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Pascani Municipality

I am honoured and I take

great pride in being the host of this virtual tour of the beautiful and old town, Pascani. Our municipality, with a history lasting for over 400 years, is a town in which traditions intertwine with pro ects for the future, in which the times we live in hallmark the delineation of its own personality.

!uilt on the bank of "iretul #iver, in a harmonious landscape, Pascani displays a specific hospitality, being eager to discover and to be discovered. $he town, as it is today, grounds on an illustrious history. $his honours us and renders us indebted. !ut the history of our town is being written every day, with each good deed we offer to our community. I strongly believe that tomorrow must be better than today. It is up to us all to make it happen. Mayor, Dr. Grigore Craciunescu

Pascani in historySigns of time

in %4&', during the reign of (le)ander II of Moldavia, in a document which was a confirmation paper for several estates belonging to chancellor Mihail and his brothers. $he toponym derives from Oana Pasca, the name of the local s*uire who owned this land in the %&th century. +Pascani, means +the descendants, of Pasca. In the Middle (ges, the most significant rulers of Pascani belonged to the -antacu.ino family, whose seal represented a two headed eagle. $heir rule in Pascani lasted for almost half a century, through four generations. $he history of Pascani is profoundly connected to two important guiding marks/ one is represented by its historical roots0the Iordache -antacu.ino Palace and the other by its modern, dynamic history0the railroad.

ascani was first attested

(fter %120, two different worlds co3e)isted in Pascani/ one was traditionally agrarian, dominant in the district called 4atra0the nucleus of the settlement, and the other, new, represented by the people who were brought here from (ustria, 5ermany, Poland, -.ech #epublic and "lovakia by the railroad constructors. $his part of Pascani history was narrated by one of the greatest #omanian novelists, Mihail "adoveanu, originated in Pascani. (fter being destroyed during the 6orld 6ar II, the town was gradually rebuilt and became an industrial center, totally different from the old place, in which nothing used to happen.

$he old market town is nowadays a modern town, which, in less than half a century, made a spectacular leap, from village to municipality.

$he people of Pascani, dynamic, hard3 working and hospitable, are dedicated to preserving and continuing the valuable traditions they inherited and to getting through the challenging of the third millennium.

General facts about Pascani

Geographical coordinates Pascani Municipality is situated in the North-East of Romania, and in the western part of Iasi County, at 47 !" north latitude and #$44" east lon%itude&

The administrative and territorial organization' Pascani Municipality comprises the town of Pascani and ! su(ur(s' )la%esti, )osteni, *astesti, +unca Pascani and ,odomeni&

Area: 7!&4# s-& .m&

Population: /he total amount is 40,1#1 inha(itants, out of which # ,$ 1 male and ##,# 2 female& In what concerns nationality, 31&7$ 4 are Romanian and &#4 4 are of a different nationality&

Climate: moderate temperate3 continental.

Hydrography: Pascani area is very rich in surface and subterranean waters. $he most important river is "iret, which has a lot of tributary streams whose flows never dry up.

egetation: is characteristic of plateau areas. 6oods cover only small areas in the eastern and western part of the municipality.

Economic points of interest

Attractive mar!et " Pascani municipality lies in the center of an area with 7,000,000 consumers. Human potential with a high degree of training, across a wide range of occupations 8from the traditional traditional ones to new technologies9. High economic potential " Pascani presents an e)isting industrial capacity e*uipped with utilities, e)panded agricultural areas and a growing tertiary sector. #o$ local ta%es and &ees and the price of land and buildings & times lower than in 6estern :urope. (a&e environment 3 no ma or sources of pollution. Transportation in&rastructure';ue to its special setting, Pascani offers the advantage of being the most important unction in north3 eastern #omania, country which is an area of intersection

for the international rail lines, linking both the north to the south of :urope and the west to the east by the two pan3 :uropean corridors 8I4 and I<9. $his will enable the storage and loading of goods to be delivered to :astern :urope. Pascani has also *uick road access to all & of the district capitals in the region, out of which three are provided with an airport 8Iasi, which provides links both with the capital, !ucharest, with the west of #omania, and with 6estern :urope through 4ienna, Suceava and Bacau9. In addition, Pascani will be connected to the =ighway $argu Mures 3 Iasi, which will make the connection between Moldova and $ransylvania and beyond, with 6estern :urope and to =ighway !ucharest > "uceava, which will ensure the link with the :ast.

Communications in&rastructure 3 telecommunication services are provided by both fi)ed telecommunication facilities and mobile ones.

)omania*s +, accession 3 #omania?s integration into the :uropean @nion has increased the interest from investors around the world in terms of ta)es. #omania is the gateway between the :ast and the :uropean @nion and investors from non 3 :@ area, who manufacture their products in #omania, benefit from the advantage of trading their products in :@ area without custom duties.

$he economic environment of the Pascani -ity is predominantly industrial. $he economic and social changes in #omanian society, caused by the transition to a market economy, have been felt here as well, due to the industrial decline after %A1A. "ome enterprises, with tradition for this area, have been shut down or restricted their activity and dynamic and modern companies have emerged, having their ob ects of activity in line with market re*uirements. $rade has been widespread, becoming very active in the areas of/ building materials, industrial e*uipment, curtains and te)tiles, bakery products, food products, non3food products, etc. $he number of companies in Pascani is %,022, out of which/ A&7 micro enterprises 811B9C %%1 "mall and Medium :nterprises 8%%B9C 2 large enterprises 8%B9.

Main companies operating in Pascani:

AC- (.).#. $he -ompany (-D Etd. in the flow and thermal metering and industrial automations. It is one of the most important companies in this area, which designs and manufactures/ gas, water, steam and heat meters diaphragms, temperature transducers, e*uipments for water meters control, e*uipments for heat meters control, filters for impurities and assembling accessories, thermal modules and electrical panels. $he company also provides product design services, product supply, installation and service stations for measuring and regulating gas, power and thermal points, telemetry for water networks. $he company has partners in "wit.erland, 5ermany and the @"(.

AD+M( (.).#. Founded in %AA' with effort and perseverance, "- (;:M" "#E has a very comple) activity/ production of classic doors and windows, production of doors and windows made of triple layered wooden with double windows, production of wood furniture for home and for garden, massive wooden par*uet and glued laminated wood constructions. CA.M (.A. "ince the establishment of the company %7 years ago, the company has designed, developed and integrated a large range of products for measuring and controlling industrial processes that involve thermo resistance, thermocouples, transmission devices of throttling, e)tension cords for thermocouples, measuring devices and control software industry. It also manufactures temperature probes, measuring and control devices, industrial valves, industrial software, turnkey solutions. :lectrical low and medium voltage fuses and panels, automation e*uipment, transformers, meters +#+CT).T+)M.M+T)/A (.A. $he company was founded in %AA7, having as main activity the design and assembly e*uipment for measurement, ad ustment and control industrial processes and automated facilities. $he company manufactures adapters for thermocouples and thermo resistances, industrial fittings, diaphragms for flow measurement, regulators, loggers and temperature indicators. H+). (ervices Company was founded in 7007 as a result of increasing demand for furniture on the domestic market. (t first, their main activity was the production of furniture made of chipboards and of mounting vertical and hori.ontal blinds. In time they have diversified and enriched their supply of products and services in interior design. $he company deals with the construction of houses and warehouses, metallic constructions and interior design. /01.(TA) (.).#. was founded in %AA4, and had as main activity manufacture of e*uipments for industrial process ad ustment and control. $he company has the competitive advantages of small firms, with well motivated staff, speciali.ed in industrial automation and who has accumulated vast e)perience in dealing with the industrial profile. $he range of products has continuously diversified and upgraded through the design of new products that meet the needs of the beneficiaries/ from simple pointing devices, surveillance and alarm local systems to monitoring and oversight processes on the computer.

#/0CA( (.).#. $he company has as main activities/ design, e)ecution, repairing and moderni.ation of interior wirings, electrical and public lighting networks, transformer stations and sub3stations from 0.4 to 70k4, services for constructions and sanitary, heating, ventilation and air3 conditioning installations, insulations, water supply and sewerage works. $he company has implemented I"O A00%/7000 Guality Management "ystem, I"O %400%/7004 :M" and O="(" %100%/7002. (AC. (.).# Founded in %AA%, ".-. "(-O "#E started its activity in building and construction materials and ever since has been seeking to diversify its business permanently. $he company has an important place on the market due to the *uality of construction and civil engineering raised by its teams of professional builders and diversified range of materials and construction e*uipment provided to clients. $he main activity consists of the construction of houses, civil construction, industrial warehouses, manufacturing 8furniture, aluminum and P4- oinery, concrete block paving, metallic constructions9 and trade.

-.(A).M (A, the first company in the food industry 8meat products9 in #omania, the company has grown gradually through the professionalism that two generations of managers have demonstrated. 6ith its own network of raw material production, processing and marketing, given the re*uirements of modern management, "- Dosarom ".(. maintains a steady pace of activity and offers products at the highest standards to its customers. ".-. Dosarom ".(. products have a special taste due to the best *uality of the raw material included and the own recipes, by using the most advanced technological processes. Dosarom is the first company in #omania and among the first ten of :urope, which have certified the Food "afety Management "ystem I"O 77000. P)./0 +(T G).,P (.).#. was founded in "eptember 7000 in Pascani, with private and autonomous status, and has design services in construction as the main business. P#OIH4:"$ 5#O@P Etd. has developed rapidly from one year to another, primarily due to the diversification of the activities in the construction area.

$he company?s activity is conducted in two divisions/ 65! > ;ivision, which is speciali.ed in the production, sale and installation of P4- thermo3insulating oinery and M!" > ;ivision, speciali.ed in the design, implementation and installation of metal constructions. (/)+T,# (.A. is one of the largest producers of te)tiles in the country, with an integrated production flow for curtains, knitwear and garments, using as raw material polyester and polyamide. $he full manufacturing flow ensure a monthly production capacity of %00,000 pieces of clothes, 700,000 s*m curtains and %00,000 s*m warp knitted fabric. $he company will e)pand its field of activity by te)tile geogrids manufacturing, used for soil reinforcement applications such as retaining walls, steepened slopes, embankments, road works, and airport runways. (C,DA( (.A. Founded in %A10, ".-. "-@;(" "(, is a company speciali.ed in setting up the production of cutting tools, accessories for machinery and tools. $he range of services offered by the firm include/ mechanical processing by cutting, heat treatments, surface coating, thermal treatments, galvanic coatings, metal cutting, paintingC

TG/ Term (.).#. is a company founded in %AA&, has as its main activity the production and installation of P4oinery with double windows. $he company provides installation and e)ecution for P4- or aluminum doors and windows, insect protection systems or roll type, e)ternal blinds, and technical consultancy.

)+T).M (.A. is an important supplier of industrial automation e*uipment available such as flow meters, pressure and temperature regulators, thermocouples, thermo resistances, electromagnetic valves, etc. $he ob ect of activity consists of/ design, manufacture and selling of industrial automation e*uipment, assembly activitiesC testing services, calibration and verification.

0GM #+.0A)D (.).#. $he company was founded in %AA%. It produces and finishes curtains 8warp knitted9, using polyester as a raw material. $he companyIs high3*uality products go, mainly, to e)ternal market.

)+MA) (.A. $he company was established in %1JA and has as main activities/ design and consulting, repairs and moderni.ation of passengers and freight coaches, manufacture of spare parts for rolling stock, management services. $he company has technological lines for welding assembling of chassis, walls and bodies for commodity and passenger coaches, sandblastingKpaintingKdrying line for small parts, semi3automatic line for manufacturing and checking helical springs. ).MPA- (.A., part of the $urkish Pak =olding, is a company that produces yeast and flour improvers for bread and bread specialties and has its head*uarters in Pascani. (s a result of a '4 million dollars investment in *uality, #OMP(D has become the most important yeast supplier on the #omanian market.


(griculture, which is traditional for this area, remains an important occupation of the inhabitants, even after the settlement of the urban center. -urrently, agricultural area comprises &1A' hectares. In the Pascani area are grown/

wheat, barley, oats, corn, sunflower, sugar beet, beans, peas, potatoes, vegetables. Lootechnics includes cattle, sheep, pigs, which provide meat, milk, eggs, wool. Most of the animals are provided by individual households and the companies in this field of activity. The most important companies in the agricultural sector
AG).C.MP#+2 (.A. $he company was founded in %AA1. =aving over %%0 employees, the company offers a range of services and products, with the following areas of activity/ milk, milk products 8cheese9, beef and sheep, animal reproduction, production of fodder, cereal and technical plant cultivation, fodder plant cultivation, industrial activities 8carpentry workshop, metallic constructions9, cereals, seeds and fodder trade, activities involving agricultural products, trade in animals, own retail network, animal breeding 8cattle and sheep9, bread and bread specialties, milling. #+G,M+ (.A. Pascani, was established in %A21 and has &7 hectares and a pond for irrigation. $he companyIs activity consists of/ cultivation of vegetables, cultivation of fresh greens, cultivation of mushrooms, cultivation of flowers, production of flower, fruit or vegetable seeds.

In terms of educational facilities, the Pascani has all types of educational establishments/ preschool education, primary education, secondary and high schools, namely/ 7 colleges, ' high schools, A schools and %0 kindergartens.

"ocial and cultural activities in Pascani are supported mainly by/ the Municipal =ouse of -ulture, the Municipal Eibrary, -hildren?s -lub Pascani and the Municipal Museum.

Medical assistance is provided by the two hospitals/ the Municipal =ospital and the #ailway =ospital, the Medical -entre Interdentis two polyclinics, private medical surgeries in various specialties/ dentistry, family medicine, ophthalmology, :H$, etc., 7 private laboratories to run medical tests, %& pharmacies.

"port is well represented by the following branches/

Football/ -urrently, there is one

football team in Pascani, organi.ed by the #omanian Football Federation/ the municipal team 3 F-M Pascani, which is in ;ivision -, "eries I

Martial arts/ In Pascani there is Eong =o -lub, where Dwan3Di3;o is practiced 84ietnamese martial arts9. $he club began to operate informally in %A1& and officially in %AA0 and it is one of the most titled in the country, with world, :uropean and national champions.

)ug3y: $he rugby teams of girls and boys carry on their activity in the club @nirea -F". $he girlsI rugby team is national champion, many members of the team being in the national group. $he boysI team has players in the national group, too. (lso, there is already a tradition in the city Pascani regarding unior handball and table tennis.

International Cooperation
Pascani Municipality is twinned with the town of 56ell 7omunne Norway& )usinessmen and e8perts in pu(lic administration from (oth communities ha9e e8chan%ed and shared their e8perience so far, the relationship (etween the two cities culminatin% in the 9isit of :is Ma6esty the 7in% of Norway in #220& & ;lso, Pascani has esta(lished contacts with other countries, such as the Repu(lic of 7orea, Pa.istan, *reat )ritain and Italy&

The town of today

/he nowadays appearance of the town has the (eauty of a modern citadel, related to the dimensions of the European future&

/he town of today is writin% its new history with dedication, hope and confidence in what it has most 9alua(le' its people&

Pascani Town Hall

$he most important decisions for the community are made in the modern and functional premises of the new $own =all building.

PA(CA0/ T.40 HA## Address: (tr. (te&an cel Mare, nr. 56 789:88 PA(CA0/ ;,D. /A(/ ).MA0/A Tel.: <=8>:?:>76 :? 88 <=8>:?:>76 :9 ?8 1a%: <=8>:?:>76 6: 9@ +>mail: o&&