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TWO - METHOD TO ETT!E " #$!!. %&our choice' more than one way to skin a cat() $t all starts out from the *ri+ate ,reditor-s side of the looking glass. (No matter who the Credit Requestor is.)

1. *hone com.any gives a ,redit /e0uest with a list customers attached to the 1nited tates De.artment of the
Treasury to draw on as the Drawer of the ,/ED$T ' then they loan it to the Phone company but the Credit is really Drawn against ndividual !arehoused accounts (these are our in"#rusted assets) ' so we are the Drawee. 2ow comes the other side of the looking glass. (the Public side)

2. *hone com.any uses the Credit to operate with and then sends out the $ill to the customers whose Credit they are
using. !ell the $ill is really to be a Payment for the %sage of our Credit.

3. #o Claim the payment for its &alue there are #wo methods to chose from but everybody tal's as though there is
only one. (ou are now the Drawer and the Phone company is the Drawee.(when it is coming out of the public side)

A. )*&+R*& ,ethod- ($ill gets paid only)
F/O2T $DE – at a 345 angle


)ccept /or &alue 0 12empt from 3evy.

2. Deposit to the account of the %nited 4tates Department of the #reasury. 3. n the name of 4#R)!,)N $)N5 44N6 account. (gets deposited into your account) 4. Credited from Phone Company. (their liability is settled for this amount)
7. 8. =. >. @. .A. 4ign and Date it blue in'. #itle 9)uthori:ed Representative; or 9$eneficial <wner;

#",6 $DE

)ccept /or &alue 0 !ithout Recourse !ithout Pre?udice 4ign and Date BC stamp then cancel it.

11. #hen send it to the R4. (you do not get notified when it is settled) B. The ,ash in &our *ocket Method7 ($ill gets paid and you get paid the Credited )ssets for your understanding )
They won-t like this one 8ut it is one !awful way to get access to our accounts assets' using their own words. F/O2T $DE – at a 345 angle

1. )ccepted /or &alue as the Drawer (you are drawing it away from the original borrower) 2. Deposit to the account of the %nited 4tates Department of the #reasury. 3. #he )ssociated Public Debt owed to 4#R)!,)N $an' 44N6 account is C)NC1331D per
attached .A@@"C. (#he %nited 4tates Department of the #reasury is the Debtor here.)

4. /urther Pay to the <rder of- (our Commercial Name person " for /ull )mount. (as 4pecial
Drawing Rights over the #rust account.)

5. #his amount of 3iability to be cancelled and to Credited as from Phone Company as the Drawee.
(they ?ust made the payment bac' to our side)

8. =. .. D. *.

4ign and Date it blue in'. #itle 9$eneficial <wner; 4ign and Date it blue in'. BC or DC stamp then cancel it. #hen send it Registered ,ailE with at least F. of real stamps.
((ou now have them under a ,ommercial ,ontract with a 9 day settlement time frame.) (ou 'now it is settled when you get the chec'.

#",6 $DE – sim.le endorsement

2. #itle 9$eneficial <wner;.

5. Put the Registered ,ail 6 on your cover letterE the bill and in the account space on the .A@@"C. 6. 4end toCustomer 4ervice 6DE at $ureau of Public Debt $an' of New (or'E att. $ond ProcessingE Dallas #e2as or where the 7D@8 form is mailed.

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