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Private (NSE) April 5th, 2007


Key People

Sheetal Tandan Mukesh Verma, Manpreet Singh

Head Quarter

31-Excel Building, Gurgaon-122005

Key People

Sheetal Tandan (Chairman & Representative Director) Mukesh Verma (C.E.O. & Representative Director) Manpreet Singh (Managing Director) Automotive Luxury Vehicles

Industry Products


Rs. 315 crores

Net Income

Rs. 2.5 crores




Introduction to EXCEL Elevate
The EXCEL Elevate with a 1210 kg rigid steel frame that protect you and your co-passenger. And provide all the luxury and comfort & style than your neighbor’s old car is really different from other cars and you will feel your future in it and its price which makes people to forget all the cars.

Standard Features of EXCEL Elevate *132 PS @ 6000 rpm *Air Conditioner *Power Steering *Air-Bags (Driver / Passenger) *Power Gears *8 service in 2years free*
STP OF EXCEL ELEVATE Segmentation Geographic Segmentation

*Tubeless Tyres *Power Windows *Anti-Lock Braking System *CD Player *Luxury & comforts *Powerful Battery

City: We have segmented the city for our product because the price, style and the quality of our EXCEL Elevate is good for the city people and it will attract them on the basis of Geographic Segmentation.

Demographic Segmentation Age: We have targeted the 35to 50 years old people because these people are well settled. Gender: We have targeted both male or female Income: We have targeted the upper middle and upper class people whose income are Rs.25000 p.m. and above. Occupation: We have launched this car for highly profiled people like Doctors, Engineers, managers etc. Psychographic Segmentation Lifestyle: We have segmented the outdoor oriented people on the basis of their Psychology.


Single Segment concentration: firstly we are launching this car only in the cities according to our segmentation because this will create our niche market in the city.

And after the single segment concentration we will move on Product Specialization, means we will cover the different markets like urban and semi urban area. And than we will move to the Market Specialization in which we will launch other vehicle for the different class people according to their Age, Income, Occupations, Lifestyle etc. And at last we will cover the whole Indian and foreign market by Full Market Coverage.

For making the good position in the market: • • • • • • • We are following Blue Ocean Strategy We are planning to launch a new small car till 2009 in the BRIC market We are also planning to acquire land for new plant in Punjab We are planning to develop Personal Transport Assistance We also planning to come in heavy vehicles by the 2011 We are focusing on building the a well known and good Brand in the market We also focusing to the public relationship

The Marketing Mix of Our Product (4 P's of Marketing)
• • • •

Product: Price : Place : Promotion:

EXCEL Elevate Rs. 11,38,859 Targeting to the upper & middle class people Better quality, Advertisement & Sale Promotion

Product Decisions

Brand name- The Brand EXCEL itself speaks lots of words. Brand of the product plays the major role in its sale. Our brand name is good enough to attract large number of big customers. Styling- In today’s so called modern era; style matters a lot. As seen in the pictures also, our car is very stylish and modern. Quality- Our car quality speaks by itself. The quality of our car is superb ranging from its spare parts until its sitting. More over it offers quality services at reasonable and affordable prices. Safety- Safety is also offered by our car. All the safety devices like air bags for driver as well as passengers are present in our car so as to prevent it from all mishappenings. Repairs- Repairs are also offered free of cost. As this is the initial stage of our brand launch so, we are following such strategies with which we can attract as well as retain large no of customers. Warranty- As already said to retain the customers we will offer them such services through which they can be get stick to our company. Warranty offered is for 1 year to all spare parts and other accessories. Accessories and services-

Price Decisions
Some examples of pricing decisions to be made include:

Pricing strategy- we will follow the pricing strategy of PRICE PENETRATION. This is because of the fact that the existing automobile companies are sound enough. So as to land up in the market, we will follow this strategy that is we will launch our product at low price and as the time passes we will increase the price.

• • • •

Suggested retail priceVolume discounts and wholesale pricing Cash and early payment discounts Seasonal pricing- Now the seasons in which demand for cars is more viz in marriage seasons the price will to more so as to skim more profits out of it. Bundling Price flexibility- Price will not be much flexible but of course it will depend upon the moves of competitors. If the price set will be high by its competitors we will also set it high but comparatively lower and vise-versa.

• •

Price discrimination- The policies of price discriminations will not be followed because it always acts as an obstacle in the company’s growth. Charging different prices to different customers in the same situations obviously creates a problem, so such strategies wont be followed as our objective is long term establishment in the market.

Distribution (Place) Decisions
• • • • • •

Distribution channels: Specific channel members Warehousing Distribution centers Order processing Transportation:

Promotion Decisions

Blue Ocean Strategy: We are following the Blue Ocean Strategy by which we will create the different market by the different technologies where nobody(competitor) would be able to

compete us therefore we have made this car completely different, stylish and we are providing at the lowest price which other company would not be able provide these luxury and comforts at this price.

Sales promotions: We have hired a very energetic and professional sales force and direct sales force for our product so we will be able to cover the market as soon as possible. Public relations & publicity: We are focusing to make the better relationship with our customers, expected customers and the public which would be helpful for making the goodwill of our company and for the publicity of the company so we have hired more then 5000 professional and experienced customer service executives for the better customer service.

Advertising: We have spent a large amount on the advertisement for our product because we are new in the market so firstly we will have to aware to the people for our new product, so we have decided to advertise the from the different channels like T.V. advertisement, radio, Posters and banners, news paper advertisements, online advertisement etc. so we can able to create the name of the company in the mark.






•Features: Enjoy all luxury & comforts, Tubeless tyres, power gears, antibreaking systems, music players, decent design etc. •Easy payments, credit cards, finance facilities available •For more details just visit to nearest Excel showroom or,

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