1 ________________________________________________ “The double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.

Let not that man think that he shall receive anything from the Lord.” As long as you can’t make up your mind whether I’m really it for you, it’s a lot more difficult for you to receive things from Me. As long as you’re still flirting with the world in hopes that they might perhaps still be interested in you, you seem to ignore another verse from the epistle of James: “Know ye not that friendship with the world is enmity with God?” The lure and the sirens of the world are one of the most powerful temptations and distractions the Enemy has to work with against Me and My Cause, and I sometimes just have to stand there and watch it happen. But it’s not like I’m going to encourage you for it. Thankfully, My silence makes you think. That’s a neat feature and advantage of silence. It makes you think. It gives you room to think, for a change, and gives you a break from all the endless noises and distractions which are trying to achieve just the opposite. Silence gives Me room to move. Remember that it’s the space in-between the objects that does it. So it is in the acoustic realm. The power lies within the empty, silent spaces between all the clamor and clatter. When I get you to the point where in silence you contemplate and realize that all you’ve been up to lately was vanity, then I get another chance to present to you My program, which, granted, may be a lot more low-profile than all the rah-rah and ado of self-advertisement and aggrandizement. It’s back from the pinnacle of the temple of temptation to the hill of the humble cross, the true reality of what this world has to offer for every one of My true followers… It may all be nice for a while, rounds and rounds of applause and cheers, but once it’s really down to what you’re all about, the cheers will fade. It’s a solemn occasion, for the world to be reminded of what they did to their Savior. The kind of gloom and you bring upon them is the atmosphere of Golgatha, a reminder that the world always resists, rejects, persecutes, haunts and crucifies their saviors, and God’s messengers. A reminder of the fact that those messengers are always, without exception, not of this world, because the ways of the world are simply evil. It’s a reminder that they have to change their ways, and many have to contemplate and think whether they’re willing to do that, and most of them naturally won’t. No one is immune to the worldliness bug, and it pays to stay on guard against it, and vigilant. Sometimes you forget the good old admonitions from My Book: “Be sober and vigilant…,” “Watch and pray lest ye enter into temptation,” etc. Or, “He that thinketh he standeth, let him take heed lest he fall.” As soon as you judge another or point a finger at anyone else, you can be almost sure that you’re going to be the next one due for the temptation you just criticized in others, just to show whether you were really stronger than they. Any amount of energy and time invested in promoting your arm of the flesh is wasted time and energy. The only thing I’m actually interested in and care about is the spreading of the message that will bring souls into the Kingdom, or help others to come back to the straight and narrow path they may have veered from. Investing time and energy into anything other than that is simply counter-productive, because it preaches the message that, “Well, if he does it, then it must be okay.” When it‘s not okay with Me. It’s like having to watch those who are supposed to be working for and making advertisement for Me, actually advertise for the opposing side. Imagine you’re running for president, and the people you hired for your election campaign were actually

campaigning for your opponent, using your money and resources, and the time you pay them for in order to promote your opponent… You wouldn’t be flipped, either, would you? You would be – to say the least – disappointed. Well, it’s hard to disappoint Me, since I usually know ahead of time what you’re going to be up to. But don’t be surprised if there’s going to be a period of silence from Me, if that’s what it takes to bring you back to your senses and make you think. By offering more entertainment, and amusement, you achieve just the opposite of that and lead them “away from thinking” again, contributing to the entertainment overload that already exists. If there’s one thing the world doesn’t need, it’s more entertainment and more distraction from the essential things that they usually ignore. 2 _____________________________________________________ It takes real faith to believe that “they that are with us are more than they that be with them,” & it takes constant & steady focus on those superior, howbeit invisible forces guaranteeing your victory. You’re going to have to learn more & more to take your eyes off of the obvious, the physical circumstances & factors, and tune in to the spiritual instead. When you look at the physical, you’re sunk! There are no happy endings in real life for the flesh. That’s why this whole infatuation with gloom and doom & the darker side of things that so many of the younger generation are subject to, is just another trip of the flesh, and shows just how little they adhere to the spirit. They champion the cause of the flesh & ignore the spirit. It takes faith to prefer the spirit over the flesh, and esteem the spiritual above the carnal; faith that they don’t have, because they invest the bulk of their time in other things than My Word, which would give them the faith. So, in their short-sightedness, they settle for the here & now, the visible, with all its gloom and doom, & despise Me & My World, just because they can’t see it. Walking by faith & not by sight requires a courage and attitude that only the fewest & rarest, the choicest of My warriors, dare to take on. And that’s a privilege that not many choose to be worthy of. All the more it should drive home the importance of focusing on the spiritual, rather than the physical, temporal world & all its interests, to you, & help you make sure you won’t make the same short-sighted mistake of Esau. You’re expected not to commit their same errors, but you’re still expected to love them. They might reject & not tolerate you, but still you’re expected to welcome and tolerate them. If it weren’t for that crazy, supernatural difference between what you have & theirs, then what would make it desirable? The art lies in not measuring others with their same standards, but loving your enemies, to show love to those who have no love for you. It’s easy to love those who are just like you or are on your side. One reason you find so few who are on your same wavelength is so that you learn to love those who are not. How do you love your enemies? Look past the differences & seek some common ground. Somewhere along you’ve been feeling lonely, misunderstood, bitter & angry, too, so there should be plenty for you to be able to relate to. Somewhere along the lines you’ve been a System junkie, a pleasure junkie & a fool for the flesh, too, so why not show some understanding & humility, instead of that alienating spirit of pride & selfrighteousness? Why not show you’re not any better but have been down that same road, too? Instead of trying to protect yourself from future hurt, why not be willing to risk taking a blow, like I did? Sooner

or later you’re going to have to, I’m afraid. There’s no way around receiving some blows, as a follower of Mine. Maybe some of your defense mechanisms only tend to make matters worse…

own battles and trials, but am I not taking good care of you while most other people you know and see around you lead much more difficult lives without ever really knowing what for? Introducing them to Me, the Great Teacher, does the same for them that Ann Sullivan did for Helen Keller: She brought meaning, yes, the very concept of meaning into her life, and that’s what I do for so many, countless others, too. But usually I don’t get much of a chance, because so few of My people want to introduce Me to those who don’t know Me yet.

3 ___________________________________________________ “Love your enemies” is the message, and a fairly important one, because this is what will truly make you stand apart as true Christians, as opposed to those who sanction killing their supposed enemies (many of which have never done them any harm), by the tens of thousands in far-away countries. Keep in mind what you’re here for: you’re here to introduce I need you to be a sample of that miraculous, outstanding, others to the Great Teacher Who will bring meaning and light super-human love of Mine that even enables one to love their and love into their lives. Isn’t that a worthy endeavor? enemies. If you’re going to sing, make it a song that will make a This situation is going to require lots of desperation and help difference in their lives, a song that will let them know about and guidance from Me, but that is all the more conducive to My Me. plan and according to My will and liking, even if your flesh may crave for the opposite, a situation it can easily handle in its own strength and wisdom. 6 ____________________________________________________ The only way you’re ever going to get people to roll up their So, they’re different. So is most everybody else. Show them sleeves and pitch in and help you with your work is if they see that you accept their being different, remaining friendly, polite you really being dedicated about it yourself. and not coming across as judgmental… You might be in this for a longer haul than you may have originally been hoping or preparing for. 4 ___________________________________________________ With a half-hearted attitude, it’s going to take longer to get the It just so happens to be the nature of the Enemy that he likes job done! to lie, and when he’s running out of other things to lie about, I can’t let you off the hook before you get the job done. and when he sees that he doesn’t get any further with his lies In My school, there is no graduating with bad grades! about Me, then he resorts to lying to you about each other. When he sees he doesn’t have a chance anymore to destroy or “Let’s get it over with!” is certainly not an attitude or mindset weaken your faith in Me, then he intends to destroy your faith in conducive to good work and a job done well and efficiently. It’s each other. definitely not an attitude that’s going to warrant a “Well done And in the same manner that he used to lie to you about Me, thou good and faithful servant…” that I don’t love you because you’re not good enough, etc., he then starts making up lies about your brethren, or your mate or There isn’t any mention in My Book of anybody just having your children, etc., that will alter your perception of them, just done a mediocre job for Me. as his other lies used to tend to alter your perception of Me, or yourself, or of life altogether. I need you to change your mindset and prepare and brace yourself for the long haul, because I’m going to have to prolong You can more easily distinguish his lies about Me because you this class, this lesson, for as long as it takes for you to get it. I know from My Word, and from My repeated assurances, that the can’t let you graduate without really actually having made it and things he tells you about Me not loving you, etc., simply aren’t passed the test. true. Whereas he has a greater chance to get you to swallow his You’ll have to make up your mind whether you really want to lies about others, especially when your communication with belong to the ranks of My dedicated ones who really gave their them isn’t so hot. all, and not just went through the motions because there would The easiest way to find out the truth and expose him would be have been no alternative. to approach the other person and tell them, “I’m having these thoughts about you, could you help to clarify them?” Of course, The only way I’m going to be able to make My swift return is by that does take a certain amount of courage, honesty and My bride and church getting the job done of winning those that humility, but it would be the easiest way to find out. need to be won. Unless you give it all you’ve got, you’ll lose, either way! You can only win, if and providing you give your all. You are doomed to failure if you don’t, and just “hang in there” half-heartedly. If you’re going to hang in there, I need you to do it with a wholehearted attitude. Hang in there means do it with all your might and wholeWhile there may be more than a few who may believe in Me, heartedly, giving all you’ve got! there aren’t all that many who actually dedicate their time to Hang in there also means, this could take longer than you serving Me and spreading My Word and furthering My Cause. originally expected! Does My Cause seem so un-worthy to you? It means, you’ve been doing alright so far and you’ve been on Don’t you think that a relationship with Me is what they need, the right track, but if you’re going to make it for the rest of the and that hooking Me up with them could solve a lot of their way, some things are going to have to change now, because problems and change their lives for the better? change is the one guaranteed factor of this, My revolution, and You’re not just trying to sell them another “religion,” you’re has been, from the beginning. trying to get them to know Me. You introduce them to Me. Hang in there, in other words, means, keep changing! Keep Don’t you think that there are certain advantages to knowing Me revoluting! Keep forsaking all! Keep forsaking what needs to be and being able to rely on Me? All you sometimes see is your let go of and keep forging ahead in a new direction, making 5 ___________________________________________________ Stay on the straight & narrow path of conviction and separation from the world. If you won’t do it, how will you ever be able to expect anyone else to do it? Somebody’s got to lead the way.

progress and conquering new territories! Hang in there means, get ready for another U-Turn, and hold on tight as the wheel of My revolution is going to take you for another upside down and right-side up spin!

save the situation, if you’re just willing!

It doesn’t matter what mistakes have been made before, either by you or others! What counts is now, and how much faith you have that I can make it through you despite any unfavorable Sorry if that sounds like more than you originally may have circumstances or odds against you! thought that it would amount to. Sometimes, in order to make it Instead of letting the negative things you observe kill your faith, easy for My followers to begin their path for Me, I make it sound why don’t you use them as an incentive to determine to do what simple, like, “Come, follow Me!” you can in order to change things for the better? You can But only after a while are they ready to hear some more of the change things for the better, I have given you that power! Now, details and all that it entails to follow Me: taking up their cross, will you use it? forsaking all they have and becoming an enemy to this world, because all they really care about is Me and My Cause. 8 ___________________________________________________ The fate of those who realize along the way that they didn’t Sometimes you’ve just got to try and reach out your hands really want that after all, is not where you want to go! So, the for whatever there might be there, even if you don’t feel a only option for you is giving it your all! special vacuum inside, or an explicit desire to hear from Me. Sometimes it’s okay if all that drives you into My arms and into the position to hear from Me is the knowledge that you ought to 7 ___________________________________________________ do it, and that it’s the best you can do regardless of what you Passiveness leaves the floor to the other parties and lets feel like. them run with it and have their way. It never fights for its cause, You’ve got to make a little effort and stretch out your hands of no matter how much you may be convinced that it’s the truly faith to receive. You’ve got to do a little bit of pumping and right one. drawing. You mustn’t make the mistake of underestimating the power I’ve given you to change things, to influence things, even if by The decisive factor still remains your hunger and desire for My nothing else but your prayers. input, and if it’s not there, then that doesn’t mean that I have Things won’t just improve by themselves if you won’t do forsaken you, but is probably an indication that you have tried anything about them! If you want things to change for the to satiate that hunger with other things, or you’re simply tired of better, the one thing not to do is to just stand by passively and drawing input from Me. watch it all go down the drain. Everyone’s efforts are required in order to bring about the best Whatever happens to be most important to you, you manage to possible results, and if you just half-heartedly tug along, make time for, and if you really want to hear My voice, you will. instead of really giving it your all, doing your part and pushing along, then it will be your responsibility, if the desired progress The Enemy is trying to convey to you that spirit of resignation hasn’t been made. and “What’s the use?” If you happen to be the one factor that could have made the Your vessel seems a little cracked, and you don’t seem to be difference, but you didn’t, simply because you wouldn’t, then able to hold the water I would pour into you as well as you used you’re to blame if the battle was lost! to, and so you figure, “Well, why should I make an effort then at Do what you can, for Heaven’s sake; you can’t let everybody all, to receive any?” down just because you can’t see how little old you is going to But a true spirit of refusing to give up would be to continue to make any difference. Why do you have to belittle and put down draw down My input into your vessel, even if there’s only a what I have chosen, even if it’s you – to make a difference? fraction left of it, knowing that even a little bit of My life-giving water is better than none at all… The wrong attitude to have is, “If things aren’t the way I think they should be, why should I make any effort to change them?” The world around you will keep changing, your immediate Well, that’s perhaps precisely why they are the way they are, so circumstances will change, and everything around you may that you make an effort to evoke some kind of difference. develop into something beyond recognition, yet I want you to Maybe you’re there to make that difference. Maybe that’s why know that I remain the one Constant in your life that you can you’re seeing the way things ought to be, so that you can help forever rely on. and do what you can in order for them to become that way. Some of the circumstances you experience cause you to reflect By folding up in resignation because you doubt that I could negatively on Me, and you derive from them that I must not love ever use you to make a difference you belittle My abilities to you anymore or not as much, and that I am punishing you for use the weak in order to confound the strong, and My wisdom something. But even if that were the case, you must remember in choosing those I have chosen… that even My chastisements are an act of My love for you, and if It’s the opposite of praise. It’s basically murmuring and I’m allowing certain of My blessings to be withheld from you, or complaining, and it has destructive and negative power, the their flow to be reduced, then you’ve just got to trust Me that same way that praise has power in a positive, creative and that is also part of My love for you, and that I know what I’m constructive way.. doing. You can rely on My wisdom. A negative attitude is destructive. It’s expedient that you change that mindset. You’re just as responsible as anyone concerning what will become of this work. It’s up to you to get out and help push in order for that bus to make some uphill progress, and not just do your own thing and shake your head about the catastrophe that you see unfold as the bus threatens to slide backwards into the valley! All options are open right now, which means, there’s a vacant spot for you to jump in and fill it and do whatever you can to “He that loseth his life, the same shall save it.” What did you expect from life? That gradually it would contain more and more things and blessings for you to cling to? Well, the reality is that this life is a losing business, which in the end you’re going to wind up losing altogether, and all that will remain is what you will have invested in the true life to come. Don’t resist the loss, but yield to it and flow with it, and remember that “less is sometimes more!” You’ve got to trust Me and My wisdom that the end result will be just what it should be and what is to be desired.

You see that the path I’m leading you threatens to be one of even greater isolation and separation, and you distrust the prospect of that path of loneliness and pain. But you can trust Me, even if this may not look like the usual or reasonable thing for Me to do! You know from experience that I don’t always work in a clearcut and obviously reasonable way, but that My ways are higher than yours. Often what I’ve been up to only makes sense once you’re quite a ways down the road, or sometimes even only at the very end of it. So, can you trust Me that I know what I’m doing, even if once again it doesn’t really seem like it? So, I’m calling you to be different. Can you live with that? 9 ___________________________________________________ One of the conditions to forgiveness is your seeing the need for it, and your coming forward and confessing the sin and dealing with it, confronting it and determining that you will strive to overcome it. Certain things just require consequences and action taken. You’ve got to repent and change your ways. You’ve got to move on to a higher level. You may think life is treating you badly, but you ought to know that things could get a lot worse, and they will, if you don’t show some sincere gratitude for My blessings I bestow on you. 10 ___________________________________________________ Sometimes certain efforts have to be made in order to get what you want, and if everything would always fall into your lap by itself, then I would be spoiling you. That’s not what I meant by trusting Me to supply all your needs. I never said, “Don’t do anything, I’ll do it all!” Life may have been easier in some aspects before, but then I never said that it would gradually become easier… The challenges grow as you go. 11 ___________________________________________________ I’ve provided you with sufficient building material for a house, and now you have to put a structure to it and build it, and put those bricks together according to the way My Spirit guides you. It may not make much sense to be constructing with something as non-lucrative as words from an unseen Creator, and while your contemporaries might perhaps ask you what on earth you’re doing with your time, yet posterity might think differently about it, and maybe you will have done humanity a greater service by dedicating your time to such a seemingly unpromising and un-rewarding task (as far as immediate rewards are concerned), than by any feverish efforts of your own to have an impact on the temporal world around you.

vision for things not everybody else can see… You dare to make the statement that My words, and what I have to communicate to you happens to be important enough to invest your time in it, and I will honor that statement. You are fulfilling My Word by your sample that “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word which proceedeth from the mouth of God,” and “Labor not for the meat which perisheth, but for that meat which endureth unto everlasting life, which the Son of man shall give unto you…” Of course, that kind of “labor” never did make much sense to those who are only concerned about the here and now, but that is what makes you different. It’s the same faith or vision that many aspiring artists or writers needed in order to do what they felt they needed to do, and that they were created to bring forth, even if the world around them thought it was nonsense, and it was usually especially those closest to them, their own families, parents or brethren, that would give them the most flak about it… There is always enough to do and enough thrills to discover about life, if you’re interested in more than just yourself and your own immediate well-being or entertainment. Life is full of adventures to discover that the large majority is completely unaware of. It may be hard for you to watch how those who invest in the here and now are blessed with success in return, while your efforts remain largely unseen, but that is the price one pays for being not of this world and one of My disciples. 12 ___________________________________________________ I knew that the appearance of things was not portraying a true picture. While there was apparent defeat before Me, I knew that beyond it lay greater victory, and that’s the sort of vision, faith and trust you also must have. Even though it seems as if you were on your way down to the rock bottom of your soul and existence, and the situation may appear to be less and less hopeful, you’ve got to have faith that beyond it lies a greater victory and resurrection than you could possibly imagine, and which won’t be attainable any other way. You’ve got to go through this as I’ve had to go through Gethsemane, in order to experience that glorious resurrection, and experience once again that the Father will have done it for you the same as He did it for Me. You can claim the promise, “You will not leave my soul in hell” (Ps.16:10). Even though you must go through this dark period of your life, He will not leave you there, but He’s only using it in order to bring about a similar victory from it that He brought forth through My crucifixion.

I will pull you through this somehow. You don’t know yet how, and it seems to you as impossible as the raising of Lazarus was to the bystanders of old, or as My resurrection seemed to My disciples during the 3 days I was in the tomb, but it inevitably happened. How deep are those temporal impacts that folks leave in the The light inevitably won its victory over the darkness, and it present world? The temporary adoration of thousands, perhaps continued its conquest over the subsequent 3 centuries, and even millions, but what are they being left with? Unless what even so it must continue to conquer and vanquish the darkness you have to pass on to the world is really pointing them in My even now, as the world’s darkest hour approaches. direction, often it will only contribute to the illusion of their present matrix, and thus it will only encourage them to put You are My heralds of light, and you must learn to be more energy into the temporal, and invest more of their lives overcomers of the darkness and not be intimidated nor affected into that which is doomed to fade and pass away, instead of by it. that which lasts, and in My eternal Kingdom… It may seem like a lot to ask when the darkness appears to be so overwhelming and nearly all-encompassing, but that’s where From a temporal viewpoint it may not make much sense what faith comes in, the little strength that you have, which is going you’re doing, but that’s what faith is all about: putting your to turn out greater than everything the Enemy can muster in the cards and your “money” not on the same old things everybody end. else can see, and what they consider to be “common sense,” but rather that which requires some “uncommon sense,” a Focus on the light! Focus on My Power, and see what no man

else can see! See the victory beyond the battle, the resurrection past the crucifixion, the new glorious life beyond the grave, the brilliant light just beyond that stretch of pitch black darkness. Don’t be distracted by the fake colored and flashing lights of the Enemy, that which seems like light and life, but is not. But keep your focus fixed strong on the true light, the only light capable of lighting every man that cometh into the world (Jn.1:9), even if at present so many of them seem to be in darkness. Go forth and let your light shine! You cannot help but win, even if I use the apparent losers to show the world what is true victory, not wrought of the flesh, but of that which truly brings life: My Spirit. In the flesh you may see death, but the life that is wrought by the spirit is the real thing that lasts.

It takes faithful practice to get your mind under My control, and if you neglect it for a day, it’s going to take you greater effort the next. Because you’ve been trying to come up with all sorts of ideas on your own, your mind is used to “doing it” on its own again, and it’s always hard for it to let go and let Me take over again after such a period of running wild and free… Your mind will take you anywhere if you let it, wherever it deems success and strength to be waiting. The only problem is, there’s no happiness, no joy, no peace, no love waiting there, because those are the fruits of the Spirit, whereas the mind working on its own without My Spirit will just bring forth the fruits of the flesh. And so you wind up tired, exhausted and frustrated instead of fulfilled and satisfied with your achievements…

I have to allow you to make these experiences to drive home the importance of depending on Me instead of doing it on your own. I just can’t let you do it alone; I need you to include Me in it. 13 ___________________________________________________ I need you to find out by experience that the results simply Some things time will resolve, as long as you keep your won’t be the same when you try to do things without Me as spiritual eyes & ears open for My input. I may not always show when you include Me and commit the day into My hands first. I you everything you need to know immediately, but “Time will do need to make it obvious to you that relying on Me is doubtlessly the talking.” the preferable option to relying on your own strength and You’re supposed to learn as you go, and lessons learned slowly wisdom. have a tendency to stick longer and be absorbed better. Including Me will always bring better results than not doing it, You’re not supposed to know the answer to everything from even if your flesh may be telling you a different story. scratch. Folks are supposed to know you’re in the same boat It’s easy to be swept off your feet by the loud and enthusiastic with them, the only difference being that you have that hot wire rah-rah style of the flesh. It can be quite deceptive and with Me by which I can reveal to you answers to certain convincing: “Of course you can do it on your own! Come on! problems. You’ve got that magic lamp of My living words, which Don’t you feel all that power and energy you have? Show the can solve problems for you as they arise. It doesn’t create a world that you’re its champion!...” problem-free path for you, but solves them as you go and as you confront them. That battle royal between flesh and spirit is ever-present. If you I’m not leading you on a path without confrontations, but one forget the lesson for just a moment, the flesh will take where you learn to deal with them with My help as they arise. advantage of it and try to make its break, and, of course, the spirit, in its tender and gentle way doesn’t stand much a chance to oppose it. The spirit is always the victim of the flesh and its 14 ___________________________________________________ aggressive ways. The spirit will always bring salvation and new The Good News and what is meant by “The Gospel” is not life to the flesh once the flesh has come to its end, and is ready all the gory details about the evils of this world and Satan’s to accept that the spirit indeed is superior, but it usually won’t workings and how he manages to enslave people, although it take long until the flesh will figure once again that it can do it on may take that sometimes in order to wake some people up to its own. the fact that they need Salvation. But primarily, the Gospel In reality it will only make a mess of things trying to face all the should be the emphasis on the Good News that I have come to numerous challenges in its own wisdom. save you from all that – Anything the Devil may be up to will be The flesh’s attitude will always be, “We’re going to show them brought to naught, and the first and best thing anyone can do to that we can do it without them!” Like a little stubborn child that avail themselves of My cleansing, renewing and liberating really wants to show the world and only lands flat on its face in power, is to receive Me, God’s gift to them, and thereby become the effort… heirs of His Promises. There is a time for everything: a time to warn people of the evils Too many people try to do things on their own without Me, that may befall them if they refuse to adhere to My ways and without consulting Me, acknowledging Me, and often even counsel, but then there is also a time to remind them just how without considering Me or asking for My help at all. Just a quick easy it is to become a child or bride of Mine. stamp of approval, perhaps, so they can’t say they never You’re fighting to bring Salvation to the world, not prayed, but not really looking up to Me for constant guidance. condemnation (Jn.3:17). It’s good to be aware and not ignorant of the Devil’s devices. Carnal reasoning leads to becoming the epitome of a fool who But the message you will want to convey to others primarily is says in his heart, “There is no God, and even if there was a that of Salvation, that of hope, and an emphasis on the light, God, there is no need for Him, because we manage just fine on and not so much on the darkness. our own! This whole God-business is just causing a lot of The foundation stone you must lay is that of Salvation, and that problems, anyway…” they have accepted Me in their lives. It’s the opposite of the wisdom of acknowledging Me in all your The best and most effective weapons against the evils in this ways so that I can direct your paths. It’s like stubbornly world is My gift of Salvation. insisting on running through the darkness blind, refusing to Give’em Salvation! Save them! Get them saved! Make them accept My light to shine on your path… Mine! Experience teaches you that you all have a little bit of that Getting them saved and getting them to get others saved is the syndrome within you, and if you’re going to give in to it, it’s best and most effective thing in the world you can do for Me going to take you down the same path where you’ll wind up and for My Kingdom! making a fool of yourself. 15 ___________________________________________________ It pays to listen to Me and wait for Me and My input, My Power and Spirit to be your boost and guide…

You can do it yourself, if you insist, but the result will never be the same as when you include Me. You can do it, but whether you’re going to be doing a good job at it is another question. 16 ___________________________________________________ The kind of truth that really makes a difference and deals a blow to the Enemy’s kingdom is the Salvation message. I need you to publish glad tidings, the Good News. A lot of people are preaching negative news, but not many are actively offering the Solution. The Salvation message might not put you on the front page in earthly papers, but it puts you on the list of those who obey My commandment to preach the Gospel! You’re learning just how special obedience is, and how much trouble disobedience has caused for mankind. There’s a drastic difference, and it pays to be counted among the obeyers. 17 ___________________________________________________ You’re not the only one finding himself a bit clueless concerning how to deal with the younger generation. It’s one of those extraordinary challenges you find before you that I want you to recruit and solicit My help in solving and tackling. Sometimes all young sensitive people need and want is to be loved and belong somewhere. If they don’t really feel that their home and family is where they belong, then of course they’ll look someplace else… among their peers and friends, to find that feeling of belonging and kinship. It’s a perfect illustration of My relationship with much of the church. The vast majority are simply quite infatuated with the world and love it the way it is, and they’re not really all that interested in either exposing its evils, nor in offering others a way out. They’d actually prefer to be in it themselves, and – in their hearts – that’s often the case. Sometimes their attitude toward the world will change later on in life, according to their personal experiences. Others are simply quite comfortable with it and the way things are, and they’re not cut out for the life of a disciple. Fact is, you’re in the world, and that’s for a purpose: you’re there to make certain experiences in it, and you just can’t save your child from that path any more than I was able to save you from it… Everybody has to make their own experiences in the world that will make them determine whether they feel at home in it, or whether they’ll refuse to settle for what it has got to offer them, and seek a better place instead… The pain of having to watch them go the other way and forsake you – as Paul put it, “having loved this present world,” is an experience that I want you to go through as a sample of how I feel many times. It’s part of obtaining a greater understanding of My mind, the mind of God, and learning to not only see things through My eyes, but also experiencing them with the Father’s heart. I don’t only want you to learn to see and think as I do, but also to feel and to love as I do, and the only way to achieve that is via the path of suffering and pain that you experience through these conflicts. To be forsaken by your own for the sake of the world is a very real experience for Me and the Father to deal with, and We would like to allow as many as possible to participate and partake in this pain to give them a greater understanding of Our point of view, and how we feel about it. It will also teach you how to love like We do: not just giving up on someone when you see that they are turning their backs on

you, but to continue loving them unconditionally in spite of their choices and preferences for the world, even if it’s very painful. You may feel tempted to close your heart up to them and lock them out, but you know you just can’t do that. You simply have to bear the pain… And, like the father of the prodigal son, hope and pray that some day they will return to you, and receive them back with wide open arms, as I have always done with you. Mothers often experience these things differently. They cannot bear to see the whole thing with the realistic view of what their children are actually doing by choosing the ways of the world. They say, “It’s only natural,” and in a way they’re right. They have to make those experiences; it’s in their nature to have to do so. 18 ___________________________________________________ You don’t have to take and accept everything the Devil, or even life itself, hands you. Sometimes you’ve got to have the grace and the ability to say, “No, thank you!” It’s ingrained into the minds of this consumers’ society to take and grab and consume whatever one can, but sometimes it’s simply wiser to forego some of those blessings, which have a hidden price. They may make things easier and more pleasant for you immediately and in short term aspects, but in the long run they make you lazier and spoiled… and thus, weaker to fight the battle, which is, of course, the Enemy’s incentive. He pretends to be your friend in order to weaken you, so that when the showdown comes and he shows his true face, you won’t have what it takes to resist, overcome, lick and beat him. Obedience and successful relationships both depend on the ability to let go of one’s own will. People with a strong will have a harder time to form successful relationships with others and finding it in them to carry out orders or what’s required of them, especially when it’s in aspects that require faith, instead of situations with immediate, tangible rewards and gratifications. It’s the “What’s in it for me?” society and a “Tit for tat” system where folks only do something in return for some benefit, and it’s very hard to get anyone to renounce that type of thinking for the sake of My Cause, and to persuade them into doing anything for Me, especially if it’s not going to be rewarded with some immediate benefit, but requires faith in rewards in some distant future, which is only perceived by faith, since the whole rest of the world says that it’s not going to happen… It is I Who will have to right the wrongs of this world, and I know your frame, and won’t expect more of you than you can deliver momentarily, but I cause you to grow and stretch your muscles, enhancing your capacities to give. 19 ___________________________________________________ I’m a lover of details. I’m the Great Teacher, and I love it when My pupils do their homework and thoroughly. You’re finding out that just slapping your theories together on shreds of information without hearing out the whole story has unpleasant consequences. When you get excited about an opinion, you tend to skip a few facts, and it requires a bit more work to really find all the supporting facts and arguments, secure their sources, and to state your point in a more balanced and reasonable way. Unfortunately, that kind of work makes whatever you’ve got to say or write also more tedious to listen to or read… People are always quick to hear some biased gossip, or emotional rantings and ravings of someone that will stir up their emotions for a certain cause or against a certain group of people. What people like isn’t necessarily the facts, but hype

and propaganda. They basically love to be manipulated, and that’s also why they will receive the Antichrist with wide open arms, since he will be the chief manipulator of all times. Give both sides a chance to be heard, at least when there are facts on either end, without omitting any, lest you become guilty of the same tactic of manipulation. Be fair enough to show the facts that speak in favor of the others side, even if it may undermine your own point somewhat. I wasn’t a great winner of debates in My time, and that’s simply not what it’s about. It’s about winning the soul, not the argument. I’d rather lose an argument and win the soul. That’s the goal… Not tons of arguments in favor of your point, but enough love to win a soul, even if you never win an argument. It’s not about showing off how smart you are, but about loving others, and in the process you’ll find out, that that’s the smartest thing you’ve ever done. Love may turn out to be even more effective than the raw truth! 20 ___________________________________________________ The Prodigal son’s father waited patiently for his son’s return, he didn’t go chasing after him, nor did he send the police after him, nor did he write him letters about how much he disapproved of his son’s strayings. The world is a mess, but you need to ask yourself, what is the best thing you can possibly do in order to improve things? Just pointing your finger at the culprit isn’t necessarily the solution. It’s one thing to expose evil, but what is the answer you will give? You have come to learn all you did about the Devil’s devices, and you can’t say you’re ignorant of them any longer, which is good. You’ve obtained a lot of wisdom and insight about his workings, and it’s going to come in handy. But “the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be entreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy” and involves a few more factors besides exposing the workings of evil. It sees how experiencing the fruits and results and consequences of evil is necessary for mankind in order to learn their lesson and for others to acquire that wisdom, too. You can’t just impart all you know to anyone by telling them, “it is so.” If they didn’t believe Me, what makes you think they’re going to believe you? So, it might be better in some cases to just hold your breath for a little while until they’re ready to listen. 21 ___________________________________________________ I need people who are in this for the long haul, and who are prepared to walk all the way, no matter how long it may turn out to be. A finished building does look nicer than one that was never finished because the builder didn’t quite have what it took to finish it. He didn’t count the cost before he started… All that remains is a sad waste of space and a monument to wasted manpower and resources due to a lack of wisdom, foresight and the ability to truthfully assess one’s own resources and limitations. What are the resources needed to finish running the race for Me? Well, primarily faith. As long as you believe that all things are possible, you’ll know that even if you get stuck along the way, seemingly without any strength or resources to continue, I’ll be able to supply you with what you need. 22 ___________________________________________________

You must forego the negative, distracting input from the Enemy in order to stay empty and hungry for Mine. “Ye cannot drink of the Lord’s cup and the Devil’s.” You’re trying to fight that feeling of emptiness with the wrong cure, which is weakening your channel with Me! One of the Devil’s old tricks is to pose as some older, wiser brother who says that it’s okay to enjoy the forbidden fruit; it’s okay to enjoy that worldly entertainment, it’s okay to go easy on yourself… The problem is that the devices he offers seldom, if ever render true happiness. They only yield a temporary relief from thinking. The assessment of where the world is at can sometimes hurt and tend to be depressing, so you want to drown out those thoughts with some other, less gloomy input, or simply distract yourself with anything available from that reality… On the other hand you’ve experienced that sometimes even a not-so-hot movie could contain some interesting lessons, and you figure “more input is better than no input,” even if it isn’t necessarily all good. But I’m just drawing your attention to the fact that some of that not-so-good input can tamper with your channel with Me. It reduces your hunger and desperation for My input, because your mind has already been filled with something. Movies designed to convey a “loser” spirit to its viewers are not conducive to feeling much like one of My Overcomers or future champions of the world, and what you were hoping to be a cure to your depressions is going to turn out to be part of the problem instead. So, watch out what you’re feeding your soul. An overdose of the wrong sort of input can have lasting implications that you weren’t ready for when you sought some harmless entertainment… The Enemy always camouflages his temptations as something less than downright evil and only time will tell and expose just how bad the thing really was that he persuaded you to enjoy… 23 ___________________________________________________ Some things are giving you trials. But let the trials do their work on you: Let them cause you to pray, let them mold your heart and make you desperate. One of the main causes for things going haywire is because people generally are so complacent instead of desperate. It’s okay to be desperate, in fact, quite appropriate in these times, and if it takes some trials and some things that aren’t the way they should be to get you there, then let it be! Looking at the state of your vessel and the circumstances can be a bit scary sometimes, all that introspection and selfanalysis, or the state of your crew. But if you keep your focus on the field and on the job and the goals before you, and the people I have placed in your care to shepherd and take care of, you’ll see that there’s purpose, after all. Hold on to Me, and I will reveal the purpose to you that you may not be able to see immediately. When your life doesn’t seem to be making much sense, it’s time to stop, look up & listen to Me. 24 ___________________________________________________ Sometimes it helps to be reminded how many people have it much worse than you in many aspects. Whatever has befallen you, you can always safely assume that somebody else somewhere at some time must have had it worse than you, and that you’re quite blessed. The Enemy tries to amplify the pain and darken the picture by whispering in your ear, as if he was your friend and sympathizing with you, when he’s responsible for the mess and the situation in the first place. He’s the real culprit and traitor,

and if anything, it should strengthen your resolve against him, and your determination to fight him to the death. He’s the author of the lies that cause the confusion, the misunderstandings, misconceptions and suspicions that cause all the hurt and alienation, so he’s the one you should direct your anger against, and whom you should fight accordingly. The other people involved are only his victims, just like you. You have seen the way he operates time and time and time again, so you should be able to be a strength and a comfort to the other parties involved, instead of playing along in the game of artificially induced antagonism and strife that he initiated with his schemes. You’ve got to see the spiritual cause behind what happened, and see what his goals are. He wants to make you feel like giving up and like surrendering to your fate, and as if the others were your enemies! He’s trying to discourage you from reaching out to communicate because he knows that would be the end of his scheme. Communication is a killer of Satan’s schemes, that’s why he tries to fight communication between you, and also with Me, tooth and nail. Communication is his dilemma, his nemesis. He can’t stand it, because it is bound to expose his scheme sooner or later and reveal just how ridiculous all those lies and suspicions were that he was trying to sow in your minds about each other. Communication will shed light into each other’s minds about how each of you really feel. Bringing in that light will diminish the Enemy’s abilities to operate in the darkness and there sow his seeds. 25 ___________________________________________________ People use fear as an excuse, when they ought to be recognizing it as a weakness they ought to overcome. It opens the venue for them to play the victim: “I was afraid of you…” That’s exactly what Adam & Eve said when they were hiding from Me. It makes you look like the big, bad culprit, and they are the victims. But did that save Adam & Eve from having to pay the consequences of their actions? No it didn’t. And that’s a lesson for all mankind. No matter what sort of excuse you will give for your sins, it won’t hold ground, and it won’t clear you of having to pay the consequences. Nobody will be able to stand before Me and justify themselves and clear themselves of their sin or failures. Not by all their trying to do so. The easiest and quickest way to be forgiven is to be willing to admit their sin and admit that they need help, instead of lying and pretending they’re doing just fine without it, which is pride. How to deal with someone who doesn’t want to face the truth? Welcome to the great challenge of the 21st century! That’s what I’m having to deal with, and – among other things – what you’re here to learn: How to “sell” the truth to people who don’t want it. The least appreciated and wanted commodity in the universe. The most rejected treasure of all times. The only way you’re going to be able to sell it is by “speaking the truth in love,” love being the important factor here, even above the truth factor. Without love, you’re never going to be able to speak the truth successfully. That’s why you have to learn to love people in spite of knowing the truth about them, truth that they’re not even aware of themselves… That’s the type of art I practice and you can learn from Me. Does it sound like a worthy endeavor to you? Learning to love people in spite of their faults and weaknesses? That’s the business I’m in. You wanna join Me? The good thing about it is, if you do, you’ll find that people will have a much easier time putting up with yours, too!

Yes, they’re afraid of the truth, which is precisely the reason why they’ve always been afraid of Me. They can’t handle the truth without first having received the assurance of unconditional love. Once they’ve received and experienced that, anything is possible for them. It’s a power that can transform any wretch or notorious loser. 26 ___________________________________________________ You simply can’t lose by loving – even your enemies – you always win. “If thine enemy be hungry, give him bread to eat; and if he be thirsty, give him water to drink. For thou shalt heap coals of fire upon his head, and the LORD shall reward thee” (Prov.25:21, 22). You simply never lose by loving and doing the loving thing. Whereas a lack of love for a Christian is always a disadvantage and a sin, because it is My commandment for you to love others. It is your responsibility to love, regardless of feelings. My commandment to love stands stronger, has greater emphasis and priority than your discernment, or wanting to find out whether you were right about your feelings and suspicions or not. The Enemy is extremely clever and knows just what it takes to get you to neglect your greatest and most important duty of all. What he specially fights, is love, and he will even use your gifts of the Spirit to get you to fail to love, if he can, just as he used My own Word to tempt Me. Maybe they irritate you, rub you the wrong way and give you a hard time, but it still doesn’t change anything about the fact that your one and only duty toward them is to love them. Stretch your faith even yet a bit more and trust Me that everything is going to turn out alright in the end anyway, even if that’s not what it looks like right now. If it was My love and power that saved you, then who are you to doubt that I can save them, too, from the mess they’re probably going to get into, just as I saved you out of yours, no matter how smart you were or not? If it was your own superior qualities that saved you, then what hope would there be for them? But if you put forth a little bit of a belieiving effort that what I did for you I am also able to do for them, and if you let that positive attitude shine through a little bit, instead of your suspicion and doubt concerning them, maybe they’ll also catch the drift and start believing that I can do it for them, too! If I’m your only hope, what makes you doubt that I can be theirs, too? Even if they’re going to betray you, what else can you ever do but love them? If you don’t love them, you will only give them a justification for their choice and betrayal. Can you make an effort to have a little bit of a believing and trusting attitude that I’m capable of bringing the best out of this situation, and that I’m in full control? You cannot put your trust in the circumstances or the shape they’re in. The only One it pays to put your trust in fully am I. I can salvage any situation, no matter how bad. It’s true that it pays to be prepared for the worst in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. But what crime could they possibly commit that I wouldn’t forgive them for? Now, we don’t want to find out, if we can help it, but why do you have to act as if there was such a thing? Why can’t you just accept the fact that they’re a beloved and forgiven child of Mine, no matter what, and grant them that forgiveness?

of it for My sake and the sake of others? Now it’s true that those others don’t always seem to be exactly appreciative of your efforts to bring them the message that could save them, but I’ve been trying to get you to shift your vision from what you can immediately see, the way people apparently are on the surface, to that which is below the surface, and their true need, which they might not be so ready to confess, because of their pride. You’re just going to have to trust Me that I have a plan and a Love people in spite of their faults and look beyond their faults lesson to teach you out of all this, just as there was in the and flaws, at their hearts and that which truly motivates them, things that happened to you before. If it’s something that’s instead of the show they usually put on. giving you trials and a hard time, something to give you a reason to pray about and hear from Me about, rejoice: it means there’s something for you to learn and something to grow by, 28 ___________________________________________________ something to help you love better and become a better and The one thing I never want you to forget is that I’m with you, truer follower of Mine. and thus things will always work out and turn out alright for you somehow, now matter how bleak or hopeless things may seem. Just as you have seen that the deep, dark and trying times wrought something better for you in your life, so it will have to The more each of you will cling to and rely on Me, the more be with them. harmony there will be, and disturbing factors will be erased. If you can embrace the pain they’re handing you as an act of love, in trust that it’s going to contribute to your life, to what you are and will be in a positive and enriching way, then it will 29 ___________________________________________________ also be easier for you to love them. For this experience will bind Many factors force you to cling to Me and seek My face, you together and will teach you that somehow you belong, just instead of enabling you to just cruise along “by sight.” The only as everything belongs. way anybody in My service is ever going to make it to the finish Of course, it’s easier to embrace the pleasant things as parts line victoriously is by faith, not by sight & being able to that “belong” in your life. But that’s where faith is needed to calculate every little step ahead, relying on one’s own strength, recognize those blessings in disguise, which will often have a wit and abilities. more positive effect on the overall outcome than the seemingly So it’s going to take a miracle for you to be able to make it, and initial “good” things. ALL things work together for good to instead of you being able to rely on your own skill. Does that them that love Me, not just the supposedly “good” things. surprise you that I’m not allowing you to get away with relying Faith is not looking at the circumstances, but at what by faith on your own strength? I’m going to make out of them. Just trust Me that one day you’ll I want and need success to be brought about by My Spirit, My be very thankful for the lessons in your life they’re teaching you power and grace, not by your relying on your own skills. I need right now! to get the whole glory in order for it to be able to work. So you would have expected more of them, and you resent that they’re going to choose the ways of the world instead of Mine. You resent the way this reflects back on you. But these are fairly selfish motivations, and they certainly won’t cut the cake in persuading anybody to sacrifice the thrills this world has to offer… 27 ___________________________________________________ Being open to change, wanting and desiring change and actively looking for it and for ways to change is precisely the attitude that’s needed: “What can I do in order to make more progress, what should I change?” etc. As long as you seek change, keep your eyes open for potential change in your life, as long as you keep looking ahead, looking for the new, and embracing it when you see it, instead of rejecting it, you’re bound to make progress and some forward movement. “Comfortable” isn’t necessarily a criterion on My list of prerequisites. While it may be natural for you to seek physically comfortable situations, that may be something you’d like to get away from, and seek to challenge yourself a bit more, physically, and discipline yourself more into a slightly less comfortable state, and into a more revolutionary one. In order to win spiritual battles, you’re going to have to stir yourself up, and not allow yourself to settle down in a comfortable rut, but steer away from seeking that kind of comfort. You want to be the kind of soldier that is going to stand a chance to win a battle, and isn’t just going to be shot down easily because of a lack of mobility. Instead of seeking physical comfort, keep the spiritual up front, and seek to be fit, rather than comfortable. Your usefulness for Me in this war is at stake… If you shift your focus away from what you want over to what I want and your usefulness to Me, your fruitfulness and ability to reach and save others, things take on a different perspective. Life may not seem to be worth hanging onto for your own sake, but how about hanging on to it and trying to make the best out The final outcome and happy end of history will be despite the mess that mankind would have made out of it all, and only because of My wonder-working and miraculous grace, and that’s what I want you to put your whole faith in, not any personal, carnal abilities. It’s natural for the flesh to want to show off all that it can and all that it is, and that remains one’s priority until the point where the flesh has reached its limits and proven itself to be insufficient. Is it any wonder that there is such a great lack of My Holy Spirit, as long as everybody just tries all they can do in the flesh? There is still way too much flesh energy and carnal attempts to make it happen instead of folks really relying on Me to do it for them or through them. It’s a false interpretation of the parable of the buried talents to think that not burying your talents should mean to make the most out of your natural strengths. The talents the parable was talking about and truly referring to were weights of gold, symbolic of the true treasures I have given you and entrusted to you to bring forth fruit with, and it’s much easier to want to hide those than your own natural abilities. While it is true that some people have a problem with shyness and hide their talents literally, and the parable can be interpreted that way in some cases, the emphasis should definitely be on the Word, the message, and the spiritual treasures I don’t want you to hide in the ground. Of course, I want you to use your abilities in order to spread My news and message, but the problem is sometimes that you tend to use your gifts in whatever way and for whatever purpose just happens to seem convenient, without really making much of a difference whether it glorifies the flesh or the Spirit. What’s important is that you keep the focus and the emphasis

on the essential, namely the Spirit, My message, and the purpose of it all, and don’t fall into the trap of investing your energies in something that will glorify the flesh or yourself instead. You’ve really got to be mindful every day of the goal and your purpose: that you would want to preach and glorify Me, and spread My message, and not just preach yourself. Most people are usually not ready to give their whole energies to My Cause until they’ve reached an age where their bodies don’t promise any more glory anyway. As long as there’s a bit of physical glory left, man tries to let the light shine on himself, rather than using it to glorify Me and draw the attention to Me, My message and Salvation. 30 ___________________________________________________ They that will seek Me with all their heart, I will let them find Me. The problem is that so few really seek Me with their whole hearts. Their lack of interest, their indifference kills them… If they’d be more interested in finding Me, then My people would also be more interested and excited about helping them to find Me, and consequently, it would become easier for folks to find Me. But as it is, the vast majority is far more interested in finding other things beside Me… Which makes it so that more faith is required on behalf of My people in order not to lose the vision for the commission I’ve given them to preach the Gospel… more faith is required in order to obey Me than would be necessary if everyone would be eager to find and know Me. So, it’s not easy, but not necessarily because I have made it thus. Folks basically aren’t interested. My challenge for you is: how do you make them become interested? How can you arouse their interest in Me? How are you planning to compete with the barrage of devices our Enemy has developed to get them interested in themselves and their own amusement or survival? 31 ___________________________________________________ It’s in My interest that My representatives to the world are real and not phonies, just shadows of some idea they’re chasing of what they think a good or fruitful Christian or missionary is supposed to look like or behave like. I want what you are to consist of My relationship with you and all you learn from Me. The Enemy fights your becoming the kind of samples you’re supposed to be, and tries to use those around you as a distraction to pull you away from Me and get your focus off of Me. As long as there are still battles to fight, you can tell that you’re still on the right track, still on the right side, and still hitting him where it hurts. As long as things aren’t flowing too smoothly and you can’t just float along complacently, you know that you must be having some effect on him that causes him to go on the counter-attack. So, as long as there are battles, trials and troubles, you can assume that everything’s alright. 32 ___________________________________________________ It usually only takes one man with the necessary conviction and burning desire to want to change the world with My truth, in order to make it happen, as is evident from the lives of Paul, Martin Luther, Dwight L. Moody and many others who got on fire for Me, and the world came out to watch them burn, warm themselves by their fire, and many contributed their fuel to the flame accordingly.

diamonds to sparkle and reflect My light to a world in darkness. Dust comes in very handy sometimes, and consists of just the right ingredients that I need in order to perform some of My greatest and crowning works. All you’ve got to do is stay yielded and moldable and in My light, or even just on the ground of My reality in order to be there to catch others when they fall, and allow the wind of My Spirit to blow you up into the air again when it is time to shine. The way to do that is to stay focused on the light and to keep in mind that your purpose is to reflect the light. We only begin to have real problems once the dust starts looking at itself and thinking of itself as something special, and that perhaps the light it reflects should come of itself: “Am I not an adorable grain of dust?” Sounds pretty ridiculous, doesn’t it? The secret lies in waiting for the moment I exalt you and make you truly great. But that greatness only comes through your constant willingness and determination to glorify Me, the light, and your willingness to just be instrumental in making the world see that light and to shine with My light. How can you be an inspiration for others, and a sample of My love, unless you stay plugged in to My power and make sure that that’s what you radiate? Continue to face My light and stay yielded and willing to reflect it, and you’re going to make sure that you’re going to continue to shine, and you won’t need to worry about the light in you going off… You cannot look at the threatening wind and waves of circumstances that would try to extinguish your light. Even if your dust should get wet and temporarily stop shining, you must trust that I will use your mud to turn you into a new vessel, and I will resurrect you into a new, better and more useful tool than you were before. Continue to focus on Me and to trust, even if you should lose sight of Me temporarily, knowing that the reason you might not see Me is because you are inside My hand, and I’m molding you into something new. There’s a time to shine and sparkle, and a time to regroup and refuel, so don’t be dismayed by those periods when you don’t seem to be able to give off much light… A furnace doesn’t always burn with the same intensity, and when it doesn’t, you just have to relight or rekindle it. That doesn’t mean it has lost its usefulness. It’s just time to refuel and let me relight the fire in you. And I never run out of fuel for you. That is My promise to you. 33 ___________________________________________________ It’s pride that conveys the notion to people that they deserve better, instead of being thankful for what they’ve got and humbly, gratefully accepting it, even if their lot or portion may have some flaws. It’s basically the same as thinking they know better than I to have handed them that situation, and thus putting themselves above Me in their own minds, which precisely wraps up what pride exactly is. You’ve got to allow the mystery to happen along with the suffering, along with all the stuff that perhaps you wouldn’t have allowed or built in there, had you been the architect, but that’s precisely where faith and trust come in and run circles around pride and all the carnal mind will ever rig up in its own efforts. It’s your own choice whether you want to be happy or not. It basically depends on whether you cheerfully, thankfully and praise-fully accept what I’m handing you, or not, and instead consider that you’d have known and done better than I.

That’s the problem with the world: They think they could have I’m not expecting any more of you than I know you’re capable done better, not realizing that that’s precisely the attitude that of. I know your frame and that you are but dust. But I use dust, has landed them in the mess they’re in. as you know, to make My crowning creation out of, and shining

34 ___________________________________________________ There is always a part that you must do in order to activate My power and put it to use for you. You must find the thing that you must do, your calling, that which will call down My Spirit upon you and will cause you to bear fruit. You can tell from nature that it takes certain factors finding together in order to bring fruit. The male must find a receptive and ready female, the chemistry must be right, the timing must be right, the contact must be established and the semination process must take place. The fact that it’s sometimes more tricky for humans to bear fruit than it is generally in the animal world is symbolic of the fact that likewise, it is more difficult to bear fruit in the spirit. It is somewhat risky. Sometimes mothers give their lives for their babies in giving birth to them. You must be strong enough for the process. It shows that bearing spiritual fruit isn’t an easy thing to be taken lightly. It requires labor. It is quite often a painful process and requires sacrifice, and sometimes looks like quite a bloody mess, initially. You don’t know what your fruit will turn out like, and whether they might even possibly turn against you eventually… No wonder that some people don’t feel like they’re ready for it, or like they can take anymore. But even if you can’t bear fruit yourself, you can help others to do so, or you can sow seeds elsewhere, or help tilling the ground…

Life isn’t something you’re supposed to be able to show off with after it’s done, “Yeah, I lived a great life!” You either learn from it what you’re supposed to learn, or you don’t, and it takes whatever it takes to drive home the necessary lessons, whether you’re ever able to see the wisdom in the measures I’m taking in order to ensure you do, or not. What’s in My interest is what you’re really going to take home from all of this, what really sticks with you, what you really learn from it. You tend to be inclined to argue that you deserve better than your lot that has befallen you. Why should you have to end up in such a miserable situation? Well, it’s those miserable situations that determine and show what kind of person you really are… Most people tend to think more highly of themselves than what objective observation and judgment would rule, that’s human nature.

The question of “do we get what we deserve” is already answered: “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” You don’t only get what you deserve, but you reap the very results and consequences and fruits of your own either selfish or unselfish actions. Somewhere along the line your actions mustn’t have been all that unselfish, if they brought you to this place, and if the fruit you reap is this situation you’re complaining about. Everybody has their particular ministry, even if it may be quite Somewhere there must be something that is still left to be dealt funny, strange, or unheard of. with, some problem to tackle, some weakness to face. Once you have found your niche, your ministry and what makes The school of life isn’t over yet. you tic and works for you, then just go for it and run with it. I’m not letting you get away with everything. I’m not allowing Once the wind hits your sails, sail away! you to continue kidding yourself. When the wind isn’t quite favorable you simply must wait until it It’s time for you to begin to see your limitations and the picks up again or turns, until you can make some more consequences of your own actions first, before trying to save headway. In the meantime you can gather your strength and others from theirs… prepare for the next shift of swift sailing. What the world needs most is not another sermon, but a When you feel like you’re in an inactive period, you can use it sample. for training and preparation. The next active stretch is bound to What’s required here is a sample of yieldedness to My come, and you’ll wish you’ll have the necessary strength then, limitations that I set before you, the confines that say “thus far and that all your materials will be in order, and that you’ll have and not further – for your own good,” and your cheerful prepared well, so that none of the ropes or sails will tear, and acceptance of them. you can truly make all the headway that I want you to make. If children have an example of parents who constantly try to You have to trust that these quiet seasons are there for a dodge the limitations I’m putting before them, then it’s no reason and purpose, too. I know best what you need. wonder they’ll wind up trying to do the same whenever they Sometimes I need you to recover from a longer stretch of can… operating in the energy of the flesh, and get into Spirit-gear again… How mature are you, as in foregoing some personal pleasure You’ll feel the power and the energy to do whatever I want and for some greater good you could do instead for someone else? need you to do when it comes, and you’ll simply know that that’s going to be the time to go to work at it again. Sometimes an ingredient is missing, and I want you to 36 ___________________________________________________ introduce some necessary changes, try out something new, Just as I’ve had to pull out the sword behind the Early add a new factor to your modus operandi … Church in Jerusalem in order to get them to obey My commandment to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to Sometimes the secret is to be able to wait for the right moment, every creature, so I’ve had to do it time and again throughout and not run off before you’re ready, not to zig when you ought history, in order to get My servants and children to obey. to have zagged… When the time came, I made it unmistakably sure for them that There are times when it’s simply time to “be still and know that I it was time to move on. am God,” to remember Who is Boss, and let Me have back the first place and priority in your life again, after a stretch of Not every battle My children ever fight is won. Not if they’re not showing how wonderfully you were able to do it using a lot of aware of the Enemy’s devices, if they’re foolish enough to your own strength. ignore him or in their pride refuse to see him at work in their With each passing year I want you to avail yourself more of My own lives… strength and less of your own. The more desperate and dependent on Me you are, and the less you confide in the flesh, the better things will be. You need to learn that I am truly the One Who can and will care best for you. 35 ___________________________________________________ 37 ___________________________________________________ You can’t rest on the laurels of what you’ve already accomplished, achieved or even received, if you want to continue making progress. You cannot take any gift from Me, for that matter, to your own credit and merit, pat yourself and the back for it and think how

well you must be doing. “What hast thou that thou didst not receive?” And if you did receive it, how could you ever boast of it, even if it’s just to yourself… Your attitude should always be that of a humble seeker for more, never thinking you have arrived, regardless of how much I pour out to you. Be open to look in new and different directions and ways of making progress and learning from Me. 38 ___________________________________________________ I don’t give you more than you can handle. You may be tempted to think it’s the case, but I know better than you do what you can handle or not. I might bring you very close to the edge of your capacities sometimes, but that’s the way you grow and make progress. “He that loseth his life for My sake, the same shall save it.” You’ve got to lose what’s disposable and unnecessary, the fake and the superficial things, in order to gain the Real Thing, that which lasts, and has true and eternal values. I give you the real thing in return for the fake you were chasing before. The real thing is connected to suffering. “Beauty for Ashes.” No real beauty without some pain and suffering! 39 ___________________________________________________ It can happen more easily than some people think, that they make themselves idols and start worshiping other gods and start falling prey to sins such as lust and greed! You’re the light the moths are attracted to, and if it’s anyone they’re after, and are going to try to annoy, it’s you! Flesh = temporal; spirit = eternal. You’re largely concerned with temporal matters when you become obsessed with the flesh, instead of investing your energies and resources in the eternal. The Enemy will try to usurp any area of your life that you’ll allow him, and he knows exactly in which particular areas he’s most likely to have success. You’re up against a cunning enemy. 40 ___________________________________________________ Once things are back to “normal,” you immediately quit seeking solutions, and just let things continue to have their way; and as you know from science, things won’t just improve by themselves if you leave them alone, but rather tend to deteriorate. With doors, it does take a little effort of your own to push them open, to turn the doorknob, to knock or ring the bell, it isn’t entirely up to Me. You shouldn’t be intimidated by obstacles. Where’s your faith in My ability to help you overcome them? I’m here to help you. There are rules that need to be kept in order to score in the game, and you’ve got to take into consideration what happens when you take love for granted… Anything taken for granted tends to lose its magic. Even I won’t allow you to take Me and My blessings for granted, so, how can you expect a frail human being to do so? You’ve got to put something into anything you want something out of. Sometimes necessity creates whole new worlds of energy and resources you previously wouldn’t have seen… 41 ___________________________________________________ Sometimes I have to discard an unfruitful branch in order to

purge and prune My tree, so that it will be ready and stronger to bear more fruit. It may seem like a loss, temporarily, but time will usually tell and reveal that that which I have taken away was necessary in order to make room to bring in new and better fruit. I do with what I have while it’s available, but when the time comes, and a branch grows old, it’s wiser to cut it off and make room for new fruit to grow. The pruning is painful, but the future fruit that will be gained through it will more than make up for it. “No chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous. Nevertheless, afterward it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby.” My crucifixion and My parting, the taking away of My flesh, was painful for My disciples, but it was expedient for them in order to get to know Me more closely than before via the Comforter. Even so separation, parting of the flesh, may be painful for you for a season, but it will bring forth fruit that you will rejoice in. 42 ___________________________________________________ Nearly everything about a relationship depends on the way you see your partner. If you view them with critical eyes and don’t really appreciate them, they feel it, and it is manifested as a lack of love, which is the fuel of any relationship. It just won’t make anymore uphill progress but inevitably grinds to a halt, and you might have to walk a few miles to the next station to get that love tank filled up again and keep on rolling another stretch. 43 ___________________________________________________ Sometimes, when some of your prodigal sons and daughters are on one of their trips into the world, you as parents can find yourselves tempted to become somewhat prodigal sons and daughters on your own again, too. Be it out of resignation, or because you feel so strongly attached to them that you want to show you sympathize with them and their ways, or in defiance of the self-righteousness and lack of love of some older brother… It’s a test of your convictions, and whether you will stay true to them and keep Me in the first place in your lives and refuse to compromise, as well as of your love, to see whether you’re going to treat them in a self-righteous manner and become like the older brother toward them… Some tests serve multiple purposes. It’s also a test of your unity, and to show whether you’re going to stay united as parents over the issue, or allow the Enemy to use this to sow division between you. You don’t always pass these tests with flying colors, especially not during their beginning periods, when you don’t really see any of the meaning and purpose in them yet. Only when you’ve come some of the way through them, and have fallen into some of the traps along the way, can you see their purpose more clearly. “Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down” (Ps.37:24). I must allow you to fall sometimes, for various reasons: to keep you humble and remind you that you are only a frail human yourself, prone to weaknesses and sin, mistakes and failure, like everyone else, and prevent you from becoming selfrighteous toward those you see erring and straying from the way. I want you to maintain a loving attitude toward them, even if you can see exactly the foolishness & futility of the path they’ve chosen. I want you not to judge them, even as I have not judged you. Experience will be their best teacher, even as it has been yours. After all, isn’t that what life is all about, and what you really

learn the gist of life’s lessons from? Not from lectures or from books, sermons or talks, but from experience. That is the There is a path of much suffering ahead for the world, and I language that really writes those lessons of life deep into your need you to brace yourself for it, but I also need you to focus on heart. the glorious happy ending, and instill hope. 44 ___________________________________________________ Sometimes you just have to get going and do what you know you’ve got to do, and then I’ll show and lead and guide you concerning the details as you go. 45 ___________________________________________________ Real greatness does not judge, but is there to catch and accept anyone the way they are including their faults and failures, no matter how grave. That’s the kind of greatness I want you to inherit and learn from Me. The reason I’m allowing you to go through hurtful experiences is not only for you to put yourself into My shoes and become a partaker of My sufferings, but for you to learn to love as unconditionally as I do. The unconditional love I have for you I want you to extend to others as well, so that they won’t feel judged by you, nor criticized or critically viewed, but just loved. If you can convey to people the notion, the feeling and the confidence of “you are loved,” then you’re there where I want you, and that’s the moment they’ll begin to follow you, because love is the only truth worth following. When love truly becomes the essence of what spills over from your life into that of others, then you’ll have learned the lessons I want you to learn and you’ll have made the progress I want you to make. It doesn’t matter how well equipped, talented or anointed you are, because all it takes is your yieldedness and letting Me do it through you anyway. And the way you let Me do it through you is by taking the little steps of obedience I show you to take, and trust that I will be there to empower you at the right moment, when strength will be required that you don’t have of your own. All it takes is for a little obedient someone to come along and do what needs to be done, regardless of whether they’re aware of the immensity of the spiritual battle going on around them or not. “Less is more” evidently also applies to knowledge, and sometimes the less you know, the more you actually get accomplished. The thinkers aren’t always the doers, and perhaps some of the poor thinkers you may be tempted to look down on today may become the doers of tomorrow, who didn’t know that the things you’re so scared of couldn’t be done… The less at home, the less comfortable and cozy you feel in this world, the better it is going to be, because you will cling to Me more desperately, you will be walking on the firm ground of reality and the truth about this world without falling for any delusions about it that might lead you astray and along some detours that might cost you precious time. The days are evil indeed, and time needs to be redeemed, not wasted. Every moment is precious, and I truly need you to invest your efforts in the spreading of the truth, and not in merely entertaining people. 47 ___________________________________________________ The winter of the world is coming on. It’s not anymore the days of joy and merriment, although you may still have time to enjoy a few more of those, but in general, it’s a time of warning, of desperation, because soon all these things must come to pass that I have spoken through My prophets. I haven’t called you on a permanent vacation or pleasure ride, but to war! War is though! War is anything but pleasant, and it’s not My choice, either. After all, I’m the Prince of Peace, and that’s what I wish to bring on this earth. But as you can tell, not many of those in power share those same ideas, because there is greater profit for them to be made from war, than there is in peace. As long as these are the conditions, there can be no peace, nor Heaven on earth for anyone, as much as you would like to have your taste and share of it already now. But it would be a very selfish heaven, don’t you think, if you were to enjoy it while so many go to hell without having been told about My true picture of reality, My message of salvation and hope, and that there is indeed going to be a change in the not too distant future, of the kind that the peaceful peoples of the earth, and the meek are longing for. 48 ___________________________________________________ Sometimes what I would expect from you aren’t any high and lofty achievements and accomplishments, but just little humble but necessary acts. It’s always easier to work on some pet project that folks will be able to admire, than the small and humble, invisible day to day chores you’ve got to do, but improvement for your particular situation would spell exactly that: a greater emphasis on the small menial and mundane tasks, in order to improve the overall spirit.

46 ___________________________________________________ I understand and can sympathize with your burden to tell A mess isn’t very inspiring; no matter how good you are at people the truth about the world in order to help them see the ignoring it. need for a way out of this mess. You’re hoping that through recognizing what mess they’re in they will wake up and want the Solution… 49 ___________________________________________________ You don’t see death anymore as something unpleasant one “Hold that fast which thou hast. Behold I come quickly.” I may should try to avoid, but more as something positive. You’ve not have returned as soon as some of you would have wanted come to know that dead people aren’t “gone,” but safe, they’re Me to, but all in all, you’ll see that this whole story is going to safely “tucked away” with Me in My Domain, where I can take be done and over with relatively quickly, and as I said, “When better care of them, instead of having them subjected to the you see these things begin to come to pass, look up, for your influences of the evil one, even if they may be temporarily redemption draws nigh.” withdrawn from the sight of those in the material world. You’re in a state in which I can use My tools and instruments It won’t be long now, before the world is going to get so bad better than when they’re still “with both feet” in this world and that many will say, “Stop this world, I want to get off!” And put their hopes in the present, physical life, rather than My those that will call upon My name will be saved out of it. Kingdom to come…(Gal 2:20).

You’re realizing the futility of putting your hopes and aspirations in the physical life … Welcome at the end of your rope, the point where I can catch you and carry your weight instead… The place of letting go, where you allow Me to take over, having fully realized the uselessness of trying to struggle on on your own. 50 ___________________________________________________ Annoyance isn’t necessarily always of the Enemy. Sometimes it can also be the Holy Spirit grieved in you, or a spirit helper disapproving of something that’s going on, and ignoring it or trying to ignore it may not be the right procedure. 51 ___________________________________________________ “Whatsoever ye have done unto the least of these My brethren, ye have done it unto Me.” The way you treat them, you’re also treating Me. You know that sometimes you could be more loving. You cannot judge people by their flaws, or treat them according to what in your mind they may be lacking. Unconditional love is something else. You owe them, because you owe Me! It may come across as a bit annoying at times, that they would expect more than you’re able or willing to give, but they know that according to the standard and rules of the Law of Love they have a right to expect the best from you … 52 ___________________________________________________ People don’t really re-spect each other. They don’t look twice. They think they already figured you out the first time they glanced at you, and there’s no need to waste a second look. After all, you couldn’t be nearly as interesting as they consider themselves. That’s why a lot of people have issues with the ado that Christians make about Me. They think it’s totally unjustified, and think that they’re the ones the ado should be made about, if any. But that’s because they don’t really care enough to really probe, find out and investigate what it is that made My life so special, and what it is that makes people follow Me even to this day. All they’re interested in and care about is themselves… It’s another dark side of the “ye shall be as gods” scheme, and one of its most unpleasant ones. It practically disables people to learn anything of real value out of life. All the information they want and can retain is information that’s helpful of getting them ahead and that’s conducive to their own advance. It’s a sad life indeed, but for some people that’s all there ever is. People judge by what’s before their eyes and by what they can see. That’s why they respect neither Me nor My true people, because they usually don’t have a lot to show forth when it comes to standards of the world, and what they’re impressed by. 53 ___________________________________________________ When the emphasis lies on the people, instead of the message, ugly distortions easily come into place… When, instead of being diamonds of dust that just let the light shine through, the individuals put too much emphasis on themselves, what is seen when looked at each other is not the light anymore, but the individual aspects that also reveal the flaws and the dirt – after all, dust is dust.

If you could just keep your focus on Me instead, you would also manage to see Me in others more easily. 54 ___________________________________________________ Life has many riddles and mysteries that man hasn’t even begun to solve yet. They’re all trying to make sense of things in their own strength, with their own wits and efforts to put 2 and 2 together and make sense of it all without consulting or even considering Me. They’re leaving the major Factor out of the equation. So, you can expect that the results they’re coming up with aren’t always going to be correct. Some of the basic discoveries man made, that modern man has based his science on, were made by men who didn’t leave Me out of the equation, and are thus accurate, and they work. On the other hand, some of those who have come up with their own conclusions that would leave Me out of the equation have heavily influenced those who believe in Me and thus affect their way of interpreting My Word, so there are confusing results and interpretations of the meaning of it all, and how it’s all supposed to have happened among believers… If you keep in mind that I’m the major Factor in all of it, and that all things are possible with Me, then it’s not so hard to believe anymore that I should have created the earth, including its vegetation, before the sun. A lot of things happened in the spirit, when disobedience entered the physical creation, and it set in motion a chain reaction of various events that would slowly but surely change the face of My creation, and that process is still happening. Some of the “laws of nature” that are in place today were not part of the original equation. But since death entered through disobedience, things naturally tend to decay. Things are getting worse, not better, and that process isn’t going to be reversed until I return to restore things to the way they were before… In the present, fallen state of man and all things physical, it’s no wonder that man more often than not comes to the wrong conclusions, including some of My own believers, because the human mind is less inclined to believe the truth than to doubt and believe a lie in general, just as the human heart is rather inclined towards darkness than the light, as John put it (Jn.3:19). The only thing that can help you reverse that state and process right here and now is the intake of My input, which is the same power that brought the original positive chain reaction of Creation into being, and which will restore it in the end, too, when all will have learned their lesson, or the big basic chapter of this part of history will be concluded. “The Era of the Fall” will soon come to an end, to be replaced by a better one. You shouldn’t worry about the state you’re in right now, the way you’re prone to make mistakes and to allow sin to enter in your life, as much as you should look at Me and the fact that I’m going to put an end to all that soon, because that is what really matters. What matters is not that you’re bad, but that the end of badness is in sight, and your actual, physical redemption from all of this, at My return, is drawing closer and closer. It’s great and commendable that you want to work out and overcome your NWOs*, and that you want to face them, have them sorted out, and get into a position where they won’t have that much of a grip on you. But the main point is that the way you’re going to achieve this is not by focusing at them, at your own condition, and at the waves, but at Me, the Solution Giver, and the only One Who can help you overcome all that.

(= “Need-Work-Ons”) You don’t get rid of the darkness by trying to chase it out, but by letting the light in. “All the confession sessions in the world aren’t going to make it…” They’re not going to make a better person out of you, but you’re only hope is, as was said, “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” It was “impossible” for the earth to hang there for days without the sun and the rest of the stars… All it took was Me being there and upholding it, making the impossible possible. According to the carnal mind that’s all pure nonsense. You have to accept the fact that most of what’s going on here, when it comes to Me and My power, is way beyond the scope and capacity of your carnal mind… That’s the difference between supposed godhood, the kind the Devil offered, which declares the human mind as supreme, and true godhood, such as offered by Me through your acceptance and reception of My Word, My Divinity, My Spirit and Salvation. The only way you’re ever going to escape this mess is by letting Me save you out of it. There’s no use worrying about how on earth you’re going to make it. Your only hope, your only chance, is trust in Me. If you keep looking at Me, trusting in Me and keep your mind and focus steadily on Me, I will promise you, you will see how I created the earth, and you will understand and fully know, and there won’t be a trace of a shadow of doubt left in your mind about how it happened, and not a question. You will know as you are known. You will love as you are loved - as impossible as that may seem to you right now, because I will do it. I will perfect that in you and in all of Creation, in all My children, which I have begun. Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging there all alone and seemingly helplessly, but soon you will see a host of suns and stars all around you, and you will perceive that you have never really been alone, that was just an illusion. It was a lesson to teach you that I suffice; I am more than enough. My light, My love, My power is all that is necessary to hold you up, and will soon result in a host of others around you, also upheld by Me, that will make you wonder how you could ever have had the audacity to doubt. 55 ___________________________________________________ I will use anything and anyone I can get in these desperate times that call for desperate measures. I will use any amount of energy anyone is willing to invest in the effort to reach the world for Me, and I will use any tactic to generate that energy and willingness. You have the bulk part of your life behind you, and you’ve seen and experienced many things that have crushed your aspirations regarding this life, and you have experienced the futility of the search for perfectionism in this present life and world. But for others, it is not so, and especially in combination with Me and My Power, with Whom and Which nothing is impossible, they deem it a worthy effort to strive for the highest goals possible for Me, in order to reach the greatest heights attainable. It’s good to have folks like you who are reminders of the fact that the ship needs to stay firmly anchored in Me, and that the efforts are futile if made in the energy of the flesh, instead of the Spirit, but you may remember the times when you still had greater ambitions, too, about the way you wanted to apply your physical energies, and I do use those things, even if in the long run things may turn out differently for some than what they imagined… You weren’t in it for the long haul. You thought it was all going to be over sooner, and you ran out of strength like the tale of the hare and the tortoise, and the same applies to many. You were blue-eyed and optimistic, because you thought I was going to rescue and whisk you all out of the mess of this world a lot sooner… But there were different lessons in store for you and many others likewise. Things don’t always turn out exactly the way they initially seem to. What seems nice and shiny and relatively simple on the surface sometimes becomes increasingly complex as time goes on and you get a closer look at it. Youth stands for a smooth and attractive surface, but it’s often the depths of the many wrinkles of old age that reveal the true intricacy of life. When you’re young, everything seems so simple, so smooth, just like the surface of the skin you see in the mirror. Everything seems to be upbeat and energy and singing the tale of progress. Only with the passage of time and more time do people begin to realize that what can truly be considered progress is something often quite different from those things they pursued in their younger years. Values change. Everything changes. At first the race is run in the flesh – with perhaps a little help from My Spirit. But the truly experienced know that it is not in the energy of the flesh that the race is won, and they rely more fully on My Spirit to carry them through the finish line. You have only just begun to battle in the spirit, and part of you still yearns to run with the younger generation, but you have to let go and realize that that isn’t your task, but your task is to be an example of how much more efficient it is to wrestle and fight in the Spirit, in other words, let My Strength do the fighting for you. The younger you are, the more you want to do yourself. The weaker you become, the more you learn to rely and depend on My strength, and naturally, I want to prove that this is the way you truly get more accomplished. So, while for some it may mean to do all they physically can, to become more “professional” in what they’re doing, in your case it may mean something else, namely that I want you to learn how to professionally rely on My strength, My guidance and wisdom, so that once the younger crowd starts running out of their natural steam, you can show them an even better way that is found in letting go of the trust in the arm of the flesh, and starting to rely on a much greater power… Some of the oriental religions have grasped this point about the superiority of the spirit over the flesh better than Christendom per se… Right now, the whole world looks up to and has idolized youth and the young. But it will turn out to be those who have learned from experience that really pull the threads and exert the true power that wins…

56 ___________________________________________________ I have raised unto Me the rocks to sing out My praises in choosing you as My chosen vessels for this day and age, that which they consider the scum and the lowest of the earth. My Spirit sank down into the lowest regions of society and brought to life there what formerly had no life, and caused those to sing and shout My praises who did not know Me, as opposed to those who sit in their pews on Sundays and do

pretend to know Me, but praise Me with their lips only, while their hearts are far from Me. You are the rocks upon which I have built My new and living church for today. 57 ___________________________________________________ Just how true friends really are usually only shows in your hour of Gethsemane, and it’s best not to screw your hopes up too high, but learn to live with the reality of where most people are really at, and to develop a strength of character that will help you to stand when you will have to face life’s darkest trials on your own… The kind of friends that really count are those who have the same Best Friend that you have in Me, people who also center their lives around Me, and who have a living connection with Me, which I can use to keep you on their hearts and minds, just as I remind you to pray for them. You’ve had to learn and find out yourself first what it really takes to be a friend, and what are the criteria that really qualify you as a reliable and faithful friend. It pays off in the long run. It pays off to make other people happy, to help them, and to be a friend to them, even if initially they might not seem to have anything to offer you. That’s what true friends are all about.

love… Anybody can love the perfect. Love becomes real when it’s about loving in spite of the hurt they’re causing you, in spite of the countless times they prefer something else, something infinitely inferior, some dead, material, lifeless thing over you, or they’re giving more attention to anyone or anything else. Love keeps on loving even in the face of the total absence of love on the part of the other one… That’s the kind of love that never fails, that never ceases, never stops loving… the supernatural love of God, the greatest and deepest of all realities. Welcome to God’s very own Club - not of the high and mighty, but of sufferers and the despised in this world! 60 ___________________________________________________ Keep your eyes, your vision and your focus on the goal, and on what’s to come, on Eternity. It will take the sting out of anything you might have to go through in this life, any lack of happiness and physical comfort, any amount of suffering and trials. No matter what you do, and what is going to become of your life, the best is yet to come!

How do you become more dependent on Me? By trying to maneuver and manipulate the circumstances into the most ideal and best possible position for you? No, rather by yielding and saying “yes” to whatever situation and condition you find before you, even if it’s hard, and then relying on My help to get “Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life you through that. for his friends.” That pretty much wraps it all up and reveals the You may be more inspired during the good times, even more sort of quality and sacrificial, unselfish attitude a true friend – productive, but that’s not what counts to Me. What counts for according to My book – must have. Me is how much you lean and depend on Me instead of your circumstances! – How much you allow Me to let you rise above Just hang on for a little longer, and keep walking that path of your circumstances, help you conquer them and make the best true success as defined by how much you give, not by how out of whatever you encounter in life. much you get (the opposite of the world’s idea of success), and you’ll see that the type of people will show up in your life who Paul wrapped it up pretty well in some of the things he said have learned to live their lives by the same criteria. about “rejoicing in his infirmities,” in persecutions, poverty, etc. He knew and had learned how to deal with circumstances the 58 ___________________________________________________ right way, because his whole world had already been turned When somebody’s mind is made up about something you totally right side up to the point where he knew that everything have relatively little chance to change anything about that, and he had ever known in the flesh before was wrong, and he had to you just have to let them go through the consequences of their start all over again completely from scratch, with new rules, choices. made by Me where anything was possible, and nothing the way Poor choices and their results are often the only thing that will it had seemed before. effectively change people’s minds for the better in the long run. You cannot save them from making those any more than I was You’re going to have to become a pillar and a factor of stability, able to save you from yours. someone to lean on spiritually, and not look so much for others to lend safety and stability to you. It’s part of learning to love unconditionally to allow those you love to make bad decisions and go down paths that you know won’t spell out anything positive for them, and yet try to keep 61 ___________________________________________________ loving them throughout their folly and expect them with open You like to feel close to Me and get confirmations of the arms to come back to their senses someday. blessings and anointing of My Spirit, and now you’re finding yourself having to struggle on by nothing but naked faith… the The beginning of true wisdom is the realization that your own one thing that is really going to keep you going regardless of carnal wisdom doesn’t cut the cake, and you begin to look how you may feel. toward Me for answers and wisdom, and not just rely on your You do the right thing simply because you know it’s the right own head. thing to do, not because you feel like it. Respect for Me, and to start looking to Me for wisdom when your own has let you down, that’s the beginning of true You’re still largely so preoccupied with how you’re feeling, wisdom. when that’s precisely the biggest distraction that keeps you from performing My will. The realization of just how sad and sick Satan’s promise of “Ye You’re consuming, fishing and hunting for that type of shall be as gods” really was, along with all its consequences, is satisfaction that will cater to your well-being and “happiness,” the first step on the path toward true godliness. when the true secret of happiness is not in what you consume, but in what you do for Me and others; in simple turns, in obedience. 59 ___________________________________________________ Life is all about learning forgiveness, the very basics of true These morning sessions don’t always have to consist of some

big, flashy and grand revelation that makes you feel inspired. You just do it because you know you ought to, in order to stay in touch with Me and to get your latest instructions, not necessarily to boost your level of feelings. Get more into the gear of doing things just because you know you have to; in other words, make obedience more your incentive, instead of relying so much on inspiration, going too much by the way you feel about something and whether you’re “inspired” to do it. Become more of a sample of someone who does things simply because they have to be done, and out of sheer obedience. Don’t feel bad because the feeling and the inspiration doesn’t seem to be there. Just keep doing what you know you have to, regardless. What matters is that the things get done. You may not feel My power doing it through you, but I promise it will always be there when you need it! 62 ___________________________________________________ Giving people freedom won’t always and only bring pleasant results. There are ugly and unpleasant surprises involved in this, but it’s part of My plan for mankind to find out all they’re capable of, namely what extent of evil they’re capable of, for them to realize how much they need My help in order to accomplish anything good and make their lives turn out good.

advertise and offer to others because it’s cool, and that’s the thing you should do as a Christian and disciple of Mine, but because it truly works in your personal life, too, and helps you to overcome internal problems with your family, your wife and child, and makes you a more likable person to be with and have around. I want you to focus and concentrate on the tiniest unit first, before I want you to evangelize and convert the rest of the world and spread your good news to them. I want you to prove on the lowest, most immediate level first that what you’ve got to offer really works. I don’t just want you to advertise another religion or philosophy, I don’t just want you to spread your thoughts out of an urge that you’ve just got to do that. I want you to truly have and enjoy the solution to the world’s problems, and to make it evident that it is so by it’s effectiveness in solving your own, immediate problems, so that you cannot just say, “Look, I found this philosophy and belief here that’s really cool, check it out,” but you can testify, “This has helped me overcome my problems big-time!” “I’ve truly become a better man through this!”

What really bugs a lot of people the most about life is their own short-comings. They realize they fall short in some areas, they never manage to be as cool and as great as they would want to be, at least not if they’re completely honest with themselves. Everybody has weaknesses that stop them from attaining real greatness in most cases, and so what everybody really needs You’re shaking your head at some of the things they do and and wants is help in overcoming their personal problems. wonder, “How could they be so stupid?” But one way they’re They don’t need another pseudo super-hero to show off how going to learn better is by making the painful experience of great they are and make the rest of the world feel inferior. They where it’s not at. need somebody to tell them, “I’ve been there, and I found this thing that really helped me.” And “this thing” in your case being You’re worrying, “But what if those experiences aren’t going to your relationship with Me, and a real, live line of communication be painful for them, but actually pleasant?” Well, that’s where with Me; the ability to receive the solutions to your problems, you’re going to have to pray that they’re going to make the right failures and shortcomings straight from your Maker via the gift kind of experiences, and that I protect them from the of prophecy that’s available to practically anyone who wants it. deceptions of the Enemy. One thing that’s required in order for this to work is to not allow Right now he has that power over them, which is the lure of the yourself to be enticed and distracted by the millions of other unknown. Once they get to know what he’s trying to entice voices that constantly try to drown out My whispers, and so them with, just as Adam and Eve got to know the taste of that you need to learn to choose those few things you really need forbidden fruit of the knowledge of good & evil, it will have less and should hang on to and let go of all the things you don’t power over them, and just as Adam and Eve weren’t closer to need but are more like extra-weight, things that stand in your Me before, but after, so will they. way of free and good and open communication with Me. The motto is “less is more,” and the personal quality that I’m not saying that I would have recommended for Adam & Eve describes it is modesty. You decide you’re going to live with to eat of the tree. It’s just that basically, it’s inevitable, and less than what you previously had and wanted. You reduce and people are bent on making their own experiences and they cut the fat intake a bit. You lay low on the calories, both the figure, the sooner, the better. actual, physical, as well as the spiritual. You need to get away from the mindset of indulgence and start After all, nobody wants to miss out on anything life has to offer. learning to live on a bit less of everything. The more you trim the fat, the more you’ll feel the spunk and Just as it was part of My love for Adam & Eve and all of zest of life return to you again. mankind to allow them to “screw up,” so it’s got to be part of Come back to the ground of the gist of life, and just living on yours. the bare necessities that usually bring you a lot closer to real The efforts to protect your children from evil aren’t met very happiness than the notion that you’ve got to stuff yourself – favorably at a certain age, and they perceive it as a lack of love, physically and spiritually – with anything that comes your way. if you would interfere with what they consider their road to happiness. Just enjoy what you have and make the best out of it. Maybe you don’t need anything more in order to be happy. 63 ___________________________________________________ You still feel as if you’ve got to have something to show forth in your life, to tell the world, “You see here, all the things the Lord is blessing me with in my life?” But I want you to wind down a little, and just be content with what you have, and enjoy it, instead of seeking and craving for more, something else to do or add to your collection of “accomplishments.” In order to really become real, it all has to sink one level deeper into you, onto a personal level, where you can truly say that the magic you’ve found is not just something you can proudly Why not let Me take over that “happiness department” in your life again and leave the responsibility up to Me to truly satisfy your needs, instead of trying so hard to provide those things for yourself? Allow some more room to breathe in your life, and let Me be the Provider and the Filler of any actual voids that do need filling. 64 ___________________________________________________ It’s hard for you to play the role of a nobody, and just be

nothing and no one, unheard of and “invisible” for a while. You figure you’ve got all these gifts that merit a spot in the limelight… But that’s just the thing about My followers: the time of their “stardom” isn’t meant to be in this life and this world, but in the one to come. That’s why I asked you if you would be willing to become all things for all men, and willing to let Me make absolutely nothing out of you, so that I could talk and move and breathe in and through you. The element of self becomes a distraction, yes, even an abomination. “The less there is of you, the more the light shines through” means that the opposite applies also: the more the is of you, the less the light shines through. In order to let My light shine through you, there has got to be less of you, that means, the voice of your own opinions and views must quiet down, you must hush, and wait until I speak through you. Sometimes silence is an important part of what I have to convey to the world. I certainly am not going to be the type to try to drown them out. I know what I was talking about when I admonished My disciples not to cast their pearls before swine. So, if I’ve given you nothing to say for the moment, than that’s what I want you to say for the time being: nothing. If they won’t listen anyway, and haven’t received what you have told them already, you’ve just got to wait until the time is ripe and they will listen, when the clouds of judgment on the horizon that they now refuse to see will be hovering right over them, and make it evident that all things are not the way they’re supposed to be. They refuse to accept your view because they’re scared of the truth. They don’t know that they can trust Me. That’s why faith and trust are such important issues and themes to convey: that’s part of your job, to impart to them the confidence and assurance that yes, they can trust Me, that I am trustworthy indeed, they can put their trust in Me. I won’t let them down. 65 ___________________________________________________ The Enemy has rigged up the illusion that he has vastly outnumbered you, and it takes faith to see through his scheme, and that in reality it isn’t so. You feel so powerless sometimes, your efforts seem so puny at times compared to what’s needed, and you feel overwhelmed by the apparent superiority of the Enemy’s presence everywhere in this world. But that’s where faith comes in that still sees Me in everything to an even greater extent than the Enemy’s power. Politically, morally and culturally speaking, it can be said that “he’s got the whole world in his hands.” But only those with great faith can see the extent to which he has taken over this world, but still know that in reality it is I Who have got the whole world in My hands, and only allow him to pull off his little game of playing “god of the world” for a little while, along with all his little “gods” who follow him and his “let’s all be gods” scheme. He may still feel all-powerful as long as he’s in My Realm, the Spirit Realm, but once he’ll be confined to the limitations of the physical world, the magic’s going to wear off real fast, and he’s not going to make half as graceful a picture at “god of this world” as he and his followers may imagine him to be right now… He’s going to turn out to be just as much subject to sin as every other slave to their own lusts and evil in their hearts since the beginning of time. The evil he actually introduced into the world at the beginning will turn out to be his own demise and Achilles heel, as it will turn on him and cause him to make the mistakes that will cost him the ruler-ship over this world, which presently he may still think is rightfully his. But in the end it will be mighty clear that he will have muffed it, and that the world would never survive if he would stay in

power. All creation groans to be delivered of the grip of the usurper. So you’re not the only one who groans occasionally and wonders and sighs, “When is this all going to be done and over with?” I know how you feel, even though grace was poured out in a greater measure during My time on earth, and life wasn’t quite as tough as it is nowadays. Of course, in many physical aspects it has become a lot easier for most than it was in My day, but at the same time it makes the spiritual aspect so much harder. The more the flesh is pampered and indulged, the harder it is to keep up the spiritual values. Modesty is virtually being destroyed by the all-present Gospel of consumerism that is practically forced on people. The Devil knew that this was going to be a stronger force and more efficient tool in his hand than any intellectual lie he could ever cook up. Sheer primitive and instinctive greed, lust and appetite… His greatest asset and factor working for him is man’s own sinful nature, his survival instincts and the “lusts that war in his members.” They’re all going to drive them straight into his arms. That’s why it’s important for you to fight against and resist them to the extent you can. Otherwise, you’re just going to be part of his booty and prey. I want you to overcome, and embrace virtues, such as modesty, and the other fruits of the spirit… 66 __________________________________________________ Friendships and relationship require maintenance work. The only thing that really cultivates friendships is actual interaction with people. I wouldn’t want you to be part of those whose greatest regret is the realization that they failed to invest time, heart and prayer right where it would have required it the most, namely with those closest to them. I don’t want you to be like those countless souls who don’t even know their very wives or husbands, their children, and the very ones they’re supposed to be closest to. Is popularity more important than the truth? To most people, it is, and they’re willing to compromise the truth in order to gain or maintain their popularity. Only a special few are willing to let all that other stuff go for the price of that one pearl of truth. Are you like that merchant that sold all that he had for that one pearl of truth? Only a very small handful, comparatively, are really on an allout relentless search and hunt for the truth and nothing but the truth, and refuse to compromise with any lie or half-truth whatsoever. And of course that sets them apart. The Mountain Men have settled mighty close to the fringes of the valleys of this world, and there must be those to remind them that the valleys of this world are not their Home, and not where they belong. The chosen few are always called and destined for the Mountain. And mountain peaks are simply never crowded. Not those spiritual mountain peaks, anyway. Can you live with having to pay the price of being a mountain man, one of My true pioneers up on that rugged mountain track, which many are singing about, but most are not really willing to set foot on? 67 ___________________________________________________ People sometimes assume that in order to have Me speak to someone and for them to become a prophet, they would have to be sinless saints. Well, you and I know that there is no such thing as a sinless saint on earth. As long as you’re in this life, you keep sinning, and all My saints, great and small, were

sinning saints until the day that they died or I whisked them out of this world… There may come a time when you will have learned to have a greater grip on your sin and control the extent of its power over you, perhaps even to the point where it may seem to others as if you were practically sinless, but you and I will always know better. After all, I also use your sins and mistakes to keep you humble and teach you important lessons, and they work for Me in that way. Imagine if you wouldn’t have those pretty obvious faults and flaws. Can you imagine what a self-righteous and spiritually arrogant prig you’d be? Like this you know that it’s all My grace, and not because of anything you do or are. You didn’t do anything to deserve this privilege of the gift to receive My words, except for the only thing which is required, which is hunger for them. People tend to remember and mention only the good sides of their saints and heroes, which is where the impression comes from that some or most of My saints were sinless, but in reality it’s not so. The scribes wanted to be polite and not offend the man of God or those who respected him, and accordingly, only wrote down the good things. There are some things people simply don’t want to know. That’s also one reason why people are excessively into movies: They know that usually there will be a good guy, or a couple of good guys playing the leading roles who will make life look good for an hour or two; people whose flaws won’t be shown, at least not to the extent that they are in real life. You never see them go to the toilet or the way they really look when they first wake up in the morning, and it gives people a better “reality” to distract them.

That doesn’t mean you should just passively let yourself go, either, without making any efforts whatsoever to retain any of the information and experience you’re gaining, but it just means that you shouldn’t worry about any of it being wasted on you or getting lost due to your incapacity to remember it all right now. Trust in My promise that I will restore all things to an extent far beyond anything you could imagine right now. Your only hope is My Promises, and that I will not turn out to be another liar, and another one of those politician kings that make promises they never intend to keep… As much as you can’t trust them, you can trust Me! All you’ve got is My Promises and the experience that so far I haven’t let you down, and that I’ve always kept My Promises to you and have supplied all your needs. My Promise is that it will be more than worth it if you hold on, and any sacrifice you might have to make… Be not envious of evildoers, don’t keep dreaming their same temporal dreams or get caught up in their world, which is not yours; not your home… But trust that there is something better to come. Fully trust in My Promise and count on it as a reality! You can trust Me! That’s what I want you to convey to others, this very confidence, so it’s of utmost importance that you learn to do that yourself first.

69 ___________________________________________________ You cannot define yourself by your accomplishments and works, but only by your confidence in Me and your relationship with Me. In other words, you must define yourself not by what you are, but by what you allow Me to be and do in and through you. If you go by the physical appearances and condition of your Of course, it would be better for them, if instead they would vessel, your situation and everything attached to it, you may avail themselves of My power to truly alter their reality for them lose hope, because you can’t seem to make any sense of it, you and really bring some improvement into their lives and some don’t seem to be getting anywhere. Just like with those old real light and hope to brighten up their darkness. But that pioneers like Columbus, who were sailing uncharted seas for requires faith, the one currency that most of the world is pretty unknown lands, not exactly knowing where they were going, broke of, precisely because they’re feeding their minds all sorts nor if there was going to be any destination at all, or if perhaps of different input instead of My Word. they were going to fall off the edge of the world instead, or be So, the Devil may say about you what he will, and he may devoured by sea monsters… accuse you to yourself and others, but I will say this in your But just as I allowed them to discover the Americas in My good defense, that you have that certain little quality that the vast time, you must also trust that I will bring you to your majority of people lack, and that is faith in My Word, and a love destination, even through the fog and times when there seems and a hunger for it, and as I have promised, those who hunger to be no forward movement, no wind to push you further ahead. and thirst for these things will not go empty and hungry for long. If you’re going to accomplish something of significance for Me, Those who hunger and thirst for My righteousness instead of it’s going to have to be done by My power, via My directions to any puny artificially created counterfeit version of their own will you, and for My glory, or it’s just going to fall flat, and never be find what they are looking for, and it won’t be a disappointment. what you would wish for it to be. Those who make Me their hero are going to be the only ones who will never be disappointed. Sometimes I just need you to “be still and know that I am God.” The times indeed are changing, and all things won’t continue as they have been, and My people are the first who must take note 68 ___________________________________________________ of the changes, if they want to be any help in leading the rest of Your physical capacities are decline, also impeding your the sheep and letting them know what’s going on. abilities to retain and process information, which gives you the impression that you’re not learning and progressing “fast It’s of utmost importance that you stay connected with Me and enough.” keep your focus on Me. What matters is what’s happening The thing is that I don’t really work according to such time- and between you and Me, and whether you’re right and in tune with earth-bound schedules. Everything you learn and experience Me; all else is nearly irrelevant. All the good works will come right now you will retain fully one day, even though you may not and follow automatically, because they’re only a result and the do so right now. It is not going to be wasted. In fact, nothing is fruit of your loving relationship and interaction with Me. going to be wasted. You cannot mistake service to Me as only action. In fact, 90% of That’s why My Word talks negatively about wasters: they’re so it is interaction with Me, Your communion with Me, your different to My and the Father’s nature. We never waste devotion to Me, and I will do the rest through you. I will then anything, and so we’re not very fond of people doing so, but inspire and empower you to do the physical part of executing even in that aspect, Our saving grace encompasses their whatever is My will for you to do. wastefulness to the extent that everything they waste will be saved by Us. It’s hard for you to sit still at times and just do “nothing.” After

all, you don’t want anybody to think that you’re lazy, or call you unproductive. But these are not the right kind of incentives to be working for Me. It’s got to be more than that. It’s got to be love that moves you. If you don’t have enough love for the people, then at least make sure you’re getting enough love from Me so that you can love Me in return, and I will also give you enough love for the people in the process. My works aren’t always simple. They’re often complex and intricate, and so is the work that I’m intending to do through you. It’s not something you can figure out at one glance. The sculpture of your life is not something I slap together haphazardly. It takes time, and there are periods when you can’t quite figure out what’s to become of it, and you frown and wrinkle your nose and wonder, “Huh? What’s it supposed to be?” But bear with Me. Hang in there and let Me do it. Trust Me that I’m going to make the best thing out of you I could possibly imagine, and that is much better than anything you could possibly imagine. You’re the work of My hand, and the more you trust Me and just let Me do with it what I will, without much interference or doubt or questioning from you, the better it’s going to be. I know, it’s hard to believe that something as messy and imperfect as your life and your whole situation is supposed to turn out into something that will make perfect sense and perfect beauty some day, but that’s where you’ve got to have faith in things beyond those which the eye can see, and beyond things that are thought humanly impossible. Yes, the fulfillment of My Promises requires supernatural measures. Things unseen and unheard of since the beginning of time, although My prophets have foretold it from Enoch to John, that I would come with tens of thousands of My saints in the sky… That’s definitely something hard to picture for the average rational mind, and probably the majority of folks around you would call you a lunatic if you told them that you believe that that’s what’s going to happen some day soon. Well, but if you’re going to believe that outrageously impossible happy ending for the sad story the history of this world so far has been, then you can also start believing Me for smaller “impossibilities” today, and allow Me to work contrary to natural reasoning in your life. If I’m going to intervene supernaturally and save this whole world from the mess it has gotten itself into, then am I not going to be able to do the same for you and change any less than favorable situation you’re in into a better one? Except for the last 2 witnesses who are going to make a lot of worldwide noise via the media, what My church will basically have to do is patiently wait it out until My return during the Tribulation, because it’s going to be “the night,” of which I spoke, “which cometh, when no man can work.” That’s why it’s very important that you give the world the message as much as you can beforehand, before the Tribulation, and before the mark of the Beast will be implemented and the church will be persecuted, because “the night cometh when no man can work.” My strength is enough for you, but your own could never be enough. When you’re weak, then I am strong in you, but when you’re strong in your own strength, then I cannot be seen in you, and I can hardly shine through. So, ask Me whether I want to see you weak or strong. Ask Me whether it’s your physical strength and togetherness I need in order to do what I want to get done through you. You’re supposed to get it more together and become more organized and structured and apply more planned strategy in the physical, but you’re still supposed to do it in the Spirit and hand in hand with My counsel. The one doesn’t rule out the

other. The new counsel doesn’t make the older counsel obsolete. I prefer you to stay empty and desperate and yearning for Me than full and content and self-satisfied with your own accomplishments. I’d rather have you seeking Me and wondering, “Lord, what can I do for you,” than pointing at all that you have done for Me already. 70 ___________________________________________________ It may surprise some people, but I wasn’t exactly a born optimist when it came to people and all they were capable of in this life, either. I knew what was in their hearts, and from the viewpoints of some, it may have also sounded “pessimistic” that I kept foretelling them that they were going to crucify Me. So, I’m not going to tell you, “Relax, they’re all not as bad as you imagine them to be.” The only thing I can tell you is what I always tell you: Don’t look at them, look at Me! Optimism may not always pay off when it comes to people, but it will pay off when it comes to Me. It’s actually not just blind optimism then, but real faith and trust. Focus on Me, and I will give you the strength and wisdom and guidance to make it through any situation with people. “Don’t be afraid of their faces!” Don’t be afraid of what other people can possibly do to you, and the hurt they may possibly inflict on you, because I’m with you through all of it. The art is to learn to forgive and love them anyway, in spite of it all. The art is to learn to pray even on the very cross they nailed you to: “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.” You’re never going to be able to pray that on the cross if you don’t learn to pray that in the everyday situations of life. Most people aren’t aware of the dangers of relationship. Just like baby animals usually aren’t afraid of people to the extent that older, grown up animals are. Experience teaches both man and animals alike to be more careful. It’s good to be cautious and watchful. I never said, “Go ahead and jump right in with both feet, and enjoy whatever situation you land in!” I admonished My disciples to watch and pray. There are certain situations and things in life you would naturally wish to avoid, and it takes some looking before you leap, and some wisdom, prayer and communication with Me in order to avoid winding up in a bigger mess than the one you were in previously. There are other challenges in life than finding out exactly what the great universal truth of everything is. Sometimes it’s the little truths, the little right attitudes and the proper position of the heart that make life on a local and practical level a lot more livable. That’s what is relevant to most people: how can the answers they derive from their faith in Me and from their relationship with Me help them in their physical, day to day lives? Not everybody’s necessarily bent on finding out all the whys and wherefores of the intricacies of the universe. Most of them are satisfied with just the necessary information and help to live happy lives together in harmony with others. 71 ___________________________________________________ What the Big Picture mainly consists of is people, and in that aspect, there’s yet quite a bit more for you to discover. Even though the heart of man is the same all over the world when it comes to his need for Me, there are yet many differences between the ways people allow their hunger for Me to be quenched in different cultures. There’s nothing like the real live experience of getting to know people and cultures elsewhere to really give you a bigger view of the Big Picture. There’s yet more to discover about life than what your little

corner of the world has to offer and reveal… 72 ___________________________________________________ I never run out of things to tell you. I never run out of things to teach you. Compared to all that is yet to learn, you haven’t even begun, so I certainly wouldn’t want you to get the impression that this was it, that the show is over with nothing left to learn, or that you’ve learned all there is to know. I want you to preserve your hunger and appetite for Me and My input, and remain eager to receive new things from Me every day, if possible. Once you’re in the right spirit and attitude, I will also bring situations in your life where I can use you, and I will bring the necessary inspiration and energy to work on certain projects, and show you which ones are the most needed… There’s a time for everything under the sun, and you have to flow with My timing and stay in tune and sync with My schedule, more or less the same way you have to make sure that a song stays on the beat. You’ve got to listen to the Rhythm of Life, and tune in to it and move to it, not jump or jerk ahead of it our miss out on it. Sometimes I first need to show you where the greatest need is.

Otherwise you’ll never really develop the hunger and need for Me that you should have. I need those who have made painful experiences with this world, who from bleeding hearts will shout their convictions from the rooftops. I cannot just rely on the politically correct in order to get My message heard. I want My voice and My approval to be sufficient for you, just as I want My strength to be sufficient for you. In short, I want to be sufficient for you and prove to you that I am truly more than enough. I have anointed others due to their degree of hunger and openness for Me, their desperation and willingness to be used by Me. 75 ___________________________________________________ (Spirit Helper:) It’s hard to see the brilliance of the Lord’s Plan and picture when you’re stuck right there in the mundane, the imperfect, where everything good you believe in is by faith. Certain things are a means to an end. You’re wondering, “What’s so hot about faith, if it’s going to be abolished again, anyway?” It’s the same way as saying, “What good is a staircase, if you don’t need it anymore once you’ve reached the top?” Faith is the stairway that will get you to Heaven, and even if you won’t need it anymore once you get Here, it’s not as if you’ll be able to say you never needed the staircase. “Small beginnings, greater end.” “Despise not the day of small things.” It’s simply God’s Nature, His way of doing things to build greater things from small elements, and using various, imperfect stages, that may not always make immediate sense to us while we’re in one of them, or going through various of those, but it’s the final outcome that matters. All you’ve got is the Promise of the final outcome, and all we can do is assure you is that it’s going to be worth it.

73 ___________________________________________________ You’ve just got to follow Me day by day, regardless of the physical circumstances of where you are and what your immediate prospects may be. You’ve got to know that in the spirit you can be who and wherever I want you to be, and the modern means of communication have made it possible that you can actually be a tool and a witness for Me in a far-away country, even if you have never moved a step out of your house. By looking unto Me you will gain the necessary strength and authority that will convince them that what you’ve got to say Your trials with those who don’t have the faintest clue about matters, and by making Me your strength you’ll become the these things, and who couldn’t relate to any of what you’re kind of sample that will spur them on to try and do the same. going through in a thousand years make you fold your hands above your head and cry, “Oh, my God; Solomon was right: all The goal is to get them to trust in Me. It’s frustrating when so is vanity indeed.” But think about the contrast you’re creating many refuse to want to even give it a try. It’s almost as if you by daring to be so different from the indifferent masses who have to beg them to give Me a chance to prove to them Who couldn’t care less about spiritual things. and what I really am, and what I’m capable of doing in their lives. Think about it as a piece of gold or a jewel or gem gotten out of a mine, with tons and tons of worthless, useless rock it was hewn out of… The rocks won’t buy you anything, but the gold 74 ___________________________________________________ and jewel does! You are My vessel, and I love to pour into you. Thank you In this world, it may not buy you much, being one of God’s for keeping yourself empty and open for My input, and for not jewels. After all, their system of values is based on paper, and listening to the Enemy’s lies, that it’s a waste of time, and his will soon be reduced to nothing but virtual digits in a computer doubts about, “Who needs all that stuff anyway?” system. Numbers… Well, you need it for one, and the time will come when more What do they know about true values? people will hunger for My genuine counsel, when all the spiritual junk food they’re currently glutting themselves with What I’m saying is that it’s not really all that important what all will turn out to have been anything but satisfactory and the those other people say or do; whether they’re going to reject philosophies of this world will have left them high and dry. your message or can’t handle it. What matters is the few precious folks who do, those hearts of gold who are going to You know how it is: when you’re young and ambitious you seek heed your call and are going to be found by you. to make a name for yourself, seek to make yourself known, They may only be a handful, compared to the tons of worthless heard and seen in the limelight, and so you’re bound to rock you may have to get past. But it will be worth it. The quest compromise with the rudiments of this world, usually to find out and the effort will not have been in vain. that it didn’t really satisfy your inner core at all. None of it “All is vanity” as far as the rocks in their darkness are reached down to your soul to feed it. concerned. But as for the gold, there are higher plans for it, a So, all you can do is confidently wait that there will be those higher destiny, and they will be anything but vain. who will make similar experiences that will lead them to similar God is not dumb. He knows what He’s doing. And you’re a conclusions as the ones you came to, and will drive them back perfect part of it. into My arms. When the world ceases to satisfy, then I will lift you high. That disappointment with the world is a necessary process. 76 ___________________________________________________

Sometimes it’s important to give people something that will make them happy. Just like I do with you: I often give you what you want, rather than what you need sometimes, because I most of all want you to know that I love you and to be sure of My love for you above everything else. Once that’s established, I know I can also give you a little needed correction, because you’ll be able to handle it then and also receive it as a token of My love. If your incentive is to make people happy, rather than pulling through your own plan of “delivering the message” more or less because you figure it’s your duty, then there can be greater magic in that love power, manifested in your desire to make them happy and putting their needs above your own, of preaching the message.

more you believe and trust in Me and My capacity to do them, the more the Devil will fight to prove you wrong. But that’s where perseverance comes in, the part that determines whether your faith was just another temporary phenomenon or something real and steady that will last and stand the tests of time. Time may erode the ground all about you, it may erode health, strength and fitness, but if your faith is real gold, time will never manage to erode or shake that part of you, you’ll always keep clinging to Me, and keep trusting in Me. I want you to convey to people by your own sample the assurance that “you can” trust Me!

78 ___________________________________________________ I want you to learn to accept others the way they are, and try Of course, if you’d make another rut out of that, then it would to sympathize with them, and relate to them, even if their become a scheme of man-pleasing, but I’m trying to get you to interests differ strongly from yours. I want you to accept and find the right balance between the two. tolerate them the same way you would wish to be accepted by It’s best to keep listening to your heart, and not so much to them. your head. It’s more important that you do whatever you do from the heart, than just that cold sense of duty, and just thinking you’ve got to 79 ___________________________________________________ do it because you ought to. The Spirit World is not subject to the laws and rules of the physical world, just as a parent is not bound to the same rules The goal is not just to slap the message around their ears in a he demands of a child, of “be home at five o’ clock,” and “go to “there you’ve got it” way, but you’ve got to woo them first, win sleep at nine,” etc., just because what may be perfectly alright them, and then you can lovingly impart the message. for an adult, isn’t necessarily appropriate for a child. It’s an art. Many people just resist being preached to, and in order to be a There will come a time when creation will have reached maturity successful preacher of the Gospel, you’ve got to learn to woo and will be melded with the Eternal World and thus become them first. subject to its same liberty when it comes to the rules and laws that right now restrain the physical. As in all things, it’s the sample that counts so much more than the sermon. If you live for the happiness of others, that will These are factors that worldly physicists and scientists are amount to more than any amount of sermons you could preach oblivious to, as the vast majority of them leave Me entirely out if you just do it out of a cold, factual, sense-of-duty type of of the equation. motivation. If they leave out the Major Factor, how can they get an accurate or complete picture? All they look at is their immediate, It’s the love that matters, more than any amount of message physical part of the picture. you may give without it. If people insist on believing a lie, I will often give them a little “evidence” to support that lie, or rather, I’ll allow the Enemy to 77 ___________________________________________________ do so. It’s easy to trust as long as everything’s going okay, just as In order to find the truth, a certain hunger for it has to be there. it’s easy to love perfect people, or people who are unselfish and As long as they are looking for results that exclude Me from the giving, and who practically live to do you good. It’s a little equation, that’s all they’re ever going to find. harder to love the selfish, the less “deserving.” The value system of the System is still drilled into you: you only Unbelievers say, “Coincidence rules.” Believers say, “There is get something for something. But that’s where My nature no coincidence.” As a believer in Me and My Eternal Realm you differs. I give where nothing has been given before. I also love believe that there is something greater than the physical world the undeserving. and its rules, that surpasses all physical laws. For people who crave recognition and applause, what is of value is what helps them get ahead in this world, whatever increases their level of popularity and admiration. Things that are only going to set you more apart from everyone else only seem like a waste of time to them and their way of thinking. It would take some time for them to also start seeing that popularity isn’t all that it’s made out to be… When man separated himself from Me by his choices, he brought those conditions upon himself and his world that make him quite different from My nature and the nature of the eternal. But you know My Promise that all things will be reconciled and reunified with Me. Talking about a “unified theory.” Theories won’t be necessary anymore then. It will be the unified facts of how everything was created, planned and executed by Someone Who left very little up to random chance, but rather to the individual choices of man to bring upon himself either a “Surface-lookers” only see the obvious. They don’t have the blessing or a curse. patience, or the diligence to look deeper. They’re not willing to make a bit of effort in order to find anything other than Creation is based somewhat on the same system as immediate gratification. computers… Is and 0s, yeses and no’s on a constant basis, “Immediate gratification” and fleeting joys, temporary bliss and toward Me, their Creator. spurs of the moment have become the Gospel, the A and O of this generation. The right choice to make is to accept Me, to integrate and include Me, and to acknowledge Me, to seek Me in My Creation. It’s going to take miracles to get you through all of this. And the The wrong choice is to ignore Me, deny Me, refuse to accept

that I’m there, and thus exclude Me from their equation and Big Picture. The right choices lead to true wisdom and insight and knowledge, the others to foolishness professing itself to be wise. 80 ___________________________________________________ Potential blessings can be lost if you neglect to pray for the necessary anointing and wisdom before making a phone call, etc. You ought to know better by now than thinking that you can handle everything in your own wisdom. If I bring an opportunity into your life, you have to give Me a hand in bringing it to pass. You cannot complete in the flesh what I have begun in the Spirit. 81 ___________________________________________________ It’s quite a revelation to most arrivals in the Spirit World, just how vast the difference is between worldly standards of information (with their relatively low truth content), and the heavenly standard of “the truth, and truly nothing but the truth.” It’s one of the reasons why My thoughts are so much higher than those of people on earth: most of people’s thoughts are based on erroneous assumptions or misinformation, and quite far away from the truth. Following My way signifies a break with the thought patterns of the world, and learning to adapt to My way of seeing things, and thus getting ready for the viewpoint that exists in the heavenly Realm. One of man’s great sins is his presumption that his conclusions, opinions and concoctions of his mind are true and just, when sadly, in most cases, nothing could be further from the truth. You could almost say, nothing could be further from the truth than mankind’s present level and wealth of information at this time, the onset of the 21st century. While there’s a lot of valid information available, it’s not the truly valid and reliable information that’s largely being disclosed to the public. Truth is simply not what permeates the air, the ether and atmosphere in this day and age when the “prince of the power or the air” rules and fills the earth and air with his vibes, which consist mostly of lies. But since most people deny the Devil’s existence, and the fact that he is the present ruler of this world, they’re also perfectly unaware of the extent to which they’re being lied to. All of which, of course, drastically changes once their earthly existence is being terminated and they come to the grips with the realities of the spirit world.

What really matters is your connection with Me to get you through life successfully. When Satan has managed to get you to allow something else to usurp the position of priority in your life, I have to do something to restore that position unto Myself. I’m not willingly going to give up the top place in your heart. I’m not just going to stand by and watch you go down the drain spiritually. All those things that concern you may seem of utter importance to you temporarily, but are they, really, compared to the relationship between you and Me? What could be more important than that? Imagine in a few years from now, when you may be cut off from the internet, the telephone and the power lines. Possibly the water, too, and I will have to be your Provider for all these things that right now you’re basically trusting the System for… How prepared are you for a situation in which you’d have to trust Me and Me alone? How else will you be ready then, unless you learn how to trust Me now for everything? 83 ___________________________________________________ The one Factor I want you to be dependent on is Me. As long as you’re clinging to Me, and what you hang on to, as you “hang in there” is Me, even during the most turbulent turn of life’s roller coaster ride; you’ll be safe and sound. Worries, cares and problems only come into being when you allow other factors to replace that role which I’m supposed to play in your life, and they become more important to you. I only have in mind for you that which is truly in your best interest, whether you may perceive it as such, or not. Only full trust that I will hold you will enable you to let go of all the other things you cling to, and give it your all with the freedom of nothing left to lose. You know you never lose by giving, you can’t help but win. That kind of generosity requires trust; perfect trust that I will take care of you.

The sooner you’ll have learned to truly rely on your communication with Me for your survival, the stronger & better off you’re going to be. What you are is more than the sum of forms of expressing yourself that you put out. I want you to determine your worth according to different standards than such temporal ones. The essential communication is the spiritual communication, even if it may They live as if their earthly existence would be all there ever not seem to be getting you anywhere in this world. was and will be, and the worst that could ever happen to them In reality, it is much more important and crucial in keeping you would be to have to leave it behind. alive and going, and successfully so, than any physical means That’s why I would like you to learn to live in such a way that of communications ever could. coming to the Spirit World would be no great shock to you. It’s your prayer-, praise- and prophecy-line that keeps you alive I want you to prepare for that transition, and live accordingly; and kicking, more than your telephone line, your internet not as an alien to the Spirit World, but one who has already connection, or even the power lines that supply you with learned during his physical life-time to feel at Home Here, in the electricity. Eternal Realm. You’ve been dependent on those physical connections for practically your whole life, and it’s not so easy to make the transition of switching to Spirit Power, but that’s basically what 82 ___________________________________________________ this whole lesson of Flesh Vs. Spirit amounts to. Why should I let all things continue as normal, if they’re not How much preeminence are you really willing to give to the the way they should be? Spirit? How much do you really believe in its superiority over Your work for Me isn’t nearly as important to Me as our the flesh? Well, here comes a chance to prove it. Just let go and connection itself, and if there’s a problem in the connection, I trust Me and see what happens. certainly wouldn’t want to let you continue in your work for Me as though nothing happened. You can’t do My work without My power, and if there’s a problem with the power connection, 84 ___________________________________________________ we’ve got to fix it first, before you can continue doing My work. There will have to come a time when the West will have to

pay the fiddler for the cruel way it has been exploiting the rest of the world, suppressing and abusing the poor, robbing them of the little they had in the first place, only to over-indulge themselves. Whatsoever a man, or a nation, or even a whole “world” as in “first,” “second” or “third world” sows, that must they also reap. You’ve been wading through their territory, even though as an enemy and infiltrator, but it has not left you unaffected, and you need to recuperate, rest and be cleansed from all that filth. Addicts hardly ever think they need help, and are only very reluctant to accept any, and they usually have to be forced into rehabilitation somehow, because it’s an unpleasant and painful process. 85 ___________________________________________________ Times were harder in many aspects during the years of the Early Church, slightly comparable to the early years of the Family, when they were still small and dependent on miracles, too. What happened with the Early Church during a course of centuries seems to be happening within decades in the Family, and “the maturation of a movement” seems to have its pros and cons, as with the maturation process it seems that some of that original fire and enthusiasm gets lost.

some may see religion as one of the responsible evils. Of course, that’s going to be the AC’s claim, too, and he’s going to prove just how much better the world will be without religion altogether, and that’s when things will get so bad that I’m simply going to have to come to the rescue. They all think they’re so smart that they’d be much better off without Me, but we’ll see about that. 86 ___________________________________________________ Many who don’t know Me see no other way out but to take their lives. You, My children and witnesses ought to make a difference and give them hope and a reason to live and continue to go through this struggle of life, even though it may be difficult. The difficult part is for a reason. Without Me, life for many consists of being a rebel without a cause. It’s like a life without even the concept of meaning, such as Helen Keller’s before she met Ann Sullivan. But once Helen grasped the concept that everything indeed has a meaning, she cherished life to an even greater extent than many of her seeing, hearing and talking contemporaries, which is why she became such a celebrity during her time. It shows once again that handicap and hardships aren’t always necessarily bad for people, but can actually help people to strive to overcome life’s difficulties to a greater extent than those who don’t have any comparable handicaps and struggles.

The Family is not a new version of the Early Church, but it’s a completely new movement, just as there have been other I will always give you the strength you need to make it through Christian movements throughout the centuries that you’ve your struggles, as long as you look up to Me, consider and heard about, many of which were wiped out by the official acknowledge Me and give Me a chance. church. The crown of life is reserved for those who were faithful unto Christianity hasn’t done a fair job at representing Me for the last death, and not quit somewhere along the road. three quarters of its existence, with few exceptions here and then. And especially during this time, the age of temptation, which is 87 ___________________________________________________ heading for that final “hour of temptation” I have announced in “The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.” My Book of Revelation, it has been especially hard for My You are a willing vessel, but not always as strong as you’d like followers to remain separated and white-hot revolutionary to be in retaining what I give you or to convert My fuel into good witnesses and uncompromising fighters for Me. works and actions. I see your state and remember your frame, that you are but The church has never had such an arsenal of temptations to dust. Thus I don’t expect too much from you, and usually not as fight against. The Devil is really giving it his all in this day and much as you’d like to be able to expect from yourself. In fact, I age, and the Early Church didn’t have a fraction of all that to even know your weaknesses better than you do, and I can deal with that My children are having to deal with today. better calculate what you’re actually capable of. That’s why it’s really not necessary to fear that you might disappoint Me. Persecution kept My Early Church alive and humble and It’s pretty hard to disappoint Me. So, that’s not something you desperate, and also on guard against the world, and clearly should worry about. separated from them. Whereas the truce between the Family and the System, and their peaceful coexistence throughout the If there’s one thing I love, it’s you drawing from Me the words last decade seems to have dampened that fire a bit that used to that can change the world, even if – for starters – it just seems keep most of the Family stirred and apart from the world before to be your immediate world they seem to have an impact on, but that. you know that I start building big things from tiny things. That’s just the thing about “things” in this world: they deteriorate and fall apart… They don’t improve, as the evolutionists claim. That’s one of the qualities of this world, and Satan is trying to create an appearance of the opposite, by creating artificial enhancements on the surface, that create the illusion of improvement, while the real body underneath keeps deteriorating and slowly rotting away. I’m literally having to allow this world to die in order for it to become desperate enough to finally accept and welcome My return to reclaim My own. Folks blame the state of the world on Me, when in reality it’s thanks to the Enemy and people’s infatuation with him that the world has gotten into the state it’s in. It’s not exactly because of their dedication to Me… Even though The world doesn’t pay much attention to My tiny, seemingly insignificant words to seemingly tiny and insignificant people. They’re out for the big rah-rah, the big blaring news and shocking headlines and sensations. But when all the noise and clamor is over, what will remain is My still small voice uttering the words and the music that keeps the universe turning, the “music of all things,” the “song of creation.” Some hear faint echoes of it, and they try to figure it out with their carnal minds and translate it into their own scope of understanding, only to give off a wrong picture of it. They come to the wrong conclusions leaving out the major Factor. That’s why you’re much better off, drawing no conclusions, but the raw and pure input from the Source Itself. They may consider it nothing, and they may ignore it and prefer what they consider “something,” but time will tell how much will be left of all their big “somethings” when history is through

with them… The tryings and purgings of time erode all things that are not really real, all false premature conclusions, no matter for how long they may have been worshiped and obeyed as “truths.” The only truths that remain will be those that don’t contradict Mine. That may sound like a pretty bold statement in a world of lies, but it’s nevertheless a certainty. “Heaven and earth will pass away, but My Words will never pass away.” Blessed are they who believe that. Blessed are they who cling to the truth as their anchor in life, and not those man-made concoctions of half-truths and pseudo-truths, mixed with a lot of wishful thinking… They may try to blame Me for not having made man more perfect, but as highly as man thinks of himself already, just imagine how much more highly he would think of himself if I had made him more perfect and equipped him with less flaws. Just as you can trust Me for having supplied just the perfect blend of ingredients and proportions in the rest of creation, you can trust Me that I knew what I was doing in making man just the way he is. Even the degree to which all things – including man – are deteriorating is carefully planned, and the story that had a perfect beginning, in which all things were found as “good”, will also have a perfect ending, in which all things will again be found as “good,” and, perhaps even a little better than before, due to all the precious lessons that will have been learned from man’s little detour into the world of evil. Evil is only a matter of time. Its sting will be plucked. So, having to cope with evil really is only a matter of time for you, which should be another reason for you to look forward to joining Us in the timeless realm before long. All the pain and sorrows will be over then, and you’ll see and know even as you are known. 88 ___________________________________________________ The light of My inspiration is a flame that you have to keep and guard. It’s something you must fight for, in order to keep it burning. It’s the same as exercising: it takes staying at it and increasing the quantity of the exercise to a certain level in order for it to bear tangible and visible results. You’ve got to keep at it! And that’s the same it takes if you want to stay in shape spiritually! You’ve got to stay on My channel, and that doesn’t just happen by itself; it takes an effort, because the Enemy will try lots of tricks in order to distract you from it, irritate and aggravate you to the point where you get out of it. In order not to get out of it, you must fight to cling to My wavelength. That means, you have to cherish and value your spiritual position and guard it, and determine that you won’t allow the Enemy to throw you off, come what may. You will certainly not allow him to use something insignificant to throw you off. You must consider, “Is this worth getting grumpy over? Is this worth getting upset about and trading my position in the victory for, and my position on the Lord’s wavelength?” And, of course, then the wholehearted answer must be, “No way, dude!” Just as the entrance of My Word giveth light, so the vibes and input of discontent and murmuring the Enemy tries to bring into your life are darkness, and you must make a whole-hearted effort to resist that darkness and cling to the light! Sometimes your attitude seems to be that darkness is just one other “mood” or “shade” in intervals with the light. You don’t view it as the opposite of light that it is, nor as the enemy that it is, but you take it in this sort of passive attitude, as if saying, “Well, I guess that’s just the way it is,” and you get all bitter and cynical and sarcastic over My having allowed that unpleasant scenario happen, when it’s not really I Who allowed it, but you did! You allow it to happen by refusing to fight for the light, refusing to make an effort to stay in the light and on My

wavelength. You don’t have to let the darkness in. You can make a choice to fight and refuse to let it in and focus on the light instead, and decide that you’re going to cling to a positive attitude instead! 89 ___________________________________________________ I like to win victories that prove that numbers or physical strength or size don’t matter to Me at all. I don’t need more than a handful to win the battle in the decisive moment. The only question is, as far as you’re concerned: will you be in that number, and will you be there when we fight that battle? Will you look at the waves and at the condition of your vessel, your family, your Home – will you look at the circumstances, or at Me? If you look at it in the carnal and from a rational point of view, you might as well forget it. The only way it makes sense is if you refuse to look at all that, all the physical odds and circumstances that promise defeat, and you look steadily at the one and only Factor that will ever guarantee your victory in the first place… The Enemy doesn’t hesitate in the least to snatch away your own children from you in front of your noses, to virtually rape them right before your eyes, and you’ll know what kind of a ruthless and merciless battle and resolve will be necessary in order to overcome him. All I really need is a handful of people who simply hate the Devil enough to refuse to compromise with him, and refuse to settle for a sickening truce with him, but are determined to wage an all-out war and battle to the death with him. There is no alternative. If you hate the Enemy enough, you will refuse to be sent home! You will insist on being there when I’ll bring an end to him, along with My few chosen ones. Let the rest of the cowards and half-hearts walk home, which is what they wanted to do all along, and go back to sleep. But you’re going to want to be in on that battle! That’s all that counts to Me: just a handful and a few determined, relentless ones, bent on fighting the Enemy to the death! The others will serve their purpose, too. But more often than not, they might actually serve to show you what you don’t want to be or become like: you don’t want to trust in the arm of the flesh, or in numbers, or in circumstances, and you don’t want to go by what you can see, or by the odds and the chance you stand to win against a physically superior enemy. You don’t want to be as superficial as that to think that the God you trust in would be dependent on such things to win His war. You’ll know that it is His war, not yours, and He’s going to win it His way, and all you can do is yield to His ways and rejoice in the privilege to be among those He has chosen to do it with. You’ve got a battle in front of you in which the Spirit of God Almighty will do the fighting for you, and you’ll just be instruments in His hands that He will use to make a racket that will scare the hell out of His opponents. The God of all flesh is just as alive and around as He used to be during the time of Gideon and all His other ancient prophets. The scoffers may not believe it, because He never showed up to cater to their whims. But that is because the God of all flesh is not interested in those who only seek to be catered to. He doesn’t need another bunch of pampered brats, because He has seen enough of that already, as I’m sure you have, too. The only question is, will you have what it takes to make a difference and be one of those exceptions who won’t fall for any of the tricks of the Enemy to either scare you, or put you to sleep or distract or hypnotize you? This isn’t to say that some of the others may not be woken up, for perhaps they will realize the error of their ways of allowing themselves to fall for the plastic enticements of the Devil.

Maybe they will one day be able to tell the difference between what’s real and what’s fake. But fact is, right now they don’t, and so you’ve got the job of continuing to forge ahead for Me regardless. You cannot let them deter you, irritate you, frustrate you or slow you down in any way, much less stop you. Will you be as revolutionary to refuse to let your responsibility toward them outweigh your responsibility toward Me, My Cause, and this war? Will you be left behind to pamper those who want someone to cater to them or will you march on forward with the few of those who will heed My call and refuse to be sidetracked by any lame attempt of the evil one? You might not see them, but you must believe that they are there: the inner core of My army, that secret bunch of chosen ones who will be there to fight the battle when the time has come, and you must determine to support them and be there for them, if nothing else. Just keep your spiritual focus on that inner, secret core that I have promised you exists somewhere, even if outside the scope of your view, and keep going for them, believing that they will win the battle, whether you’re going to be among them or not. At least you can support them, believe in them, strengthen them, and be there for them. The others may never appreciate a single thing you did, but they will. They will know that you have been there for them. Keep in mind that I have once before won a great and decisive battle with a mere 300, and I don’t need the tens of thousands. If you cannot believe and trust Me for the tens of thousands you do see, trust Me for the 300 you may not be able to see, those that I will use in the end to win the battle with, and consider them a worthy cause to be rendering your resources, your life, your energies to. 90 ___________________________________________________ You know a few fundamental facts that most of the world does not know, since their “knowledge” and “science” is based on lies. They may believe in My existence to some extent, although a lot of them don’t, but most of them certainly aren’t aware of the extent to which the Enemy is in charge of their realm, influencing their perception of things, in fact, controlling it via his educational system and the media. You know that your ultimate destination is a much better place than anything you’ve seen in the physical realm. You also know that you’ve got Me not only fighting by your side, supporting and helping you, but even fighting for you, and with millions of powerful co-fighters on our side in the spiritual realm. And you know how this war will end, and you don’t have to wonder about who will be the victor, even if right now it may seem as though you’re vastly outnumbered. If you just focus on the facts that you do have, you’ll probably be better off than focusing on the holes in your story or picture. Just trust that I will fill those in due time. I like My people to walk and operate by faith. I want to show the whole universe that faith in Me – even without having all of the facts about Me straight – is better than their supposed “knowledge” consisting of thousands or even millions of socalled “facts,” that will some day crumble underneath them and take them to a very unhappy ending of their episode. As vague as your perception of My Kingdom may be for you, I want to prove that it’s still a lot more reliable, more lasting and safer ground to put your feet on, than that concoction they label “reality” at present, upheld by their feverish efforts to churn out tomes and tomes of information about it, most of which simply happen to be fundamentally flawed by the very fact that they’re leaving out of the equation the principal Factor: Me.

The difference between you and them is a very fundamental one: They’re leaving Me out of their equation and calculation of all things, and you don’t. Now let’s see who’s going to take home the better score when the school bell rings. They may be in the majority and pick on you as the “losers,” but we’ll see who the real losers will be in the end. We’ll all find out what teachings will hold ground in the end, and whether all their “knowledge” will truly turn out to be so much better than your ridiculed faith. It’s another classic example of how less can be more: they base their essence, their worth and supposed superiority on the quantity of input they have and supposed “facts” they use to support their world view. All you have is basically one Book, giving you an outline of the history of the world from My point of view, along with a few hundred Promises strewn in that I will take care of you and take you Home when this is all over, and that I’ll come again and help you clean up their mess when they’re finished. It’s one Book against all theirs. The Devil is supplying them with all that “knowledge” that’s supposed to ensure their “godhood,” (after all, he promised them that they would “be as gods” if they’d swallow his input), and you’re saying, “no thanks, I’m just going to stick with my humble diet of the bread and water of His Word: the Bible will just do fine for me, thanks.” – Along with My additional input that I’m able to give you by means of your availing yourself of the truths of the Bible, that is. It’s not based on “scientific facts” nor investigations, excavations or countless tests in laboratories, and no millions and billions of dollars are being spent in order to acquire your wealth of knowledge, it’s basically just faith in that one old Book put into practice, put to the test. As far as they’re concerned, you might as well go for a walk on the lake, because they wouldn’t take one step out onto that water, but you’re doing it. You’re walking on water, and one day they’ll watch you sheer running away from them, and running circles around them, while they’ll stand on their burning shores and won’t believe their eyes. So, don’t seek to counter their false facts and falsified evidence with what they would consider facts and evidence, when that’s one thing they don’t want to hear and will hate the most and yell the loudest against, anyway. They don’t want to hear any facts, period. Their minds are made up, and there’s no sense in trying to play the game according to their own crooked and bent rules. No matter what amount of facts you would come up with to refute and expose their lies, all they would want to do is crucify you for it anyway. So, instead, just continue to confound them by ignoring all that barrage of what they call “facts” and continuing to look unto Me and walking by faith on that very shaky ground, and on that water that they say is “unwalkable.” Prove to them that “impossible” has no meaning to Me. Right now, it’s the Enemy’s heyday, and they’re all gaga over him, frantically applauding themselves, performing the magic tricks he taught them. All you’ve got is your humble, quiet little faith in that humble old Book and My Promises to you in it. Those who will listen will listen, and eventually learn, and those who won’t you don’t need to be concerned about anyway. You may have much less than they, but it’s real, and it’s lasting, and in the end it will turn out that your less was more all along. 91 ___________________________________________________ Some issues are better addressed in a very low-profile manner, if you cherish your liberty. You’re up against a physical majority, and the only way you’re going to prevail against them is through your faith, which is what overcomes the world, and not any findings or statistics.

You can’t fight them on their own ground, because they simply won’t allow any room for truth and real facts there. What matters is that faith in the truth rules your own heart and mind and life, and you know that you’re among the true winners, even if you may be totally outnumbered by enemy forces, and they pull all the reins. You’ve got no chance fighting for liberty, freedom of speech, or even the truth on a political level in a System that is rigged up and determined to strip the people of these very things, because what it seeks is utter control of the masses, and not their happiness or well-being. After all, if the System is the Devil’s then it couldn’t possibly be that happy and free land that they always picture it to be. There’s a lot of lies out there, and while it’s good and important for you to be able to expose them and define truth from lies, when it comes to echoing your findings, you’ve got to handle these things prayerfully. You won’t read much in Paul’s epistles about the corruptions of the Roman empire, either, even though he could have written a lot, but that would have only endangered his relative freedom of speech and ability to say to his people what was really essential for them. They simply knew they weren’t from this world, and they didn’t have to reaffirm that over and over. They emphasized on the positive. Your purpose and goal is not to infuriate the Devil’s people, but to win and reach My sheep. 92 ___________________________________________________ Once you’re nearing the peak of the mountain, the higher you get, the more dangerous and strenuous it becomes. You may not know whether you’re going to make it. But the only way to find out is to keep trying. Sometimes the peak doesn’t even look very promising. You wonder, “So what? What benefit will I get from getting up there? What’s the use?” Sometimes all that keeps you going is the fact that I put you there, and if I said it’s going to work and it’s going to be worth it, then you’re just going to have to believe it, since your experience has taught you that I never lie, and what I tell you has always turned out to be the truth. You figure that if I’m the One Who created you and your brethren in such an imperfect manner, then perhaps I couldn’t be all that perfect, either. But that’s where you’re reaching the wrong conclusion. You won’t find perfect in this world due to the state it’s in because of the choices of man, and not because of any failure on My part. In fact, the way back to perfect is the way back to Me, and that, of course, is a hard road, because all that’s within you and every human, which strives to play god itself, will try to stop you from going that way. Everybody’s trying to build and accumulate their own little kingdom with their own little possessions, fences and populations, instead of giving all that up for the sake of My Kingdom. It should prompt you to examine your own life and see where perhaps you’re guilty of the same. To what extent are you really forsaking all each day? Or to what extent do you cling to your possessions, or your rights? How much do you rely on your own hand to supply your needs, and how much do you really trust in Me for all of that? Could it be that you’ve built a new Egypt so close to the shores of your old one? 93 ___________________________________________________ It would be foolish to see the Bible as anything other than a foundation on which to build a new building in which you won’t refuse to also use new building materials, and new and fresh

input from Me and My Realm concerning the manifold situations you may find yourselves in for which you won’t find a biblical precedent. The Bible is not supposed to be the A and O. It is definitely the beginning, but it’s not necessarily the end, and all that there ever was for Me to say. No wonder young people have a hard time relating to Christian religion, if it is devoted to a God Who is not supposed to have spoken since 2000 years. There will be situations that will require new and fresh input to give you guidance and heavenly insight and wisdom on how to deal with them. If people would really take the Bible at face value, they would also avail themselves of the gifts of the Spirit, which include prophecy. So, the problem isn’t the Bible, but that people don’t believe it as they should. If they would, then they would also avail themselves of the living Word, just as My disciples of old have. Look at the changes I brought into the official standard of God’s teachings! And things keep changing, the changes haven’t stopped there. By fulfilling the law, I did abolish and nullify it in a sense, and I gave a new law. Those who insist on sticking to the old law will only time and time again find themselves crashing into the wall of their inability to ever keep it, and those who recognize My new law also recognize that it’s not something brittle, stiff and inflexible, but it is alive, and adapts to each individual situation, since in every situation that involves My children, lots of heavenly counselors and helpers are involved, and each situation is judged on its own merits. Contrary to worldly courts, the courts and judgments of the celestial Realm are always completely just and fair. I will always give you the additional necessary wisdom, strength, love and insight to make it through those new trials and unprecedented situations unscathed. I’m not alone working on your behalf, but there are countless saints working around the clock on your behalf and your situation as well, fighting hard to bring about the best possible outcome in each of the things you have to go through. What’s going on is a lot more detailed and intricate than you thought, and you can’t just generalize and find one general theme or “solution” or label for it all. It involves a lot of counseling, it requires a lot of looking deeper, also at the crevices in your own life, and a more thorough glance at what you could possibly do in addition to the way you’ve been trying to handle this. There is something new to learn out of every situation. “The unexamined life is not worth living,” Socrates said, and in many ways he was right. It takes a deeper look at everything, including the degree to which you live up to your own responsibilities, in order to really get out of life all that it is supposed to teach you. Sooner or later each life will be examined and what will have been gained will be summarized, so it’s only reasonable and recommendable to begin that process during your life-time, and before the final exam. It is good to reflect on oneself and pose the question “What have you done with your life?” and not just wait for that day when you will be asked that question by Me. After all, that is what all this amount of heavenly counsel is all about, to help you assess your life and the path you’ve been walking and find out how you’ve been doing so far, what things you could do better and what pitfalls you should learn to avoid in the future. I’m helping you to go through life as we examine step by step and day by day the progress made, the gains and the losses, the mistakes made, and the lessons gleaned from them, instead of just blindly rushing into it to pursue what you want and

crave, as so many people do. There is a purpose to life, and too few people care to ever find out and study and elaborate on it. The challenges I’m presenting you with require more than just a haphazard glance and an optimistic attitude of “Of course I’m going to manage this.” There is also a responsibility, a greater demand for you to pay attention to the details, and a certain duty to avail yourself of your privilege, and I’m making sure you’ll have a reason to come before Me anew each day. You can’t handle your life on your own, but only with My help. But who ever said that you were supposed to handle it on your own? Together with Me and all My helpers available to you it can be more fun, and even seemingly insurmountable challenges can turn out to be a thrill, and not something to be dreaded. 94 ___________________________________________________ People always blame Me for things that they themselves are responsible for. I did not cause the repercussions of the Fall of mankind, but man’s own choices did. I did not bring war into the world, man did. I did not give in to temptation, but man has, over and over and over again. The only thing I can offer you is a way out of that vicious cycle. Every time you fall into temptation you give birth to another evil that you’re going to have to deal with later. So, you can’t really blame Me and say, “You’ve sent me this evil,” but somehow you have brought it upon yourself. The sins of the fathers are often manifested in their offspring in order for them to confront them in flesh and blood and deal with them face to face, the way I have to deal with you. 95 ___________________________________________________ I’m still trying to shift your faith from the circumstances to Me, the potential Changer of circumstances. Maybe that’s a promise for you to cling to: “Behold, I make all things new.” In other words, I’m not only able to change things for the better and make them new, but that’s what I do; it’s My profession and what I’m best at, so to speak. I’m the New-Maker, the Changer, the Resurrection and the Life. I’m the Restorer of old, useless things, even entire lives and worlds. So, don’t despair when you see things developing in an unpleasant direction or going down the drain. There’s nothing I couldn’t salvage. Nothing is beyond hope. I’m the world’s Savior, and a savior is out of a job for so long as his world doesn’t think it needs to be saved. You can’t save anybody that doesn’t want to be saved and won’t ask for help. As long as things are looking as if they might make it without Me, they’re not going to want Me around, nor you, who remind them of the fact they’re trying to ignore, that things aren’t what they should be, after all.

A status quo sets in, and I send along My prophets and messengers to defy it, the result usually being an upheaval that the conservative forces strongly resist. Of course, the Devil and his people also pose as some sort of “revolutionary force,” and they think that they’re fighting for a truly righteous cause in bringing about the “New World Order,” and they like to picture the religious, and especially the Christian elements of society as the conservative forces, but we know that that’s only possible because he has done all he could to keep them content and lull them to sleep spiritually. When Christianity was born, it came into a world that was ruled by an already beginning to be stagnant empire, and it came as a force of radical change, and it did change the world of its era. The Devil’s forces tried to stamp it out for three centuries until they realized that the only way to truly overcome this dangerous enemy was by joining them and infiltrating them from within, causing Christianity to become a conservative force itself, instead of the revolutionary force of change and renewal it had been up until that point. It’s a struggle to stay alive and to keep the flame burning, and to keep revoluting, and to remain a force for change, and a source of life, and not fall into the trap of stagnation and solidification. Your most dangerous and deadly enemies are not the kind who keep you on your heels and on guard, but those forces which make you feel comfortable and at ease in this world, with nothing left to fight against, and pretty soon after that, not much left to fight for, either. The principal challenge is witnessing, since that’s one sure way of having confrontation with people on behalf of your faith. After all, that is the battle, and in order to stay alive and kicking spiritually, that’s what you must do: go out there and fight. You’ll experience enough “persecution” on a small level, if you witness, or at least enough resistance and challenge to keep you alive and keep you from dozing off spiritually. So, you must seek that challenge, that battle, even if it may not initially strike you as something pleasant, but it’s what will keep you alive! It’s your purpose and excuse for living, after all!

97 ________________________________________________ Some people need to be given a reason to believe. They’ve been brainwashed with all the arguments for why they shouldn’t believe, according to their agnostic scientists, teachers and media hawks, but there are few who make reasonable pro-faith argumentation available on a greater level and in a way that would appeal to non-believers. People have questions and doubts, and you’ve got the answers. At least some of them, and compared to many people, quite a lot of them. Witnessing also strengthens your faith in that you come up against questions and arguments people have against God and the Bible and the biblical view of things that will cause you to You’ve got nothing but the present except for a few lessons probe further and find answers to and thus enlarge the scope of from the past and a vision for a future, but what you make out your knowledge and perception of things, too. of those is all up to you right here and now, so, don’t let any crumbled future plans or dreams deter or discourage you, but keep going right where you were at. 98 ___________________________________________________ Look at what you’ve got and make the best out of it! Everyone follows what they consider to be the truth, and only the end of the road will reveal whose hunger for truth was really the purest, and whose faith, love for Me, desire for Me 96 ___________________________________________________ and My truth, along with their discernment and usage of the Most people are not pioneers by nature, but they’re other spiritual gifts and weapons, led them to the Real Thing. comfortable with their old and usual set of rules, the way they’ve known for things to work all along. They don’t know Me It takes a lot of continuous self-examination as you go, and one well enough to recognize Me as a Dynamo of change. mistake or wrong attitude would be to think that you’ve already I may not change, but I sure cause things to change. got it all down pat without room for new revelations and

changes in your mindsets. 99 ___________________________________________________ It’s not a time to feel at ease about the way things are, but a time to be alert and to watch and pray lest ye enter into temptation. It’s not a game. It’s real. Actual, lasting losses are a real risk in this war, and it pays to stay on guard. If you knew how much is at stake, you would be a lot more serious about the role you’re supposed to play. Life is a battle and a race, and you’ve got to be in the condition to make it. Life on earth is finite, your bodies’ functionality is limited, and death is a reality, an integral part of life, an inevitable event people should prepare for and take into consideration. Most people’s attitude towards death is that they try to avoid thinking or talking about it, when it really isn’t much different from taking a journey for which preparations ought to be made. You’ll want to know that you’re going to be able to manage in the place of your destination, that you’re going to receive some kind of warm welcome, and you’re somewhat acquainted with the customs of that place, even if it may be a little strange and foreign to you, and you can hardly imagine what it’s going to be like. Usually, you’ll try to find out as much as you can about it. You’ll want to make sure you have a ticket to the right place, and you’re not going to get busted for riding without a ticket, and wind up in detention, or with a fine, instead of at the desired destination. There are no physical things you need to pack for this trip into the spirit world, but it’s more like you send ahead of yourself some of the stuff that is going to act as your “credentials” or “currency” “over There.” Your prayers and deeds of love, and the souls you win for Me, they’re going to go before and follow you there. Life isn’t really much more than a journey during which you may or may not be smart enough to glean items for your final destination in order to equip you with know-how and experience on certain issues that Eternity will be largely about. Quarrels and strife make you realize how precious peace and harmony are. A lot is up to you and how much you want that peace and harmony. There are definite measures and steps you can take in order to make it there. Once you deem peace with your fellowmen and co-workers a goal worthy of pursuing and making some efforts to attain, then according to your faith be it unto you… Unity is a weapon that is not to be underestimated in your striving toward the ultimate goal of our Cause of world conquest through love… It takes an attitude and a focus steered away from your own, personal and individual desires and goals, and what you personally want to achieve as an individual, and replacing it with focus on the greater good and welfare of everyone. There are definitely advantages to the bellwether’s pioneer spirit, but they have to be well-balanced with the advantages of unity, the strength and safety obtained by sticking and fighting together… It takes developing a sense of community-consciousness, keeping your mind, your eyes and ears geared toward the welfare and state of the flock, not just your own. Peace has a price. It costs something, and you may have to sacrifice some of your personal comfort or privileges for the sake of that bliss of enjoying peace and unity with your fellowlaborers and the folks you live with. Unity is something you’re going to have to develop by making conscious efforts in that direction… It means not letting your personal discontent over not having obtained what you personally wanted rule your scenario, but keeping in mind the greater good of the whole body, and thus being willing to pay the price of making the sacrifice of your personal desire… It’s natural that some things bug you, that aren’t the way they’re supposed to be. But that’s where you’ve got to learn to “hand it over” to Me and let me take care of you instead of letting it eat you up from the inside. Keep your mind on the wavelength of the conscience of the greater good, the benefit of all, instead just your own, personal comfort and well-being. Would you be willing to forego some blessings for the sake of another?

Life is like a purification process that can raise your eternal value and usefulness in My Realm, if you want to be useful for Me. Some of the rewards for faithfulness can already be obtained in this life, as you’ve seen with a few of those whom I have specially blessed after years of faithfulness under difficult conditions, whereas those who tend to making it easy on It’s like laying down your life for someone: you could argue, themselves usually wind up with less and come away relatively “But isn’t life a precious gift from God we’re supposed to take empty-handed in the final analysis. good care of? How could I then be expected to lay it down for someone else?” There are going to be vast differences in the rewards people Well, that’s just the way love works. It may not sound or seem will receive in My Kingdom. Another reason to pull your act very rational, but then love is and has always been something together and take your job on earth seriously, and give it all you that eludes the rational mind, and goes way beyond that. That’s got and do all you can, in order not to be among those who will precisely why so many folks don’t believe. It simply eludes lament how much more they could have done… them and their mental capacity, because you can’t figure it out with your mind, it’s only perceived by the heart, and a decision As you need to guard the flame of your connection with Me, the you make in your heart in My favor. You decide you’re going to flame of My Spirit within you, you must also give special care to accept Me or the truth and say “yes” to Me; you’re willing to that which you might call your destiny, your calling, your job give Me a chance in spite of the protests of your rational mind and purpose for Me, and strive everyday to achieve the highest or its sheer inability to handle Me and the entire concept for marks and get closest to the highest score you could possibly which I stand, the concept of love. attain. I have put you in this situation in order to learn to yield, to be willing to say “I will” or “yes” to My plan for you, even if it may 100 ___________________________________________________ be a painful and humbling path… If you make it one of your goals to preserve the peace with You can do no other but trust that it is I Who have chosen this those you live with, and keep your focus on that goal and make scenario and challenge for you. a conscious effort to strive towards it, you can attain that goal. You’re just going to have to learn to trust Me.

101 ___________________________________________________ A lot of things can be avoided by prayer. A lot of crises and problems can be prevented by soaking your day in prayer before the Enemy can make it unravel. People do it themselves, instead of letting Me do. They try to figure it all out by themselves, instead of allowing Me to show and reveal how it really happened, they prefer to wrack their own minds instead of communicating with Me, and they’d rather work their fingers to the bone than pray and ask Me to lighten their load… Thus is the curse of the Do-It-Yourself generation, the one generation that has advanced so far in technology that it believes there is nothing it can’t do. While in generations past there have always been limits that proved to mankind that there were certain things they couldn’t do and that they would have to recruit supernatural help for, it has come to the point where they believe they can do just about anything without My help. That do-it-yourself spirit, it has rubbed off on you. Instead of relying on Me and availing yourself of the most powerful weapon and equipment at your disposal, you think you’ve got to do it on your own… No wonder you feel overwhelmed and powerless, and become discouraged by your inability to stem the tide of evil you’re up against. No one is strong enough to cope with all that on their own without My help. You’ve got to protect yourself by shielding yourself with My supernatural protection and really soaking your spiritual surroundings in prayer. Your spirit helpers are not only there to communicate with you occasionally, but they have a multitude of other jobs as well, such as protecting you, inspiring you to witness, etc. So, you need to focus on a wider range of aspects in which you can avail yourself of the spiritual weapons. It’s usually only when you realize that you’re not strong enough on your own to make it that you really avail yourself of My help and call out unto Me wholeheartedly. Prayer can go where flesh and blood cannot, and do things that are impossible to man. Wisdom is in recognizing that I can do more than you, and that you can reach farther by availing yourself of My help, instead of insisting on doing whatever you can in your own strength to mend or improve the situation. It’s natural to want to express condolences and to want to be a comfort to people, just like the mourners in situations where people had died in the Gospels… Along came I and perplexed them by showing that their mourning wasn’t necessary, because I am able to turn death into life, and I’m still able to do that very same thing today for anybody, and I can turn mourning into rejoicing…

killed the butterfly… This is a struggle toward that breakthrough to the light that they will have to go through themselves, and truly the best thing you can do for them, instead of trying to be a crutch for them, is to pray. Make it possible for Me to be the support they will fall on and rely on by praying for that to happen, instead of being a distraction yourself that will draw their attention to human support. Death is a sign that there is a degree at which all human efforts fail and are in vain. It’s the one last thing that will somehow remind people of Me, and that they don’t have their fates in their own hands completely, after all. So, why not grant Me that opportunity to get through to people in such moments. 102 ___________________________________________________ The best preparation for any calamity that might befall you is to stay close to Me, in tune with Me, and in prayer, since I for once can protect you from the worst, and secondly strengthen and comfort you if it should hit you anyway. You have been working on establishing a strong relationship with Me, to the point where your marriage is like a “threefold cord” that “shall not easily be broken.” You consider Me your Spouse, in some ways even prior to your earthly one, and if you truly cling to Me you cannot be hit as hard by loss as people for whom their spouses have been the only partner of their lives. That’s not to say that it’s not tough for those who have strong faith to lose a partner they have been with for many years, but they’re usually better able to cope with it, especially in the light of the fact that their faith also makes room for life after death, and in the Family you can even go as far as receiving communications from deceased loved ones via prophecy… Of course, most Christians would consider that practice necromancy, because they don’t realize all the significant changes between the Old and the New Testament. They ignore the fact that I was having conversations during My lifetime with such deceased saints as Moses and Elijah, as recorded in the Gospels, and according to their standards, I would have had to be labeled a “necromancer,” too. They’re afraid of the spirit world, just as they are afraid of astrology, sex, or anything else that doesn’t fit within the narrow frame of their mindset which restricts My communications with mankind to the Bible only. They’re afraid of virtually anything except the most horrible thing of all, war, which on the other hand they condone and justify and claim that it may be okay and justifiable to kill thousands, nay, millions, for a supposedly “righteous” cause or their supposedly “Christian” nation.

They won’t allow sex outside the frame of marriage, they won’t allow people to be free from the fear of hell, but insist they can lose their salvation anytime they sin; they won’t allow people to find out more about their fellowmen via tools such as astrology, but they do allow and condone for a Christian to go to war and It does require faith, and, of course, in a society where the kill thousands of innocent people for their government, as long power of the flesh is considered supreme and the all-in-all, it’s as it sails under any pretense of Christendom. hard to be brought to that edge where the flesh is powerless, They deny their people access to the spirit world, deny them after all, and to trust in a God Who would “allow” such suffering the gifts of the Spirit, including miracles,; they deny them much and loss. of the knowledge about the Endtime, and deny them the It’s an individual choice of faith to take the high road or low privilege to live by faith like My original disciples, but they road in such a situation, just as it is in nearly every other sanction and condone their going to war to blatantly defy My instance of faith. commandment not to kill, but to love your enemies. They deny their followers the freedom from the burden of the Some people try to “save” their loved ones from painful ten commandments and the Mosaic Law, which I came to fulfill moments, or they try to make them less hard for them, but they and thereby bring a new Law, the Law of Love, but at the same don’t realize that they might be doing more harm and damage time they claim that it’s perfectly alright to continually break the than good, similar to the story about the man who cut open the commandment, “Thou shalt not kill” in their innumerable wars butterfly’s cocoon in order to help him out and by doing so in the name of Western enlightenment and democracy.

They claim that it is righteous to break the commandment “Thou shalt not kill,” but it would be unpardonable to break the commandment, “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” What hypocrisy, what a sick religion, and no wonder most of the rational world doesn’t want to have anything to do with it! Just as the Jews have gone astray and have become a people that opposes Me and fights Me and hates Me, and have continuously resisted My prophets, so the churches have become not fighters for My Cause as much as fighters against My Cause on a large scale, by giving the world a false sample of what Christendom is supposed to be like, of what I am truly like, and by resisting My new prophets and messengers throughout every era since the Early Church. Most churches, which are part of the System, and don’t even try to offer a way out of it, because they don’t even see a need for any way out of it. They are lovers of the world, not lovers of Mine. They would condemn the practice of “Loving Jesus” as perverse or obscene, while they all the while go a-whoring after other gods, the gods of this world, and they commit non-stop spiritual fornication and adultery with this world. Where the Spirit of God is, there is liberty, and they don’t have liberty. They are slaves to the System and slaves of the Devil’s lies, just like everybody else. All they have is a pretense of freedom. You’re small, despised and persecuted, and far from perfect, and you wonder, “How could we be the real thing?” Well, only because I’ve said so. But if you have the audacity to just believe Me for My Word and believe it just because I said so, you will see that you have the power to make it so. You are it because I’ve said it. What else, what other proof or authority do you need? You can’t see it? Well, then walk by faith, not by sight! Just believe in what I’ve said, regardless of whether you can see it or not. That’s what I would call faith! 103 ___________________________________________________ I warned My disciples to beware of the leaven of the Scribes and Pharisees… “A form of godliness without the power thereof.” You’ve got to maintain yourselves pure of their influences, and that’s why I do not recommend listening to their music excessively and consuming their brackish waters. Every now and then there will be an exceptionally anointed and dedicated believer among them, but in general, the description I gave 2000 years ago is still appropriate: lukewarm. Money plays a big role in their lives, and preserving their living standard, so in their sample they’re actually defying My message that you cannot serve God and Mammon, and that he that saveth his life shall lose it. If anything at all, theirs is a sample of what you wouldn’t want to become like, similar to the way David learned from Saul’s bad example which mistakes not to make once he was king. Of course, even David made mistakes, and likewise there have been mistakes made in the Family, but all in all you can say that David was a much better king than Saul, and his reign was a much better one than Saul’s just as you can say that in My view the Family is a lot better than the churches, though far from perfect. It’s not about being perfect, but about doing the best you can. The problem is only with those who are not at all as interested in doing My will as they are in what they want for themselves, and thus defy Me in blatant disobedience and rebelliousness. There’s a difference between slipping and making mistakes in your efforts to obey Me, and a general attitude of defiance, rebellion and outright disobedience.

The problem is that those like Saul never really see their own failures, all they see and are concerned about is their position of power and they jealously defend them from any potential intruder or competitor… Power games such people play. Whereas David would have rather given up his kingdom to his son Absalom than have him killed… He didn’t care as much about his position as he did about his family. He had learned that power and position weren’t the all in all… The house of David should stay clean of the influences of the house of Saul as much as possible. You’re better off not spending excessive time on wading through the brackish waters the churches are producing… Even the most radical among them are stuck in the church system with no way out. Where will they go? They don’t really know what it means to forsake all, take up their crosses and lay down their lives to follow Me, no matter how much they sing about it. You’ve got the truth. You’ve got the Spirit. You’ve got My living Word and the weapons that are going to help you fight and win this war for Me. Numbers were never something I went by, since I am not restricted to save by many or few. Numbers are irrelevant to Me when it comes to being “outnumbered” by Enemy forces. A small minority with God can be more than sufficient a match against a physically superior enemy. Wait and see if I will not fulfill My Promises and lead you on to victory! 104 ___________________________________________________ “The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” But then again, when you’re weak, you’re strong, because My strength is made perfect in weakness. I know your frame and that you’re but dust, and that’s pretty much what you feel like, and you’re wondering, “Well, if we’re supposed to be doing all those great feats, then why don’t You blow on us, since we can’t raise ourselves up into the air to be Your diamonds of dust?” There’s a fine line between rushing ahead of Me and before My anointing comes down on you, or before you’re ready for the job, and waiting too long, and you want to make sure you hit the right moment to move forward, and not miss out on My “Forward, March!” But while I have generally given the battle call for My overall army already, there are different times to attack on each individual field. What you can do in the meantime is put out the sign posts that will identify you as those who warned them of their fate when it will hit them, and stay in tune with Me and on the look out for any move and signals for you to make yours. With a lone guerrilla force of the kind your little team presents, you have to assess what is the greatest kind of damage you can inflict on the enemy, and wait for that golden opportunity. 105 ___________________________________________________ I did not intend to have a perfect organization to present to new believers, lest they should become sidetracked by the organization and get their focus off of Me. I intend to be their Home and their true Companion, and the main part of their new Family, the Central Point of exchange of communication, and their main focal point. That’s why the only ones who make it are those who maintain Me as such and keep their focus on Me, not on any person or group of persons. The only way anyone is going to make it successfully to the goal in the faith life is by keep their eyes on Me. People who hinge most of their faith and give most of their

attention throughout their life to a person or group don’t have the same kind of lasting anchor to hold them once that person or focal point is gone… They have sown to the visible, tangible and perishable, and have thus reaped the loss of the same and the pain that comes with it… It’s not that it’s wrong to strongly love another person and miss them, but it shows why I have made it preeminent to put Me in the first place of your lives, and not behind anyone or anything else: it’s the only way to protect you from such pain. In many cases I use that pain in order to drive home to them the point of just how finite this life really is, contrary to what seems to be their attitude most or some of the time, during which they keep abusing their bodies without ever expecting to pay any consequences. It shows the pain that is harvested from a life invested in the faith in the here and now, the tangible, the immediate gratification, rather than something as obscure and distant (in their minds) as My Cause or the entire concept I stand for, which may come across (to them) as somewhat chaotic or otherworldly, and thus a little difficult for them to grasp. Even though their lives seem more stable than yours on the surface, what they don’t realize is that everything within their lives is moving and drifting toward that point of death, and they’ve got their faith attached and anchored to subjects and objects within that moving frame, and once one of those factors fails or disappears, they fall, too. Whereas your faith is attached to the only stable and unmoving Factor – unmoving even in relation to death and Eternity. This is the true meaning of verses like, “I am the Lord, I change not,” or “Jesus Christ, yesterday, today and the same forever,” which indicate that I am a steady, unmoving and stable Factor. In fact, the only stable Factor compared to all those other moving objects that slowly and maybe unnoticeably, but nonetheless inevitably slide towards death and perdition. The only thing that will never move away from its place in your life, and that will always be a constant, steady, and equally valuable Factor in your life, am I. If you want to cling to something unmovable, unchanging, a truly reliable and steady Factor in your life, as opposed to all the other fleeting subjects and objects in your life, the smartest thing to do is to put your faith wholly in Me. I need desperate people, not people who have it all together and figured out without My help. I need folks who don’t have a clue without Me. I need believers who truly realize – or at least begin to do so – how empty and futile their lives and any attempts to accomplish anything truly good and lasting are without Me, without utterly clinging to Me and making Me their major and principle point of focus. That’s why I said to the young man who said he wanted to serve Me but first wanted to bury his father: “Let the dead bury their dead!” I was giving this young man a chance to hinge his life on something more than all those moving and fleeting factors and instead invest it in the one stable Cause and value that would not perish. Everything else, by comparison is dead. If I am the Life, then anything other than Me that is not attached to Me or dedicated to Me, is equivalent with death. Death is the ultimate proof which shows what they have been investing their lives and their faith in: either in fleeting and perishable factors, or the Eternal and lasting. It is also the one crucial measuring device by which you can tell just how many are on the wide road to perdition, and how comparatively few are on the straight and narrow way to life. If you hinge your faith in this world and the things in it, even the people in it, with all their perishable things and momentary interests that seem so all-important to them at the time, but fade as easily as a flower in the field, then you’re clearly missing the point, and you will find out that you’ve been heading down the wrong track of perishable things. You

yourself may be saved, but everything else – all you have built upon that life – will perish and go down the drain, and the only thing remaining will be your shriveled little neglected faith and relationship with Me. So, even if those people may have a hard time relating to your attitude to death, it’s not you who are off on this, but it truly and sadly just shows how far off they have been all along. They may either resent your faith or be drawn towards it and share in your strength and in what you’ve got… If they want to dwell in their pain, then that will be their choice. Of course, you can’t expect of them to embrace your views from one day to their other, either. But if you can just give them a little glimpse of hope and strengthen their faith in the fact that to know Me is to have eternal life, then it will be worth it. At least you can be a pillar in their midst and a silent testimony to that fact. 106 ___________________________________________________ There are special places on earth, and I’d like you to appreciate it when you’re in one of them, and cherish the opportunity, and soak up and absorb all you can of its spirit, because it’s not to be taken for granted. There is no coincidence about the place of your birth… You’re My agents of light in this world of darkness… Look at all the fuss they’re making about My birth place. Even if Bethlehem is far from the peaceful little village it used to be, and it may even resemble a little bit of hell on earth nowadays compared to what it used to be, yet it’s probably the most famous small town of that size in the world… There is something special about the places that were chosen for your births, and all those little details will make sense as they add up to the puzzle of the Big Picture… There’s a connection between birth and death… Those are just simple clues to shove you in a certain direction that you will probably remember at the right time, when you’ll be able to connect the dots and it will make sense. You’re My connection between Heaven and earth. You can bring little glimpses of Heaven that I give you to those who are interested, and pass them on. Just as everything physical has come from the water, so everything spiritual has also originated in the same spot, and the beginning and the end both wind up in the same place… Just as the rain is a constant reminder from whence you came, so the rain of My Spirit reminds you of the place your spirit came from, and to which you will return. I like for My children and disciples to know what they believe in, and I like to answer their questions. I’m generous by nature, not stingy, and I’m communicative by nature, not secluded or withdrawn. I may be a little hard to find, initially, but usually only if you haven’t learned yet how to look and seek Me properly and to point your antenna in the right direction. But once you’re gotten to know Me, you know that I’m quite communicative, open, and more willing to give than you are to receive. It takes time for the soil to be ready for the seed; it takes a certain point in time, and a certain degree of maturity. Just as there’s timing involved in planting and growing anything, the treasures and fruits of the mysteries of Heaven

cannot all be reaped and harvested in one day. There’s a time for strawberries, and a time for the bigger fruits, like apples and pears… Each type of fruit has its own timing and season… “There is a time for everything under the sun… a time to sow, a time to reap, a time to be born and a time to die…” It all winds up in the same place. It’s just that most people get lost in the space in-between… They cannot connect the two points, the beginning and the end, they can’t see how they fit and belong together. Of course, they might, if they’d only read about it in My Book…

flashy they may look on the outside. Eventually the awakening will come, to the hard reality that what they settled for – no matter how grand or glorious – will only have been a fleeting shadow, compared to the eternal and true beauty and glories they could have invested their lives and efforts in. That’s why I have called them “dead.” They think they’re alive, but they’re not really living, because they invest their lives in things that are dead, as far as the aspect of Eternity is concerned: none of their values will survive, none of their measures they take in order to obtain respect and reverence Life does make sense, even if it seems to elude most people from others will stand the tests of time, unless they invest their presently. It’s a story, carefully planned and concocted and lives in My eternal Cause. told, from the beginning to the end, and the more you let My As long as they are so short-sighted to live exclusively for the light shine onto it, the more you become a partaker of My life, here and now, their immediate position in this present life and the greater the significance and radiance of it; the more thrilling world, what they amount to is nil, as far as My aspects are and exciting the story is going to be. concerned, the aspects of the Eternal. In the end, it turns out There’s going to be some story to tell! that that’s all that they’ve ever lived for: their burial. The fruits and results of their lives will all be manifested in how many Even though your life may be moving and traveling through this people showed up to their burial, and all that is left of them is world, and not seem as “stable” as those lives that are deeply whatever is in that coffin or urn… all they’ve lived for: ashes to anchored in the things of this life, it’s actually you who are ashes, dust to dust. anchored to the real true and steady Point on which everything hinges and everything turns: You’ve got the Point! I don’t want you to participate in such an empty game, as if you were giving your approval, that that’s the way things are meant to be. It’s almost as if you’re honoring their game of vanity and 107 ___________________________________________________ emptiness and putting your stamp of approval on it. Unless they abide by My rules, you definitely don’t have to When they basically reject anything you might have to say, play according to theirs! You’re not bound by their carnal rules because they’re totally caught up in their own puny, present and ways of seeing things. As long as they don’t accept Me as little world of their own little ridiculous temporal position of the main Father Figure of their lives, you don’t have to consider power, it’s up to you to let the dead bury their dead. them family, because they’re not. They’re not working toward the same cause, and thus, as I have predicted, it can happen that those of your own household will become your enemies. 108 ___________________________________________________ My influence in someone’s life can purify their motivations They’re either on My side, or they’re not, and if they’re not, and and cleanse a relationship or marriage from any impure and until they are, they are actively working and instrumental for the selfish elements. It gives the whole thing a noble cause, and other side – the Enemy’s. that is really what it’s meant to be: a unification for the sake of the greatest Cause ever; the determination to walk My path I have a hard enough time with the times that your minds or together and follow Me and fight for our Cause, of changing the spirits are temporarily usurped by some Enemy influence, world with love, fighting and resisting evil, and bringing My without subjecting yourselves permanently to such via the light into it… influence of some relative that you feel you have physical or moral obligation toward, even though they may have nothing in A life without Me is an empty life, and you can change their common with our spiritual Cause. lives from an empty into a full one. Give Me a chance to change their lives. Once anyone has made that decision and they reject Me and they show it openly by resisting you, then I’ve shown and told you what to do: you leave their place and shake off the dust 109 ___________________________________________________ from your feet, and your peace will return unto you. Sometimes you still run out on Me and think you don’t need Once they made the decision where they reject you and what that time with Me, “Not today, cause today I’m just too busy…” you’ve got to say and oppose you, then you’ve got no If you don’t get the point, how do you think they ever will? obligations toward them, as far as I’m concerned, because they have chosen the Enemy to be master over their lives instead of It’s like medicine that will cure all your ills and do you a world of Me. good: you know it’s there, and it’s available, and you’ve just got It can even be that once they were “unplugged” from the Matrix to take it, but then, sometimes, for some mysterious reason, and living in the land of the free, but have chosen to be you simply won’t. Even if just to see how you’ll fare without it. “plugged in” and join the Matrix and play their game of fake Well, usually not too well, right? reality, just because they want to be “something” or “someone” It’s not just a cure, it’s also a prevention, and if you fail to take more special or more important or powerful than the position I the prevention, you might need a cure after all! can offer them along the road of humility. So, remember to take the prevention in order to prevent having Some people just need to play that game. They become junkies to take the cure! to whatever kind of position of power they can possibly attain in It’s like “Listening Or Lamenting?” If you won’t listen, you’ll life, or whatever measure of worship and artificial respect from probably wind up lamenting, “If I only had!” others. They need to see their names in big red flashing neonlights; they’ve got to be somebody important, powerful and Listen to what I’ve got to say! admired, otherwise they’re not happy. Life will be much better that way! They can’t just live humble lives waiting for the fulfillment of the I’m your God and I love to talk! promise of future recognition that I will give each one for their Tell you which way you’ve got to walk… works in eternity. They want power and recognition here and now, and their short-sightedness will land them in quite It’s hard to believe that the answer could be so simple… Just a miserable lives, accordingly, no matter how nice and shiny and little bit of your time and attention, and a little bit of a listening

ear! It’s hard to grasp that something so simple could be so important. You’d like to tell everybody and shake them, “Listen up! This is important! It’s really important to listen to what God has to say!” It’s so obvious that everybody’s kind of embarrassed about it, with an attitude of “Well, obviously! You don’t need to tell us that!” But then still, nobody ever really does it! Nobody makes a regular habit and custom out of simply listening to Me, even though that would be the simple and yet all-encompassing answer and solution to all their troubles, questions and riddles… The simple truth, and single most significant fact of the universe hidden right there in plain view in front of everybody’s nose: “How could we have prevented all that trouble? How could we have done better? How could we not have muffed it?” “We could have asked Him!” You could have even just asked Me, “Could You please help me to solve this problem?” instead of trying to figure it all out by yourself or feeling so sorry for yourself, figuring, “Well, I bet this one would just be too hard for Him, anyway!” Well, try Me! Put Me to the test and give Me that thing, that problem you think is too hard for Me to solve! I’m really sorry that you seem to be having this problem that seems to be so big and immense to you that you couldn’t possibly imagine how in the world I should be able to cope with it, but I would just like to humbly ask you anyway to indulge Me, and just give Me a chance anyway. Just let Me give it a try! And, well, if I don’t manage, you can still go on and weep for yourself… But I can almost guarantee and prophesy that a whole lot of the problem has probably got something to do with your disbelieving attitude already, and if you would only have more of a positive attitude, a believing attitude of faith, you probably wouldn’t even have that problem, because according to your faith be it unto you! If you don’t have the faith for it, if you don’t have the faith to ask for it, believing that you will receive, then of course you won’t receive, either… Maybe the root of the problem is that you have not because you ask not… So, just remember how tremendously easy the answer to all your problems is… just ask! 110 ___________________________________________________ Every day is a battle royal between My will for you, that which I want for you, and your own will, similar to the way you notice that your will for your children doesn’t always coincide with their own will and what they want to do. What they want to do usually varies from what you would like them to do, and it’s a trial and a challenge for you to try to get them to see that their time might be better spent in a different way than the activity they choose. Imagine that you would know with a hundred thousand times greater clarity just what would be the right thing for your child to do, the activity that would truly make her happy, but instead she insists on just doing whatever she deems best… Well, that’s how it is for Me a good deal of the time. The Enemy will do all he can to divert you and distract you from what I want from you, from tuning in to My voice, or yielding your will to Mine. He will fill your head with “own” ideas of what would be a good thing to do, usually the thing one grade below the best you could do for Me. The best and My highest will for you is a small and narrow pathway strewn with many temptations and detours that may look a lot more inviting, but if you want to avoid running around in circles or beating the air, you’ve got to keep walking on that small and narrow path, and not fall for the wide and comfy detours of the Enemy.

Your own intuitions or notions can sometimes go clear against My highest will for you, and you’ve got to shoot for a higher wavelength than just the first best thing that pops in your mind to do. You’ve got to double-check and keep checking, “Lord, is this really Your best, and what You want me to do?” So often you take for granted the obvious, or that since it popped into your mind, of course this is what you should do, but you’ve got to “try the spirits” that tell you how to invest your precious time! Stay on My wavelength and keep seeking Me and My will for you, keep shooting for the higher mark than the second best the Enemy would try to get you to settle for. 111 ___________________________________________________ Tiny is relative. Just because the world is tiny compared to the rest of the universe, it isn’t that tiny for you, is it? In fact, it’s got exactly the right size, as does the rest of the universe, as people will discover some day. Everything is the way it should be, and the way it can function best, except for the disturbances caused by the Enemy, which will soon be put to a stop. Man would prefer to have everything within a smaller frame, one a little more comprehensible for the average mind, more calculable and more clear-cut, so that he could say, “Well, it’s quite obvious that things are such and such. The absolute truth is such and such, and there is no deviation…” It might make things easier in some ways, but it would also automatically eliminate free choice, if it would be so obvious how wrong the wrong path really is… So, things are a little more complicated, a whole lot less transparent and clear than man would have it, which also makes it a little harder for him to believe how a God in His right mind could have ever created such a seemingly chaotic world. Because how carefully designed and how intricately it is truly organized only appears upon second or third glance. The universe is made in such a way that it cannot all be figured out easily upon first glance, analyzed and wrapped up in a single formula, and then to be said of: “Here, this is it. All you’ve got to know. Nothing more to find out…” It takes a bit of a greater effort to figure it all out than even today’s advanced scientists have managed. They’re wracking their brains on that challenge to outsmart God, to show that they could either do without Him or outsmart Him, and that’s in a way precisely why it is a bit more complicated than some would have it. It’s a constant testimony to the fact that it’s not all that easy to outsmart God, and that a Genius has been at work here; a Master Mind indeed, and well, if you want to try to beat Him at His own game, good luck! Of course, it doesn’t exactly help in man’s quest for the universal truth and explanation of everything that the Enemy is not interested at all in having man find out the whole truth about the universe, because it would unmistakably point toward a Creator. He wants to keep everyone in the dark, so that he can come strutting in as the great light-bringer and illuminator of mankind… He has already tried to establish that I couldn’t have been it, since it wouldn’t make much sense to the average person how the Son of God should have lived such a humble, short life, and died such a humiliating death. That’s certainly not his idea of divinity, and those who are just as short-sighted as he is, agree, and are getting ready for a taste of his act instead. Well, time will tell which of the two makes more sense in the end. Just because you can’t figure it all out, or because it’s not the way you would prefer to have it, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not the best way it could possibly be, and better than what you might have come up with… Just because God’s way doesn’t coincide exactly with man’s

way doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s bad. In fact, just a little more of wait and see will reveal just how much better God’s way will turn out to have been all along than man’s way, especially since generally, man tends to fall for the explanations and dogmas of the deceiver. There are doubtlessly a lot of ideas around, and some of them might sound great. But the question is which of them contains the truth? Faith will lead to true knowledge. Lack of faith will often only lead to science falsely so-called. Men of faith are those who will climb the un-scaled walls and sail the uncharted seas that will lead to new, revelatory views and aspects, whereas those who don’t possess faith other than in what they can see, will usually only find another abyss for them to stumble into. You get what you’re looking for. If it’s answers you seek, and are open for the truth, even if it may be way beyond that which you’ve been told to accept as such, according to the conventions of so-called science, then you will find it. However, if your mind is closed to such, you’ll only wind up in the same dead-end street along with the rest of the unbelievers, until things will be made unmistakably clear that those who walked the path of faith were right, after all, much to the chagrin and shame of all those supposedly smart people… 112 ___________________________________________________ Just as with your children, whom you have to let go and follow their own inclinations up until a certain point, even if it’s in a direction that you know is less than the best option, I also have to let you go to find out for yourself where it’s at, or where it’s not at. Worldly people principally look for their own advantage, for their motives are greed, envy and lust for power, and not love. Their ambitions all lie in the here and now, and that is where the difference should be between you and them. You are called to a higher purpose than just temporal matters, and if they want to pull you under their yoke of temporal ambitions, that’s a warning sign that this is not where you belong. The more serious it gets, the more they demand of you, no matter how ridiculously little they may be giving you in return. The Enemy will always require “Cesar’s pound of flesh” for anything he will “give” you, even if it’s merely an “opportunity” for you to work for him and be his slave in return for his meager wages… The Devil’s “generosity” is a different kind than Mine, and I need you to experience and learn all these things in order to appreciate Whom you’re serving, and thus put your whole heart into your service for Me. I want you to find out why it pays to trust Me and put your efforts on My side and invest your time and energy into My Cause, not theirs. What other ambitions do they have but material gain and to see their own names in the limelight? Can you identify with that and make that your cause, too? No, you can’t. Your job is not to preach yourself, but Me, and to serve God, not Mammon. You cannot make their ambitions the same as yours, nor allow yourself to fall into their way of thinking, their way of seeing things, and start acting the same way and out of the same motivations. What do you really have in common with them? It’s one thing to find common ground as long as you’re witnessing and ministering to them, but once you see they have basically rejected you and your message, and all they do is try to find fault with you, restrict and enslave you and tell you which way you’re supposed to burn, then it’s time to wake up to the fact that they have made their choice, and it’s not for you, your cause or your faith, but merely for themselves, the way of all flesh.

When one’s only cause has become their own advantage, it has become a sad cause indeed. 113 ___________________________________________________ People blame Me for the chaotic state their world is in when it was really and always have been their own choices that were responsible for the chaos and the mess. In the beginning it was all good, and I mean GOOD. But then what happened? Man invested the truest of all currencies, namely faith, in the words of the Deceiver, instead of Mine, and that created a whole new paradigm, a whole new worldview, call it another “matrix” if you wish, because not only is a man as he thinketh in his heart, but his world will be effected by his thoughts and the way he sees everything, too. If what motivates man is the achievement of Satan’s promise, “Ye shall be as gods,” then his world will be affected by it. You want to become gods? Well, go ahead then, and let’s all find out what will be the outcome of this. Go ahead and reshape the world according to your own ideas, and make the best of it you know how, and let’s all see what will come out of it. I’m basically leaving the world under your control. Yours and the Devil’s, that is, since the majority of people seem to prefer his leadership over Mine. Another mistake many people make in their equation and analysis of everything is that they think that the here and now is all they’ve ever got, but it’s not. I speak of eternal life and of Heaven, a better place, throughout My Word, and if they refuse to believe that, I cannot really help them. All that really matters is whose promises you believe and put your faith in. Is it the Devil’s, your scientists’, your politicians’ or Mine? They all may be promising you a glorious future, but since the things they say all differ from each other, only one can speak the truth, and only one of those glorious futures is actually going to happen. Who will have invested his faith in the right version or promises, and thus will have built their lives on the right and true foundation will be revealed in the end. Until then it may seem as though they are the winners and you are the losers, but momentary appearances can be deceiving and the final result may be quite surprising, at least for those apparent “winners,” so, hang on to your seats and to your hats, because the show isn’t quite over yet. If they want to base their lives on appearances, instead of thoroughly investigating what really is truth, then that’s their decision. If they would really be interested in the truth, they wouldn’t settle for lies so easily. But the lie simply sounds more appealing to most of them: being their own boss and own little god sounds better to them than having to kowtow to some Head Honcho they haven’t seen and they don’t have the faith to talk to. It has always been easier to trust in what you can see. But whether it will turn out to be the more rewarding option remains yet to be seen. 114 ___________________________________________________ If you can take everything: life, the universe, your circumstances, etc. where it’s at, and trust Me for it all, that it’s really just proportioned for your best, and trust that I’m not purposely withholding any good thing from you, as I promised, then life can become the full, round thing for you that it’s supposed to be. You won’t stare at the empty half of the glass, or the hole in the donut, but at what’s there to enjoy. You’ve got to trust in My fairness and justice and take everything giving thanks, and not murmur in your heart about somebody else getting more than you.

This is not your resting place, not your Home, not the place where you belong, but you’re just a pilgrim and stranger in this world. I cannot fulfill all your desires yet. The Real Thing is yet to come; this isn’t it! Some things are worth waiting for! If you look at the universe, you can see great precision there: all the measures, the strengths of the forces, as well as the timing with which the stellar bodies move and revolve around each other is carefully designed and planned. So, what makes you think that I would muff up the timing for certain things in your life? There’s a time for everything under the sun: a time for need and a time for plenty; a time to sow, and a time to reap. In order to reap, you’re first going to have to sow. Now, reaping may sound a lot more like fun than sowing, I know. But the work has got to come before pleasure, and you’ve got a job to do for Me before I can pay you for it. If people want luxuries they usually wouldn’t be able to afford, they work extra hard for them. They work overtime or take on second or third jobs in order to afford what it is they want. So, if you want greater blessings from Me, you might have to work a little harder for Me, too, even if all you can do is pray harder for those things, and do the best job you possibly can with what you’ve got already. But I can’t give you more than what you’ve already got when I see you’re only doing a mediocre, half-hearted job with that. Once I see you’re really putting your whole heart into it, instead of staring longingly into the distance for that piece you consider missing from your donut, I might do the miracle of putting it there. It’s appreciating what you’ve already got and making the best of it, and investing the talents I did give you wisely that will bring you more, greater rewards and dividends. But criticizing Me for what I’ve given you, murmuring in your heart about it, and failing to appreciate it, won’t get you the perfect world you’d like to be living in. That’s just the same attitude all those self-righteous people have who look at the flaws in the world and say, “Well, a perfect God would have certainly come up with something better than this less-thanperfect world.” What they don’t know is that it was perfect to begin with, but it has deteriorated due to man’s own choices. You can reverse that process again with your choices, but in order to make the right choices, you’re going to have to have the right attitude of trust in Me, and really prove that you’re going to put your faith in Me this time around, and not the empty promises of the Enemy. Once you’ve replaced whatever has been propelling your life forward haphazardly in a questionable direction with the proper fuel, namely true and strong and pure faith in the fact that I know what I’m doing, even if it may not seem like it to you, then your life will also be steering toward the perfection that I had originally intended for man. But you’ve got to run your life on the right stuff in order to get there, and not rely in any way on the deceptive input of the Enemy! 115 ___________________________________________________ You must not look at how people receive you or react to you, but solely to Me and trust Me for whether you’re faring alright or not. According to people who couldn’t care less about Me and My opinion in the first place, of course, you’re no hit. But who would want to be one in their world, and according to their criteria, by which one becomes popular?

playing. I’m yearning for someone daring to be different, and not just different on the outside, or different for beingdifferent-’s sake, but genuinely different; different as in “Not of this world;” different as in “Ye have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you and ordained you that you should go and bring forth fruit...” a different kind of fruit than what they’re bearing with their lives! What kind of fruit are they yielding? They who only live for themselves? They’re not sowing, and they definitely don’t gather with Me, so they must be doing the opposite. He that gathereth not with Me scattereth abroad. It’s relatively easy to get mutual approval from folks who do it exactly the same way you do. You pat each other on the back and say, “Hey, yeah, we’re great,” and it works for some, and I can use that. I have given others, particularly of the younger generation, this way of finding support in each other. But I want you to find your support in Me, as a beacon and a comfort for all those who might not have a big group to turn to for support, either, but may have to fend for themselves on their own somewhere, due to some series of circumstances… I never said anywhere that you all had to be the same in order to please Me or make it good, all I need for each of you to do is to follow and obey Me individually, and if you cannot get any personalized instructions, well, then you still have the general instructions I gave the leaders of the flock. You’re still following, still supporting the main body, whereas others have gone their own way as soon as they thought they were strong enough and got some of their own ideas. What counts is that the ideas and inspirations are Mine, and not so much your own. If people would learn to let Me do more for them, and seek to cooperate with Me, and allow Me and My natural ways to coexist with them, and if they’d avail themselves of My guidance, My power and My blessing, things would definitely turn out better than all their feverish activities and attempts to reshape and recreate the world according to their own ideas… Again it’s a matter of trust and faith: they believe and trust in themselves, their own wits and strength; you trust in Me. That’s already enough reason to resent you for the average doit-yourself citizen. They can’t comprehend n how anyone can dare to refuse to join in their feverish doing and accomplishing, and just rely on God to see them through. It’s outrageous for them! - Almost completely beyond their comprehension. Of course, it’s envy, too, because they see you don’t have to wreck yourselves the same way they think they have to and do, just in order to merely survive! They know you’ve got something they don’t, that they’re too proud to ask you for or even to accept from you if you offer it to them. They’re afraid of the new, the unknown, the different. All you can do is encourage them, calm them down and show, “Relax, there’s nothing to worry about! God loves you and doesn’t mean you any harm. He’s better to you than you could be to yourselves, if you just give Him a chance!” Show’em I’m nothing to worry about or be scared of; that I’m actually quite loveable. For those who reject Me, life becomes hard all by itself. I don’t really have to do anything, and it’s not as if I would punish them. They punish themselves… And it’s a good thing to ask them why in the world they would want to do that, when they could have so much love…

116 ___________________________________________________ Inspiration is not something you can regulate or legislate or The last thing on earth I need is just one more of that sheepish determine when and where exactly it’s going to happen. That’s crowd following in the rut of the way everybody else does in essence the meaning of the “wind” allegory: the Holy Spirit is things, believing and thinking basically the same as everybody unpredictable, like the wind that bloweth where it listeth and else, namely what they’ve been taught by the media to believe, canst not tell from whence it cometh or whither it goeth. and playing exactly the same silly game everybody else is

Love – just like the Holy Spirit – has a mind on its own and does things contrary to natural expectation. It comes and often goes where it’s least expected. All you can really do is yield and flow with it. You can’t stand there looking at your wrist watch and say, “Well, ladies and gentlemen, the Holy Spirit is about to arrive in 2 minutes and 25 seconds…” She hits you from behind. She doesn’t like to be calculated, speculated on, analyzed and dissected, because one of Her major attributes is liberty, and She specially likes to be free of carnal boundaries and limitations. When the time is ready, She will come to you, just like love. Love will come to you when it is the time, when you are ready for love, when you’re ready to receive Her, because it would be a terrible waste – as so often happens – that love knocks and you just ignore Her, reject Her and She has to move on. When love comes, it will have been well worth the wait. Sometimes it has been there all along, and you simply didn’t recognize it, because your mental picture of love was such that you expected some big, flashy emotional bang with it, but it’s not so much the impact and size of the “bang” that defines love, as the persistency of it, the endurance and its continuity, even through rough times… It really often happens quite contrary to natural expectation and apart from preset patterns of human calculations. It’s just like that nonsense about “Writing hits by numbers:” You know you can’t do that. You can’t just write real hits according to a certain mathematical pattern. Either the inspiration is there or it isn’t, and if it’s not, you best leave it be and wait until it comes. So, even if you haven’t been feeling any big emotional “bangs” lately, or big hits of inspiration, you can’t say My Spirit has departed from you, either, because the flow simply remained in a steadier, continuous state. There may have been no big flashy revelations, but I have nonetheless continued to give you valid personal counsel, just what you needed in order to progress and mature during this time. You can count on Me as a steady Source of whatever it is you need for life. Not only do I give you all you need, but I also know exactly how much of whatever it is you need at a certain time. When it comes to your needs, I’m the Specialist, even if you sometimes differ, and think, “But I feel like I need more of this or that!” You may feel like it, but I know better what you really need, even if it may be a time of going without some particular blessing, and a time of leanness. Sometimes there is a need for emptiness, a time of scarcity, especially when you’ve been indulging yourself for a while, similar to how a fast can be very good for you physical health.

It is the sun you derive your nutrition and energy from, and when it comes to Me, your spiritual Sun, I also regulate everything else, the forces that keep your spiritual universe in order, along with the physical forces control the universe. Before, it seemed as if I just outranked the importance of your mate by a little bit, and sometimes there seemed to be a stalemate, and I would have to compete with the importance of the role your lover played in your life. But now you’re slowly beginning to realize that I am really far more important, and play a far more dominant and superior role in your life than any other person ever could. And that’s the way it’s got to be. The more important I become to you, the better able you will also be to treat your fellow humans, including your mate and family, the way you should. The more you establish the importance of your revolving around Me, your Sun, the more stable you will be as a factor for their lives to revolve around. It’s the order of the universe, symbolic of spiritual laws that govern the World that for you right now remains unseen. 118 ___________________________________________________ You don’t really manage to truly and unselfishly love another human, unless you spend sufficient time learning from Me how to love. Your love will always be tainted with ulterior, sometimes well-hidden, selfish motives, unless you truly come to Me and learn of Me how to live and love unselfishly, sacrificially, and how to give of yourself, instead of seeking to take or receive from another. What most people consider and call love is still a far cry away from what love really is and is supposed to be… Human love is so often a selfish thing, and it really takes an effort to learn to love unselfishly, the way I loved and still do… the way the Father loves… Sometimes in order to take the first steps on that road of learning how to truly love, you first must recognize where it’s not at, and what love is not, that artificial, poor counterfeit version of love, the way it is advertised by the movie industry and the world. It seems to be fairly innocent, but the closer a thing comes to the beauty of God, the more of a danger it can represent in distracting you from the Real Thing. That which people usually call love is merely a poor counterfeit of what love really is. It’s like a drop in a bucket compared to the vastness of the oceans of God’s love, and it would be recommendable to make sure you’ve tapped that ocean, instead of trying to get by on your own little droplet…

The human, finite version of love is pointing inwards, toward oneself, and seeks to draw to oneself, like a magnet, and is geared toward receiving. The love of God – the Real Thing – like So, stay in tune with Me in order to find out what your real and the sun, is pointing and focusing and radiating outward, and is actual needs are, according to My insight and foresight, and not geared to giving and ever keeping on giving, it never stops. just according to your temporary moods and cravings. Human love only gives a little in hopes to receive back, and the selfish nature of many people is thus that you try to get away with giving less all the time in hopes of receiving more in 117 ___________________________________________________ return. But that’s unrealistic, and naturally bound to fail. I am a better partner to you than any spouse ever could. It’s comparable to the way the sun and the moon seem equal in The true recipe for well-functioning love is to seek to learn to size, and perhaps even in brilliance and clarity, and yet upon give more all the time, the way God does, and that is only second glance, the sun becomes infinitely more significant. possibly by learning how to do it from the Master Teacher The moon revolves around the earth, while the earth revolves Himself, and by loving Him, and letting Him love you and really around the sun, which is the source of its light and life, and also fill you with the necessary love to pass on to others. for the moon, and is immensely bigger than both, earth and That’s why the concept of Loving Jesus is so important: you moon. don’t really know what you’re talking about concerning love So am I to you. The moon is necessary to keep you stable, but it until you’ve done it, and until you’ve really done it with the One is I Who provide you with light and life and warmth. The sun Who really knows what He’s talking about! definitely plays a bigger role in earth’s life and survival than the Compared to what true love is all about, you haven’t even yet moon, even though the moon is also necessary and begun to love. indispensable.

You can only have the Real Thing by tapping into the Source of the Real Thing. You cannot just be satisfied with the manifestations. If you take the manifestations and make them god, and the object of your affection and what you spend most of your life chasing, you’re doomed to disappointment like the rest of the world. Only I can really teach you how to do it. Will you let Me? Will you finally pay enough attention to Me in order to show you how this really works? You’ve been trying to rattle around with all the levers and knobs of the machinery of love without really having a clue how it works, so, should I finally give you a hand and show you how it works properly? Are you ready to get started for real? There was a genuine purpose for Moses having to wait in the wilderness for 40 years before he was ready for his job for Me. There was something to learn there in the stillness that you simply don’t learn out on the busy streets of the markets and high places of this world… There’s something you learn in the silence, in that void and lack of all the usual noise and clamor that you don’t learn anywhere else, but it’s the only thing ever worth learning, ever worth keeping going at. All else is like dust in the wind… I still haven’t become nearly as important to you as I should be. You still haven’t started tuning in to Me and paying attention to Me anywhere near the way and the intensity with which you should. You still haven’t really yet begun to love… Me! Let’s face it: you don’t know how to love. So let Me teach you and show you how it goes. Let’s see what a difference it will make in your life to receive a few lessons from the Master Himself. Sometimes all it takes is to become aware of the need. As long as you’re not ware of your need, you’re not ready for anything, not even the basics, not even salvation. The only way you can ever receive what matters is by perceiving your need for it and wanting it. As long as you think you can already do it, what need is there for you to learn anything – according to your perception? Well, now that you’re realizing that you’re not quite as good at this thing called love as you thought, let Me teach you a few things about it! 119 ___________________________________________________ The first necessary step toward staying on the track of the Holy Spirit is to recognize how futile the alternative is, and to determine that that’s not what you want. The Enemy keeps offering you “deals” that make you reconsider, and says, “You don’t have to discard everything from your old life or everything your flesh has managed to achieve! Don’t be so extreme!” – Compromise!

and in part what it’s all about. The school of life is about finding out who will be the smart guys who won’t fall into the same old traps over and over again. Who are the ones who will wake up to the fact that this is not where it’s at and the way things are supposed to be, and will start looking for an alternative and a way out… Sometimes it’s simply the determination to advance to the next step of your development and say of your old crutch, “I don’t need this anymore.” You decide you’re going to go on to the next level and hang on to Me and spiritual things for satisfaction and fulfillment instead of those carnal counterfeits and mere shadows of the real thing. The less you need and the less you are concerned with your own acquisition of certain things, the more time you will have to concentrate on giving, instead of what’s in it for you and being on the receiving end, and that’s when you start learning how to really love, and thus, really live. Some people come up with their own carnal, counterfeit version of “giving,” because they discovered that there is a certain reward and satisfaction in making others happy, but since they don’t really know anything about the true and spiritual, eternal standards of love and happiness, they don’t know how to give the truly good things to people, but can actually wind up giving them things that are bad for them, and thus make matters worse, like some of those grandmothers with “good intentions” who spoil their grandchildren rotten, or people who try to comfort people with their wrong, intellectual kind of advice. They think they’re doing others some good, but really only make matters worse, because they are deceived, and work according to the carnal wisdom of their flesh, and flesh is flesh; only the Spirit brings life. So what’s the way to stay out of temptation and out of the rut of the flesh? First of all realizing that that’s not where it’s at; that this broad way that the majority are trotting down with their usual way of doing things and their run-off-the-mill pursuit of happiness that doesn’t really work, is the wrong way, and then looking for the alternative, which is My way. Of course, many people never get very far, once they set out and determine to walk My way when they become a Christian, because the only place most Christians ever arrive at is the pews in their churches on Sunday mornings, and that’s as far as their path of Christianity ever goes. It takes wisdom then to find out that this is also not My way, but just a poor counterfeit of it, too, just like all the Devil’s counterfeits of My Real Thing.

It depends on each individual whether they’re going to fall for it, or uphold My standard in their lives, and truly continue to strive for the real thing in their own lives, and see to it that their life becomes an example and a taste of the Real Thing, instead of just another fake. It’s not as though some people are 100% gold and the others 100% fake, but the content of gold varies in each one, depending on how much of My refining process they have People have the tendency to hold on to or accumulate whatever allowed Me to put them through. they can, because it’s in their nature to acquire things. “Becoming gold” is what life is all about, and the more you The concept of “letting go” doesn’t always come so easily. have experienced the refining fires of My chastisements, the Only the path of heavenly and supernatural wisdom reveals – closer to the Real Thing your life will be, and the more of Me it usually with time - how less can sometimes truly be more, and will resemble. that you’re actually better off without certain things, even if The problem with today’s society is that correction has sort of initially they may have promised some kind of advantage for become a taboo, and instead of training their children and you. young people in receiving correction, and allowing them thus to It takes wisdom not to fall into the trap of carnal temptations, become refined, they just basically let them rot in their own and usually that wisdom is only acquired by the experience stew, meaning that many miss this process and original where that sort of temptation will lead – the ultimate lack of real purpose in life completely, and accordingly wind up with satisfaction and the disappointment and failure to keep what it nothing much to show forth at the end of their road. All they will promised, or simply the price you have to pay for it in the long have lived is a purely selfish life, one in which all they knew run. Acquiring that wisdom is one of the main themes in life, was how to take and grab and consume, just act according to

the dictates of the flesh, totally oblivious to the eternal laws of the Spirit. The more you realize that this is definitely not the path you want to choose for your life, the more you will be on the lookout for My alternative, and as I have promised, they that seek Me, the Real Thing, with their whole hearts, will also find Me! The other religions, just like that fake version of Christianity, are posing as alternatives, too, but are really only other versions of the same old way. You just acquire the same old goal of feeling good about yourself via a slightly different way. My true path requires forgetting and letting go of what you want and tune in to and concentrate on what I want, which is ultimately the best not only for you, but also all those you will ever come in touch with. The true alternative is a living relationship with Me, with real, living communication, and letting Me guide you into discerning between what is right and wrong in each situation in your life, and, of course, choosing the right option once confronted with it. All the other ways are really only the way of the flesh where people are stuck in their own minds, their own brains, and their own individual, and usually selfish way of seeing things, unless they are endowed with an unusual portion of grace. The real action and the Real Thing always comes from the Spirit World – the Place where everything will wind up again. The destination of the temporal is the Eternal, and the sooner one gets onto the wavelength of the Eternal, the better they will also learn how to cope with the temporal…

Isn’t it great to just be yourself for a change? The person I created you to be? And by being in touch with Me faithfully, that is exactly what you are and become more and more. The rest is all false, and pretenses and things and roles and masquerades of someone who you not really are. When someone doesn’t really know Me, it becomes more difficult for them to know who they really are and behave accordingly… Everything is a riddle for them, including themselves, because they don’t have Me, the Answer Man, not even the answer to the question who they are… That’s why it’s important that you help people to find Me, so that they can find out with My help who they really are, what they’re here for, and give their life a meaning. “Things don’t know their purpose. A car doesn’t know it’s a car or what it’s there for. You need to go to the manufacturer…!” And that’s precisely the way it is with people. In order to find their purpose – perhaps that which many people refer to as “finding themselves” – they’ve got to first find Me, their Maker, and I will reveal to them what is their purpose and who they are and precisely what they are here for. Without that experience their lives can be so empty.

That’s the great beauty of My people, the true people of God: when they can be without any pretenses, and just show the world who they really are, without anything to hide, without any cover-ups or false pretenses, they’re just like an open book that people like to read and can identify with and perhaps find traces of their own situations and lives in. It’s like a sign for them that someone has been where they are before, and things worked out for them, and it points them in My direction, the 120 ___________________________________________________ direction of finding comfort and all they long for in Me. There are so many things for you to keep in mind, so much You can be such a blessing to people by being open and counsel I have given you, that it’s sometimes hard to know transparent, and just being who you are in Me, and who I show what it is exactly you should focus on at the moment. That’s you and teach you to be each day, wholly and through and precisely one of the reasons I need you to come to Me in the through My creation, without any false fronts from the Enemy mornings to get your focus reset and pinned straight on the attached. target for the day, the mindset and pattern I need you to wear for that day, sort of the way you would choose certain clothes It almost makes you transparent, like “Invisible Man,” and for a day or decide to work on a certain project. you’re not a target anymore of all the arrows and bullets of It’s the make-up of your day, so to speak, that I need you to put hatred that fly around in this world, because they are only on – the spiritual make-up of your day. directed against people that pose a threat because of Contrary to what physical make-up does for women, the threatening appearances and fronts and scary defense spiritual make-up of your day doesn’t change your appearance mechanisms they use in order to avoid getting hurt. into an artificial state, but it helps to portray the real you more Once you can rid yourself of all those, and you really have got accurately. nothing left to lose, you become free as the wind, practically You know how there can be so many misunderstandings intangible, and you’ll really know what it means, “Great peace between people, prejudices and ways in which the Devil have they which love Thy Law and nothing shall offend them.” distorts the picture you may have of one another through his Nothing can hurt you, because you’ve got nothing to lose, no influences? pride left to get hurt, no sensitive feelings, no ego to get hurt or If you put on My spiritual make-up for the day, it will not only offended, just who you are in Me and what you are supposed to protect you from any false characteristics the Enemy might try be. You’ve got the peace then of the truly humble, and the truly to pin on your personality, which would convey a false image of free, with nothing left to lose. you to the world, but it also enhances the real, clear picture of you and who you really are. That’s the kind of peace and freedom that awaits the future Staying in tune with Me is not only all about Me, or pleasing Me citizens of My Kingdom. or obeying Me, but it’s also a lot about you and your ability to The best kind of advertisement you can be for that Cause? be and come across as who you really are, without all the Being a sample of that kind of peace and freedom. You don’t distortions of the Enemy that he’d like to attach to your image hurt anyone, and you don’t really get hurt. Because you’re so and the picture of you, your face to the world. focused on Me, instead of yourself, and so full of Me instead of yourself that nothing can hurt you. Isn’t it great when you look into somebody’s face and you know right away who they are, and what they’re going through, and Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, it’s a reality. You’ve just got to what type of person they are? You know where they are coming embrace it, and do whatever is necessary to stay and walk from and how they feel. within it, just as you would keep on a shield of protection or That’s what your time spent with Me can do for you: it can help force field. you be more transparent, more visibly who you really are, as I can get you through life like a breeze, if you can manage to opposed to all those pseudo coolness trips that people get into stay plugged in to Me and fully put Me on, and My robe of in order to make themselves more mysterious or to help them humility and move with the wind of the freedom of having play a role of something or somebody they not really are. nothing left to lose…

It may sound a little too good to be true and to become a permanent reality for you, but I’m just telling you, it is there, available to you whenever you wish to avail yourself of it. You CAN be free… You really can! It’s a reality you’ve simply got to want strong enough and choose and accept for yourself, so that I can fulfill My Promise, “Whom the Son hath made free, he shall be free indeed.” You want to be free indeed? All you need to do is come to Me! 121 ___________________________________________________ Leave behind all those things that are bothering you, that may seem so important at the moment and seem to take your mind by storm, and come to Me and let Me revamp your concepts, your perception and your vision and focus for the day. Let Me wipe the slate clean and give you a new menu, free of all the things that would occupy your mind, and put on My mind instead. Simply let Me take over. It’s an act of letting go, a spiritual forsaking all, and emptying yourself of what occupied your mind before and letting Me fill you with My input, usually with the result of your satisfaction and finding out that it was infinitely better than all those mundane thoughts that plagued you previously. It’s all pretty much wrapped up in the words, “Looking unto Jesus…;” you’ve got to keep your focus on Me and away from all these other factors that try to drag you down. You mustn’t fall for their lures and their attempts to tie you down in their same old two-dimensional world with no way out! You’ve got to stay Up Here with Me! You’ve got to remain a mountain man! Yes, they will resist you! Yes, they will shun, avoid and reject you, and it’s a pretty lonely, rugged path up that mountain, and you may often wonder, “Why have they all forsaken me? Could I be on the wrong path, after all?” But time will do the talking and reveal that their path just turned out to be the usual, much-traveled broadway to destruction. They may have painted it to look almost exactly like your mountain path, just the way Hollywood can make things look so deceivingly real, but in the end it will turn out to have been just another fake, because the true path is simply that lonely, forsaken and forgotten road that not many will travel, where their only true Companion is Me, and the few who have walked it found out that I was truly more than enough. Sure, I’ll be with some of the others, too, and comfort them, and let them experience whiffs of My Spirit, as much as they allow Me. But truly following Me and being My disciple is another story indeed, and they will always reject those who walk that path, because it’s so very different from theirs. These people try to make it seem as if, “Look, the path that Jesus was talking about doesn’t always have to be that narrow road… It can also be that huge highway we have built and we’re riding down all together, and we’re having so much fun…” They think it’s some kind of “progress,” and they’ve converted My path into a comfortable, sociable road that’s easily traveled, just as easily and comfortably as the System’s. And it causes you to wonder… “Lord, could it be?” But you and I know that theirs is not the real thing! If they would really have the real thing, they would recognize My voice when they hear it. And some do, but then they try to get Me to tug along on their conventional way, their usual way, because they simply don’t have the courage and faith to let go of Conventional Road and follow Me up Revolutionary Road. Some will be saved as if through fire, and their works will not stand before Me. They could have chosen the Real Thing when they got a glimpse of it! They could have recognized Me in it and they could have sought to get more of it. But they didn’t really want it. It was too scary for them, and the other road looked much more inviting and comfortable… And on they

travel on their usual, run-off-the-mill Conventional Road, pretty much the same way as everybody else, never really making a difference for Me, no matter how much they may try to tell themselves that they are. You can really only make a difference for Me if you dare to let go of the conventional way of doing things and have the guts to follow Me alone, if necessary, up a road that no one has gone up before. So, let them get stuck in their morass of worldliness and of the same old story, but come thou, and keep following Me. We’ve got a job to do for real! Let them keep kidding themselves with their games of make-belief. The kind of faith that’s theirs is make-belief. They pretend they’ve got the real thing, and go through the motions, but don’t let them kid you: it’s not! It’s okay to sympathize with them, show your approval to some extent, but then it’s time again to follow Me and let the dead bury their dead. Sometimes I let you walk a piece of the way with them just to let you know that their way is not where it’s at, to let you see the flaws in it, and where the differences are between what they’ve got and the Real Thing. The Real Thing is always unorthodox, apart from the norm, shockingly revolutionary and different. 122 ___________________________________________________ As long as you continue to take things personal, you won’t be able to burn free, fly as high, nor progress in the way that I would like you to. You’ll always be vulnerable, instead of becoming practically invulnerable and invincible due to the protective shield of Mine you could be wearing! You’ve got to put on My mantle of peace and humility, that will make you too small to get hurt. Only the big shots get hit. Only big egos can get hurt or offended. Little, humble nobodies won’t even feel anything. 123 ___________________________________________________ Life isn’t just a singular thing that looks and feels and operates exactly the same way for everybody, but it’s an individual thing, too. Everybody has to live it according to their own abilities. It’s not like everybody can wear the same hat. It may suit the majority and most people in the army, but it may not necessarily be everybody’s fit, and there are special personnel in every army who are not required to wear exactly the same outfit as the combat soldiers. There is sanitary staff, cooks and other type of personnel who won’t be walking about with combat helmets most of the time. In the overall picture and outcome, you will fit in, even if you don’t feel called or even capable of doing things the way I’m leading most of the flock to do them. It’s not that I’m advocating being special or an exception here, but I do show tolerance and acceptance for those who are pretty much inevitably different and an exception, and you all are special to Me to begin with! 124 ___________________________________________________ Sometimes it takes an effort to get back into the flow, groove and line of communication with Me, back onto the wavelength of the Spirit World, when you’ve been indulging in all that the temporal has to offer. It’s a channel and wavelength whose frequency or place in your life is all too easily occupied by other matters, if you allow it to happen. As long as you allow circumstances to rule your life, instead of claiming the authority over them, along with the moods they bring, that’s bound to happen, and you will have to fight and put yourself and your energy back on the side of the spirit… You either fight on the side of the spirit, or you allow the flesh to gain the upper hand, and if you do, it will take some effort to

enable the spirit to regain its ground, comparable to a wrestler regaining the top position after being overwhelmed by his opponent… The spirit is stronger as long as you avail yourself of it. If you just let things have their way and neglect the spirit, the flesh will gain the upper hand soon… You have to claim authority over your situation, your circumstances, and just take the upper hand, and not allow yourself to be overwhelmed. That may sound as if more easily said than done, but is simply something you can and must learn. Of course, it becomes more difficult with other human spirits around influencing you, trying to sway the tide in favor of either side (and those fighting on the side of the spirit will always be in the minority), or being manipulated by Enemy forces to affect you unfavorably, even if that was none of their intention. You think you must act and behave in a certain way in order to appease a certain person, but often your assumption that you must do so may be based on an erroneous perception or interpretation of their vibes. Learning to interpret the vibes people give off properly is a challenge in life. Finding out what it really is that makes people tic, and not just falling for your own first best interpretation and wild guess what their intentions and motivations may be… In order to really find out what it is that people need and how they really need you to act or react toward them, you have to stay in tune with Me.

thus leading you to trespass. Sometimes sin is making it too easy for those under your authority to trespass and not exerting your God-given, rightful authority, which is also your duty. Man-pleasing undermines your authority in the spirit and can be the greatest threat to your authority, because it causes you to give it up in favor of another person, who is not the rightful holder of that authority over you. You grant them the superior position because you want to please them, want to make it right for them, but don’t realize that you’re actually going to wind up making a mess of things that way, and it’s really going to result in the worst possible option for them, rather than the best… 125 ___________________________________________________ It’s hard enough having to watch people go astray that you don’t have any authority over, but God-given authority was ordained precisely to prevent those for whom you are responsible to fall into traps and snares of temptations and ways of error that they might fall into if you let them go by their own wisdom without any restraint. Even though they might fall into them sooner or later, anyway, regardless of what you do or don’t do to stop them, it is still your duty to stop them from harming themselves while you can. If you manage to prevent them long enough from getting into trouble, they might reach the necessary maturity on time to realize the folly and error of their ways by themselves, but if you just let them go whichever way they please… that has turned out and proven to be a very foolish and painful policy.

The circumstances will never be perfect, so you must learn to rise above them, take them where they are at, but not let them govern or determine your spiritual state. You must keep the Authority certainly does have its rightful place in the order of upper hand and the authority. things such as I have created it, and it’s not only an option to avail yourself of it, but a must-do, your God-given duty. A lot of what’s going on behind the curtain in the spirit world, including in the confrontations with other human spirits, is a It’s the bitter ingredients in your diet that keep you healthy in battle for authority. the long run. It can’t always be sweet, or you’ll grow obese and Some will try to exert their authority over you or snatch it away sick… from you, and the Enemy knows how he can manipulate you into giving it up. But in some situations you simply must not allow that. 126 ___________________________________________________ You may take the humble seat, but ultimately, you must always There are more important, more urgent matters than having keep the authority I have given you in the spirit. fun. Don’t worry, I will let you enjoy your share of recuperation, Your spiritual rank is always valid, even when in the presence too, but time is short, and in order to get the job done, of a higher ranking officer, and you must not forfeit it, and sacrifices have to be made sometimes, and you cannot always certainly not in favor of the inklings of an inferior just trying to indulge and yield to every little opportunity of pleasure that have their way. presents itself. They will try out anything, if you let them, but you must It takes some effort to shift your focus away from that “funmaintain your position, otherwise you’ll soon have chaos on mentality,” where pleasure and enjoyment are your primary your hands, if you will just allow everybody to have their way… incentive, and toward your duty for Me instead, and toward your share of what it takes to get in the harvest of souls. Organizing your spiritual life starts by recognizing the priorities It all boils down to the question of whether your attitude is “me and sticking to them. You allow whatever has the priority and first” or “Jesus and others, then you.” heaviest weight in the spirit to assume its rightful position at It’s obvious that the flesh roots for the first option, and it’s the top of your list, and thus in the first place of your actions, going to take the supernatural work of grace and of the spirit to and that helps you to keep everything and everyone in rank and overcome that and achieve some good in spite of the inklings in order. and urges of the flesh… Just allowing things to “have their way,” and allowing whoever You have to put your will on My side, and really pray wants and has the urge to ascend to the top and assume that wholeheartedly “Thy will be done!” – And allow Me to make it position, will result in total chaos, instead of organization, and happen. You’ve got to allow Me and the Spirit to take the upper basically, organization doesn’t mean anything else than hand over the flesh and all that it wants and craves. avoiding that sort of chaos. As you can tell from creation, I have organized everything according to strict rules and patterns, and everything functions because of those rules. The meaning of life is learning that it makes sense to stick to the rules by reaping the consequences of breaking them. That’s why mistakes are a major part of the meaning of life: they teach you where it’s not at and thus help you to rediscover the narrow frame of the rules you tried to escape out of previously. You find out by experience that it pays to stick to those boundaries you tried to ignore and pass, 127 ___________________________________________________ I’m trying to get you to avail yourself of the spirit instead of the flesh. Your spirit helpers will be a greater and more stable source of genuine inspiration to you than any frail and flawed physical human ever could… I do understand your need and desire for fellowship, and I do try to comply with that demand to the best degree possible, but when it comes to a place or group of individuals I would really

like you to look for hope and strength, then I would truly prefer you to put your eyes on Heaven, and what’s Here, instead of any of your fellow-subjects to sin and evil like yourself, even if there may be some who may have made more progress in overcoming evil than others. The degree to which the army of spirit helpers that’s available to you have overcome evil is unequalled by anyone currently on earth, because they have run the race and finished the course, they have reached their goal and can tell and show you how you can best reach yours. They’re not struggling anymore to get there themselves, like all your co-fighters on earth. There may be an occasional warrior who has overcome hurdles that you’re still struggling with, and they may give you some helpful advice, or they may pray for you or support you by some other means, but it’s all not comparable to what your cofighters on this side of the veil can do for you. This is from where your real strength will come.

living on earth ever could. They are the source and origin of everything good that’s ever happening on earth, because even the greatest saints on earth don’t find it within them to do good without them - their helpers on this side. It’s the Spirit that makes possible and brings forth all that is good, that is pleasant, edifying and brings life. The flesh really profiteth nothing and doesn’t contribute anything to that process. If you want to do good, if you want to bring life, then avail yourself of the Spirit, fellowship with My Spirit and My spirits, and let them guide you and strengthen you and empower you to do that which you will find otherwise humanly impossible. Only I, through My Holy Spirit, can empower you to do good. You cannot do it by yourself, nor with the help of other physical human beings who don’t avail themselves of My supernatural strength and help likewise. I’ve got the source of the strength you need and I need you to It’s the same reason why I did not choose to stay on earth in My avail yourself of it. There is no other way. This is where you’ll body after My resurrection, but sent the Holy Spirit instead, find it, not in what you see with your physical eyes or hear with and, as you know, that’s precisely what your spirit helpers are: your physical ears. The strength and inspiration, including the they are the individuals that what is conceived as “the Holy happiness you seek lies only here with Me in the Spirit World, Spirit” consists of. Through them I can live within you, and not and in your availing yourself of it to the extent you should. just be perceived by you “from the outside,” so to speak, as just another individual, but you can hear Me, feel Me, get My Come to Me and seek that which never runs dry, avail yourself thoughts on a matter, and I can be a greater Source of strength of unquenchable resources. to you from within than I ever could have been as just another fellow human being to My disciples… 128 ___________________________________________________ People in the world may rely on numbers and shows of outward Do you want to live to serve a pleasure and entertainment strength, but I have always tried to get My warriors to rely on craving mob that’s practically impossible to satisfy, unless you true inner strength based on faith, their connection with Me and put yourself on their wavelength? their link with the Spirit World. Your job is to give the world a wake-up message, and not to You’ve got to be able to see things they don’t see, the way entertain them, or keep them satisfied in their stupor. Elisha saw the army that surrounded them that his servant at Otherwise it’s as if you’re supporting their superficial life-style first did not see. You’ve got to know that you’re not alone, even and encouraging it. when it seems like you’re alone, or only a small minority You’re not here to tickle the Devil’s people’s ears. compared to the host of enemy forces that surround you in the physical. You’ve got to know that they that be with you are more than they that be with them. 129 ___________________________________________________ “Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world” also You need these times with Me even more than your times of means greater in number. They that fight on our side in the physical recuperation. You will only find true happiness and spirit world are more, are greater and mightier than they that fulfillment Here in your hiding place with Me, not in any other, fight for the wicked one, even if it may temporarily seem as if physical location. he’s conquering the world. Your purpose in life is not just to enjoy yourself, but there’s You must know that you’re superior and you’re on the side of more to it than that: true happiness comes through making the far superior, and you can’t go by the pitiful physical others happy, and you only manage to do that by coming to numbers of those who fight on your side. learn of Me how that works, and where you have to turn each You’ve got to be full of the conviction of the much superior day, and who I want you to make happy or reach with My love at presence of your true Home, the one where you truly come from any given time. and return to and belong, and convey that conviction to others. There are things that are more important than your own You’ve got to experience Heaven, and be a living testimony to immediate satisfaction, happiness and contentment, and I need that experience. you to trust Me for that. If you cannot even trust Me that I know and mean best, then I want you to know that there is a cloud of witnesses how are you ever going to get anyone else to believe it? surrounding you, available to you for their wisdom, their You must learn not to turn toward the creation and strength, their love, and anything that you need, and you don’t manifestations for the fulfillment of your hopes and need to continue to struggle on with the pitiful physical means expectations from life, but to the Creator, to the Source of at your disposal. You need to avail yourself of the Spirit to a everything. Otherwise you’re making the same mistake greater extent. everybody else does, and it’s no wonder that neither you nor It’s the only way you’re ever going to wind up being a they ever find real happiness that way. satisfactory support to your fellow human beings on earth, and the only way they can manage to be the same for you, because the flesh profiteth nothing, only the spirit brings life. 130 ___________________________________________________ You must realize that this is where your strength lies, and quit Keep tuning in to Me no matter what anybody else does, and putting your hopes anywhere in the physical realm. don’t allow these things to distract you from Me. The Devil’s Your help cometh from the hills, from on high, from the Lord intention is to get your eyes off Me and become bitter or angry which made Heaven and earth, and that’s where you’ve got to toward them, and occupy your mind with the injustices in this lift up your eyes and turn your focus. And if My sole Presence world. should ever not strike you as sufficient, I want you to know that But you’ve got to fight to keep your focus on the Just One, on I’m not alone, either, but there are millions at your disposal, of My Justice, even if no one else can see it. They all say, “Where which each one has got more to give to you than any human is the justice of God?” So, don’t be blind like them. Nor be

unforgiving, as they are, toward one another. You’re only forgiven to the extent you forgive others, so it pays to have a forgiving attitude. As a true prophet of God you simply can’t help not being popular with most people. When people don’t like you, remember that they also didn’t like Me. At least not the majority, that is, and they all had their doubts about Me at some time or another. 131 ___________________________________________________ A bold and convinced individual professing his love for Me might go further to inspire another individual to reach out to Me than all the choirs and worship bands in the world. What some people need is a personal, individual approach, with a personal and individual testimony from someone they can relate to. 132 ___________________________________________________ It takes an effort to punch through all the fake and false mindsets based on the Devil’s illusions to the clear picture of reality. He gets people to ignore all the things that are wrong with the world, and ignoring the facts may help you to feel better about yourself and your world, the same way a tranquilizer or drug would, but it doesn’t have much to do with reality, even if it may look and feel like reality to you momentarily. The awakening is going to come, and it’s going to be a painful one.

You have a hard time believing or picturing it, but remember that Sarah also had a hard time believing that she was still going to bear a son, and I was the One Who laughed last. You can believe My Promises. In fact, you ought to. You should not give in to the temptation to write Me off as another liar or bragger, or someone who simply doesn’t deliver what he says. It may take a while, and sometimes longer than you wish, but I always do fulfill My Promises, wait and see. Sometimes the timing of their fulfillment also depends a little bit on your cooperation, your faith and your willingness to help Me bring them to pass. If you have a believing attitude of “Yes, Lord; I believe that you’re going to do it,” it’s going to be more helpful in bringing about My plans, of course, than a doubting attitude… How strong is your faith in My Promises, and that I’m going to fulfill them? How strongly do you refuse to believe that I’m a liar?

133 ___________________________________________________ It takes effort to bring “every thought into the captivity of the obedience of Christ.” The mind wants to run free, like a wild horse. It’s the strongest part of that which I call “the flesh,” that wants to rely on its own strength and show off its own power, instead of yielding to and relying on Me. That is why there are older folks who still strongly refuse to accept Me as their Lord and Savior. Their bodies may have weakened, but their mind is still strong and determined to resist Me for whatever reason. Be it bitterness over some thing I allowed in their lives they deem unfair, or simply the fact that Truth is a commodity that there’s not much of a market for, they want to be their own, independent master. because the majority prefers a lie. That’s why the theory of It’s a sacrifice to yield your mind to Me. It doesn’t come Evolution is so popular: it portrays mankind as its own master naturally. You give something that costs you. You must be and takes them off the hook of having to deal with the convinced that you’re better off giving your mind to Me than consequences of their actions. It doesn’t even matter much letting it roam free where it can do what it wants. whether you’re an atheist or a Christian who believes in It’s all a matter of will: whether you want to do My will or your Evolution: the notion is the same, that somehow God or nature own, and even if you made the choice to do Mine, the mind will has favored you, and put you in an advanced position over the try all it can to convince you otherwise, or at least to make it as less privileged of the world, a position you ought to take hard on you as possible to stay on that course of My will. advantage of in your “right mind,” according to that philosophy, The flesh is programmed to the motto “My will be done” since where the stronger and smarter and more developed will simply the Fall. outlive the weaker. – The direct opposite of all I ever taught. It’s really like a wild horse, and it takes a strong, skilled and experienced rider to tame it and bring it into submission. An That’s why in many cases Christians who believe in Evolution obedient mind is like a well-trained and reliable horse. are really hypocrites, and not true believers at all, because their So, in order to train it, you have to bring it to Me faithfully for lives are guided by and geared toward the teachings of “training classes” where it can learn the rules and etiquette of Evolution and “the survival of the fittest,” rather than My My Domain, in order to render you a useful knight for My Cause teachings of “Blessed are the meek and merciful.” and Kingdom. The time will come when people will find out that they have been cheated and deceived and ripped off, and they will look for alternatives. Sooner or later they will be so fed up with lies, they will develop a hunger for the truth. Fakes may be tastier and more attractive than the truth momentarily, but they fail to satisfy in the long run, and sooner or later people will develop a taste and hunger for the Real Thing. That’s why many people become Christians after having lived a life of atheism. The problem is, the only version of Christianity they largely have available is largely just another fake in itself, and it takes another while for them to get sick of that lie, and develop a hunger for the even deeper and more pure truth – the truth and nothing but the truth, no lies mixed in with it. It’s a very small market perhaps, at the moment, but a very important job. For when the time comes, and all those fake and artificial values are exposed for what they truly are, what you have will really be in demand then. Often horses are ruled by fear and mistrust, and they have to learn trust for their master. They need to find out by experience that their master is a reliable source of food and care for them, even better than if they run off and rely on their own strength and wit. Other horses are ruled by a stubborn and angry temper, and yet others can get a little lazy, almost like a mule, but I can bring out the best in each one, if I’m given a chance to work with them. Of course, it’s not just your mind I need, but your heart also. Once your heart feels at home and at rest with Me, your mind will eventually follow. The more you tell yourself that this is where you belong, the more the benefits will convince and draw you back to Me, and the easier it will be for you to come to Me more frequently, and it won’t take such an effort. You have to tell your mind who’s the boss, similar to the way you have to let your child know, since otherwise it will just do whatever it wants, and obedience becomes harder and harder then.

You can only train others as well as you have trained yourself, and you can only convince others of the benefits of yielding to Me, if you have yielded yourself to Me first. When your mind wants to run off, give Me your heart, and I will whisper into it and cause your whole spirit to be steady. I will be your “Heart Whisperer.” 134 ___________________________________________________ Clairvoyance is really nothing more than a tiny little portion of God’s quality of omniscience. You simply know something other people don’t because the all-knowing God has imparted to you a tiny little bit of the portion of all the stuff that He knows, which He may not be able to trust regular people with, but as somebody in the special position of His ambassador, He deems it appropriate for you to know. You’re just imparted a little bit of “supernatural” knowledge from the Spirit World, information that’s not accessible to anyone but those who have that special connection with the Spirit World. Most Christians are scared of this gift, because there are so many non-Christian mediums making money off of it, but there is no gift that the Devil’s people have that isn’t a counterfeit version or imitation of something that God has already given to and ordained for His children. In other words, there is nothing for God’s children to be scared off, least of all any of the supernatural gifts He bestows on His children. While clairvoyance may not be listed among the “official” gifts of the Spirit, you can put it in the category of the gift of knowledge. You’ve been wondering how come knowledge is listed among the gifts of the Spirit when a lot of what I’ve told you about knowledge seemed to indicate that knowledge was almost rather a handicap than a blessing and a supernatural gift. While the knowledge of evil could certainly be considered a handicap, I specialize in the knowledge of good, and that’s what I like to bestow upon My children. The things I reveal to you are all good and good to know. While the knowledge of evil, the Devil’s input, may nearly always contain some truth in it, it’s his diabolical, evil slant and twist on it, and the wicked way in which He applies it to get you to doubt or mistrust Me, that makes it so dangerous. But once you have subscribed yourself exclusively to the good Source of true and good knowledge, you can pretty much rest assured that all I will reveal to you and inform you of will be good for you and edifying, and nothing to be afraid of, even if some of the things may sound pretty cataclysmic and scary to some, like some of the things I revealed to John in the Book of Revelation, etc. After a while you’ve come to know and trust that even though some of the stuff in it may sound pretty scary, if I’m in control of it, it stands to reason that I know what I’m doing, and I won’t make a mess of it or allow anything to happen that’s not supposed to happen and wouldn’t be good in the long run… The false information of the Devil seeks to get man to place his trust in himself. Their minds are polluted his philosophy of “trust no one but yourself” and “be your own god and master.” That’s what he did, and he figures it worked for him, and so he’s advertising his trip: “See here? I didn’t trust God, but decided to do my own thing & be my own boss, and I’m happy!” Of course, what he – and some of his followers – define as happiness, is merely the satisfaction of their lust for power. But we’ve had a few historic examples of where that kind of satisfaction leads, as seen from the pitiful endings of the lives of dictators like Hitler and others, who left a legacy of murder and bloodshed, and in the final analysis you wouldn’t really

associate the word happiness with their actions or lives. All those smart, but really unhappy people may have a lot of information stored up in their brains, but a lot of it is false information, based on false and twisted definitions. They hate people who are really and truly happy, and that’s what they hate most about you: they can’t stand the fact that you’re actually and truly happy, when they have all the things in the world that are supposed to make them happy and that they’ve worked so hard to obtain, but deep down in the hidden, dark depth of their heart, they know that you’ve got something that they couldn’t even obtain in a million years with all their riches and power. What they had the audacity to deceive themselves into mistaking as happiness actually turned out to be the epitome of misery. What greater misery is there than a fake, fraudulent and pitiful counterfeit version of happiness? It’s so much like everything the System is all about: a masquerade. And empty, hollow shell that poses as something on the outside that in reality, on the inside it’s not. A show and pretense of happiness, success and satisfaction, whereas in the moments of honesty they admit that they’re really miserable inside and lament, “I can’t get no satisfaction.” If it doesn’t have the fruits of the Spirit and won’t yield that heavenly peace and contentment, then you can safely assume that it wasn’t My type of input or knowledge that it was based on. So, while they may claim and think to know a lot of things, even their definition of knowledge varies from Mine. What they may call “knowledge,” in My book spells, “Something they think they know,” while I endow My children with true knowledge from on high, My communications straight from Me, My channel and wavelength, not the twisted and warped input from the Devil’s evil, noisy channel. That’s another reason why it’s so important that you first get your portion of input from My channel in the mornings: otherwise you won’t really have a clue what the truth is. You won’t even know what the proper definition of such relatively simple words as knowledge and happiness is. You may think you know something or think you’re happy, but unless you’ve made sure to allow Me to place some of My real and heavenly knowledge and happiness there in your heart, what do you really know at all? Is that which you think you know really good to know? You can only be sure if you got it from the right Source – the Source of everything of which I rightfully said, when it was done, “It is good.” It’s only the false input and information of the Devil, the apostate, that added confusion, error and flaw to My Creation. So, all you really have is what I give you, and if I give you everything, then why waste time trying to please anybody else? If I’m jealous, then it’s only for your sake, because I know what’s really good for you. You want some of My knowledge? A little taste of omniscience, which, when received in frail human vessels, has been termed clairvoyance? All you’ve got to do is hang with Me, stay on My channel long enough, and get ready to be filled to the brim with My good and solid and proper input and knowledge, which bears the fruit of true happiness, and not their fake, which only turns out in misery. My input will make you happy. His will make you miserable… The choice should be so easy. 135 ___________________________________________________

Whatever it takes for you to touch people’s hearts and really bring across My message to them is what I would consider service for Me, not whatever brings in money by merely tickling people’s ears. It’s a terrible waste of time and energy, as far as I’m concerned, the only benefit being the money, and I want you to learn to trust Me to bring the money in by different means, so that you can stop leaning on your arm of the flesh for your support.

Isn’t love a worthier cause to live for than money? They all say it’s impossible. How would you like to be the one to prove them wrong?

137 ___________________________________________________ The knowledge of evil is designed to give man an advantage over another. You’ve got to have a message to give. You’ve got to have I came to reverse the situation and offer a different way; that of something to say, you’ve got to be doing something more than laying down your lives for one another and mutually esteeming just tickle people’s ears! You can’t just let yourself get away the other more than yourself. By living your lives for Me instead with passing up any opportunity to preach My message. of yourselves you can finally also learn to genuinely live them for others, not to satisfy any selfish desires and lusts, but in I want the Gospel to be your main job, and what you take most mutual love, and truly learning to make each other happy as seriously. you primarily seek to please Me in your lives. That’s the way things were ordained to be, and the path that the The only way you’re ever going to make a difference in this vast majority of people have strayed so unredeemably far from. world and really touch and change people’s hearts and lives is by being daring enough to be a witness and a testimony for Me Your true purpose in life is to please and serve Me, primarily, everywhere you go. and not live for and cater to either your own selfish cravings and lusts and desires, nor anyone else’s. The only way you’re going to be full of the Holy Spirit is by remembering that you are there to win their souls, and not just The safest and best way is to keep Me first and grant Me that to tickle their ears. top position in the house of your lives, that will also ensure that the natural order of the way I have ordained the family structure You’ve got to put Me, My Cause and Kingdom first, and not the will be preserved, and you will live a successful life, according money! You cannot serve the purpose of both. If it’s the money to My original rules, and not the bent and twisted ways of the you’re there for, then My purpose and message goes under! System. You’ve got to be there primarily for My sake, and not care or worry about the money. Just deliver My message wherever you The “New World Order” will be one last pitiful example of an go, and let the money and your supply be My problem. empire built and founded on the wrong values based on man putting himself above Me in his own mind and set of priorities, Those songs that carry My message are your badge of authority one last glorious attempt of man to rule over the earth in all the in the name of which you have been sent there; they are your splendor and greatness he can come up with, only to once job to sing, and to leave them out is to hide your light under a again fail because of the corruption of his own heart, and to be bushel (exactly what you cannot and must not do) and to conquered by Me and My lasting Kingdom to once and for all eliminate the main purpose of your being there. show how it’s really done properly. Remember Who’s your Boss! Don’t let them intimidate you with It takes a genuine King and ruler in order to rule properly and their bills of paper that is here today and gone tomorrow! Live justly, not a fake and usurper such as Satan, who is getting for My eternal currency! If you’re going to be real and a ready for his final and “supreme” act of posing as king of the representative of the Real Thing, then you’re going to have to world, adored and worshiped by all those he has led astray by be real in this aspect, too! his false doctrines, morals and rules that blatantly defy Mine. Don’t let money, or whoever wields it run your life, but let Me run it. You’ll see the results will be infinitely more rewarding! It takes time to observe and look through all of this and realize what’s going on, in order to be able to determine that you don’t The knowledge of evil is always geared toward personal want to have a part in this. You don’t want to swim along and advantage over someone else, and personal gain. The drift down that current that’s pulling them rapidly downstream knowledge of good serves to do good to others. toward their doom. I need you to stand steadfast and untouched by their game and Happiness will go down the drain, when the doctrine of self- scheme in order to be an island of hope to those who also preservation has taken over. recognize that something is wrong here… 136 ___________________________________________________ I specialize in those who plainly can’t make it through life without Me. I have a special love for those who really and desperately need Me. Sure, their minds may tell them – like everyone else – that they can make it on their own, too; that they are strong enough, etc., but reality keeps knocking on their window, and experience continues to teach them that they simply don’t have the strength to make it through this world on their own, nor without the help from above from Someone that won’t let them down. So, if you feel bad about being too weak to make it on your own through this life, be comforted and know that I don’t see that weakness as a handicap at all, but rather as a strength and an asset that will give you an advantage over others who will have to go the long detour of finding out that making it in their own strength will not lead them to that closeness with Me where their innermost heart and core of their being would really yearn to go. 138 ___________________________________________________ It’s a privileged position to have been called apart from the world by Me, and you should see it as a definite advantage, not a disadvantage or handicap of some kind, as if you were being left behind or forgotten and ignored. I need and want you, and I need you to pay attention more wholeheartedly and dedicate even more of your time and efforts to My Cause, and less to the System, because you can’t win the battle half-heartedly. It’s time to give it your all and put everything you’ve got into this. I’m talking about what’s happening between you and Me, your relationship with Me and whatever I’m telling you to give and pass on to the world. What really matters in the first place is your oneness with Me. Once I have become the Pivot and Centerpiece of your life that everything else revolves around, then nothing else really matters anymore, and those other things will either just fade

away or fall into place… A lot of people have the attitude that whatever path they have found must be the right one, just because they have found it, and they cling so tightly to that, which is really nothing more than an extension of their own selves in many cases, instead of truly and wholeheartedly clinging to Me. They try to get anybody to subscribe to and support their program, and they think they themselves are the center, instead of letting Me be the true Center of their lives, that’s why they hardly ever recognize it when someone is in their midst that has truly made Me the center and most important Factor in their lives. They usually only counter it with envy and resistance when they see it, because they know that there is something there that they haven’t got themselves; they haven’t been willing to let go to that extent, they haven’t gone as far for Me or to touch Me and lay all else aside… They say it’s their church or their thing that’s the real thing, but as long as there is still a whole lot of System or ego attached to it, it cannot be the Real Thing, because only I am the Real Thing, and the degree to which you become the real thing, too, is determined by how much your life truly revolves around Me, and by how much you allow Me to really run and rule and control your life, by how much time you spend with Me in a real, living relationship and really touch Me. I want you to care about Me and what My will for you is. I want to be your Family! Even if I am the only Member of your family, I’ll still be more than enough. People put all this emphasis on their fellowship with each other, but in many cases it’s sad, because it’s really only a substitute for a relationship with Me they could and ought to have. Only once that relationship with Me is established and real, and you have regular fellowship with Me, does fellowship with each other also really start making sense and become edifying and lifting up for anyone. It’s got to be Me you share at those events, and your personal experiences with Me, and if you can’t see Me in each other’s eyes, then what good is it? If the other person seems to be utterly lacking that living contact with Me, then what common ground is there to build on, what connection is there? The only One that can really fill you with anything to give and Who is going to make company and fellowship with you worthwhile am I, so it pays for you to spend as much time with Me as you can in order to have something worthy of passing on to the people you come in touch with. Some people think their own flesh, their own personality, wit or charm is enough. But “without Me you can do nothing” even applies to fellowship. Without having touched and known Me personally, there isn’t much you can give or do to make anybody else really feel better, inspired or uplifted and strengthened, because all that the contact with you will do for them is present a confrontation with another ego, just another wandering star adrift in this world with nothing much to give, who just wants their own light to be seen and admired a little bit. Whereas if you really and truly shine with My light you have something to give, and you radiate a light and warmth that truly makes others feel good, and gives them something. You’ve got to have the fire of the Holy Spirit they can warm themselves by. And if that’s lacking, if that’s missing, what good is it? What is it worth? If it’s not Me you’ve got to give to people, to what avail is it? If it’s not My light you shine forth, isn’t it just another version of the darkness? Without Me you can do nothing, give nothing, be nothing that would ever make a difference in anybody else’s life that would ever be worth wasting a single breath over. I can’t force anybody to give their all to Me. But whenever I see

anybody close to that position, I will certainly encourage them, and fight to eradicate the circumstances and potential lures and distractions the Devil will send their way in order to make them just continue in their usual rut of keeping other things on the top of their list above Me. Freedom means to be free to just worry about what I’d like from you… If you enjoy that freedom and liberty, cherish it as such, and don’t despise it, lest the fetters of the System will get ahold of you again. If you have that freedom, what are you going to do with it? Are you going to appreciate it or despise it? Will you use it to the full to bring about the kind of fruit from your life that I’d like to see you bear? 139 ___________________________________________________ I don’t want you to go by false motivations, to be doing “some good” in order to feel better about yourself. Without Me, you can do or give nothing really worthwhile, and your time with Me has got to come first in order for you to really have something to give and pass on.

140 ___________________________________________________ First you’ve really got to be convinced of your product yourself and really sold on what I’m telling and giving you, in order to have what it takes to pass it on successfully and prove to people that you’ve got something worthwhile they don’t, and that they should like to have, also. The wealthier people are, the more high-minded they also become and the more they think they are. They base their worth and significance on their wealth, when I have charged you not to put your trust in uncertain riches but in the living God Who gives you freely all things to enjoy. As long as everything’s still working, they won’t be all too desperate for a way out, but eventually things will get worse, and you’ll be happy to be well acquainted with My path that I’m leading you in, so that you can be a comfort and guide to those who will be relatively or completely new to this. I encourage you to keep on the path you’re on. You’re learning. You’re listening. You’re growing. You’re learning to let Me work through you, instead of doing things in the flesh that might fall flat in the long run. I have lost friends during My life and time on earth due to the truth the Father had laid on My heart to speak, but it’s better to lose a few friends than your grip on the truth, because in the end, what matters is not that you tried to please them, but stayed true to your path that I and the Father have put before you and ordained you to walk, even if it won’t make any sense to even the best of your friends, just as My path to the cross didn’t make sense to My disciples. Even if you can only count on one single friend and person to stand by you, then that’s okay by My Book. Success for Me is not determined by the amount of friends or fans you have. I certainly didn’t build My life on that kind of popularity, and I wouldn’t advise any of My true followers to do so, either. The need for man-pleasing is just as much a weakness as any other addiction; that need for constant approval and applause and affirmation from other people, rather than Me. Usually the type of people who need that and base their lives on that don’t have a very strong personal connection with Me, and since they don’t have the faith to receive personal affirmation and assurance from Me, they need to get it from elsewhere.

that I have put at your disposal, you can’t lose. People who aren’t really real on the inside cannot really have a good and clean connection – the real thing – with Me, the Real One, either, because they simply don’t have the faith for it. They subconsciously know that there’s something standing in the way between Me and them – their self-deception, their lie that they’re telling themselves and the pretense they think they need to put on in order to be able to stand to live with themselves. I alone, and who they are naked before Me isn’t enough for them. They think they’ve got to have something to show forth in order to be worthy of My approval; be it the amount of friends they bring along, or the amount of things they have done for Me. They didn’t get the point yet that for Me, they, their bare souls and yielded hearts, is all I care for, and that’s enough for Me. Once I’ve got those, I’ll be able to bring forth all the necessary and desired fruit in their lives… So, be wise not to go by any of those outward clichés of what people might expect of you. It’s futile; worthless… You cannot please everybody all the time, and that’s not what you should waste your energy on. So few people care about pleasing Me, and I really treasure each one who does without wasting their time and energy on bending over backwards to make it right for everyone or anyone else… 141 ___________________________________________________ Staying dropped out offers you the advantage that you’re really free. Don’t worry about poor feedback. If only one out of ten sick people came back to thank Me for healing them, you can safely assume that My true followers won’t experience any differently, since I told My disciples that they would share the same fate as I, when it comes to popularity in this world. If they haven’t thanked Me, they won’t thank You, either. But I will. And I will repay and more than make up for whatever you have invested in My work in making it possible for people to catch a glimpse of the Real Me. The way to really make Heaven palatable for others is by living with one foot in it yourself. Just as they can get glimpses of Me if you keep Me on your mind in all your actions, they can get a glimpse of Heaven, too, if you stay heavenly-minded and keep Heaven on your mind. Show them Heaven! 142 ___________________________________________________ There’s always more to learn, so there’s always more and something new for Me to teach you, although eventually in your life the emphasis will shift from learning to teaching others. The Devil isn’t fooling around, and his distractions, temptations and lures aren’t exactly harmless little diversions or nuisances that can be humored and ignored. They can seriously slow you down and hinder your progress. Weaknesses always look uglier in others than they seem to appear in oneself, and being confronted with a certain weakness via another person can be an effective cure or prevention to make sure you won’t fall prey to it yourself. Don’t forget about the “Jesus Factor” as you go through your day and try to figure things out, make sense of it all and solve the riddles. I’m your Ace and relying on Me is your smartest move. No matter what tricks the Devil may pull, if you avail yourself of Me, My counsel, My Power, and My Presence, all That’s why handicaps and unfavorable circumstances are actually an asset in the long run, because they cause you to avail yourself of My power and wisdom and help, which is the best that could possibly happen to you. So, rejoice in your difficulties! They’re there to make the best out of you and your life. There are some things the easy way just won’t do for you. 143 ___________________________________________________ When life asks you to “come out & play,” there are often surprises involved, new and strange situations and challenges, requiring you to stick close to the Maker of the game in order to make all the right moves required. If you base your wisdom purely and exclusively on the knowledge and experience you’ve acquired, without any openness to learn new things and adapt to new situations, then you might wind up looking pretty stupid in some of those situations and make a mess of things. Whereas if you put on a student’s attitude, ready to learn something new from the situation you encounter, then you can be ready for new lessons, and thus an expansion of your previous scope, and thus the scope of your wisdom and experience will grow. It all depends whether you encounter the situation in a yielded, ready and open and child-like spirit, or with a wise-guy attitude, which makes you critical of anything new and different you encounter… The former will make you grow and progress, the latter will make you stagnate and shrink your horizon and scope into a sad little world in your head that simply won’t allow any growth or newness, constantly limited by whatever bounds you seek to impose on your little universe. In the first scenario, you truly let Me be God and show you just how vast the universe I created really is. In the second, you insist on being your own god, limiting your own, personal little universe to all the limitations and boundaries you allow, thus narrowing your horizon and your capacity to grow and expand to a fraction of the world that I could show you. That’s basically what is happening in most people’s minds nowadays, and why intolerance and discrimination are rampant. Everybody thinks they’re smart enough to judge who is okay and who isn’t, and if, according to their judgment, a certain group or kind of people is not okay, they will discriminate against them, persecute them, attack them or wipe them out altogether. They insist on playing god themselves, instead of allowing Me to be their God and broaden their scenario and teach them about the different kind. If they don’t have any room in their hearts and minds for Me, the totally Other, then they usually won’t have any tolerance for different kinds of people, either. This doesn’t mean that there may not be atheists who may show even more tolerance and acceptance of other kinds of people than even many supposed believers, but it just shows that My presence in people’s lives isn’t necessarily limited to labels such as “Christian” or any other religious or philosophical drawers and labels, but My Spirit flows freely into the lowest places and humble hearts and shuns the proud and haughty of whatever confession and religious affiliation. – The most perfect examples of which were the Scribes and Pharisees, who have many modern counterparts. 144 ___________________________________________________ Being a nobody and just walking through life as an empty zero, as opposed to a big shot somebody, enables you to totally zoom into people, get onto their level, instead of judging them according to the degree to which they are different than you Of course, if I would have wanted to make things easy for you, I

could have filled your life with people that are just like you. But what sort of challenge would that be? What sort of growth and progress would it provoke? The more comfortable and at ease folks are with their lives, the less they tend to truly grow, since it’s the difficulties that make you grow. 145 ___________________________________________________ Being attuned to the Spirit World has many advantages. It helps you to be more sensitive to the needs of your present situation, and helps you to tune in to others and their needs better, to have greater understanding for them, since your spirit helpers are in touch with theirs, and they can help each of you to find common ground. Of course, the more earthbound somebody is, the less likely they’re bound to be in touch and in tune with their helpers, and the more difficult it becomes. When your interests lie in the physical realm, and you’ve got some ardent desire that you just want to see fulfilled, it becomes quite hard to be an empty vessel that can just tune in and receive from the spirit world. As soon as you become willful, and focused on something you want and just have got to have, you pretty much block out everything else, and become virtually deaf to the signals of your helpers and My whispers. Especially when it comes to your interaction with other human beings whose range of interests varies greatly from yours in that particular situation, and thus you seem to have less and less in common during such times. So, it’s really one’s own willfulness that stands most in the way of unity, since it makes you deaf to the needs and desires of others and makes you focus almost exclusively on your own. You’re hardest for Me to handle when there is something you want more than to stay on the straight and narrow road of pleasing Me and staying in harmony with Me and My will for you. 146 ___________________________________________________ What you’ll hear from Me will always be the unadulterated truth, without any personal feelings mixed in, exaggerations or misconceptions or false interpretations. The more time you spend with Me, the more likely you are going to learn to become like Me and do things My way, and the happier and more fulfilled you’ll also be, because you’ll have learned how to make others happy, instead of seeking for them to cater to you in some way. 147 ___________________________________________________ The main reason why I want you to avail yourself of the advantages and services of the Spirit Realm is so that you can know and let others know as well that you’re not alone. You have not been forsaken. You’re in good hands, and no matter what hard times on earth you may go through, there is help for you available and close by, accessible to anyone via the hand of faith and the mere effort of asking for it. Our interest in bridging the gap between the two worlds is primarily for your sakes. You are the ones who need help, and who could be doing better, and that are in need of improvement, and We can show you how to get it.

You’ll be thankful for every moment you invested in your spiritual preparation and strengthening for that time. Even if you’re not to experience the Tribulation yourself, you’ll be grateful for every moment you invest in the eternal instead of wasting time on trivial, earthly matters and personal entertainment. There is a time for everything, and I don’t mind your times of fun, but I’m trying to reduce the preeminent position that fun and diversion are having in your life to one of lesser importance, and establish a better one for Me and My affairs in your mindset of priorities. I’m thinking about the greater welfare of everybody involved. The limitations and boundaries are for your own good. You may tend to disagree, but you will see in the end that it was so, and you’ll be very thankful for them. Sometimes you have to save people from themselves and from the atrocities they would commit against themselves, and you cannot just let them go down the road to ruin. Every individual is a little bit like Pinocchio and would do better to heed the advice of their conscience than the temptations of the foxes in this world who promise high life on Pleasure Island… 148 ___________________________________________________ There’s nothing you can’t change through prayer. Don’t like your circumstances? Pray for Me to change’em! You sometimes lack the approval of others, and you wonder, “How can I be on the right track if there’s so little approval from others?” as if approval of others were the one reliable safeguard to ensure you’re on the right track. But that would mean that your faith would be based on people, their applause and reactions to you, and that’s not what I want. That’s not what spurred Me on, even if some people have mistakenly interpreted My motivations as such, and there are still those jealous of My status as a “Superstar,” even though they miss the point entirely and fail to recognize that that was one thing I was surely not, even if some are treating Me that way now, as they do with a lot of their saints post-mortem. The way they would really treat Me if I were to walk the earth again as a Man is the way they are treating you, My genuine representatives for this day and age. You are the ones in whom My saying is fulfilled, “If they hate and persecute you, remember that they first did it to Me.” Being like Me in this world, or being My representative means you cannot go by the approval of others. Those who really made a difference for Me throughout history went on with or without the approval of the masses, or anyone, if necessary, and went on their own, when necessary, clinging to nothing and no one but Me. I always did send them someone to help them do the job, but I always made sure that I was their primary focus point and the One they would look to for guidance and approval, and not their peers.

People look to their peers for approval, instead of the One Who could really ensure their progress, if they were interested in pleasing Me, following My guidelines and doing things by My criteria. There is greater satisfaction for you to be had than just seeking Instead, they just fool around in order to look cool to their pleasure for yourself. There are greater rewards in the things I peers, and purposely shun Me, their heavenly Parent. want you to do. Sowing to the flesh won’t bring you any eternal dividends. 149 ___________________________________________________ Time is short because the night comes when no man can work, The way to actually lay down your life for your friends, and and you’ll be thankful for everything you did before that to the best way of preparing yourself for such a heroic and strengthen your own faith as well as that of others. sacrificial act in some possible future event, is to start laying

down your life today in the little things, by seeking to be a servant, not one that’s being served.

152 ___________________________________________________ When you feel rejected by people, and feel that they reject If you really esteem another’s life above your own, that’s an your message, you have to realize that it’s because of the Devil attitude that will shine through your actions and your that they don’t like what you have to say. He doesn’t like what willingness to lay down your life for them daily in the way you you have to say, and so he seeks to discourage you by live and die daily for them, in order to make their lives more manipulating and conditioning people into rejecting your enjoyable, and not just seek your own pleasure. output. Of course, he’s also doing it in order to stop them from getting saved. He wants to make sure they’ll stay his slaves… A life lived in selfishness, governed by selfish little choices and decisions to preserve one’s own life and comfort, is not really As long as you’ve got Me on your mind, you’ll always have worth living, and to esteem another’s life a worthier cause to something worthwhile to say. give your own for is a very noble thing, and it’s not just something that comes to you in the split second when you die a The one thing you’ll always want to convey and get across is martyr’s death, but it’s an attitude you take on while you live a love. Love is what spells success according to My book. If you martyr’s life, since martyr actually means “witness,” and as you give love, you can’t lose. die daily for others, your life becomes a testimony and a That’s why love is a theme that never turns sour or runs out of witness above and beyond anything you could ever say and steam. It’s truly what people want and wish they could find. profess with your mouth. What should really be the driving force in anyone’s life is love, and once you make that the supreme theme and cause you base your life on, it slowly but surely helps you to overcome all your weaknesses and sins, your fears and selfishness that would otherwise make your life go the way of all flesh, a life not really worth living. 150 ___________________________________________________ I’m here for you. If you feel empty, I’m here to fill you up again. I don’t expect you to give or pour out anything from an empty vessel. I’m the Tap that has unlimited capacity to refill you over and over again. You may run out of fuel, out of money, out of strength, out of inspiration for your work, but you’ll never have to worry that you’ll run out of Me, because no matter what happens, I’ll always be there for you. You can always count on My love, My comfort, My being there for you. If anything else makes you feel frustrated, don’t worry, that’s My will, too, and it’s alright, and I allow it to happen, because I want to be your primary Source of inspiration, joy, fulfillment and satisfaction. If you’re dissatisfied with your work that you’ve done, it’s quite possible that I allow it so that you seek satisfaction in Me instead. I don’t want you to find fulfillment in your works and achievements as much as I want you to find fulfillment in Me. Your own efforts will no suffice. They’re not what the world is waiting for. They need something more and better than that. You can never deliver what they need. Only I can. That’s why what you give to them must never be your own work or effort, but only what I give you to pass on to them. If you proceed and do something without asking Me for My blessing on it, you mustn’t be surprised if it becomes more of a chore and a drag than a blessing. I may be able to use those things to some extent, but it’s not comparable to what I can do through you when you’re totally yielded… 151 ___________________________________________________ Too much fun makes you feel “at peace” in this world, when I want you to stay aware of the fact that we’re in a state of constant war. There is no peace neither for nor with the wicked, and thus there is no peace for My warriors in this wicked world and age. If you want peace, you’re going to have to find it in that Hiding Place, the secret place under My Wings, in the Shadow of the Almighty, where the world cannot come. 153 ___________________________________________________ I want to liberate you from the grip the System still has on you in some aspects, mentally and practically so that you can wholeheartedly serve Me without having to bend over backwards to please the System and tickle their ears, to focus and dedicate yourself wholeheartedly to My Cause without any distraction, without the stress of having to please and entertain people. It’s important for Me that you can dedicate yourself to My Cause wholeheartedly and without distractions. I cannot spare you to tickle people’s ears and consider that more important than what I want you to do for Me and My Kingdom just because it brings in more money. Money is not what’s relevant. Some people may not believe that, but it’s a fact, as far as I’m concerned, and especially as far as you and your life for Me are concerned. My job for you is more important, and if you do that, I will undoubtedly take care of you, just as I always have. This is your freedom! Freedom from the slavery to money, freedom from fear and worry and pressure the System tries to put on you by telling you you’re not going to survive if you dare to buck the tide… Freedom to challenge that ridiculous claim in My name and power. I have challenged it before, and I will gladly challenge it again and again through you and whoever lets Me. This is your freedom, if it’s freedom you want… 154 ___________________________________________________ One of the gravest dangers that ever befell My people and some of My heroes was the temptation to please those I had called them out from, to please the established society of their people or the people of God. I want you to be perfectly free to just focus on My will for you. Pleasing Me and seeking to please Me is what will get you places. Seeking to please the System will get you nowhere, just stuck in the same vicious cycle and treadmill they’re on themselves and thus would like everyone else to be stuck in. 155 ___________________________________________________ Just keep trusting and believing, and seeking first My Kingdom, clinging to My Promise that all these things shall be added unto you if you do. I want you to invest your energy in your faith in Me and My Cause, to make a believing effort and project your hopes and expectations on Me, and not try to come up with some carnal solution of something you might do in the arm of the flesh… I want to prove to you that I am real and that you’re making no mistake to trust in Me, in order for you to be able to testify to

others that I can also be there for them and take their burdens off their shoulders. What really counts about your message is not so much whatever you’ll say, if it’s not supported by the way you live. The fact that you’re living by faith, are following Me and living close to Me is a testimony that speaks louder than any words of yours ever could.

millions of those. Just to show you how much I am into little things, and how irrelevant size is to Me. As far as I’m concerned, you are a whole universe in itself, and that’s how much I care about you, and about every human being, and in fact, I care about every living thing, especially you.

Heaven is not a lonely place with just My Dad, the Holy Spirit and Myself sitting around wondering what to do all day. It’s a Keep on believing. You won’t be disappointed. Place buzzing with action. In fact, if you think, the universe is big, you ought to get a glimpse of the Spirit World, that’s when you can really start talking about BIG. 156 ___________________________________________________ There are billions of angels and other spiritual beings inhabiting Just as Henry Kissinger told the American public on TV not My Realm, and they all have one thing in common with you: to see the economic downturn as a crisis but as an opportunity everybody has the majesty of free choice. to bring in something new, so you can see each crisis as an The Father and I didn’t want to have robot-like creatures opportunity to experience more of My fullness and of My obeying and serving us all day just because We made them to. capacity to be all you ever need. We want everybody to like Us and to love Us voluntarily, because they choose to and want to. When you’ve got no one else left to turn to but Me, it’s a golden Well, some of the guys Up Here chose not to play the game opportunity for Me to draw you closer to Me, reveal yet another according to Our rules, but wanted to start their own game, and side of Me to you that you didn’t know before, take you one bit one guy in particular wanted to be his own boss, and even boss further into My depths, and show you how much more there is of the world, if he could get a chance at it, and so we made a left of Me for you to get to know, and for you to come to the deal, that if he could get the first two people, Adam and Eve, to realization that I won’t be a disappointment to you, but that you choose to believe his words over Ours, then he could run the can fully count on Me; I won’t ever let you down. world for some time. Well, guess what Adam and Eve chose? I won’t ever be too busy to give you what you need. There was only one commandment back in the Garden of Eden where they lived, that they had to keep, and Satan got them to So while it may be a little bit sad that humans fail so badly at break that and disobey, and ever since, things aren’t quite the the task of truly loving, rejoice that I use that fact and same on earth as We had originally intended, but things are circumstance to draw you closer to Me than I ever could under the curse of disobedience right now, which the first man otherwise, and praise Me for the contrast that My Being brought into the world, enabling Satan to play the boss around constitutes to the limited nature and capacities of your fellow here for a while, and lord it out over those who don’t choose Me humans, and yourself included. as their Boss. I manage to do what no one on earth can do: make you and others truly happy. I know, it doesn’t make sense right away to you that a perfect God in His right mind would have allowed things to slip out of Which other way are you ever going to learn to put Me first in His hands and into such an imperfect, downright chaotic state, your life? Otherwise you’re always going to be swept away by but I’m afraid you’re just going to have to trust Me that things the distraction and attraction of the physical. are going to turn out just perfect in the end, anyhow. Even more perfect than they would have otherwise, if I wouldn’t There must yet be another degree to go further, to get to know have allowed that “accident” to happen… Me more profoundly, more intimately. The price mankind had to pay for their disobedience was death, Just as I don’t want you to lean primarily on physical means which was not an original part or component of creation. But and resources for your support and providence, but to wholly when it happened, it was immediately clear to Me that it was I lean on Me for those, I also want you to learn to lean on Me, Who was going to have to rectify the situation and do trust Me and look to Me for the supply of your other needs. something in order to save mankind out of the mess they had gotten themselves into, and the plan was that I was going to ALL things come from My hand, including your mate and every come to earth as a Human Myself and lay down My life for those blessing you enjoy, so how would I not be able to supply your who wanted to find their way back to God’s way. other needs, too, when I have really done it all along, perhaps And anybody who will believe that and accept My sacrifice on only without you fully realizing it and giving Me the glory and the cross is forgiven for any and all of their sins, wrong-doings credit for it? and disobediences, and will come to live with Me in the Place that I have prepared for those who accept My sacrifice. Your body may die, but your spirit will continue to live for ever 157 ___________________________________________________ and soon receive an eternal body that will never die. Most folks are into big things: big cars, big houses, big screens and whatever they can get for their money, make it Just because spiritual things are not visible to you right now, preferably big. But I’m different. doesn’t mean they’re less real than the things you can touch While size, distance and even time are basically irrelevant to Me and feel and see, as you will find out someday soon. (although that may be hard for you to imagine), I’m really My heavenly City is going to be visible to everybody one day, specially fond of little things. and it’s even going to come down to earth and make the earth Like little old you on your seemingly tiny little planet. the Headquarters of the universe, so to speak, as you can find described in the last two chapters of the Bible… I like to devote My attention to the intricate details in My creation. So, just like Adam and Eve, you also have a choice to make, There’s tons of information stored up and being exchanged in whether you believe My Word and My input on things, or you’d each tiny cell within your body and every living thing. rather listen to the tempting offers of My Enemy. What they once used to call a “simple cell” turns out to be as complicated as a whole galaxy… And your body consists of He promised that man would not surely die if they disobeyed

Me, but they did, eventually, and continue to do so, and he also promised that they would be like gods. So, the choice is, do you want to be your own god, or would you like to give Me a chance?

be sure of the applause of the rest of them, but until then they almost expect and want you to fail, because they naturally resent that it was you and not their own idea to tackle that strange new mountain path.

You can decide whether you’ll take Me, or you continue to find It’s a somewhat sad truth, that all you’ve really got is Me. But I out just where the story will lead under its current direction. want to prove to you that I am really all you need and more than Just remember that if ever things get too tough for you, and enough. they stop making sense altogether, I’ll be there for you, ready to take you, if you’ll take Me. 160 ___________________________________________________ As it turns out, life is a lot more complicated than most 158 ___________________________________________________ people wish it would be. It’s more complicated than having a The blows you receive in the battle are the best teachers group of people you can simply and clearly pinpoint as “indeed that help you not to repeat the same mistakes, to know when to My people,” or “the very elect of God.” After all, it’s God Who keep your head down and when to raise your shield. does the electing, and it’s not as if any group has the right to claim of their own accord, “We are it.” If you want an examined life, the best thing to do is to make sure you keep letting My light illuminate and examine the inside There’s no clear-cut, black and white definition and explanation of your own heart, the true motivations of your actions, and for everything. Just as the microscopic little single cell turned make sure your own small little unit stays clean of any out to be a galaxy in itself, even so life itself turns out to be a infiltrations of the Enemy. vast, complicated riddle, one that you’re not so easily going to solve without My supernatural insight and guidance, no matter What really matters is who and what you’ll be Here, and not how smart you think you are… whether they’ll recognize you as what you are there during your lifetime. Look at all the countless saints who lived lives of In other words, it has come to that: you’re just going to have to oppression on behalf of their own and yet held on. Afterwards trust Me for everything! Not in any human being living on this they were declared saints, but hardly ever during their life- earth, nor any other entity or force anyone might reckon with, times. but absolutely only Me. If you want to become a real saint, you’re going to have to do some holding on. If you’re going to put your trust in anyone, and you really want The lack of support from your brethren, because it’s precisely Someone reliable to be in charge of your life, your happiness, one of My tools that I’m using to keep you close to Me, keep and everything, let it be Me! you desperate and on your heels. Company has often been your worst and deadliest distraction, while solitude has usually helped to keep you alert and on the 161 ___________________________________________________ lookout for any traps of the Enemy. The different way apart from the norm sometimes takes Contrary to popular consensus, there’s really nothing wrong courage and real conviction to take, because you may just walk with solitude. it alone. What makes it so special is the fact that it’s not the one Many of My saints throughout the centuries have indulged in it, everybody else travels on, and maybe no one else has even as I have also during My time on earth. ever traveled it before you… You may not think much of it, because in lucrative terms it seems to be a failure and a flop, and you’re even wondering 159 ___________________________________________________ sometimes whether your children wouldn’t think more highly of I cannot just have you use your weapons under easy you if you would earn more money, but believe Me that it isn’t circumstances, when most of the times you really need them the amount of money you earn that’s going to guarantee will be uneasy circumstances, namely in the midst of a battle… serious respect from your kids or a good relationship with That’s what weapons are for. them! You may sometimes be tempted to think, “Is it worth it?” since There are not many who put themselves in positions of there doesn’t seem to be coming a lot of reactions from the readiness to receive from Me. Usually they want to be crowds, but you’ve got to keep your vision and focus on the entertained and distracted. elect that you’re going to help to find and gather together and They figure that in this world, skills such as the gift of prophecy rally for My Cause. are very unlikely to get them anywhere. After all, My path is just going to lead them in the opposite direction of where most of them want to go, which is up the ladder of success toward fame 162 ___________________________________________________ and fortune, when Mine is the road of forsaking all, denying Some of the important lessons in life include coming face to yourself and taking up your cross… face with some of its ugliness, even if manifested in the Well, you have found out that following Me can actually be the character of your own children. fun version of life, contrary to what most people think, but it all You learn quickly that way that, as Paul said of himself, “I know depends on what folks consider fun. that in me; that is, in my flesh, dwelleth no good thing.” Once I just happen to know what’s really best for you and your you realize how rotten your kids can turn out, you pretty soon personal, individual happiness. I know which of your desires lose any illusions about everything springing forth from your are going to do you and others good if I fulfill them for you, and loins or womb being all that good. You come to cope with the which won’t. fact that mankind is inherently rotten, and it destroys any illusions you might have about your own supposed holiness, or People who represent flexibility and variety will also inspire any unrealistic image of yourself. others to try out new and different things, even if at times it seems you’re having to walk a long and lonely stretch of the I want you to make some kind of effort and shoot for the goal of road by yourself. being able to love as unconditionally. Thus is the fate of pioneers. On the other hand, picture it a little bit like the 10 Once your pioneering effort turns into a success story, you can commandments: I basically gave them to people as a goal to

shoot and aim for, even if I knew that nobody in the long run and final outcome was ever going to be able to keep them. My goal for you is that you learn to love unconditionally the way I do, but I also know you’re not going to make it there all in one day. One day you shall! I can promise you that. In the meantime, keep shooting for that goal, but don’t fall under condemnation when you don’t manage to love as perfectly as you should. 163 ___________________________________________________ My version of history will be full of huge surprises! That’s one factor about heavenly and millennial education: it will never get boring, because it will be so full of surprises! So many things that people thought they knew and were sure of will turn out to really have been so different from what they thought all along. So many people whom they worshiped as heroes will turn out to be so much less than heroes compared to some of the tiny little faithful folks they never even noticed or would have stopped to give the time of day.

Trust Me for the quantity I supply for you, and for the frequency with which I supply certain things. Maybe if you’d get more of it, it simply wouldn’t be good for you. I’m handing out those blessings in exactly the right measure to you. I want to be the Centerpiece of your life, and I don’t want any of My blessings that I bestow on you to take that place in your life which ought to be reserved for Me, so that’s why I need to create a little bit of space in-between those blessings to give you time for Me; to thank Me, appreciate Me, register Me and perceive Me, instead of just taking Me, the Giver, for granted. 165 ___________________________________________________ Trust simply knows and doesn’t have to be convinced anymore that I know better and have a good reason for everything I allow… That’s faith: you can’t see it, but you know it’s there, anyway.

You may not even be able to feel it, but you just know it, anyway. Faith is knowing it anyway: knowing that I mean well, 164 ___________________________________________________ that I know best, that I choose and only allow what’s good and You have to have some kind of battles, some sort of best for you, even if your interpretation of your circumstances challenges, and something to overcome, otherwise I’d be and your feelings may tell you something different or the spoiling you. downright opposite. I use the less than perfect circumstances in your life to remind you that you do have a perfect God, and that I am all you really Faith is the lone believer in that lonely voice out there that need. preaches the opposite of what the large majority preaches. It is I want you to focus on Me, and – perhaps unfortunately – the the lone believer in the rare voice of truth, the one single only way I manage is by allowing other factors in your life to proclaimer of what the large majority would never have the turn out to be less than perfect. Because of the imperfect audacity or courage to embrace: the utterly preposterous circumstance you turn to Me. option that I, in spite of all the “evidence” man claims he has My having allowed your life to turn out a little bit less than for the world being millions, nay billions of years old, should perfect is really for your own good and best, since you would have made this thing in 6 short days, and not much longer than otherwise inevitably neglect Me, which would be detrimental to 6000 years ago… your true happiness. There may be a sea of voices telling you one thing, constantly repeating it, like some mantra they’re obsessed with, but faith I’m the donut you’re supposed to focus on, and not on the hole knows anyway that the opposite is true. of what’s missing in the middle. One of these days you’ll realize that that hole was exactly what made the donut the good donut Faith is not swayed nor swept away by the stream of conformity that it was, and things wouldn’t have been the same without of the majority, but has the guts to be one single, lone believer that hole in the middle, just as life would not be the same and rock, and voice of truth – a lone bulwark of truth – in the without other holy holes. So, less is sometimes more, and the midst of a sea of lies, knowing that My Presence within you will secret lies in the empty spaces that I choose to create here and surpass and outlast all their furious ragings against you, their there, in fact, largely everywhere, with just a relatively little bit battering against your walls, their pounding on your shores that of matter around in it for you to appreciate. moans, “Give up, finally!” It’s the lean times in-between the blessings that make you truly appreciate them as you should when they are there… You and I know that it’s not their raging that’s going to win in the long run, but My still, small voice of truth, the truth that lies One of the biggest problems of these times is that people are forever out there, waiting in the silence for all the other noises glutted and stuffed and overfed, overindulged and simply to fade in order to reveal itself as the lasting building block and miserable because of it. They don’t have any hunger anymore, foundation stone of all that is and was and ever will last. especially not hunger for Me; so you ought to appreciate those times of leanness, of lack, of wanting something that you You and I know that the circumstances, conditions and your haven’t got, so that you will appreciate it all the more again momentary situations of crisis are only temporal, fleeting, and when you get it, even if you have to wait a little while. thus, in My sense of the word, not really real. The only things that are real in My eyes and according to My ideas and Some things are worth waiting for. concepts of real, are the things that are going to last when all Patience has become a rare virtue. You people are so used to their howls and illusions – however real they temporarily may getting everything you want right the moment you want it: when appear – have ceased. you’re hungry or thirsty you go to the fridge or cupboard and fix yourself something to eat or drink, and even that seems to be Picture all that racket that the world is making like one of those too much effort for some... carnival processions that you detest so much: they may be It has never been as easy as now to satisfy your needs and making their unbearable noise for a time, but soon they’ll be appetites, and it turns out not necessarily for your good… gone and will be heard no more, and there will be lots of room for My peace and quiet, and for My still small voice of truth to Why not just enjoy the silence, the emptiness, the nothingness, fill the realm and atmosphere. the empty spaces and waits between the blessings? Their noise, their lies, their deceptions in which they live and Just enjoy the fact that it’s coming. I’m going to fulfill My which they absorb and broadcast, may annoy you today; but Promises and satisfy your need. just a little bit longer and they will be no more. They will have

turned out to be just one more of all those plastic fakes of the Devil that will go down the path of perdition, along with all the rest of his clutter and junk, no matter how all-important it may seem to them at the time. All their false concepts of truth and love, their illusions and delusions shall be no more, and only My silent, beautiful symphony of real truth will remain. It’s the sheer beauty of the one silent, monumental Real Thing against all that sea of frauds and fakes that will make it so very special and precious… it will be all that matters then, that small, seemingly insignificant, rejected and despised, still small voice of eternal truth. 166 ___________________________________________________ I wouldn’t want your faith to be only in your head. Your mind may be filled with lots of beautiful ideas and input, but if your heart doesn’t match with that beauty and won’t meet the same standard, then it will still reflect negatively on who and what you are as a sum. Your heart is determined by your actions and the way you behave and treat others, more than by what you say. Your mind is like the ideology that you have embraced by which you would like to run and govern your life… it’s like the sermon, or the “commandments.” But your heart is determined by how much you actually do live in accordance with those thoughts and words, that ideology, and how much you manage to put it into practice. Your heart is determined by the way you live. While written words have their place, and can be very helpful, when it comes down to it, there is nothing more helpful than a person who actually shares the load and walks the road with someone, instead of one who just shows the way. Work on the implementation of all that you believe in, putting skin on it, feet to it, and converting it into real live action! The world isn’t in need of more good words as much as it is in need of good samples. What will really make a difference in this world is people who don’t only have nice and great ideals in their heads, but actually manage to live them! What really counts and really matters is the amount of love you have. “Take Time to Love.” How much did that lesson really sink deep down into the depth of your being and consequently seep through into your actions, sample and behavior? How much do all the words really sink down into the depth of your heart and affect your actions, your sample? How much do you really allow them to break open and bring forth the peaceable fruit of righteousness in you? That’s the difference between righteousness and selfrighteousness: self-righteousness is based on who you think you are, and may even claim to be, according to ideals, thoughts and the words of your mouth. But real righteousness is manifested by the way you act, which shows who you really are, and how much those ideals and good thoughts and words in your mind actually come to fruition. It takes more than a bag full of seeds to make a forest or a field of wheat. It takes the work of plowing that field, planting and sowing the seeds, and doing all the work and the labor associated with that kind of agricultural endeavor… it’s actual culture that needs to be cultivated, and it’s work, more than just collecting seeds in a barn… What will make a difference is how much you will apply that seed in the real world, and allow it to interact with the rest of the world, but also in your own heart, visible for others to see and witness that this kind of grain really does make a difference! Otherwise, what good is it? If the result is just going to be another bunch of miserable people barely managing to live together, what sort of alternative is it supposed to be?

167 ___________________________________________________ The language that speaks the loudest and most clearly is your actions. It’s easy to have a high ideological standard by simply embracing certain high ideals that are supposed to come with your faith. It’s a little more difficult to be actually living right in the thick of the battle, and having to live those ideals. You might have to adapt your mental ideals to the circumstances of the reality you live in. You have to adapt your mental standard to the reality that folks around you actually live in, in order for them to be able to relate to you. It’s another aspect of becoming all things to all men. With the world changing as rapidly as it is, it’s simply safest and best to stay on the foundation that is always right and applicable in each situation, and always appropriate, and that’s the language of love. It’s never the wrong time to do or say a loving thing, and what the world needs now, just as it did 30 or 40 years ago, is love, and it’s still the one thing nobody can get enough of, because there’s less of it around than ever… So, while the truth is important, and delusion must be destroyed in order to build a firm foundation of truth on one hand, it’s equally, if not more important that it’s clear that that foundation is a foundation of love, and thus recognizable as a safe haven for those seeking refuge from the debris of their shattered illusions. If there’s no safe haven, no beckoning and inviting warm island in sight that they can come to after realizing their delusion was not it, then they won’t have the courage to leave what they had before. There has got to be an alternative, and it’s got to be more than a mental or ideological one, namely a tangible, visible and real one, and that’s the difference between having it all in your head and putting it into action. 168 ___________________________________________________ I’m always with you, but you don’t always remember Me the way you should, or keep Me consciously on your mind to the extent you should. If everywhere you go you keep Me on your mind, then I can also use you everywhere. If I’m on your mind when you talk to somebody, I can talk through you. If I’m on your mind when there’s no one else around, I can talk to you, and you can later use those words or ideas I give you to let Me talk through you, too, as you publish those things in other ways. 169 ___________________________________________________ Change is going to have to happen one way or another. I’ve been advocating inward change, as taking you someplace else won’t necessarily solve the situation if you drag the same inward problems around with you. On the other hand, sometimes physical changes can be helpful in bringing about inward changes, and if nothing else works, and you simply won’t change your attitudes, behavior and mindsets voluntarily, then usually some physical change is the last resort by creating a new set of circumstances under which you’re simply going to have to adapt your behavior. “Because they have no changes, they fear not God,” in some ways means that, “Because they have no outward changes, they don’t have any inward changes.” Fear and respect of Me means obeying My commandments, which means adaptation from the usually originally sinful behavior to a different one, in other words, an inward change; and outward changes are simply conducive to those inward changes.

On the other hand, one can run from one situation to another, always distracted from dealing with the key points I want to address in his life, which is one reason why it would be preferable if you were able to use the situation you’re in to make the necessary inward changes, rather than Me having to shift you to another one and there perhaps having to start all over to learn the same old lesson from scratch. Of course, sometimes in another light the factors that need change are more easily seen, but on the other hand, it could also take a while until the things that need change would crop up in your life and become recognizable and thus attack-able and changeable. Keep praying for changes – inward changes most of all. Changing the world starts with you. So, when should we start? 170 ___________________________________________________ It takes effort to implement My input and advice to you. It doesn’t come automatically. It’s like the thing I taught you about Salvation and making it work for you in this life: You are clean through the Words I speak unto, yes, but putting them into practice is still another story, that is up to you! You are saved, but the works you build onto that foundation are up to you. Prayer is often the first step. Prayer is communication of the most efficient kind in existence that is available to man, and not only that, but it’s also a device that will enhance and improve all your other communications with your fellow humans as well. Prayer oils the machinery of communication in your life with the oil of My Spirit and thus helps it to operate better and to flow more smoothly, and to flow in the direction of My will. Your degree of spirituality is determined by your prayer life more than by the amount of My Word you take in, because as a hearer of the Word you can still be deceiving yourself, but as a prayer warrior, and thus a doer of My Word, you start actually walking the path, instead of just knowing it. Step One in discipleship is receiving the instructions, and Step Two is getting the machinery of well-oiled communication going through prayer. Prayer will then help you get the necessary spiritual help to put feet to those prayers and perform the action that comes so hard to do in the flesh. Prayer is the key to operate in the Spirit. Prayer is the key that will help you do that which you find impossible to do in the flesh. Prayer is what will bring in all the necessary resources, the supernatural aid… It’s the wires and tubes that will bring the necessary energy and power to your apparatus and get it going. That’s why praying people will always be greater saints with greater actions to show for it, greater miracles, etc., than the most learned theologian, who has it all in his head in theory. The first step toward implementing and putting all that theory into action is prayer: “Action through prayer.” It’s more important and powerful than prophecy, because prophecy is what I tell you to do, and whether it will ever get done still depends on your obedience, your efficiency and other physical factors, whereas prayer is what you ask Me – your allpowerful Friend and Husband – to do, and accordingly, the results are usually more powerful. The first step toward really getting things done is asking Me to do it through you, or to help you do it! It’s the act of sending up the request that will pump down the necessary power for you to do all that you can do. You get what you ask for.

If you find yourself without the necessary power or energy to do something, then you must not yet have been praying for it! 171 ___________________________________________________ Things are not always black-and-white, easily to define, analyze and put in a box with a label, “figured out.” There’s so much to learn in life, and the greatest tragedy of the times is that folks aren’t really paying attention to what’s there to learn. Their heads are being stuffed with useless information by the Enemy, and accordingly, they’re totally missing the point and flunking the school of life. The knowledge of evil creates the illusion that you really know something, when nothing could be further from the truth. The head stuffing of the Devil creates the illusion in people’s heads that they’re actually smart. Loads and loads of useless information, creating an illusion of a reality that’s just a fake, and a poor counterfeit of the Real Thing. The problem is that as long as their “knowledge” gets them all they need for living and to be half-way content and entertained, they won’t develop any desire to learn what’s really happening and going on. As long as they’re happy and content with their fake version of reality, they won’t start looking for the Real Thing. That’s why trouble is good for people, and the smartest move the Devil could come up with was to postpone the trouble and prolong this current era of affluence and general contentment for as long as possible, in order to corrupt people’s hearts and minds thoroughly. There’s nothing like trouble to awaken people’s interest in the truth. The trouble with the truth is that there’s nothing like trouble that makes people want any of it… Until then, they’re perfectly happy and content living in the lie. The lie becomes the new truth, the new gospel, the new credo by which everything works, and if you don’t adhere to it, you’re “out,” “old-fashioned” or “conservative.” The best camouflage for an old, rotten lie is youth. If the Devil could get youth to adopt his gospel of selfishness, greed and sheer egotism as the only existing truth, then nothing was going to be able to save the world anymore from his reign, and that’s just about what has happened. Now they’re all enslaved by his evil dogma, and soon he’s going to come up with the great solution for his own problem that he caused, but as usual, will blame someone else for, and you know who his favorite scapegoat is… Only, since he is declaring that I’m only a myth, he’s going to make those the scapegoats who have the audacity to cling to their belief in Me… His scapegoat is going to be the church. There were those who denied My existence and becoming flesh during the time of the Roman persecutions, but the great apostasy or “falling away” will be that despite the fact that My existence as an actual living Person had been well established for centuries, a resurge of that “spirit of antichrist” will occur, where people simply deny that I ever existed altogether… The “Jesus Myth” is the Devil’s great and final campaign to gather his forces against Mine. What better way to eliminate your enemy than just reducing him to a fairy-tale? That’s why only those are going to be able to survive this onslaught and evade his deception who cling to Me as their only and ultimate Reality, and why clinging to Me is your only hope. He will try to destroy people’s faith in Me on such a large scale that only those who really know Me will not fall for his flood of lies. The odds are against you, but I am with you and for you, and

that’s really all that matters. If I am for you and with you and fighting on your side, then who or what would stand a chance against you? What chance have all the odds against you, if I, the Maker of the universe, am fighting on your behalf and on your side? My Promises are more and stronger than all those odds and prospects that are seemingly against you. All that really matters in order for you to win is that I remain by your side, and with Me you cannot lose, you cannot help but win. 172 ___________________________________________________ Sometimes My answer, My message I try to convey to you, lies in the silence, in the experience, in whatever it is you’re having to pass through. You may momentarily feel forsaken and alone, but you are not alone. I have not left you alone. But the learning process is thus that you cannot really absorb some lessons unless you go through them on your own, unaware of My Presence that is there to help you. I’m there and I’m making sure that everything works out according to My plan, but I cannot make it easier on you or rescue you prematurely. I cannot save you from a necessary experience that you need to grow and to make progress. 173 ___________________________________________________ Notions of distance from Me are always most likely to occur due to the position of your own heart, and your own personal perception of the situation, and are never based on My actual position, which is unwavering, and always close to you, no matter what you do, since I love you unconditionally. I know what is going on in the spirit world and what has caused your difficulties. You’re up against foes that you have a hard time combating in your own strength, which is why your mistake has been to fall for their strategy and allow them to put this mental distance between us, when especially in such situations you should strive to seek Me and My closeness all the more desperately, instead of getting into this defiant attitude of “Everyone has forsaken me, so what’s the use, anyway?” The Devil will use anything and anybody to drive a wedge between us. Our relationship is the most precious thing you’ve got, and you should guard it as your most precious treasure. That’s what the Enemy will try to attack and destroy, that’s precisely his intention, and you should defend this treasure, and not let him rob you of it. You must never allow anything to come between us, because this is the very thing the Devil will have intended by his actions, and if you allow him to separate us, then he has scored a point and won that particular battle or campaign. He tempts you to conclude that I must be upset with you or carry a grudge, when nothing could be further from the truth, because I see and know his tactics, and that he is actually the culprit, and whatever blame you may have in it, I have already washed it away and paid the price for with My blood. All the Devil can really do is create this deception, an illusion of a situation in which I’m mad at you for something you have done, when that isn’t the way it works at all. I’m not your average person that gets upset every time you stumble and fall, especially when you’ve been caused to stumble by his schemes. You must not associate Me with the common behavior patterns of your fellows on earth. I’m way above that. I won’t get upset with you so easily. I can’t. I love you way too

much for that, and I also see and know way too much for that, namely that you’ve simply been fooled and tricked into it, and you simply didn’t recognize the Enemy’s strategy. I know how he lies to you and builds his complicated, intricate schemes in order to deceive you, fool you and trick you, and how he manipulates you into thinking that I am less than I really am, more like any common mortal that you’ve had to deal with, and subject to their same rules of behavior. Just like he’s trying to fool the world into believing that I never existed as a real person, he’s also trying to reduce Me to close to nothing in the minds of believers. He may not be able to fool them and trick them into thinking that I never existed, but he tries to strip and deprive Me of some of My divine qualities in your mind and reduce Me to something more human and less divine, and thus much less capable of loving you unconditionally and eternally. Once you know that that’s what he’s up to, you can be on guard against his attempts, and try to guard your knowledge of the fact that I’m not like that. He’s trying to slander Me with his dirty smear campaign. As with any and all lies of the Devil, the choice is always yours whether you will believe them, but they’ll always amount to the same old thing they have always been: worthless lies. So, trust in My good gold of truth instead, and burn his useless, currency that may still temporarily hold its worth in a world heavily manipulated and seduced by him, but not for very long. His value system is all based on deceit and illusions, and part of his deception is to try to discredit My value system, and I caution you strongly not to fall for his dangerous propaganda. Don’t let him cheat you out of your conviction and fervor that would keep on fire for Me. Don’t let him get you to settle for anything less than My gold. 174 ___________________________________________________ I usually like for My children to learn from their own experiences. I allow every type of experience just at the point in time when I think you’re ready for it and when there are actual chances that you’re going to pass the test and it’s not too obviously predictable that you’re going to flunk it. I have to keep in mind the greater good for My general Cause and body. I cannot allow you to find everything you ever wanted in this world, otherwise you would think that you had arrived at your final destination, when this life is simply a pathway there. You have to dig your way through the darkness into the light, and not allow yourself to be deceived into thinking that this is the light. Most believers think this is just about as good as it gets, and Heaven is just going to be the topping on their pie. They don’t see the world for what it is and the shape it is in right now, or if they do, they try really hard to ignore it, which is easy to do when you’re in some sort of “winner’s” position, and you’re the one who’s got the wealth and the power. It’s all a matter of what position you’re in, and your willingness to see and deal with reality as it really is. If you’re really looking for the Real Thing, nothing else, and that’s all you want, then you won’t settle for anything else, no matter how many benefits it may bring you. Part of the test of life is finding out how much you really want the Real Thing, and how easily you might settle for anything less, even if it may appear to be seemingly “more,” or especially then. It seems you’re up for another round of more, and I’m willing to give you another taste of it, and as with everything this world

has to offer, let you pay the price that comes along with it, and decide for yourself if it’s worth it, and if it’s as good as the Real Thing, which may be the quieter, humbler and more solitary road, but at least won’t create any false illusions of things that entice you and give you certain kicks and thrills, but with the passing of time turn out to not really be real at all…

the simple, but when people neglect My Word, the opposite happens… They may think they’re smart because of the quantity of information stored up in their overloaded memories, but what really counts is not the quantity, but the quality of the information they’ve got. The true and valid information of My Word brings insight and I’ve always let you experience what you needed to in order to wisdom. The false, erroneous and in most cases simply untrue learn the lessons you had to learn about this world and all it information that the Enemy has pouring out through the System promises and where it’s really at. has the opposite effect: it dumbs people down. When My rough and rugged road seems to be getting too It’s as if the thinking apparatus doesn’t work properly anymore, tedious for you, you start wondering just what it might be like if because instead of being oiled and powered with My fuel and you had settled for the other road instead, and so I’m providing input, it becomes cluttered and messed up with the poisonous you with ample opportunities to find out and get another taste counterfeit input of the Enemy, which he cheaply dishes out in of it… great quantities, and by artificially generating mass hype and hysteria about it, people are actually duped into thinking that You can’t sow to the flesh without being affected by your it’s good, and the “real thing,” when it is just a lousy choice and reaping the consequences of what type of fruit the counterfeit, that’s actually poison for your “motor,” your entire flesh has to offer. being. Experience is a better teacher than anything I could tell you in Like any tyrant the Devil wants dumb, obedient slaves, not advance. You have to find out for yourself. thinkers he might have to defend his point against… He is working hard on making mindless zombies he can control, manipulate and steer via his devices of mass 175 ___________________________________________________ hypnotism. So much depends on you and the umph you’re willing to put What you can do is promote the antidote, and come up with into whatever you’re doing. ways to make the Word look more attractive and appealing, Life isn’t something you can go through half-heartedly or which requires stripping the counterfeit input from the Enemy passively, if you want it to be a life worthwhile, worth of its glamour and exposing it for what it really is, in order to remembering and worth living. You’ve got to zoom in and focus reveal the beauty of the Real Thing in comparison. wholeheartedly on whatever it is you want to accomplish for Me, and then go for it, grab it by faith. Unfortunately, once someone gets hooked on the imitation, it’s hard to awaken a hunger and desire in them for the Real Thing. I have put so much at your disposal. It takes waiting until the disappointment with the Devil’s It’s only recognizable by faith, but you’ve got to pursue that substitute sets in. track of faith and seek until you find. You cannot give up prematurely or surrender to your fate that it isn’t easy enough! The best thing you can do to counter the trend is promote My My quest simply isn’t something that is found or attained or Word. pursued easily. It’s going to cost something. So, when you wake up in the mornings, get ready for the day with an attitude that’s prepared to give something. 177 ___________________________________________________ ”The wages of sin is death,” and it takes making that I gave My life as a sample for all My followers, and what I did experience, if necessary, over and over again, until someone was give, give it all. can fully appreciate the gift of My grace and of the kind of life I Someone who withholds is doing the opposite, and not give – a life lived focused on eternity, instead of as a slave of following My sample. time and all that goes with it: money, security, welfare, Blessed are the givers. materialism, etc. Coming to Me first thing in the mornings is the only thing that I’m trying to teach you to give wholeheartedly of yourself, of will save you from the old rut of the flesh. If you think you can your time, of your energies, your resources. walk the spiritual path in your own strength, the repeated experience of failing will prove to you otherwise. Do a kind thing for someone and you will like them better. The rule of keeping Me in the first place of your life is simply you start giving, you get the hang of it, and you actually start unshakable and no way leads around it, if you want to live a enjoying it. successful life for Me. Your flesh’s ideas of “success” simply differ too much from Walk through your day seeking for opportunities to give. Mine… Look for something to give. Keep giving! Keep looking to Me to show you what else it is you can give today, and continue to pour forth your life like a river. 178 ___________________________________________________ Let others enjoy the river that I want to make you, and let them You’re still seeking happiness in the flesh, when I’ve been bathe in the riches I want to pour out through you. trying to convey to you all along how dim the chances are of Water has become a luxury commodity in some parts of the ever finding it there. All along I’ve been beckoning you, “Over world, and what people used to take for granted now is slowly Here, this is where it is! Here is where you’ll find true becoming a treasure. Of course, there are still people who are happiness!” But you just keep wandering off in the opposite too dumb to appreciate it, and who would just waste it, just as direction, as if you don’t believe Me or think that you know they waste all kinds of resources, but you’ve got to be wise better… enough to discern what are the truly valuable things in life, the true riches, and the water of My Word is definitely the best and Give Me a chance to prove that I truly keep what I promised. most valuable and precious thing you can pass on. With Me, you’re back in Eden, and you shouldn’t really have to be looking toward the serpent’s temptations for satisfaction 176 ___________________________________________________ and fulfillment, because the only thing that keeps you from The entrance of My Word giveth light and understanding to happiness is your failure to realize and appreciate what you’ve

got and make the best out of it!

environment than it would be otherwise, and you can also pray for their eyes to be opened regarding the pointlessness of this You keep blaming Me for your circumstances when it is world’s pursuits of enjoyment and pleasure, and that this is not primarily in your power to change them. I can’t just let you really where true happiness is found. passively wait for any kind of blessing to fall into your lap. Let them go without really letting them go from your minds, and Blessings are generated by things you do that bring them upon keep praying for them and supporting them in the spirit while you, and it’s usually obedience to My Words that brings them they’re gone. on. You can commit them into the care of their watchers and Only there, on that path of obedience, will you find happiness guardians who can be stronger deterrents from evil than you and the satisfaction you’re looking for. could ever be in person. Give Me a chance to prove to you that I can be the best weapon, Guardian, Protector and Caretaker of your child you could ever wish for. 179 ___________________________________________________ Uphold them in prayer and in the spirit, and find out what a Respect is something that has practically gotten lost in the difference it will make. It may just reverse the current trend in Western, me-first culture, where everyone has become little them and put their heart and desire back on My side and turn it ego-worshipers and anyone else only plays second role at best. into a longing for the right kind of satisfaction and fulfillment “First comes me, then the next-best person promising to cater that is found in fulfilling one’s purpose which they were created to my own personal advance and advantage, and then the folks for, instead of ever missing that mark chasing other, less who are simply necessary to keep me alive… And forget about worthwhile objectives. the rest of the world.” Selfishness and egotism have become the ruling mindsets and ideologies of this culture, basically because they have become 181 ___________________________________________________ so alienated from the life, Word and truth of God, that the false The majority of people choose the easier way of flowing with “truth” of the Enemy has taken the place of My law in their the stream and running with the crowd, instead of the hard and lives. harsh winding mountain trail that leads to life the way I intended it. Parents who fail to recognize the problem only contribute to it Only a very small minority will have the wisdom to choose that by feeding their kids’ already over-stuffed egos and catering to other, apparently harder option. their every whim… The majority will usually choose the wrong path, because the path of wisdom and the path of life is simply the path of the The youth of today are the stars of the show, the rulers of this minority. modern, Western culture, to which the real rulers behind the You are glaring lights in the midst of darkness, and you can bet scenes are trying to get the “gap nations” to bend. that the darkness will resist that light, and it’s the weaker rays They strongly resent cultures in which the parents, and of light that fall prey to the darkness first. especially the fathers still have the say in the house, and That’s why you have to make sure you keep feeding both your they’re looking down on them as “backwards” and own light and theirs, in order to keep shining. “underdeveloped,” when the fact is that they simply haven’t It’s a test of spiritual strength, strength only I can give, and a veered as far off from My path as those who claim to be My work of My grace, but as in all things, you must do what you people. can. Grace works, but you have to avail yourself of the Word in order Since the 20th century and the development of the media, along to make it happen and make that faith grow that will result in with the public school system, that the Devil has found a way works of My grace… And you have to avail yourself of My to finally enter just about every single household and subvert power that is poured down on you as you obey and do your part the weakest link in the chain, and through them obtain control to get the words out, as well as in. It is indeed the time of which My Word has spoken, “gross over the rest of the family. He undermines the role of the father while at the same time ever darkness shall cover the earth, and great darkness the people.” boosting the egos of the children, and stirring up a sense of But My light shall arise upon thee, and My glory shall be seen responsibility and loyalty in the mothers toward the child, upon thee. rather than her husband. I said that you should be able to learn from your kids, but I didn’t say that necessarily everything you were going to learn from them was going to be pleasant. By saying that they can be your teachers, too, I didn’t mean to say that they have a position of authority over you. You cannot be passive or lenient about your God-given position in your family, or you will regret it. 180 ___________________________________________________ You don’t want to come across as harsh, forbidding and conservative. You want to be a “cool” parent, even if you know that the danger that they’re going to get into something they shouldn’t is quite real. But you also know that there’s no teacher like experience, and the sooner they find out where the world is at, and the sooner they’ll get their belly full of the slime the System has to offer, the sooner they might truly appreciate what I have to give. You can pray for the danger factors and elements to be decimated. By prayer you can send them into a safer 182 ___________________________________________________ I have no other choice but to take the blessing away from you again, if it threatens to take the place in your life of the Blesser. It’s the quality of the input and information that matters, not the quantity. You get a greater quantity of input via the Internet, but the quality is not the same as the information and input I give you. After all, the Internet represents an aspect of the world, and you’re not supposed to love the world, nor the things in it, but you’re supposed to love Me, and the things from My World, since it’s that world where you originally come from, and where you’re going to return, your true Home; and no matter how much information you derive from the present world, it will never have the same pleasant effect on you as the kind of information I give you straight from My Realm. Too much worldly input destroys your appetite for My input, and that’s precisely what’s happening to a lot of people. Some luxuries are better not to have. It’s not always good to accept every temptation and commodity

that comes your way, as experience will tell you. Sometimes it’s wisest to be able to say, “No, thank you!” Everybody assumes that they can handle whatever benefits life will hand them. Well, the truth is that sometimes – in the case of those in whose lives I am heavily involved, I test you to see whether you are able to handle that extra blessing or not, and when it becomes a factor that stands between you and Me and threatens to separate us and drive us further apart, then I will have to eliminate it again, and simply take it away… Less is sometimes more, nearly always when it comes to luxuries that threaten to usurp My place in your life. The tests reveal your true strength and compare them to the picture and estimate that you had in your own mind, and usually, reality shows it to be less than what you had imagined. It’s seldom that somebody is actually stronger than they thought. It’s the nature of the flesh to overestimate its capacities. It always argues, “No, come on, Lord, I don’t need that extra help, I can handle it on my own…” Just like a teenager who argues vehemently that he can stay up until midnight and still get up early to get to school… The flesh thinks itself capable of handling and resisting the temptation, but experience and reality will often paint a different picture. That’s why it’s important to frequently come on down to the ground and rock bottom of reality according to the picture I show and reveal to you. If you’re in touch with Me, you’re in touch with reality. If you’re not in touch with Me, then you’re more likely to be influenced by other factors that distort reality as I see it, the matrix of the world, and whatever illusion the Enemy manages to paint in your mind. He’s an illusionist, and while his pictures can look deceivingly real, they hardly ever turn out to be, and while My perhaps slightly more modest picture of reality may not appeal to you quite as much, you’re much better off there, because you can trust in it as being the Real Thing. The Real Thing is reality according to Me, which is always something you need to distinguish from the false, painted and illusory fake reality and matrix of the Devil. If you want to know where things are really at, stick to Me and My Real Thing, the true picture of reality as derived from My input that I give you. They may think it’s a fairy tale, but, boy, are they going to be surprised! 183 ___________________________________________________ I’m not saying that relationship is always easy. Nor did I ever say that it’s the easy way I want you to go. But when your burden gets heavy and you’re weary and heavy laden, you can come to Me, and I will give you rest. Perhaps I did make relationships a little hard sometimes in order for people to seek Me more often than they would otherwise, if their lives were all perfect. After all, I’ve got to give you some reminders that this world is not your home, since people develop some sort of immunity to evil and don’t even realize anymore that anything’s wrong with the world if they’ve never known anything else in the first place… They just take it as it is, and look at anyone who claims that there’s anything wrong with it as if they’re from Mars… They defend their reality and what it is as theirs, and, if it’s theirs, then it must be good, right? The Enemy likes to envelop those in a mantle of complacency who claim to be My disciples, and tries to make them feel at home in the here and now, as if to say, “See? It’s not all that bad, after all.” So I’ve got to allow a little reminder to come along every now and then that it’s not the flawless world the flesh would sometimes like to make itself believe to be, but there’s lots of

room for improvement, and thus, lots of reasons to stay close to Me and seek Me for solutions to life’s problems at hand. As soon as you tend to think that you can get away with handling things without praying and committing them to Me, I must allow them to unravel a bit to set you straight. You may seem to be able to handle things without Me sometimes, but never for very long. Just as people can have illusions and false notions about this world being alright, so you can also have deceptive notions about doing things without Me. By problems coming up you realize that you must have done something wrong, after all, even if it’s just that you didn’t include Me in it, didn’t pray for it, or simply forgot to ask Me not to allow any problems to occur. 184 ___________________________________________________ Life isn’t entirely easy to figure out these days, and it’s definitely a challenge to make sense of it, and to keep your mind on the goal. You wonder, “Where’s the sense in this?” But if truly all things work together for your good, then you must also trust Me that it’s true with these things that seemingly don’t make any sense… Sometimes I use these situations to see whether you’re going to keep trusting Me anyway that I know best, even if things don’t seem to make perfect sense to you… You just have to trust My judgment that the pros will outweigh the cons… Sometimes your victorious attitude in the face of seeming defeat will be all the sample needed for people to see the strength of your character, which will lend greater credibility to what you’ve got to say and may make them curious about the Source of your strength. Of course I can also use weak vessels in spite of themselves, and speak through folks whose sample may not necessarily be impeccable. But it sure helps if your actions and attitudes jibe with your words and the counsel you pass on to others. You may not be a perfect vessel and have some flaws, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t be working on them, or that I won’t be working on your improvement. In fact, some unpleasant experiences may serve just to do that… 185 ___________________________________________________ The Spirit World is a little bit like the Internet, only much vaster, and – if you’re tuned in to Me an My Spirit – a much more reliable source for wholesome input, information, vibes and spirits, and a greater source of contentment and genuine inspiration, since you don’t have to wade through all that muck that’s out there on the Internet, and nobody Here in the Spirit World wants to sell you anything. Another advantage of the Spirit World: There is no censorship Here. We can deal with any sin, any emotion, any amount of frustration or anger you might experience, and there’s nothing We haven’t seen yet when it comes to that. We’re a lot better able to handle you including all your problems and more up to par with your needs and demands than that pitiful man-made construction that makes up the virtual version of the Great Link. In the Spirit World We won’t discriminate you because of your age, because everyone Here knows that age is pretty much irrelevant, or rather, how much of an advantage it can be to have greater experience, and nobody Here swallows any of the false dogma under which most inhabitants of earth live right now that youth is supposedly superior to maturity… It took the Devil and his lot decades of constant brainwashing to get people to believe that, and since Our Realm is not under

his influence, We clearly see that as one of his schemes of indoctrination and manipulation. People don’t really have the ability anymore to see the real you or look at anyone unbiased. If you don’t meet their artificially made criteria and Hollywood standards, you simply don’t come across as very desirable to them… They fall for the glitz and glamour that they’re being offered via the media. Well, We don’t. We can see the real thing that is you, and We appreciate it, like it and love it wholeheartedly, in spite of its current flaws, which are really only temporal and in large part due to the conditions and what you’re going through there. But We can help you overcome and rise above those if you just tune in to Us more, and Our channel, and come to visit Us Here more often. This is where your heart and soul and spirit and mind belongs, and where you can find true satisfaction and fulfillment. Here is where you’ll find the Real Thing, and not fake after fake after fake. What they call “sight” is really blindness. What they call “seeing” is really only a deception and an illusion. You first have to close your eyes, in order to learn how to really see. We don’t go by clichés, we only see the real you, and that’s enough for Us, and We love you immensely. And if you stay in tune with Us, We can help you to find others who are looking for what you’ve got, and We can guide you toward them. In fact, that’s the great plan, and one of the main reasons why it’s so important you stay tuned to Us! You’ve got to find them, and We’re the only Ones Who can help you do so. The more you’re in tune with Us, the more likely you’re going to find the people We’re trying to hook you up with. The more you seek Us, the more of them you’re going to find! The hard thing is not to let yourself get distracted. But if you realize the importance of it and the futility of all the things the Enemy uses to distract you, you’ll get the hang of it, and abide with Us Here, on Our wavelength. This is where your strength, your wisdom, and all that really matters will come from. 186 ___________________________________________________ The Real Thing is the alternative to the many fake realities that people build in their minds, their concocted results of their own wishful thinking. The Real Thing is My touchstone, My testing point for each one of you as I’m asking you, when you confront each test in life: “Can you handle this? Can you deal with the Real Thing? Are you man or woman enough to accept and cope with this full scope of reality without having to resort to any lies, as tempting as they may sound?” When you come to face it, right after pride and perhaps a little ungratefulness, the one thing that was really responsible for all the evil in this world was the lie, and man’s tendency to fall for it. The Real Thing is My truth, the weapon with which I counter and defy Satan’s lies, and not many people can handle it. It’s pretty strong wine, and a very rare vintage in this world, only known and appreciated by a handful of chosen connoisseurs… The truth is that pearl, that prize of great value, that hidden treasure that the true seekers set out to find, and only few will find it. Most cling too much to their own imaginations of what the truth should sound like, or what the Real Thing should look like when they find it. Others do find it, virtually stumble over it, or rather, are found by it, and don’t really appreciate it, and consequently don’t really act in a manner worthy of the keepers of the flame, adding to the confusion and mystery, and making it even yet harder for others to find. So, even among the small minority who happen to find the Real Thing in life, yet only another chosen few are actually useful in

promoting My Cause and causing the treasure they found or are found by to bring dividends by sharing it with others in a way that will truly profit them, not in a show-off type of way, nor in a haphazardly sort of way, as if saying, “Here, swallow this, if you can handle it,” but with love and in full appreciation of the value of their treasure. And even less are those who commit their entire lives to this Cause without tiring from it, nor veering from that straight and narrow and rugged path… The question is, who are those who can really see, who are they that truly hear? Who can touch and feel and discern My Real Thing from all the other fakes? Who can taste that this is indeed IT? It’s a tough quest when Satan has perverted their appetites, distorted their vision and polluted the airwaves with his constant appalling noises and sounds. Many come close, and yet so far… Very, very few actually come so close that they are ready and willing to give their entire lives for it, truly renouncing all the other stuff, the excess weight, the ballast, that which the Devil would heap and pile on their shoulders, which they call possessions and their treasures, when often they’re just weights and obstacles designed to keep them from finding the true treasure that life is all about finding. Who can let go of all that which doesn’t really matter? Who will dare to let it all go for the Real Thing? Who will embrace My treasure and recognize it for what it’s worth, willing to give everything they own in order to obtain it? Who is ready to put it at the top of the list of their priorities in life and make My Cause their cause, My concerns theirs, and My truth, My reality their own? Who will be My people, My chosen ones who will have chosen not to settle for anything less than the Real Thing? 187 ___________________________________________________ Faith requires time to grow. The seed of the Word is sown, and then it takes a little while until it comes to fruition. The only Promise We can make is that you will someday understand and see the sense and purpose in the things We allow. Maybe it’s only a little comfort when what you’re mostly interested in is the here and now, but you see, that’s what this whole issue of faith is all about: Will you merely be one more of those who settle for all that’s available and obtainable in the here and now, or will you be less short-sighted and set your affections on things to come? All We can promise you is, it will be worth it all! The real thrilling thing about Our Plan in your life is that We make winners out of those who may look like losers to the world, and even to themselves sometimes… Some people believe in themselves, and you tend to envy them a little sometimes. Others, like you, are totally dependent on Us, on Me, and sometimes you wonder where that will get you, especially during those times when I seem to be less present in your life than at others (notice that I said “seem…”). Like My outcry on the cross, “Why hast Thou forsaken Me?” It wasn’t that He had really forsaken Me, but it was what I felt. And that’s not how the story ended, but in the end I commended My Spirit into His hands. What’s to be learned from this is that you can trust Me, and you can commit yourself wholly into My hands, even when you’re going through your defeat and the pain of crucifixion, or whatever equivalent in your life, your trials, your problems, your times of doubt and despair… If you will overcome those doubts and finally yield and trust and commit your life and your all into My hands, you also will experience a glorious and miraculous resurrection like I did.

That’s how you overcome. Not by constantly riding the high tide or a high horse, but by getting up again after you fell by committing your life to Me. I’m trying to get you to truly live what I’ve been trying to teach you over and over again: to treat your circumstances impartially and treat “success” and “failure” the same; to stay in the same victorious spirit and attitude, come rain or come shine… to stay “on top,” spiritually and mentally, even when you’re on the ground. And at the same time to preserve your guard during those times when you seem to be more blessed and there’s a greater flow of abundance, or during the “easy times,” when things are going more according to your idea. Surrender into My hands your judgment of what is good and what is evil; let Me decide what is good for you, and what is not. You may prefer the “good times.” But could it be that I know better and that the hard times are actually better for you? And if so, what do you think your attitude should be when you’re going through a lean stretch? Shouldn’t you be rejoicing and enjoying life just the same as when you’re going through the good times? If you commit your spirit into My hands, I can help you to be cheerful and victorious in spite of any circumstances. I can help you to truly overcome. After all, what else does it mean to be an overcomer, but to rise above adverse circumstances? The greater the adversity, the greater the victory! – The greater the miracle I will have to do, and thus, the greater reason to rejoice and praise Me. You’d like to have Me around as your Companion, your Pal, and certainly as your Blesser and Provider, but basically you’d prefer if I’d just let you live the life you please… with My blessing, but without much further interference. Well, that’s what most Christians want. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. Closeness to Me does not work as long as you still have other things and preferences in your life above Me, because those other things are usually rivals to My presence, position and effect in your life, and they are counter-productive to what I am trying to accomplish in your life. It’s as if they annul My efforts in your life and tear down whatever I’ve been trying to build. The only way it works is if you allow Me to move that clutter out of the way and replace them with My Presence and input in your life and let Me take over that spot reserved for “the most important thing” in your life. As long as there are other things that occupy your thoughts more, I cannot really function properly in your life. The only thing I can do then is work on moving the clutter and garbage as much as you grant Me the consent and permission to do so. And once I do, your initial reaction is usually, “Hey, why are You taking those blessings away from me?” Well, only to replace them with the greater blessing of My Presence and closeness, which is what you really want, right? I’m not forcing anybody to stick close to Me against their will. But experience has taught you that anything else simply won’t satisfy in the long run. Of course, if you could, you would like to eat you cake and have it, too, and keep all the things you like together on the top pedestal of your life and priorities. Unfortunately, that’s not realistic. So, every now and then I’ve got to remind you of Who’s No.1 in your life, even if it’s by the painful process of removing some of those blessings that you tended to allow to usurp that place. If you stay focused on Me and praise Me and give Me the credit for the good things in your life, instead of starting to take Me for granted when they come, then you would also be able to enjoy the blessings on a more permanent an steady level. So much depends on your relationship with Me and how much

you’re willing to invest in it, and how much you’re willing to commit yourself, your spirit and your life and entire being into My hands each day. That point of surrender could be your starting point each day, and that would accelerate your progress and learning process quite a lot. Instead of Me having to wait for you to get to that point eventually, you’d start out from there… and you can imagine that we’d move forward a lot faster at that rate. Not that I’m in a hurry. But I reckon it’s you who wouldn’t want to repeat the same old lesson over and over again, and who would like to experience some tangible and visible progress in your life that would ensure a more permanent state of blessing, instead of this current roller coaster ride… 188 ___________________________________________________ “Seekest thou great things for thyself? Seek them not.” You’re always seeking things to do that will make you shine before the world as a beacon of My truth… But remember, I want you to be real, and that means, I want you to live a life according to the message you preach, and since My message is one of humility, I require that measure of humility from you to also pitch in and apply some elbow grease at home regularly. How about pitching in and helping to make the work load a little lighter for your fellowman? How about a little loving your neighbor as yourself for a change, instead of all that high pitched spiritual stuff? How about raising the physical standard a little, so that the spiritual output will have a greater impact later on? 189 ___________________________________________________ Expectation… The hand of faith reaches out and waits. That is how faith works. How easy it would be for people to reach out and touch Me, isn’t it? And yet, all they lack is a little bit of faith. It all depends on how real you believe I am, and how strongly you believe in My Words and Promises. If you’ve experienced that I’ve never ever let you down, why should I let you down this time? I know, because the Devil made you think that I might be mad at you for some reason, and I’m going to turn My back on you because you’ve failed. Well, you’re just going to have to get it into your system that that’s not Me. I would never turn My back on you or anyone who truly and uprightly seeks Me. I will only turn My back on those who claim to know Me and commit atrocious crimes in My name without My ever having known them – without their ever having let Me know them, and certainly they themselves never having made an effort to truly know Me and My will. But as far as you’re concerned, I will always be there. The devil may temporarily be able to create the impression that I’m not there, just as I was tempted on the cross to believe that the Father had forsaken Me, but it’s never true. Just as the Father was always there, I will also always be there. If you ever should be tempted to wonder whether I’m around, just remember My name, I am. I am always there. I can do no other. It’s My nature to be around, a very present help in trouble, even if many blame Me for being absent when they most needed Me, I am never absent. I may only be beyond their capacity of perception due to their weak or absent faith in Me, but that happens to be the one requirement: you must believe. It will always be done unto you according to your faith. According to your faith your ability to see, perceive, hear, feel and touch Me will be released. It’s like the knob that allows the intensity with which you can perceive Me, just as a volume knob on a TV or radio will increase the level of the volume of the music. And of course, you must be certain to have tuned into My channel first… Basically, the same rule and principle also applies to every one of your needs, or even things you would like to have, as long as

they are in coordination with My will for you. I may not be able to fulfill each and everyone of your desires in order not to spoil you or cause you to settle for being content in this present world, but as much as it’s feasible, I will even give you what you want. The power is always on. Meaning, not only the power of My voice, and the opportunity to hear Me, but also the power of My supply, and the only thing needed to make it all work, is faith. See what creative power faith has? It’s truly all by faith! 190 ___________________________________________________ Some figure they’re more righteous than I, and thus they decide to treat themselves better than I have or their fate has and help themselves in illegal ways to some “blessings” they otherwise would not have had… And once they’ve been caught, they naturally blame Me for the injustice of allowing them to suffer their penalty there (especially if they didn’t commit the one crime they were accused of and for which they were sentenced) when there are so many – according to them – who would rather deserve to be locked up instead of them – which might be true, but it doesn’t change anything about their own guilt and responsibility which they refuse to see. That’s a relevant lesson for you, since you also tend to blame Me for your circumstances at times, and tend to think you would have known better than to treat you thus… It’s a very common human trait to quickly judge Me and consider themselves better than Me, of course, always with a lot of encouragement and tutoring from the Enemy… My chief accuser.

191 ___________________________________________________ You can’t give up, no matter how tough it gets. You’ve just got to keep fighting, no matter what the odds you’re up against. It’s true that the Goliath and the “Machines” out there may look overwhelmingly superior. But that’s where faith becomes your principal and most essential weapon, the faith that disregards the odds and knows that I am able to overcome them all for you. You’re up against a large majority, and you’re not going to be able to stand against them all alone without help from the Lord of Hosts. You’re going to have to recruit My Army and My forces to rush to your side, otherwise it’s hopeless. That is never portrayed in those movies where some hero overcomes legions of evil on his own: It creates the unrealistic notion that you just might win against all odds by yourself, but that’s not quite correct. Give honor where it is due and avail yourself of the supernatural strength that alone can help you make it in the real fight. A lot of the warfare is fought in prayer. You can do whatever you can in the flesh and in the physical, but if you don’t see to it that it will get the necessary boost and umph from the Spirit World, your efforts might be rendered nearly futile, or at least not nearly as effective as otherwise they might have been. Just as it requires miracle after miracle for Me to supply your needs, so it will also require miracles for you to be able to do your job of getting the truth out, and getting the truth heard by the right kind of people.

Commend yourself, your life, your works, everything into My hands. I’m right here, waiting for you to tell Me what to do, ready to receive you and carry you in the palm of My hands You’re complaining about the state of the world, and how I through whatever torment or raging battle. You’re going to could let it go that far, and that it’s no fun to witness anymore make it because I’m there, I’m right here for you. or it’s not easy enough, etc., and you’re insinuating that it Don’t make the mistake of forgetting about Me, nor your host of would be fair to call it quits in the face of such a difficult task. co-fighters at your aid. You can do it through Me and with Us. Your task is your “jail,” so to speak, that you would like to Together we’re strong. Together we’re an unbeatable team. So break out of and you try to weasel out of the responsibility I’ve let’s do it together, Amen? Together we’re a majority, even if in given you to bring My message to the people, regardless of the physical you may look ridiculously outnumbered… whether they want to hear it or not. They need to hear it; that’s what it’s all about, regardless of whether they want to or not. 192 ___________________________________________________ They need to hear the truth, so that they’re going to be without Sometimes it’s hard to believe in a just and loving God with excuse when they’ll be judged by Me. They could have chosen all of the seemingly unjust things I happen to allow, even – or to accept the truth when they heard it, but only if they hear it especially in the lives of My loved ones, those who try their best and you are faithful to bring it to them. to follow Me. Well, I will try My best to explain to you why some of the things Of course, you’re having a tough time against the flood of lies are the way they are. they willingly soak up from the Enemy via the media… You see First of all you must know that I will never, ever forsake you. it as a handicap, as a circumstance that makes your task all the You know, just like I asked on the cross, “Father, why hast harder; I see it as a circumstance that makes your light shine all Thou forsaken Me?” but found out that He hadn’t really the more brightly, and makes the sound of truth all the more forsaken Me, that He was still there, and so I finally said, “Into precious. Your hands do I commend My Spirit.” The rarer something becomes, the more precious and valuable That’s the point to which the Father would like for each of His it becomes, too; and the rarer the truth becomes, the more children to get: the point of letting go and committing our all precious and valuable it becomes, too. into His almighty and all-loving hands. They may not appreciate its value, but I do, and I will be the One The human tendency is to cling, but the Father wants us to let to judge them according to how they treated that privilege when go of something lesser so that He can give us something better. it was given them. If they despise it, then that’s their mistake, and their own foolishness will be their judge and condemnation. It takes trust, because you don’t know what that “something better” is going to be like, and they say, “one bird in the hand is It’s the same as when you have no vacuum for My input; usually better than two in the bush.” because you’ve already had too much input from other But the Father says, “Not so, My dear, because what I have in sources… It’s a lesson on how important it is to shield yourself store for you is a lot – really a lot better than the one little bird from the wrong kind of input, and how poisonous and in your hand you so desperately cling to.” detrimental it can be. People always wonder about the story of Abraham and Isaac. Doesn’t it all drive home the importance of your job all the How could I demand such a thing of poor Abraham, they more, and the need for good and wholesome input and wonder, and ask him to kill his one and only son for Me. But information to give to the world, for My truth? you see, it was going to be an example to the world of the sacrifice that the Father was going to make for them in allowing Me, His one and only beloved Son, to be killed as a ransom and

sacrifice for the sins of all mankind. It didn’t make much sense to Abraham. Just as it doesn’t always make much sense what I seem to be asking of you. But Abraham chose to believe that I – and the Father - knew better. Ever since the Garden of Eden, when Adam and Eve ate of the tree of the fruit of knowledge of good and evil, people have thought that they could decide for themselves what is good and what is evil, instead of trusting Me for it. That faith and trust you have acquired by your faithful study of My Word and committing My Promises to heart must be put to use and put to the test, just as gold is purified in the fire. The human tendency is to quickly pipe up, “But the fire has been on for a long time now, and it’s getting unbearably hot.” But remember My Promise that I will never allow you to be tempted above that which you are able to bear. What Abraham in effect was saying was, “Even if God asks me to kill my own beloved son, I will trust in Him.” The same as Job, who said, “Even if He kills me, yet will I trust in Him.” Can you trust that much? Can you let go of everything and trust Me that I will hold it for you, and make something much more precious out of it than what you previously had? For what is your life? It’s but a vapor that’s here a little while and then it’s gone. The best thing you can do with that little vapor is to offer it to Me as incense, as a sacrifice of love, and as something that you know I have given you, and so you gladly and willingly give it back to Me, knowing that it is only a little seed that must fall into the ground and die in order to bring forth much fruit, or like a caterpillar that must become a cocoon in order to become a beautiful butterfly… I understand that you are afraid. But you will find out that I am stronger than your fears. And I can guarantee and promise you that your momentary sufferings are nothing compared to the glory that will be revealed in you. Sometimes people ask, “But why me, Lord? Why did You have to choose me to suffer for you? Why not somebody else?” When perhaps the right question ought to be, “Why not me?” The attitude of every believer should be, “Yes, Lord; take me; do with me as You please, because I’m all Yours anyway, You created me and gave me life to begin with, so I trust You with it, to do with it as You best see fit.”

honor and reward you for. I only make great kings and rulers out of those who are little or nothing in their own eyes. The less they have, the less they figure they have to lose by giving it back to Me. So, My love, will you fully honor Me by giving your full trust to Me, and trusting Me with your life, your future, everything? Can you fully trust that you are in the best hands, and thus in the best place in the universe you could possibly be? As messy and as unlikely as it may seem, can you trust that your life, the way it is right now, is precisely the best thing that could have happened to you of all the millions of options, in order to make you the best you could possibly become? People can never figure out why, of all people I have chosen them. But it’s usually because of some relatively small choice they made to begin with: you chose to come back faithfully to attend to My Words and learn from My lips. It may not always have resulted in all your dreams come true, but – can you trust Me for this when I say, it will? That treasure of the Words from My lips is worth more than all the gold or silver you could possibly accumulate in a life-time, because you will have to leave material treasures behind when you leave this earth, but My treasures are yours to keep forever. People sometimes underestimate My Words, but they’re actually the stuff that the universe is made out of. And your faith in My Words is the magic that will enable you to exercise the same creative power that I have, that enabled Me to create the immense universe with its billions of galaxies. People wonder, why would I have chosen a seemingly insignificant spec of dust like earth, just as they wonder why I would have chosen someone seemingly insignificant like you or them or so many of My other seemingly insignificant servants and handmaidens. But one day they will see as I see, and what I consider important, and also what I consider good and evil.

Will you trust Me, My love, that I know best which is good and which is evil in your life, and that I will only allow that which is ultimately good for you, even if your present tendency may be to differ? I know you won’t be able to do it with an occasional wavering, but even I was tempted to waver and felt forsaken by the Father, only to find out that I wasn’t and never had been! When a child is small, and you roll him a ball, and you want him He was always there, just like I am – and He is – in your life, to roll it back to you, so that you can repeat the game, at first he even if you may not always be aware of Our Presence. will not understand and cling to the ball. And that’s how people Can you also say, as I did, “’Into Your hands I commend My are: I give them something, and instead of giving it back to Me, Spirit,’ my life, my all?” they think they must cling to it. But in order to really enjoy the One day you will realize that nothing else really mattered in game, you need to “roll the ball” back to Me. And each time you your life, compared to the importance of My Presence in it, My do, I will roll something better your way! involvement in it, and your decision to trust Me. Can you trust Me that My love for you is so great and so pure, that no matter what I ask of you, no matter what I ask you to give up for Me, I will always give you something better in 193 ___________________________________________________ return? It’s encouraging when you notice that there has been some progress, isn’t it? You wonder now, “What do You mean, Lord? Honor Me by trusting Me. Don’t believe Satan’s input that would When did You ever get into a position in which you enjoyed cause you to doubt Me and would make Me look like a liar, like having made progress… As if You ever needed any. Do You someone who doesn’t keep his promises. even know what You’re talking about?” You haven’t even seen or experienced a fraction of My love yet, Oh, but I do. Remember? I was a child once, too, and an compared to all that you will yet experience. adolescent, and I’ve had to learn everything from scratch, the same as you, including how to walk and talk, and do everything, Contrary to people’s idea of Me, it’s not so that I don’t have and I very fondly remember those times of learning and need of anybody, just because I am all-powerful. Love – and I growing and making progress. That’s kind of the goal in life, am Love – works in such a way that it constantly needs to be isn’t it? You want to go on, make progress, not repeat the same needed. It’s give and take, and I need you. I need you to need old thing, not remain in the same old spot. Me. And by honoring My desire and My need in admitting that you It is My Father’s will for His creations and sons and daughters do need Me, you give Me a deep satisfaction that I will greatly to progress, and not to stand still, but to advance, and the

direction He wants everything to go, is obvious: closer to Him, on a path that improves in relation to Him, a state of greater cooperation and communication and interaction with Him; to become an integral and well-functioning part of His Big Picture of Everything… You can never just stand still and stagnate. There has got to be some sort of progress, some moving on, some advancement in the right direction in order not to “lose it.” The sad thing is that many people’s focus is basically all on themselves, and their concern is primarily with their own welfare, even in their interactions with others: “What can you or they do for me?” is their question that determines their attitude in life, and one that’s bound to cause them to sadly fail and miss the point. True progress is achieved through concern for others and developing an attitude that causes you to look around for things you can do that may be of service to them, instead of constantly being on the lookout for someone to cater to your personal well-being. It’s the attitude of a servant, as opposed to that of a tyrant, and the choice between either of those two is basically what determines your outcome in the final analysis of your life as either a winner or a loser. The tyrants may presently look like the winners, but they’ll certainly be the losers in the long run, whereas the servants are going to be the winners in My book. The tyrants are those who are too proud to be My servants, and they rebel against that destiny, and want to be served and catered to themselves. They don’t want to dance on “another sucker’s parade” as someone put it, which just about wraps up the Devil’s attitude of the original pride that brought sin and all of evil into the world. The only true progress and advancement is achieved via selfless serving. The regress and backwards movement the world is currently undergoing is all due to millions of little tyrants being let loose on each other, powered by the input that Satan has unleashed upon them on an unprecedented massive scale… soon to culminate in the revelation of the biggest tyrant ever… Success in relationship, in life itself, and just about everything, is thus determined by the largely underestimated virtue of humility. Humility determines who will be the losers and who will be the winners at the end of this game of life. It is one of the principal weapons with which this war of the worlds is going to be won, as paradox as that may sound to some and contrary to all they presently assume and think. Being a servant of Mine is infinitely more rewarding than being a slave in the matrix, which may enable you to play a tyrant over a handful of other people for a brief time in the present, but will usually only result in misery later… Better late progress than no progress at all, and I take anything I can get these days; although once I’ve got you, I’ll keep working on improving and enhancing you and your usefulness to Me, not least of all for the sake of your own fulfillment and happiness. I only ask you to be My servant because I have already been yours all along. 194 ___________________________________________________ There may be few who appreciate what you’ve got to give, but they are there. Isn’t it great to know you’re one of the few on the right path, as opposed to all the masses treading down the path that is destined for destruction? Even if it’s not necessarily they themselves who are headed for destruction, their path is, while you will already have been

walking on the eternal, lasting path, prepared to lead and guide the way for them who foolishly clung to the wrong path… So, you’re in no way disadvantaged, even if you may presently find yourself in a wee minority and vastly outnumbered. Remember My stance on “the numbers of man.” They don’t really impress Me, and neither should you be impressed by them. The measurements of man and his standards are faulty at best. If you want a proper and decent standard, adopt Mine. That’s what Wisdom refers to in Proverbs 8 by “judgment.” You can learn to define, determine and judge by true, divine and everlasting standards, as opposed to the faulty and flawed standards of man that are soon to be replaced permanently, even when it comes to such basic things as determining what is “good” or “bad.” If you cease from judging yourself, or judging by criteria based on your own personal inclinations, intuitions or understanding, and instead seek to view things from My angle, you can learn to truly apply that divine standard that will render the true picture of things. It’s as if you look through a spectrum that will render a clear and true illustration of things, instead of the tainted and poor version your own outdated “software” might render. You can become an apprentice to the One True Judge, instead of being just one more wannabe judge whose own criteria may be in desperate need of revision… Like that of so many worldly judges, or even the average citizen who judges everything and just about anyone by their own individual point of view based on the information they happen to accept as valid, which is basically, whatever suits them best. It’s a choice not for the most comfortable option, but rather, for the only true and genuine one, no matter what discomforts and sacrifices it may bring, that determines one’s ability to truly judge and discern between good and evil. Basically, it means allowing Me to judge the matter, and not come to conclusions prematurely. That requires patience and faith. Sometimes you’ve just got to leave it there until I reveal to you My thoughts and input about it. But the more practice you get at obtaining My input, the more skilled you’ll become at it. Just make sure you settle for nothing less than Mine, and that you don’t mingle too much of your own personal view and opinion with your judgment, which may taint the picture and diminish the quality of your gift of discernment. As long as your quest is for “the truth and nothing but the truth” instead of conclusions made in a rush, you’re safe. As long as you remember that it is I Who know, not you, you can fairly safely assume that you’ll be getting the right picture and that your judgment will be fair. Of course, it’s safest not to judge anyone at all, but if you have to judge a situation, make “righteous judgment,” as I admonished My listeners in the Gospel, and that is something you accomplish by allowing Me to be the Judge. Judge by My standards, and you’ll judge fairly. I love and honor those who judge by My measures, and they will be honored and obtain honor. People address and refer to worldly judges as “your honor,” but it will be My privilege to adorn My true judges with My honor. 195 ___________________________________________________ If you really knew and were aware of the extent to which I am actively present and involved in your lives, you would have full trust for every second, every moment of your lives, and you wouldn’t worry or fret about anything anymore… Not about death, and certainly not about living, how to bring in your money and support, etc. If you put My Kingdom and affairs first in your life, I take care of all that, as you should have learned from decades of experience by now: I was with you in times when you didn’t have anything.

And I have kept you and supplied for you for all those years… Why should I do it any differently now? Enjoy your life for a change without any stress or worries about your survival and substance. Let Me do My job of taking care of you while you do yours of taking care of the sheep and seeing to it that there will be material to feed them when the time comes and they will be more desperate for it because My prophecies of old will be fulfilled before their eyes, and it will be harder for them not to believe then, and they will be desperate for guidance and spiritual nourishment. Right now it’s still pretty much by faith, and some of those events look as if they might happen or not, but once they will be happening, those who have read and heard the prophecies of old won’t be able to deny their authenticity anymore, and they will know that the Bible was right and truth all along, and those who proclaimed My Words had been in the right all along… You can be free of all those worries. If you’re not, then how are you going to convey freedom from worries and fear to others? 196 ___________________________________________________ I’ve told you not to go by the way any group of people does it. What matters is that you have the conviction to do what I am showing you to do personally. When trouble comes you won’t be able to rely on any group. You’re going to have to be able to rely on Me; that’s what matters, and that’s what will count: how much will you have learned to truly rely on Me? That will determine the extent to which you will panic or not – even when everyone else around you will be panicking. The extent to which you’re learning to trust Me calmly now in the face of adversity and loss will determine how well you’ll be faring then, when adversity and loss will reach unprecedented proportions. So, don’t see it as if I’m teasing you with these things, but see them as necessary training: I’m training you not to cling to things any more than necessary. I’m training you to trust even in the face of loss. I’m training you because there will be more severe tests than this awaiting you in the future, and I want to make you strong enough to face them and to be able to pass them and not dismay or faint then, because that’s when the world will need you and what you have to give more desperately than at any other time. Right now they may think they don’t need what you have to give. Not yet. But your strength and faith in those days and in the face of real calamities will determine whether you’ve really got something to give, and whether what you have is going to be real gold faith that’s not going to go up in flames like their paper money and their paper money faith.

it, and thus are not ignorant of his devices and tactics, and become a more skilled fighter against him than those who ignore and don’t pay any attention to these things. 198 ___________________________________________________ An attitude of gratitude can change so many things, even if it’s just an interior change, but it sure affects the way you see things. If you thank Me for your situation and circumstances instead of complaining about them, you’re bound to improve things. Whereas complaining has never really helped much under any circumstances. It’s true that some of the circumstances and conditions I allow to crop up in your life could be deemed questionable. But perhaps I’m testing you to see how you’re going to take them, and whether you’re going to have a positive and praiseful attitude about them or you’re going to get into a negative drift and start complaining and murmuring in your heart about them. When you’re not quite sure about it, you tend to stay neutral about it and have a “let’s wait and see what’s to become of this” attitude. But maybe it would be more helpful if you’d adopt a definitely positive and praiseful attitude from scratch, showing that you believe that I know what I’m doing, even if it’s a situation that could potentially be rated either positively or negatively. When there’s a choice between rating something positively or negatively, why not make “positive” your default? Just because you know I’m in charge, and I have always made the best out of every situation so far… And how likely is it that I’m going to let you down this time? Your situation causes you to search your heart and seek Me about the possibility that you might have done something wrong, or at least could do things better. That’s better for you than assuming that you’re doing fine and everything is honkydory, just because you happen to be faring okay financially… People always figure that as long as they’re doing well financially, I must be pleased with them, and everything’s in order. Just about the worst imaginable “punishment” for them and the greatest shame is when their finances start to dwindle. They start feeling useless, or as if I had forsaken them and withdrawn My blessings, when it could also be that I’m preparing them for a future situation without any money at all, in which case the withdrawal is a token of My love for them. I want you to become dependent on Me, not on paper! I want you to know that I’m a greater force to be reckoned with than any amount of money in the world. Financial power – all good and nice, but nothing compared to My power! When it comes to a factor that people put their trust in, then money is definitely My rival no.1, and it happens subtly. How dependent folks become on money only becomes evident once I start withdrawing it or allow its flow to be reduced. If I see that it doesn’t have any effect on their faith and trust in Me and they remain cheerful and thankful, then I know money does not affect them, but if I see that their trust starts to crumble, then we have a problem, and we need to work on it. We need to establish just Who or what you should be placing your trust in. We need to figure out why your faith and trust diminishes when your financial status does, because the two should really be independent from each other, otherwise it indicates that your faith is still hinged on your circumstances to some extent.

197 ___________________________________________________ Sometimes the faith of those who have come from a background of disbelief and have had to fight their way out through the darkness toward the light is stronger, and they become better and more passionate fighters than those who have grown up with the truth and tend to take it for granted sometimes. The fact that you grew up with an evolution-based background makes you a sharper tool in My hands against the enemies of truth who are threatening to flood the world with their lies. People who grew up with the teachings of creation often couldn’t care less about the beliefs of evolutionists, while you spend more time learning how to destroy their delusions. It also helps you see where many of the evils of society come from, and how it’s their dogmas of disbelief that bring many of 199 ___________________________________________________ their curses upon them, and you see the Enemy at work behind Life as you know it is not the same as it used to be before

the Fall, nor what I had originally intended it to be like, and in comparison, it’s almost more like death than life the way I had intended, and the way you will experience it again when you will come Home to Me. This does not mean that I’m advocating suicide or Euthanasia, because life as it is also has a purpose and is meant to be a school, a learning experience you’re meant to go through, and not supposed to skip or miss out on. You can make up for Adam and Eve’s failure to trust and believe and obey Me by reversing in your own life the course they took and decide to trust Me that I know what I’m doing, and also mean what I have said. When I said that they would die on the day they would eat of that fruit, I meant it, and in comparison to the abundant life they lived before they sinned, the life that I have promised all of My believers, they were dead after eating from the forbidden tree, and they only returned to life in the sense they had known it before, after they died.

life without them. The problem is that comfort isn’t necessarily always equivalent with happiness. The true source of happiness then as much as now is and has always been knowing Me, and your attitude toward Me is what will determine whether you’re going to be truly happy or not. The darkness of the past was just as much due to people’s rejection of Me and My truth as today’s darkness, contrary to what notorious atheists claim, that the miseries of the past happened because of people’s faith, which they call superstition.

Life is death compared to what it once used to be and what it was meant to be, and what it will be again for those who have accepted My sacrifice, once they cross the pathway of what they presently call death. Their parting from this life will be an arrival in a much better life. On the other hand, as pitiful as this present life may be in comparison, it’s still there for a purpose, and not to be despised. You don’t have to be afraid of death, because what I have It’s a testing ground for you to find out and determine how to promised to those who accept My sacrifice on the cross is also make Heaven or Hell happen for you by your choices. The true: they shall have eternal life, and “whosoever liveth and reason why some people’s lives resemble death rather than life believeth in Me shall never die,” and “though he were dead, yet is that it resembles hell because of their choices, while at the shall he live.” same time it could be so much more like Heaven, if they would You don’t need to hang on to this life tooth and nail as if it were only make the right choices. the only thing you’ve got and will ever have, because the best is Somebody once made the wrong choice that resulted in this yet to come. I encourage My followers to lose their lives in opportunity for you and everyone to make the right ones that service for Me, to give their lives for the benefit of others as will bring them back toward the way things originally were. witnesses for Me, in order to bring them the eternal life that I In fact, they will even be better than they were originally, in the originally intended for man to live, and deliver them from this long run. You can choose to trust and believe Me for all that, poor simulation of life they currently live instead. and watch just what a difference it will make in your life! A lot depends on your attitude, your faith and your whole concept and perception of life, your input, and on whether you have a positive or negative outlook on things; all factors that determine whether the life you live is more like Heaven or hell. You can walk through life with a positive attitude of trust that Someone knew what they were doing when they instituted this game of life, including its process of aging, sicknesses and other ailments, or you go through life murmuring and complaining about the kind of disaster that life presents for you… And according to your attitude the quality of your life will be. You can choose to see the donut or the hole. You can choose to see Me as the loving Father I am, or as the wicked tyrant with the magnifying glass on the ant hill, who’s just out to torture and tease you incessantly. If you believe the first, then you will also be able to trust that whatever trial and test I bring along is something which, according to My judgment, you will be able to benefit from. You will know that no suffering I allow to come your way will ever be unnecessary. You’ll be able to trust in a divine purpose for everything, even if initially and occasionally you’re tempted to doubt and waver. The key to life, and life abundant (John 10:10), is trust in Me. Life is a school, which – if you’re an attentive pupil – will teach you that it certainly pays to trust and believe in Me, no matter how ridiculous the Devil may make that notion appear by all his artistically and artificially concocted appearances of fake realities and “truths” such as the theory of evolution. Knowledge and the supply of information may have increased, but the quality and value of that information have drastically decreased, so that despite the fact that people have more information crammed into their heads than ever before, they’re not actually any smarter. They just think they’re smarter. Nor are they actually happier, although some may think so, because they consider their technological achievements reasons to be happier than their ancestors who have had to live 200 ___________________________________________________ I’m trying to lead you away from: thinking in lucrative terms only. I want you to see the real value in and of things. I want you to appreciate what you’ve got. To appreciate something means you know its worth. Where is that paper money going to be in a few years from now? Where is it going to be in the scope of eternity? That’s why the love of money is the root of all evil: it keeps you from the true values of life. It leads you down the wrong path. You think you’ve got to go down that way, when all the while I’m beckoning you to come and follow Me up this way! It’s probably the strongest temptation the Devil’s got up his sleeve, and with so many “good intentions” strewn along with it: you want to be responsible. You want to fulfill your duty. You want to contribute your share. And, of course, you want to impress with numbers, the favorite game of all mankind. I’m trying to teach you that there are more important things than chasing after numbers. Numbers and their pursuit can make your endeavors come across as mathematical, instead of filled with divine inspiration. The numbers game may be good and necessary for some, but for others it can constitute a distraction from the things I really want them to do and pursue. Don’t let your life be ruled and governed by numbers. If you do, you’re bound to wind up becoming nothing more than a number yourself. I want to emphasize on the living, personal side of things. I want you to know in a deeper way than the cold, calculating type of head knowledge that most people consider knowledge these days, that can be just so much head stuffing which tends to puff up, while only love really edifies and builds something in you that will last. Knowledge will cease, but love never will. The acquisition of more knowledge will become obsolete someday, whereas love

will always be in process. That’s the goal, so why not steer your life in that direction, the direction of love? Steer the boat of your life in the direction of love, not the acquisition of values that can be measured in numbers. That’s one quality of love that makes it unique and different from just about any other gift or value: It cannot be measured in numbers. For how will you measure love? Your knowledge can be measured by your IQ, and you can count the amount of miracles you do, or the amount of people you heal, the number of times you speak in tongues, or even the words of prophecy I pour out to you. But only the Father can measure the sum of your acts and deeds of love, and knows what your score in the Love Game is. It’s not something you can figure out by worldly, human means or on their terms. In fact, it’s pretty much “worthless” according to their standards, when it’s just about the only thing of true and lasting value when it comes to Our standard and heavenly criteria. The standard of love is the only true and proper standard. So why not just let everything else go? It sounds scary, doesn’t it? Let everything else go for this shady, hazy thing called love? Well, not if it’s the very same thing that the Creator of the universe has identified Himself with, the very matter that He constitutes of. Not when He has determined that that is indeed all that matters.

Old habits die hard. Your flesh has been in the gear of fending for itself for decades, and that’s a rhythm you don’t easily get out of your system. It’s quite a shift from the “preserving of the flesh” gear to the losing your life gear that is involved in the dying daily of witnessing. There’s nothing in it for the flesh: no glory, no survival benefits, only a humbling and breaking process and death to pride. The flesh is constantly asking, “Can’t I do something else instead? Something more ‘useful?’” When there is hardly anything more useful to find than witnessing, as far as I’m concerned… It takes you down to the depth of the death of self and ego, when what your flesh wants is to ascend into the sunshine and the limelight. It’s not in you to do My will, as even Paul said. The desire may be there, and the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. What you need to seek wholeheartedly is My grace to do it anyway, no matter how hard your flesh rebels and strives against it.

202 ___________________________________________________ Don’t be afraid that you might lose this connection of ours. You can be as sure and as certain of it as you can be of the air that you breathe. My Presence is a constant, it doesn’t change. There’s never a time I’m not there for you. Sure, the world tells you the opposite, and gives you a million It’s as sure as the presence of the sun. You may not be able to reasons why everything else matters and is so much more see it, but you can know for certain it’s there, because important… And you’re torn between the two on a daily basis: otherwise life on earth would pretty much cease immediately. the standard of love, God’s standard on one hand, and the You may not see it because the skies are grey, but it’s there. world’s standards on the other. Likewise you may not always see or hear or feel Me, either, but The world’s standards claim and shout and provoke, “How will you can be just as sure that I am there, ready to give My you make a name for yourself today? What will you achieve and spiritual warmth and light and life to you. accomplish today? What will you do in order to fulfill your duty Making it not too obvious that it’s there at times is what I do in to mankind?” order to strengthen and train your faith, and loosen your grip While the voice of love will call, “How much will you love today? and dependence on circumstances. How much will you allow yourself to be loved, and how much of I want you to know I’m there even when it’s not so obvious, just that love are you going to pass on?” “How determined are you as sure as you know the sun is still around even on cloudy to make that your goal in life?” – Instead of all those other days. I want and need you to register that fact. You can depend things. on Me. It’s a battle. Your mind never stops reasoning, “But… this thing, I love for you to need Me. It’s comparable to the thrill it gives … and the other!” And sure, they all have their degree of you when you know you’re giving people something they enjoy importance. But none of them are as important as the standard through whatever you pour out. and measure of love. Even on cloudy days the earth does benefit from the sun’s Weigh all you do and are going to do by that standard of love, warmth and light. So, you can thank Me for, and enjoy My and learn to judge things by the criteria of love. See things Presence, even during those times when it seems less present through the eyes of love, and make it your yard stick by which or obvious. you measure everything, even the cost and price and value of your daily endeavors. I don’t always like to make things all too obvious. Even though You’ll see priorities shifting in your life. Things will change. I’m right there and available to anyone who asks, I don’t force Most importantly, you will change. Myself on anyone, nor do I like to come across as too obviously the Answer to their problems. Otherwise I’d have more than What else could be more important? enough “friends” all for the wrong reasons, which in part, you might say, I already do. So, I don’t want to make it too easy for It’s a matter of choice between “life more abundant,” the full life everyone. I promise, and the empty life that people lead when they stuff it You’ve got to do a little bit of seeking sometimes and make that with the fake goods the Enemy or the world has to offer. It’s a effort to find Me and spot Me even in the not so obvious places matter of discerning and determining between the true and in life. false values. I like to make Myself found in less than obvious places. An empty life is what I would consider a life spent in the pursuit Come and find Me out! of momentary fulfillment as in chasing after pleasure or material things only. The full life is found in seeking Me, the Source of lasting joy and fulfillment. 203 ___________________________________________________ The question at the beginning of every day of your life is, what I’m not nearly as concerned about keeping your life are you going to fill your life with today? – The values that last, comfortable as I am about keeping it revolutionary. or the temporary values of the world? Are you betting on flesh I like to shake people up, rather than keep them in comfortable or spirit? Time or Eternity? The fake or the Real Thing? The ruts. How else can I teach you new lessons, unless I allow new Enemy’s empty promises, or on Me? things and situations to occur in your life? - Even if they may not strike you as favorable. Sometimes all that matters is that they’re a change from the usual… something different. 201 ___________________________________________________ I like whatever is the opposite of conservative and stagnant. I

like the alive and moving. The flesh always tends to become stuck in a rut sooner or later. It may think it’s immortal, but inevitably and unstoppably moves toward the proof of the opposite, and that it’s only the spirit that brings life. There are many things that you or any other rational thinker might have known better than for Me to allow them, but do they really know all the factors involved, and whether the alternative really would have been better? Can they really say that they would have been a better judge of the situation? A lot of terrible things have happened since the beginning of the world, a lot of grief and pain. But would you rather have traded in your freedom to love and serve Me voluntarily in order to have things differently? Free choice has and always had its price. That has been the plan, and I’m not about to stop it now, so close to the goal and the conclusion of the plot. The story is nearly done being told, and though there’s yet one last dark and fierce chapter to be written and told, the glorious ending is also coming into sight. The greatest slaughter since the beginning of history is still before us and impending, and it’s not as if I particularly enjoy that sort of bloodshed. But just as My blood had to be shed, and the blood of Abel was shed, and the blood of every lamb of sacrifice since the beginning of the world, so the world needs to pay the consequences for having chosen the way of sin over and over and over again. The lesson has to be made unequivocally clear. It has to stick. Mankind will only appreciate peace and reconciliation with Me after the most horrible wars have been fought, that will be remembered as signs and tokens of warning, so they will truly be able to say from their hearts, “never again.” 204 ___________________________________________________ The faulty and flawed leadership of the world will serve to help people appreciate the Real Thing when they will finally see it, and experience truly righteous and just governance in My Kingdom. Even experiencing where your own tyranny can lead will teach you where it’s not at, and how much better it is to subject yourself to the leadership of My Spirit. Knowing that you wouldn’t have done better than anyone else had you been in their positions helps you to understand just what are the true criteria for good and anointed leadership… If you’re willing to accept what those from the grassroots have to contribute, instead of dismissing it prematurely, and you trust Me that I brought that person and their input across your path for some reason, you can just about profit and learn from anything and use whatever comes your way to push you on forward. Your natural inclination would be… “Why should I have to listen to this rubbish?” But just because I have put you in that situation, and you know that it would be an unloving thing to do not to listen to them, you subject yourself to it, and you go through it… You never know what worse fate you will have saved yourself and them from by your willingness to listen to them, even though you were basically unable to process much of the information they gave you. In fact, it wasn’t about an exchange of information at all. It was basically just about gesture, about willingness to listen, about sacrificing your time for them, about love. The things they tell you may be in essence invalid, but you simply know you’re doing the right thing in listening to them anyway. Why do I have you go through this? Why am I asking you to waste your time on this? You don’t know, but you just know that you have to do it. Because you trust that only I know the outcome of what would

happen if it were different. You may not have had to listen to them, but something worse could have befallen you. You may not have had to deal with this and occupy your time with all these seemingly insignificant issues, but you may not have gotten any further along, anyway. And so you let Me decide what I deem you ought to be occupying your time with, trusting that My ways are not your ways, My thoughts not yours, and Mine as high above yours as the skies above the earth. You know and trust, because you have learned that I love to take the unconventional way. You see Me in all things, perceive Me in all things, and thus for you it is without question that I actually am in all things. I’m present; I’m around, as far as you can see, and I promise, you and the whole world will find out that you were right about that. Thank you for paying attention even to the little, seemingly insignificant things! Thank you for having allowed Me to teach you that lesson; for not being exclusive and insisting on occupying your time and mind solely with obviously “important” things! Who’s to say what’s important, and what’s not? Thank you for letting Me be the Judge over these things in your life, and for giving Me and them a chance to even make their little, seemingly insignificant world important to you. Welcome to My World! That’s what My life is and always was all about. I have chosen to make you, your world, and whatever occupies your mind at any given time, My world, My affair, and My concern, because what you are and what you think and moves and occupies you matters to Me. Thanks for not being discriminative against the little things! Thank you for allowing other things to matter to you than position, power, wealth, and all the things that the hunters for these top items chase after all their lives, often without ever really enjoying a single day of their lives… How many of them have never wept a single tear of joy? They don’t even know what they’re missing. Thank you for coming down to My world – the world of little things! 205 ___________________________________________________ Love is faithful. It doesn’t flare up in the face of someone you claim to love the minute something less than desirable occurs and give them the blame for it. It doesn’t treat people unfairly. It takes both the ups and downs, and doesn’t just remain loyal during the good times. You learn to take the ups and downs, the bad times along with the good times. Remember that one thing is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful. Try to remember to stay a little more faithful and loyal to Me next time you’re tempted to give Me the blame for some unpleasant circumstance or when you get angry or upset… Perhaps you’ll manage not to blame or judge Me, but to just take it graciously. Yes, it may be a test, and I may have allowed it. But just because it’s a test and I allow it, why not try to pass it, instead of flunking it by acting exactly in the way you shouldn’t? If it’s a test and you truly want to please Me, why not play along, and make an effort to actually pass the test and act in a manner that will help you to score points, instead of flunking it by rebelling against it? It’s a test, and you’re actually supposed to pass it, if you don’t constantly want to have to repeat it… Once you’ve got your issues with Me straightened out, and you’ve got the basis of love straight with Me, then you will also start making progress in your relationship with others, and those you are supposed to reach for Me.

It’s during those times of testing, when the pressure is on, that your character and strength are being put to the test and must prove their worth. 206 ___________________________________________________ The world is not going to make your life easier in any way, unless they’re bound to get something in exchange for their services. They only give you something in order to be able to take something else away from you. They give you a little information in exchange for your freedom. They lend you their space to do all your communications business on, only to get more information out of you again that will be helpful in controlling you better… You can always expect from their corporations, businesses and services to have ulterior motives in lending you their services. The whole world lies in darkness. All they have is a pretense of light, a false light, the artificial imitation of Lucifer, the former and fallen light bearer, who all he’s got left now is a semblance of the light he once bore, and with which he is now deceiving mankind. He’s not the true light, although he will pretend to be. Most people in this society accept him as the real thing, though, because what he’s got to offer seems to be so much more attractive than what I have to offer: He offers prosperity and affluence and power in this world, in the here and now, while I call for abandon of these things. His Gospel of pride sounds more attractive to most of them than My Gospel of Humility. The followers and disciples of the Gospel of Humility will always be fewer in this world than those of the false gospel of pride… They will reject, hate and resist you the way they did Me… That should come as no surprise to you. It’s a given you should be prepared for. It’s what is to be expected from this world. 207 ___________________________________________________ There is no chance for redemption unless the problem and the need for a solution have been recognized. As long as you think that nothing’s wrong with you and what you’re doing, you don’t see the need to change things. Now is as good a time as any to turn around and start going a new way, head in a new direction toward greater levels of activity for My Cause, making some efforts to find some of the sheep that I have promised are out there scattered throughout the real world…

another yet smaller minority of chosen ones among them chose to receive and accept Me as the promised Messiah, Savior and Son of God… It’s shocking sometimes, just how few are really attuned to Me and choose My way… But don’t see it as a negative, or let it discourage you, but rather, let it drive home to you the significance of the role you play for Me. The less there are around of your kind, the more precious and valuable you become. It’s a little bit like with the American Natives: when the Europeans first started coming and conquering America, the Natives were a majority, and were definitely not appreciated, but feared as enemies, and fought, and nearly exterminated. But since they’ve become so rare and few, a lot of people have started appreciating them and their culture that nearly disappeared and got lost for good… Some folks appreciate you being around, and perhaps especially because there are so few of your kind. Just like the American Natives, they know that you do have some weaknesses and peculiarities about you, but they appreciate and accept you nonetheless, because they know that you have something valuable to give that is on the verge of becoming lost, except for a miracle of My preservation and protection. 209 ___________________________________________________ Once you get going pouring out it’s hard for you to stop and get into refilling gear. It’s hard for you to quiet down and be still once you get going. But it’s better you do make the effort than to risk running out of energy and fuel, winding up exhausted, burned out, and possibly getting out of it. The more you rely on the Spirit, the less you will have that urge to do it yourself, in the flesh. You simply learn by experience that the Spirit is the easier and better and more effective way in the long run, that the flesh may have its advantages, but they’re always finite, and sooner or later it’s bound to let you down, and the sooner you will have learned to depend on the Spirit, the more and longer you will find yourself sustained even in situations in which the flesh would have let you down. It’s comparable to the longevity of paper currencies vs. that of gold and other lasting currencies and values: paper money may temporarily be the hottest item around, and everybody may be chasing it and spending all their lives and energies in the pursuit of it and running after it, but in the long run it turns out that its power was very limited and temporary. The fires of life’s trials will reveal which are the values and currencies that endure and last. I want you to endure and to be able to endure, instead of running out of steam prematurely. That’s why I need you to learn to put your cards on the Spirit.

Don’t dwell in remorse over what has been, but rather look up and ahead at what’s before you. If the right time for different things and ways hadn’t been here so far, then it looks like it is here now, and I want you to be open for it, actively seeking and creating new opportunities by counseling with your co-workers and members of your flock about what more you could possibly do together than you have been doing thus far. You have to be able to recognize when it’s time to pull out of pouring mode and you need to get a refill. It’s essential for you There’s something new to be created, something new to be to recognize that the power is not yours but Mine, and that you done, some innovations and changes to be made that will bring need that contact and communication with Me in order to keep about the progress and the fruit you desire. going and keep pouring. You naturally feel the urge to give out what you’ve got, but it’s vital that you recognize that you can’t keep pouring out 208 ___________________________________________________ unlimitedly without coming back to Me, getting refilled and thus The flesh is the flesh, whether you’re part of My “chosen show that you acknowledge that you rely on Me. people” or inner circle, or not. The flesh will always lure the It’s one reason why I have to keep you physically weak and flesh to walk the way of the flesh, and those who will be able to obviously dependent on Me, not able to do all that much at resist that pull will always be a minority, even if they’re part of a once. group that already constitutes a minority, just like not everyone I’ve got to have you wait for Me. I can’t let you do it on your among the Jews – a small and oppressed minority as far as the own. Only together with Me are you as strong as you need to be rest of the world was concerned – did not receive Me, but only for this battle that’s coming up. If you try to rush ahead of Me,

you’re risking everything. 210 ___________________________________________________ The question you’re asking yourself now is whether I will continue the stream of supply, or is My apparent withholding of the financial flow perhaps a sign that I want you to do something else instead? Well, for one thing, I don’t want you to be complacent. I want you to stay in a mode in which you’re desperately seeking Me for every step, never taking for granted that your current procedure or state is just perfectly fine without any further need for improvement. In order to achieve that, it is necessary for Me not to provide you with a constantly steady flow, that sort of comes automatically, no matter what you do, but requires a constant monitoring on your behalf of your connection with Me, and the “state of our affair,” so to speak.

as some later falsely excused Me. But on the other hand, did I have them work in order to obtain that money? Or did I not rather provide it for them miraculously, as in the account of the coin in the mouth of the fish? I am able to provide the filthy lucre the System demands, even without your having to divert your attention from the work you’re doing for Me in order to obtain it.

You wonder, “Why are You leaving me?” But that Promise is absolutely real and perpetually valid: “I will never leave thee nor forsake thee!” Never. Satan may sow that doubt in your mind because of the rather bleak circumstances that make it appear as though I or the Father had forsaken you. But that’s just where your faith is being tested, whether you will cling to that Promise of “I will never leave thee nor forsake thee,” and whether you’re actually going to believe it, or fall for the doubt trap of the Enemy. And even if you doubt, I will not leave or forsake you. You may temporarily believe it, and thus it may seem to you that way, but If I would supply you with a constant and steady flow of plenty you can absolutely know for certain that this will never ever of income, you would probably be much less inclined to double- truly be the case. There is no such thing. Even if you’re check with Me about My opinion on how you’re faring. It would faithless, I remain faithful. I cannot deny Myself. I cannot go be so “obvious” then. As long as the machine keeps rolling back on My Promises. somehow and puttering away, everyone thinks that things are I’m not like one of those politicians like Obama who promises just fine and okay, no improvement needed. one thing and does another. But by keeping you on a financially tight and shorter leash, I am No matter what noble intentions they claim to have and make better able to keep you close to Me, desperately looking up to themselves believe would justify their means, a false promise is Me, rather than complacently going through your days without a lie and a deception, and never justifiable in My eyes, nor will it question whether you’re doing alright, as far as I’m concerned. ever hold ground before Me, and as they will all be able to tell My flow of spiritual riches will always be steady and available to by the end result, it will never result in good fruit, either. you, and is not dependent on how you’re faring, or on whether You cannot obtain good results from an evil deed, just as you you’re failing Me in some way. To the contrary: if you would be cannot obtain good fruit from a bad tree. I may use the mistakes failing Me in some way, I would probably have even more to tell and even sins of My children for greater good, if they are you about it. recognized, confessed and repented of, but that is a totally So the one thing that keeps you concerned about My approval different story. These people use lies as a supposedly is your financial status. justifiable means to achieve their pseudo-noble goals, and they will soon find out just how justifiable they were according to My Sometimes I allow things to happen for you to see what would opinion and the rules of My book. happen if… Those are the liars and thieves that the Book of Revelation Life, in some ways, is a constant experiment of “Let’s see what speaks of who will have no part, no right to enter into My happens if…” You live and learn by experience, finding out just heavenly City. They may claim to be Christians, but who is what happens if certain things occur. going to know whether that’s not just another one of their lies Changes are brought about that way, too. You may realize that that they use in order to catapult themselves forward in the race certain things you may have once considered the end of the for power, just like all the other ones? world may not be that grave, after all, so you change your If they claim to know Me, why don’t they act like it? By their attitude and opinion about them, you overcome your fears of fruits ye shall know them, and if the fruit of their lips is the them, and thus you become more free and independent. opposite of their actions, you can always tell that they’re not of “What if” the flow isn’t going to continue in the same way it Me, for I am the way and the truth and the life, and the way of has? lies and lies and ever more lies is simply not My way, but Is the world really going to collapse and stop turning? clearly the opposite. Sooner or later things will become bad one way or another. That’s the type of people to whom I will say, “Depart from Me, Perhaps I’m preparing all of you for that time right now. ye workers of iniquity, for I have never known you.” I have Perhaps it has come to that… never known them, just as they have never known Me. We’re Perhaps things could be worse, and perhaps they will be. strangers to each other. Just as the pseudo pious religious Perhaps My Word is right, after all, about its prognosis as far as authorities in My day thought they were children of God or of the future of the world is concerned, and the sooner people Abraham, and I plainly told them, “You are of your father, the learn to depend on Me, the better off they’re going to be… Devil,” the same applies to them. You can’t tell one lie after another and still claim you’re not a son of the father of lies! 211 ___________________________________________________ You cannot lie incessantly and claim to be a child or follower of I was a Man of no reputation for your sake. Now would you the God of truth! be willing to do the same for Me and become a man of no reputation for My sake? – And for the sake of others. As long as If you judge everything by the criteria of false and true, you’ll you’re still bound by ties such as concern over your reputation, see that there is quite a gap between My ways and those the how are you ever going to free anyone else from theirs? cohorts of the Enemy avail themselves of, which make the two Only a free person can truly liberate another. They need to see parties quite distinguishable from each other. that there is such a thing as freedom out there at all, and that’s Their way is theirs and Mine is Mine, and never the twain shall why they need a living proof and sample of it, and that’s why I meet. can’t have you captive or slave or subject to any of the devices I will let them see where their path will have led them. And you’ll of the Enemy that he uses to keep his slaves in line. be glad then that you chose the opposite way. They may look like the winners temporarily, but they’re going to It is not that I forbade My disciples to pay taxes to the Romans, be revealed as pathetic losers once they wind up before their

Maker’s throne and will have to give an account for each of their idle words and empty promises they cause the public to put their hopes in only to be let down and betrayed again and again and again.

focusing on Me and looking unto Me, the Author and Finisher not only of your faith, but pretty much of everything that you are, and not only you, but each and everyone of My brides and My creations. I have started this work, and it is I Who will have to complete it. How great the darkness, when that supposed light in their eyes I’m a very active God, much more so than you could possibly is actually darkness, and how great the deception when what perceive right now, and it will be one of the most shocking they proclaim as truth is actually nothing but lies… surprises in history when the extent to which I have been and am being actively involved in what’s going on on earth will be revealed. 212 ___________________________________________________ People think it’s they doing most of the action, while I’m up I sometimes test your faith, whether you’re going to keep on Here twiddling thumbs, but are they ever going to be believing even if it seems as if I had forsaken you. surprised… I didn’t, and I never will, but are you going to keep believing it, I’m truly not just a passive Observer. even if I don’t seem to be around momentarily, or choose not to They don’t call Me “the Maker” for nothing. It’s not as if I retired give you any input on the matter? and decided to watch you guys doing all the action. If you were ever involved in making a movie, you’d actually notice that the I’m not like the Devil and his mass media: I don’t brainwash you director happens to be one of the most active figures on the into accepting My pre-fabbed conclusions, but I want you to set, and you could definitely say that’s the case with Me. reach your own. If you’re going to believe Me and trust Me, I Of course, I do a large part of My work through you, My agents want you to know why you do, and how you’ve reached the on earth, but I don’t restrict Myself to working exclusively conclusion and determination to trust Me. through you. There are also millions of angels and spirit And in order for you to know those things quite for certain, so helpers around, and then I also like to get involved in the action that your faith in them will be able to endure any storm (and lo, Myself. the storm is coming), I allow you to be tested and to pass That’s part of the reason why I never cease from trying to through experiences that will assure you over and over again of convince you of availing yourself of My help and power, instead the reasons that lead you to conclude that you can trust Me, of always waiting for some physical figure to appear and save even if temporarily it may not seem to be the case at times. you. Salvation will come to you from the Spirit. That’s the “hills” from whence cometh your help. Not from the physical heights I want your faith to outweigh the circumstances. and big shots around you in your realm, but “from the Lord which made heaven and earth.” If I created all that stuff, don’t you think I might be able to help 213 ___________________________________________________ you out, too? Have I not said that I have other sheep who are not of this I may have given folks the impression that I am by nature a fold? You should be glad that there are many sheep coming rather weak and helpless God for having allowed them to back from the false folds of the churches to the true Shepherd; crucify Me, but one day even the dumbest soul in the universe that they’re finding out who I really am, and that they have so will understand that this apparent sign of weakness was much in common with you, even if it’s quite unlikely that they’re actually a manifestation of the greatest strength. ever going to want to join you. If I would have manifested Myself in My true strength, I would It’s a desire for people to join your group, to want them to be have all the friends in the world, but all for the wrong reasons. part of your thing and what you do, and lend their power to you So, I’m allowing the Enemy to play the role of the big, tough in order to enhance yours, but it’s a carnal desire, and one of head honcho to see who’s going to fall for it, and who will not the factors that drove them away from the churches in the first be fooled by his act but will refuse to settle for anything less place. and other than the Real Thing. The concern of the Early Church, and which should be yours, Only those who want the Real Thing are going to get it. Let all also, was to bring them to Me. Of course, back then, when there the others who settle for the seemingly more impressive fake was only one church, when somebody became a Christian, it settle for that. If they’re so easily impressed by any old show usually meant that they became part and member of the church, and display or power, well, there you go… be My guest. too, even if secretly, and that has become a lot more What I’m really interested in is the folks who won’t fall for it, no complicated nowadays with all those different churches and matter how impressive… groups. Just keep focusing on the true spiritual church, the ecclesia, those who are the true called out ones from the System, 214 ___________________________________________________ regardless of whether they’re going to be part of your group or Prosperity isn’t always as conducive to progress as the lean not. times are. Even the smallest and most despised group, if given the When there’s plenty, people tend to look around a lot less for opportunity and power, would fall into the same traps and make new things they could do, new projects they could start or the same mistakes as the churches, and that’s why it’s areas to pioneer. Self-satisfaction settles in way too easily in important that you don’t keep your eyes on the group or on the order to activate that initiative and drive you need to look people, but solely on Me. around and start some new project or even look around for new Keep your focus on Me, and let that be enough. prospects. Let My strength and power be sufficient for you. You may crave So, I am able to use financial instability better than financial and want physical support from people, but I’m primarily stability, in general terms, since it causes greater desperation, concerned about teaching you to avail yourself of My support as opposed to that stagnating self-satisfaction. and aid. I’m using your desperation to stir up your innovativeness and Once you will have learned to do that, then it will also draw the creativity. attention of others toward you, and will cause them to consider I use those things, just as I use everything else in your life. lending their support to you and joining forces with you. There is nothing that will stir you up and fan the fire of But first you’ve got to prove that you’re the real thing, and you inspiration in you as that desperation caused by a shortage of only become the real thing by keeping your eyes and focus funds. As soon as the usual flow stops, you pray more, you steadily on the Real Thing, Me. look around more for what else you might be able to do for Me, It all keeps boiling down to the one same thing, which is as opposed to the times when a lot of your time is spent on just

entertaining yourselves, simply because there is no apparent need for improvement, progress, or change. I use the hard times for both your and My own good purpose, and generally speaking, they’re a lot more conducive to bearing good and lasting fruit than what you would call the “good times, “ the easy and prosperous times. The hard times are a much more excellent preparation for what’s to come than the easy times, which only tend to further spoil you, so just try to enjoy the hard times for what they are, because for one thing, they’re not nearly as hard as they could be, and are inevitably going to be, and secondly, a positive approach to them will lead to greater productivity and show Me that you continue to trust Me in spite of the circumstances, and thus means greater victory! “Greater victories out of seeming defeat” is My slogan, and I’m happy for you that you are going through this comparatively hard time, because it is simply much better for you than a prolonged period of good times would have been, just as I told My disciples that I was happy for their sakes that Lazarus had died, because I was going to be able to do a miracle that was going to increase their faith even more. I use those seeming defeats all the time for greater victories and miracles. So, enjoy these relatively harder and more difficult times as an opportunity to bring out something more and something good and something new in you, something that’s going to increase your productivity, and thus your efficiency and use for Me, which these times of pressure have always done. It also makes you look for the most efficient option in order to reach people, not necessarily that which you would personally like or enjoy the most. So, which is better? - The good times or the hard times? – You tell Me! Financial stability unfortunately often encourages complacency. As long as a certain method works, people don’t look around for something new to do, or at least not as readily, or under the same pressure. Pressure is a force that I use for good. It’s not necessarily something bad that needs to be shunned and avoided at any cost. 215 ___________________________________________________ I like to bring out in you the potential that you didn’t even know yourself was there, and which other way can I do that than by extraordinary, and sometimes rough circumstances? Certainly the “usual way” wouldn’t bring about those moments of exuberance! You can only reach your extreme strength in extreme situations. Why not try and enjoy this challenge? The times are hard? Hallelujah! Bring on the night! Bring on the battle! That’s what you’re on the battle field for – to fight, and that’s the only thing that’s going to make you skilled at fighting and stronger, not the easy, affluent times. You compare to those who are doing better and you think you’ve got the raw end of the deal, when in the end it doesn’t matter what you’ve been handed, but what you make out of it that counts, and you know enough stories of people who were really handed the raw end of the deal and rough circumstances, and yet made the best out of it… You can do it, too! You don’t have to accept the loser’s fate or the loser label the Enemy wants to pin on you, even in your own mind! If you’re going to accept the Devil’s brainwash and indoctrination, then woe is us! So, guard your truth! Keep defending it, and keep cherishing and valuing it as the priceless treasure that it is! I’ve been sowing the seed of the truth in theory in your mind, but now it’s up to you to make out of it a truth that you can actually live. Dependence on Me is what counts, and where we are right now

is the process of taking that principle out of the realm of the theoretical and putting it into practice, applying it in the real world and actuality. Take out the trash in your head! To hell with what anyone else might think about you! That isn’t your concern. What should concern you, is what I think about you. Fear not them which kill the body or make themselves opinions of you. Only fear the One Who could really let you get into trouble if you don’t make sure you stay close to Him, and care about His opinion of you! I expect of you to stand up for your convictions and for My truth, and not care about all this other stuff… “What shall we eat, what shall we drink, wherewithal shall we be clothed?...” That’s all the same stuff the captives of the System are concerned about. Yes, it’s hard sometimes. So what? Can that stop you? I know there’s more in you than that! I can make a bellwether out of you, even if you didn’t think that’s what you were. I can do it and make out of you something beyond anything you dared to dream or think. Just give Me a chance, and I’ll prove it to you! 216 ___________________________________________________ I showed them that their system and a lot of their values (which were basically the same as today) weren’t where it was at. But I offered a better alternative. I didn’t say, “Damned are the proud and those who lean on the arm of the flesh and who think they are wise,” but I gave it a positive slant by saying blessed are the meek, the merciful, poor in spirit, etc. I contradicted their system without making it an obvious contradiction, but by offering a better alternative. So, if you focus more on the blessings of “blessed are…” and concentrate more on showing the attractive alternative, rather than pointing out all that’s wrong about the stuff they still believe in, you’ll also have a lot more success in your preaching and ministry. Instead of blasting them, you turn around in your approach and say, “Blessed are they who do things differently.” And you list up all the qualities of such blessed and happy people: Happy people are humble. Happy people are grateful. Happy people like to give, they like to love and like to live, etc. I’m not saying that there is never a time to point out the ugly truth. But it’s a lot easier for people to accept what you have to say if you wrap it up in a positive packaging. You agree that there’s something positive about pretty much everything, right? So, keep looking at that, and keep looking for that in situations where it’s hard to find. 217 ___________________________________________________ Sometimes you think you need something else, something new, but do you, really? Did you already get all you could out of what you already have? Remember that the disciple of the Kingdom finds in his treasure both things old and new. The Bible is the “old” things you take out of your treasure, and I add the new things I give you in abundance. But the Bible is your fundament. You can read it over and over again, it doesn’t really become boring, or give you the feel that it’s “old” or worn out, does it? You still keep getting new little revelations from it. What I give is like manna: I give it every day anew, and according to the need of the day. Focus on the things you really need, just as I told My disciples not to labor for the meat that perisheth, but to seek Me, the Bread of Life, which would cause him who would eat from it to

never be hungry again. I’m the only food that really satisfies in a long and lasting way. I’m the satisfaction your soul seeks and yearns for.

his ilk to pretend to be. That’s the whole difference between My disciples and the folks who just obediently trot along in the rhythm of this world: you know you’re ultimately under My authority, and when the point comes that what they’re asking of So, if the Enemy was trying to get you to focus on the hole in you doesn’t jibe anymore with My will for you, that’s where the donut once again, and at your lack and wants, and at what’s you’ve got to take the stance My early apostles did, that “We not there, look away from it and look at Me, at all that is there, ought to obey God rather than men.” and all I give, and all I am yet able and more than willing to give, That ought to set you free from any pressure the System tries if you just display a little bit of faith. to exert on you. how do you display faith? By praising Me. Of course, they’re going to keep trying, and financial pressure is obviously one of the most effective tools the Enemy has got. The Enemy will try to use anything or anyone to drag you down And that’s where and when your faith is being tried, as to how and tear your focus away from Me. But I have supplied means much you really believe that I’m in charge and able to supply for you to bring your focus back on Me in spite of them. your needs without having to resort to the arm of the flesh or having to compromise with the System. His forces may be there, and they’re real and pounding on your I would like you to trust Me entirely for your substance and door, trying to divert, distract and intimidate you, but I supply, and I know it’s hard sometimes when you can’t see at represent a stronger force in your life that overcomes them. all where it’s supposed to be coming from. You see, all this is nothing new: it’s all there in the Bible. But doesn’t it always boost your faith a lot when I do it, and “Greater is He that is in you than He that is in the world,” etc. especially when I do it in a totally miraculous way without any It’s all a matter of being reminded of it in ways that make the aid or help from the flesh? same truth more attractive to your mind again, a new wrapping and packaging. I have allowed similar tests with others of My servants, and they I can make all things new, and even the old things get a new weren’t always blessed with material abundance. Some of My touch if I breathe on them and blow them your way with a new greatest saints were poor. And just because you live in an era twist, a new viewpoint and angle… during which it is being preached that to be blessed by Me is equivalent to living in physical abundance, well, what if I’m So, a lot of the secret and mystery of life and making the most daring to make an exception with you? out of it is finding the new in the old: find the new application of What if I seem to be breaking those supposed promises with some of the same old basic and fundamental truths, and see you, and all I am actually supplying for you is your needs, and which ones are applicable today. It’s just like the same old not all the extras that a lot of people nowadays think they need sunshine, same old rain, but needing to shine and flow into new to have as well, especially in the West? places today to bring forth new fruit, new things that weren’t What if they’re paying a price for their affluence that I don’t there before. want you to pay? What if that price is greater complacency and It’s the same old ingredients and forces that bring new life. All less fervor and desperation in both their service and the Enemy can do is to discourage you from availing yourself of relationship with Me? the things and tools you’ve already got. He tries to make you Or what if I just wish to keep you humble, desperate and close doubt: “But that old stuff isn’t going to be able to fulfill today’s to Me and use this situation as My tool to accomplish that? needs! What are you going to do now? You don’t have what it The more desperately you seek Me, the more I am able to do takes, etc.” powerful and world-changing things in your life. The more I am When all the while you do. You do have what it takes; you just able to really let My Spirit flow in you. need to avail yourself of it. Complacency and My Spirit simply don’t jibe very well. So, if the Enemy ever tries to tell you again that you haven’t got what it takes to fill the need, to meet the challenge of the day, Many of the controversial “prophet” characters throughout just remember what I told you: he lies, and you do have exactly history didn’t have snow-white reputations, but that didn’t have and all it takes to deal with him and anything you may have to any impact on their role as prophets. Prophets are not face. necessarily always sinless saints. His only weapon is this lie, that you haven’t got it, but I tell you: Who can tell Me what sort of people I’m supposed to use as My you’ve got it. Just use it. voices for the truth? Who wants to stick Me in a box? Just focus on what you’ve got and get everything out of it that You’re finding out once again that I’m an unconventional God, you can and make the most of it! If you just focus on giving out and even for your standards I can get a little bit wild sometimes. what you’ve already got, you’ll be faring just fine. Why do I do things in the seemingly crazy way I do them? Why Anything else you might yet need, I will supply and give to you couldn’t I use more “normal” and “appropriate” means and accordingly. “established” and officially recognized methods? So, don’t focus on what you haven’t got, but on that which you Because I can’t identify with their sickening and hypocritical do have. Don’t focus on the need as much as on Me, the Filler. System, that’s why, and if I want to make one thing clear is that I don’t and won’t have any part in it. The majority of people don’t want to hear about or understand And those who try to bend over backwards in order to appease the deeper meaning of the signs that I leave all over My and appeal to that System, they literally make Me sick at the creation. stomach! They think they don’t need to know any more than what they So, don’t worry if you stick out and are quite different from already know. You know that you haven’t even yet begun to them. At least you know that you are not making Me sick at My know, and that’s why I can always show you more. stomach. Isn’t that comforting to know, that you’re not one of Let them live in their imagined fullness, unready to receive those that make Me sick and make Me feel like spewing them anything else, anything new, any more than what they think out? they have, and come with Me to the place of ever more and ever new. That new movement of people who are leaving the church system may be leaving the churches, but what is their stance on the political system? 218 ___________________________________________________ Are they just moving away and apart from the churches, but You’ve got to become more conscious of the fact that I’m still approving of and condoning the political system? Then the One in charge, even if I’m temporarily allowing the Devil and they’re going to be guilty of all the injustices that system

perpetrates, too. With their books winding up on the New York Times bestseller lists, one could almost suspect that this is the case here, and perhaps the Enemy is just using them to continue to put Christianity into a bad light: “Even their own folks are deserting them.” Don’t get me wrong. A lot of what they’re saying is totally true, but what about the way they live? What is their stance on the System? Do they constitute an alternative to the System? They may be exposing some truths about a part of the System, namely the church system, but when it comes to the rest of the System, those guys remain silent. As long as they’re not part of the church system they think they’re good. Well, being a real and complete disciple of Mine also includes sharing and preaching My stance on the world. And if they don’t have the guts to do that, then they’re just as lukewarm as the churches they’ve just come out of, and we’re back at square one. Whereas My Family has been a vocal witness and testimony against the System from the beginning, as well as the living proof that an alternative life-style apart from the System and outside its matrix is possible. So, your job and role for Me, even if it may not seem as obviously blessed in lucrative terms, is more important to Me. You’re not just letting the hurt victims of the churches know that there is a way of worshiping Me outside of their institutions, but you’re also presenting a real and tangible way out of the System per se, and that’s why I’ve got to have you really living outside of and independent from the System, without having to resort to it in any way, even financially. You’ve got to be the living proof that, yes; I’m going to take care of them if they’re going to leave their jobs in order to serve Me. They may not necessarily be able to enjoy the same sort of abundance they currently enjoy while slaving away for those comforts and luxuries and extras, but for this they can have the simple joy of knowing they’re serving God in the truest and purest form and way possible today in the 21 st century, regardless of what all the voices may say that cause them to compare with others: “Why do they have so much more than you?” More of what? - Material things that bring leanness to the souls of millions and billions of other folks around the world?

claim to be a friend of God if you’re silently condoning and consenting with and thus through your actions, approving of the Godless ways of the political System you’re living under. If you’re never addressing any of the social injustices, and act as if I am forever going to tolerate what’s going on, never will return to judge the world and reclaim My bride from among them, then what sort of alternative to the System is that? And what sort of hope does it offer to those who are absolutely sick and tired of the System – sick and tired unto death – so sick of it they’re ready to commit suicide? It’s not as if the churches were the only evil that has befallen this world, and it’s not even the worst. So what about all those other issues? We all know now that “the churches suck,” but what about the rest of the world? What are you going to do about that, and what are you doing in order to help make things better? Okay, you’re promoting relationship with Me, that is good, you’re emphasizing that I am Love, which is also good, but what about My love for those who are not going to be helped by your book, but are starving each day or dying from wounds of war or disease because of the social injustices your own government commits that you are so silently tolerating and condoning and thus, virtually promoting? If you’re not going to speak out against any other evils than that of the churches, you’re not doing a very efficient job as a prophet or spokesman of Mine, because I have a lot to say on those issues as well. I need people who are going to let the world know that I am not in favor of them, much less responsible for them, because it’s your own selfish and corrupt governments that you never lose or utter one word about, who are responsible for that, pouring billions, nay trillions of dollars into their war machine, and thus contributing to the evils of this world, instead of reducing them. And that is only one of many evils.

219 ___________________________________________________ You’ve got to present the whole spectrum and picture, not just one side of it, in order to really present an answer to the great confusion out there. People need and want to know what’s going on, both with the System and with Me: why I am allowing all these things to happen, etc. It’s true that I want to be at the center of your life. But I also They need to know who the real culprit is, and that it’s not Me, need you to give Me the priority in your life. It’s true that I want before they’re ever going to start to put their trust in Me. That’s your whole life, and not just the pinnacle or top position in it. why your task is so important to Me, and that’s also why the But in order to realistically ensure that – and you know how Enemy is so mad at you and would like to stomp you out, and much easier all this is in theory than in actual real life and he’s trying to cut you off from the stream of supply of the practice – for most people that means letting go of a lot of stuff System; but don’t worry, I am perfectly capable of generating that would crowd Me out of their lives. Otherwise theirs is just My own streams whenever necessary. going to be another lukewarm version of a life lived in Your failure to be impressed by his usual pressure tactics is compromise with the System. what infuriates him most, and so that’s also what he’s working Which is also why Luke 14:33 is still a requirement for My on the hardest and trying to break. If he could get you to give in disciples that hasn’t changed. to his pressure and say “uncle” to the System and run there for How ready are they to forsake all that wealth they just help it would constitute a major victory for him in the battle of accumulated with their “get out of the churches, but stay in the your life, because it would signal, “You see, He doesn’t take System” books? care of you the way He always says He would.” They’re being so successful because they’re not really posing a But as long as you show and prove with your life that living by threat to the Enemy, who is working on abolishing Christianity faith is possible even in this day and age, you create a loophole per se, and if he can find a few folks from among the ranks of out of his matrix and prove that it isn’t watertight, and thus, Christians and disgruntled church members to help him, that’s destined to sink. all the better for him. See, the only way his system is ever going to work is if he can prove that there is no alternative, and if he can lock Me out of it: So, it brings you back to the perhaps lonely, but nonetheless show that everybody is dependent on him for survival. important position of a prophet for My Cause who is covering He is copying My message of “the Art of Dependence” in his all the aspects of discipleship, not just the area of relationship own peculiar and dictatorial style… with Me. And your independence from his system is the biggest thorn in Relationship with Me sooner or later will have to include the his flesh you could ever be. aspects of My relationship with the world, because one thing I need to train your muscles of dependence on Me alone, even if has not changed about relationship with Me since the Bible: it’s painful having to watch others on your left and right blessed Friendship with the world is still enmity with God. And you can’t with material abundance to a greater extent than you.

Everybody has their own particular trials in their situation, and it’s not as if I’m favoring anybody or treating you or them unfairly. The grass always looks greener on the other side, and their situation may always look better from a distance, but once you get a closer look, you see that the battles and trials are evenly and fairly distributed, so nobody is going to have to feel left out or overlooked… 220 ___________________________________________________ I know it’s hard sometimes to keep the faith and to stay in the firm knowledge and assurance of My love, especially when there are so many influences from the carnal mind and the vibes of the System and the Matrix pounding on you… - All their vibes of disbelief and skepticism and doubt. - The same sin that caused Adam and Eve – and with them this whole creation – to fall under this curse of nothingness, emptiness and blackness instead of the love, light and fullness that I would like to give. It takes real faith to see it in a world where there seems to be none of it. It takes the Don Quixote type of faith to see noble knights and ladies where others only see scum and lunacy. They try to prove you wrong because they couldn’t stand the possibility that you could be right and there is actually something else apart from their miserable shadow of a reality… That’s why you’ve got to cling to what you’ve got with all your might and not allow folks to steal it or take it from you. You’ve got to fight for it. It may not seem like the politically correct thing to do, to fight for your religious conviction, nor is it something you feel like doing by your passive and peaceable nature, but even for your own sake you’ve got to do it, because they won’t rest until you’re defeated. It’s a fight to the finish; a fight unto death. They’re of course fueled by the adversary, but you’re fueled and empowered by Me, and I need you to prove to them Who is stronger in the long run, even though you’re so vastly outnumbered. Once again I need to show that one small man with Me on his side is more powerful than large armies and giants. Even the Israelite army was intimidated by Goliath – just as many from your ranks are awed by all the System’s rah-rah. But it still takes just one small man with the necessary faith to defeat the big mouth of the System. They may all feel like running, but if you’re going to stand your ground and refuse to be intimidated, you can win the decisive battle for the entire army. If I have done it before and I have worked that way before, why wouldn’t I do it again? More often than not, I have availed Myself of single men instead of armies. What makes you think that I should do it differently this time? My Word only shows very few chosen witnesses in key positions and wielding My power in the very End, while the gist of My bride will be holding out surviving in the wilderness…

and what difference could I possibly make?” And I’ve had to remind you that you can make all the difference in the world, just by determining to believe that I’m not limited by many or by few, and one person truly yielded to Me – even a poor person, or perhaps I should say, especially a poor person – can be more useful to Me under the right circumstances than a whole army of folks who still haven’t grasped the difference between flesh and spirit. I’m still the God and champion of the poor, the small, the despised and downtrodden, who will nonetheless stare bravely into the face of a foe who vastly outnumbers them. 221 ___________________________________________________ I’m not going to rescue you prematurely at a point where I might risk your taking My aid for granted. I’m not dumb or “too” good-hearted: I’m going to try to get something out of this deal, too, namely renewed and more intense fervor on your part, and greater thankfulness for having saved and rescued you once again at precisely the right moment, the way only a true Savior could. Otherwise you’d take Me for granted, the way a lot of people unfortunately do. If you see the situation from an angle where you recognize My omnipotence, and the fact that this challenge is truly an easy thing for Me to handle, then you even find it in you to praise Me for presenting you with this challenge.

You don’t know yet how on earth I’m going to do it this time. All you know is that I have never ever let you down so far, and so you think it’s quite unlikely that I’m going to let you down this time, unless there is some way in which you’re severely failing Me, so you’re seeking Me more desperately, trying to make sure that’s not the case… All of which I’m using to draw you closer to Me. Maybe this doesn’t coincide precisely with the idea some people have of Me being this lovey-dovey, cozy God Who would never ever exert the slightest bit of pressure on His children. They’ve got their own idea of love and goodness and what’s best for My children, and I’ve got Mine… They might argue, “But then it isn’t voluntary anymore to love You…” Well, when you voluntarily decided to follow Me and accept Me as your Lord and Master, you also basically agreed to the clauses in the contract that state that I am allowed to use disciplinary measures in your life that allow Me to draw you closer to Me whenever necessary. The voluntary part was when you chose Me and My way as opposed to the System’s way. You granted Me the full rights then to apply whatever measures necessary to get the most out of you in terms of usefulness for My Cause. Not so much because I’m the achievement junkie, or need you to accomplish, accomplish, accomplish, but because I happen to So be not dismayed or even astonished that there is not a know that nothing is going to make you as happy as the whole army fighting by your side, and if you even seem to be knowledge that you are being used by Me to the fullest degree, the only one on your particular battle field… no matter how allergic some people may be to the idea of Me It’s fairly normal, if you look at the history of My people. using them or anybody. Just remember David and the Israelite army shivering before They obviously don’t mind being used by the Devil and the Goliath, if you ever feel tempted to be discouraged by the fact System to feed their war machinery by paying them plenty of that not too many are standing by your side. Neither did they taxes in order to produce more weapons to kill off more stand by David, but I with him was all the company he needed Muslims in far-away lands… But the idea of Me using them to to defeat the System bigmouth. bring love and salvation to this world that so desperately needs Don’t look behind you anymore and wonder, “Where on earth is it strikes them as gross… “No, God would never ever do everybody?” Don’t be discouraged in the least, nor surprised, if anything like that!” “He’s too loving to ever have ulterior they won’t come or show up, either. This is your battle, and motives, such as “using” you or anyone… once you’ll have won it, they’re going to come storming after Well, you can put it whichever way you like, but loving someone the rest of the Philistines, too. But for starters, they always means doing certain things for them, and by doing something need someone to remind them that one man with God on his good for someone, you could inevitably say that the other side is a majority against all the Enemy can muster up! person is using you, whether they do it on purpose or not. Whether I say, “I’m using you” or “you’re doing this or that for You woke up with the mindset of insignificance, of “Who am I, Me voluntarily” doesn’t really make such a big difference.

I’m thrilled you’re doing the things you do for Me voluntarily, but I also won’t hesitate to apply the necessary means, including pressure, whenever time runs out, and it’s a “do or die,” “now or never” situation, where you’re going to wish you had done that thing you were meant and supposed to do, or a lot could be lost… It’s not all about one certain individual’s feelings of “Oh, He’s just using me.” If I can use you for good, and for My purpose and for the establishment of My Kingdom on earth and the salvation of souls, one day you’ll realize that nothing better could have possibly ever happened to you than Me using you, and you’ll be thankful you didn’t listen to those whiners who had a problem with that. Besides being a loving Father or “Papa,” I am also the Lord of Hosts, the Leader of the Armies of Heaven, and I would not be much of a warlord if I couldn’t “use” My soldiers and put them into strategic positions of potentially greatest usefulness for My purpose, Cause and campaign, and if I couldn’t drill and train them into states of willingness and unquestioning obedience, which is probably another term that kind of people might have a problem with… Certain things are just required if you’re planning on winning a war, instead of leaving the field to the Enemy. That’s what a lot of other people on the other hand are accusing Me of already: How come I’m leaving all this power and authority to the Devil if I’m supposed to be almighty and allpowerful? So, I’m not even going to begin to try to please all those different voices who are saying on one hand I should not use people or just categorically state that I would never do that, and those on the other hand who say why I’m not doing more to interfere with what’s happening here on earth. If you remember, I have always used people to interfere, including My own appearance as a Human on the planet, and that’s simply what I like to do: use people to do stuff through, instead of just running the whole show by Myself. You’ve got a problem with that? - Tough luck for you. I used those people to roll away the stone from Lazarus’ grave, when I could have done that part Myself, too. But I simply happen to not be fond of running the whole show by Myself… Are they going to hold that against Me, too? Some people refer to Me by saying they don’t want to dance on “some other Sucker’s parade,” the “sucker” being Me in that case… Well, it’s not just going to be My parade, dude, but there’s a whole lot of people who are going to be involved and included in it, who are also going to be celebrated as the victors along with Me, and anyone can be a part of that crowd and number, providing they don’t mind and don’t start whining over being used by Me. If you have a problem with that, you may just have to cope with the fact that in the end you’re going to be found to have been useless for My Kingdom and Cause. If you’ve got anything to contribute, any talents I have given you to begin with, why not put them to use for My Cause and Kingdom, instead of winding up feeling useless? If there’s anything My Family is all about, it’s the freedom to use anything for My Cause, including some of the things the church Christians wouldn’t have dared to touch with a ten foot pole. People who wait for the perfect and politically correct approach and have too many scruples to be using this or using that or the other for My purpose, I’m afraid are not the type of material out of which a Gideon’s band is hewn that I’m going to win a war with against an enemy force that is vastly outnumbering theirs… I need stout-hearted men who don’t cringe and whine at the thought of Me using them, but who say, “Lord, whichever way You can: use Me. Burn me up and consume me, if necessary! I’m all yours, and honored to be used by You in whichever way You see fit…” That’s the type of people I can actually use in order to win this

war against all odds. The people I can use to accomplish My purpose in history are the type who don’t mind being used.

222 ___________________________________________________ I avail Myself of unconventional methods. Conventional is human style, and as far as I’m concerned, beginner’s style. I’m not a beginner, I’m a Pro. So, why should I let a bunch of beginners tell Me how I’m supposed to have created the universe? It may totally defy their reasoning how I did it and yours, but why can’t you just be humble and admit that in reality you’re just a bunch of kids who don’t have much of an idea of what the adults are talking about, much less how they devised the complicated world around you? Does a little child understand how an automobile is put together, or how a light bulb functions? Some things are going to remain matters that will have to be taken by faith until you’re mature enough to understand them and how they function and came into being. One thing is for sure, though, and that is that an attitude of wanting to know everything better than Me is not exactly conducive to true knowledge and insight, especially concerning My Creation… You would like to know how I made this world and everything that comes with it, and you’d like to be able to convey a simple picture and understanding of that process to others. Well, the problem is that the only account of “how I did it” in existence seems to strongly defy the explanation that man has cooked up himself, all in the “light” of the paradigm that I don’t even exist… Basically it boils down to two options: you either believe that I could have done it any way I would have liked to, or you don’t.

You’re not satisfied with that answer? Well, there are others who have wracked their brains about these issues before, so why don’t you read up on what they’ve had to say about it? Just as there is a natural remedy and cure for every ailment in My creation, you’ll also find an answer to any problem or question if you keep looking long and hard enough. If My creation doesn’t make sense to you, or the process of how I’m supposed to have done it, relax. It won’t be the only and last thing about Me that won’t make sense to you. I know you want to have everything figured out, so that you can matter-of-factly explain it to others. Sorry I haven’t made it all that easy… Sorry you can’t quite come up with an easy answer for everything yet. Yes, it’s humbling: here you are, supposedly with a lot of insight, personal contact with Me, and a hot wire of prophecy, and yet you can’t even plausibly explain to anyone how I’m supposed to have made the universe. That is, you do have the records of old, but they simply sound too outrageous, too ridiculous to present to anyone in this day and age, you figure… Perhaps sometimes it takes the guts to believe something outrageous…

Are you going to make the same mistake, or do you have the guts to constitute an exception and make a difference by defying their mindset of unbelief?

223 ___________________________________________________ It would be so easy to gain followers by means of miracles, wouldn’t it? But think of how many would follow for the wrong reasons then… Not because they found the truth, but because they would want to be part of the sensation, the big spectacle, the “news.” Back then the miracles happened despite the persecution that I and My followers suffered, and they were their only means of protection, and the only means to prove their veracity and authenticity, and if it wouldn’t have been for them, nobody would have become part of that small, persecuted “cult” or “sect” they called Christians back then… If I would allow the same miracles among your ranks, you wouldn’t be able to save yourselves from the masses of followers all for the wrong reasons, the sensationalism, etc. Right now, the only “miracle” you’ve got, is that of the truth, and in a world that’s in such a state of great confusion, it should already strike you as quite something that I have given you not only the truth along the lines of certain aspects, but the Didn’t we have this subject before? How you couldn’t imagine whole picture. that the earth could have been just hanging there for days Most Christians and believers are deceived when it comes to without a sun to revolve around, without its present position in political aspects, or views concerning the System, the Spirit the galaxy, let along all the hundreds of billions of other World, or even morally. Others have the facts straight on what’s galaxies? Similar to the way I’m apparently letting you hang up with the political System, but they deny My existence or role there right now without any substance to rely on, with no in the story… they want to be the saviors themselves and bring source to supply your need, no other source except for My forth a “great awakening” and change, victory and salvation invisible hand, that is… wrought by the people and for the people… You have a more realistic picture of how unlikely that is to A lot of the stuff I do, let’s face it - you just don’t see it. You happen… can’t see it, and that’s what bothers you. But that’s exactly what You know from My Word that the AC and his reign must faith is supposed to be: the factor that gets you to believe in happen, because they have been prophesied and foretold and acknowledge the existence of things invisible, that which thousands of years ago. What has been written must come to you presently can’t see. pass. And thus, making people aware of only one side of the I’m saying, “Believe and you will see.” But you folks would truth is not going to help much. They need to know both the rather have it the other way around: “Show us and we’ll truth about the System, as well as the truth about Me, the only believe.” Way out! Like Philip: “Show us the Father, and it is enough.” Do you think he ever actually got to see the Father during his life-time? Did he need to? No, he was perfectly able to continue his life of 224 ___________________________________________________ faith even without having seen the Father. All he needed to go Life’s all about “Stop, Look & Listen!” on was the visible evidence of His Presence and existence all You live in a universe in which things inevitably deteriorate, around him. they don’t improve by themselves, so no matter how well you’re The evidence speaks loud enough. Does it speak loud enough doing, it’s essential for you to stop every now and then for for you to drown out the other factors that don’t make sense to maintenance checks to oil the parts of your machinery that you or cause you to doubt? need to be oiled, to refuel, etc. Every now and then your car needs to have an oil change, some The “evidence” may defy the reasoning for My having done it new tires or other services and work done, apart from your the way it is claimed that I have done it. But just consider it usual refueling: service time. - A box stop. You need to turn from your own experiences in life: Do you think that it is yourself in to the shop for a major inspection. possible that what I did to the earth during its first days of It’s nothing to be ashamed of, or anything you need to dread. Of existence was the same thing I now and then do to you? – Just course, you’ll find some things that will need fixing and let you hang in there for a while with nothing and no one else to adjustment. rely on but Me? Perhaps the earth and its creation was a perfect example of If you’re going to be a beacon for Me that’s going to shine all what I am doing in every child of Mine by faith ever since: show around the world, potentially sounding My message into any that I suffice. I am enough. Even if I never would have created a possible region of the world, then I’m going to have to make sun or a galaxy or a host of more galaxies, I could have doubly sure that you stay close to Me and don’t become highsustained the earth and all life on it somehow. minded and fall prey to pride and self-elevation, or that you Just because you’ve gotten used to all the other factors being don’t become independent , too critical of others and start around and you couldn’t possibly imagine life without them, thinking that you’re the only one who’s on the right path. doesn’t mean that you can actually leave out the most important life-sustaining factor of them all, and that is Me; Sometimes I have to get you back down here and get you back which is precisely what the majority of folks is doing, though. into the shop for a re-haul and inspection. It turns out that we detected a few problems during this They give all the credit to creation itself, instead of Me. They inspection, and we’re going to have to fix’em before we can let have become – just as they have always been since the you get out “on the road” again. Perhaps you’ve overestimated beginning – worshipers of the creation rather than the Creator. your vehicle a little, and while it was destined to be some mode

of transportation to get things or people moved from one spot to the other, perhaps it was meant to happen not as quickly as you would have liked to go, and your bus wasn’t the space shuttle you would have like it to be… My way up is down, and what I call a promotion is often a call down to the rock bottom of the realities that some folks have simply try to escape and avoid… So, here is My fresh, new reality presented to you, of a lowlier path than the one you were hoping you would have to walk, but you can tell that it’s most likely better for you than what you would have preferred or expected… 225 ___________________________________________________ Rock bottom’s a good place to start back on your way up again and out of the hole you have allowed yourself to get into, the hole of resignation to your fate, the hole of self-pity, and feeling victimized by your circumstances. When things are going good you think you must defend and preserve what someone might take away from you… Coming to the end of your rope you lose your fears of losing whatever you thought you might stand to lose, your “freedom,” your comfortable situation, your life… Even in your present situation there are still certain things you’d hate to lose, and you realize it could always still be worse… Yet another aspect to reaching the point you may consider the end of the rope: you realize there’s yet another piece of rope to go, and you could still sink even lower… Sometimes reaching that low point helps to show you just how much you’ve actually still got that you may have been tending to take for granted…which exposes the fact that part of your condition is due to mindsets and attitudes evoked by your points of view and probably a good portion of the Enemy’s lies, resulting in self-pity, depression and frustration and that feeling of helplessness, when actually you ought to know that you’re anything but helpless if I’m by your side.

even cursed by Me, and that’s what some of the folks around him said, and even his own wife told him to just curse Me back and die, but did he listen to them? No, he kept trusting, even if I was going to kill him. Do you have that much faith? You can’t always wait until all the tools at your disposal are going to be perfect. Some of the things and people I have used throughout history in order to accomplish My purpose were less than desirable and they just about always were less than perfect. So, why not do like I do and make do with what you’ve got, instead of waiting for the perfect day you’ll be in the perfect mood and will have the perfect tools at your disposal and just do your job for Me with what you’ve got? He that is faithful in the least is also faithful in much, and once you will have proven yourself to be faithful with the least you’ve got (and believe Me, some have quite a lot less), I will then be able to bless you with more and with better tools. That’s the way I work.

228 ___________________________________________________ Some folks simply like to assume the role of the teacher, they’re so infatuated with their own minds, filled with all this data that has been fabricated by people like them, man-made data, rather than My input. Their worldview, including their view of Me, is that My role in creation is a very passive one, and that I expect man to be doing most of the action. They’re like Cain, (except that) the type of fruit that they want to present before Me as their good works are not the type of fruit yielded by the land, but the fruit of their own minds, and that which they consider knowledge: their conclusions that they so proudly tout and advertise… And just like Cain’s, their’s sacrifice is totally unacceptable to Me. What they don’t realize is that they are even promoting the same type of murder as Cain by helping to spread their Contrary to your notion it’s not so much the circumstances that (actually the Devil’s) philosophy of “the survival of the fittest,” require improvement and a positive change as your own and even though they may refer to themselves as My children, attitudes and heart- and mind-sets. and I do communicate with them to some extent, the way I did with Cain, their relationship with Me is not comparable to one I have with those who can be truly called My brides… It’s a 226 ___________________________________________________ totally different story. What is it that the world truly needs? Faithful witnesses who It’s another issue and episode of “Flesh or Spirit.” They through their day-to-day sample prove and show that they definitely choose the flesh, even if it is that chunk of flesh mean business for Me and are willing to go as far as to die daily between their ears… and be humiliated for Me and My sake... Their faith is very shallow, and it’s no wonder. They wouldn’t To really follow in My footsteps you have to walk that road of even want Me to get involved in their lives. They want to run humbly and meekly witnessing to people personally and touch their own show, do their own business, and would basically their lives with your presence. prefer if I left them in peace. That’s why they embrace the There's a time for everything - a time to avail yourself of the theory of Evolution: a religion in which some Supreme Being means of mass witnessing, and then there comes a time to go once upon a time tossed the cosmic dice and let everything out and mingle with the people and become real live flesh and else take care of itself… blood for them the way I did... Anything that My true prophets have had to say throughout Directing and sending messages from My heavenly vantage history is being dissected and rejected, similar to the way the point was the relatively easier part for Me to do. But can you Scribes and Pharisees rejected Me and My message. Their god imagine what the world would be like today if I had not done the is really only their own idea of a god they way they would like hard part, too, that of becoming flesh and blood for you and him to be: just a very passive, remote and distant initiator of them? things minding his own business and letting them do as they I would like to avail Myself of you, if you're ready for it. please. The Devil is going to fight it, but it's time you really start Not much accountability of any sort for any actions or wrong fulfilling your destiny and fight! attitudes, except maybe for the ones being required by society at large… They simply can’t agree with My will and Word as laid out in the Bible and that’s why they try to find ways to 227 ___________________________________________________ scientifically discredit and dissect it, according to the motto, I’m aiming at your finding the right balance between trusting “Let’s slap together our own religion. After all, we seem to in Me for your supply and doing what you can in order for Me to know a lot better what a good and decent religion is supposed be able to bless you the way I would like to. to sound and look like than this dumb old, outdated book.” Theirs is a self-made do-it-yourself religion. They provide for Remember that things aren’t always what they seem, as in the themselves all they need, and all the dogmas they are going to case of Job, for example: He certainly looked forsaken, and believe in, including their own god, constructed according to

their own ideas of how such a god is supposed to behave, what he is supposed to do – or rather, not do, preferably, but leave it all to them instead – and thus keeping Me – or their idea of Me or God safely locked up in the little tiny box of their minds that they may think is as vast as the universe, but in My opinion doesn’t get anywhere near cutting the cake of presenting an appropriate receptacle or vessel for Me. I elude them. In their tiny square little minds there is by far not enough room for Me. They may consider their own minds the zenith of evolution and the sum of all wisdom, but for Me it’s not much more than a sad joke. They don’t even give Me a chance. Just like the Scribes and Pharisees, they resist all that I do and would do. They truly consider Me their competition. They want to be the providers of religion and spirituality for the people, and they consider any actual influence and interference from Me intrusive and bothersome. They get annoyed by Me, and when it all comes down to it, they can’t stand Me. That’s why their relationship with Me is limited to having created an idea in their heads that they pretend to “worship.” In reality they only worship themselves, but that would sound or look too conceited even according to their own standards, so they camouflage their self-worship as some sort of milk-toast, lukewarm, politically correct soft-drink religion – well, you know what I think about that sort of stuff (Rev.3:16). Once you realize how terribly deceived some people are, the truth – as shabby as it may look at times – suddenly receives a new value, and you start appreciating it a lot more for the rare treasure it is. 229 ___________________________________________________ In order to receive anything from Me one has to apply and exert that drawing power of faith, as opposed to a doubting mind (James 1:5-8). The drawing power and your effort of faith are the prerequisite and the condition of our contract that you have to keep, it’s your part of the deal and of the bargain, and sometimes that may also include having to wait on Me a little. There has got to be some kind of vacuum for Me to fill. My Spirit can’t flow into an already full space… You’ve got to make some room for Me first and empty yourself, create a space for Me to fill. You’ve got to want to know something new that you don’t know yet, and receive the answer to some question, or at least some filling in of some blank space in your life. If you already have plans and know what you’re going to do, then it’s hard for Me to show you or give you instructions, unless you ask Me, “Lord, is there anything else You would like me to do or to keep in mind, apart from what I already know I’ve got to do?” If you already feel satisfied and there is no spiritual hunger, then My Spirit will hardly ever descend as some icing on a cake… It likes to fill the hungry with goods, but if you’re already stuffed then you might simply have to wait until you’re hungry again… 230 ___________________________________________________ When it’s just about your assurance that I haven’t forsaken you, which you should have even if I don’t talk to you some mornings, then the vacuum or power of the flow isn’t as strong as when there is truly a needful purpose for a certain message… It’s the same as when you have to repeat something to one of your children or pupils that they already ought to know: you don’t say it with the same emphasis as you may have done the first time around, and you might even hesitate and wait to see if perhaps they are going to remember and the answer is going to come to them without your having to repeat yourself.

Direct interaction and communication with people involving your personal presence, rather than just some medium, does have an additional impact, even though it may be more cumbersome. It’s the advantages of personal witnessing over mass witnessing via media such as the Internet. I would recommend to aim for a higher percentage of personal witnessing in your outreach, so that it cannot be said of you, “This you should have done, but not left the other undone.” There is nothing that generates resources like personal contact. Your being there as an actual person bears greater significance than you sometimes would want to acknowledge. Your presence is required. I and they need you around. You’ve got to make yourself a little more visible. You make an extra effort to be nice when you confront someone personally, which you may not always make from behind the curtain of anonymity. 231 ___________________________________________________ Sometimes you have to specifically listen for My voice. When you notice you’re in bad shape and you need the answer and the solution, it’s time to stretch out your feelers directly for Me. When there has been enough of bad and negative input flooding you from all sides, and you’re discouraged, then it’s time to avail yourself of My Presence. Sometimes all that negative input about what’s going on in the world has a negative effect on you, and you need to plug in to My channel and input again. You look around at all these other people, and they all seem to have so much more than you. What have you got? You wonder. What – aside from this voice giving you directions, and a little bit of faith in My Promise that this voice, this gift is worth more than all their seeming advantages over you? What greater weapon is there? Some may have greater knowledge than you about certain things. But knowledge can leave you feeling pretty powerless sometimes when it seems to show that you’re up against a physically vastly superior opponent. So what else have you really got going for you other than your faith in My Promises that in the end you will turn out to be the victor even against all odds? 232 ___________________________________________________ Your faith is needed most in the dark and trying moments when things don’t appear to make perfect sense upon first glance. It would be easy to trust when everything flows smoothly. But while I do bless your obedience, it is also very important that your trust is truly solely in Me, not in your own good works. Your faith can’t be a mix of trust in Me and reliance on your own merits. Isn’t it thus that even your obedience is largely a work of My grace? It takes an extra specific effort to make sure you’re giving Me all the glory for something accomplished. It may not necessarily come automatically. Only then can I continue to bless you, inspire you and give you more, when I see that you’re not about to pocket the credit yourself for any of these things I give you because you’re obviously giving Me all the credit for it. It’s part of the mechanism that’s required in order to ensure the continuation of the flow of My Spirit and blessings in your life. It’s measured by the amount you praise and thank Me. Mine is not so much a religion of “don’ts” as some church people seem to have the impression, as it is one of “dos,” and there are more things you’ve got to do in order to please Me than there are things you shouldn’t do. In other words, being a

good Christian and fighter for My Cause is more manifested in the things you do than what you don’t do. That’s one big difference between the Old and the New Testament. While the 10 Commandments consisted of a lot of “don’ts,” in the New Testament I have given you a new commandment that consists primarily of “dos.” It’s not so much anymore about rules that may not be broken and negatives you should avoid, as it is about things you should do and actually positive actions that should be on every believer’s schedule. Most people still prefer a religion of “don’ts.” It’s easier in some ways. They just have to stick to the rules they’re not supposed to break. They don’t have to develop any initiative, don’t have to look around for ways and possibilities of implementing and putting into action all the things that I told them to actually do: To do unto others as you would have them do to you, to go into all the world to preach the Gospel to every creature, to love your neighbor as thyself, etc. That’s why a lot of people go back to the Old Testament and would rather stick to the 10 Commandments, and the “don’ts.” It’s a religion of avoiding negatives, not one of implementing positives and positive action. It’s a religion of avoiding sin, rather than one of actually doing good. So, why did I install the Old Testament system in the first place, you wonder? Well, perhaps to show the difference. Just as I’ve had to show that the Spirit is superior to the flesh. I’ve had to become flesh in order to prove that the Spirit is superior. I’ve had to show up a better way by demonstrating its superiority over the previous way, the old way, the way of the past. There was a way of the past, the way we used to do it, and there was a new way. There is a way that is destined to be abolished and done away with, and there is an eternal way. Even if the old way was implemented by Me. Back then, things like good and evil were much more clearly defined, and we had just come from a past in which evil had been rampant, and so the emphasis was on keeping evil in check. When I came, I opened up new pathways of enabling mankind to actually do good via My grace and the pouring out of My Spirit, rather than just continually strive to avoid doing evil. You pour out things that come from My Spirit, and it’s absolutely expedient that you give Me all the glory and credit for it. This cannot go to the credit of your own name. You cannot chalk that one up to your own merits or the list of your own accomplishments or achievements, because they very clearly fall into the category of “What hast thou that thou hast not received?” As soon as you’re talking spiritual matters, it becomes very important that you absolutely give credit where it is due. And it’s not just a matter of refusing to take any credit yourself, but of actually making positive declarations of giving Me the glory. How could you have done any of this without Me, without My inspiration, without My input and outpouring of My Spirit?

So, is it true that you may have to go through trials and battles that most people won’t have to go through? Yes. Does that mean that you are forsaken by Me and I have ceased to bless you? No. To the contrary: If I am correcting you and allowing you to pass through times of Gethsemane and purging, it means I’m working intensively on and in your life. Something’s happening there. I’m doing something. And you’re just going to have to trust Me for it, that it’s going to be good. 233 ___________________________________________________ I’m a communications freak! Everything’s about communication, as far as I’m concerned. That’s why I vehemently fight it when the Enemy or some wrong concept in people’s minds, or some misunderstanding taints their image of Me and tells them that I’m secluded and uncommunicative and withdrawn, when I’m the sheer opposite. I’ve got a lot to say! I have to keep reminding folks how much I love them and that everything is going to be alright. It’s almost a little bit like having to supervise a globe full of Alzheimer patients… People forget so many things that are essential and vital to remember for a happy and peaceful life. So, you do well to let Me remind you of the essential each day. I’m taking care of you. And you can comfort others with the same comfort and reassurance that you receive from Me. That’s the best thing anyone could possibly do with their lives, pass My comfort on to others. 234 ________________________________________________ As I’m concerned, you’re the hottest of the hot. Because as far as the Devil and the System are concerned, you are the group he hates most, and he must hate you for a reason. And that reason is that you are My closest friends and allies in this war of the worlds, My best and staunchest soldiers. The Family is a historic statement over time: that there is an alternative to the Devil’s damnable System! Those who would rather look around for something else, some more comfortable group… Let them, and as I have said before, “Let the dead bury their dead…” If the truth is too strong for them, let them live on in their pitiful half-truths and self-deceptions. They may claim to be looking for the truth, but often that is only what they would like to wish to believe about themselves. The real crunch comes when they show whether they are willing to put My Words and the words of My servants and prophets above their own. Until then, they’re just another one in the millions of little fabricators of their own personal truths…

235 ________________________________________________ There is still a lot from My Word you don’t know. You cannot judge how you are faring by their standards of There is still a lot of stuff for you to find out and explore. criteria of blessings, and what it means to be faring well or not. You’re still much closer to the beginning than the end or Your situation may look somewhat weird and unusual, and may destination of your journey. make you feel “forsaken” when you start comparing to them Sometimes your head is so full of stuff it creates the impression who never seem to be going through any such trials, but that is that there’s actually a lot that you know, when in reality, mainly because there are so relatively few who are walking this compared to all there is yet to know, it isn’t really that much. path. This is another reminder that the goal isn’t head-stuffing or just Real Christianity, the way I originally intended it, is virtually acquiring knowledge, accumulating facts to store in your brain. unheard of in this day and age. Most of what you’ve got to go You’ll probably make better progress by just taking each day as by are all these pretenses and fake versions of it, and no a child, ready to explore something new, rather than as a wonder you feel weird and odd if you try your feet at going for professor who can barely make space for another bit of the Real Thing. information in his already crammed head… In this world of plastic imitations of everything, the Real Thing may look downright odd in comparison. The Real Thing strikes It’s another matter of leaving the controls up to Me, instead of them as weird. trying to have it all figured out yourself. It’s a matter of staying open for surprises, trusting Me that whatever I will bring across

your path will be good. Trust is something more worthwhile to acquire than knowledge. The kind of knowledge I would like you to gain is the knowing and assurance that you can trust Me beyond a shadow of a doubt. It’s that knowing from the heart, an assurance, a conviction that will get you much further than any accumulation of data ever could. It’s the Spirit, rather than the cold, factual information value of what’s being said that truly increases your faith, and thus your spiritual bank account. While the acceptance of certain facts can indeed be helpful to get you there, it’s not the A and O, it’s not all there is to it. Love is still the main thing. You may figure, if information was the factor that got everything started in the beginning, then information must be the key to creation magic. But what you need to realize – and this is a factor that eludes most of those brainy types who are trying to figure out evolution – is that the essence of the information at the core of creation is love. It’s loving information, to try to put it somewhat into human terms. The information is not the most important part of it, but love is. The information may be the more or less “visible” or comprehensive part of it, while love is the large space inbetween those particles that can be perceived, but love is still the gist of it. It is love that initiates the information. Of course, it is the Enemy’s goal to try to eliminate or hide that factor totally from mankind’s perception, which is also the reason why so few people can believe in a God of love or force of love behind everything. But that’s where your role comes in to remind people that there is more beyond that apparent nothingness and meaninglessness that they see. All they may see is void, dark and empty space. But you know by faith that just one layer beneath that appearance lies the allencompassing power of love, and the emptiness is basically not much more than a temporary illusion. It may seem like stone cold, hard fact to the rational observer, but you’ve got My word that there’s more to it. In the beginning there was information, and that information was love, because it was also God, and God is love (John 1:1, 1John 4:8). There’s more to everything than meets the eye, and I am trying to convey some of that “more” to you and others of My mouth pieces and vessels in order to prepare folks for it. There’s a whole lot more coming ‘round the bend, and they might as well get prepared for it. Those who think that what they know and perceive is all there is are going to get quite a big surprise. Some folks don’t like surprises, especially when they’re comfortable with the way things are. But when the way things are spells a life less than sufficient, much less comfortable for a large number of others, then I’m not too concerned about the feelings of those who would like to preserve their comfy coziness… My essence is revolution: revolution of love, and it’s going to cause quite a rattle and a stir in the lives of those interested in preserving their stagnant and rotting status quo. The fundamental difference has always been between those who clung to the old, existing system, and those who were ready to let it go in favor of the new, which is, in essence, that which I want to bring into the world and into each individual life that is ready and makes room for it. 236 ________________________________________________ Welcome back to the throne room, the broadcasting head central station from which all My transmissions and communications with My children around the world(s) are emitted… Of course, they’re being brought to you via My helpers, and all

via spiritual communication: no wires or technological gimmicks needed, and yet tailored for each individual purpose. (That’s) another reason why the Spirit World is superior to the physical, and another advantage of spirit over flesh: it’s a lot less complicated. A lot less is needed. Everything is stripped down to a “lite” version of its counterparts in the physical world: you don’t need big heavy TV sets in order to receive visions from distant locations, or radios, nor phones, for “voice messages…” You might need a receptacle in order to gather and collect and “catch” the words, but My angels and spirit helpers don’t. They just pass them on the way they come from My heart… Spiritual communication is freer, and I’m preparing you for the liberties of the world to come. To become skilled in the arts of spiritual communication can really be of great advantage to you, and that’s why I’m stressing it. I want you to become so good at it, that you can hear My voice and those of your helpers under any circumstances. Eventually we might have to swap to a different mode, where you don’t write down everything I tell you anymore, and you won’t need that medium anymore, but you will be able to write it on the tablet of your heart right away! It’s like a new method of data transfer that automatically stores the information on your main hard drive and motherboard, instead of having to retrieve it from some other medium and process it first… We’re talking advanced spiritual communication here. Advanced spiritual information exchange. - Advanced spiritual data transfer. You’ve simply got to get into the habit of seeking Me for messages in any situation, even if you don’t have any means to write down what I’m telling you. Just try to stay plugged in to My Spirit anywhere you go. Try to stay inspired! Try to stay in “CQ” mode! Try to stay in receptive mode and on “standby” anywhere you go and anywhere you are. That’s the epitome of the meaning of “Watch and pray!” It means to always stay alert and attuned to My Spirit. What better safeguard and defense against the Enemy’s vibes, attacks and temptations is there? It goes along with “Pray without ceasing!” Take advantage of the fact that it’s so easy. You don’t need any equipment! If you can stay online with your computer nearly all the time, then why shouldn’t you keep that little computer between your ears online and in tune with Me and My Great Link? 237 ________________________________________________ Words can only go so far. Prayers can go way beyond what your words or even your actions could ever accomplish, because it gets the Spirit World to move into action on your behalf, and that’s where by far the bulk of the action is happening and originates in the first place. You might say, it’s the “Trigger World,” the one that got everything started, and for the most parts keeps triggering and keeps getting started processes in the natural world. Just as the brain initiates any action that your hands are going to take, or any movement your legs and feet are going to make in a certain direction, so the Spirit World is the initiator of what’s happening in the physical realm, where the initial impulse meets upon the human relays and switch-points, waiting for the individual reactions of either accepting and processing the impulse, or rejecting it, and thus action in the physical realm is born. Of course, there are baser processes which don’t require actual conscious decisions, but you know that even on the lowest levels of life exchange of information is happening, so basically, the principle applies to all of life. I utter the commandment, and the desired result, of course, is

obedience, and the execution of the order. What complicates matters is that through the first human choice to disobey, Satan has been granted the power to issue his own orders and initiate processes on his own, which, of course counter My workings, and in actuality threaten to take over the matrix of creation like a bad virus that can rapidly infect a whole computer system. I basically try to save whatever I can save and whatever data, information, soft- and hardware won’t be rendered obsolete by his infection before I will have to “reformat” and install My System anew. You might say, by allowing sin to enter into the world, man has allowed all of creation to be infected by a virus that is threatening to destroy it, except that I won’t let it happen. Remember that My name means Savior, and I will save and rescue My Own, I promise. 238 ________________________________________________ It takes fight and effort to stay positive. It’s easy to allow yourself to be overwhelmed by a negative world view and the negative vibes the Enemy lets loose on the world. The world isn’t getting any better, and if you look at the circumstances, it can all be a little depressing at times. Negativity and depression are enemies you need to constantly fight to keep at bay and wield the weapons of My Word, of praise and of a positive mindset against. No matter how bleak the outlook, you’ve got to keep your eyes on what’s beyond all that’s immediately before you. I’m your Savior, here to rescue you out of this mess. If there were no mess, there wouldn’t be a need for a Savior, right? So, the mess is there for a purpose: to remind you that you need Me. You’re proving that it’s not necessary for people to take upon their own shoulder the Devil’s load and the heavy yoke of the System, and that living the way I said in My Word is still possible today: My disciples can still take My light burden and easy yoke upon them in this day and age, and not live under the pressure of the burden the Enemy would like to heap upon them and enslave them with. This is hardly ever the way of popularity, because initially the flesh wants to take on that load to show and prove what it can do by itself. Let’s face it: what reaps applause and admiration in this world is usually a show and display of strength of some kind, or at least of man’s own wit. Saying you’re too weak to actually do it yourself and that you rely on Me for strength isn’t exactly the popular thing to do. The problem is that there comes a time in every man’s life when they will face a situation in which they won’t cope anymore; latest when they’ll have to face their passage from this life into the next… And, of course, that is the moment they all dread, and nobody wants to be reminded of it, much less make preparations for it… And then they’re all shocked and act really upset when “it” actually does happen to someone they know… As if they had never ever taken the possibility into consideration… So, while things may sometimes not be looking too rosy for you in your immediate surroundings in a world where everyone chooses to live for the here and now, feverishly fighting to ignore the There and Then, in the overall view of the whole picture, you’re actually making the smarter move. At least you won’t be as shocked when the curtain comes crashing down. It’s almost as if you’re anticipating My allowing something to happen that will finally wake them up, shake them up, and shut some of them up, too, who spout their Gospel of false peace and prosperity forever… the gospel of the flesh…

It’s as if they invest their lives only in one half of their journey and only take fuel and baggage for the first half of their trip, and when they get toward the other part, which is actually much larger, they find themselves empty and wanting, and often having headed in the wrong direction during the first part. We’re back to the Real Thing vs. the big fake. Is the Real Thing always the easier thing, or the more popular? No. But is it still the Real Thing that’s going to outlast the fake? Yes. Be glad that what you’re investing your life in isn’t as shortlived as the things most folks are investing their lives in, or rather, wasting them on, that you’re going to be able to enjoy the dividends of your investments in the much larger part of the journey of your life, namely Eternity. They’re trying to tell you that yours is the fake and theirs is the real thing, but you’re doing well to give heed to Me instead, and not listen to them, even though they all sound so convinced of themselves and sure make a racket… We don’t need all the big loud rah-rah and fanfare they’re making. The real thrills lie in the silence, in the little things that the big guns are tempted to ignore altogether… The real thrill lies in the still, invisible and unnoticed spaces in-between the whopping chunks of matter, and our “nothing” may yet turn out to be more than all their somethings…. 239 ________________________________________________ There are different facets of service to Me: there are the tasks of building up the church and preaching the Gospel, and there are tasks of healing, of casting out of spirits, which include addressing the negative side of things. If you’re in tune with Me, you can be pretty sure that what I am laying on your heart to publish is from Me. I use you as a spice of variety in My potpourri of the message that I want to give to the world. Different strokes for different folks… The peak of showing that you’re educated and mature people would be to show tolerance toward each other and each other’s different styles… Some are called to burn their candle at both ends, others are destined to burn perhaps less brightly, but longer. Now it behooves every man to abide in their calling… 240 ________________________________________________ Not everybody is the same, and not everybody’s callings are the same. I don’t allow everybody to make the same experiences. Not everybody is able to handle the same amount of pain. There is a right time for everything, and you’re simply going to have to trust that I will judge matters and each individual fairly and in my own perfect time. In the meantime, remember Paul’s advice to live peaceably with all men as much as it is in you, meaning, you should strive for a peaceful coexistence with your fellowmen as much as possible. Love, especially shown by those who are supposed to be more mature, and especially in situations when it may be unwarranted or perhaps undeserved, is definitely not a weakness, but can be a force for the better and helpful in turning things toward a better development than what you personally experienced. It may be a test of generosity, too: How much more are you willing to grant them than you personally received? Of course, it’s a natural tendency to say, “Well, I didn’t receive any more love and understanding in similar situations either, so why should I show it to them?” But remember the love and understanding and goodness and

patience you did receive and experience from My hand and heart, personally, and then try to extend some of that love, tolerance and acceptance toward them that you have known from Me. Don’t treat them according to the harshness and lack of love you may have experienced at the hand of your fellow humans, but treat them according to the kindness and love and patience you have experienced from Me! Treat others differently than you have been treated and break the vicious cycle by a reversal of the usual order of things of hurting and being hurt. Why not extend some healing balm of love and forgiveness for a change, instead of more rejection and hostility, even if supposedly unmerited? Things simply keep getting worse in this world; that’s one of its qualities. Except that some things do get better. While the world keeps deteriorating, I also know how to preserve unto Myself a special remnant that I refine unto Myself so that they, contrary to the course of the rest of all things, do improve and get better over time. You may think that a lot of things definitely used to be better in its past. - A lot of things, yes. - But not all things. And that’s where it pays to trust in and see My wisdom in things, to look out for the little details… The tiny little improvements that may not be quite obvious to the eye, but that are nonetheless there, and that make your existence actually quite tolerable. I have to adapt My people to the times and situations they’re living in, and since the times in general have grown worse, it may also seem as if My people had been affected by that course and have deteriorated, too, but if you look closer – and, if it were possible, from a neutral, unbiased viewpoint – you will actually see that improvement, maturation, progress and growth has taken place, even if the overall picture may somewhat strike you as worse… I know how to keep My own from the process of decay and deterioration that is affecting most of the rest of the world. Even with all the constant worsening of the world, I can effect some improvements within some chosen regions and aspects of the world, and I keep painting and building and establishing My Big Picture within the crumbling picture of the Matrix. I keep filtering My eternal and lasting chosen elements out of this world from among all the temporal that is destined to crumble. So, don’t dismay at the appearance of things getting worse and worse everywhere around you, but look at the miracle of My progress and improvement that I manage to bring about in spite of and even in the midst of all that decay and deterioration! Look at My salvaging power and capability to preserve unto Me anything I like out of this crumbling world, including you and anyone else who will turn to Me and thus refuse to take part in the process of all things decaying. Instead of joining the rest of the Devil’s matrix in the process of decay, those who cling to Me and keep their focus on Me actually improve. They turn to gold while the fires of tests and time will consume all else around them. Only My chosen elements and lasting values will remain. While the larger aspect of things may be obviously negative, if you have a closer look at the details of My workings, and what I’m doing, you’ll actually see a lot of positive things, and thus enough reason for a positive, cheerful and optimistic attitude! Positiveness really is the ability to look past and beyond all the negativity around you at that perhaps quantitatively smaller and lesser factor and amount of good things simultaneously wrought by Me while the world follows its usual course of decay. The world around your ears may be crumbling and falling apart, and all the while, from its ashes, another better one is rising, a lasting one. You are only the tip of the iceberg, the tip of the mountain that will one day fill the entire earth, as Daniel prophesied (Dan.2:35, 44). Compared to all the mayhem and destruction around you, that

tiny tip may not seem like much, and all the evil in the world may seem overwhelming by comparison, but just wait and see: I’m not done yet. It’s merely the tip of the iceberg that’s going to sink the Devil’s proud and haughty Titanic, and that mountain is going to fill the earth, even as I have promised. Time can bring quite radical and sudden reversals of situations, positions and circumstances, and that’s what you call revolution, which is what I am all about. I am Revolution. 241 ________________________________________________ I wouldn’t believe in Me, either, if I really were the type of God as which some imagine Me… Of course, the other factor they don’t want to confront, and are not ready to accept as reality, is the Devil. It scares them to even consider that he might be real, and thus they laugh him and his existence off, along with the whole caboodle of Me, the Spirit World, and just about anything supernatural. Everybody considers their own lot the hardest, and they complain to Me, how could I, of all things, allow just that to happen to them… But who ever said that life was supposed to be all and exclusively fun? Look at all the many lives for whom life is never any fun at all, and mostly due to the selfishness of those who are doing so much better, relatively, and still complain the loudest… If, instead of all their complaining about an unjust God, they would only do something to alleviate the suffering, soon there might not be anything left to complain about. Life has its ways of castigating you for your sins of thinking you were doing so great… you were doing better when you knew that you were not doing so hot… I want to make sure you know that it’s not because of your own merit that things have worked out. It wasn’t so much because you were “on the right track” as it was because I love you. It wasn’t as much due to your own goodness as it was due to My love for you. Many atheists want the glory and credit for themselves, which is exactly what the Devil wanted, too, and it shows just how much alike their ways of thinking are, and another factor why they refuse to accept him as a reality: If they would accept the Devil as a reality, they would actually recognize the similarities between their trains of thought. If there would be a party presenting Lucifer as the “cool dude” that he makes himself up to be, they would probably rally behind him and say, “Yeah, we can relate to his way of thinking,” and that’s what’s basically going to happen when the AC rises; they will recognize him: “Now that’s our man!” Those atheists say that faith is a crutch, but I’m saying, “Well, let’s see how much further all those human crutches are going to get you that you are relying and leaning on and putting your trust in!” Everybody puts their faith and trust in something or someone. They put their faith in man, or – if worst comes to worst – themselves, and they will have to find out where that faith is going to land them. You trust in Me, and I insist that you do trust in Me alone, and ultimately, I promise, you will see that you will have chosen well to do so, or at least to consent to My removing all your other crutches… I regularly have to convince you anew that it pays to put your trust in Me, more than it does to put your trust in things and people or your own mind, etc. I prove to you over and over again that it pays to trust in Me. It’s My personal rebuttal in your life against the Devil’s constant input and his vibes that he spews out to dissuade you and

persuade you to quit… 242 ________________________________________________ Determine the worth, value and effectiveness of what you’ve been doing, and whether you would and should be satisfied with keeping going as you have until here, or should you seek significant change? You must grant Me the right to communicate and convey whatever point I want to make clear in the manner I consider most effective… Everybody is fairly quickly concerned when they perceive that their own rights are being violated and that they are getting less than what they think they deserve or should be getting, but sometimes it turns out that they’re having to go through a particular situation because they were not concerned enough about their part and role, and that they have to suffer because they could be giving more… The question you will want to answer with a definite “yes” some day when you’ll get Here will be, “Have I done all I possibly could?” And in order to make sure that this will be the case, I have to draw your attention – in sometimes painful ways, granted – to the areas in which you could improve and that are hindering you from reaching that goal. You could be doing more and giving more, and so, that’s what I’m drawing your attention to, and I’m forcing you to confront this fact and deal with it and see what you’re going to do about it… 243 ________________________________________________ I have promised that there is nothing that is hidden that shall not be revealed. You wonder, what on earth is the sense of all this? You can’t make it out! It’s impossible. You can’t cope with the mess and the confusion. You wonder what on earth is going on here… How is anybody supposed to figure it out? Well, you don’t have to. All you can do is trust that I will fulfill My Promise that everything that is now hidden shall be revealed! No question marks, no confusion left. You will perfectly understand then. All that’s required is a little patience, a little hope, and some faith that it’s going to happen in due time, and that all things are moving toward that point of total revelation! I will clear up all misunderstandings, questions, unsolved problems and doubts, because nothing will remain hidden or unclear or in the dark, it will all come out into the light and will be revealed and examined: all that has been covered up throughout history, causing deceit and misunderstanding. There will be nothing left remaining in the dark. You’ve got to realize, though, that this promise can’t possibly be fulfilled completely during your lifetime and in the here and now, as much as you would like to understand, analyze and define what’s happening. You’d like to be able to put your finger on it and explain it: “That’s the way it is!” But it isn’t quite that simple. Your flesh and your momentary still somewhat carnal mind and thus very limited comprehension simply won’t allow you to grasp the sum total of everything… You wouldn’t be able to handle it. That’s another reason why I said, “The flesh profiteth nothing.” Even if one would try to explain all things to the carnal mind, it couldn’t handle it. That’s why I won’t even try, but I will ask you instead to have a little faith and look toward that day when all things shall be revealed. I cannot possibly reveal all things to you right now. Your mind couldn’t handle it! You’re just going to have to wait for the right time, the perfect time, the time when that which is perfect will have come…

(1Cor.13:10) For those who want to know everything, tell them to cheer up: “Nothing is hidden that shall not be revealed.” That’s a Promise that all of you really curious folks can look forward to being fulfilled by Me. It’s going to be a great day indeed. On a personal and individual level, it happens to some extent at the moment of a person’s death. They’re finding out a lot of things about their lives that they didn’t see during their lifetimes, and they’re being shown the gist of the hidden meaning of things in their own personal lives for starters. And the learning continues and goes on and on from there. What good would Judgment day be if there was nothing to be learned from all that has been done wrong throughout history, including the hidden sins and crimes and deceptions that went on behind the scenes that never came out? You’re simply not aware of a lot of things the Enemy does behind the scenes, nor are you aware of all the workings that his people are up to. And it’s not necessarily the right time to find out all these things right now. But I can promise you this, that it will all come out in the open, and everything will be revealed and made clear. No more questions and confusion then. 244 ________________________________________________ If you focus on witnessing, then opportunities to witness are also going to arise. If you make witnessing your goal and what you want to do, because you just happen to know that it’s what pleases Me most, then I will open doors for you to witness. If you stay in tune with My Spirit, focusing outward and seeking ways to reach out to others and to fulfill My commandment to preach to every creature, then you will find that I will also supply outlets and vessels for you to pour into. If you’ve got something to give and you’re focused on giving, then they’re going to come to get it. If you know that that’s your goal and the best possible thing you can do with your time, and you focus on it and walk toward that goal, then you will also reach it, and opportunities will arise to make it happen. As long as you keep seeking Me for the utmost possible you can do and for the most efficient way I can use you, I will keep revealing these things to you and show you the way I can use you most. Positively look around for more and other things you could do, instead of eying your situation negatively and finding flaws in it. Of course your situation has flaws. There isn’t anybody on earth in a perfect situation. Everybody and every situation has flaws, and some of the worst messes you’ve known came from the most ideal circumstances… You have to stay aware of the fact that this life is and will always be imperfect. Those who strive for perfection will sooner or later have to come to grips with the fact that they’re chasing a ghost, and flawless perfection is just not going to be attained in this life. If you want the perfect, you’ll have to wait for Me, and in the meantime you can strive to look for Me and see Me as much as you can in every day of your life, even – or especially – in the seemingly so far from perfect and crazy little circumstances I allow to arise everywhere around you. Faith is taking the craziness of it all and the apparent mess that life consists of and wrapping it up in a bundle of faith, trusting Me for it, and – as I have promised – that in due time all things shall be revealed and they will wind up making perfect sense to you. 245 ________________________________________________ It doesn't make much sense to you why I'm surrounding you with people you don't seem to get along with, don't jibe with, don't seem to have much in common with, and putting you in situations you want to get out of, but isn't this exactly the

way I get you to look at Me, focus on Me, instead of any person, and make Me your best friend instead of anyone else in the flesh? Maybe that you would still prefer a flesh and blood buddy and best friend, but I'm just telling you what's better for you. If it was even better for you and My disciples that I disappeared in the flesh, don't you think that My Spirit and its presence in your life is more important than any physical friendship or relationship?

been responsible for the suffering that’s been going on all along. These people must realize that there are two forces at work here, not just one, and the purpose of it all is to have them choose between the two. The problem is that many people, especially unbelievers ignore and refuse to see the entire spiritual warfare that’s going on. The suffering that was allowed to be inflicted on Job, for instance, was instigated by Satan, in order to get Job to doubt My goodness and to curse Me. And he still largely abides by the same technique, as evident from the arguments of these 246 ________________________________________________ atheists, who could not possibly believe in a God Who allows At what point did you start expecting more and ever more? this kind of apparently unjust suffering. Don’t you think it would be a little unrealistic to expect this life They all represent their own failure versions of Job in a sense, to keep getting better all the time? and show what basically would have happened if the Devil had The Enemy is trying to get you to focus on the hole in the succeeded to convince Job through his sufferings, that I was donut, the button off the vest, and the piece of the cake you not just and righteous and good, and persuaded him to already ate, and thus don’t hold in your hand anymore. abandon and curse Me. It’s not as if life had only handed you a single piece. But you What the Devil failed to manage in the life of Job, he did can’t be eating cake all the time. manage and achieve in the lives of countless modern day atheists who use the same argumentation and base their Your lack of happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction stems from unbelief on their own experiences and observations regarding the fact that you are looking for temporal sources to fill that the suffering in this world. What they don’t see is that the Devil vacuum. is causing it precisely for this reason: to get them to doubt Me That would defeat the purpose of My trying to teach you to or turn against Me. make Me the source of your true and genuine, inner happiness You may doubt the “goodness” that lies within allowing the and satisfaction. I want to satisfy your spirit, which can only be Devil to wreak such havoc upon earth, or the wisdom or sense satisfied by spirit. You keep looking for means and ways to in it, but that is simply where you begin to put your own satisfy your flesh. wisdom, sense and judgment above Mine, which is basically It’s not as though I would forbid you to enjoy any of the saying, “If I were God, I’d do better.” pleasures of the flesh, but you seek and want more, and Well, do better then. I’m allowing you to play god right now, erroneously think that if you could enjoy more, then you’d be under this dispensation of the fulfillment of the Devil’s promise happier. “Ye shall be as gods,” and you can all prove just how much You seek these things as a confirmation and boost of your better you would do in My place. If I don’t exist, then you’re flesh, sort of as a pat on the back that tells you, “You deserve ultimately responsible for your own fate and to some extent the this, because of this and this and that of your attributes…” fates, lives and destinies of the people whose lives you touch. Whereas I have blessed My children with extraordinary So, go on and show what you’re going to do with it! blessings because they relied on Me. I’m not forcing Myself on anybody. I only take on the role of God, Lord and Father over those who accept Me as such. The others may do as they please, and show just how well they’re 247 ________________________________________________ faring and how well they will manage to rule this planet without Even though life is a battle, it’s a lot easier to fight when Me. you know for sure you’ve got Me on your side, and you don’t let What they don’t know is that they’re being manipulated and the Enemy persuade you otherwise, to the point where you used by a being that is not benign toward them, but extremely sometimes tend to think that you’ve got Me to fight against as malign, and that’s why I will have to interfere in the end, and well. expose his nature, and salvage the earth and mankind from the While the battle is real and it is there, the way to win that battle ultimate destruction he would bring upon them. is by availing yourself of Me, My Presence, love and protection. Once you’re inside the protective bubble of My love, the Enemy Atheism and atheist thought – the struggle to make it through won’t stand a chance against you anymore, that’s why he’s life and history without Me – is necessary in order for the final trying so hard to keep you from getting there, into that secret conclusions to be reached, and for the universal lesson to be place under My wings every morning. Once you’re Here, he’s learned and taught. the loser, and he won’t stand a chance. It’s necessary in the process of ultimately exposing evil, and the futility of that school of thought and rebellion against Me, You can see the light, or tell the light is there by the contrast alienation from Me; the experience of a world without Me and against the dark: you can tell what impact the light, or My My rule. influence on your life has by comparison with the times when They say, if I’m the Ruler of the universe, why am I making such it’s not there, and you allow the Enemy to interfere. You can tell a mess of things? What they don’t see is that by man’s choice, the battle and all I’m telling you is real because of the very real My opponent, for whom they “voted” in a sense by their attacks of the Enemy, and by the results of what happens when choices, has become the principal ruler of the physical realm you neglect Me or to do the things I tell you… temporarily, leaving Me unable to interfere in many cases, since I can only offer My help when it’s summoned, requested, or at least welcomed. 248 ________________________________________________ A lot (about atheists’ reasoning) has to do with their own self-righteous view of things the way I made or allowed them, 249 ________________________________________________ and the assumption that they would have done better. That is one of the great paradoxes of evil: it leads to the My argument is that people are getting a chance right now to conclusion of the necessity of good. Some of the stuff Satan is prove just how much better they would do, which will culminate pulling in this world inevitably leads you to the need for a under the AC’s reign, the “perfect” humanist realm in which solution, an antidote, and the conclusion that help and they will be able to show off just how well they are able to run a intervention is needed. You don’t know that you need world without Me, and instead, with the one in charge who has deliverance until you realize you’re a captive.

The realization of the unjust and pointless system of the Devil is more apt to drive you into positive action and actual fight for Me, My Cause, My Kingdom and My truth, than if I just allow you to complacently continue living your life. The confrontation with and realization of evil spurs you into action, and puts you in a mood that makes you determined to change something, or address certain issues that aren’t right. When everything is just honky-dory and everything flows without much effort, you’re more complacent and satisfied with things as they are, and thus, less determined to change anything. You become more conservative, interested in preserving things as they are instead of changing them. So it becomes clear why a less-than-perfect situation becomes preferable to Me. Routinated people will preserve the routine, the status-quo. Change-oriented people, who are conscious of the need for change because they look around at what’s happening all around them, are not interested in preserving the status quo or the way things are. It’s one of the Devil’s tactics: to keep people too busy to look around at what ought to be changed. As long as the money keeps flowing in, they figure, “Let’s keep going with whatever we’re doing.” Money is the life-blood of complacency. Have you been looking around for possibly needed changes and improvement? Or have you just been fine with and complacent about the current flow of things? What would you do in order to spur your followers on to change? 250 ________________________________________________ To whom much has been given, of him much shall be required. I’m just making sure that I get My dividends out of what I invested in you. I’m not talking about cold transaction here, I’m talking living relationships. The love I have poured into you, I want you to pass on to actual, real live people. One thing is statistics, and yet another real reactions and exchange of communication, and yet another progress and spiritual growth in those people’s lives whom you reach. You have to judge and evaluate a ministry by its fruit. And if over a certain amount of time it doesn’t bear any, then you’re just going to have to consider trying something else… My favorite approach has always been the personal approach. There’s nothing like the personal touch and your actual presence to evoke a reaction to who you are and what you give. It’s more in the face, more direct, something they can’t get around and evade… You are there, and they’re going to have to make a decision about you. People have become more spoiled than at any other point in history. And finding the exceptions is somewhat hard work that involves some real looking and searching. The real thing is the natural thing, the way I made it. In the real world you’ve got to make an effort to win people, to not offend people, and the result is that you’re usually more careful with your words. You have to abide by the rules of etiquette. But in exchange it also bears real, tangible rewards.

Categories: Accountability/Responsibility: 7, 25, 35 Action/Initiative/Diligence: 7, 10, 34, 40, 44, 45, 48, 61, 87, 114, 159, 166, 167, 170, 188, 207, 232 Anger: 50

Fear vs. Courage: 25, 45, 70, 161, 199, 225 Flesh/Spirit: 1, 2, 12, 15, 27, 29, 33, 39, 55, 65, 83, 119, 124, 126, 127, 133, 135, 145, 155, 178, 191, 200, 201, 203, 208, 209, 213, 220, 236, 243, 245, 246 Focus on the Power: 12 Forgiveness: 9, 17, 25, 26

Attitudes/Mindsets: 6, 7, 27, 37, 70, 72, 88, 114, 132, 198, 199, 225 Big Picture: 71, 75, 79, 193, 223 Change: 6, 7, 9, 27, 93, 95, 96, 169, 203, 207, 232, 235, 240, 242, 249 Children/Parenting: 17, 26, 35, 43, 62, 94, 110, 112, 148, 161, 162, 179, 180 Choice & Consequence: 17, 58, 79, 88, 107, 113, 119, 134, 157, 174, 186, 193, 194, 199, 200, 203, 248 Churchianity: 3, 17, 56, 85, 102, 103, 121, 131, 132, 138, 174, 189, 213, 228, 232 Commitment/Fervor/Devotion: 6, 89, 99, 138, 153, 175, 218 Communication: 24, 83, 119, 170, 209, 233, 236 Conviction vs. Compromise: 5, 8, 43, 74, 107, 115, 119, 124, 128, 130, 135, 137, 153, 154, 161, 165, 218 Correction/Discipline: 1, 8, 9, 20, 41, 76, 119, 133, 147, 169, 182, 184, 187, 232, 240, 241, 242 Creation/Evolution: 54, 79, 85, 111, 116, 157, 165, 193, 197, 199, 222, 228, 235, 250 Death: 99,101, 102, 105, 106, 107, 199, 238, 243

Forsaking all: 6, 8, 63, 83, 92, 107, 119, 121, 186, 192, 218 Freedom: 62, 102, 120, 138, 141, 153, 154, 211 Fruitfulness: 34, 114, 250 Giving: 118, 119, 175 Giving God the Glory: 29, 32, 53, 64, 69, 138, 156, 187, 209, 232, 241 God First: 54, 82, 83, 105, 116, 126, 129, 134, 137, 138, 140, 147, 150, 164, 177, 182, 187 God’s Justice: 93, 130, 240 God’s Love: 59, 87, 118, 150, 157, 173, 192, 233, 240 God’s Promises: 8, 28, 32, 38, 54, 60, 61, 67, 68, 69, 75, 90, 93, 113, 132, 150, 155, 156, 164, 171, 172, 173, 178, 187, 191, 192, 202, 204, 211, 240, 243 God’s Ways and Views: 8, 89, 111, 134, 187, 192, 194, 202, 203, 218 Grace: 29, 67, 177, 181, 201, 232 Happiness: 61, 63, 129, 134, 135, 147, 159, 164, 178, 199, 216, 246 Healing/Cleansing: 84, 249

Dependence on God: 3, 15, 29, 34, 55, 57, 60, 69, 80, 82, 83, 93, 136, 139, 142, 156, 160, 183, 191, 196, 198, 209, 210, 213, 215, 219, 238, 241 Devil’s Devices: 4, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 30, 36, 39, 58, 65, 81, 85, 110, 111, 134, 152, 171, 173, 176, 185, 197, 206, 215, 217, 218, 225, 241 Discernment: 124, 194, 200 Discipleship: 1, 11, 27, 31, 59, 66, 73, 92, 96, 105, 107, 112, 121, 135, 137, 141, 149, 170, 186, 201, 203, 218, 226, 232, 238 Doubt: 7, 92, 199, 220, 222 Endtime: 19, 46, 47, 54, 65, 69, 85, 137, 147, 171, 195, 196, 203, 204, 210, 214, 223, 240, 241 Evil: 20, 87, 203, 249 Faith/Trust: 2, 7, 8, 11, 12, 18, 21, 26, 33, 61, 64, 65, 67, 69, 73, 75, 77, 82, 83, 90, 91, 100, 102, 105, 109, 111, 113, 114, 129, 132, 148, 155, 160, 164, 165, 187, 189, 191, 195, 196, 198, 199, 212, 213, 217, 222, 227, 229, 231, 235, 238, 241, 243, 244 Faithfulness/Endurance/Perseverance: 6, 21, 48, 77, 99, 135, 158, 165, 191, 205, 209, 227 Family, The/True Church: 56, 85, 102, 103, 123, 148, 218, 221, 234, 239, 240

Hearing from God/Prophecy: 8, 13, 22, 37, 61, 67, 72, 74, 87, 93, 109, 110, 116, 121, 124, 129, 146, 150, 159, 168, 182, 209, 229, 230, 231, 236 Heaven/God’s Kingdom: 106, 127, 141, 157, 204 History: 2, 5, 25, 29, 36, 67, 85, 96, 102, 103, 157, 163, 192, 199, 208, 227 Holy Spirit: 34, 102, 116, 119, 127, 134, 135, 138 Humility/Pride: 2, 33, 36, 37, 122, 143, 144, 149, 188, 193, 201, 206, 224 Independence: 101, 133 Jesus: 12, 19, 41, 74, 95, 106, 140, 148, 157, 187, 189, 193, 211, 213, 226, 235, 240, 241 Knowledge/Wisdom: 15, 20, 45, 54, 58, 79, 81, 90, 101, 111, 119, 134, 135, 171, 176, 199, 200, 222, 228, 231, 235 Learning/Teaching: 17, 19, 20, 35, 37, 43, 55, 62, 72, 93, 118, 119, 142, 143, 171, 174, 182, 199, 243 Little Things & People: 7, 19, 48, 63, 70, 87, 90, 93, 111, 157, 163, 192, 204, 227 Looking Unto Jesus: 32, 53, 54, 58, 70, 73, 89, 105, 115, 121, 130,

164, 168, 213, 245 Love: 2, 3, 17, 19, 25, 26, 42, 45, 51, 57, 58, 59, 69, 76, 77, 100, 116, 118, 119, 136, 149, 152, 162, 166, 167, 200, 204, 205, 235, 240 Loving Jesus: 102, 116, 118, 138, 159, 187, 210 Materialism/Greed: 65, 84, 106, 107, 112, 186, 218 Meaning/Purpose: 5, 23, 86, 93, 119, 120, 124, 137, 180 Success/Failure: 29, 140, 152, 177 Metaphors: 1, 29, 32, 34, 69, 72, 79, 106, 116, 119, 120, 123, 124, 133, 147, 148, 166, 185, 189, 202, 208, 209, 213, 224, 237, 240 Miracles: 223 Money: 75, 135, 136, 140, 153, 161, 196, 198, 200, 209, 210, 211, 214, 218, 249 Movies: 22, 67, 213, 240 Music: 5, 72, 116 Mysteries: 106 Obedience/Disobedience: 16, 18, 45, 54, 61, 110, 170, 178, 199, 218, 232 Overcoming/Rising Above: 12, 40, 54, 65, 124, 187, 214, 215 Patience/Waiting on the Lord: 34, 69, 104, 114, 164, 189, 209, 224, 229 Peace: 47, 100, 151, 240 Persecution: 36, 85, 102, 143, 148, 171 Positiveness vs. Negativity: 7, 14, 88, 198, 199, 216, 238, 240, 244 Praise Vs. Murmuring: 7, 33, 156, 187, 217, 221, 232 Prayer: 7, 80, 101, 102, 109, 148, 170, 180, 191, 237 Progress, Growth, Maturation: 6, 7, 9, 27, 34, 35, 37, 38, 40, 68, 140, 144, 172, 187, 193, 207, 210, 240, 242, 249 Relationship/People: 3, 42, 57, 66, 70, 71, 78, 108, 116, 144, 145, 183, 205, 250 Revelation: 133, 243 Responsibility/Accountability: 7 Sacrifice: 18, 27, 100, 133, 149 Salvation: 14, 16, 26, 46, 54, 69, 95, 157, 177, 207, 249 Sample: 3, 31, 35, 55, 61, 63, 64, 73, 76, 77, 141, 149, 155, 166, 184, 226 Security/Protection/Safety: 91, 171, 247 Selfishness/Unselfishness: 47, 52, 92, 112, 119, 129, 137, 139, 146, 149, 179, 240, 241 Self-righteousness: 1, 2, 45, 166, 190 Shepherding/Leadership: 23, 26, 60, 100, 124, 125, 147, 215 Sin: 25, 67, 81, 162 War of the Spirit: 27, 31, 36, 47, 88, 89, 96, 99, 103, 104, 124, 151, 158, 159, 191, 220, 221, 247 Witnessing: 5, 14, 16, 19, 27, 30, 46, 47, 63, 73, 75, 76, 96, 97, 115, 120, 131, 135, 140, 141, 152, 190, 197, 201, 207, 216, 226, 230, 244, 250 Word, The: 11, 87, 90, 175, 176, 192, 217 Yieldedness/Submission: 8, 32, 35, 45, 49, 100, 133, 150, 187, 192, 221, 226, 235 Time/Eternity: 11, 13, 39, 46, 87, 105, 107, 119, 147, 177, 200, 238, 240 Trials & Tests: 10, 12, 13, 23, 24, 31, 33, 35, 38, 43, 45, 60, 75, 119, 125, 142, 156, 158, 164, 172, 174, 182, 183, 184, 187, 192, 196, 198, 205, 212, 214, 215, 219, 221, 225, 232, 249 Truth/Honesty/Reality: 4, 19, 25, 66, 79, 81, 87, 91, 98, 113, 120, 132, 134, 140, 165, 167, 171, 174, 182, 186, 190, 194, 211, 215, 216, 220, 223, 224, 228, 234 Unity/Teamwork: 28, 93, 100, 191 Vigilance: 99 Vision: 11, 60, 95, 238 Supply: 21, 82, 116, 150, 156, 189, 195, 217, 218, 219 System/Worldliness: 1, 17, 18, 20, 46, 47, 74, 90, 91, 102, 112, 115, 134, 137, 153, 154, 179, 180, 193, 197, 206, 211, 218, 219, 220, 228, 248 Temptation: 1, 12, 15, 18, 22, 39, 62, 85, 94, 119, 142, 147, 174, 178 Thankfulness/Gratitude/Appreciation: 9, 33, 40, 114, 164, 198, 232, 246 Society: 11, 18, 19, 30, 52, 77, 84, 96, 101, 107, 119, 137, 143, 164, 179, 181, 193, 194, 200, 208, 240 Speech: 250 Spirit Helpers: 50, 93, 101, 127, 145, 180, 213, 236 Spirit World: 49, 79, 81, 116, 124, 134, 145, 146, 157, 173, 178, 185, 236, 237

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