The continuation of Breaking Dawn By Giselle Soto

Chapter 1
It has been ten years since our daughter was born, and I still can believe how fast she has grown. She doesn’t look like she’s 10, but rather looks like she is 18 years young. And, wow, is she beautiful. Her hair is still copper color and with curled ends which is way past her lower back. She still blushes here and there and she still has that laugh that no matter how angry one is, you can’t help but laugh with her. Rennesmee, my beautiful, rare, talented daughter. Everyday that goes by she looks more and more like her father Edward. And everyday, somehow that I can’t explain, we love her more and more. Even the pack loves her like a baby sister. They can’t even believe that they wanted to destroy Rennesmee when she was still in my womb. Sam and Emily are much more protective of her then the rest. Of course no one can pass Jake, who is there 24/7. He never leaves her side and the smallest sign of threat he always takes his guarded position in front of Rennesmee to shield her from whatever is or was about to come. Many times my new family just laughs at how guarded and protected and sometimes overly dramatic Jake is, but I don’t mind because at least I know no harm will come to her. I mean she doesn’t only have her family’s protection










shifters like Aro would call them, and many other vampires from the Denali clan to the Amazonian. Every single vampire that stood beside us years ago when the Volturi wanted to destroy Rennesmee has grown to love her more then we expected. Amun, from the Egyptian coven has never been too fond to grow close to us, or Rennesmee for that matter but he is still friends with Carlisle. Of course the rest of his coven, Benjamin and Tia especially love Rennesmee very much and visit her as often as they can. I love my new family and my old family more then I thought possible. How can someone like me deserve so much? I have a loving and extremely beautiful husband and daughter, new brothers and sisters and many vampire covens that have accepted me with arms wide open. I sill stay in touch with my dad, but of course my family and I don’t live in Forks, Washington anymore. A year after Rennesmee was born we had to leave because of course, she was growing so fast and none of us was aging. People would suspect something sooner or later so we just decided to move. We now live in Elma, Washington, which is a little over 100 miles from Forks. At first we were going to go to Alaska, but when I told Charlie, I could see that he was absolutely heart broken that I would take myself and his grand

daughter Rennesmee so far from him, which is why The Cullen’s decided to stay closer. They didn’t like hurting Charlie now that Charlie has grown much fonder to them then you could ever imagine. Before we moved Charlie was over everyday watching the game with Emmett. Sometimes he would even bring Billy Black over and they would all sit on the couch and cheer when their team scored, or grumble and curse when they didn’t. It was one of the funniest things you could ever see, especially when Emmett would jump up in and scare the wits out of Charlie and Billy. “Hey Bella love, are you alright?” Edward asked me. I never thought I could fall in love with his voice all over again. “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to worry you. You know how I am when I daze off”, I told him. He smiled the most beautiful smile imaginable and came to my side in a blink of an eye, or so it would seem for human eyes. “It just drives me insane when you do that because I can’t read your mind”, he said, smiling at the same time. I almost of forgot course he I couldn’t would let read him. my I mind, have not been unless

practicing my mental exercises Kate thought me to remove the shield from my mind and every time I did, Edward would go insane because he could finally read my mind. “Would you prefer if I do

this?” I replied and quickly removed the shield. I recapped everything I was just thinking about while smiling as I saw the excitement in Edward’s eyes. “Yes love, I must say I do”, he said happily. Then he leaned in and kissed me passionately. I started to take my hand and glide it down his back but quickly stopped when I heard Rennesmee’s beautiful laugh. I quickly opened my eyes to see Edward looking at me with a smile on his face. It was around 9:00am so I know that she must have just woken up. “Come on Edward, I want to say good morning to our baby”. As I walked down the stairs I could see my entire family in the living room, with Jacob of course. Jake decided to come and stay with us for a while, because of course he can’t leave Rennesmee’s side, or Nessie like he and the rest of the family Hi used to call she her. said, “Hi Momma, the good most morning. Daddy!” with

brilliant and happiest smiles I could ever see. She was sitting on the floor by Rosalie’s legs, while Rose played with her hair. Jake was opposite Rennesmee on the floor as well. Rose grew to accept Jake now that I guess she knew he was never going to leave. Emmett was right next to Rose while Alice, Jasper, Carlisle and Esme were sitting on the white sectional just across from where Rose, Emmett and Rennesmee were. Jake was sitting right

by Carlisle’s legs. “Hi baby, did you sleep well” I asked her, while I went to sit right next to her. Edward was right on my heels. I bent down and “Yes Momma, I did” she replied. kissed her cheek while Edward

kissed her head. Rennesmee has the mental capacity of an adult and was developed like one, but she never stopped calling me Momma or Edward Daddy. I have to admit, I absolutely loved it. So did Edward for that matter. Right before I got up from the floor, Rennesmee touched my cheek, letting me know she was hungry. Rennesmee could tolerate human food but for breakfast she always preferred the Cullen way. Edward, reading her mind before she even finished telling me quickly went to get her jacket in the closet by the front door. Jake, guessing what Rennesmee had told me, got up and stretched his hand in front of Rennesmee so she could have that support to get off of the floor, not that she needed it. Rennesmee smiled at him and took his hand. “Guys, we’re gonna go hunting this morning, we’ll be right back ok? Unless if anyone is hungry” I told my family. “No Bella, we are fine, thank you” Carlisle answered. I smiled at them and headed for the door with Rennesmee and Jacob. Edward was already there holding out her jacket, now that it seemed somewhat cold and murky outside. There was

no way she was going to get sick but Edward was just like that. Rennesmee smiled at him and put on her jacket while Edward kissed her once more on the head. Then he let her and Jacob walk ahead while he grabbed my hand and we were off. A little into the woods, I could already sense some Elk at the same time that Rennesmee also spotted them. Jake quickly turned into his wolf form so he could join Rennesmee while me and Edward let them go ahead so we didn’t disturb them. A little to the right of where they had gone I smelled a delicious mountain lion, which made my mouth water. Edward also smelled it but his smile widened when we sensed another mountain lion close to the first one. “One for each” I told him while I started to get into my defensive crouch. Edward smiled and also crouched, not before winking at me. We headed off after them. They were next to the river, drinking some water right before we jumped on them. Sinking my teeth into that mountain lion was the best thing I have ever tasted. To me it felt like water for someone who has been on a hot desert. It was amazing! I finished quickly and so did Edward. “Great, no scratches or stains this time, I’ve gotten really good at this” I said looking at Edward. He smiled a taunting smile and touched my cheek. “It has been 10 years love, I would hope you would get better at

it” he replied with mockery in his voice. “Ha ha, very funny”. Son after I heard Rennesmee call for me so I knew she was done. I took Edward’s hand and raced towards our daughter, who was sitting on a fallen tree trunk. Jake had gone a little bit into the woods to change back to his human form and put his clothes back on, I would assume. “Are you still hungry sweetheart?” Edward asked her. “No daddy, I’m fine now, just waiting for Jake. Right before she got up, Jake was back. So we all headed back to the house.

Chapter 2

“Bella, asked me,

what with a




do of

today?” mystery

Alice in her



voice. I knew she has our day planned out was we know it. “Ok Alice, what do you want?” I asked her, with a lot of sarcasm in my voice. “Well, I can already tell that you are in dire need of clothes and I don’t mind shopping so what do you say? How about all of the girls go out shopping while the boys can either catch a game or do whatever boys do, what do you say? Are you in?” she said. Esme, Rose and Rennesmee all looked exited so why not. “Sure Alice, that sounds like fun” I replied. Alice beamed her most alluring smile but then looked at me from head go to toe and frowned. leaving” “What she is it me. Alice?”. “Well, Bella you look horrible, maybe you should change before told “Alice, do you honestly think I would go out of the house like this? I mean don’t get me wrong I love my sweatpants but I’m not that bad” I answered. “Good, then you and Nessie go change and we will leave in 15 minutes. Go, go” she said while almost pushing us upstairs. went jeans to with I went and to we my room while Rennesmee pair of hers my both finished while

changing at the same time. I put on a T-shirt and a favorite sneakers Rennesmee put on a summer dress that complimented

her looks completely. While we headed downstairs the guys were still there and Alice was by the staircase. She looked disappointed as she saw what I chose to put on. “Wow Bella, you are in dire need of clothes, just look at yourself!” she yelled. I smiled at her while Edward came to stand next to me and Jake took my Rennesmee’s wife” Edward I asked or go hand. told “Alice, her stop he criticizing going might to do while but

leaned in and kissed me. “So, what are you guys today?” go Edward, play also looking at the rest of the males in the house. “We just hunting some tackle football” Edward said, with a smile on his face. “Hey, sounds like a plan bro” Emmett interjected. “Daddy, just remember Jake is not a vampire and he can break, so please be careful with him” Rennesmee told Edward. “Aw don’t worry Ness, he heals fast!” Emmett teased. Rennesmee looked scared for her love while Jake smiled and mock punched Emmett on the shoulder. Emmett then went by Rennesmee and hugged her. “Don’t worry hun, we will be easy on him, I promise” Rennesmee smiled at one of her favorite uncle’s and then went to say goodbye to everyone before heading I said by Jake and to giving Edward her and special waved to goodbye. goodbye

everyone else before heading out the door. So did the rest of the females.

We arrived at the mall that Alice took us to. This mall was scary now that it had a lot of stores. But I was going to enjoy myself, I was with half of my family. Half an hour in and Alice already had spent $1,000 dollars. She is dangerous when it comes to shopping. But after a while we all had a few bags in our hands. Rosalie always bought some of the most extravagant clothes, while the rest of us purchased not so extravagant clothes. Of course we had a dress here in there because Alice would never let us elude that, but I guess I would use it sooner or later. A few hours in and we went to all the stores so then it was time to go home. As we arrived home, we caught the scent of the wolves, so it must of meant that the pack was here. Rennesmee caught the same scent. “Momma, the pack is here!” she gushed from the back seat. “Yes hun, they are”. Alice didn’t even park the car all the way before Rennesmee was was out of the car. I quickly of the followed her. As soon as we walked into the door Rennesmee greeting and hugging all wolves and they quickly embraced her and smiled. I did the same thing to each and everyone, even Paul, who in my human life almost attacked me if it wasn’t for Jake, but that’s water under the bridge. “Hey guys! Long time no see. How are you” I asked

them, while hugging them at the same time. “Well Bells, Forks is different with out you guys there and we decided to surprise you!” Sam said. “Yeah, we missed ya’ vampire girl” Embry answered, smiling and putting his arm around my shoulders. “But we’re not the only ones who decided to visit, we wanted to surprise you and the only way we could do that was to tell them to put some of our clothes on so you couldn’t smell them, but here they are!”. Soon after, Charlie, Billy, Emily, Kim, and everyone’s wife and child came. Sam and Emily had one 4 year old son named Samuel, Jared and Kim got married 2 years after dating and had one 1 year old daughter named Kimberly. Paul and Rachel recently got married and Rachel was 3 months pregnant. Embry imprinted one year ago on a girl named Kailen, who moved to La Push with her mom and Quil of course was still with Claire although she was only 12 years old. Leah was still single, I guess still heartbroken over Sam and Seth was still single as well. The rest of the wolves, including Collin and Brady were single as well. They all came in the house right after another. We all got so happy and started hugging and greeting everyone. “Oh wow guys, this is so great! I missed you guys!” I said. After we all hugged we decided to have a BBQ party for our human friends, although of course we










patio and started to catch up. “I can’t believe how big Samuel and Kimberly have gotten. Thanks for coming guys, really” I told them while looking at the children play. “Anytime Bella, you know we will always be here for you guys” Sam said. A few hours have passed and we were having a great time. “Dad, I missed you so much! You look so good” I told Charlie, who was sitting next to Billy. “I missed you too Bells, how could I not want to come, you’re my daughter and Nessie is my grand daughter. I missed you like crazy!” he replied. Of course Sue Clearwater was next to my dad. They got married about 3 years ago and have been inseparable. Sue didn’t feel as uncomfortable as she did at the begging. Now she is just one of us, in her human way of course. A few hours passed and everyone started to say goodbye. It was going to be a long ride home for them. “Well Bells, now it’s time you came to visit me” Charlie said, while hugging me goodbye. “I will dad, I promise. I love you!” I told him. “Love you too hun, always will”. “Wow, I forgot how much I missed them” I told Edward as we were heading to our room. Rennesmee already was asleep and so was Jake, of course in different rooms. You see this house had 10 bedrooms, way more then needed but we



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Rennesmee had her own room with a walk in closet, compliments of Alice of course and Edward and I had one room, Carlisle and Esme had one, Alice and Jasper had one and Emmett and Rose had one. So basically there were 3 rooms available now that one of them was turned into Carlisle’s office. Having a full house like this was great! I loved it. “So love, when are you going to visit your dad?” Edward asked me as he came to lie next to me in the bed. “I don’t know, in a few weeks we could go up there. It was great to have all of them here wasn’t it?” I asked him. “Yes, it definitely was. Do you think he ever knew that I spent most of the nights in your bedroom?” Edward playfully asked me. I smiled as I remembered those days. Edward took his fingers and ran them down my back. “I wonder what would have happened if we did anything, he might have heard us” he laughed. I smiled and leaned in closer to him to kiss him, and ultimately ended that conversation.

Chapter 3

We laid there for a few hours and watched how the sun came up and the first rays of sun entered our bedroom. Once it hit the bed we looked at each other and the way our skin sparkled. I have seen Edward sparkle in the sun many times, and every time I do he is more and more beautiful. “I have never seen someone so wonderful and beautiful as you”, I told him while caressing his cheek. “I have, I’m looking at her”, he said and placed his hand under my chin to kiss me. We stayed in each other’s arms for a while longer until we ultimately decided it was time to get up now that our daughter would be up any minute. It’s funny how no matter how old, or should I say how grown up and developed, Rennesmee will always be our baby. She will always be seen in my eyes as the little girl who would pout when we first stopped giving her the donated blood and gave her animal blood or the little girl who would hide in my hair whenever she was scared or shy. Now she is grown up and does things like a grownup should. I smiled at myself about those thoughts. “What’s so funny love?” Edward asked me. “Oh, nothing really, just thinking about how fast Rennesmee has grown up”. “Yeah, time does go by fast when you don’t age” he told me. We linked our hands as we were walking downstairs. Everyone was already there, except for








sleeping, although I know for a fact Jake was now that I could hear his snoring all the way on the first floor. “I wonder how Nessie can sleep with that chainsaw her in hair the back. other “Oh room” Rose, Rose you said, are so whipping

judgmental sometimes, I bet you snored when you were human too, and probably very loudly” Alice interjected, winking at me. Rose laughed but said nothing in return. Rose has changed during the past 10 years. For one thing, she doesn’t dislike me anymore. In fact we have become really good friends. And also she doesn’t say anything mean when someone is joking with her, much less Jacob. It of was bed, quiet for a to few the minutes mirror until and we heard the movement upstairs. The sound of someone getting out walking opening closet door to probably get her robe. My baby was awake. We all looked at the staircase at the same time that she started to come down the stairs. She was so beautiful. She smiled at all of us and her dimples were very pronounced. “Good morning everyone” she said. “Good morning, morning hun, hey Ness, Hello sweetheart” was heard as a chorus by every single person in the room. “She came to sit by me and Edward, as she always did every morning we were downstairs before her and laid her head on

my shoulder. I quickly placed my hand on her head and started to play with her hair. She hugged me around my waist, just like Edward sometimes did. She was so much like her father. “Sleep well sweetheart?” Edward asked her. “Yes daddy I did, thank you” she replied. After a few minutes she got up at the same time the snoring stopped upstairs and we heard heave footsteps. Now Jake was awake. Rennesmee and I were looking at the staircase when he came down and he smiled at me and at her. He then came to on where the I was “Hey and kissed have me a and nice for Rennesmee head. I head. at his Jake,

sleep?” I asked him. He stretched and nodded his smiled expression. “What’s breakfast?” he asked right away. He looked at me just in time to see me roll my eyes and when I looked at him again, he beamed. “You know this is your house too Jacob, eat anything you like”, Carlisle said while smiling up at him. Jake smiled back and headed for the kitchen. We could hear the refrigerator door open and close and the cabinet doors open. Rennesmee giggled and got up. “I think I might join him today, she The something was sun different for I guess” walk she said the while door. heading was the

kitchen as well. I then proceeded to get up and towards absolutely beautiful outside although the clouds were starting

to roam in. If I was human this would have bothered me to no end, but now that I am a vampire, I like it when it’s cloudy because then I can go outside just like any other human. While I was standing there have I one heard Edward get up as well and and walk Rose towards where I was. I then heard Alice and Jasper conversation, while Emmett playfully fought over the remote and Carlisle and Esme talked about Carlisle schedule this week. He was working at Grays Harbor community hospital located in Aberdeen, WA, just about 10 miles away. He really liked it there. Edward came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. I then took my hands and placed them on his and pulled him closer. We didn’t say anything, we just stayed like that for a little while. “Have I told you lately that I love you Mrs. Cullen?” he whispered in my ear. I smiled and turned my face a little so that I could see him and gave him a small peck on the lips. “Have I told you that I love you much more?” I responded. “I He doubt smiled that and is at raised al his right he eyebrow. replied. “Oh how wonderful” Alice said aloud. We all turned to look at her. “Zafrina, Senna and Kachiri are planning to come visit us in a few days. They really miss seeing Nessie” she told us. That was possible”

great news. We haven’t seen the Amazonian coven in a little over a year, and although it might sound like a lot of time, it really isn’t in vampire eyes. “Great! I can’t wait to see them” Rennesmee yelled from the kitchen. “Yes, it would be good to see some of our old friends once more” Carlisle said. I then sat down next to my adoptive mother Esme and she turned to look at me, smile and give me a one arm hug. I hugged her back tenderly. I loved her very much, I love all of them more then I thought possible. Just then the phone rang. Alice went to answer it. “Hello? Oh hi Charlie it’s Alice” she said. I obviously knew it was my dad on the other end. “Yes she is right here, hold one please” phone she said while in stretching my ear the that receiver something towards me. I quickly got up and before taking the Alice whispered wasn’t right. “Your dad sounds different for some reason Bella”. That worried me and made me quickly place the receiver by my ear. “Hey dad, how are you?” I asked him. He took in a deep breath before talking. Something he didn’t usually do. “Hey Bells, I’m afraid something happened” he said. At that moment, since my new family has good hearing they all turned to look at me while Edward came to stand by my side. “It’s your mom Bells, she was in an accident” Charlie said. My entire body froze and

I knew Edward could feel it. Edward was rubbing my back as if to sooth me but I couldn’t even think about that. “But…is she ok?” I asked him with much fright in my voice. “She is hospitalized and is on some machines. Bells, Phil said that she keeps calling for you. I’m so sorry hun. I know this must be hard for you haven’t seen her in over 10 years. I don’t know what to tell you” Charlie said. I quickly looked at Edward who also had a sad look in his eyes. “Whatever you decide love” he told me. That was enough for me. “Dad, I’m going to see her. She needs me and I can’t abandon her. She was there for me when ever I needed her. I will figure something out…I will call you later dad. I love you” I said as I hung up the phone. Every single member of my family has stood up and was looking at me. Rennesmee came to my side as soon as I hung up the phone and Jake was right behind her. “I’m so sorry Momma” she whispered. I just wrapped my arms around her and held her close. “Jeez Bells, I’m really sorry, I hope she will be OK” Jake interjected. I gave him a smile to at least thank him. “Bella I can help you with some makeup to make you look older” Alice said, also with sadness in her voice. I just nodded and slowly let my daughter go. I had to start packing. I didn’t care what would happen to me, but I needed to be with my

mother. She needed me. If it was me who needed Rennesmee I knew she would be there with a blink of an eye. “Lets go pack love, I will go with you and be by your side” Edward told me while taking my hand. We headed to our room to pack. Almost halfway done Alice knocked on the door. “You can come in Alice” I spoke. She came in and told me that the next flight leaving to Jacksonville was in 3 hours. She had booked it for us. Soon after Rennesmee came into the room and looked really sad. We had never been apart for more then a few hours and now I was going to be on the other side of the United States for a few days. How could I leave my baby behind? I could see that Rennesmee didn’t like the idea but understood my position. “Momma, I will be OK, go to grandma, she needs you”. I went to sit next to her and give her a very tight hug. I didn’t want to let her go. Right after I pulled away, a single tear fell from her left eye. I wiped it off and caressed her cheek. “Don’t worry sweetheart, I will be back before you know it” I said while trying to comfort her. We while I were all done let go packing of and were I heading simply downstairs. Edward had both mine and his suitcase never Rennesmee. couldn’t leave her behind. What was I going to do?

Edward then proceeded to put the luggage in his car and came to say goodbye to everyone. I hugged and kissed every one of my family members and left Jake and Rennesmee for last. I hugged Jake as tightly as was safe for him and he kissed the top of my head. “Don’t worry Bells, I will take care of her. Please tell your mom I wish her the best” he told me. I softly pulled away and smiled at him. Then I went to hug my daughter. I embraced her and still couldn’t let her go. I could hear the soft sobs from the inside of her chest. She tried not to cry but was unsuccessful. That was like taking a knife to my heart. It hurt so much. Jasper quickly felt my pain and came to stand next to me and place his hand on my back. I looked up at him with thankful eyes and kissed my daughter on both sides of her face and her forehead. Edward did the same thing. Then we headed out the door followed by Alice and Jasper, the ones who would drive us to the airport.

Chapter 4



departed and

from we


Seattle in




Jacksonville in about 8 hours. We arrived around 7:30pm, which meant the sun wasn’t out so there was no need to hide. We quickly got a rental car a drove to the hospital my mother was located at. As I entered the hospital I got somewhat nervous to think about my mom lying in a hospital bed, fighting for her life. I squeezed Edward’s hand and he looked at me and smiled as if to comfort me. I found my mother’s hospital room right away. She had her eyes closed and was completely bruised up. I gasped from seeing her like this. Phil hadn’t notice me standing there until I did that. He then stood up and came to hug me. He flinched when he felt how cold my skin was. “The air conditioning is really high on the first floor, sorry” I tried to tell him. He just nodded and then went to shake Edward’s proceeded said. hand. to He flinched me was about here once what just more the a and doctor few then has tell




before you arrived. He said that she isn’t really improving and that if she doesn’t get any better, they might have to put her on some oxygen machines now that her breathing has slowed down” Phil tried to tell me in his most soothing voice. I froze once more but Edward tried to loosen me so I didn’t look











straight over to my mom. “Mom, can you hear me? It’s me Bella. I’m here” I whispered. I knew she probably wouldn’t recognize me with my new voice. Phil’s small wind intake confirmed that. My mom didn’t open her eyes but I felt how her fingers softly moved inside mine. That made me smile to see that she at least knew I was there. We spent all day in there with her. Phil would leave and get something to eat or just get some fresh air. I then convinced him to go home and get some rest, now that me and Edward would stay there with her. He agreed and asked us if we needed or wanted anything before he left. We both said no. Edward was always at my side no matter what. How could I deserve someone like him? He was just too good to me. Every now and then a nurse would come in and check her vitals. She would then smile at me and stumble when she saw Edward, not that he was too beautiful, and walk back out. I couldn’t help but smile at that. A few minutes after that I hear my mom. “Bell…a…are you th…ere?” she tried to say. “I’m here mom, I’m right here”. She tried to open her eyes but failed. “No mom, don’t open your eyes just relax. I won’t leave you” I told her while trying to comfort her. She half smiled and went back to sleep. An hour later a doctor came in and

went over her file again. “You must be Isabella, am I right?” he asked. I read his name tag which said DR.Lunsten PhD. “Yes doctor, I am her daughter. How is she doing?”. He went to the machine my mom was strapped to and then took some notes. “Well, I have to admit, she has improved a little since you came in, but her vitals are still a little bit low. I’m going to keep an eye on that for a while, to see if she improves. You see Isabella…your mom suffered internal injuries when the car impacted her, so she is going to be down for a while”. My body shook a little and Edward, as quickly as was human-like, came to stand next to me and place his arm around my waist. “Don’t worry Isabella, like I said, she has improved”, DR. Lunsten told me. “Excuse me DR. can you please tell me how bad her injuries are and what was injured?” Edward politely asked him. “Oh, well I don’t know if you will understand, it’s somewhat scientific” he replied. “You see, I am in medical school so I might be able to understand you” Edward quickly interjected. “Oh…well ok”. The DR. stumbled and I could imagine why. How could someone who is as young as Edward be in medical school? Of course he was lying but Edward did know a thing or two about medicine, “Well thanks you to his she adoptive father Carlisle. see,

suffered from damage to her kidney associated by…”

the doctor went on. I tried to block out all of that medical talk now that I didn’t understand a single word of it. After a few minutes the doctor left and Edward quickly grabbed his cell phone. “Who are you calling?” I asked him. “Carlisle, he might know what to do to help your mom” he replied. I quickly stood up next to Edward and was relieved that he thought of it. I mean, Carlisle has had centuries of medicine practice so if anyone knew, it would be him. Edward then was rambling on about what the doctor had told him to Carlisle. After a few minutes he hung up the phone. “Well what did he say”? I eagerly asked him. He smiled at me and I knew that there was a solution. “He said there is a medicine that can help your mother but for some reason it is extremely rare to find. Luckily we have our own supply at home, for when you were still human and he said he can send it to me. He is going to Fed Ex it to us over night and we should receive Thanks it to tomorrow my morning. quick I beamed at that. to my husband thinking and

talented medical father in- law, my mom was going to be OK. “Oh Edward, thank you so much! How could I ever repay you?” I asked him. He laughed a soft laugh and placed his finger under my chin to lift my face. “Love, you are my wife, you don’t need to do absolutely anything to repay me. Renee is also

like my mother, just like Esme is to you and it pains me to see her like this” he said. I lifted my head up so that I could kiss him. It was night time when Phil returned, and he looked much better then he did this morning. “You looked refreshed Phil” I told him. He half smiled at me. “Yes I feel much better, thank you Bella. So what did the doctor say”? I didn’t know if I should tell him the truth and then let him be shocked after my mother completely healed or what. Before I could think of something it was Edward who replied. “He said she has improved immensely and should be fully awake by tomorrow” he said. Phil smiled and went to sit next to Renee and grabbed her hand. Edward turned to look at me and winked. I smiled in return. The next morning the package Carlisle sent us arrived at out hotel room. He also sent a needle now that he might have guessed it would be hard for us to get one. He also sent Edward a letter with the instructions as to how many cc’s he had to give my mom. “How will you do it without having Phil freak out?” I asked him. “Well, you can ask him to get you a drink or something or I can simply ask him to walk with me downstairs and you can give it to her” he told me with somewhat of a mockery in his voice. “No thank you DR. Cullen, you do it, I

will figure something out”. He smiled at me and took the medicine and the needle and hid it in his pocket. We then arrived at the hospital and quickly went up to my mother’s room. Phi was still there, of course. I went by my mother and kissed her forehead while Edward stood next to Phil. A few minutes later I looked at Edward and he gave me a nod as if to signal me to start our plan. “Oh, Edward, I am feeling thirsty, do you think you can get me something to drink please?” I said. “Of course love, but where is the cafeteria?” he asked, as if he really didn’t see it every time we came into the hospital doors. “Oh don’t worry Bella, I’ll go, I need to stretch my legs anyway” Phil said. I smiled at him and at Edward, now that the plan worked. Phil then asked me what I wanted and I told him a coke, the first thing that came to mind. He then exited the door. As soon as we heard him get on the elevator, Edward went to work. He took the needle and filled it until it had 5 ccs of the liquid Carlisle had sent us. He then took it and stuck in into my mom’s right arm. A Edward few minutes later in he my heart eyes beats while started he was increasing and so did her breathing. I looked at with happiness getting rid of the needle. As soon as he did, my mom called for me. “Bella, is that you?” she asked.

I happily laughed and replied. “Yes mom, it’s me, it’s me”. She then proceeded to open her eyes. The last time I was this happy was when I saw our daughter Rennesmee for the first time. Right then, the doctor came into the room. He froze when he saw my mom’s eyes open. “Wow this is amazing! How are you feeling Mrs. Dwyer?” DR. Lunsten asked her, obviously perplexed. “I feel good actually, a little bruised up is all” my mom replied. Just then Phil came in and was absolutely shocked to see my mom like that. He quickly went to her side and took her hand. It was amazing to see my mom alive and well, thanks to my talented family. The next morning, my mom was released from the hospital now that the only thing wrong with her was the small bruises on her body. The hospital was stunned and couldn’t explain it. Edward and I checked out of the hotel we were staying at and decided to stay with my mom for the remaining day of our stay here, after she begged over and over. We stayed in the room that was meant for me. My mom could do everything herself, which shocked Phil even more. The rest of the say she would ask me questions about my marriage and how dad was. “I have to say Bella, hunny, you do look different, but that’s good” she told me. Thank God Alice gave me some makeup that in fact made me look older. Of

course my body still looked some what toned but I couldn’t hide that. “I’m just glad your OK mom, I have missed you so much!” I told her. “Well then, why didn’t you stay in touch with me Bella, it’s been years since I have seen you”. I didn’t know what to tell her. Edward and Phil were on the couch watching the last few minutes of a baseball game. “I know mom and I’m so sorry, I promise to keep in touch with you from now on” I told her. She smiled and came to hug me. I guess she didn’t notice my cold skin, or she didn’t say anyway. Around 8:00am the following day, Phil and my mom drove us to the airport. “Are you sure you can’t stay any longer Bells?” my mom asked me. I felt horrible that I was only here for three days and out of those, only spent half with my mom being conscious. “I’m sorry mom, but I need to get back to work before I’m fired, besides the hospital already informed my boss that you were released so they expect me back to work on Monday”. Of course the fax number I gave the hospital was to our house but they I didn’t missed much. need “I to know and I that. the will And rest to of be the you honest, family Rennesmee




really soon mom, you can count on it” I told her. She hugged me and Edward goodbye and then we got on the plane and headed home.

Chapter 5

Alice and Jasper were waiting for us at the airport. Alice came to me and hugged me and did the same with Edward. Jasper simply smiled his kindest smile. I knew Jasper well enough and when he smiled like that, I already knew that was his ‘welcome home’ gesture. As we approached our home I could already hear Rennesmee’s heart beat. That sound was the most beautiful sound on this planet. A big smile grew on my face and when Edward saw me, he knew why. “I know, I can’t wait to see her either. You would have thought we were away from her for a year” he said. “Yea, it’s amazing how much I can miss her in such a little time” I answered. When we got to the front of the house, Rennesmee was waiting for us with Jake at her side, of course. She quickly ran to me and I waited with my arms wide open, even though it took her less then 5 seconds. At that moment it was like nothing could hurt this perfect place for me. I had my daughter in my arms and that was all that mattered. She then let me go and quickly went to Edward. He smiled and wrapped his arms around her neck and just held her there. Then Jake came up to me and gave me a quick hug and his usual forehead kiss and mock punched Edward in the arm. “Welcome back guys” he said.

When we walked in the door there was rose bouquets everywhere arranged in every order and a huge banner by the entrance of the kitchen which read “Welcome home Edward and Bella”. I knew right off the bat who was to blame. I turned to give Alice my attempt at a mean glare but once I saw her expression, I simply couldn’t. The girl knew how to make me not hate her. “Oh Bella, it’s just that we missed you so much! I just had to show you” she said. “Yes Alice, but did you have to make an occasion out of it?” I answered very dryly. She just rolled her eyes at me while everyone smiled. I guess I had to suck it up. Alice was going to be Alice no matter what I did. Before the party began I wanted to make sure Carlisle knew how grateful I was for him saving my mom’s life. “Carlisle, thank you so much for what you did, I don’t know if I could ever repay you but someday I will, I promise” I told him. “Bella, you know you are like a daughter to me and when you were in pain, so was I, all of us. There is nothing you have to repay and I will do that anytime for you” he said. I went up to him and gave him one of the biggest hugs I have ever given to him in a long time. He responded, of course while smiling. He was a true savior. It felt good being home. I mean, I missed my mom terribly but now that I was a mom myself, I

missed my daughter a little more. Seeing her smile, her dimples that formed on each side of her face, her chocolate colored eyes, and then I looked all around me and saw Jake, Carlisle, Esme, Rose, Emmett, Alice, Jasper and Edward and realized that I am the luckiest girl on this Earth. How could I ask for more then this? About 3 hours into the conversations, Rennesmee started to lean her head on my shoulder, a good indication that she was tired. “Do you want to go lay down hunny?” I asked her. “No momma, I wanna stay here a little while longer. I will let you know when I want to go to bed”, she replied. I simply smiled and leaned back into the couch I was sitting at, gently pulling Rennesmee along so she would be more comfortable. “So Bella, you never did tell me how was Jacksonville” Alice giggled. I looked at her and rolled my eyes. “Well it was very sunny and bright, something I haven’t seen in heaven knows how long, but now that I’m a true Cullen, I missed the clouds and rain”. Everyone around us laughed. “Oh Bella, at the beginning you couldn’t stand the rain, and now you miss you it? know” You’re she very difficult I smiled to at understand replied.

myself because she was right, I did like the sun at first. But I guess that’s what being a vampire does to you.

“Um, Bella love, I think we should take Rennesmee to bed” Edward told me. I turned to see my daughter dead asleep. I caressed her face and hair. “I can take her if you want Edward” Jake said, looked who at was me standing and I right behind in me. Edward Jake nodded agreement.

giggled and came to lift Rennesmee. He lifted her with such ease. He took her and hugged her closer while walking her upstairs. I obviously followed him. He placed her on her bed and threw her blanket over her. Jake was so gentle and sweet to her, I knew, without a doubt he was perfect for her in every way. He leaned in to kiss her cheek and after he stepped back, I came and did the same. Even though she looked like, acted and carried herself like a grown up, she was still my baby. We quietly walked out of her room and closed the door behind us. “So, what have you guys been up to when we were gone?” I asked Jake as we descended the stairs? “Well, Nessie and I ran off to Vegas and we got married…mom” hurts you he teased. he I playfully I keep slapped his how arm. “Very funny Jacob Black” I snapped. “Hey, that know” said. forgetting strong I actually am, but he deserved it. “Well Mrs. Isabella Cullen, we just relaxed around the house, because Nessie didn’t feel like much when

you and Edward weren’t around” he answered. He was still rubbing his arm when we got outside, which made me feel bad, a little it anyway. Once we reached everybody they were all surrounding Alice, which made me realize that she had a vision while we were gone. “What happened, what did you see Alice?” I quickly asked her. She was getting off of the couch and approaching me. Jasper was right on her heel. “I don’t know, it was very blurry. I just saw Rennesmee and she looked…sad” she responded. I looked at Edward, who quickly came to stand next to me and wrap his arms around me. “Don’t worry love, we won’t let her be sad. How could she with all of us who love her and care for her” he said. I looked up at him and smiled, but I was still worried. “Hey, maybe we need to take her out, take a vacation with her” Jake said. To be honest, that didn’t sound half bad. I turned to look at Jake at the same time that Edward said “That’s a good idea Jacob. Let’s take a vacation. All of us”. “I know where we can go, and she is sure to love it” I said. Everyone looked at me. “Where is that?” Alice said. I raised my eyebrow because I knew that if I was right, Alice would foresee it. She smiled in agreement, and that confirmed that I was right. “Of course” Edward said, reading his favorite sister’s mind. “She would absolutely love to see the

Amazonians. They were going to visit us, but why not us visit them first?” Edward asked. Everyone agreed while I turned to look at Alice. “Alice, do you see any problems at all about our visit?” I asked her. She smiled and nodded, knowing there would be no problem at all. If this was a few years back I would of told Jake to stay, but ever since our last encounter with the Volturies, our vampire friends have grown to accept the wolves, most of them anyway. So I knew the Amazonians would have no problem having Jake there too. I mean how on Earth would Jake every let Rennesmee go to South America with out him? That would be like asking me to divorce Edward, a simple waste of time and energy. So now we had to plan a visit to our friends. That would definitely cheer Rennesmee right up, after all she adored them.

Chapter 6

The next morning we told Rennesmee the good news while she came down the stairs. She got really excited, and even more so when we told her that Jake would come along. So while I went to hunt with Rennesmee and Jake, Edward would call the airlines and purchase some tickets for all of us. We walked quietly in the woods, contemplating the trees and the small animals that, like always, would run away when we approached. We were almost at the end of October, which meant snow. Rennesmee loved when it was snowing outside. Every time it did, she would hold her hand out to catch a single snow flake before amazing it how melted in her so hand. in and wet The trees It can were was make absolutely beautiful, something covered snow. cold

anything look so amazing and enchanting. “So Jake, when are you going to go back to La Push and visit your dad, sister and brothers again” I asked him while always every walking referred time we along to spoke the the small pack as to snowy track. He We Jake’s him. brothers just


shrugged. “I don’t know, I will soon though, I’m starting to miss them” he said. I could see in his eyes that he did miss them, somewhat anyway but nothing could pull him away from Rennesmee. “Jake, you know she will be well taken care of if you decide to stay there for a while. She will









Rennesmee, who was a few feet ahead of us. His head snapped in my direction and that was a confirmation of what I thought earlier, no one could pull him away from her, no one and nothing. I just nodded, to let him know that I understood him. After that we spotted some deer up ahead and that made Rennesmee and me crouch into our usual positions ready to attack. Jake went behind a tree, took off his pants and phased. He always his behind the trees before he phased not that he would be naked and wasn’t going to disrespect us that way. Behind his macho attitude, he was still a gentleman. We spotted the deer nestled together under a tree. There were three of them to the right and about 2 more to the left. Rennesmee and I headed to the right while Jake headed to the two located towards the left. We quickly took them down and snapped there neck so they wouldn’t suffer while our teeth dug into them. I was the first one done, followed by Rennesmee and then Jake, who stopped right after he saw her drop the deer’s carcass. He then headed to a small water creek to wash off his mussel and then, once, more went behind the tree to phase and put his clothes back on. “Man, that water is cold” he said from behind the tree. Rennesmee and I just giggled. He then came out and smiled at

us while he ran his fingers through his hair. He then stretched his hand out for Rennesmee and we headed back home. Everything was set for our trip to see our Amazonian friends. We were leaving in 2 weeks. I have to admit I was very excited to see them again, and so was everyone else. Right after that, I went to call my dad dad to and it’s know see me” that how I a he was doing. “Oh, He hey call just answered right away. “Hello?” he said in his husky voice. front “Hey on him him answered. simple great Bells, how are you hun?”. I didn’t have to be in phone dad, changed completely. “I’m

calling to see how you’ve been? I miss you”. He softly giggled, which made me realize that he must have been blushing. me and my You dad see, ever since open the to beginning haven’t been

express our feelings like a normal person, but ever since I became what I am now, and my dad accepted me, it made me open up. “I’m doing good Bells, just hanging around the house with Sue, you know how I am. A homebody” he laughed. I laughed with him because boy, did I know him. “Dad, you should go out, have fun” I told him. “Yeah Bells, I know, it’s just I still haven’t adjusted not having you around like before, even though it’s been ten years” he responded. That made me feel a little bit











gotten used to it by now. “Aw dad, don’t say that. You know I’m not that far away and I will be there whenever you need me” I told him. “I know Bells, hey just ignore me, you know it’s the old age speaking” he laughed, but I knew different. We continued talking for about 30 minutes more until he told me he had to go to work. “Ok dad, I love you and I will call you later all right?” I told him. “Sure Bells, no problem, love you too hun”. Right after I hung up I came up with a great idea that would make me and Jake very happy. Before we headed south, we could go to Forks and La Push to visit out family. But of course Alice foresaw it and knew what I was going to do. “That’s a great idea Bella” she yelled from the second floor. Sometimes that frustrated me that she could see my plans before I could even tell anyone, but if I wasn’t used to it by now, I never will be. I huffed and walked towards where Jake was with the rest of the family. Alice came down the stares, giggling when she saw my expression. “Hey Jake, I have an idea” I told him while I sat next to him and Rennesmee. “Oh yeah, what’s that Bells” he asked, curiosity in his voice. “Well, I just got off the phone with my dad and he sounded really sad because he misses all of us like crazy, so I was thinking

that we should surprise him and the rest of the guys in La Push. What do you think, are you in?” I asked him. His eyes lit up like a starry night, which confirmed that he was more excited then I was. “Sure Bells, that would be great… but hey, what about our trip to the Amazon?” he said. “Jake, of course we are still gonna go, we can just spend a few days over in Forks, and then we can come back in time for us to visit out friends. What do you say, are you in?” I curiously asked. “Hell yeah I’m in, as long as Rennesmee comes along” he said with a huge grin on his face. “Jake, sometimes I wonder about you. What makes you think we are going without any of them?” I snapped. He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. “Them? Who do you want to take over there? Everybody?” he asked me. I grinned and smiled. “That’s the idea” I told him. I looked around to see all of my family members. “We can stay at the white house and the cottage we still have. I miss it so much!” I said, looking at Esme. She smiled and came to sit next to me. “I am still really happy you like it Bella, I was hoping you would” she said. “How could I not Esme, it’s my own little fairy tale world, you made it so perfect for me…it’s amazing!” I told her. “That’s right, it’s still standing…forgot it was you and Edward and not me and Rose in it…HA!” Emmett laughed. I gave him a

mean glare. “Emmett, do you want to arm wrestle again, so I have to remind you to shut it?” I snapped. shrugged. After that, we all agreed to go back. We all packed out suitcases for a few days and got in our cars and headed to Forks. Edward, Rennesmee, Jake and I went in our new Volvo XC90 SUV, our family vehicle we purchased right after Rennesmee was born. Emmett and Rose went in their BMW M6 coupe, while Alice and Jasper went with Carlisle and Esme in Carlisle’s Mercedes Benz CLC 350. We were really going to stand out in these cars, but I didn’t care, I wanted to see my dad again. The trip took us about one hour, although to a normal human it would take about two and a half hours. We just like to drive fast, as usual. The first thing we did was head to our big white house, now that my dad was still working. As we pulled up, I remembered all the good times I had in this house, human and vampire experiences. I remembered when Edward brought me here the first time to meet his vampire family, and then I remembered my horrible 18th birthday party, although that memory I tried to shield. I remembered all the nights I spent here before my wedding day and all our vampire friends gathered He laughed his booming laugh and just

here to confront the Volturi. When we pulled up into the garage, I remembered having my Porsche that Edward gave me for my 19th birthday, and that I still have, even though Edward said we should sell it now that it was 10 years old, and also learning to use my ability that Kate thought me in the backyard. So many memories in this house. As I got out of the car I could see on Rennesmee’s face how much she missed this house as well. We all did, really. “Edward, I want to go to the cottage. I want to see our house again” I told him. He smiled and caressed my face while nodding. We took our and Rennesmee’s bags and headed towards the cottage. She decided to stay in the white house for a while to remember all the good times she had. While we were approaching the cottage, I looked all around me to see all the woods would see everyday ten years ago. I smiled at every tree I saw, and every bird I heard. I missed this place more then I led on to believe. The cottage was already coming into view, and this made me grin. Edward looked at me and smiled as well. We stopped right in front of the door, looking all around. Everything was exactly the same it was ten years ago. From the flower bed to the entrance. Everything perfectly the same. “Wow, it’s more beautiful then I imagined” I said. Edward smiled and took my hand.

“You’re right love, its amazing isn’t it?” he told me. I went to reach for the door knob but Edward swept me off my feet once again. Before I could say anything he spoke. “Remember love, threshold is my job, especially this one” he said. I smiled at him and giggled when that memory came back to me. The memory of our first night together as vampire husband and wife. As I entered the house the first place I looked at was the fireplace. Amazing as always. Then Edward proceeded to put me down, but not before kissing me. I ran my fingers through every wall I could touch. From the small kitchen to the living room, the hallway, Rennesmee’s bedroom and finally our bedroom. The big iron bed was still there. Everything was so perfect. I walked into the walk in closet Alice had for Edward and me and smiled while shaking my head when I remembered that horrible closet filled with garments. Edward was always behind me. Then I went to sit on the bed and pulled Edward closer. He turned to look at me and kiss me. Sparks flew like crazy. I felt the shocks I felt every time he kissed me, but more so in this bedroom, where it all began. He then picked me up and placed me in the middle of the bed and started kissing me with much more urgency. Of course, that ended all conversations at the moment.

Chapter 7









back to the white house when we heard heavy paws approaching from the woods. We knew it couldn’t have been Jake now that he would never lease Rennesmee alone, ever. So Edward and I both stopped to see I we could pick up the scent, even though who ever it was, was still very far away. We both turned and smiled the at each other I because was we Seth recognized scent immediately.

Clearwater coming to greet us. “Hey Seth”, I said, even before he came into view. I then heard him phase into his human form. He came out of the woods with a huge smile on his face. He came up to me first and gave me a very strong embrace and then went to Edward and hugged him as well. “Hey guys! I knew you would come back” he said. “Seth, we are not staying, we are just here for a few days so that Bella can spend time with Charlie and Jacob with his father and you guys” Edward replied. Seth’s expression became sad and my heart, even though it’s not a beating one, broke. “Aw Seth, don’t be sad, you know we can’t stay here” I told him. He gave me a one sided smile and shrugged. I didn’t know Seth had missed us so much. This was going to feel so bad, especially when it was time for us to leave. I went up to Seth and gave him another hug, he looked like he needed it. “Don’t

worry Seth, you know we will visit a lot and you can come visit us is Elma anytime you want” I told him. He smiled his happy smile and I knew that he liked that idea. So, have you seen Jake yet?” I asked him while we headed back to the house. “Nope, I know he’s here too but since I was coming from the woods, I caught your guy’s scent first” he said. We didn’t even make it to the steps when Jake must have sensed Seth here and came outside. As soon as he saw Seth, he grinned and came to where we were. “Hey man! How did you know we were here?” Jake asked Seth. “Jake, we are from the same pack, so obviously I’m going to sense your presence no matter where you are” he answered. Jake smiled and mock punched Seth’s shoulder. “What, no hug for your brother?” Seth teased. Jake rolled his eyes and hugged him. “What about the other guys, do they know I’m here?” Jake asked. “Na, well, I don’t think so. You see as soon as I sensed you here, I came with out telling anyone. Wait until Quil and Embry find out. They are gonna flip! They miss you like crazy man, especially when we are in our wolf form, you know how we can sense each other. Well, they aren’t themselves with you not around. It gets annoying after a while. You would have thought it was their girlfriends or something…I think they got a crush on you…Ha!” Seth teased. Jake playfully

slapped Seth in the back. “Don’t be jealous Seth, you know you love me too” he mocked. Seth just rolled his eyes. “Hey I want to see the other guys, are they inside?” Seth asked. “Of course, come in Seth” we heard Carlisle say from inside the house. We all laughed while he entered the house, following after him. Ten minutes later, after Seth was with my new family I decided to go surprise Charlie. He should be home by now. “Edward, let’s go see Charlie, I can’t wait to see his expression” I said. Edward smiled, and now that to he knew how excited new I was. police Rennesmee, Jake, Edward and I hopped into our car headed Charlie’s. Charlie’s cruise was parked outside so I knew for a fact that he was already home. I had Edward park a little bit up the street to he couldn’t see us. We all got out of the house and walked quietly to the front door. I could hear the game on TV so I knew he was in the living room. I could also hear the water running in the kitchen which meant Sue was probably cleaning up after making walked him up dinner. the I smiled as I so approached steps, remembering

much. I turned to see everyone with huge smiles on their face, we were all excited. I lifted my hand and knocked three times on the door. I heard my dad huff while getting up off the couch and come to

answer the door. As soon as he saw us his eyes lit up. “Bells, hun, what a surprise!” he said while reaching out to hug me. I hugged him like never before. I missed him so much. Our difference in skin temperatures didn’t even bother him anymore. He held me for a while and then held his arms open for Rennesmee to run into them. That embrace was worth the trip alone. To see them both smile like that was the greatest feeling ever. Charlie then went to give Edward and Jake a somewhat quick hug. “Come in guys, come in” he after letting Jake go. “Hey Sue, look who came to visit!”. Sue came out from the kitchen and smiled when she saw us. She came and, just like my dad, hugged all of us. Then we all headed to the living room to sit. “So Bells, to what do I owe this big surprise hun?” Charlie asked me. “Well dad, this morning when we hung up the phone, you sounded really depressed because I was far away and well…I missed you so much so I decided to surprise you” I answered. He blushed at my answer and playfully bumped his shoulder into mine. “So Bells, how was your mom doing?” he asked me. There was no need to hide what Carlisle did for her, now that he knew everything. “She was doing so great dad. If it wasn’t for Carlisle and Edward I don’t know what would have happened” I told him. He

turned to look and smile at Edward. “So Nessie, has your parents been taking care of you?” he playfully asked. course I simply smiled they and rolled best my eyes. “Of You grandpa, are the parents.

don’t have to worry about me. Momma and daddy will always take care of me. And Jake too” she said while smiling at Jake. Sometimes the way they looked at each other seemed so private that even looking at them seemed as an interruption. At first it bothered Edward and me to no end, but of course we got over it. We stayed there for two hours until we decided it was time to go visit our friends and family in La Push. Dad, not wanting one second away from us, decided to come along, and so did Sue. We all hopped into our car and headed to the rez. Jake was as happy as a 5 year old locked in a candy store. He really missed the rez, more then he lead on to believe. As soon as we pulled up to the Black’s house, Billy came out onto the porch in his wheelchair. As soon as he saw me and Edward in the front seat, he knew Jake was there too. “Hey guys, look whose here!” he yelled. As soon as he said that, Rachel and Paul came out of the house. As soon as Edward shut off the car Jake grabbed Rennesmee’s hand and was out of the car. He quickly went up to Billy and gave him a big bear hug while

Rennesmee hugged Rachel and Paul. It was great to see that Paul no longer had any grudges against any of us and he loved Rennesmee very much. Then they switched, Jake hugged Rachel and Paul while Rennesmee hugged Billy. This was picture perfect. Then Edward and I came up the ramp with Charlie and Sue on our heels. “Look who decided to visit us old folks Billy” my dad said. “Bella! Hi, how you been?” Billy said while we hugged. Edward went to say hi to Paul, giving and gratefully getting a one armed hug and then hugging Rachel. Sue said hi to everyone and then went inside to, my guess, call Sam and Emily and inform them. I must have been right because no less then 5 minutes later, the entire pack showed up. We all hugged and said our hello’s and how are you’s. I never thought seeing Jake reunite with Quil and Embry was going to be so touching. As soon as they saw each other, they hugged, with no shame at all. What surprised me the most was that Quil actually shed a tear. Jake mock punched his shoulder. “Well bro, I’m not made of stone you know…I really missed you” Quil said. Jake hugged him again. As we were about to go inside the house, a new scent approached. I turned to look at Edward who smiled as he recognized the scent at the same time that I did. As soon as we turned around Carlisle and Rose’s car was approaching. We also

caught the scent of Seth, so we knew he was with them. “Hey, you don’t think you are gonna have a reunion with out us do you?” Seth yelled from the back seat of Carlisle’s car. I smiled as I saw his head pop out of the passenger window. They all came out and, just like us, they all hugged one another. Rose even came up to say hi to everyone. Amazing how much she has changed. “So, are you guys back in the house for now?” we Billy asked to us the while Amazon we to It were all hanging old like outside. “Yes, we are here for a few days and then will head visit was some friends” Carlisle answered. moments

this, looking all around and seeing everyone smile and having a good time that made me, once again realize how lucky I really was. For one quick moment I was thinking about how my old high school friends were, Angela, Jessica, Mike, Ben, Tyler and Eric. I knew that Angela and Ben were married and, after an ending number of break-ups and make-ups, Jessica and Mike were engaged. I still wondered how they were doing but knew, right off the bat that I could not contact them at all. I was not going to involve any more humans into my world and endanger them. The last time I spoke to any of them was at Edward and my wedding. That was when I saw them last. It made me really sad, since Angela was a

really good friend to me. But I knew she was happy with Ben. It was around 11:30pm when we finally decided it was time to head back home and let our human family and friends sleep. We said our goodbyes and planned to meet up again tomorrow at our home. On the way home, Rennesmee had fallen asleep on Jake’s shoulder. I was so happy that we got to spend time with our family again. It felt so great. We asked Jake if he wanted to stay over his dad’s house but of course he denied. He said that he was gonna stay there one night before we left, but just not tonight. As we pulled up into the huge garage we decided to lay Rennesmee on the bed in what used to be Edward’s bed now that we didn’t want to wake her. We were going back to the cottage, since we missed it so much. Edward took hold of my hand and we headed back to our magical place. “It makes me so happy to see you like this love” Edward told me as we approached the door. “I knew that you missed your dad so much, and these few days will make you and him really happy, not to mention Jake and Nessie as well” he laughed. “Yes you are right, they are really happy that we are here” I replied. We shut the door and headed straight to our bedroom when, all of a sudden we heard Rennesmee scream. We were out of the cottage in 3 seconds

flat and were back in the white house in 5. We went straight up the stairs and directly into her room, where everyone was. Alice was sitting on the bed, hugging Rennesmee. She was crying, something she hasn’t done in years. “I went straight to her and hugged her fiercely. “Sweetheart, what happened?” I asked her, with much fear in my voice. “Momma, I… had the worst…dream” she cried. I hugged her even closer. “It’s ok hunny, we’re here, your safe” I said, trying to sooth her. “What was your dream about?” Edward asked her, while sitting on the other side of her. “I dreamed that…they were coming for me again” she said. “Who was Ness?” Jake asked. “The Volturi” she replied. A growling sound erupted from Jake’s chest and his hand started to softly shake while Rose started to take a defensive position in front of Rennesmee. I touched Jake, signaling him to calm down. He closed his eyes and refocused on us. “Sweetheart, they aren’t coming for you…its over, don’t be afraid” I told her. “It was just a bad dream. “Yes momma I know, but it felt so real” she said. I softly rocked her back and forth while Edward softly caressed her hair. It was just a dream, because we haven’t heard from them in years and they had no reason at all to come after her. None of us would allow it. Edward and I decided to stay in the white house tonight, so that

Rennesmee would feel better that we were there. I lay down next to her until she was sound asleep. Jake sat on the floor by my feet as well. She fell asleep right away. Jake and I then got up, very quietly and let her sleep. We headed down the stairs where everyone was sitting in the living room. “Edward, it was just a dream right?” I asked him as I came down the stairs. He turned to look at me. “Of course love, they have no need to come” he answered. I turned to look at Alice, to see if she had “seen” anything or anyone heading our way. She sensed I was looking at her because after about 3 seconds she turned to look at me. “Don’t worry Bella, I haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary. If the Volturi were planning something, I would have seen it. You know that”. “But Alice, Aro knows how your visions work, maybe he is working around them so you don’t see them coming and they can surprise us and kill us all now that they failed the last time. It was Carlisle no who to spoke come, for we everyone. “Bella, Aro has need

parted on good terms last time. I know him well enough and believe me, he or any of the Volturi will not come. Don’t worry yourself now that if Nessie sees you like this, you might frighten her as well” he said. “He’s right sweetheart, don’t worry, they have no need or desire to come” Esme

replied, coming to give me a hug to try and make me relax. It was quiet for a few minutes until Jake spoke. “But even if it was, why would she dream about them? She has never had a dream like that, ever!” he yelled. “Jake calm down, it was just a dream, like everyone said. And even if they did decide to come, do you honestly think any of us would let them just take her?” I asked him. He nodded relaxed. stiffly. “Jake, look at me…relax, they aren’t coming”. After a few minutes Jake finally

Chapter 8

The next morning everything was going great. Rennesmee woke up around 9:00am and it was as if nothing happened. Just like every morning she came to sit by me and I hugged her fiercely, now that she was in my arms and I knew she was safe. Once Jake saw her, he started to get into his protective mode, but I gave him a mean glare and shook my head for him to stop, now that if she saw him like that, she would get worried just like Carlisle commented. He took in a deep breath and relaxed. “At what time is everyone coming momma?” Rennesmee asked me. “I think around 11:00am or so sweetheart” I answered. She nodded and smiled, now that she was excited to be back with her old friends and family, even though it was for a few days. It was around 10:30am when I caught Seth Clearwater’s scent approaching. I have to admit, that put a smile not only on mine, but on everybody’s faces. He came right in, after all, he knew that our house was also his house. “Hey guys” he said as he came in. “Everyone is on their way, I just beat them to the punch. Hey, where’s Jake at?”. I smiled and rolled my eyes at him as if he didn’t already know. “In here man!” Jake yelled from the kitchen. “You hungry?” I asked Seth. He looked down at me and smiled, which meant he was. “Go help yourself, you know we always keep the

house packed with food for our human or close o human friends” I said, winking at him. He grinned as he headed to the kitchen. I could smell them making eggs, bacon and toast, a big meal for big boys, after all they were wolves and they can eat like cows. Five minutes later I caught my dad’s scent which made me grin. Rennesmee also caught his scent and got up and headed to the door even before he was coming into the driveway. As soon as he got out of the car she ran up to him and gave him a big hug. “Hey Nessie, how are you hun?” Charlie asked her. “I’m great Grandpa, I just missed you” she said. “You know I miss you too, even though your mom took you almost 3 hours away from me” he said while turning to wink at me. “Hey dad” I smiled. “Hey Bells, how you been?” he asked. “Great, just like Rennesmee I missed you guys too…a lot” I answered. Right after my dad was everybody else from La Push. After we all hugged and said hi, as if we haven’t seen each other in years, we went to the backyard to sit and relax. Before anything, Jasper was feeling a little hungry so he decided to go hunting with Alice, Emmett and Rose. “Hey, bring me back a grizzly would ya’? I’m kinda’ hungry!” Paul teased with Emmett. “Sure no problem, how do you like em’ though?” Emmett said. “Rare is good” Paul answered. They both smiled and then my family

was off. Absolutely amazing that 10 years ago, Paul and Emmett almost fought each other. Seeing them like this made me more and more happy. They came back about 30 minutes after they left, which was a sign that they hunted the nearest deer’s and elk’s. After that, Jasper was much more relaxed. Everyone was sitting in a huge circle, talking about everything and nothing, about what everyone has been up me to. was I felt so She comfortable was there, here, I didn’t want to leave at all. One thing that absolutely shocked Leah. playing with Sam and Emily’s and Jared and Kim’s children. They would run around acting all silly. Leah would even come and sit next to me and just talk like we were good friends. I really liked the new Leah, and I guess, Sam. somehow It she must have time, finally gotten over was about

although I could understand her pain. So maybe she could finally imprint on someone new and then she could have her fairy tale ending just like I had with Edward and Emily had with Sam. About 2 hours into the conversation Emily was talking with Esme about the decorations and the remodeling Esme loved to do. “You have such a talent for that Esme, I saw Edward and Bella’s cottage and it is so beautiful” Emily said. “Thank you Emily, I just love decorating, it is part of who I am” Esme replied. I







approaching and I had a great idea for a present that she will never forget. I was going to, with the help of Esme of course, decorate Emily and Sam’s house just like she loved it. I was sure to mention it to Esme after they left, so that Emily couldn’t hear or suspect anything. I smiled at the idea that I had and Edward turned to look at me. “What is so funny love?” he asked me. “Tell you later” I whispered. After a few minutes, the women had gone inside and the men were still outside. We were all in the living room having a great time. Alice, being herself, planned a make-over day for everyone. Emily, Kim, Leah, Rachel, Kailen, Claire, Sue, Rennesmee and Rosalie absolutely loved the idea now that they love make-over’s. They must be crazy, but I guess it was a good idea to have a girl’s day out, or in I should say. At that same time the men started to come in. “So what are you ladies doing?” Jake asked. “Just planning a makeover day for the girl’s” Alice said. Jake rolled his eyes and came to sit by Rennesmee. “What’s the matter Rachel planned, Jacob, said. we are “Har should you upset your hair and sis” long Jake enough for us girls to put curlers in your hair?” har, do very funny to responded. “Well, now that the ladies have a day something entertain

ourselves” Emmett said. “You could paint our toe nails” Rosalie laughed. We all laughed with her. “Humm, as tempting as that might sound, I’m gonna pass babe” he snickered. After a while, the guys decided to go play some baseball. Billy was going to be the empire while Charlie was gonna play as the catcher, and the rest was just gonna play like they are used to. “Umm, I hate to break your fun plan guys, but don’t you sort of need thunder to play?” I asked. Edward smiled and turned to his favorite sister. “They are well prepared Bella, right before Edward suggested baseball he asked me about the weather and of course, there will be come thunder in the mountains. If I must say its perfect timing” she answered. I smiled because at least they could have fun being boys. So after we all discussed and made our plans, everyone spend started our heading like home. family. It was as After great a they to all days this, huge


left I told everyone, especially Esme, about how I wanted to surprise Emily by redecorating her house, Esme’s style. “Bella, that is a wonderful idea, I would love to” Esme said. Everything was going absolutely perfect after that… what could go wrong?

Chapter 9

“Momma” Rennesmee screamed from her bedroom. I quickly went to see what was wrong, and just like the night before, she had the same dream about the Volturi coming for her. This worried me now that it was the second night in a row that this happened. Edward and I decided to go talk to Carlisle and Alice about this so we, along with Rennesmee went to the big white house. Jake was right next to Rennesmee and he was in his wolf form, now that he was pissed and worried that she had the same dream again which wasn’t a very good sign. “Carlisle, she dreamed it again, so this must mean something” Edward said as he entered the house. Rennesmee went to sit next to Esme, who wrapped her arms around her from one side and Rosalie from the other. “I don’t know son, but this can’t be a premonition now that Nessie doesn’t have that ability” Carlisle replied. “But she can be developing it, something is not right!” Edward yelled. It has been very few times that I have seen Edward like this, which worried me even more. “Edward, I haven’t seen anything, you know I would see it, you know I would” Alice said. “Maybe Bella was right the other night when she said that maybe Aro is working around your vision or who knows, maybe they simply have a new addition to their family, someone who can block people like Alice from seeing their

plans” Emmett said. That did make sense. It was quiet for a while, which made me nervous. “Somebody say something before I go crazy” I yelled. Edward came to hug me and try to calm me down. “Bella, love, you know we won’t let anything happen to her” he whispered in my ear. Of course I knew that but I was still worried. “I say we should beat them to the punch and just go to Italy and kill them all” Jake screamed. I turned to look at Jake while Rennesmee scolded him. “Jake, don’t say that. You better not do anything like that…maybe it is just a dream since they made a big impact in my childhood life” she said. “Humm, she could be on to something” Carlisle said. Everyone turned to look at him while Jake rolled his eyes. “Maybe she is having nightmares because she is remembering her childhood and since the few memories she has is of them trying to eliminate us, maybe she is dreaming it after all”. “Even though this might make sense, we should keep a good eye out and Alice should constantly try to keep a watch on them” Rosalie interjected. “Yes, that does sound like a fair suggestion” Jasper agreed. Then after everyone calmed down, including myself, Rennesmee went back to sleep. She decided she wanted to sleep on the sofa, where we all were. Edward, being a gentleman that he is, brought down a bed from upstairs and

placed it the living room so she would be more comfortable. Rennesmee was like me in the sense that she rolled her eyes when she saw her dad carrying the huge bed downstairs. “Daddy, I can sleep on the couch, you don’t have to do that” she said. “Sweetheart I want you to feel comfortable, I don’t mind at all” he said as he placed the bed down. Edward then went back up the stairs and brought back down a second bed, for Jake. That was so sweet and nice of him. I smiled and caressed his face after he put the bed down, letting him know that I appreciated this gesture. “Aw thanks man!” Jake said. “You are welcome” Edward replied. Jake and Rennesmee fell asleep 5 minutes after they lay down. “Carlisle, please be honest with me. Do you think that you’re theory of her dreaming it is at all possible? I asked, with much worry in my voice. “Of course Bella, I would not lie to any of you. I am not saying that is the conclusion, but it could be a possibility” he said. I looked down at the floor to contemplate if it was at all possible. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t who knew…but what I did know is that I wasn’t going to let her out of my site for one moment, not even when she is sleeping. The next morning Rennesmee woke up before Jake and she was, just like the morning after she dreamt

it, normal. She was hungry and decided that she wanted to eat our way this morning so Edward, Emmett, Jasper and I went hunting with her. Emmett and Jasper weren’t hungry at all, but they were very protective of their niece so, just like me, they weren’t going to let her out of their site. We hunted some deer we found a little out from the cottage. As we were heading back we caught Jake’s scent, which meant he was heading our way. I guess he was worried that Rennesmee wasn’t there when he woke up. He calmed down when he saw us coming, having Jasper and Emmett on the left of Rennesmee and Edward and I on the right. We kept her in the middle just in case something was to happen. This reminded me for a moment about the time Jane came with Felix and Demetri to destroy the newborns Victoria had created to kill me. While we were waiting in the clearing, my family placed me in the center of the group, the safest place. It still shocked me that I remembered my human experiences with my family. “Hey Nessie, you kind of worried me there for a moment when you weren’t there, although they told me you were hunting” Jake said as he approached, breaking my reverie. “Sorry Jake, I was hungry” Rennesmee guiltily smiled. “Its ok, you don’t have to be ashamed, cause I know your mom ain’t gonna let you out of her site now” he said

while winking at me. Amazing how my best friend still knew me well. I smiled and then headed back to the house with everyone else. As we got there everything seemed normal, Alice was dancing around the house arranging flowers, Rosalie was flipping through channels and Esme was humming to herself while looking at an interior decorator’s book. As soon as we walked in they all turned to smile at us and continue with their activities. Rennesmee decided to take a shower while the rest of us went to the backyard. After a few minutes the pack was coming, by themselves and in their wolf form. That wasn’t very normal of them, lately anyway. “Hey guys’ what’s up?” I asked them. Sam looked at me and huffed while looking towards the trees, an indication that they were going to phase back to their human form. A few seconds later they came back to where we were. “Jake said that Nessie was in some sort of danger?” Sam asked me. I turned to give Jake a very mean glare, now that he was told not to make a huge thing out of this. “No Sam, you were miss-informed. There is no immediate danger to Nessie” Edward said. “But what about this nightmare she keeps having about the Volturies”? Seth interjected. That made me really upset because I never though Jake was going to go and tell his pack. “Jake why did you tell them? You know what

Carlisle said last night, it was just a dream!” I yelled at him. Jake’s face fell a little, which made me feel horrible but I guess he sort of deserved it. If something or someone was coming for Rennesmee I didn’t want to have the wolves involved and risk any of them getting hurt, although now since she is connected to Jake and he is connected to the pack, they feel an obligation to protect her. “I know Bells, but something just doesn’t add up. Why would she dream that for two nights in a row?” Jake asked me. I didn’t have an answer to that. “Well what is she dreaming about exactly?” Sam asked. “She is dreaming that the Volturies are coming for her, but she doesn’t see a reason why or which one is coming” Jake answered. The wolves went into their thinking mode for a few seconds. “Maybe they are…Alice have you seen anything?” Paul asked. “No, nothing out of the ordinary, just like I tell them over and over” she said. “Well, Jake is right Bella, something is not right, because Nessie wouldn’t dream something like that for nothing. Besides, you know her dreams are always colorful, happy and what not. We are gonna keep a good watch, just in case” Sam declared. After a few minutes, Rennesmee came outside and was happy to see the pack, once again. They tried to act as if they were just visiting but every

single noise they would hear, they would go into almost-phasing mode. To be honest, this drove me crazy. “Guys, calm down…nothing is going to happen” I tried to convince them. “So, maybe we should cancel our plans for today so we can keep an eye out” Quil suggested. “No! we are not canceling anything because everyone is very excited about our girl’s day…even Claire!” Alice yelled. “She’s right guys, besides, Rennesmee is going to be with Alice, Rosalie, Esme and me who can protect her if something was to happen, which you guys know it won’t” I said. They knew I was right, I mean I am still the strongest in this house yet, and I do know how to fight since Jasper taught me a few moves about 5 years ago, and after I begged Edward to let him teach me. We were all prepared for whatever was to come, if anything. “Ok so Sam, call Emily and tell him that she can start coming over with the rest of the girls while you guys get ready for your baseball game. Charlie is going to be here soon” Alice said. They all agreed and went back to La Push to put on some descent clothes, like a Tshirt and then came back with their wives and girlfriends while Charlie showed up with Sue. “Bella love, I will have my phone on me at all times. If anything, and I mean anything goes wrong call me please” Edward said. “Yeah Bells, call him

and we will be here in 1 minute flat” Jake interjected. “Yes guys, I will call you if anything goes wrong, which it won’t…you guys are driving me crazy!” I laughed. They all smiled and as soon as all the girls were inside, Charlie and Billy went in their car while the pack and the Cullen’s went by foot, my guess to have a look in the woods just in case anything or anyone was there. I could see it now, as soon as they got as close as it was drivable to the clearing, Jake or Sam would carry Billy in. I laughed to myself, imagining Billy’s face as he is being carried into the woods. Everyone was having a good time. Emily and Kim decided to leave their children with Embry’s mom, who didn’t mind at all since she adored them. Alice had everyone with different colored toe nails while Rosalie was doing their hair just like Alice ordered. I didn’t want to have anything done to me but Alice and Rennesmee insisted so I let them do whatever they wanted. After about an hour, all the girls had manicures and pedicures and their hair was looking great. Alice gave everyone some hair treatment that made everybody’s hair shine like the sun. I have to say, having their hair like that, with their copper colored skin made the girls look like models. I know the guys were going to flips once they saw their new ladies. I didn’t get away

from the hair treatments either and I have to admit, it did feel very good on my hair. After that we all sat in the living room talking about boys like we were 15 years old again. It felt so nice to just relax and have a great time. I decided that, since I haven’t cooked for my dad in 10 years I was going to make one of my famous Italian dishes for everyone. So I had Emily, who loves cooking, help me out while the rest stayed in the living room. I could hear Alice’s wind chime laughter and Rennesmee’s giggle from the kitchen and every time I did, I would grin. I liked it when they were having a good time. I decided to make 4, very large lasagnas for everyone. Emily said it smelled great but to me, it kind of made my stomach turn, now that human food had no effect on me anymore. I also made a large salad and garlic bread to go along with it. I laid everything out in the formal dining room table. I must admit, it looked beautiful. About 10 minutes after everything was arranged, they boys walked into the house. It was funny to see Paul, Quil and Jared covered in mud. “What happened to you guys?” I laughed as I saw them. “Well, I must say Bells, Edward has a good arm and we would run after the ball and fall in the mud. But hey, we caught it!” Quil said. We all laughed, but before anyone ate, we decided to wait until

they took a quick rinse off. Thank heaven for the 4 showers this house had since they all jumped into the showers and were done quickly. Alice, being Alice, had a stash of brand new clothes that she kept for the wolves in case they phased out of the blue, and handed a set to each. Alice always thought ahead, which in a time like this was great. “Wow Bells, it smells great!” Embry said. There were 2 dining rooms so Edward and Emmett grabbed the table from the second dining room and put it in the first dining room so there would be enough room for everyone. The rooms were huge so both tables fit great. Everyone loved the lasagna, especially Charlie now that after every bite he would make his normal ‘umm’ sound. Even Rennesmee ate one piece of it, while Paul joked and told her not to eat the garlic bread because vampires are allergic to garlic. Rachel playfully slapped him on the arm while we all laughed. I loved every moment of it. The wolves were so full that after a while, they didn’t want to move from their chairs. We all laughed hysterically at that. But, just like every day, the sun was setting and everyone was starting to go back home, now that they haven’t seen their kids in a while. I could understand them because if I don’t see my daughter every day, I will go crazy. We all said our

goodbyes and then they left. “Nessie sweetheart, do you want to sleep in the living room again?” Edward asked her. “No daddy, its ok, I can sleep in the cottage with you, momma and Jake. “Are you sure hunny?” I asked yes. “Yes momma, I’m fine” she confirmed. Emmett and Jasper wanted to come with us as well, but we told them it wasn’t necessary. Jake would be there anyway and if something happened they were a few feet away, in vampire eyes anyway. So we all headed back to the cottage. We let Jake sleep in our room, even though he offered to sleep in his wolf form outside. I couldn’t do that to my best friend. So after insisting for him to sleep in our room, Edward and I went to sit right next to the little pond Esme made for us in the backyard, contemplating the stars. The sky was absolutely breath taking, no clouds what so ever, just stars and the moon. “Wow, this is beautiful” I said as I was looking up. Edward took my hand and kissed it. “Yes, it is beautiful, but you are much more so” he said. If I could have blushed, I would have been as red as a tomato, but since I couldn’t I just leaned in and kissed him. Then I laid my head on his chest and we stood there for a few minutes. “I wonder is Rennesmee is having that horrible dream again” I said after a while. “I don’t think so love, she would have called for you or done something to

alert us” he responded. I was so worried about her dreams, worried that they were a sign, worried that something was going to happen, worried that the Volturi was coming for my baby. Edward sensed my mood, and placed one finger under my chin so I can look at him in the eyes. “Bella, love, nothing is going to happen to her, please don’t worry yourself” he said. I took a deep breath and started to walk back to the house. “Where are you going love?” he asked me. I turned to look at him and smile. “I am going to check on her and see if I can see what she is dreaming about, if anything”. He smiled and decided to come with me. We quietly entered Rennesmee’s room, who was sound asleep. She looked so peaceful and absolutely beautiful with the light of the moon entering from her window. I softly took her hand and placed it on my face, so that I can ‘read her mind’. As I did she was dreaming about all of her family and friends, having a good time. She was there with Jake and they were holding hands and smiling at one another. Then she was next to Edward and me and we were all happy. Her dream remained this way for a long time, so I knew she wasn’t dreaming about the Volturi tonight. I stayed in her bedroom until the sun came up and was thankful that she didn’t dream the same dream again. When she woke up and saw Edward and me

in her room she smiled. “Good morning sweetheart, did you sleep well?” Edward asked her. She softly stretched and nodded, confirming that she did. I smiled and touched her face. After a few seconds she got up and headed towards the backyard. The sun was absolutely beautiful today, shining right in back of our cottage. We all sat there, enjoying the sun, even though we couldn’t tan until we heard Jake wake up. He stretched, went to the mirror to see himself I guessed, and then came to where we were. Rennesmee grinned when she saw him and he, just like every morning kissed her and my forehead. “Hey Jake, sleep good?” I asked. He simply nodded and turned to Rennesmee. “How about you? Any bad dreams?” he asked her. She grinned and nodded, letting him know that she slept well. He grinned back and softly touched her cheek. Edward, after all of this time was still somewhat jealous of his daughter’s relationship with Jake because he gave a very soft huff. I turned to look at him, now that he was closer to me and I was the only one who heard him, thank heaven. He looked at me and I raised one eyebrow, letting him know to calm down. He gave me my favorite half smile and nodded. After that we all headed back to the big white house. Carlisle and Esme had gone hunting. Alice and Jasper were sitting under the staircase, Jasper

with his head on Alice’s lap and Emmett and Rosalie were lying on the couch. As soon as we walked in Jasper and Emmett got up and looked at their niece. “Hey Ness, sleep good hun?” Emmett asked her. “Yes uncle Em, I did”. “No dreams?” Jasper asked. “Nope” she answered, grinning. They both grinned back, and just like Edward and me, were relieved. Maybe this was a childhood memory of hers. We hoped for it anyway. Jake went to have breakfast, and Rennesmee decided to, once again, have breakfast with him. “Humm, I’m in the mood for pancakes” Jake said, turning to look at Edward. When it came to making breakfasts, Edward made them really good, as far as I can remember and according to Jake. Edward smiled and followed them to the kitchen. He made them huge pancakes and then came back to the living room. I was sitting on the couch next to Rosalie. “Momma, can we go see Grandpa Charlie and Grandma Sue today?” Rennesmee asked me from the kitchen. I thought it was a good idea, since we were leaving in a few days, sadly enough. “Sure sweetie, we can go after you eat” I told her. But then I asked myself if Charlie would be working today so I decided to give him a call. He answered so I knew he was there. “Hello?” he said. “Hey dad, it’s me!” I replied. “Hey Bells, what’s up?”. Everyday I spoke to Charlie he sounded happier and happier.

“Dad do you work today? Because Rennesmee wants to go visit you guys today, she misses you already” I told him. He laughed as he said “I only work for about 5 hours today so if you want come over around 4:00pm”. “Ok dad, so what we will do is, we will swing by La Push and stay there until you get home alright?” I asked him. “Sure Bells, sounds like a plan sweetie. I will see you guys later, love you hunny”. “I love you too dad, bye” I said as I hung up the phone. “Sweetie, grandpa has to work until 4:00pm so we are going to hang out in La Push ok?” I told her. She grinned because she liked that idea too. A few minutes later Carlisle and Esme returned from their hunting. “Good morning” Esme said as she came into the house. “Did you sleep well sweetheart?” she asked Rennesmee while coming over to hug her. “Yes Grandma, I did” she replied. We told them all about our plans for today. Everyone had plans of their own so we simply got into our car and headed to La Push.

Chapter 10

As we entered La Push, it gave all of us a really good feeling. We loved being once more with our friends, human and werewolf alike. We were greeted by Seth, who must have ‘smelled’ us approaching. “Hey guys! What a surprise…I didn’t expect to see you today” Seth said while grinning. “Oh yeah? Then why were you waiting for us kid?” Jake asked as he got out of the car and went to open Rennesmee’s. Seth just kept on grinning and came over to where I was to give me his usual salutation hugs. I hugged him back as strong as was safe for him. He then went to Edward and they shook hands followed by a one sided hug. Finally he went to Rennesmee and Jacob and kissed her cheek while giving her a hug and hugged Jake. “Come on guys” he said while walking back towards Billy Black’s house. “Hey Billy look who’s here!” Seth yelled from the porch. “Hey guys, how’s everything?” Billy asked us. “Just great Billy, how are you?” I asked him. “Everything’s great Bella, thanks for asking”. “Dad, where is everyone?” Jake asked him? “Well I think that they’re at the beach. Seth was there too but he knew you guys were coming so he just came up here without telling anyone” Billy answered. I haven’t been to first beach in years…10 to be exact so why not stop there? “Edward, do you want to go surprise them too? Although they might smell us,

just like Seth did” I said, looking at Edward. He smiled while Rennesmee was already out the door with Jake. “See you later Billy” she said as she headed down the porch. I smiled while waving goodbye to Billy and then followed by daughter and Jake to the beach. Edward held my hand, like he always did when we were walking, and it felt amazing…I loved him so much. We tried our best to sneak in on the guys but honestly, who can sneak on a pack of wolves that are trained to sniff out vampires? “Hey guys!” Quil screamed from where he was sitting on the sand. He wasn’t even looking in our direction which was an automatic sign that our sent reached them. Rennesmee stood there, looking at him until, as if it was choreographed, the entire pack turned to look at us and smile. We all smiled back and proceeded to walk to where they were. “Hey guys…surprise!” I said as I was in front of them. “Oh wow Bells, you got us…we never expected to see you here…HA!” Embry jokingly said. I just rolled my eyes at him and smiled. Hey, Bells, Nessie come sit here” Sam said as he got up from the sheet that was laid out on the sand so that Rennesmee and me could sit down. “Aw Sam, you don’t have to get up…were fine!” I told him. “Na, I don’t mind, besides, I think it’s time I start enjoying the water” he said as he winked at us. I

smiled and sat next to Emily. “Humm, sounds like fun” Edward said while looking at Sam. Of course he read Sam’s mind and whatever Sam had planned, Edward was in. “What is it?” I asked Edward, as curiosity got the best of me. He grinned and arched his eyebrow. “Remember how you were into recreational sports when you were human love?” he asked me. My mouth popped open, unexpectedly since I remember my ill fated day that Edward thought I was committing suicide over 10 years ago and the Alice and I had to go all the way to Italy to stop him from exposing the truth about the existence of vampires. “Are you serious?” I asked him, perplexed. “Sure love, why not?”. Maybe he didn’t remember what I went through, which must be impossible since us vampires have a perfect memory and can remember anything forever. “Edward, do you happen to remember what happened the last time cliff diving was done? And what needed to be fixed before…” I stopped right there since the memories where still very shocking and frightening just to think that I could have lost Edward if I didn’t make it in time. He must have seen my expression because he quickly came to me and hugged me. “Love I will never forget what happened, but I am a vampire, you know nothing will happen to me. I am just enjoying the time with our friends” he said.

He was right, of course nothing would happen to him. I smiled and nodded, letting him know that I trusted him. He kissed me and went with the boys. All of them left, leaving us girls on the sand. We all turned to look towards the cliff they would be jumping off of. On the sand there was Emily, Kailen, Rachel, Kim, Rennesmee and me. Claire was at school and wouldn’t be out for another 3 hours. I know how Quil must feel being away from her but at least he would see her soon. He would be the one who walked her to school and picked her up everyday. “So Bella, how is life back in Elma?” Emily asked me. I didn’t want to lie to her and tell her that everything was great, I mean it was but it wasn’t the same without our friends and family. “Its…good Emily, just fine” I said. She knew something was up from the way I quickly paused on the sentence. “Bella, what’s wrong, come on you can’t lie to me, you never were a good liar” Emily smiled. All the girls turned to look at me which felt somewhat awkward. “Well, Elma is great, but…I… I mean we miss you guys so much!” I finally said. I had to correct my statement after Rennesmee huffed when I only talked about myself missing them. “Aw Bella, we really miss you guys too…more then you know, but we understand that you had to leave, I

mean how much more makeup could you guys put on to look older” Kim said. I laughed at that, since she was right, having to put makeup on for a while when we were here was really annoying. But Emily was right, we couldn’t stay here with out people suspecting anything. “Hey ladies!” we heard Quil scream from the cliff. We all turned once again to look at them and as we did, Seth waved to us. We laughed and waved back. Right after that, he jumped off the cliff. The jump went so quickly but yet, I vaguely remembered that when I jumped, the trip seemed much longer then what it looked like. I guess it feels like that since you feel like flying and the exhilaration is intense. After Quil, then jumped Jake, Embry, Paul and Jared. Right after them was Edward. It was obvious that it was him since he was the palest one there. From where I was I saw him close his eyes, stretch out his arms and leap off the cliff. His jump was so graceful yet masculine, completely amazing. I know that I never looked like that when I was human, although that’s probably why, because I was human. A few seconds later, even before Sam jumped, Edward was coming towards us. He was very fast, no matter if he was on land or sea. “Now I know why you liked it so much love, that was a great experience, even for me” he said as he was

drying off his hair with a towel Emily gave him. “Momma, you did that before?” Rennesmee asked me. Edward and I both turned to look at her, but said nothing. “Momma did you?” she asked me again. I didn’t mind telling her the truth but after that, wouldn’t I have to tell her about the whole thing, including me having to rescue her father? Before I could answer he knew Sam was about to jump so we turned to look at him. He looked very experienced doing it even more so then the rest of the wolves. “Yes Nessie, your mom did jump, but she was still human so she didn’t enjoy it so much…maybe she should jump again, as a vampire this time!” Jake said. I glared at him while Edward softly growled. “Wow, ain’t we touchy!” Jake said, looking at my expression. After a few seconds I though that maybe he was right, this time I could finally enjoy it now that there was no chance that I would drown. As soon as Edward saw my expression he knew that I was going to do it and quickly disapproved. “Edward, its not like I’m going to drown or anything, besides if you did it, why can’t I?” I asked him, caressing his face. He knew I was right, and even though I am a vampire now, he still felt the need to protect me. “I will be fine, trust me” I told him. “Then let us do it together love” he said. That was an even better idea. “Great, but wait…what

about Rennesmee?” I asked. I still didn’t want to leave her without Edward and me, as crazy as it might sound. “Uhh, hello Bells, I’m not useless you know” Jake said. I smiled and winked at him. He just rolled his eyes at me, somewhat annoyed. “Aw Jake I know, but you know how I am” I told him. “Yeah, yeah I know” he smiled. Edward and I then proceeded to walk toward the cliff hand in hand. As I approached the cliff, all of the human memories came back to me. All the happiness, sadness, exhilaration, anger, frustration, everything as if I was watching it on a screen. I froze for one quick moment, and Edward sensing my emotion turned to look at me. “Love, what’s wrong?” he asked me. Somehow I couldn’t find the right words so I just looked at him. Something he saw must have worried him because he wrapped his arms around me and held me close. “Bella, you are worrying me, what is the matter, why do you look so frightened? We don’t have to jump love really. Come let’s go back to Nessie” he said after letting me go. “No, no Edward I’m fine. It’s just that…I was remembering everything from my last jump, that’s all” I said, trying to smile at him. He took his hand and caressed my cheek. That always, somehow made me feel better. “Love, nothing wrong is going to happen this time. I am here, we are together and

nothing and nobody is going to get hurt” he comforted me. He was right. We were together and nothing was going to separate us. I smiled at the idea and he knew I was going to do it. “Ready?” he asked me, taking my hand again. I nodded and walked towards the edge of the cliff, never letting his go. As we stood on the edge I looked out at the beach. Everything looked absolutely amazing with my vampire eyes. I could see the world from up here. I looked to where my daughter was sitting with our friends and saw her smile as she saw me looking at her. She waved and we waved back. “Don’t tell me you’re afraid Bells!” Seth yelled from the shore. I knew he was just doing it to tease me but that made me want to jump off and playfully smack him. But I simply just turned to Edward, smiled and we jumped off. The feeling was much more liberating then the first time I leaped off the cliff ten years ago. Not only was I holding Edward’s hand as I dropped, but this time I didn’t have to worry about drowning. It was the best thing I had ever experienced. As we hit the water and went under Edward smiled, his teeth glistening and then he pulled me close. We kissed quite passionately under the water, which to me was a new addition to my

fairytale world. We were under for a few minutes but then decided it was time to come back up, we didn’t want to worry anybody…well Rennesmee anyway. As we emerged we saw her standing close to the shore looking at where we had fallen, as if she was indeed frightened that we didn’t resurface right away. Edward and I started swimming back to the shore. “Momma, what happened?” Rennesmee asked me, with much worry in her voice. “You and daddy stayed down there for a long time. I was worried something happened to you”. “Don’t worry sweetie, nothing happened, we were just enjoying the water” I told her. Then Edward came to us and smiled at Rennesmee while running his fingers through his wet hair. They both laughed when he playfully shuffled his wet hair toward her, getting her face wet. Then he gave her his sly smile and ran up to her, picked her up the floor and got her clothes all wet. “Daddy! Haha” she laughed as he put her down. Everyone started laughing, including Jake who was bursting into laughter when Rennesmee turned around and she had wet patched everywhere. “This is not funny Jake” she said as she wrapped a towel around herself. “You’re right, you’re right, I’ll stop” he said, but he couldn’t help it and burst into laughter again. Rennesmee gave him her serious look, the one she inherited from Edward but this

time, she couldn’t contain it either and started laughing too. While Jake was lying on the floor, laughing until he was tearing, Rennesmee ran to the water with little Kimberly’s bucket, filled it with water and splashed it all over Jake. Jake stopped laughing immediately but stood up and looked straight at her. “Oh yeah, you think that is funny?” he asked as he scooped her up and started walking towards the water. “Jake, put me down!” she said. “Ok Nessie, I’ll put you down” he said, playfully dropping her in the water. She was drenched from head to toe. We all couldn’t help it but laugh with them. We all stopped as we saw the face she put on. She looked like she was about to cry. Jake got worried and bent down with his arms stretched out. “Aw, Nessie, I was only playing babe, I’m sorry if I upset you” he said as he started to lean closer. But Edward read her mind and laughed making Jake and me look at him. It was too late for Jake to realize what was happening because by then, Rennesmee pulled his outstretched hand and made him fall in the water with her. This time we all burst into laughter so hard, that our human friends had to wipe the tears coming down their faces. Jake saw us laughing and got up and headed to where I was. “Excuse me Mrs. Cullen, but

who do you think you are laughing at?” he asked me. “I’m laughing at my talented daughter who fooled you…HA it was hilarious…nice one hunny” I said while I winked at her. She giggled at the same time that Jake looked at Edward in a mysterious way. “Sure, go ahead” Edward said. This seemed very awkward to me since it hardly ever happened. Jake and Edward were having a private conversation. Before I even realized what was going in Jake scooped me up, just like he did with Rennesmee and ran towards the water. I could have easily stopped him but why spoil the fun. A few seconds later I was under water. I popped up just in time to see Paul and Sam drag Edward into the water. Soon after we were all in, splashing some and dunking others. It was a lot of fun just being able to have a good time like this. We stayed in for a while until little Samuel and Kimberly were getting cold. Then we all got out and headed towards La Push. Sam was holding little Samuel and Jared were holding little Kimberly, since their skin is much warmer then a normal human, they could easily keep their children warm. We all split us as we got the reservation, having each go into their house to change while Edward, Rennesmee and I went to Jake’s house. There Jake lend some clothes to Edward while Rachel lend some

to Rennesmee and me. We changed very fast and then came back out. A few minutes later, everyone had come back to Billy’s house and a few minutes after that, my family started showing up. Thank heaven Billy had his house extended because if the house was the same size it was a few years ago, we would have never fit. “Hey guys, it’s great to see you again” Billy said as the Cullen’s started walking up the stairs. “Hello Billy, may we come in?” Carlisle asked. “Of course, you know you don’t have to ask…this is your house too” he said. “Thank you Billy” Carlisle replied. “Hey guys” I said as they all started coming in. The part that was extended in Billy’s house was a very large, screened in patio. It was built by all the Cullen boys and the wolf pack. They all worked together and had it done in a few hours, which shocked Billy. So we all decided to head back there. We all sat down on the great comfortable patio chairs that Esme had given to Billy as a present. Alice sat next to me on one side and Edward on the other. Alice then wrapped her arms around my right arm and laid her head on my shoulder. I turned to look at her who smiled back. “I missed you Bella” she said, grinning. Our relationship has grown much closer since she came back from South America with Nahuel. The thought that she had abandoned us was one that I never

wanted to feel again. So I simply leaned back into the chair and gave her a one sided hug. She stayed like that, which didn’t bother me. “What did you guys do today?” Emmett asked us, eyeing our wet hair. Edward smiled as I answered his question. “We spent the day at the beach, cliff diving. Jasper’s eyes opened wide while Rosalie’s mouth popped open. I didn’t need Edward’s power to know what they were thinking. After what happened on my last jump, why would I want to relive that memory again? Before I could answer, Edward was answering an unspoken question. “Why not? It is not as if something bad will happen to her. Besides, we jumped together. It was quite exhilarating” he said, looking at Jasper. “What about you guys? What have you been doing today?” I asked them, to somewhat change the subject. “We went hunting a little out of Forks” Alice said. And I could tell, since their eyes well all a warm honey color. Edward and mine must have been a dark honey or light brown, since we haven’t hunted in days. Jasper sensed my emotion and looked towards me. “You are right Bella, you, Edward and Nessie should hunt soon. You don’t want to let it go too far” he said. He didn’t mean it as if I couldn’t control myself, it was just that when a vampire was hungry, they could get cranky and I didn’t want to get like that with my dad or friends

here, since I wasn’t going to be here for long. “Don’t worry love, we can go before the sun sets” Edward said, leaning in to kiss my cheek. “Aw, how cute are you too” Emmett teased. I turned to stick my tongue out at Emmett who laughed. “Bella dear, can you walk with me to the car? I forgot to get something” Esme said. I nodded and got up, having Alice get up with me and walk towards the door following Esme. I knew something was up since Esme never forgot anything at all, especially in the car. “What’s going on Esme?” I asked as soon as we were outside. “Do you remember how you wanted to surprise Emily by redecorating? Well, let’s go have a look at what can be done t her house before they suspect anything. I smiled at them while we were off. All three of us made it to Emily and Sam’s home in less than 10 seconds. While we were there, we looked all around the house, picturing different things we could do to it. Esme smiled to herself and then shared her ideas with Alice and me. We loved everything she planned. “Sounds wonderful Esme” Alice said. I second that. After we were done, we headed back to Billy’s house, before anything didn’t seem right to them. We were back in 2 minutes flat. It was great being as fast as we were. Edward was the only one who

suspected anything, but he knew I would tell him when we got home.

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