Taking Back a Free America

Common Sense II:

Common Sense II: Taking Back a Free America Produced by Phoenix Rising Studios Written by Don LaRoche and JJ Jackson First Published Jan. 2014 Follow the Revolution at www.youtube.com/freshnewideas We encourage you to make copies of this booklet and pass them out to everyone you know. Together, we can spread the word and start the revolution.

“Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one.”
The words of Thomas Paine opened a door that, up to that time, had never been opened. However, after a time, doors can get closed. We soon forget the grand ideas of freedom and settle for less. There comes a time when the needs of the many must outweigh the wants of the few elite, when the corrupt must answer for the misuse of resources that belong to all humans. Over 230 years ago, we, as a people, set out to free each other from tyranny, and the oppression of our English ancestors. We now find ourselves in the same boat in which we sailed from all those years ago. This time, however, there is no more land to steal, nor resources to plunder. Instead of a king’s pride being the cause of mankind’s confusion, it is a need for more that is taking away the true meaning of life. No matter what our personal beliefs are, we must take and use the truth given to us in the Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” All humans that walk on this planet are and should be completely equal. This means that no man or woman should be allowed to degrade any human in any way. Life and all that it holds should cost nothing more than the work it takes to produce the things we need. We came together for our first American Revolution to set out with the ideals of true freedom and democracy. However, today we are still searching for these ideals as a country and the time is now to honor what we started and have a Revolution of a New Generation to instill true freedom and democracy 1 into our society for all.

There has never been a time in history where such a small number of people own such a vast amount of this planet. The huge divide between rich and poor continues to grow larger, and those who seek to further the divide are pushing stronger for more psychological division, as well, to help distract us from realizing what we’re capable of as citizens. We’re bombarded everyday with fear tactics aimed at distrusting our neighbors and the rest of the world. Our society has sectioned-off and plundered from coast-to-coast in this power struggle game we’ve allowed our authority figures to impose on us all. With nowhere to run and nothing to take, we as humans find ourselves at an impasse. Do we lay down and let our hard work only make others’ lives better? Do we stand and fight? Or, do we do what we have never done before and stop playing out this very well-planned game? If the choice be to lay down, then we will see nothing change. If the choice is to stand and fight, in the end it is only us citizens that will be hurt or defeated. If the choice be to stop playing the games, then we would find ourselves finally taking a step forward, a step into change and not the fake change that you always hear politicians go on about, but real change that helps move humanity onward. In a time where change is always happening, we see how working together empowers us as a people. If we are divided, nothing gets done, but together we are too powerful to be stopped. The power structures throughout time have known and used this fact to control the herd of humanity, stirring the direction of our thoughts like children and handing us our addictions so we go like moths to the flame. Pleasure before stability, tomorrow before today, mine before yours, greed before giving - some say these are the actions of a modern society. Or... they are the actions of a people that have never been shown another form of human interaction. Society teaches us it is more life enhancing if we only focus on the self, but if we open up and realize our everyday situations, we find that selfishness is killing us slowly with hands wrapped around our throats,


hands covered in silk gloves so we almost enjoy our last breath being taken from our flailing, sun-dried bone bags. In American culture, we are conditioned to believe that the personal quest of each citizen is to develop their individuality. This is a noble venture but our perception of this individuality has been tainted from decades of indoctrination and societal pressures. We now quest for individuality at all costs and what we end up seeking turns out not to be individuality but separation and difference for the sake of difference. The Dalai Lama has said that if we only focus on our differences, then we will prevent ourselves from making the inspiring connections with other people that drive our development, not only as individuals but as a whole society. Each one of us is a beautiful, unique person, each with his or her own special talents, skills and perceptive abilities. However, when we think of our fellow humans who walk this planet with us, we should be thinking of them in terms of how we are similar and connected. This doesn’t mean that we should strive to be the same as everyone else. It means that by celebrating what we share with each other, we see that we all have the same feelings, fears, wishes, and dreams. We see that we are all searching for the same thing in life - fulfillment. By understanding and embracing that we all share each other’s souls as we walk through this life, we embrace each other as we walk along the way, helping and guiding each other as we seek fulfillment. We are made to believe that any attempt to try and better ourselves and our society through our own means, and live out our own true happiness, will always fail. We allow ourselves to be convinced that there only exists certain pathways to success and freedom. In our society, it is common to hear the words: “If I could only make so much money, then I could be free.” Or, “As soon as I retire, then I can do whatever I want.” This shows a mindset that believes there is a certain path to success and happiness in life. In America today, this path typically consists of graduating high school and college, then finding a full-time job in the workforce. And many times our career


choices come down to whatever job makes the most money, because that is what we’ve been conditioned to believe brings peace and happiness. We are attracted to high-income career pursuits because we’ve built a society that revolves around money so immensely. This money-driven society brings more torment than fulfillment. There is never a more potent time than now to take control over our own lives and create a society that provides us fulfillment rather than torment. Everyday, we wake up to a vibrant, responsive world waiting to bring our dreams and wishes into creation. Unfortunately, years of imbedded negativity inside our society have white-washed and narrowed our perceptions of what it means to truly be free and what is truly possible inside a free society. Being citizens born in the free country of America, we come into this world with the opportunity at true freedom, the freedom to create lives that fulfill us, bring us joy and help us progress as conscious, intelligent, vibrant living beings. However, from the moment we come into this world we also are being bombarded by perspectives and interpretations about our society that paint a picture of discarded dreams and hopeless aspirations. Our whole childhood is filled with authority figures telling us that life is hard and that we must find a job that pays a lot (no matter what hours we have to work) or we are going to fail in society and never make anything of our lives. Throughout growing up, money becomes the object of desire and social status becomes the benchmark of success. What do these material aspects tell us about life? Nothing. Having all the money in the world or being the most powerful person isn’t going to bring any spiritual fulfillment or joy from life. Money is just meaningless material to which we give a lot of meaning. It’s just a tool. The folly comes when the pursuit of money becomes the only reason for living. This endless and painful pursuit of wealth and


power gets us nowhere in life and contributes to the divide happening between all us humans. Life is abundant and responsive to the wishes of every individual. What else are we to assume about life other than it is anything less than abundant? If we believe that life is empty and that it will never bring us hope and fulfillment, then that is exactly what we will get out of life. Trust in life and what you need will come to you. Throughout America’s history, the quest for wealth and power has driven and forced us to complete tasks that are pointless at best. Now, joy is gone. Happiness is a joke. Love is only good if it gets us something. Our free government, “of the people,” is ran by rich fat cats that have no idea of what it is to be a real American. They have never worked, pouring sweat, hardly able to stand at the end of a long work day. They have no worries of paying their bills or putting food into the mouths of their hungry children. These supposed leaders of the world are guilty of crimes against humanity. They use us as livestock. Owned is what we are. Our government has not done anything for us as a people since the start of this country. This country was founded by a bunch of rich land owners that didn’t want to pay their taxes anymore. So, instead of making it about those rich men with rich problems, they made the issue all of ours. They wrote two of the smartest documents ever produced so that all men and women would get on-board. Somewhere along the line our country lost sight of true freedom and democracy. As soon as our forefathers got what they wanted, they imported more slaves than anywhere ever before then and made a nice picture of victory and the birth of something new - but it was all smoke-and-mirrors. The elite will only ever take care of their own. They see the rest of us as below them. They see and use us as mere foot stools, something to help them become more while we become less - furthering the divide between us all. This is the manner in which this whole nation has been built - this nation, which is supposed to have been the greatest in the world.


Let’s look at what has been done in the name of this nation. We started by forcing an entire culture of people from their homes, thousands of miles from these shores, packed them into boats one of top of the other so they could get as many of them here at once. Then, we started stealing land, killing and lying to the people who really owned this place. We came here for freedom, expression and to believe what we wanted. However, early Americans burned women guilty of nothing and forced towns to their wills. We pushed on with no thought of the people who this land belonged to. We killed their women and children, burned their land and we called them savages. We killed anything that got in the way, including a whole herd of over 60 million buffalo - food that could feed the entire world and we killed almost every last one. Then, we fight a war to end slavery and we start killing each other in such large numbers over nothing besides the rich wanting more and not wanting to do the real work it takes to raise up oneself. These actions are not that of free men but are the actions of monsters and mass murderers. Anyone that would kill a woman and child for money or power has no right to offer any leadership or ownership of anything at all. Under this flag, more innocent people have died for nothing more than someone else making money off their dead boys. “In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems, for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same.” Einstein’s words are powerful here. He states all issues are the same when it comes to dealing with humans. This truth should hit us hard because our own government leaves hundreds of thousands of people to suffer and die because they have no food, medical care, no shelter and no education. This is what we send innocent young men and women to die for on foreign shores for nothing. The misguided call it freedom. The aware call it profiteering off the misery of the humans that do the real work. For real Americans, there’s only work, there is


no BMW, no home in the Hamptons. For most Americans, there’s no vacation or any form of break from the unending work. Forty to 60 hours a week, 52 weeks a year - for what? What does all that work get us? What does that work do for the whole of humanity? We wake up with the whole history of our society constantly hanging in the backs of our minds. We watch as past generations have attempted to bring mass change, only to see glorified interpretations of failure. But every generation that has strived to better our world leaves remnants of their passions with us today. We watch as the rest of the world wakes up and fills the streets. Revolution MUST happen. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time-to-time and America seems to be the only one who didn’t get the memo. World War III is on all of our plates. It is a meal every human on Earth will share. Please, never forget Einstein’s words, “I don’t know what weapons World War III will be fought with, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” Every human on this planet knows that statement is filled with truth that should haunt us. It should make us angry that the elite have more than they could ever need, but still find a way to put us and all we love in death’s path. They don’t listen when we say, “NO.” This whole nation is ran without the consent of its people. What do our taxes really go toward? We watch as our families die one-by-one and only because they were too poor for good treatment. Millions go without health insurance, food and education, and have nowhere and no one with which to turn. Do you think that matters to anyone in our government? Of course not. The more poor people who die is less of an issue for them, so if anything, these rich people want us dead, they need us dead! The IRS is only there to steal from our pockets. The FBI, CIA, NSA, FEMA, and all of the other government agencies are here only to steal our freedoms and keep us in-line. The Federal Reserve and its crony banks are only here to enslave us financially and profit off the self-imposed debt system. Godzilla-


sized, conglomerate corporations and their lobbyists and political interest groups are only here to divide, profit and conquer. And a few select families, and their cohorts, control all these confusing groups in this myriad of corruption, blinding us citizens to what we are capable of if we work together. We are a broken nation of broken people, filled with broken promises built on lies and deceit. We long for the day when this is not true, a day when our nation is not broken but stronger and filled with more hope than hatred and fear. A day when we are not a broken people but a people that walk with one another and laugh, eat, share, and be one strong, unmovable collective of people, instead of illogical people that work against each other. A day when all of the promises of “we the people” are kept and upheld. A day where life and liberty are given instead of stolen. A day where we break down the foundation that was built on lies and deceit. And on this day, we will rebuild a new foundation - one that is built on truth, honesty and respect for all. A day where instead of hating, we love all that is for no other reason than to love. “Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it.” Love can free us. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. knew this and saw it clearer than anyone had before him. He had a true dream of all of us living together and our government killed him for his dream. How can you have freedom when you kill the real leaders? All the misinformation given to us by mainstream media entertainment is contributing to the apathy of our country and blinding us to our true potential as a group. We feel empty because we have no creative and spiritual fulfillment from life. We have no fulfillment because our attention is focused on accomplishing things that have no benefit to us and only serve to maintain the status quo. Why do you think reality TV is the “in” thing, now? We aren’t satisfied with the reality we find ourselves in every day, so we strive to escape this reality through mindless entertainment. We need to ask ourselves why


we aren’t happy with this reality. Why is it that some of us feel like it’s worthless just to get out of bed in the morning? Why is it that our prisons are on a perpetual overload? Why is it that we are still involved in unjust wars and foreign occupations? Why is the divorce rate at an all-time high? Why is the average work week increasing while compensation has barely inched forward? WHY AREN’T WE HAPPY?!! Happiness is what life’s about. If we aren’t happy, what are we going to do about it? Are we going to strive to make our lives and our world better for us all, or are we going to sit back and let apathy control our decisions until we find ourselves lying on our death beds completely unsatisfied with the lives we’ve led? Apathy is the worse disease that afflicts the people of this country. But in all reality, with the prison, pharmaceutical and military industries exponentially growing, and less people trusting in their government and fellow citizens - why shouldn’t people be apathetic? How are we expected to thrive or even enjoy life when we’re thrust into a life of domination? From the moment we’re born, we’re thrown into a world that is constantly classifying and judging humanity and the ways in which we live. Everyday, we have the chance to be reminded of how we’re not good enough or how afraid we should be of our neighbors. But if we shift our perspective, we see that each day also presents the chance to witness how incredible it is that we all have the chance to live in this world and create and celebrate together. Every day presents opportunities to create better lives for ourselves. Great truth is present for us at all times and we can choose to acknowledge the truth or not, to acknowledge the great love that exists in everything. Understand the choices we make. Understand the goal is universal - it’s about the whole of humanity extending itself into a new level of existence, a newfound expression inside us all. The key is love. Love opens the doors to new levels of being and understanding, and ultimately, inside our interactions. If we’re willing to work hard and do


whatever must be done, than we will achieve - absolutely. We will bend time and reality until the goal is achieved. People may call them dreams but it’s scientific fact dreams are just as real as what we experience in our day-to-day world. Dreams are no different than “reality,” except for the associations we make to our experiences. We tend to put dreams into a certain category separate from the “real world.” “It’s nice to have this dream but I have to work a job and pay bills.” Debt is nothing. This is not to say that it is healthy to accrue debt irresponsibly, but understanding comes in knowing that finances do not hold a person’s spirit down from achieving anything the spirit sets as a goal. We are already free to do whatever we please. We are free to make our lives whatever we want. The bottom line comes down to that we are free citizens living in a free land and we should not be stopped from doing anything with our lives as long as we aren’t bringing any harm to another person or thing. We are coming to a crossroads in our civilization. One path continues us towards an outcome of torment, tyranny and probable destruction if we continue focusing our energies on materialistic and isolationist goals. The other path leads to peace and prosperity from our collective decision to come together and unite our energies for the common good of mankind. When we wake up in the morning, what drives us to get out of bed? Is it because we are excited to greet the new day with love, or are we only motivated by the fact that we need to get to work on time? Where is our inspiration? Life should be about just that: life. We should expect that each day is waiting for us to live it to the fullest. Celebrate life, it is why we’re here. This is our land, our home. This is our place to create our own free lives of beauty. And no person, no government, no agency could ever tell us otherwise. Now is a great time to show the world, and ourselves,


this important fact. In order to live freedom, one must exist in freedom, one must be freedom. Words are meaningless unless they are backed up by conscious action. Now is the time to put our conscious action into motion and create a future that is worth seeking. Now is the time to stand up for what we truly care about: CONTROL OVER OUR OWN LIVES. Our lives will not be dictated by any outside authority. Our future will not be determined by a man behind a launch button, or a CEO behind a desk.

Please, copy and spread this booklet and message of revolution to all your family, friends, co-workers, and people you pass by on the street. Working together, we can create a great future.

Additional copies of this booklet are available online at: www.createthelight.webs.com

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