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OBJECTIVE To secure a position in a well-established organization that will enable me to use my strong interpersonal communication skills and creativity for helping the organization in having excellent proactive operations while simultaneously contributing my role in making learning easier and enjoyable for others.

EXPERIENCE Business Devlpmt. Executive – Al Faisal  Jan 1998 – Dec 2003, Jan 2007 – Mar 2008  Identification of business opportunities  Client Relationship Management  Supporting Existing Clients  Management of and providing solutions to customer queries  Maintaining client database, reporting and analysis Finance & Administration Executive – Al Faisal  March 2008 – To Date  Developed periodic financial statements  Corresponded with other members in matters of routine administration tasks including reporting  Stock management to fulfill client’s needs and demands  Effectively managing stock  Maintained and safeguarded business documents  Reconciled payments, expenditures with other account balances  Recorded day-to-day transactions  Liaised with government officials as well as banks for all relevant business matters English Language Instructor – State Bank of Pakistan  March 2010 – August 2012  Teaching Business English Writing Skills to Officers
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Teaching Business English Speaking Skills to the same Teaching Business English Reading and Comprehension Skills to the same Teaching English Listening Skills to the same

English Language Instructor – Real American Center  Jan 2000 – Dec 2001
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Taught different facets of English Grammar Prepared Assignments for students Improved English speaking skills of students

SOCIAL SECTOR INVOLVEMENT IEARN, SIE, PAKISTAN  Oct 2010 to Date (International Education and Resource Network is a non-profit global telecommunications community of primary and secondary schools and

Passed Papers include: Accounting In Business F1 Managerial Accounting F2 International Financial Accounting F3 English Corporate & Business Law F4 Performance Management F5 United Kingdom Tax F6 International Financial Reporting F7 International Audit & Assessment F8 Financial Management F9 Professional Accounting P1 International Corporate Reporting P2 Business Analysis P3 Optem BIM Option Have Completed The Acca/Oxford Brookes Degree Examination Component GOVT.[Pick the date] youth organizations. It enables young people to use the internet and other technologies to engage in collaborative projects.Dec 2006 UK  2 year stay where involved in blue-collar jobs like interviewer. students and schools with an invaluable structure to engage in online curriculum based telecommunications projects) English Language Teacher under Access Karachi Micro-scholarship Program  Teaching English Language to under privileged students  Conducting the English Language classes according to the program objectives and requirements  Carrying out other teaching-learning and related activities that are part of the program  Carrying out assessments/tests according to the schedule and guidelines given by the Project Management  Maintaining records of student attendance. assessment and any other records and documents that may be required by the Project Management  Participate in all training sessions. It is the largest online K-12 network in the world.  Any other task or activity related to program objectives that are communicated by the Project Management from time to time. conferences and seminars scheduled by the project Management. It is working under Society for International Education (Rgd. mall security and counter incharge in mcdonalds QUALIFICATIONS ACCA  DECEMBER 2012  Appearing in last paper of Professional (Advanced Audit And Assurance) St age In Dec-2012. INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE May 2002 – Jul 2003 & Mar 2006. DEGREE COLLEGE GULSHAN-E-IQBAL  DECEMBER 1997 2 .) and is committed to providing K-12 educators.

[Pick the date]  BACHELORS OF COMMERCE Completed all levels of English Language Course at The British Council.5 in IELTS Examination (General) PROJECTS UNDERTAKEN  Won 3 rd prize for documentary project prepared for “ Social Intervention International Conference 2012 ”  Online completion of “ Ethical Framework ” Project from Accaglobal. Karachi Attended workshop on “Teaching Language Skills” at Agha K han University Hospital Attended workshop on “Neuro -linguistic P rogramming” at Rangoonwala Center Attended a SOFT SKILLS  Attended “Time Management” by The British Council  Attended “Train the Trainer” by Learning Minds  Attended “Motivation for Creativity” by Learning Minds  Attended “SPELT” (Society of Pakistani English Language Teachers) Conference workshop on “Using Headway Effectively” by IEARN Scored 7. Excel. Outlook)  Excellent interpersonal and communication skills  Ability to work well in multi ethnic environments  Good analytical skills  Sound knowledge of different administrative and financial systems PASSIONS  Gardening  Reading books on personal grooming  Cycling REFERENCES  Will be furnished on request 3 . Karachi Attended workshop on “Business Writing Skills” by T he British Council. 2011  Attended “Brain Leverage” by Commerce Dept. PowerPoint. KU 2012  Attended “Creating Motivational Organizations” by SMEDA 2012  Member “ToastMasters Club” OTHER SKILLS  Well versed in MS Office 2007 (Word.