Local Austin Slumlord Leaves Children at Risk FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 1/13/14 Austin, TX - After three years of living in a Spradling

Properties home, tenants Catherine Bleish and her husband John Bush are reaching out to the public to inform them of the dangerous and hostile living conditions inflicted upon them by owners, Chuck and David Spradling. What started as a dream quickly turned into a nightmare.! Cat and John were pregnant with their first child and wanting to start a small farm for their family.!! They found a 2.4 acre home in Southeast Travis County. Despite the pile of trash in the back, the rotting porch roof, and the non-working electric outlets, which they were assured would be fixed (and three years later still remain unfixed), they excitedly moved in and began building toward their future.! Long story short, after two home births, raising over 80 chickens, building a community garden with over 20 garden beds and weekly volunteers, they are forced to vacate due to unsafe, unsanitary and hostile conditions. Currently sewage gas is coming from their guest shower.! Their two year old has been complaining of headaches and eye irritation, yet after coming to see for himself, Chuck Spradling offered no resolution.! When Catherine spoke to Chuck on the phone about this he called her a "little girl" and mentioned all the repairs he has made in the past as a reason to be hesitant to spend more money.! This is not the first time the Spradlings have name-called the family for asking for repairs.! While paying rent in January, John asked for safety repairs to be made and David Spradling responded by saying they were "crying and whining" like "little babies".! Yelp reviews indicate this is not an isolated event. A month later Catherine delivered a hand written note and a bag full of wood shaving/fire ant dirt that she has to vacuum from under the carpet daily due to a massive infestation that reaches into every room through cracks in the walls and floors.! Suddenly, the property managers became more responsive, but no repairs have been made. Their children have been bit by fire ants repeatedly while simply playing in their living room and bedroom. Currently half the lights and electric outlets do not work (Catherine cooks under Christmas lights), most of the doors have trouble opening and shutting, their showers must be turned on with a wrench, and the foundation problems leave cracks great enough to see outside. The family is currently making arrangements for other housing and are looking for a land donation for their 501(3) nonprofit, The Center for Natural Living, so they may rebuild their community garden and provide a stable home for their flock of 80 chickens. The family is also looking for other victims of Spradling Properties to come forward with their stories of neglect. You can watch a reality show about the family at www.sovereignliving.tv. Spradling Properties can be reached here: 512-282-8014 John and Catherine can be reached here: 512-773-6102 Learn more about the Center for Natural Living here: www.centerfornaturalliving.org

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