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Workshop Overview There are about 3.2 million enterprises in Pakistan and 93% of those are SMEs .

Only a few small companies grow to become medium-sized and even fewer grow into the new large companies in the future.

WHY SOME COMPANIES SUSTAIN & OTHERS DON’T, a breakthrough workshop, is all
about how to build ompanies that are sustainable and perform well and are also onsidered as going on erned and designed for e!e uti"es who want to see their ompanies prosper eternall#. The program will stress on the importan e of building su h an organi$ation as opposed to the ontemporar# produ t%fo us or ustomer%fo us. Produ ts ma# turn obsolete, ustomers ma# mo"e forward but if the organization is innovative enough, it can keep a fair share of any market. This will onl# be possible when the de ision makers see the produ t as the "ehi le for the ompan# instead of the ompan# as a "ehi le for a produ t. The workshop will, hence, guide participants on how to bring this much required change in their organizations to protect them from turning into history. Who should attend &E's , Managing (ire tors, (ire tors, Managers )finan e, marketing, *+, ,T-, Entrepreneurs, Senior .unior e!e uti"es in"ol"ed in strateg# formulation and de ision making, /earning enthusiast, SMEs business owners, '( Professionals, &orporate E!e uti"es. !rogram Ob"ectives #t the end of the workshop, participants will be able to • • • • • • 0nderstand the reasons wh# small businesses fail. 1ppre iate the fa t that onl# a few small ompanies grow to be ome medium%si$ed and e"en fewer grow into the new large ompanies in the future. +e ogni$e the importan e of de"eloping a "ision and ore ideolog#. +e ogni$e the importan e of building sustainable ompanies b# fo using on ideas that are worth lasting. 0nderstand that the organi$ation itself has to be ome the main fo us so that obsolete produ ts and shifting market aren2t able to threaten its e!isten e. 0nderstand and be able to de"elop models that will help the parti ipants2 ompanies to e!ist and to make a differen e.

*e works as a fa ilitator for the 1&&ESS 9ara hi Program anal#$ing their s#stems and pro"ides useful suggestions to impro"e the programme. 7ith a degree in &ommer e and post graduate studies in 1 ounting and 5inan e. operations management and business ustomer base de"elopment.okes and throwing eas#%to%answer 6uestions.  &on ept building of the terms used in the workshop e.mplement ideas and strategies to help their ompanies sustain themsel"es. $arooque #li and %s.E1+8. built a strong infrastru ture and brought angr# lients ba k. 4et them moti"ated and learn to endure failures and ad"ersities. *en e. She lo"es to read and dis o"er all what is happening in the world of training and language learning. .g. Mr.  /isting down of the "arious reasons that wh# os fail.• • • • .dentif# the pre"ailing m#ths in order to get rid of them fore"er on their wa# towards sustainabilit#.before the first tea break 7el ome note and . strateg# and aspirations et . %aryam &ureshi will fa ilitate him. mission.ump into the ir le of the 3 % large ompanies. on the titles of the on epts like "ision. *e has also ondu ted workshops for the emplo#ees of the State :ank of Pakistan. %r. %. telling stories and . goal. $arooque is a trainer b# profession. planning. 5aroo6ue has also been a member of the . Workshop Outline $'()T T*'(+ . Enhan e their han es to not onl# sustain themsel"es but also to .E famil# for more than three #ears. he has professional e!perien e spanning o"er eight #ears pro"iding onsultan # to 1l 5aisal P"t /td in the areas of finan e. She is also a gold medalist in the dis ipline of European *istor#. !rogram $aculty The workshop will be ondu ted b# %r. (ue to her e!tensi"e knowledge she knows the te hni6ues that make learning a fun a ti"it#. she is "er# popular among her audien es.ureshi holds a Masters degree in English /iterature. Mar#am . Mr. *e took strong initiati"es regarding the operational routine of the business. Mohammad 5aroo6ue 1li is the &E' and the founder of Extra Mile.ntrodu tion. . *e a ti"el# engages his audien e b# pla#ing games. She has attended and ondu ted "arious personal grooming workshops. S.

ntermediate <ision and E! ellen e. how will it rea h the ultimate "ision b# de"eloping intermediate "isions. T*'(+ T*'(+ .n ludes ourse materials.55 hrs <enue2 !earl /ontinental *otel.  M#ths that ha"e been obsta les in the wa# of be oming "isionar# ompanies for a long period of time.))'O0 . ertifi ates and business onta ts . $'0#1 ).after the first tea break and before lunch <isionar# ompanies are able to sustain. meals.  Moti"ational S#nerg# with definition and e!planation./O0+ T*'(+.  7a#s to a hie"e sustainabilit#.  Plan for the ompan#>its strategies for sur"i"al. not the time teller. E!planation and dis ussion on the different definitions of mission and "ision.. T*.  S enario%based a ti"ities that ma# help in making de isions.  E!planation of the 0ltimate and the .  1 ti"ities to lear the on ept about "ision.  Parti ipants2 response and their e"aluation test and e!perien e et . ). 33333 .  E!planation of the theor# behind the idea of being the clock-builder. =arachi 8 'nvestment2 (s.after the second tea break and before the end Make de isions for #our ompan#.  (os and (on2ts. 4567 8 Timings2 5955 hrs : 6. how it will add "alue to life. +ate2 +ec 33.after the lunch and before the second tea break &hange= (e"elop a "ision and ore ideolog#. refreshments.

9ara hi Tel2 )92.3tra %ile Suite ? @AB. Main Shahrae 5aisal. Web2 infoFe!tramilel m. om $?2 fa ebook. Park 1"enue.1et>s talk at . omGe!tramilel m Twitter2 Fe!tramilel m .A2C 3D@C@3E3 /ell2 )92. @th 5loor.3AA 2C3EAEB.