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Flip Wallet

Pattern Pieces: 1- Main Wallet/ lining/ interfacing 2- Pockets 3- Interfacing for pockets

Cutting Layout

1 1


Fabric 2

Interfacing fold fold

3/8 Seams Included (For many machines you can sew with center needle position and fabric at edge of presser foot to create a 3/8 seam.) 1. Fuse interfacing pieces cut from piece #1 to wrong side of main wallet pieces. Mark corners of stitching line on wrong side of main wallet piece. Also mark lines for open section to leave free of stitching to turn wallet right side out. 2. Fuse the pocket interfacing pieces to the wrong side of the pockets, align the long cut edge of the interfacing with the fold line indicated on the pattern piece. 3. Fold pocket in half, wrong sides together, at fold line trapping interfacing inside the layers of the pocket. 4. Match folded edge of pocket to notches on wallet lining piece and pin in place. Repeat with remaining pocket at opposite notches. 5. Sew the wallet seam with the main wallet piece right sidestogether with the pinned pocket/lining piece. Leave the stitching line between marks OPEN free of and stitching. Clip corners of seam allowance. 6. Turn wallet right side out and press. 7. Topstitch wallet at edges, about 1/8 or less from the nished edges. Press wallet in half to create crease and enjoy! Topstitch Close to Edges Align Interfacing to Fold Line on Pocket Fuse in Place Match Folded Edges of Pocket Pieces to Main fold line Wallet Lining at Notches fold line

Sew Wallet Clip Seam Corners




Fabric 1

1 Main Wallet Piece

Cut: 2 from Wallet Fabric (1 outer, 1 lining) 2 Interfacing


3 Pocket Interfacing Piece

Cut 2 Interfacing

2 Main Wallet Pocket Piece

grainline fold line

Cut: 2 from Pocket Fabric