of the 9ather. I had the :oneyF Prai(e . I di(co8ered that (o:e e:ergencie( had ari(en and I needed (e8eral h+ndred dollar( :ore. the need wa( there. ? Pa+l i( telling +( that it i( to the 9ather and not to =e(+( that we gi8e than2(.odF Bo+ (ee. Howe8er. Pray to the 9ather in the Na:e of =e(+(. I did not (ay anything to the 5a(tor. I 2new when I went 1ac2 to 5reach on S+nday that the 5a(tor wo+ld 1e di(:ayed.od. I went ho:e and while I wa( there. hi( wife told :e that (he noticed that thi( financial tro+1le ne8er 1othered :e a 1it and that I (ee:ed to 1e @+(t a( f+ll of @oy a( e8er. %e fail in o+r 5raying (o:eti:e( 1eca+(e o+r a55roach i( all wrong.) !rayer "ecrets hi:. I had already o1ligated :y(elf to (tay with hi: for a co+5le of wee2(E therefore. follow the teaching( of the %ord. He ga8e :e e8en :ore than I needed 1eca+(e I had wal2ed 1y faith and not 1y (ight.od :et the need. He told :e later that they had not :et the 1+dget and that they did not ha8e eno+gh to 5ay the :ini:+: he had 5ro:i(ed :e. 1efore the (er8ice on S+nday night. if that chec2 ha( the na:e of a 5er(on who ha( an acco+nt at that 5artic+lar 1an2.

In 5artic+lar. Se8eral year( ago I wa( holding a :eeting in ea(t Te*a(. %e ha8e the right to +(e that Na:e to call o+t de:on( that 1ind :en<( (o+l(. 3 2ey (tart( the ignition. =e(+( i( the 2ey to doing it. He (aid. %e ha8e a right to +(e that Na:e again(t the de8il.. I read Ein(tein<( theory of relati8ity and did not +nder(tand a thing I wa( reading. In tho(e :eeting(.od. 'y fear of ca(ting o+t de8il( cea(ed. I 2new le(( than when I had (tarted. Secondly. Then the >ord 1ro+ght thi( co:5ari(on to :e. 1+t that i( no (ign I 2now what I a: reading. I thin2 :any ti:e( when 5eo5le read the %ord. %hen he (tart( the car. >et :e enco+rage yo+ to follow +5 on the %ord after yo+ read it and :editate +5on it. He i( the only a55roach to the 9ather. 1eca+(e the 2ey act+ally doe( the +nloc2ing. . He co+ld (ay that he had +nloc2ed the door. In my name shall they H1elie8er(I cast out devils" C'ar2 1#&1"D. a 2ey really doe( the wor2. >et +( +(e the :ighty Na:e of =e(+( that He ha( gi8en +(. I co+ld (it down and read a great deal of (cientific :aterial. a( I lay on :y 1ed and (t+died the %ord of . two thing( too2 5lace that changed the whole co+r(e of :y life. 1+t really he didn<t +nloc2 it. I 1egan to loo2 at it fro: thi( (tand5oint& I a: not going to ca(t o+t any de8il(. The 2ey i( the i:5ortant factor in the whole (it+ation. I had alway( 1elie8ed in di8ine healing. =+(t 1eca+(e yo+ read the %ord of . It wa( a( if a 5er(on were going to hi( car to +nloc2 the door.. )+r (5irit( need to 1e ed+cated and trained. It conf+(ed :e. the(e were :ental ca(e( or ca(e( of de:on 5o((e((ion. 1+t there were (o:e ca(e( of which I wa( afraid. %hen I fini(hed. Bear( ago. they do not .od<( %ord ha( to get down in(ide of yo+ +ntil yo+ get the re8elation of it in yo+r heart. B+t =e(+( ga8e :e the 2ey to do it. ?.he !rayer "ecret of !raying #ccording to $od%s &ord * hea8en. Bo+ can read the Bi1le and not +nder(tand what yo+ are reading. He ga8e +( the 5ower of attorney to +(e Hi( Na:e.od i( no (ign that yo+r (5irit i( ed+cated. I 1egan to (ee (o:ething el(e. and we were (t+dying the (+1@ect of 5rayer.

and that I 2new it wo+ld co:e to 5a((. the Bi1le (ay( when the 5rodigal (on went ho:e.hri(t. 1eca+(e he doe( not 2now what he i( doing. Two day( afterward( at the 8ery (5ot it had ha55ened 1efore. in the Na:e of the >ord =e(+( . 31o+t two wee2( later a( I wa( wal2ing into :y 1edroo:. I heard that . CIf yo+<re e*5ecting @+(t 5rayer to do it. I (aw that the de8il i( the a+thor of all that i( e8il and that he i( the god of thi( world. I 1egan to (ee that tho(e of :y own fa:ily who were +n(a8ed were 1o+nd 1y the de8il. I 1egan to (ee (o:ething that I had ne8er (een 1efore.? I wa( f+ll of @oy.. do yo+A? I (to55ed dead (till. Satan ha( 1linded and 1o+nd :en. yo+ fo+l de8il and de:on of hell..hri(t. (h+tting that o+t of :y :ind and not e8en letting :y(elf thin2 a1o+t it. and (5irit( that 1ind :y 1rother<( (o+l.+ !rayer "ecrets 2now what they are reading. B+t way down in(ide. I laid :y Bi1le down and went o+t of the roo: whi(tling and (inging. B+t a fellow who i( do5ed and dr+n2 will. I 1ind yo+. I wa( la+ghing. I had 1een 5raying for :y olde(t 1rother who had gone a(tray. I 1egan to :editate on the Scri5t+re( I had read. 9or e*a:5le. ?)h. B+t I di(co8ered that all of :y 5raying and fa(ting had 1een done in +n1elief. for I 2new that it wa( @+(t a( good a( done.D I ro(e +5 with :y Bi1le and (aid. he came to himself. Bo+ :+(t get the re8elation of the %ord in yo+r heart. Thi( wa( re8ealed to :e a( I lay there. No intelligent 5er(on will go thro+gh life wheeling and dealing and heading toward( hell if he i( in hi( right :ind. yo+ don<t thin2 he<ll really e8er 1e (a8ed. I recei8ed (+ch a re8elation of thi( that I wa( challenged. They are trying to gra(5 it with their :entality. ?In the Na:e of the >ord =e(+( . 3( I lay reading. C>+2e 15&1"D. I heard a 8oice (ay to :e. No :an wo+ld dri8e hi( a+to:o1ile a h+ndred :ile( an ho+r and try to 2ill hi:(elf if he were in hi( right :ind. it won<t wor2. J. I told the de8il that I had clai:ed hi( (al8ation.

do yo+A? That i( what he 2e5t (aying to :e.. I wa( 5reaching that (a:e year in Port 3rth+r. ?.. 9ight the good fight of faith. and there were :any healing(.. =e(+( (aid. That Na:e ha( a+thority on earth. as a roaring lion. Then. Te*a(.. yo+r (5irit. and shall not doubt in his heart. Bo+ ha8e a right to +(e that Na:e. walketh about.. Bo+ ha8e to 1elie8e in yo+r heart. seeking whom he may devour.9D. I recei8ed a letter fro: :y wife which (tated that :y 1rother had 1een (a8ed. She wa( in her fortie( and had two grown da+ghter(.. whosoever shall say . and than2ed :e for the le((on( we had 1een ha8ing. If the de8il can hold yo+ in the tho+ght arena. B+t yo+ need to act fro: yo+r inner:o(t 1eingKfro: yo+r heartKyo+r (5irit. If yo+ hold hi: in the arena of faith. I told the de8il that I had clai:ed :y 1rother<( (al8ation and had 1ro2en Satan<( 5ower o8er hi:. Peter (aid. ?. 3nd that i( e*actly where :any 5eo5le try to (ol8e their (5irit+al 5ro1le:(Kwith their :ind(. the de8il fo+ght :e twice. they get all conf+(edE they are worried (ic2. Bo+ (ee. and ha8e frown( on their face(. knowing that the same afflictions are accom/lished in your brethren that are in the world" C1 Peter 5& . a(2ing the (a:e G+e(tion. 3 few day( later. The doctor( had not 1een . He tried to get :e into the tho+ght real:& ?Bo+ don<t thin2 that yo+r 1rother will e8er 1e (a8ed. that what the %ord (ay( i( tr+e. She co+ld not e8en get +5 and fi* 1rea2fa(t for her h+(1and. &hom resist stedfast in the faith. but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to /ass0 he shall have whatsoever he saith" C'ar2 11&!/D. The Na:e of =e(+( 1elong( to yo+ too. 3gain I (to55ed and (h+t it o+t of :y :ind. and the (er8ice( were good. your adversary the devil.he !rayer "ecret of !raying #ccording to $od%s &ord - (a:e 8oice again. he i( the 8icti:. 3 'ethodi(t wo:an ca:e to the :eeting(. he will whi5 yo+. I wrote 1ac2 and told her that I had 2nown it for two or three wee2(. She told :e that (he had 1een (ic2 for twenty year( and had not 1een a1le to do her wor2.

She (aid that (he had the 8igor and 8itality of a teenager.? She (aid that it wor2ed li2e :agic. for (he (aid that (he wanted to ha8e a 5art in hel5ing (o:eone el(e a( (he had 1een hel5ed. (he (aid that I had ta+ght her how to recei8e her healing. %hen we will learn to 5ray in line with what the %ord of . o+r 5rayer( will 1e effecti8eF . They were deli8ered fro: e8ery ha1it that had 1o+nd the:. 1+t had failed to recei8e her healing. ?Satan.12 !rayer "ecrets a1le to hel5 her. %ithin ten day(. )8ernight. and hea8en 1eca:e their ho:e. he 1eca:e a new creat+re. ?In the Na:e of =e(+( I 1rea2 the 5ower of the de8il o8er :y h+(1and and clai: hi( (al8ation. She (aid that (he had not 2nown the i:5ortance of the %ord of . clai:ing their (al8ation. In the 5ri8acy of her own ho:e (he had loo2ed +5 the Scri5t+re(. rai(ed her Bi1le and (aid.? She added that for the fir(t ti:e in twenty year( (he wa( doing all of her own ho+(ewor2. I 1rea2 yo+r 5ower o8er :y life and clai: :y deli8erance and :y healing. B+t in :y :eeting(.od and the Na:e of =e(+(. yo+ who ha8e 1o+nd :y 1ody for all the(e year(. She had 1een to different healing :eeting(. She told a1o+t her da+ghter( who (:o2ed and danced. Si* :onth( had 5a((ed. and that (he had not felt (o good (ince (he wa( (i*teen. altho+gh he wa( a good h+(1and. Then (he told :e a1o+t her h+(1and who had ne8er 1een (a8ed. they 1eca:e new creat+re(. and (he wa( (till healed. So:e ti:e later I recei8ed a letter fro: thi( (a:e wo:an with an offering enclo(ed. She (aid that (he lifted her hand( to hea8en again and 1ro2e the de8il<( 5ower o8er the:. Thi( wo:an too2 the Bi1le and in her own ho:e (he (aid. She (aid that they were the ha55ie(t they had e8er 1een in their lifeti:e.od (ay(. He wo+ld not go to ch+rch with her.

for we ha8e a+thority o8er de:on( and e8il (5irit(. In =ohn . >a2e<( 1oo2. then we co+ld :a2e e8ery1ody get (a8ed. I +(+ally get it i::ediately. B+t hi( will co+ld 1loc2 :y will and and the day when He a(cended +5 on High and wa( (eated at the right hand of the 9ather. If we had a+thority o8er h+:an (5irit(. He wa( referring to the day in which we now li8eKthe day when He went to the .. ask.ather in Jes+s' Na&e #nd in that day ye shall ask me nothing. o+r Interce((or. and o+r >ord.Chapter The Prayer Secret of As%ing The . and ye shall receive. I say unto you. verily. %hen =e(+( wa( here on the earth. 4itherto have ye asked nothing in my name. I 5ray to the 9ather in the Na:e of =e(+(. "ermons on 6ominion Over 11 . ?In that If thi( friend of :ine were to a(2 :e to 5ray for hi( finance(. Prayer i( a (tr+ggle for hi:. the di(ci5le( co+ld a(2 Hi:& they co+ld tal2 to Hi: 5er(onally in the fle(h. He 5ray( to =e(+(. and I<8e gotten e8erything I<8e a(2ed for. in the ca(e of :oney it (o:eti:e( ta2e( a few day( 1eca+(e it ha( to co:e in thro+gh 8ario+( channel(. 1+t we don<t ha8e a+thority o8er h+:an (5irit(. that your (oy may be full 5=ohn 1#&!/.o8enant.!=e(+( (aid thi( @+(t 1efore He went to the . o+r 3d8ocate. &hatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name. he will give it you. I<8e 5rayed thi( way for :ore than 50 year(. 3erily. Howe8er. then he and I wo+ld ha8e to agree on it. 3 :ini(ter friend of :ine ne8er get( an(wer( when he 5ray(. He i( now o+r 'ediator. %hen He (ay(. He (tand( 1etween the 9ather and +(.? He :ean( the day of the New .

Bo+r @oy cannot 1e f+ll if yo+ cannot 5ay yo+r rent or yo+r 1ill(. "4itherto have ye asked nothing in my name . where+5on >a2e told hi: to write o+t a chec2 for L5. ask. and (ent it to hi( (i(ter-in-law. Hi( (i(ter-in-law wanted hi: to liG+idate the 1+(ine((. wal2ed to the :ail 1o*.. So:e1ody :ay (ay that they 1elie8e =ohn 1#&!/.000.17 !rayer "ecrets 6emons. we 5rayed.000 wa( that 2e5t co:ing +5 1efore hi:. 0on<t (ay ?1+t... and he (aid that he had told hi( grand:other to call 1eca+(e he 2new that I wo+ld 5ray to . So:e1ody (ay( they 1elie8e thi( Scri5t+re.od wo+ld heal hi:. ?.. he tell( a1o+t 5raying for a :an who had (+gar dia1ete(. and the 5hone rang a1o+t (i* o<cloc2 in the e8ening. no one had e8er a(2ed anything in Hi( Na:e 1eca+(e He wa( on the earth.. Bo+ cannot 1e f+ll of @oy if yo+r children are (ic2. who wa( ta2ing care of o+r children..? $5 to thi( ti:e. if.? 1eca+(e there<( not a ?1+t? in that 8er(e. had the :+:5(. It wa( :y :other-in-law. and then he wo+ld 5ray for hi:. %hen he ca:e 1ac2 he wa( healed. Praying in =e(+(< Na:e didn<t do any good +ntil He 1egan Hi( :ediatorial interce((ion at the right hand of the 9ather. Bo+r @oy cannot 1e f+ll with yo+r need( +n:et. (o don<t (ay ?if. B+t he had 2e5t L5. Ken. and ye shall receive. tho+gh it wa( act+ally her :oney.!-. He had 1een (ic2 all afternoon. There i( not an ?if? in that 8er(e. %e were holding a (er8ice..od and . The :an an(wered that hi( 1rother and he had 1een in 1+(ine(( and hi( 1rother had died. She told +( later that he lay down and fell a(lee5. The :an wrote the chec2. and 6eath. . 31o+t forty-fi8e :in+te( later. !-D. and he did. but.000 in the 1an2. when (+ddenly >a2e a(2ed the :an what thi( L5.. He told >a2e that he had :ore than L5.? =+(t ta2e =e(+( at Hi( %ord. =e(+( (ay( in =ohn 1#&!-. %hen Ken h+ng +5 the 5hone. and (he (aid that :y (on.000 o+t for hi:(elf 1eca+(e he felt he de(er8ed it. that your (oy may be full" C8. 6isease. So (he 5+t Ken on the 5hone.. So:eti:e( :atter( li2e thi( n+llify the effect( of 5rayer. They 2nelt to 5ray.

od reG+ire( yo+ to wal2 in that light. yo+ are a(2ing that it 1e done to hel5 =e(+(.. told hi: to get hi( 5a@a:a( on. and it (+fficed for that day. 1+t . and He ha( the creditF 9ro: now on. not =e(+(.he !rayer "ecret of #sking he Father in Jesus% 8ame 19 (he wo2e hi: +5. I a: the one who i( h+rting. 1+t we o+ght to 1e a1le to grow in 5rayer. Peo5le are 1orn 1a1ie(. Bo+ can . That (o+nd( fooli(h 1eca+(e =e(+( doe( not need the hel5. and he wa( fineF 9ro: that ti:e on he ne8er did ha8e the :+:5(.? B+t I do not 5ray that way any:ore.. He had no fe8er. %hen I wa( a yo+ng 1oy I +(ed to 5ray. %e o+ght to 1e a1le to i:5ro8e +5on o+r 5raying @+(t a( we i:5ro8e +5on thing( 5hy(ically.. E8ery 1elie8er o+ght to 1e (5ea2ing in tong+e(.od doe( hear and an(wer 5rayerF Too :+ch of the ti:e 5eo5le @+(t :a2e a little (ta1 in the dar2 and call that 5raying. if He did. No one i( 1orn a f+lly grown h+:an 1eing. The Bi1le teache( +( that there i( a (i:ilarity 1etween 5hy(ical and (5irit+al growth. ?Now I lay :e down to (lee5. ?9or =e(+(< (a2e. don<t 5ray..od :et the:. and yo+ don<t ha8e any credit to g+arantee it. they :ight ha8e 5rayed certain way( and . I 2now that . If I owe L100 and I a: 5raying for it to co:e in the offering..od and a(2 Hi: to do (o:ething for =e(+(< (a2e. >et +( call attention to the difference 1etween 5raying for =e(+(< (a2e and 5raying in the Na:e of =e(+(. I don<t want it to (to5 h+rting for =e(+(< (a2eE it i( to hel5 :e. They @+(t ho/e that (o:ething will wor2 o+t. hel5ed the:. He reG+ire( :ore of yo+ a( yo+ grow.od want( +( to grow (5irit+ally. %hen light co:e( and teaching i( gi8en.? If I ha8e a (to:achache. . %e need the hel5. and I a: 5raying for healing. %hen yo+ :eet . %hen yo+ go to .od ha( hel5ed +( on a lower le8el when we did not 2now any 1etter. on yo+r credit. and they grow +5. "In my name. %hen (o:e were (5irit+al 1a1ie(. it :a2e( a 1ig difference. and go to 1ed. I do that to hel5 :y(elf. . they shall s/eak with new tongues" C'ar2 1#&1"D. the (welling wa( gone.od on Hi( le8el.

or5+( . the Te*a( di(trict had a con8ention in . hey shall take u/ ser/ents" C'ar2 1#&1". That :ean( that if yo+ are accidentally 1itten 1y a 8i5er. Te*a(. 1+t he did not get (ic2 and did not fall dead. Hi( friend( watched hi:. when Pa+l the a5o(tle wa( (hi5wrec2ed on an i(land.hri(ti. They tho+ght he wa( a god.od in the Te*a( di(trict related thi( (tory to a gro+5 of :ini(ter(& 'any year( ago. The 5eo5le tho+ght he had done (o:ething terri1le. and a cotton:o+th :occa(in 1it hi:. for it loo2ed a( if @+dg:ent had co:e +5on hi:. a :ini(ter friend of :ine and (o:e friend( of hi( were o+t fi(hing in one of the ri8er(. (o:e of the: 1egan to get (ic2..1: !rayer "ecrets do it in =e(+(< Na:e.. he 5ic2ed +5 (tic2( to 1+ild a fire and a 8i5er fa(tened onto hi( hand. (o:eone had a re8elation that the water in the hotel wa( 5oi(oned. In ea(t Te*a(.? C'ar2 1#&1 D. yo+ ha8e the right to clai: i::+nity in the Na:e of =e(+(. The :ini(ter( did not ha8e a great deal of :oney to (tay in good hotel(. (o they were occ+5ying a1o+t a third-rate hotel. It frightened the other :en 1eca+(e they were not (a8ed. They watched hi:. 3ll the :ini(ter( had eaten their :eal( together in a coo2 tent. yo+ can (ha2e it off and clai: i::+nity in the Na:e of =e(+(. Thi( :ean( that if yo+ accidentally ta2e 5oi(on.. Thi( i( not e*tre:e 1eca+(e it i( Bi1lical. Then they too2 . (o they 1egan 5raying for one another. 9inally. 9or e*a:5le. They e*5ected hi: to fall dead. The hotel didn<t ha8e r+nning water. 3fter they had fini(hed eating. it shall not hurt them. a1o+t twenty or thirty of the: 1eca:e de(5erately ill. if they drink any deadly thing H5oi(onI. So:e year( ago. "In my name .. E8ery1ody wa( healed. 1+t there wa( a 5itcher of water in the roo:. 3( they 5rayed.1 D. (o they told the re(t of the gro+5 not to drin2 it any:ore.. ?. the (+5erintendent of the 3((e:1lie( of .. The Bi1le (ay(. 'y friend (hoo2 it off in the Na:e of =e(+( and went a1o+t hi( 1+(ine((. and (aw that it ne8er had any e8il effect on hi:.

<LI<3< 4. %e ha8e 5eo5le (itting in the ch+rch. "In my name .. that he get( hi( healing. In my name . None of the 5arty had to ha8e :edical aidF They had a right to clai: i::+nity in the Na:e of =e(+( 1eca+(e they had accidentally 1een 5oi(oned. They are not acting in faith and +(ing the Na:e of =e(+(. =e(+( ne8er (aid a word a1o+t faith in thi( Scri5t+re.e ye . yo+ ha8e a right to +(e what i( yo+r(. The e*a:ining officer( told the: that there wa( eno+gh 5oi(on in that water to 2ill a regi:ent of :en.od ha( @+(t a( :+ch right to +(e the Na:e of =e(+( again(t the de8il a( a :ini(ter doe(. The ordinary child of . The Bi1le (ay(. 1+t they (till don<t get their healing. Bo+ ha8e a right to do that in the Na:e of =e(+(.. and +(ing what 1elong( to +(. So:eone had tried to 5lay a cr+el @o2e on the(e :ini(ter( 1eca+(e e8eryone 2new that thi( gro+5 1elie8ed in :iracle( and healing. Bo+ don<t thin2 then a1o+t ha8ing eno+gh faith...? C88. ?. It i( when that 5er(on who need( healing act( +5on what 1elong( to hi:.. and they shall recover" C'ar2 1#&1 D. "4e that . Bo+ already ha8e faith. So:eone (aid to :e that if he had eno+gh faith he co+ld do what thi( Scri5t+re (ay(.. They are :erely :entally a((enting that the(e thing( are (o.1"D. Bo+ lay hand( on 5eo5le in Hi( Na:e. they shall lay hands on the sick.. it wor2(. te(tifying that they 2now the %ord of .od i( tr+e.. ". If yo+ 1elie8e in the Na:e of =e(+(. Thi( i( @+(t a( (trong and legal a( it can 1e. Too :+ch of the ti:e fol2( do not 1elie8e a( they (ho+ld in di8ine healing. they shall s/eak with new tongues. 1#. and they shall recover" C'ar2 1#&1". It i( not (tr+ggling for faithE it i( @+(t (i:5ly 1oldly ta2ing o+r right(. 1eca+(e it i( in the %ord.. Notice that =e(+( (aid. then +(e it.. =a:e( (aid.he !rayer "ecret of #sking he Father in Jesus% 8ame 1' the re:aining water to a near1y na8al (tation and had it te(ted. %hen we act on the %ord. Bo+ do the (5ea2ing in tong+e(. Thi( i( not e*tre:e teaching.1 D. and the Holy S5irit gi8e( the +tterance. That doe( not enter yo+r :ind. they shall lay hands on the sick. In the 1+(ine(( world. He (aid.

he decei8e( hi:(elf? C=a:e( 1&!/-!#D.hri(tianity. If we don<t ha8e the:.od who hear( and an(wer( 5rayer. The 1a(i( of .od i( not +ntr+e. Bo+ will find that the de8il will (ee2 to conf+(e yo+. 1+t the re(+lt( 5ro8e that their 5rayer( are to no a8ail. then we (ho+ld (ee2 to find the tro+1le.reat 1+(ine((e( do 1+(ine(( to 5rofit. He will (ee2 to with(tand yo+. If we 5ray. I @+(t go ahead and +(e the: 1eca+(e they are :ine. %e (ho+ld 5ray for re(+lt(.hri(tianity are all (+5ernat+ral. %e :+(t :a2e a 1+(ine(( of 5rayer. and not hearers only..hri(tianity i( a li8ing religion that ha( to+ch with a li8ing .? %e ha8e :any (elf-del+ded 5eo5le. 'iracle( can (till ha55en. In the early day( of the 3((e:1lie( of . B+t the Na:e of =e(+( i( yo+r(K(o +(e itF %e ha8e 5lenty of 5eo5le who 5ray. %hy don<t we @+(t get down to the 1a(ic 5rinci5le( and find o+t what i( the :atterA .od i( (till in the (a:e 1+(ine((. The fo+ndation of thi( great co+ntry i( . then it (how( that we ha8e the for: witho+t the 5ower. The 1ig thing( of . ?9or if any 1e a hearer of the %ord. =a:i(on. 3ll the thing( that . Thro+gh the year( I ha8e gone to ch+rche( where not a (ingle (o+l ha( 1een (a8ed for year(. there wa( a 5reacher 1y the na:e of I. .? C=a:e( 1&!!D. It i( @+(t a :atter of 2nowing what 1elong( to +( and acting on it. The :argin (ay( that he ?del+de( hi:(elf. then yo+ are a 5rayer fail+re. then there i( no need to 5ray. It i( ta2ing yo+r legal right. and re(+lt( do not follow. In hi( te(ti:ony he told that he wa( . =a:e( goe( on to (ay. If there are no re(+lt(. and not a doer. If yo+ are not e*5ecting re(+lt(.1) !rayer "ecrets doers of the word. Pray to 5rofit.od :o8e:ent. If yo+ do not get re(+lt( to yo+r 5raying. . =.. The Na:e of =e(+( 1elong( to :e @+(t a( :+ch a( :y hand( and feet 1elong to :e. He wa( for:erly a Pre(1yterian :ini(ter.od ha( are offered to +(Kif only we 5ray. 3ct a( 1oldly a( yo+ wo+ld in the 1+(ine(( world. then it i( 1eca+(e we ha8e not :ade o+r 5rayer connection.

They were (to55ed 1efore a . He (aid he 2new that there wa( a wo:an in the ch+rch who(e da+ghter wa( in(ane. and then went ho:e to 1ed. he 1egan attending the tent :eeting. They la+ghed a1o+t it and then a1o+t 9&/0 they fell off to (lee5. B+t they were afraid to ta2e the telegra: o8er to the tent. They all la+ghed a1o+t it and read the weather re5ort which (aid that there wo+ld not 1e any rain for at lea(t fo+r or fi8e day(.he !rayer "ecret of #sking he Father in Jesus% 8ame 1* lect+ring in a we(tern city a( a Pre(1yterian. 3fter hi( own lect+re( were o8er. He had heard that thi( wo:an and (o:e of the 5eo5le were going to :eet at the a(yl+: to try to ca(t a de8il o+t of her da+ghter. =a:i(on went on to hi( lect+re. It (hoc2ed hi:. The :other wa( ta2ing a doMen wo:en with her. =a:i(on went 1ac2 to the 1ar1er (ho5 and told the :en what had ha55ened. a(2ing the 5eo5le in a near1y tent :eeting to 5ray for rain. they were awa2ened 1y th+nder and lightning. He wo+ld (it down at the 1ac2 and ta2e note( on e8erything. The :ini(ter ga8e =a:i(on the telegra: and told hi: to (end one 1ac2 (aying that there wo+ld 1e rain 1y ten that night. 3fterward. =a:i(on a(2ed if he co+ld go along. He :et the: at the a(yl+:. Hi( wife had wa(hed (o:e clothe( and had left the: o+t on the line. they than2ed . The :en in the 1ar1er (ho5 all 1egan tal2ing a1o+t the tent :eeting where there were 5eo5le who 1elie8ed in thi( 2ind of thing. and the attendant (aid they co+ld not go in 1eca+(e the girl wa( 8iolent and :ight 2ill the:. 0irectly. where+5on e8eryone 1egan 5raying.od that there wo+ld 1e rain. It wa( rainingF Thi( really :ade =a:i(on wonder. (o he tea(ed her a1o+t 1ringing the: in 1eca+(e it wa( going to rain. 31o+t ten in the :orning. and there wa( a fore(t fire raging in the area. He (aid that the :ini(ter G+ieted e8eryone and read the reG+e(t. So 'r. =a:i(on agreed to ta2e it and he handed it to the :ini(ter. he wa( down at the 1ar1er (ho5 getting a (ha8e when a fellow ca:e in with a telegra:. He co+ld not +nder(tand why he had not (een all the(e thing( 1efore.

he wo+ld lo(e hi( @o1. =. The :other held her down and (aid. The da+ghter (te55ed 1ac2 and cli:1ed halfway +5 the 5added wall. =a:i(on witne((ed it and (aid that he wanted the Holy . and the :other (ide(te55ed her. She :ade a lea5 at her :other li2e an ani:al.1+ !rayer "ecrets 5added cell. The :other went in. She hi((ed and (5itE her eye( were a1laMe. de8il. S+ddenly. the da+ghter rela*ed and a(2ed her if it wa( (he.? =a:i(on (tood there and watched (5ell1o+nd. he +nloc2ed the door. 3ll thi( ti:e the attendant wa( telling the: that they co+ld not go in(ide the cell 1eca+(e if they did. I. and (he recei8ed what (he wanted. where there wa( a yo+ng wo:an in(ide who loo2ed li2e an ani:al. ?. He (aid that he wa( a candidate for that 2ind of 5raying. The girl fell and then (tarted to get +5. . and the doMen wo:en fell on their 2nee( and (tarted 5raying.o:e o+t of her.ho(t. 9or ten :in+te( the :other (aid thi( o8er and o8er again. She threw her ar:( aro+nd her :other<( nec2 and h+gged and 2i((ed her. That :other 1elie8ed. Ne8erthele((. =a:i(on and the attendant (tood 1ac2 and watched. in the Na:e of =e(+(.

3erily. Price did 5ray for her. He 2new that it @+(t co+ldn<t 1e (o. Price told hi: that he wa(n<t going to 5ray for her (o that her ner8e( wo+ld 1e (oothed. he fo+nd that (he wa( dying of cancer. %hen he arri8ed. He ordinarily did not go 1eca+(e of lac2 of ti:e. The doctor ca:e while he wa( there. then o+r 5rayer life i( a fail+re.harle( Price. 1+t he wa( healed. K=ohn 1#&!/.! Chapter ! The Prayer Secret of Praying for 0es+$ts #nd in that day ye shall ask me nothing.!- %e are to 5ray in the Na:e of =e(+( to the 9ather. .. (o 0r. who wa( a :ini(ter. . 1+t the 5er(on calling had 1een clo(e to hi: in day( 5a(t. If re(+lt( do not follow. wa( r+n o8er 1y an a+to:o1ile and the doctor( (aid that he wo+ld lo(e hi( li:1. &hatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name. and ye shall receive. B+t 0r. B+t 0r. verily. 4itherto have ye asked nothing in my name. that your (oy may be full. Nel(on. Price told the wo:an that he wo+ld go ho:e and 5ray for her. The doctor told hi: that it wo+ld 1e @+(t a (hort while 1efore (he wo+ld die. I re:e:1er reading a1o+t 0r. So:eone had 5honed hi: and a(2ed hi: to co:e to the ho(5ital. He then held healing :eeting( acro(( the nation for different ch+rche(. The doctor tho+ght it wo+ld 1e a good idea to 5ray 1eca+(e it wo+ld (oothe her ner8e(. and (he wa( healedF He wa( 5raying for re(+lt(. he will give it you. He (aid that he wa( going to 5ray that . %e are to 5ray for re(+lt(. and he wa( 19 . Thi( wo:an had 1een con8erted +nder hi( :ini(try. P. (o he agreed to go. Nel(on wa( holding a :eeting for the Ba5ti(t(. ask.od wo+ld heal herF The doctor loo2ed a(toni(hed. I say unto you.

od (aid. their yo+nge(t child who wa( a1o+t fi8e year( old (5o2e +5.72 !rayer "ecrets 5raying for the (ic2. He tal2ed a1o+t Nel(on at ho:e. 9inally. The Ba5ti(t 5a(tor didn<t thin2 it wa( right to 5ray for (o:eone 5+1licly. .+stified' Notice that . They are there for o+r 1enefit. He (aid that the only difference he co+ld (ee wa( that hi( daddy 5rayed for fol2( on S+nday :orning. and hi( fa:ily decided to go to the (er8ice(. .od did not 5+t all the(e (tate:ent( in the Bi1le a1o+t 5rayer @+(t to fill +5 (5ace. He decided to coo5erate with the :eeting(. The ne*t :orning they were tal2ing a1o+t the (er8ice at 1rea2fa(t. Thi( ca+(ed the :ini(ter to (tart thin2ing. Nel(on 5rayed a( if he e*5ected . He had the greate(t (+cce(( and hi( con8ert( were the :o(t con(i(tent (ince the day( of the a5o(tle Pa+l. He want( to hear and an(wer yo+r 5rayer. There i( no +(e 5raying if yo+ are not 5raying for re(+lt(.od of Hi( 5ro:i(e( and 1ro+ght Hi( %ord 1efore Hi:. Thi( :an attended and wa( 8ery :+ch o55o(ed. 1+t hi( :other (aid that (he wo+ldn<t criticiMe Nel(on.? while not really e*5ecting anything to ha55en. It i( co::on . "!ut me in remembrance. He too2 the: along and hi( :other who wa( li8ing with the:.od to heal the: right then.? Tho(e who ha8e 1een :ighty in 5rayer ha8e alway( 1een tho(e who re:inded . 3 :an who wa( 5a(tor of another Ba5ti(t ch+rch in 3r2an(a( and had gone to (e:inary with Nel(on.od doe( hear and an(wer 5rayer. . *SA*AH #!: 1" 6 1 *" e)en *" a& he that /$otteth o+t thy transgressions for &ine o-n sa%e" and -i$$ not re&e&/er thy sins' 6 P+t &e in re&e&/rance: $et +s p$ead together: dec$are tho+" that tho+ &ayest /e . 1le(( the (ic2. (aying. He al(o (aw that he o+ght to 5ray for re(+lt(.harle( 9inney i( 5ro1a1ly the :o(t o+t(tanding e*5onent of 5rayer. heard that he wa( holding the(e (er8ice(. ?>ord. He i( 2nown a( the :an who 5rayed down re8i8al(.

9or in(tance. 9inney 5rayed for re8i8al. do Bo+A Bo+ don<t thin2 that Bo+ co+ld withhold Bo+r 1le((ing(A? He fo+nd hi:(elf re:inding the >ord what He had 5ro:i(ed. The 5eo5le were @+(t not concerned a1o+t anything el(e. where he cond+cted a :eeting and 5ractically e8eryone in town wa( (a8ed. ?>ord. and it wa( a Pre(1yterian ch+rchF He didn<t 2now what wa( ha55ening.od.D There wa( not a 5lace left in town where one co+ld 1+y anything to drin2. He had 1een tal2ing a1o+t fifteen :in+te( when the 5ower of . 1+t he (aid that he fo+nd o+t later that they had all 1een (inner( and had @+(t gotten (a8ed when they fell +nder the 5ower. 'a((ach+(ett(. only two 5eo5le went to (ee it. There wa( (+ch a re8i8al that when a circ+( ca:e to town. He (aid that he had (o:e e*5erience( in 5rayer that indeed alar:ed hi:. %hen he 1egan to 5reach. %hole citie( were (tirred. New Bor2.eorge %hitfield. 3ll the grog (ho5( clo(ed down.od fell on hi:. The re8i8al wa( on. E8ery1ody wa( intere(ted in . C%e now call the: hon2y-ton2( and 1eer @oint(. The only theater in town clo(ed +5. (ince the day( of the a5o(tle Pa+l. 31o+t fo+r h+ndred 5eo5le fell off their (eat( onto the floor. I read in 9inney<( a+to1iogra5hy that in 1 !9 he went to the city of 7oche(ter. . 1+t it i( co::on 2nowledge that not o8er 50N of the con8ert( ha8e re:ained tr+e to the >ord. 'oody wa( a great e8angeli(t 1+t only a1o+t 50N of hi( con8ert( re:ained faithf+l. ca:e o8er fro: England and 5reached on the (treet(. another :ini(ter. %e ha8e had a :ighty :o8e in the 5a(t fifty year(. He added that he fo+nd hi:(elf (aying to the >ord. I al(o read that 9inney went to hold another :eeting when he wa( a Pre(1yterian. 9inney had the greate(t (+cce(( n+:1er(< wi(e a( far a( 2ee5ing the fr+it of hi( la1or.od. He wa( (5ea2ing in the 5+1lic (G+are in Bo(ton.he !rayer "ecret of !raying for =esults 71 2nowledge that 5N of hi( con8ert( re:ained tr+e to . . Bo+ don<t thin2 that we are not going to ha8e a re8i8al here. He wa( a real :an of 5rayer. (o it had to clo(e.

I(aiah -/&!# (aid it. If yo+ are 5raying for the (ic2..od (aid. for .od ca:e they wo+ld fall o+t of the tree(. The (ic2 need healing. and they shall recover" C'ar2 1#&1".odA 0oe( yo+r heart conde:n yo+A If (o.od delight( in Hi( children ha8ing the a+dacity of faith to (ay.od want( to (end yo+ the an(wer. (o now do it. In my name.od (ay(. S:ith %iggle(worth (aid that .od want( +( to 5+t Hi: in re:e:1rance. Bo+ can defeat the de8il e8ery (ingle ti:e. Bo+ ha8e 5ro:i(ed it. Pray to 8ictory.. %e are certainly facing great need( e8erywhere.. %hitfield told the: to co:e down.1 D. 1eca+(e when the 5ower of .et down 1efore the 'ighty )ne and 5er(i(t in 5rayer e8en tho+gh the ene:y :ight try to hinder yo+. Bo+ ha8e (olid gro+nd . %e ha8e wea5on( with which to fight the de8il. 2PH2S*ANS 6:1 1 .od that doe( not ta2e 8ery long. Thi( i( a (5irit+al warfare again(t the ho(t of dar2ne((. get right with Hi: now. >ay yo+r hand( on the: and clai: their deli8erance in the Na:e of =e(+(.od.hri(t. Thi( agree( with what . . %hat i( yo+r 5artA 3re yo+ in Hi( willA 3re yo+ doing what He want( yo+ to doA I( yo+r life right with . The wea2 need (trength. The Bi1le (ay( (o in E5he(ian( #&1!.. they H1elie8er(I shall lay hands u/on the sick. then let<( do it.or -e -rest$e not against f$esh and /$ood" /+t against principa$ities" against po-ers" against the r+$ers of the dar%ness of this -or$d" against spirit+a$ -ic%edness in high p$aces' . The de:on( cannot (tand the(e. clai: their deli8erance in =e(+(< Na:e. "!ut me in remembrance. )+r wea5on( are the Sword of the S5irit. %hate8er yo+ are 5raying a1o+t.od and the :ighty Na:e of =e(+(. If . Peo5le are dying for the need of . which i( the %ord of . =e(+( (aid. ?." They were 5+tting Hi: in re:e:1rance of what He (aid. Than2 . ?.? Bo+ (ay that in faith. (tand yo+r gro+nd +ntil 8ictory i( :anife(ted.77 !rayer "ecrets fol2( cli:1ed +5 into tree( to 1e a1le to (ee 1eca+(e the crowd wa( (o large.

He (aid that it wa(n<t He who wa( holding finance( fro: :eE it wa(n<t He who did not want :y children to ha8e the right 2ind of food to eat. than2 . %hate8er I wanted or needed. 3da: wa( the god of thi( world in that he had do:inion o8er it 1+t he (old o+t to the de8il. (o now the de8il ha( the do:inion. Thi( i( 1eca+(e the :oney i( here in thi( real:. He did not 5+t it here for the de8il and hi( crowd. Then I 1egan to (ee (o:ething.od<( %ord He (aid that He wanted Hi( children to eat the good of the land. If it i( :oney. know how to give good gifts unto your children. . He i( not going to :a2e any :oney and rain it down fro: hea8en. B+t. how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him" C'att. He in(tr+cted :e that in the Na:e of =e(+( I (ho+ld co::and the :oney to co:e. Then 3da: co::itted high trea(on and (old o+t to the de8ilE th+( the de8il 1eca:e the god of thi( world.od. In . He told :e to co::and the de8il to ta2e hi( hand( off the finance(.od 5+t all the (il8er and gold and cattle on a tho+(and hill( here for yo+ and :e. %e need to realiMe the 5rinci5le( 1y which . He 5+t it here and ga8e 3da: do:inion o8er all of it. being evil. . 3t one ti:e I wa( 5o8erty-(tric2en and had :y no(e to the grind(tone. "&11D. The >ord told :e ne8er to 5ray for :oney. =e(+( ca:e and defeated the de8il. I (ho+ld clai: it.od i( not a co+nterfeiter. He (aid that He wanted Hi( children to ha8e the 1e(t. He wo+ldn<t 1e the right 2ind of a 9ather. . He (aid that there ne8er wa( an earthly 5arent who de(ired to do :ore for hi( children that He did.he !rayer "ecret of !raying for =esults 79 on which to (tand. Hi( %ord declare(. "If ye then. . He re:inded :e that any old (inner co+ld 1e a father who wa( concerned a1o+t hi( children. and that e8en an ani:al co+ld 1e concerned a1o+t hi( off(5ring. 5ray that it 1e loo(ened. He (aid that the 5ro1le: wa( that Hi( children did not coo5erate with Hi:. If it were. He (aid for :e not to a(2 Hi: to gi8e :e :oney.od ha( gi8en +( the Na:e of =e(+(.od wor2(. for it wa( down here. He ga8e +( the right to +(e Hi( Na:e.

I i::ediately 1egan to do what He (aid.od. >earn the (ecret of 5raying for other(. ?To :ini(ter? :ean( to wait on or to serve. Pray for :en and wo:en 1y na:e. I had a 8i(ion and (aw an angel. 9ro: that day to thi( I ne8er 5ray any:ore a1o+t :oney. In the la(t ch+rch I 5a(tored we had a +niG+e 5rayer :eeting. =e(+( told :e that @+(t 1eca+(e I grew +5. and it ha( 1een wor2ing e8er (ince then. Prayer i( the life of the ch+rch. I alway( (ay that angel( are :ini(tering (5irit( who are (ent to :ini(ter to tho(e who are heir( of (al8ation. I ha8e 1een doing that. 0on<t @+(t 5ray for . B+t the re(5on(i1ility i( on o+r 5art 1eca+(e thro+gh =e(+( . I alway( (ay that I clai: (o :+ch :oney. 0on<t @+(t l+:5 the: together and 5ray for the: a( a gro+5. 3ct+ally. I 1elie8e that we are only in the 1eginning of the 5rayer fight that i( to end thi( di(5en(ation.7: !rayer "ecrets If yo+ 5ray to . a waitre(( co:e( to (er8e or to :ini(ter to yo+. =e(+( (5o2e to :e a1o+t the ti:e He (aid in Hi( %ord& ?S+ffer the little children to co:e +nto :e? C'att 19&1-D. to go and ca+(e the :oney to co:e. yo+ are 5+tting all the re(5on(i1ility +5on Hi:. =e(+( (aid thi( when the di(ci5le( were re1+2ing the 5eo5le for 5re((ing aro+nd Hi: when He wa( tired. Then He al(o (aid.od i( going to do in the(e la(t day(. ?Their angel i( e8er 1efore :y 9ather<( face? C'att. 3( we 5ray. I 1elie8e that we<re only in the 1eginning of the 5rayer conG+e(t.od to gi8e yo+ L100. 1 &10D. I @+(t tell Satan to ta2e hi( hand( off :y :oney. %hen yo+ go to a re(ta+rant.hri(t deli8erance ha( already 1een :ade for +(. =e(+( infor:ed :e that that wa( :y angel. we recei8e the an(wer( we need. I feel that there i( a great deal :ore that . The >ord told :e to tell :y :ini(tering (5irit(. or angel(.od to (a8e (o+l(. 'ention their na:e( (5ecifically to . I did not lo(e :y angel. I told the 5eo5le I wanted the: to co:e on Th+r(day night and write on a 5iece of 5a5er the na:e of the 5er(on they wanted . Thi( i( the ill+(tration the >ord ga8e :e when I wa( 5raying in the S5irit.

and each one too2 a na:e.he !rayer "ecret of !raying for =esults 7' :o(t to (ee (a8ed. 5+t the: in the offering 5late. %e were not +(ed to thi( 2ind of weather. e*ce5t two. I had ne8er had that 2ind of (+cce(( in :y life. after they :o8ed 1ac2 to . I wa( glad to 2now that 5rayer (till wor2(. %e went right down thro+gh the li(t and 5rayed for each one. I too2 one and (aid that I wa( going to 5ray for that 5artic+lar 5er(on to 1e (a8ed d+ring the co:ing re8i8al. ?Brother Hagin. 1eca+(e we had already (ettled it. I :et a wo:an who(e h+(1and had 1een one of tho(e we had 5rayed for. were (a8ed within a :onth<( ti:e. and the h+(1and (aid. %hen we 5ray for re(+lt( according to . I fini(hed :y 5rayer and then we lifted o+r hand( and 5rai(ed . E8eryone wa( in(tr+cted to (tay off the (treet(.alifornia. I told the 5eo5le not to 5ray for that 5er(on any:ore. 3ll the 5eo5le for who: we 5rayed e*ce5t two. I had heard that he had gotten (a8ed. . %hen the :eeting concl+ded. neither did we ha8e the eG+i5:ent to ta2e care of it. Then we 5a((ed the 5late aro+nd. Bo+ (ee.od<( %ord doe( not fail. all tho(e 5eo5le we 5rayed for. It t+rned o+t that the weather that night wa( 8ery 1ad with a great deal of (leet and (now. thi( co+5le ca:e +5. I told the: to li(ten to what I (aid and then agree with it.od<( %ord. were (a8ed d+ring that :eeting.? He (aid that he had gotten (a8ed that year.od 1eca+(e that 5er(on wa( (a8ed. If it were a h+(1and and wife they were to write 1oth na:e( down. Preaching at a ca:5 :eeting in 195-. Ne8erthele((. I want to h+g yo+r nec2E yo+ 2now that I a: yo+r 1rother now. and :i*ed the: +5. and the other two were (a8ed 1efore the year wa( o8er. I gathered +5 all of the na:e(. nineteen 5eo5le ca:e to the :eeting. .

I wrote :y wife telling her that I wa( going to (tay on.? and ?Thi( doe(n<t :ean thi(. and then ta2e +5 :y offering later.hri(t:a(ti:e (ince I wo+ld not 1e in :eeting( d+ring the holiday(. He (aid if I wo+ld (tay.ather -hich is in hea)en' %e are tal2ing a1o+t 5rayer (ecret(. 0o not 5+t any li:itation( on that.# Chapter # The Prayer Secret of Agreeing and Praying in the Spirit 3ATTH2W 14:15 15 Again * say +nto yo+" That if t-o of yo+ sha$$ agree on earth as to+ching any thing that they sha$$ as%" it sha$$ /e done for the& of &y . he wo+ld ta2e +5 an offering for the 5ay:ent fir(t. I agreed to (tay. ?That doe(n<t :ean that. The 5a(tor then infor:ed :e that he had a 1ig 5ay:ent e8ery year on the ch+rch 5ro5erty. 1+t he wa( not (+re if hi( 5eo5le co+ld gi8e any e*tra. >et<( @+(t ta2e Hi: at Hi( %ord. then why didn<t He (ay what He :eantA? That i( a 5retty good tho+ght. 3ltho+gh I had 1een there for three wee2( the 5a(tor wanted :e to (tay three :ore wee2(.hri(t:a(.? She finally a(2ed. Nonethele((. and that I wanted !# . I (till had another :eeting 1efore . ?If =e(+( did not :ean what He (aid. Se8eral year( ago I wa( 5reaching in we(t Te*a(. then why didn<t He (ay what He :eantA I 1elie8e =e(+( (aid what He :eant and :eant what He (aid. Her 5a(tor 2e5t (aying. If He didn<t :ean what He (aid.hri(t:a( ti:e. 1elie8ing that I wo+ld recei8e (+fficient offering(. It i( li2e the (tory we were told a1o+t a little girl. at . He (aid he realiMed that I wo+ld need e*tra :oney at . Here i( the (ecret of agreeing. and each S+nday night in 0ece:1er he too2 an offering for thi( 5+r5o(e.

they will roll o8er. the 5a(tor and I co+nted the :oney.-9 a1o8e the a:o+nt we had a(2ed for. 5eo5le will fight for their right( and what 1elong( to the:. I do not :ean that thing( will co:e to yo+ li2e ri5e cherrie( falling fro: a tree. 3fter the (er8ice. 'any ti:e( in 5rayer I ha8e . and I 5reached only fifteen :in+te(. then I wo+ld ha8e to go to e8ery ch+rch where I had 5reached and tell the: that =e(+( wa( a liar and that the Bi1le wa( not (o. 1eca+(e the :oney had to 1e there.he !rayer "ecret of #greeing and !raying in the "/irit 7* her to o5en her Bi1le the ne*t S+nday afternoon to 'atthew 1 &19 and agree with :e for (o :+ch :oney. The offering wa( a1o+t L!0 (hort of what :y wife and I had clai:ed.hri(t:a(. If it did not wor2. %hen the wee2 wa( o8er.hri(t:a( 5rogra:. Since the deacon( were 1+(y. . That ne*t S+nday night the 5a(tor too2 +5 hi( offering for the 5ro5erty and then :ine. I recei8ed three dollar( :ore than what :y wife and I had agreed +5on. They will lo(e (lee5 and 5+t forth e8ery effort. I told hi: that the deacon( had not yet told :e. The ne*t wee2 I wrote :y wife telling her to do the (a:e thing again on the following S+nday afternoon and that I wo+ld do li2ewi(e. and I (aid that if it were not there. I a: @+(t that hone(t. (h+t their eye( and 5lay dead. we went to the 5ar(onage. we recei8ed L1. and the 5a(tor a(2ed :e how :+ch I had gotten for that wee2. I told hi: what :y wife and I had done. the ch+rch had a little . B+t when it co:e( to (5irit+al thing(. I wanted to throw it away. I (+gge(ted that we co+nt it again. Bo+ ha8e to (tand yo+r gro+nd again(t the de8il. %e clai:ed half again a( :+ch a( we had 1een getting each wee2. 1eca+(e yo+ ha8e to (tand yo+r gro+nd. the 5a(tor too2 +5 an offering again for the 5ro5erty and then one for :e. %e need to get down to 1+(ine(( and find o+t where the an(wer i(. In anything el(e in life. 3fterward(. The S+nday night 1efore .od<( %ord wor2(. I a((+red her that I wo+ld do the (a:e.

She told :e at the (a:e ti:e that there wa( a 5er(onal offering that (he did not want to go thro+gh the ch+rch. S+ddenly.50 in an en8elo5e. He (aid that we wo+ld co+nt all night +ntil we got it.od that it (hall 1e e8en a( it wa( told :e. that it shall be even as it was told me" C3ct( !"&!5D. "For there stood by me this night the angel of $od.od will hear yo+. >oo2 the (tor: in the face li2e Pa+l did. and I co+nted the other half. So I told the 5a(tor that the :oney had to 1e there. She had 5aid :e for it and had 5+t the L". >oo2 the fore1oding clo+d( in the face .00 a1o8e what we had clai:edF Stand on . and the an(wer will co:e. whose I am. ?%herefore (ir(..od<( %ord and (ay that it ha( to 1e. It wa( a L!5. I had L5. >oo2 the contradictory circ+:(tance( in the face and (ay. and I had forgotten all a1o+t it. She told :e not to tell e8en her h+(1and. %e (till arri8ed at the (a:e fig+re. I believe $od. if nece((ary. crawling aro+nd. I told hi: that it @+(t had to 1e there. 1+t I didn<t tell hi: who ga8e it to :e. He concl+ded (aying. If I had a 8ery 8al+a1le ring and fo+nd that I had lo(t the (etting o+t of the ring.7+ !rayer "ecrets gone right o8er the (a:e gro+nd again and again. and I co+nted hi( half. I re:e:1er that the 5a(tor<( wife had 1o+ght a Bi1le fro: :e 1efore ch+rch. and whom I serve" C3ct( !"&!/D. %e decided to co+nt it again.. "&herefore.00 offering. I wo+ld go o8er the gro+nd caref+lly where I tho+ght I had lo(t it. loo2ing for it.00 offering.od<( written %ord i( e8en :ore (+re than the word of an angel. . I 1elie8e . %hen it co:e( to (5irit+al :atter( I do the (a:e thingKI retrace :y (te5(. %e co+nted it again and we were (till (hort. Therefore. Stand yo+r gro+nd and . sirs. Then he co+nted the half that I had co+nted. Then I told hi: that I had a L!5.? Bo+ will find o+t that the de8il and de:on( will relent in their o55o(ition. I wo+ld get down on :y hand( and 2nee(. =e(+(< %ord i( :ore (+re than the word of an angel. He co+nted half the :oney. Pa+l (aid.

and .? I had in8ited 5eo5le in the :eeting to co:e forward to (5ea2 in faith for whate8er they wanted to (ee co:e to 5a(( in their li8e(. That fit( +(. That night a( thi( :an and wo:an were going ho:e. )regon wa( one of the (tate( that felt the rece((ion de(5erately. I wa( 5reaching in Sale:.od will hear yo+. The agent agreed and (+gge(ted that he . (hall ha8e what(oe8er he (aith. ?I will or I (hall.od that it (hall 1e e8en a( it wa( told :e.hri(tian :echanic and hi( wife and :y wife and I were eating together. 1 &19D. =e(+( (aid. In order for the 5rayer of agree:ent to wor2. The (tronge(t a((ertion that yo+ can :a2e in the Engli(h lang+age i( to (ay. 1+t (hall 1elie8e that tho(e thing( which he (aith (hall co:e to 5a((. ?. there ha( to 1e two of yo+ and yo+ ha8e to 1e on the earth.? Bo+ cannot :a2e any (tronger a((ertion than that.? Bo+ will find o+t then that the de8il and de:on( will relent in their o55o(ition. in 195" d+ring a rece((ion that wa( then on in the nation. He (aid that he had a(2ed the 8ery (a:e thing. the wo:an a(2ed her h+(1and what he had (aid. He had wor2ed for a co:5any for nineteen year( a( a :echanic. He then a(2ed her the (a:e G+e(tion. it "4#LL be done for them of my Father which is in heaven" C'att. The . thi( . 3fter the :eeting. Stand yo+r gro+nd. I 1elie8e .hri(tian :echanic told the real e(tate agent that he wanted to li(t it anyway. and they related what had ha55ened to the: after I 5reached on 'ar2 11&!/& ?%ho(oe8er (hall (ay and not do+1t in hi( heart.. and the an(wer will co:e. 3n +ne:5loyed :echanic fro: the ch+rch 5+t (o:e new 1ra2e( on :y car o+t at hi( ho+(e. They had a lot which they had 1een trying to (ell for (e8eral year(E (he told her h+(1and that (he had a(2ed for the lot to 1e (old. ?%herefore (ir(. )regon.. He went to the real e(tate :an who told hi: that the 5ro5erty @+(t wo+ld not (ell.he !rayer "ecret of #greeing and !raying in the "/irit 7- and (ay. 1+t the 1+(ine(( had to clo(e down. The ne*t :orning at the 1rea2fa(t ta1le (he told her h+(1and to go 1ac2 to the real e(tate :an and li(t the lot again.

od<( %ord i( tr+e. He wanted :e to 5ray that he wo+ld get a good @o1.hri(tian :echanic fo+nd the :an and learned that he wa( (till intere(ted in the lot and wo+ld e8en ta2e it for the 5rice that the co+5le had a(2ed for it. Hi( wife (aid that they had alway( 2nown 'ar2 11&!/. why don<t yo+ @+(t (ide in with it.92 !rayer "ecrets (ee a :an who had tried to 1+y the lot 1efore at a lower 5rice. a friend of :ine wor2ed for hi( 1rother in a little garage that had hardly eno+gh roo: to get one car in it. In(tead of 1elie8ing with the heart they had 1een 5raying that $od wo+ld do (o:ething a1o+t it. 1+t thi( wa( the fir(t ti:e they had e8er really acted on it. Hi( 1rother 5aid hi: L/. He (aid that it shall 1e doneF If yo+ agree on anything. It i( a (ad thing that S5irit-filled . &e ha8e o+r 5art to 5lay too. it (hall 1e done. 1+t he co+ldn<t on L/.. The . if they had only said it. =e(+( did not (ay that it might 1e done or that there wa( a 5o((i1ility that it could 1e done. 1oth 1rother( tried to hel5 their 5arent( who were 8ery 5oor. He acce5ted the @o1. He had 1een going with a yo+ng lady. which wa( year-ro+nd e:5loy:ent and the (alary wa( L100 :ore than he had 1een getting. In(tead.hri(tian :echanic al(o wor2ed in the fore(t( when weather 5er:itted.!.wa( in the Bi1le. 1+t the :en who too2 hi( a55lication told hi: that there were !. 1eca+(e he did not e8en ha8e any dre(( 5ant(.he8rolet. Be(ide( thi(. I re:e:1er I (to55ed 1y to (ee :y friend. and he wanted :e . He told :e that he wanted :e to 5ray a1o+t (o:ething with hi:. 9or two year( thi( co+5le had needed the e*tra :oney and co+ld ha8e had it. He (aid he had a55lied for a @o1. and he a(2ed the :echanic if he wo+ld li2e to ha8e a @o1. It wa( d+ring the de5re((ion day(. Thi( . In(tead of arg+ing with the Bi1le. Bear( ago when I wa( a Ba5ti(t 1oy. and he wa( wor2ing on a </. He wa( going to a55ly for another @o1 at a cotton :ill. Hi( 1rother had @+(t left.000 ahead of hi:. and he wanted to get :arried. .00 a wee2. The :an who 1o+ght the lot owned a fleet of tr+c2(.hri(tian( go thro+gh life and ne8er act +5on the %ord.00 a wee2 and fed hi:.

She told hi: that he wa( too lateE nonethele((.od wo+ld do (o:ething a1o+t it. I re:e:1er S:ith %iggle(worth telling of an Engli(h Pre(1yterian lady who had co:e to hi( little :i((ion and recei8ed the 1a5ti(: of the Holy S5irit. %hen he ca:e. Bo+ can 1e :ighty in 5rayer alone. CBo+ :ay ha8e e*5erienced that yo+r(elf when yo+ fir(t recei8ed. 1+t yo+ can 1e :ightier with (o:eone @oining yo+. He (tayed there +ntil he wa( 5ro:oted to 1e one of the 1o((e(.he !rayer "ecret of #greeing and !raying in the "/irit 91 to agree with hi: that he wo+ld get it. He went ho:e angry and infor:ed her that (he wo+ld ha8e to choo(e 1etween the Holy S5irit and hi:. or el(e they wo+ld ha8e to e*co::+nicate her for good. %iggle(worth a((+red her that . and he went into the :ini(try. he (aw that her face and eye( were red fro: crying.od<( %ord. %iggle(worth told . Then . In a little while he 1o+ght hi:(elf a co+5le of (+it( of clothe(. I told hi: a1o+t 'atthew 1 &19. (o he had 5ac2ed and left. She told hi: that (he co+ld not gi8e +5 the Holy S5irit. where+5on they threw her o+t. Her h+(1and wa( on the 1oard. E8en tho+gh there were hardly any @o1( aro+nd to 1e had. and in a1o+t nine :onth( he got :arried on L10 a wee2. 3t the 1rea2fa(t ta1le that :orning her h+(1and had a(2ed her what her deci(ion wa(. She related the (tory and added that it wa( the tenth day. That wa( :y fir(t e*5erience in acting +5on thi( 8er(e of Scri5t+re. earning a good (alary. He wo+ld gi8e her ten day( to :a2e +5 her :ind. and he went to wor2 for L10 a wee2.od ne8er (ent hi: anywhere too late. and we agreed that he wo+ld ha8e that @o1 within ten day(.od called hi: to 5reach. and they told hi: that he wo+ld ha8e to 5+t a (to5 to it. he 2new . yo+ tho+ght e8eryone wo+ld 1e ha55y for yo+ 1+t yo+ fo+nd o+t later that :ay1e they were not (o thrilledFD Thi( lady went 1ac2 to her ch+rch and (tarted (5ea2ing in tong+e(. It will wor2 1eca+(e it i( . She (ent word for %iggle(worth to co:e to 5ray for her. )n the tenth day they called hi:.

?No. 1+t I 2now :y =e(+(. (tart 5raying in the S5irit. That agree( with what Pa+l (ay( in 9ir(t .. He wa( con8erted and in a few :in+te( he wa( filled with the S5irit too. He added that after her h+(1and went to 1ed (he (ho+ld go to another roo: to 1e alone.ree2 tran(lation (ay( that the S5irit :a2e( interce((ion. He then confe((ed that he wa( a 1oard :e:1er of the ch+rch 1+t wa( not really (a8ed. he @+:5ed o+t of 1ed and a(2ed the >ord to (a8e hi:. and the wo:an<( h+(1and ca:e 1ac2 that e8ening. %iggle(worth told her that when her h+(1and ca:e 1ac2 that night Che didn<t (ay ?if?D. her h+(1and wo+ld 1e 1ac2. The :in+te (he to+ched hi:. She re5lied.orinthian( 1-&1-& . Nel(on affir:( that the . I don<t 2now hi:. . ?Bo+ don<t 2now :y h+(1andF? He an(wered. (he agreed to agree with %iggle(worth. (he laid her hand on hi: and clai:ed hi( (o+l. He told her that all they had to do wa( to agree on earth. and when (he wa( in the S5irit. %hile they were 5raying.not -hat -e sho+$d pray for as -e o+ght: /+t the Spirit itse$f &a%eth intercession for +s -ith groanings -hich cannot /e +ttered' 0r. 3fter a little ti:e %iggle(worth (+cceeded in (howing her what the %ord (aid. %iggle(worth left. (he 1egan 5raying in the S5irit. Thi( all ha55ened 1eca+(e %iggle(worth and thi( wo:an had agreed in 5rayer. 0O3ANS 4: 6 6 6i%e-ise the Spirit a$so he$peth o+r infir&ities: for -e %no. (he (ho+ld go G+ietly and lay her hand on hi: and clai: hi( (o+l.? She infor:ed hi: that her h+(1and ne8er went 1ac2 on hi( word.97 !rayer "ecrets her that if they agreed in 5rayer. 9inally. Thi( 8er(e incl+de( 5raying with tong+e( al(o. She coo2ed hi: hi( fa8orite (+55er and later when (he wa( 5raying while he wa( a(lee5.? 3rtic+late (5eech :ean( yo+r nor:al 2ind of (5eech. P. ?with groaning( which cannot 1e +ttered in artic+late (5eech. (he (ho+ld 1e 8ery nice and act a( if nothing had ha55ened at all. They 5rayed and a(2ed that her h+(1and wo+ld co:e 1ac2.

The wife of one of the leading doctor( of the city wa( a wonderf+l . The Holy S5irit i( not (ent to do yo+r 5raying for yo+. Bo+ cannot 5o((i1ly 2now in yo+r nat+ral :ind what to 5ray for a( yo+ o+ght. He agreed to co:e on a 'onday for the noon :eal. That wo+ld :a2e the Holy . 9or in(tance. and they co:e fro: within yo+. all I a: doing i( (al8ing :y con(cience (o I can (ay that I 5rayed for hi:. So:e thing( co:e o+t that @+(t cannot 1e e*5re((ed in word(. who had 1een a lawyer. The(e groaning( co:e o+t of yo+r (5irit and e(ca5e yo+r li5(E that i( the S5irit hel5ing yo+. He wo+ld :a2e f+n of hi( wife.harle( 9inney 1egan hi( :ini(try a( a Pre(1yterian and later on 1eca:e a .. incl+ding yo+r 5rayer life.. She 2e5t in(i(ting that 9inney co:e to her ho+(e on one of hi( day( off. ?.ho(t doe( a5art fro: yo+. and I a(2 . He 2new (o:ething a1o+t the Holy S5irit. She felt that 9inney. 1+t the doctor hi:(elf wa( an infidel. 1eca+(e the Bi1le teache( that you are re(5on(i1le. wo+ld 1e a1le to hel5 her h+(1and. 1+t we 2now not what to 5ray for a( we o+ght.ible (ay(. my s/irit /rayeth. The(e groaning( are in(5ired 1y the Holy S5irit. the S5irit hel5eth o+r infir:itie(. but my understanding is unfruitful.ho(t re(5on(i1le for yo+r 5rayer life and He i( not. if I a: 5raying for (o:eone I 2now. (o .he !rayer "ecret of #greeing and !raying in the "/irit 99 "For if I /ray in an unknown tongue. Thi( far:er 1rother wa( (taying in the ho:e with the doctor and hi( wife. 1+t He i( (ent to hel5 yo+ in e8ery a(5ect of life..od to 1le(( hi:.? he #m/lified .ongregationali(t... 9inney wa( holding a re8i8al :eeting in a certain city. )ften 1y 5raying thi( way. That doe( not :ean that thi( i( (o:ething the Holy . yo+ are interceding. Thi( doctor had a 1rother who wa( a far:erE he wa( a 8ery religio+( :an and had co:e to attend the :eeting(.hri(tian wo:an and leader.od.? %e 2now not what to 5ray for a( we o+ght. Bo+ can @+(t (ay what yo+ want to. Than2 . The 5rayer of interce((ion i( 5raying for another. . He i( 2nown a( the :an who 5rayed down re8i8al(. :y (5irit H1y the Holy S5irit within :eI 5ray(.

%hen yo+ do thi(. the doctor wa( co:ing o+t to get hi( 1ag 1eca+(e he tho+ght hi( 1rother had (o:e 2ind of (to:ach cra:5(. Bo+ can hel5 lift a (5irit+al load @+(t li2e yo+ can a 5hy(ical load. Beca+(e yo+ are ta2ing (o:eone el(e<( 1+rden +5on yo+r(elf. The doctor @er2ed loo(e fro: 9inney and (aid that he did not 1elie8e it. 9or forty-fi8e :in+te( they (tayed there wee5ing and groaning. infor:ing hi: that there wa( nothing wrong with hi( 1rother. The doctor left and 9inney went into the roo: and 2neeled down 1y the 1rother. there i( a groaning of the S5irit when the Holy S5irit ta2e( hold with yo+ in 5rayer. and 1egan to 5ray. He then @+:5ed +5 fro: the ta1le and ran to hi( 1edroo:. go ahead and groan and 5ray it o+t. 3( 9inney went into the roo:. he wa( chec2ed in hi( (5irit and felt that the >ord wanted the far:er 1rother to 5ray.od co:e( +5on yo+ and groaning( (tart welling +5 fro: yo+r inner :an. It i( interce((ion for a lo(t (o+l. (o:eti:e( yo+ feel a( if yo+r own (o+l i( lo(t. The doctor tho+ght (o:ething wa( wrong with hi: 5hy(ically.9: !rayer "ecrets at the ti:e a55ointed. He (aid they re@oiced and la+ghed for awhile. The lady a(2ed 9inney to 5rayE a( he 1owed hi( head. So:e ha8e had thi( (5irit of groaning and did not 2now what it wa(. 9inney (aid that after they had 5rayed. 9inney followed. 9inney (aid that within a few :in+te( he co+ld feel the 1+rden co:ing off on hi:. and @+:5ed +5 to follow hi( 1rother. 1+t really it i(n<t. yo+ act+ally feel on the in(ide of yo+. they (tarted la+ghing. If the S5irit of . 3fter 9inney ca:e down(tair(. he 2noc2ed on the doctor<( (t+dy door. He told hi: . 9inney told the doctor that hi( 1rother had the (5irit of tra8ail and interce((ion and that he wa( 5raying for the doctor<( lo(t (o+l. 3ltho+gh yo+ do not ta2e it +5on yo+r(elf to @+(t groan in the fle(h. when (+ddenly he too2 ahold of hi( (to:ach and (tarted groaning. He (to55ed the doctor. Bo+ (ho+ld alway( 5ray +ntil yo+ ha8e a feeling of 5rai(e. 9inney ca:e and e8eryone wa( (eated at the ta1le. a( if yo+ are lo(t. 9inney 2new what the :atter wa(. The 1rother 1egan 5raying.

there i( a :ini(try of interce((ion.? C1 . 3t (i* o<cloc2 in the :orning. I do not 2now e*actly what to 5ray for a( I o+ght. and I often get a re8elation of what I a: to 5ray for. 9inney told hi: that hi( 1rother had 1een 5raying for the doctor<( 5oor lo(t (o+l. 'y (5irit i( not co:ing fro: :y :ind or :y head. 3 yo+ng Te*a( :ini(ter wa( hit head-on 1y a dr+n2. He (aid he had feeling all o8er hi( 1ody. Then he fell down on hi( 2nee( and wa( glorio+(ly (a8ed. He 5rayed altogether a1o+t ten ho+r( in tong+e(. 1-&1-D. 1eca+(e hi( nec2 and 1ac2 were 1ro2en. The Holy S5irit i( hel5ing :e. "For if I /ray in an unknown tongue. The father 5rayed in tong+e(. The father went 1ac2 the ne*t night. Be(. The doctor o5ened the door and a(2ed hi: how hi( 1rother wa(.od had healed hi:. The (on a((+red hi: that he wa( all right 1eca+(e . %hether or not yo+ ha8e a re8elation. they *-rayed hi: and (aid that they co+ld not e8en find where hi( 1one( had 1een 1ro2en. The doctor ca:e in. Pa+l (ay(.or. he went o8er to hi( (on<( 1ed and (aw hi: lying there with hi( eye( o5en. 3fter :+ch 5er(+a(ion. and at :idnight he wa( (till 5raying in tong+e(.od had healed hi:. Be(. there i( a 5rayer of interce((ion.he !rayer "ecret of #greeing and !raying in the "/irit 9' that he had a word for hi: fro: hi( 1rother. The two 1egan 5rai(ing the >ord. They 2e5t hi: there for a day or two . So I 1egin 5raying in the S5irit. 0o not 1e afraid to yield to it. 9inney (aid the doctor dro55ed hi( head and (tarted crying. %hen hi( father arri8ed at the ho(5ital they told hi: that hi( (on<( nec2 wa( 1ro2en and that he wa( 5aralyMed fro: the wai(t down.. and fo+nd hi: +ncon(cio+(. and the 1oy told hi: that . 5ray that way anyway 1eca+(e yo+ 2now it i( Bi1le and it i( Scri5t+ral. He told the doctor that he wa( going to (tay all night and 5ray. 0octor( ga8e hi: little ho5e of reco8ering. He a(2ed the doctor to re:o8e the ca(t. 1+t the doctor (aid no. He added that they had 5rayed it all thro+gh and that he wa( @+(t a( good a( (a8ed. my s/irit /rayeth ..

o(5el. and finally told hi: that he co+ld go ho:e. . He got the hel5 of the Holy S5irit in 5raying.9) !rayer "ecrets to chec2 hi:. Bo+ can increa(e yo+r 5ower in 5rayer 100 5ercent 1y 5raying in the S5irit and in tong+e(. He wa( :irac+lo+(ly healed and i( (till 5reaching the . The father got the @o1 done when he 1egan to 5ray in the S5irit.

. .aith *s Se)en (ita$ Steps To 0ecei)ing the Ho$y Spirit 0ight and Wrong Thin%ing Prayer Secrets Ho. %e tr+(t thi( 1oo2 ha( 1een a 1le((ing to yo+.aith Ho.od and 5re(ent the :e((age He ha( gi8en +( in the 5rinted word.od<( :e((age in the: will ena1le the 1elie8er to fill to the +t:o(t hi( 5lace in the Body of . :ini1oo2(. %e ha8e endea8ored to o1ey .0ear 9riend.hri(t.D 5lea(e write o+r office and reG+e(t the Faith Library Catalog. gro+5 (t+dy 1oo2(. ca((ette(. %e are li(ting (e8eral 1oo2( fro: o+r 9aith >i1rary which are of the (a:e (iMe and ty5e a( the one yo+ ha8e @+(t read. 7OO8S 79 82NN2TH 2' HAG*N • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 0edee&ed .aith 6oose The 8ey to Script+ra$ Hea$ing Praying To Get 0es+$ts The Present.the Wi$$ of God 3an on Three :i&ensions The H+&an Spirit T+rning Hope$ess Sit+ations Aro+nd Casting 9o+r Cares <pon the 6ord Se)en Steps for J+dging Prophecy The *nterceding Christian 7OO8S 79 82NN2TH HAG*N J0' • 7eca+se of Jes+s • Ho.To T+rn 9o+r . Po)erty" Sic%ness" and Spirit+a$ :eath What .:ay 3inistry of Jes+s Christ The Gift of Prophecy Hea$ing 7e$ongs to <s The 0ea$ .To 3a%e the :rea& God Ga)e 9o+ Co&e Tr+e • The 6ife of O/edience If yo+ wo+ld li2e a co:5lete li(t of all the :aterial( a8aila1le C(t+dy co+r(e(.9o+ Can 8no.

. Today tho+(and( of grad+ate( of 7HE'3 ha8e 8ent+red into e8ery inha1ited continent of the earth. write& 8enneth Hagin 3inistries P. the 5rinted 5age contin+e( to 1e a :a@or o+treach of Kenneth Hagin 'ini(trie(. carrying the . 7HE'3 Bi1le Training . Hel5(. he &ord of Faith0 an international radio 1roadca(t.enter i( another dyna:ic o+treach of Kenneth Hagin 'ini(trie(.o> 99'. <tobicoke ? oronto@.atalog with a co:5lete li(ting of Kenneth Hagin 'ini(trie(< 1oo2( and ta5e(.reat .hildren<( :ini(trie(. !.). To recei8e a free. 7HE'3 offer( a high G+ality of :ini(terial (t+die( de(igned to train and eG+i5 :en and wo:en to enter the E8angeli(tic. a free :onthly :agaMine. and . Ontario Canada.enter.r+(ade(E 9aith >i1rary ta5e(E and 7HE'3 . A-# :B9 . there i( :ore .%ith :illion( of 9aith >i1rary 1oo2( in circ+lation.o(5el of =e(+( . f+ll-color 1roch+re on 7HE'3 Bi1le Training .hri(tKwith (ign( following. Pa(toral.O. The(e o+t-reache( are 8ital to the 5art Kenneth Hagin 'ini(trie( (hare( in f+lfilling the . 9o+nded in 19"-.o::i((ionKyet. )K "-150-01!# In Canada write. "tation 6.orre(5ondence Bi1le School.ood New( of the . 'i((ion(. ?9aith Se:inar of the 3ir?E nationwide 3ll 9aith(< . Teaching. or to recei8e o+r 9aith >i1rary . . Bo+th. The 8oice of Kenneth Hagin 'ini(trie( i( f+rther a:5lified aro+nd the world thro+gh the following :edia& 3 !--5age free :onthly :agaMine. . Bo* 501!# T+l(a. he &ord of Faith.