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COM 40 FEATURES 34 FNH’S FNAR 7. Number 5.62X51 DAVE DOUGLAS Suppressive Firepower Personified 40 FUTURE TEChnOLOgY JIM DONAHUE The World Made Easier 44 An InCOMpLETE IMpLEMEnTaTiOn JEREMY CLOUGH HR 218 — What You Should Know 46 ThE PSYChOLOgY OF PaTROL MATT BERGER Never Let ‘Em See You Sweat 4 26 WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.2009 Volume 5.COM • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009 . Issue 25 SEPT • OCT WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.

is prohibited. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to AMERICAN COP™. 12345 World Trade Drive.COM 5 . Title to this publication passes to subscriber only on delivery to his address. San Diego. WWW. 12345 World Trade Drive. Reproduction or use of any portion of this magazine in any manner. Contributors submitting manuscripts.95. photographs or drawings do so at their own risk. Material cannot be returned unless accompanied by sufficient postage. without written permission. SUBSCRIPTION PROBLEMS: For immediate action.Ê HORNBARGER CARS AND CRASHES SUZIÊ HUNTINGTONÊ STREET LEVEL JOHNÊ MORRISON REALITY CHECK II CLINTÊ SMITH 46 32 RESOURCES 56 68 SPOTLIGHT AD INDEX 17 DEPARTMENTS 8 15 70 RETURN FIRE GOOD TO GO GEAR INSIDER RUMINATIONS THIS TH T HIS P PRECISION RECISIO RECISI ON RIFLE RIF IFLE LE CO COMBO! COMB MBO O! ON THE COVER OFFICER SURVIVAL: THOROUGH SEARCHES RESERVES: PLAY IT SAFE STREET LEVEL: HIGH-TECH. Opinions expressed are those of the bylined authors and do not necessarily represent those of the magazine or it’s advertisers. CA 92128. The act of mailing a manuscript constitutes the author’s certification of originality of material.95 (in Canada $9. write Subscription Dept. All rights reserved. Periodical postage paid at San Diego CA 92128. Payment is for all world rights for the material. Single copies $5..50). Entire contents Copyright© 2009 Publishers’ Development Corp. Advertising rates furnished on request. San Diego. Send old address as well as new. Change of address: four weeks notice required on all changes. CA 92128. Subscriptions: One year (six issues) $24. CA 92128.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.34 COLUMNS 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 58 HIGH TECH MIKEÊ SCOTT CARRY OPTIONS MARKÊ HANTEN PRIVATE SECURITY EDÊ PALUMBOÊ OFFICER SURVIVAL JOHNÊ RUSSO HARD TOOLS PAULÊ MARKEL RESERVES PERRYÊ W.62X51 FUTURE TECHNOLOGY NATIONAL CCW: WHATS THE DEAL? PATROL PSYCHOLOGY: TIPS & TACTICS REALITY CHECK II: VANG COMP 66 24 28 32Ê 34 40 44 46 58 AMERICAN COPª (ISSN 1557-2609) is published bi-monthly by PublishersÕ Development Corp.. 12345 World Trade Drive. and at additional entry offices. San Diego. NO-TECH COUNTER TERROR: FNAR 7.

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But clothing — especially heavy clothing — has a lot to do with how the bullet expands upon impact.hornady. • The patented FTX™ bullet will expand reliably EVERY SINGLE TIME! • Optimized propellants burn quickly. Upon entering soft tissue.! W NE A stunning breakthrough in personal defense ammunition design. NE 68802 308-382-1390 www. reduce recoil and limit muzzle flash to protect night vision. You may have never thought about the effects of fabric and clothing on the performance of personal defense ammo. Conventional hollow point bullets clog with fibers and fabric as they pass through clothing which diminishes expansion and causes unreliable bullet . Concealed carry and personal defense ammunition is redefined with the introduction of Hornady Critical Defense ammunition. The result is UNRIVALED bullet expansion and performance EVERY SINGLE TIME! Flex Tip™ technology guarantees 100% reliable performance in every situation. • Shiny nickel cases resist tarnish and greatly enhance low-light chamber checks. the tip swells and imparts equal pressure across the entire circumference of the bullet cavity. Hornady Critical Defense ammunition is available in these calibers: • 380 Auto • 38 Special • 38 Special +P • 9mm Luger PO Box 1848 Grand Island. Conventional hollow point bullets perform unreliably when encountering heavy fabric or layers of clothing. Hornady Critical Defense ammunition eliminates clogging with the use of their patented Flex Tip® bullet.

I read the first issue and found COP is the real deal. Why can’t they just allocate the money in the first place and prevent the injuries and deaths? I’ll never understand it. I’ve been a loyal subscriber ever since. Huntington’s work in American Handgunner but never realized until recently he is also a retired 800.6088 | OfficerStore. I have recommended your magazine to other cops at my agency and to rookies in the classes I have taught at the academy. equipment gets worn out and old. My former agency is losing about The Cycle I’m familiar with Mr. — then something happens and somebody gets hurt and suddenly we have money again. despite the fact those same magazines suffered from a lack of credibility both in the resumes of their authors and the content and focus of many of their articles. There were times I would renew my subscription to another magazine “just in case” a few articles in a future issue might be useful to me. Geoff Hawthorne Monroe. Name and agency withheld by request. I had subscribed to a few other LE pubs of varying credibility. training drops off. I subscribed. officers’ morale goes down. Good luck in your retirement. especially when many working cops warn the upper management about poor equipment and safety issues long before it’s a big problem. Quality Vs. Quantity I have been a subscriber to American COP since its first issue. When the advertising teasers came out prior to American COP what caught my eye was “By cops for cops” as the mission for your magazine. etc. because it simply IS different. compelling me to put my papers in for retirement. Big agencies have unions but we smaller ones don’t have the clout to lean on the administration. We’ll keep COP coming your way — so long as you’re able to read. NY Thanks for your kind words Geoff. There are several other LE magazines — but yours leaves them in the distance. hoping maybe this magazine will be different. Unfortunately big agencies aren’t immune from this problem — even with the clout of police unions leaning on administrators.852. Huntington took the time to remind everyone of the problem.RETURN FIRE When the advertising teasers came out prior to American COP what caught my eye was “By cops for cops” as the mission for your magazine. This. My own agency has gone though the same cycle many times — no money. His column (Insider: The Cycle. American COP. The articles in every issue are on-target and applicable to law enforcement. hoping maybe this magazine will be different. Prior to COP. I will be a loyal reader as long as I am able to read. Funny thing. but I never considered not renewing American COP. May/June 2009) struck home. that 8 WWW. SH police officer. I subscribed. in winding down for my eventual retirement I have dropped some law book updates and law enforcement magazine subscriptions.COM • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009 . I appreciate the fact Mr. I now find myself nearing the end of my career due to an injury. written by authors who know their subject matter and their audience — but also have that “on-the-job” background.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.



45 ACP . despite the fact they’re always addressed by their rank. Officers on any agency need to keep up the pressure for sufficient funding. and as a corrections officer with the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. OREGON CODE: C-54 InsightTechGear. As Brian stated. But this still doesn’t fit the DOCs objectives — to recognize and respect COs as law enforcement officers — the most we get is to be referred to as “uniformed staff.357 S&W .49 Plus S/H On Orders of 3 Packs Or More FREE Shipping 125+ Lumens Long Gun Touch Pad Remote Constant or Momentary Operation Shock Suppression System “QuickStrips solve a significant issue for the defensive revolver.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE. INC.45/. we sacrifice without the respect and dignity of being recognized as law enforcement professionals and our off duty safety is being jeopardized without full peace officer status. our Pennsylvania brothers and sisters in Probation and Parole have recently been afforded the protection and recognition of Peace Officer status — now it’s time for legislation for corrections officers in Pennsylvania to be clearly and decisively recognized as full-status Peace Officers.45 Auto Rim .17HMR .480 Ruger . they say the only “cops” the DOC have are in the Office of Professional Responsibility (internal affairs) — even though precedence has been set in PA Superior Court.44/. Ste V.40 . SH COLOR: 4/C SIZE: PA G E TRIM 8. My nametag says “CO”. American COP will always support the need for proper training and top-notch equipment in the field.30-30 . Corrections Officers are COPS! (Cops or Not? May/June 2009). Not A Cop I’m not a police officer but get American COP along with American Handgunner Magazine (I’m a long-time subscriber).32/.” Clint & Heidi Smith THUNDER RANCH. extra ammunition in a flat concealable format. Chula Vista.327 .410 Shot Gun .TM Tactical Illuminator 2 Pack For $ VERSION: 2009 Law New RMR Page — C-54L0109 8. I am accepted as a brother law enforcement officer at the NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor Development Courses I attend — but not within my own department.475 Linebaugh .38 . they’re not budgeting for new hires and the few who remain are being saddled with pay cuts and higher medical/retirement contributions.223 . Available in 3 sizes to fit your QuickStripsª .06 . and to constantly remind the administrators how dangerous this profession is.22 Rim Fire .” Many COs tend to be called “mister” — instead of their rank — by supervisors and management.44 Caliber New 5 Round .30. We carry them and recommend them to our clients.41 Magnum . don’t call me “Mister”! And it’s shameful our department’s memorial to our fallen officers uses classifications (CO I and CO IV) instead of rank/title of “Corrections Officer” and “Captain” to memorialize law enforcement officers who’ve died in the line of duty.38/. Or Call: 877-883-3776 1031 Bay Blvd. This must change now.COM don’t ask the PA DOC. Even PA law says we’re cops — just WWW.500 S&W 9mm 150 of its most senior officers in one retirement day. Black or Coyote Brown CLIENT: TRIJICON.99 PLUS S/H Wraps around belts up to 1 3/4Ó and is designed for use with one or two QuickStripsª .tuffproducts.500 Linebaugh . I enjoy seeing the real work police officers do and to read articles that give me insight into 11 .308 .5 X 11 RETURN FIRE Cops? As one of your original Toll Free: 877-744-4802 Now in . Brian Dawe’s Corrections articles are absolutely essential for a magazine seeking to represent all law enforcement officers. CA 91911 Order Online: www.460 . Name and agency withheld by request QuickStripTM Pouch $ 19.

Sgt Tony Crawford Michigan Law Enforcement Officer This seems to be a sticky issue for law enforcement on both sides of the fence. because they do provide an invaluable service.COM • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009 . You Continued on page 54 12 WWW. “misbehaving?” SH Premier Products from 605. I only wish I were 40 years younger. and to American Handgunner and American COP for telling it like it Windshield Shooting Regarding your article on page 9 of the May/June American Cop magazine. If you’d like to weigh in on this too. It was a very powerful explanation of the kind of person who makes the commitment to become a police officer. And the fact you’re informed may also help you make a decision if your local agency is experiencing problems with morale or. William E.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE. shall we say.7266 Not? I must respond to the Cops or Not? article in your magazine.EQUAL Reliable Feeding Reduced Penetration Excellent for Close Quarter Security Perfect For Civilian Use Are Not Created ALL BULLETS RETURN FIRE many of the reasons officers do the things they do to protect us.4544 • 800. Thanks to all police officers for your work. It’s common for correction officers to think they are law enforcement. He showed point-of-impact correction to compensate for the angle of the windshield and other tips. An informed citizenry is a powerful citizenry and allows people like you to make solid decisions when it comes time to support local law enforcement. they house the people who break the laws. looking for criminal activity — corrections officer do not. Law enforcement officers respond to calls and and we’ll see where the chips fall. as it made me want to be a part of that special group. I don’t understand — the name law enforcement should spell out the difference between the jobs — corrections officers do not enforce laws. I had to comment on the article by John Morrison (Why We Carry On.626.000 — they’re armed and drunk or worse.223. send me your thoughts to suzi@americancopmagazine. May/June 2009). corbon. but they’re not law enforcement officers. SH. It’s also interesting to read about the equipment they carry and how it’s used. about six months ago Todd Jarrett did a segment on shooting through windshields with a .347. Corrections officers are outnumbered 60:1 — two patrolmen and I cover a city of 10. Quite good. I’m not bashing corrections officers. Jackstone Via e-mail William. we’ve noticed a trend of noncop folks reaching out to American COP to learn more about the real world of police work. um. Cops or Not — tell me what you think.


www.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE. FMG HALF VERT __ Optional 1200 NITs display / Magnesium alloy casing / Convertible tablet screen / Intel® Core® 2 Duo processor / Full-size keyboard / MIL-STD-810F and iP54 certified © 2009 Getac Inc.COM • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009 . Built to Survive. Getac’s rugged V100 convertible laptop is ready for practically any challenge. All rights reserved. knocking down a blaze or putting away bad guys.BUILT RUGGED FOR STREET SURVIVAL.getac. Getac. Getac recommends Windows Vista® Business __ V100 Rugged Convertible Whether you job involves restoring power. GETAC is a registered trademark and Built to Survive is a trademark of GETAC Inc.indd 1 3/13/09 4:04:21 PM 14 WWW.

Which you are. Benchmade. OREGON CITY. cash. A trunk bag is good for toting your big stuff. one for CQB and one for precision or longer-range shots — which provides super-fast intuitive sighting. A suitably stiff release button lets the sight fold down to a low profile but prevents accidental knock-down. bags.G2G GOOD TO GO GEAR DIAMONDHEAD SIGHT JOHN CONNOR The Diamondhead Sight is one of those ideas so logical and obviously effective you smack your forehead and wonder. twelve and nine o’clock corners of the diamond which provide instant. Check out Maxpedition’s Web site and sift through all the goodie-holders. We’re showing you this little MOLLE compatible pouch just to give you an idea. right?). and I’ll bet your BDU pockets are bulging. holders and solutions to so many gear problems that if you can’t find it from them. It is fully adjustable for windage. Rear sights are blurry when you’re (and check out the Tactical Mirror Sight while you’re there). and the precision of its machining is readily apparent.COM ©2009 BENCHMADE KNIFE CO. almost unconscious reference points. PREPARE FOR THE BARRAGE ™ The First AXIS ® Lock Assist MODEL SHOWN: 585 MINI-BARRAGE™ Stronger. with a diamond-shaped aperture — actually. rattling and clanking. One quick look through the Diamondhead Sight and you’ll see how much this can help when you’re sighting under a full adrenaline load. That duct-taped el-cheapo bag you bought at the swap meet ain’t gonna cut it either. Faster. and a locking system ensures the sight stays up and zeroed through violent action. OR. because I’ve tried ‘em all. two apertures. ‘cause you read American COP. rock-solid rear BUIS unit for ARs and other flattops. It clamps securely on 1913 rails.COM 15 . that spare ammo for your back-up gun (you DO carry a back-up gun. a cell phone or even that new feathery-light polymer weapon light from Streamlight (The TLR-3) your sweetie just bought you. BENCHMADE. USA MAXPEDITION JOHN CONNOR If you’re a cop today you’re luggin' no-end of widgets around. www. You’re only limited by yer imagination. there are also posts added outboard at the three. you really don’t need it.mirrorsight.maxpedition. and it’s far easier to find the exact center of a blurry diamond than to find the exact center of a blurry circle. The unit is machined from blackened stainless steel and mil-spec Type III anodized aluminum. Adding to the “sight-sharpening” effect of looking through a diamond-shaped aperture. www. You’re bound to come away with a full shopping cart if you’re savvy. Maxpedition makes about the world’s best line-up of pouches. I know.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE. It’d be nifty for carrying digital camera goodies. it is a high-quality. which is a scary thing if you’re like me. “Why didn’t I think of that?” Essentially. but all that little stuff gets lost or stashed wherever. How it works so well is simple.

The belt features a tapered design for the most natural fit possible and includes an inner pad for added support. And they have quick-detach clips for rapid replacement. Gear pouches are ergonomically shaped to ride like they’re not even there.Inner padding for support. Quick detach clips for rapid deployment. Contoured to fit your individual body style. Uncle Mike’s EVO Duty Gear. You won’t feel your gear until you need to with Uncle Mike’s EVO. unclemikesle.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.indd 1 6/11/09 11:28:19 AM WWW.COM • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009 .com ©2009 16 09BLE5190_UMLE_EVO_Duty_Gear_AC. This system is specially contoured to work with your body’s biometrics to enhance comfort and eliminate pressure points like nothing else on the market.

The Hard Case Tactical 2AA Handheld Light is a multi-source variable-intensity light with six modes: a bright white 70-lumen main LED. and an IR FFI — Friend or Foe Identifier — strobe which flashes twice per second. medium and low intensity settings controlled by dedicated push-switches. but patrol officers need it even more. and we know who’s going to arrive on-scene first. straps and belts. and a sturdy clip on the back allows attachment to MOLLE gear. so there’s no guessing. All visible light sources also have a “quick-extinguish” feature. The head rotates 180-degrees. and defeat locks and chains. The broad shoulder strap allows you to carry the kit over either shoulder and poses no obstruction to quick transitions from handgun to long-gun. it looks like they did their homework. and the Total Internal Reflection lens is shatterproof. That’s the Active Shooter Breaching Kit from BlackSheep Tactical Training. Then you have an 880 nanometer IR illuminator for use with night vision devices. right? And.energizer.COM * 17 . Actually more of a “tool platform” than a quiver. it carries the tools you need to bust through (and see the Hard Case Helmet Light too). cuffs and comms are still accessible and it keeps you as agile as possible. These four modes can also be used for team ID and light discipline.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE. the strap has five loops for shotgun breaching rounds and a quick-release buckle. magazines. www. the kit securely fastens an eightpound sledge hammer. MS MSRP: $280. the first ten minutes are critical.00 BlackSheep also offers the best. It comes with two AA Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries — which have a 15-year shelf life –— and here’s a nice touch: The batteries are both inserted “tip” (positive end) down. The entire package shows solid thought by BlackSheep staff. and as could be expected. On the front.BlackSheepTacticalTraining. this is a very user-friendly. but instead of being filled with arrows. durable little unit which could pay for itself in one use. Every SWAT unit needs this kit. The tools provided will give you fast breaching ability in the vast majority of forced-entry situations you may encounter with an active shooter. The waterproof body is crafted of polymers and shock-absorbing over-molds to prevent damage. and all offer high. www. whose founder invented the modern flashlight and HARD CASE TACTICAL LIGHTS JOHN CONNOR Energizer. WWW. a 24" bolt cutter with hardened steel jaws and one of the handiest devices ever designed for emergency entries and rescue work: a 16" Halligan tool. It’s made with your duty belt gear and hard armor in mind. and a green LED for mapreading. a blue LED for medical and blood-tracking use. Once you learn switch usage. a red LED for night sight preservation. In an active shooter situation. The MSRP is $125. breakand-rake windows. you’ll find lots of use for it in other patrol work. recently jumped into the tactical lighting market. feature-loaded.G2G ACTIVE SHOOTER A BREACHING KIT JOHN CONNOR Imagine an oversized archer’s quiver. so your sidearm. most compact rescue litter I’ve seen — the Hand Hammock.

insuring this information remained secure was a monotonous and time-consuming task. save. DIGITAL AGE SECURITY Detective Sergeant Mike Scott Ontario. The searchable and indexed docu- MANY BENEFITS ments enabled legal and law enforcement staff to locate specific references within thousands of pages of evidence in seconds. we universality and their archiving capabilities. The chore is O O 18 ur police force didn’t initially realize the benefits of computer security features. never to be retrieved again. ne of the toughest parts of my job as a detective is working with sensitive information. Using Acrobat software from Adobe Systems. realized electronic documents were also more secure who’d be allowed to print. And if even one document got out that identified an informant or an agent — look out. we were simply looking to eliminate as much paperwork as possible. The result? Detectives can efficiently keep information safeguarded and spend less time on administrative tasks such as copying. copy. It’s physically removed from the document. sort and share with prosecutors to use at trial. We’re one of many police agencies around the world that have started to use computer software to better protect sensitive electronic information through techniques such as encryption. we were able to overcome this and be more productive by converting evidence and case documents to PDF. The ability to convert case material. I’d have to stand at a copy machine.COM • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009 . than paper files locked in a cabinet. or modify the documents. In today’s world. authentication and redaction. Before the widespread use of computers. Through Adobe’s line of software products are known for their the process. The old We were also able to restrict access process of preparing a case for trial to the files and could even determine Continued on page 52 WWW. and securing paperwork.HIGH TECH MIkE SCOTT CuTTING EdGE WIdGETS — ANd OTHER NEW STuff. security of your digital evidence remains critical. Now. drawings and spreadsheets. filing. A complex case can easily result in hundreds of thousands of pages of documents later used by prosecutors to prepare for and argue criminal cases. which was then packed into boxes — making it difficult to copy. collating. and add password protection before sharing it with others has transformed an onerous process. It also left open the nearly unavoidable possibility a phone number would be missed or a document inadvertently left on a copier — exposing police sources. make duplicates of sensitive documents and redact confidential information — such as the names of witnesses — with a magic marker.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE. written testimony and expert reports. Investigators spent months or even years collecting evidence. Canada’s Provincial Police (OPP) frustrating for anyone who’d rather spend time investigating crime. such as photos. into a single Portable Document Format (PDF) file. information that may have given away an informant or a key witness can’t be hacked or recreated. During an investigation I need to safeguard the identities of confidential informants. quickly redact sensitive text and images.

Revision goggles saved mine. 7 CORPORATE DRIVE.D.” “MY “Thanks hardly says enough. I’m a first-hand account that quality eyewear can save your M I S S I O N C R I T I C A L E Y E W E A R® ©2009 REVISION EYEWEAR LTD. The round hit my Revision Desert Locust goggles.22 mag shooting through the glass door. REVISION ®.D. I felt myself get hit in the head – it felt like getting hit by a truck. DESERT LOCUST ®. When I stepped on the porch. VT 05452 . Illinois “I was point man on a Tactical Response Team serving what could have been a routine drug search warrant. www.” TAC Officer B. I’ve been a cop for 12 years and full time SWAT for 8 years. the guy in the house suddenly opened up with a . They took the energy from the bullet that otherwise would have been used to penetrate my skull. MISSION CRITICAL EYEWEAR ® AND BE REVISION READY. ® ARE TRADEMARKS OF REVISION EYEWEAR LTD. My wife and children thank you too!” ACTUAL GOGGLES WORN BY TAC OFFICER B . ESSEX JUNCTION.revisionREADY. They absorbed the impact and deflected the bullet. approaching the glass sliding door and yelled ‘State Police …’. Illinois State Police 7:12 AM – September 25 Carbondale.22 MAGNUM BULLET. Lucky.REVISION GOGGLES STOPPED A . It wasn’t.

Tuff Products makes other justmakes-sense goodies too. With the Keeper Pouch. allowing for quick and easy access to your spare rounds. you’ll be putting to good use a spot that otherwise was nothing more than a belt holder-on’r. Tuff Products is rapidly expanding the line to include pouches for OC.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE. Tuff Products makes a Quickstrip Pouch: a handy and secure way to carry a loaded Quickstrip on your belt for easy and quick access.COM • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009 20 . “why didn’t I think of that?” The most recent forehead-slapping example of this I’ve run across is a clever little device called the “Keeper Pouch” — and yes — it really is that simple. for a J-Frame speed loader.CARRY OPTIONS From holsters to haversacks. these aren’t speed loaders. While that might not sound like a big deal to some. Putting the X26 Stuff I Taser on my belt caused a complete change in what I carry and some good stuff just had to go. The rim of the case is held firmly in the circular cutouts of the strip. It holds six or eight rounds of ammo in a convenient and compact plastic strip. while others can carry ammo. they’re making Pouches offer dual-purpose keepers you can these pouches for extra X26 put stuff in. MARK HANTEN Tuff love it when someone comes out with some new gadget or idea causing me to think. it’s a bonus spot to or a pair of latex gloves — their many carry stuff. ers can multi-task — Tuff Product’s Keeper Currently. made by Tuff Products. It’s just a pouch integrated with a keeper. The way I see it. If you’re a revolver fan. And to keep them close at hand. and another cartridge. This one carries an extra Taser Taser cartridges. I’ll be carrying a double pouch with The Quickstrip and the Quickstrip Pouch offer a great way to carry extra two Quickstrips loaded with six . individual keys and yes. those of us who’ve managed to keep our fit figures through the years — but have more and more gear we have to squeeze onto our belts — are always reevaluating what we can get along without. slightly smaller pouch perfect latex gloves or stuff. I can consolidate Not just a belt holder-on’r — now your keepa few things on my gun belt. One of my favorites is the Quickstrip.44 rounds for your back-up or off-duty revolver without extra bulk. flashlights. Granted. They even make a double pouch — you guessed it — for two loaded strips. That’s not to say you can’t use these uses are only limited by your imaginapouches for extra back-up gun ammo tion. but the simple design will definitely minimize any fumbling you’d have with loose rounds floating around in your pocket — and without the bulk. this really makes carrying the extra ammo easy. even cell phones. WWW.

Yeah. the quad pouch is going to find its way onto my gun belt — right next to my Keeper Pouch. I like having plenty of ammo with me and having enough is as many as I can carry without ruining my posture or causing me to lose my balance. you read that right. One item on my list of Tuff things to try out is their Quad Mag Pouch for single stack magazines. This handy little combo will significantly improve the versatility of my S&W 340PD. which up until now. * For more info: WWW. I’ve tried numerous configurations of mag pouches to get the right balance of having enough bullets and not having too few bullets.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE. clip-on holster for the C2 may well make the difference between your loved one having it available when it’s needed — or it being in the glove box of their car.Mag rounds each when I head into the wilderness with my S&W 329PD.COM 21 . Having a handy. there are several other very useful holsters. which is a great selfdefense tool for your family member’s use. belts and pouches in their family of products. Now that I carry a 1911 nearly all the time. I’ve been carrying off-duty with only five rounds and a prayer. Judging from the quality of workmanship on the Tuff gear I’ve tried. They make a holster for the C2 Personal Taser. While these are among my favorites in the Tuff Products line.tuffproducts.

There are two levels: the nature of the disease and it’s propensity for fast.COM • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009 . A pandemic could escalate quickly. Crisis management for the corporation then is about two battles. human-carried component registers a kind of primal shudder and it’s because at the very core of the issue. government and universities review business continuity and crisis management plans and revise or update them to make sure they address the various challenges that could arise from a possible human pandemic. This would include prioritizing business activities. Many organizations believe at the peak of a severe pandemic. even a concerted one like 9/11. and why. there are preparatory actions that can and should be taken once a crisis hits. if not years. The amorphous. in many cases. in fact. Stretching this analogy to ludicrous lengths — attempting to make a point here — corporate security or safety managers charged with responding to global crises must have. review company travel policies. no ideology. there is the fantastic and unavoidable notion a pandemic may have no end (see Will Smith in “I Am Legend”). I can’t remember. suffer significant setbacks. up to 75 percent of the workforce may be absent from work. paralyzing fear into people and governments that is different from a terrorist attack. I k STRATEGIC COOTY COMMAND anagers should evaluate their firm’s risk management controls. As a veteran Navy diver once told me. review and understand potential impacts to their supply chains. They are. last months (or longer depending on the number and intensity of “waves”) and infect 25 percent or more of the world’s population. but it definitely was a Moltke) no plan survives five minutes into a battle. Any company without a plan going into this could have. CREEPING CRUD A s Von Moltke the Elder once said (or maybe it was the Younger. according to public health experts. The second is to contain or limit the panic and ensuing media distortions that. rapidly and without remorse crossing borders and political and ethnic lines — and the equal and concurrent “spread” of the panic that always attends the pandemic. they’re pointless reports. and probably did. at least the basic outline or semblance of a plan. Or. Additionally. to insure their employees are safe from such spread. both internally and in the public relations realm. extensive release capabilities. The recent global “pandemic” is a fine example of such a crisis. at the very least. these criminals did what they did. Most crisis management experts — in particular. Pandemic Pandemonium t’s a fascinating aspect of pandemic planning and studies to note the widespread aspects of this phenomenon. Another feature of a lasting pandemic is the devastation is so dispersed and unbiased it delivers a shivering. identify possible social-distancing and other means to minimize exposure and spread of M 22 WWW. risk analysts from the insurance industry — recommend business. thought about the possibilities before actually pressed into battle. before sending in wave after wave of massed infantry or light cavalry or chariots. pandemic influenzas have no mind. and dive your plan. one to contain the spread of illness and insure business continuity.PRIVATE SECURITY ED PALUMBO Issues and trends on the private side of law enforcement. inseparable. While it took months. surmount the actual disease in terms of costs ultimately born by public and private entities alike. But it certainly helps to have one. plan your dive. as well as update their crisis management plans and crisis communications capabilities based on the threat of a pandemic.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE. Plans without testing are not plans. put another way. to delve deep enough into the 9/11 attacks in order that some degree of certainty was achieved about who. no precise timing or date-specific milestones. human resource and other pandemic policies.

illness within the work place. This would be especially useful; albeit difficult to enforce; for employees returning to their regular workspaces after visiting an area suspected of being a pandemic hot zone. Insuring crisis management and business continuity management plans include pandemic scenarios — and exercising those plans where possible — ranks high on this list. If a plan could be expected to collapse after five minutes into a battle, the

A pandemic could escalate quickly, last months (or longer depending on the number and intensity of “waves”) and infect 25 percent or more of the world’s population, according to public health experts.
company without that plan could be expected to implode soon after. A great case for study of this is how Johnson & Johnson responded to the Chicago Tylenol killings in 1982. The CEO refused to adopt hide-behind-the-curtains approach promulgated by PR experts, grabbed the media reins and saved his company. He may not have had a formal plan (but he certainly acted like he did) and his impromptu plan of action lasted a lot longer than five minutes. The focus of business continuity planning and management should be to reduce exposure, proactively minimize impacts and communicate extensively — this cannot be emphasized enough. This is where companies most often fail badly. As I write this, the Influenza A pandemic has not abated. WHO has raised the level to 5 — a full pandemic would be a level 6 — and may yet descend the world into a true global crisis. Give or take Von Moltke the Elder or his nephew, no company can succeed without the framework for a concerted, viable, contemporary plan of action.





looked up from the watch commanders’ desk as the transport officer came in; I could see he had something serious to tell me but wasn’t comfortable about it. I broke the ice and asked about his latest trip transporting our prisoners to the county jail. “Well that’s what I wanted to talk to you about, sarge. I was searching the prisoners in preparation to put


them into the van when I found this stuff.” Then he showed me an array of personal items and paraphernalia he’d taken from one of the prisoners. These included cigarettes, money, a watch, a necklace and a Bic lighter. “These all come off the same guy?” I asked. “’Fraid so,” he said. “Who the hell did

Just a few things that continue to be missed when searching prisoners. All of these have been found by the intake deputies.

that prisoner belong to?” I grumbled. The transport officer shifted uncomfortably, not wanting to get another officer in trouble. “Never mind, I’ll take care of it.” I told him.

he good news is this isn’t an everyday occurrence. The bad news is this still Small handguns takes place far too often — are frequently especially when it’s weapons missed in an initial, that are left on suspects. How hurried search in does this happen? Where do the field. cops go wrong? I’m not talking about missing a bindle of dope the guy’s got hidden where the sun don’t shine. I’m talking about laziness or careless searching of a prisoner in your custody. We all learned the basics of how to do it in the academy. If you’ve spent any time in patrol you should have refined search techniques. Now throw in the extra and refresher training you get from your defensive tactics guys and you’re a polished searching machine. So why do we keep missing things? The main reason is because we’re human and prone to error. How many times have you been involved in a big, fun, this is why we signed up for this job type of incident? You’ve just chased a bad guy around the county — by car and then on foot — maybe got to use a Taser or a K-9, and now everyone’s standing around catching their breath with the suspect in cuffs. The adrenaline is subsiding and thoughts are turning to the less enjoyable tasks like report writing, briefing the Sergeant, calling the tow truck and maybe getting Mr. Dirtbag to the hospital. Here is a where a large portion of searches are missed. Maybe the cop putting on the cuffs isn’t the arresting officer. He assumes the arresting officer will search the guy before he puts him in his car. And the arresting officer assumes the cop who put the cuffs on already did it. This domino effect continues all the way to jail and we’ve all heard and continue to hear about the times when a weapon is left on the bad guy and another cop pays the ultimate sacrifice. So what’s the solution?


enowned defensive tactics expert Al Owens recommends the following techniques to increase your searching abilities. Develop a searching pattern that completely covers the suspect’s body and do it the same way — every time. Stay totally focused on the task when searching, it’s one of the most important things you do. Too often officers get distracted or in a hurry while doing this and as a result too many officers have been killed when transporting searched prisoners. When you transfer a prisoner to another officer, tell the officer taking custody to do another search — if I’m having a bad day, I want him or her to catch my mistake. Carry paper bags in the trunk of your vehicle and remove all property from the prisoner when possible. Some prisoners can pick handcuffs very easily with only a paperclip. If you’ve just had a violent fight with a prisoner, if possible, have someone else search the prisoner. When you’re angry, you tend to lose focus and get in a hurry. And always search as if your life depends on it, because it does. The best practice is to search every prisoner that comes into your custody regardless of where or who they came from. Discuss it at briefings, coffee or choir practice, but make it known this is the way things are going to be done. Throw the fragile egos out the door. If your fellow officer is that easily offended, then they’re in the wrong job. Some agencies (mine included) even make it a written policy. We miss stuff often enough when we’re looking for it — there’s no excuse for not looking.






So. it’s made from D-2 tool steel and is RC-55-57. The guys at BLACKHAWK! Dynamic Entry have come up with a solution it’s called the Small Pry.K. The team leader just got a call from his confidential informant. rope/cord or even chopping through drywall. chop and break things.COM • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009 . the Small Pry is certainly more diminutive than your Hallagan or Holligan tool (no letters please. rubber coated handle you can put both hands on. So what are you going to do? F or years SWAT guys and cops in general have been breaking the tips off of their knives by using them as pry tools.blackhawk. The head of the Small Pry is a purpose driven design — the prying end has a chisel-type tip so you can wedge it into tight spots. after a lot of noise and confusion you’re in.T. attachment kit. drawers and interior doors. t’s 0200 hours and you’ve got a “no knock” warrant to serve on one of your local unregistered pharmacies. If you’d rather mount it on your raid vest you can order the tool with the S. If Dynamic you already have one of Entry Small their Breacher BackPry tool. you’re now faced with the daunting task of actually searching the place. packs you can order the Small Pry with a pack attachment kit.I. and heavy-duty knife. While it’s not really all that small.I. both names are correct.) The prying end of the best Hallagan tool is still pretty thick when you have only a fraction of an inch gap to work with. BACK AWAY FROM THE KNIFE ou aren’t going to stick this thing in your pocket so BLACKHAWK! has come up with a couple of ways to carry it around. webbing is essentially the BLACKHAWK! version of MOLLE.T. Or you could pull out your fixed blade knife and start prying away — until you snap off the tip. Flip it over to the side opposite the cutting edge you’ll notice it has a hard corner — perfect for breaking glass — even reinforced automobile safety glass. crash. The battering ram and Hallagan tool would be a bit of over-kill.E. For more info: www. The Small Pry is a combination pry bar. in addition to building entry work you can see how the Small Pry could be used for breaking and raking away car windows in emergencies. Throughout the house you find locked cabinets. After you’ve got everything and everybody under control. conducting service with a smile. It’s slightly over 14 inches long and has a checkered.R. Pry tools are meant for — well — prying. Who hasn’t felt the sting of realizing you’ve just destroyed your $150 ninja warrior knife after you tried to pry open a window screen? Knives are meant for poking. S.K. To protect the head of the Small Pry an injectionmolded nylon sheath is included — and like most every sheath or molded holster from BLACKHAWK! — there are a variety of ways to mount it. The belly has a true cutting edge you can use for a variety of chores such as cutting through screen. It’s one solid piece and you can even hammer it into place.R. For you steel geeks. You’re given the green light to serve the warrant. The guys you’re after are inside and they’ve just completed a buy. What makes the Small Pry unique is the design was a collaborative effort between the knife guys and the smashing and breaking stuff guys at BLACKHAWK!. The Small Pry is the newest in a line of cool tools and I’m certain once cops start getting their hands on them they’ll find even more uses than the ones I’ve TOOL SHED Y * 26 WWW. It’s filled with super sexy tools for you to smash. I Small Pry The Small Pry carried in the Breacher’s Backpack. stabbing and slashing.HARD TOOlS PAul MARkEl ESSENTIAl TOOlS fOR THE JOB.E. If you’re one of those guys who frequently need to legally break into buildings and vehicles the Dynamic Entry catalog can be as enticing as the current issue of Playboy. window breaker.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.


RESERVES PERRY W. get one. I’m quite certain we’ve all been through some type of infectious disease training — and maybe your agency has graced you with enough personal protection equipment for you to play doctor — or a really bad Darth Vader. navigation system.59. H opefully you have your head in the game enough to be aware of the horror stories of officers being struck by vehicles while performing dedicated traffic assignments. I owe it to them because it has definitely stuck with me.html WWW. VA so I really don’t know who should get the appropriate credits but I use it frequently. You do carry some in your equipment bag don’t you? We all have families we want to go home to and playing it safe will help us accomplish that goal. I strongly recommend using gloves whenever possible. Pickett. You’ve probably heard that somewhere before — maybe kindergarten — but it’s true. Did You Wash Your Hands? U G More info: Insight Vest. It’s the mundane stuff we do and come into contact with daily that often isn’t talked about — because it seems boring — until something happens that hits close to home. The caller. VA Auxiliary Police Unit. just banged up a little.210/work_safety_vests. Each time you touch something in someone’s home on a call. So. bratty kid in the back seat. the easiest and most effective way of preventing infection is simply — washing your hands and keeping them away from your mouth and nose. What was hurt the most was his nyone in a leadership role wants to ensure their people go home at pride. news was the officer wasn’t severely injured. seat belts. I received a phone call at condition at all times. The good A moment of inattention has disastrous consequences. By my thinking departments shouldn’t have to put things like this in policy — I understand why they do — but we should all have enough sense to realize the need to be seen when directing traffic or working around a roadway. Factor in the average driver is distracted at any given moment by their cell phone. one of our auxiliary officers. 28 . Well. If soap and water isn’t right there. you can’t help anyone. If you have one — dammit — use it! nless you have vision far better than mine. In this case.191. He can be reached at hornbargerp@yahoo. One of my favorite related quotes is “You may only need your seat belts once – but which once?” I read that on a road sign in Ft. So what happened? as well as I — it’s generally not good He violated the first rule of emergency news at that time of night. use hand sanitizer. vehicle safety technology and a little luck saved his life. Can they see you? Often inexpensive. If I can figure out whom to give credit to. told me another auxiliary officer had been involved in a motor vehicle crash while on patrol. Pay attention and heed your training — it’s all part of officer safety. Many departments by policy require officers to wear issued reflective vests when they’re working in or near a roadway. if you don’t have a traffic vest. you can’t see them. every time you put the cuffs on someone. stereo/DVD/microwave oven — you get the point — it’s only going to get worse. cigarette lighter. I’ve known this officer for a long the end of the shift in the same or time — he’s a very conscientious officer — and he’s very proud of the 2008 Crown better condition than when they Vic he was driving and kept it in show-car went to work.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE. But no matter how aware you are of the dangers or how often you actually wear your PPE. specialty equipment — like this Insight vest — goes a long way toward getting your sorry ass home. Hornbarger is the Unit Commander of the Chesterfield. he didn’t get there so he wasn’t much help. I know crashing his midnight one night — and you know car was devastating. every time you go into those rat and cockroach infested tweaker homes — you’re exposed to cooties. but you should still wash your hands afterward — even doctors wash their hands after they’ve had gloves on. like directing traffic during a special event or during a power outage or during a lengthy investigation. I’m talking about the “little bugs” — the bacteria and viruses — we come into contact with every day. HORNBARGER dEdICATION ANd PROfESSIONAlISM THAT GOES BEYONd PAY. but this is one of the more dangerous tasks we perform. ARE YOU PLAYING IT SAFE? A driving — you know the one — if you don’t get there in one piece.COM • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009 Perry W. I won’t attempt to cite examples.

G .

is a quick and simple lesson in skid analysis. So just don’t do it. those black marks left in the road — how do we read those? Skid marks or tire scuff can give us quite a bit of useful information. outer edges of this skid mark. two-way left turn lanes. These marks are usually made when a driver. that rodeo clown will make you look like a bigger clown than he is in court. right turn only. minimum speed? You should never use absolute figures when determining speeds because some expert rodeo clown witness will do much more in-depth computations and be able to come up with a slightly different number than you. We also read the lane markings — double yellow lines. ID T here are several types of skid or scuff marks commonly seen at most collision scenes. You’ll need N 30 WWW. ped xing — to name just a few. And another thing. versus acceleration skid but you have to know what you’re looking at. For you traffic geeks. but you’ll only use the longest skid to calculate an approximate minimum speed of the vehicle.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE. but this is easy stuff — so stay with me. and here’s how you can tell them apart. simulated islands. causing the front end of the car to dip and all that weight is transferred onto the front tires. So rear wheel skids are slightly skinnier and will have a more consistent tread mark. mashes on the brake pedal. If that mark makes a sudden change in direction it means the driver struck or was struck by something. The end result is that nice. straight. What’s that — approximate. braking skid. And if you report an absolute number. what brakes were working. A critical element of identifying this kind of skid is to determine which tire left the mark. Once you’ve identified these marks. you should photograph them and then measure them. locked-wheel braking skid. blah. this is basic stuff. This is because of the weight shift during the sudden deceleration. it's a tell-tale sign of front. what do you need to do? First.COM • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009 . For some of you math wasn’t your strong suit in high school and it may have been a while since you used algebra. But what about skid marks?You know. Here then. The obverse is true for rear wheel skid — the weight shift lifts the rear of the car. READING THE This skid shows how the wheels lock-up independently. uniform black mark. but the middle of the tread surface cups inward thus making the outer edge of the mark darker. Front wheel skids will be slightly broader than rear wheel skid and they’ll be darker on the outer edges of the mark. the most common being straight. More importantly — was it a front or rear wheel skid. dragging the locked wheel across the pavement and the rubber is then scuffed off onto the roadway. SUZI HUNTINGTON ROADWAY R oadways are chock full of good stuff to read — stop. lockedwheel skid Pie-RSquared ow that you’ve got your measurements you can plug them into the following algebraic formula to calculate a minimum speed. blah. One or more of the brakes will lock up causing the tire to stop rotating. so no hate mail please. Remember that inexpensive tape measure I told you to get — now’s the time to use it. The tire flattens out a little. blah. mandatory exit lanes. You should measure all the skid marks and document them in your collision report. There’s a difference? Yup. Its's the shorter of the two skids and shouldn't be used for your speed calculations. FOR IDENTIFICATION PURPOSES Note the dark. you’re only giving a minimum speed — it could be faster. taking weight off the back tires and therefore less tire surface is in contact with the road. like how fast a car was going.CARS AND CRASHES SURvIvING IN yOUR MOBIlE OffICE. sensing something is horribly wrong.

AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.m.95) Order at www.m. what? Simply put.COM 31 31 . Home Home Hunt Hunt Target Target reflect reflectwho whoyou youare areat atwww. The longest skid you measured is 100 feet — this is how you’ll solve the mystery. You’ll be able to look at those beautiful. you can go on-line and use one there. Here it is: * d is the distance of the skid you measured.rockriverarms. an average is created based on those tests. coefficient-offriction is the ratio of the tangential force applied to an object sliding across a surface to the normal force of an object.americanhandgunner. After a bunch of voodoo math A LOOK INSIDE: • Improvised Weapons for Self Defense • Using Cover Properly • Non-Lethal Protection • Common-Sense Concealed Carry • Gunsite Basics • Plus Much More www. Your answer will be solved in milesper-hour so no need for remembering a conversion equation. but if you don’t have one. For this very basic patrol cop application. you can easily call bullshit on the Order Your Copy While Supplies Last! ONLY $9. If the guy at the side of the road with the front end of his car smashed into the firewall after a 130foot skid tells you he was only going 30 mph.5 dμ d=100 µ=. you find yourself at a collision scene where a vehicle has plowed into a tree or pole. This can be a very technical subject. the industry standard is set as previously described after tests were performed using a drag sled on various surfaces. All you’ll do is substitute numbers for letter-values. black beacons of truth and report the truth — not his crappy lie.O.2299 1/6 horizontal Mon-Fri 9 a. * µ is the coefficient-of-friction and the industry standard is between . no muss. $17. long. no fuss.95 (outside U.COM WWW.5(8.S. As an example of how this equation works.94) 49 mph LE LE What A Drag In traffic geek circles drag factor and coefficient-of-friction are closely related terms and their definitions and applications get confused and misinterpreted.rockriverarms.732.5√100(. PST Call Toll-Free * WWW. Box 502610 • San Diego. what I’m giving you is simply another tool to help you do your job better.8. Remember that rodeo clown? He’ll tell you the average only applies to level surfaces and the tests are done at constant velocities. . therefore inclines and declines can affect the results — and I just saw your brain fall out of your head.5 dμ € € 5.5√80 5. REFLECT WHO YOU ARE 5.7 and . CA 92150-2610 HOUSE AD 888.3 p.8 5. Huh.a calculator.8) 5.

you had to find a “call box” (they were scattered around the city).COM • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009 . Every time I get together with a mob of young Marines. Cure Two. when we patrolled with rocks for radios and stone clubs for side arms. both short and long-scale. searching units and air support are humorous as hell (We’re to your left? Gee. can be critical. Just ask two different cops to estimate an evacuation area a half-mile in all directions from a given point. like a chemicals facility. LOW-TECH HIG & NO-TECH Bushnell’s new BackTrack uses high-tech to teach no-tech skills like distance estimation.STREET LEVEL JOhN MORRISON STRAIGhT TALK ON SUPERVISION & LEADERShIP ON ThE FRONT LINES — ThE STREETS. and perhaps save their butts with it during others. to the same scale. are ancient history and legend — the Tet Offensive.” Especially at night. Today. The user can designate different points. But two old problems remain: First. and clear safety glasses like these from Wiley-X can be worth their weight in saved eyeballs. the highlands. meters and kilometers. if you wanted to wear adequate eye protection on duty. forget it. officers can pull up detailed maps on their screens. but there are dozens of dangerous situations where distance estimation. and the only way to learn accurate range estimation is to do it. I think. HIGH-TECH. Officers can practice during slow times. Convert a yardstick to a scale in yards and miles. they don’t know North from South. the DMZ. or guess how many yards between this spot and that water tower and you’ll agree. It’s unlikely you’ll ever have to call in an air strike. Bushnell makes the BackTrack. but most are too complex and expensive. a $69 item which combines easy GPS technology with a digital compass. they want to hear about campaigns and battles which. and after chasing a scumbag over four blocks of backyards and alleys. To talk back to dispatch. sure. but could be tragic. My wish would be one per squad. plus checking distances between known landmarks and trouble spots because — Second. idiot!).99 wrist compass – and every cop needs one. gunpowder. “hidden in plain sight. for them. please. They made you look like a bug-eyed alien and left a semi-permanent painful pinch-mark on your nose. Radio conversations between lost cops. Two Lost? Not if you have a wrist comcures cost less than pass like this set-up from www. cops are still “directionally challenged. I had a few close calls myself and since then I’ve been rabid about eye protection. direction to your selected point. just random shots: I C ure One is the modern mini-version of an ancient “computer” – a little $5. sheared case mouths or jacketing material. and get a reference to magnetic North.” because they’re of little use or interest without the other for matching and comparison. These tiny binos spent years on patrol. creating and refining your officers’ “mental maps” and orientation. one percent of a para-cord. and go over it often with your troops. expensive and heavy. I think cops are smarter about it — agencies certainly are more sensitive to it — though their interest seems to begin WWW. but blue-suit patrol cops have squat. your choices were few. but here are a few more practical observations. once they’re out of their cars. cops still SUCK at estimating distances! SWAT snipers have laser rangefinders. same size. and a matching standard street-andlandmarks map. we still had a handful of “one-way only” radio cars. open it with your big brass key and use the vintage phone inside. one with aerial photos of your patrol area. The biggest and ugliest changes have been political. 32 Not Lost In my rookie days. press a button. and the distance in yards and miles. MODATS. The conversation often gets around to questions about changes — or the lack of changes — since my LE career began in 1968. GPS units are great. and their cruiser’s position can be auto-located.” splattering bits of lead. Every crowd of young cops wants to know what policing was like in the Jurassic. In many agencies. Forty years ago. t never fails — and I hope it never does because I enjoy it so much. that helps. Now our cruisers are crammed to the point of hazard with expensive high-tech computers and — $15. Get both. Saving Eyes & Asses I ’ve been present on firing lines in the old days when cops lost sight in an eye due to “lateral blast.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE. twin squad room wall displays. Often there will be one or the other of these in a briefing room.

hmm? This makes about as much sense as only wearing your body armor on day Toll Free: 877-744-4802 33 . When are you and your troops most statistically likely to be exchanging shots with crooks? Night. a rare cop has his own set of Steiner Military Rs. Now. but which would multiply rather than reduce eye injuries from fragments and debris. Now here’s the point no one talks about: even officers who religiously wear eye protection on day shift wear zero protection at night! Just think about that for a moment. The best clear lenses have anti-reflective coatings so you’ll actually see better at night. and significant for the latter: arrests increased dramatically. ask your nightshift officers what time the moon will rise tonight and what phase it will be in? Can any of them find the North Star? Neither of those could ever be of any importance. particularly from “in-progress” crimes. Excellent 24-hour eye protection is available and cheap. often wearing sunglasses.COM Dominate the Darkness TM 3.and end at the range. while patrol troops are still stuck with their Mark-I Eyeballs.5 MOA or 7. That was 25 years ago.1 and mil spec-certified ballistic protective glasses with “tacti-cool” frames and assorted lens colors — including clear. maybe. But I still see too many cops out on patrol without eye protection. which look oh. and Revision’s Hellfly glasses come in eight lightweight frame and lens choices. and a monocular on a necktether for single-officer cars.0 MOA Red Aiming Dot Models Auto and Manual Adjust Dot Intensity Waterproof to 66 Feet/MIL-STD-810G Rated Available in Black or Tan * InsightTechGear. for night use. but he’s the exception. guys — and they cost less than our old clunkers did in 1970’s dollars. Check out gear from Wiley-X and ESS. you sergeants. Results were no less than fantastic for the former. for some real fun. then equipping them with inexpensive lightweight optics — a set of mini-binos for two-officer units. you’d be amazed at your improved image definition and pickup of movement. Several companies make ANSI Z87. Back in the mid-1980s we experimented with giving officers a basic class on observation skills. Get ‘em — and wear ‘em! Another “Eyes Issue”: Tac teams have thermal magnifying optics. Sure.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE. and if you haven’t tried amber-tinted glasses during dawn and twilight hours. so cool. could they? WWW.

10 Round Mag (Empty): 9. Black Polymer. 20” Light Contour Barrel: Fluted 20” Heavy Contour Trigger Release Travel: . 20 Round Mag (Empty): 10.12” Stock: Matte Black.308 Winchester (7.0 lbs Weight/Heavy Barrel. Ergonomically adjustable. 10 Round Mag (Empty): 8.10” Length of Pull: 14.SPECIFICATIONS Caliber: . 20 Round Mag (Empty): 9.8 lbs Weight/Heavy Barrel.5” Weight/Light Barrel.5” Overall Height: 7.0 lbs Weight/Light Barrel. 34 WWW.COM • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009 .9 lbs Barrel: Fluted.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.62X51 NATO) Operation: Gas-Operated Autoloader Overall Length: 41.

while supremely accurate.62X51 But now. an’ ‘Chuck him out. variations of the Springfield M1A1 or AR-style sys tems chambered in . Sniper Teams or whatever you want to call them are a police administrator’s nightmare. Fabrique Nationale Herstal. excellent binoculars and a darn good semiauto long gun with great optics.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE. They and the public know trained men are necessary for that job but they’d prefer not to see them — or think about them. The FNAR is a new design variation of the BAR but with high tech materials. the brute!’ But it’s ‘Saviour of ‘is country.’ when the guns begin to shoot. just don’t posses the rate of fire capacity for the suppression role. Rudyard Kipling noted much the same in his poem “Tommy” about the British Military. Power Point X3085. Bolt guns.COM .62X51 Dave Douglas recision Rifle Teams. FN’s FNAR 7. Many teams now employ the Ruger Mini-14.308. an’ Tommy that. That means a superior bolt gun with top-end optics in the hands of the primary shooter and for the observer. P best option for suppressive fire when needed.SUPERIOR SUPPRES SUPPRE SSION FNH’s FNAR 7. an’ Tommy that. “For it’s Tommy this. The accuracy they built into the gun is amazing for an autoloader. But Tommy ain’t a bloomin’ fool — you bet that Tommy sees!” Excerpt from “Tommy” — Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936) Even though many an admin-type consider their SWAT snipers a necessary evil the smart ones know their teams should be highly trained and equipped with the very best. but looks can be deceiving. a system is available from one of the finest firearm manufacturers in the world. Winchester Supreme 150 gr. Federal High Energy 180gr. Soft Point 35 Autoloaders Semiautos in the hands of trained precision shooters can be the WWW. At first glance you’d think the gun looks like a slimmeddown version of the BAR. FNH touts 1-MOA with Federal Match 168gr GM308.223 Remington. an’ anything you please. AR-type rifles in . An’ it’s Tommy this.



The bolt locking mechanism is placed on the right side of the receiver and a bit awkward to use but. It’s easy to use and provides a tactile and audible snick in both directions. assuring a WWW. Barrel This light barrel version comes equipped with a 20" light contoured fluted MIL-SPEC match-grade hammerforged barrel. allowing quick reloads. There’s no slop and the break is crisp.308B. and the bore hard-chromed. Right or left-handed shooters can manipulate it with the first finger. The pistol grip is textured. FNH’s effort to save some resulted in the use of black polymer. I’d prefer something in the 1lb to 1. The crown is recessed to protect it from the banging around you’d expect from using it in a precision rifle team mode. but also nice and big and round. after some practice and familiarization. It’s also available with a 20" 38 while wearing gloves. and like the safety it’s easily engaged Receiver The FNAR receiver is precision machined from 7075 T6 aircraft grade aluminum alloy and anodized for a durable and aesthetically pleasing finish. They didn’t scrimp on the metal when designing the mag release either. Core Lokt Ultra Bond PRC308WA and Winchester 180gr. Controls The factory trigger is fair. Power Point X3086.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE. The bolt handle is slightly extended. This might be a good trigger pull for hunting and for the company lawyers. It’s topped with a MIL-STD M1913 accessory rail for an optical or electronic sight system. I tried it with a pair of lightweight gloves and a pair that actually keeps your hands warm. It consistently broke at approximately 4-lbs after an advertised .10" take-up.COM • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009 . thus saving a good deal of weight. The mag release is ambidextrous. or ejecting the last round.5lb area for tactical use. Its low profile enough and protected by a ridge in the receiver to prevent accidental release. engaging becomes second nature. The cross-bolt safety was easy to operate and quite reminiscent of the familiar Remington 870 shotgun so many of us have in our cars. You won’t need to search for it. Remington 150gr. Stock Weight is always an issue for a precision rifle team. heavy contour barrel. making manipulation easy for loading. It’s fluted.

You’ll need a screwdriver and about five minutes to set-up the gun. It’s also available in a 10-round configuration to accommodate those states where the WWW. Additionally. the gun shoots as well as most bolt rifles.positive hold on the gun even in wet weather. a light or both to be mounted on the gun. but they’re understated and useful.5-20x50mm LR/T M1 with an illuminated reticle for some range work. The FNAR 7. The combo of this scope and the FNAR 7. proof and can withstand all sorts of abuse. measured with a laser rangefinder. The design is well thought out and elegant. absolutely water- Magazines The model tested was the light contour barrel version and came equipped with a sturdy. a top of the line bolt rifle and the FNAR in the hands of the observer even the admin types might sleep well. the fore-end is aggressively textured. If you combine adequate training. it works really well in range estimation.fnhusa. This scope is a beast with a 30mm tube. Three MIL-STD M1913 rails are fixed on the fore-end allowing a laser. The illuminated reticle is great for precision shot placement in low light or for use with night vision equipment. Turning magnification on the scope down to the minimum settings makes rapid semiauto fire at man-sized silhouette targets a breeze. good personnel selection. Does It Shoot? The gun really shines when you reach out.COM * For more info: www. There are enough bells and whistles included.62X51 is one heck of a gun to augment a precision rifle 39 . box-type detachable 20-round magazine.62X51 is truly awesome in the tactical environment. Additionally. Controls include a side focus parallax adjustment knob for quick and easy parallax focusing from 75 yards to infinity. tactile clicks. It’s rugged. FNH includes three different sized cheek pieces and three butt plates to customize cheek weld and length of pull to fit to an individual shooter. There’s a sling swivel integrated in the bottom rail for sling attachment or a Harris bipod. And. Well — maybe.25-MOA windage and elevation adjustments with audible. and finger-adjustable . At 300 yards. The mags are of steel construction with a low friction follower for smooth feeding. headshots can be performed with almost boring consistency. 20-rounders are illegal. as with the pistol grip. Great Glass We mounted the Mark IV 6.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.

Ultimately though. all reports were still taken the old fashioned way — with pen and paper. cops heard about mobile computers. MDTs were pretty basic. keeping the air waves less cluttered and cops were able to handle their DMV and criminal checks on their own. but very few actually had them. scant ten years ago.COM • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009 40 . it probably won’t be long before ticket books become obsolete. Oh how life has changed so dramatically in just a few short years.Making Your Job Easier Future This is an LAPD patrol car modeling the new fall line-up of ALPR cameras. calls for service were handled through them. Heck. Touch screen technology is fast and easy. You could access data. but not much else. A patrol car with a broken computer is generally considered unfit for service by today’s standards — it gets sidelined until the computer’s fixed. So the question is — what’s in store with future technology and what changes will cops encounter with it? Here are three emerging technologies I believe will directly change the patrol function of tomorrow. Today we get instant pictures of people transmitted to the car. electronic maps showing the best route from our location to a call for service and virtually all reports can be “written” on the computer — even traffic collision diagrams. A The ALPRs work at lightning speed and independent of each other — reading license plates in adjoining lanes — allowing you to pay closer attention to the road. What would’ve been unthinkable in 1999 is now the norm.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE. About a third of the nation’s patrol cars had mobile data terminals (MDTs) — but those were not computers. Automated License Plate Readers I rode with a deputy from the Broward Sheriff’s Office to learn how Automated License Plate Recognition — or WWW.

Your agency can play “what if?” perhaps in preparation for a dignitary or some other special event. The deputy can then compare the vehicle captured as a hit against the picture and information of the wanted vehicle. ALPR — works. pears to represent the What’s The Benefit? best of breed. NCIC transmits an up. to missing persons.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.Tech Here’s a pretty basic view of a multi-level dorm using Viewpoint Command System’s PrePlan View.10.000 . vehicles evolving situations — while the ALPR color picture system and will work in related to crimes and vehicles related handles the city full of license plates. Two at each front connected wirelessly through the ex. If the system gets a 5. You can add comments to highlight specific information for future computers at the beginning and mid. and two more cameras Twice daily. most In the trunk is the ALPR processor.the detectives’ bureau and narcotics units to a data file. but welcome benefit at BSO is the camera images and converts it able audible alert — more like an an. for other things while it’s running. and hands to the cop who’s using it. It takes hit from any of the databases.background of an officer’s mobile comcorner aimed at about 45 degrees. . BSO uses a system from PIPS Technology. When there’s a hit NCIC and the state system are automatically queried and the video camera starts recording. Federal Signal has just introduced a mobile computer and video system and ALPR that all work together. and exact location where the hit occurred. all weather and lighting conditions. He capture plates on both sides of your They also use software for comparing can continue on active patrol — watchvehicle as you cruise through parking plates against databases of vehicles as. isting car computer or can run inde. which is then checked noying alarm — goes off and shows the are seeing value in the ALPR because it against whatever databases have been allows them to data mine for particular WWW. cally uploaded from the servers to the cops can run between 50 . but is the one A picture to confirm you’re at the right location — sweet — I’ve seen and it apand then the program allows you to have a peak inside. a Federal Signal Company. The system's The ALPR software is running in the to the vehicle roof. I’m withholding judgment on whether or not I’d like all that automation. time.pendently on its own screen. a notice. Theirs is not the only brand or type. Each camera has an infrared and sociated with wanted people. The system automatically tracks the date.Studies show in an eight-hour shift. The list is automati.COM 41 hit information.expected. Uscent lanes. There are four cameras mounted applied to the system. An unis the heart of the system.their computer — the PIPS ALPR can run ter Recognition (OCR) software and point of each shift.puter so he’s able to use the computer which read vehicle plates in the system is like adding extra eyes mounted next to the alley lights to dated list of stolen vehicles to BSO.200 plates on which contains the Optical the big picture or keeping his eyes on lots.000 in the same time. Jim Donahue It’s all in the details.

AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE. LoJack technology is now being used by law WWW. therefore the onus falls back on you to be sure you really have a hit. The ALPR cameras work whether you’re moving or not. you’re supposed to be comparing the “hit” vehicle to the one displayed as the “wanted” vehicle. But before you get all excited and fly off the handle. As with all new technologies. It’s Gonna Cost Ya The biggest hurdle for this technology is funding — the system costs $25. ford them.Nighttime or low light is no obstacle for PIPS Technology’s plate readers. One other small drawback for this system I’m told is the ALPR often cannot distinguish the state of origin of a plate — therefore — a stolen plate from Massachusetts could come up as a hit on a car from Florida if both had the same plate characters. vehicles or hotspots from the database of captured license plates.COM • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009 . the price 42 will come down over time.000 per vehicle.000 . Only your agency’s or city’s bean counters will be able to crunch those numbers to determine if they can af- Where’d They Go? Their name’s been around for years and most of us associate LoJack with recovering stolen vehicles — well that’s not all they’re capable of recovering.$30. It’s another way to leverage the value of the human being: by relegating mundane or routine tasks to computers that can do them more quickly and generally more accurately than we humans. Working in conjunction with Project Lifesaver.

Movie Magic Reality We’ve all seen movies and television shows where it’s painfully obvious the writers have no clue about police budgets — fantasy cops always have the latest. Consumers simply lease a locator transmitter in either a bracelet or anklet form. high-tech gadgets and computer technology — cue James Bond. weighed against the money. enforcement to find missing people — like Alzheimer’s patients. This is a LoJack Safetynet locator kit given to your agency for free.In an already crowded patrol car trunk. Project Lifesaver has over 1. What a concept to have a 3D look — a virtual tour. A person with a cognitive disorder is fitted with a transmitter bracelet or anklet. train — you how to use the system. Just like a car’s signal. which cannot be removed by the wearer — short of cutting it off — and is assigned a unique digital ID. Using a tracking receiver — a hand-held antenna and a small computer — he begins a methodical search for the missing person. sheds or under vehicles — because they’re afraid. those with Downs Syndrome or autism — or any person at-risk of wandering away from caregivers. why haven’t you jumped at this technology? I can’t think of a single reason not to have and use this system — it just makes sense. The Benefits We’ve all had the experience of being involved in a search for a missing person. To date. coolest. gives the dispatcher the ID and code of the device and rescue personnel can start tracking immediately.000 to certify — uh. There’s a flat fee of about $3. Alzheimer patients don’t just wander down to the local donut shop or mal. The caregiver calls 9-1-1. commercial or industrial facility. Alzheimer’s patient searches have an added dimension: their disease often causes them to want to hide — in sewer pipes. This officer’s not looking for a good TV signal — he’s demonstrating how to find an at-risk person using the LoJack Safetynet locating system. if you will — at the insides of buildings you have to enter. time and manpower consumed by a single missing Alzheimer’s patient. With a limited initial cost and some ongoing investment of time.900 saves to its credit. Contrary to popular belief. The fee covers as many officers you want trained. The creators originally envisioned the Continued on page 61 43 . LoJack SafetyNet will give your agency the tracking receivers. They’ve developed computer software with an accompanying database called PrePlan View — the sole purpose of which — is to reduce some of the unknowns encountered by first responders when going to a call in a business. Other deputies who are carrying the system in other districts can join the search and multiple units can WWW. they tend to wander great distances and sometimes end up in heavily wooded areas or other cities. the closer you get to the device the more the signal intensity increases.COM be used simultaneously to triangulate and speed the locating process. If the wearer goes MIA the system is activated similar to a car with LoJack. Well that movie magic is becoming a reality thanks to the folks at Viewpoint Command Systems.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE. The first responder immediately goes to the location where the missing person was last seen. the brains of the ALPR system tucks neatly away.

when you’re carrying a weapon out of your jurisdiction/state. or any other privileges of a law enforcement officer and you’re also not covered by the WWW. and in this post-9/11 world. What It Is — And Isn’t It’s not a license to carry a gun on a plane. you’re not a law enforcement officer — you’re only a citizen with the right to pack a weapon. do not rely on this interpretation of the law until you’ve verified it with an attorney practicing in your jurisdiction — preferably an attorney from a government agency charged with enforcing the law. Furthermore. If any of these issues apply to you.COM • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009 .HR 218 — A Good L 44 address every issue raised by 218 — it’s a general survey of things you need to be aware of.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE. you have no powers of arrest. Next. trying to carry a loaded weapon onto a plane — badge or no badge — isn’t going to be received well.

The first is what type of gun you may carry. silencers and destructive devices — otherwise known as Class III items. such as California’s limit on hi-cap magazines or New Jersey’s ban on hollow point ammunition. provided both private and governmental entities may refuse to let you carry on their property. in good standing and not federally prohibited from having a gun.” it explicitly does not include machineguns. and retired officers must qualify annually with the same type of handgun they intend to carry — presumably meaning — either revolver or semi auto. there’s an argument they’re allowed. there’s an argument you’re acting in some official capacity — but I foresee this as being a justification to sue your agency as well. It also states you must be Continued on page 63 45 . Clough Start qualified immunity that protects an LEO operating under color of law meaning if you shoot someone. Now. Also notice they used the word concealed — at least one Attorney General’s office suggests the weapon must be concealed in order to be legal. As a technical legal matter. California’s AG also claims — and others will likely follow suit — 218 does not exempt the officer from local firearm laws. not as a reason to leave you out of the lawsuit. Find out what can be owned legally in the state you’ll be in. and stick with carrying that. While every individual department can create their own policy on this. Some Technical Stuff While the raw text of the statute reads you may carry a “concealed firearm. may carry in another state. While I’d avoid it.An Incomplete Implementation Jeremy D. your own agency may choose to limit what you can carry. One obvious exception not listed is the “Any Other Weapon” (AOW) classification. As a matter of pragmatism. it says a LEO with powers of arrest.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE. Your MP5SD. In addition to the limits of where you may carry. however. is right out. GenWWW. Ten rounds may have to do. and the phrase “notwithstanding any other provision of the law of any State or any political subdivision thereof” just may supersede those laws. you should expect to be sued personally. don’t expect your agency to pick up your legal tab. this may be a gray area. don’t push it. on to what 218 actually is. and the third is how other states will recognize your CCW status under 218. If you’re carrying an agency-issued sidearm.COM erally. and in accordance with department policy. and there are defensive rounds out there plenty effective without having a hollow cavity in the nose. In addition to the state you’ll be visiting. which includes things like pen guns and certain short-barreled shotguns. you’ll encounter other limits not in HR 218 and arguably aren’t authorized by it. HR 218 states only that active officers must qualify if their agency requires it. the second is what you must do in your own state in order to qualify for out-of-state carry.

it’s easy to WWW. but I’ll touch upon a few focal points to convey the basic tenets. it may not need to come to this. psychology. Philosophically. or mother. and to elicit cooperation. daughter. brother.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE. this involves not only an understanding of behavior. conflict. Any of us who’ve been on the job for any length of time know an officer who can come into almost any situation and calm people down — and get them to do what they want them to do — simply by their presence. Matt Berger blatant disrespect from the people they contact.I said. first impressions are lasting ones. and ego to control situations. Conversely. So it’s safe to say our interpersonal and communication skills will dictate our effectiveness. and skillful choice of words. Treat others as you’d want an officer to treat you — or better yet — your wife. Once they’ve demonstrated that they’re not worthy of respect. How you first approach someone can likely set the tone for the rest of the encounter. Ideally. But nobody should expect officers to tolerate Behavior Management Taking physical control of a subject is sometimes unavoidable — but with a cool head. but also of common manners and ethics — the Golden Rule is in effect here. pull my finger! THE PSYCHOLOGY OF PAtROL T he vast majority of what we do as police officers is to interact with people. Entire volumes could be written on the subject. So.COM • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009 46 . you’re similarly not obligated. officers should learn to use an understanding of human nature. we all know that one officer who — almost without exception — can make any situation worse. Common courtesy and consideration goes a long way with most people. and being polite shows professionalism. Initial Contact As cliché as it sounds. manner.

and you’re not as articulate. Inhale — Exhale — Repeat Don’t let them get you angry — you can’t think as clearly and objectively. resentment. deep breaths through the nose. removing the need for the inquiry. I need to see your license and insurance verification. the reason I stopped you was because my radar showed your car at 55 mph in a 40 mph zone. One way to avoid this is visualization.understand why. Take slow. at once it answers the first question that’s on the mind of the offender. thereby increasing the chances of a smooth contact. Don’t let them suck you into their game — you need to own the game — you’re not at your best when you’re infuriated. you!” is likely to result in a less positive. 47 . and indignation. Once they demonstrate they’re unworthy of your courteous regard. I’d like to have a word with you. Tell yourself you have the training and the smarts to handle the situation. You’re asking the questions here. and you’ll break it down and take it step-by-step when you arrive — as much as is feasible — you know what to do. productive interaction than. If you’re writing a citation for a lesser offense than you could have — sell it that way — they’ll probably thank you for it. It might be just another vandalism report to you — but it’s not about you.” Regardless of that. you develop tunnel vision. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Explaining the reason you stopped them at the outset of the contact can help alleviate some of stress. letting the air out slowly through pursed lips. the trouble starts when a driver asks. While en route. the aforementioned tunnel vision. again resulting in an inability to think on their feet — and often — an over-blown response. For instance. And remember — either write the ticket or lecture them — but never. Visualize arriving at the call — cool and calm — methodically handling the situation. right? Let the violator articulate their excuse — you may see it as a waste of time. If you surrender to the flight or fight syndrome. mentally calm yourself. we all know courtesy simply doesn’t work with some folks — and of those — many will interpret kindness as weakness. With regard to traffic stops. both. other methods of interaction become necessary. one way to head off arguments or confrontations is to take control from the outset — in a way that’s not offensive. “Good evening.” This cancels out the initial objection with a greeting that sets the tone for the stop. “Sir. WWW. please. Some people are hostile towards cops — for a myriad of reasons — knowing how to handle them to elicit their cooperation is crucial. “Why are you stopping me?” A better approach might be. please. and a general tendency toward mistakes.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE. Newer officers have a tendency to get overly excited in anticipation of arriving at a priority call. sir. “hey. but it makes them feel better.COM A violator’s emotions can range from nervousness and fear to anger. Understand if your initial approach is one of professionalism and respect — when the other guy fails to reciprocate — you’ll retain credibility when things go downhill.

You can be courteous and professional. We can’t lose sight we’re here to help and protect our fellow man. mediating disputes. single day. Do you need a wheelbarrow for that beer shed you’re lugging around? Chances are — if you look like a slob you won’t be taken seriously. Crooks strongly resent us — duh — but deep down they know their faults and our duty to police them. Keep a neat. following up on petty crimes or lending an ear to victims of lesser offenses. but our own as well. We must manipulate not only the psychology of others. when we come into contact with them. Equally delusional is the “Andy Griffith” syndrome in which we imagine everyone’s our friend.” Clint & Heidi Smith Thunder Ranch Treated As You Look Studies show people tend to respect and look to officers with a sharp appearance for authority. What’s small stuff to us is likely the most upsetting thing in their lives at that moment — they don’t see what we see every. even necessary to be an effective police officer. such as taking reports. clean.EOTAC. This includes more mundane tasks. Endeavor to see yourself as a part of your community and approach your job as such. and don’t get so invested in being nice you let your guard down. There are many choices in clothing today. we’ll fail to recognize those for whom we work. worthless and/or against us. fit look to elicit a certain level of respect and credibility.heart pounding and ready for a fight. Defense teams spend a lot of time and money understanding and manipulating the psychology of making their clients look like nice guys — you should use that same psychology to sell your appearance to the public. What do the experts wear? “If you need clothing to wear daily that looks good and yet at the same time supports and protects the use of your equipment for individual personal protection you would be well served to take a good look at EOTAC clothing. Follow your WWW.COM 48 WWW. Many officers feel they’re there only to catch criminals and protect society There are documented cases of cop killers who’ve said they attacked one officer but not another because they could tell the one knew what he was doing. Optional Delusions A certain level of cynicism is healthy. but don’t lose sight of officer safety. that’s probably all you’ll be ready for. from dangerous felons — that’s only a small part of the job — but we also help people. If we allow ourselves to sink into the delusion everyone’s evil.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009 .

It comes standard with a pushbutton switch as well as a plug-in remote tape switch. Picatinny rail mount. alcohol prep pads. NSN: 6240-01-532-4180 RFI READY . and its compact size means you have less to carry and more room left on your rifle. winning fights. manual. tape switch. pushbutton switch. manual. The Scout Light uses a microprocessor-controlled LED to blast 120 lumens of white light through a beam-focusing TIR lens for extended reach. It’s cut from Mil-Spec hardanodized aluminum. NSN: 6230-01-525-4109 RFI READY M600C-KIT01 (Tan or Black) The M600C Scout Light Kit (not pictured) comes ready for infrared use too. This kit includes KX2C LED head. tape switch. M600C (Tan or Black) M600C tan model shown The M600C Scout Light (pictured left) comes with KX2C LED head and includes pushbutton switch. The Scout Light Kit (see below) comes equipped with infrared capabilities. and it’s virtually immune to the effects of shock and recoil. Picatinny rail mount. alcohol prep pads. Velcro® pads.The SureFire Scout Light® was designed with one thing in mind. Velcro® pads. and two 123A lithium batteries as well as the infrared-producing LU60A incandescent head with the FM63 infrared filter. and two 123A lithium batteries.

the sergeant gave me the particulars of his investigation — and the agent’s holier than thou attitude didn’t garner him exceptional cooperation from yours truly either. tactics and procedures as you’ve been trained — and know your job. witnesses. Learning to use your head and understand what makes others tick to educe their cooperation is crucial for the savvy officer. This could mean the difference between one-word answers and an extensive. “honey attracts more flies than vinegar” holds a lot of truth with witnesses. Who says you can’t conceal carry a full size gun? They never tried a SuperTuck.5011 www. sometimes tucked. and sometimes suspects. before switching to an interview. A reasonable person will understand this. explain things — not to be confused with the moron who insists the situation be explained to him at gunpoint before complying. Using psychology to good effect can make our jobs easier and more rewarding for the people we serve — and us. yet easy and fast to draw. and what the logical rationale is. When feasible. if possible. Know Your Audience The axiom. Have ease and establish a rapport with Will you Why not try a CrossBreed TODAY? Lifetime Warranty! Try-It-FREE-Guarantee! 888. sometimes not. Witnesses will typically be more cooperative and willing to help when you courteously speak to them as adults instead of with condescension. how a federal agent’s terse. patronizing manner earned him nothing but “duhs” and “I don’t knows” from a salty old sergeant. 50 * WWW. This W lets them feel a sense of control and lets them save face — and it often works. The job we do is complicated and dynamic — it’s not always just a muscle job. With suspects. It holds the gun firmly. This lets them feel a sense of control and lets them save face — and it often works.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE. being smarter than they are sometimes means giving them choices of their way out. during a robbery series be if he show With suspects. This is the most comfortable holster I have ever had. I love it! Thanks.732. If possible. ARE YOU TIRED OF UNCOMFORTABLE HOLSTERS? ARE YOU CARRYING A SMALLER GUN THAN YOU WANT TO JUST SO YOU CAN CONCEAL IT? I got my SuperTuck holster from you for my XD 4” back in February. As soon as the agent left. A large amount of animosity toward police is due to a lack of understanding of our methods and training. Holds my XD close to my body and just makes it disappear. explain why you did what you did.COM • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009 . I’ve seen. being smarter than they are sometimes means giving them choices A RE Y A RE of their way out. There are documented cases of cop killers who’ve said they attacked one officer but not another because they could tell the one knew what he was doing. in-depth statement. first-hand.CrossBreedHolsters. I use it everyday 10 to 12 hours.CrossBreed Holsters LLC. how it relates to safety and procedure. . The scales just tipped in your favor.ACTUAL SIZE PACK LIGHT.sigsauer. with the same reliability as a full-size. THE LIGHTWEIGHT P238 SUBCOMPACT All metal and under a pound.

more secure data.HIGH TECH Continued from page 18 Tshirt_1.gunsmagazine. The files can be managed individually or combined into a single PDF file. 52 WWW.COM • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009 .• • • •• • •• • • • • • • • • • ™ 5Ó • • • • • l e a r n • • • • • • • m o r e • •• • @ • w w w . It’s definitely helped us do our jobs better and allowed us to better safeguard our most important assets: our witnesses. safety is our first goal. pre-shrunk 100% cotton T-shirt imprinted with Team GUNS logo on the front and back.XL. and documents were often delivered by the box load in trucks. I’ve noticed a big difference in how efficiently I can do this aspect of my job now.XXL) $21. Courts officials and lawyers find it much easier to manage electronic files than receive boxes of paper.L.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE. Protect Your Ass-ets Obviously.) (Price includes shipping) ORDER TODAY! Call Toll-Free 800-628-9818 Order at www.6 6/13/07 10:53 was time consuming and expensive. Computer files give attorneys instant access to the searchable resources or evidence they need. The move to electronic document security helps me ensure I can worry more about protecting public safety than paperwork. In Ontario. computer software allows us to protect the taxpayers’ wallets and cut court costs. computer software insures all of the evidence is presented in a uniform fashion. Get this top quality. We can convert materials like Microsoft Office files to PDF.S. It also allows everyone involved with the legal process to view a more streamlined product. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police. but in addition to protecting the public. more efficient handling of cases and big savings of time and costs. (Colors: Ash or Black)(Sizes: M. This frees me up to work other investigations. Hamilton Police Service and many other Canadian law enforcement agencies have all begun submitting case files to courts using electronic files. The materials are also safer: well-crafted passwords help prevent unauthorized people from opening and viewing materials. Attorneys don’t need to look through pages of references to make a point or tell AM Page 1 their story. Nowadays. we take evidence. • •• • • • • • • • • • •• • Excellence . create digital files of paperwork and then simply save them on a computer or hard drive.95 Outside U. more than 26 separate law enforcement agencies are now converting case documents to PDF and taking advantage of its associated security capabilities. I can build an electronic disclosure in days as opposed to the months it took when we needed to sort paper. a l m a r k n i v e s . We’re also able to help prosecutors craft a better story when they finally go to trial.except us and we need to clear them out.95 each ($31. The end results are better investigations. * • • • • • •• •• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ••• • •• • • • •• • • • . c o m • • • • • • ™ 4Ó • • • • • GET YOUR GUNS GEAR! Team GUNS T-Shirt Nobody ever had too many T-shirts. and even do the same with scanned photos and drawings using a computer scanner.

LS or SS 40% Polyester Pique/60% Combed Cotton Wicks Moisture with Features for Active Cops New! 24-7 RIP-STOP VEST 65/35 Poly Cotton Rip-Stop Full Function Cover-Up … Any Time. comfortable and rugged? Tru-Spec’s 24-7 Series is the perfect choice on-duty or off.1334 • Fx: 770.New! 24-7 RIP-STOP UNIFORM SHIRT.9414 . 65/35 Poly Cotton Rip-Stop The Smart Duty Shirt for the 21st Century 24-7 PANTS 100% Cotton or 65/35 Poly Cotton Rip-Stop Men’s and Women’s sizes Better Style. Any Place New! 24-7 SHORTS 100% Cotton or 65/35 Poly Cotton Rip-Stop Cool Enough for Work or Play www.truspec. GA 30062 • Ph: 770. LS or SS 100% Cotton It’s Real Business Casual. easy care fabrics… these multi-function garments have just the right attitude even under the toughest conditions. 24-7 New! 24-7 POLO SHIRT. • Marietta.427. Built-In Bag New! 24-7 COTTON FIELD SHIRT.427. Better 1125 Hayes Industrial Dr.800.9011 • Toll Free: 1. With a choice of two durable. super comfortable. Better Features New! 24-7 JUMPSUIT 65/35 Poly Cotton Rip-Stop Self Stores In Its Own Compact. LS or SS Looking for duty apparel that’s functional.

www.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE. In sending a letter to American COP.RETURN FIRE Continued from page 12 might contact the Outdoor Channel and see if you can get some information from them. 54 WWW.shootingusa. etc. We reserve the right to edit all published letters for clarity and length.americancopmagazine.COM • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009 . CA 92128. unless you’ve got the right ammo loaded. 12345 World Trade PRO_TIPS/JARRETT3-3/jarrett3-3. Send your letters to Return Fire. American but not the video: http://www. Due to the volume of mail. as well as being a champion shooter. Love the magazine Thanks for the link.html Jim Huff P. If you’re friends with the folks at your local wrecking yard. e-mail: ed@americancopmagazine. such copyright as is required for publishing and redistributing the contents of your letter in any format. Following is a link to his page.. SH * AMERICaN COP TM welcomes letters to the editor. Hope this helps. we are unable to individually answer your letters or e-mail.S. Todd does instruction for both the military and police.223 isn’t as endearing as you once thought it was. you agree to provide Publishers Development Corp. see if you can talk them out of a junker you can drag down to your range and shoot. You may find your . San Diego.

dependable and NASDAQ:SWHC MADE IN THE U. . Night GuardTM. these reliable revolvers are the perfect protection – no matter where you find yourself.S. Simple. See the full line of Night GuardTM revolvers at smith-wesson.Model: 386 Night GuardTM DOT TRITIUM FRONT NIGHT SIGHT Smith & Wesson’s new Night GuardTM series revolvers deliver confidence in every situation.A. Boasting lightweight scandium alloy frames in various sizes and calibers with front night sights and extreme duty rear sights.

COM • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009 . The docking cradle also features rugged. No longer will police officers be at the mercy of fallible and all too often hostile eyewitness testimony. PistolCam with its patented Auto-ON technology will automatically record up to 60 minutes of DVD quality video with sound when the officer removes his weapon from the holster. SHOtGUN BReeCHVaULt AiR-TaC OXFORD BOOts Ridge Outdoors USA. fast.gamberjohnson. Log onto www.alstechnologies. a safe and affordable solution to secure most shotguns and help prevent tampering or accidental discharge. it is designed for law enforcement officers to rapidly gain control of non-compliant It is available in blue. It has a unique air heel system that adds unsurpassed comfort. com/mv or PistolCam Inc.pistolcam. It can also be worn as your favorite trouser belt at the range. Remington and Winchester DOCKiNG CRaDLe Gamber Johnson PistOLCam PistolCam Inc. PistolCam technology promises to revolutionize policing as we know it today. For more info visit www. Featuring 100% polyester in a technical weave fabric with wicking capabilities and UPF 30+ protection. 2 million Scoville heat unit (1. voice-driven Top Cop aerosols were developed to help officers in the use of force continuum and to provide an effective and reliable less-lethal means of incapacitation. ENteRpRise VeRsiON 3 Rosetta Stone Rosetta Stone Enterprise Version 3 infuses modern technology into language learning to revolutionize the way policemen and women master new tongues. It is made with extremely tough glass-reinforced nylon for maximum durability. it recreates the instinctive language learning experience – all without translation. WWW. gold. the docking cradle features brackets that restrain either the Dell E-Port or E-Port Plus office port replicator. OC sprays have become the single most prolific less-lethal tool employed by law enforcement agencies around the and many other situations where top-quality construction and enduring comfort are important.gunvault. Offering immediate feedback. and real-life conversational simulations. and effective software at their own pace and learn with ease and convenience. Inc. office wear. Announcing two new docking cradles for the Dell E6400/E6400ATG and the Dell E6500 computers. Learn more at www. go to LIGHT ERGOPaD INNeR BeLt Tuff Products The ErgoPad 1 ¾" Inner Belt offers immediate comfort and the pad spacing pattern allows for standard size keepers. Log onto www. This black Oxford shoe is based on the popular Original AIR-TAC boot with a less aggressively designed outsole. 56 GunVault Introducing the GunVault Shotgun BreechVault.TuffProducts. ELite CCW SHiRt Woolrich The CCW two-pocket short sleeve shirt is designed for a discreet and casual street look. vivid pictures with sounds. and sage. black nylon. at www. See more at www. Designed for selfdefense. chambray. Tactical features include the Woolrich Elite Series lower front magnetic button closure and a side vent system that allow rapid access to gear worn on the to check it out. This belt redistributes your loaded belt weight from the bottom edge of your duty belt to the entire ErgoPad Inner Belt. coyote brown and olive drab. For more info contact Mobile Vision www. the unit easily inserts into the breech and locks in place with the easy-to-use key-lock system. yet will not harm the inside of the shotgun. the BreechVault allows for a round to reside in the shotgun’s carrier when locked and be quickly chambered by removing the making the firearm inoperable and virtually impossible to pry with hand tools. With a non-flammable OC formula. See more products at www.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE. exposed velcro loop. Fitting virtually all Mossberg. front and side brackets that securely restrain the computers in the cradle which is critical for any mobile users’ safety. They are ideal for bike patrols. It attaches to the cradle using brackets located at the rear of the cradle and the built-in positioning guides ensure that the port replicator is firmly seated and properly positioned to the cradle every time.L-3COM. It is fully adaptable for all tactical shotguns as well as tactical assault rifles.rosettastone. TOp COp OC SpRaY ALS Technologies Top Cop OC is a to see more.33% major capsaicin content). Program administrators can track progress while their officers engage intuitive.ridgeoutdoors. For more info. The Ridge Air-Tac boot is perfect for use where ankle support isn’t necessary. Available in exposed velcro hook.

Trijicon.” 3390 Knife/Lite Combo that includes the PM6 3320 Flashlight and a KB-1250 folding knife.decaturradar. but most importantly.511tactical. It is compact (5. See more at www. Leupold. locking zippers. 3390 KNiFe/Lite COmbO Pelican Products. it’s extremely portable and reusable — the rechargeable batteries last for up to 8 hours. Also included is a free full-size range target with alternate hands for variable threat training. Visit a non-slip textured grip. The PM6 3320 Flashlight weighs in at 3.For more information on seeing your product featured in “Spotlight. Conventional keys are stamped from mild steel and break or twist off in a handcuff. an expandable zipper for 2-1/2" bag expansion. quick-access zippered mesh top pockets and a padded base compartment and features wider sport wheels for enhanced and practicality for today’s law enforcement applications.11’s DC Roller Travel Bag is the ultimate This is old technology which works for the same reason newspaper works to clean household glass — carbon absorbs fingerprints! Trusted by optics professionals around the This is the only tool available to quickly clean the vital areas of both the bolt carrier and the bolt tail to easily keep your AR-15 family rifle operating properly. Northrop Grumman and many more. a convenient shoe/laundry bag and a removable garment bag. The unique ASP BackSet feature allows rapid location of the handcuff keyway. non-reflective black coated.” contact Delano Amaguin (888) 732-6461. Decatur’s ID-2 saves departments’ money and time. compression straps and an ID pocket add up to a functional travel bag. See more at Distinctive custom logos are available in brass. Custom logos are available with an order for 25 Guardian Keys or ASP Baton Logo Caps. T2 TaNGO TaCtiCaL ARmOR MSA MSA’s T2 Tango Tactical Armor combines reliable ballistic protection with flexibility. ID-2 Decatur Electronics The ID-2 from Decatur Electronics detects even trace amounts of methamphetamines without physical contact. The DC Roller Travel Bag measures 22x14x10. Inc.asp-net. It has exterior webbing along two sides. WWW. drop point stainless steel blade.45 oz and is perfect for all sorts of low light and blackout situations with a runtime of up to 1 hour of continuous use and a peak output 74 lumens of fierce light. Featuring a sturdy. Using optical technology. comfort. nickel silver or color fill. LeNsPeN LensPen designs and manufactures the “LensPen” line of products for cleaning highquality optics and scopes. log onto www. and a tail switch (on/off and momentary function) for easy one-handed operation. detachable. They may be die struck on request for individual agencies or divisions.lenspen. The products use a super-soft bristle retractable brush to remove dust and a unique. HaNDCUFF KeY ASP ASP Handcuff Keys can withstand the rigors of long-term duty use. It integrates the Tango cut and styling with a new drop-down front flap for easy cummerbund access. Because it is battery operated. Inside is a giant mesh pocket for folded clothes. New front-load plate pockets. patented carbon compound to remove fingerprints and skin oil. ASP Handcuff Key is hammer forged. the ID-2 can confirm an officer’s suspicion of illegal substances almost immediately. then precision machined from high strength stainless steel. Nikon. Check them out at www.11 Tactical 5. Log onto www.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE. To learn to check it out.4" long) and light (3. keeps officers safe. LensPen products are co-branded and resold under many private label names including. Check them out at www.pelican. black phosphate coated steel clip for easy transport. 57 . DC ROLLeR TRaveL BaG 5. Each key is heat treated for strength and finished in one of five attractive coatings. and 100% corrosion resistance for severe outdoor conditions. The KB-1250 folding knife has a 4. and choice of sizes and plates provide law enforcement officers with versatile and comfortable Introducing the “tactical-style.magna-matic.COM CRT-15 Magna-Matic Corporation The CRT-15 is a revolutionary new tool for carbon removal from the bolt carrier and bolt tail of AR-15 family rifles. It has hardened steel precision construction for long lasting quality. anti-skid shoulder weapon stabilization. Reinforced edges. ASP Logo Keys feature premium quality die struck medallions and full color State Seals.5". a padded front pocket. Cabelas.2 oz).

Any duty of the breed in my world is the long-gun should be equipped with a sling. the gun was often left in the LEO vehicle instead of being deployed.REALITY ChECK II COUNSEL. which has reduced heavy recoil yet at the same time increased effective pattern potential. There is. CLINT SMITh VANG COMP’S T he modern era of law enforcement firearms is pretty much geared to semi-auto pistols and semi-automatic rifles often based on the AR platform. Bluntly.COM • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009 . For these unfortunate and easily remedied reasons. Vang 58 WWW. EXPENDED ENERGY that’ll physically remove pieces and parts on impact. some of you weren’t even a sparkle in your parents eyes yet. Remington 870. due in part to ammunition. That said. The naysayers complained about the heavy recoil. I like the 870 and particularly my old one I’ve had since 1977. Other weapons systems are effective. Over the last decade the quality and effectiveness of the shotgun has greatly improved by the production of tactical ammunition. Robbie Barrkman did the cool stuff of the era — Williams rear sights and Robbie’s homegrown front sight combined with his Robar finish — all of which were of high quality. sightaction shotguns.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE. guess I’ve known Hans Vang for more than ten years and in that time he’s always asked me about building or working up a shotgun for me. The advent of copper plating on pellets. applying them as a cop and my personal work with the gun. The other problem for many people was improper stock fit — length of pull — too much distance between the trigger and stock butt. WISDOM. still a place — and many applications — for the police shotgun. Historically the shotgun — although admired by many — was still held in disdain by some in the law enforcement arena. So as to not start WWIII. With the Robar work and a Milt Sparks butt cuff I used the old gun for three decades both as a cop and as a private citizen. length of car) than the shotgun. This shotgun went through much of the “combat transition upgrades” while I was working at Gunsite circa 1980-1983. there are other types and they’re often good gear — and your personal choice — so all the other quality shotgun stuff is duly noted. translating to a harder kick. I just sort of I Meet Mr. as well as gun operating systems. After leaving Arizona I taught quite a few shotgun courses using the information gleaned from seeing shotguns at work in Vietnam. however. GUIDANCE AND TEAChING. but no gun is better at short range. has created a whole new perspective of the defensive shotgun. (inside a room. Being old and old-fashioned — another way of saying I like stuff that works — I still like pump Note the addition of the light-rail. Vang’s tank-tough rear sight offers easy adjustability and a bold sight picture. And the best rail and sidesaddle shell holder. If used in these short ranges — and hits are placed on target — it’s one of the very few guns SHOTGUN WIZARDRY A lthough many of you consider me to be a strictly rifle guy — I do admit to putting a lot of my energy into rifles — I still have a warm spot in my heart or soft spot in my head for the shotgun. better wad systems and improved choke systems in the barrels themselves.

Last January I saw Hans at the SHOT Show and he was poking fun at me about how I never used his shotguns — so realizing I’d been using the same old gun for almost twenty years — I asked Hans if he would please work on my old 870 from old days gone by. but when I got it back from Hans it was a great shotgun. Part of this Vang upgrade to my old shotgun was done with the thought that most police departments are small and almost all departments have limited budgets. SureFire.2299 P. The Vang mounted short stock is absolutely great to shoot. Slinging the shotgun is possible by the addition of the strong mount forward and a rear stock affixed swivel.COM 888. I can and do recommend the Vang Comp Shop to anyone who needs to bring an old shotgun back to life — it worked on mine. which is of course. Call Toll-Free Old Meets Hans The Vang Comp shop completely rebuilt my old 870 transforming it into current.S. which is a compliment especially with my eyes. Choked and set up with the recoil reduction porting the barrel is topped with a set of very effective front sights.americanhandgunner.vangcomp.Vang turned Clint’s sow’sear 870 into a modern. Vang has an excellent short stock to reduce the damnable long length of pull issue. It’s always been a pretty good shotgun. The gun has a large safety button and the current style sidesaddle for extra ammunition. if it was needed. CA 92150-2610 his high quality magazine extension tube on my gun — that’s weird for me as I’ve never owned a shotgun with a magazine extension tube — but it works flawlessly and it’s good to have extra ammo on board. Order at www. House Ad Order Your 1/2 vertical Copy While A LOOK INSIDE: • Pistol or Rifle? • Everyday Practice • Robotic Targets • Hand-Cannons ONLY $9. especially when it comes to buying new guns. which were mounted to include a front sight dot that’s just short of softball diameter. The rear sight’s outstanding with a strong base — has easy adjustment capabilities — and all this is set to a short rail for maybe adding something like an Aimpoint T-1 sight. Box 502610 • San Diego.3 p. The forearm has a 1913 type tri-rail to which I added a SureFire X-300 to address any illumination issues.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE. an industry gold standard.O. PST * For more info: Vang Comp Systems.m. Hans put WWW.m. www. $17.95 (outside U. The barrel was done to Hans’ specs.95) Supplies Last! used the gun I had — it seemed to do everything I guess I ever needed. state of the art for old-made-new pump shotguns. . www. Mon-Fri 9 59 . With the lack of funding today the option of dealing with the Vang Comp Shop makes for a platform that any officer or agency may be able upgrade currently owned shotguns. fighting For the youngsters the big sight is the perfect answer for low-light and moving target problems often encountered by LEOs today.732.


360-degree views and notations can be made. The host and mobile computers then transmit the data between the two. windows. Viewpoint Command Systems. ductwork. www. You can throw in your $5 (or more) by visiting my NLEOMF Web page: http://www. While en route to a call. You see where the doors are. by adding contemporaneous notations and warnings it became complete and the cops “discovered” it. i. In addition.lojack.vpcmdsys. More software is installed on each mobile computer along with a copy of the database from the host. * For more info: PIPS Technology. Its ability to store additional information — like entrances and exits. Nuts And Bolts The software and database — usually stored on the station’s servers — contains all of the up-to-date building and floor they could study the floor plan of a building to determine where hazardous materials and other dangers were located. a segment or just a single floor of a multiple story building. www. And because PrePlan View is displayed in 3D. com/jamesdonahue. Added to that is information gleaned from prior calls for service and known dangers within the structure. color-coded and even made to flash or sound audible alerts — indicating high danger levels. Then.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE. what direction they swing and if they can be opened from both sides. you can add digital pictures. pipstechnology.FUTURE-TECH Continued from page 43 system being used by firefighters — they could make firefighting plans for a structure in advance and keep them on file. A Closing Thought The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial needs financial support from all of Think of it like chipping in your share of the beer bill at the end of the shift. LoJack Safetynet. A community can build their own database or Viewpoint will do it for them for a fee. Information entered into a mobile computer can later be uploaded to the server and made available to all system users. The amount of information available to a responder is only limited by the individuals using the system. www. hazardous materials. it allows you to look at an entire building.e. information from the building department and the fire inspector’s files. plumbing and electrical systems — improved its value. The database combines all existing information on file about each commercial location: floor plans and/or site plans.COM 61 WWW.


While 218 says only that you can carry if you don’t have a Federal bar to firearms ownership — such as a felony or domestic violence conviction — these limitations will. if you have to use that gun. your state or agency may have other limitations controlling who can carry — such as in Illinois.45 caliber (. know in advance what they are. however. Florida’s Department of Law Enforcement suggests this requires doing a criminal background check on the person to 63 . does not appear to make these internal policies binding on whether or not an out-of-state officer can carry. you can’t expect a cop to know 50 separate ID’s well enough to tell at a glance if one is fake. Traveling out-of-state on 218. you don’t want the ensuing lawsuit to reveal you were breaking your agency rules. such as Atlanta PD.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE. they still allow the states some authority to control who does what on their watch.380 and . for example. Another example is Tennessee. which reads “authorized to carry” only to include those officers who are authorized to carry off-duty. Clause — Not Santa Claus Effectively. and many agencies use this provision to limit what they want you carrying. you may not be aware of what standards you’ll be held to. local and state laws are what they are — and unless you really want to be a test case — following them is non-optional.HR 218 Continued from page 45 “authorized by the agency” to carry a firearm. likely slide in under the agency authorization clause. WWW.COM Other than limitations on the type of weapon you may carry. the “authorized by the agency” clause means that. Tennessee’s Department of Public Safety limits the weapon carried to a pistol between . however. but what you must do in order to be a law enforcement officer. stipulate officers may only carry their duty weapon. HR 218. however. You will. and the officer must carry the same weapon he qualified with. Not only is it possible you could get fired or have your certification yanked for carrying a weapon that violates agency policy. New Jersey. Although this interpretation may not seem to follow the intent of 218. which excludes people who have DUI convictions within a certain time period. The great caveat of out-of-state travel is your status under 218 will be subject to verification. however. again. where you’re required to have a Firearms Owner Identification card — or California. There’s no standardized ID for law enforcement officers. with a capacity of five rounds or more and a barrel length of 6" or less. What this verification will involve. Even if every state had a uniform ID card for officers meeting the 218 criteria.44 Magnum excluded). where the question is not what you must do to be able to own a gun under Federal law. although the Federal government has overshadowed state law on concealed carry. will vary tremendously from state to state. which means it’s theoretically possible to be in violation of your agency’s policy and yet still be in compliance with Federal law — a theory that should remain the topic of academic discussion only — by the way. has strongly discouraged agencies from allowing off-duty officers to carry their duty weapon out of state — while some agencies. They’ve got to verify whatever credentials you present to them. One county in Kansas won’t let you qualify with an ankle or shoulder holster.


The fight’s not over. * 65 . there needs to be a uniform way to determine if someone is an active or retired peace officer. seems like the obvious solution. But don’t get complacent. specifically those who retired due to a serviceconnected disability. Every officer should be grateful to have 218 in place. and they can’t forget the retired officers who have literally given their lives — one shift at a time — to protect and serve. have a right to benefits. or very large agencies. And some WWW.R.COM agencies refuse to open their ranges to retired officers. such as an NCIC entry. or an accessible entry on an officer’s POST transcript. which is simply shameful. until you consider officers in very small jurisdictions. and have qualified in the previous year with whatever type of weapon he’s carrying — none of which require a law to be passed. verification means detaining you and seizing your weapon until you can be checked out with your home agency. There’s a lot of work left to be done before HR 218 accomplishes its goal of allowing law enforcement officers the right to protect themselves in the way they best see fit. wherever they may be. and the dispatcher they call to verify your status has only been there for six months? Also. whose agencies may not be open for business at the time they’re detained. If you’d like to read the entire content of HR 218. in New York. is the provision you may not carry if you’re under the influence of alcohol or any z?d108:H. Retirement Made Difficult The problem is compounded for retired officers carrying under 218 — what if you’ve been retired for two years. A final concern about 218 that may be uniquely applicable to retired officers. Michael Giugliano.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.loc. here is the link: http:// thomas. Even in those states that take HR 218 as written. the information should be available — but still. A database approach. PhD. APD. Yes.218: Special thanks to Sgt. some still believe separate qualification standards need to be set — instead of simply having the officers shoot the qualification course their agency requires for active officers — which is what 218 specifies. In reality. Even in those states that have implemented it. or have suffered a service-connected disability.determine if they’re Federally barred from possessing a weapon — a question that can usually be answered by a quick check on NCIC — but in some cases. may require weeks to answer. getting the written credentials may be difficult for retired officers. The problem is you can be under the influence of a lot more than alcohol. According to one NYPD memo. Some states such as Wisconsin — which has yet to do it — are of the opinion they need to create their own laws in order to classify which retired officers are eligible under 218. The states and agencies that haven’t chosen to implement it need to. who may have so many officers their dispatch can’t identify them at a moment’s notice. all that’s required is the officer retired in good standing with 15 years under his belt. This seems reasonable enough. and if you take prescription medication — particularly pain meds — you may be prohibited from carrying while you’re taking them. and Chris Coulter. Everyone with a brain knows carrying while drunk is stupid — and in many places illegal.


This contest is open to individuals who are residents of the United States and its territories only. X5.75" Drop at comb: 0. The side-focus parallax adjustment allows fast. STATE. Box 501930. Agents and employees of Publisher’s Development Corporation and their families are excluded from entering. P P. Send to AMERICAN COP Dept. You can also enter on our Web site Photos: Joe Novelozo TO ENTER CONTEST: Use a postcard (no envelopes. for excellent target definition — even in low light. 4 oz. Overall Length: 43. The 24" medium-heavy fluted match grad barrel. matte-black stock with stippled texture and a clean-breaking 3. The rangefinding reticle magnifies along with the image. allowing range estimation at all magnifications. CA 92150-1930.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE. The Kimber Model 84M LPT (Light Police Tactical) rifle has a family history of unparalleled accuracy based on Kimber’s lightweight hunting rifle family. A rifle without sights is just a piece of steel and wood so we’ve added Leupold’s stunning Mark 4 LR/T www. ZIP____________ EMAIL ADDRESS _______________________ IF I WIN.kimberamerica. Taxes and compliance with firearms regulations will be the responsibility of the winners.WIN THIS PRECISION RIFLE COM BO! ew things can solve a problem as handily as a well-placed precision rifle shot.leupold. ZIP____________ PHONE ( ) ____ . 2009. and this appealing Kimber/Leupold combination of precision rifle and long range scope is a “perfect” package in any officer’s book. COP SEPT/OCT 2009: NAME ___________________________________ ADDRESS _____________ CITY.25" Drop at heel: 1. having the right tool is critical. please) and answer the three questions on the left and follow the sample shown on the right. And that 30mm main-tube is brawny and tough! F RIFLE SPECS: Kimber Model 84M LPT .5 pound (adjustable) trigger builds the foundation for this superior Weight: 8 lbs. Limit 1 entry per household.25" Match-grade chamber Finish: Matte blue Mauser claw-type extractor Magazine Capacity: 6 Pillar bedding Glass bedding Safety: 3-position Model 70-type Mil-Spec Picatinny rail Adjustable trigger www.americancopmagazine. Leupold’s “Index Matched Lens System” delivers unsurpassed sharpness across the visual field. easy parallax focusing from 75 yards to infinity — important for close urban-environment shots.COM 67 . STATE.5-10x40mm M1 scope. PLEASE SHIP MY PRIZE THROUGH: Sample STORE HOURS __ AM __ PM DEALER ___________________________________ ADDRESS _____________ CITY. San Diego. Contest void where prohibited or restricted by law. Entries must be received before November 1. brightness and contrast. Winners must meet all local laws and regulations.O. Winners will be notified by CERTIFIED MAIL on official letterhead. No purchase necessary to enter.________ WWW. laminated hardwood.

our new and unique series of high capacity flush-fit pistol magazines. Inc.40S&W 13rd / 15rd Mec-Gar USA. Inc. Hornady Insight Tech Gear Insight Tech Gear Iosso Products Kahr Arms Kimber LA Police Gear M4 Carbine. Middletown. Inc. Mossberg MTM Molded Products Officerstore Original SWAT 14 29 7 11 33 54 61 72 2 54 25 27 68 23 33 8 3 The companies listed have featured advertisements in this issue.mec-gar.40S&W 13rd / 15rd Springfield XD 9mm 18rd Springfield XD . “Plus Two” is a new set of hollow butt-plate and inner base to raise the capacity of the MEC-GAR “Optimum” magazine by 2-rounds and stick out only 5/8” from the butt of the pistol! Available For: Beretta 92FS 9mm 18rd / 20rd Beretta 96FS .AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE. ProMag Industries Revision Eyewear Rick Hinderer Knives Ridge Outdoors USA.. Inc. Maxpedition Mec Gar USA. The new design of the magazine housing and interlinked magazine components.. The increased firepower of MEC-GAR “Optimum” magazines can be further raised by an optional “Plus Two” adapter.40S&W 13rd / 15rd Para-Ordnance P14 . THE WORLD’S BEST MAGAZINES INDEX Al Mar Knives ALS Technologies Benchmade BLACKHAWK! Bushnell Copquest CorBon/Glaser Crimson Trace CrossBreed Holsters LLC Cylinder & “OPTIMUM”. Elite Operator Elite Sports Express FNH USA Galco Gunleather 68 OF ADVERTISERS 52 16 15 13 16 6 12 62 50 65 48 12 48 21 9 21 GETAC Glock. DeSantis Holster D. Inc. LLC Magpul Industries Corp.M.40S&W 13rd Taurus PT92 9mm 18rd / 20rd Taurus PT100 . CT 06457 Tel: (800) 632-4271 Fax: (860) 635-1712 www.P.45ACP 14rd SIG P226 9mm 18rd / 20rd SIG P226 .COM • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009 . together with a special Anti-Friction Coating offer far superior performance even in difficult operational environments. Rock River Arms Savage Arms Shooter’s Choice SIG SAUER Smith & Wesson Springfield Armory SureFire TOPS KNIVES Trijicon Tru Spec Tuff Products Wolf and the Sheepdog XS Sights 52 19 23 17 31 62 68 51 55 71 49 50 10 53 11 6 63 WWW..S. 905 Middle Street.World’s Finest Magazines MEC-GAR is proud to offer “Optimum” . Look to them first when you are ready to make a purchase.

And the funny thing? There was no blood bath in sight. The MOLLE-compatible pouches can be pre-stuffed with goodies and retrieved with a quick release belt system. Around $45 — cheap. unless you’re a felon or a loon) to carry a gun in a holster on their belt. not the issue. To ensure I would have a voice I filed an Employee Grievance. Arizona is an “open carry” spent years working a crash car handling fatal accidents. We tried the cutters and they worked great. it seemed perfectly normal and safe. No mention of age and nothing to indicate when you must receive your benefits. My family’s and my safety meant absolutely nothing to them — for the next five years.COM 69 . it has bright LED lights. PERCENTAGE OF HOUSEHOLDS WITH GUNS. breakoutsafetytools. This is a must-have-it for street cops. W SIGN OF THE TIMES Boyt Bag I B oyt’s Tactical Shotgun Case with their “Ammo Management System” provides a nifty place to store your shotgun. who’d start anything? Robert Heinlein said. My take on it is the only thing being deferred is receipt of my benefits — I’ve satisfied the requirements of HR 218. “An armed society is a polite society” and maybe he had a point there. when I start drawing my pension. But here’s what you need to be aware of — HR 218 is not about age — it’s a simple federal law with a three-prong test: 1: You must retire in good standing. Some victims were simply stuck in their seats due to a locked-up seat belt but had no way to cut themselves out. NUMBER OF STATES WITH RIGHT-TO-CARRY LAWS. 18. It fits guns with up to 20" barrels. I left with no legal ability to carry a concealed gun as a retired cop. although I think suicide might have been a better option — it’s all about the process. As a matter of fact. I’ll let you know how it turns out.5 MILLION 48 as at the NRA show recently in Phoenix and was greeted by this sign as we entered the trade show — and it stopped us in our tracks. 3: You must have a non-forfeitable right to benefits under the agency’s retirement plan. And damn if we didn’t see armed citizens on the trade show floor. felony drunk driver crashes and other messy things. What if their car had been on fire? The BreakOut Safety tool should be in all cop cars and your personal vehicle too. www. Huh? allowing citizens who are legally allowed to own firearms (about everyone. I mean. It’s SDPD’s belief I’m not officially retired until 50. NUMBER OF HUNTERS IN THE US. Tanktough and with a built-in visor clip. It’s easy to find and hold. www. 80 MILLION OVER 200 MILLION 45 NUMBER OF FIREARMS IN THE US. what the hell just happened? The chief wasn’t available for a quick meeting on the subject and I was terrified my concerns wouldn’t be heard once I burned up my terminal leave (remaining comp and vacation time). (217) 283-7067 BreakOut Safety Tool * WWW. desert tan or digital camo for around $110. green. One thing that always stuck in my mind was the fact how un-prepared the vast majority of people (cops included) are when it comes to busting out of a crashed car. in the open.boytharness. window smashing points and seat-belt cutters. 2: Before you retired you must have been a law enforcement officer for 15 years or more. INSIDERRUMINATIONS DOING THE NUMBERS NUMBER OF GUN OWNERS IN THE US.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE. like I’d been kicked and stomped on. and is available in black.INSIDERRUMINATIONS Continued from page 70 sick. I’m still in the grievance process and am figuring I’ll have to file suit so a court can define “deferred retirement” in relation to the working of HR 218. simply that you have a right to the benefits. in the lobby and on the street. and comes with modular organization to hold all your widgets. easy to use and lights the way.

” I’m surprised he didn’t pin a scarlet the politics. I was fed up with my career and life being affected by no sympathy cards please — this is a scratch-yourthe village idiots. Young decision and would be and full of piss damn-near 45 when I reand vinegar. December of It was time to pull the plug. and I was of how long I’d be a keenly aware I would not cop or how old I’d start drawing my pension be when I retired. toll on me — work. my life just to net a slightly Hired in higher retirement percentage.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE. Damnit. “You’re not 50 and are therefore In 2007 I’d been a Traffic Detective for about two years resigning. that alone was a scary head. I knew and contracted Suzi’s gun I’d be “vested” after 10 my pension and stays in the short years. you need to get going on some the department the day I left indicated a Deferred Retirement. long-range plans!” By then the SDPD had implemented On that very day — cue needle scratch across the Girl DROP (Deferred Retirement Option Plan). No need for a box of tissues and on. time flies when you’re having fun — my benefits — I was led to believe this was just like next thing I know I’m looking at the 40-year old in the a standard service retirement. we were involved in a tials. Hell. was taken away and replaced with the pink. but wouldn’t health benefits. no-shitter. there was talk they were going to pull detectives from INSIDERRUMINATIONS Continued on page 69 their jobs and put them back into the field and the list went REtIREd — But No Gun? INSIDERRUMINATIONS 70 WWW. Resignation No thanks. but that meant I’d From Iponema record — the deferred retirement exit sheet be working until 55 in order to gain the maximum benefit. as a whole wasn’t fun anymore. I gave tired in 2008. You won’t be eligible for your retired badge and and was quite comfortable with and enjoyed the work. The guy in Human Resources — fancy term healthy enough to do something completely different. until age 50.SUZI HUNTINGTON INSIDER RUMINATIONS L et me tell you a story. a not-quite absolutely no thought 23-year career. ment. I had to an incomplete implementation of HR-218. the to heal. 1985. years — 20 was the magic mark was not a locomotive — or to be able to collect at age 50. that was a locomotive at the end of the tunnel. so I thought. “Suzi. I was no longer 25. Through the process of Retirement was just a far away hazy arranging my exit — a deferred retirethought of old age. for Personnel — told me. retirement was I gave my notices somewhat of a foreign at work. I was made to feel my years of mirror. talked word. I was barely I was 44 when I made the 22 years old. the longer it takes former agency. The What started out to be a really great day was now turning into good old SDPD had imposed salary take-aways in the form a nightmare. it me. games and city shenanigans were taking their “Q” on my shirt for all to see — I was now labeled a quitter. but still tall and skinny. I already had chronic neck throughout my life and tilted with and shoulder pain from injuries sustained more than my share of windmills during previous violent encounters — during my tenure with my the older you get. I’d rather retire earlier and still be young and exit sheet. what-are-they-thinking story about thought. safe — she’s not worthy of carrying it — be able to collect until age The proverbial light according to her neer-do55 with anything less than 20 at the end of the tunnel well former agency. be brutally honest with myself and my ability to hold I’ve always been a bit of a Don Quixote my own in a fight. Eighteen years of police work had come and gone service were appreciated by the administration and they valued and that retirement-word was no longer a distant thought. because I was deferring the receipt of Man. couple of lawsuits against the city over pay and benefit isWhen all was said and done at the end of my last day. I knew I’d be with the retireearning a retirement but ment planners that was about it. Pushing a beat car. I wasn’t willing to risk San Diego Police needing a drool-cup the rest of Department. worst of all I wouldn’t get my HR 218 credenof higher retirement contributions.COM • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009 . All the paperwork I had been filling out and presented to was screaming at me. but ID card until you’re 50. I felt sues.


NY 10705 Information is also available at (800) 880-2418 ©2009 Kimber Mfg.45 ACP has a 5-inch barrel and weighs only 31 ounces.. 252 One Lawton Street. At just 28 ounces. Carry a Kimber. chamber and trigger. products and services may be the property of their respective owners. logos and other trademarks may not be used without permission.Ultra CDP II™ pistols in .45 ACP & 9mm have 3-inch barrels & weigh just 25 ounces. CDP pistols are powerful. Built in the . CDP pistols feature match grade barrels. Names of other companies. night sights and a Carry Melt treatment that rounds & blends edges to prevent snagging on clothing or holsters. Inc. See them in action at www. Dept. The Pro CDP II™ . All rights reserved. www. . All have a match grade barrel. The Custom Defense Package–CDP–from Kimber. they feature night sights and 30 lines-per-inch Kimber® Custom Shop™ checkering on the frontstrap and under the trigger guard for a positive grip. It is the finest full-size 1911 carry pistol available today.45 ACP has a 4-inch barrel and full-length grip. The Custom CDP II™. Adding these features during production reduces their price by over $500. Copy of instruction manual available by request.kimberamerica. accurate and absolutely dependable. giving them incredible value. it is easy to carry & conceal. Carry the best. Slides are machined from stainless steel and aluminum frames wear KimPro II™ a premium finish that is self-lubricating and extremely resistant to the For information on products and dealer locations please send $2 to: Kimber.kimberamerica. The Best Defense. . Kimber firearms are shipped with an instructional manual and California-approved cable lock. Kimber names. The Choice of America’s Best.