Meeting Minutes

BOARD MEETING December !" #$ %
DWP Community Room * 4030 Crenshaw Blvd * Los Angeles, CA 90008
Name David Winston, Chair Denise Stansell, Co-Chair Yvonne Ellett, Rec Secretary Madeleine Renee-Walters, &reas'rer Danielle a)ayette, Corres*onding Secretary Mary (ones-Dar!s (Area -) Wilson Washens!y (Area -)
Present Excused Unexcused Name Present Excused Unexcused


Wendell Conn (Area 2) Carl Morgan (Area 2) ar! "allo#ay-"illia$ (Area %) (ac!ie Ryan (Area %) Misty Wil!s (At arge) +ic! ,ill (At arge) (ason o$.ard (At arge) (ohnnie Raines (At arge)


C&'' t( Or)er * R('' C&''+ The meeting was called to o de at !"## $m %y Denise &tansell, Co'Chai ( A )uo um was $ esent( Denise ead the ules o* the meeting( The +oa d int oduced himsel* o he sel*( Danielle eco ded minutes *o the meeting due to ,-onne.s e/cused a%sence( Pub'ic C(mments • Rome ol e/$ essed he conce ns ega ding 0onday and &atu day meetings ''&atu day Town 1all meetings a e *o mo e engagement with the community while administ ati-e items should %e handled at 0onday meetings( Denise said she will discuss di**e entiation o* meetings with the Da-id, 2CWA Chai ( • Wilson $ esented co**ee cu$ gi*ts to the +oa d mem%e s * om the +aldwin 3illage Community 4n Action 5+3C4A6 in a$$ eciation o* the 7eigh%o hood Council.s su$$o t( • The 8aise 0edical 9**ice %uilding will contain out$atient ca e( P ima y access will %e on 0a tin Luthe 8ing, : ( +l-d( ;<# d o* 8aise .s $o tion o* the *o me &anta +a %a a Pla=a will %e de-oted to g een s$ace( 4t will %e an o$en cam$us, without walls( >00 const uction ?o%s will %e associated with the $ o?ect, ta get com$letion in >0;@( • :ohnnie ga-e a e$o t on 0et o.s C enshaw<LAX line $lans( 2/$osition to A>nd &t( will %e unde g ound, with ta get com$letion in >0;9( 9u 0et o contact is 9lga Lo$e= 5>;#'@98'!#A@6( 0et o will %e $ o-iding sa*ety t aining in >0;B( ' Leime t Pa C 3illage" emo-al o* the %usinesses at the Leime t Pa C T iangle, including 2l Pollo Loco, Ta-is &miley.s o**ice, and Ch is +u ge ( 0et o will also taCe out the &hoe Wa ehouse %uilding at B##0 C enshaw( ' 2/$osition<C enshaw" emo-al o* 2a le= D ille, ,um ,um Donuts, the *lo al sto e, laund omat, and 1a-en +u ge ( ' Da-id e/$ essed conce n o-e how 0et o will $ otect the %uildings * om g a**iti until they a e demolished( • Ca l int oduced Aynd ea Wilson, an in*o mal ad-ocate with a wealth o* e/$e ience in a t $ o?ects that we can utili=e( • A staCeholde announced ETactical 1acCingF G a $ og am simila to 1ome +oys 4ndust ies '' %eginning in :anua y *o Cids who a e in *oste ca e( Item+ Discussi(n Hig0'ig0ts+ Pub'ic L&n) Use &n) Be&uti,ic&ti(n -PLUB. / C&r' M(rg&n" C0&ir • The ne/t Decem%e >0;# PLH+ meeting is cancelled *o the holidays( An announcement will %e made on 2CWA7DC we%site • Tenants at The +aldwin 3illage condo $ o?ect at B0>! & West +l-d a e o$$osing the con-e sion and ha-e hi ed an atto ney( Tenants. conce ns a e that they we e not noti*ied !0G90 days in ad-ance o* the con-e sions, %uilding im$ o-ements, and ins$ections( • The Leime t Pa C 3illage Cha ette will %e on :anua y >A, >0;B at 9am';"#0$m, located in The 3ision Theate ( 4t will co-e aw a chitectu e, going o-e su -eys, Leime t Pa C De-elo$ment, *unding * om +anCs, and 0et o $lans( 1in&nce C(mmittee / 2(0nnie" 1in&nce C(mmittee Member • :im Dilliam Rec eation Cente su%mitted an a$$lication *o I;,A00 towa ds its annual Ch istmas e-ent( 4t will gi-e toys to ;A0'>00 low income child en( 2CWA7DC 0eeting 0inutes J Page ;

Item+ Discussi(n Hig0'ig0ts+

• Kinance committee ecommended to *und the e-ent( Item+ Discussi(n Hig0'ig0ts+ Outre&c0 C(mmittee / Nic3 Hi''" #$ 4 ECWA E'ecti(n Outre&c0 C0&ir • &e-e al to$ics we e consistent %etween 9ut each e-ents at the Community 2/$o in Leime t Pa C 3illage and the A0th ,ea Commemo ation o* the +aldwin 1ills Dam Disaste at 8enneth 1ahn &tate Pa C( • ,-onne, 7icC, Da lene, Danielle, and Wilson wo Ced the 2CWA %ooth at the +aldwin 1ills Dam e-ent( • 7icC elated the +1 Dam e-ent went well, with a good tu n'out( S&,et5 C(mmittee / 2(0nnie" C0&ir • :ohnnie elated *acts o* the a ests at the 0a Cet on 0L8, east o* +ucCingham Road( - # indi-iduals we e in the sto e( When LAPD d o-e %y, they ecogni=ed the # as mem%e s o* the +lacC P &tones gang( Police ente ed the sto e to a est the mem%e s in -iolation o* the Egang in?unctionF( 9ne young man said he would not go to ?ailL one was ta=ed( - Wilson said the way the o**ice s a$$ oached the young men was the actual $ o%lem *o why they esisted( The one who said he wouldn.t go to ?ail actually wo Ced in the sto e( 1e was sent to ?ail anyway( - 0isty s$oCe o* the %iased ta geting o* the gang in?unctions, gi-ing the e/am$les o* how th ee $eo$le catching the same %us o coincidentally %eing in the same sto e can inad-e tently -iolate the in?unction and end u$ in ?ail *o %eing in the same oom( - 4n?uctions a e $ o-ing to %e costly and e/hausting to *ight in cou t( • Da-id said his neigh%o . house had %een ta geted *o +M2( The man.s $owe was cut at ;"#0am, and he came out o* home to shine a *lash light on the -ehicle $a Ced in * ont o* his house( The ca d o-e away( • :ohnnie e$o ted incident o* # $eo$le getting shot on 0ui *ield Rd( A teenage *oste child went %acC to he %iological $a ents. house( When a $e son came to et ie-e he , he %egan shooting( M&5(r6s #$ 4 Bu)get / D&nie''e" Bu)get A)7(c&te • +udget Ad-ocate 0eeting on Decem%e ;@, >0;#

Item+ Discussi(n Hig0'ig0ts+

Item+ Discussi(n Hig0'ig0ts+ Item+ Discussi(n Hig0'ig0ts+

1un)ing re8uest ,(r 9 :$$ • :im Dilliam Rec eation Cente e)uests *unding *o co's$onso shi$ o* its;#th annual toy gi-eaway due to ecession and unem$loyment( • Kunds will go towa ds A ts M C a*ts, e* eshments, gi*ts, and a $hoto with &anta( • &ticCe with 2CWA7DC name will %e $ut on all o* the gi*ts( The e-ent is o$en to anyone( • Kunding will %e t ans*e ed * om the City to a City o gani=ation( Denise will $ o-ide an itemi=ed ecei$t( 0a y motioned to *und I;A00 *o :im Dilliam Rec eation Cente .s $u chase o* toys( Wilson seconded( 1oliday Cele% ation to %e t ans*e ed to Pa Cs M Rec, de$endent u$on t ans*e num%e s and in*o mation gi-en to maCe it ha$$en( 39T2" ,A, G 8 79 G 0 A+&TA47 G ; 5:ohnnie ineligi%le6 R2CH&2D G ; 5Denise6 Tre&surer6s Re>(rt &n) A>>r(7&' (, P=C&r) e?>en)itures / M&)e'eine" Tre&surer • The e we e no )uestions o conce ns ega ding the P'ca d e/$enses( • Re$o t was *o ;0<># th u ;;<>;( 0adeleine motioned to acce$t the H& +anC e/$enses *o I>,>>8(9B( 0a y seconded( 39T2" ,A, G 8 79 G 0 A+&TA47 G > 50adeline, :ohnnie'ineligi%le6 Res('uti(ns " #" %" 4 * : • Da-id de*e ed the 4tem Ta%led, $ending Wendell.s a-aila%ility to $ esent his Resolutions

Acti(n ; 1(''(<=u>+

Item+ Discussi(n Hig0'ig0ts+ Acti(n ; 1(''(<=u>+ Item+ Discussi(n Hig0'ig0ts+ Acti(n ; 1(''(<=u>+

2CWA7DC 0eeting 0inutes J Page >

Item+ Discussi(n Hig0'ig0ts+ Acti(n ; 1(''(<=u>+ Item+ Discussi(n Hig0'ig0ts+

A>>r(7&' (, #n) sign&t(r5 ,(r C0ec3ing Acc(unt / M&)e'eine" Tre&surer • 0adeleine G T easu e is the ;st signato y • The new D972 *unding $ ocess will %e done th ough a checCing account so each 7C e)ui es a second $e son to sign checCs( Denise motioned *o Danielle to %e the >nd signato y *o the new 2CWA checCing account( 0isty seconded( 39T2" ,A, G 8 79 G 0 A+&TA47 G > 50adeleine, :ohnnie'ineligi%le6 Discussi(n (, #n) B(&r) Retre&t (n 2&nu&r5 #@" #$ 4 • 0adeleine will a ange the location • > hou t aining gi-en %y Taneda La ios, D972, will consist o* team %uilding and e-iewing e-ised ules *o 7C.s( • Ca l suggested the Bth Wednesday, :anua y >>( Meeting )&te &n) '(c&ti(n c0&nges t( (bser7e H('i)&5s • The # d 0onday in :anua y and Ke% ua y G ;<>0 M ><;@, a e %oth holidays( • 4nstead o* canceling the +oa d meetings, Denise o**e ed :im Dilliam *acilities *o the >nd 0onday, %oth months( Denise motioned to mo-e the +oa d 0eetings to :anua y ;# and Ke% ua y ;0, the >nd 0onday o* the moths, in o%se -ance o* the 8ing and P esident 1olidays, to :im Dilliam Rec eation instead o* canceling %oth meetings( 0a y seconded( 39T2" ,A, G @ 79 G 0 A+&TA47 G > 50isty M :ohnnie ineligi%le6

Item+ Discussi(n Hig0'ig0ts+ Acti(n ; 1(''(<=u>+

Meeting A)A(urne) at 8">A $m 0inutes as A$$ o-ed %y +oa d at NN;N<NN;#NN<NN;BNN 0eeting &ignatu e" Danielle La*ayette 2CWA7DC Co es$onding &ec eta y (

2CWA7DC 0eeting 0inutes J Page #

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