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Subm !!"# !$ !%" &'(u)!* $+ !%" O,"- U- ."/0 !* S*0!"m D$- M'/ '-$ M'/($0 M"m$/ ') S!'!" U- ."/0 !* C !* $+ S'- &"/-'-#$1 L' U- $I- P'/! ') &u)+ ))m"-! $+ !%" R"2u /"m"-!0 +$/ !%" D"3/""

M'0!"/ I- D".")$,m"-! A#m - 0!/'! $(L$(') G$."/-m"-! A#m - 0!/'! $-)

A,/ ) 4567


This thesis, entitled 8C$m,) '-(" 9 !% !%" A-! R"#-T'," A(! (R:A: 9485) b* S")"(!"# L$(') G$."/-m"-! U- !0 (LGU0) - L' U- $-; conducted by W )% )m -' G: P"/')!', in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree Master in Development Administration, has been examined and passed on March 11, 201 "xamination #ommittee $!r"#% composed of& by the !ral

REMEDIOS M: CORPU<1 P%:D: Adviser MARIO B: MENDO<A1 P%:D: #hairman CRISTITA G: GUERRA1 P%:D: Member ANTONIO O: OGBINAR1 P%:D: Member DIRECTOR LYRMA C: OALIN1 MPA "xternal "valuator

Accepted and approved in partial fulfillment to the requirements for the Degree Master in Development Administration'



The researcher (as born in )rdaneta, *angasinan on May 20, 1+,- and the . th of the six children of /omeo /' 0alinato and Ale1andra *' 0alinato' 2orn to hard3(or4ing and disciplinarian parents, she equally o(ns those traits that carried her through her schooling years' 5he obtained her 2achelor of 5cience in #ommerce, Ma1or in Accounting at the 5aint 6ouis )niversity, 2aguio #ity in 1+--' 7er high regard for education, coupled (ith her perseverance and determination, provided her the strength and focus to pursue her dream to become a #ertified *ublic Accountant' 5he is currently employed at the #ivil 5ervice #ommission, /egional !ffice 8o' 9, 5an :ernando #ity, 6a )nion as 5upervising *ersonnel 5pecialist assigned at the 7uman /esource Division' *rior to her current position, she rose from the ran4s holding different positions, the longest of (hich (as her appointment as the /egional Accountant of said agency for more than ten years' These (ere years of fulfillment and accomplishment as she (as able to reali;e almost half of her aspirations, dreams and (ishes in life' 5he is blessed (ith a lovely family, a very supportive and loving husband and t(o (onderful 4ids, the source of her strength, 1oy, inspiration, fulfillment and the main reason of her existence' 6ife is indeed a blessing from 0!D, the ultimate source of everything, to (hom she offers nothing less than the best' AC=NOWLEDGMENT


This study came to reality through the untiring efforts, inspiration and support of the follo(ing people to (hom the researcher (ishes to extend her heartfelt appreciation and profound gratitude& Dr' /emedios M' #orpu;, for her guidance, direction and concern as adviser to the researcher< other members of the !ral "xamination #ommittee& Dr' #ristita 0' 0uerra, for her great ideas and suggestions, encouragement, patience in providing assistance, expert advice and concern to the researcher< Dr' Mario 2' Mendo;a, for his expertise in the statistical analysis of the study< Dr' Antonio !' !gbinar, for his valuable comments, recommendations and inspiring (ords of (isdom< and Director 6yrma #' !alin, her mentor and boss, for the endless admonition and valuable advices< The very supportive and understanding #5# /egional Director 8elson 0' 5armiento for allo(ing her to pursue this study< Assistant /egional Director 7edy =ose 2' 6ardi;abal and Director >ioleta 8ipal3Mendo;a for their professional advices and encouragements< her colleagues and co3(or4ers, friends and relatives (ho never fail to trust and believe in her no matter (hat happens< The respondents (ho shared their precious information and time in accomplishing the survey questionnaires< 7er mother, brother and sisters $especially /egina% and their families for deep concern, assistance, and moral support< 7er husband, /"?8A6D!, for giving her the moral strength and support and her children, her t(o marvelous sons, /AM69 and #"D/9# A6A8, for their inspiration< and :oremost, to 0!D A6M907T?, for 795 blessings, protection, (isdom, and 4no(ledge for ma4ing this study a success, and a part of her life'




The author (ishes to dedicate this humble piece of (or4 to her parents, her :ather, /omeo /' 0alinato, (ho probably is very proud of this accomplishment if only he is still alive and her loving Mother, Ale1andra *' 0alinato, the provider of love, peace, stability and comfort to the family' To her (onderful family $/eynaldo, /amli, #edric Alan and /egina%, her life and inspiration and

To 7im, the ultimate source of infinite (isdom and love, (ho sustains and strengthens her@



PERALTA1 WILHILMINA G: 8C$m,) '-(" 9 !% !%" A-! R"#-T'," A(! (RA 9485) b* S")"(!"# L$(') G$."/-m"-! U- !0 - L' U- $-1; Don Mariano Marcos Memorial 5tate )niversity !pen )niversity 5ystem, #ity of 5an :ernando, 6a )nion' A#. 0"/> R"m"# $0 M: C$/,u?1 P%:D: This study assessed the compliance of the Anti-Red Tape Act (RA 9485) by the selected Local Gove nment !nits (LG!s) in La !nion alon" capability buildin"# citi$en%s cha te # and accessin" f ontline& The p oblems and the de" ee of se iousness they encounte ed 'e e also discove ed& The study evealed that the LG!s manifested a hi"h compliance of the RA 9485 and indicated that they have unde ta(en p oductively the activities of capability buildin"& All activities alon" e-en"inee in" of systems and p ocedu es 'e e f uitfully unde ta(en by the local "ove nment units& The Local Gove nment !nits manifested thei 'illin"ness to unde "o chan"e and fi"ht co uption th ou"h the citi$ens% cha te and they have substantially complied 'ith the activities of accessin" f ontline se vices& The LG! heads# officials and employees e)pe ienced sli"htly se ious p oblems in compliance 'ith RA 9485& *L+A, is ecommended to cut Red Tape in o de to assu e the p ompt# efficient# and effective delive y of se vice to the public& -n conclusion# the Local Gove nment !nits a e cate"o i$ed acco din" to the standa d income classification and sustain the numbe of manpo'e complement acco din" to thei o'n o "ani$ational st uctu e and staffin" patte n conside in" the se vice e.ui ements and financial capability# sub/ect to the minimum standa ds and "uidelines p esc ibed by the *ivil 0e vice *ommission& The espondents come f om all cate"o ies1 ho'eve # most a e ma ied females& The Local Gove nment !nits a e p oactive and esponsive to the p ovisions of the Anti-Red Tape Act of 2334& 5ana"eable p oblems 'e e encounte ed by the Local Gove nment !nits in compliance 'ith RA 9485& *L+A,# as policy ecommendation# is intended to cut ed tape and facilitate an efficient and effective delive y of "ove nment se vices by the LG!s& CLEAN is the policy ecommended 'hich denotes6 Communicate to 0ta(eholde s1 Level-up1 Elect onic Gove nance1 Allo' T anspa ency to 0t en"then Accountability1 and No to R+7 Tape&



*age T9T6" *A0" @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ A**/!>A6 57""T@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ 29!0/A*79#A6 5A"T#7@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@'' A#A8!B6"D0"M"8T @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@' vii viii ix xii xiii i ii iii v

D"D9#AT9!8@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@'' A25T/A#T @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@' TA26" !: #!8T"8T5 @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ 695T !: TA26"5 @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@'' 695T !: :90)/"5 @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@' #7A*T"/ 6 INTRODUCTION 5ituation Analysis @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@' 1C

#onceptual :rame(or4 @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ 5tatement of the *roblem @@@@@@@@@@@@@''

7ypothesis@'@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ 9mportance of the 5tudy @@@@@@@@@@@@@@' 21


Definition of Terms @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@' 4 REVIEW O& LITERATURE The Anti /ed Tape Act $/A +D-.% @@@@@@@@@'' /elevant *olicies and 9ssuances @@@@@@@@@@' *rofile of 6ocal 0overnment )nits @@@@@@@@@''

2. 2C .


"xtent of #ompliance @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@'' Degree of 5eriousness of *roblems @@@@@@@@@ *olicy /ecommendation D.


@@@@@@@@@@@@@@'' D+


/elated 5tudy @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ 7 METHODOLOGY /esearch Design @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@' .D ..

*opulation and 6ocale of the 5tudy @@@@@@@@' 9nstrumentation and Data #ollection @@@@@@@'

Data Analysis '@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ 4 RESULTS AND DISCUSSION 9ncome #lassification @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@' *rofile of the /espondents @@@@@@@@@@@@@ "xtent of #ompliance (ith the Anti3/ed Tape Act $/A +D-.% by 5elected 6ocal 0overnment )nits $60)s% in 6a )nion @@@@@@@@@@@@@'' 5ummary on the "xtent of #ompliance (ith the Anti3/ed Tape Act $/A +D-.% by 5elected 6ocal 0overnment )nits in 6a )nion @@@@@@@@@@@ Degree of 5eriousness of the *roblems "ncountered by the 60)s in #ompliance (ith /A +D-. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@' *olicy /ecommendations *repared for the "ffective and "fficient Delivery of 0overnment 5ervice by the 60)s @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@' 5 SUMMARY1 CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS 5ummary @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@'' -+ .+ ,0






#onclusions @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ /ecommendations @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ 29269!0/A*7? A**"8D9#"5 A 2 # 6etter to the 6ocal #hief "xecutives@@@@@@@@@ 6etter to the /espondents @@@@@@@@@@@@@' ++ 100 @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@' +



Euestionnaire on the #ompliance (ith the Anti /ed3Tape Act $/A +D-.% by 5elected 60)5 in 6a )nion @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@' /epublic Act 8o' +D-. 3 An Act to 9mprove "fficiency in the Delivery of 0overnment 5ervice to the *ublic by /educing 2ureaucratic /ed Tape, *reventing 0raft and #orruption, and *roviding *enalties Therefore @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ 9mplementing /ules and /egulations of /A +D-. $Anti3/ed Tape Act of 200C% @@@@@@@@@@@@ 11




: 0 7 9 = A 6

>alidity and /eliability Test of the Euestionnaire @'' 6ocal 0overnment )nit of 2acnotan, 6a )nion@@@ 6ocal 0overnment )nit of 2auang, 6a )nion'@@@' 6ocal 0overnment )nit of #aba, 6a )nion''@@@@''

12, 12+ 1 0 1 1 1 2 1 1 D

#ompliance #hec4list @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ #ertification $5tatistician% @@@@@@@@@@@@@ #ertification $"nglish #ritic% @@@@@@@@@@@''


Table 1 2 Distribution of /espondents by Municipality and by 0roup @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@' *rofile of the 6ocal 0overnment )nits in Terms of Manpo(er #omplement and 9ncome #lassification @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@'' *rofile of the /espondents @@@@@@@@@@@@@' D "xtent of #ompliance (ith the Anti3/ed Tape Act $/A +D-.% by 5elected 6ocal 0overnment )nits $60)s% in 6a )nion along #apability 2uilding@@@@ "xtent of #ompliance (ith the Anti3/ed Tape Act $/A +D-.% by 5elected 6ocal 0overnment )nits $60)s% in 6a )nion along #iti;enFs #harter and /eengineering of 5ystems and *rocedures'@@''''

*age ..




"xtent of #ompliance (ith the Anti3/ed Tape Act $/A +D-.% by 5elected 6ocal 0overnment )nits $60)s% in 6a )nion along Accessing :rontline 5ervices @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

5ummary Table on the "xtent of #ompliance (ith the Anti3/ed Tape Act$/A +D-.% by 5elected 6ocal 0overnment )nits $60)s% in 6a )nion @@@@@@@ C. Degree of 5eriousness of the *roblems "ncountered by the 60)s in #ompliance (ith /A +D-. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@' *olicy /ecommendations for the "ffective and "fficient Delivery of 0overnment 5ervice by the 60)s @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@




:igure 1 /esearch *aradigm @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ 1,