Galaxy Telecommunications, Inc. Team Building Seminar (30 Pax) Hannah’s Beach Resort, Pagudpud Ilocos Norte, Philippines April 1-4 2013 Objective: Galaxy’s Team Building Seminar 2013 aims to develop an awareness of team spirit and to reinforce commitment to the team’s shared goal and objectives. Players from different departments are to foster leadership, teamwork, camaraderie, and organizational unity to be able to accomplish the tasks. Completion of the activities will enable the participants to build their relationship with the other employees and with the organization that will lead to a greater quality of service to our customers.

Date/Time Day 1

Learning objectives A. Introduction: Team Building Seminar

Topic/ Activity



Expected Output

Resource person


-Registration of Participants -Accommodatio n of participants -Snacks

Registrati on forms

Mr. Jomar Maglanque


Orientation and team formation

- Welcome speech from HR director - Employees from different branches will be



6 members each) *Every team is to build their own sand castle Creation of empire name and team chant -Shovels -Pails -Sand Castle -Empire Name (Team Name) -Empire Chant Mr.grouped together (5 groups. the participant is entitled to do his/her own style of walking towards back his/her teams’ castle. socialization among the members of each group Miss Aiyzel Asias 2:00pm Obstacle Relay The objective of the game Flag is to make 10 flags for construction your castle. Upon finishing constructing the flag. Each race. Recreation time at the beach for the employees -BBQ -10 flags Sticks for each -Construct castle ion paper -scotch tape -Scissors Miss Danica Casem 4:30pm Free Time . First empire to accomplish 10 flags needs to perform their chant. Jonathan Abad 12:30nn Lunch Break Lunch by group. participant will get a turn in making a flag.

Date/Time 8:00 AM 9:00 AM Learning Objectives Breakfast Orientation Topic/Activity Methodology Materials Expected Output Resource Person Flow of the day’s activities Lecture Casem 6:30pm Dinner and performance night. -Sea side dinning with all the participants -Presentation of each department -Presentation -Disco Dance -Stage -Sound System Presentatio n (song or dance number) from each department Miss Anne Ocampo .

while the other helps guide the “blind” one through a course of obstacles Group must transport a bucket of toxic waste using given materials to the neutralization bucket Employees are free given time 2:00 PM Lead Me Activity Finish Line Janga 3:00 PM Toxic Waste Activity Bungee Cord Rope Toxic waste reaches neutralization bucket Abad 4:00 PM Recreational Time 6:00 PM Dinner . this goes on until it reaches the last member Activity Spoons Plastic bags Paper Barbecue sticks Egg Package Maglanque Activity Correct amount of money Ocampo 12:30 nn LUNCH Teams will divide into partners. He/She will communicate the amount to next person in line using a set of facial expressions that signify amounts of money. the firsy member in the line will be told a certain amount of money. one partner will be blindfolded. must explain the uniqueness of package Each team will form a line.10:30 AM The Great Egg Drop 11:30 AM Face Value Teams will build an egg package that can sustain an 8 foot drop.

Abad Chynthia 12:30 PM Lunch Maglangque 1:40 PM Cleaning the site 2:30 PM Packing and fixing up. Brooms. Knowledge’s and Skills learned. Dustpan. Lecture Certificates. Sound System Feedback from the participants. Realization of the importance of team work. Janga Fixing the things and selves of the participants 4:00 PM DEFARTURE Casem . Cleaning the site that are being used Garbage bags.Date/Time Day 3 5:30 AM Learning Objectives Topic/Activity Methodology Materials Expected Output Resource Person GROUP FUN RUN Fun Run or Jogging around the ------ Activity Rope/Mineral water Physically Fit/ Aiyzel 7:30 AM BREAKFAST 8:30 AM Closing Ceremonies Feedback from the participants. Token. Awarding Ceremonies Awarding Ceremony.

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