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The Purpose of EM: EM believes that all glory comes from daring to begin. In addition to this. to innovate. colorful and vibrant. It can help transform the clients’ employees and organization to gain real. and competent by providing groundbreaking learning experience. discussions and interactive workshops. through their deep industry knowledge and training expertise. It provides such a comprehensive portfolio of programs designed to help develop a workforce and leadership that are prepared to succeed in today’s rapidly changing world. lasting benefits. recreation is another very important ingredient that is specifically taken into consideration in order to hold the floor. it can truly make a difference to the clients’ organization. EM constantly aims to provide the best learning experience available. to create. Basically EM is a pioneering training consultancy and marketing related firm to spread bedazzling ideas and communication techniques. 2 . and global leadership training.a change that is bright. and to lead. Extra Mile’s mission is to enhance the professionalism that fosters integrity in an environment that promotes self-discipline. Not only does it provide training to individuals bit it trains organizations too. Extra Mile yearns to take its clients beyond conventional thinking patterns. the mission of Extra Mile is to see a visible change around the society. and excellence in learning. Effective language and communication skills. are essential in today’s global environment. It seeks to identify and to remove restraints and explore capabilities. The professionals are creative.Company Introduction Extra Mile is mainly a Management Development & Consulting Company that consists of young and energetic professionals who want to give back something to their nation. motivational lectures and interactive discussions in order to bring positive change in society. The heart of EM is its people. To strengthen the clients’ workforce and increase their productivity. productive. to challenge. Extra Mile helps businesses maximize performance through innovative language training. Extra Mile enables individuals to become more responsible. assessment and testing services. and the ability to connect cultures. colorful and vibrant. Often people think that in present circumstances the chances of success and change are remote and EM has stood up to smash this belief. It aims to facilitate people from almost all walks of life and make them capable to thrive on clutter. motivation. The main agenda of EM is to share success stories. The medium of transferring the ideas are lectures. artistic and dedicated to their cause of creating a visible change that is bright. it ensures that the client’s employees have the very latest knowledge through high-quality professional training. It works on broadening intellectual and human potential by liberating trainees to explore. Its bespoke training programs cover a wide range of topics.

Its trainers have been serving in the industry for a long time. lifelong learner Nurture problem solving skills and encourages risk taking as part of the learning process Promote curiosity and enthusiasm Encourage independence and confidence Promote logical and creative thinking Encourage respect for others and personal self-esteem Extend quality business communication services to the corporate sector It offers clients out-of-the-box solutions for the betterment of the human capital as well as corporate pictography. which is experienced and well poised for intervention purposes. socially responsible. It is not sufficient simply to ask the client’s employees what training they think they require. Therefore it establishes what exactly the clients are expecting from their employees. For further details about its trainers. and how they want it. their complete profiles have been attached. develop(s) corporate identity imagery and produce(s) documentaries for the same purpose. Using a three-pronged approach it provides training to individuals and organizations. and the Internet. Customization: Extra Mile conducts proper and well structured Training Needs Analysis (TNAs) first to determine the areas where its customers might need intervention for them to achieve their goals. WHY CHOOSE EXTRA MILE? Strong Curriculum Clients can select from courses that span foundational and specialized training. Instructors: It has top of the line facilitator team. private facilities. where. and which expectations are being met and which 3 . enabling its valued customers to choose when. Extra Mile strives to:           Facilitate diversified avenues of learning that is affordable and appropriate for every individual Use cutting edge technology conducive to learning Educate through vivacious activities that makes learning a fun filled experience Churn out a fulfilled. Convenient Delivery Extra Mile delivers trainings via training centers.Objectives In pursuit of its mission.

Flexibility: Extra Mile offers trainings as required by the company. Goal-Matching: It provides. a training program that closely matches both the needs of the individuals and its client’s overall company goals.ones are not. or can tailor. It knows that we are living in recessionary times and realize the importance of savings. Affordability: EM’s training programs are not expensive. In short it will intervene according to its client’s wants and not how it wants. 4 . For trainings that may result in major changes in the organization. If clients ask it to train only within certain dates for instance. Support: It offers pre and post training support as well. This will ensure that its clients get the best return on their training investment. before and after. It will also always be available to answer any questions that trainees may have regarding its intervention. Then it considers what kind of training might help them meet or exceed clients’ expectations. it will happily accommodate their request in its schedules. Hence it has priced its trainings very reasonably. it might offer a pre training briefing.

He is also an avid cyclist. He also produced a documentary in 2012 which won 3rd prize at Social Intervention International Conference. Hino Pak Motors. He is a member of SPELT (the Society of Pakistani English Language Teaching) as well as a regular workshop presenter at its conferences. English Biscuit Manufacturer. Farid has held a variety of professional roles that range from master trainer and English language instructor to stage programs and television live transmission compare. He tells and retells of his experiences. Catholic Board of Education. He actively engages his audience by playing games. Yamaha. Farooque is an ACCA finalist by education. He is currently teaching at iEARN (A project of USA Government and Society of International Education (SIE)) in the Access Karachi Programme 2012-2013. Latif Cotton Textile. a trainer by profession and a thinker by action. Karachi University (Dept of Education) Behbud Foundation. Lackson Tobacco. so that others feel that to lose the battle once doesn’t mean that they have lost for good. Farid has also conducted many workshops. 5 . Island Textile etc. His experience spectrum ranges from English language teacher and trainer/motivator to business development executive in his family company. telling stories and jokes and throwing easy-to-answer questions. Mohammad Farooque Ali (Organization Development) Mohammad Farooque Ali is a trainer. the failures and the successes. He infuses fun and humor in his interventions that don’t let his listeners get bored. National Foods. His leisure activities include gardening and reading books on personal grooming. National Institute of Research and Education (NIRE). He holds the Master’s degree in Arts in International Relations from the University of Karachi. University of Karachi.TRAINER’S PROFILE Mohammad Fareed Hanfi (Educational) Farid Hanfi is the champion of his audience. National Commission for Human Development (NCHD). He enters their comfort zones with small and reassuring steps and then gently indicates the change they need by giving them direction and lighting their way. Agha Khan Foundation. He is currently teaching at iEARN (A project of USA Government and Society of International Education (SIE)) in the Access Karachi Program 2012-2013. Institute of Basic Education and Research (IBER) Ahmed Foods Ltd. he has acted as a head for various training functions at different training institutes and magazines. He is a member of SPELT (the Society of Pakistani English Language Teaching). Some of his clients include The Citizen’s Foundation. He engages and connects with his participants at their wavelength making them comfortable with him. He focuses on his clients’ needs so much that even their latent requirements are met. Furthermore.

when Pakistan Navy Engineering College got QMS Certified. Mr. headed a group of marine engineering repair workshops and taught engineering students at Pakistan Navy Engineering College. participated in R&D projects for Pakistan Navy. During these times he has been an audit as well as an auditor. she is very popular among her audiences. not only will she be ready to give the answers but the 6 . Maryam Qureshi (Organization Development) Maryam Qureshi is our walking and talking encyclopedia. At the places where she has given different training workshops. Manager Engineering & Projects at Haseen Habib Trading (Pvt) Ltd. Mr. Mr. Mr. She loves to read and discover all what is happening in the world of training and language learning.Azeem Jamshed (Organization Development) Mr. Mr Jamshed is presently Project Coordinator with CSOC. a first of its kind certification in Pakistan. Besides ISO 9000 QMS he has the experience of auditing in OHSAS 18001:1999 and HSE ISO 14001:2004 Standards. His other area of interest is Project Management. Jamshed was first exposed to project management in 1993 when he was assigned to an R&D establishment of Pakistan Navy. Jamshed has been actively participating in in-house training of employees in Pakistan Navy as well as MTC. when Pakistan Navy Engineering College got QMS Certified. He was part of the ISO 9000 Implementation Project Team. He holds Diploma in Project Management and is a qualified Lead Auditor for ISO 9000 QMS. He completed 08 Turn-Key projects of Water Based Fire Fighting systems while serving with M/S Haseen Habib. a first of its kind certification in Pakistan. Jamshed has been GM Quality Assurance / QMR at Maritime Technologies Complex. she has been rated the best. Jamshed is basically a Mechanical Engineer. He started his career with Pakistan Navy as a Commissioned Officer in 1990. During his naval career he headed engineering operation & the maintenance department on board two ships. He also headed the team of 11 engineers who implemented Integrated Management System (IMS) combining ISO 9000 QMS. After Navy. ISO 18001 OHSAS and ISO 14001HSE Standards at MTC. Jamshed has done Masters in Thermo-Fluids as well as in Engineering Management. where he holds a diploma and an experience of 08 years. Hence. Due to her extensive knowledge she knows the techniques that make learning a fun activity. China for its shipbuilding project at Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works. He is presently serving as Senior Technical Manager at Maritime Technology & Support Services. Jamshed was part of the ISO 9000 Implementation Team. During his stay there Mr. He is a regular guest speaker sharing his experiences in short courses run by NUST. He has also been a freelance Quality Auditor in Pakistan for foreign companies. Academically Mr. Jamshed completed a number of projects in Mechanical Engineering as well as Textiles. Jamshed has 14 years experience in an ISO certified environment. During his stay at Pakistan Navy Engineering College he supervised 04 Under Graduate design & fabricate projects. Mariam values the importance of communication amongst people and believes that LEARNING CAN BE FUN! She is an easy-to-approach person. So for any queries. During his career Mr.

She also has considerable command in Phonology (expertise in International Phonetic Alphabets). 7 . Get ready for a different kind of experience for your company. Moreover. She is a TESOL certified trainer. In addition to that.answers will also be accurate. she is teaching English Language and Literature to O Level students at Sadequain Grammar School. We help organizations committed to social value tackle the big questions that lead to greater awareness. She is a dedicated and student-focused teaching professional. She holds a Masters degree in English Literature. She has attended and conducted various personal grooming workshops. she has conducted workshops on ‘English Dialects’ and ‘Phonetics’. In leisure time she loves to read: whether modern fiction or classic literature. and various online blogs. magazines on current affairs. currently. She has also conducted workshops for teachers at the same school. purposeful motivation. and deeper loyalty. culture. She is also working as a content writer for EM in order to maintain her hard-earned English language skills and pursue her passion for playing with language. She is also a gold medalist in history. who is committed to providing a well balanced and supportive learning environment.

Public Relations Strategic Public Relationship Management Building Successful Teams Dealing with Difficult People Emotional Turn. sect. linguistic background etc) Image Management Improving Productivity Male and Female Discrimination Managing Conflict in the Workplace Team Spirit QUALITY MANAGEMENT & PROJECT MANAGEMENT Handling Emergency Situation ISO 9000 Quality Management System (QMS) ISO14000 Environmental Management System (EMS) ISO18000 OHSAS Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series Project Management EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOPS Communication Skills Educational Leadership Interviewing Skills Lessons Planning & Development Making Children Genius Workplace Fire Safety Managing Behavior in Classrooms Facilitating Meetings Improving Employee Punctuality Improving Productivity & Morale Inspirational Communication & Presentations Know Yourself Mastering the Teaching Skills Modern Methods for Reading Development Presentation Skills Teaching and Learning Styles Teaching English Through Phonetic Method Leadership Management Essentials Managing Millenials Management Skills for Excellence Motivational Leadership Personal Grooming Stress Management Time Management Vision and Goal Setting Work Ethics 8 . Emotional Intelligence Focus on Achieving Your Priorities Creativity & Innovation Diversity and Culture ( religion. ethnic group. Brand Management.Products of Extra Mile HRM & MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT Assertiveness 7 Habits of Managers MARKETING & SALES STRATEGIC CORPORATE DEVELOPMENT Change Management Corporate Governance Corporate Social Responsibility Creating Motivation in the organization Customer Service Customers and Interpersonal Relationships Making Customers Smile Strategic Marketing.

com FB: Twitter: @extramilelcm 9 . Web: info@extramilelcm. 4th Floor. Park Avenue.Contact Us Postal Address Suite # 408. Karachi Tel: (92) 021 35414767 Cell: (92) 300 2136068. Main Shahrae Faisal.