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By Bill Bridges, Brian Campbell, Lee Hammock, and James Maliszewski =i Writing: Bill Bridges, Brian Campbell, Lee Hammock, James Maliszewski \ Development and typesetting: Bill Bridges Editing and proofreading: Jennifer Hartshorn Art direction: john Bridges f Cover art: Brian LeBlanc Interior art: John Bridges, Mitch Byrd, Brian LeBlanc, Alex Sheikman, Jason Waltrip, John Waltrip Pilgrims: Woe to you who travel the Dark without a spark of Light in thy breast. The Absence of Stars shall devour you anda chil unending hell shall be thy fate far from warmth and joy. Unt the Holy Flame once more cnflagrtes through the universe Scanned by Ssan Hrenyenko. | Srclusive rebeare for the one and only Rpg place in the woe aka RIS Books n'Seans \ only available through det+ Snjoy and share this |!! GED Holistic Design Ine ° 5295 Hwy 78, D-33 Stone Mountain, GA 3008; ©2001 by Holistic Design Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction without written permission of the publisher is expressly denied, except for the purpose of reviews. Fading Suns and Into the Dark are trademarks and copyrights of Holistic Design Inc The mention of or reference to any companies or products in these pages is nota challenge to the trademarks or copyrights concerned.