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, of legal age, Filipino, married and with residence and postal address at Brg ! "agsa sa , Nag#ilian, Isa$ela, herein referred to as the LESSOR, here$ leases #nto% JUANCHO VERONA, of legal age, Filipino, married and a resident of Brg ! "agsa sa , Nag#ilian, Isa$ela, herein referred to as the LESSEE& A parcel of land, Lot No! '()*, with an area of more or less one hectare +)!,-,, has!. located at Len/on, Nag#ilian, Isa$ela of which lot I am the registered owner, #nder the following terms and conditions% )! That the term of this lease shall $e for a period of Three +(. ears commencing from the e0ec#tion of this contract& '! That the ann#al rental of the leased premises which shall $e pa a$le e1er - th da of the month of 2an#ar shall $e Eight Tho#sand 3esos +3hp 4,,,,!,,.& (! That the ann#al rentals shall $e paid $ the Lessee at the residence of the Lessor! The pa ment of rent shall $e made witho#t the necessit of e0press demand& 5! That the Lessee shall #se the leased premises e0cl#si1el for agric#lt#ral p#rposes& -! The Lessee shall not directl or indirectl s#$lease, assign, transfer, con1e , mortgage or in an wa enc#m$er their right of lease o1er the leased premises or an portion thereof #nder an circ#mstances whatsoe1er witho#t the written consent of the Lessor& *! The Lessees here$ e0pressl ac6nowledge that the leased premises are in good and tenanta$le condition and agrees to 6eep the same in s#ch good and tenanta$le condition! All the ordinar repairs within the premises that arise in the dail #se of the facilities therein shall $e for the sole acco#nt and e0pense of the Lessee, witho#t right of reim$#rsement! It is e0pressl agreed and #nderstood, howe1er, that the Lessee can start or proceed with an repair wor6 or introd#ce impro1ements or ma6e an alterations in the leased premises with the prior written consent and appro1al of the Lessor& 7! That an 1iolation, direct or indirect, of this stip#lation shall a#tomaticall and #ne8#i1ocall terminate this contract of lease from the time s#ch 1iolation occ#rs and the Lessor shall $e entitled for damages& 4! The Lessee shall compl with all the sanitar r#les and safet reg#lations which ma $e prom#lgated from time to time $ the Lessor and shall 6eep and maintain the leased premises in clean and sanitar condition& 9! The Lessor or its d#l a#thori/ed agent shall ha1e the right to inspect the leased premises at an reasona$le ho#r of the da & ),! The Lessee shall $e responsi$le at all times for all acts done $ his heirs or assigns and other persons entering the leased premises insofar as the enforcement of the pro1isions of this contract is concerned! An damage or in:#r to the leased premises d#e to the fa#lt of the lessee, his agents or assigns or other persons who ma ha1e gained access to the leased premises with the Lessees; consent shall $e repaired promptl $ the lessee at its e0cl#si1e e0pense&

))! The Lessee, at the e0piration of the term of the lease or cancellation of this contract as herein pro1ided, will promptl deli1er the said premises to the Lessor in good and tenanta$le condition, in all respects, as the same now are, reasona$le wear and tear e0cepted, de1oid of all occ#pants, personal properties, articles and effects of an 6ind& )'! <eposit in the leased premises of a note to 1acate the premises shall constit#te d#e and s#fficient notice to the Lessee as pro1ided $ law! =pon the e0piration of the term of lease or earlier termination thereof as a$o1e pro1ided, the Lessee here$ e0pressl a#thori/es in ad1ance the Lessor to enter the leased premises, remo1e all personal propert that ma $e fo#nd in the leased premises and deposit and store the same in a $odega at the e0pense of the Lessee& )(! After this contract of lease has $een terminated at the e0piration of the period of lease or $ reason of 1iolation of the a$o1e terms and conditions, if the Lessee contin#o#s the occ#pation of the leased premises with the consent of the Lessor, said e0tension of lease shall $e #nderstood as r#nning e1er si0 months onl #nder the same terms and conditions herein stip#lated& )5! The Lessee here$ e0pressl recogni/es the a$sol#te right of the Lessor to sell the leased premises, and in the e1ent of the sale, this contract of lease shall $e deemed ipso facto incorporated and respected $ the new owner& )-! That the Lessee shall notif the Lessor at least (, da s in ad1ance sho#ld the lessee decide to a$andon the leased premises& )*! That the Lessee shall ha1e the right to remo1e all impro1ements e0isting at the termination of the Lease Contract $#t permanent impro1ements which can not $e remo1ed witho#t damaging the a$o1e descri$ed propert shall remain the propert of the Lessor witho#t right to reim$#rsement to the Lessee of the cost or 1al#e thereof& )7! That 1iolation of an of the a$o1e terms and conditions will prod#ce ipso facto the rescission of this contract of lease! )4! This lease agreement s#persedes and renders 1oid an and all agreements and #nderta6ings, oral and>or written, pre1io#sl entered $etween the parties co1ering the propert herein leased, and this agreement ma not hereafter $e modified or altered e0cept $ instr#ment in writing d#l signed $ the parties hereto! IN ?ITNESS ?@EREOF, the parties hereto ha1e signed this contract of lease this 9 th da of Octo$er ',)' at Ilagan, Isa$ela! FRANCISCO B. RAMIREZ JR Lessor CTC No! Iss#ed on Iss#ed at JUANCHO VERONA Lessee CTC No! Iss#ed onAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Iss#ed atAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


ACKNOWLEDGEMENT RE3=BLIC OF T@E 3@ILI33INES . 3ROCINCE OF ISABELA .S!S! "=NICI3ALITD OF ILABAN . BEFORE "E, a notar p#$lic for and in the pro1ince of Isa$ela, personall appeared the a$o1eEnamed signatories, 6nown to me to $e the same persons e0ec#ting the foregoing three +(. pages Contract of Lease and ac6nowledged to me that the same is their free will and deed! ?ITNESS "D @AN< AN< SEAL! <oc! No! AAAAAAAAA& 3age No! AAAAAAAA& Boo6 No! AAAAAAAA& Series of ',)'!