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District 27 Newsletter Have you ever important is that your clubs
Vol. 1 Issue 2 — Fall 2009 been inspired by a gain new members with
speech, an article, a new ideas, new energy,
Your Journey Begins Now! book, or even a random and different points of view
District 27 Governor quote which then took you for future speeches and
Featured Article from to the local library or to the evaluations.
Lt. Governor for Education & Training Internet to learn or
Featured Article from
discover more? Let’s go Mile Markers #2, 3, and 4:
Lt. Governorfor Marketing on a Toastmaster’s Confidence, Leadership,
Toastimonials 4 journey… Service
Toastmasters in the News 5 In the September 2009
Mile Marker #1: The issue of the Toastmaster
Human Interest 6
Ralph Smedley Story Magazine you’ll find the
International Conference 7 Redux Viewpoint of Gary Schmidt
Click on the link at the our International President
bottom of the as well as an interview
Toastmasters International District 27 Governor where this year’s theme is
Scheduled Events website (just above the John Lesko, DTM revealed. As a native of
Washington Mystics Game logo) and up will pop a Oregon, it’s no small
Fan Night 9/19 final home game; random quote. For example: wonder that our President is a fan of
recognizing ALLY Toastmasters Club
Stephen Ambrose’s Undaunted Courage.
Smedley Award Imagine how Lewis and Clark and the
Add 5 new members by 9/30 “Ours is the only organization I know famed Corps of Discovery had to exhibit
October Blitz Contest dedicated to the individual.” confidence, leadership, and service to one
Runs until 10/31 (see p.5) – Dr. Ralph C. Smedley another and the nation as they searched
for the famed Northwest passage. Did
District 27 Fall Conference they find such a waterway? No. Was the
November 14, 2009
Hilton Garden Inn mission a failure? No. Why? They were
Fairfax, VA The story of Ralph Smedley’s early work prepared and they selected a guide. The
with Toastmasters is a testimony to insight Corps of Discovery pulled together and
and tenacity ... Four times, Dr. Smedley communicated with the Shoshone,
was transferred by his employer (the Blackfoot, and the Hidatsa people. They
District 27 Officers
YMCA), and each time a club he left were assisted by a guide, Sacagawea,
District Governor behind eventually died ... They were not who listened and spoke several
John Lesko, DTM self-sustaining ... After 16 years, he was languages. The lesson learned? Find a finally transferred to Santa Ana, California, guide, coach, or mentor to help you along
LT. Governor Education & Training
Paul White, DTM where his concept of self-sustaining clubs the way. for the practice and improvement of public
Lt. Governor Marketing speech grew into reality. Marker #5: "We learn best in moments
Julie Brown, ATMS of enjoyment." Is your club like the first four clubs formed
Public Relations Officer
Mo Hamilton, DTM by Dr. Smedley? Let us learn a lesson That’s another quote from our Founder from our Founder’s tenacity. It’s all about and our original instructor. Hmmm -- First
Treasurer the members. Strive to earn the Smedley seek instruction. Then have fun. Enough
Greg Passes, CC/CL Award by adding five new, dual, or said. Join us on the path to ToastMASTERY.
Immediate Past District Governor reinstated members to your club’s roster
Lillian Cooke, DTM between August 1 and September 30, 2009. Yes there are prizes. But more
by LGET Paul E. White, DTM
DON’T LOOK BACK… website to assist you, and can be contacted
It’s September already - where did July and at if you
August go? Summer TLI season is over - have specific questions. The District Chief
did you attend? Did your club achieve the Judge, Donna Gordon, assists at the
DCP goal of 4 officers trained? Were all 7 of Division and District levels. She has also
Lt. Governor your officers trained? Officer training sets up provided resource materials on the webpage
of Education and Training your club for success, so please make that address contest judging that will be
Paul E. White, DTM
attending the District 27 Winter TLI in a few helpful at the club and Area levels.
months a part of your forward planning.
Participating in contests is the best way
Important Dates... Dr. Steven Covey recommends to take speaking to new levels of
having a map of the destination competence, so I encourage you
September 30 and direction for the journey to volunteer as a contestant.
Smedly Award concludes; aim
for 5 new members! towards your goals. If we look Contests also provide
back too much we might miss opportunities to “showcase” your
October 1 the path, so set goals and then club, so invite guests to your
Dues are due! Start collecting
strive to constantly move towards contests so that they will see the
them. Have you set an education fun and the benefits of
October 24 award goal this year? Please do so. Toastmasters. There are also
D27 Fall Conference opportunities to gain CL credit for some
Fill out a pledge card, share it with your
Registration Deadline
VPE, and commit to attain it because written contest-related activities. Make this contest
November 14 and shared goals are more often achieved. season productive for you and for your club.
D27 Fall Contest Finals
Hilton Garden Inn Contest season has begun. Clubs, Areas, Education incentives for the year will be
Divisions and the District are involved with rolled out soon. Two that cannot wait – the
planning and holding Humorous Speech and Trail Blazer award goes to the first CC, first AC
Table Topics contests. Contests are most and the first Leader award in each Area. Area
successful when contest coordinators and Governors nominate, LGET verifies, and the
recipients receive District Governor compass logo
contest committees are engaged, so don’t
pins. The other is the Expedition award, tied to
be a “one person show.” The District has a an expedition map game to be explained later.
Contest Advisor to assist all levels to plan Clubs meeting DCP Goal #1 (2 CCs) by October
and conduct contests. Kathleen Newbern
has placed resource materials on the (Continued on page 6)

D27 TLI Training Photos from 7/11/09


By LGM Julie Brown, ACS, CL
The year is off to an outstanding start thanks One of the most exciting things we look
to our dedicated members and District forward to is the chartering of new
leadership teams. clubs. Over the past two months we have
held demonstration meetings at MTCSC in
As we come to the end of the first quarter, I Stafford, IFC in Fairfax, UPS in Landover,
extend special congratulations to Jeff DC Lottery in Washington DC, and NISC in
Arnette who helped build and charter the Arlington. We also have community clubs Lt. Governor of Marketing
Toastmasters Means Business club. We Julie Brown, ACS, CL
being started in Roslyn and Lorton, with
were able to send in their application to several others expected soon. With these
charter this month and set that team well on new clubs we are seeking sponsors and
its way to creating a successful Toastmaster mentors to help. Are you ready for your
legacy. ALS?
I also want to thank several teams for The Smedley Award is underway, and a
promoting membership growth activities. number of clubs have already hit the 5 new
The Navy Yard in Division D held an We Are Accepting
member mark. It was exciting for me to
incredibly successful picnic this past July; Nominations for...
learn at our training sessions how many
over 80 Toastmasters and guests were in clubs had already received one new member Toastmaster of the Month
attendance. The Dialoguers Club in Division this year and just about every single hand Area Governor of the Month
E staffed a booth at an event in order to would go up. Bringing in additional strength
build membership. The A Life Like Yours in numbers, early in the year, will help the
club in Division G sponsored a booth at an rest of the year continue with added strength Send nominations to
ARC event in Chantilly, and continues to and support for every club and member.
plan additional events for their members.
These are just a few examples of some of Thanks to all of you who have been working
the events happening in the District over the hard to support existing clubs and help build
past few months. We have a lot to look new ones. We look forward to a continued
forward to! year of growth and achievement!

Read Collaborate! Have a Toastmasters

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Washington Naval Yard Innaugural Annual Picnic Youth Leadership Grads
submitted by VPE Naval Audit Service Tuesday Club, Rhoda T. Harpe, CL submitted by Alan Adrian
The first annual picnic of the Washington success,” she said, and wished to extend On August 21, the Reston-Herndon club
Navy Yard Toastmasters’ Clubs on July special thanks to her team. graduated a group of Youth Leadership
15 was deemed a success by all who
attended. “This is awesome. We should Ronnie Davis, a member of the Thursday
do this every year,” stated Club, Doris Adams, a member of the
Jeffrey Hallen, member of Wednesday Club, and
the Naval Audit Service Shamikia Ealy were the
Tuesday Club. “This was a Grill Masters for the picnic.
fun networking activity and “I was thoroughly
everyone had a great impressed with the ease in
time,” said Michael which Mr. Davis could flip
Goodside Area D2 burgers in a suit - the 2008 President of Reston-Herndon Club Alan Adrian
Governor. Other club man’s got style,” observed (left), Bala (sponsor of the program, right), and 2008
presidents were also very John Waterfield, a Area 41 Governor Olivia Adrian (lower right) with
happy with attendance at member of the Tuesday graduates of last year’s Youth Leadership program
the picnic. Club. “No one went away program students. This was the second
hungry,” said Mr. Davis. group in as many years that they
There are five successfully guided through the
Toastmasters Clubs at the True to Toastmasters
Grillmasters Ronni Davis and curriculum. The Youth Leadership
Washington Naval Yard: the Shamikia Ealy tradition, the group did not
Coordinators were Alan Adrian and
Toastmasters International pass up an opportunity to
Olivia Adrian.
Navy Yard Communicators (NYC) Club, practice speaking. After everyone
President Joyce Taylor; the finished eating, Ms. Higdon, Immediate This year District 27 is emphasizing
Toastmasters International Personally Past President of the TIPS club, headed Youth; Mary T. Bowen heads up youth
Speaking (TIPS) Club, President Quentin a Table Topic contest as the master of activities in the formal school system and
Gilmore; Naval Audit Service Tuesday ceremonies, while Vickie Writt served as in communities, but a number of others
Club, President Nayda Forteza; Naval the time keeper. The audience voted are involved in promoting youth activities
Audit Service Wednesday Club, with their applause for the winners.
President Shamikia Ealy; and Naval
Audit Service Thursday Club, President 1st: Anto Allegra in response to:
Michael Goodside. “Can you tell us what is happening to this figurine?”
2nd: Mark Eyerly in response to:
All clubs were well-represented. In “Tell us why your dream would be to be a shoe.”
addition to Toastmasters members,
Randall Exley, Deputy Auditor General of
the Navy attended the picnic along with
Richard Leach, Auditor General of the The NYC Club and the TIPS Club are
Navy. Both are strong supporters of the both open to membership by all, and
Toastmasters organization and believe in welcome new members. If you are
the benefits that can be derived from interested in joining, or just curious and Division I Governor Olivia Adrian, ACS/ALB
would like more information, please presenting John Pentakolos his graduation
participation. certificate with Alan Adrian
contact VP of Public Relations Katrina
Joyce Taylor was the catalyst for this Mintz ( at
as well. Terry Wang runs the Youth
gathering. Her organizing committee 202.433.4662 for the NYC Club, or VP of
Leadership program - a weekend college
included Ms. Taylor, Faye Higdon, Ms. Public Relations Randall Bivens
campus activity; Al Englehardt runs
Forteza, Ronnie Davis, Michelle St. ( at
Speechcraft; and Johnny Rodriguez is
Pierre, Mary Pearson, Mark Eyerly, and 202.781.3112 for information on the TIPS
developing a youth debate activity in
Ms. Ealy. “Overall the picnic was a great Club.
select schools. Consider supporting a
youth program to share the joys and
CORRECTION: benefits of public speaking with a school
near you—it will pay dividends down the
In our last issue (Vol. 1 Issue 1—Summer), Bonnie Maidak was road.
credited in our Human Interest story as being published in
Toastmasters International Magazine, which is incorrect. Please contact Mary Bowen at if you are
The Youth Find Their Voice story was credited to Mary Bowman; it currently running or planning to initiate a
should have read Mary Bowen. youth program.

We apologize for these errors.


District 27 Welcomes “A Life Like Yours”
submitted by Nancy Thomason, TM

On June 29th, District 27 welcomed the “A Life Like community with disabilities and their corporate and community
Yours” (ALLY) Toastmasters Club, into the family. Club partners.
#1358044 is comprised of special needs adults, several
directors from the Northern Virginia Arc, Greater Prince William July 19th was the “FestABILITY” Fair/Expo held at the Dulles
Arc, and the President of the club’s corporate sponsor, Paula Expo Center – District 27 Toastmasters were well-represented
Welsh of Community by the ALLY Club which
Concepts, Inc. provided information about
resources and available
They jump-started their claim services to those with
to Toastmaster fame back in disabilities and their families.
January 2009 with an The ALLY Club greeted and
informational meeting by informed some of the
Toastmaster Nancy estimated 2,000 – 4,000
Thomason. Many things have Meeting with the Mystics attendees of the Expo about
happened in six months. Back L-R: Representative (Arc of DC), Maria Giovanetti (Mystics), Toastmasters, and how the
Nancy Mercer (Arc of NOVA), Representative (Arc of Montgomery Co.),
Representative (Arc) program can help anyone
Ken Henz, DTM, (Area 72/G2 Front L-R: Representative (Arc), Erin (Arc of NOVA), Jill Egle (Arc of NOVA) improve their speaking skills,
Governor), immediately learn leadership skills, and
volunteered to be a club sponsor, and has been exceptional as create a better life for themselves.
a coach and friend to the members of the club. Through an
invitation from Nancy Mercer (Director, Arc of Nova), Area G3, Division G, and District 27 can look forward to many
Toastmaster Nancy Thomason attended a meeting with the more exciting and noteworthy events from this Club of very
WNBA Mystics’ team Marketing Director, and District 27 was special members. With their first steps, on the path to
offered Concourse space to set up marketing tables during two ToastMASTERY, there are three “E” words to describe this
of the season games that are dedicated to those in the
(Continued on page 6)

A BIG Competition
submitted by Loretta Johnson, TM OCTOBER BLITZ CONTEST!
On June 20, 2009, Region 11 of Blacks In Government (BIG) held its annual
Oratorical and Information Superhighway student competition in Silver Spring, Who promotes Toastmasters
Maryland. BIG is a national non-profit organization established in 1975 in response the most? Every club during
to the need of African Americans in public service to organize around issues of the month of October is
encouraged to provide our
committee, photos, videos or
documentation letting us know
how you celebrated October as
Toastmasters Month.

Please submit entries to:

The top 3 winners will receive

prizes. The contest ends on
October 31, will
Contestants (L-R): Jocelia Railey, Keavonia Palmer, Darien Harris, Camilla Hayslett,
Malcom Morse, Joseph E. Gray III, Darrin Brown Jr., Veronica Beverly be announced at the Fall
Conference on November 14th!
(Continued on page 8) Page 5
5 Things You Didn’t
1. From the end of July until the
New US Citizen and Division H Governor
International Conference, new submitted by Division H Governor, Andreas Scherer, DTM
club charters are traditionally July 15 2009 was a definitely helped me to
not immediately released to special day for me: I improve as a public
new clubs, but held to present became a United States speaker.
to the new International citizen after living in
President. the US for more than In my job as General
eight years. When I got Manager of ProChain
2. The Smedley Award is given home from the Solutions, I regularly
to clubs who gain 5 new ceremony, I found a give speeches at
members between July 31 and package from conferences, seminars
September 31. T o a s t m a s t e r s and webinars.
International in my Toastmasters has raised
3. District 27 has 222+ clubs mailbox. In th at my level of comfort and
aligned in 47 Areas and 10 package was a plaque confidence when
Divisions, and is the 10th all DTMs receive for speaking in front diverse
largest District in the world. completing their audiences. Some of my
educational and leadership speeches may be of benefit to others
4. The Accredited Speaker and can be found on my blog at
requirements. I joined Toastmasters
Program began in 1980. Less in December 2006 and it has
than ¼ of those who have
applied have qualified.
5. District 51 is the largest district ...EDUCATION & TRAINING TRAIL BLAZING
with 348+ clubs (in Malaysia, (Continued from page 2) contests, and much more, so hold the date
Indonesia, and Brunei) aligned 31 s t will be and plan on attending the conference!
in 15 Divisions. recognized at the Conferences always need volunteers; if
D i s t r i c t you would like to assist with the District
Everybody has unanswered Conference on Conference, please contact LGET at
questions they have about November 14 th
Toastmasters, and this is your and will be eligible
opportunity to ask them! In our for a special
next issue, we’ll have a special lottery drawing.
feature on things you didn’t know “We learn best in moments of
The District enjoyment.”
about Toastmasters. Conference
“CLOSE THE CIRCLE – Follow the path
– Dr. Ralph C. Smedley
You may have noticed a couple of of leaders…” will be held on Saturday,
items about the Districts. Included November 14th at the Hilton Garden Inn in
in the coming feature will be an Fairfax, Virginia. This all-day event will
updated visual representation of feature fun, games, the business meeting,
District 27 so that our members education sessions, the best of the best
can get their bearings after the Humorous Speech and Table Topics
realignment over the summer.
We invite you to submit the
questions you would like ...District 27 Welcomes “A Life Like Yours”
answered, and if you had tidbits of
knowledge about Toastmasters, (Continued from page 5) Wu, as a dual member. A Life Like Yours
send that in too! Your suggestions Club – ENTHUSIASM, ENERGY, AND Toastmaster Club meets on the Fairfax
and questions can be sent to: EXCITEMENT – and the members are Campus of George Mason University.
committed to using Toastmasters to further Anyone interested in attending a meeting
their way in life, defend their rights for should contact Ken Henz
We hope to have a great endangered freedoms in the community, ( or Nancy
educational feature for you in the and welcome new friends into the Club. Thomason (, for more
next issue! The Club is about to welcome Kate information.
Publicover, DTM, as a mentor, and Melanie


District 27 Officers Providing New Club Charter to New President
LGET Paul White, DTM; District Governor Paul Lesko, DTM;
Current District 27 Governor Immediate Past Distinguished
Gary Schmidt, DTM; LGM Julie Brown, ACS/CL
John Lesko, DTM District 27 Governor
Lillian Cooke, DTM

International First-Timer Toastmaster Conferences Inspire

submitted by Betsy Orlando, ACS submitted by Editors
As a first timer to the annual convention, I had no idea of what to If you have previously attended a Toastmaster Conference,
expect other than great speeches at the World Championships and you know what we mean! Most recently, we were inspired
a chance to meet Toastmasters from around the world. The first by Mark Hunter from Albany Creek, Queensland, Australia
person I met at the conference was then Toastmasters at the International Conference
International President Jana Barnhill who greeted me with a big in August. He became the new
hug! She is a darling, courageous World Champion of Public
person. Speaking!
I volunteered throughout the week to help District officers were also
with the inter-district contests, and with recognized for the fruits of their
the information and registration booths. It labor: Our very own leadership
was a wonderful opportunity to spend team from 2008-2009
time with the World HQ staff and meet celebrated an all-POWERful 2009 World Champion, Mark Hunter
the people behind the names and Betsy Orlando, ACS
Jana Barhill, DTM year by taking home and 2009 International President,
voices. On the last night at the dinner Distinguished District honors Gary Schmidt, DTM
dance we all had our photos taken together to commemorate our
successes. representing Excellence in
Leadership, Education and
Of course the World Championship speech contest was everything Training, and Marketing. A
I imagined - 10 incredible speakers with skills and abilities that great accomplishment that
demonstrate what determination, practice and mentoring can make we hope can be repeated
in someone's life. But just as awe-inspiring, entertaining, and again this coming year!
informational, were various keynote speakers such as Fran Capo 2008-2009 D27 Distinguished LGET, Governor, and LGM
(she has chutzpah!). Most of all, I met Toastmasters who Paul Lesko (DTM), Lillian Cooke (DTM), Paul White (DTM)
Please join us at the District
embraced me, motivated me, and inspired me by sharing 27 Fall Conference at the
wonderful tips, stories and tricks. I learned at the Convention that Hilton Garden Inn in Fairfax, VA on November 14th where
it really is all about the members, with TMI leading by example. we hope you will again be inspired! Page 7
...A BIG Competition
(Continued from page 5) “Science, Technology and Innovation for a new generation:
mutual concern, and use their collective strength to confront Preparing our youth for the 21st century economy.”
workplace and community issues.
The chapters that held a competition reached out to local high
The student competition begins at the chapter level, similar to schools seeking competitors. Each young person was
a Toastmasters competition. Students in grades 9 thru 12 expected to perform his or her creation, and then the winners
can compete, with two competitive levels: 9th-10th graders would compete at the regional level. The regional winners
and 11th-12th graders. competed at the BIG National Training Conference (NTC) in
Baltimore, Maryland, on August 28, 2009.
One of their goals this year was to increase community
outreach and develop working relationships with other Darrien Harris placed 1st in the Information Superhighway
organizations. An S.O.S. call was sent to Toastmaster Viki competition, Darrin Brown placed 1st in Oratorical 9th-10th
Kinsman seeking her help in getting judges for oratorical graders, Jocelia Railey placed 2nd in Oratorical 9th-10th
competitions. D27 LGET Paul White, and PRO Mo Hamilton graders, Joseph E. Gray III placed 1st in Oratorical 11th-12th
both volunteered to serve as judges. Each competitor was graders, and Veronica Beverly placed 2nd in Oratorical 11th-
expected to speak between 4 and 6 minutes on a topic or 12th graders.
theme determined by the national BIG organization; this
year’s themes were “Has the dream been fulfilled?” and Congratulations to all competitors!


Jacqueline Rogers, DTM

Monica Cutchember, DTM

Mike Kerr, TM

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27 retains the final copyright if not attributed to
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