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nea eomeyna "0! Bane B22 7) bop Roe OIE TED RE etm Ban THE HOLOCAUST VICTIMS ACCUSE DOCUMENTS AND TESTIMONY ON JEWISH WAR CRIMINALS Part | BY REB MOSHE SHONFELD "9 Published By BNEI YESHIVOS Copyrant 187 EAST HOUSTON ST., SUITE TO Price NEW YORK, N.Y. 10013 $2.00 Forward Introduction Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter ‘Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter i Z- TABLE OF CONTENTS: Three enemies of Judaism. How rescue was impeded by Nathan Schwalb and Yitzchak Greenbaum of the Jewish Agency. The crimas of Abba Kovner of Mapam and Chaim Welzmann. How our people starved because of Stephen Wise of the American Jewish Congress. Zionist betrayal resulting in tragic deaths on fand and sea. The unique obstructionist role of ‘Sall Mayer of the Joint Distribution Committee. What Henvy Montor of the United Jewish Appeal and other Zianist of- ficials wore doing while our peopla died. The Romanian Jews and thwarted rescue plans. Tha shameful role of Mordecal Ehranpreisz in Sweden. Filth columnists in the ghettos: ‘Marin and Moidetsky. 29 43 58 73 82 98 108 119 Forward ‘At a national conference of Trirel Aguas Yisroel, which took place during the establishment of the "State of Israel,” the delegates came to cone decision which aroused a furor even amongst factions of Agudas Yisroel, and “Hamodia” refused to publish it, as # matier of principle ‘The controversial resolution stated: "We declare that, at this time of the establishment of the state, our,bellefp of the past remain the same: Zianism conetiutes a danger, spiritual and physical, to the existence of ‘our paopie.” Last year, a new printing of the book, "Yaldei Teheran Maashimim" ("The Teheran Children Accuse”), appeared. It was meant especially for Bnei Torah, and was distributed in yeshivos and kolialim. That frightening manuscript enumerates what the Zionist movement can de to the spirit of our people. The booklet which we are publishing here, “Serufay Ha Kivshonim Maashimim” ("The Holocaust Victims Ac~ use”), serves as an attempt io show, by means of testimonies, docu ments. and reports, how Zionism and its high-level organizations brought a catastrophe upon our people during the era of the Nazi holocaust. If the Yaidei Teheran affair serves as an example of the im- plications of, “greater is the (sins of} one who causes another to sin than the (sins af) one who kills another’, analagous to destroying the soul ‘and leaving the body, then what the heads of the Zionist movement did tothe European Jews during World War Il cannot be defined except as the one who actually does the kiling. “Serutay Ha Kivshonim Meashimim” is a collection of nine essays which were printed In "Digisinu” in the years 1961~64 Under the heading, “Ani Maashim =~ Min HaMaitzar” ("I Accuse ~~ From the Depths"). The fruit of the pen of Reb Moshe Shonteld, it constitutes a continuation af the revela- tions of the gaon and taddik, Rabbi Michael Ber Weissmandel, wha devoted his ite to saving his brothers, and endlessly alerted tha Jewish