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Pioneering Partnerships

Nycomed Australia

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Willem Dekker
Managing Director

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you a trusted position in the minds of patients
to Nycomed Australia through our Pioneering and prescribers. In the self-medication arena,
Partnerships company brochure. Pioneering Nycomed is poised to introduce an innovative
Partnerships has been created to provide you range of premium over-the-counter
with valuable insights into the culture and pharmacy-only brands.
business focus that make Nycomed a preferred To grow our business, we will need to sustain
partner in our fields of endeavour. our current value, expand and diversify.
Australia seems to attract the pioneering spirit; A cornerstone of this success strategy is our
from the arrival of the Aboriginal people around ability to continue to develop and successfully
50,000 years ago to the European settlements market our existing products. The ongoing
of the past 200 years. Nycomed understands marketing momentum of our current product
this strength and has translated it to drive our portfolio will continue through operational
success in the Australian pharmaceutical market. excellence and skillful lifecycle management.
Established in Australia in 2001 as ALTANA To expand and diversify we will leverage our
Pharma and becoming Nycomed in 2007, we proven success as a trusted business partner to
have always recognised that the pioneering spir- form alliances with pharmaceutical companies
it is not a concept limited to the early phases of that create shared value for patients, healthcare
providers and our partners.
“To sustain our an organisation’s life, but a business approach in
itself. It requires a continuous commitment to We believe that everything we do matters to
business, we will maintain a responsive, reliable, flexible, diverse somebody. No matter where we work, each of
need to defend our and results-focused organisation. This approach us contributes to making a better quality of life
has allowed Nycomed Australia to develop for patients.
current value, a profile as a dynamic partnership-focused In this brochure, the Nycomed Leadership
expand & diversify” organisation with the ability to introduce Team introduces you to the many facets of our
products that make a real difference to patients, business. Read on and you will discover more
healthcare providers and our business partners. about how our partnerships positively contribute
As one of Australia’s top 30 pharmaceutical to the life of Australians.
companies, our focus extends to three core
healthcare business pillars. These are: Warm regards,
primary care prescription medication
hospital specialty medication and
self-medication. Willem Dekker
In primary care and hospital settings our Regional Director—Australia and New Zealand
products Somac® (pantoprazole, for the
treatment of acid-related gastrointestinal
Willem Dekker can be contacted at
disease) and Alvesco® (ciclesonide, for the
treatment of chronic asthma) have earned


Nycomed is a privately owned pharmaceutical company that OUR MISSION
provides medicines for hospitals, specialists and general practitioners, Our mission is to bring medicines that matter
as well as over-the-counter medicines in selected markets.
to patients and healthcare providers.
The company is active in a range of therapeutic areas. Its key products are
aimed at gastroenterology, pain management, osteoporosis, respiratory
diseases and tissue management. OUR VISION
New products are sourced both from our own research and from business Our vision is to become the preferred
partners. Partnerships in all parts of the value chain play an essential role in pharmaceutical company by being responsive,
Nycomed’s business strategy. reliable and focusing on results.



($A millions) (€ millions)

130 3,500
(PBS price impact)

90 2,000
50 500

2004 2005 2006 2007 2004* 2005* 2006* 2007*

Includes Partnership Products Altana Pharma Nycomed

Source IMS * combined proforma-non audited


140 12,000
100 9,000
60 6,000
20 3,000

2004 2005 2006 2007 2004* 2005* 2006* 2007

* combined proforma-non audited


($A millions) (€ millions)


SOMAC (Pantoprazole) Gastroenterology 96.3 +12.30% Pantoprazole Gastroenterology 1,685 +6.2%

Alvesco (Cliclesonide) Respiratory diseases 1.7 +49.9% Actovegin Neurology 92 +17.3%
Calcium Osteoporosis 89 -4.7%
Source IMS
TachoSil Tissue Management 64 +5.5%
Alvesco Respiratory diseases 38 +110.1%
Xefo Pain 31 -0.3%
Matrifen Pain 9 +144.3%
Preotact Osteoporosis 18 +2,395.3%

Source IMS

Partners in Practice

Section 1

Gary Bower
Sales & Marketing Director: Pharma

Building valued partnerships with the medical Australia and New Zealand. Nycomed is also
professionals who prescribe and recommend our excited by the prospect of pioneering new
products is both Nycomed’s greatest challenge relationships with peak bodies in our
and our greatest reward. These aspirations as emerging areas of therapeutic interest.
well as our commitment to provide medicines As a member of Medicines Australia,
that offer real promise to patients, drives us to Nycomed is devoted to strengthening the
seek innovative and efficient ways of presenting pharmaceutical industry’s position as a partner
our products to the Australian market. in quality healthcare delivery. This is achieved
For our medicines to be considered as the first through the ethical promotion of our products
option within their therapeutic area, Nycomed and our support of the Medicines Australia
understands that we must first earn this place Code of Conduct. Nycomed and its people
in the minds of those who prescribe and are proud of their contribution to the
recommend our medicines. Australian healthcare environment and seek
Through our commitment to the ethical to ensure
and professional delivery of quality medical that our organisation acts as a trusted phar-
education, Nycomed is continually building maceutical partner.
valued relationships with the medical Our commitment to providing quality medicines
“Building valued community. This is achieved by the creation of also encompasses our focus on delivering treat-
focused disease state education programs, and ments that are considered cost effective
partnerships with the the facilitation of knowledge sharing between by government and private funders. By offering
medical professionals thought leaders and primary care practitioners. value for money we ensure that our products are
While we always strive to keep Somac® widely available to the Australian community.
who prescribe and (pantoprazole) and Alvesco® (ciclesonide) at Every day across Australia, our highly trained
recommend our the “top of the mind” of Australian prescribers, industry-accredited representatives bring life
our activities are often unrelated to our to our products and services. They are the
products is both products and instead focus on topics of clearly face of Nycomed. Our professional team
Nycomed’s greatest identified educational needs within the areas of is committed to our vision to become the
Gastroenterology and Respiratory Medicine. preferred pharmaceutical company by being
challenge and our In addition to building relationships with responsive, reliable and by understanding cus-
greatest reward.” individual healthcare professionals, Nycomed tomer needs. We look forward to building
seeks to develop productive partnerships with a trusted partnership with you and positively
the peak bodies that share our therapeutic contributing to the health of Australians.
focus. For example, The Gastroenterological
Society of Australia guides us in the field of
gastroenterology. In the area of respiratory Gary Bower is your prescription medicines
medicine, our organisation has developed commercial partner at Nycomed.
positive relationships with both the National Gary can be contacted at
Asthma Council and the Thoracic Society of

Section 2: Partners in Practice
Jennifer Connolly
Regulatory Affairs Manager

The Nycomed Scientific Affairs Department is a The expertise of our department is broad and
focal point for the introduction of our extensive encompasses more than prescription
pipeline of innovative new medicines. As an medications. Scientific Affairs plays an important
integral part of Nycomed’s global research role in making Nycomed’s innovative products
and development network, we ensure that more widely available to Australians as they
new discoveries generated from our in-house transition from prescription to over-the-counter
discovery programmes and from our partnerships use. Also, we are actively involved in supporting
with biotechs, academia and pharmaceutical Nycomed’s emerging consumer health business
companies are made available to Australians. through the registration of new pharmacy-only
Our role starts early in the life of our products. non-prescription medicines.
As an active partner in Nycomed’s global Through our valued scientific, medical and
clinical trials program Nycomed Australia has business partnerships the Nycomed Scientific
undertaken clinical trials involving over 50 Affairs Department contributes to all phases the
Australian trial sites and hundreds of patients product lifecycle and we look forward to bringing
across Australia. Our commitment to local you new medicines that offer real promise for
clinical partnerships is strong and we are proud Australian patients.
that Australian researchers have contributed
significantly to the body of scientific evidence
“We look forward to supporting Somac® (pantoprazole), Alvesco® Jennifer Connolly is your scientific affairs partner at Nycomed.
bringing you new (ciclesonide) and Daxas® (roflumilast). Jennifer can be contacted at
medicines that offer Making new medicines available to Australians
extends beyond our quality clinical research.
real promise for The Scientific Affairs Department ensures that
Australian patients.” Nycomed products meet the highest regulatory
standards. Our involvement begins at the initial
regulatory submission and continues throughout
a product’s lifecycle as we support our marketing
teams in attaining the highest standards of ethi-
cal marketing and promotion demanded by our
industry’s Code of Coduct.
The Scientific Affairs Department also provides
a comprehensive range of medical services,
product information and safety monitoring to
ensure that all our products are supported to the
highest standards.

Partners in Pharmacy

Section 2

Peter Dydusiak
Sales and Marketing Director: Consumer Healthcare

Nycomed? Our company is dedicated to sustaining lasting

Although Nycomed is not a name immediately partnerships and we recognise that it is essential
associated with Australian pharmacy, we for Nycomed to partner with pharmacy at all
are the world’s 15th largest provider of levels. Through our active and ongoing con-
over-the-counter products. Therefore, from a sultation with the Pharmacy Guild of Australia
global perspective, Nycomed is well known for and the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia we
bringing quality, clinically focused therapeutic seek to ensure our plans align with the evolving
brands to consumers. needs of Australian pharmacies. As pharmacy
business models evolve, Nycomed’s adaptability
In Australia, Nycomed has ambitious plans to
will ensure its commitment to our pharmacy
replicate our global success in the Australian
partnerships remains strong.
market. This will be achieved through the
launch of an innovative range of premium Nycomed? It’s a partner worth remembering.
pharmacy-only brands. Our partnership with
Australian pharmacies will begin with a
pioneering switch product that will provide Peter Dydusiak is your OTC medicines commercial
significant clinical benefit to patients and partner at Nycomed.
an attractive category growth opportunity Peter can be contacted at

“We look forward for pharmacies. Our focus will be on the

introduction of well-differentiated products
to the ongoing within our areas of global and local expertise.
introduction of Our products will have a strong clinical heritage,
which will reassure patients and inspire
exciting products confidence in those who recommend them.
from our rich product We look forward to the ongoing introduction of
exciting products from our rich product pipeline
pipeline and global and global business alliances.
business alliances.” Nycomed has a strong commitment to our
emerging brands and pharmacy partners who
recommend our products. Our dedicated
consumer health team will provide product
support ranging from national accounts
management to tailored in-store assistance.
Pharmacy customers can look forward to a
fully integrated programme of brand support
incorporating professional staff education,
quality merchandising, high impact consumer
advertising and prescriber recommendation.

Section 2: Partners in Pharmacy
Top 10 Australian OTC Categories
Millions $A (MAT Mar 08)











& gy ics al al
s as n m ls ns
ld y lo s
in er ul tio te ica tio
co lerg to lge e in m sa ys og ra
h l a na nt m or ce
s ls ol pa
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co asa de st s& n in
g le al
ga in in
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e th gp
n m h in
ita sm l o- op m
v cu sli
Nycomed Expertise
Source IMS API - March 2008

Partners in Delivery

Section 3

Rob Hanna
Finance and Human Resources Director

Nycomed’s commitment to providing quality

medicines to Australians extends beyond our
expertise in research, development and product
support. Ensuring the availability of Nycomed
products and services for our customers in the
most efficient manner requires an integrated
approach. Nycomed’s operational activities are
part of the entire company value stream.
Nycomed provides quality medicines and
customer service to:
Major Pharmaceutical Wholesalers
Government bodies
Public Hospital
Private Hospitals
Pharmacy Groups
Individual Pharmacies
To ensure that the needs of our customers are
met, Nycomed has formed alliances with expert
“Our capacity to logistics partners providing state-of-the-art
adapt to evolving infrastructure to deliver the speed and flexibility
expected by our diverse customer groups. Our
pharmaceutical capacity to adapt to evolving pharmaceutical
delivery channels delivery channels means we can efficiently
service the unique needs of wholesalers,
means we can hospitals and varying models of pharmacy.
efficiently service As we enter the consumer health arena
our proven ability to deliver prescription
the unique needs of pharmaceuticals across Australia will ensure
wholesalers, hospitals we meet the needs of Australian community
pharmacy. Nycomed has a strong global
and varying models over-the-counter heritage and we are excited
of pharmacy.” by the prospect of pioneering closer partnerships
with pharmacies across Australia.

Rob Hanna is your logistics partner at Nycomed.

Rob can be contacted at

Section 3: Partners in Delivery

Nycomed Delivery Performance







April 2008 May 2008 June 2008

% Despatched on-time

Partners in
Business Development
Section 4

Cathy Harvey
Business Development Manager

Central to Nycomed’s success is our ability Nycomed aims to partner with companies
to form strong and enduring partnerships. seeking collaborations in the following areas:
Our alliances with some of Australia’s largest Product or portfolio divestment
pharmaceutical companies has proven our Out-licensing
ability to create shared value in primary care Co-promotion and co-marketing
and specialty markets. Joint ventures
We aim to drive our future success through the Outsourced management of non-strategic
development of an impressive and balanced or under-promoted brands
product portfolio. This will be achieved by a In-licensing of selected Nycomed products
series of collaborations and acquisitions that We are also actively seeking growth
leverage our research, development, regulatory, opportunities through the acquisition of
marketing and sales expertise. Our business companies in the prescription and over-the
development team will manage all collaborative counter market segments.
opportunities in a rapid and responsible If proven partnership credentials are essential
manner. The flexible and creative approach to to your future success, make Nycomed your
collaborations allows us to consider a range of preferred partner.
business development models with the aim
of creating a mutually beneficial outcome for
“Our alliances with Nycomed and our potential partners.
Cathy Harvey is your business development partner
some of Australia’s The Nycomed Business Development at Nycomed.
largest pharmaceutical Team would like to hear from organisations Cathy can be contacted at
with products or projects at all stages of
companies has proven development. Our company offers extensive
our ability to create expertise and infrastructure across the
Australian, New Zealand and Asia Pacific
shared value in markets to maximise the potential of our
primary care and business alliances.

specialty markets.”

Section 4: Partners in Business Development
Partnership Credentials
Fully formed pharmaceutical organisation with primary care, specialty and
consumer health expertise

Sales organisation comprising over 70 primary care and specialist areas
Sales professionals who exceed industry benchmarks for sales force efficiency

Proven ability to launch and manage high value primary care prescription
brands in competitive markets
Proven ability to launch complex specialty products in niche markets.

Capacity to generate, submit and maintain regulatory documentation to
Therapeutic Goods Administration standards

Demonstrated reimbursement success in demanding health-outcome
driven environments

Ability to efficiently deliver pharmaceuticals to diverse customers
across Australia.

Partnership Culture
Experience in alliance management
Flexible and creative approach to collaborations
Objective and rapid response to partnering opportunities
Results driven culture

Partnership Focus
Focused existing product portfolio allows for significant attention to
partner products
High level of regard and value for partners

Pioneering a new career
Section 5

If you are seeking to begin a career in the

pharmaceutical industry or aiming to
expand your industry experience then your
contribution will be valued at Nycomed.
At Nycomed, you will join a dynamic, transparent organisation, living its
values and constantly striving to pioneer new ways to excel. We encourage
a spirit of partnership which drives a mutual commitment to our values and
business goals.

Nycomed Australia has created an environment that celebrates success and
recognises the contribution of individuals to our shared goals. As a medium
sized pharmaceutical company Nycomed offers team members the opportunity
to be more readily recognised for their achievements.

Nycomed seeks to be an employer of choice by offering highly competitive
packages and employment conditions. We also recognise not all rewards are
tangible and we believe our values of Courage, Empathy, Trust and Motivation
create a culture in which our employees thrive.

Our people create our success and we are committed to partnering with
our employees to help them achieve their short and long term career goals.
We encourage all employees to reach their full potential through active
participation in our career development processes.
If you would like to apply for a role at Nycomed Pty Ltd, we encourage you to
visit the Careers section of our website ( or contact our
Human Resources Department via email at

> Our Values

Section 5: Pioneering a new career

Acting quickly and results oriented
Fighting for ideas and objectives
Daring to take unpopular decisions
Facing the truth and accepting reality

Showing respect
Showing commitment
Showing intercultural understanding

Being loyal
Keeping agreements
Being honest and sincere
Having continuous communication

Encouraging enthusiasm, creativity and innovation
Optimising energy, for groups and individuals
Giving adequate support and challenge
Empowering your people

Partnering for future success
Section 6

Strong and trustworthy Nycomed will unlock the full potential of our products for the
benefit of patients by actively seeking line extensions and new

partnerships combined formulations that increase convenience and compliance. Australians

will benefit from medicines provided by our rich R&D pipeline and

with impressive organic through our collaborations with trusted business partners in the
fields of gastroenterology, respiratory medicine, pain management

growth will define and over-the-counter care. Our R&D investment and collaborative
partnerships will allow us to develop a risk profile that supports a

Nycomed Australia’s
balanced participation in the reimbursed and non-reimbursed
sectors of the Australian pharmaceutical market.

future success. To deliver on this promise we will continue to focus on operational

excellence delivered by our motivated staff. This will ensure our
ability to provide world-class customer service to all internal and
external stakeholders.
In a rapidly changing industry environment, success is born from new
ideas, the right expertise and strong networks. Reliable partnerships
—both within and outside Nycomed—will enable us to grow by
bringing medicines that matter to patients and healthcare providers.

Nycomed Leadership Team

To help us become your preferred partner we invite you to
contribute to our ‘Quality Partnerships’ survey available at
Pioneering Milestones

Section 6: Partnering for Future Success

2001: The Start
• January: company incorporation as Byk Gulden Pty Ltd
• September: First office opens at 71 Epping Road, North Ryde
• Clinical research activities commence as a bridgehead to
commercial market entry

2002: Year of Pioneering

• Business Development commences and R&D activities intensify 2006: Year of Strength
• Local management and support of Somac license partner • Strengthening of organisational functions through system &
• Name change to ALTANA Pharma Pty Ltd process improvement
• Pioneering business culture introduced • Increased competitiveness through the development of a best
in class sales organisation
2003: Year of Commitment • Preparation for Somac governance
• Commercial activities commence with first Somac co-promotion • Organisational growth to 120 staff
sales team
• Increased Business Development activities 2007: Year of Integration
• Organisational growth to 60 employees • Nycomed acquires ALTANA Pharma shares followed by local
integration process
2004: Year of Breakthrough • Renewed Business Development focus
• First country to achieve Alvesco registration. • Full Somac governance ending successful co-promotion
• Enhanced company profile in the Australian market • Market sales exceed $100 million
• Full potential of Somac co-promotion partnership realised
• Consolidation of Sales and Marketing organisation 2008: Year of Future
• Foundation for future through the introduction of the
2005: Year of Change Nycomed strategic growth program
• Company expansion and relocation to new offices at 2 Lyonpark Road, • Intensive Business Development activities
North Ryde. • Nycomed corporate values introduced
• Alvesco launched • Consumer Healthcare Division launched
• Focus on developing valued customer offerings • Increased external communication with new stakeholder groups
• Organisational growth to 100 employees • Organisational growth to 140 staff

Willem Dekker
Managing Director

Gary Bower
Sales & Marketing Director: Pharma

Jennifer Connolly
Regulatory Affairs Manager

Peter Dydusiak
Sales and Marketing Director: Consumer Healthcare

Rob Hanna
Finance and Human Resources Director

Cathy Harvey
Business Development Manager

Nycomed Pty Ltd

2 Lyonpark Road
Phone: (02) 9859 6900
Fax: (02) 9859 6950
Free Call Number: 1800 675 957

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