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Who is the Sage?
Posted on May 8, 2010

PERIANDER ABAN ESPLANA was born at Sta. Mesa, Manila, Philippines in June 8, 1974 [1]. He was the seventh of the twelve children of Domingo Esplana and Araceli Aban. He loved to learn language, mathematics [2], music [3], spirituality, logic, technology, and arts [4]. As a government scholar, under Private Education Student Financial Assistance (PESFA) scholarship program, he earned the Bachelor of Secondary Education (B.S.Ed.) major in General Science at Mabini College in 1996. He also studied basic computer education at Databyte Institute of Technology (now Databyte Computer College) [5]. He is the webmaster of the website “BIBLEMATHEMATICS: Exhibition of Bible‘s Inerrancy” [6] at http://www.geocities.com/perianthium786 and “The World Wide Web Question Website” at http://perianth.tripod.com. He served as a seminar speaker on creation science [7] and as one of the Bible teachers at Grace Gospel Fellowship [8]. He was a member of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) local council of the municipality of Sta. Elena. He was also the Sta. Elena Cluster Youth for Environment in Schools Organization (YES-O) moderator. He was the former Vice-President of the Science Club Advisers Association of Camarines Norte, Inc. (SCAACN, Inc.). He was a chemistry and computer instructor at Rizal National High School (RNHS) [9]. He is now presently an Internet Marketer and Researcher.
1. His name “Periander” was taken from one of the Seven Wise Men (Seven Sages) of Greece (7th and 6th centuries BC). 2. He learned to read and write Filipino and English languages at age five, Greek at age nine, computed the gematria of the disputed readings of Greek Textus Receptus at age seventeen, and discovered the A.V.1611 arithmographica at age twenty-three. He began to search THE FORMULA when he was seventeen years old. He discovered its mathematical equation at age twenty-three. He taught himself HTML programming at age twenty-five. 3. In his childhood days, he was a soloist in the children‘s choir of Kapitbahayan Christian Fellowship (Fundamental Baptist Church). One of his hobbies is to write songs of various topics. He is the composer of the song “End of Time” performed by the Christian band “Lunchbox.” 4. He was always one of the leading students in his class from elementary to college. He was the First placer in Physical Science (Tertiary Level) at the 1995 Division Science Fair and Quiz Bee. 5. He served as one of its instructors. He also served as President of Databyte Computer Field Instructors Association (DACOFIA) in 1997. 6. He is a pioneer in web page designing in Camarines Norte, Philippines. He served as a contest administrator of the web page designing contest (Homepage Development) in the following competitions: 2002 Division Skills O‘Rama, 2004 Division Student Technologists and Entrepreneurs of the Philippines (S.T.E.P.) Skills

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webs. traffic geyser. they conduct creation science seminar to different Christian schools and churches.Who is the Sage? | The Sage Secrets Revealed http://thesagesecretsrevealed. the bible formula. He also served as a youth camp counselor at the Associated Christian Churches of the Philippines. 9. 8. Bookmark the permalink.com/2010/05/08/hello-world/ Competition.P) Skills Competition. He also works with two Jewish scholars. technology. presuppositional apologetics. Camarines Norte and in the Poster-making contest which won First Place in the 6th National Youth for Environment Summer (YES) Camp held at Dumaguete City. He is the former subject leader of RNHS Science Department. and 2007 Division Student Technologists & Entrepreneus of the Philippines (S. on the Edenic Genome Project. Daet.E.wordpress.” He is the winning coach in the Logo-making contest which won First Place in the 1st Regional YES-O Science Camp held at Jose Panganiban. and Bible & Science Webring. logic. He was chosen as the Best Camp Counselor in the year 2000.P) Skills Competition. It has also garnered “The POMCAT Awards for Renewable Energy Projects” in connection with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).com. ACCPHIL is the national association of the Fundamental Baptist Churches in the Philippines. 2 of 2 3/12/2012 10:44 PM . His website is a member of Fundamental Baptist KJB Webring. He is the project adviser of its science investigatory project entitled “The Multi-System Water Purifier” which won First place in the 2005 Division Intel Philippine Science Fair. 2006 Division Student Technologists & Entrepreneus of the Philippines (S.E. Christian Webring. christianity.T. Dr.E. science. online marketing. religion. 2005 Division Student Technologists & Entrepreneus of the Philippines (S. Be the first to like this. This project systematically traced the Hebrew roots of different languages around the world. the sage. Science. pinoy genius. Inc. philosophy.T. computer. He is now the ICT coordinator. internet research. periander esplana. He won First place in the Essay Writing Contest during the “2005 Education Week” held at the Department of Education (DepEd) Compound.T. Camarines Norte on December 20.P) Skills Competition. He is a co-founder of Inter-schools Youth Movement (ISYM) and of Christian Link (CL). the sage secrets revealed. 2005 with the topic “Camarines Norte Teachers Association (CNTA): A Potent Tool for Optimizing Teacher‘s Unity and Development. Together with Raul Vargas and Anthony Esplana. the meaning of life.com 7. (ACCPHIL). It is one of the recipients of the “Golden Web Award 2003-2004.” His latest website can be found at http://thebibleformula. Isaac Mozeson and Josh Ben. This entry was posted in philosophy and religion. The Sage Secrets Revealed Theme: Twenty Ten Blog at WordPress. king james bible onlyism. technology and tagged bible.

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