by John M. Zikos. New Expanded THIRD EDITION 20 ! Copyright © 2014 John M. Zikos. (All rights reserved.)

A N"#e A$"%# T&e T&'(d Ed'#'"n)
Most people who re d the previo!s editions o" this book e#br $ed it. %here were "ew however who h d little di""i$!lty with things to whi$h they were introd!$ed. & # g in revising this book to e'pl in #ore $le rly so#e o" the key points. M!$h o" it is the s #e s the se$ond edition( )!t there re "ew i#port nt $h nges. &n M rk 2*22 we re told we $ n+t p!t new wine in old wine skins. &" wine is tr!th, it is di""i$!lt to p!t new tr!th (wine) in Christi n who is -set- in his belie"s. &t is di""i$!lt "or hi# to open nd e'p nd his #ind (stret$h his wine skins) with the new tr!th (wine). .o, i" yo! re n est blished Christi n, & !rge yo! to open yo! #ind to this ddition l tr!th. &" yo! re new Christi n /!#p in nd open yo!r #ind. 0o! will "ind -%he Mystery o" the Ages- reve led( 1ho the 2enites re, nd wh t it #e ns. 3ot ll people re #e nt to !nderst nd the Mystery o" the Ages. .o#e ren+t. 4o# ns 11*5 tells !s th t so#e people re kept in st te o" sl!#ber $on$erning so#e spirit! l tr!ths. %his is "or their own prote$tion. 4o# ns11*675. 6. ...b!t the ele$tion h th obt ined it, nd the rest were blinded. 5. (A$$ording s it is written, 8od h th given the# the spirit o" sl!#ber, eyes th t they sho!ld not see, nd e rs th t they sho!ld not he r() !nto this d y. & won+t go into ll the det ils here. (&t will be $overed l ter.) )!t, i" yo! re lly w nt to know the tr!th /!st sk Christ to reve l it to yo!. &" it is 9is will, it sh ll be so. 9e who h s eyes to see, let hi# see:

%his book is dedi$ ted to those who w nt to $orre$tly !nderst nd #ore o" 8od+s ;o$trines, nd to dis$ rd the do$trines $re ted by # n whi$h $on"!se nd # ke void the tr!e word o" 8od. 1hen & "irst st rted writing this book, the working title w s -3othing )!t %he %r!th, .o 9elp Me 8od-. )!t, s & got "!rther nd "!rther into the writing & re li<ed th t #ost Christi n $h!r$hes, reg rdless o" deno#in tion, te $h do$trines th t h ve been $on"!sed (or poll!ted) by # nkind. %here re re sons "or this th t & won+t go into in this "oreword. )!t the " $t re# ins th t #!$h o" wh t is t !ght h s been #istr nsl ted nd #isinterpreted. &t is there"ore ne$ess ry to go b $k to the origin l # n!s$ripts to get the sh des o" #e ning 8od+s inspired writings hold. 4e#e#ber, it+s been bo!t two tho!s nd ye rs sin$e even the newest o" 8od+s # n!s$ripts h ve been s$ribed. C n yo! i# gine the $h nges in l ng! ge, $!sto#, philosophy, et$. th t h ve t ken pl $e sin$e then. =nly by going b $k to the origin l 9ebrew, 8reek nd Ar # i$ writings, nd tr nsl ting their sh des o" #e ning into tod y+s words $ n we void the tr p o" #isinterpret tion th t ti#e nd # n h ve $re ted. &+ll e'pl in how this is done in det il in the te't o" this work. & wish to th nk # n & h ve never #et( ;r. Arnold M!rr y. 9e is > stor o" .hepherd+s Ch pel in 8r vette, Ark ns s. 9e is not only tr!e theologi n, b!t lso n e'perien$ed r$h eologist. ?ro# hi# & h ve le rned we sho!ld st!dy 8od+s 9oly 1ord, $h pter by $h pter nd verse by verse. (&s i h 25*10) And, th t the s$ript!re te $her #!st $orre$tly interpret nd e'pl in e $h verse s he goes long, so the st!dent will h ve the tr!e !nderst nding o" wh t 8od #e ns. &n this w y 8od+s letter to !s "lows with #e ning. 8od+s 9oly .pirit h s !sed > stor M!rr y to # ke the )ible $o#e live with new #e ning "or #e. & wish to p ss so#e o" this in"or# tion on to yo!. 8od h s !sed > stor M!rr y+s work to "!rther open the eyes o" tho!s nds o" people. At the end o" this work & will give in"or# tion on how yo! $ n "!rther in$re se yo!r )ibli$ l knowledge o" 8od+s st ted do$trines, i" yo! re #oved to do so.

>le se sk Christ to open yo!r eyes nd #ind s yo! st!dy this # teri l. &" it w s #e nt to be, it sh ll be so. 1hen yo! "inish this work, hope"!lly, yo! will know wh t & #e n. 8od+s will be done in ll things. &n Jes!s n #e.

Christ h s s id, -& will # ke yo! "ishers o" #en-. 1e don+t -l!re- "ish by throwing the whole t $kle bo' t it when it swi#s to the side o" o!r bo t. 1e pl $e l!re, te#pting #orsel o" b it (tr!th), in "ront o" it to # ke the "ish $o#e to !s. Also, thro!gh 8od+s word we he r bo!t pl nting seeds nd letting the# grow. 1e he r bo!t giving -littletr!th to people so they $ n n!rt!re it nd help it grow. 1e re told to sort o" sprinkle tr!th on the# so they $ n bsorb it. 1e re w rned not to -overlo d- people with tr!th, so th t we "r!str te the# in their le rning nd $ !se the# to t!rn w y "ro# 8od. 1e re not s!pposed to drown the person with the tr!th. & # s ying these things so yo! will !nderst nd the w rning & # bo!t to give yo!. 9ere is th t w rning: 0o! # y w nt to tre d slowly while digesting the tr!th in this work. %o so#e it will be like getting hit with 1 ter C nnon inste d o" being sprinkled with tr!th 7 i" yo! try to $o#prehend it ll t on$e. .!re, re d the whole book. )!t then go b $k nd -slowly digest- the things th t re new to yo!. ;on+t be overwhel#ed i" so#e or #ost o" this in"or# tion is new to yo! s Christi n. % ke yo!r ti#e digesting: & # not trying to overlo d nyone. & # trying to p!t so#e o" 8od+s tr!th into one si#ple work th t people $ n re d nd do$!#ent "or the#selves. & # trying to p!t $h!nk o" 8od+s tr!th "orw rd in w y th t will $ !se Christi ns to w nt to st!dy it. And then re7st!dy it, so they tr!ly !nderst nd it, nd h ve do$!#ented it s tr!e in 8od+s 9oly 1ord 7?=4 %9@M.@AB@.. &n re lity this work is only spring bo rd to help yo! get "!rther into the s$ript!res nd get the spirit! l #e t 8od h s "or yo! there. &" yo! re one who is still drinking only spirit! l #ilk, this will be little l rger step th n yo! nor# lly t ke. )!t it &. so#ething th t yo! CA3 do. .o h ve p tien$e while st!dying these things, wh tever yo!r present level o" !nderst nding. &n the )ook o" 4o# ns 8od tells !s th t so#e o" 8od+s $hildren re in st te o" spirit! l sl!#ber (the word is -st!por- in the 8reek) to prote$t the#. %his is "or their own good. =pen #inds open doors. & s!ggest yo! keep n open #ind while yo! st!dy this book nd sk Christ to open yo!r #ind to "!rther !nderst nding. 8od will nswer

yo!r pr yer one w y or the other. Ag in, he who h s eyes to see, let hi# see:

T&'(d Ed'#'"n 20 ! $+ ,"&n -. .'/"0 Copyright © 2014 John M. Zikos. (All rights reserved.)

& w nt to l y little gro!nd work s yo! begin, so when we get " rther into the te't, yo! will h ve n !nderst nding o" #ost i#port nt $on$ept* %he ;&??@4@3C@ between %9@ ;=C%4&3@. =? 8=; nd %9@ ;=C%4&3@. =? MA3. T&'0 '0 a 1('#'1a2 1"n1ep#3 %9@ ;=C%4&3@. =? 8=; re the do$trines 8od g ve to !s thro!gh Jes!s Christ nd ll the 9oly .$ript!res. %hese re the only %r!e ;o$trines o" 8od. DOCTRINES O* -AN re /!st theologies, philosophies, nd ide s th t # n h s -$re ted- (tho!ght !p) nd inter#i'ed with 8ods %r!e ;o$trine, nd in # ny $ ses $o#pletely p!shed 8ods ;o$trine side. (M rk 6*1C -M king the word o" 8od o" none e""e$t thro!gh yo!r tr ditions, whi$h ye h ve delivered...-) I#'0 1('#'1a2 #&a# +"% %nde(0#and #&e D"1#('ne0 "4 -an a(e NOT #&e D"1#('ne0 "4 G"d. &" so#eone tells yo! so#ething, nd yo! think yo! h ve $o#e !pon so#e spirit! l enlighten#ent, $he$k it o!t in 8od+s 1ord: C&e1/ '# "%# 'n #&e 01('p#%(e0 5 6Y"%(0e246 3 T&'0 d"e0 NOT 7ean #" a0/ 0"7e"ne e20e w&a# '# 7ean033333 &" yo! go to h!# n (A30 h!# n) yo! # y get tr!th #i'ed with the do$trines o" # n. T&'0 '0 w&a# +"% 7%0# a8"'d. >eople will !s! lly tell yo!, witho!t looking in the s$ript!res, wh t the -p rty line- is "or their p rti$!l r $h!r$h or br nd o" theology. 1hether it+s the > stor, the >riest, the )ishop, so#eone in yo!r $ongreg tion, or the $h!r$h $!stodi n th t tells yo! so#ething 7C&e1/ '# "%# IN THE SCRI9TURES 4"( +"%(0e24) L'ne $+ 2'ne and 8e(0e $+ 8e(0e : *OR YOURSEL*3 Y"% open the )ible nd re d bo!t it "or yo!rsel". 3ot /!st one verse, b!t the $$o#p nying p ss ges. ?ig!re o!t wh t the point o" those .$ript!res re nd then re d in th t $onte't nd light. 4e"er b $k to

the origin l # n!s$ripts thro!gh good $on$ord n$e to $he$k the -tr!e- #e ning o" the words. &n other words, wh t is the s!b/e$t nd ob/e$t o" those p ss gesD 1ho is doing the spe king nd to who# is he spe kingD 1h t does it re lly #e nD )y the w y, &+# not p!tting down people who do # n! l l bor. M ny o" the# know Christ nd 9is tr!ths better th n lot o" pre $hers. And so#e pre $hers "e r te $hing other th n wh t their p rti$!l r $h!r$h do$trine is, be$ !se it $ n get the# in tro!ble or even $ !se the# to lose their pension. 3o, &+# 3=% s ying ll pre $hers, priests, bishops or other $lergy#en re b d people. &+# /!st telling yo! th t there will 3=% be pre $her or priest or bishop st nding between yo! nd 8od t the 8re t 1hite %hrone J!dg#ent. 0o!r "in l /!dg#ent is between yo! nd 8od. 9@ 1A3%. %= 4@1A4; 0=E on /!dg#ent d y, 3=% sn!"" yo! o!t: (.ee 2 >eter C*F). 0o! $ n+t tell 8od %he ? ther, -1ell 8od, > stor Jones told #e it w s this w y. & didn+t know the re l tr!th even tho!gh & held yo!r s$ript!res in #y very h nds # ny ti#es. & h d )ible in #y ho!se sin$e & w s little kid. Aord, & w s too l <y to $he$k it o!t in 0o!r s$ript!res, even "ter 0o! went to ll th t tro!ble to h ve the re l tr!th written down nd p ssed #ongst !s thro!gh the $ent!ries. @ven tho!gh it w s the M=.% &M>=4%A3% %9&38 in #y li"e, & /!st didn+t do it: & /!st sked so#eone else.A20", 1"n0'de( #&e #(%#&, n"# #&e 0"%(1e3 0o!+ve he rd the old s ying, yo! $ n+t /!dge book by it+s $over. %h t $!stodi n # y be the one person to t!rn yo! on to in$re sed wisdo# nd gre ter knowledge thro!gh !nderst nding o" 8od+s word. &n other words, when so#eone tells yo! so#ething, nd yo! re not s!re bo!t it, G" #" G"d'0 H"2+ S1('p#%(e0 and LOO; IT U9 *OR YOURSEL*333333 (&+ll give yo! little help on how to do th t l ter in this book in $ se yo! # y not know how. &t+s $t! lly very e sy when yo! h ve "ew si#ple tools.)

Re7e7$e() I#'0 WHAT'S ('<&#, n"# w&"'0 ('<&#3 .o, i" it+s not $le rly in 8od+s .$ript!res it is 3=% the ;o$trine o" 8od. &t &. the ;o$trine o" M n. 8od h s told !s G!ite $le rly how to worship 9i# in 9is word. ;on+t be "ooled by the ide s th t h!# ns h ve developed nd slipped into their religions. 9ere+s good e' #ple "ro# the )ible o" wh t &+# t lking bo!t. 2eep yo!r eyes on Christ in these p ss ges. =I %0e a 0#anda(d ;'n< ,a7e0 B'$2e #" (e4e( #" #&e0e 8e(0e0. I'22 exp2a'n 2a#e( w&+ I %0e '#>. -a(/ ?) 5@ 1. %hen $ #e together !nto hi# the >h risees, nd $ert in o" the s$ribes, whi$h $ #e "ro# Jer!s le#. 2. And when they s w so#e o" his dis$iples e t bre d with de"iled, th t is to s y, with !nw shen, h nds, they "o!nd " !lt. C. ?or the >h risees, nd ll the Jews, e'$ept they w sh their h nds o"t, e t not, holding the tr dition o" the elders. 4. And when they $o#e "ro# the # rket, e'$ept they w sh, they e t not. And # ny other things there be, whi$h they h ve re$eived to hold, s the w shing o" $!ps, nd pots, br sen vessels, nd o" t bles. H. %hen the >h risees nd s$ribes sked hi#, 1hy w lk not thy dis$iples $$ording to the tr dition o" the elders, b!t e t bre d with !nw shen h ndsD >le se note the >h risees w nted the dis$iples to per"or# the -tr ditions o" the elders-. %his is n e'$ellent e' #ple o" ;o$trine o" M n th t h d $rept into the >h risees religion nd they were holding it s s $red. 3ow the >h risees w shing o" h nds w s not wh t yo! nd & do to get the dirt nd ger#s o"" o!r h nds be"ore we sit down t the dinner t ble to e t. %he >h risees h d devised rit! l o" w shing whi$h went to gre t p ins to show how religio!s they were nd it # de -big show- o!t o" the h nd w shing $ere#ony. Aisten to wh t Jes!s h s to s y to the# bo!t this. -a(/ ?)A5B I. 9e nswered nd s id !nto the#, 1ell h th @s i s prophesied o"

yo! hypo$rites, s it is written, %his people hono!reth #e with their lips, b!t their he rt is " r "ro# #e. 6. 9owbeit in v in do they worship #e, te $hing "or do$trines the $o## nd#ents o" #en. 5. ?or l ying side the $o## nd#ent o" 8od, ye hold the tr dition o" #en, s the w shing o" pots nd $!ps* nd # ny other s!$h like things ye do. F. And he s id !nto the#, ?!ll well ye re/e$t the $o## nd#ent o" 8od, th t ye # y keep yo!r own tr dition. % ke look t verse seven. 9ere Christ is telling the >h risees they re te $hing %9@&4 $o## nd#ents (the ;o$trines o" M n) inste d o" the do$trines o" 9is ? ther. &n essen$e 9e+s s ying, 0o! g!ys honor 8od with yo!r lips, b!t yo! he rts don+t h ve $l!e to 8od+s tr!e love nd how 9e w nts yo! to worship 9i#. 0o!+re # king yo!r tr ditions #ore i#port nt th n yo!r love "or 8od. 0es, this e' #ple is pretty #!$h bl $k nd white. &t+s gre t ill!str tion. )!t there re lot o" re s -people h ve # de gr y- by introd!$ing the ;o$trines o" M n into their theology. .o be on yo!r g! rd: )y the w y, i" 8od #e nt so#ething s do$trine yo! will "ind it #ore th n on$e in the )ible. 9e h s given !s di""erent s$ript!res to $l ri"y the ;o$trine o" 8od. )ew re o" the # n or wo# n th t b!ilds #!$h o" their religion on /!st one verse. %o prove #y point t ke look t the "ollowing verses. 0o! re w rned # ny ti#es in the .$ript!res to bew re o" " lse do$trine (wh t & $ ll %he ;o$trines o" M n). -a##&ew 2!)! 4. And Jes!s nswered nd s id !nto the#, % ke heed th t no # n de$eive yo!. ,"&n ?) A5 ? 1I. Jes!s nswered the#, nd s id, My do$trine is not #ine, b!t his th t sent #e. 16. &" ny # n will do his will, he sh ll know o" the do$trine, whether it be o" 8od, or whether & spe k o" #ysel".

Ep&e0'an0 !) ! 14. %h t we hen$e"orth be no #ore $hildren, tossed to nd "ro, nd $ rried bo!t with every wind o" do$trine, by the sleight o" #en, nd $!nning $r "tiness, whereby they lie in w it to de$eive( C"2"00'an0 2)22 22. 1hi$h ll re to perish with the !sing( "ter the $o## nd#ents nd do$trines o" #enD He$(ew0 C)B F. )e not $ rried bo!t with divers nd str nge do$trines. ?or it is good thing th t the he rt be est blished with gr $e( not with #e ts, whi$h h ve not pro"ited the# th t h ve been o$$!pied therein. T'#%0 2 1. )!t spe k tho! the things whi$h be$o#e so!nd do$trine* II ,"&n )B5 F. 1hosoever tr nsgresseth, nd bideth not in the do$trine o" Christ, h th not 8od. 9e th t bideth in the do$trine o" Christ, he h th both the ? ther nd the .on. 10. &" there $o#e ny !nto yo!, nd bring not this do$trine, re$eive hi# not into yo!r ho!se, neither bid hi# 8od speed* 11. ?or he th t biddeth hi# 8od speed is p rt ker o" his evil deeds. .o, digest this " $t in yo!r br in* T&e #(%#& "4 G"d'0 d"1#('ne0 a(e 0#'22 #&e SA-E, n" 7a##e( #" w&a# (e2'<'"n "( den"7'na#'"n +"% 7a+ $e2"n<. 3ow th t yo! !nderst nd the tr!th bo!t ;o$trine, let #e give yo! $o!ple e' #ples o" the w ys people re $ted to 'n4"(7a#'"n #&a# '0 'n #&e S1('p#%(e0 +e# wa0 new #" #&e7. 0es, they h d prob bly re d # ny o" the verses, b!t re lly didn+t E3;@4.%A3; the tr!th th t w s present in the#. 3ow both o" these people (1hose identities & h ve disg!ised) A4@ Christi ns th t love Jes!s Christ: %hey re $h!r$h goers. More th n th t, they re $tive in their respe$tive $h!r$hes in # ny re s( More so th n # ny Christi ns. & # not being /!dg#ent l. & # #erely rel ting wh t h ppened s n e' #ple o" wh t they did when they

were presented with so#e ddition l tr!ths. )oth o" these people h ve re lly loving he rts. @' #ple =ne* & know # n th t is very $tive in the Ministry o" his $h!r$h. 9e is Christi n th t loves the Aord nd lives his li"e "or Christ. 9e is $tive in ssisting "oreign #ission ries, et$. & won+t bel bor the point. .!""i$e it to s y he is gre t g!y: & p!t together so#e in"or# tion th t & tho!ght he wo!ld /!st gobble !p. &t w s series o" re$ordings te $hing 8ods tr!th, line by line nd verse by verse. & sent it to hi# nd, "ter st rting to go thro!gh it, he s id, -0o! know, & /!st don+t know bo!t this. &+# going to sk #y pre $her.& think #y "riend listened to n!#ber o" the re$ordings b!t never -$he$ked- the# o!t "or hi#sel" in the .$ript!res. As " r s & know he h s not listened "!rther to the re$ordings nd pp rently h d brie" $onvers tion with his #inister bo!t it. & 23=1 they didn+t sit down together nd go over it line by line nd verse by verse seeking the tr!th o" the # tter. &" they h d they wo!ld h ve both $o#e to the s #e $on$l!sion* %his is wh t Jes!s Christ t !ght: )!t !n"ort!n tely th t+s the w y seed pl nting goes. .o#eti#es it t kes nd so#eti#es it doesn+t. 1e pl nt the seed nd 8od # kes it grow i" it+s 9is will. @' #ple %wo* & lso g ve set o" re$ordings to nother person. Aet+s $ ll hi# M rty. M rty st rted listening to the re$ordings nd $ #e to the p rt bo!t the Anti7Christ. App rently he stopped listening "ter th t. 1hen & bro!ght the s!b/e$t o" the re$ordings !p l ter, hoping he w s listening to the#, M rty s id so#ething to the e""e$t th t the in"or# tion $o!ldn+t possibly be reli ble. M rty then s id, -9ow $o!ld nyone know who the Anti7Christ isD& w nted to tell hi# th t it w s very pl in nd repe ted in the )ible # ny ti#es th t the Anti7Christ w s . t n: & w nted to s y so#ething like, -9 ven+t yo! ever re d && %hess loni ns 2*17F bo!t how . t n $o#es )@?=4@ Christ+s ret!rn. 9 ven+t yo! ever re d M rk 1CD ;on+t yo! know it+s s pl in s the nose on yo!r " $e th t . t n is the Anti7ChristD %he )ible repe ts this ti#e nd ti#e g in: 9 ven+t yo! re d itD

)!t, & didn+t s y ll the things th t & w nted to s y. %h t+s not lw ys the best w y to pl nt spirit! l seeds. And, M rty w sn+t in "r #e o" #ind to listen, nor were we in setting th t w s $ond!$ive to "!rther dis$!ssion. .o & didn+t G!ote the s$ript!res listing . t n s the Anti7Christ. M ybe so#ed y $!riosity will get the best o" M rty. & hope so. .ee && %hess loni ns 2*17F J. t n physi$ lly $o#es to e rth be"ore Christ ret!rnsK, nd 4evel tion F*11 J. t n+s n #e is given in both 9ebrew nd 8reek so there will be no #ist ke s to who he is.K (More on this l ter.) 1h t &+# trying to show yo! thro!gh these e' #ples is th t there re so#e spirit! l tr!ths o!t there th t not every Christi n !nderst nds. 3or will they. 9e r wh t 8ods word h s to s y bo!t th t. R"7an0 )D (A$$ording s it is written, 8od h th given the# the spirit o" sl!#ber, eyes th t they sho!ld not see, nd e rs th t they sho!ld not he r() !nto this d y. .o, t ke the ti#e to se r$h the s$ript!res when yo! think yo! # y h ve $o#e !pon ddition l tr!th. &t is ti#e well spent.

%his brings !s to the 2ey o" ; vid. %he whole point o" telling yo! wh t & /!st told yo! is so yo! $ n -!nderst nd- %he 2ey o" ; vid. &n the )ook o" 4evel tion Christ tells !s there were only two $h!r$hes o!t o" the seven with whi$h 9e "o!nd no " !lt( .#yrn nd >hil delphi . 1hyD Be1a%0e #&e+ ;NEW AND TAUGHT w&" #&e ;en'#e0 we(e 5 T&e ;en'#e0 a(e #&e "440p('n< "4 Sa#an #&("%<& Ca'n3 Re8e2a#'"n C)? 6. And to the ngel o" the $h!r$h in >hil delphi write( %hese things s ith he th t is holy, he th t is tr!e, he th t h th the key o" ; vid, he th t openeth, nd no # n sh!tteth( nd sh!tteth, nd no # n

openeth( 1h t 4evel tion C*6 is s ying is th t %he 2ey o" ; vid opens doors o" !nderst nding th t no # n $ n sh!t, nd sh!ts doors o" !nderst nding th t no # n $ n open. ) si$ lly s id, T&e ;e+ "4 Da8'd '0 #&e /e+ #&a# %n2"1/0 #&e 01('p#%(e0 #" +"%( %nde(0#and'n<3 I# %n2"1/0 G"d0 w"(d #" exp2a'n w&" #&e ;en'#e0 a(e #" YOU. =n$e yo! !nderst nd the 2ey o" ; vid there is new l yer o" !nderst nding reve led to yo! thro!gh the s$ript!res. 3othing is dded or s!btr $ted "ro# the s$ript!res: &t+s ll there. &t+s lw ys been there. &t+s /!st # tter o" !nderst nding nd enlighten#ent. >onder these two verses* Re8e2a#'"n 2)B & know thy works, nd trib!l tion, nd poverty, (b!t tho! rt ri$h) nd & know the bl sphe#y o" the# whi$h s y they re Jews, nd re not, b!t re the syn gog!e o" . t n. Re8e2a#'"n C)B )ehold, & will # ke the# o" the syn gog!e o" . t n, whi$h s y they re Jews, nd re not, b!t do lie( behold, & will # ke the# to $o#e nd worship be"ore thy "eet, nd to know th t & h ve loved thee. & will e'pl in #ore to yo! bo!t the 2enites s this book progresses. .t y with #e. &t+s st rting to get re lly good. 1hen yo! p!t ll this st!"" together, hope"!lly, it will open yo!r eyes to ddition l spirit! l tr!ths thro!gho!t the 9oly .$ript!res.

1hen $hild is b by it gets ll its "ood or n!trition "ro# its #other+s #ilk. &t n!rses "ro# its #other+s bre sts nd t kes "ro# its #other every n!trition l thing it needs. )!t s it grows older, it gets to point when it needs #ore th n it $ n get "ro# its #other. &t needs to st rt e ting solid "ood. &t needs to st rt e ting #e t.

.pirit! lly it+s the s #e w y. 1hen so#eone be$o#es Christi n, when they $$ept Christ s their 8od nd s vior, nd sk 9i# to "orgive the# o" their sins, they re b bies in Christ. %h t+s where the ter# -) bes &n Christ- $o#es "ro#. &t #e ns new or spirit! lly yo!ng Christi n. He$(ew0 @) C ?or every one th t !seth #ilk is !nskil"!l in the word o" righteo!sness* "or he is b be. )!t s they grow spirit! lly, there $o#es ti#e when they need to st rt e ting so#e spirit! l #e t. %hey need to get we ned o"" their #other+s bre st nd st rt t king in so#e #ore s!bst nti l n!trition. M ny, i" not #ost Christi ns, ever get p st this in" nt point in their spirit! l lives. M ny Christi ns, i" not #ost, never get o"" o" their #other+s #ilk. %hey keep he ring the s lv tion #ess ge over nd over. %hey he r only verse or two o" s$ript!re in $h!r$h, nd the p stor r #bles on "or n ho!r bo!t those two verses. %hey re still drinking spirit! l #ilk. %9@0 A4@ 3=% @A%&38 .>&4&%EAA M@A%. %hey think they re e ting spirit! l #e t, b!t they+re not. %hey re p!tting in ti#e, b!t not re lly growing in Christ. 9ow # ny people do yo! know who sit down with the )ible nd $t! lly re d itD 9ow # ny people do yo! know who d ily st!dy the s$ript!resD 9ow # ny people do yo! know who re lly try to "ig!re o!t wh t it s ysD 9ow # ny people do yo! know who re lly try to "ig!re o!t wh t the individ! l nd $olle$tive words re lly #e nD &+# not t lking bo!t w t$hing pre $her on %B who re ds "ew verses. &+# t lking bo!t st!dying the )ible line by line, nd verse by verse, "or $h pter or so t ti#e. &" yo! were to t ke gre t novel nd only re d one or two senten$es week, or even one or two senten$es d y, do yo! think yo! wo!ld ever re lly gr sp wh t the writer w s trying to get $ross to yo!D )e honest with yo!rsel". 0o! #!st re li<e Christ h s pl n "or !s (9is serv nts), nd 9is serv nts re s!pposed to serve 9i#. &" yo! re ignor nt o" 8ods word

yo! won+t know how to serve 9i# in 9is pl n. He$(ew0 @) ! )!t strong #e t belongeth to the# th t re o" "!ll ge, even those who by re son o" !se h ve their senses e'er$ised to dis$ern both good nd evil. %his verse is t lking bo!t spirit! l # t!rity, not the n!#ber o" ye rs yo! h ve lived on e rth. .o, wh t sho!ld word o" 8od. Christi n doD A Christi n sho!ld rightly divide the

II T'7"#&+ 2) @ .t!dy to shew thysel" pproved !nto 8od, work# n th t needeth not to be sh #ed, rightly dividing the word o" tr!th. 9ow does one rightly divide the word o" 8odD ) si$ lly there re H things yo! sho!ld keep in #ind. 1. > y ttention to who# the s$ript!re is written. 1h t is the s!b/e$tD 2. )e w re o" the portion o" ti#e in whi$h the s$ript!re pplies( ?irst, se$ond, or third @ rth Age. And, wh t p rt o" th t geD )eginning, #iddle, or end. C. 9ow does the s$ript!re yo! re st!dying pply to the "!t!reD 4. 9ow does it pply in the histori$ senseD H. %hen t ke wh t yo! h ve /!st st!died nd p!t it in the proper perspe$tive "or yo!r own li"e nd yo!r own !nderst nding. )y doing this, $l rity will $o#e to yo! $on$erning the s$ript!res. And when $l rity $o#es, 8od+s "!rther blessing will $o#e to yo!.

THE ULTIMATE PURPOSE OF THIS PAPER '0 #" 7a/e pe"p2e awa(e "4 #&e 4a1# #&a# T&e *a20e -e00'a& (e#%(n0 #" ea(#& BE*ORE T&e T(%e -e00'a&, 0" C&('0#'an0 w'22 NOT $e 7'02ead and 4"22"w #&e *ALSE -e00'a& $+

7'0#a/e. In 0'7p2e( #e(70, #&e *a20e C&('0# (e#%(n0 BE*ORE #&e TRUE C&('0#3 =I'7 w('#'n< #&'0 0" +"%, #&e (eade(, w"n'# $e 4""2ed.>
%o gr sp the i#port n$e nd signi"i$ n$e o" this st te#ent, one #!st h ve n !nderst nding nd overview o" 8od+s pl n "or !s. .o &+# going to e'pl in to yo! in si#pli"ied # nner wh t 8od+s pl n is "or o!r lives. &+# going to tell yo! in pl in @nglish wh t this overview is. & # going to "eed yo! so#e #ore spirit! l #e t. %h t w y yo! $ n $o#e to n E3;@4.%A3;&38 o" the " $t th t . t n will ret!rn s the ? lse Messi h be"ore Christ ret!rns s the %r!e Messi h.

Christ tells !s th t # ny will be "ooled when this $o#es to p ss. %here will be gre t " lling w y "ro# the %r!e Christ . II T&e00a2"n'an0 2)C5! C. Aet no # n de$eive yo! by ny #e ns* "or th t d y sh ll not $o#e, e'$ept there $o#e " lling w y "irst, nd th t # n o" sin be reve led, the son o" perdition( 4. 1ho opposeth nd e' lteth hi#sel" bove ll th t is $ lled 8od, or th t is worshipped( so th t he s 8od sitteth in the te#ple o" 8od, shewing hi#sel" th t he is 8od. )!t the Christi ns who re "ooled by . t n won+t re li<e it. %hey will think they A4@ "ollowing Christ. & will give yo! n overview o" 8od+s pl n nd t ke yo! step by step thro!gh the s$ript!res th t $on"ir# nd do$!#ent wh t & # telling yo!. All the things &+# s ying 1&AA be veri"ied "or yo! in the s$ript!res: )!t re#e#ber, yo! #!st $he$k it o!t "or yo!rsel": ;on+t

t ke #y word "or it, or nyone else+s. As yo! re d this book get o!t the )ible nd look !p nd st!dy these p ss ges "or yo!rsel". & will in$l!de the $t! l s$ript!res with so#e de"initions o" key words "ro# the 9ebrew, Ar # i$ nd 8reek( %he $t! l l ng! ges o" the origin l # n!s$ripts. 1hen we re d the .$ript!res in @nglish, or ny l ng! ge other th n the origin l writings, so#e o" the #e ning is obs$!red.

B%# w&en we <" $a1/ #" THE OLDEST ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPTS and (ead #&e7 in their origin ! ! ng" ge# "4 He$(ew, A(a7a'1, and G(ee/ #&e 7ean'n< $e1"7e0 7%1& 7"(e 12ea(.
Also, !nderst nding # ny o" the 9ebr is#+s nd $olloG!i l e'pressions o" the ti#es # kes the #e ning #ore $le r nd better !nderstood. & strongly s!ggest yo! try to gr sp this overview o" tr!th by .C4&>%E4AAA0 B@4&?0&38 e $h o" the " $ts & # writing. % ke yo!r )ible o!t nd look t the p ss ges s we go over the#. 0o! # y w nt to # ke so#e notes in yo!r )ible. & !se T&e C"7pan'"n B'$2e in %he 2ing J #es Bersion "ro# 2regel >!bli$ tions, J&.)370752H4720FF76K 8r nd 4 pids, Mi$hig n 4FH01( And & !se T&e New S#("n<'0 Ex&a%0#'8e C"n1"(dan1e "4 T&e B'$2e by 3elson >!blishing J&.)3 075406720627I (C))K s #y # in re"eren$e works7 Be1a%0e "4 #&e'( ex#en0'8e de#a'2 and CROSS5 RE*ERENCING "4 #&e H"2+ S1('p#%(e0 BAC; TO THE

%ry to get C"7pan'"n B'$2e "ro# ;(e<e2 9%$2'0&'n< i" yo! $ n. In 7+ "p'n'"n these re the best Co#p nion )ibles.

And, try to p!r$h se S#("n<'0 C"n1"(dan1e "ro# Hend('1/0"n 9%$2'0&'n< to void in $$!r te tr nsl tions nd de"initions. (%here re so#e .trong+s Con$ord n$es "ro# other p!blishers th t h ve in $$!r te tr nsl tions nd -signi"i$ nt- errors in the#.) ) si$ lly, nyone with .t nd rd 2ing J #es )ible nd .trong+s Con$ord n$e $ n look !p n @nglish word nd get the tr!e #e ning o" the word 'n '#'0 "('<'na2 2an<%a<e. 0o! do 3=% need to know 9ebrew, Ar # i$, or 8reek to do this. %h t w y yo! $ n $he$k it o!t "or yo!rsel". %h t w y yo! $ n look !p every word in verse o" s$ript!re to get the "!ll nd tr!e #e ning o" wh t is s id. &n @B@40 tr nsl tion o" the )ible there re words tr nsl ted in$orre$tly, or in deG! tely, or both.

%his # y so!nd repetitio!s, b!t t ke #in!te nd re lly try to !nderst nd wh t & # s ying here. =ne o" #y re ders g ve #e so#e strong "eedb $k bo!t #y telling yo! to !se %he 2ing J #es Bersion o" the )ible, nd to !se %he .trongs Con$ord n$e. & st ted in the "irst edition o" the book th t & re$o##ended yo! even get the &.)3 n!#bered version & !se i" possible. >le se know, & do not think the 2ing J #es Bersion is witho!t error: & even st te there re MA30 tr nsl tion errors in it. )!t 7+ p%(p"0e 'n #e22'n< +"% #" %0e '# '0 TO GET YOU BAC; TO THE ORIGINAL -ANUSCRI9TS. &" yo! $o!ld "l!ently re d nd write 9ebrew, Ar # i$ nd 8reek there wo!ld be no need "or n @nglish tr nsl tion. %here wo!ld be no need "or ny tr nsl tion o" the )ible. )!t #ost people do not re d nd !nderst nd ll three o" these l ng! ges, nd the idio#s !sed within these l ng! ges. T&e(e4"(e '# '0 ne1e00a(+ #" <'8e +"% #""20 #" <e# $a1/ #" #&e "('<'na2 He$(ew, A(a7a'1, and G(ee/ w('#'n<0 0" +"% 1an CORRECTLY %nde(0#and w&a# #&e+ 0a+ and 7ean3

& re$o##end the Co#p nion )ible edited by )!llinger. 9e is one o" the gre test Christi n .$hol rs who ever lived. &s he per"e$tD 3o. )!t his work in the Co#p nion )ible $ont ins # ny word tr nsl tions, nd v l! ble in"or# tion notes bo!t the tr nsl tion, right ne't to the s$ript!re being re"eren$ed. >l!s, the $o#p nion )ible is the -OST THOROUGH CROSS RE*ERENCE +"% w'22 4'nd 'n "ne 8"2%7e w&'1& (e4e(0 $a1/ #" #&e "('<'na2 2an<%a<e. & s!ggest yo! to get the version o" the .trongs Con$ord n$e with the &.)3 & !se, be$ !se so#e o" the -so $ lled &#proved versions- t ke liberties with the s$ript!res whi$h re not only #isle ding, b!t in so#e $ ses re /!st bl t ntly in$orre$t: &t is not #y intent to sell yo! these tools. & h ve no "in n$i l interest in the#. I a7 "n2+ p"'n#'n< "%# #&e EASIEST WAY *OR AN ENGLISH READER TO GET BAC; TO THE ORIGINAL -ANUSCRI9TS. &" yo! re so in$lined yo! $ n t ke these works nd look !p @B@40 word o" p rti$!l r verse. %he Co#p nion )ible, whi$h is st nd rd 2ing J #es Bersion o" the )ible, h ppens to be %9@ #ost thoro!ghly $ross re"eren$ed work v il ble to @nglish re ders tod y. &" it were the 4.B, ;o!e Bersion, A#pli"ied Bersion, (p!t yo!r " vorite version here), et$ 7 & #ost $ert inly wo!ld re$o##end th t version inste d. %he only w y & know to get deeper into the s$ript!res, short o" le rning the origin l l ng! ges nd the $olloG!i lis#s in the#, is to get $opy o" the 8reen+s &nterline r )ible, whi$h in$l!des the le st e'pensive $o#plete version nd #ost !thenti$ version o" the origin l # n!s$ripts, nd then $ross re"eren$e (tr nsl te) @AC9 1=4; in the # n!s$ripts to @nglish by yo!rsel". & think it wo!ld be G!ite ti#e $ons!#ing to do this. 9ey, go "or it i" yo!+ve got the ti#e nd in$lin tion. )!t, & think it wo!ld t ke yo! the rest o" yo!r li"e nd then so#e to do it. I (ea22+ d"n'# 1a(e a$"%# w&a# 8e(0'"n "4 #&e B'$2e pe"p2e %0e3 %his is still "ree $o!ntry: >eople re "ree to re d wh tever they w nt. -Y WHOLE 9UR9OSE) I a7 0pe1'4'1a22+ #(+'n< #" <e# YOU #" "$#a'n #&e -OST ACCURATE AND TRUE -EANING


.o the version is in$onseG!enti l to #e. I 1a(e a$"%# #&e "('<'na2 -an%01('p#03 %he version yo! tr nsl te "ro# is only stepping stone to the origin l # n!s$ripts. & si#ply believe it is e siest to tr nsl te "ro# the 2ing J #es Bersion !sing .trong+s Con$ord n$e to get to the tr!e #e ning o" the =rigin l M n!s$ripts. As & re$o##ended be"ore, get the Co#p nion )ible nd the .trongs Con$ord n$e nd pi$k !p "ro# there: 0o! will s ve yo!rsel" lot o" !seless work nd s ve yo!rsel" "or lot o" #is7tr nsl tions.

Ag in & s y, Ch n$es re pretty good th t yo! don+t "l!ently re d 9ebrew, 8reek nd Ar # i$: %he gre t thing bo!t the Co#p nion )ible is th t it is -$oded nd $ross re"eren$ed- with the words in the .trong+s Con$ord n$e. %his # kes it @A.0 to $ross re"eren$e verses nd in"or# tion to get b $k to the #e ning in the =rigin l M n!s$ripts. @' #ple* 1hen so#eone sks #e why they need .trong+s Con$ord n$e to $$!r tely !nderst nd the )ible, & will tell the# to $o#p re these two verses( A!ke 14*2I nd M tthew 10*C6. L%/e !)2A &" ny # n $o#e to #e, nd h te not his " ther, nd #other, nd wi"e, nd $hildren, nd brethren, nd sisters, ye , nd his own li"e lso, he $ nnot be #y dis$iple. & i##edi tely know int!itively so#ething is wrong with the tr nsl tion. 0o! h ve to h te yo!r #other nd " therD %h t is g inst everything Christ t !ght !s. =ne o" the %en Co## nd#ents is 7 Ex"d%0 20) 2 9ono!r thy " ther nd thy #other* th t thy d ys # y be long !pon the l nd whi$h the A=4; thy 8od giveth thee.

.o, we know we h ve poor @nglish tr nsl tion in A!ke 14*2I. 3ow $o#p re A!ke 14*2I to wh t M tthew 10*C6 s ys. -a##&ew 0)C? 9e th t loveth " ther or #other #ore th n #e is not worthy o" #e* nd he th t loveth son or d !ghter #ore th n #e is not worthy o" #e. =k y, this is in line with wh t Moses nd Christ t !ght !s in the s$ript!res. 9ere we re l!$ky be$ !se we h ve two verses giving !s di""erent s$ript!res yet #e nings the s #e thing. )!t wh t i" yo! didn+t h ve two di""erent verses st ting the s #e thing in di""erent w yD I4 +"% 0%0pe1# 0"7e#&'n< '0 'n1"((e1# w'#& #&e #(an02a#'"n "4 a 8e(0e, +"% 0&"%2d <" $a1/ #" #&e "('<'na2 7an%01('p# and #(an02a#e #&e 8e(0e 4"( +"%(0e24. %he ni$e thing bo!t the .trong+s Con$ord n$e is th t yo! don+t $t! lly h ve to know the origin l l ng! ge to do so. )y going to the .trong+s Con$ord n$e nd looking !p 8reek 1ord C404 we "ind* .trong+s Con$ord n$e 8reek word C40C*Miseo. #iseo #is7eh+7o "ro# pri# ry #isos (h tred)( to detest (espe$i lly to perse$!te)( by e'tension, #" 2"8e 2e00*77h te(7"!l). 1hen yo! !se the .trong+s Con$ord n$e on these two verses yo! !nderst nd th t yo! #!st not h te yo!r #other nd " ther, b!t r ther love Christ #ore th n yo! love yo! #other nd " ther, or nyone else "or th t # tter. .o, we "ind "ro# the .trong+s Con$ord n$e, yo! h ve to 62"8e #&e7 2e006 th n yo! love Christ. )y going b $k to the origin l l ng! ge o" the # n!s$ript yo! $ n see "or yo!rsel" wh t is tr!ly #e nt. %he .trong+s Con$ord n$e is gre t tool nyone $ n !se i" they $ n re d nd write @nglish. 9ere+s nother e' #ple !sing the help o" the Co#p nion )ible. %he se$ond verse in 8enesis (2ing J #es Bersion) s ys* 8en 1*2 And the e rth w s witho!t "or# nd void( nd d rkness w s !pon the " $e o" the deep. & s!ggest yo! look t the right side o" the p ge (# rgin) in yo!r

Co#p nion )ible nd see the notes rel ting to Berse 2. .$ n down to the 27And ()old print). %h t whole se$tion is notes on Berse 2. &t will give yo! re"eren$es s!$h s -toh! v boh!-. 0o! $ n look !p the words in the verse s!$h s -w s, witho!t "or#, nd void- nd # ke better tr nsl tion yo!rsel". %ry p!tting it into words th t yo! think better e'pl in the -$orre$t- #e ning o" the verse. Aook "or the tr!th: & $ #e !p with* -8en 1*2 And the e rth BECA-E VOID nd C=M>A@%@A0 ;@.%4=0@;( nd d rkness w s !pon the " $e o" the e rth.%he key thing here is to noti$e the origin l 9ebrew is telling yo! the world w s not origin lly i#per"e$t or in r!ins. &t w s $re ted by 8od, nd in the "irst e rth ge the -@ rth- w s in st te o" per"e$tion. (0o! will le rn #ore bo!t this l ter "ro# other s$ript!res). T&e w&"2e B'$2e 1an "pen %p #" +"% 'n #&'0 0a7e wa+3 )e s!re to t ke good look t the # rgin notes (the ones in the $ol!#n /!st to the right o" the s$ript!res) in yo!r Co#p nion )ible. Also t ke look t Appendi' I t the very )AC2 o" yo!r )ible. =n p ge 5 yo! will see the "irst p ge o" -Appendi' I 7?&8E4@. =? .>@@C9-. J!st re d the le"t h nd $ol!#n o" p ge 5 (Appendi' I) so yo! will !nderst nd how it works. &t is t lking bo!t "ig!res o" spee$h, or 9ebr is#s. %here re # ny, # ny s!b/e$ts $overed in the ppendi' nd s$hol rs h ve p!t lot o" serio!s work into the#. >oorly tr nsl ted verses h ve $ !sed people lot o" he rt $he nd "r!str tion nd # ybe even $ !sed so#e to t!rn w y "ro# 8od be$ !se they $o!ldn+t be wh t they -tho!ght- they were s!pposed to be. ?or e' #ple the word -per"e$t- is !sed in # ny pl $es in the 3ew %est #ent. Are yo! s!pposed to be$o#e per"e$tD 4e#e#ber, only Jes!s lived in the "lesh nd didn+t sin. %he word per"e$t $ n be tr nsl ted $o#plete, prep re, restore nd even 67a#%(e6. .o 8od is telling !s 9e w nts !s to be$o#e spirit! lly # t!re. &n other pl $es we re d 7 1e #!st "e r the Aord. &n so#e pl $es this is $orre$t. )!t # ny ti#e -"e r- #e ns we sho!ld -revere- or reveren$e 8od with o!r -loving respe$t-. 90a27 ) 0 10. %he "e r o" the A=4; is the beginning o" wisdo#* good

!nderst nding h ve ll they th t do his $o## nd#ents* his pr ise end!reth "or ever. .trong+s Con$ord n$e 9ebrew word CC64* 4ea(. CC64 yir+ h yir7 w+ "e#inine o" CC6C( "e r ( lso !sed s in"initive)( #or lly, (e8e(en1e*7L dre d"!l, L e'$eedingly, "e r(7"!lness). .o i" yo! re d (e8e(en1e 8od with loving respe$t in these pl $es the #e ning be$o#es #!$h $le rer. 4e#e#ber, o!r 8od is loving 8od: 8od is love: I ,"&n !)D 9e th t loveth not knoweth not 8od( "or 8od is love. .o don+t go ro!nd thinking 8od is /!st w iting "or yo! to # ke #ist ke so he $ n ro st yo! like $hi$ken. %h t+s not 9is n t!re: 9e w nts yo! to t!rn b $k to 9i# nd sk "or "orgiveness, nd then go on with yo!r li"e living s 9e wo!ld h ve yo! live. J!st do yo!r best. &" yo! #ess !p, sin$erely sk "or "orgiveness, nd get b $k to doing 9is will. =ne #ore thing* 8od w nts yo!r love: &t s ys in 9ose I*I th t 9e w nts yo!r #er$y (L"8e), not yo!r b!rnt o""erings. &" yo! don+t believe #e look it !p "or yo!rsel" with %he .trong+s Con$ord n$e. H"0ea A)A I. ?or & desired #er$y, nd not s $ri"i$e( nd the knowledge o" 8od #ore th n b!rnt o""erings. .trong+s Con$ord n$e 9ebrew word 2I16* 7e(1+. 2I16 $he$ed kheh+7sed "ro# 2I1I( kindness( by i#pli$ tion (tow rds 8od) piety* r rely (by opposition) reproo", or (s!b/e$t.) be !ty*77 " vo!r, good deed(7liness, 7ness), kindly, =2"8'n<5> /'ndne00, #er$i"!l (kindness), #er$y, pity, repro $h, wi$ked thing. Ag in, 8od is Aove: Aove 9i#. ;o the best yo! $ n. 1hen yo! #ess !p nd sin, sin$erely sk "or 9is "orgiveness, nd get on with yo!r li"e. =h, nd don+t "orget the se$ond p rt o" 9ose I*I: 8od w nts !s to 0#%d+ #" /n"w H'0 w"(d3

.o, re#e#ber, when yo! h ve serio!s G!estion bo!t so#ething, t ke the ti#e to look it !p yo!rsel". .o#e words h ve # ny di""erent sh des o" #e ning. 0o! w nt the #ost tr!th"!l nd $$!r te interpret tion. 0o! #!st deter#ine when the )ible is spe king liter lly or "ig!r tively. ?or e' #ple, in M rk $h pter 1C, Jes!s s t down with 9is dis$iples nd e'pl ined so#e i#port nt things to the#. %his is pretty #!$h liter l. &t is not so#e #ysterio!s p r ble. 9e s id it str ight o!t. T&e TRANSLATION '0 #&e 1(%1'a2 pa(#. %here is no #ystery in wh t 9e s id or #e nt i" yo! h ve the $orre$t tr nsl tion nd know the #e ning o" the words. ?or e' #ple the word -de th-, s it is !sed in one pl $e, is one o" the # ny n #es o" . t n. &" yo! !nderst nd this it opens !p whole new world o" !nderst nding. J!st s there re sever l #e nings "or the word -de th-, so re there "or #ost other words. %h t+s why it+s so i#port nt to go b $k to the origin l l ng! ge nd $he$k on things th t don+t so!nd $orre$t, or $o!ld h ve sever l #e nings. S", $a0'1a22+, '4 +"% &a8e an+ 0#anda(d ;'n< ,a7e0 Ve(0'"n "4 #&e B'$2e and a S#("n<'0 C"n1"(dan1e +"% 1an <" $a1/ #" #&e 2an<%a<e "4 #&e "('<'na2 7an%01('p#0 and #(%2+ 4'nd "%# w&a# #&a# w"(d 7ean03 >le se let 8=;+. 1=4; be the "in l deter#ining " $tor o" wh t yo! !nderst nd nd believe( 3ot wh t this # n, or ny other # n or wo# n, s ys( 3ot how so#e h!# n tr nsl tes 8od+s word, b!t wh t 8od $t! lly s id nd #e nt in the origin l l ng! ge o" 9is 9oly .$ript!res. %r!th $o#es "ro# the 9oly .$ript!res, not "ro# the tr ditions nd te $hings o" # n or religio!s org ni< tions. %he ;o$trines o" M n will get yo! in big tro!ble. &t will $on"!se yo!. Ag in, 2e# GOD'S WORD $e #&e de#e(7'n'n< 4a1#"( "4 #(%#& 'n +"%( 2'4e . & h ve written this work s -An =verview =" 8od+s >l n ?or Es- so it will be e sier "or eyes to see nd e rs to he r the tr!th. 9owever, the re der #!st t ke the ti#e to do$!#ent the things s tr!e "or hi#sel" by se r$hing the s$ript!res nd person lly veri"ying the #e ning o" key words. &" yo! tr!ly seek the tr!th, A.2 8=;, &3 J@.E. 3AM@, %= A&?% %9@ .M=2@0 B@&A %9A% =).CE4@. 9&. %4E%9 ?4=M 0=E. A.2

8=; ?=4 M=4@ E3;@4.%A3;&38 &3 J@.E. 3AM@. .o, st rt "ro# wherever yo! re in yo!r Christi n develop#ent nd grow "ro# there.

=k y, now &+# going to tell yo! story. > y ttention be$ !se the story &+# bo!t to tell yo! is tr!e: At "irst, it #ight see# like "i$tion. )!t it+s not. 4e#e#ber, it+s tr!e story. &+# s!re yo!+ve he rd p rts o" it be"ore. )!t &+# going to p!t it in "or# nd order th t hope"!lly will help yo! see ddition l tr!ths. 9ere goes. An ge is period o" ti#e. %here w s n ge be"ore this one. Aet+s $ ll it %9@ ?&4.% @A4%9 A8@. Gen. ) 1. &n the beginning 8od $re ted the he ven nd the e rth. 3ote it s ys &n the )@8&33&38 8od $re ted the he ven nd the e rth. &t does not tell !s how long go 9e did it. &t si#ply nd $le rly st tes 7 9e did it: Gen. )2 2. And the e rth w s witho!t "or#, nd void( nd d rkness w s !pon the " $e o" the deep. And the .pirit o" 8od #oved !pon the " $e o" the w ters. 8oing b $k to the origin l 9ebrew nd looking !p the words in 8en. 1*2, we "ind the 2ing J #es wo!ld be better tr nsl ted* -And the e rth )@CAM@ ;@.=AA%@ nd C=M>A@%@A0 ;@.%4=0@; ( nd d rkness w s !pon the " $e o" the deep%he word 1A. is #ore $orre$tly tr nsl ted )@CAM@. And the words 1&%9=E% ?=4M re #ore $orre$tly tr nsl ted ;@.=AA%@. (%he 9ebrew word boh! #e ns desol te.) %he word B=&; is $orre$tly tr nsl ted C=M>A@%@A0 ;@.%4=0@;. .o "ro# the 9ebrew words #"&% 8a $"&% we $on$l!de the world $e1a7e desol te nd $o#pletely destroyed.

&n &s i h 4H*1571F it is lso st ted th t 8od # de the e rth. 9e $re ted it with "or#. 9e $re ted it to be inh bited. 9e spe ks nd things h ppen. 9e $re tes things th t re right. I0a. !@) D5 B 15. ?or th!s s ith the A=4; th t $re ted the he vens( 8od hi#sel" th t "or#ed the e rth nd # de it( he h th est blished it, he $re ted it not in v in, he "or#ed it to be inh bited* & # the A=4;( nd there is none else. 1F. & h ve not spoken in se$ret, in d rk pl $e o" the e rth* & s id not !nto the seed o" J $ob, .eek ye #e in v in* & the A=4; spe k righteo!sness, & de$l re things th t re right. %h!s, there w s n e rth ge, or ti#e period, be"ore this one. And )@CAE.@ 8=; A=B@. 9&. C9&A;4@3, inste d o" destroying his $hildren th t went str y, 8od de$ided to destroy the ?&4.% @A4%9 A8@. 9e g ve !s this .e$ond @ rth Age to live in so we wo!ld h ve $h n$e to $hoose between 9i# or . t n. ,e(e7'a& ! Ve(0e0 22 #" 2? J22K ?or #y people is "oolish, they h ve not known #e( they re sottish $hildren, nd they h ve none !nderst nding* they re wise to do evil, b!t to do good they h ve no knowledge. J2CK & beheld the e rth, nd, lo, it w s witho!t "or#, nd void( nd the he vens, nd they h d no light. J24K & beheld the #o!nt ins, nd, lo, they tre#bled, nd ll the hills #oved lightly. J2HK & beheld, nd, lo, there w s no # n, nd ll the birds o" the he vens were "led. J2IK & beheld, nd, lo, the "r!it"!l pl $e w s wilderness, nd ll the $ities thereo" were broken down t the presen$e o" the A=4;, nd by his "ier$e nger. J26K ?or th!s h th the A=4; s id, %he whole l nd sh ll be desol te( yet will & not # ke "!ll end. &n verse 2H Jere#i h !ses the word # n. 9e re"ers to the .ons o" M n( the so!ls whi$h 8od $re ted. 1e $ n see the e rth w s origin lly # gni"i$ent pl $e # de in 8od+s per"e$tion where 9is $hildren lived. 1e $ n lso see "ro# the word -sottish- in verse 22 th t 8od s ys 9is $hildren were -"oolish- in the ?irst @ rth Age. &n the C=M>A3&=3 )&)A@, )!llinger tr nsl tes the word -sottish- "ro# the 9ebrew s -st!pid-.

&n this "irst e rth ge the he ven nd e rth e'isted nd 8od # de # ny wonder"!l $hildren whi$h h d "ree will. 8od loved nd $ontin!es to love 9is $hildren very #!$h. 8od g ve !s ?4@@ 1&AA so 9e $o!ld re$eive re l love "ro# !s. 9e did not # ke !s s little robots. )!t, there w s $hild o" 8od who de$ided to t!rn g inst 8od. 9e st rted rebellion nd w nted to r!n things hi#sel". 9e w nted to t ke 8od+s pl $e s r!ler (.ee @<ekiel 25*2). EHe/'e2 2D)2 -.on o" # n, s y to the r!ler o" %yre, +%his is wh t the .overeign A=4; s ys* - +&n the pride o" yo!r he rt yo! s y, -& # god( & sit on the throne o" god in the he rt o" the se s.- )!t yo! re # n nd not god, tho!gh yo! think yo! re s wise s god. . t n w s ble to $onvin$e bo!t one7third o" 8od+s $hildren to "ollow hi# inste d o" 8od. Ch pter 12 o" 4evel tion begins the Apostle John+s $o##ent ry o" the "irst e rth ge. 1e see in verse 4 th t tow rds the end o" the "irst e rth ge the dr gon (. t n) drew one third o" the st rs o" he ven (so!lsM$hildren o" 8od) w y "ro# 8od the ? ther. Re8. 2)! And his t il drew the third p rt o" the st rs o" he ven, nd did $ st the# to the e rth* nd the dr gon stood be"ore the wo# n whi$h w s re dy to be delivered, "or to devo!r her $hild s soon s it w s born. Aet+s $ ll this %9@ ?AAA&38 A1A0. 8od is p!re nd holy. 9e $o!ld not llow this rebellion nd pride. 9e $onde#ned this rebellio!s le der, n #ed .A%A3, to event! lly be destroyed be$ !se he h d be$o#e $o#pletely $orr!pt (.ee @<ekiel 25*1571F). EHe/'e2 2D) D5 B 15 %ho! h st de"iled thy s n$t! ries by the #!ltit!de o" thine iniG!ities, by the iniG!ity o" thy tr ""i$k( there"ore will & bring "orth "ire "ro# the #idst o" thee, it sh ll devo!r thee, nd & will bring thee to shes !pon the e rth in the sight o" ll the# th t behold thee. 1F All they th t know thee #ong the people sh ll be stonished t

thee* tho! sh lt be

terror, nd never sh lt tho! be ny #ore.

(%his is prophe$y. . t n h sn+t been p!t to de th yet.) )!t, 8od $ontin!ed to deeply love 9is rebellio!s $hildren nd didn+t w nt to destroy the# too. .o 9e tho!ght o" w y th t these so!ls $o!ld be s ved "ro# being p!t to de th nd ret!rn to 9i#. 8od de$ided 9e wo!ld $re te .@C=3; @A4%9 A8@ s %@.%&38 >@4&=;, or testing pl $e, "or ll so!ls to de$ide i" they w nted to $$ept 9i# or re/e$t 9i# nd $$ept . t n. 1e re now living in this .@C=3; @A4%9 A8@. An ge is si#ply de"ined period o" ti#e. 8od de$ided series o" events wo!ld t ke pl $e in $ert in order so everyone $o!ld get " ir $h n$e to de$ide their own "!t!re. %hen, when ll this w s $o#pleted 8od wo!ld begin the %9&4; @A4%9 A8@ whi$h will go on "orever. %his will be di#ension nd ge where only good e'ists nd pe $e nd /oy will $ontin!e thro!gho!t eternity. %he so!ls th t will be there will live in h r#ony with 8od. .o, hope"!lly now yo! !nderst nd there re #&(ee d'44e(en# #'7e pe('"d0 or @ rth Ages* 1. T&e *'(0# Ea(#& A<e w s the ti#e be"ore when we lived with 8od in spirit! l body. 2. T&e Se1"nd Ea(#& A<e is the present ti#e we re living in now, where we live in physi$ l ("lesh) body with o!r spirit inside. And, C. T&e T&'(d Ea(#& A<e whi$h is the ge to $o#e th t will begin eternity. %here we will live in spirit! l body with 8od. & know, & know. %hey didn+t te $h yo! this in $h!r$h: 0et it is right there in the )ible i" yo! will do little digging nd $orre$tly interpret "ew poor tr nsl tions. )e p tient. &t will !n"old. 0o! will see how 8od re lly did things. 3ow b $k to o!r story. 8od de$ided he wo!ld st rt new ti#e period

or .@C=3; @A4%9 A8@ nd h ve 9is $hildren (so!ls) born thro!gh wo#en. %his w y they wo!ld t ke on "lesh body "or their period o" testing while de$iding whether they wo!ld $$ept 8od or . t n. &n other words these so!ls wo!ld be p!t in "lesh bodies "or this testing period, the de$ision # king period, o" 8ods pl n. ,"&n C)@ Jes!s nswered, Berily, verily, & s y !nto thee, @'$ept # n be born o" w ter nd o" the .pirit, he $ nnot enter into the kingdo# o" 8od. 1e ll e'isted in the "irst e rth ge. 8od # de !s there s spirit! l beings. 3ow we #!st be born o" w ter (t ke on "lesh bodies) to enter the se$ond e rth ge nd re$eive n opport!nity to redee# o!rselves thro!gh Jes!s Christ. %hink bo!t born o" w ter. 1h t h ppens /!st be"ore person is born. %he #other+s w ter bre ks. %he people born on e rth h ve no re$olle$tion o" their living in the ?&4.% @A4%9 A8@. 8od # de ll so!ls in the ?&4.% @A4%9 A8@ nd gives the# th t "ell w y $h n$e to $o#e b $k to 9i# in the .@C=3; @A4%9 A8@. Also, ple se !nderst nd th t AAA so!ls "ro# the "irst e rth ge, whether they $hose 8od or . t n in the "irst e rth ge, #!st be born o" wo# n. 8od is " ir. More bo!t this l ter. 8od h s three "or#s or di#ensions. 9e is one 8od b!t $ n be reve led to !s s 1. 8=; =E4 ?A%9@4, 2. J@.E. C94&.%, nd C. %9@ 9=A0 .>&4&%. 8od s id to 9i#sel", -Aet+s # ke # n in o!r i# ge.- 3ow, in the beginning 8od $re ted the he ven nd the e rth. %his w s the ?&4.% @A4%9 A8@. %hen, "ter the ?AAA&38 A1A0, 8od l id w ste to the e rth nd it be$o#e desol te. 9e then st rted the .@C=3; @A4%9 A8@ nd beg n the si' d ys o" the e rth+s renew l. %he )ible doesn+t s y how long it took 8od to $re te the he ven nd the e rth in its origin l "or#. &t /!st s ys he did it. )!t, when 9e st rts the .@C=3; @A4%9 A8@ we know 8od took si' d ys to 4@3@1 the @ rth. &n 8enesis Ch pter one we re told

the order in whi$h 8od did these things. %he )ible $le rly s ys th t tho!s nd ye rs is to # n s one d y is to 8od. 2 9e#e( C)D )!t, beloved, be not ignor nt o" this one thing, th t one d y is with the Aord s tho!s nd ye rs, nd tho!s nd ye rs s one d y. .o, it prob bly took 8od wh t we wo!ld $ ll 1000 o" o!r ye rs to do the things 8od did in one o" 9is d ys (&& >eter C*5). %his is /!st "or "r #e o" re"eren$e. 3ow on the .&L%9 ;A0 o" renew l 8od $re ted # n. &" yo! go b $k nd $ re"!lly st!dy the origin l 9ebrew # n!s$ripts yo! will "ind 8od $re ted the -Ad #- (9ebrew...3o rti$le, there"ore M nkind) or r $es. .o 9e didn+t /!st $re te one or two people nd stop. 9e $re ted ll the r $es o" the world on the si'th d y. Gen. )2A52D 2I. And 8od s id, Aet !s # ke # n in o!r i# ge, "ter o!r likeness* nd let the# h ve do#inion over the "ish o" the se , nd over the "owl o" the ir, nd over the $ ttle, nd over ll the e rth, nd over every $reeping thing th t $reepeth !pon the e rth. 26. .o 8od $re ted 7an in his own i# ge, in the i# ge o" 8od $re ted he hi#( # le nd "e# le $re ted he the#. 25. And 8od blessed the#, nd 8od s id !nto the#, )e "r!it"!l, nd #!ltiply, nd replenish the e rth, nd s!bd!e it* nd h ve do#inion over the "ish o" the se , nd over the "owl o" the ir, nd over every living thing th t #oveth !pon the e rth. ... C1. And 8od s w everything th t 9e h d # de, nd, behold, it w s very good. ... 8od w s h ppy with ll the things nd people 9e h d # de. .trong+s Con$ord n$e 9ebrew word 120* 7an* + d # w7d w#+ "ro# 11F( r!ddy i.e. h!# n being ( n individ! l or the spe$ies, # nkind, et$.)*77L nother, N hypo$rite, N $o##on sort, L low, # n (#e n, o" low degree), person. 8od then rested on the .@B@3%9 ;A0. Gen.2)2 And on the seventh d y 8od ended his work whi$h he h d # de( nd

he rested on the seventh d y "ro# ll his work whi$h he h d # de. 4e#e#ber why 8od is doing ll this. 9e is doing this be$ !se 9e loves ll 9is $hildren nd w nts the# to be p!re nd $o#e b $k to 9i# thro!gh Jes!s Christ. 9e w nts their love nd doesn+t w nt to h ve to destroy the#. 8od is being $o#pletely " ir with 9is $hildren be$ !se 9e loves the#. 9e will give the# ll $h n$e to be born o" wo# n nd $o#e into this ge to $hoose Christ or . t n. %hen, on the @&89% ;A0, 8od $re ted 6T&e6 7an Ada7, nd @ve. &n the # n!s$ripts the word is e#& Ha'ada7( %he r!ddy $o#ple$ted one. Gene0'0 2)?5D 6. And the A=4; 8od "or#ed # n o" the d!st o" the gro!nd, nd bre thed into his nostrils the bre th o" li"e( nd # n be$ #e living so!l. 5. And the A=4; 8od pl nted g rden e stw rd in @den( nd there he p!t the # n who# he h d "or#ed. 9ere & s!ggest yo! t ke long look t the $$o#p nying notes on these verses in yo!r Co#p nion )ible. Also st!dy Appendi' 14 in the b $k o" the Co#p nion )ible. &t goes into gre t det il to di""erenti te between the $o##on # n 7Ad #, nd %he M n Ad #. %he M n Ad # is the beginning o" the " #ily line th t Christ will $o#e thro!gh. %h t will be st!dy yo! $ n # ke when yo! get yo!r )ible nd Con$ord n$e. T&e # n Ad # J9ebrew.O'e#&79 dh #K 3ote the rti$le +eth.

(A!thors 3ote* > stor Arnold M!rr y h s gre t ;B; set on %he )ook o" 8enesis. %his s!b/e$t is $overed in det il nd he gives very good e'pl n tion o" wh t & $ n only begin to e'pl in here. Also, &+ll give in"or# tion t the end o" this book on where yo! $ n $G!ire G! lity reso!r$es "or "!rther st!dy.) Gene0'0 2)2 52@ 21. And the A=4; 8od $ !sed deep sleep to " ll !pon Ad # nd he slept* nd he took one o" his ribs, nd $losed !p the "lesh inste d thereo"(

22. And the rib, whi$h the A=4; 8od h d t ken "ro# # n, # de he wo# n, nd bro!ght her !nto the # n. 2C. And Ad # s id, %his is now bone o" #y bones, nd "lesh o" #y "lesh* she sh ll be $ lled 1o# n, be$ !se she w s t ken o!t o" M n. 24. %here"ore sh ll # n le ve his " ther nd his #other, nd sh ll $le ve !nto his wi"e* nd they sh ll be one "lesh. 2H. And they were both n ked, the # n nd his wi"e, nd were not sh #ed. .o, this w s the beginning o" 6T&e *a7'2+ O4 9e"p2e6 thro!gh whi$h Christ wo!ld enter the world by being born "ro# wo# n. 9e wo!ld be the Messi h or . vior whi$h 8od wo!ld sk !s to $$ept to be in 9is good gr $es. .= C94&.% 1=EA; )@ %9@ .AB&=4 =? %9@ 1=4A;. &t+s i#port nt to note here th t 8od loves ll 9is $hildren the s #e. .o while it w s i#port nt this one " #ily line o" n$estors be bro!ght bo!t so the Messi h $o!ld $o#e to e rth nd s ve !s, it is lso very i#port nt to note th t be$ !se h!# n being is not dire$tly "ro# this " #ily line, he is not ny less i#port nt th n ny other # n or wo# n. 4e#e#ber, 8od did this to bring !s ll together g in in love, not to divide !s. 4e#e#ber in 8enesis Ch pter =ne, AAA the r $es (red, yellow, brown, bl $k nd white) were # de )@?=4@ 8od $re ted this " #ily "or the Messi h to $o#e thro!gh. Ga2a#'an0 C)D And the s$ript!re, "oreseeing th t 8od wo!ld /!sti"y the he then thro!gh " ith, pre $hed be"ore the gospel !nto Abr h #, s ying, &n thee sh ll ll n tions be blessed. .o don+t let nyone re d nything neg tive or divisive into the interpret tion o" 8od $re ting di""erent r $es. 9e did it nd then s id, -&t w s very good.Gene0'0 )C And 8od s w every thing th t he h d # de, nd, behold, it w s very good. And the evening nd the #orning were the si'th d y. 4e#e#ber wh t >eter s id.

A1#0 0)C! %hen >eter opened his #o!th, nd s id, =" 8od is no respe$ter o" persons*

tr!th & per$eive th t

9ere+s n i#port nt point th t #ost people #iss. %he )ible is b si$ lly the story o" the " #ily th t Christ $o#es thro!gh, beginning with Ad # nd ending with Christ. &t $ont ins ll the signi"i$ nt people nd events this " #ily line $ #e in $ont $t with d!ring this story. Also re#e#ber, the story isn+t G!ite over yet. Christ will ret!rn g in nd set 9i#sel" !p s 2ing o" 2ings nd Aord o" Aords, "ter the Anti7Christ ppe rs. Christ wo!ld be the . vior o" the world. 8od p!rposely inspired the 9oly .$ript!res nd "oretold # n o" this opport!nity. &n other words, 8od loves !s so #!$h 9e took the ti#e to do ll this nd lso took the ti#e to write !s letter e'pl ining to !s e' $tly wh t w s h ppening. Christ tells !s in the )ible, -)!t t ke ye heed* behold, & h ve "oretold yo! ll things- (M rk 1C*2C). 8od h s told !s -everything- we need to know "or o!r Christi n lives in the )ible. & s!ggest yo! t ke the ti#e to st!dy 8od+s word on reg!l r b sis. % ke "ew #in!tes every d y nd re d the word nd sk 8od "or 9is !nderst nding. 8od w nts !s to S#%d+ 9is letter to !s* 2 T'7"#&+ 2) @ 1H. .t!dy to shew thysel" pproved !nto 8od, work# n th t needeth not to be sh #ed, rightly dividing the word o" tr!th. And 8od w nts !s to ;o 9is will* ,a7e0 )22 22. )!t be ye doers o" the word, nd not he rers only, de$eiving yo!r own selves. &" yo! re li<e th t yo! h ve he rd 8od+s word, b!t yo!+re not doing (living) 8od+s word, it+s ti#e to get yo!r $t together.

Anyone born o" "lesh $ n $$ept Jes!s Christ s their s vior: .i#ply believe in Jes!s Christ s the .on o" 8od, Ask 9i# to "orgive yo!r sins in Jes!s n #e, nd $$ept 9i# s yo!r . vior. 0o! will be "orgiven yo!r sins nd be$o#e $hild o" 8od. 0o!r so!l will h ve etern l li"e. &t+s re lly th t si#ple to be $$epted into the kingdo# o" 8od. C re"!lly $onsider the "ollowing 3ew %est #ent verses* ,"&n )B is yo!r spirit! l b r o" so p. &t s ys, - &" we $on"ess o!r sins, 9e is " ith"!l nd /!st to "orgive !s o!r sins, nd to $le nse !s "ro# ll !nrighteo!sness.,"&n C) A s ys, -?or 8od so loved the world th t 9e g ve 9is only begotten son, nd whosoever believeth in 9i# sho!ld not perish, b!t h ve everl sting li"e-. )y the w y, no h!# n being is witho!t sin, nd e $h o" !s # kes $ontin!ed #ist kes long li"e+s /o!rney. .i#ply sk Christ to "orgive yo! nd go on. &t will be done. ;on+t # ke it #ore $o#pli$ ted th n it is. ;o yo!r best to live good Christi n li"e, seek 9is g!id n$e nd tr!th thro!gh 9is word, nd 8od will give yo! the strength. 8od # de it si#ple on p!rpose. 0o! re s ved by " ith. %h t w y nyone nd everyone $ n $o#e b $k to 8od nd live in h r#ony with 9i#. .o, $$ept 9i# nd do 9is will nd everything will work o!t. &n ti#e yo! will # t!re s Christi n. 3ow, b $k to Ad # nd @ve. %hey were the beginning o" the seed line thro!gh whi$h the Messi h, o!r . vior, Jes!s Christ wo!ld $o#e. 8od p!t the# in pl $e $ lled @den to live. )!t, . t n w sn+t too h ppy with ll this nd w nted to disr!pt 8od+s pl n to help !s. (. t n still w nts to t ke things over nd be the boss.) .o he de$ided he wo!ld #ess !p 8od+s pl n nd try to t ke Christ+s pl $e. 1e o"ten he r bo!t @ve e ting n pple nd then giving one to Ad #. %his is " lse do$trine # ny p ss on. T&'0 '0 a 4a'(+ #a2e "4 7an3 &+# only g!essing here, b!t & i# gine # ny people didn+t h ve the sense to tell their $hildren the tr!th be$ !se they tho!ght they were too yo!ng to be e'posed to it. %his tr!th h s to do with se' nd there"ore is e#b rr ssing to the !nin"or#ed. %here is nothing to be

e#b rr ssed bo!t. %his is 8od+s tr!th. %he 9ebrew M n!s$ripts $le rly show th t @ve w s -wholly sed!$ed- (3 sh ) by . t n. &n other words, SATAN IS THE TREE O* THE ;NOWLEDGE O* GOOD AND EVIL. @ve w s wholly sed!$ed by hi#. .he h d se' with hi#. 4e#e#ber . t n w s -be !ti"!l being-. 9e w s # de the "inished p ttern. %h t+s wh t the s$ript!res tell !s in @<ekiel * (4e#e#ber, -2ing o" %yr!s- is one o" . t n+s # ny n #es.) EHe/'e2 2D) 05 B 10 %ho! sh lt die the de ths o" the !n$ir$!#$ised by the h nd o" str ngers* "or & h ve spoken it, s ith the Aord 8=;. 11 Moreover the word o" the A=4; $ #e !nto #e, s ying, 12 .on o" # n, t ke !p l #ent tion !pon the king o" %yr!s, nd s y !nto hi#, %h!s s ith the Aord 8=;( %ho! se lest !p the s!#, "!ll o" wisdo#, nd per"e$t in be !ty. 1C %ho! h st been in @den the g rden o" 8od( every pre$io!s stone w s thy $overing, the s rdi!s, top <, nd the di #ond, the beryl, the ony', nd the / sper, the s pphire, the e#er ld, nd the $ rb!n$le, nd gold* the work# nship o" thy t brets nd o" thy pipes w s prep red in thee in the d y th t tho! w st $re ted. 14 %ho! rt the nointed $her!b th t $overeth( nd & h ve set thee so* tho! w st !pon the holy #o!nt in o" 8od( tho! h st w lked !p nd down in the #idst o" the stones o" "ire. 1H %ho! w st per"e$t in thy w ys "ro# the d y th t tho! w st $re ted, till iniG!ity w s "o!nd in thee. 1I )y the #!ltit!de o" thy #er$h ndise they h ve "illed the #idst o" thee with violen$e, nd tho! h st sinned* there"ore & will $ st thee s pro" ne o!t o" the #o!nt in o" 8od* nd & will destroy thee, = $overing $her!b, "ro# the #idst o" the stones o" "ire. 16 %hine he rt w s li"ted !p be$ !se o" thy be !ty, tho! h st $orr!pted thy wisdo# by re son o" thy brightness* & will $ st thee to the gro!nd, & will l y thee be"ore kings, th t they # y behold thee. 15 %ho! h st de"iled thy s n$t! ries by the #!ltit!de o" thine iniG!ities, by the iniG!ity o" thy tr ""i$k( there"ore will & bring "orth "ire "ro# the #idst o" thee, it sh ll devo!r thee, nd & will bring thee to shes !pon the e rth in the sight o" ll the# th t behold thee. 1F All they th t know thee #ong the people sh ll be stonished t thee* tho! sh lt be terror, nd never sh lt tho! be ny #ore.

And, then @ve led Ad # to be sed!$ed by . t n. 0es, Ad # nd @ve both h d se' with . t n. 8od knew o" this nd # de Ad # nd @ve le ve @den be"ore they p rtook o" the %4@@ =? A&?@. 3ow the TREE O* LI*E IS ,ESUS CHRIST. &" they h d done th t, they wo!ld live etern lly in this de"iled "or#. .o th t+s why 8od $ st the# o!t o" the g rden. Gene0'0 C)2252!. 22. And the A=4; 8od s id, )ehold, the # n is be$o#e s one o" !s, to know good nd evil* nd now, lest he p!t "orth his h nd, nd t ke lso o" the tree o" li"e, nd e t, nd live "or ever* 2C. %here"ore the A=4; 8od sent hi# "orth "ro# the g rden o" @den, to till the gro!nd "ro# when$e he w s t ken. 24. .o he drove o!t the # n( nd he pl $ed t the e st o" the g rden o" @den Cher!bi#s, nd "l #ing sword whi$h t!rned every w y, to keep the w y o" the tree o" li"e. =h, nd it w sn+t n pple or$h rd. 4e#e#ber, they $overed their priv te p rts with ?&8 A@AB@., not their #o!ths with pple le ves. Gene0'0 C)? And the eyes o" the# both were opened, nd they knew th t they were n ked( nd they sewed "ig le ves together, nd # de the#selves prons. %hey didn+t e t n pple nd g in the knowledge o" good nd evil, they disobeyed 8od by h ving se' with . t n nd then they !nderstood th t disobeying 8od w s wrong. %hey were sh #ed "or the "irst ti#e in the "lesh be$ !se their deeds were evil nd "orbidden, nd they h d be$o#e w re o" wh t evil w s "or the "irst ti#e. =k y, so ti#e p sses nd @ve h s two sons. N"w #&'0 '0 '7p"(#an#, so re d the "ollowing three senten$es s # ny ti#es s ne$ess ry to get it in yo!r he d. I4 +"% 7'00 #&'0, +"% 7'00 T&e ;e+ "4 Da8'd. A;AM 1A. %9@ ?A%9@4 =? A)A@. SATAN WAS THE *ATHER O* CAIN. @B@ 1A. %9@ M=%9@4 =? -)=%9- A)A@ A3; CA&3:

1hen yo! st!dy the origin l 9ebrew M n!s$ripts yo! dis$over th t @ve -C=3%&3E@; &3 AA)=4- J9eb.O0 $ phK nd h d two sons. %hey were both born t the s #e ti#e. In "#&e( w"(d0, Ca'n and A$2e we(e *RATERNAL TWINS. %here were two sep r te eggs nd two sep r te w ter s $ks in @ve. Medi$ lly it is G!ite possible "or wo# n to h ve "r tern l twins, with e $h twin "ro# di""erent " ther, /!st like C in nd Able were "ro# di""erent " thers. Ad # "ertili<ed one egg nd . t n "ertili<ed the other: %his is no big de l #edi$ lly, it+s /!st di""i$!lt to "ig!re o!t "ro# the @nglish tr nsl tions. 0o! need to go b $k to the 9ebrew # n!s$ripts to get $le r !nderst nding o" it. Gene0'0 !)2 2. And she a<a'n b re his brother Abel. And Abel w s sheep, b!t C in w s tiller o" the gro!nd. keeper o"

.trong+s Con$ord n$e 9ebrew word C2H4* a<a'n. C2H4 +a1ap& +aw50a4' a p('7'#'8e (""#I #" add "( a%<7en# ="4#en ad8e($'a2, #" 1"n#'n%e #" d" a #&'n<>)55 dd, L g in, L ny #ore, L $e se, L $o#e #ore, N $on$eive g in, $ontin!e, e'$eed, L "!rther, L g ther together, get #ore, give #ore7over, L hen$e"orth, in$re se (#ore nd #ore), /oin, L longer (bring, do, # ke, #!$h, p!t), L (the, #!$h, yet) #ore ( nd #ore), pro$eed ("!rther), prolong, p!t, be (strong7) er, L yet, yield. .o we $ n see th t . t n is C ins " ther. CAIN IS THE SON O* SATAN3

,"&n D)!! 0e re o" yo!r " ther the devil, nd the l!sts o" yo!r " ther ye will do.

9e w s #!rderer "ro# the beginning, nd bode not in the tr!th, be$ !se there is no tr!th in hi#. 1hen he spe keth lie, he spe keth o" his own* "or he is li r, nd the " ther o" it. 1ho w s the "irst #!rdererD C in w s: .o Christ w s s ying those th t $$!sed hi# were 2enites, or sons o" C in. %hey were the o""spring o" C in, nd C in w s the o""spring o" the ;evil. Also look t these verses "or veri"i$ tion th t C in is . t n+s son* ,"&n C) 2 3ot s C in, who w s o" th t wi$ked one, nd slew his brother. And where"ore slew he hi#D )e$ !se his own works were evil, nd his brother+s righteo!s. ,"&n D)!! 0e re o" yo!r " ther the devil, nd the l!sts o" yo!r " ther ye will do. 9e w s #!rderer "ro# the beginning, nd bode not in the tr!th, be$ !se there is no tr!th in hi#. 1hen he spe keth lie, he spe keth o" his own* "or he is li r, nd the " ther o" it. 0es, @ve w s sed!$ed by . t n in the g rden. @ven the postle > !l $on"ir#s this in 2 C"('n#&'an0 )2,C (2) ?or & # /e lo!s over yo! with godly /e lo!sy* "or & h ve espo!sed yo! to one h!sb nd, th t & # y present yo! s $h ste virgin to Christ. (C) )!t & "e r, lest by ny #e ns, s the serpent beg!iled @ve thro!gh his s!btilty, so yo!r #inds sho!ld be $orr!pted "ro# the si#pli$ity th t is in Christ.

O/a+, Ba1/ #" "%( 0#"(+.
1ell, . t n is prob bly pretty h ppy with hi#sel" by trying to #ess !p 8od+s pl n to h ve Messi h. C in kills Able. )!t th t doesn+t stop 8ods pl n. C in is driven w y "ro# Ad # nd @ve nd went to pl $e $ lled 3od. %here he took wi"e "ro# #ong the si'th d y $re tion h!# ns (.trong+s 1454. 8reek* ethnos( 3 tions.) nd $ontin!ed his line.

8od p!t # rk on C in so no one wo!ld kill hi#. %his w s the beginning o" the # rk o" the be st. %9@ C9&A;4@3 =? CA&3 A4@ CAAA@; 2@3&%@.. 2enites re the o""spring o" . t n thro!gh C in. A ter on in the 3ew %est #ent we will le rn th t Christ is h ppy with only two $h!r$hes, >hil delphi nd .#yrn , be$ !se they re e'pl ining the tr!th o" 8od nd te $hing who the 2enites re. %he 2@3&%@. re the o""spring o" the son o" . t n (CA&3 who w s the "irst #!rderer).

)y Enderst nding this yo! !nderst nd both seed lines. %here is seed line or gene logy "or Ada7 and E8e, %here is lso sep r te seed line or gene logy "or Sa#an and E8e. ;n"w'n< T&'0 I0 T&e ;e+ T" Un2"1/'n< And Unde(0#and'n< T&e T(%e -ean'n< O4 T&e H"2+ S1('p#%(e0. T&'0 '0 1a22ed THE ;EY O* DAVID 'n Re8e2a#'"n C)A5 0. Re8e2a#'"n C)A5 0 I. 9e th t h th n e r, let hi# he r wh t the .pirit s ith !nto the $h!r$hes. 6. And to the ngel o" the $h!r$h in >hil delphi write( %hese things s ith he th t is holy, he th t is tr!e, &e #&a# &a#& #&e /e+ "4 Da8'd, he th t openeth, nd no # n sh!tteth( nd sh!tteth, nd no # n openeth( 5. & know thy works* behold, & h ve set be"ore thee n open door, nd no # n $ n sh!t it* "or tho! h st little strength, nd h st kept #y word, nd h st not denied #y n #e. F. )ehold, & will # ke the# o" the syn gog!e o" . t n, whi$h s y they re Jews, nd re not, b!t do lie( behold, & will # ke the# to $o#e nd worship be"ore thy "eet, nd to know th t & h ve loved thee.

10. )e$ !se tho! h st kept the word o" #y p tien$e, & lso will keep thee "ro# the ho!r o" te#pt tion, whi$h sh ll $o#e !pon ll the world, to try the# th t dwell !pon the e rth. A"ter the de th o" Able, Ad # nd @ve h d nother son o" their own $ lled .@%9. .eth #e ns .E).%&%E%&=3 in 9ebrew. 8od s!bstit!ted .eth in pl $e o" Able to $ rry on the seed line o" des$endent+s in the " #ily thro!gh whi$h Christ wo!ld $o#e. Gene0'0 !)2@ 2H. And Ad # knew his wi"e g in( nd she b re son, nd $ lled his n #e .eth* ?or 8od, s id she, h th ppointed #e nother seed inste d o" Abel, who# C in slew. .trong+s Con$ord n$e 9ebrew word 5CH2* .eth. .heth sh yth "ro# 65FI( p!t, i.e. s!bstit!ted( .heth, third son o" Ad #*77.eth, .heth. I-9ORTANT 9OINT) I4 +"% 2""/ 'n #&e O2d Te0#a7en# +"% w'22 4'nd #&a# Ada7 and Ca'n &a8e DI**ERENT <enea2"<'e0. I 7%0# p"'n# "%# #&a# Ca'n '0 n"# 2'0#ed 'n Ada7'0 <enea2"<+. Ada7'0 <enea2"<+ '0 2'0#ed 'n Gene0'0 @)C 5C2. Ca'n0 Genea2"<+ '0 2'0#ed 'n Gene0'0 !) ?52!. &" Ad #+s 8ene logy is l sted in Ch pter H, nd C in+s 8ene logy is listed in Ch pter 4, %9@0 C=EA;3+% >=..&)A@ )@ =? %9@ .AM@ ?A%9@4 ACCORDING TO GOD'S OWN BIBLE3

ADA-'S GENEOLIGY) Gene0'0 @)C5C2 (;i""erent "ro# C in+s)
C. And Ad # lived n h!ndred nd thirty ye rs, nd beg t son in his own likeness, nd "ter his i# ge( nd $ lled his n #e .eth* 4. And the d ys o" Ad # "ter he h d begotten .eth were eight h!ndred ye rs* nd he beg t sons nd d !ghters* H. And ll the d ys th t Ad # lived were nine h!ndred nd thirty ye rs* nd he died. I. And .eth lived n h!ndred nd "ive ye rs, nd beg t @nos* 6. And .eth lived "ter he beg t @nos eight h!ndred nd seven ye rs,

nd beg t sons nd d !ghters* 5. And ll the d ys o" .eth were nine h!ndred nd twelve ye rs* nd he died. F. And @nos lived ninety ye rs, nd beg t C in n* 10. And @nos lived "ter he beg t C in n eight h!ndred nd "i"teen ye rs, nd beg t sons nd d !ghters* 11. And ll the d ys o" @nos were nine h!ndred nd "ive ye rs* nd he died. 12. And C in n lived seventy ye rs nd beg t M h l leel* 1C. And C in n lived "ter he beg t M h l leel eight h!ndred nd "orty ye rs, nd beg t sons nd d !ghters* 14. And ll the d ys o" C in n were nine h!ndred nd ten ye rs* nd he died. 1H. And M h l leel lived si'ty nd "ive ye rs, nd beg t J red* 1I. And M h l leel lived "ter he beg t J red eight h!ndred nd thirty ye rs, nd beg t sons nd d !ghters* 16. And ll the d ys o" M h l leel were eight h!ndred ninety nd "ive ye rs* nd he died. 15. And J red lived n h!ndred si'ty nd two ye rs, nd he beg t @no$h* 1F. And J red lived "ter he beg t @no$h eight h!ndred ye rs, nd beg t sons nd d !ghters* 20. And ll the d ys o" J red were nine h!ndred si'ty nd two ye rs* nd he died. 21. And @no$h lived si'ty nd "ive ye rs, nd beg t Meth!sel h* 22. And @no$h w lked with 8od "ter he beg t Meth!sel h three h!ndred ye rs, nd beg t sons nd d !ghters* 2C. And ll the d ys o" @no$h were three h!ndred si'ty nd "ive ye rs* 24. And @no$h w lked with 8od* nd he w s not( "or 8od took hi#. 2H. And Meth!sel h lived n h!ndred eighty nd seven ye rs, nd beg t A #e$h. 2I. And Meth!sel h lived "ter he beg t A #e$h seven h!ndred eighty nd two ye rs, nd beg t sons nd d !ghters* 26. And ll the d ys o" Meth!sel h were nine h!ndred si'ty nd nine ye rs* nd he died. 25. And A #e$h lived n h!ndred eighty nd two ye rs, nd beg t son* 2F. And he $ lled his n #e 3o h, s ying, %his s #e sh ll $o#"ort !s $on$erning o!r work nd toil o" o!r h nds, be$ !se o" the gro!nd

whi$h the A=4; h th $!rsed. C0. And A #e$h lived "ter he beg t 3o h "ive h!ndred ninety nd "ive ye rs, nd beg t sons nd d !ghters* C1. And ll the d ys o" A #e$h were seven h!ndred seventy nd seven ye rs* nd he died. C2. And 3o h w s "ive h!ndred ye rs old* nd 3o h beg t .he#, 9 #, nd J pheth. C in is the o""spring o" . t n so his gene logy is listed in 8enesis 4*16 724.

CAIN'S GENEOLOGY Gene0'0 !) ?52! (;i""erent "ro# Ad #s)
16. And C in knew his wi"e( nd she $on$eived, nd b re @no$h* nd he b!ilded $ity, nd $ lled the n #e o" the $ity, "ter the n #e o" his son, @no$h. 15. And !nto @no$h w s born &r d* nd &r d beg t Meh!/ el* nd Meh!/ el beg t Meth!s el* nd Meth!s el beg t A #e$h. 1F. And A #e$h took !nto hi# two wives* the n #e o" the one w s Ad h, nd the n #e o" the other Zill h. 20. And Ad h b re J b l* he w s the " ther o" s!$h s dwell in tents, nd o" s!$h s h ve $ ttle. 21. And his brother+s n #e w s J!b l* he w s the " ther o" ll s!$h s h ndle the h rp nd org n. 22. And Zill h, she lso b re %!b l$ in, n instr!$ter o" every rti"i$er in br ss nd iron* nd the sister o" %!b l$ in w s 3 # h. 2C. And A #e$h s id !nto his wives, Ad h nd Zill h, 9e r #y voi$e( ye wives o" A #e$h, he rken !nto #y spee$h* "or & h ve sl in # n to #y wo!nding, nd yo!ng # n to #y h!rt. 24. &" C in sh ll be venged seven"old, tr!ly A #e$h seventy nd seven"old. A%#&"(0 N"#e) 3ow re#e#ber thro!gh the "irst three $h pters o" the )ible, we h ve only been de ling with 8od, . t n, Ad #, @ve, C in, nd Able* (=ther th n brie" re"eren$e to the si'th d y $re tion o" # n.) .o i" we t ke look t the verses o" 8enesis C*14 nd 1H yo! will note th t 8od $o!ld only be re"erring to so#e o" these people in the $onte't o" wh t 9e s id. %he bolding o" words in the "ollowing 2 verses re the !thors.

Gene0'0 C) !, @. (14) And the A=4; 8od s id !nto the 0e(pen#, )e$ !se tho! h st done this, tho! rt $!rsed bove ll $ ttle, nd bove every be st o" the "ield( !pon thy belly sh lt tho! go, nd d!st sh lt tho! e t ll the d ys o" thy li"e* (1H) And I w'22 p%# en7'#+ $e#ween thee nd the wo# n, nd between #&+ 0eed and &e( 0eed( it sh ll br!ise thy he d, nd tho! sh lt br!ise his heel. .o in 8enesis C*1471H we see 8od tells . t n (the serp nt) th t 9e will p!t h tred (en#ity) between . t n nd @ve, nd )etween . t n+s seed nd @ve+s seed. . t n+s seed will be C in nd his o""spring. @ve+s .eed will be .eth (Able+s s!bstit!te) nd his o""spring. &n other words, there will be h tred between . t n+s seed line o" h!# ns nd 8od+s seed line o" h!# ns.

3ow re#e#ber e rlier, when & told yo! th t . t n w s s!$$ess"!l in $onvin$ing bo!t one third o" 8od+s $hildren to "ollow hi#D .o#e o" these ?AAA@3 A38@A. (or 3@>9@A&EM "ro# the 9ebrew) looked !pon the e rth nd s w the wo#en born o" Ad #+s line. %he ?AAA@3 A38@A. tho!ght the e rthly wo#en were be !ti"!l. %hese ?AAA@3 A38@A. re"!sed to w it nd be born -thro!gh- wo#en nd t ke on "lesh body. .trong+s Con$ord n$e 9ebrew word HC0C* ne"eel. nphiyl ne"7eel+ or nphil Pne"7eel+Q( "ro# HC06( properly, a 4e22e(, i.e. b!lly or tyr nt*77gi nt. .trongs Con$ord n$e 9ebrew word HC06* n ph l. n ph l n w7" l+ pri#itive root( to " ll, in gre t v riety o" ppli$ tions (intr nsitive or $ !s tive, liter l or "ig!r tive)*77be $$epted, $ st (down, sel", (lots), o!t), $e se, die, divide (by lot), (let) " il, ($ !se to, let, # ke, re dy to) " ll ( w y, down, 7en, 7ing), "ell(ing), "!gitive, h ve (inherit n$e), in"erior, be /!dged (by #ist ke "or I41F), l y ( long), ($ !se to) lie down, light (down), be (L h st) lost, lying, overthrow, overwhel#, perish, present(7ed, 7ing), (# ke to) rot, sl y, s#ite o!t, L s!rely, throw down.

%he ? llen Angels de$ided they w nted to $o#e dire$tly to e rth in their spirit! l bodies nd t ke e rthly wo#en "or their wives. .o the ?AAA@3 A38@A. #i'ed their ngeli$ bodies with the "lesh bodies o" e rthly wo#en by h ving se' with the#. ()et, they didn+t te $h yo! this one in $h!r$h either.) Gene0'0 A) 5D. 1. And it $ #e to p ss, when #en beg n to #!ltiply on the " $e o" the e rth, nd d !ghters were born !nto the#, 2. %h t the sons o" 8od s w the d !ghters o" #en th t they were " ir( nd they took the# wives o" ll whi$h they $hose. C. And the A=4; s id, My spirit sh ll not lw ys strive with # n, "or th t he lso is "lesh* yet his d ys sh ll be n h!ndred nd twenty ye rs. 4. %here were gi nts in the e rth in those d ys( nd lso "ter th t, when the sons o" 8od $ #e in !nto the d !ghters o" #en, nd they b re $hildren to the#, the s #e be$ #e #ighty #en whi$h were o" old, #en o" renown. H. And 8od s w th t the wi$kedness o" # n w s gre t in the e rth, nd th t every i# gin tion o" the tho!ghts o" his he rt w s only evil $ontin! lly. I. And it repented the A=4; th t he h d # de # n on the e rth, nd it grieved hi# t his he rt. 6. And the A=4; s id, & will destroy # n who# & h ve $re ted "ro# the " $e o" the e rth( both # n, nd be st, nd the $reeping thing, nd the "owls o" the ir( "or it repenteth #e th t & h ve # de the#. 5. )!t 3o h "o!nd gr $e in the eyes o" the A=4;. &n 8enesis I*2 we re d bo!t the .ons o" 8od. &n the 9ebrew it is $le rly ngels whi$h re spirit! l beings. %hey were o" %he Cre tor 79ebrew* h 7@lohi# O the Cre tor( 3=% h+ d # h O ?ro# the gro!nd: &" yo! re d this in l ng! ge other th n the origin l 9ebrew # n!s$ript it $ n be G!ite $on"!sing nd e sily obs$!red. .ee Co#p nion )ible, Appendi' 2H "or det iled in"or# tion. %he o""spring were hybrid $ross between the "lesh wo#en o" e rth nd (spirit! l bodies) the ngels o" he ven. %h!s, the #i'ing o" the d !ghters o" Ad # nd the " llen ngels o" he ven prod!$ed gi nts* 9ybrids. (8@)@4 "ro# the 9ebrew). As we re told in the =ld %est #ent, these 8@)@4 h d so#e physi$ l de"or#ities nd were

gig nti$ in si<e. 4e#e#ber the story o" ; vid nd 8oli th. 8oli th w s des$end nt o" one o" these 8@)@4 gi nts. 0o! # y w nt to t ke the ti#e to look !p ll the p ss ges in yo!r .trong+s Con$ord n$e with the word -8i nt- in the#. 1hen yo! h ve the ti#e, re d the# nd so#e o" the s!rro!nding s$ript!res. &t will be G!ite n eye opener. Aet+s look t 8enesis I*4 g in. %he end o" the verse s ys, -...the s #e be$ #e #ighty #en, whi$h were o" old, #en o" renown.%he Co#p nion )ible notes on verse 4 s y in p rt, -renown* 9eb., the #en o" n #e. %he -heroes- o" the 8reek Mythology. %he re# ins o" pri#itive tr!th, $orr!pted in tr ns#ission.Che$k o!t the "ollowing. De%#e("n"7+ C) 11. ?or only =g king o" ) sh n re# ined o" the re#n nt o" gi nts( behold his bedste d w s bedste d o" iron( is it not in 4 bb th o" the $hildren o" A##onD nine $!bits w s the length thereo", nd "o!r $!bits the bre dth o" it, "ter the $!bit o" # n. &" $!bit w s ro!ghly 15 in$hes nd =g+s bed w s F $!bits long, th t wo!ld # ke his bed bo!t 1C.H "eet in length. %h t wo!ld be pretty big 8eber: 3ow, J!de I is G!ite $le r in st ting there w s " ll o" ngels, or .ons o" 8od. Appendi' 2C o" the Co#p nion )ible shows !s $le rly th t the " llen ngels le"t their own -h bit tion- O oiketerion (8reek). &n other words, their own prin$ip lity. %his word o$$!rs only in && Corinthi ns H*2 nd J!de I where it is !sed o" the dwelling o" the spirit! l or res!rre$tion body. .trong+s Con$ord n$e 8reek word CI1C* h bit tion. oiketerion oy7k y7t y+7ree7on ne!ter o" pres!#ed deriv tive o" CI11 (eG!iv lent to CI12)( residen$e (liter lly or "ig!r tively)*77h bit tion, ho!se. =h, nd now the " llen ngels re held in he ven by Mi$h el, the Ar$h ngel. . t n nd his " llen ngels will be held their !ntil he is

$ st o!t o" he ven nd " lls to e rth s st ted in 4evel tion 12*67F. )orrow .trong+s Con$ord n$e nd Co#p nion )ible "ro# yo!r libr ry nd look it !p "or yo!rsel". 0o! # y not be ble to $he$k the# o!t sin$e they re held s re"eren$e works in so#e libr ries. &" yo! $ n ""ord the#, go to A# <on.$o#, or so#e si#il r pl $e, nd b!y the# "or yo!rsel". %h t wo!ld be best. &" yo! $ n, try to get the ones with the &.)3 3!#bers & re$o##ended e rlier. %here re so#e # /or #ist kes in the s$ript!r l tr nsl tions o" the so $ lled -i#proved- versions. .t y w y "ro# the# i" yo! w nt the best tools "or yo!r tr nsl ting.

%hese " llen ngels do pretty good /ob o" poll!ting Ad #+s seed line, spre ding evil nd $orr!pting the h!# n being+s #inds with evil. %hings get very b d. .o b d th t 8od !ses the story o" .odo# nd 8o#orr h to show !s wh t it w s like, nd wh t it will g in be like t the end o" this .e$ond @ rth Age when " llen ngels g in try to #i' with e rthly wo#en. 4e#e#ber, the " llen ngels h d #i'ed with h!# nkind thro!gh wo#en. .odo# nd 8o#orr h were two $ities th t h d be$o#e very #or lly $orr!pt. Most o" the people who lived there were #or l degener tes. &" it w s evil nd $o!ld be done, these people were eng ged in it. %here w s lot o" se'! l perversion going on whi$h 8od h d instr!$ted !s not to do. 1o#en h ving se' with wo#en, Men with #en, et$. 0o! get the pi$t!re. %h t+s where the word sodo#y $o#es "ro# (the $ity o" .odo#). %here w s lso lot o" #!rder, h tred o" 8od, re/e$tion o" 8od, wi$kedness, "orni$ tion, de$eit, envy... the list goes on. 3ow these people knew these $ts were g inst 8od+s will, nd th t they were worthy o" de th "ro# 8od "or this evil( 0et, they $ontin!ed to do the#. And even tho!gh they h d "!ll knowledge nd !nderst nding th t it w s b d, they $ontin!ed to do the# with ple s!re.

.o, 8od sent $o!ple o" ngels to the $ity o" .odo# to "ind o!t e' $tly how b d these people were. %he ngels "o!nd # n n #ed Aot. Aot knew how b d the $ity w s nd knew his visitors wo!ldn+t be s "e in the $ity t night, so he invited the# to be his g!ests. 9e took the# to his ho!se nd "ed the#. 1hile the ngels were e ting, l rge gro!p o" #en "ro# the $ity $ #e to Aot+s ho!se. %hey de# nded Aot send these two new g!ys o!t so they $o!ld sodo#i<e the#. Aot, in essen$e, s id, -3o w y. %hese g!ys re #y g!ests. % ke #y two virgin d !ghters nd h ve se' with the# i" yo! #!st, b!t don+t tt $k these two visitors.)!t, the $rowd o!tside w nted the two ngels. %he ngels gr bbed Aot nd p!lled hi# inside his ho#e. %he town+s people st rted to be t down the door. %he ngels s!ddenly ""li$ted the $rowd with blindness, b!t the town+s people $ontin!ed to try to get t the ngels. ) si$ lly, the two ngels took Aot, his wi"e nd his two d !ghters o!t o" the town where they wo!ld not be h r#ed. %hen 8od r ined down "ire nd bri#stone destroying the two $ities, their inh bit nts, nd everything th t grew in the#. 8od w rned Aot nd his " #ily to le ve nd not look b $k. 1hile 8od w s destroying the $ities, Aot+s wi"e looked b $k t .odo# nd w s t!rned into pill r o" s lt. %he story o" .odo# nd 8o#orr h is wh t h ppened then. )!t this story is lso n ill!str tion o" how #!$h 8od h tes this type o" sin nd wh t the @3; o" this .@C=3; @A4%9 A8@ will be like. 9e tells !s it will be like this A8A&3 on e rth s we ne r the end o" this .e$ond @ rth Age. %he " llen ngels will be ki$ked o!t o" he ven with . t n nd will g in try to sed!$e wo#en here on @ rth. %h t is wh t > !l is t lking bo!t when he s ys wo#en sho!ld h ve their he ds $overed. 9e #e ns they sho!ld h ve their he d $overed with the ->ower- o" the 8ospel o" Christ, so they will not be sed!$ed by " llen ngels. C"('n#&'an0 ) 0 ?or this $ !se o!ght the wo# n to h ve power on her he d be$ !se o" the ngels. 8od tells !s in %he )ook =" J!de th t the ?AAA@3 A38@A. re held

in $h ins !ntil the end o" this @A4%9 A8@. ,%de ) A,? I. And the ngels whi$h kept not their "irst est te, b!t le"t their own h bit tion, he h th reserved in everl sting $h ins !nder d rkness !nto the /!dg#ent o" the gre t d y. 6. @ven s .odo# nd 8o#orr h, nd the $ities bo!t the# in like # nner, giving the#selves over to "orni$ tion, nd going "ter str nge "lesh, re set "orth "or n e' #ple, s!""ering the venge n$e o" etern l "ire. %he " llen ngels will be rele sed onto the e rth g in "or short period long with .A%A3 t the end o" this .e$ond e rth ge we re in now. %hings will be s they were in the ti#e o" 3=A9. %he " llen ngels will g in tte#pt to enter wo#en nd breed $hildren( 9ybrid o""spring $o#posed o" " llen ngel " ther nd h!# n #other re $ lled 8eber. %h t+s wh t 8od is w rning !s bo!t in & Corinthi ns. Cover yo!r he d with Christ to prote$t yo! "ro# the " llen ngels. I C"('n#&'an0 )!5A. 4. @very # n pr ying or prophesying, h ving his he d $overed, dishono!reth his he d. H. )!t every wo# n th t pr yeth or prophesieth with her he d !n$overed dishono!reth her he d* "or th t is even ll one s i" she were sh ven. I. ?or i" the wo# n be not $overed, let her lso be shorn* b!t i" it be sh #e "or wo# n to be shorn or sh ven, let her be $overed. 9ere in Corinthi ns > !l is !sing - 9ebr is#- ( "ig!re o" spee$h in their ti#e) to tell wo#en to h ve Christ over their he ds to prote$t the# "ro# the " llen ngels. ?or when the " llen ngels ret!rn t the end o" this se$ond e rth ge they will l!st "ter wo#en s they did be"ore. .o now we $o#e to the ti#e o" 3o h. %he evil on e rth gets so b d ( s /!st ill!str ted) th t 8od de$ides to h ve nother "lood nd wipe everything o!t @LC@>% 3o h, his i##edi te Ad #i$ " #ily, nd two o" every living thing. (0es, 3o h took =%9@4 people th n those o" the Ad #i$ " #ily Jthe

" #ily line o" ChristK on the r$. %h t is why we h ve ll the r $es in the world tod y. 8od s id t ke two o" every living thing. Also, 3o h prob bly took M=4@ th n two o" so#e ni# ls so he wo!ld h ve the# "or blood s $ri"i$es to 8od nd ni# ls "or "ood.) 3ow b $k to o!r story. %he ? llen Angels h d $orr!pted #ost o" the seed line o" Ad #, whi$h Christ w s to $o#e thro!gh. 8od de$ides to keep 3o h nd his i##edi te " #ily live be$ !se they re the only " #ily "ro# the line o" Ad # who did not -#i'- with the " llen ngels. Christ wo!ld $o#e thro!gh their seed line. All the other des$end nts o" Ad # h d their seed lines poll!ted by the " llen ngels. 8od $ !ses the gre t "lood to $o#e !pon those le"t behind, whi$h wiped o!t ll the gi nts (8eber). 8od bro!ght 3o h+s "lood to destroy the 8eber. %hen, when the w ter re$edes, 3o h nd his ship# tes st rt re7pop!l ting the e rth with living $re t!res nd h!# ns g in. %his $ontin!es the seed line (" #ily) thro!gh whi$h Christ wo!ld $o#e. &t lso $ontin!es the seed lines o" the si'th d y h!# n $re tion. &n %he )ook o" @'od!s 8od gives 9is $hildren #!$h o" the l w. %he l w is good. &t tells !s how we sho!ld live. &n @'od!s 8od gives Moses the %en Co## nd#ents. @'od!s #e ns -%he Co#ing =!t- in 9ebrew. 8od+s $hildren re !nder bond ge nd 8od "rees the# nd brings the# o!t o" @gypt. &t is p r llel to the 3ew %est #ent nd Christ dieing to redee# !s ll, so we $ n be bro!ght o!t o" the bond ge o" sin. %here is so very #!$h #ore in the =ld %est #ent th t & $ nnot even begin to $over in this short work. ) si$ lly, in the =ld %est #ent, 8od shows !s o!r sin nd !ses 9is prophets to "oretell !s o" the Messi h, 9is $o#ing, nd o!r w y o!t o" sin. %he whole )ible is 8od+s letter to !s so we $ n seek 9i# o!t nd !nderst nd 9is pl n "or o!r li"e. %he 3ew %est #ent tells o" Christ+s $t! l $o#ing nd #inistry. &t gives !s instr!$tions nd enlighten#ent so we $ n believe in Jes!s Christ nd $o#e b $k to 8od, give 9i# o!r love, nd serve 9i#. %his w s ll "oretold in the set o" books we $ ll %he =ld %est #ent.

%here is lot o" theology this book will not spe$i"i$ lly go into be$ !se o" the gre t length reG!ired to do so. %his book is 3=% the )ible, nor is it intended to repl $e the )ible. & will si#ply list here the Ap"0#2e0 C(eed whi$h will give yo! a 8e(+ $('e4 "8e(8'ew "4 C&('0#'an'#+. &" yo! wish to e'plore e $h o" these points individ! lly & s!ggest yo! !se %he Co#p nion )ible nd .trong+s Con$ord to st!dy sso$i ted s$ript!res. %he Apostle+s Creed w s not spe$i"i$ lly t !ght word "or word by Christ+s postles. %he Apostle+s Creed is b si$ lly s!## ry o" wh t Christs Apostles t !ght. %he version & list here goes b $k to bo!t the 5th $ent!ry. 4e#e#ber, this is /!st brie" overview o" Christi nity. ?or yo!r "!rther !nderst nd & now present the Apostle+s Creed. A9OSTLE'S CREED. & believe in 8od, the ? ther Al#ighty, the Cre tor o" he ven nd e rth, nd in Jes!s Christ, 9is only .on, o!r Aord* 1ho w s $on$eived o" the 9oly .pirit, born o" the Birgin M ry, s!""ered !nder >onti!s >il te, w s $r!$i"ied, died, nd w s b!ried. 9e des$ended into hell. %he third d y 9e rose g in "ro# the de d. 9e s$ended into he ven nd sits t the right h nd o" 8od the ? ther Al#ighty, when$e 9e sh ll $o#e to /!dge the living nd the de d. & believe in the 9oly .pirit, the holy $ tholi$ $h!r$h, the $o##!nion o" s ints, the "orgiveness o" sins, the res!rre$tion o" the body, nd li"e everl sting. A#en. 92ea0e n"#e* %he word -C tholi$- in this $reed does not #e n /!st the 4o# n C tholi$ Ch!r$h, b!t the -Enivers l Christi n Ch!r$h- s whole* %he body o" ll tr!e Christi n believers. 9ope"!lly this $ ps!le o" Christi nity $ lled %he Apostle+s Creed h s helped give yo! n overview o" the b si$s o" Christi nity.

4e#e#ber, & s id e rlier there were %hree @ rth Ages. %his is ll going on in the .e$ond @ rth Age. 1hen it t lks bo!t the end o" the world in the 3ew %est #ent '# '0 NOT #a2/'n< a$"%# #&e w"(2d end'n<3 1h t the re l tr nsl tion #e ns is %9@ @3; =? %9&. ERA whi$h is T&e Se1"nd Ea(#& A<e. %he e rth will n"# $e se to e'ist b!t will g in be renewed by 8od. (A!thor+s note* .ee 4evel tion 21*1 nd !se yo!r .trong+s Con$ord n$e nd Co#p nion )ible to better !nderst nd this. &+# not going to t ke the ti#e to go into it here. 9int* ?irst #e ns -"or#er- in this p ss ge. Ag in, !se yo!r .trong+s: 1e re now living in %he .e$ond @ rth Age, d!ring the period o" ti#e $ lled THE GENERATION O* THE *IG TREE. &n M rk 1C nd M tthew 24 Christ tells his dis$iples bo!t %he 8ener tion =" %he ?ig %ree. %his is when &sr el be$o#es n tion g in. &sr el h s not been n tion sin$e the ten lost tribes were t ken o!t o" &sr el to the north by the Assyri ns, nd the %ribe o" J!d h nd )en/ #in went into $ ptivity by 3eb!$h dne<< r nd w s $ rried w y e stw rd to ) bylon. &n 1F45 A.;. &sr el on$e g in be$ #e n tion. %his beg n %he 8ener tion =" %he ?ig %ree whi$h Christ told his postles bo!t in M rk 1C*2572F. 0o! see ?ig trees re not st rted by seeds. 0o! t ke "ig $!tting, so#eti#es $ lled shoot, nd tr nspl nt it. %his is wh t h ppened in 1F45( %he Jews st rted ret!rning to their ho#el nd o" the 3 tion o" &sr el. %his is the i##igr tion (tr nspl nting) o" the Jews (the living "ig shoots) b $k into %he 3 tion o" &sr el (b $k into their l nd). Christ lso t lks o" good "igs nd b d "igs. Christ is re"erring to the ,ew0 and #&e ;en'#e0, both living in %he 3 tion o" &sr el t the s #e ti#e, $l i#ing to be the $hildren o" 8od. Christ let his Apostles know th t when they see %he 8ener tion =" the ?ig %ree, the ti#e o" 9is ret!rn is growing #!$h $loser. &n other words, we re now ppro $hing the ti#e when . t n will be thrown o!t o" he ven nd $o#e to e rth s the I7'#a#'"n -e00'a&. %his #!st h ppen BE*ORE the %r!e Christ ret!rns. Christ tells !s we won+t know the e' $t d y o" Christ+s ret!rn, b!t we 1&AA know the se son. 1hen Christ ret!rns we will ll tr ns"or# into o!r spirit! l bodies. =!r "lesh bodies will " ll w y. Christ will set !p his kingdo# on e rth nd the #illenni!# will st rt. %his is 1000 ye r

period o" te $hing. At the end o" this 1000 ye r te $hing period it will be the end o" the .e$ond @ rth Age nd beginning o" the %hird @ rth Age. )!t, be"ore Christ ret!rns, the ? lse Messi h will $o#e to the e rth nd tte#pt to le d s # ny people str y s possible to "ollow hi#. %he word Anti$hrist does NOT liter lly #e n - g inst Christ-. T&e L'#e(a2 and 6C"((e1#6 #(an02a#'"n "4 An#'5C&('0# 4("7 #&e G(ee/ '0 56INSTEAD 5O* 5CHRIST6. (.trong+s 46C nd H00). .trong+s Con$ord n$e 8reek word 46C* an#'. nti n7tee+ pri# ry p rti$le( opposite, i.e. 'n0#ead or be$ !se o" (r rely in ddition to)*77"or, in the roo# o". ="ten !sed in $o#position to denote $ontr st, reG!it l, s!bstit!tion, $orresponden$e, et$. %he Ar$h ngel Mi$h el will ki$k . t n nd the " llen ngels o!t o" he ven. . t n nd the " llen ngels will be $ st to e rth. Re8e2a#'"n 2)?5B 6. And there w s w r in he ven* Mi$h el nd his ngels "o!ght g inst the dr gon( nd the dr gon "o!ght nd his ngels, 5. And prev iled not( neither w s their pl $e "o!nd ny #ore in he ven. F. And the gre t dr gon w s $ st o!t, th t old serpent, $ lled the ;evil, nd . t n, whi$h de$eiveth the whole world* he w s $ st o!t into the e rth, nd his ngels were $ st o!t with hi#. Christ tells !s in M tthew 24, M rk 1C, nd A!ke 21 th t . t n $o#es to e rth nd sets hi#sel" !p s Jes!s Christ in Jer!s le#. -a(/ C) ! 14. )!t when ye sh ll see the bo#in tion o" desol tion, spoken o" by ; niel the prophet, st nding where it o!ght not, (let hi# th t re deth !nderst nd,) then let the# th t be in J!d e "lee to the #o!nt ins*

A #ore $orre$t tr nsl tion wo!ld be, -st nding where he o!ght not-. And the word desol tion sho!ld be $orre$tly tr nsl ted, -desol ter-. .o we $o!ld #ore $orre$tly tr nsl te M rk 1C*14 to re d, -)!t when yo! see the bo#in tion o" the desol ter, spoken o" by ; niel the prophet, st nding where he o!ght not, (let hi# th t re ds !nderst nd,) then let the# th t re in J!de "lee to the #o!nt ins*%he Apostle > !l $le rly shows !s th t . t n $o#es s the Anti7 Christ be"ore the tr!e Christ ret!rns. II T&e00a2"n'an0 2) 5B. 1. 3ow we besee$h yo!, brethren, by the $o#ing o" o!r Aord Jes!s Christ, nd by o!r g thering together !nto hi#, 2. %h t ye be not soon sh ken in #ind, or be tro!bled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter s "ro# !s, s th t the d y o" Christ is t h nd. C. Le# n" 7an de1e'8e +"% $+ an+ 7ean0) 4"( #&a# da+ 0&a22 n"# 1"7e, ex1ep# #&e(e 1"7e a 4a22'n< awa+ 4'(0#, and #&a# 7an "4 0'n $e (e8ea2ed, #&e 0"n "4 pe(d'#'"nI 4. 1ho opposeth nd e' lteth hi#sel" bove ll th t is $ lled 8od, or th t is worshipped( so th t he s 8od sitteth in the te#ple o" 8od, shewing hi#sel" th t he is 8od. H. 4e#e#ber ye not, th t, when & w s yet with yo!, & told yo! these thingsD I. And now ye know wh t withholdeth th t he #ight be reve led in his ti#e. 6. ?or the #ystery o" iniG!ity doth lre dy work* only he who now letteth will let, !ntil he be t ken o!t o" the w y. 5. And then sh ll th t 1i$ked be reve led, who# the Aord sh ll $ons!#e with the spirit o" his #o!th, nd sh ll destroy with the brightness o" his $o#ing* F. @ven hi#, whose $o#ing is "ter the working o" . t n with ll power nd signs nd lying wonders, >erdition #e ns de th. %he .on o" >erdition is . t n pl in nd si#ple.

T&e 1"7'n< #('$%2a#'"n w'22 2a0# 4"( @ 7"n#&0. %he "irst p rt o" the "ive #onths there will be >oliti$ l )e st (the one world politi$ l syste#). &t will l#ost work nd then begin to " lter. &t will re$eive de dly wo!nd. . t n will then $o#e nd "i' the one world politi$ l syste# (syste# re"erred to s the be st in the "ollowing s$ript!res). &t will be$o#e his 4eligio!s )e st. 4e#e#ber in these verses . t n is -%he ;r gon-. -%he )e st- is %he =ne 1orld >oliti$ l .yste#. Re8e2a#'"n B) 5 0a+0I 1. And the "i"th ngel so!nded, nd & s w st r " ll "ro# he ven !nto the e rth* nd to hi# w s given the key o" the botto#less pit. 2. And he opened the botto#less pit( nd there rose s#oke o!t o" the pit, s the s#oke o" gre t "!rn $e( nd the s!n nd the ir were d rkened by re son o" the s#oke o" the pit. C. And there $ #e o!t o" the s#oke lo$!sts !pon the e rth* nd !nto the# w s given power, s the s$orpions o" the e rth h ve power. 4. And it w s $o## nded the# th t they sho!ld not h!rt the gr ss o" the e rth, neither ny green thing, neither ny tree( b!t only those #en whi$h h ve not the se l o" 8od in their "orehe ds. H. And to the# it w s given th t they sho!ld not kill the#, b!t th t they sho!ld be tor#ented 4'8e 7"n#&0* nd their tor#ent w s s the tor#ent o" s$orpion, when he striketh # n. I. And in those d ys sh ll #en seek de th, nd sh ll not "ind it( nd sh ll desire to die, nd de th sh ll "lee "ro# the#. 6. And the sh pes o" the lo$!sts were like !nto horses prep red !nto b ttle( nd on their he ds were s it were $rowns like gold, nd their " $es were s the " $es o" #en. 5. And they h d h ir s the h ir o" wo#en, nd their teeth were s the teeth o" lions. F. And they h d bre stpl tes, s it were bre stpl tes o" iron( nd the so!nd o" their wings w s s the so!nd o" $h riots o" # ny horses r!nning to b ttle. 10. And they h d t ils like !nto s$orpions, nd there were stings in their t ils* nd their power w s to h!rt #en 4'8e 7"n#&0. 11. And they h d king over the#, whi$h is the ngel o" the botto#less pit, whose n #e in the 9ebrew tong!e is Ab ddon, b!t in

the 8reek tong!e h th his n #e Apollyon. (3ote* %he !nderlining nd bolding o" the words 4'8e 7"n#&0 in the bove s$ript!re p ss ge w s done by the !thor.) Ag in, b si$ lly wh t the bove verses "ro# 4evel tion s y is th t the 8re t >oliti$ l )e st is l#ost set !p nd "lood o" lies begins. %his st rts the "ive #onth %rib!l tion. %he s$orpions re not re l s$orpions. 3oti$e the !se o" the word -like-. &n re lity they re not s$orpions, b!t 2enites spre ding lies( " lse do$trine. %hey "ool #ost o" the pop!l tion o" the e rth into "ollowing %he >oliti$ l )e st nd then . t n. =nly those with the knowledge o" 8od+s .$ript!res th t the Anit7Christ $o#es "irst re -se led- or prote$ted "ro# this "lood o" lies. &n other words the re l tr!th o" 8od, nd not do$trines o" # n, re se led in their br ins. Re8e2a#'"n C)@ 1 %hen & stood on the s nd o" the se . And & s w be st rising !p o!t o" the se , h ving seven he ds nd ten horns, nd on his horns ten $rowns, nd on his he ds bl sphe#o!s n #e. 2 3ow the be st whi$h & s w w s like leop rd, his "eet were like the "eet o" be r, nd his #o!th like the #o!th o" lion. %he dr gon g ve hi# his power, his throne, nd gre t !thority. C And & s w one o" his he ds s i" it h d been #ort lly wo!nded, nd his de dly wo!nd w s he led. And ll the world # rveled nd "ollowed the be st. 4 .o they worshiped the dr gon who g ve !thority to the be st( nd they worshiped the be st, s ying, R1ho is like the be stD 1ho is ble to # ke w r with hi#DS H And he w s given #o!th spe king gre t things nd bl sphe#ies, nd he w s given !thority to $ontin!e "or "orty7two #onths. I %hen he opened his #o!th in bl sphe#y g inst 8od, to bl sphe#e 9is n #e, 9is t bern $le, nd those who dwell in he ven. &n other words . t n, %he Anti7Christ, will st nd in the holy pl $e in Jer!s le# on Mt. Zion $l i#ing to be the tr!e Christ. %he trib!l tion will l st "or "ive (H) #onths. %here will be "or "ive #onths tot l. )!t yo! #!st not be "ooled. "lood o" lies

Christ . ys in -a(/ C)2C )ehold & h ve "oretold yo! ll things.

Aet #e stop here nd # ke "ew $o##ents. 8od h s shortened the ti#e o" the trib!l tion "ro# three nd h l" ye rs (C71M2 ye rs) to "ive #onths (H #onths). 9e r wh t Christ h s to s y bo!t this* -a##&ew 2!)2 52!. 21. ?or then sh ll be gre t trib!l tion, s!$h s w s not sin$e the beginning o" the world to this ti#e, no, nor ever sh ll be. 22. And e'$ept those d ys sho!ld be shortened, there sho!ld no "lesh be s ved* b!t "or the ele$t+s s ke those d ys sh ll be shortened. 2C. %hen i" ny # n sh ll s y !nto yo!, Ao, here is Christ, or there( believe it not. 24. ?or there sh ll rise " lse Christs, nd " lse prophets, nd sh ll shew gre t signs nd wonders( inso#!$h th t, i" it were possible, they sh ll de$eive the very ele$t. &+# not going to go into the det ils o" the shortening. %h t wo!ld be good st!dy "or yo! when yo! h ve "inished this book. ?or the s ke o" brevity nd $ontin!ity & # going to le ve yo! with Christ+s words whi$h yo! h ve /!st re d bove. Also, & h ve shown yo! in 4evel tion F*1711 th t the tot l trib!l tion will l st H #onths. & h ve do$!#ented "or yo! in M tthew 24*24 th t Christ s id it w s shortened "ro# longer period o" ti#e. &+# going to le ve yo! with th t "or now. 0o! $ n veri"y it w s shortened "ro# C71M2 ye rs on yo!r own. (4e#e#ber, don+t t ke #y word "or it. ;ig the det ils o!t "or yo!rsel". .ee #y $o##ents bo!t "!rther in"or# tion "or $ontin!ed st!dy t the end o" this work.)

1hen . t n rrives in person s the Anti7Christ he will "ool #ost o" the people on e rth into believing he is the tr!e Christ. (4e#e#ber ll th t ? lse ;o$trine =" M n & w rned yo! bo!t t the beginning o" this bookD) =nly those se led in their br ins with the tr!th o" 8od bo!t . t n nd his "ollowers will not be "ooled. . t n will n"# $o#e with liter l horns nd t il. 9e will ppe r to be the tr!e Christ ret!rned. 9e will be be !ti"!l $re t!re: 9e will pre $h pe $e. 9e will h ve # ny s!pern t!r l powers nd show " lse signs nd wonders. As it s ys in the )ook o" 4evel tion he will be ble to sn p his "ingers nd # ke "ire $o#e down "ro# the sky* Re8e2a#'"n C) C And he doeth gre t wonders, so th t he # keth "ire $o#e down "ro# he ven on the e rth in the sight o" #en,... %he .trong+s Con$ord n$e in the 8reek shows 1ord 4442 to be -lightening-. &" yo! think people go n!ts over e rthlings th t re #ovie st rs nd pro"ession l entert iners, think how #!$h #ore people will "ollow one who is ble to per"or# s!$h $ts( @spe$i lly i" they #ist kenly believe he is Christ ret!rned to e rth. .in$e . t n is s!pern t!r l, he will h ve s!pern t!r l powers to try nd "ool !s into believing in hi#. & on$e he rd > stor ;ennis M!rr y !se the e' #ple o" w lking on w ter to "ool !s. 9e s id so#ething to the e""e$t th t i" yo! were in the presen$e o" . t n nd he s id, -Co#e, w lk on w ter with #e-, nd yo! st rted w lking on w ter, th t wo!ld be very power"!l de#onstr tion . t n $o!ld !se to "ool yo! into believing he w s the tr!e Christ: )e w t$h# n nd keep yo!r g! rd !p g inst . t n. %he )ible lso tells !s th t in the l st d ys o" the se$ond e rth ge, be"ore the %r!e Christ ret!rns, there will be " #ine. )!t the " #ine will 3=% be "or bre d. 4 ther, the " #ine will be Sp'('#%a2 *a7'ne 4("7 n"# $e &ea('n< #&e TRUE w"(d "4 G"d a# #&'0 #'7e.

A7"0 D) )ehold, the d ys $o#e, s ith the Aord 8=;, th t & will send " #ine in the l nd, not " #ine o" bre d, nor thirst "or w ter, b!t o" he ring the words o" the A=4;* %here will be # ny pre $hers pre $hing Christi nity, $%# #&e+ w'22 n"# $e #ea1&'n< #&e w"(d "4 G"d 2'ne $+ 2'ne and 8e(0e $+ 8e(0e. T&e+ w'22 $e #ea1&'n< #&e 6D"1#('ne0 "4 -an6. .o, # ny pre $hers nd #ost people will not !nderst nd it is . t n th t is $o#ing s the -&3.%@A; =? C94&.%-. %heir h nds will !nknowingly be doing the work o" . t n. %his is the "irst trib!l tion. )e$ !se o" this . t n will "ool # ny people into "ollowing hi# when he $o#es to e rth. %h t+s wh t he w nts. He =Sa#an> wan#0 #" $e WORSHI99ED INSTEAD O* CHRIST. 9e will try to t ke 8od+s pl $e g in. And the # /ority o" Christi n pre $hers re prep ring the w y by not re lly te $hing 8od+s word $h pter by $h pter nd verse by verse. -a(/ C)2 522 21. And then i" ny # n sh ll s y to yo!, Ao, here is Christ( or, lo, he is there( believe hi# not* 22. ?or " lse Christs nd " lse prophets sh ll rise, nd sh ll shew signs nd wonders, to sed!$e, i" it were possible, even the ele$t. 8od h s lre dy /!dged . t n nd $onde#ned hi# to die. (A$t! lly . t n is the =3A0 so!l th t h s lre dy been /!dged by n #e to de th.) )!t it is ne$ess ry "or hi# to do these things so we will h ve the opport!nity to # ke !p o!r #inds to "ollow . t n or %he %4E@ Christ. He(e we 1"7e #" #&e w&"2e p"'n# "4 #&'0 pape(. N"w #&a# +"% %nde(0#and w&+ #&e0e #&'n<0 a(e &appen'n<, IT IS I-9ERATIVE *OR YOU TO REALI.E AND UNDERSTAND THE *ALSE -ESSIAH =SATAN> WILL CO-E TO EARTH ,UST BE*ORE =ABOUT *IVE -ONTHS> THE TRUE -ESSIAH =,ESUS CHRIST> RETURNS TO EARTH. D"n'# $e 4""2ed3

S'7p2+ p%#, #&e *a/e ,e0%0 1"7e0 BE*ORE #&e Rea2 ,e0%03 %here re over h l" do<en pl $es in the )ook =" 4evel tion whi$h spe k bo!t the M rk o" the )e st. (4evel tion1C*1I, 14*11, 1H*2, 1I*2, 1F*20, 20*4, et$). =I-9ORTANT> THE -AR; O* THE BEAST 7ean0 $e'n< 4""2ed $+ Sa#an 'n#" $e2'e8'n< 6Sa#an6 '0 #&e T(%e C&('0# w&en Sa#an (e#%(n0 #" ea(#& 'n pe(0"n. Re8e2a#'"n C) A 1I. And he $ !seth ll, both s# ll nd gre t, ri$h nd poor, "ree nd bond, to re$eive # rk in their right h nd, or in their "orehe ds* Re8e2a#'"n !) 11. And the s#oke o" their tor#ent s$endeth !p "or ever nd ever* nd they h ve no rest d y nor night, who worship the be st nd his i# ge, nd whosoever re$eiveth the # rk o" his n #e. Re8e2a#'"n @)2 2. And & s w s it were se o" gl ss #ingled with "ire* nd the# th t h d gotten the vi$tory over the be st, nd over his i# ge, nd over his # rk, nd over the n!#ber o" his n #e, st nd on the se o" gl ss, h ving the h rps o" 8od. Re8e2a#'"n A)2 2. And the "irst went, nd po!red o!t his vi l !pon the e rth( nd there "ell noiso#e nd grievo!s sore !pon the #en whi$h h d the # rk o" the be st, nd !pon the# whi$h worshipped his i# ge. Re8e2a#'"n B)20 20. And the be st w s t ken, nd with hi# the " lse prophet th t wro!ght #ir $les be"ore hi#, with whi$h he de$eived the# th t h d re$eived the # rk o" the be st, nd the# th t worshipped his i# ge. %hese both were $ st live into l ke o" "ire b!rning with bri#stone. Re8e2a#'"n 20)! 4. And & s w thrones, nd they s t !pon the#, nd /!dg#ent w s given !nto the#* nd & s w the so!ls o" the# th t were behe ded "or

the witness o" Jes!s, nd "or the word o" 8od, nd whi$h h d not worshiped the be st, neither his i# ge, neither h d re$eived his # rk !pon their "orehe ds, or in their h nds( nd they lived nd reigned with Christ tho!s nd ye rs. >eople will believe $orr!pted in"or# tion being "ed to the# by # ny o" their $h!r$hes( Corr!pted Christi n %e $hings bo!t who $o#es "irst, the " lse Christ or %he 4e l Christ. (& repe t, 0o! #!st !nderst nd* T&e *a20e C&('0# 1"7e0 4'(0# 9RETENDING #" $e #&e Rea2 C&('0#.> 0o! $ n know the tr!th nd h ve the .e l o" 8od in yo!r "orehe d (yo!r br in). =r, yo! $ n be "ooled into believing . t n is Christ nd h ve the -a(/ "4 #&e Bea0# in yo!r "orehe d (yo!r br in). &t+s IN yo!r "orehe d, 3=% =3 yo!r "orehe d. &t+s wh t yo! believe: &t+s either believing the tr!e word o" 8od, or the poll!ted word "ro# . t n. 0o! will lso see re"eren$es in the )ible to the M rk o" the )e st on yo!r h nd. %his re"ers to yo! doing the work o" . t n when he is pl ying Messi h. &n other words, helping long or working in . t n+s " lse $h!r$h. %he Anti$hrist (. t n) will set hi#sel" !p in Jer!s le# s 8od on the e rth. 9e will w nt people to worship hi#. %hose who re "ooled nd "ollow %he ? lse Christ (. t n) will 3=% be serving Jes!s Christ when 9e (%he %r!e Christ) ret!rns to e rth. %hose who re$ogni<e the " lse #essi h nd don+t "ollow hi# will be doing Christ+s work nd will be $$epted by the %r!e Christ when 9e ret!rns. %his "ive #onth period o" trib!l tion will not be proble# "or 8od+s @le$t Christi ns be$ !se Christ will prote$t !s. 3ot h ir on their he d will be h r#ed (A!ke 21*15). L%/e 2 ) D 15. )!t there sh ll not n h ir o" yo!r he d perish. 8od tells . t n, -%o!$h not #ine nointed- in >s l# 10H*1H. )!t, this trib!l tion will be ro!gh on those who are fooled by the False Messiah be$ !se when the tr!e Christ ret!rns 9e will s y to

the#... -a##&ew ?)2C And then will & pro"ess !nto the#, & never knew yo!* dep rt "ro# #e, ye th t work iniG!ity. (AE%9=4. 3=%@* )e s!re to re d the ne't se$tion to !nderst nd the people in this verse re NOT being $onde#ned to de th here by Christ. 9e+s s ying get o!t o" #y presen$e, n"# & $onde#n yo! to de th. M ny people #is!nderst nd this verse. ;on+t let it be st!#bling blo$k to yo!. &+ve h d "ew $o##ents "ro# di""erent people who re lly didn+t gr sp wh t w s going on in this verse. 4e#e#ber, these people re now in their .pirit! l bodies t Christ+s ret!rn. More on this l ter. 4e d on.)

3ow don+t #is!nderst nd. Christ did s y to these people, -;ep rt "ro# #e. & never knew yo!.- %h t+s dire$t G!ote "ro# 4evel tion I*1I,16. )!t, it doesn+t #e n they re $onde#ned to etern l de th. &t si#ply #e ns they were de$eived by the Anti7Christ while in their "lesh bodies. 0o! h ve to re#e#ber the Millenni!#: &" these people did not !nderst nd %he 2ey =" ; vid nd th t . t n $ #e s the Anti7Christ be"ore Christ ret!rned, they will not !to# ti$ lly be $onde#ned to spirit! lly die t %he 8re t 1hite %hrone J!dg#ent. 8od gives the# the Millenni!# to be t !ght the tr!th.

W&a# '0 #&e -'22enn'%7E
%he Millenni!# is the one tho!s nd ye r period whi$h begins when Christ ret!rns (%he beginning o" the Millenni!#), to the ti#e when the 8re t 1hite %hrone J!dg#ent (yo!r tri l) is held t the end o" the Millenni!#. ;!ring this ti#e we re here on e rth in o!r spirit! l bodies( 3ot o!r "lesh bodies. ;!ring the Millenni!# those th t did not !nderst nd the ? lse Messi h w s . t n nd #ist kenly worshiped hi#, nd th t didn+t !nderst nd th t . t n ( s the Anti7Christ) $ #e )@?=4@ Christ ret!rned, will h ve $h n$e to $hoose between %he %r!e 8od nd . t n. %his is be$ !se they did not !nderst nd the tr!th bo!t the Anti7Christ nd were "ooled by hi#. >le se know they will be in their spirit! l bodies nd will not h ve the $on"!sion nd te#pt tions o" "lesh body. %hey will be instr!$ted in the tr!th d!ring the Millenni!#. . t n will be rele sed t the end o" the Millenni!# "or short ti#e to test these so!ls. 9e will 3=% h ve -%he =""i$e o" the Anti7Christ- to "ool the#. 9e will /!st be . t n. &+ll $over #ore on this l ter. .o these so!ls still h ve $h n$e to be redee#ed by Christ. And, no, it is not se$ond $h n$e, sin$e they didn+t !nderst nd th t . t n wo!ld $o#e -;isg!ised s Christ- be"ore the %r!e Christ wo!ld ret!rn. %hese so!ls will be s ll the rest o" the so!ls o" the world th t did not he r nd !nderst nd the whole tr!th o" the one tr!e 8od. 0o! see 8od is lw ys " ir: (Authors Note: Some people who read the first edition of this book may have not grasped this information. It was not my intent to overload your donkeys P!e #e $no% n& "n&er#t n& Go& i# ALWAYS ' ir %ith Hi# (hi!&ren) As I said earlier in this work! "od is not looking for a way to roast you like a #hi#ken on a spit over hot #oals. $e loves all $is #hildren and %ants them to return to $im! to be redeemed! to live in $is good gra#es! and to be in total spiritual harmony with $im throughout the eternity & )old nd !nderlining in the "ollowing bible verse done by this !thor( & g in $ ll yo!r ttention to 7

4o# ns 11*5 (A$$ording s it is written, 8od h th given the# the spirit o" sl!#ber, eyes th t they sho!ld n"# see, nd e rs th t they sho!ld n"# he r() !nto this d y. 4e#e#ber, so#e will never !nderst nd these things while in "lesh bodies. 8od h s # de it so "or their own prote$tion.

And wh t does the .e l =" 8od #e nD &t #e ns they know 3ot to worship . t n when he $o#es s the " lse Christ. %hey know who he is when he ppe rs. %hey h ve been t !ght nd !nderst nd th t the %r!e Christ $o#es only "ter the Anti7Christ h s been on the e rth in Jer!s le#. >eople with the .e l o" 8od h ve -the !nderst nding o" the tr!th o" 8od+s word- in their #inds. 4e#e#ber, %he M rk o" the )e st is &3 yo!r "orehe d, not =3 yo!r "orehe d. -%he M rk o" the )e st- is believing . t n is the tr!e Christ when he $o#es nd sets hi#sel" !p in Jer!s le# s 8od. %hose with the # rk o" the be st will worship . t n. %hen when the tr!e Christ $o#es, nd they re li<e they worshiped the ? lse Messi h, they will $ ll o!t "or the #o!nt ins to " ll !pon the# be$ !se o" their g!ilt nd sh #e. Re8e2a#'"n A) @5 ?. 1H. And the kings o" the e rth, the gre t #en, the ri$h #en, the $o## nders, the #ighty #en, every sl ve nd every "ree # n, hid the#selves in the $ ves nd in the ro$ks o" the #o!nt ins, 1I. nd s id to the #o!nt ins nd ro$ks, R? ll on !s nd hide !s "ro# the " $e o" 9i# who sits on the throne nd "ro# the wr th o" the A #b: 16. ?or the gre t d y o" 9is wr th h s $o#e, nd who is ble to st ndDS

8od h s h d gro!p o" people ll thro!gh the se$ond e rth ge th t h ve !nderstood who the 2enites re, th t . t n will $o#e s the Anti7Christ be"ore the se$ond $o#ing o" Jes!s, nd th t they were s!pposed to p ss this in"or# tion on "ro# gener tion to gener tion !ntil Christ $t! lly ret!rns. & he rd > stor ;ennis M!rr y spe k bo!t 8od+s @le$t nd & h ve gle ned the "ollowing in"o "ro# his $o##ents. %his is not n e' $t G!ote o" wh t he s id. & do not w nt to p!t words in his #o!th. %his is wh t & !nderst nd bo!t 8od+s @le$t nd it is s$ript!r ly so!nd to #e. %he E2e1# re the 144,000 o" 4evel tion, Ch pter 6. %he Ve(+ E2e1# re the 6000 who will not bend knee to ) il( Me ning they will not worship . t n. %hese will be the 6000 who will be $ lled !p to witness be"ore the Anti7Christ nd testi"y g inst hi#. My !nderst nding is th t they re p rt o" the 144,000 $o#posing ll the @le$t. %hey re spoken o" in ?irst 2ings nd 4o# ns. %he re# ining o" the 144,000 will he r the Bery @le$t testi"y nd s y th t is $orre$t. %h t is the tr!th. %hen they will be$o#e @le$t s well. %he .ad"1/ re both the @le$t nd %he Bery @le$t o" @<ekiel Ch pter 44. %hey re the >riests in the Millenni l %e#ple. %hey re llowed to go in nd be Rin the presen$e o" ChristS d!ring the Millenni!#. %he Z do$k will te $h the tr!th to ll the so!ls d!ring the 1000 ye r period o" the Millenni!#. %his will give everyone the opport!nity to he r the Co#plete %r!th so e $h so!l $ n de$ide "or the#selves whether to love 8od or "ollow . t n t the end o" the Millenni!#. 4e#e#ber, d!ring the Millenni!# we re ll in spirit! l bodies. =!r "lesh bodies h ve " llen w y. %he Sa'n#0 re the .et Aside =nes. %he Re7nan# re those th t h ve lw ys known the tr!th. 8od h s pro#ised there will lw ys be 4e#n nt th t will keep the tr!th live

down thro!gh the $ent!ries( %h t+s gener tion to gener tion sin$e the beginning o" the .e$ond @ rth Age. %he 4e#n nt known the tr!th, b!t p ss on nd le ve the "lesh body be"ore the Anti7Christ $o#es to e rth. %he 4e#n nt will re$eive the s #e rew rd s the @le$t. %his is wh t & !nderst nd to be the tr!th bo!t the @le$t.

%he Bery @le$t re $ lled !pon to A@% %9@ 9=A0 .>&4&% .>@A2 %94=E89 %9@M when they re delivered !p in Jer!s le# be"ore the ? lse Messi h( . t n( %he Anti7Christ. Christ tells !s in M rk 1C*F 711 th t when we re delivered !p be"ore the Anti7Christ in Jer!s le# we a(e n"# #" #a/e an+ #&"%<&# "4 w&a# we a(e #" 0a+, $%# (a#&e( #" 2e# #&e H"2+ Sp'('# 0pea/ #&("%<& !s s testi#ony g inst the ? lse Messi h. .o so#e o" !s will be $ lled on to let the 9oly .pirit spe k thro!gh !s when we re $ lled !p be"ore . t n 7%he ? lse Christ. -a(/ C)B5 F. )!t t ke heed to yo!rselves* "or they sh ll deliver yo! !p to $o!n$ils( nd in the syn gog!es ye sh ll be be ten* nd ye sh ll be bro!ght be"ore r!lers nd kings "or #y s ke, "or testi#ony g inst the#. 10. And the gospel #!st "irst be p!blished #ong ll n tions. 11. )!t when they sh ll le d yo!, nd deliver yo! !p, t ke no tho!ght be"oreh nd wh t ye sh ll spe k, neither do ye pre#edit te* b!t wh tsoever sh ll be given yo! in th t ho!r, th t spe k ye* "or it is not ye th t spe k, b!t the 9oly 8host. &n this w y 8od 9i#sel" will spe k g inst . t n "or the whole world to see nd he r. N"w (e7e7$e( L%/e 2 ) D. )!t there sh ll not h ir o" yo!r he d

perish. 1hen it t lks bo!t being p!t to de th in M rk 1C*12 it #e ns being bro!ght !p be"ore . t n. =ne o" the # ny, # ny n #es in the s$ript!res "or . t n is -de th-. Read L%/e 2 ) 25 @ 12. )!t be"ore ll these, they sh ll l y their h nds on yo!, nd perse$!te yo!, delivering yo! !p to the syn gog!es, nd into prisons, being bro!ght be"ore kings nd r!lers "or #y n #e+s s ke. 1C. And it sh ll t!rn to yo! "or testi#ony. 14. .ettle it there"ore in yo!r he rts, not to #edit te be"ore wh t ye sh ll nswer* 1H. ?or & will give yo! #o!th nd wisdo#, whi$h ll yo!r dvers ries sh ll not be ble to g ins y nor resist.

&" yo! re one o" 8od+s ele$t nd live while . t n is here on e rth s the Anti7Christ, it is yo!r destiny to be delivered !p be"ore the $o!n$ils nd the syn gog!e o" . t n "or the 9oly .pirit to spe k thro!gh yo! nd to witness g inst the Anti7Christ. -a(/ !)A0 And the high priest stood !p in the #idst, nd sked Jes!s, s ying, Answerest tho! nothingD wh t is it whi$h these witness g inst theeD C&('0# 0e# #&e pe(4e1# exa7p2e "or wh t we sho!ld do when we re delivered !p. 1h t did Christ s y to the high priestD 3othing:: I0a'a& @C)? 9e w s oppressed, nd he w s ""li$ted, yet he opened not his #o!th* he is bro!ght s l #b to the sl !ghter, nd s sheep be"ore her she rers is d!#b, so he openeth not his #o!th. %he i#port nt thing to re#e#ber it th t when yo! re delivered !p n"#&'n< o" yo!r own $re tion sho!ld $o#e o!t o" yo!r #o!th. 0o!

re not to spe k yo!rsel", b!t +"% a(e #" 2e# #&e H"2+ Sp'('# 0pea/ #&("%<& +"%3 0o! will know it when it h ppens. 8od will # ke it very $le r. T&e "n2+ %n4"(<'8a$2e 0'n '0 #" NOT 2e# #&e H"2+ Sp'('# 0pea/ #&("%<& +"% a# #&'0 #'7e =L%/e 2) 0>. L%/e 2) 0 10. And whosoever sh ll spe k word g inst the .on o" # n, it sh ll be "orgiven hi#* b!t !nto hi# th t bl sphe#eth g inst the 9oly 8host it sh ll not be "orgiven. .o don+t s y nything !ntil it is the ti#e "or the 9oly .pirit to spe k thro!gh yo!. %hen, let the 9oly .pirit do the t lking:

In L%/e 2 )2@52D C&('0# 0a+0, 2H. And there sh ll be signs in the s!n, nd in the #oon, nd in the st rs( nd !pon the e rth distress o" n tions, with perple'ity( the se nd the w ves ro ring( 2I. Men+s he rts " iling the# "or "e r, nd "or looking "ter those things whi$h re $o#ing on the e rth* "or the powers o" he ven sh ll be sh ken. 26. And then sh ll they see the .on o" # n $o#ing in $lo!d with power nd gre t glory. 25. And when these things begin to $o#e to p ss, then look !p, nd li"t !p yo!r he ds( "or yo!r rede#ption dr weth nigh.

As it s ys in the )ook o" A$ts, Christ will ret!rn to the Mo!nt =" =lives where 9e previo!sly s$ended into he ven. C&('0# w'22 #&en wa2/ 4("7 #&e -"%n# "4 O2'8e0 #" -"%n# .'"n and START HIS 000 YEAR REIGN CALLED THE -ILLENIU-. =A1#0 )A 5 2>. A1#0 )A5 2 I. 1hen they there"ore were $o#e together, they sked o" hi#, s ying, Aord, wilt tho! t this ti#e restore g in the kingdo# to &sr elD 6. And he s id !nto the#, &t is not "or yo! to know the ti#es or the se sons, whi$h the ? ther h th p!t in his own power. 5. )!t ye sh ll re$eive power, "ter th t the 9oly 8host is $o#e !pon yo!* nd ye sh ll be witnesses !nto #e both in Jer!s le#, nd in ll J!d e , nd in . # ri , nd !nto the !tter#ost p rt o" the e rth. F. And when he h d spoken these things, while they beheld, he w s t ken !p( nd $lo!d re$eived hi# o!t o" their sight. 10. And while they looked sted" stly tow rd he ven s he went !p, behold, two #en stood by the# in white pp rel( 11. 1hi$h lso s id, 0e #en o" 8 lilee, why st nd ye g <ing !p into he venD #&'0 0a7e ,e0%0, w&'1& '0 #a/en %p 4("7 +"% 'n#" &ea8en, 0&a22 0" 1"7e 'n 2'/e 7anne( a0 +e &a8e 0een &'7 <" 'n#" &ea8en. (A!thor+s bolding nd !nderlining.) 12. %hen ret!rned they !nto Jer!s le# "ro# the #o!nt $ lled =livet, whi$h is "ro# Jer!s le# s bb th d y+s /o!rney. And in the =ld %est #ent we re d* .e1&a('a& !)! And his "eet sh ll st nd in th t d y !pon the #o!nt o" =lives, whi$h is be"ore Jer!s le# on the e st, nd the #o!nt o" =lives sh ll $le ve in the #idst thereo" tow rd the e st nd tow rd the west, nd there sh ll be very gre t v lley( nd h l" o" the #o!nt in sh ll re#ove tow rd the north, nd h l" o" it tow rd the so!th. &n the inst nt, when Christ ret!rns, ll h!# ns will be $h nged into their .pirit! l )odies. 1e will no longer be in o!r "lesh bodies. %hese spirit! l bodies will be in$orr!ptible bodies. &n other words they will be

bodies th t won+t we r o!t. %hey will not be $orr!ptible like o!r "lesh bodies were. C"('n#&'an0 @)@2 H2. &n #o#ent, in the twinkling o" n eye, t the l st tr!#p* "or the tr!#pet sh ll so!nd, nd the de d sh ll be r ised in$orr!ptible, nd we sh ll be $h nged. =AUTHORS NOTE) URGENTLY I-9ORTANT 9OINT3 C"('n#&'an0 @)@2 '0 #&e #'7e w&en we 1&an<e 4("7 "%( *LESH BODIES INTO OUR S9IRITUAL BODIES. We a(e n" 2"n<e( 'n 42e0& $"d'e0 a# #&e 'n0#an# "4 C&('0#'0 (e#%(n3 6T&e Dead =7ean'n< 0p'('#%a22+ dead> 0&a22 $e (a'0ed 'n1"((%p#'$2e6 '0 0#a#'n< #&a# AT THE TI-E O* CHRIST'S RETURNING #&"0e (e7a'n'n< "n ea(#& w&" &a8e n"# +e# $een <(an#ed e#e(na2 2'4e a(e 1&an<ed 'n#" 0p'('#%a2 $"d'e0 w&'1& d" n"# de#e('"(a#e 2'/e 42e0&. T&e0e 0p'('#%a2 $"d'e0 d" n"# $e1"7e d'0ea0ed "( 4ee2 pa'n 2'/e a 42e0& $"d+. W&a# #&e Ap"0#2e 9a%2 '0 (e4e(('n< #" w&en &e 0a+0 6WE 0&a22 $e 1&an<ed6 '0 G"d'0 e2e1#. 9a%2 wa0 and 0#'22 '0 "ne "4 G"d'0 e2e1#. S", we w'22 a22 $e 'n S9IRITUAL $"d'e0 4"( #&e 000 +ea( -'22enn'%7 pe('"d $e4"(e #&e G(ea# W&'#e T&("ne ,%d<7en#. END AUTHORS NOTE.> 3o this is not t lking bo!t r pt!re. 1h t it #e ns is those th t re spirit! lly de d A3; those th t re spirit! lly live (tr!ly believe in the %r!e Christ) will both be $h nged into spirit! l bodies. 1hile &+# t it, let #e st te #&e(e '0 n" (ap#%(e: %he r pt!re ide w s st rted by little old l dy n #ed M rgret M$;on ld ro!nd 15C0. .he h d so#e #ent l proble#s nd h d dre # whi$h she l ter s id she "elt w s evil. &t w s bo!t people "lying w y t Christ+s ret!rning. %here were $o!ple o" $lergy there who sei<ed !pon the ide nd prop g ted it. %he r pt!re in 3=% )ibli$ l: As # tter o" " $t, 8od . ys in @<ekiel 1C*20 9e is a<a'n0# those th t &%n# 0"%20 #" 7a/e #&e7 42+ #" 0a8e #&e'( 0"%20 nd $over 9is o!tstret$hed h nds with pillow $ ses nd ker$hie"s so 9is $hildren $ n+t properly see the#. &" yo! !se .trong+s Con$ord n$e nd do little ho#ework yo! will $le rly "ind this in the "ollowing s$ript!re re"eren$e.

EHe/'e2 C) D52C 15. And s y, %h!s s ith the Aord 8=;( 1oe to the wo#en th t sew pillows to ll r#holes, nd # ke ker$hie"s !pon the he d o" every st t!re to h!nt so!ls: 1ill ye h!nt the so!ls o" #y people, nd will ye s ve the so!ls live th t $o#e !nto yo!D 1F. And will ye poll!te #e #ong #y people "or h nd"!ls o" b rley nd "or pie$es o" bre d, to sl y the so!ls th t sho!ld not die, nd to s ve the so!ls live th t sho!ld not live, by yo!r lying to #y people th t he r yo!r liesD 20. 1here"ore th!s s ith the Aord 8=;( )ehold, & # g inst yo!r pillows, wherewith ye there h!nt the so!ls to # ke the# "ly, nd & will te r the# "ro# yo!r r#s, nd will let the so!ls go, even the so!ls th t ye h!nt to # ke the# "ly. 21. 0o!r ker$hie"s lso will & te r, nd deliver #y people o!t o" yo!r h nd, nd they sh ll be no #ore in yo!r h nd to be h!nted( nd ye sh ll know th t & # the A=4;. 22. )e$ !se with lies ye h ve # de the he rt o" the righteo!s s d, who# & h ve not # de s d( nd strengthened the h nds o" the wi$ked, th t he sho!ld not ret!rn "ro# his wi$ked w y, by pro#ising hi# li"e* 2C. %here"ore ye sh ll see no #ore v nity, nor divine divin tions* "or & will deliver #y people o!t o" yo!r h nd* nd ye sh ll know th t & # the A=4;. =h, one #ore note on the r pt!re. Most people who h ve been "ooled into believing this re shown the s$ript!res "ro# 1 %hess loni ns 4*1I716. )!t yo! #!st go b $k to verse 1C to deter#ine the s!b/e$t o" the writing. ) si$ lly the Apostle > !l is s ying, -& wo!ld not h ve yo! be ignor nt s to where the de d re-. %he de d re a2(ead+ in he ven with 8od. Read E112e0'a0#e0 2)A5? I. =r ever the silver $ord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken, or the pit$her be broken t the "o!nt in, or the wheel broken t the $istern. 6. %hen sh ll the d!st ret!rn to the e rth s it w s* nd the spirit sh ll ret!rn !nto 8od who g ve it.

4e d II C"('n#&'an0 @)D 5. 1e re $on"ident, & s y, nd willing r ther to be bsent "ro# the body, nd to be present with the Aord. Also, && %hess loni ns shows !s th t . t n, %he son o" >erdition, $o#es be"ore Christ nd sets hi#sel" !p on Mt. Zion s Christ. 4e d II T&e00a2"n'an0 2) 5B 1. 3ow we besee$h yo!, brethren, by the $o#ing o" o!r Aord Jes!s Christ, nd by o!r g thering together !nto hi#, 2 %h t ye be not soon sh ken in #ind, or be tro!bled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter s "ro# !s, s th t the d y o" Christ is t h nd. C Aet no # n de$eive yo! by ny #e ns* "or th t d y sh ll not $o#e, e'$ept there $o#e " lling w y "irst, nd th t # n o" sin be reve led, the son o" perdition( 4 1ho opposeth nd e' lteth hi#sel" bove ll th t is $ lled 8od, or th t is worshipped( so th t he s 8od sitteth in the te#ple o" 8od, shewing hi#sel" th t he is 8od. H 4e#e#ber ye not, th t, when & w s yet with yo!, & told yo! these thingsD I And now ye know wh t withholdeth th t he #ight be reve led in his ti#e. 6 ?or the #ystery o" iniG!ity doth lre dy work* only he who now letteth will let, !ntil he be t ken o!t o" the w y. 5 And then sh ll th t 1i$ked be reve led, who# the Aord sh ll $ons!#e with the spirit o" his #o!th, nd sh ll destroy with the brightness o" his $o#ing* F @ven hi#, whose $o#ing is "ter the working o" . t n with ll power nd signs nd lying wonders,... &+# not going to go into long dis$!ssion on the r pt!re here sin$e '#

'0 a d"1#('ne "4 -AN. At the end o" this work & will tell yo! how to "ind #ore in"or# tion on ll o" the s!b/e$ts & h ve #entioned. Another i#port nt point is th t C&('0# (e#%(n0 #" ea(#& #" 0e# %p H'0 /'n<d"7 &e(e. 1e /!st $h nge di#ensions when 9e $o#es, 3=% lo$ tions. =k y, let+s get b $k to the tr!th. 1hen Christ ret!rns t 9is se$ond $o#ing it will st rt the 1000 ye r reign o" Christ on e rth $ lled the M&AA@33&EM. At this ti#e those "o!nd doing Christ+s work when 9e ret!rns (the @le$t) will te $h those who never h d $h n$e to he r Christ+s -$orre$t- story. In #&'0 wa+ #&e+ #&a# we(e 4""2ed, w&'2e 'n #&e'( ea(#&2+ $"d'e0, 1an &ea( #&e #(%e 0#"(+ "4 C&('0# and 1an 1&""0e #" 4"22"w "( (eJe1# C&('0#. Y"% 0ee G"d '0 1"7p2e#e2+ 4a'(. &s this se$ond $h n$eD 3=, de"initely not: %his is "or those who did 3=% he r the TRUE 8ospel .tory o" Christ. %hey then h ve $h n$e to sk 9i# to "orgive their sins t the end o" %he .e$ond @ rth Age. Aet #e # ke point here. >eople ll over the world will be "ooled by . t n when he ret!rns, thinking he is 8od. >eople "ro# ll religions nd ll w lks o" li"e will be "ooled. &t doesn+t # tter i" yo! re o" Christi nity, &sl #, J!d is#, et$. . t n will present hi#sel" s ll things to ll people. And the bible s ys the whole world will go whoring "ter hi#. .o when the %r!e Christ $o#es it will begin the Millenni!#. Christ will set 9i#sel" !p in Jer!s le# nd . t n will be bo!nd nd lo$ked in the byss. At the @3; o" %he Millenni!# (the 1000 ye r period th t ends the 2nd e rth ge) 8od will loose . t n "or very short ti#e so those who h ve then been $orre$tly ed!$ ted bo!t Christ $ n be tested to de$ide i" they w nt to "ollow Christ or . t n. (%his h ppens /!st be"ore the 8re t 1hite %hrone J!dg#ent.)

A"ter th t, 8od will h ve %9@ 84@A% 19&%@ %94=3@ JE;8M@3% when ll so!ls re /!dged s redee#ed, or not redee#ed. %hose who believe in Jes!s Christ nd $hoose to "ollow 9i# will spend eternity with 8od. T&"0e 0"%20 w&" d" n"# a11ep# C&('0# w'22 $e 0n%44ed "%# and 1ea0e #" ex'0#. M ny Christi ns "e r %he 8re t 1hite %hrone J!dg#ent. %his sho!ld 3=% be the $ se: 0es, 8od will /!dge those th t re !nworthy to be done w y with( to be sn!""ed o!t. B%#, #&"0e #&a# G"d J%d<e0 a0 w"(#&+ w'22 RECEIVE REWARDS 4"( #&e <""d w"(/0 #&e+ &a8e d"ne3 3o, 8od is 3=% going to tort!re so!ls "or eternity s so#e wo!ld h ve yo! believe. %his is /!st #ore -$orr!pted Christi n te $hing-( More ;o$trines o" M n. 1h t kind o" loving 8od wo!ld 9e be i" 9e tort!red 9is $hildren "oreverD %h t+s /!st #ore in$orre$t interpret tion, in$orre$t tr nsl tion, nd #ore " lse do$trine o" # n, spre d by # n nd v rio!s religio!s org ni< tions. %he tr!th is th t 8od loves !s nd h s given !s $h n$e to ret!rn to 9i# in love. 9e h s t ken the ti#e to write !s letter (%he )ible) to "oretell !s ll things thro!gh his prophets nd Jes!s Christ 9i#sel". 4e#e#ber, -a(/ C)2C s ys, 1C. )ehold, & h ve "oretold yo! ll things. Also, re#e#ber 2 T'7"#&+ 2) @. 1H. .t!dy to shew thysel" pproved !nto 8od, work# n th t needeth not to be sh #ed, rightly dividing the word o" tr!th. .o don+t be "ooled. &" yo! h ven+t lre dy sked Christ to "orgive yo!r sins, do so now. J!st sk 8od in si#ple pr yer to "orgive yo! o" ll yo!r sins. And end the pr yer by pr ying 'n ,e0%0' na7e. 0o! #ight s y so#ething s si#ple s, -? ther, ple se "orgive #e "or ll #y sins. & sk this in Jes!s+ n #e.-

&" yo! 0'n1e(e2+ sk it, I# w'22 $e d"ne3 0o! re "orgiven nd h ve g in be$o#e $hild o" 8od. 0o! re in 9is good gr $es. J!st live yo!r li"e "ollowing Christ+s e' #ple nd st!dy 9is word. &" yo! sho!ld st!#ble nd sin g in, /!st sk 8od to "orgive yo! g in nd go on with yo!r li"e. 9e knows yo!+re not per"e$t. 9e /!st w nts yo! to try yo!r best to live "or 9i# in 9is love. 4e#e#ber, 9e loves yo!: 1hen yo! $o#e to 9i# nd sk "or "orgiveness with -tr!ly repent nt he rt-, 9e 1&AA "orgive yo!. 8od !nderst nds nd knows yo! re not h bit! l sinner, b!t /!st o$$ sion lly slip !p. 1e ll do. 0o! don+t need to -get s ved- g in s so#e wo!ld te $h. ;on+t re7$r!$i"y Christ. J!st tr!ly repent (sin$erely sk "or "orgiveness) nd go on with yo!r li"e. 0o! $ n+t -Con- 8od. 9e tr!ly !nderst nds. Also re#e#ber 3=% to be "ooled when %he ? lse Messi h $o#es. . t n will do his best to trip yo! !p. Sa#an wan#0 +"% #" W"(0&'p &'7. D"n'# d" '#. (J!st re#e#ber Anti7Christ #e ns &3.%@A; o" Christ.) 8od h s pro#ised to give !s the strength nd knowledge to de"e t . t n thro!gh Christ. Christ will prote$t yo! i" yo! sk 9i#. J!st sk 9i#: &t+s th t si#ple: .o now, hope"!lly, yo!r eyes h ve been opened nd yo! !nderst nd %he 2ey o" ; vid. 0o! know who the 2enites re( %he des$end nts o" . t n hi#sel". 3ow when yo! $o#e to p ss ges th t yo! h ve re d # ny ti#es be"ore they will t ke on new #e ning nd e'p nded tr!th "or yo!. =" $o!rse, yo! lso now know the " lse Christ $o#es be"ore the re l Christ. & en$o!r ge yo! to st!dy 8ods word on d ily b sis. .et side so#e ti#e @B@40 d y to pr y nd re d "ro# the s$ript!res. &" yo! h ve !nderstood this book yo! will now see things in the s$ript!res yo! never s w be"ore. >le se !nderst nd this is not #y doing. &t is 8od+s doing. 9e h s lw ys h d -re#n nt o" people- to p ss this in"or# tion "ro# one gener tion to the ne't. %his doesn+t # ke yo! better th n nyone

else. &t doesn+t # ke yo! #ore spirit! l or s!perior or spe$i l. &t ;=@. #e n yo! h ve #ore responsibility( 4esponsibility to p ss this in"or# tion on in this gener tion to those th t will listen.

%here re three e rth ges. %here w s n ge, or er , be"ore this one $ lled the "irst e rth ge. &n the "irst e rth ge we ll lived in spirit! l bodies. 1e re now living in the se$ond @r or the .e$ond @ rth Age. &n the se$ond e rth ge we re born into "lesh body. %here will $o#e nother ge $ lled the %hird @ rth Age. 1e will g in be in spirit! l bodies. 8od w nts o!r love. %here"ore, he g ve !s "ree will. 9e didn+t w nt b!n$h o" robots s ying they loved 9i#. 9e g ve !s "ree will so we $o!ld love 9i#. . t n w s one o" 8od+s ngels. 9e served 8od nd event! lly w s ssigned the d!ty o" w t$hing over nd prote$ting the Mer$y .e t where Christ w s to sit. 9owever, he be$ #e pro!d o" hi#sel" nd w nted to sit on the #er$y se t inste d o" Christ. Sa#an wan#ed #" #a/e C&('0#'0 p2a1e. %his is the the#e th t r!ns thro!gh the s$ript!res. %r nsl ted into @nglish . t n is the Anti7Christ. )!t, the tr nsl tion is poor one. &t wo!ld $orre$tly be tr nsl ted . t n is the In0#ead5O45C&('0#. .o when yo! re d nti7Christ /!st pl!g in -&nste d o" Christ-. . t n rebelled in the "irst e rth ge nd p!lled w y one7third o" 8od+s $hildren to "ollow hi#. 8od loves 9is $hildren de rly. )!t 8od $o!ld not llow this $orr!pt st te to $ontin!e. 9e $o!ld h ve /!st destroyed those th t h d be$o#e $orr!pt, pride"!l, sin"!l, nd h d rebelled g inst 9i#. 8od de$ided not to destroy 9is $hildren, b!t to give the# $h n$e to $o#e b $k to 9i# by being born thro!gh wo# n into 42e0& $"d'e0 where they wo!ld not re#e#ber the "irst e rth ge. &n this st te they $o!ld de$ide i" they will serve 8od o" . t n. %h!s, they $o!ld $$ept or re/e$t Jes!s Christ.

.o 8od sh kes the world nd destroys every living thing. %his ends the "irst e rth ge nd begins the se$ond e rth ge. 8od then g in $re tes pl nts, ni# ls, nd in this ge 42e0& pe"p2e. 9e $re tes ll the r $es on the Ith d y. 9e rests on the seventh d y. %hen on the eights d y 9e $re tes -%he ? #ily- thro!gh whi$h Christ the . vior will be born. Ada7 and E8e we(e #&e $e<'nn'n< "4 #&e 4a7'2+ =2'ne, <enea2"<+, "( w&a# e8e( +"% 1a(e #" 1a22 '#> #&("%<& w&'1& C&('0# w"%2d $e $"(n. . t n re"!ses to be born o" wo# n. 9e sed!$es @ve to poll!te Christ+s " #ily line nd thw rt 8od+s pl n to help 9is $hildren. @ve h s se' with . t n. %hen Ad # h s se' with . t n. Able is the son o" Ad # nd @ve. C in is the son o" . t n nd @ve ("r tern l twins).

T&'0 '0 #&e -+0#e(+ O4 T&e A<e0 the )ible spe

ks bo!t, th t #ost people never dis$over* T&a# #&e ;en'#e0 a(e #&e 1&'2d(en "4 Ca'n, and #&e(e4"(e #&e 1&'2d(en "4 Sa#an. (4e7re d M tthew 1C*2474F* %he p r ble o" the whe t nd t res. %he % res re the o""spring o" . t n, nd the whe t the $hildren o" 8od.) &" yo! didn+t know this be"ore, M tthew 1C*2472F will now t ke on new #e ning "or yo!. ;!ring the se$ond e rth ge the " llen ngels (.o#e o" the "ollowers o" . t n "ro# the "irst e rth ge) re"!se to $o#e thro!gh wo# n nd be born into "lesh. &nste d they $o#e to e rth in their he venly bodies nd #i'ed with the "lesh wo#en o" e rth. %hey did this to tte#pt to poll!te the seed line o" the " #ily thro!gh whi$h Christ wo!ld $o#e. %hey prod!$ed hybrids $ lled 8eber. %hey w nted to destroy the line th t Christ wo!ld $o#e "ro#, so . t n $o!ld t ke 8od+s pl $e. 8od is opposed to this, so 9e $re tes 3o h+s "lood to destroy ll 8eber. %h!s the seed line o" Christ $ontin!es nd event! lly Christ is born, h s bo!t C ye r #inistry in the "lesh s the 8od M n, is $r!$i"ied, res!rre$ted to tri!#ph over de th (. t n), s$ends to be with the ? ther nd sits t the right h nd o" 8od.

As & told yo! in the # in te't, &sr el w s broken p rt s n tion. &sr el $e sed to e'ist s n tion !ntil 1F45. &n 1F45 &sr el be$ #e re$ogni<ed n tion o" the world g in. %his brings to "!l"ill#ent the > r ble o" the ?ig %ree whi$h Christ told !s to le rn. %his now p!ts !s tow rds the end o" the se$ond e rth ge. C!rrently . t n nd his " llen ngels re held in he ven by the r$h ngel Mi$h el. %hey will be rele sed t the ppropri te ti#e nd be thrown to e rth. . t n will set hi#sel" !p s Jes!s Christ in Jer!s le#. 9e will "ool #ost o" the world into believing he h s $o#e to redee# the#. 9e"p2e w'22 0#a(# w"(0&'p'n< Sa#an. 9e"p2e w'22 0#a(# #a/'n< C"77%n'"n #" &'7 $e1a%0e #&e+ w'22 $e2'e8e &e '0 #&e T(%e C&('0# Re#%(ned. >eople will report those who do not believe he is the Christ to . t n+s "ollowers. %his is wh t it #e ns when it s ys people will t!rn their rel tives over to ;e th. ;e th is one o" . t n+s # ny bibli$ l n #es. . t n is NOT going to be killing or tort!ring people. 9e is $o#ing to pretend to be Christ nd love everyone. 9e will "ool #ost people, "or #ost people h ve not he rd nd st!died the tr!e word o" 8od, b!t r ther le rned poll!ted do$trines o" #en, " lse religions, et$. )!t 8od+s @le$t will not be "ooled into believing . t n is Christ. 8od+s @le$t will let the 9oly .pirit spe k thro!gh the# when they re delivered !p in the $o!n$ils nd syn gog!es o" . t n. %h t is the responsibility o" those @le$t whi$h re delivered !p. %h t is their p!rpose here on @ rth in this .e$ond e rth ge. &n this w y the people o" @ rth will he r the tr!e word o" 8od. At the end o" the "ive #onth trib!l tion the %r!e7Christ will ret!rn to e rth nd ll people re then $h nged into their spirit! l bodies. %he "lesh will " ll w y nd o!r spirit! l bodies will e#erge. %his begins the 1000 ye r period $ lled the Aord+s ; y nd the Millenni!#. 1e re ll then in spirit! l bodies nd re not in"ir#ed by the "lesh. %his is when the @le$t will te $h ll so!ls !pon the e rth the tr!e, $orre$t nd $o#plete word o" 8od. At the end o" this 1000 ye r period $ lled %he Aord+s ; y, . t n will be loosed "or short while to test 8od+s $hildren. 8od+s $hildren will

$hoose between . t n nd Christ. %hen 8od will h ve %he 8re t 1hite %hrone J!dg#ent. %hose so!ls th t re /!dged !nworthy will be destroyed( .n!""ed o!t. %hey will $e se to e'ist. 3o, there will not be etern l p!nish#ent s # ny in$orre$tly tr nsl te nd te $h. 1e now !nderst nd th t the world will not be blown !p nd disintegr te, b!t r ther the third e rth ge will be ti#e when we re in o!r spirit! l bodies nd redee#ed. 1e will be with 8od here on e rth. %hose th t re /!dged worthy to be with 8od will live with 8od in the third e rth ge whi$h will go on "orever. =nly 8od+s pe $e nd love will e'ist in this ge. &n other words, we will be in per"e$t h r#ony with 8od.

At the risk o" being repetitio!s & # going to individ! lly list i#port nt points & hope yo! h ve gr sped by now* . 8od w nts o!r love, not o!r b!rnt o""erings. (9ose I*I). (%he word #er$y is properly tr nsl ted love in this verse. Ese yo!r .trong+s Con$ord n$e.) . %here re %hree e rth ges* %he previo!s ge $ lled the ?irst @ rth Age. %he $!rrent @ rth Age $ lled the .e$ond @ rth Age. And, the $o#ing e rth ge $ lled the %hird @ rth Age. . %he 2enites re the o""spring o" . t n b!t pretend to be the $hildren o" 8od. . Ae rn %he > r ble o" the ?ig %ree. (M tt 24*C2 .e son o" the 9 rvest). . %he Anti7Christ (. t n) is $o#ing be"ore the tr!e Christ ret!rns. . %he Anti7Christ is $o#ing to Jer!s le# nd will set hi#sel" !p on

Mt. Zion pretending to be the one tr!e 8od. . %he trib!l tion o" . t n will l st been shortened by 8od. tot l o" H #onths. %his ti#e h s

.%he only !np rdon ble sin is one o" 8od+s @le$t re"!sing to let the 9oly .pirit spe k thro!gh yo! when yo! re $ lled be"ore the ? lse Messi h, . t n. (A!ke 12*10 71C). . 1hen Christ ret!rns we will ll be $h nged into o!r spirit! l bodies in the twinkling o" n eye, (& Corinthi ns 1H*H2, Z $h ri h 14 is very gr phi$). @vil ele#ents will #elt t Christ+s ret!rn, b!t the good will be !nh r#ed. (&& >eter C*10).

%here is gre t "e r nd $on"!sion bo!t the n!#ber III. >eople don+t w nt it on their # il bo' or in their ddress. >eople don+t w nt it in their .o$i l .e$!rity 3!#ber, >eople don+t w nt it period. &s there so#e gre t #ystery sso$i ted with itD 3o: &t+s #ore th t ignor n$e is sso$i ted with it. 1e "e r the things we don+t !nderst nd. .o people "e r the n!#ber III. M ny people know th t III is . t n+s n!#ber or h s so#ething to do with . t n, b!t they don+t !nderst nd why. 4evel tion 1C*15. 9ere is wisdo#. Aet hi# th t h th !nderst nding $o!nt the n!#ber o" the be st* "or it is the n!#ber o" # n( nd his n!#ber is .i' h!ndred threes$ore nd si'. 8od g ve !s 9is 9oly .$ript!res so we wo!ld know nd !nderst nd wh t is $o#ing. 8od $le rly w nts !s to !nderst nd the )ible: M ny people s y the book o" 4evel tion $ n+t be !nderstood. &t is se led. %h t is b!n$h o" b loney: Apo$ lypse is word th t #e ns Rto reve lS. 4evel tion lso $le rly #e ns -to reve l-. 0o!+ve he rd people s y, -&t w s revel tion to #e-. %h t #e ns they now !nderst nd so#ething they didn+t be"ore.

8od $le rly e'pl ins wh t will h ppen in this e rth ge in %he )ook o" 4evel tion. 9e even gives !s the 6 di""erent periods or events we will go thro!gh !ntil %he %r!e Christ+s $o#ing. &" yo! st!dy the book o" 4evel tion yo! will "ind 8od gives !s seven periods o" ti#e we will go thro!gh while living in this .e$ond @ rth Age. 9e tells !s bo!t the .even Bi ls, .e ls, nd %r!#ps whi$h will o$$!r. %hese %r!#ps re /!st w y o" # rking events s they o$$!r. %hese re wh t #odern d y n vig tors $ ll -1 y >oints- long /o!rney. .o#ething $h nges s e $h one o" these w y points o$$!r (i.e. $h nge in dire$tion, speed, ltit!de, et$). .o it is in 8od+s word. .o#e signi"i$ nt event or events o$$!r t these ti#es (%r!#ps). 1e re now living in the period o" the ?i"th %r!#p. As & s id previo!sly, we re living in the 8ener tion o" the ?ig %ree (see e rlier te't). %his period o" the "i"th %r!#p is ti#e o" spre ding ed!$ tion. A ti#e o" se ling # ny o" 8od+s $hildren with the tr!th. A Bi l is $ont iner whi$h holds so#ething th t $ n be po!red o!t. %he word !sed "or vi l is better tr nsl ted in the 8reek very sh llow yet wide $ont iner, #!$h like $ookie sheet. &" it were "illed with liG!id nd yo!r tipped it, the $ontents wo!ld slosh o!t in one big w ve. )!t, it is tr nsl ted into the @nglish s vi l, so th t is wh t & will !se when re"erring to it. A .e l re"ers to so#ething !sed to se l !p letter or si#il r writing. 9ere it #e ns !nderst nding 8od+s word. >eople !sed w ' se ls # ny ye rs go on their letters nd #ess ges to # ke s!re they weren+t t #pered with in tr nsit. .o when yo! broke the w ' se l the in"or# tion be$ #e v il ble to the re$ipient. 0o! $o!ld then know wh t w s bo!t to h ppen. A %r!#p is the so!nd o" tr!#pet or si#il r instr!#ent. &t is !sed to bl re in"or# tion or $o## nd o" so#e type. &n the Ar#y tr!#pet is blown "or reveille, #e l $ ll, sse#bly, $h rge, et$. 8od !ses vi ls, se ls, nd tr!#ps to tell !s wh t ph se we re in o" o!r e'isten$e. ?or e' #ple, we re in the period o" the ?i"th %r!#p.

%his ?i"th %r!#p is ti#e o" le rning nd prep ring in nti$ip tion o" . t n $o#ing s the Anti7Christ. (1e le rn th t the Anti7Christ $o#es be"ore the tr!e Christ t the .i'th %r!#p.) 1e re t !ght th t the Anti7 Christ is $o#ing to Jer!s le# to set !p his kingdo#. 1e re t !ght th t the Anti7Christ $o#es d!ring the ti#e o" the lo$!st whi$h is M y thro!gh .epte#ber, #e ning it is "ive #onth period. 3ot ne$ess rily those spe$i"i$ #onths. At the .i'th %r!#p the "irst trib!l tion will begin. &t will l st tot l o" H #onths. %he one world >oliti$ l syste# will $o#e into e'isten$e nd p rt o" it will re$eive de dly wo!nd. . t n will be $ st o!t o" he ven to e rth by the Ar$h ngel Mi$h el. . t n will he l the de dly wo!nd to the politi$ l be st nd set hi#sel" !p s Christ in Jer!s le# on Mt. Zion. At the .eventh %r!#p Jes!s will ret!rn to e rth. %his is the ti#e when the %r!e Christ ret!rns to e rth. %his will begin the period o" the Millenni!#. 1e will ll be $h nged into o!r spirit! l bodies t this ti#e. =!r "lesh bodies will " ll w y. Christ will reign here on e rth "or 1000 ye rs. All those who h ve not he rd the tr!e word o" 8od nd $$epted it will be t !ght th t tr!th d!ring this 1000 ye r period o" the Millenni!#. At the end o" the Millenni!# (the 1000 ye r te $hing period), 8od the ? ther will hold the 8re t 1hite %hrone J!dg#ent. %hose who re /!dged worthy will live with 8od "orever. %hose th t re /!dged not worthy will be thrown into the A ke o" ?ire. %hey will be destroyed by the 9oly .pirit long with . t n nd the rest o" those who re"!se to "ollow 8od. &n other words these so!ls will $e se to e'ist: %hey will be sn!""ed o!t. S", AAA J%0# 7ean0 #&e A#& 0ea2, #&e A#& 8'a2, and #&e A#& #(%7p. T&'0 0'<na20 #&e #'7e Sa#an w'22 1"7e #" ea(#& and 0e# &'70e24 %0 a0 #&e 4a20e C&('0#. .o & hope & h ve dispelled the -Mystery- o" the n!#ber III. Y"% &a8e n"#&'n< #" 4ea(.

In L%/e 0) ?5 B ,e0%0 C&('0# &'70e24 #e220 %0 we &a8e p"we( "8e( Sa#an and &'0 an<e20, de7"n0, e#1. A!ke 10*16. And the seventy ret!rned g in with /oy, s ying, Aord, even the devils re s!b/e$t !nto !s thro!gh thy n #e. 15. And he s id !nto the#, & beheld . t n s lightning " ll "ro# he ven. 1F. )ehold, & give !nto yo! power to tre d on serpents nd s$orpions, nd over ll the power o" the ene#y* nd nothing sh ll by ny #e ns h!rt yo!. (0es, yo! h ve power over . t n nd his spirit! l $$o#pli$es by $o## nding the# to be gone in %9@ 3AM@ A3; >=1@4 =? J@.E. C94&.%. 4e#e#ber to do it in Jes!s n #e:) 3o 8od is not t lking bo!t pi$king !p sn kes nd s$orpions. 9e is t lking bo!t yo! h ving power over -%9@- .erpent 7. t n nd his " llen ngels. And 9e+s t lking bo!t yo! h ving power over the 2enites who $o#pose the gre t lo$!st r#y nd spre d . t n+s lies "or hi#. %he 2enites sting like s$orpions with their lies. )!t they will not h!rt yo! be$ !se yo! h ve power over the# be$ !se yo! re .e led with 8od+s %r!th.

%his book h s been bo!t theology nd not #entioned #!$h bo!t e#otions. &+d like to s y th t 8od is Aove. %he s$ript!res tell !s so. G"d'0 w&"2e 7"#'8a#'"n 'n #&e0e #&'n<0 '0 H'0 2"8e 4"( H'0 1&'2d(en3 4e#e#ber, 8od loves yo! nd will lw ys be spirit! lly " ir with yo!. G"d 2"8e0 +"% and wan#0 #&e $e0# 4"( +"%3 &+# now going to $over "ew points th t re o"" the be ten tr $k o" this book. &+# doing this to void #is!nderst ndings nd worry. ?or e' #ple, &+ve he rd the G!estion sked, -1h t h ppened to #y d d who p ssed on l st ye rD 9e believed in the r pt!re when he died.&s he going to # ke itD &" yo!r " ther believed in Jes!s Christ s his person l s vior nd h d

tr!ly sked 8od+s "orgiveness be"ore he p ssed on, he is /!st "ine. 4e#e#ber, yo! h ve to -worship- the " lse #essi h "or 8od to hold it g inst yo!. %hose th t believe in Jes!s Christ nd the r pt!re nd die be"ore . t n $o#es s Anti7Christ will be "ine. %hose th t re here when . t n $o#es s the Anti7Christ nd worship hi# will be in the Millenni!# nd h ve $h n$e to $$ept the tr!e Christ. &t+s not se$ond $h n$e. &t+s $h n$e &? they didn+t he r the %4E%9 bo!t the Anti7Christ be"ore or while he w s here on e rth. 1ith so#e o" the in"or# tion people re t !ght in # ny Christi n $h!r$hes tod y, they re not he ring the tr!th bo!t the Anti7Christ: Also, the people who did not he r bo!t . lv tion thro!gh Jes!s Christ be"ore they p ssed on will be in the Millenni!#. %hey will be t !ght, nd will $hose between . t n nd Christ. 4e#e#ber, this is not /!st "or Christi ns nd Jews, b!t "or AAA the people o" the world. Also, ple se don+t get the i#pression th t ll Christi n $h!r$hes not te $hing bo!t the Anti7Christ re !seless. %here re # ny Christi n $h!r$hes te $hing s lv tion thro!gh Jes!s Christ. %his is good thing. &t wo!ld be gre t i" every Christi n $h!r$h t !ght "ro# the s$ript!res $h pter by $h pter, verse by verse, nd line by line (&s i h 25*1071C M Aook it !p:). )!t it+s /!st not th t w y. &t wo!ld be gre t i" they g ve people spirit! l #e t to e t inste d o" /!st spirit! l #ilk to drink. 0et, t le st they re te $hing very i#port nt p rt o" the tr!th. Another s!b/e$t th t people so#eti#es get $on"!sed bo!t, nd worry bo!t, is the ) ttle o" Ar# geddon. &" yo! re Christi n, love Christ nd not "ollowing . t n when Christ ret!rns, yo! h ve nothing to "e r. CHRIST IS NOT -AD AT YOU3 9e will then do b ttle with those who re g inst 9i#. 0o! $ n be right in the $enter o" the $tion nd 8od will not h!rt yo!. Also, re#e#ber, C94&.% ?&89%. %9@ )A%%A@ =? A4MA8@;;=3. 9is $hildren don+t "ight it. =h, there is lso nother b ttle $ lled 9 #engog whi$h Christ "ights t the s #e ti#e s Ar# geddon. ;on+t worry, s #e thing pplies to yo!. 4e#e#ber, 8od is not # d t yo!:

=k y, th t+s eno!gh on these other points. & /!st p!t the# in here be$ !se so#e people sk bo!t the#. &" yo! de$ide to st!dy #ore bo!t Christ+s .e$ond Co#ing, these things will be # de $le r to yo! i" yo! sk 8od to e'pl in.

Aet+s get b $k to the # in s!b/e$ts g in. (1). & told yo! wh t & w s going to tell yo! in the "irst p rt o" this p per. (2). & then told yo!. (C). 3ow, &+# going to tell yo! wh t & told yo! 7 g in: &" yo! don+t get it "ter the third ti#e yo! need to re d this p per over g in nd go to e $h o" the s$ript!res #entioned. Ask "or 8od+s !nderst nding nd then 4@A; %9=.@ .C4&>%E4@.. Ese the .trong+s Con$ord n$e. &" yo! $ n+t ""ord one, go to the lo$ l p!bli$ libr ry nd sk "or n inter libr ry lo n. M ybe yo! $ n get one to !se "or week or so th t w y. &" yo! h ve the #oney b!y .trong+s Con$ord n$e nd Co#p nion )ible "or yo!rsel". 9ey, they re the tools to, nd keys to, yo!r etern l li"e thro!gh the )ible. %hey re the #ost e""i$ient w y n @nglish spe king person $ n go b $k nd "ind the tr!e #e ning o" the words !sed in the s$ript!res in their origin l 9ebrew, Ar # i$, nd 8reek # n!s$ripts: .o here+s n overview one #ore ti#e. ) si$ lly Christ tells !s o" the two $h!r$hes 9e w s ple sed with in the book o" 4evel tion. %hey were .#yrn nd >hil delphi . Christ w s ple sed with these two $h!r$hes be$ !se they t !ght who the 2enites re: (3o, 3=% C n nites. %hey re so#ebody else). &" yo! re d 4evel tion 2*F nd 4evel tion C*F (Also, st rt t bo!t 4evel tion C*I nd re d thro!gh C*10) 0o! will begin to !nderst nd th t there re # ny people th t s y they re $hildren o" 8od, b!t re not. %hey re $hildren o" . t n. &" yo! go b $k to the 9ebrew in 8enesis yo! will "ind th t Ad # w s the " ther o" Able, nd . t n w s the " ther o" C in. &n 8enesis Christ is the %4@@ =? A&?@, nd . t n is the %4@@ =? %9@ 23=1A@;8@ =? 8==; A3; @B&A. @ve w s wholly sed!$ed by

. t n nd h d ?4A%@43AA twins( %wo $hildren "ro# one #other 7)E% %1= ;&??@4@3% ?A%9@4.. &" yo! don+t !nderst nd this sk yo!r #edi$ l ;o$tor. 0o!r ;o$tor will e'pl in there re si#ply two sep r te eggs "ertili<ed by two di""erent # le seeds. ) si$ lly wh t Christ is s ying is th t there re people who re o""spring o" . t n nd re bent tow rds evil, s well s $hildren o" 8od bent tow rd good. .o we h ve two di""erent lines o" people. Ad # nd then .eth were the line th t Christ wo!ld $o#e thro!gh. Christ wo!ld $ontin!e on nd event! lly $o#e thro!gh 2ing ; vid+s line. 2ing ; vid w s /!st "!rther down the $h in o" rel tives. 3ow, #ost people don+t know who the 2enites re( %he =""spring o" . t n: .o#e people re blind to the " $t. )!t the 2ey o" ; vid is the knowledge o" who the 2enites re, nd lso !nderst nding the " $t th t . t n will ret!rn to the e rth "ter the Ith tr!#p nd be the Anti7 Christ. 3ow, Anti7Christ doesn+t #e n g inst Christ. &n the 8reek it #e ns -&3.%@A;- =? C94&.%. As yo! will "ind in 4evel tion the Ar$h ngel Mi$h el will boot . t n nd his " llen ngels o!t o" he ven nd they will $o#e to e rth to "ool people into believing nd worshiping . t n, be$ !se people think he is Christ ret!rned. 9e+s not: %hen, "ter the trib!l tion here on e rth with . t n, the %4E@ C94&.% will ret!rn t the seventh tr!#p. ) si$ lly Christ w nts yo! to know (1) 1ho the 2enites re (2) %h t . t n will ret!rn to e rth s the phony Christ "ter the Ith tr!#p (C) be"ore the tr!e Christ ret!rns t the 6th tr!#p. 1hen the %r!e Christs ret!rns, #ost o" the world will h ve lre dy been tri$ked into "ollowing . t n: 3=, the # rk o" the be st is not t ttoo or $o#p!ter $hip. &t is being tri$ked by . t n into believing he is Christ ret!rned. %he .@AA =? 8=; is si#ply the knowledge &3 yo!r "orehe d (3=% on yo!r "orehe d) o" who the 2enites re (the $hildren o" . t n)( And th t the ?AA.@ C94&.% 4@%E43. ?&4.% so yo! won+t be "ooled when it h ppens.

&n other words, wh t does 8od w nt !s to spirit! lly know nd re#e#berD T&e *'4#& Sea2) 2now th t 7 1. %he Anti7Christ is $o#ing be"ore the tr!e Christ: 2. %he Anti7Christ is $o#ing to Jer!s le#. C. %he Anti7Christ $o#es d!ring the ti#e o" the lo$!st( M y thro!gh .epte#ber. (Me ning "ive #onth period.) 4. %he Anti7Christ h s ?ive #onths on e rth be"ore the %r!e Christ $o#es. &t h s been shortened to th t length o" ti#e by 8od. T&e S'x#& Sea2) 1. . t n $o#es s the Anti7Christ t the .i'th %r!#p. T&e Se8en#& Sea2) 1. %he TRUE Christ $o#es on the Se8en#& %r!#p. 1hen 9e $o#es we re ll inst ntly $h nged into o!r -.pirit! l )odies- nd o!r "lesh bodies " ll w y "ro# !s.

We a(e a22 'n #&'0 Se1"nd Ea(#& A<e #" p("8e #" G"d w&e#&e( we 2"8e Sa#an "( C&('0#. 4e#e#ber, bo!t third o" 8ods $hildren "ollowed . t n in the "irst

e rth ge. (4ev 12*174 do$!#ents th t.) 4 ther th n destroy third o" his $hildren, 8od destroyed th t e rth ge nd $ !sed his $hildren to be born inno$ent in the "or# o" "lesh b by in this se$ond e rth ge, so we $o!ld # ke o!r own #ind !p whether we wo!ld love 8od or . t n. %here"ore, . t n is o!r tester. .o $hoose the %r!e Christ, not the ? lse Christ. &" yo! h ve re d the pre$eding words nd -!nderst nd- the#, yo! now h ve the nswer to the G!estion o" T&e -ean'n< O4 L'4e. >eople h ve sked, -1hy re we hereD- 0o! now h ve the nswer: 1e re here be$ !se this is testing gro!nd to show 8od whether we will love nd $hoose 9i#, or . t n: %h t+s the #e ning o" li"e in these "lesh bodies. .o in st!dying this in"or# tion yo! h ve nswered one o" the #ost sked G!estions on the pl net. Y"% a(e &e(e #" p("8e +"%(0e24 #" G"dI W&e#&e( +"% 1&""0e G"d "( Sa#an 'n #&'0 2'4e. =ne #ore thing. A"ter yo! st!dy this work nd !nderst nd wh t+s going on in the s$ript!res, yo! will h ve #ore G!estions. 0o! h ve /!st gotten look t the tip o" -%he &$eberg o" Christ+s ;o$trines-. &" yo! re interested in g ining #ore knowledge, nd the det ils o" the ;o$trines presented here, & s!ggest yo! serio!sly $onsider so#e o" the in"or# tion t lked bo!t in the ne't se$tion o" this book:

?or those o" yo! who w nt to # ke "!rther st!dy o" the tr!ths in this book, & s!ggest yo! $ ll or write $h!r$h $ lled .hepherd+s Ch pel. 0o! $ n phone the# weekd ys "ree o" $h rge t 175007I4C74I4H nd reG!est yo!r "ree C; $ lled -%he M rk o" the )e st- nd their 3ews Aetter. =r yo! $ n write the# t .hepherd+s Ch pel, >= )o' 41I, 8r vette, A4. 626CI. %here is 3= $h rge "or the C; or the "ree news letter. %hey will even p y the post ge to yo!. S" #&e CD and New0 Le##e( a(e 1"7p2e#e2+ 4(ee. 0o! will re$eive news letter whi$h will $ont in in"or# tion on ordering so#e .E88@.%@; C;+. ?=4 3@1 .%E;@3%.. 0o! $ n

$G!ire these C;+s one or two t ti#e. & !sed these C;+s to le rn #!$h o" the in"o in this writing. %here is s# ll $h rge o" bo!t TH or so per C;. 0o! will "ind this very re son ble "ter yo! dis$over the we lth o" in"or# tion on e $h Co#p $t ;is$. He(e '0 #&e 2'0# "4 #&e S%<<e0#ed CD'0 *"( New S#%den#0 UC0461 @le$t UC0425 8od, the Cons!#ing ?ireM9ell "ire UC0H1F 8od+s >l n UC044H > r ble o" the ?ig %ree UC04HI 4 pt!re %heory 7 (C C;+s) UC0H52 .on o" >erdition UC0H0I %hree 1orld Ages UC0462 %ong!es UC046H 1here re the ;e dD UC041I 8enesis 7 (Ch pters 1 thro!gh I.) 7 (C C;+s) UC011I ; niel 7 (I C;+s) UC0254 4evel tion 7 (11 C;+s) 0o! $ n $ ll .hepherd+s Ch pel t 175007I4C74I4H nd order one or #ore C;+s t ti#e. & wo!ld s!ggest getting 2 or C t ti#e. .t!dy the# nd then order 2 or C #ore. %h t w y it won+t str in yo!r b!dget nd yo! $ n st!dy the# $o#pletely be"ore #oving on to the ne't $o!ple o" C;+s.

Le# 7e S#a#e #&a# I a7 NOT a44'2'a#ed w'#& S&ep&e(d'0 C&ape2 'n an+ wa+, d" n"# (e1e'8e an+ 7"ne+ "( 1"n0'de(a#'"n 4("7 #&e7, and &a8e w('##en #&'0 pape( w'#&"%# #&e'( pe(7'00'"n "( 1"(("$"(a#'"n.
I a7 pa00'n< #&'0 /n"w2ed<e "n #" +"% $e1a%0e #&'0 '0 #&e *'4#& T(%7p 5 A #'7e "4 #ea1&'n<. I4 I 1an &e2p +"% 2ea(n #&e0e #(%#&0 and &e2p +"% 0p(ead #&e w"(d, I a7 a1&'e8'n< w&a# I 0e# "%# #" d". & h ve never physi$ lly been to 8r vette, Ark ns s or ttended

.hepherd+s Ch pel servi$e in person. I DO wa#1& '# "n 7+ 2"1a2 #e2e8'0'"n 0#a#'"n. At the ti#e o" this writing .hepherd+s Ch pel is on over C20 %elevision .t tions here in the Enited .t tes o" A#eri$ . &t is lso v il ble world wide on the internet t www.shepherds$h pel.$o# . 0o! $ n lso view it on ;ish %B nd ;ire$t %B. 0o! $ n listen to the# worldwide on short w ve r dio. 0o! will need to write or $ ll .hepherds Ch pel "or the l test short w ve "reG!en$ies, bro d$ st ti#es, st tions in yo!r re , et$. %heir n!#ber is 175007I4C74I4H. &" yo! $ ll "or the "ree C; (or $ ssette t pe) yo! $ n lso sk how yo! # y see .hepherd+s Ch pel in yo!r re . >le se note* S&ep&e(d'0 C&ape2 w'22 NOT a0/ +"% 4"( 7"ne+3 > stor Arnold M!rr y nd > stor ;ennis M!rr y re 3=% ev ngelists. T&e+ a(e #ea1&e(0 "4 G"d'0 H"2+ W"(d 5 1&ap#e( $+ 1&ap#e(, and 2'ne $+ 2'ne. %he progr #s yo! see on line, nd on television, re - $t! l $h!r$h servi$es o" .hepherd+s Ch pel-. %heir #inistry is te $hing 8od+s word. 0o! will not "ind "ire nd bri#stone pre $hing here. 0o! will be introd!$ed to the tr!th o" 8od+s 9oly 1ord 7 %he )ible. 1 t$h the# i" yo! $ n. .hepherd+s Ch pel p!ts the s$ript!res !p on the %B s$reen, so yo! $ n "ollow long nd re d the# s they te $h nd e'pl in it. %hey do ll they $ n to get yo! to !nderst nd the #e ning o" the words in the =rigin l M n!s$ripts. %h!s, they get to the #e t o" the 9oly .$ript!res. &t is wonder"!l te $hing #inistry: @no!gh s id. 1ell, hope"!lly 8od h s opened yo!r eyes to so#e ddition l tr!ths th t # ny h ve not yet dis$overed. 4e#e#ber, this new insight doesn+t # ke yo! ny better th n nyone else, or s# rter, et$. 1h t is does do is give yo! 84@A%@4 4@.>=3.&)&A&%0 %9A3 M=.% =%9@4 C94&.%&A3. %= C=44@C%A0 >A.. %9&. &3?=4MA%&=3 =3 %= %9=.@ %9A% 9AB@ @0@. %= .@@ A3; @A4. %= 9@A4. &t+s i#port nt yo! re li<e this in"or# tion isn+t so#e new dis$overy or revel tion to # n "ro# 8od. 8od p!t this in"or# tion in the s$ript!res "ro# the very beginning o" 9is inspired writings. %he " $t th t this is the "irst ti#e -yo!- # y be $o#prehending it doesn+t # ke it re$ent dis$overy. 4e#e#ber this in"or# tion h s been t !ght nd e'pl ined "ro# gener tion to gener tion by those $ lled 8od+s 4e#n nt.

)!t re#e#ber, not ll re #e nt by 8od to !nderst nd nd gr sp this in"or# tion "or their own spirit! l prote$tion. .o don+t repe tedly be t people over the he d with this in"o i" they re not interested, or do not h ve e rs to he r. 4e#e#ber, 8od keeps so#e h!# ns in st te o" spirit! l sl!#berMst!por be$ !se they #ight not be ble to st nd g inst the Anti7Christ when he $o#es. .o let Christ le d yo! in p ssing this in"o on to others. All who re d this # y not h ve e rs to he r or eyes to see. %his # y t ke the "or# o" not believing the in"or# tion, or not !nderst nding the in"or# tion, or so#e other "or# o" not $$epting this ddition l tr!th. .o#e # y /!st never bother to re d it, even tho!gh they h ve it in their h nds. ;on+t p!sh people to !nderst nd this in"o. J!st pl nt the seed nd let Christ # ke it grow i" 9e w nts it to do so. 1ell, &+ve done #y best to give yo! 8od+s tr!th. Any #ist kes yo! #ight "ind re #ine. 4e#e#ber to $he$k this o!t "or yo!rsel" in %he )ible. ;on+t t ke #y word "or it, or nyone else+s word "or it. See w&a# G"d &a0 #" 0a+ a$"%# '# 4"( +"%(0e243

%his IS

$opyrighted work*

&" yo! wish to d!pli$ te this book yo! # y do so, BUT ONLY I* YOU DU9LICATE IT 6 IN IT'S ENTIRETY 6 WITHOUT ANY CHANGES O* ANY ;IND 3 %hen, >le se "eel "ree to p ss it on to others in it+s entirety: